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april 30, 2010

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inside... Next-To-New hosts Project Princess Headed by Wilmington College and hosted by Next-To-New, Project Princess strives to make prom affordable for all girls Madison Law editor-in-chief

The Burger Battle: MacDonald’s vs. Burger King Story p. 4

Jessica Simpson’s show The Price of Beauty explores what beauty is Story p. 8-9

Softball wins county tournament

Story p. 13

Next-To-New Apparel and Accessories located in downtown Wilmington is sponsoring a donated dress drive called Project Princess, which is ongoing and will continue until all surrounding area school proms are over on May 15. The proceeds from Project Princess will benefit local high school prom attendees and the Clinton County Humane Society in “an effort to offer prom dresses to the local community at an affordable price,” Sandy Wogomon, co-owner of Next-To-New consignment store, said. “Project Princess was originated a year or more ago by the college,” Wogomon said. “They have even been known to supply dresses in certain cases where the dress just wasn’t being able to be afforded…the college wanted to partner with us, it just kind of made sense, they still want to be involved as little or as much as they want to be, we were just the avenue for them to be able to do so.” Sandy and her husband Eric Wogomon both grew up with consignment stores, “so we always had the consignment shopping in mind. We’ve had our kids growing up with consignment stores and we’ve…started getting involved in selling things,” Sandy said. Next-To-New has focused on providing a service to Wilmington and surrounding areas since the Wogomon’s started their store last year. “One of the big things is that we really tried to make sure that even though Wilmington

has a large unemployment, and we lost a lot of jobs, we really try to focus on giving the name-brand product to the people of Wilmington,” Eric said. “We didn’t want to have the people of Wilmington have to be forced into buying only Wal-Mart clothes. So what we did is we wanted to open up a store that served a purpose to the community as well as trying to start a business of our own.” In their first full year of business, and second year of running Project Princess, the Wogomon’s wanted to donate the proceeds from the dress sales to the Clinton County Humane Society. “For this year we chose to donate proceeds to the Humane Society,” Sandy said. “We wanted to do something even extra.” She said that the Humane Society was a charity which both her and her husband felt strongly about. “We knew that they were in need that was a charity that is near and dear to our hearts,” Sandy said. “Now we’re wanting to spread that out because as years go on we want to choose different charities but we wanted to not only have the Project Princess on this side, but all the proceeds to be able to go to another organization.” To help spread the word about Project Princess and the aid provided to the Clinton County Humane Society, the Wogomon’s have asked the local high


INFORMATION *Date: Sat. May 15 *Time: 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

*Prices: -Seniors: $25 -Juniors & Guests: $35

*Location: Robert’s Centre, 123 Gano Rd. Wilmington

*Theme: When Darkness Falls

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Students enjoy Annual Ag Olympics Sophomore Kody Seeger and Junior Chris Cowman participate in the egg toss on April 22.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Story p. 16


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Junior J.R. Thompson pulls his weight in the tug-ofwar on April 22. Sophomore Ashley Crawford takes a big bite of pie during the pieeating contest on April 22.

photos/megan phillips



april p 30,, 2010


h hurricane

Changes in the art department for next year Changes in the Wilmington High School art department include the loss of the photography classes and art teacher Melissa O’Conner

Katie Brewer news editor

Changes in the Wilmington High the typical snapshot and to be exposed have a serious interest in pursuing always tried to try to think about School art department for the 2010- to the history of photography and what photography. what’s students need and try to help “I think that there is that chance that them get it.” 11 school year have been revealed photographers have done throughout recently. An additional change is the relocatime,” Carr said. “Obviously you’re I’ll do some independent work within Changes includes the tion of current WHS art teacher loss of the photography Melissa O’Conner. courses previously offered O’Conner will now be teaching at WHS and art teacher at Holmes and East End after five Melissa O’Conner. years of teaching at WHS. According to the curO’Conner’s colleagues are sad rent photography teacher to see her go. Michele Carr, she has “I’m sad we’re losing a teacher. mixed feelings about the I look forward to the day when we changes. can bring her back,” Carr said. “Well my initial re“I think this decision was made, sponse is that I wish it in all honesty, to maximize the wasn’t going to happen, talents and the skills that we have but in all honestly it’s not for the largest amount of students. a decision based on the I don’t believe it was initiated to administration’s desire to hurt anybody.” not have it,” Carr said. “I Carr will most likely be teachthink it’s a practical deciing Art one, two, three, and four sion based on the need next year, which she believes is to reduce the offerings a change and it’s a little bit of a because we’re going to different way of looking at her have one less teacher and schedule for next year as well as we have a high demand her students’ schedules for next of art.” year. Carr’s definition of the “It’s just one of those things photography class is that, that I think needs to happen for “it offers the basics in Michele Carr teaching one of her three photography classes. photo/patrick blouin our school right now and our looking at visual comwhole system needs to help with munications and looking at design making images with some kind of my other classes and I also plan to the burden of being flexible,” Carr said. elements and principles as they apply camera whether it’s a pinhole, SLR, incorporate some photography based “If it’s the best way for our district to photography.” point-and-shoot, digital camera, or a projects in some of what I’m teach- and the economy within our district to ing,” Carr said. “So, while it may not deal with issues then how can I argue “I guess I really feel like it offers phone.” students who really like to take photoCarr knows students are disap- always be the preferable way of doing with that? I love my school and I love graphs an opportunity to look beyond pointed and will try to help those who it, I think here at Wilmington we’ve my job.”

Front continued: Next To New hosts Project Princess schools to notify students through announcements during school and flyers and posters. “What we did is we advertised that anybody who brings in their dresses and says we want to donate this to the Humane Society section that we put that into their own separate code into the computer and then they get proceeds,” Eric said. Both Sandy and Eric have had their share of touching experiences through the Project Princess pro-

gram, where they’ve been able to lend a hand to girls in need. “We had a lady come in with her two granddaughters and they said we know we can’t go to prom, but we thought we’d stop in here because we heard a rumor that you guys had cheap prom dresses,” Eric said. “These two girls ended up with prom dresses. And they just were ecstatic and they said, I can’t believe that we get to go.” Both Eric and Sandy firmly believe that they are creating memories for

girls and find that fact very touching. “You know how expensive prom dresses are. You gotta know that you’re gonna drop 150 to 200 dollars for a brand new dress. Whereas I can go back there [the dress rack] right now and I can pull out five dresses, just by grabbing one, that are going to be 30 dollars or less,” Eric said. Sandy and Eric currently have dresses with designer labels like David’s Bridal and White House Black Market with sizes ranging from zero

to 24 plus. “As you can see, it’s all colors, all sizes, all styles, and not every girl that comes in here likes the same kind of dress. And we’ve got safely over 250 dresses,” Sandy said. “We will make it affordable to them [girls]. And they will walk out with a dress…we don’t want any girl not going to prom, not being able to go to prom, because of the price of a dress.”

