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We had a 30 minute argument about how to spell “Theatre” that ended in bloodshed. One less mouth to feed.

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issue #3 - September 15th, 2011

The Slant

(Voices, yours and ours)

2 - Us to You 3 - Letters to the Editor - Stop The Presses!

The Beat

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4 - Keeping Live Theatre Alive

The Centerfold

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The Hype

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8 - A Sack of Goodness: Cozy Inn - 3 Asians & A Movie: “Contagion” 9 - KSU Gardens Do-fer - Geek Weekly: “League of Legends”

The Bump

(Bump it, Brah, it rocks!)

10 - “Magic Carpet Ride”: KSU Parachute Club - It Takes An Aggievillage: Aggiefest 2011

The Good Bits

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11 - Answers to The Ultimate Crossword of Ultimate Destiny - The Forum

The Talent

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11 - “Mermaid Advice” & “Microcosm of Spirituality” - The Prompt

US to You Dear Manhattan, We have called out to you for feedback and you have graciously obliged us! Thank you for the comments you’ve sent us and the ones you thought about sending us. For the ones who sent their letters to us, extra thanks, and especially to Judy for your criticism, we will work on becoming more prolfic in our coverage to reach all parts of the community, and leave our Aggieville post more frequently. For all of those who thought about sending us comments but didn’t actually complete the process, we apologize as our mind-reading machinery has shorted out this week. We hope that the mechanic will have it up and running again soon, but he keeps muttering about dilithium crystals needing replacing. So, we cannot give you a difinitive time that we will be capable of reading your criticisms telepathically. Until such time as this is possible, please send them to us in ‘the normal way’ by emailing us at: Thank you, and we apologize for the inconvenience. We are pleased to welcome some more faithful believers on board The Hype Weekly love train; Syndicate Tatoo, Pathfinder, The Columbian Theatre are among our newest supporters, taking their seats alongside Auntie Mae’s Parlor, Sisters of Sound, On the Wildside, and MHK Rickshaw. You are the wonderful people that make the printing of this paper possible. You and the other wonderful local businesses like you are what makes Manhattan a community worth writing about and supporting. The local bands, artists, and performers have a place to practice their craft due to local venues such as yourselves, so consider this a hearty pat on the backs (but not the kind that hits you so hard you swallow your gum). We look forward to promoting, writing about, and generally serving you back with everything we do. Love, The Hype Weekly

Voldemort would have won...

This issue of The Hype Weekly Chopped up and Fed to Audrey II by: jimbo ivy, sarah sullivan, Keegan Hudspeth, Jordan Chapman, John Caton, Matt Beyer, Nathan Abbott, Aaron Abbott, George Matthews, Amy Webb, Sean Matthews, Caleb Jennison, Tyler Woods, Jen Lee, Evan Tuttle, Ariane Chapman, Sarah & Leah Cunnick, leann meyer, Courtney Rose and as always the mysterious “hypster”.

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2 - September 8, 2011 -

...if he<'d Advertised with The Hype Weekly. Email:

Letters To The Editor

The Slant

Dear Hype Weekly, I was happy to see [in your September 8th issue] that despite being an “alt” source of information that you don’t just tow the typical “alt” line that soldiers are bad people, baby killers, etc. Thank you for letting two people similar to myself (people who have actually f**king been in a war zone) tell people how it feels to go to war, then come home...all the good ways and bad ways in which serving your country affects you.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repeal Day Events Planned On Tuesday, September 20, Manhattan joins cities around the country celebrating the end of the military policy of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. At least two celebratory events have been planned for Manhattan. All community members are invited to both. K-State’s LGBT Resource Center is hosting an event starting at 5:30 in room 212 of the K-State Student Union. Guests will speak about the history of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and share their stories.

Sgt. Marc Hanson (Ret.)

To The Hype Weekly: Thank you so much for saying something good about my brothers in arms and I in your article “Rough Men: Ten Years of War and Terror.” When I saw the title, I immeadiately thought it would be the same negative rehashing of the War that every other liberal media outlet is doing right now; assigning blame and dodging responsibility. Instead you let two soldiers tell it like it is. Thank you, from myself and on behalf of all my brother soldiers.

Stop The Presses!

PFC Anthony Rendaldo Fort Riley, KS

Marc and Anthony, We’re glad you like Keegan’s article so much. We hopefully showed something true about the war, rather than something with an agenda. I mean, we did have an agenda: showing that we aren’t a “left” or “alt” or “liberal” platform. We’re here for everyone, and anyone that doesn’t appreciate the burden of soldiering, whether they believe in the war effort or not, is not thinking clearly about the issue. Thanks for your service, and thanks for being the first folks to let us know (good or bad) how you think we’re doing. Love, The Hype Weekly Hype Weekly Editors: I like what you’re doing. But you’re very Aggieville centric. I know you’re probably young people, judging by what you write about and your facebook posts, but Aggieville is not the end-all-be-all of Manhattan. Again, good work; what you’re doing is really needed here. But just take a step outside Auntie Mae’s once in a while. Thanks, Judy Wieser Manhattan, KS Judy, You’re right. We’re not going to try to excuse ourselves. Although, we did talk about People’s Grocery, a JC Roller Derby team, the Beach Art Museum, and our calendar has tons events not located in Aggieville. But, when you’re right, you’re right. Consider us on it. Thanks! The Hype Weekly

The celebration continues with dancing and entertainment hosted by the Flint Hills Human Rights Project (FHHRP) later that evening at Kathouse Lounge in Aggieville from 10 PM until 2 AM. Local personalities, Patti O’Dour and Victoria Fox, will perform. At approximately 11:30 PM there will be a special recognition of all active duty personnel and veterans from all the armed services. “This is an historic day worthy of celebration,” said Ted Morgan, co-chair of the board of the FHHRP. “Putting a stop to the policy of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell ends a sad history of official discrimination in the U.S. military. It’s a great day for everyone.”

