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12th - 25th August 2011

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Olympic legend praises Lanarkshire games

Lord Coe Visits Strathclyde Park

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Fir Park to Host New Health Cafe

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International Children’s Games

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nothing but a raised fist in lympic legend Tommie Smith the air and a bowed head, has praised Lanarkshire for acknowledging the American flag its “outstanding organisation of – not symbolizing a hatred for it.” the 2011 Children’s Games.” Now retired he has dedicated Mr Smith, who shot to fame in his time to youth work, using 1968 with his black power salute track and field as a tool starting at the Olympic Stadium in Mexico the Tommie Smith Youth Track City, is the head athletics coach Athletics some years ago in with USA team Oakland. Northern California Louisville, At the Mexico City Games, Kentucky; New Orleans, Tommie broke the world and Louisiana and Washington DC Olympic records with a time of among other cities.. 19.83 seconds and became the Tommie today: “This 17:21 200-metre Olympic champion but copy.pdf 207mmx69mm-2for1_v1 2 said 06/04/2011 event in Lanarkshire is a grass was banned for the salute. roots competition, it’s the He later said: “There was

Olympic Games for young people. “Wherever there are opportunities, like this, to develop the next generation of athletes, I want to do all I can to help. “Administratively, these games have been superb – everything has run on time. “As adults, we are responsible for the coaching and the organising and because it’s all going so well, that means the kids can get on with focusing on giving their best performances.” The athlete turned coach

admitted that he hadn’t had much time to see round Scotland yet but held fond memories of a visit he made a “long time ago.” His message to young people is that education holds the key to a successful life. “Events like this provide young people with a great step forward in their athletics careers. I grew up on a farm and just didn’t get opportunities like this. “You can see the kids learning about new cultures and meeting people from all over the world and that’s great for their

development. “They are also learning about health and wellbeing, the dangers of obesity and that there’s more to life than walking the streets. I love to see children from less fortunate backgrounds get opportunities like this.” As a coach he commented: “Good coaching means that you can’t be their friends all the time, but you can be there for them all the time. “I think both councils have made a fantastic job of organising these Games.”


12th - 25th August 2011


ello once again from us at The HUB and thank you for picking up your copy of Lanarkshire’s fastest growing newspaper. Typically, I would write about how things are going for us, and right now, things are looking exceptionally good. The business rolled into its third year a few months back but this is our 50th edition. It is very hard to believe that we have 50 editions under our belt already as it only seems like yesterday that issue one was running off the press. I have been looking through past editions of the paper and it has become clear that we have been working hard to deliver the

best of the positive news from across the county. I have also noticed that the publication has had a few tweaks here and there as we move on our journey. Our creative department are working tirelessly on new ideas and looking at how we can improve what we deliver. Who would have thought that in two short years that we would have launched our Wishaw HUB and our Perthshire HUB? That, in my opinion is testament to the team that we have – all working for that same common goal; to see The HUB grow and develop not only across Scotland, but the UK as a whole. So where next? Well I can reveal that we are looking at the prospect

of launching our East Kilbride HUB. From the research that we have been doing, it is clear that there is a definite market for a dedicated HUB there to deliver the very best of positive news. We are also looking at other acquisition projects, particularly as the industry consolidates we see this as an ideal opportunity to expand into new markets. Enough of that, well the highlight over the past week or so has to be the highly successful International Children’s Games that Lanarkshire hosted. It was great to see so many youngsters from all over the world come to Lanarkshire to take part in many of the events. It was also good to see

Contact Information both North and South Lanarkshire Council work together on the project, making it highly successful. Not only was the event successful, Team Lanarkshire were too, picking up five gold, three silver and ten bronze medals. This fantastic achievement was more than double they did the year before. You can read all about the games in this issue. Finally, thank you once again for your continued support.

