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Songs Come From Among Us: (Nashville Songwriters Association International)

by Ken Matthiesen p. 4


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issue #41 - June 7th, 2012

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Stop the Presses! Clarion Hotel Undergoing Multi-Million Dollar Renovation Hotel to convert to a Four Points by Sheraton MANHATTAN, Kan. (June 1, 2012) – The first-ever Four Points by Sheraton in the state of Kansas will open in Manhattan in 2012. A first-class facility for guests and conventions in the Manhattan community since 1980, the Clarion Hotel (530 Richards Drive) is currently in the midst of a multi-million dollar renovation project. The owner of the hotel, Dennis Hulsing, President and CEO of Hulsing Enterprises, LLC, has signed an agreement with Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc., to become a Four Points by Sheraton in November 2012. Focused on providing the bestpossible experience for guests and recognizing the growth of hotels in the Manhattan community, Hulsing sought to introduce the largest and most aggressive renovation in the property's history and partner with one of the nation's most recognizable and trusted brands. The initial steps in the construction project began in January with the renovation and enhancement of the hotel's guest bathrooms with the installment of new bathtubs and tile in all 197 guest rooms. Last week, the project entered its next phase as construction began on the exterior of the hotel's east side. The exterior wall project, which is being constructed by Manhattan contractor Trinium, a sub-company of Hi-Tech Interiors, will include extending and enclosing the outside facing guest rooms on each side of the property. J Webb Design of Kansas City, an interior design company, will be in charge of redesigning a majority of the hotel's interior and exterior surfaces. A number of fellow Manhattan-area entities, including Mid-American Plumbing, Roberts Electric, Tri-City Fence, HTI, Manko, Associated Insulation Inc, Elite Concrete, Ebert Mayo, Steve Miller Construction, and Cool Enterprises, will provide extensive involvement in facilitating assistance as the hotel upgrades and enhances its many amenities to continue to provide guests with an outstanding experience within the largest operating space of any hotel in the Manhattan community.

5/31/12 Kakuro Solution

"Obviously, as the Manhattan community remains in a stage of exciting and continual growth, we remain committed to our mission of providing first-class services to our thousands of guests and clients annually," said Jenn Alley, Director of Sales

and Catering at the Clarion Hotel. "We maintain outstanding partnerships with a variety of different groups, including both large and small state associations, intercollegiate athletics organizations and Division I-A athletic teams, and also remain a perfect venue for wedding receptions, family gatherings, as well as an abundance of other independent meetings. "As this hotel undergoes this vast and exciting transformation to an upscale facility, we will significantly enhance the experience for our valued guests while maintaining the same outstanding customer service and individual attention that visitors have come to expect when walking through our doors." About the Clarion Hotel The present Clarion Hotel first opened as a Holiday Inn Holidome and operated under that brand name during its first 26 years. In 2006, KState alumnus and supporter Dennis Hulsing, of Hulsing Enterprises, LLC, purchased the property, and immediately financed guest room and public area renovations before re-flagging to the Clarion Hotel brand that September. The hotel has facilitated annual enhancements in each of the past five years under Hulsing, including the installment of bathroom tile and granite countertops, and updated carpet in both the lobby and in guest rooms. About Four Points by Sheraton Four Points by Sheraton falls under the umbrella of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc., with a reputation for providing outstanding service and guest satisfaction at an affordable price. The array of amenities includes modern and comfortable guest rooms, complimentary Internet access, 42-inch Televisions, a delicious breakfast, and a local beer program, Best Brews. Starwood offers many other hotel brands, including Aloft, Westin, W Hotels, St. Regis, and Element. Guests of these brands can join the Starwood Preferred Guest loyalty program and earn rewards by accumulating points and miles. Please follow the hotel project renovations on our Facebook page (Clarion Hotel and Convention Center - Manhattan, KS) and on Twitter (@ClarionHotelMHK). Contact: Jenn Alley, Director of Sales & Catering, Clarion Hotel 785-587-5562, - june 7, 2012 - 3

The Beat

Songs Come From Among Us: (Nashville Songwriters Association International)

by Ken Matthiesen Some of us perform on a national level, playing out in different cities every night while touring on a bus. Some of us play out as often as we can regionally, here in Kansas and the surrounding states. Some of us stay close to home and play the same gigs in local establishments any time they call. Some of us used to play but have grown tired of its lure. Some of us have never played anywhere. Some of us don’t play at all. But we are all songwriters, and we all share a common bond of being members of the Nashville Songwriters Association International. The Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) came into my life about three years ago from a recommendation of some now forgotten music publisher who I had pitched song demos to. Pitching songs to a music publisher is very similar to saying a prayer, you’re always answered, but you usually don’t get the answer you hope for. This publisher couldn’t use the songs I was pitching at the time, but thought enough of my writing to suggest this organization to me. I had already achieved some success and actually had signed a few songs into music catalogs for movies and television, and I had one single song publishing deal with a publisher in Los Angeles. After looking over the NSAI website, I joined, spending a couple hundred bucks and kinda crossing my fingers. Man, am I glad I did. It was the springboard this songwriter needed to elevate my writing to the next level and to open my eyes, and doors, to new areas I didn’t think I would ever enter. NSAI is the world’s largest not-for-profit songwriter’s trade association. They were established in1967 and now boast five thousand plus active and pro members spanning the United States and six other countries. They are hugely dedicated to protecting the rights of and serving aspiring and professional songwriters in all genres of music. The help NSAI provides the songwriting community worldwide is second to none. After I joined on-line, I utilized a few of their web songwriting seminars and used their song evaluation service. It wasn’t too long when I was contacted by some folks in Kansas City that held NSAI chapter meetings, and I began attending these monthly meetings. After a couple months they had a guest speaker up from Nashville, a fantastic piano player/ song writer who had an impressive list of performers that he had played for and had toured with. He offered everybody in the class fairly inexpensive piano demos. Having tons of lyrics, I jumped at the opportunity and was having several demos a year made, and solidified my first real Nashville connections, and the guy had many connections!