april 30, 2010




h hurricane

Wilmington’s annual Relay For Life event soon Katie Swindler opinions editor

The 2010 Relay For Life event kicks off Friday, June 19 at JW Denver Williams Memorial Park. WHS Relay For Life team adviser, Linda Stanforth, encourages students to get involved. “I think there are lots of reasons people would want to be involved. You can work to raise money for a very, very good cause,” Stanforth said. “It may be personal or you may just be doing it for your community,” Stanforth became involved with Relay For Life many years ago. “The first one I was ever involved in was a long time ago, a couple years after I was diagnosed with cancer. And it had personal meaning to me,” Stanforth said. “I was diagnosed with breast cancer in ’99 and I just finished the medication part, so I’m a ten year survivor now.” If students wish to participate in this year’s Relay For Life event, they can easily join the high school team. “All they have to do is come to our

meetings. We have them every Thurs“The idea is to try to keep a team day, fourth intervention back here in member, at least one, on the track at the back art room,” Stanforth said. “We all times. There’s a baton, kind of like don’t have a time frame for joining. a spirit stick, the person [on the track] Our team right carries,” Stannow is probably forth said. “You “I think there are lots of 12 to 15 people. do as many laps We’d like to have reasons people would want to as you want then more.” someone else Many students be involved. You can work to takes over.” are participating in The event the Relay For Life raise money for a very, very includes much fund raising. more than just “We’re selling good cause. It may be person- the walking porthe candy bars tion of the night. that are made for al or you may just be doing it “Each team Relay For Life has a booth and for your community.” sales by Anthony the idea, durLinda Stanforth ing the night, is Thomas,” Stanforth said. “Also, Whs relay for life team adviser to sell food… the high school t h e r e ’s f u n , is doing a variety there’s games,” show to raise money for Relay.” Stanforth said. “They have an event Though there are numerous fund every hour, sometimes it has to do with raising events, the actual event is just dress up, sometimes to has to do with what the name entails, a relay. spirit. So they have ways of entertain-

ing people that are there.” There are many other teams that will be at the event, some businesses and some families. “There’s a couple of teams that are just based on family members, and they’ve been there as long as I can remember. The Hampton family has been there forever,” Stanforth said. “But there’s other teams, from the hospital, Liberty Savings has always had a huge team, Kratzer’s Pharmacy has a team for the first time this year.” According to Stanforth, it’s a really positive event and she tries to help out as much as possible. “I try to help the kids at the high school. Because I realize that cancer affects almost every family or somebody in that family,” Stanforth said. ‘The other thing that’s really positive about the Relay For Life being a fundraiser is it has money that has been collected by people all over the world which has made a dent in finding ways to cure or make life better for a lot of people.”

Wilmington welcomes new donut shop

Emily Schaublin staff writer

“Because every day should begin with a new morning,” the sign outside of New Morning Donuts reads. New Morning Donuts, the new doughnut shop in Wilmington, recently opened at 363 E. Main Street. They are open Monday through Friday 6a.m.noon, Saturday 6a.m. - 2p.m and also have a drive thru window. Chrissy Thirey is the owner of New Morning Donuts. “We sell donuts, we sell muffins, we sell all kinds of milk and coffee,” Thirey said. She said the donut shop does not do specialties or bulk orders, but they do have something unique. “We have something that is unique to most donut shops,” Thirey said. “We have what’s called a butter twist and it is a little bit different than what other donut shops have.” Thirey and her husband wanted to open up a new donut shop in Wilmington and she believes that it’s in a good location for people to see. “It’s very easy for people to pull in

Chrissy Thirey behind the counter of New Morning Donuts. and out, and it’s just a great location overall,” she said. Thirey and her husband were inspired by another donut shop to bring

photo/katie swindler

theirs here to Wilmington. “We would actually go to Bills Donuts in Centerville all the time and get doughnuts for ourselves because we

liked them so much,” Thirey said. According to Thirey, she and her husband knew that Wilmington needed a new donut shop that had great donuts and great hours, but they didn’t want to make the donuts themselves. “We approached Bill’s Donuts to see if we could buy donuts from them and bring them here then resell them,” Thirey said. “Of course they said yes, so here we are.” Thirey enjoys her job, and prides herself in the customer service New Morning Donuts offers. “I love my job. I enjoy waiting on customers and getting to know people,” Thirey said. “There are certain people who come in everyday or every other day, so I try to remember their names and what they like.” New Morning Donuts is ready to welcome Wilmington customers. “We have great donuts and we do make it a point to say hello and greet you,” Thirey said. ”We hope that we send you out on your way to have a great day!”

april 30, 2010

4 Fast food war heats up like a deep fryer




Burger King is catchy, affordable and irrefutably healthier than McDonalds

McDonalds has superior menu options, is healthier and is family friendly Katie Swindler

Katie Brewer

opinions editor

news editor

Sitting at work, a man watches the clock impatiently waiting for his shift to end. His stomach growls angrily yearning for some dinner. He wants something quick and delicious so he gets online to search for a place to eat. Then, he stumbles upon a description of a very popular meal. “A ¼ pound of flame-fresh beef,

“McDonald’s Burgers are fried in a puddle of grease while Burger King’s burgers are flame-broiled to perfection.” Katie brewer news editor

ripe tomatoes, crisp lettuce, creamy mayo, ketchup, crunchy pickles and onions on a toasted sesame seed bun… golden brown, piping hot, crispy and tasty French Fries…Refresh yourself or wash down your meal with a CocaCola®, Diet Coke®, Sprite®, or Dr. Pepper®. Your choice of drink, your size, your way.” So where did he find this mouth watering description and what is it? It’s no other than the famous WHOPPER® Value Meal described on the Burger King website. Everyone knows that Burger King is not the only own. fast food restaurant in town. s, Among all the others, McDonald’s seems to be the additional most popular place to eat these days. Now some may ask ‘well which is better’? pare First off let’s compare the mascots. Which is more ng? reliable, a clown or a king? Clowns are known for bens, and ing pranksters, buffoons, practical jokers while kings are ief authorknown for being the chief

ity over the people. With a king, the job will get done. How about preparation? McDonalds’ burgers are fried in a puddle of grease while Burger King’s burgers are flame-broiled to perfection. Who has the better slogan, “I’m lovin’ it” said by McDonald’s or “Have It Your Way” said by Burger King? With McDonald’s “[They’re] lovin’ it,” but with Burger King anyone can personalize their meal and always “Have It [Their] Way.” Finally, McDonalds’ reputation was ruined with the release of the film “Super Size Me” in 2004. For those who are not familiar with the film, it involves a man who eats McDonald’s for 30 days and gains 24.5 pounds as well as many health problems. The film also shows how some of the food offered at McDonald’s is made, which did have the ability to make many people sick to their stomach. According to, approximately 90 percent of the restaurants are owned and operated by independent franchisees many of which are familyowned. That just proves that Burger King is family friendly! So after the man mentioned earlier decided Burger King was his obvious choice for dinner, he stumbled upon an appetizing dessert as well. “Step right up and witness the utterly astonishing unbelievability of Funnel ake Cake Sticks. Hot, crispy, funnel cake gar, goodness, covered in powdered sugar, with its own icing dipping sauce. Get a taste of the circus anytime, all day long.” g his deliliLater,, after devouring ad cious meal, the man was so gla glad onne he chose Burger King and not one ike of those other fast food joints li like McDonald’s.

