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The EMAW or EPAW? That is a question important enough to launch websites, threats of violence, and make presidents sweat......Really?!

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They Never Asked us The Big 12 becomes the big ???

By: Chris Hancock

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The Ultimate Crossword of Ultimate Destiny Strikes Back!




issue #5 - September 29th, 2011

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4 - They Never Asked Us - EMAW vs. EPAW

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8 - What’s Shaking Manhattan: Healthy Attitude

9 - Lazy Theater Review: Neil Simon’s “I Ought to Be in Pictures” - 30 Second Book Reviews

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10 - Public Service Announcement: Bar Etiquette - Aggieville Zombie Walk for Hunger

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US to You Dear Manhattan, We would like to begin by giving everyone who took part in Aggiefest 2011 this past weekend as loud a round of applause that print will allow! CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! (Whistle!) All the volunteers, bands, coordinators, as well as our Golden Plunger recipients from last week’s issue made this event something that Aggieville and all of Manhattan could be proud of and enjoy. Anyone attending Aggiefest 2011 will have noticed that there were some venues who chose not to get involved with Aggiefest. We encourage them to consider being a part of it next year as it brings business to their establishment and helps to support the local art and music scene (many of who are valued patrons). There are so many wonderful things happening in the month of October around the area including; OZtoberfest this weekend, Oktoberfest with Tallgrass in a couple of weeks, and several theatre opportunities. Check out our calendar each week to see what’s happening in your community. If you know of something that is taking place but you don’t see it on our calendar at or our printed calendar, email us and let us know! We would like to once again encourage you to let your voice be heard. If you disagree or feel like commenting on something that we’ve printed, please don’t hesitate to email us at or come down to our weekly pitch meetings on Monday nights at Auntie Mae’s Parlor in Aggieville, between 7 and 9pm. The same goes for any ideas you might have about articles that need written, media or cultural events that need covered, or restaurants and other entertainment that need reviewed. If you really feel strongly about something, write it down and send it to us. This is your paper Manhattan, get involved! Love, The Hype Weekly

Voldemort would have won...

11 - Prompt Response: “Her Only Daughter”

This issue of The Hype Weekly Given a 15 yard penalty for excessive Cheekiness by: jimbo ivy, sarah sullivan, Chris Hancock Jordan Mizell, John Caton, Matt Beyer, Nathan Abbott, Aaron Abbott, and as always the mysterious “hypster”.

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2 - September 29, 2011 -

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The Slant

Letters To The Editor Hype Weekly: Cover some sports! A lot of people here love KSU sports and to go a whole month without anything about them seems pretty stupid. You’re supposed to be for all of us, right? Give us some sports! EMAW! Kyle Frenmeier Manhattan, KS Kyle, You’re absolutely right. Which is why this issue contains an article about the impending conference re-organization courtesy of our new sports writer, Chris Hancock! We’ve also touched on the EMAW/EPAW issue as it’s obvious a lot of you KSU sports fans have feelings about that. Enjoy! The Hype Weekly


Lizzy Coleridge Manhattan, KS



W eekly

we love writing band reviews. No really. It’s fun. it totally doesn’t make us want to kill you when your band has no online presence for us to find. really. super fun.

I just wanted to say thanks for the excellent job you did covering Aggiefest 2011. The people who put it on do a good thing bringing out the artistic side of Manhattan, and the reviews and schedules you made to compliment it really helped me convince friends that weren’t so sure as to whether it would be worth the $$ to go and check out the bands and artists. I hope you’re here to stay, because what you do is needed.

Stop The Presses!

WAMEGO CELEBRATES SEVENTH ANNUAL OZTOBERFEST OCTOBER 1st & 2nd Wamego, KS – Visit Downtown Wamego for a fun community festival that celebrates all things Oz! Saturday October 1st from 9am to 7pm and Sunday October 2nd from 11am to 5pm – 2 blocks of Lincoln Avenue will be closed and filled with craft and food vendors, live entertainment, kids’ activities, special presentations and autograph sessions. The weekend begins on Friday night with The Columbian Theatre’s production of “The Wiz”, featuring an introduction with the Oz special guests and the original Munchkins from the 1939 MGM movie at the beginning of each show. Tickets sell out quickly; call the Columbian Theatre box office at 800-899-1893 for tickets or online at www. Also in Friday night is a V.I.P. Reception at the OZ Museum. Come and enjoy refreshments and mingle with the Special Guests – tickets are $25/person and proceeds support the OZ Museum. There are only a limited number of tickets available, calls 866-458-8686 to order. Presentations and autograph sessions featuring original Munchkins from the 1939 MGM classic, Judy Garland and Oz collectors and historians, as well as descendants of L. Frank Baum are the featured events of this year’s festival. In addition to all of the great presentations and special guests there will be games and activities throughout the weekend for everyone to enjoy. Waters Party Rental Munchkinland will feature inflatables and kids games and activities. All-day passes are $10 and proceeds benefit Brilliant Beginnings Preschool and the OZ Museum.



Aggiefest 2011 Musician Index Artist Profiles KSU Sculpture Alliance

Lizzy, Thanks! As most of us have been part of “the people” who’ve put on Aggiefest for the last six years, we were glad to help promote them and turn a band’s name on a sheet into something more attractive with reviews and such. The work done at this year’s Aggiefest with the visual arts component was especially exciting, as we hope it will lead to something more frequent such as a monthly art walk. As far as us being here to stay, that’s all up to you and the awesome local businesses that support us. If you want us around, keep them around and let them know how much you appreciate them supporting us. Love, The Hype Weekly

"This year visitors are going to be able to see a not yet released movie, Witches of Oz, and brand new presentations from our guests" said OZ Museum Director, Mercedes Michalowski. The live entertainment stage will be going all day both Saturday and Sunday, featuring some local and regional talent, including the Wamego High School Jazz Band, Hannah Conroy-Philbrook, the Stan Basgall Band, and Kansas City band The Transients. "One of the best things about the festival is seeing all of our repeat visitors and the new ones who are discovering and enjoying the festival for the first time," Michalowski said. OZtoberFest is a joint project of the OZ Museum, Columbian Theatre, and Wamego Chamber of Commerce/ Main Street and Convention & Visitors Bureau of Wamego. Details and information can be found at www.oztoberfest. com or by calling the OZ Museum at 866-458-TOTO (8686)

