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there is a special level of hell for people that vandalize Christmas trees. Yea, I’m lookin at you, jerk.

Know Your Doc by Samuel Sargent pg 4



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issue #15 - december 8th, 2011

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2 - december 8, 2011 -

US to You Dear Manhattan, Winter is definitely here, but don’t worry we have plenty of lovely indoor activities in The Centerfold this week! This week brings our 2nd installment of Shop Local, with ten more great local small businesses to help you with your Holiday shopping lists. Our primary mission is to support local businesses and events in Manhattan, and you can help us out by skipping the boxstores and shopping local for the Holidays and beyond. Our feature this week centers around keeping yourself safe by knowing your health care providers better, and you’ll find a link to our website where we’ve posted some sites that can help keep you better informed about this important facet of life. This month’s Hype community charity event is “Get Caught on The Hype’s Nice List” in which we would love for you to donate toys for Toys for Tots or pet supplies for The Riley County Humane Society. Whether you love little critters or little tikes or both, you can help out this Holiday season by donating. See page 15 for details. Lastly, we would like to thank all the Hypesters that provide the content that you see in The Hype. They’re normal people, just like you, not journalists per se, just folks that love their community and want to share it with you all. While we put the Hype together, they’re the ones that make it happen. If you’d like to be a part of this group of awesome folk, come check out The Hype Weekly Pitch Meeting, every Monday at 7pm at Auntie Mae’s Parlor. Or if you don’t feel like braving the cold, just shoot us an email at with you ideas for stories. Stay warm and stay awesome, Manhattan! Love, The Hype Weekly

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The Slant

Face / Off

The Best Christmas Movie: Mixed Nuts vs. Love Actually Love Actually

Mixed Nuts

by Sarah Sullivan

by Keegan D. Hudspeth

Nothing says true Christmas spirit like a failing suicide hotline, Robert Klein as a heartless landlord evicting the suicide hotline workers, a depressed seven foot tall transvestite (Liev Schreiber), a several-times re-gifted fruit cake, a homicidal pregnant woman (Juliette Lewis) and the Seaside Strangler. For anyone who is sick of watching Jimmy Stuart, Chevy Chase and Peter Billingsly on Christmas, Steve Martin and Madeline Kahn present a welcome change. With cameos by Parker Posey, Jon Stewart, Rob Reiner, and a very young Adam Sandler, this is the real holiday classic. On Christmas day, Robert Klein, the landlord evicts the three-man operation while Gracie, a pregnant thrift store owner kicks her baby-daddy, Anthony LaPaglia out on his drunk, Santa -costumed butt. Gracie then calls her emotionally stunted friend Catherine who works with Steve Martin and Madeline Kahn at the hotline and hilarity ensues with shots fired, ukulele songs, fruitcakes through windshields, broken elevators, perverted callers, trips to the veternarian for stitches, and awkward office love. Other Christmas movies give you a ‘Hollywood’ Christmas experience. Mixed Nuts is a real representation of the insane rat race that is the true holiday season. I think the thing I love most about this movie is the fact that you cannot predict what will happen next. It’s almost like a Monty Python Christmas special, and I guess that will always make it right up my alley.

Every 12 Days of Christmas all the major networks forget their usual fare of promoting drama, action, sex and whatnot to steep themselves in the holiday season. While several new additions have made their way into the standard fare of Christmas movies to keep with the times, for me the most heartfelt and contemporary Christmas movie is Love Actually. A British film featuring vignettes of the month of December for many characters that are interconnected in tertiary ways, Love Actually touches all walks of life and all topics. It represents love, family, longing, success, failure, redemption, without filters or blinders on. Be warned, this is not a film full of cutely funny fishnet leg lamps, angels getting their wings, or Christmas bonus poolside backyard fantasies. Love Actually is real, inspired by life, full of moments which are hilarious, sad, and beautiful. If you can suspend a little disbelief, you will be uplifted. You will see Hugh Grant as the Prime Minister risking scandal with a Monica Lewinsky-esque intern. Liam Neeson as a loving stepfather encouraging his young son to fall in love after the death of his mother. Alan Rickman as a husband tempted by an affair at the consequence of losing his wife played by Emma Thompson. Also, the fabulous Bill Nighy as an aging rock star, attempting to revitalize his career through a dodgy Christmas album of his own classic songs. There will be cursing, sex, and drama, but most importantly love, which should always go year round.



Let me say first, that favorite Christmas movies have deep emotional ties for a person who loves them. So to annoyingly qualify, if you like Mixed Nuts, I get it. Sadly, I don’t much care for the movie. Taking it from the premise of a farcical Christmas comedy would be enough to go on at first, but Mixed Nuts goes too far. It’s a big cast of talented people, omitting Adam Sandler, making fools of themselves, which is fine. However, I think the failing of Mixed Nuts is that there’s far too much foolishness.

I completely agree with you when you said that our favorite movies are our favorites for a reason, whether it’s because they touch us emotionally or they just ‘get us’ as far as our sense of humor is concerned. I do have to say that I was kind of disappointed with Love Actually. Out of all the monotonous and predictable story lines, the only one I was remotely interested in was Bill Nighy’s. My husband hates watching chick flicks with me as much as I hate watching them myself. The main reason: I can call the ending in the first fifteen minutes. They are predictable.

The plot formula borrows from every classic comedy ever written and uses it’s own absurdity to twist the plot to tie everything up with a bow at the end causing it to remind me too much of Christmas Vacation. Beyond that, there are some good parts to be sure, Liev Schreiber was eerily funny, but the body of the film is repetitive overreacting to ridiculous circumstances. This involves lots of “funny” screaming and panicking, but the tension as well as comedy are defeated by how the actors are trying too hard. I spent the majority of the film wondering whether it would be better if the entire story took place inside a mental hospital instead. Making perhaps a softer “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” full of Christmas spirit.

Also, I feel like there is enough infidelity, self-obsession, self-doubt, selfpity, etc. in real life. I think that’s why I’m drawn to the zany. I guess it’s just me wishing life was more like that instead of people always cheating on their spouses or wishing their life was some other way but never really doing anything to change it. I see enough drama in real life. A good movie should be a means of escape from what you get every day. I didn’t feel an escape with Love Actually. I felt a predictable ending at the end of a rocky, drama-ridden road. I understand and respect that Love Actually touches you in particular and you feel a connection to it. If you like escaping life into emotional drama, than this is definitely a movie for you. You probably like other movies similar to this one, so you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Want to Face / Off? Email - december 8, 2011 - 3

The Beat is written about the need to seek M uch professional help when you

feel your mental faculties are slipping out of control, but not enough is said about how to maintain your mental health after that initial step is taken. Pharmaceutical commercials would lead you to believe that you just take your pill and everything will be alright but it's not always that simple. Sometimes it's necessary to change medications and other times it may be right to stop taking medication altogether. These are the tricky times when an abundance of caution is needed.

