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february 6, 2009

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Energize CC urges green solution Ashieigh Achor

Are your thoughts really yours Story p. 6

Kroger takes steps to lower impact on climate Story p. 7

Discover the hidden talents of the students around you Story p. 11 Catch up on the winter sports records Story p. 12, 13


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Based on the DHL pullout and the loss of thousands of jobs in the area a new organization, Energize Clinton County (ECC), was recently formed to ignite economic growth in Wilmington. Less than two months ago 2003 Wilmington High School alum Mark Rembert and Taylor Stuckert officially approached the community about their goals for refocusing Wilmington’s economy. “There is a significant need for this community to begin talking about its economy, for this community to take ownership over our local economy,” Rembert said. “We’re seeing that in many ways our economy hasn’t really been our own, because we’ve really put it in the hands of DHL and they don’t want it anymore… their just sort of throwing it away and there is nothing we can do about it.” The original goal of Stuckert and Rembert was to formulate the First Green Enterprise Zone for Wilmington. To become this hub of green development three sepaphoto/chas wiederhold rate phases would have to occur. These Rembert discusses ECC with Wilmington College President Dan Dibiasio along ‘spheres’ would cohesively spark one an- with wife, Chris Burns-Dibiasio at the ECC open house held Jan. 6. other and eventually result in Wilmington Wilmington more bike accessible and becoming a model green economic zone. The the steps they take to reduce the amount engaged in projects to better develop three spheres are: ‘Greening Our Community’, of waste and harmful emissions they emit. the city. ‘Building Green Partnerships,’ and ‘Promoting Businesses that took these steps would be “[ECC] is not supposed to solve anyoffered economic incentives based on Green Enterprise.’ thing that has already happened, but it is During the first sphere ‘Greening Our Com- their efforts. The last aspect to the sphere supposed to provide us [the town] with munity’ the focus falls in three separate areas system would be to market Wilmington a better response in the future,” Stuckert the first being to retrofit the commercial and as a ‘Green Enterprise Zone’ to become said. “We haven’t been organized with residential buildings to run on green energy. a model for small towns facing similar community organizations, we haven’t According to the ECC website, job retraining issues. According to the founders this been organized with projects, and we would occur to teach the workforce how to would hopefully bring national attention haven’t been holding ourselves accountinstall technologies such as geothermal heating along with new businesses and jobs. able. Although the main goal of ECC is still and cooling systems. “When we say we want to improve the “Wilmington’s workforce already holds to formulate the First Green Enterprise downtown we need to pick projects and many the skills required for the Green jobs,” zone, both Rembert and Stuckert intend do them, if we want to certain things, we Taylor Stuckert said. “… Others are ready to make ECC an organization that is need to do those things…We have to be for the Green job-retraining that will provide rooted in the community. able to work together as a community. Among the topics that both Rembert them with the skills needed to accelerate the We have to reassess how we value this and Stuckert find important is trying to development of Green industries.” community and why we value this comThe second area is to build the smart grid ‘localize’ Wilmington’s economy. Acmunity.” and alter power lines to manage and handle cording to the founders, it would be helpStuckert questions what holds the most electricity flows. The last step to ‘greening our ful if residents prized local businesses value in the eyes of the community. that are significant to downtown, made community’ would be to start projects “Do we value this community such as establishing community gardens, because of a chain restaurant that and expand the farmer’s market and bike comes? Or, do we value this comtrails. munity because of a local restaurant The second sphere is ‘Building Green that develops? And, why do we value Partnerships’ for research, renewable those things differently? The need energy, and financing. This would mean is here for [ECC] because it was partnering with six of the regional realways here and we’re just filling search universities to explore energy that need.” distributions and production. Next, a partECC said that they appreciate all nership with local energy provider DP&L kinds of feedback including critito study advanced technology would be cism. proposed. The final partnership would be “We’ll talk to skeptics, we’ll to have the state to look for a financial talk to fans it really doesn’t matter,” partner that would form a backed venture Rembert said. fund for pioneering businesses. To discuss ideas or learn more The third and final sphere would be to about ECC visit the website at www. ‘Promote Green Enterprise.’ In this phase or the headquarters at businesses that commit to becoming 120 E. Locust Street. ‘green’ will then be classified based on infographic/


h hurricane



ffebruary y 6,, 2008

SADD mentor program kicks off

Zach McCune staff writer

Members of the Students Against Destructive Decisions organization, (SADD), are taking on a new task as they develop a mentor program in the hopes of helping teens make constructive decisions and avoid substance abuse, alcoholism, and violent behavior. Student volunteers from SADD will be spending their time mentoring another student at the Clinton County Youth Council, (CCYC), by assisting them in the process of better decision making and helping them to become more proactive. Each high school mentor will be assigned a middle school student ranging from grades 6 to 8. Senior mentors will work with an 8th grader; junior mentors with a 7th grader and sophomore and freshman mentors will be paired with 6th grade students. The organization’s goal for the program is to utilize other teens that show positive characteristics and have them act as role models for their peers. This goal will be pursued with SADD’s recent creation of the mentor program at the CCYC. Dow Tippet, the President of the CCYC, recognized the purpose of SADD and brought his idea of a student mentor program to senior Karlee Blanchard, president of SADD. Tippet felt that the purpose of the mentor program coincided well with the mission

of the students involved in the club. It was seen as an opportunity to reach out to the troubled teens in the community that need help and guidance. “He was aware of the SADD mission and felt that this would be a perfect opportunity to help us fulfill the mission,” SADD president, Karlee Blanchard said. The program consists of each mentor dedicating five hours a month to be spent with their students. By discussing their problems, possible solutions and offering support, the mentor will be able to develop a bond with the mentee and become a positive influence in their lives and decision making. The mentors for the program plan to take a new approach when counseling the teens. Instead of acting as a figure of authority, they will try and develop a friendship with their mentee. “The goal is to be friends with them and to get to know them, so that we have the friendship as we influence their lives,” Blanchard said. The youth at the CCYC often need the extra focus to help them manage their time and life choices in a more responsible manner. Through the time spent, the conversation between the mentor and the mentee will offer an alternative way for the youth to express their emotions, rather than turning to destructive decisions.

“If they don’t have anyone to talk to,” Blanchard said, “The chances of

them turning to other sources to express themselves, feelings are much higher.”

