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The Art Issue #2

the Gonzo Collective! L.A.R - Shay Dodson! Gook Studios!




issue #25 - February 16th, 2012

The Slant

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2 - Us to You 3 - Face/Off - Copyright or CopyWrong?!

The Beat

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4 - Gook Studios: Shocking Manhattan Out of Complacency 6 - The Gonzo Collective 7 - Lazy Art Review : Shay Dodson

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US to You Dear Manhattan, Here it is, Art Issue #2! The 25th Issue of The Hype Weekly! We’re very proud of this one as it’s not only our 25th, but the first issue created under the watchful eye of our new Art Director Keegan Hudspeth! If you see him on the street, tell him thank you for us. For a bunch of folks with English degrees, running a paper, delivering a paper, writing a paper is hard enough without having to pretend to know how to design one and maintain some graphic design standard. Now we no longer have to! Yay for Keegan! Inside you’ll find some fantastic art in almost every medium conceivable, including some ink drawings all the way from Paris, France! How he found a little alt weekly in MHK is beyond us, but we’re super excited to bring you his excellent art! Thanks to everyone that helped make this 2nd Art Issue possible, and thanks to all our amazing sponsors for giving us the support we need to keep bringing the best Manhattan has to offer in arts, cutlure and events to you, our devoted readers (or slightly apathetic readers, or just plain hostile readers). Love, The Hype Weekly

The talent

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10 - The Night Shift: Ch. 3-4 by Steven Miller 12 - Photography By Heather Frazier 13 - Passing Notes In The Hype 13- Polar Plunge 14- Lines and (lines) with Mark Ahrens 15- Ivan de Monbrison

Cover by Keegan d. Hudspeth This issue of The Hype Weekly painstakingly painted on the head of pin and then drastically enlarged for your reading pleasure by: jimbo ivy, sarah sullivan, George Wame Matthews, Keegan D. Hudspeth, Darin Strouts, Samuel Sargent, steven miller, shay dodson, heather frazier, mark ahrens, ivan de monbrison, and as always the mysterious hypester.

Special Thanks to: our amazing families, Auntie Mae’s Parlor, Sisters of sound, on the wildside, Manhattan Broadcasting & Z 96.3, olson’s shoe repair, the manhattan arts center, mccain auditorium, complete music, mystic myths, lucky’s live, riley county humane society, gonzo collective, union program council, syndicate tattoo, T-LA-Re, szel photography, wildcat 91.9, bluestem bistro, evan tuttle, and the man, Jeff Denney. events editor submissions Reviews sales

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The Slant

Face / Off

Copyright or Copywrong? Darin Strouts - Statement

Sam Sargent - Statement

Despite being so unpopular in some circles, copyright is a valuable resource in defending the ability of millions of creators of ideas to support themselves. There's no such thing as a free lunch, and without the right to control distribution, and redistribution, the motivation to create that is so essential is harmed. Creating a new work takes time, and if a second job is needed to support yourself that time can be limited. As much as I enjoy writing for The Hype, I do it because I love it- writing these 250 words isn't going to pay the rent. But for those whose creativity is paying the rent, it's vital that their work is worth their time, and with copyright these creators are able to decide how much their time is worth.

Copyright is greed. Greed is the opposite of art. Thus copyright has no place in art. Copyright ostensibly protects the artist but copyright law has ballooned into a blundering behemoth who’s primary goal is to protect corporations that exploit artists for profit. Copyright law allows record labels to sue 11 year olds for millions of dollars for sharing music. Copyright law makes it illegal to share that awesome picture you found with your Facebook friends.

Nobody I know has a job where they'll work for free as long as everyone tells their friends what a great job they did, and if they do, it is something temporarythey are doing so for the experience, or as a promotional expense. Websites such as Vevo (for music videos) and Hulu (for television) have started to popularize this practice by giving companies a place to offer their content, available for a limited time and paid for by commercials. And with the current state of the internet smaller artists can also take advantage of this- webcomics have flourished as creators are able to self publish on the internet, copyrighting their works and deciding for themselves how they want it to be available and how much they should make for their time.

Copyright law makes it illegal to sing “Happy Birthday To You” in public without paying a record label that had nothing to do with the creation of the song. One could demand copyright law reform, but that’s unnecessary. Good alternatives to copyright are already in place. Creative Commons licensing allows you to maintain the integrity of your creative work without forcing stifling restrictions on users. With creative commons, you can, for instance, allow people to share your creative work wherever they want, as long as they attribute you as the creator. You can give people the right to “remix” your work as long as they apply the same licensing terms to their re-imagining. And you can specify whether or not said work can be used commercially. The Internet has changed the world by fostering a culture of sharing but copyright law has only grown more dinosauric. As the saying goes, “Bad artists copy. Good artists steal.” With Creative Commons and other licensing alternatives, stealing doesn’t have to be theft.

Sam Sargent - Response

Darin Strouts - Response

The biggest thing keeping creative types from profiting from their work is a lack of creativity. Trying to force people to pay what you decide your work is worth is pretentious douchebaggery. Not just allowing but actually facilitating the free sharing of your work is the best way to foster the sort of goodwill that will build a fanbase willing to give you money.

Even in an age of Facebook likes, tweets and Reddits, artists are still able promote the sharing of their content without losing control of what is sharedlinking to a creator's website is often easier than directly copying the content to Facebook. And while Creative Commons has it's place, that place is limited to the very small or the very large.

A prime example of this is R. Stevens III, author of the webcomic Diesel Sweeties. He publishes a comic every weekday. Said comics are posted under a Creative Commons license and people are free to share them at will. He makes a living selling merchandise based on his comics. He recently started a Kickstarter campaign, hoping to make $3000 to do an ebook. He met that goal in less than an hour. After a few days, he exceeded twenty grand. That wouldn't have happened if he fascistly insisted that people pay to read his comics in only the format he deemed proper. Copyright was once a necessity but it has since become a relic. Artists need to recognize that this is a new age and new rules apply. Trying to control their content will only hold them back.