“Witches of Oz” Special Premiere Showing at this year’s OZtoberFest! A new Hollywood spin on a classic tale will be premiered during Wamego’s OZtoberFest. Leigh Scott’s highly anticipated film “Witches of Oz” will be premiered during Wamego’s OZtoberFest. The film, produced by Imaginarium and directed by Leigh Scott, stars Christopher Lloyd, Lance Henrikson, Mia Sara, Ethan Embry, Sean Astin, Al Snow, Sasha Jackson, Jeffrey Combs, Eliza Swenson, Billy Boyd, and Paulie Rojas as Dorothy. Munchkin Autograph Session Pass Holders will see the Director’s Cut of the movie at 12 pm on Saturday Oct.1. There will also be a showing at the VIP Reception at the OZ Museum on Friday night (tickets available by calling the OZ Museum, $25/person, only 30 are available). An encore viewing will be at the OZ Museum on Sunday. For more information go to Or: call 785-458-TOTO (8686)







Yours for the Outdoors since 1975! local staff, personal service, years of experience - September 8, 2011 - 3

The Beat

Keep ing

Live Theatre aLive

By: Sarah Sull ivan and Jimbo Ivy "Theatre, since the beginning of time, has been a chance to both spark loyalty in the

community by recreating stories about fallen warriors and invoking civic pride, and a chance to bring up problems and questions in the community, acting as a sounding board and sometimes a tool for social upheaval. [Theatre] was also a chance for people to celebrate what they have in their area, as a representation of the community, as it should be." As I sat listening to Tyler Woods explain the origin and importance of theatre in a community, I couldn't help feeling that we as the Manhattan community are extremely lucky to have such a strong performing arts presence in our area. Despite the dissolution of the Kansas Arts Commission, which provided much needed funds, the Manhattan, Wamego, and Junction City performing arts programs are still giving their communities everything they've got to keep theatre alive in the area. The Hype Weekly would like to present each of these wonderful theatres to you in such a way as to say, "There's a great world of live entertainment only minutes away from your house, so get off your couch and go see it!" K-State Theatre Department at Nichols Theatre The talented students of the K-State Theatre department continue to dazzle the community with productions of every genre and scale imaginable performing at The Purple Masque, Nichols Theatre in Nichols Hall, and McCain Auditorium each season. Directed and designed under the care and guidance of seasoned professors such as Charlotte McFarland, Dana Pinkston, and John Uthoff, just to name a few, the KSU Theatre productions make a wonderful evening for any theatre lover and support the constant renewal of theatre as an art form. Nichols Theatre can offer Manhattan’s only “theatre in the round” experience, though most productions are done in the traditional “thrust” arrangement to great success. Ticket and date information on all KSU Theatre mainstage productions can be found at The Purple Masque The Purple Masque Theatre located in East Stadium on the KSU Campus puts on student directed and produced shows, often hosting graduate student's productions as part of their thesis. This theatre is one of the most intimate venues in the Manhattan area as it's possible to be sitting a mere three feet from a crying actor or actress on stage. While not as large or technically advanced, The Purple Masque gives the audience an experience unlike any they would have at a larger, more technically advanced venue. For information on shows at The Purple Masque, contact the KSU Theatre Department at 785-532-6875. We would direct you to a website that lists the shows at The Purple Masque, but that isn’t located anywhere in the material sphere that we can scry. However, we did sneakily figure out a way to access KSU Theatre’s vaunted production schedule which will show you all sorts of fun things including the show dates for every KSU Theatre show in The Purple Masque, Nichols, and McCain Auditorium. You can find it here: Theatre/Downloads/ProductionCalendar.pdf Ebony Theatre Created by a group of KSU students in the late 70s, the mission of Ebony Theatre according to their website has been to expose the university and community to black theatre, giving them an a chance to experience the rich and unique literary heritage of black Americans. "Our shows usually happen in February to coincide with Black History Month

4 - September 8, 2011 -

and other activities on campus that honor African Americans," explains Jen Lee, the president of Ebony Theatre. However, all K-State students are welcome to be a part of Ebony, no matter what their major or ethnic background may be. Ebony has done plays by well known African American playwrights such as August Wilson, but also produces student written productions and those written by alumni such as Nathan Jackson’s nationally produced “Brokeology” which was based off a script that Nathan wrote while he was a student at Kansas State University. The website for Ebony Theatre can be found at Manhattan Arts Center (MAC) The most diverse community performing arts center in the Manhattan area, the MAC not only hosts small to medium-sized theatrical shows, but it also offers children's theater, The Annual MXTW (Manhattan eXperimental Theatre Workshop), local art, sculpture, and crafts as well as art classes open to the whole community, year round. The MAC is a wonderful place for amateur actors in the community to find their niche, as it doesn’t require you to be a KSU student or have immense acting experience. The MAC is truly as place where Manhattanites can go to enjoy or help create great theatre. You can find out info about auditions, volunteering or show dates at The Columbian Theatre Built in 1895, by J.C. Rogers after attending The Columbian World Fair in Chicago, this beautiful landmark in downtown Wamego has seen every form of performing arts including musicals, variety shows, and well known plays as well as being a movie theater during the 1970's. Nowadays, it plays hosts to variety shows, musicals, dinner theatre, as well as various community events and wedding receptions. When asked what the Columbian needed from the community to keep producing awesome shows in these hard times, Executive Director Ariane Chapman said, “We need the public to embrace the fact that you have this big, beautiful theatre with people here working around the clock to put on shows, and we need your support.” With support for the arts disappearing locally, statewide, and federally, The Columbian needs support from not only ticket sales but volunteers as well. “We don’t need people to come in and do 40 hours a week for free; just an hour or two every once in a while would make a huge difference.” Prior to the economic downturn, The Columbian boasted a staff of around 15 employees to get each show up and ran. Now, this work is done by two paid staff and whatever volunteers reach out and help. For info on tickets, volunteering, or special events, head over to McCain Auditorium The largest and most technically advanced theater in the Manhattan area, McCain hosts traveling musical troops, operas, comedians, specialty groups such as "Stomp!" and "Cirque Mechanics: Boom Town", an acrobatic, wild-west production. The K-State

The Beat Theatre department also puts on a fall and spring production in McCain, usually being a musical or another large production. Junction City Little Theater Located a mere fifteen minutes from Manhattan, the Junction City Little Theater is currently putting on a production of "The Sound of Music". This is just one of several large productions the JCLT will put on this season. Information on shows and auditions can be found at

These theatres bring something beautiful to the community and they need your continued support to do this. So how can you help, you may be asking yourself?

