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They say that what we do doesn’t matter. That there will always be war. There will always be hate. There will always be inequality and suffering. I’m just a piece a paper...but even I can tell that’s just an excuse. Be the change you want to see in the world, meatbags.

OCT 11 - OCT 17, 2012




Time Stands Still KSU Theatre’s opening salvo puts a couple destroyed by the violence of war before us and asks, “When is enough, too much?”



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unmasking the K-state mask Part One: The Bird not-so-ace reporter Keegan D. Hudspeth’s comic adventure in unmasking k-state’s new super fan!



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reporter keegan D. Hudspeth gets his butt kicked, chewed, and nearly hawkedoff in his comic adventure to unmask!

THW teams up with local antizombie alliance to raise food for flinthills breadbasket and $$ for arts in the park!


bull snyder is back in action, with a whole new fancy bar to keep him company! meanwhile, elsewhere in the ville, bar specials beckon!




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Jimbo Ivy & Sarah Sullivan, George Wame Matthews, Chad Howard, Keegan D. Hudspeth, Carl Stunkel, Chris Hancock, Dillon Artzer, Marcus Jay, Jordan Mizell, Jake Pawloski and the illustrious Hypester!


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October 11, 2012 Issue #59




OCTOBER 11, 2012




( Us To You ) Welcome Wildcats! Rolling with Wildcat fever, we bring you our features: a preview of this weekend’s excellent KSU production of Time Stands Still, a Tony-Nominated play and the adventures of Art Director-Turned-Reporter Keegan Hudspeth as he tries to find out the identity of new KSU Super Fan The K-State Mask! You’ll also find a look at The Strecker Nelson Gallery’s current exhibit, upcoming shows and events in our glorious 4 page weekly calendar, as well as info on THW’s upcoming October charity “Z Day” benefitting The Flint Hills Breadbasket and Arts in the Park! Keep coming to The Hype Weekly Pitch Meeting every Monday at 730pm at Auntie Mae’s Parlor and help craft what year 2 with THW is going to be like! Love, The Hype Weekly

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STOP THE PRESSES! Facebook for announcements and event photos connected to our work in English: <https://>.

There's a chill in the air today, reminding us that fall is indeed here!


We've had a busy start to the semester, as you've probably noticed if you're following our updates on Facebook. Of particular note:

* English department faculty and students anticipated the release of J.K. Rowling's new novel, _ The Casual Vacancy_ in a news release from K-State Communications and Marketing: see < media/newsreleases/sept12/rowling92512. html> for the full text. * We celebrated Banned Books Week with daily readings in the Free Speech area of Bosco Plaza and a panel on censorship. The K-State Collegian reported on both events at <http://www.> and <http://>. * Our Program in Creative Writing has started a blog! Weekly updates are available at <>. October brings a number of great events -- we hope to see you at one more, as your schedule permits. Don't forget that you can follow us on

Mind Games 9-13-12

Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein, University of Illinois, Chicago, will present "Demystifying Academic Writing." Graff and Birkenstein are co-authors of the best-selling composition textbook They Say/I Say: The Moves that Matter in Academic Writing, a compact guide to helping students develop effective writing practices. ~ English Department Colloquium Wednesday, October 17 3:30-4:30pm, Hemisphere Room, Hale Library Assistant Professor Katy Karlin will present on "Looking for Jean Seberg: Real People and Fictional Lives," sharing with us the historical research that informs her current creative project. ~ The Bard at the Bar: A Mock Trial Tuesday, October 23 7:00-8:00pm, Nichols Theatre In conjunction with the week-long residency of the Actors from the London Stage and their performance of Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, K-State's English Department and the Program in Pre-Law will hold a Shakespeare Mock Trial, based on the popular ������������������������������������� Shakespeare "trials" held ������������������������������������������������������������������ annually in Washington, DC. Together, a stellar group of Kansas judges and �������� attorneys and the London

NOVEMBER PREVIEW ~ NOVEMBER PREVIEW ~ NOVEMBER PREVIEW Save the date! We will be sponsoring several great events in November, including.... Friday, November 2: Professor Michael Donnelly will help us celebrate the 200th birthday of Charles Dickens with a dramatic reading from Dickens's work! The event will be held 7:008:00pm at the Alumni Center. For an updated calendar of all department events scheduled for the fall and spring semesters, along with times and locations, visit < html>. Join us on Facebook for up-to-the-minute news of events, awards, and recognitions! <http:// Manhattan-KS/Kansas-State-English-Department/92667012395> We have new stock of our "Willie, Prince of Denmark" t-shirt, featuring Willie the Wildcat as Hamlet, Prince of Denmark! Visit Sigma Tau Delta's web page at <http://www.k-state. edu/sigmataudelta/> to view the new lavender option and purchase yours today to support the work of our English honorary society. (Not in town? We have an option to purchase with shipping costs included.) Karin E. Westman Department Head & Associate Professor ~ 785.532.2171

ON THE MARCH: CENTRAL STATES MARCHING FESTIVAL FEATURES HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING BANDS FROM ACROSS STATE MANHATTAN -- Bill Snyder Family Stadium will once again be filled with marching music as Kansas State University hosts the 26th annual Central States Marching Festival on Saturday, Oct. 13. The festival has grown into the premier marching band affair in the state of Kansas and the region. This year, 36 high school marching bands will be participating. The event will be sponsored and aided by the Kansas State University Marching Band, the Pride of Wildcat Land. Performances will begin at 11:45 a.m. and end at 9 p.m. General admission is $5 for non-students and free for Kansas State University students with their Wildcat ID.

Each high school band will take the field and perform in front of a panel of nationally recognized experts in band field performance. This year the judges are Larry Blocher, Troy University; Courtney Snyder, University of NebraskaOmaha; and Kansas State University's Phillip Payne, assistant professor of music education; Julie Ladd, color guard coordinator; and Ben Yancey, percussion arranger and instructor. "The Central States Marching Festival features the finest bands in the region," said Frank Tracz, professor of music and director of bands at K-State. "We are excited to have these guests on our campus and hope to show them a finely organized and administered event, as well as good ol' Kansas State hospitality. Also, of course, a great Kansas State University Marching Band." Individual mini-clinics will follow each band's performance. A videotape of the performance will be shown to assist the review of each band by the critique panel. Both positive aspects and suggestions for improvement will be given to each group. Festival ratings also will be presented during the recaps. Ratings range from Superior, Excellent or Good by class, with accompanying awards. Also, bands will have the opportunity for an additional one-hour clinic in the morning with members of the Kansas State University Marching Band staff and just prior to the closing ceremonies; the Kansas State University Marching Band will treat all students to an exhibition performance at 9:15 pm. High school bands participating in the 2012 Central States Marching Festival and time of performance include: Arkansas City High School, 6 p.m.; Augusta High School, 6:15 p.m.; Basehor-Linwood High School, Basehor, 5:15 p.m.; Bonner Springs High School, 1 p.m.; Clay Center Community High School, 1:15 p.m.; Field Kindley Memorial High School, Coffeyville, 2 p.m.; Derby High School, 8:45 p.m.; De Soto High School, 1:45 p.m.; Dodge City High School, 6:30 p.m.; Emporia High School, 2:45 p.m.; Mission Valley, Eskridge, 12:15 p.m.; Eudora High School, 12:30 p.m.; Goddard High School, 7:30 p.m. From Greater Kansas City: Gardner-Edgerton High School, Gardner, 1:30 p.m.; Olathe Northwest High School, 3:30 p.m.; Blue Valley North High School, 4:15 p.m., St. Thomas Aquinas High School, 5:30 p.m.; and Shawnee Mission West High School 12:45 p.m., all in Overland Park; Shawnee Mission East High School, Prairie Village, 6:45 p.m.; Shawnee Mission Northwest High School, Shawnee, 7:45 p.m. Southeast of Saline High School, Gypsum, 11:45 a.m.; Hutchinson High School, 5:45 p.m.; Independence High School, 3:45 p.m.; Junction City High School, 7:15 p.m.; Lansing High School, 2:15 p.m.; Leavenworth High School, 8 p.m.; Liberal High School, 5 p.m.; McPherson High School, 8:15 p.m.; Neodesha High School, 3 p.m.; Salina South High School, 4 p.m.; Scott Community High School, Scott City, in clinic only; Silver Lake High School, noon; Shawnee Heights High School, Tecumseh, 3:15 p.m.; and Seaman High School, 9 p.m., and Washburn Rural High School, 8:30 p.m., both in Topeka. A schedule of performances is available online at

OCTOBER 11, 2012

* Phil Nel's new biography of children's authors Crockett Johnson and Ruth Krauss is getting great reviews. Its publication is also taking Phil to various locations, including the Small Press Expo. Check out Phil's blog post about the visit, where he met with awardwinning graphic novelists and comic artists Chris Ware and Dan Clowes: <http://www.>.

~ Lecture by Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein Friday, October 12 4:00-5:00pm, Town Hall, Leadership Studies

Actors will present and judge an imaginary case drawn from the play.