Knowing is Half The Battle... At this point, I began doing some personal research on the various medications and was not pleased with what I discovered. First of all, her previous citalopram dosage was 60mg, an amount that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had disrecommended a couple of months prior due to it potentially causing “abnormal changes in the electrical activity of the heart.” Despite this announcement from the FDA and the label being changed to no longer recommend such high dosages, the pharmacy (a major chain with fancy computer systems that should easily be able to keep track of such things) continued to provide her with the dangerous dosage without so much as a warning.

Know Your Doc by Samuel Sargent

A Not-So-Uncommon Story

I'm writing this while sitting on a hard bench in the emergency room at Mercy Regional Health Center. A good When I spoke to the head pharma“There are good doctors and there are bad doctors. Unfortunately, they friend is asleep, finally, in the cold, rocist about this, he was unaware of the look a lot alike and the only way to tell one from the other is to put your botic bed beside me. Why? Because she change in dosage recommendations. life in their hands and wait to see if you survive.” However, he did express concern when did what her medical professional told her to do. When her citalopram (comhe learned that my friend was cutting her bupoprion tablets in half (per the instructions of the psychiatrist) monly known as Celexa, an anti-depression medication) started becombecause they were time release caplets that wouldn’t work properly if ing less effective and the side effects started to worsen, a nurse practitioner switched her to bupropion. She was told to stop taking the old meds broken. Upon learning this, she called the psychiatrist but was told that cutting the pills was perfectly safe. However, after consulting Health and switch to the other immediately. This turned out to be exactly the Tap (see sidebar), she elected to start taking a full pill. At her wrong thing to do. next medical consultation with the psychiatrist, the doctor After a week of panic attacks and violent dreams, she woke admitted that she hadn’t realized they were time release up on Friday morning to find herself hallucinating. She caplets and that they shouldn’t be cut, so she changed my called Pawnee Mental Health Services and was told that friend’s prescription to the standard release version so going cold turkey from citalopram was a very bad idea, that she could continue taking the smaller dosage. HealthTap is a free service (availas was starting out on such a high dose of bupropion. able as an app for iPhone and AnThe lesson to be learned here is that while trust is She was urged to go straight to the emergency room droid phones, as well as on the web) for testing, so that they could balance out her mediimportant in a doctor-patient relationship, this that allows you to ask questions that cation. does not mean blindly following your doctor’s will be answered by a licensed physician. instructions. There are good doctors and there are After creating a free account, you post a question,and multiple doctors can post The crisis counselor from Pawnee met us at the bad doctors. Unfortunately, they look a lot alike responses or they can click ‘Agree’ if they hospital and his care was excellent, putting my and the only way to tell one from the other is to share the opinion of another physician who friend at ease quickly. He assessed the situation put your life in their hands and wait to see if you has already posted. and determined that it wasn’t an absolute necessurvive. If anything sounds even slightly wrong, sity that she be admitted, though he strongly get a second opinion. Do your own research as Responses are not instantaneous, so encouraged her to consider it. She ultimately well. Had we done this when she first switched HealthTap should not be used for an decided against spending the weekend in the her medication, some very bad experiences emergency, but it is an excellent resource hospital, primarily because the coverage procould have been avoided. When it comes to matfor double checking information or finding vided by her graduate student insurance is ters of health, what you don’t know most ceranswers to questions that aren’t of immedislightly less than that of a closed umbrella. The tainly can hurt you. ate import. counselor made a call to one of the psychiatrists at Pawnee who advised my friend to drop down Six weeks later, my friend is doing much better According to the company, HealthTap has recruited over 5000 doctors and are actively to a quarter of the bupropion dosage she had but is still working to balance out the medicaseeking out more. tion. On the doctor’s recommendation, she was been taking for a week. They also scheduled her an appointment the following Monday for a full able to eliminate the third pill. The next step was Via HealthTap, I was able to ascertain that medical evaluation. to eliminate the citalopram but the onset of a bad the three different medications my friend sinus infection necessitated the introduction of an had been prescribed were safe to take This got even worse that evening but, fortunately, antibiotic and some other medications temporarily, together. We also were able to detershe made it through the weekend and met with the so plans were halted temporarily. Any future changes mine that the symptoms she had will be accompanied by extensive research. psychiatrist as scheduled. The doctor put her back on been experiencing for several a small dosage of citalopram to help with the withdays were consistent with a drawal symptoms. A third drug was also prescribed to We Certainly Do Need Some Education bad sinus infection. help stabilize her while she grew accustomed to the new chemicals. In this so-called information age, you would expect there to


4 - december 8, 2011 -

The Beat be an abundance of information on just about anything. Wikipedia has half-a-dozen paragraphs about the Shirt Tales, a group of greeting card mascots turned cartoon stars who only survived two seasons on television, but there is very little data to be found anywhere online regarding the quality of medical care in Manhattan.

There is a list of medical rating sites posted on The Hype Weekly’s website. Please, when you have a few moments to spare, go rate your doctors. You could very literally be saving a life. Tis The Season

Angie’s List, a popular services review site, has 20 doctors listed in Contrary to popular assumption, the holidays do not see a sharp Manhattan under the Primary Care - Family Medicine category, increase in depression. Studies have revealed that December is but only three ratings total. Health Grades fares a bit better, actually below average when it comes to suicide rates, with featuring over 60 total ratings for the 21 family doctors they Thanksgiving and Christmas coming in far below the mean. have listed in Manhattan, but only a single doctor has ten But while the prevalence of the “holiday blues” may be or more reviews, with five having no reviews whatsooverstated, there is another very real depression issue If you feel as if you're slipping out of ever. that affects millions of people as the weather turns control, you should seek help immedicolder. ately. The following numbers have trained crisis counselors on call 24 hours a day: And when you move into more specialized areas, the numbers plummet rapidly. For instance, Health Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), also known as National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Grades has listings for eight psychiatrists in Manseason depression, is a mood disorder that causes 1-800-273-8255 hattan but have only received a total of 11 reviews, people who are otherwise mentally healthy to exPawnee Mental Health Crisis Services with half of the psychiatrists having a blank ratperience depressive symptoms at certain times of 1-800-609-2002 ing section. the year. SAD is most common in the winter but a If you aren't in crisis but feel that you could use a helpsmall section of the population experience season ing hand, contact one of the following: I’m still fairly new to the area, having moved depression connect to the summer, spring or fall. to Manhattan just over six months ago. Last Pawnee Mental Health Services provides care week, I obtained health insurance for the first People who suffer from winter SAD often exthroughout a ten county area. ( ) time in several months, so I’m looking for a perience a decrease in energy and tend to K-State students can contact K-State Counseling primary care physician. Knowing few people in oversleep and overeat, resulting in weight gain Services. ( ) the area (and even fewer who are insured and and difficulty waking up in the morning. This, can afford to go to a doctor for non-emergency in turn, leads to pessimistic feelings, lowered Catholic Charities offers income-based purposes), I turned to online reviews. Based sex drive and general depression. (Inversely, counseling regardless of religious affiliation. ( ) on the limited amount of reports, I found one people who experience seasonal depression in doctor who looked promising. I also received a the spring and summer tend to exhibit insomStatistics favorable review of that doctor from my fiancee’s nia, decreased appetite, increased sex drive and 15 million Americans over the age of co-worker. When I called to see about getting an irritability.) 18 suffer from major depression. appointment with said doctor, I was informed that More than 90% of people who commit suicide Unlike most other forms of depression, the winter she wasn’t accepting new clients. suffer from diagnosable mental disorder. blues can often be treated without medication. The Back to square one. most common treatment is light therapy or photoSuicide is the third leading cause of death therapy, for ages 10 to 24. So I’m putting out a call to everyone who reads this to which Depression is one of the most go to the review sites and review the doctors with whom consists of treatable illnesses: 80 to you’ve had experiences, good or bad, in Manhattan and exposing the 90% of people find the surrounding area. It only takes a few minutes, you don’t patient to artirelief. have to write an essay, just click a few stars and write a senficial light, usually tence or two about your opinion of the doctor. I mean, Coco Bolos in the form of a very has received over 400 ratings on Urban Spoon. Rock A Belly and The bright light box. Exposure Chef have over 150 ratings each. to bright light inhibits the production of melatonin (a Medical care may not be as enjoyable as a good sandwich but the repersleep regulator) and promotes cussions of making poorly informed health decisions are far greater than the production of serotonin those stemming from a crappy salad. (the so-called pleasure chemical), leading to a decrease in depressive feelings.

