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Carol Decker Wins State Poetry Out Loud Contest

The Battle Isn‟t Over Until I‟ve Won By Meilan Solly

Interview with Megan Ford

Megan Ford / Husky Headline

Carol won the state competition on March 18, 2011 by reciting the poems “Agoraphobia” by Linda Pastan, “Strange Meeting” by Wilfred Owen, and “When I Have Fears That I May Cease to Be” by John Keats. At the regional competition she recited “Strange Meeting” by Wilfred Owen as well as “Not Weaving But Drowning” by Stevie Smith. Before any of that, Carol participated in the school-wide competition where she recited “Not Weaving But Drowning” by Stevie Smith. Carol says that she “writes poetry only when I‟m stressed, rather than for „funsies‟”. Carol is off to the national competition which will happen in DC on April 27th.

Photo Credit: “Margaret” These are a few of the pills Margaret uses to treat her Lyme Disease. "I have to take 44 pills and 5 liquid/powder medications every day," she says.

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Tuscarora is Trying to Outrun Diabetes By Mackenzie Butler

It‟s Not Hard to Teach Huskies to Read

Photo Credit: Stacy Walter

By Dominic Gavan

Battle of the Books team from left to right:: Librarian Mrs. C., Allee Snyder, Sharena Snyder, Monika Gutierrez, Anna Cheplick, Julie Hall w/ school mascot, Karoline Macias, and Reading Specialist Mrs. Walter.

SRP Results in Science Fair Success By Dagney Palmer

This or That!? with Dagney Palmer Mr. O‟Rourke, one of Tuscarora‟s assistant principals, tells us his favorites: Coke or Pepsi? Summer or winter? Science or history? Past or future? Rain or snow? Football or basketball? Leading or following? Mac or PC? East Coast or West? Star Wars or Star Trek? Ketchup or mustard? Text or call?

Coke Spring Math Future Snow Both! Leading PC East Coast Star Wars Ketchup (Heinz only) Call

Yuna Miyamoto Dagney Palmer

Nick McCord Julia Cline

Peter Sotos Nicole Jones

Jenny Klug

Huskies Get Healthy! By Dagney Palmer & Lili Samios

B*tween Productions, Inc. Copyright © 2009

Dagney Palmer / Husky Headline Students and their families participated in a push-up contest to test their level of fitness and endurance at the THS Health Fair.

American Idol Comes to Tuscarora

“Dim the lights, and here we go…”

Erica Walker / Husky Headline

By Erica Walker

Brian Horne sings "Saturday Night" at the beginning of the second act. (left) 2009 NOVA winner Jasmine Williams closes the show with incredible performances. (right)


Flavor of the „Weak‟: Rebecca Black‟s “Friday” Fails on All Fronts...Except the Internet Meme Copyright © 2011 Muslim Presence

By James Cassar

by Lili Samios

Aquarius: January 20-February 18

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Libra: September 23- October 22

Scorpio: October 23- November 21

Sagittarius: November 22- December 21

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Capricorn: December 22- January 19

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These four-year old kids are at Head Start for 4 hours a day MondayThursday. They learn things like sharing with others as well as all the social skills that they will need for kindergarten.

Tuscarora’s Head Start Program Photo Story by Megan Ford

These kids learn critical skills such as interacting with others, as well as problem solving skills that they will need as they grow.

The Early Childhood classes let high Early Childhood school students learn how to teach, Development classes encourage, and develop young kids. at Tuscarora, open to students between 10th and 12th grade, allow high school students the ability to work with these kids everyday.

As Bright as a Laser Pointer By Danny Sedlazek

Destruction Through Capital By Danny Sedlazek

Rockin‟ Movie Reviews with Lili Samios & Dagney Palmer

The Adjustment Bureau -

No Adjustment Necessary

Battle: Los Angeles

Beastly Lives Up to its Name

Red Riding Hood - Don‟t Even See It in the Hood

Rocking The Cradle: What's Up With Lacrosse?

Tuscarora Boys Soccer Kicks Off Winning Tradition Young players guide Huskies to fast start

By: James Cassar

With The Start of Spring Comes The Starting of Track Season By: Forrest Langhorne

Team reflects on win against soccer powerhouse Potomac Falls.

Michael Nerantzis/ Husky Headline

By: Jack Minchew


Save Our Season

How does the NFL really make itâ€&#x;s money? By: Michael Neranztis

Track Season from page 4

Husky Ticket Winners Respect, Integrity, Service, Excellence Ian Seipel Brittany McCullock Rachel Boris Deborah Fello Briea Banks Hannah Shaw Sam Rodgers Chanelle Wideman Erica Walker Michael Nerantzis Nick Lee Lucas Smith Anna Cho Alec Husemann Pery Salyer Toriano Davis Tonansy Resendiz Peter Sotos Lori Kostka Javary Derritt Alexis Payne Sarah Dennis Jonathan Wither Nick McCord Madison Wells Spencer P. Palada Andrew Fleming Ricardo Coro Marilyn Ciciliano Denny Chicas Chris Holoman Kyle Wisniewski Stephanie Acup Madelaine Hernandez Hisell Chiroque Tori Richardson Juan Sierra-Garcia Jordan Roach Alexis Payne Hannah Shaw Jennifer Callen Kylie Fleming Kristin Emerson Valeria Zevallos Megan Kelly Clarissa Ramos

Even the teachers were getting into the spirit! Dr. Kagan and Ms. Smingler show their pride for Tuscarora on Fake an Injury Day.



Sophomores show their spirit by wearing all black for the pep rally, but school comes first for these dedicated 10th graders. “Class of 2013 will make you scream!” Wallace Teska said.

Margaret Von Wodke, Jenny Klug, and Lori Kostka go retro for 80s Day.

Katarina Rebello and Molly Fuller are hard to tell apart on Twin Day. “We’re twins at heart,” Molly explained.

Eli Reid and Matt Busbee look quite dapper as they let loose their inner nerd on Nerd Day.

The class of 2014 show their spirit in white. As the most numerous class at Tuscarora this year, they know they have go all out to pep up the school.

The class of 2012 rules the school as the first graduating class of Tuscarora High School. “Juniors represent!” was a popular exclamation from the spirit-filled 11th graders.

Profile for The Pack

April 15, 2010 Edition  

The first edition of the paper ever published.

April 15, 2010 Edition  

The first edition of the paper ever published.