Popular remix artist Girl Talk released his most recent album under Creative Commons licensing, but he is a big enough act that the "pay what you will" donation model works. And The Hype Weekly publishes under Creative Commons licensing, but it's also free - the ads that you read each time you pick up a copy only cover the price of printing - the writing and editing is all volunteer labor. If after 52 issues The Hype is doing well enough to prompt a "Best of The Hype" book publishing deal, this licence is nonrevocabal- that content cannot later be copyrighted

Do You Want to Face/Off? Email us at - february 16, 2012 - 3

The Talent

Gook Studios Shocking Manhattan out of Complacency by Ace reporter Sam Sargent The first time I ever stepped foot in Aggieville was

New Years Eve of 2010, shortly before midnight. The first person I ever met in Manhattan was James “Gook” Taylor. Upon hearing this, most people express amazement that I ever returned to the state of Kansas. It’s hard to describe someone as an enigma when they’re completely forthright and upfront about their thoughts and motivations, yet the title still seems fitting for gook. He paints strippers on the stage and children sleeping and, to hear him describe them, the two themes are quite similar. It would be difficult for anyone to accurately describe Gook so I’m not even going to try. Here is Gook in his own words. Gook on Racism “My studio is called Gook Studios. The first time I ever heard the word gook was in middle school, watching Margaret Cho do standup on MTV. She had a good point, saying “Wait, you’re better than me because of your race, because you’re white, but you’re going back to third grade and calling me names?” “If you let a little word like gook get you worked up, then they’ve won. But if you can depower them and make fun of yourself better than they can and make fun of them for what they’re trying to do, you’ve won. “Living in Louisiana, one of my greatest memories is of a guy asking me where I was from and I said Kansas. As the conversation continued, I realized he thought Kansas was a country in Asia. At least I can look in the mirror and know I’m not that ignorant. I’m okay.” Gook on Art “I think most people define art as something that hangs on the wall or a sculpture, but it’s much more. Art has gone multimedia, especially with the evolution of computers, everyone has a laptop now. Whether it’s a video piece that they’ve recorded, like the work of Bill Viola, or Robert Rauschenberg, back in the day, did a lot of stuff

Black Lilac Kitty Literary Services

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that was based on sound, where the art would change based on your voice and such. Art is the manifestation of the artist’s idea. “The biggest problem facing art today... that’s almost too big of a question to answer. I think money, to a degree, has brought up issues. I love Andy Warhol and some of his ideas, but he pushed art from being a piece of art into being a commercial commodity. Jeff Koons has cashed into that better than anyone, as well as Damien Hirst.

pieces. I take old ideas and put them into new formats. I have a couple of series based on stripper art, Bipolar Nature of Life #1 & #2. The Feminine Mystique is more leg paintings, based on the shoes they’re wearing. I do blood paintings twice a year, on Christmas and my birthday. That’s the Devil’s Advocate series. When I turned 30, I did 30 smaller blood pieces which I titled Empathy for the Devil. Dreams is a series I did once my nephews and nieces were born, toning down my lifestyle and being a good example for them. There’s always going to be new series popping up. What have I done before? What can I steal from that that was successful? What was a failure? That’s where my art comes from. “I hope I trigger some reaction, some thought process. Whether someone loves my art or hates it, I don’t care as long as they have a strong feeling toward it, either emotionally or intellectually, whether they agree with what I’m thinking or not, I want a strong reaction. If someone buys a piece of my art and hangs it next to their couch and says “Oh, that’s pretty.” then I’ve failed.”

“The idea of the art critic in contemporary times is a horrible aspect. He’s a necessary evil but he tries to put words in your mouth and in your head about your own artwork. I define beauty in the Greek/Roman vein, “to stimulate the eye, to enhance the mind.” The critic is “His bear painting made me want negating that. No two people are going to see art in the my mother.” -Sarah Sullivan same way yet the critic tells them what to think.”

to rush home and call

Gook on His Own Art

Gook on Shock Value and Depression

“My art ranges in a huge variety. No single piece of art is totally about me, but every piece is a little piece of my soul, put on display for the world to see. Whether it’s the aspect of depression in the blood work, whether it’s being big brother, which is how I see the stripper art, or whether it’s me being Uncle James with my nephews and nieces in the work, it’s a little piece of me. Not necessarily the whole picture, but one of the elements that makes me who I am.

“K-State is a conservative school, even with art. I had to be really committed to defend myself and the artwork I’ve done. People get antsy about me going to a strip joint and drawing the girls there. I’ve been called “nothing but a shock artist” because I slit my wrists and use my own blood in my work. I’ve had to fight tooth and nail to prove that what I’m doing is art and not just shock value.

“With my art, I play around with ideas for awhile and then I come out with a series, aiming for ten

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4 - february 16 , 2012 -

The Talent “James throws himself 110% into whatever he’s doing, and his knowledge of art and passion for creating art are no exception. He’ll challenge you to think beyond your boundaries and he’s always there for his friends. He’s a rare little gem, even when he’s being brusque!” -Tara Dean “Chris Burden had himself shot through the bicep for a piece. Zhang Huan chained himself to the roof of his studio and had his blood drained into a frying pan. Other artists are doing things much more destructive than me. “When I lived in Louisiana, I went through a severe depression. Depression, even in contemporary society, is considered a four letter word. I was stuck in an environment where I was by myself, I was all alone, and I attempted suicide. I now know two packages of sleeping pills, alcohol, Valium and other narcotics aren’t enough to kill me in a single night. So when I talk about my blood art, it’s about depression. People think it’s just to be shocking, but there’s a story behind it. If you take the time to look at the art and it gives you the heebie jeebies, there’s a reason why. There’s some truth behind it. “The process of how the blood work is done requires a lot of work. First there’s the step of actual paint being laid down on the canvas/board. Then I actually slit my wrists and lay out the blood onto the piece. Then there’s the final step of sealing it with polyurethane so that the blood is sealed in airtight. I did three blood paintings on Christmas, two of Pinocchio and one of a stick figure. Gook on Stripper Art “Being a student, having my undergraduate in art, living in Manhattan, KS, there’s not a lot of options to survive. So I sold out and went back to Corporate America. To work in a store that was going to open in town, I first had to move to Topeka for a year. So I was in Topeka, wondering “How am I going to make art in Topeka?” because I’m not a fan of that city. What went through my head was “I could either start smoking meth and make art