First, go to see the shows! They rarely cost more than a burger and drink and enrich your life much more than Jersey Shore. Go, see actors breathing, and applaud the hard work the cast and staff have put into their productions, so that they know you are breathing too! Second, if you like to act, audition for the community productions! If you are a fraidy cat or sing like a walrus, you can volunteer instead! Volunteer to be an usher, or to work behind the scenes; the theatre needs folks that know decibels or lumens or miter saws just as much as they need those pretty boy actors. There are a thousand ways to help these awesome some venues! Volunteer to advertise, or sell tickets for the show if you have a knack for business. If you're artfully inclined, volunteer to work on sets, costumes, or props. If you have clothing, furniture, etc that you were planning to throw out or give away, consider giving it to any of the theatres in the area. You might one day go to a show and see your end table or your old dress on stage! Whatever you do, do something...or these last vestiges of artistic value in our community are going to go away in the face of economic hardship and reality TV. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s easy. Just email a contact at the theatre and ask what you can do to help, because theatre is a vital part of our community that brings us together in a way no Hollywood shenaniganizing can.

AGGIEFEST September 23rd & 24th


80+ Bands/Several Venues this year including

a Visual Arts Walk

2 o11

y b e s a c w o h S l a G i c N I e p N S O K C E R POPW

Still acccepting Band & Art submissions & Sponsors Bands: aggiefesbands@gmail, Artists:, Sponsors:

TIX on Sale NOW!

at Sisters Of Sound (785.770.9767) & On the Wildside - September 8, 2011 - 5

thursday 15 10:00am- The Konza Prairie: Earth, Wind and Fire! 1971-2011 @ 5th Floor, Hale Library on KSU Campus This exhibit highlights the unprecedented history of the Konza Prairie Biological Station and its extraordinary accomplishments in research, education, and conservation of the native grasslands of this geographical region. Sponsored by the Richard L.D. and Marjorie J. Morse Department of Special Collections of the K-State Libraries. 10:00am-Teresa Schmidt: 2011 Friends of the Beach Museum of Art Gift Print Artist @ Beach Museum of Art A selection of works by Teresa Schmidt, who teaches printmaking and drawing at Kansas State University. Runs April 15 through December 11, 2011. Runs April 15 through December 11, 2011. 10:00am- ab-’strakt @ Strecker-Nelson Gallery on Poyntz An exhibit of “abstract” paintings by Kansas artists. Also on exhibit are blown glass, sculpture, and photographs, and Kansas landscape and figurative paintings. Runs through September 17th, 2011. 10:00am- Lines Traveling Through Space: Ghosts and Shadows @ Beach Museum on the K-State Campus Sculpture exhibit created by Tal Streeter open for a free viewing by the public. Runs through October 11th, 2011. 10:00am-Makers Framed: Photographs by George Kren @ Beach Museum on K-State Campus Our own Manhattanite George Kren’s photographic exhibit, free to the public. Runs through October 16th, 2011. 10:00am- Art and Psychology: The Work of Roy Langford @ Beach Museum of Art This exhibition examines the work of the late Roy Langford, a longtime resident of Manhattan and former Kansas State University professor of psychology. 12:00pm-Resume Critique @ Holtz Hall Stop by and get your resume ready for the All- University Career Fair and upcoming interviews. 12:00pm- Career Closet @ Holtz Hall $ave your green and go green. Check out our closet of gently used professional attire for upcoming career fairs and interviews. Men and women, all sizes. Shop for free but donations accepted with all proceeds benefiting the Manhattan Emergency Shelter. Promoted by Career & Employment Services. 12:00pm- Unmasking Mental Illness Art Exhibit @ Manhattan Arts Center Pawnee Mental Health Services and the Manhattan Arts Center sponsored art exhibit in celebration of Pawnee’s 55th anniversary. Runs from September 10th-October 22nd. Admission is free! 4:00pm-How to Succeed at a Career Fair @Union 212 Learn how to identify potential employers, network with recruiters and secure the elusive Next Day Interview. Promoted by Career & Employment Services. 10:00pm- Matt McCann in Concert @O’Malley’s Patio A bringer of incredible 70’s rock, channeling Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Free, and Joe Walsh, guaranteed to rock your socks off! 10:00pm- House Night @ The Kathouse Lounge House Night, EVERY THURSDAY @10pm. $1.50 Rolling Rock Drafts, $1.50 wells or $3 BIG KATS (25oz well) and $3 bombs!!

friday 16 5:30pm- Beginners Mountain Bike Ride @ Big Poppi Bicycles LEADER: Big Poppi Bicycle Co. DISTANCE: Ride 1-2 laps. CONTACT: Melanie at 785537-3737. Last ride of season is October 28, 2011. 6:00pm-Friends of the Beach Museum of Art Fundraising Gala @ Beach Museum of Art Join your friends for dinner, drinks and dancing featuring Kansas City jazz artist David Basse at the K-State Alumni Center. Funds are used to purchase art by Kansas artists. $125 per person; for ticket information please call 785.532.7718.