Wilmington High Schools’s student organization, SADD, is starting up a mentor program at the Clinton County Youth Council.

photo/karlee blanchard

A different kind of formal Chris Clevenger managing editor

Student Council will be working to transform the Auditeria into something resembling a club scene. Winter Formal, scheduled for Feb. 7, is themed Glow this year, bringing students the experience of black light cannons and neon balloons In an effort to give back to the students the tickets for Winter Formal were sold at a reduced priceon stage during lunch this week. “Student Council just wanted a way to thank the student body for doing/donating so much during White Gift,” Student Council Advisor John Williams said. Students raised over ten thousand dollars for the White Gift Campaign, delivering food for the holidays to over 200 families in the Clinton County area. “It’s going to be easy to come to this formal with our spending a lot

of money,” Williams said. “Most kids have a pair of black slacks and a dress shirt; most girls have a little black dress in their closet.” Along with a reduce price, the dance is set to be lasting longer this year. In the past Winter Formal would last for around three hours. This year it will be lasting for four hours, starting at 7:30 p.m. and going until 11:30 p.m.

february 6, 2009

opinion point/counter point

Teenagers lack self-respect. Yet, it isn’t addressed as a serious issue

Teenagers look and act the way they do, because they want to express themselves

Karlee Blanchard

Libby Wetterhan

Self-respect is something that can help anyone, particularity teens when it comes to issues such as depression, drug usage, and peer pressure. Teenagers respond by emotion and feeling. Everything they do is affected by how they will feel, or how they may have felt in before a decision.

The tides are changing around the world. On Jan, 20, the first President of the United States with ethnic descent was inaugurated into office, fulfilling the dreams of citizens all over the world and bringing hope to formerly oppressed people. On that note, numerous aspects of America’s culture have evolved significantly. Countless properties that were once fervently rejected by

entertainment editor

“If a person dislikes himself and has a low regard for his own abilities, he is unlikely to respect others.”

robert ringer self-help & Motivational Author

abilities, he is unlikely to respect others,” self-help and motivational author Robert Ringer said. This is the same for guys, bullies have often been found with low self-respect. It is common for guys to have feeling of oppression by other guys around them. It’s a competition, in athletics, academics. That’s what high school is all about, being better than the other person. They have the same goal: to graduate. Then some have further goals: college, family, career, and they will continue to make life a competition. There is no specific diagnosis for someone who has low self-respect, but the fact is, that most high school students struggle with it. Many to one extreme or the other, but they still struggle with it. It’s surrounding them everyday. Self-respect comes from within, and it must be encouraged for teens to know what is and isn’t respect. Teen pregnancy and ‘skanky’ clothing are not a walking billboard of self-respect, yet neither is someone hiding behind the shadows thinking they’re not good enough.

photo/patrick blouin

Walking down high school hallways, it may be easy to identify where teenagers may be lacking self respect. Stereotypes often blind the view of who has, or doesn’t have self-respect, but the fact is, many teens struggle with it, and most don’t admit it. High school students like to define their individuality, their independence. They feel the right to ‘freedom of expression’ can be shown through clothing or hair color. When a teen girl wears a skirt that reveals her behind when walking up the stairs, or the v-neck tee that reveals more than is necessary for attention, it is common to think that they are after something. They may have a void they need to fill, or a desire to grab the attention they aren’t getting at home. Since when did the clothing this girl is wearing bring positive light? As far as I can remember, these kinds of outfits are usually worn by girls with little self-confidence. Outfits like this are not something to admire. Yet, are there really that many teenagers struggling with issues like this? It is common, almost natural to see young girls with cartilage piercings, or even tattoos. Are all of these girls lacking self-respect? “If a person dislikes himself and has a low regard for his own

the teens of America, which in effect is a blatant disapproval and demeaning of a person’s ability to express their uniqueness freely and their own personality visually. In the “old-fashion days” things that were out of the ordinary were fiercely unaccepted. Pale skin, long hair, billowy shirts, pants and gowns that masked physical traits which make men and women look distinct from one another were commonplace. Women did the same things; they cared for their children, husbands and homes. Men lead identical lives as well. They went to work, disciplined

“If people believe in the ability to express one’s self, they cannot devalue a person’s right to alter, enhance and add to their appearance.”

photo/karlee blanchard

opinions editor

the majority are now widely accepted such as social integration, women in the workplace, single parenting, divorce, homosexuality, independent-thinking, religious autonomy and feminist movements. The idea of “self-expression” wraps all of these characteristics or actions into one. Equally, if people believe in the ability to express one’s self, they cannot devalue a person’s right to alter, enhance and add to their appearance. Aldous Huxley understood it best when he said, “There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.” There is no standard for self-improvement and it is subjective to that specific individual’s taste and opinions about their outward appearance. Nevertheless, the one standard that applies to all living things in the realm of amelioration is the right to pursue happiness. What does the phrase “destructing your body” really boil down to? In the way it is used today it has nothing to do with it’s literal meaning which is to physically harm oneself. However, closed-minded conservatives have another definition for

libby wetterhan entertainment editor

the kids, and made the money to keep the food on the table. A woman who wanted to work outside the home, wear pants or cut her hair above shoulder-length was quickly “put in her place”. Any man who thought beyond the realms of physical labor and dreamed of becoming a poet, a playwright or an actor was mocked and misunderstood. In this day and age, things are different. Both genders have choices and now it is humdrum to find women in the workplace or to see a dad walking his kids through the park. Hand in hand with all of these changes is the freedom to self express. Now that the means are available to safely obtain tattoos and piercings or frequently change your hair color, it is your natural right to be able to do so. Bodily Destruction is NOT subjective, it is what it is, a harmful, debilitating practice that ultimately results in injury. The bottom line is that underneath the three natural rights you are entitled to, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, it is also your right to decorate, enhance and alter your appearance.


