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6th annual drag show! fake natives el tapatio




issue #24 - February 9th, 2012 The Slant

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2 - Us to You 3 - Stop The Presses!

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4 - “She’s A Killer Queen!” The 6th Annual Drag Show 6 - Sunset Zoo: A Beautiful Manhattan Accomplishment

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10 - When is a Peanut More Than a Peanut - Valloween: A Single-Friendly Holiday 11 - A Dining Dream Come True: El Tapatio

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12- Fake Natives 13- Early Expressions 14 - “There’s Always Next Year...”

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15- Cryptic Cynicism From Our Predecessors - The Coming Flood by Zachary Michael Powell

Cover by Darin Strouts/Keegan Hudspeth This issue of The Hype Weekly only possible due to the opposable thumbs of: jimbo ivy, sarah sullivan, George Wame Matthews, Keegan D. Hudspeth, caitlin Cash, Darin Strouts, Samuel Sargent, Matt Beyer, anna wunderleiben, Chris Hancock, bethany wallace, aaron abbott, and as always the mysterious hypester.

Special Thanks to: our amazing families, Auntie Mae’s Parlor, Sisters of sound, on the wildside, Manhattan Broadcasting & Z 96.3, olson’s shoe repair, the manhattan arts center, mccain auditorium, Union Program Council, complete music, mystic myths, lucky’s live, gonzo collective, ksu theatre, syndicate tattoo, T-LA-Re, wildcat 91.9, evan tuttle, and the man, Jeff Denney.

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2 - february 9 , 2012 -

Dear Manhattan, Number 24! Who would’ve thought a bunch of recent KSU graduates and a handful of monies would evolve into the local love song that The Hype has become...well, we did, but it’s only because of folks like you believing in us that we’ll be cranking out #25 next week! We’ve had a bunch of new sponsors this month, and we’d like to take a sec to point them out: ActionPact is now a monthly sponsor, generously providing for a dedicated local music section in the coming months, Lucky’s Live is rooting us firmly in the local music scene, the Union Program Council over at KSU is now contributing to our awesome, and of course, The Gonzo Collective, Manhattan’s newest art gallery is open now and we will soon sport a dedicated gallery of their goodies each week! We’re growing too! You can now pick us up on the first and 2nd floor of the Union, and as of this print our awesome new newsstands should be dotting the face of MHK, with more to come! If you know of a business that would like to carry The Hype or even better sponsor us, let us know at and we’ll get right on it. We’re only a handful of folks, so we need all the help we can get figuring out where all the cool spots are. Speaking of help, our weekly pitch meetings are every Monday night at 730pm either at Auntie Mae’s Parlor or Bluestem Bistro! Check out our facebook at to see what we’re up to and stay up to date on how you can help make The Hype better each week.

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US to You

Thanks for getting us to 25, Manhattan. Here’s to a hundred more! Love, The Hype Weekly

The Slant

Stop The Presses! New Folk Art Exhibit at the OZ Museum 'Folk art’ is defined as “art originating among the common people of a nation or region and usually reflecting their traditional culture, especially every day festive items produced or decorated by unschooled artists.” This exhibit will explore the tie between America’s most beloved fairytale and America’s cultural art history. Pieces on display will include rare stained glass from Century Studios in Minnesota, unique carved wood figures, a mechanical piece of art from Ann Wood and Dean Lucker, and a one of a kind piece by celebrated Southern California artist Simone Gad. The exhibit will be on display February 1- March 31. This is the second exhibit in the OZ Museum’s new Exhibit Series. “This is a great way to showcase different pieces of our collection that are not usually on display. It also allows us to tell a story about these pieces and connect with our visitors in new ways”, says Mercedes Michalowski, OZ Museum Director. Please contact the museum for more information about the exhibit or how you can be a part of the Exhibit Series by sponsoring one of the upcoming displays. Mercedes Michalowski OZ Museum Director 511 Lincoln Avenue Wamego, Kansas 66547 866-458-TOTO

Comedy Group to Perform At Columbian Theatre On The Spot, K-State’s Comedy Improv Troupe, will be performing at the Columbian Theatre Friday, February 10, 2012 at 7pm! On The Spot was founded two years ago and have been performing regularly at K-State and other Manhattan venues. They recently took 3rd place at Chicago Improv Festival’s College tournament in Kansas City! The Columbian is excited to host them as part of its Spotlight Series, featuring new entertainment opportunities for the community.

Your Hit Music Channel!

This performance is open to the public. $5 cover charge and a cash bar will be available. For more information call The Columbian Theatre at 785-456-2029 or visit - february 9, 2012 - 3

The Beat

“She’s a Killer Queen!” by Aaron “Hogs” Abbot

I've been in this burg for nigh on sixteen years. The KSU Drag Show has been happening for six years. I've tried to go twice, not by getting tickets like a normal person would but just by showing up and thinking I could get in. And, at least one of the years, showing up a little late and thinking I'd be able to get in. Bad idea. The K-State Drag Show has been held in Forum Hall in the Student Union every year except last year, when it was held in McCain. It has sold out every year. Let me repeat that: it has sold out every year. Let that sink in. In a town that elected two Tea Party candidates to the city commission whose primary platform was the repeal of the non-discrimination ordinance, an annual drag show has sold out every year. Sometimes I really, really love this town. That's pretty incredible, really, when you consider the political climate of the last six years. It may

Check out our new Incense!

Lots of Funky Decor

be a tribute to the people of Manhattan and the students of K-State as well as to the performers who put together routines year after year. Dusty Garner has hosted every K-State Drag Show and, though he recently graduated and moved to Arizona to pursue a master's, he's returning to Kansas to continue his hosting duties. Garner hosts the show as his alter ego, Monica Moree. Garner has been a drag performer for over twenty years and during that time has worked as a performer on the Las Vegas strip for about two years. He says even with all his experience he has, “never performed for an audience that has the energy that K-state gives us and one of the reasons

that we bring in these local girls is so that they can experience it and it's pretty powerful.” Garner said that he loves performing as Monica Moree but another reason he wanted people to come see him perform was that all of his tips would be going to the Jason Gregory Dockins Centaur's Reach Scholarship. “We're going to give that scholarship away for the fall semester,” Garner said, “we have it funded for the next five years and we'd like to double that with the tips from my performance. The ultimate goal is to be able to give out $500 a year for the next ten years.” Dockins originally came up with the idea for the drag show and was a fraternity brother of Garner's. He died in 2008 and the scholarship in his name is

Incense, Candles, and Tarts

Warm Winter Clothes

Do You Hookah? Jewelry, Tapestries, Posters

Open Manhattan, KS Monday785-776-2252 Saturday

1128 Moro

4 - february 9 , 2012 -

Locally hand-dipped incenses, dragons, fairies, jewelry, hand-crafted items and more!