6 - September 8, 2011 -

Sunset- Friday Light Night Ride @Big Poppi Bikes LEADER: Big Poppi Bicycle Co. DISTANCE: Ride 2-3 laps. CONTACT: Tait or Aaron at 785-537-3737. Last ride of season is October 21, 2011. 8:00pm-Kung Fu Panda 2 @ Forum Hall, KSU Union Admission $2. Sponsored by the Union Program Council 9:00pm-Borderline in Concert @ RC McGraws Borderline has a sound of today’s country music with a red dirt/rock feel that is a definite crowd pleaser. The band has a young core that strives on providing great entertainment for everyone’s enjoyment and dancing pleasure. 10:00pm- Old School Video Mix w/ DJ Pizzle @ Bobby T’s Music video dance party at Bobby T’s every Friday night!

saturday 17 All Day- K-State Family Day @ K-State Campus Participants enjoy a variety of activities designed to showcase the history, tradition, and special connection between K-State, our students, and their families. 8:00am- Manhattan Downtown Farmers’ Market @ 5th and Humboldt Seasonal Produce, Fresh Flowers, Fresh Eggs, Local Artists, Honey, Bison, Beef, Gardening Ideas, Cookies, Pies, Muffins, Bread, Crafts, Pottery. 9:00am-Yard Art Classic Car Show @ Manhattan Town Center The American love affair with the automobile lives on at the Yard Art Classic Car Show in Center Court. Explore an amazing display of classic muscle cars, street rods, customs cars, sports cars, antiques and other collectible cars. Sponsored by the Yard Art Classic Car Club. 9:00am-Linear Historical Lifestyle Bicycle Ride @ Big Poppi Bicycles LEADER: Big Poppi Bicycle Co and the Flint Hills Area Bike Club. DISTANCE: Approximately 9-10 miles CONTACT: Narmin at 785-537-3737. Last ride of season is October 29, 2011. 10:00am- CrossFit Introductory Class @ Room 4, Natatorium Try out a CrossFit Intro Class scaled for beginners to learn more about high intensity training and its benefits. Sponsored by the Department of Kinesiology 10:00am- 38th Annual Hansen Arts & Crafts Fair @ Hansen Museum Plaza Lawn in Logan, Kansas Crafts*Food*Entertainment*Anitique Tractor Show* Kids Games* Amusements All Day* Live Musical Groups*Chain Saw Artist*Drawings* Kids’s Tent. 10:00am-An Angle on Art @ Beach Museum of Art Come and explore the intersection of math and art through the angular art of Tal Streeter and Alan Shields. Join us for activities and refreshments. In conjunction with Kansas State University’s Family Day. 11:00am-National Gymnastics Day @Triangle Park In honor of National Gymnastics Day, Gymnastics Plus is assisting USAGymnastics to break the World Record for the most handstands done at the same time. A handstand clinic will be held at 11:00 with ‘Feet Up’ at 12:00 pm sharp. All ages are invited to attend! 11:00am- Paxico Blues Festival @Downtown Paxico Held Annually in downtown Paxico on the 3rd Saturday in September, the Blues Festival delivers big city blues in a small-town setting. Admission is always free. Festival-goers are encouraged to bring a chair, just in case their dancing feet get tired! Concessions, official festival t-shirts, souvenirs and crafts are available from street vendors. And local antiques dealers and cafes offer special sales on this day just for visitors. Live music from morning until night, 11:00 am to 8:30 pm! 1:30pm- Art and Psychology Reception @ Beach Museum of Art View the new exhibition “Art and Psychology: The Work of Roy Langford (1903-1990).” The exhibition traces Landford’s methodological approach as a painter and provide an avenue for a better understanding of his research in perceptual psychology and teaching about the psychology of art. 3:00pm- Tallgrass Brewery Tours @ Tallgrass Brewery Two tours of the brewery, one from 3pm-4pm and 4pm-5pm. 6:00pm- K-State Football vs. Kent State @ Bill Snyder Family Stadium Go Cats!

7:00pm-Kung Fu Panda 2 @ Forum Hall, KSU Union Admission $2. Sponsored by the Union Program Council 9:30pm-Kung Fu Panda 2 @ Forum Hall, KSU Union Admission $2. Sponsored by the Union Program Council 10:00pm- Riot on the Roxxx w/ Shawn Rock @ Pat’s Blue Ribbon Get your Roxxx on with Shawn’s mix of heavy metal!

10:30am- Huck Boyd Lecture: Promoting Pre-College Programs in Our Communities @ Forum Hall, KSU Student Union Wilma Moore-Black will deliver the 12th annual Huck Boyd Lecture in Community Media at K-State. Sponsored by the Huck Boyd National Center for Community Media. 11:00am-All-University Career Fair- A-J Employers @ Bramlage Coliseum Visit with over 200 employers about career, internship and co-op positions. Bring multiple copies of your resume, dress professionally and visit both days! Shuttle buses available from campus to Bramlage Coliseum. Promoted by Career & Employment Services.

10:00pm-Roger Creager in Concert @ Longhorns Saloon in Aggieville Roger Creager has built a reputation on his distinctive brand of hard-core, rabble-rousing Texas Country music, on his rich, full-bodied voice that can carry a tune for miles.

11:00am- Manhattan Means Business “Lunch & Learn” @ Clarion Hotel A part of the Business Education Series.

10:00pm-The Blue Party in Concert @ O’Malley’s Patio The Blue Party isn’t just a band, but quite literally a traveling party (often borderline circus). They began, almost three years ago, promoting themselves as a “house party” band that guaranteed a great time with great music as long as you provided the house or venue.

12:00pm-Business Telephony Lunch ‘n Learn @ Little Apple Brewing Co. Registration will begin at 11:30 a.m. with the program and lunch from 12-1 p.m. This event will be held at The Little Apple Brewing Company, and lunch will be provided by NexTech. Topics covered will be the benefits of upgrading your business telephone system and your network’s cabling infrastructure,and the latest business telephone system features.