Syndicate Tattoo and Body Piercing

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We’re doing something different here! Tue - Sat: 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm 423 Poyntz Ave 785-320-7250 - September 29, 2011 - 3

The Beat

They Never Asked us The Big 12 becomes the big ??? Conference realignment has been a hot button issue on many college campuses, but only a select few people on a select few campuses actually have had a say as to which conference their universities, as well as others, will compete in. College football is generally a profitable enterprise for universities, but smaller schools rely on their larger brethren for the exposure and ability to bring that income in to their schools. In exchange, they attempt to field a competitive team to enhance the conference name. This, unfortunately, does not appear to have been enough for the survival of the Big 12. Larger, more profitable universities currently and formerly of the Big 12 have shown little to no regard for the efforts and decisions of the smaller schools in their conference. How much do you believe Texas values the opinion of Iowa State? Do you honestly believe Nebraska cared what Kansas State thought before departing for the Big 10? Of course not. And these power brokers of college football continue to make these decisions with no regard for the other schools in their conferences. As academic institutions, however, many of these schools are on equal footing. Athletically, however, the difference between the “haves” and the “have-nots” grows larger and larger. The larger universities making their power plays to join what is now being termed “superconferences” leaves other schools and their athletic departments to scramble. In the case of the Big 12, if all of the potential moves by larger schools are made, then Kansas State, Kansas, Iowa State, Missouri and Baylor would be left to fend for themselves without a conference or any conference particularly anxious to bring them in. There is a list of options for these schools, but none are as good as what the Big 12 would have offered had it stayed in its original incarnation. How does this impact the Manhattan community and Kansas State University? More than many people may realize. With constantly rising tuition costs and the overall national seclusion of Manhattan, Kansas, all the exposure the Wildcats can get via televised sporting events is a crucial recruiting tool. When a game featuring KSU is nationally televised, that is a very powerful recruiting weapon, giving the university coast-to-coast exposure. It opens an option for potential college student nationwide to join the ranks of the Purple-Clad Cats. Of course, the general rant about the BCS and the money they monopolize could go on for pages, but this about so much more than just the money. The conference realignment discussions are about egos (Texas A&M), individuality (CU), Separation (OU) and, of course, their very own television network (Texas). If Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State leave the Big 12 for perceived greener pastures, there is a short list of options for Kansas State and their fellow following schools.

4 - September 29, 2011 -

By: Chris Hancock

1. Big 12 – under this scenario, the 5 remaining schools would attempt to hold the conference together by adding teams from other conferences desperately seeking admission into the “big boy” dance of the BCS. Possible takers could be BYU, Houston or Boise State. There is also the chance that only Texas A&M departs and remaining schools still cling to some form of life in the Big 12 as we presently know it. At least until another conference with more money and prestige tries to rip the big money schools from the conference again. 2. Big East – A conference with similar issues (Syracuse and Pittsburgh just departed the conference for the ACC), they could merge in some fashion with the Big 12 to form a full conference of exes. This would allow an opportunity to remain a BCS conference for both sets of schools. 3. Mountain West – My personal favorite scenario. This would put us all on a level playing field competitively and we wouldn’t be battling larger schools with more money (and more recruiting violations) for student base and athletes. However, the MWC is not presently a member of the BCS. The BCS currently has 6 conferences in it, and if the Big 12 were to go this way, the MWC would likely replace the Big 12’s spot in the BCS. 4. Independent – This would likely be a stopgap until the universities that chose this path could find a conference to call home. This is not typically a permanent solution for any university not named Notre Dame. 5. Other smaller conferences – Conferences such as Conference USA or the Western Atheltic Conference could be options if no others present themselves. While none of these options are ideal, they are the ones we are left with. Unfortunately, even the phrasing of that sentence is wrong. We, as in you, me and the others reading this article, have no say in the process whatsoever. Drastic changes that could change the landscape of this town, both in population as well as exposure, are on the table and we have absolutely no control over it. Even if the Kansas Board of Regents came here and asked us what we thought of the situation, would it matter? They have almost as much control over this situation as we do. What is truly disturbing about all of this is that the Big 12, or some incarnation of it (Big 8, Big 7 or Big 6) has existed since 1907, yet never encountered any threats of disintegration until recently. The change of heart can be traced to mismanagement by Don Beebe, the direct correlation between prominence and money in the modern university system, and the egos of larger schools needed to be stroked, fed, pet and whatever other things you may do to please an ego. But the one thing I doubt has crossed the minds of any other these large university big-wigs and money brokers is: “Why don’t we ask the students and alumni of Kansas State University and the community of Manhattan?”

The Beat


The EMAW versus EPAW controversy has reached epic proportions in the last few months, with posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites numbering in the thousands. Rather than try to distill the intelligent arguments, extreme stupidity, and downright hateful speech that have framed this debate, we thought it would be better to just snatch the highlights and let you see for yourself. If we could insert one small editorial comment it would be this: "Men [People?], it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one." - Charles MacKay Posts Regarding EMAW Vs EPAW in general “Its like trying to change the Pledge of Allegiance. It shouldn't be messed with.” “I was a little "meh" about this, until I saw how mad people are. And then I saw some rando throwing around the term 'femi-nazi'. Get over it, people. I wish there was this much outcry for a more relevant issue.” “Do we need to change the name of "MAN" hattan, too? Where does it stop?” “Organizations change in response to the times and it just seems to me that's what the University is doing. For example, UFM Community Learning Center was originally "University for Man." The name was changed because the use of the word "man" was not inclusive. However, they wanted to maintain some sense of the organization's history, thus "UFM" Community Learning Center. I suspect many people today don't really even know that's what the letters UFM mean. So, abandoning EMAW for EPAW, in my view, is similar. EPAW is more inclusive but yet still maintains some sense of the tradition.”

