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Shimmering Healing & Restoring Cream - Gold OVERVIEW: Enjoy the benefits of our classic Healing & Restoring Cream while illuminating your skin with a gorgeous golden glow.




Hyaluronic Acid in a high concentration.

Promotes continuous hydration on the skin's surface, retaining natural moisture and allowing vital cellular air interchange. Inhibits microbial growth: preserves against microbial proliferation.

Saturates the stratum corneum keeping it soft, moist and supple. Does not induce allergic reactions or irritation. Replaces commonly used potentially toxic and sensitizing preservatives. Ideal for even the most sensitive or problematic skin.

Silver (anti-microbial) 100% Free of preservatives, dyes, fragrances, alcohol, lanolin, mineral oil and soap. Cruelty free.

Non-irritating Minimizes inflammation and progression of aging.


Helps to heal very dry, cracked, scaly skin. Imparts a glamorous shimmer. Hydrates dry, scaly areas caused by psoriasis and eczema

HOW TO USE: Massage into clean skin as desired, particularly after bathing. Apply liberally to any area that needs extra hydration and protection.

INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water with Traces of Silver, Hyaluronic Acid Solution(plant derived), Glycerin (USP-Plant Derived), Shea Butter, Soy and Cotton Seed Butter, Antimicrobial Complex™ , Sesame Oil, Proprietary Emulsifying Complex and neutralizer, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein Olivate (From Olive Oil and Wheat) and, Gold mica. SIZE: Retail Size: 5.1 fl. oz. / 150 ml.

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Hylunia Shimmering Healing and Restoring Cream Gold  

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