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Issue Number 38

25th February - 10th March 2011

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Margaret Love’s Pensioners Party

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he official opening of the Ravenscraig Sports Facility was boosted by news that North Lanarkshire Leisure has reported record numbers of visitors to its centres. The charitable sports trust, which runs leisure facilities on behalf of North Lanarkshire Council, has reported increases in attendances and customer income compared with last year. Provost Tom Curley officially opened the stunning Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility on Thursday 17 February. He said: “The new facility has proven to be a real hit. More than 100,000 people have used it since it opened to the public in September. And over 100 events have taken place, including judo, karate, athletics badminton gymnastics, handball, football, conferences and even a charity fun run in the football hall. “Almost every SPL team has used the indoor football pitch – which came in really handy during the bad weather. And it’s been used by rugby teams, including the Glasgow Warriors and Scotland U19 teams, hosted athletics events and was the venue for last month’s the Lanarkshire Schools’ Badminton championships.” Councillor Jim Logue, who chairs the trust, believes the opening of Ravenscraig is the latest highlight for the trust which has gone from strength to strength since it was launched in September 2006. He said: “The hard work being carried out by so many people together with the excellent facilities we are developing, like Ravenscraig, means sport has a bright future in North Lanarkshire.” He added: “The figures speak for themselves 207mmx69mm-2for1_v1 – the formation of the copy.pdf Sports Trust has been a great success

Provost Tom Curley unveils the plaque commemorating the official opening of the Ravenscraig Sport Facility for people who live and work in North Lanarkshire. “For example, we’ve seen a 60 percent increase in customer income and reinvested £3.5 million in our facilities. “Our Access NL membership scheme is the biggest in Scotland with over 24,400 members. We are around £4million more efficient than in 2006 and our sickness levels have reduced.” The £32m complex, which was funded 1 North 23/02/2011 17:55Council, sportby Lanarkshire scotland and Ravenscraig Ltd, also

boasts a thriving gymnastics club with hundreds of members, and each week more than 1,000 children take part in football. The official opening was used to mark the start of North Lanarkshire’s year as European City of Sport. This prestigious international award is for areas with fewer than 500,000 residents and recognises excellence in using sport to improve communities. The inspection team from the European Capitals of Sport Association visited

North Lanarkshire last year and were clearly impressed by what they saw. Chairman of the Association, Gian Francesco Lupattelli, said: “The commitment to investment in sport and leisure is clear to see, not least through exciting initiatives like the Time Capsule, Broadwood and Ravenscraig. “Both the council and North Lanarkshire Leisure clearly see sport and leisure as a way to regenerate areas continued on centre pages...


25th February - 10th March


s it has become almost tradition like, may I start by welcoming you all to your latest copy of The HUB and thank you for picking it up – showing us your continued support! You hear people saying ‘thanks’ and sometimes you do wonder are they being sincere or not. I can honestly say that the team here at The HUB appreciate absolutely everything that people do for us. We would certainly not have come as far as we have done today if we did not have the support of the community. I would like to share some exciting news with you. Our Perthshire HUB has now been given the green light to launch. As you can imagine, this is very exciting for us and we will be working very hard with

the team in Perth to ensure that it is successful from day one. Perth presents a massive opportunity for The HUB when you look at the existing set up currently serving the community and everyone here is excited to continue to see the company grow and expand. This exciting news comes off the back of the first international HUB, which is launching in Sargodha, Pakistan, on the 5th March. Who says that newspapers are in decline? I suspect that the traditional model no longer works which in my opinion may be a contributing factor. So our aim for 2011 to increase our group titles to six means that with Perth’s launch we are half way there. Monklands’s and Cumbernauld & Kilsyth will


follow very shortly. As a direct result, I suspect that I will be moving away from direct involvement with this title and will concentrate on working on the new titles and the teams in the early stages. One of the recent highlights was certainly the official launch of the fantastic Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility where literally every man and their dog were in attendance. This must have been a worthwhile story as all aspects of the media showed up from TV and radio to national press even managed to make some very good contacts!

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Online Visitournewwebsite: Scott Mochar, Editor offer there. Until next time, thank you for your continued support.

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T icholas



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I was at a pub in Motherwell last Tuesday and got caught in a brawl with my new girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend. He kept eyeing me up and bumping into me. He said if he ever saw me in his pub again, he would break my legs. I felt threatened and in defence I shoved him out of my face but he accidentally fell and hit his head off a table edge and is still in hospital. I didn’t mean to cause him harm. I need legal advice. Please help me….


If the Police are advised of this matter by your girlfriend’s exboyfriend or any other witnesses in or around the pub then you are likely to be asked, or detained by the Police, for questioning at your local Police Office. Before being questioned you must be given the right to a private consultation with a Solicitor of your choice or if he is unavailable the “Duty Solicitor” should be contacted by the Police to offer you such consultation either by telephone or in person. After being cautioned by Police prior to the commencement of any interview

you are obliged to say nothing other than confirm your identity (name, address, nationality etc.). If you choose to reply to the Police Officers’ questions then any admissions made to being at the scene and carrying out any illegal acts are likely to be used against you by the Crown in any future Court Proceedings. If you choose to answer their questions, you must be careful not to deviate from your position that you have acted in self defence and that the injury suffered here has been accidental, otherwise, again such may be used against you by the Crown in any future Court Proceedings To be successful in your defence of self defence in any future Court Proceedings then, providing the Crown and the witnesses they call have provided sufficient evidence in law that you may have carried-out an illegal act, a successful self defence argument would be one which meets the following principles: 1. That you acted in fear of being attacked or were in the process of being attacked;

2. That you had no other reasonable means of escape open to you during the course of his attack (or threat thereof) other than to act in the way you did. 3. That the force used was reasonable and proportionate to the attack (or threat thereof) that you faced. That being said, Judges and Juries are obliged to take account for the heat of the moment and will not judge your actions too finely, given the circumstances made out before them. Be aware that there may be other witnesses (and of course the “victim” here) who are likely to dispute your version of events and so it is vitally important to safeguard your future position with a view to a prosecution here. Therefore, in the meantime, you should contact any individuals you know who were at the pub who will confirm your version of events and take a full note of their names and addresses as you may later require to have them cited to Court to act as defence witnesses. For more information or to contact Paolo directly call 01698 283 265. or email

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HE number of fatal and serious accidents on South Lanarkshire roads have more than halved in the last 10 years. In 2000 the Government introduced targets for reducing the number of road casualties by 2010. For all fatal and serious road casualties the figure was a 40 per cent reduction and for fatal and serious accidents involving children the target was a 50 per cent reduction. The base figure used for the targeted reductions was the average of the road accident casualty figures from 1994 to 1998. In the year 2000 there were 238 people killed or seriously injured on the roads in South Lanarkshire. This included 30 children. In 2010 the figure fell to 88 people killed or seriously injured, which included 12 children. The Government target for 2010 for South Lanarkshire was 159 for the total people killed or seriously injured. Chair of South Lanarkshire Council’s Road Safety Forum, Councillor John Murray, said: “While one accident that results in a fatal or serious injury is one accident too many, these figures are extremely encouraging. “They reflect the amount of work that we have carried out over the past 10 years to make our roads safer. “We will continue to do everything in our power to reduce the figures even more, through improvements to our roads, educating the public and lowering speed limits where appropriate. “In particular I believe the introduction of the Route Action Plan programme in 2007 has led

to many of our roads becoming safer. “Also the Pass Plus Initiative, launched in 2007, improves the driving skills of young drivers who are among the high-risk

group for accidents.

“The work carried out by the across�North�and�South�Lanarkshire Council on Route Action Plans (RAPs) was nominated for the You�can�also�pickup�a�free�copy�in Scottish Transport Awards 2010 and highly commended.” local�supermarkets,�newsagents,� cafes�and�libraries.


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Under 5’s Runaround Lunch Club A chance for young ‘uns to run about and have fun Tuesday 1st March 2011 11.30am-1pm Viewpark Community Centre, Old Edinburgh Road, Viewpark

All Welcome Contact :

25th February - 10th March


UNDRAISER extraordinaire Margaret Love has been planning events for pensioners for more than six years and the latest event, at the Tannochside


Miners Club last Saturday, was another resounding success. As 130 people sat down to eat, drink and socialise. Margaret, 73, from Viewpark has been



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determined to give local pensioners something special with an event to look forward too where they can meet up and enjoy the company. The event is funded in its entirety from the work Margaret and her family and friends do to raise funds. Margaret continues to fundraise throughout the year. Margaret told the HUB: “My daughter is a great help. She’s the head barmaid at the club. I have been saving and using my own money for these events and others have kindly made donations or raffle prizes.â€? Margaret added: “I do about three of these events a year now. And having suffered a stroke myself I no longer do the cooking but have a catering company in to do the last three parties. “The young ones have been great at helping out, saving up to ÂŁ108 in small change. Some ladies make tablet that we sell about and I make cards that we also sell. And apart from my daughter, my niece, nephew and daughter-in-law have all been a great help.â€? Margaret’s initiative is a remarkable display of what you can do when you put your heart and soul into something. Margaret’s fund raising skills have resulted in prize bingo nights in her house and a race night at Burnhead Bowling Club. Ian Chalmers, Margaret’s brother who helps with the fundraising and events, said: “She just keeps giving and asks for nothing in return.â€? Local councillor Bob Burrows who is also the council’s finance and customer services committee convenor, said of Margaret: “I was delighted to have attended and to give my support to Margaret in everything she does. She is such an asset to the community.





