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The Hundred-Seven "Positively Promoting the Nation's Historically Black Colleges and Universities"

March 2018

HBCU ALUMNI SHINE IN HOLLYWOOD This years's top movie, without a doubt, is Black Panther a movie that not only showcases the potential of black people but also features a leading actor who attended Howard University (Chadwick Boseman) and costumes by an alumna of Hampton (Ruth L. Carter). Additionally, two of the black nominees for this year's Academy Awards are HBCU alum.  FAMU alumna Dee Rees was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay for her movie, Mudbound.  A lesser-known HBCU fact is that an alumnus of North Carolina A&T,  Kevin Wilson, Jr. was nominated for an Academy Award for his short film, My Nephew Emmett, in the Best Live Action Short Film category.



The Hundred-Seven Special Feature: Modern-day HBCU Alumni Trailblazers HBCUs continue to graduate individuals who go on to make an impact on society. The Hundred-Seven is shining the spotlight on twelve trailblazing alumni who you should know more about including the first black woman to serve as chief of staff for a North Carolina governor and the first division-level Muslim chaplain in the US Army.   Read more:

Debunking HBCU Myths There's a myth that often circulates about HBCUs being expensive. While 'expensive' is a relative term, the fact remains that, on average, HBCUs are 1/3 less costly than their counterparts.  Many HBCUs consistently find themselves  at the top of lists for affordability.  Additionally, even the most expensive HBCUs are a fraction of the cost of other private colleges in the same area.  For those with know-how, paying for an HBCU education doesn't have to be difficult.  One mom  has shared her know-how.  "My husband and I are now on our third student attending an HBCU, and we have yet to pay one penny for tuition, books, room and board or fees of any kind. Our oldest graduated in 2016....completely debt free. Our two current students have excess scholarship money EVERY semester such that they never have to ask us for money for anything. Heck, sometimes, I want to ask THEM to break me off a little piece of change! Our youngest two students are already primed and ready to find their niche and pay for school with their minds as well. " Read more: How to Afford an HBCU Education

Good News From HBCUs HBCU Number to Know


The number of Individual Men's DIII Outdoor Track & Field Championships held by Lincoln University (PA)- the most in the nation

2017 saw history-making elections around the country, including upsets. There were also a number of HBCU alumni who were elected to positions in New Jersey, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Carolina, Georgia and New Orleans.  Among these were Florida A&M alumnus Melvin Carter  who became the first black mayor of St.Paul, Minnesota and LaToya Cantrell, an alumna of Xavier University who became the first woman elected mayor of New Orleans.   Read more: HBCU election winners

HBCU Summer Programs Throughout the month of March The Hundred-Seven will be sharing K-12 summer programs sponsored by HBCUs throughout the country. Information can be found on The Hundred-Seven's facebook page

What We Should Learn When an HBCU Closes Like any advocate of higher education, especially HBCUs, hearing the news about the pending closure of Concordia College Alabama, deeply hurt me. My organization, The Hundred-Seven, is named in honor of the 107 colleges in the US that are recognized by the Department of Education as HBCUs. Two of those are currently closed, three lack accreditation and now, one more is slated for closure. I'm sure many read the news and immediately thought, "I've never heard of that school." It IS small, located in small-town Selma, Alabama and as HBCUs go- one of the youngest. But as an HBCU advocate, I DO know about Concordia. In fact, I'd written about it on my website last month in a feature highlighting HBCUs that emphasize the spiritual growth of their students as well as their academic growth. 2017 brought particularly good news for the college. In February the nursing program received its accreditation. In the fall, it was the 3rd place winner of the inaugural Ford HBCU Drive2Greatness National Contest. And, last year both its men's and women's basketball teams won the Division I Championship for the USCAA. (It was the 2nd consecutive championship for the women). But financial problems often prove difficult to overcome. Continue reading: When an HBCU Closes

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Newsletter March 2018  

News and facts about HBCUs from The Hundred-Seven

Newsletter March 2018  

News and facts about HBCUs from The Hundred-Seven