Artists Gook Thinks You Should Know

high on drugs, or I could go to the strip joints and draw the strippers. I chose the later of the two, which is way healthier. Plus I get to keep my teeth. “I’ve never seen my stripper artwork as being sexual. I see it as me trying to capture the motions of their dancing, a little bit of their personality, because it’s impossible to get them to stay still. They have to shake their butt and make money. But they’re people, plain and simple. When I do the stripper art, they’re all close friends of mine. I know them. Most people see them as sexual objects. I see them as baby sisters. I know their kids. Are their kids any different from my nephew or niece? Don’t most kids just want to have fun, eat lots of sugar and play with toys? In all honesty, any adult wants that kind of life also. So I don’t see them sexually, they’re family.” Gook on Education In high school, I had raw talent. I knew nothing about art history. You can find books about Picasso or calendars full of Dali’s work but you have no clue as to what else is out there. Having a teacher show you those formal aspects, understanding the various elements of art, is important. Understanding why Marcel Duchamp turned a urinal sideways and placed it on a pedestal, why that’s considered art, is important. Without knowing your history, you’re making weaker art because you don’t know what’s already been done. No art is truly original. It’s about knowing what’s out there, stealing it and making it your own. Having natural ability is only a small part. You have to understand your media, how to make the paint sit where you want it, how to get the shape and form you want from your ceramics. My next goal is to get into grad school, so as to get those better connections and the networking ability, expanding my presence and getting into better markets. My end goal is to teach at a college level. The greatest flaw I’ve seen at the university level is that schools are producing teachers, not great artists. They’re producing teachers who make art, not artists who also teach. I want to teach at the college level and help produce that next generation of phenomenal artists.”

Paul McCarthy is one of the artists who really influences me. He recently had a show at Hauser & Wirth, a series of sculptures based on Snow White. Phenomenal stuff about how the images of childhood can be perceived and perverted. Paul McCarthy is one of the guys I look at constantly.

Mark Quinn, “Self” 1991

Mark Quinn, just the way he uses his sculptures. Whether it’s doing DNA samples of himself for a portrait, whether it’s freezing his own blood to make a sculpture of his head, whether it’s using a daily amount of pills ground into some medium to make sculptures of people only kept alive by the large amounts of meds they take, I love his artwork.

Willem de Kooning “Woman I” 1950-52

Going back into painters, Cecily Brown. I love her stuff. Also, Duchamp and de Kooning.

Gook’s Final Thought

You’re in Manhattan. There are a lot of different venues for art, whether it’s the Strecker-Nelson Gallery, the Beach museum or the MAC. Go a little further

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and there are places like the Columbian in Wamego. Do me a favor and look at those works of art for more than 20 seconds. Because that’s maybe the maximum time that most people look at a piece of art. There’s a lot more than 20 seconds of “Oh, that’s pretty!” while walking by.”

Edwin C. Olson Sr.

1214 B. Moro Manhattan, KS 66502

785-539-8571 Mon-Fri 9:00-6:00 Sat 9:00-1:00 - february 16, 2012 - 5

The Beat As an aspiring artist and purveyor of artful things, I was prepared to do back flips when I heard about the project that Jeff Uhlarik and Jonathan Mahorney were launching. Ready to shed the corporate grip that CD Tradepost had presented, Jeff closed his doors at the end of September and joined forces with Jonathan to create something new, something crazy, something, well, gonzo. They decided to turn the front of the former CD Tradepost building into an art gallery for local artists to showcase and sell their creations. Though Jeff and Jonathan are looking for as much diversity and taste as possible, they are also leaning towards creations with more of a whimsical or interesting story to them.

The Gonzo Collective opened on February 6th and will be open from 11am to 7pm, Monday through Saturday. Artists of every kind, from costumers to calligraphers are welcome can bring in their work to be considered and added to the collective. In exchange, the GC charges artists a very reasonable commission determined by a sliding scale based upon the price of the item. This commission covers costs related to selling the items, but The Gonzo Collective isn’t just selling to Manhattanites!

By: Sarah Sullivan

They began putting out feelers to local artists in late November, early December and by the January meeting the collective had grown to over fifteen local artists, all excited and ready to be a part of Manhattan’s newest creative outlet. When talking to Jeff and Jonathan, they put lots of emphasis on the part of Gonzo that is the ‘collective’. “It’s a team effort. Gonzo means crazy or bizarre and collective, means people working together. We feel like that kind of sums up what we’re trying to do here,” Jeff said with a laugh.

As well as being exhibited in the physical store, Gonzo Collective items will be placed on the GC’s Etsy presence, where items will be available to purchase for people all over the world. Being a former owner of CD Tradepost, Uhlarik knows how to get the most out of various shipping companies and this can get artist’s items out to customers at the lowest possible packaging and shipping costs. Quite the deal for an artist trying to sell their stuff! Jeff and Jonathan are also giving artists an opportunity to work in the shop, helping customers and perhaps even showing off their artistic skills in their down time. In exchange for helping in the store, the artist will receive a discount on the commission they are charged for their items. Manhattan has been jones-ing for a creative venue like this for a very long time. Artists helping other artists, reporting on materials found, sharing ideas and making their wares available for all of Manhattan to enjoy. Uhlarik and Mahorney are hoping that the GC will become more than just a new art gallery. “We want artists to come here and find resources for their work,” Uhlarik says, gesturing around the shop. As well as selling items, Uhlarik also has connections with local matting and framing wiz, Tiffany “Tags” Selfridge. As well as offering unique and progressive relationships with artists, The Gonzo Collective, unlike many galleries, requires no pedigree to have one’s work shown there. “This is a place for everyone,” Uhlarik says, “If your work is good, we’ll display it, no matter how little experience you have.” So if you want to support local artists and find the most unique and zany gifts and decor for yourself and your fellows, look no further than the Gonzo Collective!

6 - february 16 , 2012 -

The Beat

Lazy Art Review

Shay Dodson By: The Hypester

The shays are all sort of sky-colored. All these shays peering at me from the sunset or at dawn, when the sky is most vivid. A red "Best in Show" ribbon hangs next to "Amy celebratory." Shay's fiancé, Hype Ace Reporter Sam Sargent, is also hanging out in the gallery and just to make things less awkward I point at the painting and say "her nipples." He nods, approvingly. I like the shading on the body in that painting. Parts are reflecting the light of the environment -- the chair and the wall; one knee is red and one is green but you hardly really notice unless you make it a point to go searching for dissonance.