Tuesday-Saturday 11am-7pm

1126 Laramie

The Beat given out to a person who identifies as LGBT or as an LGBT ally. Performers rotate in and out of the show to give the audience a fresh experience every year and any

returning performer has to have a new routine. The only routine that stays the same each year is Moree's final performance, which is used, in part, “as an educational tool about trans issues and gender issues,” according to Garner. Melissa Streeter Prescott, president of the K-State Student Organization for Cultural Studies (SOCS), a graduate student organization through the English department and one of the major organizational sponsors of the drag show said that the show is used to, “educate K-State students about drag whether it's as a performance or as a means of understanding gender and gender roles.” Streeter Prescott has been attending the drag show for years as an audience member and said, “I loved it. I thought it was amazing. It seems like everyone in the audience had a good time and the queens put on a great show.” “Every year it's always sold out. There are always people outside trying to get a ticket,” Streeter Prescott said, “It just shows how much these kinds

of shows are needed here at K-State because there is possible. “[I]t's for everybody and anybody. No one a demand.” should feel uncomfortable coming to one of these “I'd have to say one of the reactions is the wow events because in the end we're all there to have a factor,” said Bradley Stanley, who performs as Vicgood time.” toria Fox, when asked about the reactions Tickets to the drag show are always free to the received from the crowds. public (you don't have to be a K-State student or “And,” Stanley added, “there's always anything) and you can pick them up in the UPC ofwhat we like to call the 'drag virgins' who fice on the third floor of the union from 8:30 AM to have never seen us perform as drag queens 5:00 PM. Because of demand, people will only be before. Usually people are having a really allowed to get four tickets and, according to everygood time and if we can make them laugh, one involved, it's a good idea to show up early the that's another check mark on the list. night of the show. We're doing what we're supposed to.” In addition to Fox and Moree, local favorites Patti “Two years ago there was just this frenzy O'Dour and TyWoo will be performing, as well as about the show,” Prescott said. “There other performers and Miss Gay America 2000, Catia were so many people that there were Lee Love. people in the aisles and [organizers] had The 6th Annual K-State Drag Show is sponsored to make them leave because it was a fire by SOCS, K-State Diversity Programming Comhazard.” mittee, part of the Student Governing Association To accommodate such a large demand, (SGA), KSU Union Program Council (UPC), and the last year the drag show was moved to McK-State LGBTQ Resource Center. Cain Auditorium, which seats more than The show is Saturday, February 11 at 6 PM and double the 575 people Forum Hall seats. again at 9 PM at Forum Hall in the K-State Student There were, however, drawbacks to switchUnion. ing to a larger venue. “It's not as intimate,” Garner said, “people in the balcony section of McCain weren't able to see the show very well.” So the decision was made among the organizers to move the show back to Forum Hall and, to allow the maximum amount of people to see the show, to have two performances. One at 6 PM and one at 9 PM. “After we'd decided on two shows, we started talking about maybe making the 6 O'Clock show more family-friendly,” Streeter Prescott said. “We're just able to get out into the community more with a family-friendly show.” According to Garner, the possibility of more shows in the future was likely. “Hopefully...we'll add another night or something because we want to make sure that everybody gets an opportunity to see it,” he said. “For the first time UPC is going to be streaming the early show on the big screens in the [student union] courtyard with 125 overflow seats,” Streeter Prescott said, “It's going to be pretty awesome.” Stanley said, “I love being the center of attention and when I perform I'm the only person on stage and the spotlight is on me. I feed off the attention I get from that. The other reason I perform is that it pulls in the community and brings people together. It brings together a diverse community of people.” Tyler Woods, who returns to the KSU Drag Show for a fourth time as TyWoo said he believes the drag show helps introduce people to new ideas, “I think we have opened the eyes of a lot of the students at KSU that come from Edwin C. Olson Sr. smaller communities and 1214 B. Moro have never considered that gender and sexuality may Manhattan, KS 66502 be more than black and 785-539-8571 white. Turns out there might be a little magenta and turquoise up is there.” Stanley loves the idea Mon-Fri 9:00-6:00 that the show is open to Sat 9:00-1:00 all and can be attended by as many diverse people as - february 9, 2012 - 5

The Beat

The Sunset Zoo:

A Beautiful Manhattan Accomplishment Manhattan's Sunset Zoo is an idyllic small town zoological park, nestled deep in the Flint Hills. The zoo is more than just beautiful, though. From the beginning it embraced the natural cycle, creating life out of death. Sunset Zoo's similarity in name with the neighboring Sunset Cemetery is no coincidence – it sets on land that was deemed too rocky for internment. Dr. E.J. Frick, head of surgery and medicine at Kansas State University School of Veterinary Medicine, began procuring animals in 1933 when he rescued two abandoned Works Progress Administration (WPA) mules and relocated them to graze on the Sunset property. They would become the first exhibits when he officially founded the zoo later that year. With financial backing from local businesses and the assistance of his former students, Dr. Frick continued to head animal acquisitions for the next forty-three years. During that time, Dr. Frick and his students also provided veterinary care. His relationship with the animals was more than professional. His affinity for his charges was personal – it is rumored that Dr. Frick would even load up Satan the bear in his convertible and take him to the drive-in. It should be noted that despite the menacing name, Satan was a personable and well-trained former circus act. The expeditions made him a local legend, but Satan was far from the only famous resident of Sunset Zoo. A fellow bear named Brownie was a favorite fixture at the zoo from 1968-2009. He was so popular that, after his death, Sunset Zoo accepted remembrances and published seventy-seven of them on their website. Many recounted how guests would attempt to coax Brownie into waving at them and the glee they experienced when he did. It is not uncommon