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Short Story Competition Winner - continued from last week Time

By Amieelee McCue

Part Two Tom and Theresa had both told their parents that they were having a marathon movie night in Tom’s room. They’d done this before and so it didn’t raise any suspicions with anyone. They had the television on and the DVD

had just started. “Turn it down a bit.” Theresa suggested you don’t want your mum and dad popping their head in asking telling us it’s too loud. “Good idea.” Tom agreed. “Okay are you ready.” He asked reaching out to take Theresa’s hand. “Let’s do it.” She grinned. Tick tock, tick tock. They arrived like before on the same grassy mound but this time in complete darkness. “Bit spooky.” Theresa


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whispered. “We should have brought a torch.” “It’s okay, I’ve got one.” Said a voice behind them and they both cried out and jumped around as a man switched on a light and shone it in their eyes. “Don’t go, don’t go.” He said quickly before Theresa and Tom could press the button on the watch again. “I’ve got something for you.” The man moved the torch so that it wasn’t shining in their eyes anymore and placed it at his feet, showing that he’d obviously been waiting for them as he was sitting on a deck chair surrounded by empty food and drink cartons. “Who are you?” Tom asked. “Firstly.” The man said standing up. “Are you Tom Shelly?” “How do you know who I am?” Tom asked surprised. “I’ve a letter for you.” The man explained. “Who from?” “Look,” the man said beginning to clear up his mess. “Let’s go back to my house. I’m the cemetery keeper and my home is just over there.” Both Tom and Theresa looked over to a small house by the wall then looked at each other. “I’ll go if you do.” Tom whispered. Theresa nodded in agreement and the three of them trooped off to the man’s house. Tick tock, tick tock. “So what’s all this about?” Tom asked as they all sat down in the cosy living-room. “And who’s the letter from?” “Let me fill you in a bit,” the man suggested. “My name is Robert Doul and it was my father who passed this job and the letter on to me. It was given to him a number of years before I was born and this is the story he told me. Robert told his tale. It had been a normal day for Robert Doul senior. He’d swept the paths, tended the graves and trimmed the trees. Autumn was upon them and he was raking up the fallen leaves preparing to burn them when he saw an old man making his way through the graveyard. At first he didn’t pay much attention to him as

he thought it was just another member of the public coming to pay their respects to a lost loved one but instead of going to a graveside he came up to Robert senior. He passed a letter to him and explained that some time in the future, maybe 50 or 100 years in the future a young boy will visit the graveyard. At first Robert senior laughed at the old man and tried to pass the letter back thinking he’d obviously escaped from the local nut-house but the old man insisted. He explained what Robert senior should look out for and made him promise to pass the letter on to the next cemetery keeper. Robert senior remembered looking into the old mans eyes and seeing something very sad there. He made the promise and the old man left and Robert senior never saw him again. But the letter stayed on the mantelpiece and the story was passed down from father to son and here they were now and Robert was living out the promise his father had made and was passing on this letter. Tom held out his hand shakily and took the slightly yellowing letter he didn’t have to rip it open as it slid open easily, the tape longed dried with age. Robert and Theresa watched as Tom read the letter to himself, eventually reaching the end he dropped the letter to the floor and began to cry. Theresa got up and sat beside him putting her arm around her friend to comfort him. “What is it? She asked. “Who’s it from?” “Read it.” Tom invited her. Theresa picked up the letter and read. Dear Tom, I’m sorry I left you with no explanation as to what happened to me. I’m also so sorry to my son, your father but hopefully this letter if it ever reaches you will explain the mystery. If you’re reading this then I’m already dead and I decided to stay here after all. The magic pocketwatch always finds its way back to our family and I’m sure you must have it now. I thought I’d managed to put an end to it but

obviously not if you’re reading this. Please, please don’t make the same mistake I made, I kept coming back to the past so that I could see and watch my own mother and father, as I told you when you were younger I lost my parents when I was a young boy and when I found this watch I was so happy to be given the chance to visit and be with them again but my mistake was forgetting to live my life in the present and the pull of the watch was too great for me. I’ve wasted my life living in the past trying to be part of something which has already been and in doing so I’ve missed out on so much, like being with you and my family there. Please, Please Tom if you’re reading this, don’t make the same mistake as me. Forget the watch and what it can do, live in the now and enjoy your life. I’m sorry I’ve not been there for you and it’s my biggest regret. I hope you will forgive me and know I loved you dearly but I also loved my mum and dad. I don’t know how old you are just