correct' application to school traditions caused her to say I was trying to demean her. They then threatened the radio stations for putting me on the air, but I ended the conversation with grace. I slapped her on the butt and said, 'Nice talk, babe' and walked away." "Beth Mendenhall. She's an evil feminazi." "Tell her to shut her stink hole and know her role." "Beth: Iron my shirt, get me a beer and a sandwich right now, and don't stand in front of the T.V." "Bitch is crazy. She's probably about to be the most hated person in Manhattan." “Even if you are not into linguistic/discursive gender-neutrality (for whatever socio-historical-philosophical reason) this "debate" about EMAW/EPAW is no longer civil. It is not reaching the public as an educational or informative discussion. Instead, it has turned into a violent rejection of gender equality and support of patriarchal systems that aim to demean and subordinate people. If I wasn't ashamed about the 'intellectual' reaction to EPAW, I am certainly ashamed of the proliferation of hate directed at women, especially at Beth Mendenhall, in reaction to her proposal. The rhetoric used by EPAW-dissenters is not only uninformed, it is threatening to the goal Manhattan is working toward--being a safe, inclusive community. Telling Beth/supporters of EPAW/ uppity women to "get back into the kitchen" as a response to their expression of alternate viewpoints is unacceptable. Finishing up a Go Powercat report on the EMAW/EPAW debate with "I slapped [Beth Mendenhall] on the butt and said, "Nice talk, babe" and walked away" is unacceptable. Letting 'tradition' justify violent language, and letting that violent language suppress dissent is unacceptable.” Posts regarding Noel Schulz, the K-State’s 1st Lady: "Well, maybe we should impeach Shulz if his dumb wife is trying to kill EMAW."

“EMAW is so much more than ‘every man a wildcat’. crap, I don't even consider it "every man a wildcat" anymore. It's so much bigger than a simple acronym.”

“IF the President's wife is behind this, she is clearly out of touch with KSU tradition. Whoever is behind it, why does she have such power? A simple vote of students and/or alumni would make pretty clear how important EMAW is to everyone. The fans at every game should chant EMAW at every opportunity, loud and clear. To those of us who are NOT narrow-minded and realize that it's not about gender, it will always be EMAW to us, no matter what anyone else says.”

“emaw sounds better than epaw! Who really cares that its "gender" specific? If its that big of a problem then think of it as every human a wildcat with the hu as a silent entitiy! : ) man is short for human is all no biggie!”

"She is an idiot. Plain an simple. You don't have to be an idiot Greek or some redneck hayseed to tell that she's got her head so far up her uptight liberal ass that the lump in her throat (yes she has an adam's apple) is her nose."

“EMAW = every misogynist a wildcat?”

What do you think? Email us at

“You should be able to punch people that are offended by stuff like this.” “It should be WABASH: We Always Bitch About Something Here. Look at that. It works on 2 different levels. I'd rather be bitching about our QB not protecting the ball at the end of long runs or not getting enough column space in the Top 25 breakdown or national columnists writing how everybody hates K-State or getting off to slow starts that haven't bit us against good teams yet but may later if we keep checking into short side option every play and how sucky Ron Hudson is.” “I just think its retarded how liberal we've gotten over the last year!.” “Sexism exists, but gender exclusive language isn't involved. Yes, "congressman" is called that because they used to all be men. But now that women are elected quite easily and often, nobody associates the word with a gender. Its just a title. I think that every ounce of energy poured into changing titles and language is wated effort. Nobody who casually uses the word "bitches" to refer to the girls at the bar, or thinks that a woman's place is in the kitchen is going to have their heart or mind changed because we now say "congressperson". The solution is time and education.” "I almost projectile vomited all over my windshield when i saw "EPAW" on the announcement board in front of the parking garage today.” “EMAW's resurgence started as a grassroots effort. I kind of like it that way. The university can keep its grubby hands off our saying.” “I have never, and will never be offended by EMAW! I think women everywhere have more important things to be offended by. There are more important things to battle over. As I said to my husband when this all started.... Is the Bible next to be changed because God said Let us create MAN in our image? What about the constitution and every other document ever written where man is used instead of person, people, or human? Women have fought too long and too **mn hard for what little we have. This is a huge leap backward for women everywhere. Now this makes us sound like petty crybabies. I am disgusted.” Posts specifically regarding Beth Mendenhall, the KSU student/alumnus who wrote the editorial that brought the EPAW point of view to the university’s attention: "She said the university is moving away from it because of student feedback such as hers, but then admitted she's an alumnus. Oh, and telling her I don't appreciate her 'politically - September 29, 2011 - 5

thursday 29 10:00am-5:00pm- The Konza Prairie: Earth, Wind and Fire! 1971-2011 @ 5th Floor, Hale Library on KSU Campus This exhibit highlights the unprecedented history of the Konza Prairie Biological Station and its extraordinary accomplishments in research, education, and conservation of the native grasslands of this geographical region. Sponsored by the Richard L.D. and Marjorie J. Morse Department of Special Collections of the K-State Libraries.

3:30pm- 2011 State of the University Address @ Forum Hall, KSU Student Union Presentation by President Kirk Schulz. A question and answer session will follow the address. 4:00pm-5:00pm- Coffee Hour Series: France @ Multipurpose Room, International Student Center Refreshments typical of the student’s home country will be served following the presentation. Free and open to the public. Part of the Fall 2011 Coffee Hour Series.

10:00am-5:00-pm- Teresa Schmidt: 2011 Friends of the Beach Museum of Art Gift @ Beach Museum of Art A selection of works by Teresa Schmidt, who teaches printmaking and drawing at Kansas State University. Runs April 15 through December 11, 2011. Runs April 15 through December 11, 2011.

5:00pm- FUMA, Everything Else, and Conquering Your Gravity @ Sisters of Sound Records For those of you who missed them in their performances during Aggiefest 2011, here’s a second chance. All ages show! Don’t miss it!

10:00am- Lines Traveling Through Space: Ghosts and Shadows @ Beach Museum on the K-State Campus Sculpture exhibit created by Tal Streeter open for a free viewing by the public. Runs through October 11th, 2011.