“I’m lovin’ it!” …And I really am! McDonald’s is fast food royalty for a reason. With the delicious and affordable dollar menu, ingenious breakfast choices and vast array of coffee related beverages, McDonald’s really does have it all. Their advertising campaign is kid friendly and clear, which is more than can be said for the Burger King commercials showing a person waking up with a mysterious, regally dressed figure next to them holding out a breakfast sandwich. Honestly, who wants some secret individual donning an oversized king head and cape to lean over them as they wake spouting the new phrase “wake up with the king”? That’s right- no one. It’s not edgy, it’s not hip, it’s just creepy. And it isn’t even original, the breakfast menu that is. Guess who had a well known, deeply loved breakfast menu first? Yes, McDonald’s. And those names? Catchy. McMuffin, McCafe, is there no end to the cutesy Mc-names? And what does Burger King have? The Whopper? Excuse me, that’s a type of candy. Burger King tucks a handy “BK” in front of the generic dishes and calls it a day.

Now let’s ask the burning question. Everyone knows the pride and joy of McDonald’s and most could name the revered sandwich at Burger King. So, which is healthier, the Big Mac or the Whopper? Burger King’s brainchild contains a “whopping” 670 calories, 39 grams of fat, and 51 grams of carbohydrates, according to the official Burger King site. Compare this with the Big Mac statistics from the McDonald’s site (540 calories, 29 grams of fat, and 45

“What does Burger King have? The Whopper? Excuse me, that’s a type of candy.” Katie Swindler opinions editor

grams of carbohydrates), and there is a clear winner. No photo finish needed, the Big Mac crushes the Whopper. PLUS the Big Mac has a “special” sauce. Though it is possible that the “special” sauce is really just a variant of Thousand Island dressing, as the rumor says, it is still a “secret formula” reminiscent of the hallowed “Krabby y on the beloved cartoon SpongePatty” bob Squarepants. Squarepan Millions of people have seemed to realize the ppure genius of McDonaalds, in fact, according to Business Week, “The $21.6 billion company now feeds a record 27 mi million people every day, 1m million more every year since 2003.” In case anyone was wondering, that’s a lot of ppeople, all eating McDona Donalds. To recap, McDonald’s has an aad campaign that appeals to eeveryone, young and old, has a fantastic array of original breakfast items and that menu (plus the lunch and dinner dishes) are, on av average, healthier than wh Burger King offers. what h So here is the question: Are you lovin’ it?


april 30, 2010

the hurricane says... “....our school needs to shape up and stop the incessant fighting.” Hurricane staff

fire and gives fighting students exactly what they want: attention, an audience, and very public humiliation for their victim. So in many ways, those who cheer and encourage fights are as much to blame as the perpetrators of them. Even more ridiculous than the perpetual fighting, (if there is anything more ridiculous) are the reasons for it

(if they could be called reasons). It really is quite easy to determine the cause of a fight based on no more than their genders. If it’s two girls fighting, without a doubt the fight is over a boy. If two boys are fighting, unquestionably the argument is due to some girl. All of this endless “baby-mama drama,” can make the school an annoying and tiring place to be in for seven hours of the day. Cliché as it sounds, school is here for everyone in it to gain a worthwhile education and work toward a better and brighter future. Something that is a bit hard to do with the entire student body becoming involved in dumb confrontations left and right. It is disrespectful to everyone, annoying to everyone, and also has the unfortunate side-effect of getting arrested, suspended and/or expelled. So, shape up and stop the fighting. It’s a waste of time, and everyone knows that time would be better served catching up on that chemistry homework.

the hurricane asks... “Which is better, McDonalds or Burger King?” aylor- 12t erbrandt t


rey- Vice P


“See, r the fries are better at McDonald’s, but I kind of like the Whopper better than the Big Mac. So I don’t know. ”


Bro ok e


ip al

think McDonald’s is better. They have a lot of healthy options like snack wraps… It’s a lot healthi e r. ”


“Defi- 1t nitely Burger King. McDonald’s seems a little trashier. I don’t know why, but you walk in and it just seems t r a s h y. ”

in c

in g - E n glis e rr “ I h


rade hg



te a

ad e Gr



“Definitely McDonalds, because of the breakfast. I love sausage McM u ff i n s f r o m there.”

E mily


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form of hunting, in which everyone and their kid brother is privy to the victim/ attacker/location. This form of recreation, better known as ‘fight hunting,’ only fuels the



We, the staff of Wilmington High School’s student-run newspaper the hurricane, feel that our school needs to shape up and stop the incessant fighting which has been spreading through the halls like a bad case of MRSA. Gone are the days where the school year was only punctuated by one or two brawls a month around Christmas and spring break. No, now things have escalated up to six fights a day and it is getting to be quite ridiculous. Some people place the blame on spring fever, and some on the largerthan-normal freshman class. However the blame truly lies with a combination of things: stupidity, boredom, selfishness and of course, immaturity. It has gotten to the point where it isn’t only the issue of kids fighting anymore…it is also an issue of the students cheering on the fights. It is a known phenomenon for students of all classes to run down hallways actively searching for fights, or text their friends to let them know about them before they started. Like an odd



opinions pi i

april p 30,, 2010

h hurricane

The intimate facts about infidelity

Jessica Maus


features editor

Infidelity: being an untrustworthy partner by violating the intimate and sacred bond a married couple shares. Whether its infidelity, or just plain cheating in a nonmarital relationship, it’s not ok. According to, 74 percent of men say they would have an affair if they knew they would never get caught, and 68 percent of women say they would have an affair if they knew they would never get caught. What is wrong with people who commit infidelity or cheat? How could someone keep something so important and so life changing from their spouse or partner? How could one do that to someone they loved and vowed to be faithful to? There is no excuse for infidelity or cheating. The website states that the single main reason men cheat is for sex. “It’s reported that many men will seek sex outside of a relationship simply to see if they can do it. To see if they can convince a woman they are attracted sleep with them.” Wow, that’s a wonderful reason and one can be sure that the wife or girlfriend of that man will fully understand exactly why it is that he feels the need to pursue another relationship. There are ways to get out of a relationship and marriages. There is a

thing called divorce or breaking up with someone. No one deserves to be lied to and deceived. Someone who is committing mmitting infidelity or cheating is a selfi sh person. fish “Statistically, Statistically, women don’t at for the sake of sex. It’s cheat of secondary concern for m. The #1 reason why them. y cheat is for an emothey nal connection. And tional this is particularly true of men over the age of women 30,”” the website said. Iff for some reason re is not an emothere al connection sit tional the man down and talk to him. It’s not that hard. Engaging in sical or emophysical nal relations tional h someone with er than one’s other significant other may ng pleasure bring d happiness and to one, but to the er it could bring pain. other ough the first reaction Though omeone who has been of someone ated on may be to pick cheated he nearest sharp object up the and send it through the head heir significant other, of their it would not be wise or ised. To someone who advised.