now but I hope life has been good to you. I’ve arranged to be buried in this graveyard and I hope you will visit me. I fixed the watch so this will be where you come to when you use it but I’ve also enclosed instructions on how to use it properly if you so choose. Take care my boy. All my love Grandpa. Theresa folded the letter back up and passed it back to Tom. Tom’s was still clearly upset and then a thought struck him. He looked at Robert and asked. “What date is today?” “21st of May.” Robert said. “But what year?” “Er…2011.” Robert told him with a puzzled look on his face. “And what graveyard is this? Where are we?” Tom asked. “Bellshill but surly you know where you are?” Robert said scratching his head. Tom turned to Theresa. “I’d like to go home now; I’ve got a lot to think about.” Tick tock, tick tock.

MSP Surgery John Wilson MSP for Central Scotland

Friday 26th August 2011 Bellshill Cultural Centre 12.30pm-1.30pm

12th - 25th August 2011

Lanarkshire Benefits from Water Investment A

s part of ongoing work to protect the natural environment in Lanarkshire, Scottish Water is investing £62million to upgrade waste water treatment in the region, from Harthill to Leadhills. South Lanarkshire Provost Russell Clearie was joined by Mark Maclaren, Scottish Water’s Regional Community Manager for Lanarkshire, at the Falls of Clyde in New Lanark to launch the programme of investment. 24 waste water treatment works in total are being upgraded in one of the biggest programmes of its kind in Scotland. The work will yield particular benefit for the River Clyde and many of its associated watercourses. Some of the works are being enhanced so they can accept more waste water flows from local communities. This is a key requirement in the growth of local towns and villages across the region. The Carbarns works in Wishaw is receiving investment of £8million to support the Ravenscraig development and the nearby Motherwell College. And £8.5million will be invested in Dunnswood works at Cumbernauld to refurbish equipment and increase

treatment effectiveness so the works meets future EU regulations. The historic village of Symington is receiving upgrades to waste water tanks that have served the community since the 1920s, with improved water quality as a result as well as extra capacity in the new tanks for new connections. At Strathaven waste water treatment works, a filtration tank is being installed which will treat sewage sludge so it can eventually be used for a number of purposes. Provost Tom Curley of North Lanarkshire Council said: “We welcome this significant financial investment by Scottish Water in improving waste water treatment in the area. The commitment to upgrade the current facilities is positive news both environmentally and for the people of Lanarkshire.” Provost Russell Clearie MBE of South Lanarkshire Council said: “Scotland has always been famous for its clear, sparkling water and its rivers and lochs have been immortalised in song, verse and painting. “This major investment from Scottish Water carried out to improve treatment of waste water will ensure the future

integrity of both our rivers and the wider environment.” Stephen Blow, Scottish Wildlife Trust Reserves Manager at the Falls of Clyde said: “Good water quality and healthy flow rates are crucially important for wildlife along river corridors. The Clyde Valley supports a fantastic network of woodlands, wetlands and grasslands with the river at its core. We are conscious that it is vital for water resources to be managed to improve the health of the ecosystems that wildlife and people depend upon and we support any efforts to help improve the quality of Scotland’s rivers.” Rob Mustard, general manager for waste water, Scottish Water, said: “Rivers, burns and streams play a key part in supporting wildlife and are a key recreation resource for the people of Lanarkshire. “This programme will ensure our waste water treatment facilities continue to comply with European environmental directives. Scottish Water is committed to protecting Scotland’s natural environment and this essential work is part of the important maintenance and upgrades that ensure facilities like this are able to

Lord Coe Visits Strathclyde Park

London 2012 Chairman meets young athletes before Glasgow 2014 Chairman showcases Commonwealth Games venues.