6 - february 9 , 2012 -

Written and Photographed by Caitlin Cash and Darin Strouts

to still hear visitors share memories of Manhattan's beloved bear with their children and out-of-town friends on trips to the zoo. Another august alum was one of Camel Cigarettes' “Joes”. The company kept multiple camels that would tour the country, smoking a pack of cigarettes at a time, lined up and lit like Black Cats. After his retirement from the Camel Company, he resided at Sunset Zoo where he led a much healthier life until sadly, if predictably, he died of lung cancer. The zoo was also host to several live Kansas State University mascots, all named Touchdown, from 1922-1978. While K-State cheerleaders no longer jog a bobcat in a rolling cage around the field after every score, two of them do still call Sunset Zoo home. There is also a current celebrity at the zoo. A living legend, both in Manhattan and the zoological community, is Susie the chimpanzee. Last year, Susie, at fifty-six years of age, gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Siri – making her the oldest chimpanzee in captivity to become a new mother. This is especially impressive since she was approximately one hundred in “human years!” Sadly, Susie, because of her advanced age, could not produce enough nutrition

The Beat

for her progeny and Siri was moved. Despite the separation, their story has a happy ending. Sunset Zoo is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), allowing them to partner with the fellow AZA accredited Oklahoma City Zoo, home to a surrogate chimpanzee troop. There, Siri lives with, and is loved by, a highly-trained adopted mother. Susie has continued in Manhattan as the respected matriarch of the Sunset chimp troop, lording over the largest exhibit of its kind in Kansas. She also remains a fan favorite, sitting close to the enclosure window, and even occasionally tapping on the glass in acknowledgment of her guests. As exceptional as Susie's story is, the chimp surrogate program is only one benefit of AZA affiliation. Sunset Zoo became AZA accredited in 1989. Ever wonder why there is a house at the zoo? One requirement of AZA accreditation is to have a zookeeper on premises at all times. Beyond higher standards of immediate care for animals, the AZA also looks ahead for species' long term survival with breeding plans ensuring genetic diversity – think of it as eHarmony for the zoo set – and monitoring their population in the wild. This network also benefits zoo members; Friends of the Sunset Zoo (FOSZ) not only receive free admission to the zoo and invitations to members-only events here in Manhattan but free or

reduced entrance to AZA zoos across the country. Sunset Zoo has significantly evolved since the 1980's. Besides the AZA accreditation, the zoo also developed a master plan for modernization and began charging a small entrance fee to finance the planned improvements. In keeping with the zoo's motto, “to inspire conservation of the natural world,” much of the limestone construction erected by the WPA under the direction of founder Dr. Frick has been re-purposed. What was old is new again, and Brownie's enclosure is being refitted to house the coming Gibbons exhibit. The other construction at the zoo is the new Nature Exploration Center which will not only house a full-time, nature based day care but will act as a ticket booth, year-round gift shop, and provide space for both private and corporate functions. While Kansas State University has remained tied to Sunset Zoo via veterinary care, its partnership has expanded - the zoo is housing two hyenas owned by a K-State professor whose research team collects the animals' saliva to study its antiseptic properties. Sunset Zoo, like the nature it strives to preserve, has always cycled. Whether it's the coincidence of the zoo being founded on mules that were left by the organization that would later construct it, the fact that life has flourished on land once meant for death, or its history of and continued collaboration with Kansas State professors, the zoo has always come full circle.

To find more information about volunteering, education opportunities, & other events or to visit the zoo online anytime, go to Sunset Zoo is on Facebook and Twitter.

Syndicate Tattoo and Body Piercing -Classy & Comfortable. -Family and Cell Phone friendly. We’re doing something different here! Tue - Sat: 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm 785-320-7250 423 Poyntz Ave - february 9, 2012 - 7

Thursday 9



Valentine’s Day Buffet

@Ballroom, K-State Student Union A wonderfully romantic meal. $13.99 per person.


Early Expressions

@ Beach Museum of Art Art by USD 383 students will be on display in the UMB Theatre. This program is sponsored by the Manhattan- Ogden Public School Foundation. The public is invited to the reception February 11, 2-4 pm.


Surface Tension

@Chapman Gallery, on the first floor of Willard Hall Robin Germany is a nationally recognized photographer, and an Associate Professor of Photography at Texas Tech University. Free and open to the public. Part of the Department of Art Visiting Artists Series for the 2011- 2012 Season.


Tallgrass TV: Sam Easterson’s tribute

@ Beach Museum of Art An exhibition featuring video footage of animals native to Konza Prairie and similar prairie environments will be on display at the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art January 17-June 10, 2012.


Columbian Artists

@ Manhattan Arts Center The Columbian Artists group was founded in December

of 1998. It was conceived as a support group for expe rienced 2-dimensional artists. A strong response to the initial letter paved the way for the idea to become reality.




Move & Groove Storytime

@ Manhattan Public Library A lively story and music session with great picture books, action songs, rhymes, and dancing with instruments or scarves. Ages 3 and up may attend independently. Care givers attend with ages 2 and under. 25-30 minutes.

Then & Now

@ Strecker-Nelson Gallery Beautiful watercolors, oil paintings, mixed media, and ceramics by local and regional artists.

Travel Photography: Clint Stueve’s World Travels

@ The Columbian Theatre, Wamego Clint’s passion to travel was developed at an early age. He was inspired to follow in his Uncle Charlie Temple’s footsteps. Charlie was a Navy Intelligence Officer and travel broadly around the world. Clint’s desire to travel also developed out of his love of reading.



Toddler Time

@ Manhattan Public Library A storytime for young children with their parents or care givers. Fun stories, fingerplays, and songs keep toddlers engaged, and parents will learn “early literacy” activities to try at home. Caregivers participate with children. 20- 25 minutes.


@ City Park A winter activity that should not be missed! Open Mon day through Friday, 3-7PM and Saturday and Sunday 1-7PM.

International Student Panel

@021, Bluemont Hall We have invited graduate students from China, Egypt, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa to talk briefly about educational systems in their country. A discussion comparing and contrasting different educa tional systems will follow.

8 - february 9 , 2012 -

The Madwoman of Chaillot


@Nichols Theatre Written in 1943, “The Madwoman of Chaillot” is a satire about an eccentric woman in Paris and her distaste for the corrupt executives ruling the city in the name of oil. Aurelia – the titular madwoman – rounds up a group of other societal outcasts and vows to take down the greedy businessmen to restore peace to the world.

Antennas Up in Concert

@ Lucky’s Live When learning of a band who wears their fascination with spaceships, videogames and hyper-accentuated technology on their sleeve as Antennas Up does, one might make the assumption that their obsession is a reflection of a rather cold persona. Any pre-conceived notions of frigid, scientific vibes are quickly swept away by dance floor-worthy grooves that share loyalties to funk, neo-soul and electro-robot rock.