The person is local; the place, not quite. I'm at a studio called the Eclective in Topeka, with five likenesses of artist Shay Dodson glaring at me from different angles. My favorite is "She hesitated...but only for a moment." The eyes are dark, sullen, resentful. The lower lip pouts at me, glisteningly, from underneath a Cupid's Bow.

It's not a self-portrait; I overhear her talking about using a model. But the eyes have the same dark, serious intensity as in "She hesitated...." Where are they aiming? Are they hesitating?

I like the colors, the way it implies shadow here and light there, that they're so variegated but still coherent, never overpowering. No matter what, it's always a face. Amid the flux of color fields -- all the thoughts that flicker through her mind and over her cheeks -- there's also a calmness. The frame of dark hair, the anchor of the lips, the steady eyes. Maybe they mean business. A footnote to it reads "Over and over again I pause, hesitate, change my mind, reevaluate, and ultimately, consistently, repeatedly.. make the wrong decision." The eyes look like they mean business though.

"Dollface" wasn't hanging up. It was just on a print. It might be my favorite. The glow from underneath suffuses the face and all its features -- the cheeks, the lips, even the eyes cast in shadow, and all the zany blotches of color – with softness. You feel it even as you’re trying to play spot-the-cilia. How many times have you seen a painting that goes up the nostrils? And shows off teeth? Go ahead, stare up the artist's nose and marvel at it. Shay Dodson lives in Manhattan. Find more about her at here website-like thing

Locally hand-dipped incenses, dragons, fairies, jewelry, hand-crafted items and more!


Tuesday-Saturday 11am-7pm

1126 Laramie

Syndicate Tattoo and Body Piercing -Classy & Comfortable. -Family and Cell Phone friendly. We’re doing something different here! Tue - Sat: 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm 785-320-7250 423 Poyntz Ave - february 16, 2012 - 7

Thursday 16 8:00AM

@K-State Student Union Sponsoring Organization: Potter’s Guild, KSU Potter’s Guild will feature and sell ceramic art work and pottery by KSU Graduate and Undergraduate ceramic students.


Presentation: Social Media Matters

@Comm Tips Connect Meeting Room Can you evaluate extension’s social media relationships? This session looks at the impact social media has in get ting your information out to multiple audiences and also give you ideas to be successful in applying social media. No need to register. Just sign in as a guest to attend.



Ceramic Sale








2011 K-State Dept. of Art Faculty Biennial

@ Beach Museum of Art, KSU See the creative work of the talented faculty in the Kansas State University Department of Art.

Surface Tension

@Chapman Gallery, on the first floor of Willard Hall Robin Germany is a nationally recognized photographer, and an Associate Professor of Photography at Texas Tech University. Free and open to the public. Part of the Department of Art Visiting Artists Series for the 2011- 2012 Season.

Tallgrass TV: Sam Easterson’s tribute

@ Beach Museum of Art An exhibition featuring video footage of animals native to Konza Prairie and similar prairie environments will be on display at the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art January 17-June 10, 2012.

Columbian Artists

of 1998. It was conceived as a support group for expe rienced 2-dimensional artists. A strong response to the initial letter paved the way for the idea to become reality.

Cats at the Capitol: Graduate Students to Present Research That Benefits State

@Docking State Office Building Auditorium, Topeka Studies that range from the shelf life of meats to improv ing unpaved roads with plant material are among the research topics that will be presented by Kansas State University graduate students at the Capitol Graduate Research Summit. It is free and the public and the cam pus community are invited.

Origami Yoda Party

@Auditorium, Manhattan Public Library Try your hand at origami and have fun with the popular book “The Strange Case of Origami Yoda” by Tom Angle berger. Related kids’ movie following at 3:00. Suggested for ages 7 & up.

7:30PM Celebrating New Music @ All Faiths Chapel Faculty Artist. Sponsored by the Dept. of Mu sic. 8:00PM

The Yawpers in Concert

@Lucky’s Live Equally akin to Deer Tick, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan and Elvis, The Yawpers give a fresh blend of indie-country and rock ’n’ roll. The band’s debut CD, “Savage Blue,” was just released on Adventure Records.

Friday 17 8:00AM


@K-State Student Union Sponsoring Organization: Potter’s Guild, KSU Potter’s Guild will feature and sell ceramic art work and pottery by KSU Graduate and Undergraduate ceramic students.


Ceramic Sale

Resume Critique

@Holtz Hall Stop by and get your resume ready for the spring career fairs and upcoming interviews. Promoted by Career & Employment Services.

Boys & Girls Club of Manhattan 13th Annual Casino Night and Auction

@K-State Alumni Center Come ‘gamble’ for a good cause! $75 in advance, $90 at the door.

7:00PM K-State Rodeo @Weber Arena


Join the K-State Rodeo Club for this weekend rodeo event in Weber Arena.

@Ballroom, K-State Student Union Featuring Viktor Luna at 7 p.m. Runway show at 8:30 p.m. Free Admission. Sponsored by the Union Program Council.


JCLT’s An Evening of Culture: Faith County 2

@C.L. Hoover Opera House Return to Mineola County for the community theater’s production of Romeo & Juliet in JCLT’s hilarious sequel An Evening of Culture: Faith County 2.


“The Hills Are Alive” Brooklyn Rundfunk Orkestrata

@ McCain Auditorium Rock out to songs from "The Sound of Music."


K-State Project Runway

Film: Immortals

@ Forum Hall, K-State Student Union Admission $2.

Then & Now

@ Strecker-Nelson Gallery Beautiful watercolors, oil paintings, mixed media, and ceramics by local and regional artists.

Travel Photography: Clint Stueve’s World Travels

@ The Columbian Theatre, Wamego Clint’s passion to travel was developed at an early age. He was inspired to follow in his Uncle Charlie Temple’s footsteps. Charlie was a Navy Intelligence Officer and travel broadly around the world. Clint’s desire to travel also developed out of his love of reading.

2012 Gift Print Artist-Earl Iversen

@ Beach Museum of Art, KSU Earl Iversen, retired Associate Professor of Photography at Kansas University, work will be on display as the 2012 Gift Print artist.