5:30pm- Beginners Mountain Bike Ride @ Big Poppi Bicycles LEADER: Big Poppi Bicycle Co. DISTANCE: Ride 1-2 laps. CONTACT: Melanie at 785-5373737. Last ride of season is October 28, 2011.

10:00am-Makers Framed: Photographs by George Kren @ Beach Museum on K-State Campus Our own Manhattanite George Kren’s photographic exhibit, free to the public. Runs through October 16th, 2011.

6:00pm- Tasting in the Tallgrass @ Meeting Hall, Konza Prairie Biological Station A wine and beer tasting celebration honoring 40 years of research on Konza Prairie, featuring wines from grasslands around the world. Tickets are $100 each and space is limited. All proceeds will enhance graduate research at Konza Prairie.

10:00am-5:00pm- Art and Psychology: The Work of Roy Langford @ Beach Museum of Art This exhibition examines the work of the late Roy Langford, a longtime resident of Manhattan and former Kansas State University professor of psychology. 10:00am-6:00pm- Look & See -- Paintings by Lisa Lala - Sep. 23 - Nov. 5 @ Strecker-Nelson Gallery Manhattan-native, Lisa Lala’s new set of paintings on glass feature fruits and flowers, as well as a new set of paintings on canvas, entitled Look & See. Lisa is known for her series of expressive oil paintings on glass and canvas. 10:00am-An Angle on Art @ Beach Museum of Art Come and explore the intersection of math and art through the angular art of Tal Streeter and Alan Shields 12:00pm- Unmasking Mental Illness Art Exhibit @ Manhattan Arts Center Pawnee Mental Health Services and the Manhattan Arts Center sponsored art exhibit in celebration of Pawnee’s 55th anniversary. Runs from September 10th-October 22nd. 5:00pm-Arts Above the Art: Faces from Manhattan @ Beach Museum of Art Amy Young, based in New York City, will discuss her art, street art, and using social media to engage the recipients of her art. 6:00pm-7:00pm-French Club: La Table Française/French Table @Staterooms 1, or 2&3, K-State Student Union. Promoted by the K-State French Club. 10:00pm- House Night @ The Kathouse Lounge House Night, EVERY THURSDAY @10pm. $1.50 Rolling Rock Drafts, $1.50 wells or $3 BIG KATS (25oz well) and $3 bombs!! 10:00pm- Dirty River Boys in Concert @ Longhorns Saloon Few bands can proudly claim to have recorded their first album acoustically. For a band to do so with success, they would need raw-vintage talent, a ballsy temperament and just the right amount of dirty faith. Throws these together along with a lively rock show and you get The Dirty River Boys.

friday 30 7:30am- Red Cross Blood Drive @ Pottorf Hall, Cico Park Give the gift of life. 9:00am-5:00pm- KAEYC Annual Prof. Dev. Conference @ KSU Student Union begins, 9/30/2011 runs through 10/1/2011. For more information, contact the Division Of Continuing Education Conference Registration Office at (785) 532-5569.

6:00pm-The Aggieville Rock Reunion @ Wareham Opera House Four of the most popular bands to rock Manhattan in the 80’s and 90’s are appearing together for one night! Headlining the event is Kansas City’s Rainmakers. Also on the bill is a reunion of Clocks, plus regional favorites Dogs, and Film @ Eleven. Tickets are available online at www. with all profits benefiting the Boys and Girls Club of Manhattan. General admission tickets will be $25 in advance through September 29th. Day of the show tickets will be available at the Wareham Box Office for $35. Sunset- Friday Light Night Ride @Big Poppi Bikes LEADER: Big Poppi Bicycle Co. DISTANCE: Ride 2-3 laps. CONTACT: Tait or Aaron at 785537-3737. Last ride of season is October 21, 2011. 7:30pm-Mark Nizer 3-D @ McCain Auditorium Outrageous juggling, comedy and 3-D technology. For ticket information call 532-6428 7:30pm- The Wiz @ The Columbian Theatre Dorothy’s adventures in the Land of Oz have been set to music in a dazzling, lively mixture of rock, gospel and soul music. 7:30pm-I Ought to Be in Pictures @ Manhattan Arts Center Nineteen year-old Libby heads to California, ending up on the doorstep of her estranged screenwriter father Herb, hoping he will get her into the movie business. 7:30pm- Dead Man’s Cell Phone @ Purple Masque Theatre The guy at the next table just bit the big one and his cell phone won’t stop ringing. When Jean answers his phone, her fateful act dials her deeply into the dead man’s mysterious business and his eccentric family – not to mention trips to the afterlife and the black market. (Mature themes and some strong language.) $4- Students, $7- Adults 8:00pm-Green Lantern @ Forum Hall, KSU Union Admission $2. Sponsored by the Union Program Council 10:00pm- Old School Video Mix w/ DJ Pizzle @ Bobby T’s Music video dance party at Bobby T’s every Friday night!

saturday 1 All Day- Joyful Noise @ Camp Wood YMCA Spontaneity, music, family and love of nature come together for a whole day in the Flint Hills.

2:00pm- Free Children’s Film: Tangled @ Manhattan Public Library Rapunzel, a fun-loving, long-haired girl, gets tangled up in a whole mess of adventure.

8:00am-8:00pm- OZtoberfest @ Downtown Wamego Come to downtown Wamego and celebrate all things Oz! We have invited back some of the Munchkins from the 1939 MGM classic as well as other Oz notables. There will be a street fair, entertainment stage, kids inflatable area, live stage production, autographs sessions, and car show. 7:30am-9:00am- Yellow Brick Road Bike Ride @ Wamego High School The Yellow Brick Road Bike Ride begins and ends at Wamego High School on the first Saturday in October. Fill up on breakfast served from 7:30 to 9 a.m. Net proceeds from this ride also help fund the WAM-SAG-MAN Recreational Trail – set to begin in Wamego and connect with the St. George and Manhattan Linear Trail.

2:00pm-3:30pm- Early Release Workshop: All that Glitters @ Beach Museum of Art The museum has received two boxes of shiny treasures. Come create collages with bling! Reservations required, $5 per child.