Getting Help

  

   


The holidays are often stressful even when things are going well, so it isn’t unusual to experience some level of depression or exhaustion but if you find that your mood darkens as the days grow shorter and doesn’t improve until the first shoots of grass begin to spring forth, you could be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder and should consult a doctor to examine your options. - december 8, 2011 - 5

The Beat

Shop Small! 30 LocallyVolumeOwned 2 : 11-20 Bling

The Hype Weekly has chosen 30 locally owned holiday gift hotspots to showcase! Ten last week, ten this week, and ten next week. We’re hoping to swaying you away from boxstores and boring gifts. Shop Small, Manhattan!

Bling is a new women’s fashion and accessory store located downtown on Poyntz that is exactly what its name entails; a store catering to ladies that looooovee bling’d, bedazzled, or otherwise prettied up with sparkly goodness clothing, accessories, and jewelry. If it’s big, loud and sparkly, they’ve got it; from baby-sized bling up to 3x sizes. Zebra striped to powerfully pink, Bling is your spot for women, young or young at heart, that love to stand out in the crowd. Find examples and more information at Bling’s blinged out website:

321 Poyntz Ave. (785) 587-8775

Mon-Thur 10am-7pm, Fri-Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 12p-6pm

Price Range: $10-$100

Rockstar and Rogers Rockstar & Rogers is exactly what a secondhand name brand clothing store should be - an eclectic, vibrant little space, bristling with all manner of clothes, accessories, shoes and otherwise. Racks are neatly lined with various fashions, for women and men, juxtaposed together in a way they’d never be at the mall. Knee-high Converse, zero-gauge plugs, vintage costume jewelry and the obligatory hemp necklaces all share the same space with Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Donna Karan while the foster cat roams the fabric jungles below the knees and petting hands of browsing shoppers. The store’s vibe is as it always has been for over nine years now, through four different locations and staffing changes. 1120B Moro. (785) 587-1819

11am-7pm Mon-Sat, 12pm-5pm Sun

Price Range: $5-75

Big Poppi Bicycle Someone in your family got their heart set on shiny new Scott, Giant, or Redline? Or maybe their old Schwinn or other two wheeled treasure is just in need of some TLC before the Spring riding season kicks up? If so, then Big Poppi is your place, nestled in the heart of Aggieville and sporting an eclectic team of gearheads and spokesters to help you outfit your giftee in the best gear and accessories in town. With product lines from Hydrapak to Crank Brothers as well as full service and repair BPC has everything you need to stuff a biker’s stocking, including gift cards! With service packages from their BLT (Basic Lube & Tune) to the Royale w/Cheese Overhaul, Big Poppi offers bike love for any budget from the finest folk we Hypesters have ever had handle our head tubes. 1126 Moro. (785) 537-3737

Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 1pm-4pm.

Price Range: $25-500+

The Dusty Bookshelf At the corner of Moro and Manhattan Ave, floor to ceiling shelves are jammed to bursting with book after book, almost every one a small castoff from someone’s personal library. For over two decades this building has slowly been filled with volumes, now boasting a collection of well over seventeen thousand books on their shelves. More books are piled by the dozen, scattered throughout the place, and the high-value limited editions and rare books are squirreled away safely to sell on behalf of private collectors, libraries, and the like. Here you can find everything from Children’s fiction to scholarly material, all at fair prices with a staff that’s always happy to answer any question you might have. As well as books, Dusty serves up some of the finest buttons to be found in Manhattan and is a must for anyone with a serious bookhound on their shopping list.

700 N Manhattan Ave. (785) 539-2839

Mon-Fri 10am-8pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 12pm-5pm

Price Range: $5-50

Stray Cat Tattoo Stray Cat has been a Manhattan institution for over a decade, especially well known for Robert’s award winning black & white work. When I think of the epitome of inkdom, Stray Cat fits the bill. The attitude, the environment, the decor and even the music all spell out badasses getting their ink done without saying a word. Robert and Cody will help you get the right fit, color selection and layout for whatever your tattoo desires are, with expert advice and patience. But ink isn’t all they do. Fitzy can pierce anything you need pierced (within reason) and has a great selection of jewelry to go along with it. With great service and reputation among Manhattan’s ink fanatics, you can’t miss with a gift of a session at Stray Cat Tattoo.

i130 Laramie, (785) 539-8288

6 - december 8, 2011 -

Mon-Fri 2pm-8pm

Price Range: Varies with design, around $100 an hour

The Beat

Holiday Shopping Hotspots! Varney’s A local business that very few people haven’t heard of because they’ve been serving K-State and the Manhattan Community since 1890! This home town hotspot is host to everything that is purple pride. You are sure to find the perfect gift here for the KSU fan of any age (yes, they do have K-State onesies..for children..though maybe you can make a special order if you’re looking for an extremely unique piece of game day gear). Not only are they well equipped to get you geared up for this year’s Cotton Bowl, but what some people may not know is that they are also host to a wide variety of art supplies that are hard to find elsewhere. So if you know any of those artsy types, you’re sure to find something here that they can use during their next imaginative endeavour. Three convenient locations and huge selection make it worth checking out.