South Lanarkshire Provost Russell Clearie joined by Mark Maclaren, Scottish Water’s Regional Community Manager for Lanarkshire, at the Falls of Clyde in New Lanark to launch the programme of investment. treat waste water and return it safely to the environment. “Since forming in 2002, Scottish Water has invested heavily in Lanarkshire. £140million was invested in 2006-10 in water and waste

Playgroup Mon,12:30 - 2:30. Tuesdays, Thursday. Friday 9:30 - 11:30 starting Monday 22nd august

Dance Connection Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Teacher Karen Andrews associated member BATDSDTA-RAD IMPERIAL TEL 0141 778 5559 OR 0141 778 5562 Fighting Fit Mixed martial arts training, consisting of karate coxing, grappling and jujitsu exercises.

Lord Coe with 2014 Chairman Lord Smith of Kelvin and Scottish Triathletes Marc Austin and Grant Sheldon.

Arts and Crafts Ladies sharing craft ideas and a few laughs starts Tuesday 6th of September 7 - 9pm

ondon 2012 Chairman, Lord Coe, visited Scotland last Wednesday to meet some of the country’s most promising young athletes, see the progress being made for Glasgow to host the Commonwealth Games in 2014. He also visited the project that earned the Scouts London 2012’s badge of excellence the Inspire Mark.

Dru Yoga NEW A series of which help balance body, heart and mind wear loose clothing bring matt and towel starts Tuesday 30th August 7:45 - 9:15pm


lowest in the UK and have been frozen for 2010/2011. We have also cut the costs of running the utility by 40 per cent while delivering the largest investment programme per household in the UK.”

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Yamakai Sports Karate Monday 6:45 - 8pm Thursday 7 - 8pm, contact Liam Coakley 07771 818184

Smith of Kelvin, at Strathclyde Park which is set to host the Triathlon event at the Commonwealth Games in just under three years time. The tour managed to showcase the tremendous appetite for sport in Scotland as a result of the upcoming Olympic and Commonwealth Games and the legacy both events will bring to the young people of Scotland.

water infrastructure for North and South Lanarkshire. This work is part of our continuing improvements planned for the 2010-2015 investment period. “We are delivering this work while our charges are the third


Uddingston Mini-Ninjas For 4–6 year olds Monday, Thursday 6:15 - 6:45pm & 6:30 - 7pm

Lord Coe, fresh from celebrating the One Year to Go milestone ahead of the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games, started his tour by meeting Team Lanarkshire who were set to compete in the Lanarkshire 2011 International Children’s Games. He then met up with Glasgow 2014 Chairman, Lord


Arts and Crafts 10 - 12noon starts 7th September

NEW Art Classes For adults contact D. Brown on 07899718285

Fitness and Health Eating Fitness and healthy eating advice taken by Karen Scobbie qualified fitness instructor and nutritionist Flower Arranging Every second Wednesday starts 21st September 7pm to 9pm Tae Kwon-Do Tuesday 6:30-7:30 Thursday 5:15-6:15 Info on both classes Tel Mr Leckie on 01259 222810 or 07976 9667146 1st lesson free and free uniform on joining. Creative Writing NEW From radio to your first novel, TV to film whatever you would like to write I can help Thursday 6:30-8:30 Jive Class Monday 9:30-11am Starts the 15th august Keyboards/Singing Lessons Please contact Rees Gallacher on 07971 687315 French and Spanish for Children Contact Joanne on 07734 318796 Uddingston Pride: If interested in finding out more about this green finger group, Who make Uddingston colourful during the summer months, phone Liz Wilson on 814822 Baby Clinic Weekly Monday 1-3pm no appointment necessary English a Second language Tel:0141 584 2531 Make “the computer say yes” NEW come and learn with us. Contact centre.

MSP, MP & Councilers Sittings MSP Mr McMahon, Last Monday every month 7:15 7:45pm, Tel 01698 304501 Councillor Jim McGuigan SNP Meeting forth Saturday each month 10 - 11am, Tel: 01698 426911 or email: jimmcguigan@southlanarkshire. Henry Mitchell Cons Meeting first Saturday each month 11:15am, Tel 07836 631668 Or email henry.mitchell@southlanarkshire. M.P. Mr J Hood First Friday every month 12:30-1:30pm for appointment Tel 01555 673177 MSP Richard Lyle Forth Friday every month 11am for appointments Tel: 07939 280045

Most of the groups & classes pay weekly from little as £1.50 to £4 per session; rooms are available if you have an interest or hobby you wish to share. Contact us at the Centre.