11:30AM General Student Recital @ All Faiths Chapel

@ All Faiths Chapel Student Recital Series. Sponsored by the Dept. of Music.

@ Manhattan Arts Center The Columbian Artists group was founded in December

General Student Recital


Student Recital Series. Sponsored by the Dept. of Music.

8 - february 16 , 2012 -

Saturday 18 10:00AM




Prairie Medley: A Photographic Journey through the Great Plains

@Columbian Theatre This show is a collaboration of Scott Bean and Wayne Rhodus, who will also be co-instructors of photography workshops offered at the Columbian Theatre; March 24th and May 5th.

CrossFit Free Intro Workout

@ Room 4, Natatorium Learn more about CrossFit and participate in a free work out scaled for beginners. Anyone is welcome! Free intro workouts will be offered every Saturday during the Spring semester.

Women’s Tennis: K-State vs. Arkansas-Little Rock

@Body First Fitness and Tennis Center Go Cats!

Boy Scouts Chili Supper

@ Pottorf Hall, CiCo Park Come support Troop 75 and sample some delicious chili!



Women’s Basketball: K-State vs. Texas

@Bramlage Coliseum Go Cats!

Film: Immortals

Join the K-State Rodeo Club for this weekend rodeo event in Weber Arena.


JCLT’s An Evening of Culture: Faith County 2


@C.L. Hoover Opera House Return to Mineola County for the community theater’s production of Romeo & Juliet in JCLT’s hilarious sequel An Evening of Culture: Faith County 2.


Comedian Anjelah Johnson

@McCain Auditorium Tickets on sale in the McCain Box Office. For Ticket infor mation call 532-6428.




@ Della Voce Enjoy some good Italian and jam with the Doctor. Live Jazz with the Wayne Goins Trio. Plus pizza specials and 1/2 price house wine by the glass. No cover.

White+Fuma+Loss of Red+Your Fake Reflection in Concert

@ Sisters of Sound Records The Rockfest of the year! Be there!

7:00PM K-State Rodeo @Weber Arena

Join the K-State Rodeo Club for this weekend rodeo event in Weber Arena.


@C.L. Hoover Opera House Return to Mineola County for the community theater’s production of Romeo & Juliet in JCLT’s hilarious sequel An Evening of Culture: Faith County 2.

McCain Presents: Henson Alternative “Stuffed and Unstrung”

@McCain Auditorium Eighty Henson puppets, six comedians, 100 percent uncensored. Ticket information or call 532-6428.



JCLT’s An Evening of Culture: Faith County 2


Film: Immortals

@ Forum Hall, K-State Student Union Admission $3.

The Hype Weekly / MMC Open Mic Night

@ Lucky’s Live Manhattan’s new Open Mic at Manhattan’s new live music headquarters! Come sing, rhyme or just rock out! Sign up at 8, show at 9:00!

Monday 20



Great Plains IDEA Annual Meeting

@Flint Hills Room, K-State Student Union Virginia Moxley, dean of the College of Human Ecology, and Don Boggs, associate dean of the College of Agricul ture, will host the luncheon meeting. Selected faculty and staff of Great Plains IDEA will share insights and experiences. RSVP required by Thursday, Feb. 16, to

@ North Dining Area, KSU Student Union Christian worship service, visitors encouraged to attend. Promoted by Cats for Christ.

Tracelyn Gesteland

@ All Faiths Chapel Guest Artist Soprano. Sponsored by the Dept. of Music.

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The Talent perpetual annoyance they called a marriage, Theresa could've walked in on them mid-f*ck and he would've felt only relief. When he first met Nora she was waiting tables over the graveyard shift at a greasy spoon right off the interstate. It was a dank summer night, full of hail and tornado warnings, and moving the shipment had been a harrowing experience if ever he'd had one. Rain pooled from the sky, flash floods rising up at every dip in the road, and crashes of lightning cast a full view of this chaos every twenty seconds or so. The package and he arrived two hours late, to Hasey's utter bewilderment. “What took you so long?” Hasey asked. “Seriously?” Glenn asked back, gesturing around at the sh*t storm that had kept him. The drive home, he knew, would be just as treacherous, so he headed instinctively for a diner to wait it out, calling once he got there. “But you got the package there?” Theresa asked. She was a thin, blonde thing, thirty-five going on fifty, with a demeanor that matched her fraying mop. “That's the important part.” She knew all about the shipments, from the very beginning, had even talked him into running them when Chuck first approached him. “You might as well just find a motel,” she said. “I'll wait it out and be home soon. For the kids.” “Suit yourself,” she said and hung up. Nora was the only waitress working that Wednesday night, but even if she hadn't been, the moment she walked up she would've been the only person in the room. He was smitten. Twenty, red-haired, sweet and freckled on the cheeks, and a body ripe as a peach. The jukebox was playing a sultry love song. Billie Holiday, he thought. “Long night?” she asked, pen poised over her order pad. “It doesn't seem so bad now.” He smiled, forgetting the storm entirely. “Oh yeah?” “Yeah. Don't you have a man to keep you from working places like this at all hours of the night?” “He's overseas.” “Oh is he now?” Glenn asked. “Army.” She nodded northward towards Fort Tumult. “He's over in Afghanistan again.” He could tell through her gum chewing that she was from down South. “Where you from? Georgia?” “Pan handle.” “Oklahoma.” “Florida,” she said, still chewing. “That's far down there,” he said, looking her over head to toe. “I go all the way down,” she replied. He stayed the night after all. Glenn called ahead to Nora's tonight. Usually by this point of the night, a successful shipment down and half-