8:00am-1:00pm- Manhattan Downtown Farmers’ Market @ 5th and Humboldt Seasonal Produce, Fresh Flowers, Fresh Eggs, Local Artists, Honey, Bison, Beef, Gardening Ideas, Cookies, Pies, Miffins, Bread, Crafts, Pottery.

1:30pm- Eyestone Lecture Series: Chilean Miner Rescue: The NASA Experience @ Fiedler Hall Auditorium Dr. Duncan, NASA/Johnson Space Center Deputy Chief Medical Officer, talks about NASA’s assistance to trapped miners in Chile.

6 - September 29, 2011 -

9:00am-Linear Historical Lifestyle Bicycle Ride @ Big Poppi Bicycles LEADER: Big Poppi Bicycle Co and the Flint Hills Area Bike Club. DISTANCE: Approximately 9-10 miles CONTACT: Narmin at 785-537-3737. Last ride of season is October 29, 2011. 10:00am- CrossFit Introductory Class @ Room 4, Natatorium CrossFit Intro Class scaled for beginners to learn about high intensity training and its benefits.

monday 3 All Day- Men’s Golf: Jim Colbert Intercollegiate @ Colbert Hills Golf Course Free and open to the public. Hosted by the K-State Men’s Golf Team.

2:30pm- K-State Football vs. Baylor @ Bill Snyder Family Stadium Go Cats!

10:00am-12:00pm- Art Lecture Series @ Beach Museum of Art This lecture is part one of a two part series, focusing on the Introduction to 20th Century American Art History.

3:00pm- Tallgrass Brewery Tours @ Tallgrass Brewery Two tours of the brewery, one from 3pm-4pm and 4pm-5pm.

6:00pm- French Club Cine Festival @ Room 015, Eisenhower Hall Film will be “Monsieur Ibrahim.”

5:00pm- Aggieville Zombie Walk for Hunger @ Manhattan City Park BRAINS! And Canned goods!

6:00pm- Bingo @ Bobby T’s Grill and Bar Not your grandma’s bingo parlor! Every Monday night at Bobby T’s!

7:00pm-Green Lantern @ Forum Hall, KSU Union Admission $2. Sponsored by the Union Program Council

6:30pm- Road Ride with K-State Cycling Club @ Big Poppi Bicycle Join K-State Cycling Club for a road ride of varying distance. Meet at Big Poppi Bicycle Co.

7:30pm- Dead Man’s Cell Phone @ Purple Masque Theatre The guy at the next table just bit the big one and his cell phone won’t stop ringing. (Mature themes and some strong language.) $4- Students, $7- Adults

7:30- The Hype Weekly Pitch Meeting @ Auntie Mae’s Parlor Bring us your ideas and have a drink with us!

7:30pm- The Wiz @ The Columbian Theatre Dorothy’s adventures in the Land of Oz have been set to music in a dazzling, lively mixture of rock, gospel and soul music.

tuesday 4 All Day- Men’s Golf: Jim Colbert Intercollegiate @ Colbert Hills Golf Course Free and open to the public. Hosted by the K-State Men’s Golf Team.

7:30pm-I Ought to Be in Pictures @ Manhattan Arts Center Nineteen year-old Libby heads to California, ending up on the doorstep of her estranged screenwriter father Herb, hoping he will get her into the movie business.

9:30am-Sing-a-Long with Mr. Steve @Bluestem Bistro If you want to bring your kids in for a fun activity, come join us in our meeting room as our manager, Mr. Steve, plays silly kid’s songs!

8:00pm- Haunted Manhattan Ghost Tour @ Departs from Applebees Parking Lot What would you do if a beautiful young ghostly gal climbed your bunk and stared directly into your eyes? What about the Job Youth Corp, a former nursing home and orphanage with a chute for the deceased patients and a cemetery in the back yard? Find out and get your tickets for 2011 now! Tickets are 17.00 per person all year except October which are 20.00 per person.

12:45pm- Tuesday Talk: The Director Speaks by Scott McElwain @ Quinlan Visitor Center McElwain, director of the KSU Gardens, will tell the story of the university gardens .Free and open to the public. Bring your own lunch. Reservations are required by October 3.

9:30pm-Green Lantern @ Forum Hall, KSU Union Admission $2. Sponsored by the Union Program Council 10:00pm- Riot on the Roxxx w/ Shawn Rock @ Pat’s Blue Ribbon Get your Roxxx on with Shawn’s mix of heavy metal!

sunday 2 10:00am-4:00pm- OZtoberfest @ Downtown Wamego Come to downtown Wamego and celebrate all things Oz! We have invited back some of the Munchkins from the 1939 MGM classic as well as other Oz notables. There will be a street fair, entertainment stage, kids inflatable area, live stage production, autographs sessions, and car show. 2:00pm- Seth Hays Celebrates the Sesquicentennial of his Birth @ Kaw Mission State Historic Site This lecture is the sixth educational program in the series Kaw Councils 2011.

4:00pm- Government Jobs for Every Major @ Big 12 Room, Union 2nd Floor Representatives of state and federal agencies will discuss opportunities within their organizations regardless of your major and how to apply for them. 7:00pm- Encounter @ North Dining Area, KSU Student Union Christian worship service, visitors encouraged to attend. Promoted by Cats for Christ. 7:30pm- Latin American Film: The Secret in Their Eyes (El secreto de sus ojos) @ Forum Hall, KSU Student Union Free and open to the public. The film is in Spanish with English subtitles. 9:00pm- Auntie Mae’s Mighty Fine Poetry Night @ Auntie Mae’s Parlor Not just for sad sacks anymore! 10:00pm- Chappie in Concert @ O’Malley’s Patio Motown, Soul & Rock’n Roll -- A performer, entertainer, and singer that audiences love.

wednesday 5

2:00pm- The Wiz @ The Columbian Theatre Dorothy’s adventures in the Land of Oz have been set to music in a dazzling, lively mixture of rock, gospel and soul music.

4:00pm- Cico Park Farmers Market @ Cico Park Parking Lot Seasonal Produce, Fresh Flowers, Fresh Eggs, Local Artists, Honey, Bison, Beef, Gardening Ideas, Cookies, Pies, Muffins, Bread, Crafts, Pottery.