Soon after, I heard about a local NSAI chapter being started up here in the Manhattan, Kansas area. I inquired and attended a meeting in Junction City and knew right away I was part of something cool. Our group had grown little by little when I was asked to be a co-coordinator, which I gladly accepted. Then, totally out of the blue, I received an Email from the organizer of the Country Stampede. They had a ‘family tent’ and he wanted to know if I would fill an hour of time with local singer/songwriter talent. This was a no-brainer and I immediately jumped on the opportunity. We pulled off the first year somehow, and now this year we are filling every time slot they have available in between the main acts. For four days we are fortunate to be able to provide opportunity to singers who have dreamed of playing at this level all their lives. In the last couple of years I havebeen to Nashville several times, I have met and have been able to become acquainted personally with many tremendous songwriters and performers, plus I have had some household names sing or play on demo songs I have had produced. Our local NSAI talent is also very good, the songwriting paralleling Nashville songwriting, and the live performing similar to what you would see at a writer’s round in the world famous Bluebird Café in Nashville. Some of our local NSAI performers have actually played in Nashville venues. We will showcase talent from Manhattan, Kansas City, Wichita, Western Kansas, and even have an act coming up from Nashville. While you’re at the Country Stampede this year, please come and visit with us, talk to us about writing songs, and listen to our music. We will perform between the Main Stage acts and will happily send you mp3 files of songs you like if you’ll leave your e-mail address. We’ll sign autographs, give away CD’s, have drawing for prizes from Nashville, even give away a grand prize of a one-year free membership to NSAI. The people you will meet have a passion for songwriting, there will be songs played that you will hear in the future, maybe on a stage, in a movie, on TV, somewhere, guaranteed. If there is a songwriter in you, at any level from beginner to pro, you’ll want to visit with any of our performers to find out what NSAI can do for you. To help introduce our songwriters, I put together a questionnaire and had them write a few things about themselves. You can link to more performer information from the official Country Stampede webpage:

Do You Know a Songwriter?

David Thompson

Clay Center, Kansas NSAI Coordinator/Songwriter

Angie LeDuc

Concordia, Kansas Singer/Songwriter

Mike Benish

Mark Garman

Manhattan, Kansas Singer/Songwriter

Nashville Songwriters Association International

Jim Thomas

Kansas City Chapter Singer/Songwriter

Gerry Monks

Kansas City Chapter Coordinator Singer/Songwriter

Coy Taylor

N.S.A.I. Member Nashville, Tennessee

“It All Begins With a Song” 1 (800) 321-6008

Local NSAI songwriters will share their songs with you here at the 2012 Country Stampede. Come join us as we perform our original music. Local N.S.A.I. groups meet monthly to learn and grow in the craft of songwriting. Songwriters of every level and genre are encouraged and welcome to attend.

Ken Matthiesen

Manhattan, Kansas NSAI Coordinator/Songwriter

Stephen Amos

Wichita, Kansas NSAI Coordinator/Songwriter

Dillon Cowing

Manhattan, Kansas Singer/Songwriter

We’re Looking for Songwriters! North Central Kansas Chapter Contact David Thompson or Ken Matthiesen

Nashville Songwriters Association International

Rusty Rierson

Leon, Kansas Singer/Songwriter

4 - june 7, 2012 -

Craig Stensaas

Manhattan, Kansas Singer/Songwriter

Rich O’Brien

Kansas City Chapter Singer/Songwriter

Laura Lisbeth

Kansas City Chapter Singer/Songwriter

Lucas Maddy

Manhattan, Kansas Singer/Songwriter

Spearville, Kansas Singer/Songwriter

2012 Country Stampede N.S.A.I Songwriters In The Family Tent Thursday June 21 6:00 - 6:30 7:30 - 8:00 9:00 - 9:30 Friday June 22 3:30 - 4:00 5:00 - 5:30 6:45 - 7:30 8:30 - 9:30 Saturday June 23 3:30 - 4:00 5:00 - 5:30 6:45 - 7:30 8:45 - 9:30 Sunday June 24 3:30 - 4:00 5:15 - 6:00 7:15 - 8:00

The Beat Stephen Amos Where are you from originally? Wichita, Kansas. When did you know you wanted music to be a big part of your life? From about the age of twelve I was introduced to folk mu sic by a friend of the family who was an English professor at WSU. Who are the 3 primary influences musically? James Taylor The Beatles Brad Paisley Are you where you want to be right now with your music? Not yet, I still need to get a cut in Nashville that makes the top 40. What are your goals? See above, plus writing music that touches people. Pick one: Fame, fortune, or gratitude. Why? None of the above. I write because the songs are in me and have to get out. Who would you “Pay Forward” as soon as you hit it huge? Two of my friends and compatriots in Nashville Tennessee. Do you play much in the Manhattan area? If so, where? No. Where can we find your music online or retail? and Tell us about how one of your current songs came about. I have a patient that is an alcoholic. His wife called me to let me know that he had a slip. I went to his house, picked him up and we went for coffee until he sobered up. When I saw him and his wife the next day she said to him ‘You know you think you can fool me and that I don’t know when you’re in trouble. But I can smell it when you lie.” I loved the line and a song was born “I Can Smell It When You Lie”.

Mike Benish

Where are you from originally? I was born and raised on a farm in southwest Kansas in Hodgeman County. I now live in the small town of Spearville, Kansas. When did you know you wanted music to be a big part of your life? I knew when I was young I wanted music to be a big part of my life when I watched my dad play the guitar and banjo and have such a good time play ing and singing. Who are the 3 primary influences musically? Johnny Cash John Benish The Eagles Are you where you want to be right now with your music? Every year seems to get a little better when it comes to reaching new audi ances. Even though I’m picking up a few more places to play every year I’m always searching for new clubs and festivals to perform at. I always wish I could write, sing, and perform more.

What are your goals? My goal is to keep performing for as long as I can and have a few songs cut by a major artist (Don’t we all) Pick one: Fame, fortune, or gratitude. Why? If I had to pick between fame, fortune, or gratitude, I would pick fortune. Money isn’t everything but it would sure make my wife happy. When she is happy, we are all happy. Who would you “Pay Forward” as soon as you hit it huge? I would buy every person in my family an electric car and a life supply of corn dogs for all the times I spaced out thinking about music and ignoring them. Do you play much in the Manhattan area? If so, where? I currently do not play in the Manhattan area but I would love the chance to perform here someday. I know the community of Manhattan and the surrounding area has always been a place that supports singer/songwriters and live music. Most of my gigs are in the western part of the state. Where can we find your music online or retail? You can find my new CD “Stories From Home” at Amazon and CDBaby or send a mes sage on Facebook and I’ll send you one. Tell us about how one of your current songs came about. My neighbor has an old gnarly looking elm tree in there back yard. I was sitting just looking at it one evening and came up with the idea for the song Hanging Tree”. I wrote the song in the perspective of a tree on the high plains of western Kansas back n the late 1800’s. Lyric “Songbird ease my pain. Sing your song and hide my shame. I didn’t want to be the hanging tree.”