Show me what it means to teens







february 6, 2009

Smart Mouth Showen Lauren Showen columnist

the court of law by simply “pleadDid you take the dog out? Did you finish your homework? Are you ing the fifth.” But does the Fifth Amendwearing ment, clean unwhich derwear? gives All of us our these are freedoms, common include questions our most that nagpersonal ging parthoughts? ents pester For a with. But woman what if who is parents now in jail could from this know for new techsure if nology, you’re I’m sure it underwear seems unis clean image courtosy of CMHfair. While without, well, watching a CBS checking? Or “The argument in this is 60 Minutes spebetter yet, what she denied if your parents not only should I or should cial, having any concould tell what to a muryou did last I not be grounded, but is it nection der in her area. Saturday? Or by showing whether or not ethical to force someone But, her pictures of you’ve lied about the location in anything at all? to give up their intermost which the person Science has thoughts?” was murdered now taken the Lauren showen and other various side of the parent. Neurologists columnist objects from the crime scene, her now have the brain said othertechnology to wise. By watchread frequencies ing parts of her brain when the and thoughts by a simple MRI scan images were shown, the scientists of the brain. While in the scancould conclude, without a doubt, ner, the scientist could show you a picture of a place, maybe where you that she was not only familiar with weren’t supposed to be, or an image the surroundings, but responsible for the murder itself. of something and decide whether or So in the future, will this not you’ve been there, or have seen technology be so convenient that said object with acute accuracy. you could drag your best friend The argument in this is not only to a local clinic and see whether should I or should I not be grounded, but is it ethical to force someone or not she has a crush on that guy to give up their innermost thoughts? from your physics class? Would someone be able to see if you honAre thoughts like DNA in the idea estly liked that itchy sweater they that someone could force you to hand over your hair, nails, or saliva? bought you? For now, I’d recommend wearAnd thinking even more in depth, a ing clean underwear. person cannot be forced to testify in


It’s unfortunate, but teachers play favorites Teachers look the other way to some student behavior Katie Swindler news editor

An age old practice; teachers play- worked hard constantly, but no mating favorites. Not all teachers are guilty ter what they did, they just couldn’t of participating in this un-attractive escape the glare coming off of the star practice, but enough are. student’s halo? I feel that one should know their What if they did their class work, teachers, they should get along, and homework, extra credit, but their they should understand each other. teacher doesn’t even know their There are so many amazing teachers name? I’ve had here at WHS that balance The seemingly harmless expresfriendliness and fairness perfectly, that sions of favoritism I witness remind treat every student with respect, that me that the human psyche is impresone wants to get to know, and I’m only sionable and fragile. in my sophomore year. Small things build up. There’s Sadly, there are some teachers that the saying, “The straw that broke the are infamous for showing avoritism. camel’s back” well, each little show Everyone knows the teachers who only of favoritism is a piece of straw. Soon call on certain students, those select that camel will reach the point where teacher/coach combos that baby their they just can’t carry any more. What players in the classroom, or the teacher happens then? that might as well wear a sign that One of the most disturbing efsays that one word fects of favoritism, from their little in my opinion, is “Small things build angel’s mouth is where it influences enough to sway up, there’s the saying the grade of a stutheir opinion. dent. I could deal At WHS, I per- “the straw that broke the with the fact that sonally don’t feel my teacher doesn’t that we experience camel’s back”, well, each pay as much attenor observe outration to me as they little show of favoritism is geous or blatant pay to others, but I forms of favorit- a piece of straw. Soon that could not handle, or ism, but the little accept, an instance tid-bits of it are camel will reach the point in which a student everywhere. is given a better or Maybe a teach- where they just can’t carry worse grade than er tells another they earned because student to put any more.” of their teacher’s their phone away, Katie swindler opinion of them. while their star Grades should news editor never be influenced pupil walks down the hall rocking by a teacher’s like or out to their iPod. dislike of a student. Or maybe they send a student to the Teachers are paid to be impartial, office to get a pass if their big toe isn’t fair to the students, so is it too hard to in the door right when the bell rings, ask that teachers put aside their feelbut their favorite struts in the door ings in the classroom, and teach each minutes later without a pass, and the student the same? Is it too much to teacher just nods. ask them to do their job? I dearly hope It seems harmless from the outside, it’s not, or we will have some serious but favoritism has far reaching effects, problems. from students’ grades to students’ feelings of self worth. How would a student feel if they

february 6, 2009

Time to remove language barriers Neil Vance




staff writer

“You can’t expect the whole world to learn English, and the world doesn’t expect America to do the same for other countries.” Neil Vance staff writer

“In the business and career world, speaking languages is important to working with diverse clients,” French teacher Heidi Hanks said. “In a world that is more and more connected, employers will prefer candidates who speak more than one language.” As people continue to move to America more languages will start to become more necessary.

In an FAQ by National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition & Language Instruction, there was a reported increase enrollment in foreign language classes of 38.6% from 1990 to 2000. “The study of another language is also important to understanding our own native language,” Hanks said. “In my study of French; I was exposed to the study of grammar directly.” According to an online Boston Globe article, percentage of nonEnglish speaking Americans surges one in five Americans speaks another language besides English in their home. It also commented saying that 47 million Americans over the age of five spoke another language. There are always going to be people in America who can’t speak English, so instead of being stubborn, one should be open to culture changes and at least try to learn the language. If people in our country continue to hold back and see these languages as being rude than the same stereotypes will continue to happen. Overall nothing can be done but to accept the changes and have an open mind to foreign languages.

the hurricane asks... “Do you think teenagers respect their bodies? Lyndsey Crowe Grade: 12

“I think some teens don’t respect their bodies, like girls that wear short skirts and low cut tops. I think there is certain level of respect for themselves because they think they look good. I wear stuff like that because I know my body looks good but other girls that don’t necessary have the body for it they just try to get the attention for themselves. But I guess it’s whatever people are comfortable with.”

Anna Gray Grade 10

“No I do not. Because I think we care too much about how we look so a lot of people don’t eat and they exercise too much because they are worried about what they look like so no they don’t.” Alexis Baken Grade: 10

“No I don’t, because a lot of teens don’t work out enough or are not in shape or over weight and eating school lunches don’t help.”

Adam Long Grade: 10

“Yes, because there is nothing you can really do that is disrespectful it’s your body and your choices what you do to your body.”

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Ethan Couch Grade: 12

“No, I do not because America is just not what it used to be; nobody pays attention to what they eat anymore.”

Letters to the editor should be sent to Wilmington High School room 214. Letters may discuss previous articles or columns published in the hurricane, or other newsworthy issues.


tween each other. If you feel the need to end this kind of situation then you could simply learn the language. Consider the fact that many businesses in the United States are looking for someone that can speak both English and another language. Nothing will be lost by learning the language.