sunday 18 9:00am-Yard Art Classic Car Show @ Manhattan Town Center The American love affair with the automobile lives on at the Yard Art Classic Car Show in Center Court. Explore an amazing display of classic muscle cars, street rods, customs cars, sports cars, antiques and other collectible cars. Sponsored by the Yard Art Classic Car Club. 2:00pm-R.E.A.D. with Dogs Program @ Manhattan Public Library Children can read to certified therapy dogs. The R.E.A.D. (Reading Education Assistance Dogs)program gives kids the opportunity to practice & enjoy reading in a fun environment. Children who attended 6 sessions recieve a free book. No registration required; sign up for a 10-15 minute time slot at the Children’s Desk when you arrive. 2:00pm- Finding Jefferson’s Salt Mountain: George Champlain Sibley and the Exploration of the Central Plain @ Kaw Mission State Historic Site This lecture is the fifth educational program in the series Kaw Councils 2011. 7:30pm-Free Film: A Small Act @ Hale Library Part of Movies on the Grass --- This is a FREE outdoor film series now in its seventh year. Movies on the Grass offers the campus and community new films that portray current issues in a relaxed setting, with discussion opportunities afterward in Hale Library 301. Showtime begins at dusk at Coffman Commons in front of Hale Library. 8:00pm-Kung Fu Panda 2 @ Forum Hall, KSU Union Admission $2. Sponsored by the Union Program Council 10:00pm-Video Dance Party w/ DJ Pizzle @ Bobby T’s Grill and Bar Dance your pants off at Bobby T’s every Sunday night with DJ Pizzle’s Video Dance Party!

monday 19 6:00pm- Bingo @ Bobby T’s Grill and Bar Not your grandma’s bingo parlor! Every Monday night at Bobby T’s! 6:30pm- Road Ride with K-State Cycling Club @ Big Poppi Bicycle Join K-State Cycling Club for a road ride of varying distance. Meet at Big Poppi Bicycle Co. 7:30pm-Free Film: Central Station- Central do Brasil @Forum Hall, KSU Student Union An emotive journey of a former school teacher, who write letters for illiterate people, and a young boy, whose mother has just died, in search for the father he never knew. Portuegese w/ English Subtitles. 7:30- The Hype Weekly Pitch Meeting @ Auntie Mae’s Parlor Bring us your ideas and have a drink with us!

tuesday 20

9:30am-Sing-a-Long with Mr. Steve @Bluestem Bistro If you want to bring your kids in for a fun activity, come join us in our meeting room as our manager, Mr. Steve, plays silly kid’s songs! 10:20am-Panel Discussion: Internships @ Fiedler Hall Auditorium The panel will include Conoco Phillips, GE Aviation, and Career & Employment Services, K-State. Event is in conjunction with the CIS 115, Introduction to Computer Science course, but all students, faculty, and staff are welcome to attend.

7:00pm- Lou Douglas Lecture Series on Public Issues @ Kansas State University Student Union Forum Hall Ali Noorani, “Defining a New Consensus on Immigrants and America” 7:00pm- Encounter @ North Dining Area, KSU Student Union Christian worship service, visitors encouraged to attend. Promoted by Cats for Christ. 8:00pm- Dirty Bourbon River Show in Concert @ Auntie Mae’s Parlor “Genetically theatrical… appetite-whetting… a snow-globe carnival segueing seamlessly from kazoo- and clarinet-blown circus shenanigans to smooth-croon lounge, and finely fingered folk ballads to banjo hoedowns, jazzy sax solos and staccato piano jams” – Noah Bonaparte-Pais, Gambit Weekly. 10:00pm- Chappie in Concert @ O’Malley’s Patio Motown, Soul & Rock’n Roll -- A performer, entertainer, and singer that audiences love.

wednesday 21 8:00am- Next Day Interviews @Union Ballroom Many employers will set up interview schedules at the All-University Career Fair and interview candidates the next day. Promoted by Career & Employment Services. 11:00am-All-University Career Fair- K-Z Employers @Bramlage Coliseum Visit with over 200 employers about career, internship and co-op positions. Bring multiple copies of your resume, dress professionally and visit both days! Shuttle buses available from campus to Bramlage Coliseum. Promoted by Career & Employment Services. 11:45am-Vernon Larson International Lecture: Marcelo Sabates “How international travel shaped my life and is shaping my OIP experience” @Holiday Inn at the Campus The series offers an opportunity for the K-State community to hear presentations from faculty and individuals who have recently participated in an extensive overseas activity or who are involved in major international activities. The luncheon is open to everyone. Reservations for the luncheons can be made by e-mail ( or by phone (532-5990) and should be made by noon of the Friday before each luncheon. You may also attend the lecture portion of this event, which begins at 12:15 p.m. at no cost. 4:00pm- Cico Park Farmers Market @ Cico Park Parking Lot Seasonal Produce, Fresh Flowers, Fresh Eggs, Local Artists, Honey, Bison, Beef, Gardening Ideas, Cookies, Pies, Muffins, Bread, Crafts, Pottery. 6:30pm- River Trail Mountain Bike Ride @ Big Poppi Bicycle Co. Meet at Big Poppi Bicycle Co. Ride out to the river trails together. Ride 2-3 laps. Ride back to Big Poppi’s as a group.The pace of this ride will be a little faster than the Friday ride at about medium/fast. 7:00pm-Eldertopia, How Elders Will Change the World @ All Faiths Chapel on KSU Campus Dr. William Thomas is the author of “What Are Old People For?: How Elders Will Save the World,” Dr. Thomas is an inspiring and thought provoking speaker about the insight and creativity that later life can bring. 8:00pm- Trivia Smack Down @ Auntie Mae’s Parlor Grab some buddies and go see your Auntie about some awesome trivia! 8:00pm- Point South in Concert @ RC McGraws Classic Rock, Country and Southern Rock. - September 8, 2011 - 7