2:00pm-I Ought to Be in Pictures @ Manhattan Arts Center Nineteen year-old Libby heads to California, ending up on the doorstep of her estranged screenwriter father Herb, hoping he will get her into the movie business.

5:30pm-8:30pm- Promonade on Poyntz @ Local Businesses on Poyntz Ave Downtown business serve as “Stops” along the Promenade path as participants stroll around sampling a variety of wine and food. Each business will feature both a red and white wine selection paired with complimentary hors d’oeuvres. Only 250 tickets will be sold and all proceeds go to benefit the Homecare & Hospice Foundation.

2:00pm-R.E.A.D. with Dogs Program @ Manhattan Public Library Children can read to certified therapy dogs. The R.E.A.D. (Reading Education Assistance Dogs) program gives kids the opportunity to practice & enjoy reading in a fun environment. Children who attended 6 sessions recieve a free book. No registration required; sign up for a 10-15 minute time slot at the Children’s Desk when you arrive. 8:00pm-Green Lantern @ Forum Hall, KSU Union Admission $2. Sponsored by the Union Program Council 10:00pm-Video Dance Party w/ DJ Pizzle @ Bobby T’s Grill and Bar Dance your pants off at Bobby T’s every Sunday night with DJ Pizzle’s Video Dance Party!

6:30pm- River Trail Mountain Bike Ride @ Big Poppi Bicycle Co. Meet at Big Poppi Bicycle Co. Ride out to the river trails together. Ride 2-3 laps. Ride back to Big Poppi’s as a group.The pace of this ride will be a little faster than the Friday ride. 7:00pm- KSU Volleyball vs. Iowa State @ Ahearn Gym 8:00pm- Trivia Smack Down @ Auntie Mae’s Parlor Grab some buddies and go see your Auntie about some awesome trivia! - September 29, 2011 - 7

The Hype

What's Shaking Manhattan? Healthy Attitude by Jordan Mizell You could walk right past this place and never even know it was there. Sandwiched in between what seems to be a modeling agency that never looks open and a clothing alteration shop you will find Healthy Attitude. People often direct their friends there by saying it's right across from Mel's Tavern. To anyone who isn't a townie, that still doesn't help.

Suddenly the place you came to get a shake is a home. A safe refuge from the hustle and bustle of life. A healthy bar for the weary to come and escape for a few moments in this quaint hole in the wall. Healthy Attitude is not just a shake shop, it's where you'll want to spend a part of your day, everyday. Open weekdays from 7:30am to 6pm but really it's more like 9am – 6pm. Trust me, never show up before 9am. And weekends 10am- 3pm.(Shakes are a dollar off on Sat and Sun.) A few months of these shakes and you'll need to use the alteration place on the right so you can apply at the modeling agency on the left in clothes that fit.

I know what you are thinking, because I can read minds. You are saying to yourself, "Healthy! Gross! It’s probably more soy beans trying once again to be everything else there is." Well you will be pleasantly surprised by Healthy Attitude, especially if you like Cold Stone Ice Cream. This, my friends, is a shake shop. With shakes that taste like... wait for it... Cold Stone ice cream, at only a fraction of the calories. Yet as a meal replacement shake they carry with them the nutritional value of a full meal. You are even offered free tea that super charges your metabolism with each glass and burns 100 calories. By the time you walk out you’ll have less calories than when you went in and feel completely full. Also you’ll need to pee. A lot! That tea also seems to cleanse your whole system I recommend only a few glasses for beginners. The shake you buy is priced at 5 dollars and the tea comes free with that. That's a deal. In fact, add a body scan (Not the type that are invasive at the airport) and you can see just how much you weigh and so many more things that Chelsea will tell you about when you come in. In fact your first shake is free. There is no reason at all to not try this fantastic weight loss system. Those things being said; the reason Healthy Attitude is becoming a bright beacon in Manhattan is because of its owner operator, Chelsea Tankus. Her inviting smile and cheerful demeanor make you feel right at home. While she will usually become easily sidetracked, if you have time to wait; not only will you get an amazing shake you will get a person who truthfully cares about you, who you are, what you do, and your desire to become healthy. I will attest that if you are in a time crunch don't come in hoping to get out in 3 minutes. If it's busy in her shop, your shake could take up to 30 minutes to get. This place seems a lot like a coffee shop except strangers talk with each other and don't just try and 'out-cool' everyone around them with their long lonesome sighs or misguided glances through perfectly quaffed hair. I just wanted an excuse to use the word quaffed. Chelsea is so invested in getting to know you that others often take on that same sense of wonder about the people around them. Conversations spring up like flowers in May.

8 - September 29, 2011 -

Some of Chelsea's Shake Flavors: * Frozen Hot Chocolate * Pumpkin Pie * Peanut Butter Captain Crunch * Butter Pecan * Strawberry Piña Colada * White Chocolate Macadamia * No Bake Cookie * Wedding Cake

* Lemon Meringue * Key Lime Pie * Hazelnut Cafe Latte * Blueberry Almond Cheesecake * Reese’s * Phish Food * Chocolate Chunky Monkey * Cherry Cobbler

Tea Flavors Include: * Original Green Tea * Rasperry * Or Combination

* Peach * Lemon


Fridays - Saturdays - Special Events No Charge. Tips Appreciated

“DUI’s are expensive, ride a rickshaw!”