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12th - 25th August 2011




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12th - 25th August 2011


Fir Park to host new Health Cafe New living well cafe set to open in Fir Park


new cafe aimed at those with memory problems is to open in Motherwell Football Club (MFC). The living well with dementia cafe is aimed at those with dementia as well as those with memory concerns, and will provide an informal and relaxed environment where they can ask questions and get information and advice from health professionals about any memory issues they may have. The cafe is a pilot initiative which will run for the next year in the club’s Centenary Suite on the first Friday of every month. Among those who will be present enjoying the tea, coffee and biscuits, will be specialist doctors, memory service nurses, an advocacy worker, a welfare benefits officer, an occupational therapist as well as representatives from

MFC legend Stevie Kirk was joined by current starlet Stuart Carswell to help promote the new living well with dementia cafe set to open in Fir Park.

Pride of Uddingston

Alzheimer Scotland, Carers Together and North Lanarkshire Council’s Housing and Social Work department. One of the cafe organisers, NHS Lanarkshire community nurse Hazel Boyle, said: “We want to reduce the stigma of a dementia diagnosis and give those with dementia –

and other memory problems – their families and informal carers, a place where they can gather, share their experiences and get some practical support in a friendly setting. “Visitors will be able to pop into the cafe at their leisure and speak informally to a wide range of professionals and discuss all aspects of memory

problems and get signposted to relevant services.” The cafe is yet another example of the longstanding partnership between NHS Lanarkshire and MFC to promote positive mental health. Charlie Bennett, head of adult Learning and Motherwell FC in the Community, said “We’re always happy to work with NHS Lanarkshire, and this initiative is of particular interest to me as my own mother suffered from Alzheimer’s. “I’m well aware of its effect, not only on the sufferer, but the family as well. “We hope that by hosting the cafe inside Fir Park we will be providing a comfortable environment in which patients, carers, and organisations can come together and get some help and support. “Hopefully for some, its location will also stir happy memories of them and their loved ones cheering on the ‘Well at Fir Park.” The cafe will open for the first time on Friday 5 August in the Fir Park Centenary Suite from 1pm to 4pm. It will be open on the first Friday of every month there after. For more information on the cafe, contact: 01698 269649.

And they are off...

Members from Uddingston Pride with the Judges from Britain in Bloom.


udges from one of Europe’s largest horticultural competition where in Uddingston last week as they assessed the efforts by local group Uddingston Pride. Uddingston Pride were entered into the national competition due to their success last year in the Beautiful Scotland competition. The RHS Britain in Bloom is one of Europe’s largest horticultural campaigns with more than 1,100 cities, towns and villages participating each year to show off their achievements in environmental responsibility, community participation and, of course, horticultural achievement. The Britain in Bloom campaign is a year-round

initiative, which sees communities the length and breadth of the UK working to improve their local environments. Communities of all sizes can

take part, from small villages to large cities, and some of the groups are run entirely voluntarily and some work in partnership with their local council.


egulars at Thorniewood Social Club, pictured above, before their special day out at Ayr Racecourse. Regulars, family and friends were given the

opportunity to go to the races as a special summer day out to enjoy the sunshine in Ayrshire. There were no reports of anyone backing a winning horse as of yet.

Fallside Road Closed M

otorists should take note that Fallside Road in Uddingston at the junction with Old Edinburgh Road, shall be

closed between 0001hrs and 2359 on Sunday 21st August for repairs to a manhole. The road will be closed off to motorists

for a stretch of around 20m and an alternative route has been planned utilising Sanderson Avenue and McCulloch Avenue.