Friday 10





@ Between Weber Hall and Hoeflin Stone House Please join us with President Schulz for a ribbon cutting to our new recycling facility.

Coffee Hour Series: Belarus

@Multipurpose Room, International Student Center Presented by Anton Trafimovich. Refreshments typical of the student's home country will be served following the presentation. Free and open to the public.

On the Spot, K-State’s Comedy Improv Troupe

@The Columbian Theatre On The Spot was founded two years ago and have been performing regularly at K-State and other Manhattan venues. They recently took 3rd place at Chicago Improv Festival’s College tournament in Kansas City! The Colum bian is excited to host them as part of its Spotlight Series, featuring new entertainment opportunities for the com munity. @Nichols Theatre Written in 1943, “The Madwoman of Chaillot” is a satire about an eccentric woman in Paris and her distaste for the corrupt executives ruling the city in the name of oil. Aurelia – the titular madwoman – rounds up a group of other societal outcasts and vows to take down the greedy businessmen to restore peace to the world.

“The Hills Are Alive” Brooklyn Rundfunk Orkestrata

@ McCain Auditorium Rock out to songs from "The Sound of Music."


Year of the Dragon Party

@Auditorium, Manhattan Public Library Celebrate the Chinese New Year and learn all about drag ons with stories, games, crafts and treats. Suggested for ages 5 and up.

The Madwoman of Chaillot


Crafty Seniors Craft Show

@ Manhattan Town Center Local senior citizens set-up shop in the Picnic Place and offer a unique assortment of handcrafted items.

KSU Recycling Center Grand Opening



THW Free Music Friday - John Dee Graham

@ Auntie Mae’s Parlor, FREE! The Hype Weekly brings you another night of FREE MU SIC! Jon Dee Graham is a musician, guitarist and song writer from Austin, Texas.

Saturday 11

City Ice Rink Hours


@ Beach Museum of Art, KSU See the creative work of the talented faculty in the Kansas State University Department of Art.


2011 K-State Dept. of Art Faculty Biennial

Crafty Seniors Craft Show

@ Manhattan Town Center Local senior citizens set-up shop in the Picnic Place and offer a unique assortment of handcrafted items.



Crafty Seniors Craft Show

@ Manhattan Town Center Local senior citizens set-up shop in the Picnic Place and offer a unique assortment of handcrafted items.

CrossFit Free Intro Workout

@ Room 4, Natatorium Learn more about CrossFit and participate in a free work out scaled for beginners. Anyone is welcome! Free intro workouts will be offered every Saturday during the Spring semester.



Special Olympics Kansas Polar Plunge

@ Tuttle Creek Swim Beach Extreme cold. Extreme people. Extremely good cause. For more info:, 913.236.9290. Created by The Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation. Autho rized and accredited by Special Olympics, Inc. for the benefit of persons with intellectual disabilities.

A Dress The Heart Gala

@Holiday Inn at the Campus A gala benefiting the community cardiac initiative and surgical service programs at Mercy Regional Health Cen ter. $100/person.


@Auntie Mae’s Parlor, $3 Fake Natives, formerly The Low End, are releasing their full length LP; eleven songs covering sounds and styles from garage rock to indie-pop. Check them out on face book at or check out the article on page 12!



All Day


Hellbound Glory

@ Bobby T’s Fusing superior song writing and hard living characters with a hard-edged country honky ...tonk sound. The group is known for its instrumental dexterity, while vivacious frontman Leroy and his compadres are also notorious for their down-home, good-old-boy attitude.



The Madwoman of Chaillot

@Nichols Theatre Written in 1943, “The Madwoman of Chaillot” is a satire about an eccentric woman in Paris and her distaste for the corrupt executives ruling the city in the name of oil. Aurelia – the titular madwoman – rounds up a group of other societal outcasts and vows to take down the greedy businessmen to restore peace to the world.

Dr. Wayne Goins Sunday Jazz


Women’s Basketball: K-State vs. Kansas


@ Della Voce Enjoy some good Italian and jam with the Doctor. Live Jazz with the Wayne Goins Trio. Plus pizza specials and 1/2 price house wine by the glass. No cover.

McCain Student Showcase

@McCain Auditorium K-State students show off their talent. For ticket informa tion call 532-6428.

Film: The Lion King

@ Forum Hall, K-State Student Union Admission $3.

The Hype Weekly / MMC Open Mic Night

@ Lucky’s Live Manhattan’s new Open Mic at Manhattan’s new live music headquarters! Come sing, rhyme or just rock out! Sign up at 8, show at 9:00!

Monday 13



@ Auntie Mae’s Parlor Bring your ideas, suggestions, and comments and pitch them to us!


SNAC Salsa Night

@ Ballroom, K-State Student Union Tired of the same old dinner and a movie type of date? Join us for a fun night of salsa dancing with a lesson directed by the KSU Swing & Salsa Club. The cost is free but donations are accepted.

The Hype Weekly Pitch Meeting

Men’s Basketball: K-State vs. Kansas

@Bramlage Coliseum Go Cats!


Around the World for $5 -Czech Republic

@ Bluestem Bistro Awaken your international taste buds every Monday night at Bluestem for $5, try an authentic dish from around the world, different every Monday!

2012 Gift Print Artist-Earl Iversen

@Beach Museum of Art, KSU Earl Iversen, retired Associate Professor of Photography at Kansas University, work will be on display as the 2012 Gift Print artist.


@Bramlage Coliseum Go Cats!

@Bluestem Bistro Perfect sounds for a perfect Sunday.


Jazz Brunch


Film Screening: More than a Month

@ Town Hall Room, Leadership Studies Building Filmmaker Shukree Hassan Tilghman sets off on a cross- country campaign to end Black History Month.

Tuesday 14

@Beach Museum of Art Proceeds from the fundraiser and silent auction pro vide funds for art programming in the Manhattan public schools, including money for museum field trips. More information available at the USD 383 website at http://

Catch Amy

Early Expressions Fund Raiser



@ Lucky’s Live Manhattan’s own Catch Amy! 18+ Show.

Sunday 12

Fake Natives Album Release



Tuesday Talk: Beekeeping

@Holiday Inn Ballroom Luncheon is $15.