Dillon Cowing Where are you from originally? Clay Center, Kansas. When did you know you wanted music to be a big part of your life? I spent my first three years of college running track at Emporia State University. I started playing guitar again once I transferred to Kansas State last fall and I haven’t looked back. Who are your 3 main inspirations or influences musically? Kenny Chesney Dierks Bentley The first love that broke my heart, great lyrical inspiration Are you where you want to be right now? Yes, focusing on school and having fun playing and writing music in my spare time. What are your goals? I’d like to eventually have a song(s) picked up by a publisher, get cut by an artist, and be able to make a living as a songwriter. Pick one. Fame, fortune, or gratitude. Why? Gratitude. The feeling I get after a song comes together is unbelievable. If other people can get the same feeling from my songs , I’d happily do it for free as long as I can. Who would you “Pay Forward” as soon as you hit it big? I would definitely try to find other amateur artists who are in the position I am now, and help them break down the doors to Nashville. Do you play much in the Manhattan area? If so, where?

I play in Clay Center at the Blue Herron and looking to start playing in Manhattan this fall. Where can we find your music online or retail? I have CD’s for sale at RB Outpost, the Blue Herron, and Mayo’s in Clay Center. Tell us about how one of your current songs came about. The first night my room mates and I moved into our house in Manhattan last fall, we went to Aggieville. I got the “Born Small Town” idea from a beer poster. The next morn ing I wrote the chorus on a divider of a case of beer because we had no paper in the house. - june 7, 2012 - 5

The Beat

Mark Garman

Where are you from originally? Courtland, Kansas When did you know you wanted music to be a big part of your life? Probably around the age of 8 or 9. I would stay up until 1am watching music videos on CMT “you know, back when they played music on cmt”. I would always pay extra atte tion to the writers of the song and thought it wasn’t fair that their names were so small compared to the singers. But it wasn’t until after my first live concert that I knew I wanted to pick up a guitar and really give it a try. Who are the 3 primary influences musically? Cross Canadian Ragweed Mike McClure Eric Church Are you where you want to be right now with your music? I’m a lot farther than I ever intended to be. I’m happy with where I am but never content. What are your goals? Get a song into the hands of someone who can move it on down the line and then keep and develop connections in the songwriting community. Pick one: Fame, fortune, or gratitude. Why? Gratitude: it’s like being famous but only to the people you care about. Fortune is a close second, that farmland isn’t going to play for itself! Who would you “Pay Forward” as soon as you hit it huge? My Parents for being supportive of my crazy dreams and showing me what an honest and loving life is supposed to look like. Also my friends Craig Stensaas and Corbin Lar son who both are very talented musicians and deserve recognition. Do you play much in the Manhattan area? If so, where? I’ve played in Aggieville a few times but mainly you’ll find me at a bar in north central Kansas or on a flatbed trailer at a party out in the country. Where can we find your music online or retail? Facebook and Reverbnation online. As for retail you’re going to have to wait awhile! Tell us about how one of your current songs came about. I was in my apartment probably watching an NCIS marathon eating a #3 from taco bell and my friend Thayne Clark called me up and said they were doing man things at their trailer. I didn’t know what man things were and they sounded like fun so I headed over to their place. Turns out man things was drinking a bunch of beer and hitting on the girls on the equestrian team at K-state. A year later with a little input form Thayne I wrote “Man Things” in the cab of my old John Deer 4430 while I was baling hay.

Angie leDuc

Where are you from originally? North Central Kansas; most of the band is from Kansas with the exception of “Jonesy” who is from Oklahoma. When did you know you wanted music to be a big part of your life? I’ve had a passion for music since I was little. I would always find myself singing to every song that came on the radio, and would be in my room for hours singing and pretending I was on a big stage somewhere. It was then when I knew I wanted to be a singer and the love of music and performing grew from there.

6 - june 7, 2012 -

Who are the 3 primary influences musically? I would have to say even though my dad doesn’t sing or play an instrument, I got my love of music from him. At an early age he got me listening to country music while rid ing with him on the tractor and sitting on his lap at night watching the Grand Ole Opry on TV. So I think it was born in me, in that way. Professionally, Martina McBride has been a huge role model for me. She’s a good ole Kansas girl, like me, with a strong, powerful country voice. I’ve always respected her for not getting caught up in the celeb rity aspect of being an artist, yet she just does what she loves, and I think more people need to be like that. I have to give credit when credit is due, and a huge influence in my life has been one of my band mates, Kenny Johnston, over the last three years. We started writing together, recording at his studio, and he has been such a huge inspiration musically, I never knew anyone could be as multi-talented as he is, and he’s taught me so much over the past few years. I’m honored to work with him. Are you where you want to be right now with your music? Yes and No, I’m very happy with what I have accomplished musically, but I’m still stiving for more. Which I think is good, because it makes you a better musician if you’re always striving for excellence. There are still many things that I want to accomplish, but with that said, even if this is as far as I ever get in my music career, I’m very happy; not a lot of people can say they’ve done what I have. What are your goals? My goals are many, but one goal I’ve had since I was a little girl was to sing on the Grand Ole Opry stage. Just to be on that stage, performing where every legendary country artist has been at one point in time is amazing to me, and I would be honored to have that experience. Every time I attend a show, or watch it on television, it makes me want “that” more and more. It’s a lifetime dream as well as a goal to keep me working hard to get to the place where I think I’ll deserve that opportunity someday. Pick one: Fame, fortune, or gratitude. Why? While I may not be rich with actual fortune of money, I have the fortune that is most important and that’s my relationship with God, my family and my friends. As far as gratitude goes, I am already so thankful for where I am in my career, and with my ac complishments that gratitude is already with me every day. So the only thing that’s left is fame, but that isn’t necessarily important to me; as long as I can achieve my goals for my self then I already have the most important of the three. Who would you “Pay Forward” as soon as you hit it huge? That is an easy one, definitely my parents. They have given me so much, without ever wanting anything in return. They have sacrificed so much for me and my dreams, I want to give them a happy, carefree retirement to say thank you for all they have done. They truly are my rock and I wouldn’t be where I am without them. Do you play much in the Manhattan area? If so, where? We will be playing for the first time as a group in Manhattan for the Country Stampede, although we have played all over the state of Kansas. A few of my band mates have performed at the Country Stampede in the past, on the main stage, and have given us some great insights on what to expect. Where can we find your music online or retail? You can email us or visit our website at www.angieleducband. for more information or to request a CD. We are currently working on our first “band” album and once released we will have songs available online. Tell us about how one of your current songs came about. One song that we are very proud of is our patriotic song called “Blood Shed” that we will perform for the first time at Country Stampede. This is a great song that will definitely touch everyone that hears it, because we wrote it in a way that everyone can relate to the lyrics. Whether you have been through war yourself or know someone who has, it will definitely leave you standing proud for your country!

Check us out next week for more detailed bios and Q&A with this year’s NSAI Stampeders!