Another successful social for Margaret Love, pictured left, at Tannochside Miners Club. All the folk thoroughly enjoyed themselves including Tom Clarke M.P. & councillor Bob Burrows

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“She has gone out of her way to do a lot despite having her own health issues. It says a lot about the type of person she is to keep going. “I would like to thank her and all her family and friends who have all contributed to such a positive and enjoyable evening.�



7 Main Street, Cambuslang Gate, Cambuslang 0843 309 4252 Security is required over your gold and jewellery


25th February - 10th March



he Organic Growers of Bothwell have been busy planting fruit trees lately at the unused space at the Bothwellbank site of Scottish Water. Over the last 20 years, there has been a huge decline in fruit growing in the Clyde Valley with many orchards lost. There is now an opportunity to set up a new orchard with the benefit of fruit contributing to the five a day needed for a healthy diet. The Organic Growers wish to grow their own food as locally as possible to reduce carbon emissions.

The trees will absorb carbon dioxide which will lower our carbon footprint. The blossom will attract and sustain bees, birds and insects helping biodiversity. In return, the bees and insects will pollinate plants and trees at the community garden. John Hancox from Scottish Orchards assisted with planting the new orchard at the Scottish Water site. He said in reference to creating edible landscapes:"Give people a spade, the skills and the confidence and we can make a more fruitful Scotland.”

Sheena Walker from the group told The HUB; “We would like to thank CSGN (Central Scotland Green Network) for the grant contribution they gave to The Organic Growers of Bothwell to establish the orchard and to thank Scottish Water for allowing us to use their spare land.” She added: "It will be wonderful to watch the trees grow and develop, providing blossom in the Spring and nectar for bees and insects. The best part will be in three or four year’s time when we can enjoy eating the fruits of our labours.”


Minister’s visit to Motherwell College

Rt. Hon. Iain Duncan Smith MP, UK Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, with Motherwell College Principal and Chief Executive Hugh Logan


tudents and staff at Motherwell College got the chance to chat to the Rt. Hon. Iain Duncan Smith MP, UK Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, when he visited to find out more about the innovative Robert Owen Institute, (ROI).

Mr Duncan Smith was met by College Principal and Chief Executive Hugh Logan. The College is one of a number of Scottish organisations to embrace the ethos of Robert Owen, a 21st century network – a ‘think tank’ for innovation,

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079 054 366 52

enterprise and the sharing of good practice and ideas. It brings together businesses, organisations, communities and educational establishments to ensure the community resilience inherent in Robert Owen’s philosophy is continually nurtured. Mr Duncan Smith said: “I thought that what the College is doing along with the Robert Owen Institute is very progressive. Motherwell College is constantly evaluating its self, giving real work skills to 14 to 18 year olds’. Something I think is very important and I will support them in this.” Hugh Logan, Principal and Chief Executive of Motherwell College added: “The College is a founding member of the Robert Owen Institute because we believe the sharing of knowledge is vital for success. Motherwell College has an important role to play in the provision of that knowledge so we were delighted Mr Duncan Smith visited us to find out more about the Institute.” Mr Duncan Smith was joined during the visit by North Lanarkshire Council’s Chief Executive Gavin Whitefield, Leader of the Council Jim McCabe and Head of Regeneration, Maureen McConachie. Principal Hugh Logan gave a presentation on the Robert Owen Institute and then the Secretary of State and his party were given a guided tour of the £70 million facilities at the College. The Minister then had lunch which was prepared and served by students on Hospitality and Professional Cookery courses.

25th February - 10th March



he Allovus Group recently held their belated Burns lunch at Bothwell Parish Church and were given a real treat by the pupils of Beckford Primary School. Due to the bad weather, the previous Christmas lunch had been postponed and rather than go without, the group decided to host a special Burns Lunch.

The pupils from Beckford Primary entertained the group via poems and songs. Allovus is Bothwell Parish Church’s senior member’s social group and meet within the Church Centre on the first and third Thursdays of the month. Rev James Gibson told The HUB: “I am delighted that everyone appreciated the


children from Beckford coming along. “Their witty speeches, poems and songs were excellent and I know that the members really enjoyed the entertainment.” The Allovus group are actively encouraging senior members of the community to come along to enjoy their meetings, events and outings.

Beckford Primary pupils entertain the Allovus Group with songs and poems

Author on the Primary trail

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Author Lee Mackie with the children from Muiredge Primary School on her tour visit


ocal author, Lee Mackie, creator of The Trail of Knick Knack Knock, kicked off her school book tour at Muiredge Primary last week. When asked about the book tour, Lee told The HUB; “I was quite overwhelmed at the beginning of the tour as I didn’t expect such an amazing response from the kids. “They have so many great


questions, they really had me thinking on my feet. It’s so nice to see so many children getting excited about reading and getting so involved in The Trail of Knick Knack Knock.” Lee also announced a short story competition she is running in conjunction with the release of her new book the second in the series of the Knick-Knack-Knock trilogy.


It’s titled, ‘Knick-Knack-Knock and the Tiempo Antes,’ and carries on the adventure of orphan Cassie Cleghorn. The competition rules are simple: All short stories are to be titled ‘TIME’ and should be no more than 1500 words. There is no age restriction to the competition and the stories can be based on anything. If typed, double lined spacing

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should be used and can be emailed to Lee Mackie directly. Hand written will also be accepted and should be posted

to The Hub, with ‘Short Story Competition’ marked clearly on the envelope. Your name, age, address

Open: Daily 12 noon till 10.30 pm ®

and contact number or email should be marked clearly on the back of each page of your short story, any story arriving without this information will not be considered. The winner will be announced in June and will be contacted personally by the author The prize for the chosen short story is that it will be published in the second book in the KnickKnack-Knock series. So good luck and get writing. Lee will be touring until the end of May and if you haven’t already booked please email Lee at: where she will be more than happy to to discuss her plans of how to get kids interested in reading and getting them to join in with creative writing exercises. AND THE BEST NEWS IS IT’S FREE.

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email: Showcase Leisure Park,Baillieston, G69 7TS.


25th February - 10th March

Police Update MOTHERWELL Serious Assault CID is now leading an enquiry which was sparked in the early hours of Sunday morning 20 February 2011. Officers were involved in the initial response to a double stabbing which took place on Shields Drive near to Valley View, Motherwell. About 3am on Sunday local residents were woken by a commotion in the street outside. The disturbance had started after two men who were walking outside were attacked by a group of approximately 10 others, both male and female. One of the men was attacked, beaten and stabbed for no apparent reason. The second victim was chased by three men from the group and then stabbed and left injured on the ground. One of the men involved wore a black, white and silver shirt and a cap. A woman in the group was seen holding a blue jacket. Police are seeking all available witnesses and trying to identify all people present. The disturbance ceased when the attackers ran off into nearby woodland. Police were called during the incident and approximately nine officers were involved in the initial response and

investigation. The first victim suffered lacerations to his head, a stab wound to the abdomen and hand and a broken nose and cheek bone. The second victim received a stab wound to abdomen. Both victims were transported to Wishaw General Hospital and their condition is not thought to be life threatening at this time. DC McCann, the investigating officer, said “This is a particularly violent attack where two people have been stabbed in an apparently unprovoked attack. One man has been stabbed apparently for coming to the aid of his friend. “I would ask anyone who saw something suspicious or any part of the incident to pass that information on. Housebreaking The resident was out at the time of the break in however, the alarm company which monitors the house notified him of the break in and Police were then contacted. On arrival the CCTV footage was checked and showed two men. The men are seen to run off along Davar Drive. They had smashed a glazing pane of the back door of St Lukes RC Presbytery between 5.13pm

Recent Police incidents in our area

and 7.23pm on Tuesday, 15 February. The first suspect is described as White European, aged 20 to 25 of thin build and five ten to six foot in height. His hair dark brown and he wore glasses and a grey/fawn tracksuit jacket and trousers and white trainers. The other suspect is described as white, aged 20 to 28, five foot six to five foot 8 inches tall, of stocky build and fair ginger hair. He wore a blue jacket, blue jeans and white trainers. They removed a Sony 27 inch TV from the property.

Church Theft A church gardener discovered that a large piece of lead was in the garden area of the church. A short time later, after consultation with a roofing contractor, confirmation was received that five large pieces of lead had been removed from the roof. The incident occurred between 10pm on Tuesday 15 February and 10am Wednesday 16 February at Our Lady of Good Aid, Cathedral House, Coursington Road, Motherwell.

Theft A retired woman, 66, received a telephone call which purported to be a representative of a company and arranged an appointment . The representative, a woman, appeared at 5.45pm on Tuesday 15 February at the property in Dechmont Avenue, Motherwell. Having gained access to the property she asked to use a toilet upstairs from where she entered various rooms and took a quantity of jewellery including a gold ring with blue stones and pearls. The suspect is described as aged 30, slim build with dark brown hair worn in a bun and wearing a dark coat. She drove a Royal Blue Peugot Hatchback.