Vernon Larson Lecture: The World Isn’t Really Flat, But It Does Seem Smaller

@KSU Gardens, Insect Zoo Richard and Kiffnie will present information on what you can do to help protect honeybees in your garden. Additional information will be available to anyone want ing to set up a hive on their property. The talk is free; just bring your own lunch. Reservations required. RSVP at


@ North Dining Area, KSU Student Union Christian worship service, visitors encouraged to attend. Promoted by Cats for Christ.

Auntie Mae’s Mighty Fine Poetry Night

@Auntie Mae’s Parlor Sign up at 9:30, the magic begins at 10:00. Bring your thesaurus and your drinkin g pants.

Wednesday 15



Artist Talk: Common Place

@ Beach Museum of Art Artist talk by Shreepad Joglekar, assistant professor of art, photography, Kansas State University.


Pagan Fellowship Night

@ Mystic Myths A gathering of open hearts for fun, games, and togetherness. Starts at 6pm and runs until whenever.




Ceramic Sale

@K-State Student Union Sponsoring Organization: Potter's Guild, KSU Potter's Guild will feature and sell ceramic art work and pottery by KSU Graduate and Undergraduate ceramic students.

Missouri State Highway Patrol Presentation

@206, K-State Student Union Trooper #718 David Miranda, a western region recruiter for the Missouri State Highway Patrol, will speak about the highway patrol's role in the criminal justice system and employment opportunities.

University Ensemble: KSU Wind Ensemble

@McCain Auditorium Frank Tracz, Conductor. Performing with Guest Ensem ble: Blue Valley West High School Symphonic Band and Guest Artist: Carter Pann. Sponsored by the Department of Music.

Trivia Smackdown

@ Auntie Mae’s Parlor Prepare to be smacked! - february 9, 2012 - 9

The Hype

When is a Peanut, More than a Peanut? by Matt Beyer

This is an interesting question, along

The list of allergens that I have listed above, which were originally known as the “8 major allergens in with when is a piece of toast more than just a piece foods”, were initially introduced in the Food Allergens of toast? The simple answer is when they can make Labeling and Consumer Protecsomebody sick or have an tion Act of 2004, where the ill effect. What I am talking FDA required all food manufacabout is when somebody has turers to label them on any food an allergy or intolerance to product that contained one or the item. Although I only more of the ingredients. When brought up a single food the FDA was looking at enactallergen and single food ing the act, it was expected that intolerance, there are many between two and five percent of more out there, and the list Americans suffered from a food is constantly growing. allergy of one form or another. With the severity of the reacFor years, people have tion varying from allergen to known and understood that allergen, the FDA wanted to there were a few different make sure that consumers had Signs to Watch For: Anaphlaxis food items that would cause the ability to protect themselves people to have an ill effect if easier as there are a lot of different ingredients that they consumed, or even touched them. Some of these are derived from the products on the allergen list. are tree nuts, peanuts, shell fish, fish, soybeans, eggs, milk, and wheat. It could be said that the list of the original “8 major allergens” had a few ‘intolerants’ in it, or products that wouldn’t cause a lethal reaction or breaking out in hives. Two examples of intolerants that were in the original list are lactose intolerance and a disorder known as celiac disease. Though lactose intolerance is fairly widely known, celiac disease is becoming more common, which involves the bodies inability to properly digest gluten.

Valloween: A Single-Friendly Holiday by Bethany Wallace

Several years and boyfriends ago,

my roommates and I decided to give up on the notion of a traditional Valentine’s Day. While I’m all about holidays that come with themed candy, the idea of expensive flowers, tacky dates, and barfy poetry was a little too much for me to handle – with or without a man. Luckily, my friends agreed. In lieu of exchanging love-themed gifts, or, in the cases of some, crying on the shoulder of romantic comedies, we decided to take the holiday into our

What some may find more interesting are some of the rarer allergens and intolerants. Some of the different lesser known ones are the allergic reaction to things like cinnamon, nutmeg and even in some cases, such as mine, to chocolate. Luckily, mine is an intolerance, meaning if I consume too much chocolate powder, I will end up getting nauseous. Though some people may think that consuming too much chocolate will cause that anyways, eating half of a regular chocolate

own hands. “To hell with tradition!” we yelled in varying states of enthusiasm. “Let’s turn it into a party.” And thus, Valloween was born. Our new holiday, Valloween, was exactly what the portmanteau suggests, Halloween on Valentine’s day. A night where guests would come for a general time of merriment, and dressed as someone other than themselves. Costumes weren’t required to reflect Feb. 14th per se, though if someone would have shown up in an adult diaper and a glittery bow and arrow set, who was I to stop them? Dress Up My roommates and myself decided on elaborate consumes for the event (and no, “elaborate” does not mean “slutty”), paying sharp attention to detail – an attribute I would later list on my resume. My lumberjack roommate was given a real man’s drawn-on mustache, not the wimpy, waxed kind. The Furby was lint rolled, so as to be in tip-top annoyance abilities. And I, as the ballerina, was given things to hold. For those who have never worn a full on tutu, there are few options as what you can do with your arms; there’s simply too much fabric. So, not wanting to have to hug each person I passed (think of a permanent shrugging position), I held things. Drinks, cameras, saltshaker, it didn’t so much matter what, so long as it occupied my

10 - february 9 , 2012 -

bar will cause me to have a bad day. A good part about allergies is that some people are born with them and end up growing out of it. In a study done by The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network, it was found that kids who are born with the intolerance to milk may grow out of it by the age of 16. The downside however is that while it is possible to grow out of an allergy, you can also become allergic to a food item, though it is rare. In 2007, it was determined that 1 in 25 people in the United States, have a food allergy of some sort, which is 4% of the overall population. The highest occurrences were found in younger children at a rate of 1 in 17 who presented signs of having a food allergy of one form or another. Though there is no cure for allergies, the best method to help prevent having a major allergic reaction is early detection and closely monitoring the consumption of the allergic component. For more information on how you can be more aware of the components, you can visit or So the next time you are curious as to how a peanut can be more than just a peanut, the answer is: When it could cause somebody to go into shock by having it near them on an airplane. And yes, that is the reason why you can not get that package of peanuts on a plane anymore.