623 N. Manhattan Ave (785) 539-0511

Mon-Sat 9am - 8pm, Sun 11am - 5pm

Price Range: $5-150

Thread Locally owned and made to order! This is a great place to get one of a kind custom made t-shirts, tank tops, polos, and other related articles of clothing. Need suggestions? The walls at this swanky specialty store are lined top to bottom with a colorful array of some of their favorite designs. Think you’re original? That’s great! Give them anything your awesomely creative brain can come up with, and they will make your imagination come to life on a cotton canvas. From family friendly to adults only, pub crawls to church groups, nerds to jocks, sarcastic to just plain silly, and everything in between, they will make sure you can wear it loud and proud. Need proof? Check them out at Tired of me asking you questions? Then go in there and get your hands on a customized piece of the Little Apple for cryin’ out loud!

1224 Moro St. (785)539-4539

Mon-Sat 11am-7pm, Sun 12pm-5pm

Price Range: $20-140

Olson’s Shoe Service Around 1889 Peter Olson opened Olson’s Shoe Repair in Manhattan. One hundred and twenty-two years later, the Olson’s is still “The Best Little Shoe Shop in Manhattan”. Squeezed in between Jimmy John’s and Sisters of Sound, Olson’s offers shoes for every walk of life, from dress to hiking, and have experienced pedorthists to help you diagnose foot paint or any other corrective measure as well as creating custom inserts based off of your unique soles. In addition to their orthopedic work, Olson’s Foot Health and Shoe Service sells many brands of shoes from Birkenstocks and P.W. Minor, and their new line - Kumfs, from New Zealand. Someone on your gift list always complaining about their feet or shoes? Stop by Olson’s and get them sorted for the Holidays!

1214B Moro (785) 539-8571

Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-1pm

Price Range: $2-150

Manhattan Aquarium Co.

Despite what the name implies, MAC is a full line pet store, carrying products for everything from fish to puppies to hedgehogs. When it comes to gifts, a new (and appropriate) pet is the Cadillac of giving, and the great folks at MAC can help you pick the right pet, food and accessories at great prices. It’s a bit outside of town, but the trip is well worth it for any pet enthusiast or someone shopping for one. With a knowledgeable and friendly staff, huge inventory and awesome furry, scaly, and feathery gift options, Manhattan Aquarium Company is our choice anyone with a pet lover on their list and an eye on their budget 513 Pillsbury Drive (785) 537-3693

Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat 9am-6pm

Price Range: $10-500+


A second hand store the likes of which you’ve never seen before. The beautiful finds you will come across in this store consist of refreshed and repurposed furniture as well as vintage textiles and fashion. Many of the unique items they sell are created by local craftsmen and artists. Some of the one-of-a-kind, hard-to-find items include; retro and created jewelry, lamps, clothing and furniture. This is the perfect place to shop for that hard-to-shop-for person in your life by giving them something with a zany personal touch. This is a store that knows and promotes the true meaning of community and it shows. 2047A Fort Riley Blvd. (785) 341-1730

Thur 11am-8pm, Fri 11am-6pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 11am-6pm

Price Range: $5-150 - december 8, 2011 - 7

Thursday 8 10:00AM

New Horizons: Featuring Gary Skidmore

@ The Columbian Theatre Gary Skidmore’s photography seeks to capture the essence of our Kansas landscape.


The Konza Prairie: Earth, Wind and Fire!

@ 5th Floor, Hale Library on KSU Campus This exhibit highlights the unprecedented history of the Konza Prairie Biological Station.


Teresa Schmidt: Friends of the Beach Museum @ Beach Museum of Art A selection of works by Teresa Schmidt, who teaches print making and drawing at Kansas State University.


Art and Psychology: The Work of Roy Langford



@ Beach Museum of Art This exhibition examines the work of the late Roy Langford, longtime resident of Manhattan and former Kansas State University professor of psychology.

Wrap it Up Art Exhibit and Sale










@ MHS Black Box Theatre Two nights of one act plays performed by the talented students at MHS.


MHS Thespian One-Act Play Festival

2011 K-State Dept. of Art Faculty Biennial

Konza Wind Quintet

@ All Faiths Chapel A beautiful night of talented Konza musicians.

Caffeine Fix

@ Weigel Library, 323 Seaton Hall Free coffee, tea, snacks, and sympathy for students finishing up final projects.

Trivia Night

@ Pat’s Blue Ribbion BarBeQue Get your trivia on!

Saturday 10 Holiday Horse Drawn Carriage Rides


A Christmas Carol

12:00PM-5:00PM Howliday Pawsbilities

A Christmas Survival Guide

@ Columbian Theatre This revue takes a wry and knowing look at a stressful season. Armed with a copy of A Christmas Survival Guide, the characters charge into an urban holiday landscape for the true essence of Christmas. Dinner is at 6:00pm and the show starts at 7:30.


@ Manhattan Arts Center A wonderful children’s production of the classic tale.

@ Sunset Zoo Get outside and help others at the same time. $1 off admission with the donation of a food item and in December and visit Sunset Zoo's Giving Tree.


@ Aggieville at Triangle Park A wonderful Manhattan holiday tradition. From 4pm to 7pm. Cost: $5 a person.


Cool 2 Care: Mayor’s Holiday Food and Fund


Friday 9

@ Beach Museum of Art, KSU Children’s art show celebrating the fifteen anniversary of the Konza Prairie Environmental Education Program with photographs, writing, and art work.


@ Manhattan Arts Center The Manhattan Arts Center presents its annual WRAP IT UP art exhibit and sale, November 5th - December 24th, we have dozens of artists participating. @ Beach Museum of Art, KSU See the creative work of the talented faculty in the Kansas State University Department of Art.

Konza Environmental Ed. Art Show

Performance: Cadence Winter Concert

@ Forum Hall, KSU Student Union Come hear Cadence, the all-male K-State a capella group! Tickets are $5 if purchased before the show and $7 at the door.

Film: Abduction

@ Forum Hall, K-State Student Union Admission $2.




61st Kiwanis Pancake Feed/Silent Auction

@ Pottorf Hall in CiCo Park 61 years of pancakes and smiles helping to fund youth in local programs. @ Clarion Regency Room B Come out and visit vendors from local businesses and help raise money for Big Dogs Huge Paws, Inc, a large breed dog rescue.

Holiday Horse Drawn Carriage Rides

@ Aggieville at Triangle Park A wonderful Manhattan holiday tradition. From 4pm to 7pm. Cost: $5 a person.

A Christmas Carol

@ Manhattan Arts Center A wonderful children’s production of the classic tale.

Film: Abduction

@ Forum Hall, K-State Student Union Admission $3. Second showing at 9:30pm.

Three of a Kind in Concert

@ Blackstone Tavern Three of a Kind is comprised of three veterans of the Kansas music scene that have come together to provide a fun and energetic rock and roll experience.