We live in a country with a wide variety of culture and ethnicity. With these influences comes many different languages that many may find annoying. Although this small clash of culture may seem unnecessary, as a country we need to concern ourselves with these languages and continue being educated in them. Foreign languages are such an important part of society. Without being able to communicate, where does this leave us as a country? How can you understand people of other countries when you can’t even speak the same language? This, and for many other reasons, is why Americans need to be open to speaking other languages. You can’t expect the whole world to learn English and the world doesn’t expect America to do the same for other countries. When it comes to situations where, for example, a bilingual person is speaking English to you and then turns around and speaks another language to someone else, some may be view this as rude but for all you know they could be conferring something personal be-




february 6, 2009


‘Going Green’ burns whole in pockets The concept is good, but it seems to be difficult to fully make ‘green’ decisions that will be beneficial in the bigger Madison Law features editor

Going Green Steals the Green. It all sounds so simple. Use less electricity, walk and bike more, replace your wardrobe with burlap sacks and eat all organic foodstuffs. No room for those plastic wrapped, canned goods in today’s ‘green’ society. The fact of the matter is being ‘ecofriendly’ may not be ‘eco-nomic’ for everyone. Take for instance, the new cars that are popping up on the market. Now, not only are cars fueled by gasoline, but electricity, water, natural gas and even hydrogen. However, to find a hybrid car with the space, durability and safety features that make it an economic purchase is rare.

madison law features editor

Currently, according to the Energy Information Administration, about 23% of the US uses coal and natural gas for energy, while 40% use petroleum. Environmentalists insist that homeowners need to find alternate fuel sources not only for transportation but their houses as well. Several of the more popular alternative energy sources are solar panels, wind turbines, and hydro-generators. There are several snags with each of these, however. Solar panels seem great, free energy from the sun, one investment and then you’re done. But, what happens when the sun goes down? Then you rely on a power company and are in the same boat as you were before. Plus, the Renewable Energy Association (REA) even admits that solar panels are one of the least cost-effective ways to generate energy, costing sometimes up to $55,000. Wind turbines and hydro-generators also seem like a winning compromise. However, these power sources are really only good if you live in the right place. Like on top of a mountain, or next to Niagara Falls. If you live in Death Valley, with hardly any

drawing/lauren showen

“The new, hip trend of ‘going green,’ may seem overwhelming to the average family, and very expensive.”

Currently, the all electric car company Zap has come up with a new prototype car called the Alias. This two-seater, three-wheeled tin matchbox is set to be released to the public late this year with a list price of $35,000, running on a small, electric battery that may, or may not break down within a year. To put that in perspective, a 2007 Saturn VUE, a five-seater SUV with trunk space to spare is listed at only $11,049. It is also rated as one of the safest cars on the road according to crash safety tests. If a family with children wanted to purchase a new car, which one would be more economical for them? If the vehicle issue is tough to deal with, what about power and energy?

wind or water, homes powered by wind and water are probably a bad bet. Not to mention the space that wind turbines would take up to even power a small town reads in the form of acres upon acres. The new, hip trend of, ‘going green,’ may seem overwhelming to the average family, and very expensive. But there are simple, easy and dare I say it, cheap ways to help the earth. One of them would be picking up trash, another being using reusable shopping bags, and yet another simply turning off the water as you brush your teeth. No need to go and buy a hemp-tent for your family to live in, or redesign the transmission on your car to run off of grass. Never forget that it doesn’t have to be extreme, and it doesn’t have to be super expensive to be helpful.

february 6, 2009


Grocery stores throwing in the bag

7 wilmington


Recently, grocery stores have been taking the initiative and doing all sorts of things to ‘go green’ Madison Law features editor

into recycled resin pellets, and then Reusable bags, skylight lighting, we use those pellets to make new bags recycling centers, money back… out of them,” Mark Daniels, Hilex all within the local Kroger grocery Poly Vice President of Marketing and store. Grocery stores around the country Environmental Affairs said. “Kroger will probably send us about 6 million have been jumping on the ‘green,’ wagon with a mission to simply help pounds of plastic bags and wrap this year.” out the Earth. The Kroger Co. has Hilex Poly built their recycling implemented new policies in all of facility in 2004, and has since made its stores, and has been leading the environmental change front since the significant strides in recycling plastics. “We probably have over 50,000 early 2000’s when it began to reduce recycling containits electricity ers at grocery stores consumption. THE REUSABLE BAGS now. We sell about Recently, half of the Kroger Kroger has bestores our bags, and gun to redesign Kroger keeps telling all of its stores us, hey we want to include eneryou to do recycling gy-saving lights for our other half,” which turn off Daniels said. automatically, Bag 2 Bag has skylights, and gotten a lot of posilow pressure tive feedback from sinks in the communities and bathroom. The companies alike. first of these “There’re a prototype, lot of good com‘green,’ stores ments through their was built in websites, complimenting them on the Loveland, Ohio and promises many fact that they’re being proactive and more to come. Not only is Kroger making strides environmental stewards, if you will,” Daniels said. “We think it’s responto ‘greenify,’ its stores, but also sible.” making alliances with groups like According to the Kroger website, the major plastic bag manufacturer Hilex Poly in their Bag 2 Bag plastic many stores and districts throughout the world have been offering incenrecycling program. Bag 2 Bag is tive programs to shoppers who bring designed to provide in-store recycling stations for grocery stores like their own bags to put their groceries Kroger to put their plastic. Commu- in, some even offering money back per bag. nity members can bring bags back, Kroger has also been producing its and other plastics as well, Kroger own reusable bags along with Hilex then sending them to Hilex Poly’s recycling center in North Vernon, IN. Poly to encourage more customers to use less plastic. “We manufacture the bags back

If you bring any of your own bags to put your Kroger shopping in, Kroger will give you four cents back per bag.

According to Phil Rozenski, the Director of Environmental Strategies at Hilex Poly, it’s easy for people to make a switch from a plastic bag lifestyle to a reusable one. “Reusable bags are easily folded and can be stored in a purse or pocket,” Rozenski said in an e-mail. More and more grocery stores are becoming partners with major recycling programs like Hilex Poly’s Bag 2 Bag program in an effort to ride the tide of environmental awareness. “It would be disingenuous of me to say you know it upsets me when I see plastic bags in trees that’s the one thing that I don’t like seeing. I wish people wouldn’t litter,” Daniels said sadly.