The Hype hattan, one can be forgiven for not having found their way into this fine establishment yet. Located south of the intersection of Fort Riley Blvd and Seth Child Road, El Tapatio is easy to overlook unless you frequent the Stagg Hill area of town. If I didn’t live within walking distance, I probably never would have sampled their delicious fare myself, but I’m very glad I did. Housed in the former location of Doe’s Eat Place (until a couple of months ago, the giant cow statue still welcomes visitors), the parking lot at El Tapatio might be described as gargantuan when compared to the parking available at most Manhattan restauby Samuel Sargent rants. But even when the lot is quite full, I’ve never had to wait for a table. The inside is large but well partitioned so that it never feels Imagine, if you will, overwhelming or claustrophobic. a locally owned resThe staff is always friendly and taurant in Manhattan the service is always quick. that always has ample Within moments of sitting down, parking, ample seatyou’ll be presented with a basket ing, excellent food of warm chips and a bowl of cold and excellent service. salsa from a waiter ready to take It sounds like a lovely your drink order. They have the dream, right? Most of standard assortment of domestic the restaurants I love in and imported Mexican beers, the area either require along with tequila, margaritas you to go on safari to and other drink choices. find a parking space, But, of course, the primary conGiant Cow Statue wait for one of their few cern anyone has when considertables to open or drive out of town. Others are, at ing a new restaurant is the food. If you’re wondering best, erratic when it comes to the quality of food and if it’s any good, you must be new to the Hype Weekly service. One exception to all of this is El Tapatio. (welcome aboard!) because any long time reader will With the abundance of Mexican restaurants in Man- know we’re not going to waste space on places that

A Dining Dream Come True: El Tapatio

suck. So yes, the food is very, very good. The first meal I ever had there is the El Pollo Hawaiano, thin sliced chicken and shrimp cooked with pineapple, served with Mexican rice and guacamole salad (though I usually opt to substitute refried beans & cheese.) One bite and this instantly became one of my all time favourite meals. The shrimp is absolutely the best shrimp I have ever had. I’ve since eaten several other dishes there and the shrimp is always far beyond delicious, but I keep returning to the Hawaiian chicken. Not once has the food ever elicited a single complaint from me or any of the people with whom I’ve dined, even including a vegetarian on occasion. In addition to the shrimp, I strongly recommend the queso dip as an appetizer. I want to describe it as melt-in-your-mouth delicious but, since it’s already melted when you get it, that’s a bit redundant. It is, however, very good. So, believe it or not, there is a restaurant in Manhattan that offers abundant parking and seating, excellent food and service, for an affordable price. That place is El Tapatio and it’s a dream come true.

Front of El Tapatio

Passing Notes in The Hype

Pet of the Week

A new month has dawned and along with it comes another Hype sponsored charity! This month, we’ve decided to focus on a fund for someone who has been very near and dear to the hearts of many in Aggieville. Daniel C. Valentine passed away two years ago from Pancreatic cancer, leaving behind a young daughter. In his memory, a fund was set up. This month, we’re inviting everyone to send a note to someone they love by donating $5 to the Dan Valentine fund and in return, we will print that note to yourspecial someone in the next week of The Hype. Email with your note and how you want to donate. Tell your loved ones how you feel and help us honor Dan’s memory and fight cancer during February!


DanYour face always made my day better. Miss you man.

Maple Maple is a beautiful brown and white Rex adult female rabbit. Her coat is so soft! Maple is an independent gal and needs a home where she can be let out to run around on a frequent basis. She is excellent with her litterbox habits. She has been spayed and is ready for her forever home! RCHS rabbits live in loving foster homes where they are litterbox trained, spayed/neutered, socialized, given sufficient exercise outside of their cage, and fed a diet of grass hay and Timothy pellets to maintain a healthy weight. If you are interested in adopting this rabbit, please contact our Exotics Foster Coordinator, Amy, at

Last year was a tough one, but it would have been unbearable without you. I love you so much.


-Katie Panda -

For My Orkdaisy, You are my constant strength, my 8th dimension Overthruster, my Melange, my mana pool, and I will never stop loving you for it. - Your Peachweasel

Amy, You are the most amazing woman I know. Thanks for marrying me. -Derek

You are my best friend, my greatest joy, and the love of my life! Love, Your Red Panda - february 9, 2012 - 11

The Bump

Fake Natives But I’ll get to them in a moment. Let’s talk Low End.

by: Jimbo Ivy

The Low End is attached to various of my important organs for many reasons; friendships had beneath and around their sounds, houses occupied by their fans and fine rocking done in my face. Your bands and inherently tied up with the times and things you had whilst under their influence, and while that may make it hard to be objective, well, who’s really objective? Let it be said, I loved The Low End. In that, “OMG, I loves them” sort of fanboy thing. It helps I referred to one of their members as “brother-son”. If you don’t know them, they were a garage-rock indie-folk band that existed in Manhattan for the last three years. And they kicked, peoples. Now, many moons later, they have transformed into a new thing...this Fake Natives thing. I began to hear about it last fall; whispers of a dark, new album forming in the basement, strange and different, and finally this new moniker, Fake Natives, began to be bandied about. Reactions were mixed. Betrayal was felt. But I stayed cool. Remained aloof. Until I heard of a release date; then it was my journalistic duty to get nosy and demand a pre-release copy of my very own. Dan Hornsby, the aforementioned brother-son, was kind enough to let me have a pre-master peek and speak with me RE this new Fake Natives thing, as I politely put it. “With 2 to 3 minute pop songs, you can just think about things. You don’t have to reach a conclusion; thesis statement, three body paragraphs present! You can approach things peripherally, step into different characters, feel it out, and just think about them,” Dan says calmly after I ask the audacious question ‘So what are you doing with this new band that you couldn’t with your old one’. He doesn’t say pop songs ironically, though most folks out there would accuse him visually of being a hipster and therefore incapable of speaking without irony. The truth is from my point of view (which is; not being a hipster, and having observed Dan and his fellow Fakes a bit) is that they’re not being as sarcastic or ironical as some will surely accuse them. They are, however, very smart people making very smart music, that still somehow retains its grits and (gulp) edge. “After the summer tour, I had a lot of things bouncing around in my head, so I started doing about a demo a day; Geronimo, West is Best, Fake Natives, and so on...about 7 of those tracks ended up on the album, in various forms,” Dan says, quietly. He is a quiet person at this table right now. I know this is just one of his states. I have seen him rock. Seen him growl. I like this about Dan, and more over about the Fake Natives, listening to them now as I am(get jealous); they achieve all states of sonic matter. Excuse the belabored metaphor, but it works. “Age of the Jaguwar” for example, is all over, fast, screamy, Photos Courtesy of Fake Natives somehow borrowing Tom Petty and Iggy Pop simultaneously (don’t ask me, I just work here). But “Not Mad, Nomad” has a stillness. Even the tones of voice used int he various songs seem to call back to what Dan was saying earlier; they’re characters, not a lead singer speaking to us about his sh*t. Fake Natives is a pop-up book about something; given the tongue in cheek name and title tracks such as “Geronimo” “West is Best” and “Settler” even someone as sporadically read as I am can sense some commentary about the identity of America, being American, and conquest-narratives. It also helps that Dan told me so. ““Frontier rhetoric is still relevant here; the plan to kill Osama Bin-Laden was called ‘Geronimo’. [That] and issues of immigration; the laws in Arizona, who are

12 - february 9 , 2012 -

Americans, the strange historical identity of America over the years, all this was going on when we started working.” That being said, you don’t need a bibliography to understand these songs.