OCTOBER 11, 2012



unmasking the k-state mask

part 1

(the bird)

Words by Jimbo Ivy Traced by Keegan D. Hudspeth



OCTOBER 11, 2012



Time Stands Still

OCTOBER 11, 2012

ksu production of magulies’ tony-nominated work a beautiful, mournful success despite so-so script Story by: Jimbo Ivy photos: dillon artzer W

hile most of us work-a-day folks struggle with the question, “Does what I do matter?”, not many of us would think that those leading non-quotidian lives ask that very often. Donald Magulies’ Tony Award-nominated play Time Stands Still lends us some perspective as adrenaline-fueled war and global strife photographer Sarah Goodwin (Becki Jo Neil) and her literary and life accomplice James Dodd (Kyle Myers) spend their ninety and change doing just that. Set during the most recent war in Iraq, we meet Sarah and James six weeks after Sarah is nearly killed by a roadside bomb, leaving her one good leg and a shrapnel-scarred face. Antsy and unused to the burdens of repose, Sarah rebuffs James’s constant efforts to cushion her from the bumps and bruises of recovery. His anxiety is increased by a sense of guilt: as a reporter himself, he suffered a breakdown in Iraq and returned to the United States shortly before Sarah’s accident. After a few passive aggressive volleys between an overly attentive James and a disability-frustrated Sarah, Magulies dumps us headlong into the world’s most awkward homecoming. Sarah’s photo-editor Richard (Matt Ellis) and his new “embyro” of a girlfriend Mandy (Hannah Miller) come to welcome/wish her well, as indicated by Mandy’s multiple mylar balloons. It’s quickly revealed that Richard is Sarah’s ex-lover, James ditched Sarah in Iraq shortly before the bombing due to a breakdown, and it takes all of Mandy’s charming bobbleheadedness to diffuse the tension. As both couples face drastic changes in their lifestyles during the months of Sarah’s recovery, we watch relationships evolve, breakdown, and fly apart with all the sound and fury we’re all familiar with, on stage or off.

KSU sophomore Becki Jo Neil as Sarah faces a future uncertain as it is dangerous

Time Stands Still Book: Donald Magulies Director: Dwight Tolar Scenic Designer: Kathy Voecks Light designer: Sean Hood Costume Designer: rebekah priebe starring: Matt Ellis, Hannah Miller, Kyle Myers & Becki Jo Neil.

7:30 p.m. Oct. 11-13 and 18-20 matinee Oct. 21 at 2:30 p.m.

$8 to $14 All performances are in Nichols Theatre. Tickets can be purchased at the McCain Auditorium box office from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or by calling McCain at 785-532-6428 during box office hours.

On one hand, Magulies’ script is his Pulitzer bonafide bread and butter: couples having dinner and revealing the equally beautiful and awful stuff of life that we all struggle to digest before we push back from the table and die (or get a divorce). On the other hand, it feels like the sort of moral discussion that highly-educated, left-wing people with careers based on liberal arts degrees might be having a bit too righteously after one too many glasses of wine. At one point, James even says as much, which may have been a bit too on the nose for the play’s own good: James: The thing is, I KNOW the [refugees and war victims] they put on stage… I KNOW them, I've LIVED with them, both of us have. So seeing them turned into anthropologic curiosities, like dioramas in a museum, bathed in Caravaggio light with, YOU know: hallowed, Persian-sounding music… Fake sentimental shit that passes for truth! People TRICK themselves into thinking they're having an authentic experience when it's completely manufactured! Hell on earth made palatable – PACKAGED – as an evening's entertainment!




KSU Theatre senior Kyle Myers as James comforts is partner, despite the looming clouds. Richard: But people are SEEING it, though, right? I mean, isn't that encouraging? They want to be informed? James: THESE people don't need to be informed … THEY read the paper, They listen to NPR … The ones who SHOULD be seeing it, the MUJAHIDEEN and the Taliban, let's face it, don't get to the theater much. So it's that favorite lefty pastime: preaching to the choir! They sit there, weeping at the injustice, and stand at the end shouting: “Bravo!” conGRATulating themselves for enDURing such a grueling experience, and go home feeling like they've done something, when in fact all they've done is assuaged their liberal guilt!

The script was solid, but I felt like it had more dilemmas than answers in the end, which in our POMO-infested academic literary landscape is not unfamiliar, but certainly not preferred. The living parts of the script worked well; the dialogue, characterization of the four characters interrelationships, and the divergent paths their needs took them down was lovely, witty and even fun at times. Taken with a spoonful of Chekhovian focus and directorial attitude, this piece has thus done very well from L.A. to Broadway (twice) and now here in Manhattan. Nichol’s is the perfect space, as well, given the intimate nature of the single apartment setting, and even with her simple subject matter resident scenic designer Kathy Voecks was up to her usual excellence and understatement. Under director Dwight Tolar’s guidance, these young actors do incredibly well playing characters long past that inscrutable mire known as middle age. Neil scores high, after the rush of the first few scenes, in which several lines feel forced or too glib to be real: “War was my parents’ house all

over again, only on a different scale.” Then again, I can’t imagine saying that line and believing it at the same time. After this and a somewhat flat and fireless description of what shooting is to a photographer, she slips into the character’s more human dialogue precisely and believably, as well as beautifully handling her character’s physical transition from quite disabled to nearly unhindered as the play progresses. I was very impressed with costume designer Rebekah Priebe’s make-up effects for Sarah’s injuries, and was delighted to know Neil applied them herself each night. Myers does well as James, again after settling in a bit (it may have just been a nervous night, first dress and all). After his particularly manic Hamlet last spring, it was fun to see him playing towards the low end of the range. He also has most of my favorite lines, as the play’s most vocal cynic: “Shattered? People are dying to be

shattered. People will pay one hundred dollars to be shattered.” Moving from pandering to pondering to prosecuting, Myers displays an excellent emotional range throughout the piece, in which his character is certainly the most dynamic with regards to levels and pressures. Richard, I felt while written a bit flat, was livened significantly by Ellis’s portrayal, and strangely I was impressed and fascinated by his facial expression. Given that Richard is often speaking two minds or “out the side of his mouth” I thought Ellis did a great job of conveying this to the audience while not making it so obvious that the other characters seemed oblivious. Which brings us to Mandy; poor, sweet, kinda-dumb, Mandy. Despite becoming a sort of suddenly firm and judgemental character in the very last scene, Mandy is in many scenes the only thing keeping us from covering our eyes with awkward-

(From L to R: Kyle Myers, Matt Ellis, Becki Jo Neil, and Hannah Miller)

ness. Miller’s performance is perfectly bubbly, but ages well as the character becomes more familiar with the group and eventually can even face them with harsh criticism in another of my favorite lines, echoing the inner voices of more educated humans in this hemisphere than would care to admit it: It’s not like I can do anything. Besides feel bad, and thank God I was born in the half of the world where people have food to eat and don’t go around hacking each other to death. The people who are killing each other have always been killing each other, and the world has always watched while terrible things happened, and terrible things are always going to happen.

While not a great first date show, Time Stands Still is a good show done its worth and more so by this KSU production. While Mandy would probably accuse it of being a “downer story”, the excellent and obvious effort put into Margulies’s piece by cast and crew transform this downer into a piercing and inwardly motivating commentary on why what any of us do is important and how to figure out just what may someday make us stop asking those sort of questions at all. Kansas State University's K-State Theatre will present "Time Stands Still" by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Donald Margulies at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 11-13 and 18-20, with a matinee Oct. 21 at 2:30 p.m. All performances are in Nichols Theatre. Tickets can be purchased at the McCain Auditorium box office from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or by calling McCain at 785-532-6428 during box office hours. Tickets range in price from $8 to $14 and discounts for students, faculty/staff, seniors and military families are available.

OCTOBER 11, 2012




Z-Day is coming... SAVE the music feed the hungry kill the zombies

Sarah Sullivan The day has come. This Saturday, October 13th, Z-Day will be upon us! The zombie apocalypse is coming and we at The Hype in tandem with the Kansas ANTI-ZOMBIE Militia would like to make sure that all Manhattanites are prepared to take down the undead. At City Park, starting at 1pm, there will be a zombie-ridden, obstacle-impeding training course with options for the ‘long-wayaround survivor’ as well as the shortcut suicide run we like to call the ‘nut up or shut up’ run for survivors. Awards will be given to the fastest and cleverest survivors. The entry fee for survivors is $15 which includes the event t-shirt. For zombies, the entry fee is $10 and also includes an event shirt. What’s a training course without the zombies though? In the absence of the actual undead, we’ll need people willing to compete as zombies also for awards, such as the Ravenous award for the zombie who takes the most health flags from the survivors. For the listening pleasure of both living and undead ears we’ll be hosting several of MHK’s finest bands: FUMA, White, and Decimation as well as events, games and prizes for the whole family whether you’re there to compete, to cheer on the survivors, root for the zombies or just take part in the apocalypse. The KSU Paintball Club will also be joining in our gleeful slaying of the undead with a Zombie Marksmanship competition where


the shooters will have 15 seconds to take down three live zombie targets (with paintballs of course). Entry fees for the contest are $5 a round with awesome schwag for the top shot. There will also be a silent auction, a zombie photo booth, and zombie-themed fun for the kids. And all of this goes to a great local cause! Arts in the Park, which brings nationallyfamed acts as well as local bands to the stage for free shows in city park each summer, is an amazing and beloved program that has been affected by drastic budget cuts this year. If you have ever gotten to experience the incredible shows put on by Arts in the Park, you will understand why we need to save this program. We are counting on you Manhattan, to come out and help us fight the zombies and participate to help us raise funds for Arts in the Park. Also, we will be doing the 2nd Annual Zombie Walk for Hunger starting around 5pm with help for costumes and make-up. Bring canned goods, non-perishable food items and/or monetary donations for the Flint Hills Breadbasket. The walk will go from City Park to downtown and back to Aggieville. Easy Zombie Make-Up Tips: - Fake Blood: Red food coloring and clear corn syrup - Rotting Flesh: Mix flour, cornstarch and white glue into a paste. Roll it out thin


l son’s

Edwin C. Olson Sr.