has been cheated on, it is likely they may feel disrespected. Many emotions may overcome them including sadness, anger, and betrayal. Only a small percentage of marriages survive after infidelity. According to infidelity-etc. com, only 35 percent of marriages survive after an act of infidelity and 65 percent of marriages break up because of infidelity. For whatever the reason may be, infidelity is not okay. It has never been accepted by the public, nor will it ever be accepted. People are not going to feel any sense of empathy towards a man or woman

who cheats. The facts are stated in black and white, consider them and act accordingly. Infidelity was not accepted a hundred years ago and it most certainly won’t be a trend picked up anytime soon or at matter. all for that

photo illustration/zach mccune

What happens when words lose their meaning? Katie Swindler opinions editor

I love you. I hate you. I’m sorry. Thank you. Once upon a time these words actually meant something. But now they’re casual, throw away phrases. Insincerity has ruined the way Americans speak. “I’m sorry” is what one says when social protocol dictates he or she say something in the form of apology. Two words, awkwardly and reluctantly uttered, simply don’t cut it. “I love you” is now said in answer to a favor. Suzy drops a pencil, Johnny

picks it up, Suzy says “I love you.” Once upon a time “I love you” was

“I love you, I hate you, I’m sorry, thank you...They’re all empty sentiments now, nothing more than wasted breath.” Katie Swindler opinions editor

something one waited on tenterhooks for their partner to say. Now we see

girls in the hall, falling all over her boyfriend of a week, practically drooling as she says “I love you,” repeatedly. “I hate you,” is used jokingly, yet another phrase in the arsenal of throwaway sentiments. Johnny gets a new iPod, Suzy says “Oh, I hate you.” Of course she isn’t serious, everyone knows what she means, but the words just shouldn’t be used in that context. “Thank you” has become a reflex. Say someone props open the door so another, laden with books, can pass through. The latter mutters a barely audible ‘thanks’ and hurries on. There was no feeling, there was no depth to the sentiment, so what was the point of even saying it? I love you, I hate you, I’m sorry,

thank you…They’re all empty sentiments now, nothing more than wasted breath. Don’t fall victim to the obligatory answer. When saying thanks, make eye contact or smile, or put some feeling into the words to shake up the monotone. Now of course everyone slips, everyone has moments where they’re on auto-pilot and words slip out unbeknownst to them. But honestly, it isn’t that hard to make eye contact, put a little feeling into words and try to muster up a little emotion. If one doesn’t mean the words that fall from his or her mouth, there is no point in even vocalizing them. Stop wasting oxygen and stop wasting time.

7 Obama declares April Sexual Assault Awareness Month april p 30, 2010


Katie Brewer news editor

for victims, and strengthening our response,” President Obama said in his 2010 proclamation. According to Baker, NSVRC has been trying to get a presidential proclamation to recognize Sexual Assault Awareness Month for many years. “I’m thrilled! Obama is the first president to publicly step forward and say ‘this has got to stop’,” Baker said. “I admire his leadership and hope that it

harassment and intimidation to molestation and rape, this crime occurs far too frequently, goes unreported far too often, and leaves long-lasting physical and emotional scars. During National Sexual Assault Awareness Month, we recommit ourselves not only to lifting the veil of secrecy and shame surrounding sexual violence, but also to raising awareness, expanding support

inspires many others to speak out about preventing sexual violence.” Throughout April, many events and activities are held in order to promote sexual assault awareness: Take Back the Night rallies (survivors tell their stories and people listen and support them), poetry readings and art projects, Open Houses at community rape crisis centers, discussion forums on college

campuses, etc. “During the month of April each year we host events and post messages to draw attention to the topic of sexual violence,” Baker said. “We highlight information such as: sexual assault is never the victim’s fault, where people can go for help in their communities, and what everyone can do to get involved in changing our culture so that in the future it will no longer be tolerated.” Sexual violence is preventable and there are many ways to get involved: model supportive relationships and behaviors with your friends and families, stand up for victims and believe them, speak up when you hear harmful or disrespectful comments, report situations that you believe may become violent or where someone may be harmed, etc. “We all make choices about how to behave and some people make bad choices to harm others. Help is available,” Baker said. “Victims can heal and become survivors and role models for others. And people who have harmed others, or who think about doing that can learn to make better choices and to feel good about themselves without controlling or harming others.” graphic/zach mccune

Earth day celebrates fortieth anniversary Zach McCune editor in chief

It’s old, very old in fact. Some experts would argue that it’s billions of years old. It’s capable of sustaining life and will hopefully, if given the right factors, continue to for many years. That’s right, it’s the sand between your toes, it’s the air you breathe, it’s everywhere, “it” is the Earth. For centuries human existence has relied solely on the earth and all of its capabilities. Not until recently has there actually been a day set aside to commemorate this expansive habitat. On April 22, people all around the world celebrated the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Looking back 40 years earlier, one would witness a time when the environment was at the bottom of the political agenda, as well as public concern. This however, was soon to change. Many Americans, politicians and average Joes alike, noticed the effects that human pollution has caused on the air quality, large bodies of water and land. This led to a grass roots

movement in which citizens became more aware of the negative effects that their behavior has on the environment. In order for Earth Day to get national recognition, individuals who held government influence were needed. Senator Gaylord Nelson was just the one for such cause. Following not only the beliefs of his constituents, but his own as well, Nelson proposed that April 22, 1970 be a nationwide day of

recognition for “Mother Earth.” Today, Earth Day has become a widespread success as roughly one billion people celebrate and recognize it every year. Not only is Earth Day represented on the national level, but it is a local phenomenon as well. “The community (Wilmington) is very much related to physical geographic location in which it is placed, Earth Day just helps remind us

that we’re lucky to be in a wonderful environment here, but with that comes a lot of responsibility to take care of it,” Mark Rembert, Co-Founder of Energize Clinton County said. While awareness is essential to the success, the positive action of these individuals is what really makes a difference and now more than ever, one can see people taking such steps to help the environment. Eco-friendly alternatives to old habits are on the rise and are helping people all over the world say goodbye to gas guzzlers, garbage dumps and misuse of natural resources. “It’s not necessarily they things that you can do but sort of your attitude and the relationship with the land and the environment around you,” Rembert said. After 40 years of success, one can only hope that after another 40 years the impact of Earth Day will help to create a healthier, sustainable environment. photo/


Cars drove by, but no one stopped to help her. Shortly after President Barack Obama took office in 2009, he issued the first proclamation of naming April as National Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This April, he made a second proclamation. “Every day, women, men, and children across America suffer the pain and trauma of sexual assault. From verbal