The Night Shift By: Steven Miller

Number II Chapter 3 Berin Hasey Harp pointed his rig through Berin towards the west side of town. There stood an ancient J-Mart superstore, one of the few left in the state. When Hasey was a boy, this side of town had been a thriving downtown, but a mall built in the center of town cut the east from the west. A center of commerce, the mall had been intended to bring new money to the town; instead, it made the east prosperous while leaving the west to wile away. Hasey had the misfortune of growing up on the west edge of town. The neighborhoods were so disparate that if you followed Main street east, it eventually became Tumult Road, traversed Tumult County, from Berin through Fort Tumult and eventually to Selby where it dead ended in a hillside housing development. The major difference between Selby and Berin, besides crime rate and life expectancy, average salary, and average IQ, well, there were two. The first went back over a hundred and forty years: the University. The second was the interstate. Berin had petitioned to have I-70 pass through it, while Selby had petitioned just as hard to have it left out of the throughway's path. This meant that in Selby you had a lot of young people getting drunk and high while acquiring a college education, whereas in Berin you had a lot of young people getting drunk and high while not acquiring much of anything. Hasey had tried both at different times before finally settling at the ripe old age of twenty-two on a career in the drug traffic that made it all possible. But back to the matter at hand. Hasey headed north on 3rd street, turned west onto Main driving away from the mall, and parked the semi around the back of J-Mart. Unlike the blue insignia stamped trucks of its competitor, J-Mart used a number of suppliers and shipping companies, so that the loading zone was always a mess of different trucks. Through a steady accumulation, by midweek the back of the superstore resembled an abandoned train station. Hasey drove through the chaos, which wasn't chaos at all, and parked where he had parked every Wednesday for two years. Across the way, there was a phone booth in front of Jim's Pawn Shop. In case of an emergency, Hasey was supposed to pick up that phone, find a number taped to the bottom of the booth, which Chuck had told him was a different number every week, and call. So far he had never needed to call. There, he left the keys in the ignition, jumped down and pulled his motorcycle, a Kawasaki, out from underneath another rig. Just how he left it. He opened the seat, withdrawing a brown bag rolled up there. He thumbed through the stack of bills, which he knew to be four hundred dollars in tens and twenties. It looked right enough for him. It wasn't a bad payday for a night's work. He didn't even have to pay for gas, that came out of Glenn's pocket. It also wasn't enough to live off of. Tonight, though the hundredth drop off he'd run, would mark his first shift at a new job in Selby. For, as skilled as he was a driver, his real talents lied in flipping eggs, two at a time. He hadn't worked one shift yet, but already he was forming a plan to make the legitimate job more lucrative. Fort Tumult Before going home, Glenn would drop by Nora's. The trick to infidelity, he had discovered, was fidelity. That is, cheating demanded a level of consistency. If you take an extra hour getting home once, it requires an explanation. On the other hand, if it's an extra hour every week, then your shift has just been extended, and your wife comes to expect it. The extra hour is ordinary. And then there's the problem of guilt. How much easier it is to do something every day, over and over again, without giving it one moment's reflection, than to start and stop, cheating today and letting the action gather weight in the mind. How much harder the beginning is than the middle. By this point, six months into the affair and twelve years into the

10 - february 16 , 2012 -

The Talent way to Nora's apartment, Glenn could relax. Usually, he could even start looking forward to the much fantasized-over hour they would spend together before he had to return to his much unfantasizedover wife. Tonight, however, all Glenn Barnes could think of was hot-headed Hasey Harp. Assuming that state trooper hadn't been following him after all? What would the pig have thought of Hasey waiting to take the reigns from Glenn? Waiting while blaring rap at ten o'clock at night in what everybody knew was a high traffic area? After Glenn left, had the cruiser continued to tail the semi? Perhaps. Would Hasey have held up under interrogation? Hell no. He would name Chuck, who they wouldn't be able to find in a million years, and then he would name Glenn, would they would find in a matter of hours. He tried to put all of this out of hi mind as he mounted the steps to Nora's apartment. She living on the third floor of a twelve home barracks. The view was awe inspiring, but the climb was Hell. When he finally opened her door, Nora was draped in nothing but a bed sheet. “There's nothing as sexy as a pretty girl in a bed sheet,” Glenn said. She dropped the sheet, revealing bare breasts, stomach, legs. “I stand corrected!” Then they laughed their nervousness away and bounded towards the bedroom. Chapter 4 Selby Drendolyn didn't like Hasey one bit, not the day he started nor the day he would eventually quit, as he most certainly would, all in a huff with a grill full of open omelets and half made burgers. Hasey had the kind of charm, greasy haired yet confident, that made you weak in the stomach. He claimed to have cooked in half the restaurants in Selby, but “cooked” seemed like an exaggeration. He probably had worked the line; what he made, though, could not have been cuisine. Ingredients crudely hurled at each other, sure. Dinner, no. To add insult to injury, he was proving to be a bad influence on Kyle, who already had motivation problems. Though he was a fine cook, as fine a cook as you could ask for in a breakfast joint at any shift, half the time Drendolyn looked for Kyle he wasn't at his station. Every few hours, even before Hasey came along, he would slip off to his car with a server or another cook or all by himself and return some twenty minutes later, eyes parched and red, a smile stretched across his face, the unmistakable aroma of marijuana wafting off his person. At least when he came back he would make a batch of the most delicious chocolate chocolate chip pancakes, and everyone would take a dinner break. Now, he was lucky to get his eggs right. Now that Hasey was in the picture, they would disappear together for twice as long, come back smelling more burnt than toasted, tear through the kitchen, knocking out orders that weren't even on the screen, prep a week's worth of diced ham and torn lettuce, and dance around like overfull washing machines. To make matters stranger, if not necessarily worse, this new “cook” was constantly being asked up front. Customers were giving him lavish praise for two eggs over easy and hash browns, or in one case a cup of coffee and side of toast. Then they would leave conspicuously huge tips for their server,