What Students think In a survey of 50 WHS students: 70% thought that grocery stores making reusable bags was overall helpful and makes a difference. 30% thought that it was a waste of money, and that there are other ways to help.

graphic/chas wiederhold


hurricane | THE EYE | february 6, 2009

graphics/zach mccune

news editor

Katie Swindler

staff writer

Neil Vance

continued on pg. 12

Mitchell Dooley, a sophomore, worked on karate during elementary school, and became a 1st degree black belt before even finishing grade school. “I started Karate in elementary school,” Dooley said. “I think I got it in fifth grade.” This is considered a hidden talent because some would not expect him to be involved with the sport. “I’m easy going and small and not tough I guess,” he said. He got started at the YMCA in town, and eventually switched to private lessons with Steve William as an instructor for both. “After a while, something happened and he [William] left the Y, and one of his assistants took over, but he still came to our house and taught me stuff, then I eventually got my black belt through the private lessons,” Dooley said. “After a while he [instructor] had to go back to work and it just kind of ended, and we didn’t get back together.” To attain the coveted level of black belt, you must demonstrate certain abilities Dooley said. “Once you learn the appropriate katas you can perform them for your instructor in order to ‘upgrade’ your level. To become a black belt, you have to demonstrate certain fighting skills and katas. For example, what you would do if someone confronted you with a knife,” he said. Karate classes include more than the “dance like” katas, consisting of some other traditional exercises as well. “We would do some strength-training (like pushups) and conditioning. Then we practice our katas. After that we sparred,” Dooley said. Though there are many different aspects of the art of karate, Dooley intimated that sparring was his favorite of all of them. “Katas were fun but sparring was better,” Dooley said. Karate is more than just classes and practice. “We would have meets where we would have to do katas, it’s not really a dance, they’re already made and everyone learns them, and then you get graded on your performance and mistakes. I also did mock fights, and you could do weapons katas,” Dooley said. “It wasn’t a rigorous process, but it was fun.”

enjamin Franklin once said “Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What’s a sundial in the shade?” In modern english, Franklin says don’t hidden talents, what are they worth if they aren’t seen? Wilmington High School has it’s share of unique and talented students, including Mitchell Dooley, a black belt in karate, Arianna Black, a dog whisperer of sorts, Kindel and Sydney Carpenter, violin players, and David Dean, a hip hop dancer.


Hidden Talents

9 hurricane | THE EYE | february 6, 2009

f features

february y 6,, 2009 0 1

reveal their unique and hidden talents it’s good for your self esteem,” Sydney said. When asked where their favorite places to perform were, with five to six performances a year, both agreed that their favorites were none other than the historic Murphy Theatre and the Presbyterian Church. “I like the Murphy or the Presbyterian Church,” Sydney said. “We have our recitals at the Presbyterian Church; it makes us sound really nice,” Kindel said. Next in the list of WHS’s closet talents is Arianna Black, a sophomore, who has found solace and a talent with animals. Black has volunteered at the Clinton County Humane Society for years. In fact she found her calling when she was eight. “I’ve always really liked animals and

o/pa trick



“A lot of people come in with their dogs and [there are] people who find good homes for them and everything,” Black said. “It’s just the reward of assistant web editor helping out the animals, it keeps me going.” Another talented student is Senior Kindel Carpenter and her David Dean, a junior, who younger sister, Sydney, a freshman, has been dancing for a year both play violin. and a half. They started taking lessons at the “I’m a hip hop dancer. same time, Kindel seven, Sydney five, I perform at Wilmingfrom Maritta Alden. ton Studio of Arts. “I’ve done it since I was seven For about half a Ju nio years old,” Kindel said. “Once you get year now,” Dean rD started with it, you get really into it.” avi said. Her younger sister, Sydney, decided Dean had wanted to d De an to play the violin at the age of five. dance since he was youngsho “I remember seeing it on movies ws er, and finally started taking his and stuff, and I just said to my mom classes. dancing, Dean comhip one day, I wanted to take violin,” If others wished to learn to dance, -ho mented, is mainly pm Sydney said. “I he remarked that “they would ove strength. was five.” have to find their own type s. “In order to be a good Both had simithat they like.” d a n c e r, you have to be strong. I lar reasons for Having only danced for a like to do things on my hands, stalls, staying with violittle over a year, he’s already hand stands, I’m trying to break dance, lin for so many performed once, and has an- I ain’t got it down yet,” Dean said. years. other coming up. Though it is difficult, Dean feels it’s “My mom was “I’ve been in one dance at worth continuing. always telling me the Murphy Theatre. I’ve ac“It’s a very hard sport, if you consider stories about how tually got one [performance] dancing a sport, [but] it’s very fun, so she regrets quitcoming up in a couple of it’s worth it,” Dean explained. “It does ting piano and months,” Dean said. take your mind off of things.” everything, so With the small number of Everyone in his class is a little difthat kind of keeps males in his class, the pos- ferent, some more competitive than me going when sible routines are limited. others. I want to quit,” “It would be a lot more “Everybody in my class has certain Sydney said. fun if more guys would try it. aspects that they’re good at. There are Kindel had a Every routine that we would a couple girls in my class, one of photo contributed/arianna black do would be a lot easier, and them wants to sit aside and just me Arianna Black shows her love for animals. similar response. “I saw it every once in helping them, there would be a lot more movement in and her do a routine, and she gets a while and it was kind of something and I just decided I would. I began it if there were more guys in it,” Dean really competitive with the whole different, it wasn’t piano, like everyone working at the local animal shelter,” said. dance. I’m not really competitive,” else plays, it was a different instrument Black said. The main requirement for hip hop Dean said. and it was apBlack’s talent is pealing to me. considered hidden be“I’ve always really liked It’s just kind cause it takes a special of something animals and helping them, kind of person to work different than with animals in need. everyone can’t and I just decided I would. “Just my friends do, it keeps me know,” Black said. “I motivated,” she I began working at the lohelp train aggressive explained. dogs, and it’s just reThe most re- cal animal shelter.” ally fun and not a lot warding part of Arianna Black of people do it,” Black violin, for SydSophomore said. ney, is finally There are a few setgetting a song backs of volunteering to the level it at a shelter. needs to be. “It’s got its rewards, but it’s hard too, “I think the best part about it is having to deal with sick dogs, and some when you finally get a song, you feel of them come in that are really abused really accomplished and good about and skinny,” Black said. the actual piece, and when you master With all of the good and bad, Black photo/zach mccune Sisters Sydney and Kindel Carpenter have it, you just keep going up and up, and has kept volunteering year after year.