Micky & the Motorcars in Concert

Your Hit Music Channel!

@ Longhorns Saloon Unlike the previous three albums by country band Micky and the Motorcars, the group — this go-around — had plenty of time to prepare for NAIVE.

Riot on the Roxxx

@ Pat’s Blue Ribbon Heavy Metal with Shawn Rock.

After Hours: Comedian Lauren Ashley Bishop

@ Forum Hall, K-State Student Union Free Admission.

8 - december 8, 2011 -



@ Forum Hall, KSU Student Union Come hear Cadence, the all-male K-State a capella group! Tickets are $5 if purchased before the show and $7 at the door.

A Christmas Survival Guide

Performance: Cadence Winter Concert


Sunday Bruch Jazz

@ Bluestem Bistro Live jazz every Sunday morning.


@ Bramlage Coliseum Go Cats!


Ballet Wichita Presents, “The Nutcracker”

KSU Men’s Basketball vs. North Florida

@ C.L. Hoover Opera House Ballet Wichita brings The Nutcracker to life on the Opera House stage.

Monday 12 6:00PM


@ Bobby T’s Grill and Bar Not your grandma’s bingo parlor! Every Monday night at Bobby T’s!


Art Lecture Series

@ Beach Museum of Art This lecture and workshop will be presented by Curators of the Beach Museum of Art, and will focus on Printmak ing in Kansas and the U.S.

7:00PM The Hype Weekly Pitch Meeting

@ Auntie Mae’s Parlor Bring us your ideas and have a drink with us!

Wednesday 14








Jolly Rogers in Concert

@ Auntie Mae’s Parlor The Jolly Rogers began as a three-person street act at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival in 1991. They had the singular goal of becoming the highest-profile street act the Festival had to offer - and they succeeded.

@ Columbian Theatre This revue takes a wry and knowing look at a stressful season. Armed with a copy of A Christmas Survival Guide, the characters charge into an urban holiday landscape for the true essence of Christmas. Dinner is at 6:00pm and the show starts at 7:30.

Sunday 11

Preparing for Life’s Challenges

@ Flint Hills Room, KSU Student Union What types of legal and personal preparations should we make along the way related to wills, power of attor ney for ourselves and aging family and medical power of attorney or living wills? Learn your choices so you can be prepared for the future. Bring your own lunch.

Walk-In Wednesdays

@ Holtz Hall Drop by to have your resume reviewed or to ask a quick question. No appointment necessary.

Point South in Concert

@ Pat’s Blue Ribbon Point South is from Southwest Missouri, Exeter to be exact, make no mistake, they are a prime example of a Southern Rock band.

Trivia Smack Down

@ Auntie Mae’s Parlor See your Auntie about some awesome trivia!

A Christmas Survival Guide

@ Columbian Theatre This revue takes a wry and knowing look at a stressful season. Armed with a copy of A Christmas Survival Guide, the characters charge into an urban holiday landscape for the true essence of Christmas. Dinner is at 6:00pm and the show starts at 7:30.

A Christmas Carol

@ Manhattan Arts Center A wonderful children’s production of the classic tale.

8:00PM Film: Abduction @ Forum Hall, KSU Student Union Admission $3.

Tuesday 13 9:30AM

@ Bluestem Bistro If you want to bring your kids in for a fun activity, come join us in our meeting room as our manager, Mr. Steve, plays silly kid’s songs!



Sing-a-Long with Mr. Steve

Manhattan Means Business “Lunch & Learn” @ Clarion Hotel Part of the Business Education Series.

Music of Mannheim Steamroller- Chip Davis

@ McCain Auditorium With 20 million Christmas records sold, Mannheim Steamroller is right up there with eggnog and Rudolph. But the show is no quiet fireside moment.

Edwin C. Olson Sr.

1214 B. Moro Manhattan, KS 66502 785-539-8571 Mon-Fri 9:00-6:00 Sat 9:00-1:00

“Elementary, my dear Watson. Advertise with The Hype Weekly.” Email us at for the most excellent ads in town, Old Bean. - december 8, 2011 - 9

The Hype

MHS One Act Play Festival By: Ben Shields High School’s annual One Act M anhattan Play Festival will be held Thursday and

Friday night this week from 7:00pm to around 9:30. Both nights will be full of student performed, directed, and occasionally written, acts ranging from five to 30 minutes. Students who write or direct a play hold their own auditions, cast, and rehearse on their own time. “It’s a fun way to feature students’ original work and to develop their directorial skills,” said Linda Uthoff, head of the Manhattan High School drama department. “It’s a neat experience because about half of the students who come out for it are already involved in drama, and the other half are new faces or have only dabbled in thespians a little bit previously.” The One Act festival has been an important fundraiser for the MHS Thespian Club for close to 20 years. In addition to largely featuring original work by students, plays by actual published playwrights are performed. This year, eight plays will be performed, a few of which were written by students. The lineup includes work by Carl Martin, famous acting teacher and Shakespeare scholar and American novelist and playwright Edna Ferber. Felix Amanor-Boadu, a senior, wrote and directed a play called “Lights Down.” I got the chance to read it, and it’s a great, fascinating play that is obviously a collection of various thoughts and contemplations Amanor-Boadu has had, and yet it avoids coming off as merely a grab bag. I talked to Felix briefly about what went through his mind when he wrote “Lights Down,” what inspired him to write it, and his creative process. “I’m taking an independent study right now in Russian literature. I just completed a book called The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoyevsky,” Felix told me. “[It] made me want to write

something that portrayed what came to play as a person was committing a crime. I like to challenge myself spontaneously, so I wrote something like that. I realized afterwards that it fit in with two other scenes I had already written beforehand, and I thought, ‘Wow, if I put these together and add two more scenes, I’ll really have something.” “I’m a minimalist,” he went on. “I’m inspired a lot by Harold Pinter, who wrote with a style called ‘comedy of menace,’ a label he embraced and disowned over and over again. He played a lot with pauses, which I like.” The star of Amanor-Boadu’s one act is Ilana Budenosky, a junior. She is cast as three separate characters, which results in an unexpected twist at the end of the play. She spoke to The Hype Weekly over the phone about working with Amanor-Boadu and her interpretations of “Lights Down.” “I really like ‘Lights Down.’ The casting is really interesting and ironic. It kind of [reminds me] of Lewis Caroll, but mostly Jonathan Safran Foer. Felix’s direction has more conviction to it, I think, since he wrote it. Acting in front him can be intimidating because he is such a deep actor himself.” “I can only describe this play as honest,” Budenosky continued. “It’s very childlike. ‘Lights Down’ is a portraiture inside a young mind. It is innocent and has a lot of blunt lines in it that most adults wouldn’t say, and speaks with honesty in a way only children can.”