The voices

Zombie Outbreak?

by Jordan Mizell

So I realize that this isn’t a zombie outbreak. I know this and yet I find myself fascinated by the possibility that it might be possible. I mean, could we be any better positioned for such an event? The midwest is the promised land for a zombie invasion. We have the guns, we have the sparsely populated areas with a view of the land for miles in every direction, and most importantly a people that aren’t afraid to put down the dark shadows of those who used to be. Other US citizens would start the slow migration from the massive cities, being picked off by mobs of flesh eating monsters with but one desire. Their bodies would lay like arrows, arms stretched outward towards retreating loved ones, pointed forever to the dream of escape. The city folk of the coasts would desire more than ever before, to live in the middle of nowhere. To be what we have been for years: To be Kansans! Of course it would be in Florida, where people cook themselves in the sun long enough to be food for the thoughts of passing drug addicts. See Kansas, which is a state quick to condemn anything they view as a threat to the natural order, like the Arts programs, Gays, and K2; hopped on the illegal side of Bath Salts very early. I doubt any of you had even heard of “bath salts” aside from an aromatic addition to your bathing Lower your routine back in 2010. Still in that stress! year the chemical components of bath salts were made illegal for use in Kansas. In fact having improve possessed and distributed them your mood! could have landed you in jail, even if you had done so previously while it had been legal. Many of the wandering stoners will speak Clear your out about the strict policies this head! state puts into effect, without concern for their need to get high. You would be hard pressed to find anyone opposed to the outlawing of these substances. With a similar effect of Ecstasy, Cocaine, PCP, and LSD all rolled into one, mondays: the desire to continue “bath salts” $1.50 illegality, is powerfully persuasive, wells right up there with Meth, Heroin, and Cocaine. Still, there is the zombie situation. If you do overdose on this, and let’s be frank this drug is far too young in its distribution for anyone to know the long term 616 n. 12th street effects or proper amount to use

hooch ! h t l a or he


! y t s a a t e i find ocal speak our l


! d e i n t a n u d be vgiosoit your A

without going overboard, there is the chance you will slip into a dark place in the depths of your subconscious. Your body, which at this time is then immune to pain will act out on what ever your primal desires are at that point. In so many words, you can momentarily turn yourself into the walking dead. Except in your mind you will feel like a shell wrapped around a dark god and or immortal. Bullets won’t stop you, nor cars, or reasonable physical limitations your previous mental facilities would have warned you about. Take for instance the New Jersey man who spilled his intestines and then threw them at the officer whom had stopped him. That’s not normal, that’s not a high anyone would want. I don’t care how immortal I would feel, the reality is you aren’t and you sure as hell don’t live through some of the things you are able to convince yourself you can do. So if disemboweling yourself is an option in this state of mind. People becoming entrees isn’t a far stretch thereafter. So sadly, it’s not zombies, there will be no reason to pop heads like pimples. No cause to cauterize wounds for fear of a spreading infection. No sense to set neighbors aflame with the assumption they might tear at your insides for an evening inside BBQ. No this is just the next step in the downward spiraling drug science that continually modifies its ingredients. Causing the states to continually pass legislation to keep kids from being coerced into cracking their heads open for fear of the creatures they think are living inside of them, seeing things that Lovecraft himself would have written tale after tale about. Looking at where these drugs take you it’s no wonder that they aren’t found here in Kansas. Lets face it, as far as drugs go, we may be one of the meth capitals of the world, but weed will always be the dominant force here, when you look at it in comparison. Well it just doesn’t seem that bad does it? A drug that only gives someone the munchies for a weird assortment of concoctions left over in the fridge. No matter how passionately you swear to your sober roommate that the taste of chicken nuggets covered in chocolate syrup is, it’s still a better feeding option than the face of homeless men. So lets skip the bath salts and stick to what we know Manhattan, drinking and smoking. (The author of this article does not advocate the use of any drug, without the proper research into it and safety measures in place. Always remember to have a sober friend whom is willing to DD. If you can’t find that, don’t make the stupid assumption you can get around yourself. It will only land you in a confined space without the luxuries afforded by the rights given you before you so easily let go of them for a momentary memory.) - june 7, 2012 - 7

Thursday 7 6:00PM


@Big Poppi Bicycle Distance: 1-2 laps/4-8 miles. At this ride you will have the opportunity to learn how to ride on off road trails and trail etiquette. A couple of the concepts you will learn are how to ride over a log or other obstacle, and how to position your body when riding downhill. River Trails Beginner Mountain Bike Ride

Friday 8 2:00PM

Kids’ Movie @Manhattan Public Library Auditorium Based on true events, this family film is about Winter, a young dolphin who lost her tail in a crab trap, and Sawyer, the introverted 11-year-old boy who befriends her.


18th Annual Youth Fishing Clinic @Anneberg Park For youth ages 8-12 who have not attended a previous clinic. Multiple sections will be taught by some of the best instructors in the Midwest! Youth should be accompanied by an adult. Registered youth will receive a free rod and reel, and Tuttle Creek Association Members and volunteers will provide bait.


Sunset Friday Night Lights River Trails MTB Ride


Arts in the Park - Ruth Moody @City Park - Larry Norvell Band Shell

Gravity Defied w/ Strange Unit @O’Malley’s Come party with us for our first Manhattan show in over 6 months! Strange Unit will also be throwing down!

Saturday 9 6:30AM

@Big Poppi Bicycles Distance: 1-3 laps/6-18 miles. Why not join us for a ride on your mountain bike at night? REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR LIGHTS!!! Ruth Moody Friday, June 8th

Monday Through Friday


8pm at Larry Norvell Band Shell

Country / Bluegrass One of the wellsweetness, Prairie Home known to ManhatCompanion veteran and Juno Award winning singer-writer. tan Wailin Jennys, Moody is a veteran of Prairie Home Companion and a Juno Award winning singerwriter. Ruth’s current album, The Garden, can be sampled via iTunes and direct from Red House Records. A FREE night of music from the City of Manhattan and the Parks and Recreation Department.

The Hype Weekly Presents: Free Music Friday @Auntie Mae’s Parlor Great music brought to you at no additional cost by THW and Auntie Mae’s! This week it’s an all acoustic awesomefest with Adam Dallinga, Tabor Ray Rucker, Jessica Furney and Tyler Gregory! Help support local music by checking out these great acts and getting into the swing of patronizing live music in the Ville!


Kistner’s Employee Yard Sale for Charity @Kistner’s Flowers Kistner’s Flowers and our employees are holding a yard sale with all the proceeds going to local causes! Everyone involved chose a local group, and will be donating their proceeds to them. We’ll have furniture, household and kitchen items, small electronics, toys and stuffed animals, decorative windows, flower vases/plant containers, a plastic pond form and pump, and lots more! Downtown Saturday Farmers' Market of Manhattan

@5th & Humbolt These vendors come from all over Northeast Kansas bringin fresh produce, meat, eggs, crafts, jams & jellies, fresh baked bread, pies, cookies, and sweets. Linear Trail Historical Lifestyle Ride

@Big Poppi Bicycles Distance: 5-10 miles. Join Big Poppi Bicycle Co and the Flint Hills Area Bike Club each Saturday morning for a casual ride on Linear Trail while learning interesting historical facts about Manhattan, KS.