1214 B. Moro Manhattan, KS 66502

785-539-8571 MON-FRI 9am-6pm SAT 9am-1pm

enough to look like skin. Apply it to the face while still moist so the glue will stick to your skin and stay. As it dries, it will crack a bit and add to the decaying look. Cover with makeup to blend with skin or use another of his tricks to create a “pallor of death” look. - Scabs and Scars: Mix dry oatmeal and white glue.Cover in makeup matching your skin tone, then add some fake blood as

desired to make them more realistic. After the walk, if you participated in the training course or purchased one of the event t-shirts (and are also 21), you can join all of us for a mass-mixing of living and undead pub crawl through Aggieville. We truly believe that if zombie and human just sat down and had a beer, they could figure out this whole ‘brains/decapitation’ situation. But then again, maybe not.

Join the facebook event Z-Day and keep updated on all the news you need for the pending apocalypse. The Z-Day Tentative Schedule is as follows: -1PM 1 Mile Zombie and Obstacle-Ridden Training CourseLong way around for less zombies and obstacles or Suicide Run for shorter distance but more zombies and harder obstacles. -1PM Silent Auction and other Zombie-hosted fundraising -1PM Zombie Lil’ Tallahassee Marksmanship contest for Kids (It’s ok parents, they’re just Nerf guns) -1PM Littlest Zombie Killer Beanbag throw for kids- Everyone gets a prize! -2PM or After Training Course is done- Presentation of Awards -2PM FUMA on City Park Stage -3PM White on City Park Stage -3PM ‘Zombie in an Abandoned Alley’ Marksmanship Competition -3PM Zombie Portraits Photo Booth -3PM Zombie Tag for Kids -3PM Start of Make-up and Costume preparation for Hunger Walk -5PM Line-up and set out for 2nd Annual Walk for Hunger from City Park, downtown and back to Aggieville. -7PM Decimation on City Park Stage -9PM Official Z-Day Pub Crawl on a route to all our Sponsors Keep your health pack close and those shortwave radios tuned in for further updates on Z-Day next week!





Hi-Energy Thursday with DJ Pizzle Bobby T’s Grill & Bar Manhattan’s King of the Old School, DJ Pizzle, mixing music videos from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today, with 10000+ Music Videos.


Trivia Night @ Pat’s Pat’s Blue Rib’n BarBe Que Think you’re smart? Head over to Pat’s and prove it! Prizes and excellent specials!


Pink Power Luncheon (Holiday Inn at the Campus) Guest speaker Gayle Thomas will present a lecture titled “Why Me?: A Breast Health Awareness Journey.” Participants will receive lunch, a souvenir item, and informational materials, and prizes will be given away. Event is free but space is limited. Reservations are required by October 5. Sponsored by the Johnson Cancer Research Center and Susan G. Komen for the Cure.


Lecture: Show and Tell (Town Hall Room\Leadership Studies Building) Braley is the Creative Director at Shatterbox, based in Lexington, Kentucky. Braley has over 18 years of experience in brand, print, and packaging design. Free and open to the public.


Speaker: Tony Diaz (Hemisphere Room\, Hale Library) Tony Diaz “El Librotraficante” is a novelist and holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. He is also an entrepreneur who brings together contemporary Latino arts, culture, and business in ways that have transformed Houston, Texas, and have now blossomed into the Librotraficante Movement. Sponsored by the Developing Scholars Program.


Coffee Hour Series: Kenya (Multipurpose Room\International Student Center) Presented by Eve Metto. Refreshments typical of the student’s home country will be served following the presentation. Free and open to the public. Part of the Fall 2012 Coffee Hour Series, presented by International Student & Scholar Services.


Linear Trail Historical Lifestyle Ride Big Poppi Bikes Distance: 5-10 miles. Join Big Poppi Bicycle Co and the Flint Hills Area Bike Club each Saturday morning for a casual ride on the Linear Trail.


The Wizard of Oz Columbian Theatre, Wamego We are bringing back our annual show “The Wizard of Oz” to coincide with OZtoberfest this year. Join us as we bring this classic to life and watch Dorothy discover “there is no place like home”.

friday 12 9:00AM 4:00PM


Presentation: Leadership: Managing Reputation Risk in Organizations Town Hall Room\Leadership Studies Building Benz is the President and CEO of the Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC), and will explore and discuss how leaders of organizations need to shift their focus to instilling consistent behavior revolving around your organization’s reputation.


River Trails Beginner Mountain Bike Ride Big Poppi Bikes Distance: 1-2 laps/4-8 miles. At this ride you will have the opportunity to learn how to ride on off road trails and trail etiquette. A couple of the concepts you will learn are how to ride over a log or other obstacle, and how to position your body when riding downhill.



Open Oil Painting Studio MAC Annex Open to any and all levels of talent and enthusiasm for oil painting. Come and meet some new friends and practice your art!

National Circus of the People’s Republic of China McCain Auditorium Direct from Beijing, the National Circus of the People’s Republic of China is one of the longest running and most distinguished circus troupes in China. This beautifully lavish and full-scale theatrical production will feature jaw-dropping feats of balance, juggling, flying and contortion that must be seen to be believed. The contribution the company made to the world circus society in the 1980s had a profound influence on the early pioneers of “Cirque du Soleil.” With stunning costumes and lighting, this will be an event the whole family will enjoy. Time Stands Still Nichols Theatre The season begins with Time Stands Still. Sarah and James, a photojournalist and a foreign correspondent, try to find happiness in a world that seems to have gone crazy. Theirs is a partnership based on telling the toughest stories, and together, making a difference. But when their own story takes a sudden turn, the adventurous couple confronts the prospect of a more conventional life. Directed by Dwight Tolar. (See THW’s Preview on pg. 6)


7th Annual Great Plains Radio History Symposium Campus Holiday Inn This year’s Symposium will present two morning plenary sessions relating the golden days of radio programming: the era of baseball re-creations, as narrated by longtime sportscaster Tom Hedrick, and a special focus on the career of veteran announcer and programmer Bill Miller, whose on-air career spans six decades. Registration begins at 8 a.m., or preregistration is available online. Cost to attend is $15 (students admitted free).

The Power of Music Workshop Manhattan Public Library A workshop for parents of preschoolers, infants and toddlersto aid in developing positive musical and dancing experiences. We will demonstrate simple activities, give ideas and website resources, and discuss how music helps with brain development. If children are present, we will make some noisemakers!

OCTOBER 11, 2012

Pottery Sale Bosco Plaza, K-State Student Union The KSU Potter’s Guild will be hosting their annual sale of Graduate and Undergraduate pottery and sculpture, which includes unique one-of-a-kind gifts in all price ranges. Help support funding of visiting artists as well as our trip to the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts. Presented by the KSU Potters Guild.

Ethnic Studies Banned in Arizona: An Effective Pedagogy and Curriculum for Latina/o Students Town Hall Room\Leadership Studies Building Arce’s lecture will discuss the recent legislation passed in Arizona that has effectively eliminated the Mexican American Studies program in the Tuscon Unified School Districts. The program had received national praise and honor for its effectiveness in retaining and graduating Latino students, preparing them for college, critically engaging them in education and learning, and successfully encouraging involvement in the community. Free and open to the public. Sponsored by the Dow Center for Multicultural and Community Studies, Department of American Ethnic Studies, Women’s Studies Department, and Department of English.


Thursday 11



OCTOBER 11, 2012


10 Time Stands Still Nichols Theatre The season begins with Time Stands Still. Sarah and James, a photojournalist and a foreign correspondent, try to find happiness in a world that seems to have gone crazy. Theirs is a partnership based on telling the toughest stories, and together, making a difference. But when their own story takes a sudden turn, the adventurous couple confronts the prospect of a more conventional life. Directed by Dwight Tolar. (See THW’s Preview on pg. 6)

saturday 13 9:00AM






Free Music Friday w/ White & Jessica Furney (Auntie Mae’s Parlor) Come get a dose of metal and poppy singer-songwriter all in one evening at Mae’s with the two top favorite bands from Aggiefest 2012. Warning: socks may be rocked off, thus, bring a spare pair. You’ve been warned. Film: Ted (Forum Hall\, K-State Student Union) Admission $2. Sponsored by the Union Program Council.

Friday Night Lights River Trails MTB Ride Big Poppi Bicycles Distance: 1-3 laps/6-18 miles. Looking for something really exciting to do on a Friday night? Why not join us for a ride on your mountain bike at night? REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR LIGHTS!!! Don’t have a light? Demo one of our high quality lights from the shop!!


Linear Trail Historical Lifestyle Ride Big Poppi Bikes Distance: 5-10 miles. Join Big Poppi Bicycle Co and the Flint Hills Area Bike Club each Saturday morning for a casual ride on the Linear Trail. CrossFit Free Intro Workout Room 4, Natatorium Try out a free CrossFit Intro workout scaled for beginners and learn more about high intensity exercise and its benefits. All fitness levels are welcome. Free intro workouts will be offered every Saturday during the Fall semester.

Fall Festival at the Lazy T Ranch Lazy T Ranch Ron and Chris Wilson invite you to the Fall Festival at the Lazy T Ranch Fun for the whole family! Select and bring home pumpkins of various sizes •Zoom down the Flint Hills Fun Slide •Enjoy tasty concessions in the Cowboy Cafe •Visit the animals—meet horses, beef cattle, llamas, dairy goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens •Ride a pony •Climb through the straw bale Kid’s Castle •Fire the giant Hedge Ball Slingshot •Play on the Great Pumpkin Bounce House •Leap off the Loading Chute Jump •Visit the historic Persons Barn & Granary—on the National Register of Historic Places •Ride in a pumpkin train or in the Purple Powercat train cars around the ranch •Find your way through the Hay bale maze •Enjoy fresh cider, juicy apples, hot popcorn, and other autumn treats and much more!