The Hype

A Sack of Goodness by Nathan Abbott

When it first became known

that Manhattan would be getting a Cozy Inn burger joint, I was not among those who were dancing in the streets. I had never been to the Salina Cozy Inn and as such had never experienced the flavorful goodness of their sliders. The Salina location has been producing their aromatic sliders for eighty-one years, so it would seem that they’ve hit the nail on the head and perfected the recipe. The Manhattan location produces sliders in the same fashion. The burgers are all cooked with delicious onions in the meat and served with your choice of pickle, ketchup or mustard. Unfortunately cheese is not an option on Cozy Inn burgers, much to my chagrin. They also have bagged chips as well as home made chips which they make right there in the store location. As far as drinks go, they serve Pepsi products, fountain drinks and canned sodas. You can get a single slider for eightynine cents or a double for a dollar and forty-nine cents. They also sell them in six packs, twelve packs and twenty-four packs. The smell of their tasty burgers permeates Aggieville from eleven in the morning to nine at night Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday they keep the sliders coming from eleven in the morning to three in the morning, and this is where I believe they really shine. In a town filled with four million sandwich shops and pizza joints I’m glad to see a little variety brought to the table. One of the things that sets Cozy Inn burger apart is that they have a walkup window set into the side of their building for the late night bar crowd. Now that we’ve covered the details about Cozy, lets get to the meat (pardon the pun) of the story. How do they taste? I figured in order to get a good picture of the Cozy Inn burger I’d need to try a few, for taste, quality and consistency testing so I went with a six pack (yes, I know I’m a fatty). I’ve got to say they were dang good! I love the flavor of the savory onions and while I myself don’t get down on pickles, I understand that many people enjoy them. Now I am a guy who loves cheese and that is my one wish here, I’d love a bit of pepper jack but this isn’t a deal breaker as far as I’m concerned. While Cozy Inn burger is somewhat limited as to what they serve and how they serve it; they do what they do, and they do it well. I can see Cozy Inn being a popular stop on many peoples’ trips home from a night out, and they fill their niche perfectly. They’ve got a tasty, quality product, great hours and a very pleasant, knowledgeable staff. I can now join my Salina friends in the street dancing and singing the praises for Cozy Inn burger. You will definitely be seeing me there, eating many a Cozy burger (sans pickle of course), in the future.

3 Asians & a Movie


“Contagion” is a film centered around a threat posed by a deadly virus spreading across the world and the international team of doctors from the CDC and the World Health Organization who are trying to deal with the outbreak. It’s directed by Steven Soderbergh and stars Marion Cotillard, Matt Damon, Laurence Fishburne, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kate Winslet. Mr. Kim: First of all, this film worked really well with the huge cast of ‘A’ actors. There wasn’t a single time during the film where any one of them overwhelms another. It’s basically about a lethal virus that kills within days and how it causes worldwide panic and chaos in which the medical community races to find a cure. What works in this film is that it burrows into the politics of drug companies and political organizations and exposes some conspiracy theories about how information is released into society. The movie revolves around multiple plot lines from the individual dealing with the virus, doctors trying to find a cure and senior leadership. This is not an action movie, so if you like those types of films then wait for it on DVD, but, if you like in-depth story lines and interesting characters, then this is a movie for you to see at the theatre. Amy: I really enjoyed this movie. There were a few times I felt myself getting bored because a few parts seemed to drag on, but otherwise I thought it was very realistic and interesting. Contagion felt very reminiscent of the 1995 movie Outbreak, both having great story lines. I don't regret seeing it in theaters because I did enjoy myself but I do think I could wait to see it on DVD. By no means was it a nail biter. Altogether though, I'd recommend seeing it one way or another. George: If you like well written, acted and directed movies that make you think, then Contagion is for you. If you’re more into the action/adventure movie (such as 1995’s Outbreak), you may want to take a pass on this one. The stellar cast is spectacular with excellent performances from Matt Damon, Lawrence Fishburne and Jude Law. It is definitely worth seeing, but not necessarily on the big screen.


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8 - September 8, 2011 -

KSU Gardens Do-Fer

The Hype

By: Matt Beyer and John Caton

With the nicer weather com-

ing, many people are starting to get out and enjoy days that don’t include heat indexes over 100 degrees. Some of the best places to go for a stroll are the local gardens Manhattan has to offer. One of the bigger and lesser known gardens is the Kansas State University Gardens. With the thriving Horticulture department at K-State, the gardens and flower collection are typically used as learning tools for the students and the community. The gardens are located north of Throckmorton Hall, and the K-State greenhouses on Denison Ave. are distinguishable by the large limestone walls and metal gates.

When you first see the gardens, you will notice a large limestone building with the appearance of an old barn. In fact, this is the location of the old dairy barn that has since been renovated into the visitor center, as well as labs for the insect zoo. This building is only one of the many elegant touches that K-State has used to create a feeling all its own. Some of the other portions that make the gardens memorable are the historic conservatory that houses different types of tropical plants and flower collections including roses, day-lilies, and irises. The greatest part about the gardens is that they are always being improved. The current project is lovingly referred to as “phase 2,” which is the addition just north of the historic conservatory and includes one of the new flower collections. Because the plants all flower during different parts of the season, you know that you will have a new experience every time you visit. For more information about the K-State-Gardens, go to: If you make it out and see the wonder that is the botanical gardens, I suspect there might build an inkling to get your own hands dirty. In our modern age, we have many excuses to not participate in the great outdoors. However, it’s easier than you might think to start your own garden. Now, I know many of us are either college students or just plain renters; this has kept myself and many others from having any chance of a personal green space. I know the issues with moving often can keep us from investing the time and money needed to our own gardens. However, with the grace of the city of Manhattan, in connection with K-State and UFM, we have the opportunity to participate in a community garden, where citizens can cultivate and nurture their very own plots of land. The Manhattan Community Gardens have been around for more than 35 years. Back in 1974, the gardens were started with only 60 plots, just south of Fort Riley Blvd. Since then the gardens have grown to more

than 150 plots, with organic sites available. In accordance with the financial plight of many college students, the gardens offer their plots on a sliding scale so that people of all incomes can enjoy a garden of their own. Plot prices are based on family size and income, and include a small deposit to help guarantee your compliance with rules of appropriate upkeep. All information you may need can be found on UFM's website: http://, along with an application and terms and conditions. Whether you have green thumbs or just an appreciation for them, Manhattan’s growing something worth checking out.

Geek Weekly By Caleb Jennison

You may or may not have heard of "League of Legends," an online multiplayer game that has been around for almost two years. To be safe, I'm going to assume you haven't, although you should have by now.