12th - 25th August 2011

Pubs expected to measure up A

s part of a Scotlandwide campaign, Trading Standards Officers will be visiting local licensed premises during August and testing whether customers are getting the measure that they have paid for. The object of the project, ‘Fair Measure Fortnight’, is to check the accuracy of spirit, beer and wine measures sold in licensed premises across the Council area. Officers will also be ensuring that licensees are not putting inferior spirits into premium branded bottles. Over half of pub measures tested by Trading Standards during last year’s test purchase programme contained less than the stated amount. A number of licensees received formal written warnings and one pub was reported to the Procurator Fiscal. Councillor Helen McKenna, Convenor of the Environmental Services Committee which oversees Trading Standards matters stated, “The Trading Standards service has worked closely with the licensed trade over the years in a bid

to provide comprehensive guidance on how to comply with relevant legislation. Our Trading Standards Officers will provide free, confidential guidance to any publican who wishes to show compliance.� David Roderick, Trading Standards Manager for North Lanarkshire said, “Trading Standards will happily work with the licensed trade to help them meet their responsibilities under Weights and Measures and other consumer protection legislation, making sure that their staff are trained properly to ensure the public receive fair measure for their money.� In addition to checking the amount of drinks delivered officers will also concentrate on ensuring that spirits on sale are genuine and not substituted. Spirit substitution is the refilling of premium branded spirit bottles with cheaper alternatives for resale in pubs, restaurants, hotels, clubs etc. The alternative spirits used can vary; they can be cheaper own-label spirits purchased from a supermarket or cash and

Premier League Snooker is coming to Lanarkshire!

Snooker to debut at Ravenscraig Sports Facility

carry, bootlegged brands or illicit spirits. Dave added, “It was a concern that last year’s exercise showed only a few purchases tested were completely accurate. This is about licensed premises making sure their staff are trained properly to ensure the public receive fair measure for their money. It was good to note that our anti-counterfeiting project threw up no failures during the exercise.� Anyone with doubts as to measures sold or the authenticity of spirits within licensed premises should contact their local Trading Standards office.




0%2* 0%23/.

Child or Adult for an unlimited ride wristband at M&D’s.

Offer valid between 4.30pm - 8pm every day in August (except Friday 5 August)

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he Premier League Snooker comes to Motherwell as four of the biggest names in snooker compete in a brand new format at the Ravenscraig Leisure Facility on Thursday 22nd September. The evening features an exciting mini-tournament with two semi-finals followed by the final. The first match features World Champion and local hero John Higgins against 2009 World Champ, Australia’s Neil Robertson. Higgins missed out on the event last season and despite playing regularly in

the competition since the ‘90’s has only recorded one title – in 1999. Robertson will be contesting his third Premier League and like Higgins, will be looking to make a big impact this year. The second semi-final is an intriguing clash between 2009 Premier League Champion, Shaun Murphy, and Masters winner Ding Junhui. Murphy will be chasing his second title while Ding will be looking for his best ever PLS finish. The two winners then face off to find the night’s winner and all frames won during the evening equate to points

Spice Kashmir of

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01698 749574/307018 Bellshill, Mossend, Holytown, New Stevenson, Newarthill, Motherwell, Forgewood, Viewpark, Uddingston, Bothwell, Eurocentre, near parts of Coatbridge, Tannochside

which go towards the players’ standing in the Premier League. In addition to the new format there are some exciting rule changes to make League matches even more cut throat. There is an even quicker 20 second shot clock, and if a player fails three times to escape from a snooker, his opponent gains ball in hand anywhere on the table. And what’s more, any games that reach 2-2 will be decided with a final frame played to Sky Sport’s Shoot Out rules! That means a maximum ten minute frame, a 20 second shot clock decreasing down to 15, and ball in hand for any fouls. Televised live by Sky Sports, the competition features ten of the greatest stars of the game contesting snooker’s most prestigious invitational event. Now entering its recordbreaking 26th season, Premier League Snooker is the world’s only major snooker tournament played to a league format and plays out on Thursday nights, live on Sky Sports across the UK. Following the round robin section of play, the top four players move forward to the big money play-offs in November. All the Motherwell PLS action takes place on Thursday 22nd September and tickets are available from the Box Office priced at £14 (£10 concessions) each – 01698 274600,

