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Advanced Acne Treatment OVERVIEW: When skin needs a little extra revitalizing this leave-on combination treatment of multi-fruit acids and Hyaluronic acid is perfectly suited for the daily management of mature, thick, sun damaged, oily or acne-prone skin.




Olive leaf , date, wasabi, fig extracts and MSM ( methyl sufonyl methane) (NO PRESERVATIVE)

Inhibits microbial growth: preserves against microbial proliferation.

Replaces commonly used potentially toxic and sensitizing preservatives and minimizes acne infection.

Multi Fruit Acids: Sugar Maple, Sugar Cane, Bilberry, Lemon, & Lime.

Eliminates dead cells, allowing sebum to escape. Promotes cellular renewal. Unclogs and refines pores reducing comedones (black and white heads) and acne

Immediate exfoliation and opening of the plugged sebaceous folicles of the skin. Regular use let oil to drain thus minimizing black and white heads and acne.

L-Carnitine - bĂŞta hydroxyl acid

Helps dissolve the oil remove from the sebaceous follicle without the irritating and causing ringing in the ear like salicylic acid.

Improves overall efficacy of acne management.

Curcubita pepo Pumpkin Seed Peptide, Green tea extract, Turmeric Concentrate

curcubitine, inhibits inflammatory process and help to heal acne.

in its anti-inflammatory property, centipeda cunninghamii and other extracts minimizes inflammation and thus help to heal infectious acne

Hyaluronic Acid

Forms a continuous film on skin's surface, retaining natural moisture and allowing vital cellular air interchange

Free of toxic preservatives like paraben, formaldehyde, grape fruit seed extract, fragrance, dyes, lanolin, mineral oil, alcohol. Cruelty free.

Non-irritating and safe to use for long period of time without worrying about cancer.

Soaks the stratum corneum keeping it hydrated. Flushes the oil from the sebaceous follicle to prevent any blackhead or whitehead formations. Hyaluronic Acid will help to heal the infected acne. Ideal for even the most sensitive and problematic skin conditions. Continuous inflammation caused by preservatives, fragrance, lanolin, dye. Thus, stopping the healing process of infectious acne.

SKIN CONCERN: This product is part of the following product kits (click to view): Acne/Oily Skin Kit

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Eliminates surface layer of dead skin cells and open up the oil follicle. Unclogs and refines pores, thereby minimizing comedones and acne Minimizes acne formation by anti-bacterial ingredients. Heal the acne by Minimizing inflammation

HOW TO USE: Apply a drop to fingertips and gently massaging over face and neck, avoiding the eyes. Use daily, AM and PM, before moisturizing. Can be used as a spot treatment or over the entire face.

INGREDIENTS: Distilled water, Extracts of: Bilberry, Sugar Cane, Sugar Maple, Lemon and Lime, Carnitine PCA ( Beta Hydroxy acid), Methylsulfonyl Methane (stable form of anti-bacterial sulfur), Hyaluronic Acid Solution (plant derived), Green Tea and Chrysanthemum Extract, Wasabi Extract, Olive Fruit Prime Extract, Centipeda Cunninghammi extract, Curcubita Pepo Seed Extract (from Pumpkin Seed), Antimicrobial Complex™ and Sclerotium Gum (from Straw) .

SIZE: 2 fl. oz. / 60 ml.

US Advanced Medical Research, Inc. Henderson, NV 89011 Copyright ©2010 US Advanced Medical Research, Inc. All rights reserved.

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