Katie Swindler news editor Neil Vance



h hurricane

Continued from the eye....WHS students

been playing the violin for ten years.

february 6, 2009




h hurricane

First Middle Last

The power of birth order “First is worst, second is best...” Birth order comes with all sorts of stereotypes. But what does it all really mean? Ashleigh Achor editor-in-chief

Twins Twins are usually individuals who care very deeply about the people around them. Rather than think about their own priorities, they like to make sure that everyone else is happy. Twins are usully best matched with either another twin or it depends on whether there are older or younger siblings in the family. Twins often feel the need to take risks to identify themselves as individuals. Only Child The only child is very career oriented and driven striving to success. Throughout the life of an only child the help of a parent is often present. The best match for a female only child is an older brother of sisters and the best match for a male only child is an older sister of sisters. Only children generally need many opportunities to socialize with others their age.

“ABC… Easy as 1,2,3… Or simple development and behaviors. Of the first as Do Re Mi…” sure according to the scientists to ignite focus on birth order Jackson 5, falling in love is just that was Alfred Alder who believed birth oreasy. But what about birth order? Is it der had more to do with one’s reactions really ‘Easy as 1,2,3?’ No longer are to situations. Today, most scientists believe that the Big Five ‘1,2,3’ simple personality traits are numbers but a “Many psychologists influenced most by definition of perbirth order. These five sonality. believe that birth order dimensions include The youngopenness, conscienest gets every- plays a role in personality tiousness, extraverthing they ask sion, agreeableness for, the middle but for different reasons, and neuroticism. child gets the “Many psycholshort end of the whether cognitive or beogists believe that stick, the older birth order plays a child is success- havioral.” ful, and the only Jennifer Hatfield role in personality but for different reasons child is selfish Psychology teacher whether cognitive and spoiled. Alor behavioral,” said though these are psychology teacher commonly accepted thoughts and judgments, they Jennifer Hatfield. Even though psychologists have deare all stereotypes having to do with bated over time there are qualities that birth order. Throughout history many theories are associated with being the oldest, on birth order, or ordinal position, have youngest, in the middle, an only child been developed and are thought to or even a twin. have a lasting effect of psychological

Firstborns The oldest in the family is usually dominant, organized, and like to take charge of situations. Rather than take directions from other people they would rather be the director. They sometimes have a conservative outlook on life therefore they do not necessarily appreciate surprises. They strive for ‘perfectionism’ and like others to show approval of their decisions. Older brothers are take-charge kind of people that are also dynamic leaders. The best match for an older brother is a younger sister. Older sisters are usually bossy, self-assured and insistent. They also like to be in control of their own lives before taking advice.

Middle Child The middle child is harder to define because they were originally the last born until they shifted into the middle child role. Therefore their identity is more dynamic and mysterious. The middle child is more likely to remain peaceful and neutral in situations but they are also highly indecisive. Middle born could be compatible with almost any other birth order because they attract firstborns, lastborns and middle borns. Middle siblings tend to make decisions opposite to their elders, the first borns.

Lastborns The youngest is usually much more easy-going than any of the other siblings. Usually they are creative, risky and liberal. The youngest are the people who question the world and how works pushing for change. Lastborns are usually competitive, enjoy sports, challenges and are fearless. The best match for a younger sister is an older brother of sisters and the best match for a younger brother is a firstborn girl. -information gathered from birthorders .com


february 6, 2009


Boys basketball carries on the legacy Patrick Blouin



photo editor

In what may become the most successful season for the WHS basketball team, the record is 13-1. The boy’s team is focusing on their inner selves in order to improve their performance on the basketball court, Coach Mike Noszka said. “In the beginning of the season, you are trying to find your identity and trying to establish goals which you are going to accomplish as the season goes along,” Noszka said. Noszka said all of the players on the boys basketball team show promise and have improved greatly. “We are in the midseason evaluation right now and we like our team chemistry and our character is strong. The kids are playing for each other which is important right now because we’re halfway through the season and we’ve

got a long way to go,” Noszka said. Senior Kirby Seeger, “[w]e work our butts off at practice everyday, and we have an athletic team that works hard.” The team is always looking to improve themselves and is hoping to keep the season a steady stream of wins, Noszka said. “The expectation is to play hard every night and be a very tough team and defend very well; to score off of our defense,” he said. Noszka said, “[they] think that [they] should be fine for the [rest of] the season.” The boy’s basketball team plays against Kings tonight and they also play against Loveland away on Tuesday Feb. 10.

Junior Jordan Berlin approaches line for a foul shot at game against Elder on Saturday Jan. 24, 2009 photo/ashleigh achor

Girls basketball 8-3 The Girl’s Basketball team has had an overall good season with a team record of 8-3. “Every member of our team is promising, that is why they are on the team,” coach Butch Hooper said. “Some of our past games were satisfactory, some were not,” Hooper said, “we are still looking to improve.” Hooper said the team is focusing on improving as a group. “Each player has improved; some at different rates than others. We focus on looking at our improvement as a team, not individuals,” Hooper said. The girls play against Kings on Jan. 31.

photo/linda rinehart

Freshman Amina Affini goes up for shot at game against Ameilia on Saturday Jan. 24, 2009

february 6, 2009

War of Wits

“ C o d y Along with Stacy is a first other winter year senior sports teams, on the team. the wrestling He worked team, coached out over the by Jeff Wiedersummer, but hold, has had a had very little decent season experience that has been coming into offset by their the season,” performance at he said, “He the Edgewood has done well Tournament. photo/linda rinehart for us.” “We are 3 – Kyle Ross wrestles at home meet Upcoming matches include tourna3 in dual meets. We finished 4th of 16 at the Edgewood tournament and 32 ments at Sycamore, Mt. Healthy, and out of 43 at the Greater Miami Valley Milford before the month of February. Wrestling Association,” Wiederhold February includes the FAVC championship the 24th, sectionals, district and said. Gathered from an overview of the the state meet. “We are a young team that is workseason, “[w]e could have wrestled better against Blanchester and New ing hard and improving every day,” Richmond to open up the season,” Wiederhold said. The wrestling team brawls next at Wiederhold said. Wiederhold said, though the opening the FAVC championship on Feb. 14. of the season wasn’t completely satisfactory, the teammates have improved greatly.