always girl-Danny, and walk out grinning from ear to ear. “You be sure to declare that on your taxes,” Drendolyn told her one night. “Oh, Linny. You're so naïve.” “All I'm saying is you could get into trouble down the road,” Drendolyn said. “We all get into trouble eventually,” Danny replied. “Got to pay the piper.” “You been going out to Kyle's car?” Drendolyn asked, managerial now. “It just seems like when it's hard they tell you to make due, but when it's good they stick their own damn hand out.” “They're the government,” Drendolyn replied. “F*ck the government!” She was beginning to see why Danny and Hasey got along so well. They were both idiots. Things started to come together, at least somewhat, that next morning when Mr. Marcus double checked the books. “Linny,” he called. “Could you come in here?” “You going to fire me again, Mr. Marcus?” she asked at the door. He didn't smile this time. “Could you explain this to me?” He pointed at the register tape, first at ten o'clock then again at six. “Looks like the night shift made four hundred dollars,” she said. “Four hundred two dollars and seventeen cents,” he said. “Now look over here.” He pointed to an entry at five-twenty. It was a miscellaneous charge for a penny. Then he unrolled the tape back up to twelve-o-seven where a penny had been withdrawn. “Why did a penny go missing for five hours?” he asked. Drendolyn shook her head. “Could it be that you knew I wouldn't miss a penny?” he asked. “Are you suggesting I stole from the register?” Drendolyn asked. Her first semester at Selby University, Drendolyn had worked at the campus electronics. The manager accused her of stealing a missing iPod. Offended at the man's obvious racial prejudice, she quit. It was only months later that she discovered he had accused everyone equally, and then taken her departure as an admission of guilt and moved on. She wasn't one to make the same mistake twice. “I'm suggesting somebody did,” Ben explained. “And then undercharged their orders?” she asked. He nodded. “But we were dead last night. I'm surprised we came away as good as we did.” “Then maybe they borrowed the money,” Mr. Marcus suggested. “For five hours?” “This is your shift. It if wasn't you, then it's your job to figure out who it was.” “It wasn't me,” she reiterated. “I hope not.” Mr. Marcus shut the ledgers, rolled up the tape and dismissed her. Before she left, Drendolyn walked over to girl Danny's booth. She was ecstatically counting her tips. She could go accuse Danny, brace for more histrionics and maybe glean something from Danny's reaction. Or... “Hey girl,” Drendolyn said. “I'm sorry about that earlier. I was out of line. I was just worried,

you know, that your tables were spending all their money on tips. But Mr. Marcus just told me we're over. Go figure.” “Over?” Danny asked. “Tape says four hundred dollars, but there's five hundred in the drawer.” “How did that happen?” Danny asked. “Y'all must have punched the wrong keys. Unless you donated a hundred dollars to the register. I certainly know I didn't,” Drendolyn said. “Mr. Marcus, is he pretty mad?” “At getting a hundred dollar bonus? I doubt it.” Then Drendolyn laughed and left for class. Out there still lay a whole day's work. The following night, Thursday, she marked the bottom bill in each row with an inconspicuous lowercase “d” in the corner. By morning, they were all still there except for the one dollar row. They'd have to be brain dead to be stealing ones, she thought. She did this for one week straight, and then it happened. Thursday morning all four rows were missing. “They have a schedule,” she thought. “But why a slow night like Wednesday?”

(Find Chapter 5 of The Night Shift at

Pet of the Week

Matilda Meet Matilda. She is a sweet senior beagle. Matilda loves kids and other dogs. Matilda also likes meeting new people. She is on the needy side and loud at times. An ideal home is one where somebody is around most of the time. Thanks for taking time to meet Matilda. If you are interested in adopting this pet, please visit our website at and click on “Adopting a Pet” on the left side. You will be asked to complete a few forms. By filling out these forms, you are not committing yourselves to the pet you’re interested in, it’s a screening process that must be completed before you meet the dog. Please do this BEFORE calling. Our voicemail is only checked periodically, you can reach us much faster through our website. Thank you! - february 16, 2012 - 11

The Talent

Heather Frazier My name is Heather. I am a natural light photographer in the Manhattan, Fort Riley, Junction City area. Here's a little bit about myself: I've been doing photography for about 4 years now. I love my husband, my friends and my life. I love music! I usually blast music on my way to the shoot. It pumps me up! Exercising and being in nature are my favorite things. I grew up in a very small town, then married a military man and moved to a big city. I am a night owl. I love my computer. If I have pictures, I will edit 'till all hours of the night! Cosmetology school changed my life. I miss my family, but visit often. I love what I do and will be a photographer for the rest of my life!

12 - february 16 , 2012 -

The Hype

Passing Notes in The Hype Daniel C. Valentine passed away in October 2010 from Pancreatic cancer, leaving behind a young daughter. In his memory, a fund was set up. This month, we’re inviting everyone to send a note to someone they love by donating $5 to the Dan Valentine fund and in return, we will print that note to your special someone in the next week of The Hype. Email with your note and for info on how you can donate. Tell your loved ones how you feel and help us honor Dan’s memory and fight cancer during February!

DanYour face always made my day better. Miss you man.-Michael

For My Orkdaisy, You are my constant strength, my 8th dimension Overthruster, my Melange, my mana pool, and I will never stop loving you for it. - Your Peachweasel Mom, Last year was a tough one, but it would have been unbearable without you. I love you so much. -Katie

Mr. King Boo Looking back over our 2 ½ years together, I think,“Where would I be without you leading the way?”. 1st place, that’s where! This Valentine’s day, the blue shell is coming for you. I love you more than finding a dropped star on the track. - Ms. Dry Bowser Amy, You are the most amazing woman I know. Thanks for marrying me. -Derek

 

Panda -

You are my best friend, my greatest joy, and the love of my life!

Love, Your Red Panda

Dear Calabaza, I miss you almost as much Dear Mom, I know today is as I love you. When you a hard day now. come home, I am going Remember all the beautiful to hug you until times we had together, think of it hurts! all the wonderful things to come, and Love forever, know that he is watching over us on your Limonada special day.


Love, James

Featuring VIKTOR LUNA from Project Runway Season 9

 

    

 

    

 


          

Presentation by Viktor Luna at 7 pm on Friday, February 17 followed by the student designer runway show at about 8:30 pm Ballroom, Second Floor, K-State Student Union · Free Admission - february 16, 2012 - 13

The Talent

Mark Ahrens: lines and “Cold Turkey for Breakfast”


There are two causes for my topic this week. The first is that several of my friends are engaged, and engagement often leads to marriage, which can lead to children, which usually leads to children-specific foods. The second is the ongoing debate about whether or not marijuana is a gateway drug.

Then there's Trix and the Trix Rabbit - an anthropomorphic leporid hell-bent on getting some of that sugary goodness. He seems to be willing to do anything to acquire the cereal, including larceny. The lengths that he goes imply he would probably even live up to his namesake and begin selling his body. But of course they won't show that on kid's television. That would be going to far. Well I mean…really, it would. That would be weird.