BELLSHILL Robbery Two men entered a shop on Bankhead Avenue in Bellshill around five o’clock on Tuesday night, 15 February, and threatened shop staff in an attempt to steal the takings. The staff immediately alerted the Police who were quickly on the scene. A 29 year-old man was checked by Police after running from the scene and was later arrested in relation to the incident. The other man made of and is described as wearing a grey hooded white jacket, black gloves and white tracksuit trousers. Chief Inspector McPhail, Area Commander at Bellshill, said: “I would urge the local community

to come forward if you know the identity of the other man and speak to the Police in relation to this incident. The man who was arrested was held in Police custody and reported to the Procurator Fiscal and this is testament to the good work of the Police officers who were on duty that night.“ Indecent assault Strathclyde Police is appealing for information after a 14 year-old girl was indecently assaulted in Bellshill on Tuesday 15 February. Around 10.30pm, the 14 yearold was approached by a man on a grassy area at the rear of Robert Burns Quadrant in Bellshill. The man indecently assaulted her then made off towards Glebe Street in Bellshill. The only description of the suspect at this time is that he was wearing dark-coloured clothing. The girl did not require hospital treatment but she is extremely traumatised. Detective Inspector John Jack said: “Extensive enquiries have been ongoing in the Bellshill area since this incident was reported to us and I would urge anyone with information to come forward. “The area where the incident happened is popular with dog

walkers and I would urge anyone who may have been in that area around the time of the incident last night to contact police as they may have unwittingly witnessed something vital to this enquiry.“ Attempted murder Two men have been arrested following an incident at Silverburn Crescent, Newarthill in the early hours of Saturday morning. A 33 year-old man was arrested after allegedly stabbing a 26 year old man in the street after an argument. A 16 year old male was also charged with allegedly being in possession of an offensive weapon. Police were called to the scene, along with an ambulance, between 02:00 and 02:30am in the morning and found the 26 year old male in a serious condition with an injury to his abdomen area. The man was taken to Wishaw General Hospital were he underwent emergency surgery and still remains in a serious but stable condition in hospital. Chief Inspector McPhail, Area Commander at Bellshill, said: “After an investigation was made by the CID and other officers attending, two men were arrested and have now been held on remand.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Bellshill, Motherwell or Hamilton Police Office or alternatively CRIMESTOPPERS can be called anonymously on 0800 555 111


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25th February - 10th March




he local Tannochside & Viewpark Labour party held a fundraising night at Thorniewood United Social Club to help with raising funds for the group. At the cabaret night, the entertainment included singer Maggie Dee and Carol McLean’s local dance group Dance Dynamics along with the usual fund raising items such as a raffle and auction. Top prizes up for grabs included tickets for Celtic, Rangers and Motherwell football matches, Take That concert tickets and a round of golf at Gleneagles. Councillor Jim McCabe told The HUB: “I would like to thank everyone who turned up and supported the event. It was a great night and everyone enjoyed it – we appreciate the contributions made by all.” The night raised over £1200 for the local branch.

Bothwell News

By Trevor Cooper


amilton College hosted the second heat of the Lanarkshire Primary Schools Chess Tournament on Thursday 10th February. Over 100 primary school children took part in the event with 38 teams participating. The first heat took place in November and the third heat will take place in March. The top six teams will then qualify for the final in May and hope to win the trophy currently being held by Burnside Primary School. Hamilton College has hosted the event for the last few years and each year its popularity grows.

Left to right: Cutting the Anniversary cake, George Walker, Jon Livingstone, Archie MacPherson, President Saghir Sheikh, Douglas Steedman and Trevor Cooper


ach of the four remaining founder members of the Rotary Club of Bothwell & Uddingston spoke at the Club’s 35th Anniversary Dinner. John Livingston spoke of the earliest time when he met Jimmy Arneil, the Extension Officer of the Hamilton Club, in their 50th year contemplated ceding territory. This led to further meeting on the 3rd September 1975 with nine in attendance. The nine further recruited 27 and an Interim Club formed. This led to the Charter Dinner on 11th February. More details particularly regarding the venue, by Douglas Steedman followed, before Trevor Cooper spoke of the first Wine & Cheese Party in aid of charity and the Sun Flower growing competition amongst the local schools to raise £1,000 and puppy walk a guide dog for the blind. George Walker, who with his wife walked the dog, Miles, completed the short presentations of early times. The main speaker, Archie MacPherson, began by recalling his days as a teacher at Garrowhill P.S. including that the current Hamilton President and top table guest, was a former pupil. He then kept the audience amused with stories, many of which were against himself, of days as a sports commentator.


Wednesday 9th March 2011, 10am-12pm

Burnhead Parish Church, Laburnum Rd, Viewpark

All Welcome For info call:

Lynn on 01698 242649 Jillian on 01698 274677 Contact :

Marion Cunnigham, Head of the Junior School said: “Chess improves their technical understanding and benefits them in maths. It has also made those participating more alert before their class starts.”


01698 803 909 or email us at:

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In boosting their chances of winning, Hamilton College run a chess club once a week for P3 to P7 pupils where over 32 children attend the club from 8am to 9am to learn and develop their chess playing skills.



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25th February - 10th March



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25th February - 10th March


former pupil at Uddingston Grammar is celebrating after receiving a prestigious journalism award. Michelle Craig (24) is studying for her BA Hons degree in Journalism at the University of the West of Scotland Hamilton

Campus and was named the recipient of the Isobel Connor Award. The Supercounty award is presented annually in memory of board member Isobel Connor, who became the first woman to be appointed editor

of both the Hamilton Advertiser and Wishaw Press. Ian Livingstone, chairman of Supercounty, the Lanarkshire Civic Pride Campaign, said: “Isobel was a highly regarded and respected journalist. “When she died at a relatively

Parliamentary Candidate Mark Brown, left, and Councillor Henry Mitchell outside Uddingston Police Station


cottish Conservatives Parliamentary Candidate for the newly formed Uddingston & Bellshill Constituency Mark Brown and councillor Henry Mitchell recently visited Uddingston Police to congratulate Dave Pullan who after 19 years of service as a Community Policeman in Bothwell and Uddingston, is moving on to undertake court policing duties. Local Councillor Henry Mitchell commented: “Over the years Dave has become a well known familiar and respected figure dealing with local issues and walking the beat in the villages. “I wish him all the best in his new post and thank him for the years of dedicated service he has given in an effort to keep

Bothwell and Uddingston crime free and a safe place to live.” He added: “In due course, I look forward to welcoming Dave’s replacement who will join David Moon, Danny McAfee, Scott Anderson, Jill Pinkerton, Joyce Ramsay and Kieran Haines who form the community policing team for the two villages. Holyrood Candidate Mark Brown added, "There is no doubt that a visible police presence on our streets deters crime which is why the Scottish Conservatives in the Scottish Parliament have worked to secure 1000 extra police as a condition of supporting the recent Scottish budget. “This is one of many key common sense policies that the people of Scotland have had delivered."


Michelle Craig with her award presented by Supercounty Chairman Ian livingstone, left, and UWS Campus Director Ian Patrick

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young age, Supercounty decided to mark her contribution to journalism in Lanarkshire by making this annual award. “Michelle Craig is a young woman with potentially a fantastic future. Her efforts, attitude and commitment have not gone unnoticed by her lecturers. “I am delighted to have had the opportunity to meet with such an inspiring young woman and present her with the Isobel Connor Award.” Ian Patrick, UWS Campus Director, added: “Michelle received the Court medal over the past two years and to be able to add the Isobel Connor Award to her CV is a fantastic achievement. “Michelle exemplifies a conscientious, hard working student and I wish her all the success for her future.” Michelle said: “I am privileged and proud to accept the award but must extend a huge thank you to my friends and family for their support and to my lecturers for their guidance and support. “A career in local journalism would be a fabulous opportunity for me to work in a fast-paced, unpredictable and ‘never boring’ environment.”


25th February - 10th March

Funday: Provost Tom Cur chairman of Euro Capital Cheerleaders, right, are j Blane Dodds, chief execu the Ravenscraig Regional

News of record numbers of visitors boosts Ravenscraig official launch and promote healthy lifestyles.” Just four years on from its launch, the charitable trust has reported an impressive 44 per cent increase in customer attendances and increased income across its 18 leisure facilities. Blane Dodds, Chief Executive of North Lanarkshire Leisure, and who represents all Sports Trusts in the UK on the Fitness Industry Association Board, said: “We are committed to providing people with opportunities to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and enjoy the benefits in wellbeing that it can bring. “It’s about delivering value for money for our customers, via the appropriate quality product and service, and communicating this effectively. “We are not complacent however, this is an ongoing objective and whilst we have achieved much there is still a lot to do, and next year we plan to make major investments in Lochview Family Golf Centre and Golf Academy, Sir Matt Busby Sports Complex and Airdrie Leisure Centre.” In 2010 North Lanarkshire Leisure took on the running and management of the new £9million Broadwood Sports Facility in Cumbernauld. Later this year Lanarkshire will host the 2011 International Children’s Games which will see over 1,500 young athletes from around 80 countries competing in the 45th ICG Games. The extensive portfolio of facilities operated by the

trust will be further enhanced later this year when it becomes responsible for the management of the Time Capsule, Coatbridge. Following an extensive £6.5million refurbishment of the leisure pool, it reopened recently as ‘Scotland’s Waterpark’. Star attractions include, the fantastic ‘Tornado Tantrum’ flume and ‘Splash Down Island’, an interactive play area with giant tipping bucket. The improvements have been an instant hit with customers, maintaining the Time Capsule as one of the most popular attractions in Scotland. Looking ahead to what promises to be an exciting time to be involved in health and exercise, Councillor Jim Logue added: “With the International Children’s Games in 2011, London 2012 Olympics and the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games on the horizon, the next 10 years will be a golden decade for sport.” Jim Fitzsimons, project director at Ravenscraig Ltd, said: “North Lanarkshire Council is to be congratulated for not only providing much of the funding

which was required, but for having the vision and ambition to develop an international class building such as the Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility. “Together with the new Motherwell College, this iconic building demonstrates an intent to ensure Ravenscraig provides the Motherwell, Wishaw and North Lanarkshire area with state-of-the-art facilities for both existing and future residents, and we take great pleasure from the fact the first two buildings on the site represent excellence in sport and education.”

rley, below, with Jim McCabe, leader of the council; Gian Francisco Lapatelli, ls of Sport Association and Jim Logue, the Trust chairman. joined by Provost Tom Curley and Scottish Rugby legend Gavin Hastings. utive of North Lanarkshire Leisure, below left, addresses the official opening of l Sports Facility.