Ongoing Attractions


Exhibit: Naturally Refined: Sustainable Fiber @William T. Kemper Art Gallery, K-State Student Union Exhibit features Sun’s master of science design research project in apparel and textiles. Sponsored by the Union Program Council.


Watercolor Exhibit @ Manhattan Arts Center This unique yearly exhibit will include landscape, still life and floral paintings. The Watercolor Studio has met weekly at the Arts Center for the past forteen years. Its purpose is to provide area painters with a venue to develop skills and techniques, share acquired knowledge, and gain feedback from other watercolorists.

Weekend Hours May Vary


2012: Faith, Magic, Love & Death @Strecker-Nelson Art Gallery Cationary Tales of the End of Times - An Extraordinary Travelling Art Exhibit. Artists include: Stephanie Hunder, Marc Berghaus, Marko Fields, Oscar Gillespie, Barbara Waterman Peters, Richard Notkin. Other Exhibitors include Jerry Moon, Margie Kuhn, Nina Irwin, Yoshiro Ikeda, Patricia Barry Levy and Bo Bedilion.


Quiet Symmetry: The Art of Yoshiro Ikeda @The Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art An internationally known artist in clay and a Distinguished Professor of Ceramics at Kansas State University, Yoshiro Ikeda has for nearly four decades produced sculptural vessels that reflect on an ultimate harmony in nature. “Quiet Symmetry: The Ceramic Art of Yoshiro Ikeda” features work by this master artist which will be on display until September 2, 2012.



18th Annual Youth Fishing Clinic @Anneberg Park For youth ages 8-12 who have not attended a previous clinic. Multiple sections will be taught by some of the best instructors in the Midwest! Youth should be accompanied by an adult. Registered youth will receive a free rod and reel, and Tuttle Creek Association Members and volunteers will provide bait. Spring Fling, Bling and Sing! @Pottorf Hall-Cico Park Luncheon followed by entertainment by the chorus and a style show. “She Told Me Stories” Documentary @Manhattan Public Library Groesbeck Meeting Room “She Told Me Stories” is built from interviews with unofficial historians of Kansas – community chroniclers, family recordkeepers, historical society volunteers, cultural center organizers. K-State faculty and students from the departments of women’s atudies and history interviewed historians in several Kansas towns. The film presents these stories thematically, to offer a mosaic of the stories we keep and tell about our state.



Taste of The ‘Ville @Aggieville “It’s like Chili Crawl, only not chili.” Come experience some of the finest menu items our restaurants have to offer! Tickets ($15) available at Varney’s Book Store or call 785.539.9191 Participating Restaurants:Bluestem Bistro, Buffalo Wild Wings, Coco Bolos, Cold Stone Creamery, Cozy Inn, Hibachi Hut, Kite’s Bar & Grille, Pat’s Blue Rib’n BBQ, Radina’s Coffeehouse & Roastery, Rock-A-Belly, Rusty’s Last Chance, Taco Lucha, Tasty China House, Varsity Donuts, and Wahoo Fire & Ice Grill.


Around the World Dinner @Bluestem Bistro Try something new and tasty from a different country! For only $5 you can sample excellent cuisine from all around the world!


Monday Night Lights River Trails MTB Ride @Big Poppi Bikes Distance: 1-3 laps/6-18 miles. Looking for something really exciting to do to start off your week? Tired of Monday Night Football? Why not join us for a ride on your mountain bike at night? REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR LIGHTS!!! Don’t have a light? Demo one of our high quality lights from the shop for FREE!!


The Hype Weekly Pitch Meeting @Auntie Mae’s Parlor Come give us your ideas, your concerns, your comments and questions! If you want to write, shoot, draw or work for The Hype, this is step one.

Tuesday 12 9:00AM

Sing-A-Long with Mr. Steve @Bluestem Bistro If you want to bring your kids in for a fun activity, come join us in our meeting room as our manager, Mr. Steve, plays silly kid’s songs!


Mountain/Cyclocross Bikes Gravel Ride @ Big Poppi Bicycle Distance: 15-30 miles. Come join us for a gravel ride as we enjoy the Flint Hills and an incredible Kansas sunset. Bring your headlights and taillights just in case. Don't have a light? Demo one of our high quality lights from the shop for FREE!!


Urban Street Ride @ Big Poppi Bicycles For any bike with 2 wheels and no motor; Come on out to enhance your technical riding skills .


Auntie Mae’s Mighty Fine Poetry Night @Auntie Mae’s Parlor Instant poets, just add liquor! Signup at 930, show around 10pm. Open mic poetry/spoken word for all!

Red State Blues Band @ Red Rock Tavern RSBB is psyched to return to Red Rock Tavern for some hot June blues

Sunday 10 1:00PM

Monday 11

Garden Tour @Starts at KSU Gardens, 1500 Denison Ave. Visit local landscapes with proceeds going to the development of the KSU Gardens. Cost: $8


Pagan Coffee @ Bluestem Bistro Pagan? Pagan-curious? Pagan-friendly? Come join Manhattan’s longest running pan-pagan social group.


The Split Livers @Auntie Mae’s Parlor This Sunday at Auntie Mae’s Parlor at 8pm, two musical forces are going to collide, fuse, and release enough collective musical energy that the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission may send a team to Mae’s to discover a way to harness this new form of energy. The Split Livers is a collaborative project between two of the most influential musicians in the alternative/acoustic punk bluegrass scene; Danny Barnes and Wayne Gottstine. Cost: $5

wednesday 13 4:00PM

Downtown Wednesday Farmers’ Market of Manhattan @CICO Park These vendors come from all over Northeast Kansas bringing fresh produce, meat, eggs, crafts, jams & jellies, fresh baked bread, pies, cookies, and sweets.


Paws on the Patio

@AJ’s New York Pizzeria Patio AJ’s New York Pizzeria and The Mutt School invite you and your dog to AJ’s patio, where you can enjoy pizza and your dog can enjoy the great smells, special pizza crust treats and the company of other canines. There will also be occasional raffles for pet charities, and other activities just to keep things even more interesting.