Bowling Brittanie Hill bowls at home make up meet on Jan. 26, 2009 photo/linda rinehart

Sophomore Rachel Lewis swims during meet at Wilmington College photo/ kim law

The boys and girls swim teams have had steady stream of wins and losses this season. Both the boys and girls teams have a record of 2-2. The team rallies together to make their wins and they don’t regret their losses because they all supported each other, coach Mitch Hopf said. “Past meets were good, we rallied behind one another and were very encouraging and won big races that we needed,” Hopf said. Hopf said, there are a few outstanding athletes on the team. “Adam Lewis has a good shot of making it onto the next level,” Hopf

said. On the girl’s team there are many outstanding and improving athletes. “Several girls depending on how well they taper stand an excellent shot at making the state meet at the end of February,” he said. Among the improved are Chanda Kelley, Megan Sorenson, Alex Maus, Abbey Judd, Perseverance Bray, Collette Maki, and Nevarre Mulderink, Hopf said. The boys and girls teams are swimming at Miami University for the FAVC championships on Feb. 7.

The girl’s bowling team record is 5-4 so far and the boy’s bowling record is 6-5.

On the bowling team “they’re all promising,” bowling coach John Gray said. The promising teammate for the boy’s team is sophomore Max Yoder who has shown improvement both on and off of the alley, Gray said. The same can be said for the girl’s bowling teammate Devon Barton, who is showing prominent promise. “Travis Newbry is doing very well and is only a freshman,” Gray said. The girls bowl against Walnut Hills at Royal Z Lanes on Feb. 2 and the boys bowl against Walnut Hills.

*Beats Contributed by Patrick Blouin


The Wilmington High School War of Wits team is almost undefeated at 7-1-0. The three main players are Chas Wiederhold, Deanna Pennewitt, and Tim Holliday. Coach Rich Young said all of the players on the team have improved and




photo contributed/rich young

War of Wits team paticipates in High-Q at WHIO channel 7 news center which aired on tv on Jan. 11, 2009

are aiming to better themselves in the long run before the tougher matches start to surface. “Samantha Stewart has improved the most,” Young said. “She’s just starting to get into an understanding of what areas she needs to get stronger in and she’s started doing some extra studying on her own to learn different things.” Young said coming up are tough matches that have always been strong contenders for the War of Wits team in the past, and in the present and they are hoping to dominate. “We have our two toughest matches next,” Young said. “Walnut Hills, who is superior in War of Wits and were state runners up several years ago. Turpin has always been a brutal match.” The WHS team butts heads against Walnut Hills Monday Feb. 9.

sports p

sports sports column

14 sports column



february 6, 2009

Pressure student athletes face Varsity jackets too costly Megan Phillips staff writer

Jessica Maus sports editor

It’s something every varsity athlete wants, and something parents dread buying because of the cost: a varsity jacket. On average a varsity jacket cost $200, of course the price varies depending on what one would like stitched onto the jacket. At Traditions located in downtown Wilmington, one is charged for everything that you put on the jacket. For example, getting a varsity letter stitched on the back with the sport in which one excelled in to get a varsity letter. They also charge for putting the year you graduate on the sleeves, as well as putting your name on the front of the jacket, and finally they charge for any extra graphics one would want stitched onto your jacket such as a basketball or megaphone, etc. The price of a varsity jacket is ridiculous, the quality of the jacket is good, but to charge for everything that is stitched onto the jacket is taking things to the extreme. I have a varsity jacket, I got it for my birthday this year, yeah it’s nice, but it’s nothing special that anyone should spend $200+ on. Having a varsity jacket is nice. They are heavy and keep you warm. Though, is it ok to charge $200 on a jacket that you are only going to wear in high school then put in your closet after you graduate and never pull out again? I have been on several college campuses and have yet to see a college student wearing their high school varsity jacket. If a varsity jacket is of desire, Traditions and Qualitee are located in downtown Wilmington and do make varsity jackets. The jackets tend to take anywhere from a week to a couple of weeks to make. So I ask, is it necessary to have a high price on a jacket that you will only wear for a maximum of 4 years if you get one as a freshman in high school?

As a high school student, we are all faced with pressure in some sort of way on a daily basis. High school athletes are faced with even greater pressure on a much higher frequency; whether it’s pressure with balancing sports and school, or proving themselves to their parents or anyone else. Most students play sports for the thrill of having fun with others and enjoy the game, right? But it’s not always about fun and games. I know there is a time in each student athlete’s mind that have thought, “Man, I can’t believe I let that ball go in the goal, “or “I can’t believe I just missed that layup, did you see the look on coaches face?” Being on a team itself is pressure

for every athlete, knowing they have to do well for their team and make their school look good. Pressure in sports can be forced on the athletes from the coaches as well. The biggest pressure athletes have with their coaches is if they’re going to start or not. Everyone thinks it’s so cool to start before everyone else because they think it’s a big popularity boost. Athletes always want to be the coach’s favorite. Being on the coaches good side is always a plus. Students believe that if they’re on the coach’s good side they have a guaranteed starting position. Coaches should not pick favorites or let the athletes worry about if they’re going to start or not. Athletes should be having fun with their friends and just enjoying the game they love.

As far as parents go, every parent wants their child to be the best of the best. Thus, meaning their child has pressure by them to do that. If one has an older sibling that played/plays the sport you play, one may feel pressure to be just as good as them or even better. I know siblings always fight over, “I’m better then you at this” or “Mom likes me more,” playing sports is just the same way. Every student athlete feels like they need to be the best of the best, be coaches favorite and have the best of grades. But is it really all about that? If one wants to play a sport, go ahead. Don’t worry about what other people think or if you’re the best or not. All that matter is if you’re doing what you love doing and you’re doing it at your best.

Reasons vary for playing sports Jessica Maus sports editor

Athletes have many reasons for playing sports. Some play for the competition, some play to stay in shape, and some are involved in sports because it is a good way to socialize with different groups of people. After interviewing many students the two most common reasons for being involved in a sport are to stay in shape and enjoying the competition. Retired WHS girl’s varsity track coach, Rodger Ilg said there are many reasons students play sports. “I think most kids play sports simply because they like the comradely of being with other people that also enjoy the same sport that they enjoy. They also like the competitiveness, most people who play sports like to be competitive, winning and losing is important to them and they just enjoy the social interaction that involves sports which opposes just sitting around doing little to nothing.” The hurricane asked student athletes their own reasons for play school sports.