If you were to rely on pre-conceived categories for all your gaming-genre needs, RTS (Real Time Strategy) would probably be the box it would fit best in. Truth is, League of Legends (LoL for short) has begun to define a genre of it's own. The industry is calling it the MOBA, or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. MOBA's are nothing new. However, Riot Games has taken the genre to a whole new level in a way that has appealed to a massive amount of gamers. According to a recent count listed on, there are 15 million registered users- a number that even surpasses Blizzard's mega-franchise World of Warcraft. League of Legends is free to play. And when I say free, I mean no cash required, unlike some other "free" titles out there (I'm looking at you, BattleForge). LoL has an in-game system of currency called Influence Points. Every win and every loss nets you more influence points, which you can then use to spend on new in-game items. You can spend cash in micro-transactions to buy champions more quickly, but you don't need to spend cash on a single necessaryto-play item in the game. LoL features two small teams of competitors, each trying to destroy the enemy team's base. Standing between the bases are lanes of defensive towers and an army of minions. Players destroy the towers to allow the minions through. The static-ness of the map results in a game that plays more like a sport than a strategy game. Where each sport has it's own terms- first base, pitcher, linebacker, or goalie for example- LoL has developed it's own system of positions and roles. The terms solo-mid, jungler, support, carry, and others have become a second language to LoL players. The champion selection keeps the game from growing stale. Every character in LoL has it's own unique set of powers. With 82 champions already and new champions being released roughly every 3 weeks, the game isn't growing stagnant anytime soon. Additionally, Riot has announced the coming release of League of Legends: Dominion. Breaking away from the typical DotA setup, Dominion offers "The Crystal Scar," Pitting the two teams against each other in an Arathi Basin style match. If you haven't checked out League of Legends by now, Dominion should be your reason to. LoL's typical strategies will be turned on their heads as players find better ways to play on a new setup. Dominion could possibly serve as a skill reset, allowing new players a foot in the door as they learn alongside more seasoned veterans. Dominion isn't far off. While Riot hasn't set an official release date, they have stated "shortly after Pax," which ended on August 28th, so it can't hurt to start brushing up on your MOBA skills now. To download and play, please visit - September 8, 2011 - 9

The Bump

“Magic Carpet Ride”: KSU Parachute Club By: Jordan Chapman

The door pops open on the

C-182 Widebody aircraft and you look out at the ground far below. The ground seems almost cartoonish from this distance. The rushing wind fills the cabin of the small aircraft; the walls of which are stripped of any decoration aside from skydiving stickers, the map on the ceiling with a highlighted airport, and one seat for the extraordinary pilot who is used to landing with less individuals that what he initially took off with. The instructor tells you to put your feet on the step and to climb out to hang on the strut of the wing. To anyone else this would seem like madness, but this is the Kansas State University Parachute Club (KSUPC), the ones claiming that they have more fun than you on any given weekend. Just try to prove them wrong! These crazy, exuberant, and welcoming individuals are open every weekend of the year, weather permitting, and offer both Static-Line and Tandem skydiving instruction to get you out of the plane and into the sky where your adrenaline belongs.

Our Static-Line Course is comprised of three parts. First is the ground school which happens the Friday before your first jump. The ground school introduces you to the art of skydiving, gets you familiar with the gear you’ll use, how to stay stable in the air, what to do should an emergency occur and how to fix any problems with your parachute. The second part of training is the practical. The practical training involves; practicing Parachute Landing Falls (PLF), hanging in suspended harnesses to practice emergency procedures, showing you how to get in to as well as how to climb out of the aircraft while in flight, and a short test to make sure you were paying attention. The final part of your training is your first jump which takes place the same day you complete your practical training. Once airborne, your instructor will tell you when to climb out on the wing strut and prepare for your jump. Once you let go, you will begin to free-fall the 3,500 feet down, and your parachute will automatically be pulled via static-line. The cost of this course is $175. It may sound expensive, however, the course costs covers your first jump, your instruction on the ground and in the air during your jump, and your gear rental for the entire semester. Our per semester gear rental set-up has made KSUPC one of the cheapest ‘dropzones’ in the nation, especially if you want to earn your license (completing a skydiving A-License will allow you to jump anywhere.) The costs of jumps following your first jump drop in price to between $35 to $40 per jump. After you achieve your license, the price of jumps becomes $15 to $20 per jump. Now, I realize that climbing out on the wing of a small aircraft for their first jump isn’t for everyone. We also offer the Tandem Skydive which means you are connected to the front of one of our rated experienced Tandem Instructors at 10,000 feet. You’ll freefall for about 35 seconds before your parachute deploys at about 5,000 feet. You and your trusty companion can then cruise the sky, and take in the view. All you need to do to sign up is email or after reading the additional information about tandem skydiving on our website at Once you’ve scheduling your tandem via e-mail, you only need to show up two hours before your jump, and your instructor will show you around before you go off into the wild blue yonder. The Tandem jump is $185, and for an extra $85 you can buy a DVD of your jump as well as pictures. Which kind of jump to choose you may ask? That’s a good question! The Tandem skydive gives you freefall time and can be a bit less stressful. Yet, the Static-Line course and jump lets you crawl onto a wing in flight, make your first jump solo and moves you straight into the A-License progression so you too can be one of the cool kids that hangs out an airport all weekend. It’s worth it, trust me! The choice is yours, my friend. If you do choose to go with a Tandem jump and fall in love with the speed and adrenaline and decide you want to try for your license, we will give you a hefty discount on your First Jump course. So, that’s it in a nutshell, future Skygods! Think you have what it takes? There are 6 billion people in the world and there are just over 33,000 registered and licensed skydivers in the United States. Come be one of the elite and learn to fly! Check out some of our epic videos of jumps on website and for additional information, go to