The Hype This Saturday the Ville will be offering up some of its tastiest and finest cuisine for a tour de food that will arouse your inner foodie and benefit a great cause! Billed as Taste of the Ville, fifteen restaurants in Aggieville will be offering up delectable samples and appetizers from four to six pm for the low cost of the $15 tickets, which one can procure at Varney’s in Aggieville. All the proceeds from this delicious event for to the P.E.O scholarship foundation. According to their webzone, “P.E.O. (Philanthropic Educational Organization), one of the pioneer societies for women, was founded on January 21, 1869, by seven students at Iowa Wesleyan College in Mount Pleasant,, P.E.O. has grown from that tiny membership of seven to almost a quarter of a million members in chapters in the United States and Canada. The P.E.O. Sisterhood is passionate about its mission: promoting educational opportunities for

We don’t like to brag here at The Hype, but this month we’re pretty damned pleased with the Free Music Friday that we’ve put together. We can say, unabashedly, that these are four of the finest voices in the area. So, without further ado, meet our luminaries: Adam Dallinga - Every other weekend you can find a barefoot man busking the corners of the Ville, a solemn practitioner of the hard luck blues. Pulling from influences such as Guy Clark, Steve Earle and Townes Van Zandt, his songs are quite raw; open conversations about substance abuse and failed relationships, as well as reflections of the change that comes with years and travels. Tabor Ray Rucker - Tabor is a favorite among a certain circle of Manhattan locals. Whether they heard him at a party “that one time” or in the ‘ville playing for open mic nights or with friends, he leaves an impression. He strums out blues and folk tinged lyrics in a voice that is calmly mournful, with rhythms that will remind you a little of Johnny Cash or maybe the slower stuff of the Rolling Stones.

10 - june 7, 2012 -

women. Our sisterhood proudly makes a difference in women's lives with six philanthropies that include ownership of a two-year women's college, Cottey College, and five programs that provide higher educational assistance.” As for the fare, the tagline for the event is “It’s like Chili Crawl, but no chili.” Dishes at each restaurant will range from longstanding favorites such as Rock-A-Belly Deli’s legendary hummus and pitas to samples for designed dishes just for the event. Participating Restaurants include: Bluestem Bistro, Buffalo Wild Wings, Coco Bolos, Cold Stone Creamery, Cozy Inn Hibachi Hut, Kite's Bar & Grille, Pat's Blue Rib'n BBQ, Radina's Coffeehouse & Roastery, Rock-ABelly, Rusty's Last Chance, Taco Lucha, Tasty China House, Varsity Donuts, and Wahoo Fire & Ice Grill. Come experience some of the finest menu items the Ville has to offer, this Saturday from 4-6pm! Tickets are $15 and are available at Varney's or by calling 785-539-9191. Tickets can be purchased in advance, but will be available the day of the event.

Jessica Furney - For some reason, before a few months ago, I knew nothing of Jessica Furney. Given my love of local music, this is inexcusable. Why? Because Jessica has one of the sweetest voices I’ve ever heard. Be it covers of classic rock, folk, indie or her own dreamy jazz-ish originals like “Sweet Nothings” Jessica combines a myriad of styles and tones reminiscent of gorgeous singer-songwriter ladies like Tracy, Ingrid, Lisa, KT, Cat along with the polished vox and range of an American Idol finalist (one of the good ones). Tyler Gregory - I first came across Tyler many years ago as he was busking on a street corner late one Saturday night, drawing drunks like so many fireflies with his honest words and unassuming style. Armed with battered flat-top and stompbox, Tyler sings about life unfettered by the ambiguity and ostentation common in contemporary music. After an evening with Tyler Gregory, you’re likely to look Friday, June 8th at 8pm down at the top of your shoes Adam Dallinga, Tabor Rucker, Jessica Furney, and see Carolina coal dust there, and Tyler Gregory so immersive is his gravelly Free! patois.

Free Music Friday!

The Hype

Name That Bull! Chuggers new Mechanical bull needs a name!!

Cowboy up, Aggievillians,

cause there’s a new way to show off and impress those fellas or ladies: Chuggers has a mechanical bull! That’s right, our own purveyor of chuggable goodness has added a mechanized beast to its repertoire, usurping the arm-wrestling table and Buck Hunter Pro. The details are still in the works, but one can expect a wall of fame, riding contests and prizes to be associated with this new automated animal, as well as a new “mustdo” activity to complete the experience of Aggieville. The hitch is, can’t have a bull without a name and so it’s up to

Wahoo Likely to Light a Fire under Aggieville Diners! From the littleapplefoodie, Jason Roberts Manhattan’s newest restaurant might be Aggieville’s hottest — or coolest — spots to dine, if this weekend’s preview night was any indication. Wahoo Fire & Ice Grill held a preview night Saturday, showing off some of what the community can expect once the doors are officially open. Located at 1101 Moro St., the restaurant has been described as offering Pacific Rim Cuisine, which TV’s Emeril Lagasse has described as “an exciting mix of flavors and cultures. It’s a little Vietnamese with a touch of Thai. It’s a hint of Hawaiian with a dash of French.” If the preview menu is any indication, Wahoo’s chefs really know what they’re doing, mixing and matching diverse flavors to create memorable dishes. Potato Ribbons and a Wahoo Salad with several tasty dressings started things off, and

you, dear readers, to help the good folks over at Aggieville Bars come up with a name that future floor-biters can shout in disgust and rage as they dust themselves off and try again. Some suggestions so far, include: Manhattan moonshine, Eliminator, E-Ville Bill, Aggieville Bill, Fluffy, Buck Off Billy, Buck You, Manhattan Madness, White Leonidas, Big Worm, Bodacious, Big Horny, Loretta, Dolly, Kaw Jr, BULLdozer, Willis, Wildcat Bullback, Bullwinkle, Frank, EWCRAB - Every Wildcat Can Ride A Bull, Cuddles, Bareback, The Panty Dropper, Buck

Nekkid, Snyderbull, Bull Synder, Widow Maker, Buckwild, Mistake...among many others. Want to help? Suggest or vote for your favorite at and help Aggieville Bars and The Hype Weekly NAME THAT BULL!

Chuggers new bull will be controlled by an employee and will be fully operational this week!

a trip through the kitchen would net lucky diners a sampling of entrees like the Thai Curry Chicken with ginger rice (quite delicious) or the Maryland Crab Bisque. While the menu is yet to be set, I do hope they keep their Korean Pork sliders. These little bits of meaty joy were something I’d like to have again soon. My hat is off to Wahoo for taking the time to make sure the decor was as nice as the food. Deep red and black tones fill the restaurant, which is spacious for an Aggieville restaurant. I suspect seating will still be at a premium during peak dinner hours, but the outdoor dining area should help with that over the summer months. The servers present seemed qualified and capable, a few veterans of high-traffic restaurants like Coco Bolos. I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention the glowing blue bar (a very nice touch) and the sherbet that was served for dessert. I’m typically not a fan of sherbet, but the delicious raspberry and “dreamsicle” concoctions made me a believer. Jason Roberts is the littleapplefoodie, purveyor of and an excellent taster of the fine cuisine of Manhappiness.