Every year, about 1 in 8 college women is raped. According to a 2007 study done by Texas Woman’s University, in 85% of those assaults the women knew their attacker. April has been named Sexual Assault Awareness Month in Ohio and across the world to spread knowledge and awareness of sexual violence. According to Amanda Suttle, Rape Prevention Coordinator at the Sexual lence Assault and Domestic Violence PP), Prevention Program (SADVPP), arethe 2010 Sexual Assault Awareness Month campaign focuses on preventing sexual violence on d higher education campuses and 1 in 5 college women will be a victim of sexual assault by the time she graduates. “Sexual assault is a very serious crime, and unfortunately also very common in our society, and yet people are reluctant to talk about it openly,” Karen Baker, MSW Director of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC), said. “Many people do not know much about it, or believe things that are not necessarily true.” Many incidents do occur, such as on Jan. 19 when a 26-year-old woman was raped in broad daylight on a street in Toledo, Ohio by a 15-year-old boy.


hurricane | THE EYE | april 30, 2010

sports ediotr

“… true beauty is all about someone’s personality and their heart, if they have a kind heart they are beautiful,” junior Chris Cowman said was true beauty. There are always new trends in fashion and in beauty. Women are constantly trying to look like models in the magazines without considering the short term or even long term effects of these trends. Each country across the globe carries different ideas and definitions of beauty and has for centuries. Everyone’s eyes, hair, skin tone, weight, hands and feet are different. In some places across the world cultures strive to look identical by practicing beauty techniques that have been around for ages. In the United States, plastic surgery has become a trend, men and women of all ages are altering their bodies to make themselves feel more beautiful. Where did the idea that inner beauty is true beauty go? In the past beauty wasn’t always associated with physical appearance but sometimes by a person’s character. Today if someone was asked to describe a beautiful man or woman, they may mention a person’s character but the way today’s society views beauty, it is more likely that they will describe physical features. So why is it that people have strayed away from inner beauty? “I think here in America, beauty has become something like a social standard.

features ediotr

Jessica Maus and Megan Phillips

People think that you have to be beauti- dance and had difficulty walking,” an article ful to do certain things; it has become this from the San Francisco virtual museum said. big deal, you have to be like what is on After this custom started there was no TV and what is in magazines and have to such thing as different feet, granted they were be beautiful, people say but it has become not all the same size and shape, the young this thing that everyone had to be the best girls and women shared a common characthat you can be,” junior Anna Gray said. teristic. Their feet were very small and bound Though it may not be plastic surgery, the same way. This process usually began there are men and right after a young girl turned women across three years old. the globe alter“By the time a girl turned “True beauty is all about ing their bodies three years old, all her toes in other ways to someone’s personality and but the first were broken, look like someand her feet were bound one in the public their heart, if they have a tightly with cloth strips to eye. What do they keep her feet from growing kind heart they are beautido it for? Many larger than 10 cm, about 3.9 do it for beauty, Chris Cowman inches. The practice would for poise, and to ful.” cause the soles of feet to junior bend in extreme concavity,” feel some sense of belonging. the website said. In ancient The Chinese foot binding China a custom of foot binding was prac- trend is an example of the great measures ticed on young girls and women who women through just to please the public eye. wanted to look like a dancer whose feet When the custom was finally ceased, young were bound. The Chinese women wanted girls and women were already faced with the to feel the poise and beauty the dancer felt life changing consequences of foot binding. and altered their feet to achieve this feeling. D o u g C o o p e r, W H S Wo r l d H i s “The practice of foot binding began in tory teacher said Chinese foot bindthe Sung dynasty (960-976 BC), reportedly i n g c u s t o m t h a t i s n o w c e a s e d . to imitate an imperial concubine who was “It just underscores that throughout all age required to dance with her feet bound. By the and cultures people try to assign value of at12th century, the practice was widespread and tractiveness of different traits through differmore severe — girls’ feet was bound so tight- ent times and they seem to be silly,” he said. ly and early in life that they were unable to For example, half way around the world,

Social Commentary

** Contributing reporter: Mercedes Welsch

the village of Uganda where the Himaa tribes of people in Eastern Africa believee that a beautiful woman is a fat woman. One of the men shown on The Pricee of Beauty in the Uganda tribe said thatt if the woman is having trouble standing up, then she’s getting too fat. When a woman wants to get noticed d by a man or is engaged, she is to bee placed in a “fattening hut” where shee is to only eat, sleep and gain weight. Most women are placed in the “fattening hut” for a minimum of four months. Being fed food constantly is a wayy of showing wealth as the woman is to stay in the hut without working. If a woman is in the hut, she is forced to eatt at all times of the day unless she is sleeping. Obesity is viewed as a sign of strength,, fertility, and prosperity in the Hima tribee which are all signs of human survival. A large herd of cows and a fat wife are seen n as status symbols throughout the tribe.. While WHS history teacher, Jenniferr Hatfield, thinks confidence is a big factor in n whether or not a person appears attractive,, she also thinks there are other componentss American’s as a whole take into consid-eration when defining someone beautiful.. “We value youth, we value peoplee that look healthy, that are physically fit,, people that are not super skinny, butt certainly people who are fit,” she said..

The trio has traveled from Thailand, Tokyo, Paris, Rio, Uganda, Morocco and lastly to India. When first entering the countries, they are met with each city’s “beauty ambassador,” who explains all the different traditions done in that city or country. Their experiences so far have dealt with local beauty rituals, from seeing women who wear 20 lb. rings around their necks, to drinking cow urine in India and being buried up to their necks in Tokyo. In addition, other foreign rituals such as drinking Ghewe in a fattening hut in Uganda, and a mother in Rio who doesn’t have enough money for electricity but is secretly saving up for butt implants. While Simpson and her friends travel around the world, their perspective of beauty changes as they meet new people. In America and around the world, beauty is defined in many different ways ways..

Jessica Simpson’s new show, The Price of Beauty, is based on Simpson and her best friends Ken Paves and CaCee Cobb as they travel around the world visiting countries where the views and definition of beauty differs from here in America.

photos/zach mccune & mercedes welsch

What does Beauty look like in the eyes of today’s society?

9 hurricane | THE EYE | april 30, 2010




april p 30, 2010


Freshmans ambition takes flight

Freshman Scott Liermann will be taking a 14 day trip to Europe this summer visiting France, England, Belgium and the Netherlands as an ambassador Megan Phillips sports editor

Fifteen year old freshman Scott Liermann will be taking a trip of a lifetime this summer. A trip not many high school students can say they will be taking. “ I

d o n ’t travel a lot but this summer I’m go- ing t o Europe to get some college credit. I’m going to Europe for 14 days, to France, England, Belgium and the Nether-

lands with a program called people to people. It’s a stretch of common world peace amongst the entire world but doing it through the youth and not adults, showing how great the youth is.” Going to Europe means a long flight. As an ambassador, Liermann is excited to go but has never been on a p plane for a l long period of time. “ “I’m not really nnervous but excited. I ccan’t wait to see how other ppeople live in other countries and see how they travel and w what they do on a common day in comparison to what we do in the th U.S. and I think it’d be very nice.” Other than being involved in planning his trip to Europe this summer, Liermann is involved in many school and community activities. Liermann