12th - 25th August 2011

Bothwell Judged In National Competition Beautiful Scotland judges visit Bothwell to make their assessments on village


hree judges from the prestigious Beautiful Scotland competition, (pictured above with members of Brighter Bothwell) run by Keep Scotland Beautiful, visited Bothwell to assess the hard work that the Brighter Bothwell group has put in over the last year. Brighter Bothwell is one of 65 groups from across Scotland who has entered the Beautiful Scotland competition this year, and 20 highly experienced judges will be travelling the length and breadth of the country to assess the groups’ achievements. During the judging, each community is assessed on: horticultural achievement (eg the design, quality and standard of maintenance of horticultural displays); sustainable development and biodiversity initiatives (such as projects to conserve energy, protect wildlife and habitats, the promotion of green transport, initiatives for waste minimisation, recycling, re-use and composting); environmental quality (for example the absence of litter, dog fouling, graffiti, fly-posting and weeds); and community involvement. The 65 groups will find out their level of achievement at an Awards Ceremony, being held this year in Rothesay on the Isle of Bute, on Monday 12th September, with the overall winners receiving the sought after Rosebowl Trophy. A selection of the winning communities will

also be nominated for entry into the 2012 Britain in Bloom competition. Helen Darvill, Team Leader for Volunteer Campaigns at Keep Scotland Beautiful, who organises the Beautiful Scotland campaign, said: “Keep Scotland Beautiful would like to wish all the Beautiful Scotland groups the best of luck with the competition. We are thrilled that so many groups from across Scotland have entered this year, and hope that the judges are impressed during their visit. It is wonderful that we are able to acknowledge and reward the groups’ hard work, commitment, and dedication to improving their local areas for residents and visitors alike, by inviting them to attend the Awards Ceremony, and I look forward to congratulating them in person then!“ Dennis Walker, chairman of Brighter Bothwell, praised the efforts of volunteers in helping to improve the environment for Bothwell’s residents. He said “A particular achievement this year has been to secure support and funding to improve The Gilchrist Garden in Green Street. The garden is now looking stunning”.

New NHS eye-care scheme launched T

he Lanarkshire Eye-health Network Scheme (LENS) is a new service from NHS Lanarkshire. LENS is a network of optometrist practices throughout Lanarkshire that can offer emergency eye appointments for any concerns you may have with the health of your eyes or eye injuries. Dr Rod Savides, NHS Lanarkshire Consultant Ophthalmologist, said “Optometrists are the community eye experts. They have the professional training and necessary equipment to diagnose most eye problems. “The aim of LENS is to improve community eye care and to prevent needless visits to hospital for those who have a concern over the health of their eyes.” The optometrists who are part of the LENS can offer an appointment and assessment

Dr Rod Savides, NHS Lanarkshire Consultant Ophthalmologist Sheldon. service for any eye condition. Posters and leaflets are currently being distributed throughout the Lanarkshire area to raise awareness of this new service. You can find out which optometrists in your area are part of the LENS by calling the NHS Lanarkshire General Enquiry Line on 08453 130 130 or by visiting the NHS Lanarkshire website. Lanarkshire optometrist, Frank

Munro, added: “Optometrists have a whole range of examination techniques at their disposal giving them all the necessary tools to assess your eyes and direct you to the best solution. “They may refer you directly to the hospital eye clinic, prescribe medication or simply reassure you that all is well.” “Whatever your eye concern your first action should be to contact LENS.”

Record exam passes for North Lanarkshire’s pupils


upils across North Lanarkshire are celebrating a year of achievement, with record passes in Standard Grade, Highers and Advanced Highers. The number of fourth year pupils gaining five or more awards at credit or intermediate 2 is the highest in nine years. And, compared with last year, results for fifth year pupils gaining five or more Highers increased from 8.1% to 9% and those with three or more rose from 20.2% to 21.9%. Christine Pollock, Executive Director of Learning and Leisure services, said: “The figures are based on preappeal 2011 results so there’s still room for even greater improvement. “I am absolutely delighted with the performance overall which is our best to date. I congratulate all of the staff and young people who have worked hard to gain success and encourage everyone to continue to raise standards to give our school leavers the very best chances.” In addition, over 1000 third year pupils successfully achieved credit and intermediate two awards. Secondary pupils from S1 to S6 took part in a wide range of courses which develop key skills and positive attitudes among young people. These include the Diana Award, Duke of Edinburgh Awards and Youth Achievement Awards. And this year, the number of pupils gaining wider achievement awards rose from 1059 to 2179. Finally, over 700 young people were presented for SQA accredited vocational