25th February - 10th March



25th February - 10th March

B l i n g S m i l e s The Full Monte Laser Teeth Whitening G

£109.00 Professional Teeth Whitening Instant Results in 60 Minutes Up to 14 Shades Lighter The Latest Laser Technology Fully Trained & Insured Technician Home Treatment Available Based in Bellshill

07541 992 661 • 01698 843 889

lasgow’s George Square was transformed recently as it roared to the sound of vintage engines and enthusiasts both young and old as the 2011 Monte Carlo Rally returned to Glasgow. The rally, which was created in 1911 by Price Albert the First of Monaco, brought cars from all over Europe together. The range of cars was as varied as the spectators with Mini Cooper’s lining up next to Porsches as they waited to descend upon the Glasgow rush hour from the George Square display one by one. There was an atmosphere of friendly rivalry between the cheerful contestants. One driver was heard to observe: “It’s

By Heather Palmer extremely friendly, a gentlemen’s race, we all enter into amicable rivalry.” The drivers made last minute preparations for the rally route that takes them to Dover via Kilmarnock, Dumfries, Scotch Corner, Barnby Moor and Waltham Abbey before reaching Europe. Datsun 240Z co-pilot, David Chilton posing for photographs said; “We won’t look like this when we get to Dover.” Several thousand people lined the streets around Blythswood Square later to welcome the Monte Carlo back to Glasgow as Fraser Porteous, an up-and-coming bagpipe talent from Hamilton, piped the first cars down the starting ramp. Glasgow was the favourite beginning for the rally in the 50s and 60s but the return

has been long awaited by the Caledonian Classic and Historic Motorsport Club, the Royal Scottish Automobile Club and Glasgow City Council. The oldest competitors, driver Colin Ewart-Bywater, co-pilot Mike Weatley and mechanic Gordon Bywater, drive a 1960 Jaguar MK II 3.8 and have a combined age of two hundred and twenty! They raced as part of Team GB, entered under the name of ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ having been inspired by the BBC’s popular series set near to the team’s home in Yorkshire.

Both sides of the Jaguar’s windscreen displayed a blue disabled sticker. The jovial spirit displayed by the Jaguar team made them firm favourites with the Glasgow crowd and they received the the biggest cheer from the crowd as they set off. Once they reached Dover it was onto Calais then racing through Europe until they reached the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel and Quai Albert, Monaco. After a gruelling five days of driving, Bryan Bouffier won the final stage of the rally.


he Cadet Forces are this T year celebrating the 150th anniversary of the organisation

and North Lanarkshire Provost Tom Curley hosted a civic reception to help them celebrate. Airdrie’s Excelsior Stadium was the venue on Friday 11 February with members of the Glasgow & Lanarkshire Battalion Air Cadet Forces, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Battalion, TS Enterprise Sea Cadet Corps and the North Lanarkshire Squadron Air Training Corps marking the special anniversary. Provost Curley said: “Being a Cadet gives young people a great opportunity to develop their self-confidence, teamwork and leaderships abilities through a wide range of activities, including sport, adventure training, first aid and

military skills training. “On behalf of the people of North Lanarkshire I am delighted to be able to recognise their outstanding contributions and wish them success in the future.” The voluntary organisation, sponsored by the Ministry of Defence, is made up four different sections: the Sea Cadet Corps; the Army Cadet Force; the Air Training Corps, and the Combined Cadet Force. Through military themed activities, like marching, map-reading, first aid and sailing, the cadet force aims to help teenagers develop leadership, responsibility and resourcefulness. Cadets have the opportunity for self-development but also get involved with charitable work in their communities often as part of the Duke of

Edinburgh’s Award scheme. The history of the cadet forces dates back to the 1850s with the formation of several forerunners of the existing organisations. These Cadet Corps were recognised by the War Office and permitted to wear the uniforms

of their parent Volunteer battalions, later to become the Territorial Army. Many cadets go on to join the armed forces and The Ministry of Defence recognises that the Cadet Force adds value to the youth of today and continues to support them.

1 & 2 Bedroom Properties Available For Early Entry. For Details Phone 01698 302921 or Email: They say life begins at 40, we say life is regenerated at 40. Gowthrapple has been a thriving community for over 40 years and like everything with age was showing signs of wear and tear, however there has been considerable investment in the area and gowthrapple is once again flourishing. We are proud to be a part of this new wave of enthusiasm for the area and would like you to be come part of it. Gowthrapple has a lot to offer with its location and amenities and a choice of housing. North Lanarkshire housing along with its partner agencies are working to keep the momentum going and continue to improve gowthrapple as a place to live why not become part of this contact your local housing office for more information. service and people first

25th February - 10th March


Business and Money Q

I have an employee who is bringing their personal problems into the office and it is having a huge impact on their performance at work. What steps can I take to deal with the situation? Rhonda Brymer, consultant at Peninsula responds: The key component with regards to employees’ personal issues would be to sit down and discuss the problem with them. This can help you as a business to discover the extent of the problem and whether or not you accept their dip in performance. In addition, by discussing the issue with the employee it shows that you are there to help, which can be a real motivator for them. The action you take and way in which you deal with the issue depends on the conclusion you come to once you have consulted with the employee. If it is not a problem which you believe warrants a drop in performance then it is important you outline this to the employee and tell them it is a problem that they should leave at home and not bring into the workplace. An issue seen as substantial enough may warrant a

company offering the affected employee time off in order to help them get over their personal issue. The amount of time off will depend on how the company perceive the problem and how long they believe it will take for an employee to be back to normal. Again, consultation with the employee here can allow both parties to come up with an agreed amount of time off. This time can be paid or unpaid at the discretion of the company.

performances at work. If this is the case it is important for businesses to discipline the employee in question (and go down a performance management route as an employee who is not fulfilling all of the obligations of their contract could end up having their employment terminated). It is a dismissible offence if an employee in not fulfilling all of the obligations outlined in their contracts to their full capability.

Another option is to reduce the employee’s workload, or offer them a more ‘watered down’ role within the company until they feel ready to work to their full potential again. The more difficult and stressful a role is, the more difficult it will be for an employee to carry out their job if they have other problems on their mind. By giving an employee a less taxing job it can help reduce their stress levels, whilst keeping them busy at work.

It is important for businesses to understand that none of the above are legal obligations when it comes to how to deal with an employee who is allowing a personal issue to affect their performance at work, unless it is backed up with a Fit Note.

As a business you can also recommend how you believe your employee can deal with their problem externally. Once you have understood the issue they have, you could put them in touch with counsellors or help groups who can assist

them with their problem. This can work well as if they are receiving professional advice it can speed up the recovery process meaning that the employee is firing on all cylinders in no time at all. Dependant on the business, you may decide to pay part or all of the money for the counselling or treatment the employee receives. If you believe the employee is ready to resume their

full responsibilities after allowing them some special dispensation and their performance shows no sign of picking up it is important to outline to the employee that their poor performance will not be tolerated for much longer. If you give an employee some time off or allow them to take a watered down version of their role, they may begin to take liabilities where they believe they can continue to get away with half hearted

At the end of the day, it is up to the business itself to decide how they will go about dealing with an underperforming employee. For example, a company who take pride in looking after their employees may decide to give an employee time off in order to get over their personal problems. In contrast however, a smaller company who cannot afford to lose an employees

productivity may decide that they cannot accept less than 100 per cent off the employee in question. Both of these are acceptable responses unless there is a Fit Note, which outlines that an employee cannot work. The decision taken may also be decided by how important the employee is to the organisation. A well respected, high performing employee may be offered the time off to deal with their personal problems in order to keep them motivated and make sure they stay loyal to the company. By the same token however, you may come to the conclusion that you cannot afford to lose the services of one of your top employees, therefore you do not allocate them the time off to recover. Overall, this is a difficult issue for businesses to deal with so my advice would be to make sure you consult with the employee to find out the extent of the problem and try to come up with a solution that suits both parties. If you need any more advice regarding this topic please contact Rhonda Brymer on 0779 159 4463 or via email,

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WWW.CARPETWAYS.COM OPENING TIMES • Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm • Sat 9am - 5pm • Sun 11am - 5pm


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To advertise in this section, call the HUB sales team NOW on 01698 803909 D.A. McLeod Plumbers Ltd

Travel Counsellors is a different kind of travel agency. Completely independent, we have over 900 experienced travel agents, each with an average 19 years experience, who are dedicated to offering their customers the highest possible levels of personal service.

Plumbing & Heating Engineers

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Photography By David Charles DAVID CHARLES can provide a team of four photographers and is part of a creative team that includes a package of hair, make-up, and wardrobe styling. We can do photoshoots for Advertising, PR, event, portrait, family, and wedding photography is completed every day throughout Central Scotland. To see price packages aswell as portfolio, visit: M: 07976886018 E: 10 Sanquhar Gardens, Priory Bridge, Glasgow G71 9LY

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Commercial - Domestic Decorators Domain Names Email: Tel: 0141 931 6400 Lister Pavilion, Kelvin Campus, West of Scotland Science Park Glasgow G20 0SP


Tel: 01236 723 203 Mob: 07766 705 678 8 Burnhed Road, Balloch Cumbernauld, G68 9BT

528 0287 0845 528 0290

Muirbrow Chambers, 118 Cadzow Street, Hamilton, ML3 6HP (LP 11, Hamilton 1)