Wahoo Fire & Ice Grill Pacific Rim Cuisine & Drinks 1101 Moro, Aggieville

Open now! - june 7, 2012 - 11

The Hype Weekly and Manhattan Music Coalition Present

Sponsored By:

Music = Life Reviews, news and stories from the musical minds of MHK. This Sunday at Auntie Mae’s Parlor at 8pm, two musical forces are going to collide, fuse, and release enough collective musical energy that the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission may send a team to Mae’s to discover a way to harness this new form of energy.

Arts in the Park is off and running! Ruth Moody Last Friday The White Ghost Shivers from Austin, Texas played to wonderful Friday, Junecrowd 8th and luckily Terry Szel from Szel Photogat Larry raphy was on hand8pm to snatch these lovely Norvell shots of the Shivers plying theirBand excellent Shell bawdville stomp. Country / Bluegrass This weekend, sweetness, Prairie Home the Juno Larry Companion however, veteran and Award winning singer-writer. Norvell Band Shell

Photos from Szel Photography

will play host to the very different but equally excellent musical awesome that is Ruth Moody.

One of the wellknown to Manhattan Wailin Jennys, Moody is a veteran of Prairie Home Companion and a Juno Award winning singer-writer. Ruth’s current album, The Garden, can be sampled via iTunes and direct from Red House Records. Photo courtesy of Ruth Moody

It might be a bit hotter this weekend, but we hope to see all of you out supporting this great, FREE night of music from the City of Manhattan and the Parks and Moody Recreation Department.


12 - june 7, 2012 -

The Split Livers is a collaborative project between two of the most influential musicians in the alternative/ acoustic punk bluegrass scene; Danny Barnes and Wayne Gottstine. Danny is widely regarded as one of the most innovative and genre-bending artists of his craft, Barnes' musical interests are both varied and adventurous, and he incorporates that versatility into a progressive approach to an instrument that is musically polarizing and steeped in tradition. Although he demonstrates an appreciation for the history of the bluegrass, country, and folk music from which the banjo's reputation was born, his inventive take is what truly separates him from his contemporaries…using the banjo as his ‘weapon of choice’ to play non-traditional music like rock, fusion, and jazz with electronic percussion and loop elements. Wayne and Split Lip Rayfield have carved out their own genre of music with their unique sound and instrumentation. Often described as a mix of bluegrass and country with an accent of metal Split Lip Rayfield has been a pioneer on the music scene, bending musical genres and crossing countless boundaries of musical expectations. Together Danny and Wayne bring you an experience like nothing else - Danny and Wayne are joining forces to bring you some classic songs from each of their band's repertoire while also blazing new trails (expect a to see an album release in the near future) that will change the face of music, yet again.

The Split Livers

Friday, June 8th at 8pm Larry Norvell Band Shell at City Park

Sunday, June 10th at 8pm Auntie Mae’s Parlor

Free Admission!

$5 Cover

More info about these excellent folk can be found at the following webzones:

The voices

Round 3, Part 2 This One’s for Half The Marbles Story and predictions by George Wame Matthews If you have been following the NBA playoffs this season, which obviously I have, then you couldn’t be more pleased with what you have seen thus far, and the conference finals have been no different. This season, fans have been treated to some truly beautiful basketball, an historic win streak, compelling story lines, close series, dominant blow outs, and incredible comebacks. The action in the conference finals has been fast and furious, with both the eastern and western conference playing games every other night (and thus allowing for basketball games every night). Thus far, the home teams have been able to hold court and unless something changes, the “favored” teams should have little problems moving on to the finals.

Eastern Conference: #2 Miami Heat vs. #4 Boston Celtics At the time that this article was written, game four between the Heat and the Celtics had just begun. Miami dominated Boston in both games one and two at home, despite Rajon Rondo’s 44 point explosion in an overtime loss in game two. Game three, back in Boston, was a different story all together. The Celtics, energized by their home crowd, were finally able to take advantage of their size advantage over Miami to beat them by ten points.

I fully expect Boston to repeat that performance in game four to even up the series. By the time this article reaches print, I also expect that Miami will have taken a three games to two lead over the Celtics by winning once again on their home court. I still think that Miami will beat the Celtics in seven games, at some point in this series, Chris Bosh should return for the Heat and negate the height advantage that Boston has been able to use. Even if he does not return though, I just don’t see Miami dropping a game at home to the Celtics. I think that Miami will be a better team by the end of this series, and more prepared to give the winner of the western conference a real run for their money in the finals. Prior to this series, I truly did not this that either team from the east stood a chance against the either team in the west. Both Miami and Boston’s gutsy play in this series has made me change my mind. If the Heat/Celtics can maintain this intensity in the finals, then we may have a series yet.

Prediction: Miami in 7 Western Conference #1 San Antonio Spurs vs. #2 Oklahoma City Thunder This has been a truly wild series thus far. As of Sunday evening, the Spurs and the Thunder are tied at two games apiece, with both teams dominating on their home court. By winning both games one and two, San Antonio was able to extend their league record win streak to 20 games, only to have it snapped by a 20 point loss in game three. San Antonio looked neigh unbeatable in these playoffs up unto that point. Their ball movement was some of the best that the league had seen in years and their defensive schemes appeared to be perfectly crafted to any situation. After game two, many were questioning if there was anything Oklahoma (or any other team for that matter) could do to stop them. Oklahoma responded by taking a page or two out of San Antonio’s playbook. Bolstered by their home crowd, the Thunder played virtually perfect basketball in games three and four. With all that being said, however, I still don’t see the Thunder beating my beloved Spurs. The Spurs are still healthy, and are masters at analyzing a loss, evaluating what worked and what didn’t work and making the necessary adjustments. I believe San Antonio will use the support of their home crowd to regain the series lead in game 5 and then use that momentum to hand the young Thunder team its first home playoff loss this postseason and close out Oklahoma in game six. Just as the Boston/Miami will make the eventual winner a better team, San Antonio will come out of this series ready to claim their 5th championship in 13 years.

Prediction: San Antonio wins its 5th championship (Go Spurs Go!) - june 7, 2012 - 13

The Hype


Reviews by Marcus Jay

Sinners and Saints

Starring: Johnny Strong, Kevin Phillips, Costas Mandylor and Sean Patrick Flanery Written by: William Kaufman and Jay Moses Directed by: William Kaufman

Sinners and Saints is a direct-to-DVD feature that harkens back to late 80’s and early 90’s action films. It’s bare bones, hard hitting, and doesn’t rely on CGI but on real stunts to deliver action.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Starring: Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron Written by: Evan Daugherty, John Lee Hancock and Hossein Amini Directed by: Rupert Sanders Snow White and the Huntsman is a fantastical, Tolkeinesque re-telling of the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale. It has all the elements of the original tale: an evil queen, a poison apple and a troll under a bridge. But, all of these things are blown up into a larger than life story.