“Concept album?” Dan says, laughing. “In the loosest sense. I mean, there are those great rock concept albums, Tommy,, [this album] doesn’t follow a single narrative. There are problems built into the songs that help us hide behind the artifice that is implied with the name fake natives. Obviously, if you look at us.” What’s obvious is that they’re all white people, just in case you don’t know. So here comes the boring part, wherein I tell you what I think this new Fake Natives thing sounds like: “Fake Natives combines and some how pulls off every sonic possibility from garage rock to holding-hands pop to smarty-pants indie rock in an endearing and genuine fashion”. The albums smells of the endless re-tracking and tuned arrangement that only comes with having a recording studio in your living room (which they do) and of a band not just playing music, but making it. I know that seems like a snobby-kind-of-a**hole statement, but it’s really something I’m saying about musical maturity. The Low End, I last saw as a garage rock folky thing with smart stuff to say and a lot of energy. Fake Natives is still that, and I have no doubt live performances will still rock; but this is a new creature. Wiser, more exacting use of instruments, rhythm and effects. It’s rare of each song on an album to sound quite different; technically, texturally, and stylistically, but this one does. Lastly, it’s pretty. Harmony is dead in an age of auto-tuning, but this is a welcome respite with its roots in the past, head in the clouds and feet firmly planted on the monitor in front of it. Come to Auntie Mae’s Parlor this Saturday, February 11th, round 9pm and find out for yourself.

The Bump

Early Expressions: The Beginnings of Manhattan’s Young Artists

In this era of “core” subjects and budget cuts in education, it’s a wonder how any public school art programs survive, but one look around the Beach Museum’s UMB Theatre this week and anyone can see that Manhattan School District’s visual arts programs are thriving.


As you enter the Theatre gallery to view the fourth annual Early Expressions exhibition you will see an energetic collection of creative works from all grade levels of Manhattan students. One hundred art works were selected from the 1,500 submitted this year. The artworks will be auctioned along with a painting by artist, Lisa Lala to raise supplementary funds for the district’s visual art programs.

By: Anna Wunderleiben

The best of show this year, a $250 prize, goes to Tristyn Kurtenbach, a 2nd grader at Northview Elementary. His work depicts a cat ready to pounce with a sneaky smile. Using both crayons and watercolor he fills the picture with vibrant color that contrasts with bold black lines in watercolor and finer lines of sharpie marker.

This impressive display couldn’t come together without the hard work of many individuals and organizations. It is a collaboration of the Manhattan Schools Foundation, the Beach Museum, USD 383 Art teachers and the Strecker-Nelson as well as a host of sponsors from the community. Each year, this exhibition raises about $6,000 to enhance the visual arts programs in Manhattan School District. So far the money has contributed to art classroom technology like digital cameras and document readers as well as enriching visits from local artists, and field-trips to Kansas City art museums. The exhibition is open to the public February 8-12 during normal museum hours with a free public reception for the artists on Saturday from 2-4pm. It’s well worth it to come during the reception to not only see the extraordinary work, but also to see the pride and blooming confidence of these incredible student artists.

Tristyn Kurtenback, Northview Elementary 2nd grade

The fifty elementary artworks capture the children's sense of wonder and exploration as they form shapes and symbols with richly colored pastels, construction paper, and watercolor paint. Some of the technical skill demonstrated in this group may have you thinking that you are looking at an upper grade level as is the case with Veronica Knight’s watercolor, a 5th grader at Lee. The intricate details and complex compositions of the high school and middle school art allows one to notice how that wild creativity is refined with technical knowledge and mastery of their craft. An impressive collection of digital prints illustrates not only an eye for composition and contrast that Darren Allman’s students have developed but also the fruits of a well-equipped digital lab at HS-W. The high school offers a wide range of classes and the diversity of the program is clearly seen in the broad approaches and genres of art repre-

Sarah Lilley, Eisenhower Middle School, 8th grade

Come visit Laura Kumly at T-La-Re this Saturday to get your Henna Body Art done before Valentine’s day! Thu 11-8 Fri 11-6 Sat 10-6

A different kind of second hand store!


2047A Fort Riley Blvd.

Laura’s homemade henna kits and bath salts will be available to buy. The perfect pre-Valentines pamper! - february 9, 2012 - 13

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“there’s always next year...”

the Dark Abyss known as ‘The Offseason’ by Chris Hancock

Now that the Super Bowl is over,

Houston Texans – They get Matt Schaub back next year. Indy may get Manning back. At least they get to say “Defending AFC South Champs” for a season.

those of us who are truly addicted to football must now look forward to a long, dark, cold offseason where we will be itching like madmen by July to see a football game. With that being said, Giants players and fans will have a more tolerable offseason after winning the Super Bowl over the Patriots (again). With that being said, perhaps we should look on the bright side for the other 31 teams in the NFL. Let’s do that now as food for thought for the offseason. In alphabetical order:

Jacksonville Jaguars – The team could be in L.A. Actually, that may happen. Sorry Jags fans. Both of you.

Arizona Cardinals – A late season surge brings promise. That promise is John Skelton. Maybe not so much promise.

Kansas City Chiefs – Romeo had 2-1 record as interim, now gets to remind Chiefs why the Browns fired him, er, I mean, why Belichick hired him.

Atlanta Falcons – Another playoff appearance, another loss. At least the days of “no 2 consecutive playoff appearances are gone”.

Miami Dolphins – Lots of changes, but will there be one at QB. That would be the big difference between mediocrity and more disappointment.