Central States Marching Band Festival (Bill Snyder Family Stadium) The show will feature more than 30 high school bands from around the Midwest, as well as a closing performance by the Kansas State University Marching Band. Admission is $5. Sponsored by the Department of Music.


Footsteps in the Flint Hills: Stunning Sunflowers (Flint Hills Discovery Center) Ages 6-8 1:00 PM—3:00 PM Find out all you ever wanted to know about the sunflower at the Flint Hills Discovery Center’s “Stunning Sunflower” class on October 13.


Z-Day (City Park) Fight the zombie apocalypse for charity this Saturday! Starting at 1pm, a run-for-your-lives obstacle and zombie ridden course followed by three live bands, a marksmanship contest, a silent auction and zombie fun for the whole family.


Pagan Voices Panel (ECM Building\1021 Denison) A panel discussing all the questions you always wanted to ask.


Inadvertent Arson Opening: Paintings and Drawings by Patrick Deugaw (Beach Museum of Art) Meet the artist and enjoy an original score for the exhibition, written and performed by Daniel Racer and his double quartet.


The Wizard of Oz Columbian Theatre, Wamego We are bringing back our annual show “The Wizard of Oz” to coincide with OZtoberfest this year. Join us as we bring this classic to life and watch Dorothy discover “there is no place like home”.


Time Stands Still Nichols Theatre The season begins with Time Stands Still. Sarah and James, a photojournalist and a foreign correspondent, try to find happiness in a world that seems to have gone crazy. Theirs is a partnership based on telling the toughest stories, and together, making a difference. But when their own story takes a sudden turn, the adventurous couple confronts the prospect of a more conventional life. Directed by Dwight Tolar. (See THW’s Preview on pg. 6)


Slowburn (Auntie Mae’s Parlor) Manhattan’s favorite funky-jammypsychedelic-gaze machine will be taking Mae’s to the next level all night long. Slowburn’s improvisational core and rocksteady instrumental skills provide for an evening of staring in disbelief.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Ballroom\K-State Student Union) Admission $5, includes prop bag.

Sunday 14 8:35AM

Sunday Contemporary Worship Service First United Methodist Church Our contemporary service offers a relaxed atmosphere with praise band and inspiring opportunities for connecting with God and each other. Children of all ages are encouraged to attend and sing, clap, and dance in the aisles. Bags of things to do and stuffed animals are available as you enter.


Coffee Hour Manhattan Church Of Christ Coffee hour, and by “coffee,” we mean a smorgasboard of pastries, fruit, juice and coffee. Our Sunday School classes take turns hosting coffee hour and it’s a great opportunity to meet new people and connect with old friends.


Sunday Worship Service (Manhattan Church Of Christ, 2510 Dickens Avenue) Traditional worship. Steeped in liturgy, hymns, and quiet reflection, this worship service offers a more formal worship experience. Full choir and organ offer musical accompaniment.


Sunday Jazz Brunch Bluestem Bistro Live jazz every Sunday morning during brunch.


The Wizard of Oz Columbian Theatre, Wamego We are bringing back our annual show “The Wizard of Oz” to coincide with OZtoberfest this year. Join us as we bring this classic to life and watch Dorothy discover “there is no place like home”.



Clay Open Studio MAC West Annex $7 per session. $21 for one bag of clay, glazes, and firing fee. Open studio enrollment is available for adults who do not need instruction. Fee also includes use of studio. Sorry, we do not sell clay for use in other studios. The MAC Clay Studio is generously sponsored by Manhattan Ink, The Cary Company, and Kent Glasscock.





Dr. Goins Jazz Quartet (della Voce) (KSU Jazz Prof./Guitarist) Wayne Goins and the della Voce Jazz Quartet play every Sunday evening from 6:00 to 8:00.

Pagan Coffee Bluestem Bistro Pagan? Pagan-curious? Pagan-friendly? Come join Manhattan’s longest running pan-pagan social group.

An Inquiring Mind in Search of Phun from Fysics (Town Hall\Leadership Studies) The lecture is part of the Ernest Fox Nichols Lecture Series.The lecture will not be of a technical level and is geared toward the general public. Woodruff is an Associate of the Center for Astrophysics and Space Astronomy at the University of Colorado in Boulder and recently retired Technical Fellow in the position of Chief Scientist for Optical Systems at Lockheed Martin. Sponsored by the Physics Department.

Happy Hour 405 (della Voce) Happy Hour 405 is the place to be every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at dellaVoce! Enjoy a variety of wine, beer and cocktails as well as original tapas and “pork wings” . All drinks and tapas are $4.05. Best light dinner in Downtown Manhattan!


Around the World for $5 Bluestem Bistro This week try some new and tasty food from a different country!


The Hype Weekly Open Pitch Meeting Auntie Mae’s Parlor Bring your ideas and join the interworkings of the Hype!


Trivia Night @ Bluestem Bluestem Bistro Cash prizes for the top 3 teams in this brutal test of mental prowess!


Monday 15 4:00PM

Lecutre: Sara Schneckloth (Beach Museum of Art) Sara Schneckloth, internationally recognized artist, will present a lecture. She works in a variety of media as a way to explore the potential of contemporary drawing practice. Free and open to the public. Part of the Department of Art Visiting Artists Series for the 2012-2013 Season.


Mountain/Cyclocross Bikes Gravel Ride Big Poppi Bikes Distance: 15-30 miles. Come join us for a gravel ride as we enjoy the Flint Hills and an incredible Kansas sunset. Bring your headlights and taillights just in case. Don’t have a light? Demo one of our high quality lights from the shop for FREE!!


Slam Poet: Sonya Renee (Town Hall Room\Leadership Studies Building) Slam it girl!


Team Trivia Bobby T’s Grab some buddies and hit Bobby T’s to flex your trivia muscles and have a beer!


Urban Street Ride Big Poppi Bikes For any bike with 2 wheels and no motor; Come on out to enhance your technical riding skills.

Wednesday 17 9:00AM

Sing-a-Long with Mr. Steve Bluestem Bistro If you want to bring your kids in for a fun activity, come join us in our meeting room as our manager, Mr. Steve, plays silly kid’s songs!



Downtown Wednesday Farmers’ Market of Manhattan CiCo Park April through October, Wednesday evenings from 4:00 p.m.- 7:00 p.m. in the north parking lot of Cico park off of Kimball Avenue.


Happy Hour 405 (della Voce) Happy Hour 405 is the place to be every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at dellaVoce! Enjoy a variety of wine, beer and cocktails as well as original tapas and “pork wings” . All drinks and tapas are $4.05. Best light dinner in Downtown Manhattan!


Paws on the Patio (Every Wednesday) AJ’s New York Pizzeria Patio AJ’s New York Pizzeria and The Mutt School invite you and your dog to AJ’s patio, where you can enjoy pizza and your dog can enjoy the great smells, special pizza crust treats and the company of other canines. There will also be occasional raffles for pet charities, and other activities just to keep things even more interesting.


Bassoon Studio of Susan Maxwell (All Faiths Chapel) Part of the student recital series.


Clay Open Studio @ MAC MAC West Annex $7 per session. $21 for one bag of clay, glazes, and firing fee. Open studio enrollment is available for adults who do not need instruction. Fee also includes use of studio. Sorry, we do not sell clay for use in other studios. The MAC Clay Studio is generously sponsored by Manhattan Ink, The Cary Company, and Kent Glasscock.


Women’s Mountain/Cyclocross Bikes Gravel Ride Big Poppi Bicycle Co. Distance: 10-15 miles. Calling all LADIES! Come join us for a gravel ride as we enjoy the Flint Hills and an incredible Kansas sunset. Bring your headlights and taillights just in case. Don’t have a light? Demo one of our high quality lights from the shop for FREE!!


River Trails Mountain Bike Ride Big Poppi Bicycle Co. Distance: 2-3 laps/12-18 miles. The pace of this ride will be medium/ fast. As usual, all riding abilities are welcome on any ride at Big Poppi’s, but if you are ready for more of a challenge, come on out!!!


Auntie Mae’s Trivia Smack Down! Auntie Mae’s Parlor Grab some buddies and go see your Auntie about some awesome trivia!

Watercolor Studio MAC East Annex The MAC Watercolor Studio meets weekly to paint, critique, and encourage one another in an effort to improve their painting skills.

Monday Night Lights River Trails MTB Ride Big Poppi Bikes Leader: TaitDistance: 1-3 laps/6-18 miles. Looking for something really exciting to do to start off your week? Tired of Monday Night Football? Why not join us for a ride on your mountain bike at night? REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR LIGHTS!!! Don’t have a light? Demo one of our high quality lights from the shop for FREE!!

Tuesday 16 9:30AM

Happy Hour 405 (della Voce) Happy Hour 405 is the place to be every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at dellaVoce! Enjoy a variety of wine, beer and cocktails as well as original tapas and “pork wings” . All drinks and tapas are $4.05. Best light dinner in Downtown Manhattan!

Looking for Jean Seberg: Real People and Fictional Lives (Hemisphere Room\, Hale Library) Karlin is an assistant professor in English. Free and open to the public. Sponsored by the Department of English.

OCTOBER 11, 2012



Marla Day (Flint Hills Discovery Center) Senior Curator of the Historic Costume and Textile Museum, College of Human Ecology, Kansas State University, will discuss “Clues in Calico” sharing some of the stories she has learned about the garments in the Forces exhibit. The program begins at 5:30 p.m. at the Flint Hills Discovery Center.