If one is going to consider marijuana as a gateway drug, then I ask that we also examine at a seemingly less-dangerous, though much cheaper, socially acceptable, and easily attainable product: sugary cereals. For most children, they are exposed to this vast variety of artificial colors, shapes, and textures long before they've ever heard of marijuana. And even if they never actually eat these tasty bits, they will inevitably see many, many commercials. I don't care if your family doesn't have a television - one of your kid's friends will. All it takes is one rainy play-date, and...

You know what else has a white rabbit? Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. And we all know about all the drug-references in that book. Wait…you don't? Go read it again. …you say it wouldn't be "again"? You've never read it? Sigh… some other time, I'm going to write about the joys of reading. Get Alice's Adventures in Wonderland from the library. And seriously, I mean the book. Not the cartoon movie, nor the live-action one with Johnny Depp. I mean the book written by Lewis Carroll, and follow that with Through the Looking Glass.

Let's start easy - Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Know the motto? "The taste you can see." We're being (mis)informed that we will experience synesthesia, and from the reaction of the cartoon children, this seems to be a good thing. What other consumables cause synesthesia? LSD. Opium. Moving on.

Going "Coo-Coo" for Cocoa Puffs. 'nuff said. In 2008, Consumer Reports put these final two cereals at the top of their list of cereals with the highest sugar content:

Post Golden Crisp. That's the Golden Gate Bridge of gateways. I mean Kellogg's Corn Pops carries the motto, "Gotta have my Pops." They're probridges. Whatever. Their jingly motto? moting addictive behavior. You "Can't get enough of that Golden don't think so? Well, if you want Crisp." Like Corn Pops, they're proa prime example, head over to Two Elephants Approaching a Touchy Subject moting addictive behavior, this time YouTube and search “1/31/1999 through their super-cool mascot, Sugar Cart00n N3tw0rk commercials Bear. (part 4 of 5)”. Bring the video to 8:26. The cool teenager has been Lastly, Kellogg's Honey Smacks. denied his Corn Pops for just a Elephant brother, Smacks? As in, hitting someone with an few seconds, and immediately the you must realize… open-palm? Multiple times? And then potentially insightful words his you must! You must! what do you do, when you've smacked father is giving to him becomes a Please open your eyes! someone too hard for the sake of your dull, incomprehensible mumble. cereal? The mascot's name is Dig'em. The teen is crashing. He needs that Elephant brother... The behaviors these marketers are trysubstance to function again. He'll if you don’t, we are doomed; ing to encourage should be obvious at say anything to get it. They make this point. (as a side-note, I once knew there’s a human standing this look cool! And doesn't that aca couple of cemetery groundskeepers tor look familiar? Yes, it's the young in the back of the room. named Doug and Phil. Very pleasant Aaron Paul, who now plays the gentlemen.) meth-manufacturing drug-abusing Jesse Pinkman on AMC's Breaking Marijuana is the gateway to harder drugs. The video games industry is Bad. the gateway to violent crime. Candyland is the gateway to type-2 diabetes. Trouble is the gateway to…trouble. But you really want to keep your kids from Back into the cartoon-based commercials, we have Lucky Charms, whose falling down the rabbit hole? Ban breakfast. commercials depict kids running after a mythological little green man to find out what he's hiding at the end of the rainbow. It's basically a bite-sized Naw. The true gateway drug isn't marijuana. The true gateway drug isn't Scooby-Doo trip, except here, the magic is real – "They're magically delicereal. The true gateway drug…is serial cereal advertising. It doesn't matter cious!" What other ingestible product has the word "magic" often tied to it? whether you actually buy the cereal (actually it does, but because of nutritionAnd come in a soft, cute shape? Shrooms, Mario. al implications, not behavioral), it matters if you watch the commercials to a point where you start believing this behavior is cool. Next, Froot Loops. Their frontman is the rainbow-beaked Toucan Sam, who tells us (and sometimes his fawning nephews) to "follow" our noses. Indeed. Sigh…I can't even tell if I'm kidding, anymore. Look, you know the deal, You know what else you do with noses? Snort cocaine. That's right, Mr. but I'll say it anyway. Feed your kids well, with healthy breakfast included. Snuffleupagus - you're the real creature, and the rest of Sesame Street is one Make sure they run around outside daily. Don't let them watch too much TV. gigantic hallucination. Encourage them to read good books. Love them. Stop stressing yourself out about all the connections (proven or not) between everything, because it's not Have you noticed this rainbow trend? The "rainbows" of the 70s didn't fade a neat, discernible web; it's a big messy glob. And don't forget about yourself. away - they just moved to cereal commercials, hiding in plain sight. Late winter tends to be when people can lean towards depression the most, so I say again, don't forget about yourself. You matter. You've read this to the It's not necessarily only cereal products, mind you. Listen closely - it's just a end. Even if I don't know you, you matter to me. whisper: Skittles…taste the rainbow. There's your synesthesia again, promoted in the form of a sweet nothing. Maybe a six-year-old wouldn't be aroused, Now carry on and kick ass. but if you see enough of these commercials when you're young, they stick with you into adolescence.

14 - february 16 , 2012 -

The Talent

Ivan de Monbrison An Emerging Parisian Artist

“Art is for me the only answer in our modern world to the question of death and the fragility of human nature. Through the ages human beings have used the representation of the world as a medium to conjure what they saw has powerful elements of nature that they could not explain and which would threaten them, it included spirits of the ancestors, forces of nature, death itself etc. I think this process is still at the core of the art medium. To represent ourselves is still a mirror to our own self, and the consciousness we have of it is reflected in the very image on the surface. In a world of technology to choose to use still a very classical medium like painting is a way to set a bridge with the past resisting the facility of technology but with the will to represent the world with a modern eye. That is why i choose to paint mostly in black and white and to represent human beings more as shadows than as fleshy bodies. They are incarnated in the canvas but not yet fully present. I hope that people who have experienced pain and loss in life as absurd and meaningless will be able to connect with these ghostly shapes as images of the sense of precarity they may feel, giving it a depth that goes far beyond the simple pleasure of the eye .� -Ivan de Monbrison Ivan de Monbrison contacted the Hype with an interest in connecting Manhattan, Kansas with the art scene of Paris, France. Monbrison’s macabre style of abstract expressionism resembles the work of Francis Bacon but develops a definitively human touch in his subject matter. Check out more of his work at - february 16, 2012 - 15

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The Hype Weekly #25  
The Hype Weekly #25  

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