Baltimore Ravens – Ray Lewis returns to continue to haunt the NFL and delay social security.

Minnesota Vikings – Ponder showed flashes. Of what, I’m not sure, but he apparently flashed it.

Buffalo Bills - Ryan Fitzpatrick used his Harvard education to get millions out of the Bills. Maybe he could get some consistent play out of them too.

New England Patriots – Another 2 Super bowl losses and Brady can be mentioned in the same breath as Hall of Fame QB Jim Kelly. Yay!

Carolina Panthers – Cam Newton is the reigning Offensive rookie of the Year. Now Carolina is only 52 players away from a contender.

New Orleans Saints – Brees broke records with his arm. Hopefully, he doesn’t break his arm doing it.

Chicago Bears – Jay Cutler will return from injury to throw plenty of picks in plenty of time for the season.

New York Giants – Super Bowl champs again! Now, they can miss the playoffs and threaten to fire Coughlin again.

Cincinnati Bengals – Very young nucleus gives promise of years of mediocrity to come in division with Ravens, Steelers.

New York Jets – I just assume Rex is going to say Super Bowl for them again, so let’s just assume no Super Bowl for them.

Cleveland Browns – See Cincinnati, minus the young nucleus. And change mediocrity to expletives.

Oakland Raiders – Jackson was a huge improvement over Cable last year. What, the same record? Talk about a rut. At least it’s not the ‘90’s Bengals, 2000’s Lions kind of rut.

Dallas Cowboys – Always talented, maybe Tony Romo can get back with Jessica Simpson and ignoring important games all together. Denver Broncos - All of Denver will be praying for an even better season next year. Tebow told them to, and it is so.

Indianapolis Colts – “Luck”ing into first pick may be blessing for the next decade in Indy.

Philadelphia Eagles – Dream team was a nightmare, now must attone for failures by making sure last year was the baseline level of average they will accomplish by doing it again.

Detroit Lions – Quite a turnaround already from the 0-16 season. Now must take next step – scandals!

Pittsburgh Steelers – Loss to the Broncos will cause nightmares in Pittsburgh, but Tebow can teach Roethlisberger to pray them away. He can try it for his injuries too.

Green Bay Packers – A tremendous season wasted in a bad playoff showing. At least they don’t have to hear the 3-peat talk.

San Diego Chargers – Top flight offense that can’t win. The annual report on Rivers-led Chargers. San Francisco 49ers – Coach of the year Jim Harbaugh pulled off an amazing turnaround. Now he must prove it wasn’t a fluke. With Alex Smith. Good luck, coach!

Seattle Seahawks – Quietly had a decent season. With Lynch a free agent, may have some tough calls to make. Like why is Tarvaris Jackson still a starting NFL QB. St. Louis Rams – Big overhaul with Jeff Fisher coming in. Now he needs to start growing the awesome beard again to scare victories from small children.

   


14 - february 9 , 2012 -

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Another rebuilding team, where KSU product Josh Freeman regressed badly. Now he must give real effort and maybe get a receiver or 8 who can catch balls in their hands. Tennessee Titans – Another team that quietly had a good season. Were in the Playoff race until the end. That’s kind of like making the playoffs, right? Washington Redskins – There is no bright side when Rex Grossman in your QB. There just isn’t. Get a new QB and I’ll give you some optimism. There you have it. This should keep your brain turning between Sunday’s Super Bowl and next year’s season opener. If not, there is always the commercials that will be playing for the next year!

The good bits

The Talent

Cryptic Cynicism from our Predecessors


(Poets, Paints, Pics, and Paragraphs)


The Coming Flood Zachary Michael Powell



__ __ __ E

__ __

10 5 25 3

18 6

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ E 7



__ __ __ __ __ __ __ .

5 10 4 21 3

10 5 13 7 10 21 13

__ E __ __ __ E

__ __ __ E ,

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__ __ __ E ,

20 3

26 7

10 5

26 7

5 20 10 3

__ __ __ 1

4 21







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10 5 13 7 10 21 13

24 3 25 3 19

26 7

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15 3 19 21 7 18 24

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6 24


__ E E __ 6


3 23

E __ __ __ __ __ __ __ . 3 12 15 18 21 18 24 11[2/6/2012 12:59:37 AM]

Because it is Tuesday and the light in this bar is like the darkness in my skull where occasionally I brood and watch the lights of cars arc through my eyes across the vast dome of the bones of my cranium, a place like some ancient temple.

__ E __ __ 25 3 19 13

-Sylvester Stallone

Here is the altar of my dreams given offerings of so much whiskey that I can only wait for the spiritual moment when grief comes over me suddenly and I am walking through a desert and I am walking through a forest and I am walking through my neighbor's backyard to find a gazing ball, a blue beacon filled with a sky of rushing clouds. And in it I see our fathers, their souls trapped in this a hollow sphere of gazing, gazing intently at me. So I tell them of my grievances against my body, of my failings that I know not how to tell to you. And I tell them of the time I sat in this bar, of the time I lost every quarter of Arabic poetry, of the time that each drink replaced the watchwork of my chest with a flood pushing against the dam of my eyes. And I think I could tell you, I could tell about this flood, about how it is coming about what our fathers told us to do, but why would I want to? - february 9, 2012 - 15

2 0 1 1 - 20 1 2


“The Hills Are Alive” Brooklyn Rundfunk Orkestrata 7:30 p.m., Friday, Feb. 10 McCain Student Showcase 7:30 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 12

Henson Alternative “Stuffed and Unstrung” (For mature audiences only.) 7:30 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 19

Doc Severinsen and His Big Band 7:30 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 26

“STOMP” 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 28 and Wednesday, Feb. 29

“Macbeth” Aquila Theatre 7:30 p.m., Friday, March 2

“An Evening of Romance” Jim Brickman 7:30 p.m., Sunday, March 11

Pilobolus Dance Theater 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, April 24

McCain box office 785-532-6428 McCain Auditorium mccainksu

K-State students and kids 18 and under are half price. Military and group discounts are available. Dates and artists are subject to change.

" Music for all, all for music." Live

all shows 18 to enter.

Thursday feb. 9th antennas Up has performed at over 30 Universities and toured with the likes of Girl Talk, Electric Six, Flogging Molly, and many others. Doors at 9pm.

saturday feb. 11th Catch amy Performed at 2012 MHK Ball Drop doors at 9pm. / LuckysLive

The Hype Weekly #24