10 - September 8, 2011 -

It Takes An Aggievillage: Aggiefest 2011 by Aaron Abbott

The venerable musical juggernaut known as Aggiefest hits the streets, bars and

businesses of Aggieville for the sixth year running, on September 23rd and 24th, bigger than ever and, this year, with more to offer than just music. Over fifty bands and artists will be performing during the two day fest with such diverse musical genres as; rap, hobo, folk, acoustic, metal, punk, and American bluegrass represented by bands from as close as Manhattan and as far away as New Zealand. In addition to bands playing just about every genre of music imaginable in just about every music-friendly venue in the 'Ville, Aggiefest will feature a visual arts component, similar to an art walk (like First Friday in Kansas City.) Art from local artists will be displayed in bars, restaurants and stores and there will be a chance to meet the artists and purchase their work. Some of the venues for the art walk are Varsity Donuts, Varney's and the upstairs of Auntie Mae's Parlor. “We're starting and hoping to progress the visual art movement in Aggieville,” Evan Tuttle, the executive director of the Aggieville Business Association, said. I spoke with Tuttle and Sarah Cunnick, coowner of Sisters of Sound, an Aggieville record store, both of whom are members of the Manhattan Music Coalition (MMC.) Cunnick and Tuttle have both been involved in Aggiefest since its inaugural year, when they attended an MMC meeting where the idea was first proposed. Cunnick started to explain Aggiefest to me in a song, but once I told her I would put the audio up at, she abruptly stopped. While preparing for the first Aggiefest, they had lots of people volunteer and ask them what they could do to help. At the time, Cunnick said she could only reply, “I don't know, what can you do? We've never done this before!” Since this is the sixth time they've each done this, the veteran 'Villers are better prepared for what to expect and what is needed. They say they still need volunteers for the event but, in all the years they've helped put Aggiefest on, they've never failed to have what they need when they need it. “It's a grassroots thing,” Tuttle said, “the people that work on it, work really hard and we're all busy, and nobody does it for a profit.” ‘Grassroots’ was a word both Tuttle and Cunnick used several times to describe the process of how Aggiefest is put together. They said that they each do a lot of work and a lot of coordinating, but volunteers are the ones who really make Aggiefest possible, year after year. And from the very first meeting, it was the bands and music fans in MMC that wanted the event to take place. Aggiefest is scheduled so people who are new to the area, students, for example, and members of the military (and their families) can be introduced to all the artists that the area has to offer and, though Cunnick says most people won't like every act, most people should be able to come away from Aggiefest with two or three artists they'll be fans of for a long time. “We're cultivating fans for life,” Cunnick said, with a wry smile. Some of the venues on tap for shows starting at 6pm on Friday and 4pm on Saturday include; the Ale House, Bluestem Bistro, Pat’s, Campus Tavern and the Dusty Bookshelf. There will also be groups playing Triangle Park as part of the Popwreck(oning) showcase during the day on Saturday. There will also be two Popwreck(oning) showcases Friday night and Saturday evening at Auntie Mae's Parlor. Popwreck(oning) is a website specializing in album and concert reviews that is bringing many acts from the Kansas City and Lawrence area to play at Aggiefest. There will be some venues, such as Triangle Park and Pats, which will be all ages for some of the shows and O'Malley's will be 18-and-over early during the two day event. Cunnick said she was excited there were a lot of Lawrence acts playing Aggiefest. She said many of the bands from Lawrence don't get to actually play in Lawrence all that often because many of the venues in Lawrence book national acts. “There are some places like the Jazz Haus that have some local bands play there,” Cunnick said, but, Tuttle continued, “Lawrence bands need fans for life, too.” Aggiefest is a labor of love for everyone involved. It was started, and maintained, by the people who wanted it to happen and it is continued by the people who love it and want it to happen every year. “Aggiefest should inspire everyone to go out further into the world,” Tuttle said, “to spread music and art and don't let it die.”

The good bits

The Talent

Answers to last week’s crossword:

(Poets, Paints, Pics and Paragraphs)

Mermaid Advice

Microcosm of Spirituality

by Courtney Rose

by Courtney Rose

Mermaids know all about love too bad, I live too far from the sea. I can only imagine my long-tailed friend whose hair is all dreaded with barnacles would tell me not to worry because hearts were meant to be broken and pearls are useless 'kept in oysters as hearts are locked deep in our own breast. We would look down at our reflections glimmering in the sea around the rocks and we would sing love songs to ourselves to ease the pains of past follies The sea is made of tears which the world has cried a thousand times over, over all types of love. Cleopatra made the Nile flood Pocahontas filled the black river these are matrons of love. So what if you do get hurt, Would you take back the sound of his voice reading poetry the touch of his hand across your body No, I would never

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The mermaid thanks me for asking because even the wise forget and she remembered by telling me so, now, she can tend to her own. As I swam back from my daydream I could feel the sheets around me As heavy and smooth as the sea and I am glad I have a mind full of mermaid love songs and a voice that was made to sing duets

There has to be something more to this world than electrons moving in mathematical sequence. There has to be something more to thought and inspiration than synopsis between axons and dendrites; something more than instinct. Perhaps there are little journeys that God energy can choose to forge. The lion, ox and eagle might be of the same energy: a slight strategy in each helix made mane, hoof or wing. So, we as humans, try to decipher what knows appetite, sensation, reason. We try to explain the world around us, in scientific causations, mathematics. Most of us reserve miracles for the bible Yet, we could reason that there is more to the world than science. There might be a giant hand that set the order of the cosmos. Ezekiel tried to describe it as a multifaceted messenger that presented him with wheels within wheels. The hand that set the wheels in motion would be infinite defined as the space between each atomic particle: a rainbow of infinite love that swirled like spokes in huge cosmic wheels, all throughout the universe.

The Prompt

Just to get the creative juices flowing, check out the picture to the right and use it as a springboard for your written genius this week. The Prompt is designed to bring out the creative writer in you. Email your submissions of poetry, short fiction or even song lyrics to with “The Prompt” as the subject followed by the title of your submission and your name (or the name you would want it printed with). We and the rest of the editorial monkeys will decide on the best submission and print it in next week’s edition of The Hype. Other excellent submissions will be printed on our website Happy Writing! - September 8, 2011 - 11

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The Hype Weekly #3  

The Hype Weekly - September 15, 2011: Manhattan's New Alternative Weekly Newspaper

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