She has been in plays since age five, her first part being a munchkin in The Wizard of Oz. She played the lead role in Seussical at the Manhattan Arts Center in May. She has a small part in the One Acts festival this year. “The important thing to remember when you’re involved in theatre is that you must [emphasis hers] be ready for things to not go as planned,” Ada told me in a conversation we had in the Black Box Theatre at the high school. “I wrote a one act this year, and it was accepted and everything. But it didn’t end up working out, and it isn’t being performed. That’s the way it works. I’m just happy to be a part of it at all.” Tickets to One Act Play Festival are $5 for the public, $4 for students. A canned food donation to the Flint Hills Bread Basket may be given for a dollar off your ticket at the door.

This is the list of plays featured in the 2011 One Act Play Festival: Not Slightly Directed by Hannah Atchison The Theater Written by Ben Moberly Directed by Wen Lai and Ben Moberly Conflict Directed by Kristina Armstrong and Brian Burton Lights Down Written and directed by Felix Amanor-Boadu

I ask Budenosky if taking directions from a peer is strange, and she says no, believing her previous directorial experiences as well as Amanor-Boadu’s senior status make her comfortable with the routine. Ada Davis-Nouri, also a junior, is a participant in the festival, and is no stranger to theatre.

Pepperoni Apocalypse Directed by Joy Spickelmier

Voldemort would have won...

The Kissing Scene Directed by Raelynn Smith

...if he<'d Advertised with The Hype Weekly.

10 - december 8, 2011 -

Sun Dried Directed by Natalie Shank

The Most Random Play Ever Directed by Dylan Ritzer

Sponsor Spotlight!

Leisure Time AV Design:

The Quality of True Sound and the Passion of the Craft by Sarah Sullivan

“It’s about passion and conviction, it’s about a personal love for what you’re doing; it’s about real craftsmanship. That’s what it really comes down to.” - Robert Dieringer After a personal tour of all the things Leisure Time AV Design and Buildcraft, Inc. have to offer, I can only agree with Robert Dieringer, president and owner of Leisure Time AV Design and Buildcraft, Inc. From the outside of the building, you would not expect the carefully constructed acoustic showrooms, adorned with all the creature comforts of a luxurious den or One of the acoustical show rooms media room in the finest homes in Manhattan. The outside of Leisure Time looks like a plain warehouse. Inside, however, it is easy to believe you have stepped into a home theater set-up designed for a celebrity on Cribs. The aesthetics and personal appointment attentions that Rob and his team give their clients instantly set a prospective buyer at ease, allowing them to really listen as the Leisure Time team explains and educates all those interested in what truly makes good sound.

people of passion. A passion that drives their business as well as the quality they give to Manhattan. Check out what’s new at Leisure Time by clicking on their banner ad on and check out the videos to watch Rob and his team in action!

“We’re marketing towards people who are serious about the quality of the sound they are getting from their home entertainment set-up, as Assembling a custom home theater set-up well as those who want to learn what it takes to make ‘good sound’.” Rob explained as he led me through room after room with the highest quality of equipment ranging from premium quality headphones designed to give music lovers the concert experience, to top of the line British and American-made speaker systems, several of which he demonstrated for me. The sound quality was astounding. People love going to concerts and being close to the stage because the power of the sound makes your blood pump and your hair stand on end. Standing in the custom set-up of Leisure Time, Rob played The Kills and the hairs on my arm stood on end. I hadn’t heard sound that good since my trip to the pit at the last Flogging Molly concert I attended. For the professional musician or musically-minded student, Rob has created a special area called the Audio Loft. I was especially impressed with his set-up of superior turntables and hard-tofind, sometimes discontinued speaker systems where he has created a veritable garden of sound, giving an atmosphere perfect for teaching those who are interested, what the difference is between Gaming Chair available at Leisure Time noise and the best quality sound. Leisure Time has also added specialty gaming chairs to their extensive repertoire for the serious racing or flying gamer. To see the chairs in action, check out the videos posted on Rob has been honing this sound craft for thirty years, ever since he began buying as an adolescent. He has perfected it to the point where he can help others create the sound they want as well as show them the differences between what they’ve been settling for and what Leisure Time can offer them in quality. Quality, passion and the finest craftsmanship can also be seen in the team’s Buildcraft creations whether it is in custom kitchen or bathroom remodeling. They are a multi-faceted company that designs one-of-a-kind pieces as customized to an individual as the home entertainment set-ups they create. More than anything, Rob and his team at Leisure Time AV Design and Buildcraft, Inc., are - december 8, 2011 - 11

The Bump

The New Guy Visits: The Manhattan Sign By: Samuel Sargent Having lived in Manhattan for six months now, it was high time I visited some of the sights of the area. What better place to start than the giant Manhattan sign, famous for a cameo appearance on People of Walmart, to gain a new perspective of the city? I tried looking for “giant Manhattan sign” on the Internet but couldn’t find anything relevant. After a few tweaks to my search terms, I found some anecdotes about rival schools modifying the sign prior to football games, so I considered calling over to KU to see if anyone could tell me how to get there, but decided there wasn’t enough time. My fiancee vaguely remembered being there once before, so we decided to wing it. After all, what better way for a man and woman to grow closer than by traveling with no directions? So we set out on an ice cold Sunday morning on what would surely be a pleasant hike, despite the torrential rains that had beset the region the previous day. The journey started out well enough. We headed north on Juliette, which curved into Ehlers Road. Shortly thereafter, we came to Bluemont Scenic Drive which sounded like the sort of street that would take us to the sign, so I took a right and continued our ascent. Less than a minute later, we encountered a sign informing us that the area closed at 11pm, the tell tale sign of a Manhattan park. According to the city’s website, the park near the Manhattan sign is known as Bluemont Scenic Outlook and is considered part of Goodnow Park. That explains why Goodnow Park looked so much bigger on Google Maps than in person. What I find interesting is that the webpage for the park makes absolutely no mention of the Manhattan sign. It’s as if they don’t want anyone to know that it’s there. If this is the case, they’re pretty crappy at keeping secrets. You can see that thing from miles away. A short distance down the trail, we came to the sign. I was quite underwhelmed, to be honest. It looked much bigger from a distance. But then my fiancee pointed out that I was looking at a water containment unit and that the sign we had come to see was a little further along the trail. We rounded a curve, walked down a short set of well maintained steps and there it was. Well crap. The drive went smoothly, the hike went smoothly, the sign was impressive enough, the view of the city was beautiful, and despite below freezing temperatures, there was no breeze and the sunshine was surprisingly warm. What am I going to write about now? Nobody wants to read about a pleasant trip to a bunch of giant rocks carved into the name of the city, people want to read about the misery of others. I would provide some interesting facts about the sign itself but I can’t find anything and I’m afraid that the city may come after me for uncovering whatever dark secrets they’re trying to conceal. And then it hit me. The letters of the sign are carved out of massive stone. There’s no way they could have been hauled up here by humans, the paths aren’t wide enough for trucks. There are, however, several trails that lead off in various directions, seemingly going nowhere in particular. Something had to transport those stones, something had to make those trails. Is the city of Manhattan harboring Sasquatch? I, for one, wasn’t going to stick around to find out. I hotfooted out of there as quickly as possible. The last time I encountered Sasquatch, I ended up blacking out two years of my life. I’m getting married in less than a year, I can’t afford to go through that again. For those of you willing to risk it, however, the view from the Manhattan sign is spectacular. But keep a taser handy, Sasquatch shows no mercy. Tune in next time when I meet the world renowned Johnny Kaw!