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Have an event you would like publicised? Afternoon Yoga Class - every Thursday afternoon Computer classes available please contact centre for details WHATS ON AT YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY UDDINGSTON LIBRARY, 51 BELLSHILL ROAD, 01698 813431 Book Start Rhymetime - Tuesday 2-2.30pm. For 0-3 year olds. Come along for stories, songs and fun. Readers Group - Second Tuesday of the month 11am. Computer Classes - Wednesdays 9.30am - 12noon. First steps in IT. Friday 9.30am - 12.30pm First Step Web. Call 01698 813431 for info. BOTHWELL LIBRARY, THE DONALD INSTITUE, MAIN STREET. 01698 853150 Readers Group - First Thursday of the month. Please join us for a coffee and a chat. BLANTYRE LIBRARY, CLYDEVIEW SHOPPING CENTRE. 01698 823808 Book Start Rhymetime Thursday 2-2.30pm. For 0-3 year olds. Come along for stories, songs and fun. Readers Group - One Thursday per month. Please call for details. 8yrs and up. BELLSHILL CULTURAL CENTRE, JOHN ST. BELLSHILL. 01698 346770 Chatter Books - Tuesday (fortnightly) 16th February, 3.30 - 4.30pm. 8-12 year olds. Come along if you like reading and making new friends. ANNETTE MACDONLD, SCHOOL OF DANCE Member BATD BB ST Ballet, Tap, Disco (Hip hop &

street). Viewpark classes available. Please call for more information Ann: 01698 301 605 Annette: 07759 824 488 Motherwell classes every Thursday, Ages 2-6 4:30pm to 6:00pm, Ages 6-10 6:00pm to 7:30pm, Ages 11 and upwards 7:30pm to 9:00pm. For more information contact Ann : 01698 301 605, Annette : 07759 824 488 or E-Mail Annette on ADULT BEGINNERS BALLROOM / LATIN AMERICAN DANCE CLASS. Bothwell Parish Church Centre, Main Street, Bothwell.7.30pm on Monday evenings (Also St. Peter`s Hall Hamilton on Thursday and Friday evenings). For details contact Lorraine and Ian on 01698 458386, or email CRAIGNEUK Craigneuk Lifelong Learning Association provides a Mother/ Toddler group that runs on a Wednesday morning 9.30 to 11.30am. Please come along and have fun. All welcome. To register, or for further information, please contact Louise on 01698 373401 or pop into the unit at 641a Glasgow Road Craigneuk. VIEWPARK St Columbas Football Club, are looking for players born in 1996 for their Under 15’s team For all positions. Contact Karen Quinn: 07900 994 121 PRINCESS ROYAL TRUST LANARKSHIRE CARERS CENTRE Tel: 01698 428090 The centre provides Support,

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conservatory and upvc cleans

For chemical free, environmentally friendly cleaning call 01698 811010 or visit

Contact us; and we’ll publish it here to let everyone know about it . . THERE’S LOADS GOING ON AT UDDINGSTON COMMUNITY CENTRE TEL: 01698 813383 Playgroup - Monday 12.30-2.30, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9.30 - 11.30. Monday & Friday 12.30 - 2.30 Mini Ninjas - For 4-6 year olds. Monday 6.15-6.45pm & Thursday 6.30-7pm Yamakai Sports Karate - Monday 6.45-8pm & Thursday 7-8pm. Contact Liam Coakley 07771 818184 Arts & Crafts - Tuesday 7-9pm & Wednesday 10am-Noon. Dru Yoga - Thursdays. For info call Kay Elder on 07717 054325. Quilting - Wednesday 1-3.30pm. Dance Connection - Wednesday & Staurday. For info call 0141 778 5559 French for children - Starts 26/08. Spanish for children - Starts 24/08. Tel Joanne on 07535016758. Flower Arranging - Every 2nd Wednesday 7.30-9pm. Tae Kwon Do - Tuesday 6.307.30pm & Thursday 5.15 6.15pm. For info call Brian Locke on 01259 222810 Uddingston Pride - If you are interested in finding out more about the green fingered group who make Uddingston colourful during the summer, call Liz Wilson on 01698 814822 Al-Anon, - Family support & health group. Wed 7.45-9pm Baby Clinic - Monday 1-3pm. Zumba - come along dance and get fit fri.6-6.45pm Creative Writing for Children & Adults - contact centre for details


YOUR MOVE is one of the largest estate agency network in the UK today and although its core business is seen as residential property services it also offers mortgage and remortgage services plus value for money protection products for you, your family and your home. In addition, customers can also take advantage of the service offered by the YOUR MOVE Lettings Division.

Tel: 01698 539990 Training, Information, Fax: 01698 810098 Access to Services, , Pampering, Contact with 39 Main Street Uddingston other Carers, and most G71 7EP importantly a listening ear with someone who Venue: Pat Cullinan Centre, understands. Logans Road, Motherwell. ML1 Carer Support Groups and 3PB. Course details: Explore Outreaches: the impact and effect that Locally based Carer Support disability in the family can have Workers are available to offer on siblings. Support and Information. For Tuesday 22nd February. many, their local Carer Support 10.30am till 12.30pm. Course: Group provides a valuable Introduction to the Art of relief from isolation and the Relexology. Venue: SOLVE, 14 opportunity to get involved Townhead Street, Hamiton. ML3 in social activities where it’s 7BE. Course details: Reflexology difficult to go on your own. is an alternative, complimentary Independent Pampering and or integrated medicine method Chiropody Services: of treatment involving applying The pampering service is pressure to the foot. Learn more available to all carers and their today............ cared for within our Hamilton Saturday 26th February. 10.30am premises enabling carers to till 2.30pm. Course: Jewellery take time out from their caring Making. Venue: Clydesdale Hotel, role to relax with aromatherapy, 12 Clydesdale Street, Hamilton. reflexology, facials, pedicures, ML3 0DP. Course details: A light Indian head massage and look at making simple jewellery paraffin wax treatments. Other possible for gifts for all the treatments available include family. waxing and tinting. Charges are Saturday 26th February. 10.30am £11 per hour or £6 per half hour. till 2.30pm. Course: Relaxation To book an appointment please Techniques. telephone 01698 428090. Venue: North Lanarkshire We also have a new Chiropody Carers Together, 50 Hope Street, Service available to Carers and Motherwell. ML1 1BS. the cared for in our Airdrie Office Course details: Learn how to at Airdrie Locality, 92 Hallcraig take time out for yourself by Street, Airdrie ML6 6AW. using a range of relaxation Charges will apply from £6.00 to techniques and stress related £11.00 depending on treatment tools. required. For further information on To book an appointment please training and to book your place, telephone 01236 755550. please call 01698 428090 Local Training: The above courses are free to Wednesday 16th February. Carers. A Carer is someone 10.30am till 2.30pm. Course: who without payment provides Siblings Matter.

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help and support to a friend, neighbour or relative who could not manage without their help because of frailty, illness, disability, mental health issues and substance misuse. CARERS INFORMATION LINE: Freephone 0800 028 0287 If you look after someone there may be help available. ™;ZZa^c\^hdaViZY4 ™CZZYegVXi^XVa]Zae4 ™LVciid`cdlbdgZVWdji ndjgg^\]ih4 Free and confidential information every weekday, 9.00am to 4.30pm BOTHWELL HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY, FALLSIDE ROAD Bothwell Horticultural Society is having a monthly meeting on 18th February. The meeting will take place in the community centre on Fallside Road Bothwell, Speaker Ian McDougall will be giving a talk on gardens to visit when at home or abroad. 01698 854191 BURNHEAD BOWLING CLUB CHARITY DINNER Burnhead bowling club are hosting a charity dinner sponsored by A1 Cars on 12th March. All proceeds are going to Cancer Research UK and also a local based charity. The event welcomes couples and will include guest speakers Bert Allan, Stewart Smith and Lorraine Summers.Tickets cost £25.00. For tickets contact John on: 01698 817845

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GRAFFITI IN GLASGOW In a public toilet in Glasgow, somebody had written on the wall the words “REMEMBER 1690” The following day, somebody had altered it to as it now read: “REMEMBER 16/9/10”, which is the day that Pope Benedict visits Glasgow. I have to admit, for an act of sectarian vandalism, it was actually quite good. NAOMI CAMPBELL I don’t want to make this week’s edition of “Q’s Views” religious, but did anyone notice that

during the trial at The Hague Naomi Campbell took an oath on the bible, and called God as her witness? This is the woman who is once alleged to have entered a church, and asked the question “Do you have any beads with the cool little guy on them?” Call me a religious nutter, but if you want to go to court and call God as your witness, shouldn’t you at least know who he is first? OFFICERS GIVEN A DRESSING DOWN Officers in the West Midlands have been briefed in wearing appropriate underwear on duty. In the interest of non discrimination it does as ever apply to both male and female bobby’s. However I

am reliably informed that the force is cracking down on the wearing of red lace thongs… especially amongst the male officers! Unless their uniforms are similar to those worn by superheroes, it’s fair to say that the public won’t see their underwear. THE MYSTERIOUS DRIVER A few weeks ago the editor of this very newspaper was using a car park when she saw a car accelerate into the car park, perform a handbrake turn, and skid sideways into a parking space. I know that parallel parking can be quite tricky, but this was ridiculous. I have since had reports of this mysterious driver performing this manouvere in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Hamilton, and East Kilbride. One report even claimed the vehicle used was a driving instructor’s car with the learner

Have you got any dodgy like to add to our ‘Dodgy picture hall of shame’? Then send them in and the next dodgy picture might be yours in a future issue of the hub for everyone to see!

Name: Marley


pictures that you would

driver sign on the roof. Therefore, Q’s Views is launching a campaign to catch this driver. If you know who the driver is, or have any information that would allow us to find him, please contact us in confidence. We are dying to know how he does it!


Q’s Views!

The HUB is pleased to have the infamous ‘Q, from Airdrie’ writing for the Entertainment Pages, to give you all some comic relief. As a regular contributor to the Glasgow Metro newspaper, and a regular in the comedy scene in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Q has given the HUB an exclusive column, which we are sure will have you wanting for more in the next edition of the HUB!


Lives: Coatbridge with Zoe, Step, Scout and Summer. Likes: lying on the couch and getting her belly rubbed Dislikes: like most dogs, the vacuum cleaner To submit your pet please send a photo of your pet to or post your photo to Suite 17, Ellismuir House, Ellismuir Way, Uddingston G71 5PW with your name, your pets name, breed, age and his or her likes and dislikes. * although we will try, we cannot guarantee the return of any photos posted to us



Across 1. Constant (6) 4. Evidence of past injury (4) 8. Haggard (5) 9. Fiends (5) 10. Salutary (10) 13. Clearly (10) 17. Dialect (5) 18. Copious (5) 19. Part of an egg (4) 20. Pressing (6)

Down 1. Mentor (4) 2. Evade (5) 3. Point (3) 5. Breed of dog (5) 6. Answer (6) 7. Outcome (6) 11. Mystery (6) 12. Collector's item (6) 14. Motionless (5) 15. Oversight (5) 16. Portable shelter (4) 18. Atmosphere (3)

Your Stars... Aries Mar 20 - Apr 20 With so much action going on behind the scenes it might be best to keep your thoughts to yourself. If there is something important you really do want to get off your chest, best to keep things private and confidential for the time being. Someone around you could be needy now and you are best advised to take a more sympathetic stand.