enjoys helping out the basketball teams because he feels like sports is an escape from all types of chaos around him. Being ball or water boy for the boys’ basketball team, Liermann finds joy in his work while making new friends and having new experiences at all times while on the job. “It means everything to me, the team, there not a bunch of students to me, their actually really close friends that you get to know during the season. Mainly during the season the guys did feel like a family.” Besides helping out with the basketball team, Liermann likes helping out with anything he can in the community. “It doesn’t matter what it is, I just like being a helpful person.” As living in Wilmington his whole life, Liermann is just like any typical teenager. He enjoys reading bip ppeople, p ographies about important ographies, playing vide eo sports biographies, video ing involved ed d games, and berts. with sports. “I alsoo like the biograyton Manphy or Peycause I ning belike how c a l m and collective at’s why he is. That’s I comparee him to rees the Drew Brees football player. I like him because he says the team always has some-thing to improve. He neverr

says I can’t do better than how I played today. I like how he says he can keep doing better and that what I think everybody should realize, you can always get better in something not just say that was the best I can do…but you have to try. That’s why I keep trying out for the basketball and baseball team because one day I’ll finally make it and I’ll be happy with that, it’s nice to actually be on the team.” Although Liermann did not participate in any sports this year, he plans on playing baseball next year. Beyond his high school sports career, he plans on getting involved with law in college. “After high school I’m planning to get into law. I’m looking at Stanford and Ohio State for law school. I’m planning on majoring in law, I don’t know what my minor is but I plan on becoming a sports agent or baseball agent. “ When it comes to hidden tale lee nt n s, Lierman an n n has talents, Liermann oone n e few ppeople e ople kknow now about. abo bout. bo “I lov o e to ov love ssing, si ngg , a

lot o f people don’t know that I can ssing si n bbecause ng e ause ec I’m no nnot ot that bad of a singer. I’m in choir and plan on being in the Wilmingtones next year. I’m really looking forward to being involved in the Wilmingtones next year.”

photos contributed /Scott Liermann

april p 30, 2010


Hanks turns passion to profession


Madison Law editor in chief



It is part of human nature to crave cally foreigners from all over who routine, to feel safe in the regular and came to the university in the summer everyday and to avoid drastic and of- to take French language courses.” ten uncomfortable change. There are The program took her to Pau, a city those however who rebel against that in the south of France, nestled by the instinctive part of human nature and border of Spain. allow themselves to have sometimes The class often travelled into Spain uncomfortable, but more often excit- to San Sebastian which was a “really ing and worthwhile situations. cool coastal town with great beaches,” French teacher Heidi Hanks is one Hanks said. “It was interesting to be of those people, eager to meet new in Spain and kind of get exposed to people and travel and experience that culture.” foreign places. In addition to France and Spain, Hanks attended Xavier University, Hanks has also travelled to Ireland deciding to take a double-major in and Canada. English and French. “I have been to Canada, I went to “They [English and French] were Montreal… my mom and I just drove my favorite studies in high school and then when choosing a major in college I didn’t really think a b o u t w o r k ing after college…I just kind of thought about pursuing what I wanted to study…So that’s what I did,” Hanks said. “[I] thought that by pur- Hanks and a group from her study abroad program at Xavier suing edu- University visited the Pyrenees Mountains in the south of France. cation I’d be able to keep the use of French and share it with younger people which is from Cleveland up and spent like a long something I really enjoyed as a weekend,” Hanks said. “It was fantastic; it was really neat to be in North student.” During her time at Xavier, Hanks America but in a city that…really felt travelled to France as part of a study European at the same time.” Hanks feels that time abroad is abroad program focusing on the crucial for anyone hoping to study French language. “When I studied abroad it was a languages. “I think you get to a certain point French language program,” Hanks in your studies where you sort of have said. “Universities in France are closed to go abroad to make that next leap in in the summer…So the program I was your language. I think being immersed in was basiin it, hearing it from native speakers, from lots of different native speakers,”

Heidi Hanks and her sister’s Meghan and Erin at Centre Pompidou in April of 2005 Hanks said. “It’s just a lot of unexpected situations, and you have to use it, you have to try, you’re in situations where you have to figure out where you’re going…get help with the train schedule or the bus schedule. You have a lot more motivation to give it a shot.” While in France, Hanks opted to stay with a host family who routinely houses foreign students studying abroad. “I would really recommend staying with a family…It’s not something to be afraid of, it’s a good way to get to know someone else and really use your language,” Hanks said. “If you stay in a dorm I think chances are more likely that you’ll be using more English with your other fellow travelers.” Hanks also believes that an experience like that can really shape a person, and that it definitely did for her through her language skills, confidence and independence. “It gave me a sense of…knowing that I’ve gone to France and survived and traveled, I think it just made me more confident in other situations,” Hanks said. Hanks felt that an important thing she gained from her travels abroad

was a connection with many people from around the world. “It was just good to be in a mix of people from countries that I’ve never met before, just to kind of get a more global perspective,” Hanks said. Before coming to Wilmington, Hanks taught at an all-girls Catholic school in Cincinnati. “I really didn’t know what to expect [teaching at the Catholic school],” Hanks said. “it’s really interesting to see how similar people are no matter where you go. There just really are a lot of similarities, I think people are more similar than we realize sometimes.” Hanks is currently concentrating on getting settled into her house with her husband, but really enjoys her job teaching French and learning every day. “It’s a fun experience to see students who started in ninth grade as they go through high school,” Hanks said. “As they progress in French, and with everything in high school…just to see them…as they grow and experience the high school experience.”

photos contributed /Heidi Hanks




sports p

april p 30, 2010

Junior Devon Curtis starts his run off on Tue. April 13 at Kings.

Juniors Matt Middelton and Matt Roberts run in the meet Tue. April 13 at Kings.

photos contributed/ Eileen Grosse

Senior Stacey Taylor strides in his meet against Miami Trace and Clinton Massie, Tue. March 30 at Clinton Massie.

Boys and girls track battle for the FAVC title Lady Cane track team starts out young, but is still in it for the FAVC Ryan Macella

Boys track team improves as each practice goes by, trying to win the FAVC title Caitlyn Whipple

staff writer

staff writer

Lady canes track team is off and running with a record of 14-5 so far this season. The team placed second at the Clinton Massie Invitational on March 27. “Attitude and work ethic has been excellent this season better than any group.[This group] seems more like a team then any I’ve had,” head coach Bryan Siebenaller said. Senior track member Hali Hodge the freshmen class may be the majority of

“[This group] seems more like a team than any I’ve had,” bryan siebenaller head girls track coach

the team and they make a good addition to the team. “It’s one of the largest teams we’ve ever had,” assistant coach Eileen Grosse said. This years’ track team has 40 members. They had three weeks of practice before their first meet. The coaches the track team is building on last year’s season (43-17) and trying to constantly improve. “From the very beginning of the year we said we wanted to be a gutsy team because gutsy teams beat great individuals. Walnut Hills would be the hardest team to go against because at the Clinton Massie Invitational they scored 114 points and took first without their top three athletes,” Siebenaller said. The next track meet for the girls is today at 5 pm. It will be held at Wilmington College Townsend Field.