OCTOBER 11, 2012



THIS WEEK IN MHK... Monday Through Friday 9AM-5PM

Ongoing Attractions Animalia Strecker-Nelson Gallery An exhibit of paintings and sculpture which looks at the animalistic nature in us all. The exhibit features paintings by Aaron Morgan Brown and Ann Piper. Sculptures by Connie Ernatt and many more to dazzle your senses.

Goodnight Moon: Selections from the Permanent Collection Marianna Kistler Beach Museum Of Art From starlit staircases and moon glow to glowing sparklers and carnival lights, this exhibition explores the many facets of night. The exhibition topic was chosen to compliment “Dream Big,” the theme for the Kansas Library Association summer reading program. The selections include idyllic moonlit scenes by beloved Kansas artists Birger Sandzen and John Steuart Curry and more conceptual pieces like Jeff Mongrain’s “An Evening’s Breath,” a clay pillow which holds exactly the amount of moisture exhaled during a night’s sleep. Contemporary images of night include views of porches, airports and highways lit by lights.

American Movies and the Movie-Going Experience Beach Museum of Art American Movies and the Movie-Going Experience: This course will concentrate on the social aspects of popular film genres through the decades and demonstrate how movies reveal the character of society in which they were produced.

Konza: Sculpture by John Powers Marianna Kistler Beach Museum Of Art Konza , is a large kinetic sculpture inspired by the natural beauty and movement of the nearby Konza prairie, is the newest addition to the permanent collection. This powerful metal work reflects a set of contrasting themes; the natural and the manmade, the internal and external, the permanent and the fleeting. “Sometimes we see the natural world in a new way after seeing an artist’s representation. This wonderful work by John Powers may be mechanical, but it evokes features of the natural tallgrass prairie that we treasure as a Kansas icon.” -Linda Duke, museum director

FORCES: The Shaping of Manhattan, Fort Riley and Kansas State University Flint Hills Discovery Center This exhibit is a partnership between the Riley County Historical Museum; the U.S. Cavalry Museum, Fort Riley; Conservation and Restoration Branch, Fort Riley; the Costume and Textile Museum, KSU; and the KSU archives. The exhibit explores the period between 1853 and 1914: our pioneer beginnings, the transition to building a community, and growth into the 20th century.

Weekend Hours May Vary


All you need to know to kick your weekend into overdrive: specials, events, and weekly info on all your favorite spots.

Chuggers facelift With Bull Snyder back in action, Chuggers gets a facelift, including giant new centralized bar!

The Inside Agenda Want to know what not to miss in the next month in the Ville? Look no further!

Aggieville Aftermath

serving the best damn entertainment district in â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;merica!

Check and see if your shenanigans made our weekly peek at Aggieville Barâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s photo safari!

OCTOBER 11, 2012

The runDown


Aggieville Insider The Hype Weekly Presents:

OCTOBER 11, 2012



From the Desk of the Executive Director: Why yes we will go ahead and retain the Governor’s Cup, thank you very much! :) Great win last weekend over the Jayhawks!

Aggieville Business Spotlights The Library Discount Liquor (785) 539-5269 521 N. 12th St.

Aggieville U Clothing Co. (785) 539-5395 1203 Moro St.

Burger King (785) 537-1045 1328 Laramie St.

(785) 537-0886 1116 Moro St.

Buffalo Wild Wings (785) 323-9464 1231 Moro St.

(785) 539-8899 1227 Moro St.

Platinum and Company (785) 539-7621 1101 Moro Suite 191

This weekend, we’re all getting geared up for the 11th Annual Little Apple Optimists Chili Crawl! On Saturday, starting at 4pm, ticket holders will have a chance to travel to many different restaurants, Bluestem Bistro, Buffalo Wild Wings, Coco Bolo’s, Eighteen 63, Hibachi Hut, Kite’s Grille & Bar, Pat’s Blue Rib’n BBQ, Porter’s, Rusty’s Last Chance & Outback, & Wahoo Fire & Ice Grill, for a special taste of each

restaurant’s chili submission. Vote for your favorite and head to Cold Stone Creamery for dessert! Tickets are only $15, and available at Varney’s or from any Optimist member. IF there are any tickets left on the day of the event, the Optimists will set up a table at Varney’s. If it’s sold out, there will be no table. Enjoy! (And hurry, this one sells out!) Make sure you’ve marked your calendar for Trick-Or-Treat, Aggieville! Join us for traffic-free streets and CANDY GALORE on Friday, October 26th from 3-5:30pm. The K-State Homecoming Parade will commence at 5pm Downtown and wind its way to Aggieville following Trick-Or-Treat.

Donate a canned good for the Flint Hills Breadbasket and paint a pumpkin (or your face) under the marquee at Varney’s, and be sure to enter our Doggie Costume Contest from 3-4pm, winners announced at 4:30! Until next time,

Evan Tuttle,

Bull Snyder Back in Action! The Bull is Back, with a NEw Bar to Boot! By Jimbo Ivy After a tragic injury, Bull Snyder is back to 100%, but while he was out, the folks over at Chuggers made some changes! They moved Bull back into the corner of the bar and moved the bar into the center of the main room. Not just moved the bar, but crafted a new bar, a giant bar seating enough people to launch an invasion of a small country. “I’ve started calling it Optimus,” said Jamie, senior in Engineering when I asked her what she thought of the new layout of Chuggers. “Ya know...the Transformer?” It’s true that the building currently serving as both Bull Snyder’s throne and the home of Chugger has seen quite a few facelifts this year, but the folks in charge are just that determined to create the ultimate beverage dispensary and hang-out-atorium. Be sure to come come congratulate

Bull Snyder on his recovery and while you’re here check out the new specials at Chuggers: Wednesday Minor Night 18 to Enter with $5 Cover Free Bull Rides, $1 Wells! Friday & Saturday $2 All Shots and Bombs! Free Bull Rides for Ladies!


Things You Need To Write Down, Right Now To Be In The Know For The Coming Weekends!

Winners of the Favorite Band of Aggiefest Vote, White and Jessica Furney will be sharing the stage at Auntie Mae’s. White is Manhattan’s newest, slickest heavy band and Furney is our own sweet singer-songwriter American Idol finalist. Come check them out ;

AggieVille Aftermath


The second annual Zombie walk for hunger. This year we want to go bigger, better. Last year we raised 201 lbs, not bad for a trial run. Hope to see some familiar faces and then some. Will be combining with a zombie concert, obstacle course, and T-Shirt fundraiser in conjunction with The Hype Weekly with bar specials for zombie folks throughout the Ville after a day of Family-Zombie Fun! Zombie bands, zombie portraits from area photographers, and all sorts of zombie-themed awesome will be going down and all as a fund-raiser for The Flint Hills Bread Basket. Want to get involved with the planning? Email and get on-board! events/205251686244325/ SLOWBURN Auntie Mae’s Parlor 9pm 10/13/12 Manhattan’s favorite funky-jammy-psychedelic-gaze machine will be taking Mae’s to the next level all night long. Slowburn’s improvisational core and rocksteady instrumental skills provide for an evening of staring in disbelief at the glorious noise issuing forth from the speakers. Want your upcoming Aggieville event here? Email us at events@thehypeweekly. com and let us know about it! No charge, if it’s awesome and it’s Aggieville! Or email to become a sponsor. Then we’ll never forget you!

KRISTIE STREMEL Auntie Mae’s Parlor 9pm 10/20/12 Singer/songwriter Kristie Stremel hails from the town of Hays, KS, and originally got into music via playing Johnny Cash songs with her father (who plays guitar), as well as being inspired after catching a local Joan Jett concert. Shortly thereafter, at the age of 15, Stremel formed her first garage band. After relocating to Kansas City, Stremel began playing solo acoustic sets that consisted of half originals and half covers. She was invited to join alt-rockers Frogpond in the late ‘90s, contributing rhythm guitar to their 1996 debut album on Columbia Tri Star, Count to Ten (which was produced by Everclear’s Art Alexakis). Two years later Stremel left the group, formed the power pop trio Exit 159, and issued an EP, Lost On Earth (1997), and full-length, A Song For Every Mood (1998) before the group split up in 2000. She returned to the studio right away to record as a solo artist.

Aggieville Bars sends shooters out to capture your weekends! Vote for your favs and they’ll show up here in the insider! We all have those photos. The ones we cull from our Facebooks when it comes time to hit the job hunt or catch shit from our parents for. Hell there’s an entire Nickelback song about this sort of thing. But I won’t mention them.

world to behold. One day, many years from now, you’ll look back and say, “Wow, it’s too bad robots rule over us now, cause we used to have some awesome parties.” That is a face for print!

Aggieville Bars has sent photographers out across the Ville in search of for over a year, capturing the good times and weird times of K-Staters and posting them to albums on FB called “Aggieville Aftermath”.

your friends at their best, worst, and weirdest.