23 Sep - 23 Oct It is said that the wise carry their possessions with them whereas with you it seems like it’s your duties and responsibilities that you’re carrying. If you’ve felt the weight of the world on your shoulders lately then astrological activity over the next week should present you with an opportunity to make some sudden changes that put the spring back in your step.

Taurus 20 Apr - 20 May Whether you feel your intentions have been misconstrued or just simply want to keep your true feelings to yourself, you could risk a misunderstanding or dispute with a friend or colleague over money. Love and romance is well starred and you may have trouble putting the brakes on your more selfindulgent side.


24 Oct - 21 Nov Your desire to be free from constraints, to take a chance on life and love and do your thing could become irresistible. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to let you hair down, you’ve toed the party line for so long now that you need and deserve to have a little fun, although you might be out of practice.

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Gemini 21 May - 21 Jun With Mercury conjoining Mars in the career zone of your solar chart the sparks could fly with further emphasis indicated on the work front. It’s time to assert yourself. While in part this may indicate a heavier workload, even at short notice, but also the impression that you’re being offered an opportunity to shine.


22 Nov - 21 Dec This could be a disruptive week on the home, family or domestic front. For some of you this is likely to revolve around property, for others, the events are likely to be experienced as more personal. Either way, financial matters, contracts and important communications are not necessarily going to be straightforward.

Cancer 22 Jun - 22 Jul Someone may come up with a promising financial proposition that may be tied to education, spirituality or exotic faraway places. This might not be the only such offer that has come up lately, don’t be too put off by the other party’s eagerness to get you on board. You may find this hard to believe but some people think you are special.


22 Dec - 19 Jan A communication breakthrough is indicated but it may involve going over, or opening up some of your more private thoughts and feelings. In fact you may find that somehow it can be very therapeutic to talk open and honestly with those that matter to you. Now that is not to say it’ll be easy, and it may take time, but it’ll be worth it.

Leo 23 Jul - 22 Aug You might find it easier than usual to get your hands on the resources to help you achieve your goals. However, you may be in as much danger of asking for too much as you are for not asking for enough. Yyou could do with a bit of help and support right now but too much help and too much interference by others is only likely to distract you.


20 Jan - 18 Feb It looks like the changes that have been in the pipeline lately will soon make themselves apparent. With Saturn, your planetary ruler, changes on the work front could not only offer an opportunity to rearrange your finances you could also be freed up from some concerns that have prevented you from doing your thing.

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23 Aug - 22 Sep You may be getting a little tired of being told how popular you are right now, you may be even getting used to it and enjoy basking in the attention. Meantime, if there are any of you left scratching your heads wondering what the fuss is about then you should soon get the wake up call you’ve been waiting for.


19 Feb - 20 Mar With the entering Pisces, your Sun sign this week, you are right to feel there is something major going on, even if you can’t quite put your finger on it yet. With your new yearly cycle underway, this is a time for fresh starts or new beginnings that will affect you personally. Being personal it can bring a new perspective on life and love or simply a new look.

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25th February - 10th March

Community Councils Update T

he latest meeting was held at Bellshill Academy on Wednesday 16 February. The vice chairperson Ellen Williamson welcomed all to the meeting. Minutes: The minutes of the January meeting were approved on a motion by Ray Mitchell and seconded by Alice Forsyth. Business Arising: Walter Baker seeking help with fence around Bellshill Academy playing fields. This has been repaired. He also asked with reference to the dog fouling within the park. D McLeod stated this is an ongoing issue which Isabelle Boyd said was also an issue also at Cardinal Newman High School. D McLeod asked that this

should be brought to the attention of the local council. He agreed to contact Tom Gaffney who will forward it to the appropriate department. Good Community Relation Project: D McLeod stated after the last meeting he was requested to invite Mr Amal Azzudin to give a short presentation to the March meeting. Bothwell Park Public Access consultation evening: D McLeod stated that he went along on behalf of the Community Council and then handed out some questionnaires to be completed for submission to the organisers for council interest in this project. Isabelle Boyd, Head Teacher,

Cardinal Newman High School, spoke of her role and of the school. At present the school role is 1117 pupils and their estimated role will be 1119 for the next session. She went onto state that both Cardinal Newman and Bellshill Academy are not in competition and are both seeking to reduce the anti social behaviour which seems to be present within both schools. Isabelle went on to say that with Ann Munro of BA, they have agreed to join forces in three ventures where they will share their expertise with each other and promote both schools. The projects are: Mark Scott Foundation; Spirit Aid charity with David Hayman; & creative

ideas. Isabelle went onto say that in the past the school had a good working relationship with the Community Council but over that last number of years this had waned. She hopes the relationship will again flourish. D McLeod asked that in the past when Willie Foy had a good relationship with the school there was a prize presented at the school’s prize giving annually that was purchased from monies donated by the Community Council. Isabelle stated that this award is still presented. Tom gave an account of the finances, they are healthy at present. Garden Party Invite: D McLeod informed all that the members of the community council have been cordially invited to attend the Queen’s garden party in

Whatever function or occasion The Commercial Hotel has it all

Not only is the Commercial Hotel renowned for its live entertainment and a haven for all sports fanatics, you can even book your own private party in the 30s Soul Suite and it is totally free of charge. Whether it is a Birthday, Engagement, Wedding, Retirement, Christening, Communion, Charity Fundraiser, Football Presentation Dance or even a Funeral, The Commercial Hotel in Wishaw is the ideal place for your private function. Let the hotel’s experienced staff take away all of the stress of organising and planning your special day. Sit back and let them provide top quality DJ’s, live Bands,

tribute acts or even karaoke, They can also provide Childrens’ Entertainers, Magicians, Face Painting and Balloon Modellers for First Holy Communions and Christenings. When it comes to your special day, nothing is too much hassle, you can also have the choice of hot and cold buffets and meals tailor-made to your own dietary requirements. With 11 super stylish rooms, an overnight stay is easily accommodated, with full cooked breakfast for family members, should you require it. Children are also welcome at private functions up until 10pm, If your party is

at the weekend, you will have exclusive use of the 30s Soul Suite until 11pm, then it becomes open to the general public as Lanarkshire’s top nightspot. The best news is you and all your guests over the age of 21 are welcome to continue the party through until 3am with FREE ADMISSION and no extra charges. To discuss what The Commercial Hotel can do for you please call Adele or Aaron on: 01698 355775


Wishaw is getting ready to rock as the countdown begins to the Battle Of The Bands. The competition starts on Thursday 17 February with Heat One - this will prove to be The Commercial Hotel’s most exciting competition to date and will take place in the Commercial Bar over 10 weeks. There has been a bucket load of entries for the competition. Staff at Foundry Music Lab and The Commercial Hotel have been busy going through the demos to make sure there is a fine array of musical talent entertaining on the night. The competition begins at 8pm sharp so be early to get a good seat.

The first prize is a full band kit-out plus recording and mastering time to record an EP for world wide release on iTunes. There will also be 1000 commercially pressed copies of the EP given to the winners as part of the prize, Second prize is a ProTools recording suite worth over £500 and the third prize is a pair of powered Tannoy monitors. We are still taking late entries to the competition so forward all demos to : Battle Of The Bands, The Commercial Hotel, 420 Main Street, Wishaw, ML2 7NG Remember The 30s Soul Suite is also open after the competition with great drink promotions and free entry, more details can be found at : www.

Holyrood on 5th July as guests of the Deputy Lieutenant of Lanarkshire. Next meeting will be held on Wednesday 16th March 2011 in the Bellshill Academy Skye Suite. BOTHWELL The Bothwell Community Council (BCC) meet monthly and have a very precise objective to monitor and listen to Community issues with the aim of directing them to our local Councillors, Community Police Officers or South Lanarkshire council for assistance and guidance. The Bothwell Community Council depend on input from the Community with regards to such matters so are keen to raise their profile in the community Community Police officers give a monthly report


on crimes that have taken place and updates on initiatives in the Police programme. Sincere wishes and a massive vote of thanks to PC Dave Pullan who has worked in and supported the area for more than 14 years. PC Pullan now fills a new role in Hamilton and the Bothwell Community Council. (See story Page 9) On behalf of Strathclyde Police an invitation to members of the community is extended for a Police Public Consultation Event being held in the Bothwell Community Hall on 11th March at 7pm. For more Bothwell Community Council information such as meeting minutes, the members, make your points of view etc, Then please visit our website at: www.bothwellcommunitycouncil.


25th February - 10th March

The Mazda 2-something for everyone M

azda claim that sport cars don’t come any cuter than the Mazda 2. And in my opinion, they are right. Sster car to the Ford Fiesta, this is a supermini with longevity. Mazda’s nipping and tucking for the 2011 model has kept it as an excellent competitor in the motoring industry, with low costs and relatively slow depreciation. Performance The Mazda 2 is an extremely light car and is getting lighter. Mazda are now using ‘gram technology’ which allows them to double check for anything that can have weight cut from the car whilst keeping its excellent safety standard and dynamic drive. It is an economic drive too, with low fuel consumption and a diesel option for avoiding the rise in petrol costs. The usual comparison sprint to 62mph takes the little Mazda just over 10 seconds and it will run to a top speed of around 117mph. For what

it is, whilst ‘sporty’ I suspect that boy racers will not be forming an orderly queue at their local Mazda dealership. Ride and Handling One problem that has been identified with Mazda’s refining is the loss of sound-proofing. While some may find the noise of the engine boisterous just as many will enjoy the purr – particularly if you

opt for the £400 option of sports exhaust system. Ride comfort has been improved by a revamp of the suspension system

which lessons any rear discomfort. The new 2011 Mazda 2 offers a four speed automatic option with the 1.5 petrol engine which will mean that gear shifts are even smoother. The little Mazda 2 does well on twisting country roads due to its nimble design and is easy to park in city streets. How Practical? The roof line is quite low and may lead to some minor problems but inside the car is surprisingly roomy and comfortable. It would be a perfect family car with three seats in the back with plenty of room for children and at a stretch three adults holding their breath. Viability is high and parking is made simple in urban situations because of how compact the Mazda 2 is, just the perfect size to fit snugly in tight spaces.