With a record of 11- 3, the boys track team is continuing to practice and improve with Coach Tim Williams who guides them everyday. Williams said David Duquette, Devon Curtis, Tommy Swank, Tyler Hodge, Stacy Taylor and Chris Vestal are some key athletes this season. “They would be the stand outs,” he said. Williams and the team and are hopeful for the season and look forward to competing with rivals. “It’s always fun to go up against rivals like Turpin and Kings because they’re also good teams,” senior David Duquette said. “A lot of FAVC teams are tough like Turpin and Kings. They’re usually our biggest challenges,” junior Matt Roberts said.

Williams said, as far as FAVC is concerned, Walnut Hills or Kings will probably be their biggest challenges. The guys are also very determined to reach some new goals this season. “I want to break the 300 hurdle record and I want to break the pole vault record,” Duquette said “I want to try to get better, and just keep dropping my time,” Roberts said. Some goals for Williams is to send at least three boys to the regional track meet, on May 26-29. “I would like to place higher than our third place finish last year in the FAVC,” he said. The team’s next competition will be the invitational today, held at the college.

april p 30, 2010

sports p


Softball takes county title, third year in a row Skylare Goodwin staff writer


short stop while Emily Green is our 3rd baseman [and] Kelli Hartman is our catcher.” The team also has one goal in mind and it’s a big one. “Our main goals are to win the FAVC Cardinal Division, to win the Clinton County tournament [and] to do very well in the State tournament,” McClure said.“At the same time my goal is always to have our girls play good softball and to compete against the best, to become a team.” So far the season has went well for the varsity Lady Canes with only a few losses. “I expect our season to be really successful… we have the talent and the experience to have one of the best seasons that we’ve ever had here at Wilmington,” McClure said. Sophomore Samantha Newkirk plays for the JV softball team and said she has one goal for the season. “To better myself and the team,” Newkirk said. Newkirk plays 3rd and centerfield and has played for six years. “Don’t be afraid to step up and always work hard,” she said. The JV team is 10-1 so far this year.


The Wilmington girls varsity team is 14-3 so far this season and has one the county title again for the third year in a row. On March 31 the Lady Canes beat Little Miami 4-1. Junior Stephanie Byrne struck out 18 Lady Panthers in that game. Last season she had 19 strikeouts during the game against Clermont Northeastern, which was the most she had in a single game that season. “[I want] to break my old records and to understand how to deal with different situations,” Byrne said of her goals for this season. Byrne has indeed broken her record, pitching a perfect game on Wed. April 20 against Walnut Hills. She now leads the FAVC with 174 strike-outs. Working through the off season is very important to pitchers. “Yes, I work all through the winter and summer. I go to a pitching coach one day a week and I pitch two other days a week on my own,” Byrne said. Byrne is a key player on the varsity team and many others are as well, varsity coach Willie McClure said. “We have ten players returning this season,” McClure said. “We’ll start with our pitcher Stephanie Byrne and our seniors Tori Crowe [who] plays

photo/ linda rinehart

Stephanie Byrne pitches her perfect game against Walnut HIlls on Wed. April 21.

Baseball works to make a comeback Lorenzo Harris staff writer

Eight games have already been posted into the books, and the baseball team so far has an overall record of 5-10w. “My expectation is for us to win the Cardinal division outright and to have a winning record. We started out kind of slow, but we’re definitely progressing and getting better as the season goes, but I feel that we could’ve started off stronger than we did,” head coach Brian Camp said. The team started the season losing three of its first four games. Since the slow start, Camp said they have been playing better team ball going 4-4 over their last eight games. The four wins also gives the team more victories than they earned in the 20082009 season. “We’ve been in every game this year with the chance to win them easily. We just have seemed to sort of shoot ourselves in the foot with costly errors and mistakes,” senior shortstop Brandon Arehart said. “In

the games we’ve lost, the opponents just seem to get one big inning that puts them on top. As long as we can cut down on the untimely mistakes and play better defensively from here-on-out, we will become a successful baseball team.” Within the FAVC, the team is now tied for third in the Cardinal division standings with a league record of 3-3. The team lost twice at the hands of Little Miami, but then won three straight divisional games by sweeping Amelia and beating Kings 5-3. The overall team goal though is not just to match last year’s win total, instead the goal is to win the division and possibly go far in the state tournament. “Our goal is to win no less than 12 games, winning the FAVC, and going deep into the tournament,” senior outfielder Cody Shaver said. “We showed what we could do by almost beating Little Miami and by beating Amelia. There is no team in the

FAVC that we can’t beat.” For the seniors this season is set to make their four-year term at Wilmington one to remember, they said. “I look at this season as my last chance for high school athletics. I plan on treating every day like it’s my last and leaving everything out on the diamond for my team,” Arehart said. “I want to end my high school career with a successful and enjoyable season of athletics. Most of all, I want to look back on my high school career and remember how much I thoroughly enjoyed it while it lasted.”

The team will travel to photo/ linda rinehart Hillsboro on May 1 to play a double header with the first Brady Camp swings for a run against Walnut Hills game scheduled to start at 11 on April 21 in extra innings. a.m. and the second at 1 p.m.


Tennis team starts off the season with a hit Belle Ballentine



sports p

april p 30, 2010

staff writer

The boy’s tennis team has a record of 9-3, which already beats last years 5-4 record at this time. They have defeated schools like Lebanon and Waynesville, who according to Coach Steve Reed are not really the teams to beat. “The best teams on our schedule this year are probably Turpin, Kings and probably Carol. Obviously Turpin and Kings since they’ll be leading matches they will be the toughest ones. Turpin is favorite to win and we’re most looking forward to playing them,” he said. Assistant coach Jeri Earley however has different views of who she would like the team to beat. “Well yesterday we would have loved to beat Kings; I mean any league teams we would love to make sure that we are successful with league. I would stick with league matches; any league matches we win would be tremendous,” she said. The team has prepared a lot for this season, doing work during the season and during the off-season Reed said. “A lot of players played in the off season and we had guys playing up to four to five days a week down in south regency at the indoor courts. We’ve got a lot of conditioning that goes into it as well,” he said. “We

do, do a little conditioning training once the season starts but the practice season is so short we don’t get a chance to do too much with it as a team.” Last year the team lost a key player, Tyler Johnson, but Reed said he has hope for the team this year and mentioned his top two players for the season. “First Singles is going to be Marc Sodini, sophomore, played second singles last year. My number two player is Justin Arehart, who plays second singles and played third singles last year. We just had a bunch of new players come in who are just as capable and I think we’re going to be fine,” he said. Earley also has high hopes for this season. “They don’t have a lot of experience but they work together tremendously. It’s a great bunch of kids who are team oriented, they like to be coached, and they like to ask questions, they’re very positive. They’re really a dynamic group and they’re really a neat group of kids. Even though they have less experience on the court they’re tremendous,” she said. The team is scheduled to play in the Wilmington International tournament at Wilmington High School May 1 at 10 a.m.