Head over to their FB page ( Aggieville-Bars) and tag

Then Like your favorite pic and we’ll stick the top pic in the next week’s Aggieville Insider for all the


OCTOBER 11, 2012


Z DAY City Park 1pm 10/13/12


The Inside Agenda

The Rundown

OCTOBER 11, 2012





Aggie Lounge

$1.75 Wells, $3.00 Pitchers $1.25 Draws, $1.75 Wells

Aggie Station

$2.50 Wells and Drafts

Auntie Mae’s

$1.25 Wells 4pm – 7pm

$1.50 High Life Btls 4pm – 7pm






$2 Calls, Pounders, Bottles, Shots, Draws

$1.75 Wells, $2 Bottles

$1.75 Cans

$1.75 Cans


$2 Wells 4pm – 7pm

$2.50 Tarantulas 4pm – 7pm

$2 Wells 4pm – 7pm

$1.50 Margaritas 4pm – 7pm*

$1.50 Bloody Marys 4pm – 7pm

$3.50 UV Bombs 9pm – 11pm* $4 Double wells 11pm – Close

$1.50 Gin & Tonics 11pm – Close

$2 Bourbon & Cokes 11pm – Close Trivia Smackdown 8pm

$3.75 Tallgrass Pints 11pm – Close

$2 Kamikaze Shots 9pm – 11pm

*Saturday specials will change w/ home football games

Bluestem Bistro

$2 Wells 11pm – Close

Sunday Brunch 9:30 to 1 pm $5 World Dinner 5 pm Live Jazz 10 am to 12 pm

Bomb Bar


$1.50 Bombs & Wells $2.25 Pounders








The Goose

Johnny Kaw’s

Kathouse Lounge

$1.50 Bombs & Wells $2.25 Pounders

$1.50 Bombs & Wells $2.25 Pounders

$1.50 Bombs & Wells $2.25 Pounders

Minor Night $1.00 Bull Rides, $1.00 18 to Enter with $5 Cover Shots, $1.00 Bombs, $2 All Shots and Bombs! $2 All Shots and Bombs! (covers both Chuggers $1.00 Wells for the Free Bull Rides for Free Bull Rides for and Johnny Kaws), Free Ladies Ladies! Ladies! Bull Rides, $1 Wells!

Aggieville Insider

$2 Dom. Big Boys

$1.00 O-Bombs $1.75 1/2 Price Tequila Shots $2.00 Wells $2.00 Domestic Pints $3.00 UV Bombs

$0.50 Tequila Shots $2.00 Value Shots

Fast Eddy’s

$1.50 Bombs & Wells $2.25 Pounders

$0.99 Kami shots, $2.50 Micro Brew pints

$1.50 Wells, $2.00 Shots, $2.00 Domestic Big Beers

The Hype Weekly Presents:

$.75 pepperoni rolls

$2 Shots, $3.50 Dom. Pitchers

$1.00 O-Bombs $1.00 O-Bombs $2.00 Import Bottles $2.00 Premium Bottles $2.00 Wells $2.00 Shots $3.00 Domestic Pitchers $2.00 Wells $4.00 Boulevard $3.00 Long Islands, RedWheats, Shock Top, bull Vodkas, and AMF’s Shiner Bock Pitchers $3.00 UV Bombs

$2.00 Domestic Pints, $2.00 Value Shots, $4.00 Daiquiris

$1.00 Wells $1.00 Lemon Drop Shots $1.00 Cherry Limeade Shots $2.00 Value Shots

$0.99 Kami Shots

$0.99 Kami Shots

$1.00 Wells, $1.50 Domestic Big Beers

$1.00 UV Bombs, $1.00 Wells

$1 Cherry and O-Bombs, $1.50 Wells, $2 Bottles

$2 Pounders

$1.00 O-Bombs $2.00 All Bottles $2.00 Pints $3.00 UV Bombs

$2.00 O-Bombs $3.00 Domestic Pints $3.25 Wells $3.50 Coronas

$2.00 O-Bombs $3.00 Domestic Pints $3.25 Wells $3.50 Coronas

$2.00 Wells, $2.00 Value Shots, $5.00 Bottle of Wine

$2.00 Value Shots $2.00 Cherry Limeade Shots $3.00 Wells

$2.00 Value Shots, $3.00 Wells, $3.00 Wave Bombs

$0.99 Kami Shots

$0.99 Kami Shots

$0.99 Kami shots, $1.50 Domestic Bottles, and 1/2 Price Pool with Student ID

Minor Night $2.00 Wells, $2 Draws 18 to Enter with $5 Cover (covers both Chuggers and Johnny Kaws)

$1.00 Wells, $1.00 UV $3.00 Bombs, $3.00 $3.00 Wells, $3.00 Bombs, $3.50 Fishbowls, Wells, $5.00 Fishbowls Bombs, $5.00 Fishbowls $7.00 XL Fishbowls

$2 Wells and Drafts

$1.00 Wells

$1.00 Dom. Draws

Sunday Funday Free Ride Free Bull Rides

$2 Pounders

$3.00 Wells, Domestic Bottles, Domestic Drafts $3.00 Wells, Domestic $3.00 Mojitos $3.00 Wells, Domestic $3.00 Wells, Domestic Bottles, Domestic Drafts $3.00 Wells, Domestic $3.00 Wells, Domestic $8.00 1-Topping with Bottles, Domestic Drafts Bottles, Domestic Drafts $3.00 Wine, Mojitos and Bottles, Domestic Drafts Bottles, Domestic Drafts pitcher purchase Martinis

$2.00 Wells, $2 Draws

$1.50 Bombs & Wells $2.25 Pounders

$1.00 Dom. Draws

$2.00 Domestic Big Boys

$2.00 Value Shots, $4.00 Bloody Marys

$0.99 Kami shots, $1.99 Domestic Bottles & UV Bombs $1.50 Shots, $1.50 Wells, $2.00 Import Bottles, $3.50 Fishbowls $3.00 Wells, Domestic Bottles, Domestic Drafts $3.00 Bottomless fries $4.00 Endless breadsticks $2.00 Wells, $2 Draws

The Rundown Kite’s


$1.00 Everythings(Loyalty Members Only) $1.50 Wells $2.00 Cans $1.75 Wells $2.00 Wheats

$2.00 UV Bombs, $9.99 $2.00 UV Bombs, $2.50 Well Towers Pounders,$9.99 Well Karaoke 10 pm Towers $2.00 Everything $2.00 Cans

11am-2pm: $2 Bloodys Screws & Rehabs

$2.00 Wells $2.00 Cans $2.50 Tropical Drinks $3.00 Grenades

$2.00 You Call It $1.75 Wells $3.50 Belfast and All $1.75 Domestic Draws Bombs Chappie Live $2.00 Shots

Pat’s $2 Bottles $3 Prem Bottles $3 Red Stag


$2 Bottles $3 Prem Bottles $3 Red Stag 11am-2pm $2 Bloodys Screws & Rehabs

$4.99 App Combo $4.99 App Combo 3-5pm $1 PBR Draws 3pm-5pm $1 PBR Draws 12oz 12oz Guys Night 1/2 Price Night 10-CL $3 Premium 10-CL 1/2 Price all drinks Whiskey

$2 Wells $2 Pints $3 Red Stag 11am-2pm $2 Bloodys Screws & Rehabs $4.99 App Combo 3-5pm $1 PBR Draws 12oz



$1.00 Mini Mojos $1.00 Cans $3.00 Grenades

$2.00 Cans $3.00 Mojos $4.00 Double Wells

$1.75 Domestic Draws $2.00 All Bottles Chappie Live!

$2.50 Miller High-Life & Busch Light Bottles

$2 Wells $2 Pints $3 Red Stag $2 Wave Bombs 11am-2pm $2 Bloodys Screws & Rehabs $4.99 App Combo 3-5pm $1 PBR Draws 12oz

$2 Wave Bombs $3 Domestic Bottles $3 Red Stag 11am-2pm $2 Bloodys Screws & Rehabs

Lunch Special: $5.99 Sand/Side

Dinner Special: $5.99 Wings

Dinner Special: $6.99 Burger-n-Beer

$1.50 Off All drinks

10-Cl $1 PBR & Whiskey Wells Employee Night w/ Boots On 10-Cl $1 Wells Employee & Friends on Tab Lunch Special: $5.99 Sand/Side Lunch Special: $5.99 Sand/Side Dinner Special: $6.99 Quesadilla Dinner Special: 1/2 Price or Tacos Chicken w/ Chips & Salsa Platters

$2.00 Shots $2.00 Wells $2.00 Bombs $1.75 Wells $2.00 Domestic Bottles $2.00 Import Bottles $2.00 Domestic Pints $2.00 Big $2.00 Any Pint $2.00 1/2 Price Martinis Domestic Draws $3.00 Red Bull Vodkas $2.50 Frozen Drinks

Rusty’s Salty Rim

Shot Stop Tubby’s


$2.00 Cans $3.00 Mojos $4.00 Double Wells

$2.00 Everything $2.00 Cans $3.00 Grenades

$3.00 Domestic Pints

$1.75 Domestic Pints $1.75 Wells $3.50 Belfast Bombers

$2 Wave Bombs $3 Domestic Bottles $3 Red Stag 11am-2pm $2 Bloodys Screws & Rehabs

Aggieville Insider

Lunch Special: $5.99 Sand/Side


$1.99 Wells, $2.00 UV $2.00 UV Bombs, $3.00 Bombs, $2.00 UV Wells, $3.00 Domestic $2.00 UV Bombs, $3.00 $2.00 UV Bombs, $2.00 You Bombs, $3.00 Off Any Pounders, $3.00 BouleDomestic Pounders Call It Burger vard Pints

$4.99 App Combo

Night The HypeAggie Weekly Presents: 3-5pm $1 PBR Draws




Ladies Night 10-Cl $2 Wells & Pints Lunch Special: $5.99 Sand/Side

Greek Night 10-Cl $2 Wells w/ any affiliation

Dinner Special: $10.99 Half Slab $14.99 Full Slab

$5 PBR Pitchers $3 Red Stag 11am-2pm $2 Bloodys Screws & Rehabs 10-Cl Service Industry $2 Everything w/ paystub Dinner Special: $5.99 Sliders

Dinner Special: $6.99 Wings

$3.00 Blue Moon Pints $3.00 Boulevard Pints $3.00 UV Vodka Drinks

$2.00 Domestic Pints $2.00 Wells

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$1.50 Value Shots & Bottles Everyday!

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$1.50 Value Shots & Bottles Everyday!