Safety The Mazda 2 has excellent child protection as well as being exceptionally safe for adults. In fact Euro NCAP awarded it a five-star adult safety score when installed with side and curtain airbags. The Mazda 2 does come with anti-lock brakes with electronic brake-force distribution and emergency brake assist all of which increase safety and improve control. The Mazda Advanced Impact Distribution and Absorption System protects the occupants in the event of a crash by dispersing the force. Toys As you would expect, Mazda do offer a huge range of modifications for the Mazda 2. The interior, exterior, wheels and suspension, audio and hands fee kits all can be changed. The best of which are welcome illumination, which lights the front foot room with red LED bulbs creating a nice effect, the rear roof spoiler and the front and rear parking sensor. As well as many extra gadgets such as a baby care mirror, cool and warm box, boot light Mazda offer Auto Sock Winter traction aids

by Heather Palmer STATS: Price: from £12,940 Engine: 1498cc Performance: 0-62 10.7 secs Power: 102bhp Torque: 133NM@ 4000prm Economy: 37.2 – 58.9 CO2: 135g/km which could prove extremely useful in the winter weather we have been experiencing. It’s a quietly practical with a lot of youthful style. In my view, the facelift/revised Mazda 2 is a car that can seriously compete on price, performance, safety and has a huge range of gadgets and accessories to make it personal to the driver. It also has a Which? Best Buy and is a good fun car- perfect for new divers, families and commuters. The Mazda 2 as something for

everyone to enjoy and is the kind of car you can rely on to work to a high standard, keep costs down and look good.


Villagers Secure 8 Try Victory were now looking in control at 19-3. Almost immediately Lomond hit back. Taking advantage of some slack defending they worked their way into the home 22. With Uddingston penalised for offside the tap was taken quickly and Norrie powered over for the score. Mathieson made sure with the conversion adding the extra points. In what was becoming an end to end game the Villagers hit back recording their fourth try. With backs and forwards combining to great effect the ball was moved from one side of the park to the other before being quickly sent back across. The speed of the attack left the Lomond defence stretched and with Hearty straightening the run he was able to offload to Jamie McPherson who sprinted over in the corner. Burns was spot-on from out wide giving the Villagers a 26-10 lead. The last word of the half went to the visitors. With the Villagers looking to clear their lines they were penalised for tackling a player without the ball. Mathieson didn’t miss from in front of the posts taking the half time score to 26-13. The second half started in much the same manner as the first and Uddingston were quick to get the scoreboard moving again. Three minutes in and Burns slotted home a penalty for handling in the ruck. What then followed was 20 minutes of Uddingston pressure which produced tries five and six of the afternoon. Kevin Kidd claimed the first, taking the ball at pace to crash

through the defence and score at the posts, before Chris Latta outsprinted the Lomond defence, breaking from half way to score in the corner. Burns nailed the first of the conversions and the home crowd started to believe the game was in the bag with the scoreline at 41-13. Unfortunately, the players also started to think the game was over and Lomond took full advantage securing two tries in quick succession, both coming from some strong forward play, supporting the ball carrier to drive through the Uddingston tackles. Only one conversion split the uprights but the home advantage had narrowed to 41-25 and Lomond were only one try away from securing a 4 try bonus of their own. With only five minutes remaining some excellent work in the loose by Iain Beresford secured possession, and with the ball being moved quickly through the hands, Hearty rounded off a fine performance with a try in the corner. With the final whistle looming Beresford was again at the heart of the move, providing a solid platform for the backs who cut through the Lomond tacklers to allow Tony McGowan to score at the posts. Burns brought matters to a close with his sixth successful kick of the day. This was a vital win for the Villagers and lifts them from ninth to eighth in the league, with two games in hand over seventh placed Millbrae, who have still to visit Castle Policies.

Unleaded Sainsbury’s - Hamilton Jet - Hamilton ASDA - Blantyre Highest

124.9 124.9 125.9 125.9

Diesel ASDA - Blantyre Jet - Coatbridge Morrisons - Hamilton

129.9 129.9 129.9

Eco Diesel - Hamilton Highest

0.94 129.9

LPG Hamilton Glasgow

Fuel Price Round Up

71.9 71.9

*Prices correct at time of print. Source:


ddingston Rugby Club saw the return of league rugby to Castle Policies last week and it was well worth waiting for. In a match that produced 11 tries and saw the Clubs share 78 points it was Uddingston who ended the day with a much needed victory, seeing off Loch Lomond 53-25. With both sides in the bottom two before kick off the Villagers knew that a strong performance was vital and that nothing short of the full five points would be acceptable in their quest to avoid relegation. As it was, the home side had the 4 try bonus in the bag before half time and put in a display of running rugby which has been sorely missed at Castle Policies this season. Despite the scoreline, Loch Lomond put in a good shift on the day and a little more control when they had possession could have seen things turn out differently. The key to the Villagers’ display was a renewed pride and hunger for the ball. Claiming almost everything that went on the ground, and not being afraid to run out of defence enabled the Villagers to charge into an early lead with tries from John Kinnoch and Tom Hughes, boosted by two Gordon Burns’ conversions, providing a 14-0 advantage with only 15 minutes played. Lomond were not out of the game and pulled back three points from a Gregor Mathieson penalty before Hughes extended the Villagers’ lead with an excellent try following some strong running from Burns. The conversion fell short but the Villagers



 PLAYERS WANTED Birkenshaw United are looking for new players for the U19s. Everyone is welcome and training days are as follows, Wednesday 5.45pm to 7.15pm and Friday 6.30pm to 7.15pm. The team are also looking for a sponsor for the team as we have just started up and need all the help they can get. If anyone is interested please contact: Mary - 07935 916 807 or Tam Findlay - 07832 252 458

25th February - 10th March



Glasgow Perthshire 0 Thorniewood United 4 T

horniewood maintained their promotion bid with a comprehensive 4-0 win at a wintery Possil Park last weekend giving the Viewpark side a much needed lift after a string of less than inspiring performances. Following some early pressure it was the visiting ‘United' who took the lead after 6 minutes when a Ryan Miller through ball saw Stephen Mullen outstrip the home defence with blistering pace before slotting the ball past keeper Thomson. Perthshire responded with a decent one-two move in 18 minutes when Shirley forced 'Wood' keeper Stephen Mather into a fine block from a well struck shot. Thorniewood increased their lead in 30 minutes when Martin Devlin’s delivery from wide on the right caused the home defence problems allowing Chris Queen to send his header just inside the far post. Thorniewood were well

in command of this league match and nearly went three up when John Crawley came close in 35 minutes, drilling a decent 25 yarder just wide. 'Shire's' Craig registered a token headed effort in 37 minutes before the half ended with home defender Hipson superbly blocking a Devlin effort from a Queen cross. ht 0-2 Number three duly arrived in 54 minutes for Thorniewood in text book fashion. A Devlin free kick was headed back across the face of goal by Neil Newman which was drilled home at the back post by the alert Mullen. There was a decent 'Wood' claim for a penalty in 56 minutes but were waved away as the home side visibly wilted. Thorniewood added the pressure and could have increased their tally after a decent Queen strike narrowly went over in 62 minutes, and moments later a Mark Daly header was deflected onto the top of the


HAMILTON DISTRICT SNOOKER LEAGUE (SPONSORED BY FOUNTAINBRIDGE) Bellshill Rileys 6 - 0 Wishaw masters Fir Park Club 5 - 1 Columba Club Lanark YMCA 2 - 4 Horse & Anchor Low Waters Welfare 5 - 1 Cambusnethan Miners Coalburn Miners 5 - 1 Airdrie Workmans Bar 147a 3 - 3 Bar 147b Anyone interested in joining the snooker league please contact Stevie on

07731 303 790

crossbar. You could sense that the home side knew they were being outplayed and that their chances of anything from this match were well and truly beyond them. New signing Cunning nearly added another for the visitors, coming close with a well hit free kick in 78 minutes before Stephen Mullen completed the scoring in 81 minutes. Mighty Mullen managed to get onto the end of a long, high clearance, turning the defender before unleashing a well hit 25 yarder past the helpless Thomson in the 'Shire' goal. In all, it was a first class performance from Thorniewood who didn't have a failure in their ranks. Mighty Mullen will be pleased with his hat trick and a much welcomed clean sheet for the defence were added bonuses. Manager Fallon told The HUB; “We played really well and it was a great response from the players after a sticky patch. I was delighted to see wee Mullen bagging a hat-trick and Queeny with the other one. It is a very hard place to go and win and the victory keeps our promotion push on track.” Thorniewood: Mather, Brophy, Daly, Newman, Wharton, R Miller, Devlin(Stewart75), Crawley, Mullen(Trialst88),

 RESULTS & LEAGUE TABLES SATURDAY, 19 FEB 11 Ashfield F.C. Bellshill Athletic F.C. Hurlford United F.C. Renfrew F.C. Clydebank F.C. East Kilbride Thst F.C. Whitletts Victoria F.C.