12 - december 8, 2011 -

30 Second Book Review Delta of Venus

by Anaïs Nin

Reviewed by Betsy Baddeley This book of erotica re-affirmed for me the idea that each person has a completely unique sexuality. The naïve and timid are mixed with the urgent or sensual, so the stories tactfully demonstrate the characters’ abilities to discover and accommodate a variety of desires. A limited variety of words describe body parts; “his/her sex” or “her womb” are used constantly, which is nice because the author focuses more energy on describing the events and actions. There is a reasonable balance between scenes that cut to the chase and story-lines throughout the book that allow a bit of emotion and character development (perhaps, simply to allow a cooldown). With the variety of relations involved, only one upset my sensibilities because of the small children involved. The author used this later in the book to show that traumatic events can mold a character’s sexuality, but can be coped with successfully. Subjects of a violent nature are handled nicely as well. The time period of the book allows the reader plenty to consider and enjoy, from descriptions of costumes and perfumes to the anonymity found in dark streets or society found in brothels of a hustling community. When I find the book in its original tongue, French, I will certainly read it again, only aloud!

The Comedians

by Graham Greene

Reviewed by Sarah Sullivan This book represents one of the most important works of fiction written about fatalism in Haiti, told from the perspective of a worn-out hotel owner, Mr. Brown, returning to his business in Port-au-Prince after an unsuccessful trip back to America where he attempted to sell his high-end hotel. He is joined on his voyage back to Port-au-Prince by a former candidate for the presidency, Mr. Smith, and a somewhat prickly ex-military officer everyone refers to as ‘Mr. Jones’. The simplicity of the three main characters’ names give them a humorously anonymous nature, the irony of which is not lost on Mr. Brown as he narrates the tale of these three gentlemen in their role as the cynical ‘comedians’ against the backdrop of a terror-stricken Haiti under the tyrannical reign of Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier and his Tontons Macoute ‘police’ (roughly meaning, boogeymen with bags) who would kidnap and usually torture and murder those who opposed or threatened Duvalier’s government. This book is written in possibly the best narrative voice I have ever read and represents a very important time in Haitian history, and though it is written in fiction, it is based off of a real political setting with markers in both the country’s history as well as Graham Greene. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in history or a well-written book.

Earth Abides

by George R. Stewart

Reviewed by Ben Shields Earth Abides tells the story of Isherwood Williams, a geography grad student who holes himself up in the woods of San Francisco to write his thesis. When he goes back into town weeks later, he finds it totally uninhabited. He soon discovers from newspaper clippings that a fatal disease has nearly wiped out the human race. He gets in his car and drives coast-to-coast to look for other survivors. Gradually, Ish brings others into his circle, including a woman named Em, who becomes the mother of his children. Ish becomes the leader of the new tribe, and the story that follows deserves to be read and re-read by anyone who loves literature. Published in 1949, Earth Abides is still a profoundly affecting novel. Though hardly anyone knows it anymore, it remains an important book; Stephen King is a fan and claims it was a major influence on The Stand. It's incredibly moving, and you may not fully realize what an emotional tale it is until days after you have completed it. This was my second time reading Earth Abides, and the intricacy of Stewart's prose was even more evident since I already knew the plot. It isn't flashy, and it doesn't need to be. Find this novel while it is still in print. In Stewart's obscure and amazing legacy (he is the reason we give hurricanes human names), Earth Abides stands out as what he ought to be remembered for.

The Talent

"the sun eats beans"


Ellen Welti History and Biology major at KSU

Syndicate Tattoo and Body Piercing -Classy & Comfortable. -Family and Cell Phone friendly. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re doing something different here! Tue - Sat: 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm 785-320-7250 423 Poyntz Ave

A different kind of second hand store! $5 off purchase of $25 or more!

2047A Fort Riley Blvd.

(Expires 12-31-11)

(785)-341-1730 Gifts made by Local Artists & Fair Trade

Open Thursday 11-8, Friday 11-6, Saturday 10-6 & Sunday 11-6 - december 8, 2011 - 13

Barley’s Angels at Tallgrass

The Bump

Here Thar Be Pirates! By Sully the Keelhauler

by Sarah Sullivan

Exciting things are brewing at Tallgrass Brewing Company here in Manhattan. Especially if you ask Barb Saverino and Kelly Lohrmeyer about the fantastic new group they are forming: Barley's Angels, the Manhattan Chapter! "A lot of women don't realize that craft beer tasting is a lot like wine tasting. It has a niche and there are a lot of flavors and varieties to pair with foods. Whereas a lot of women think of it as 'their husband's beer'. They don't understand that that's not the whole genre behind it," Barb explained during our interview. These two Tallgrass gals have put their heads together and decided to reach out to the women of Manhattan, and offer them a ‘cold one’. "We also wanted to encourage more community involvement and a chance to spread 'craft knowledge',” added Kelly, “The more they learn, the more they'll want to try it." The first meeting of the Manhattan Barley's Angels will be on December 15th at Auntie Mae's Parlor beginning at 6:30pm. "We decided that we are going to taste different styles of beer at each meeting." These ambitious ladies are starting off the first Barley's Angels gathering with stouts. Each stout will be paired with a food that compliments its flavor." December 15th Stouts: Nøgne Ø Imperial Stout - A dark, rich ale in which a generous sweetness with roasted malt bitterness. Serving temp.10°C/50°F. Buffalo Sweat – This cream stout tastes like liquid chocolate chip cookies made with expresso. Very dark and very smooth. Belgian Style Yeti Imperial Stout - Delicious new blend of brewing traditions -malt-driven roastiness with characteristic spice and fruit notes imparted by our special Belgian yeast strain. Rogue Mocha Porter - Ruddy brown in color, a bittersweet balance of malt and hops with a light cream finish. Blend of roasted coffee and chocolate. Avery Out of Bounds Stout – Full bodied, flavorful & roasty stout with a mountain of hops. This is sure to be one of the swankiest gatherings in Manhattan. Come and learn and then wow your significant others with your beer knowledge as well as enjoy excellent food and the perfection that is Tallgrass craft beer. RSVP for the December 15th event at:

Barb Saverino and Kelly Lohrmeyer

14 - december 8, 2011 -


here is a foul wind blowing in from the east off the highway from KC, a wind that carries a hearty amount of rum, debauchery, and the distinct revelry that can only mean one thing: Pirates. The city of Manhattan will be rocked this Saturday night by sea shanties and scurvy blades when Jolly Rogers raises the roof of Auntie Mae’s Parlor, the pirate ship of 12th Street. The Jolly Rogers are a well-known comedy and musical act that got their first taste of piracy at the KC Renaissance Festival in 2001 as a three-man street act. After adding several new scallywags to their number they took their show on the road to festivals and faires all over the country as well as the Shanties Music Festival in Krakow, Courtesy of The Jolly Rogers Poland. To date, this band of miscreants has released five studio albums from Pirates’ Gold in 1997 to Loose Cannons, X Marks the Spot, Cutlass, Cannon and Curves, and the newest addition Score in 2010. Belting out their music with what sounds like a gut of grog and a voice that has hollered for ‘all hands on deck’ more than a few times, the music of the Jolly Rogers will have you stomping your feet and singing along . Bringing together old favorites like, “The Grey Funnel Line”, and “All For Me Grog” and their own creations such as “Curvy Girls”, and “One for the Road”. The traditional and original shanties and songs written and performed by the Jolly Rogers is only part of what makes them the greatest act in tights and cutlasses. The other part is the incredible show these pirates put on from carousing to dancing with audience members and making all the girls giggle with their cunning winks. This is the Jolly Rogers’ first voyage to Aggieville and one that will hopefully be repeated again and often. Show starts at 8pm at Auntie Mae’s. No cover and the Jolly Rogers will have merchandise swag for sale. Check out The Hype Weekly’s website to preview some of the hilarious exploits of these blaggards.

Courtesy of The Jolly Rogers

The good bits

The Ultimate Crossword of Ultimate Destiny 1


Pirates Ye Be Invited!


4 5

Sarah “the Mauve Marauder” Sullivan Cap’n of the Good Ship






11 12

13 14

“Hype Weekly”

15 16


be celebrating her 24th year of plunder, pillaging and general pilfering this Saturday at Auntie Mae’s Parlor. There be rum a flow’n, pirates run’n wild, and fine sea tales and shanties courtesy of




The Jolly Rogers! No cost for entry, but Cap’n Sullivan likes us to always be in uniform, so break out yer pirate duds and report to Auntie Mae’s Parlor at two bells in the first watch (8pm) for a night of sing’n, swear’n and skullduggery!

Get Caught on

The Hype Weekly’s Nice List! Donate to the rescue pets at Riley County Humane Society AND/OR Toys for Tots during the month of December! Toys for Tots cutoff date is December 17th! For the RCHS: - scratching posts - toys -fetch and chew toys - collars and leashes

For Toys for Tots:

New, unwrapped toys

Donation Locations: Healthy Attitude, 108 N. 3rd Street Manhattan Aquarium Company, 514 Pillsbury Dr Art Craft Printers & Design, 221 N 4th St, Suite B Auntie Mae’s Parlor, 616 N. 12th St. The Dusty Bookshelf, 700 North Manhattan Ave


3. The politics of piracy were surprisingly _______________ for a gang of outlaws. 4. Woman disguised as a man who followed Jack Rackham to the West Indies 8. Each pirate was allowed to _____, and received an equal share of the booty with douple shares going to the ranked officers. 9. The hated striped shirts of British sailors. 11. Animal in the Caribbean that posed a seemingly endless supply of meat to the pirates. 12. The pirate Charles Vane's ship 14. Blackbeard lit these in his hair and beard when he boarded ships to give himself the look of a devil straight from hell. 15. The crew position that handles the ship when docking and shoving off 16. Captain ____________ was made deputy governor of Jamaica 18. The original name of the Queen Anne's Revenge 19. As a fellow woman hiding under the disguise of a man, she became good friends with Calico's mistress 20. The ________ Gang are the real pirates from whom most pirate lore comes from. Down 1. The crew member that fixes and maintains the ship 2. From the word boucan, meaning a meat prepared in a manner similar to modern bbq. 5. The ex-slave ship captained by Sam Bellamy 6. “The Wicked City” 7. The youngest pirate; joined Black Sam’s crew after they boarded the passenger ship he was traveling on. 9. A midlife crisis led this middle-aged sugar planter to leave his plantation and become a pirate 10. Famous Hudson river pirate, nicknamed for headbutting her victims in the stomach. 13. Square biscuits usually infested with weevils but serving as a staple food 17. _________ Jack Rackham

The Hype Forum Call or Text (785)289-5280

“Sometimes, when you get up, the universe is just against you. The only thing in your cupboard is soup and all you can find to eat it with is a butter knife.” “Hipster tables are the best. When they leave, you can just take a garbage can to it. All High Life bottles and PBR cans.” “Finals week is a dangerous time. Popped my gum and my roommate told me she would scalp me with her protractor.” - december 8, 2011 - 15

2 0 1 1 - 20 1 2



Gift certificates are available in any amount for McCain Performance Series events and are available at the McCain box office or by calling 785-532-6428.

Groovy Gifts for Everyone!

Lots of Funky Decor Incense, Candles, and Tarts

Warm Winter Clothes

Do You Hookah? Jewelry, Tapestries, Posters

1128 Moro Now Open Manhattan, KS 7 Days 785-776-2252 A Week!

A Celtic Tenors Christmas 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, Dec. 7

The Christmas Music of Mannheim Steamroller by Chip Davis 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, Dec. 13

SOLD OUT! “Young Frankenstein”

7:30 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 19

Locally hand-dipped incenses, dragons, fairies, jewelry, hand-crafted items and more!


Tuesday-Saturday 11am-7pm

1126 Laramie

Simone Dinnerstein, Piano 7:30 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 26

“Mamma Mia!”

7:30 p.m., Monday, Feb. 6

“The Hills Are Alive” Brooklyn Rundfunk Orkestrata

7:30 p.m., Friday, Feb. 10

McCain Student Showcase 7:30 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 12

Henson Alternative “Stuffed and Unstrung”

(For mature audiences only.) 7:30 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 19

Doc Severinsen and His Big Band

7:30 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 26


7:30 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 28 and Wednesday, Feb. 29

“Macbeth” Aquila Theatre

7:30 p.m., Friday, March 2

“An Evening of Romance” Jim Brickman 7:30 p.m., Sunday, March 11

There is always something new at the Pop-Up!

Pilobolus Dance Theater 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, April 24

“The Sleeping Beauty” Moscow Festival Ballet 4 p.m., Sunday, April 29

406 Poyntz Mon - Sat 10-6 Sun 1-5 til Christmas

McCain box office

785-532-6428 McCain Auditorium mccainksu

K-State students and kids 18 and under are half price. Military and group discounts are available. Dates and artists are subject to change.

The Hype Weekly #15  

The Hype Weekly, Dec. 8 2011

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