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OCTOBER 11, 2012


$4.00 Rolling Rock Pitchers .25 Wings Karaoke 10 pm






OCTOBER 11, 2012




written despite being very confused by the sport he’s covering this week by

George Wame Matthews


he Major League Baseball postseason infield fly and called Simmons out. Now, if kicked off this past Friday with two you have been following my column at all, one-game, winner-take-all wildcard then you will know that I do not particularly games. By winning their respective care for baseball. I do not follow it, and quite divisions, the New York Yankees, Detroit frankly do not really understand it. After Tigers, Oakland Athletics, Washington Naseeing this play and reading up on the infield tionals, Cincinnati Reds, and San Francisco fly rule, I am at even more of a loss as to why Giants earned their spot in the playoffs. people care so much about this game. By virtue of having the second and third best records in their leagues, the Baltimore According to the MLB’s rule book, under Orioles, Texas Rangers, St. Louis Cardinals, Rule 2.00, “an infield fly is a fair fly ball (not and Atlanta Braves had to duke it out for including a line drive or an attempted bunt) their spots. The Orioles, for their part, were which can be caught by an infielder with orable to handily defeat the Rangers 5-1 to dinary effort, when first and second, or first, earn the right to face their American League second and third bases are occupied, before East rivals the Yankees in the two are out. The Out before it even hit the ground... first round. The Cardinals, pitcher, catcher on the other hand, were able and any outfielder to defeat the Braves 6-3, who stations himbut not without a little bit of self in the infield controversy. on the play shall be considered In the bottom of the eighth infielders for the inning, with runners on first purpose of this (David Ross) and second rule.” By rule, if Dan Uggla) and one out, the a hit is called an Braves believed that they infield fly, had loaded the bases after then reAndrelton Simmons hit a popup that fell gardless of whether or not the infieldharmlessly to the ground behind the short er catches the ball, the ball is treated stop and in front of the left fielder. Instead, as being caught. This is to say that the the left field umpire declared the hit an hitter is out, and any base runners The refs confer, amid fan suggestions in the form of thrown objects. need to tag up before they can attempt to advance. The rule is intended to prevent infielders from intentionally dropping a popup when there are multiple runners on base. The theory being that as an infielder, if you “drop” a popup, then the runners will attempt to advance. If they do so, then the infielder would potentially be in a perfect position to pick up the ball and trap multiple runners between bases, thus getting multiple outs, where as if the infielder were to just catch the ball, then only the hitter would be out. I suppose I can see how this rule, could serve to take an unfair advantage away from the infielders in this particular situation. To

me, however, it seems like base runners are taking a chance whenever they choose to advance on a popup. Who is to know whether the infielder will “drop” it? They could just as easily catch it, getting the batter out, and then get you out for not tagging up. What makes Friday’s call especially egregious is the fact that according to rule, “when it seems apparent that a batted ball will be an infield fly, the umpire shall immediately declare infield fly for the benefit of the runners.” In this instance, the umpire did not call the infield fly until just before the ball hit the ground. The runners on first and second (Ross and Uggla) saw the ball drop, uncaught, to the ground and advanced without tagging up. In the resulting confusion after the hit was called an infield fly, both Ross and Uggla were able to casually saunter back to their respective bases, tag up, and then advance without being thrown out. At this point both teams now had a legitimate beef with the umpire and his call: the Cardinals, in that they could have easily

Big XII Preview: Week 7 Chris hancock Last week we watched KSU do as we expected, although it took them until the second half to assert their dominance. We saw West Virginia assert themselves against an undefeated Texas team to prove they are the ‘Cats’ primary challengers for the conference. We saw Iowa State with an upset win over TCU, and the conference standings in more turmoil already, with plenty more to come. So, how will this week play out? KSU(5-0) @ ISU (4-1) - Iowa State is not a team to be taken lightly, however, they can be beaten and KSU is a superior team if they can maintain focus from the beginning. Predicted score: KSU wins 35-27 OSU(2-2) @ KU (1-4) - OSU will join the parade in cashing in on the only free win the conference has to offer. KU gave KSU all they could handle last week, but the OSU offense is just too powerful for them to overcome. Predicted score: OSU wins 42-14 TCU (4-1) @ Baylor (3-1) - Baylor had the week off to ponder the finer things in life, or how you lose after scoring 63 points, and get a great game back in the form of a TCU team with their starting quarterback suspended indefinitely for his DUI. I think Baylor may have won regardless, but now the task becomes easier. Final prediction: Baylor wins 35-21. Texas (4-1) vs. OU (3-1) (in Dallas) - OU took a hard loss two weeks prior to this game, and Texas took a hard one at the hands of West Virginia last week. This is a toss up, but my money goes to the team that had an extra week to prepare for this one. Final prediction: OU wins 35-31.

“Cleanup on left field!”

thrown either Ross or Uggla out, thus ending the inning; the Braves in that they went from bases loaded with one out to runners on second and third with two outs. As is the case with most “blown” calls, however, neither the Cardinals nor the Braves can say that this one call won/lost the game for them. Atlanta had plenty of opportunities to win the game; it is just unfortunate that in such a momentous game, one clearly blown call will be the thing that people remember.

West Virginia(5-0) @ Texas Tech (4-1) - Texas tech needs to win this game to prove they belong in a different stratosphere than they are currently considered to be in. That said, unless the Texas Tech defense is not just better, but exponentially better, they are in for a long day at the office, WVU has proven they can score with anyone, especially last week. Final Prediction: WVU wins 55-35. I will be keeping track of how accurate my predictions are as Big XII play continues, but for week on, hope springs eternal. We’ll see if the big XII can separate contenders from pretenders in the next two weeks.


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OCTOBER 11, 2012


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T La Re


OCTOBER 11, 2012




Joel Dugan

@ Strecker Nelson Gallery dripping with near sincerity from

the Hypester

Even all the human flesh is suffused with grey, making errybody look eerie and surly. Maybe that's the point. Maybe that's what Florida's all about, bright sunny days gone rusty under the weight of aging. And maybe that affects the way you begin to look at youth; like you could have had all this a long time ago but you just got held up being young and dumb and now you can't even enjoy a day at the pool as much as you imagined you would, thanks a lot. Or maybe this is how the world looks when you see it through sunglasses. You know, I was stung by a jellyfish once. I was only two years old but I still remember what the pain felt like. I remember laying on a beach in Hawaii and closing my eyes, waiting for the feeling to recede. Two Aprils ago, the last time I was back home (it's not Hawaii), my mom told me we had a photo of me on the beach that day and I spent the next few hours paging through every one of her photo albums until I found it. It must have been summertime; the sun was bright in that way that only happens in July — and there I was with my Dad standing over me. And in the distance, thousands of miles of dark, fearsome jellyfish-infested Pacific Ocean.

art should have a one-to-one Da Vinci Code-esque correlation, i.e. this image means one particular thing and nothing else. I prefer to think about the feeling or experience the image evokes. Look at the splash and the bubbles. Isn't that what it feels like to plunge through water, all the ticklish mist and violence? Yes, that is what it's like. Back to the jellyfish though. Boy there sure are a lot of them! As if swimming in the open sea isn't stressful enough. They are big and they are obvious and they are all over. And there is something about them -- the striking color? A sort of visual

flatness? That heightens their stressinducing impact. Not to mention that meanfaced sea-goblin way down there. Wtf? And given all that, the poisonous fiends all around him, the thing with the teeth in front of him, the frantic whoosh of seawater right by him, the shore in the distance; the ultimate fact of the guy in this painting is that he is swimming in the wrong direction. Emerge by Joel Dugan

Which is why seeing this lunkhead treading water in “Emerge” makes me nervous. American Oyster Catcher by Joel Dugan

This is American Oyster Catcher, by Joel Dugan, and it is hanging in an alcove in the Strecker-Nelson's main room. I am told the artist is from Florida. I used to live in Miami and this is what the pools were like, minus all the damn flamingos. You'd think it would be joyful spring breakers tossing around their genitals like hot potatoes. But no; just dour retirees as far as the eye can see. I like this painting. Those brush strokes, subtleties of color and shading – see the way the blue sky bleeds into the palm trees, making you feel the wind wrapping around them? -- and all the fuzzy contours, evoking the impression of an experience blah blah blah nostalgia. Funny how that evokes nostalgia. As though you were looking back at your youth, except I think we can all agree that youth is not the focus of this painting. I mean what is up with girlfriend clutching a flamingo by the neck between her legs? Does your girlfriend look at you like that? Mine certainly does, especially when she's making that hand motion. Being in the center, the schlub (nice socks!) ought to be the visual and emotion focus of the painting. But he's so faded, colorwise, it's as though he's a ghost who just popped into view with the gift flamingo as some sort of omen. There are really shadows everywhere right? The dark sky on the right. The water in the pool is kind of shadowy, even where there ought to be direct sunlight. That murkiness is cast from those clouds up there, which - what? It's Florida!