Quinten Rollins

Ariel Anthony

“I play sports because I’m a good athlete, competitive, and it’s in my blood.”

“I play sports because I like the competition and it’s just very fun.”

Caitlin Clifton

Kyle Blakeman

“I play sports because it’s social and I get to be with my friends, and keeps me in great shape, which I like.”

“I play sports because I’m a good athlete, it’s just in my blood and I grew up watching sports.”

february 6, 2008


15 wilmington

h hurricane

Marcy Smith graphics by Libby Wetterhan

staff writer

Perhaps one of the more imaginative movie’s to come out in 2009 is Where the Wild Things Are. Based off of Maurice Sendak’s classic children’s book published in 1963, about a young boy named Max who caused mischief around his house. From his imagination a forest grows, where the Wild Things live. The movie depicts the adventure he has in the jungle with the wild things. It is a movie for all ages from little kids who are just now discovering this classic story to adults who read the story as a child.

Emily Browning stars as Anna in the upcoming horror film, The Uninvited. This film will clearly be a suspenseful and frustrating film. Anna comes home from a mental hospital after not being able to remember her mother’s death. Her dad has a new girlfriend when Anna returns, and she can tell there is something not right about her. She begins to think that it is her dad’s girlfriend was the one who killed her mother and is trying to kill her family, but no one believes her. This movie is definitely going to be a good one with great actors and an excellent plot.

Based off of Sophie Kinsella’s novel, Confessions of a Shopaholic, this is a story that depicts the life of a 25 year old woman named Rebecca. Rebecca has a boring job and lives with her firend Suze. She is addicted to shopping and when she realizes she is in debt she tries to change her shopping habits and also tries to find a new job. The plot thickens when she tries to get the attention of one of her male colleagues. This movie is sure to be one of the cutest movies in 2009, it sounds funny, quirky and romantic, and it is sure to have a good message along with the plot.

Robert Downey Jr. stars in the upcoming film Sherlock Holmes and the Curse of the Banshee. The city of London is plagued by a multitude of deaths that at first seem to be heart attacks but by further examination are murders. The only clues to the deaths are eye witnesses’ story’s that all seem to have one thing in common. It is up to Sherlock Holmes to distinguish the killer in these murders and also to prove the innocence of his friend Emily. This is sure to be a very puzzling and thought provoking movie for all who love “Who done it” movies.

Folie a Deux proves to be a smart buy in 09’


Chris Clevenger managing editor

Fall Out Boy has yet again amazed the teen scene with their new CD, Folie A Deux. This Indie inspired group has worked their way up from your average garage band to what is now a pop sensation. The new CD features amazing vocals from singer Patrick Stump. Stump takes the group to an entirely new level with a newer variety of songs, leaving some of their typical styles and bringing in somewhat

of a calmer feel to their music. While there is a slower turn to some songs, their well loved fast track songs can still be enjoyed. One in particular, is taking radio waves by storm. Not only has it gained that well earned air time, it has also worked its way into the Bilboards Hot 100 list. I Don’t Care, a song that leaves its listeners both jumping up and down and craving more, has led to a wave of fan support. After news of guitarist Pete Wentz becoming a father there were some concerns in the Fall Out Boy com-

munity. Fans began to fear that it would affect the bands production. If anything the band is better than ever, releasing yet another album destined

to make it to the platinum level. Folie A Deux is an album that everyone should have.


ffebruary b y 6,, 2009


h hurricane

THEN 1999

entertainment i year of the rabbit

year of the ox

2009 NOW Entertainment

Entertainment •Jan. 12: Brittany Spears releases her album Baby One More Time.

•Jan. 23: Underworld: Rise of the Lycans released. •Jan. 30: New In Town released.

•Jan. 10:The Sopranos debutes on HBO.

•Feb. 3: The Fray releases their self-titled album

•Feb. 22: Eminem releases his first album.

•Feb. 3:The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus releases their album Lonely Road . •Feb. 13: Friday the 13 releases.

•Feb. 31: Family Guy debutes on FOX. •March 31: Matrix starring Keanu Reeves is released.

• Feb. 13:Dollhouse premieres on FOX.

•May 1: Sponge Bob Square Pants debutes on Nickelodeon.

•March 10: New Found Glory released album Without A Fight March. •May 22: Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian releases

•May 19: Star Wars Episode I--The Phantom Menace opens and breaks a string of box office records. The film grosses $102.7 million in its debut five-day weekend. •Aug. 24: Christina Agulera releases her first album. • June 15: Backstreet Boys single “I Want it That Way” hits number one. • July 4: Underotah releases their first album Act Of Depression

• July 17: Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince releases.

Ten years ago the world was totally different - catch up on some of the changes


• Aug. 21: Final Destination: Death Trip 3D set to be release. •Oct. 2: Toy Story 3D releases. . • Nov. 20: New Moon releases.


• Feb. 12: Bill Clinton is acquitted in his trial.

•Jan. 20: President Barack Obama is inaugerated.

• April 20: Columbine shooting.

•Jan. 30:DHL officially leaves Wilmington airpark

• July 16: John F. Kennedy Jr., wife Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, and her sister Lauren G. Bessette are lost at sea when a plane he was piloting disappears.

Science/Medicine •Ununoctium is made for the first time. • Jan. 24: Doctors in Louisville, Ky. perform the first human hand transplant.

Sports •Jan. 31: Denver Broncos defeat the Atlanta Falcons 34-19 at Super Bowl XXXIII.

Fun Facts •Gas Cost $1.27 a gallon •The number of Internet users worldwide reaches 150 million by the beginning of 1999. Over 50% are from the United States.

•Jan. 21: Hilary Clinton is sworn in as Secretary of Defense.


•New laws are expected to be put into place in an effort to control greenhouse gasses and put a cap on global warming.

Sports •Feb. 1: Pittsburg Steelers defeat the Arizona Cardinals 2723 at Super Bowl XLIII.

Fun Facts •Gas $1.77 a gallon •Number of internet users surpasses one billion with 18.4% of the users from the United States.

Issue 5: 2008 - 2009  
Issue 5: 2008 - 2009  

Issue 5: 2008 - 2009