he Royal Albert Cycling Club is delighted to report exciting items of news about two of its members. Aileen McGlynn OBE, World Champion Record Holder and Paralympic Triple Gold Medallist, was last week selected to ride for the British Team in the ParaCycling Track World Championships in Montichari, Italy, on 11 to 13 March. This is the first of only two track competitions at which the team will be able to build up points to qualify for the 2012 London Paralympics, therefore, some strong performances from the team are expected. And Aileen will be no exception. Based in Manchester, to be near the Manchester Velodrome the home of British Cycling, she has been training extremely hard over the winter. Aileen only recently joined the Larkhall-based Club, in order to encourage others in the Clydesdale area to take up the sport. Along with Aileen, the club welcomes new members and is embarking on a scheme, a British Cycling initiative, to create a platform for young people to have a go at fun cycle racing in a safe environment. Whilst recently home in Glasgow for a weekend, Aileen took part in a

Club run from Larkhall to Muirkirk and back, and her tandem training pilot on the day, clubmate Dennis White, can report that his ‘back engine’ was firing on all cylinders! “Watch this space!” he says. The Club is organising a pool of tandem pilots to ride with Aileen when she is available locally and other Club members are looking forward to the privilege of piloting such a worthy World Champion. The other piece of good news is that Grant Sheldon, a young

2 2 1 2 2 0 2

v v v v v v v

4 0 1 0 0 2 0

JUNIOR LEAGUE TABLES Super League First Division Pos Team



1 Clydebank F.C. 2 Whitletts Victoria F.C. 3 Girvan F.C 4 East Kilbride Thistle F.C. 5 Kilwinning Rangers F.C. 6 Renfrew F.C. 7 Hurlford United F.C. 8 Glenafton Athletic F.C. 9 Bellshill Athletic F.C. 10 Shotts Bon Accord F.C. 11 Ashfield F.C. 12 Vale of Clyde F.C. 13 Cumbernauld United F.C. 14 Annbank United F.C.

15 12 12 12 12 11 11 13 13 13 11 12 12 13

7 7 6 5 6 6 5 4 5 3 4 4 4 1


5 4 3 4 1 0 1 4 1 6 2 2 2 3


3 1 3 3 5 5 5 5 7 4 5 6 6 9


23 22 29 13 23 14 22 19 26 18 28 25 27 14

A GD Pts

14 10 18 11 27 16 22 22 31 21 23 25 28 35

9 12 11 2 -4 -2 0 -3 -5 -3 5 0 -1 -21

Central District Second Div


Vale of Clyde F.C. Cumbernauld Utd F.C. Shotts Bon Accord F.C. Glenafton Athletic F.C. Girvan F.C Kilwinning Rangers F.C. Annbank United F.C.

26 25 21 19 19 18 16 16 16 15 14 14 14 6

Glasgow Perthshire F.C.

0 v 4

Thorniewood United F.C.

Dunipace F.C.

P - P

Johnstone Burgh F.C. TBC

Cambuslang Rangers F.C.

1 v 2

St. Anthony’s F.C.

Blantyre Victoria F.C.

2 v 3

Port Glasgow F.C.

Central District First Div Pos Team

1 St. Anthony’s F.C. 2 Thorniewood United F.C. 3 Kilsyth Rangers F.C. 4 Neilston Juniors F.C. 5 Greenock Juniors F.C. 6 Cambuslang Rangers F.C. 7 Port Glasgow F.C. 8 Vale of Leven F.C. 9 Dunipace F.C. 10 Johnstone Burgh F.C. 11 Glasgow Perthshire F.C. 12 Shettleston F.C. 13 Blantyre Victoria F.C.

triathlete member of the Club, won the Under 17 Scottish Cross Championships at Falkirk last Saturday. Grant also shows great promise on a bike and, whatever type of racing he pursues in future, he is expected to perform exceptionally well. If any readers wish more information about the Club, or cycling in general, please feel free to contact Dennis White, Press Secretary on 01555 895 616, Steven Brennan, Secretary on 01698 322 869, or visit www.royal-albertcc.

Grant Sheldon and Aileen MCGlynn at the start of a recent Club run on a freezing winter’s day in Larkhall

Central District First Div

Super League First Division



12 13 11 11 11 12 10 10 11 10 12 9 8





8 8 6 6 4 5 4 4 3 3 3 3 0

3 2 3 2 3 0 2 1 4 2 2 1 1

1 3 2 3 4 7 4 5 4 5 7 5 7

27 29 21 16 25 21 18 19 12 12 11 12 6

A GD Pts

13 19 11 15 22 22 23 18 14 13 27 13 19

14 10 10 1 3 -1 -5 1 -2 -1 -16 -1 -13

27 26 21 20 15 15 14 13 13 11 11 10 1

SATURDAY, 19 FEB 11 Benburb F.C. Carluke Rovers F.C. Larkhall Thistle F.C. Wishaw Juniors F.C. Stonehouse Violet F.C. Central District Second Div Pos Team

4 2 2 3 2

v v v v v

2 1 1 2 1

Forth Wanderers F.C. Lesmahagow Juniors F.C. St. Roch’s F.C. Yoker Athletic F.C. Royal Albert F.C.

Pld W





GD Pts

1 Carluke Rovers F.C.





34 17

2 Larkhall Thistle F.C.





28 15

13 21

3 Yoker Athletic F.C.





30 15

15 20

4 Benburb F.C.





17 16

1 18

5 Stonehouse Violet F.C.





29 25

4 16

6 Wishaw Juniors F.C.





18 31 -13 15

7 Royal Albert F.C.





14 18

-4 14

8 St. Roch’s F.C.





19 24

-5 13

9 Forth Wanderers F.C.





14 22

-8 10

10 Maryhill F.C.





14 25 -11 10





16 13







14 26 -12


11 Lesmahagow Juniors F.C. 12 Newmains United F.C.

17 26

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Bellshill Athletic 2 Cumbernauld United 0


Strathclyde Event 45 I


The ‘Hill who got the vital second goal when Bennett rose above his marker to head the ball behind Buchanan from a Crozier corner from the right after 57 minutes.

ellshill Manager Gerry Creaney was looking to bounce back from the poor performances of late and made three changes to the starting eleven who lost to Vale of Clyde in their last outing. Sean Malloy, Callum Brady and Sean McKenna were replaced by Steven Bennett, Matty Flynn and Ryan Connelly. Also joining the Manager in the dugout was newly appointed Assistant Manager Harry Erwin, a vastly experienced figure in the Junior Ranks. Early exchanges were evenly balanced as both sides pushed forward in search of the first goal and initial advantage. Cumbernauld’s McPhee saw his sixth minute free kick blocked by Bennett before McGhee tested visiting Keeper Buchanan with a powerful shot from the edge of the penalty box. Bellshill were winning the early midfield battles and had two good efforts; a Flynn shot following a corner from the left and a close range Selfkirk header both going close. The ‘Hill were rewarded for their pressure play after 21 minutes when Connelly found space just inside the box to fire the ball home into the top corner after being set up by a terrific pass by Leyton Slack. The ‘Hill continued to create chances and only desperate defending by United prevented them increasing their lead during the first 45

minutes. Into the second period and the visitors started the brighter of the sides. Cumbernauld Striker Watts had a shot saved by Calder in 47 minutes and from the resultant corner Thompson headed narrowly past. United’s McClymont failed to hit the target when sent clear by Allen as the visitors attempted to level the scores. The Athletic defence weathered the storm and it was The ‘Hill who got the vital second goal when Bennett rose above his marker to head the ball behind Buchanan from a Crozier corner from the right after 57 minutes. Substitute Strikers Sean McKenna and Greg Cavanagh replaced Andy Selkirk and Ryan Connelly in an attempt to wrap up the three points. As the clock wound down both sides created decent chances but the defenders stood firm. The fans and the management team would have been impressed by how the team managed to bounce back with a fine display but more importantly, another three points in the bag for Bellshill. Bellshill Athletic: Calder, McGhee, McAuliffe, Smith, Bennett, Cairney, Crozier, Flynn, Connelly (Cavanagh), Selfkirk (McKenna), Slack (Dolan) Unused Subs: Donnelly (G.K), hall, Brady, Malloy

n his 3rd appearance, Russell MCADAM (SM20-24) of Unattached won for the 1st time in a time of 18:31. Neil GREEN (VM40-44) representing Calderglen Harriers took second by 17 seconds recording 18:48. John DEVINE, (VM40-44) of Royal Mail Run GMC placed third in a time of 19:22. In her 1st appearance, Claire Victoria MCARTHUR (SW30-34) of Unattached won in a time of 19:45 for the 1st time. Claire Victoria MCARTHUR beat Naj D'SILVA (SW25-29) representing Optima Racing Team by 96 seconds recording 21:21 in the process. Marie MCCHORD, (VW50-54) of Kirkintilloch Olympians placed third in a time of 21:28. In today's Age Graded competition, Marie MCCHORD

recorded a performance of 79.81% In the points competition John CONNOR has a lead of 475 points over second placed Ian DEVOY. Margaret GEBBIE leads Carolyn BIRRELL by 654 in the ladies competition. This week there were 21 first timers. 17 runners recorded PBs, bringing the total number since the Strathclyde started to 1079. In this time, 1196 runners from 73 different clubs have completed the race 3934 times covering a distance of 19670 kilometers. The male course record is held by Rex BANNER who ran 14:51 on 31/07/10, event #17. The female equivalent is held by Kerry LANG who ran 17:51 on 19/06/10, event #11.



adly on the 25th January 2011 Jamie Fullarton passed away through the night in his sleep as he took a eplieptic fit. Jamie was a well respected and loved member of the Birkenshaw United Football Team and helped set the team up. Birkenshaw are playing East Kilbride Thistle in a memorial match on Saturday 5th March at Birkenshaw Sports Barn between 1330 – 1600. Proceeds from the game will go towards Epilepsy Fund for Scotland.

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