Johnny Strong stars as Sean Riley, a Lethal Weapon-style, New Orleans cop. As the film opens, he and his partner are serving a warrant on some drug dealers and his partner is killed. True to anti-hero cop form, Sean blasts in and kills the bad guys to avenge his partner’s death. The gunfight, however, puts Sean in the crosshairs of Internal Affairs, so his Captain (Tom Berenger) puts him on a lower profile investigation. Riley is partnered with clean-cut, family man Will Ganz (Kevin Phillips) to solve the murders of several people who have been ritualistically burned to death. One of the victims is the brother of local gangster Weddo (Method Man), who threatens to take matters into his own hands if the crime isn’t quickly solved.

Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame stars as Snow White, the daughter of King Magnus. After Magnus’s wife, Queen Eleanor, comes down with a mysterious illness, Magnus falls into a deep depression that is only ameliorated when he meets Ravenna (Charlize Theron). Magnus is so smitten that he immediately marries Ravenna. On their wedding night, Ravenna murders Magnus, imprisons Snow White and allows her brother Finn’s (Sam Spruell) army to take hold of the kingdom.

As Sean and Will’s investigation deepens, Sean finds out that his childhood friend Colin (Sean Patrick Flanery) may have been involved. Colin has ties to a Blackwater-esque private military company called Spartan, who are trying to keep the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq going to further their business interests.

Meanwhile, Ravenna enlists the help of The Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth), a broken-hearted widower, to capture Snow White. The Huntsman catches up to Snow White rather quickly but is enthralled by her beauty and innocence and, instead of taking her to Ravenna, helps her to escape to Duke Hammond’s kingdom. The Huntsman also enlists the help of eight, they soon become seven, dwarves that were loyal to King Magnus. With a rag-tag army, Snow White sets out to reclaim her father’s throne and destroy Ravenna.

William Kaufman has a flair for old school, back to basics action and he doesn’t pull any punches. When people get shot they bleed. The action is well staged on a modest budget and Kaufman doesn’t sanitize anything to try and gain a larger audience. If Hollywood started funding directors like William Kaufman, action movie fans would have a lot to be excited about. Instead, viewers are treated to tame, teenfriendly “action movies” that hold back instead of going for the throat. His biggest failure, like many modern directors, is succumbing to quick cutting during fight scenes. One action scene that occurs late in the film could have been memorable but suffers from ADHD editing. Johnny Strong has a formidable action star presence. Sean Riley is no Martin Riggs but he gets the job done. Strong makes Sean Riley into more than just a cardboard cut out. He’s a flawed man and he knows it. The rest of the cast seems a little lost at times. Kevin Phillips seems unsure how to approach his family man character and Costas Mandylor, as the villain, is only effective in small doses. Sinners and Saints isn’t going to win any awards for originality but if you’re in the mood for something other than PG-13 “action,” it delivers.

14 - june 7, 2012 -

In the ensuing fifteen years, the kingdom has fallen into darkness under the wicked Ravenna. Meanwhile, Snow White is still imprisoned in the tower of Ravenna’s castle. Ravenna, feeling she is losing her beauty, consults her magic mirror and is told that Snow White has surpassed her beauty and that Ravenna must eat Snow White’s heart to stay young and beautiful forever. Snow White escapes the castle and heads to the kingdom of Duke Hammond (Vincent Regan) an old ally of her father’s.

This is a visually beautiful film, filled with dark forests, fairies and a white stag whose antlers seem to extend forever. Rupert Sanders, who directed commercials, previously, knows how to create captivating moments. Sustaining those moments into a feature, however, proves to be a problem. Despite Sanders missteps, Snow White and the Huntsman suffers from bigger problems at the script level. Since we know that Snow White is all good and Ravenna all evil there’s a big lack of tension. Even when Snow White falters, we know that she will inevitably bounce back because the story requires her it. Another problem is that the character of Snow White is drastically underwritten. She, in effect, becomes the least interesting character in her own movie and Stewart seems to be lost trying to portray anything other than can-do spirit. She’s boring when she should be exciting. Charlize Theron suffers from the opposite problem that Kristen Stewart has. Instead of being dull, Theron chews scenery like she hasn’t had a meal in weeks. Her performance is much more effective in it’s quieter moments. As the Huntsman, Chris Hemsworth is a saving grace. He imbues the Huntsman with Aragorn-like qualities and is always ready to kick some ass. The other saving grace is the dwarves. Utilizing CGI, the dwarves are played by the likes of Ian McShane, Eddie Marsan, Toby Jones, Nick Frost, Bob Hoskins and Ray Winstone. They ably supply pathos and much needed comic relief. Overall, this is an enjoyable summer entertainment. It’s flaws are those of most summer movies: short sighted writing and a director who is more interested in visuals than in storytelling. It’s fun but not overly satisfying.


Super Happy Fun Crossword...Out...JOY! Puzzle by Monika Erosova (REPRINTED Because we forgot part of it)

Kriminal Kakuro Kakuro is the criminal combination of a crossword and Sudoku puzzle. In a kakuro, the numbers are the clues. They denote the total of the digits in the row or column referenced by the number, and always play down or sideways. Within each collection of cells - called a run - any of the numbers 1 to 9 may be used but, like sudoku, each number may only be used once. Help for your impending headache can be found here on the webs: wiki/Kakuro

Edwin C. Olson Sr.

1214 B. Moro Manhattan, KS 66502 785-539-8571 Mon-Fri 9:00-6:00 Sat 9:00-1:00 - june 7, 2012 - 15

Biggest Dance Floor in Aggieville

$1.50 Bombs

& Wells Everday All girl Bartenders

Ruth Moody Friday, June 8th

$1.50 Shots & $1.50 Domestic Bottles Everyday

8pm at Larry Norvell Band Shell

Country / Bluegrass sweetness, Prairie Home Companion veteran and Juno Award winning singer-writer.

Chuggers & O-Bombs

$2 Everyday! Find us at

T La Re

ALLAN CHOW paintings

A different kind of secondhand store! Awesome Local Art, Crafts, and Thrift Items! Thu 11-8 Fri 11-6 Sat 10-6

Perfect for your home, decor, or designs!

(785) 341-1730 2047A Fort Riley Blvd.

Incense, Candles, and Tarts

Lots of Funky Decor

WILLIAM COUNTER 5”x 5” mixed media

Check Online for an Event Schedule at or “Like” us on Facebook!

Do You Hookah? New Spring Wear

Complete Disc Golf lines! Jewelry, Hacky-sacks & accessories

Open Monday785-776-2252 Saturday

1128 Moro

Manhattan, KS

16 - june 7, 2012 -

406 Poyntz Mon - Sat 10-6

The Hype Weekly #41  

The Hype Weekly, June 7 2012

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