Usually with the sea you'd expect a mermaid doing this, right? Or if it has to be a dude he'd look more like a swimmer. Fit and chiseled, a stern look on his angular face. More hair. But no; the guy swooshing through the deep blue like a boss is the baby boomer from the other painting. With what looks like a smock? You're on your own as far as figuring out the symbolism on that. I'm not really big on symbolism. To be more specific, I don't believe symbols in

    


 




Movies by Marcus Film and Movie-like stuff From the celluloid clogged synapses of

OCTOBER 11, 2012

Marcus Jay Pitch Perfect Starring: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, and Skylar Astin Written By: Kay Cannon Based on the book by Mickey Rapkin Directed by: Jason Moore

Pitch Perfect is a film that desperately wants to be a musical. In fact, it may have been better had it been. As it stands, it’s an okay film that could be better if it not for its standard issue plot and uneven tone. The film stars Anna Kendrick as Beca, a pierced and tattooed bad girl who wants to become a DJ. Beca’s father, a professor at Barden University, convinces Beca to try college life since he can get her free tuition. She agrees to try it out, but quickly loses interest in everything but music. Beca’s father tells her that if she gives college a real shot and still doesn’t like it he will finance her move to Los Angeles to pursue her music career. To this end, Beca throws herself into college social life and ends up joining an all-girl acapella group called the Barden Bellas. The Bellas are led by the domineering Aubrey (Anna Camp), who runs the group with an iron fists and a not so iron stomach. Beca and Aubrey quickly dislike each other due to their mutual disdain for each other’s musical selections. Meanwhile, Beca begins seeing Jesse (Skylar Astin) a member of the rival group

The Treble Makers, which is a strict no-no according to the rules of the Bellas. Just to get it out of the way, Anna Kendrick is a bona fide movie star. If there is any justice in the world she’ll be a bigger star than Julia Roberts ever dreamed of being. Kendrick dominates whenever she is on screen. It’s a nice change of pace seeing her play bad girl Beca after Kendrick has played so many good girls. Kendrick pulls off this change up well. This isn’t a role that requires an awful lot of work, but Kendrick delivers laughs and pathos. The two biggest standouts are Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy and Hana Mae Lee as Lilly. As Fat Amy, Rebel Wilson is hilarious. Instead of being dowdy or unsure of herself because of her size, Fat Amy is super-confident and always outspoken. Han Mae Lee gets her laughs by going completely in the opposite direction. Lee’s character Lilly barely speaks above a whisper, and when we can hear her, she’s saying things that are probably evidence of a personality disorder. The musical numbers are really the best part of this film, and honestly the story might have worked better as a musical. The choreography and singing in Pitch Perfect’s musical numbers is great. I have no idea if the actors are actually doing the singing, but I never doubted them for a second. However, the plot is hackneyed. We know that Beca and Jesse will have a fight, that Beca will cause a problem on the team, and that Beca will eventually have to coach the team to win the big contest. In a musical, these elements could have worked to the film’s advantage because all of the tired plot details could have been handled in song. Don’t get me wrong; this is a really enjoyable film. Anna Kendrick and her costars deliver fun performances, and the movie is pretty great when the cast is singing or the jokes are flying. When the singing and jokes stop, Pitch Perfect is just a generic rom-com.

K-ROCK’S The Pit w/ Drewcifer Sundays 10pm-Midnight 101.5FM 10/7/12 Playlist Hr.1 DOWN “Levitation” 2012 CANDLEMASS “Prophet” 2012 GOJIRA “The Axe” 2012 HIGH ON FIRE “Frost Hammer” 2010 SAINT VITUS “Blessed Night” 2012 SAINT VITUS “White Stallions” 1985 BIBLE OF THE DEVIL “Out For Blood” 2012 SKELETONWITCH “Beyond The Permafrost” 2008 PENTAGRAM “Walk In The Blue Light” 2012

Hr.2 KILLING JOKE “The Great Cull” 2010 HOLY GRAIL “Dark Passenger” (Ride The Void out Jan 2013) AMON AMARTH “Slaves of Fear” 2011 AMORPHIS “Black Winter Day” 1995 IN FLAMES “The Jester Race” 1996 MANDATORY MAIDEN “The Evil That Men Do” Live 1993 -- The Pit Hall of Fame Album: SLAYER Divine Intervention 1995 “Serenity In Murder” & “Divine Intervention” WITCHCRAFT “Ghost House” 2012 WITCHFINDER GENERAL “R.I.P.” 1982 SEXOTURICA “Alone” 1995 ANGEL WITCH “Witching Hour” 2012 Giveaways: GWAR TICKETS!

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Free Music Friday: white & Jessica Furney Penned in a whirlwind of metal and pop by

Jimbo Ivy After the wild, two day musical romp that was Aggiefest 2012, The Hype Weekly posted a voting inquiry, asking fans which band was their favorite. After a two day battle, 2010 American Idol finalist Jessica Furney from Wamego was victorious, but by a mere two votes. So the two founders of The Hype decided to cast their votes for the runner up and thus up and coming heavy band White tied for the win. So this Friday at Auntie Mae’s White and Furney will be throwing down in an event we have glibly dubbed Brutal Vs. Cute-al given the two acts musical personalities. So what can you expect since you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of

either of these excellent bands? White White has its roots in the halls of Manhattan High School, as all its members are still young folks attending that institution. You could call them metal, for sure, but that isn’t quite accurate according to them or my metal-licious friends. Self-identified as “heavy” music, White combines influences as far flung as Nirvana to Lamb of God. Sabbath is there, certainly in some of the guitar workings, but the vocal stylings of Kyle White is certainly from the more modern era of heavy music; distorted and throaty, eschewing the switches between clean and distorted of pre-95 metal and alternative. Everyone likes to talk about how young they are, but really that’s just a sidenote. This is a heavy band, ambitious and talented that will be blowing up MHK

Not so Callous: Lucas Maddy By the mighty hand of

Jordan Mizell When it comes to home town heros no one person truly demands recognition more than Lucas Maddy. We go back... I mean way back. I lived on a farm I had three neighbors and they all lived about 10 miles away from us. One of which were the maddy’s, Lucas being one of them. His sister Kara was in my grade and I have since become pretty close with another sister of his Katie, whom he ran with and won Student body President of KSU! Not so shabby for a couple of farm kids from rural Kansas. Even more fantastic as they were the first ticket to win without having any political background. Still Politics wasn’t exactly what Lucas wanted to go into. After getting a guitar on his 21st birthday and leaving 2 beautiful girls who wanted to hang with him in the ville. He practiced all night and promptly forgot about it for a year like we do with so many of our sudden interests. Still after a year he found his desire renewed and picked up his instrument. One you may have come to know him by. Starting a band called Callous Maddy which took some 200 attempts to really

catch. Apparently, the road to a catchy name is a hard one. Still now if you find him playing he plays by, “The Lucas Maddy Band.” He said, “For one, I was doing all the work. Writing the

for a good time to come before they move on to bigger and better things. Jessica Furney “Is that that American Idol girl?” is a question I am asked frequently as a steady crowd member of Jessica Furney performances. Yep. It is. And as I watch the crowd get sucked into her excellent vocal styling, soft, heartfelt original melodies and time-honored covers, I always smile to myself a bit. For those of us that call Jessica a friend, which I am fortunate to do, we’re always waiting for that moment Jess our friend and Jessica the performer merge into a new, baddass, slightly less pretty and polished, but oh so much more awesome creature. It’s the curse of singer-songwriter folks that people expect them to be the cooing critters that they often show up as. Regardless, Jessica packs them in and leaves them quite a bit more breathless than they came with her music and personality.

songs, coming up with the music... it never really felt like a collaboration. Two, people to this day think my first name is Callous.” It’s easier this way he feels, he can rock solo or with a band and still find his place in the music world. I went on to ask how he came to be a country singer and if he liked country music. He said, “ honestly, i had never really been a fan of country music. I really wanted to be a rock musician. Still the voice chose the music. This voice just had to be country. Since then I have sung with many amazing musicians. I was really nervous at first, but once I got up on that stage i realized these guys aren’t any better than me. We are all just musicians. Singing about what we know.” Speaking of that I went on, as a writer myself i have tried writing music and just can’t get the hang of it. Your songs seem to resonate so well with me though. maybe it’s because we had such a similar background. How do you feel about songwriting? He retorted, “ Songwriting for me is Ethereal. I know when a song is going to be good when it doesn’t take me any time to write it. When I roll over in bed grab a pen and paper and just create.” It’s the ones that take forever to write that I just never feel good about. i always want my songs to be very accurate to real life. Things that have happened to me.” “Personally”, I told him, “ I have always loved Mom’s Song. Easily one of my favorites. Maybe it’s because i know your mom.” He replied, “That may be so, but really a lot of people really like that song. Let’s face it everyone has a mom. Better

than that, that song totally saves me on mothers day. She tells me how many people will come up to her and say how proud she must be of her son who loves her so much. Seriously, huge Mother’s Day bonus points there.” He went on, “Another one of my better known songs, Bittersweet. That was a break up song. You have no idea how many people have told me that they have used that song at their wedding. Love and Hate are basically the same emotion going in different directions.” So obviously you have acquired a bit of recognition in your music. I mean I have heard it on the radio as I assume many others have. How have you dealt with that type of recognition? He replied, “Man, I will never get used to that. I don’t like taking compliments as it is. People asking me for my autograph was even more unnerving. I used to just go into bars and have a drink and now people I’ve never met come up to me and tell me stories. People know you and the more they hear you the wider your audience will get.” So as a well recognized local celebrity do you have any advice to give others in regards to getting their music out there? He surmised, “Tell your story in 3 minutes and make it so people will play it over and over again.” That’s Lucas for you. I don’t think you will ever run into a more down to earth good ‘ol boy. I’m proud to have called him a friend for most of my life. I feel like it won’t be long till you’ll be seeing his songs top CMT. Make sure you check out his music, it doesn’t even matter if you don’t like country trust me if you live in Manhattan it’s music you will relate to. Of that I can be sure.


mind games


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Kriminal Kakuro

Got your Saturday panties on?

Kakuro is the criminal combination of a crossword and Sudoku puzzle. In a kakuro, the numbers are the clues. They denote the total of the digits in the row or column referenced by the number, and always play down or sideways. Within each collection of cells - called a run - any of the numbers 1 to 9 may be used but, like sudoku, each number may only be used once.

Happy Hour!

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Every Saturday!

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