The Hype

Lazy Theatre Review By: The Hypester

Neil Simon’s “I Ought To Be In Pictures” Presented by The Manhattan Arts Center Nineteen-year-old Libby (played by Annie Spence) is kind of an odd bird. After hitchhiking thousands of miles across the country, she shows up at the Hollywood doorstep of the biological father who left the family when she was three years old. He has become an established screenwriter and she figures on using him as a springboard to get into “the industry.” Or “the business.” Whatever they call it out there. You know what I mean. Libby’s father, Herb (Clay Myers-Bowan) and his girlfriend, Steffy (Pamela Redford), must evaluate and adjust their relationship with each other (It can’t just be casual sex forever! Or can it?) while making space for Libby. Hijinks ensue, sometimes poignant and sometimes wacky. Back to the odd bird thing. Herb acts more or less how I’d expect a slovenly middle-aged writer to act, and Steffy acts more or less how I’d expect a lady balancing a precarious love life with personal and professional independence, to act. Libby is nineteen. Do you remember how you were at nineteen? I made a few questionable decisions and when spoken to, fumbled around for the words to justify them. I was an awkward, inarticulate mess. Libby is the opposite. She’s got enough willful, plucky self-assuredness and poise to make the adults dance around her, hoping to match her pace. She goes toe-to-toe with Herb, zinger for zinger, with grace and aplomb. She’s actually terrifying. The performance often relied on Redford’s Steffy, who doesn’t have as many aggressive tête-àtêtes, to balance the dialogue with a more natural flow. “I Ought to Be in Pictures” was written by Neil Simon and is being directed by Brent Sigman. Go check out more performances this weekend at the Manhattan Arts Center! Although Friday’s show is sold out, you can still catch it Thursday and Saturday at 7:30pm, as well as 2 p.m. Sunday. The evening’s signature drink -- for those who care about such things (which, I trust, is all of us) -- is the “California Dreamer;” orange vodka, Grand Marnier, lemonade, and Sprite.

30 Second Book Review By: John Caton, The Hypester, and Sarah Sullivan

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley Reviewed by John Catan I just finished this dis-Utopian science fiction classic written in 1932. Set almost a millennium in the future, this grim prophesy is just that, a prophesy. Many may be familiar with Orwell’s 1984, Huxley’s world is the more probable of the two. Read this book, not only because it’s a classic, but also for a reality check and to do the future a favor. Buy it, borrow it, or check it out from the library.

Nocturnes by Kazuo Ishiguro Reviewed by The Hypester A young guitarist meets one of his musical idols, only to spend the next few days bearing witness to the end of his new bff's marriage. Middle-aged friends reunite, remembering the nights they spent in college being music snobs together. A temperamental guitarist befriends some tourists, out on a hilltop clearing in the English countryside. A saxophonist makes a little mischief with his famous new neighbor while they both recover from plastic surgery, their faces completely bandaged and concealed the whole time they know each other. A cellist accepts the tutelage of a mysterious woman. Those are Kazuo Ishigiro's Nocturnes: Five Stories of Music & Nightfall. You'd think there's be sex in them, right? That's what I, personally, would expect from scenes with almost-strangers sneaking around together by moonlight, the hint of jazz hanging there in the sultry air between them. Ishigiro manages to stop just short of that, preferring instead to lead us through alternate tones and rhythms that show up in the process of people coming to know each other and falling out. Ishigiro's prosaic style tends toward the terse, simple, and graceful. He writes like Hemingway if Hemingway wrote a little better.

The Sex Lives of Cannibals by J. Maarten Troost Reviewed by Sarah Sullivan If you've ever eaten something in a country without asking what it was, battled against wildlife, rodents or infection in a foreign setting or met any number of bizarre characters while abroad, then this is a book for you. Troost and his long-time girlfriend decide that after stagnating in Academia land as a many-times over student, it's time to get out and see the world. Sylvia lands a job in Tarawa, an island in The Republic of Kiribati and so they pack their college-kid belongings and go. From the moment the plane lands, Troost begins to notice that Tarawa is nothing like they imagined. From the crisis that arises when they realize that they are separated from all alcohol by a long boat ride in little more than a stick canoe, to their dealings with “half-dead Fred”, this book is to anyone who has traveled, a ‘that reminds of when...’ moments and for someone who hasn’t traveled, it is entertaining and despite some of the bleaker aspects of his travels, you can’t help but feel inspired to have your own adventures abroad.His sarcastic writing coupled with the sheer oddity of their misadventures makes this work a travelogue you won't want to put down.

Edwin C. Olson Sr.

1214 B. Moro Manhattan, KS 66502

The cast: Pamela Redford, Clay Myers-Bowan, and Annie Spence, take a bow Saturday night at the MAC.

785-539-8571 Mon-Fri 9:00-6:00 Sat 9:00-1:00 - September 29, 2011 - 9

The Bump


Bar Etiquette by Nathan Abbott

Also, being a dick will get you tossed out on your ass, whereas happy bartenders tend to buy shots for people that we like and make our jobs enjoyable. While I know this mainly highlighted the negative behaviors, if you treat it as guidelines, your bar experience will be enjoyable. Cheers, and keep on drinking!