Marc Sodini swinging away at practice getting ready for his matches.

photo/ steve reed

Lacrosse is sticking to it and swinging high

Mercedes Welsch assist. sports editor

Swinging into action, the high school varsity lacrosse team has started their season with a record of 1-8. “We are doing all right, we are not doing as well as we expected like in the beginning. We play some of the people we lost fairly well; we are

improving and figuring things out,” varsity player Mitchell Dooley said. “I expect the team to get better as the season goes along and win nine to ten games this season though we approach every game with the thought process that we can win that game. We do face

some very tough opponents and it will be very difficult to beat some teams,” head coach Erwin McIntosh said. McIntosh said players to look out for are Evan Webb, Max Yoder, Mike Lochman, Mitchell Dooley and Cory Hogsett. Mcintosh also said to look

out for such as Kings H.S. and Bishop Fenwick. The team’s next game is against Springfield Lacrosse Club, tomorrow at Wilmington high school starting at noon.


april 30, 2010

editor -in- chief

Edgy, entertainingly dark and slightly macabre are terms which one might associate with director Tim Burton. Pair that with expert casts, composers and directing and bingo; instant horror movie recipe. However, Tim Burton seems to enjoy proving that he doesn’t have to walk down that cookiecutter pathway. Defying all sense of logic, in recent years the majority of Tim Burton’s films have been children’s fantasy stories and musicals, from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, to Sweeney Todd and the animated Coraline and now Alice in Wonderland. Written by Lewis Carroll in 1865, re-imagined by Disney in 1951 and now re-invented by Disney and Tim Burton, Alice in Wonderland is a brightly colored and fantastical live-action film and quite different from its animated Disney counterpart. Making use of well known names such as Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway, Alice in Wonderland 2010 takes a refreshing turn from Alice in Wonderland 1951. Whilst the animated version seemed to only be a childish diversion with Alice simply walking throughout Wonderland and encountering strange and impossible creature after creature, Burton’s Alice follows an interesting and engaging plotline. Alice in Wonderland begins with a 19 year old Alice Kingsleigh (Mia Wasikowska) attending a horribly stiff, awkward and degrading party y which she soon discovers is actually

meant to be her own engagement party. Unable to answer the expectancy of marriage and troubled by thoughts of her own recurring dreams, Alice runs off to chase a very familiar white rabbit when she takes a tumble into a mysterious hole. From here the story continues much y as the 1951 animated the same way

version: Alice falls into Wonderland, drinks a potion which makes her small, eats a cake which makes her gigantic and meets all those strange and impossible creatures like the blue caterpillar Absolem, the Cheshire Cat, Tweedledee and Tweedledum and of course, the Mad Hatter (Depp). Here is where the new version

diverts from the old. There has been a prophecy in Underland (the actual and proper name for Wonderland, misheard by Alice) that at a certain time called the Frabjous Day, an Alice will come, defeat the Jabberwocky (essentially a big dragon) and destroy the cruel and selfish Red Queen (Bonham Carter), restoring the tranquil and benevolent White Queen (Hathaway) to the throne. So Alice is immediately involved from the start in a mad dash to steal the only sword that can do the job while trying to avoid the Red Queen and her minions. Throughout all the confusion and fantasy, Alice quickly realizes that her recurring dreams of Wonderland which she has had since she was small were actually memories of all the times she had travelled there. Filled with determination, Alice and the White Queen’s army battle the Red Queen. Long story short, Alice defeats the Jabberwocky, and empowered, she returns to her own world to give a true and honest answer to the degrading marriage proposal. Burton does a marvelous job as usual with his casting, and creates a unique insight into originally background characters like the Mad Hatter. Alice becomes a character that any person who loves to dream can relate to, and acts as a gloriously independent role model for all young girls. Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland is an A+, with an entertaining, fantastical, amusingly nonsensical and insightful plot, taking a very different and refreshing path from its animated and,, at often time’s flat,, ppredecessor.



Alice, Alice, Alice is marvelous

Madison Law



h hurricane

april p il 30,, 2010 6 1

entertainment i

Who makes really GOOD ice cream?



On a scale from one to ten, the hurricane ranked Ben and Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream a 6.6. is was wa due mainly to the fact that though it allegedly This containe contained “gobs of dough,” the majority of the container was in fa fact, ice cream. Despite this low rating, it still earned th the highest out of the four ice creams tested.

The Hurricane ranked Kroger brand chocolate chip cookie dough second of the four contenders with a solid six. It would have been better named chocolate chip ice cream due to the lack of cookie dough pieces, even though the ice cream itself had a nice flavor.

What to do as the weather gets WARM Butterfly Show at Krohn Conservatory

When: April 17-June 20 Where: 1501 Eden Park Drive, Cincinnati, OH, 45202 Admission: $6 adults, $5 seniors, $4 kids ages 5-17 Come out to the park to take a look at some unique butterflies.

Oddmall- Emporium of the Weird

When: May 8 from 10 am to 7 pm Where: Clarion Hotel and Conference Center, 240 East Hines Hills Road, Hudson, Ohio 44236 Website: Phone number: 330-734-0337 *Admission is free Not just an ordinary craft show. There will be unique and creative forms available and on display.

Chalk Art Festival

When: May 29, 2010 from 9 am – 5 pm Where: Medina, Ohio at the historic business center *Admission is free Chalk art will be created from 9 to 5. Judging will take place from 3 in the afternoon until 5 in the evening. Prizes will be given to the top 3 in each category (professional, college, high school).

Strawberry Festival

#33 #

With a 5.7, Häagen- Dazs chocolate cookie dough ice cream was ranked third. It definitely had cookie dough and chocolate pieces, in fact so much the staff found in difficult to enjoy. After all, it was meant to be ice cream, not a bowl full of cookie dough and chocolate pieces.

When: June 5-6 Where: Troy, Ohio Phone: 937-339-7714 or 937-339-8769 *Admission is free Come to a festival that attracts more than 250,000 visitors. Attractions include a parade, arts and crafts, pie-eating contests, a car show, a rubber duck race, Berry Special Olympics and much more.

Banana Split Festival


Lowest ranked, Edy’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream was given a 4.9 by the hurricane staff. With plenty of chocolate chips, and cookie dough pieces, it’s ice cream lacked in flavor which led it to be the least enjoyed of the contenders.

you ouu know? kn ? • The 3rd Sunday in July is National Ice Cream Day. • 13% of men and 8% of women admitted to licking the bowl after eating ice cream.

When: June 11 & 12 from 4-10 pm, and 12-10 pm. Where: Denver Williams Memorial Park, Rombach Ave. Wilmington, Ohio *Admission is free Celebrate the 50’s and 60’s in Wilmington, Ohio at the Banana Split Festival. There will be continuous entertainment, crafts, games rides, and of course, banana splits.

Hot Air Balloon Festival

When: June 11-13 Where: Coshocton County Fairgrounds Phone: 740-622-5411, Coshocton Chamber of Commerce Come see balloonist from Michigan and Ohio show off their balloons. Launches will be held at dawn and dusk and through the launches balloonist will participate in many activities such as hitting a target while in the air. There will also be a balloon race hosted by the North American Balloon Association.

Issue 7: 2009 - 2010  
Issue 7: 2009 - 2010  

Issue 7: 2009 - 2010