With the return of the school year, football season and the arrival of new students to the area, those of us in the bar / restaurant and various services industries have excessive amounts of ‘fun’ to look forward to. With this fact in mind, I’ve written a little primer to try and help new students, recently turned 21-year-olds, and stupid people, avoid forcing me or other bar workers to rough you up. I will try to avoid turning this into a completely bitter rant from a bar employee, however with 5 ½ years of bar work under my belt and the shear number of stupid things that I have seen in my day it may be difficult. I also understand that there are many things that piss off people trying to get drinks at a bar, but that is not the topic of this particular public service announcement. Frequently Asked Questions. First and foremost I’ll start with the “what are your specials?” question. Answer: There is a huge lit up marquee sign attached to the front of the building. Guess what is on it? In addition to that, there is a lit specials board at the front of the bar, also stating what the specials of the day are. A similar question occurs when someone wanders up to the bar while I’m standing right next to our beer taps and asks me “What have you got on tap?” Answer: Really? Here is an idea, make your first grade teacher proud and READ. I don’t mind telling you or answering questions but the same ones, 20 – 30 times a night? While we’re at it, no, I don’t know how many dollar bills are on the wall. Ordering a Drink. Know what you want before you try to flag me down! If I come to you and ask, “What can I get for you?” and you turn around to your five other friends to see what everyone wants, after having stood there for 5 minutes or more, I’m going to move on to the next person. You just lost your turn. Know what you want when you step up to the bar. In that same vein, don’t come up and order “a beer”, we have many beers, what kind do you want? Don’t come up and tell me you want five shots and when I say what kind, you say “ I don’t know, make something good?” Ha ha, you just ordered five prairies fires, sucker! And yes, if you order a Bud Light, you will get a rocks glass of bud light. If you order a coke and diet, you will get a glass of half coke and half diet coke. Sounds funny but both of those things happen routinely. Bar Staff Interactions. I am not your dog. Don’t whistle, snap, wave your money, smack the bar, yell “hey”, or try to interrupt me while I’m taking the order of someone else who waited their turn. If you’re a hot girl don’t kneel up on the bar stool and stick out your chest. I work in a bar, I see hundreds of beautiful women every night, your tight shirt isn’t anything I haven’t already seen many times before. Don’t harass the waitresses, don’t run your mouth, don’t pick fights with people and don’t destroy things in the bar. Nothing good will come of such behavior. Consequences. Doing any of the above things will see to it that you get served last, if at all. You want to get served? Be cool, wait your damn turn! I know that what you want is the most important thing to you, but to everyone else on the planet it dosn’t mean dick. There are 200 of you, there’s only one of me, chill. Surroundings Awareness. When I’m carrying a keg into the bar, there is one thing you need to understand. While I may be saying “excuse me”, what I mean is “get the F outta the way!” Kegs weigh 150 pounds. They’re heavy. If you’re in the way you’ll get hit with a keg, pretty simple. People want beer; I have to get it in there. If you won’t move on your own, I will have to “move” you and if I have to put down the keg, you aren’t going to like what happens. The moral of the story is that there are hundreds of you, all clamoring for booze and just a few of us trying to serve you all. You want your drinks as quickly as you can get it and we want to get you served as quickly as we can, with the best service we can provide. By paying attention, streamlining your ordering process and generally just not being a dick, you help us to help you.

10 - September 29, 2011 -

Aggieville Zombie Walk for Hunger For perhaps the first time in history, Zombies will be slowly stumbling for humanity! The flash-mob type Zombie Walks that Manhattan has come to know and love around this time of year are taking a humanitarian turn. This Saturday, October 1st, people wanting to participate will meet in the Manhattan City Park at 5:00pm with make-up, fake blood, props and anything else their little zombie hearts desire as well as canned goods and other non-perishable donations(Thanksgiving themed preferred such as cranberry sauce, stuffing, etc.) for the Flint Hills Breadbasket. After they are fully outfitted, (around 6:00pm) they will start their trek around Aggieville, and down 11th to Poyntz before stumbling and moaning back up 14th st. They will then wander back down to the Poyntz area for more drooling fun or stagger into a pub crawl in search of some Bloody Brains.

The good bits

The Ultimate Crossword of Ultimate Destiny

The Talent

(Poets, Paints, Pics and Paragraphs)

A Prompt Response Writing Prompts will be printed every so often when we get the feeling that our readers want to write something creative but they need something to get them started. Two issues ago, we printed a writing prompt in the form of the picture below. One awesome person responded with the following Talent.



3. Piano on the sidewalk, vintage bikes for rent, sweet rings at the counter 4. Best Ice Cream, Local Eggs and Meat 7. Rufio! Rufio! 9. It is a lie. 11. Late night's best friend; a sack full of six hotties 12. Took the ring to Mordor 14. Sure beats Skinny's Toilet Bowls! 16. Not fat, just a little 18. A pedestal without a hero 19. Sheldon Sarcasm

1. The pebble that started the Big 12 avalanche 2. A Nest of Gamers 5. A saucey tart at the corner of 18th and 8th 6. Fearful Fancies and Fantastic Fetishes 7. "All we want to do is eat your _______"- Jonathan Coulton 8. Who says, "This is my boomstick" 10. The Gov's Crib 13. Tall Tale- Soon to have a place to drink! 15. Makes a good stout buffalo ridden by a man in a top hat drinking a beer and flying a kite 17. The Captain is watching you drink your UV Vodka, always watching

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"Red Bull does not work on Lucky Charms. I just had fizzy lava Pompeii for breakfast. Tell your friends." "My male roommate just brought home two seasons of Sex and the City and a case of High Life. He said he's not coming out until he understands women." "Mom metal guitarists rock!"

Her Only Daughter by Sara Hupp

Traces of playthings remain on the table-A tea set, a doll, her teddy bear. Naivety of childhood stained completely through, Never to be erased. In her right hand, The last of her only daughter. A few clothes, a few handbags, a few pieces of costume jewelry-All that remains Of her only daughter. She didn’t mean to leave her there. She didn’t want to be taken away from her daughter. But her family wouldn’t let her wail at the grave For her only daughter. Her brain constantly shadowed with grief. Hot spots flare When she sees the bright blue eyes of a little girl. Her silent partner speaks Her silent partner cries. Not yet to the car, she falters, She stops. Memories dredged up of cancer, of childhood, of loss, of love. What does she have left if not Her only daughter.

“Im sorry, but the people running varsity donuts must have absolutely zero business sense to NOT be open at 2 in the morning friday and saturday makes me ashamed to be a donut fan.”

Her own face lined with age and illness and despair. Far too similar to her only daughter’s face as she fought the cancer With chemo and radiation and chemo. Her heart, weakened by grief, will inevitably succumb to disease. Then she will find again her only daughter.

The Hype Response To The Above: “No, they probably just don’t want drunks messing up all their nice stuff.” :)

Want to submit? Email! - September 29, 2011 - 11

Wamego, KS

Sept. 30 - Oct. 2, 2011

 Original Munchkins Autograph Sessions

Saturday: 10am & 2pm Only 200 passes available

 The Wiz

Tickets: Adult $30 & $20 Child $15 & $10

 OZ Museum

Presentations By: John Fricke, Michael Siewert & Roger Baum


 Munchkinland

Kids activity area with inflatables

 Craft & Food Vendors

Home made & Home-based products

 Festival Pricing Adult $15 (13 & up) Child $10 (4 - 12)

 Festival Hours Saturday 9am - dark Sunday 11am - 4pm

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The Hype Weekly #5  
The Hype Weekly #5  

The Hype Weekly, Sept. 29 2011