courses, with 91% successfully completing. Jim Logue, Convener of Learning and Leisure Services, said: “These results are testament to the good work taking place in schools across North Lanarkshire and my congratulations go to our


pupils and teachers for their well deserved successes. “The results show that the huge investments we have made in both the school estate and in staff training and equipping our teachers who are delivering the results everyone wants to see.”


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12th - 25th August 2011






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La Campagnola

Tel: 01698 745075

Hamilton: 37 Campbell Street, Hamilton ML3 6AS Tel: 01698 426 129 / 01698 429 373 / 01698 422 382 Uddingston: 315 New Edinburgh Road, Uddingston G71 6JA Tel: 01698 844 300 / 01698 844 335

12th - 25th August 2011

Lanarkshire Hosts Children’s Games L

anarkshire welcomed the 45th International Children’s Games last week as athletes and coaches from 77 cities arrived to compete for the medals. Launching the event at Fir Park in Motherwell, a spectacular opening ceremony was arranged to welcome the athletes to the games that were a joint effort between both North and South Lanarkshire council. The crowd at Fir Park gave athletes a very warm welcome as they paraded around the stadium to cheers from the spectators, with the biggest cheer going to the home

athletes – Team Lanarkshire. The crowd were treated to entertainment by Scottish bag-rock band Skerryvore, before Lanarkshire’s gold medal winning 4x100m relay team from the games in 2009, were invited to light the flame. Arlene Barr, Emma Brown, Rachel Whittle and Mhairi Hendry took centre stage with the flame. Following the lighting of the flame, the spectators witnessed a display of over 400 dancers from across Lanarkshire. The events were held across Lanarkshire and passed without any issues, although the sailing was postponed on the Saturday

due to lack of wind. Team Lanarkshire however, did have success at the games winning 5 gold, 3 silver and 10 bronze medals, with the majority of them coming from Judo. In the football, goals equalled gold for Team Lanarkshire as the boys’ team won the football competition on the last day The boys’ beat Sparta of Greece 4-1 in the final with a brace from Daryl Bulloch and strikes from Dominic Thomas and Scott Stevenson completing the victory. During the six games that Team Lanarkshire played, they scored an astonishing 69 goals,

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Pictures by offical partners.

International Children’s Games 2011


10 12th - 25th August 2011 Continued from page 9 conceding just two, racking up scorelines of 10-0, 26-0, 5-0, 17-1, 7-0 and 4-1. Team Lanarkshire football coach Willie McNab said: “It’s a tremendous achievement – the boys deserve everything they got. Lots of team bonding has went on to improve us as a unit and I think they have all become really friendly with one another. We didn’t put a lot of pressure on the boys’ and I think in the end their personalities have shone through on the pitch. “We had a lot of really good performances – a lot of teams were quite defensive against us because they knew of the quality we had going forward. That meant the boys’ had to be quite patient and bide their time, which they got rewarded for in

the end.” Elsewhere, athletes battled it out from Friday through to the Sunday before the official closing ceremony at Strathclyde Park. Co-Chairs of the ICG Lanarkshire Organising Committee Jim Smith and Jackie Burns both spoke of their enjoyment of the games and their pride in how successful the event has been. “This has been a fabulous event for Lanarkshire, for Scotland and everyone who has taken part,” said Councillor Jim Smith. “We have seen new friendships being made across the world and an abiding interest in sport develop among our own young people – and that was always intended to be the legacy

of the Games. “All the young people involved have shown amazing enthusiasm and ability, and whatever their achievements have been on the field, their attitudes and sportsmanship off it have been absolutely outstanding. “In fact, that’s been the most important aspect of the Games. It may be a competitive event, but it’s all about friendship, and I know the friendships we’ve made over the last few days will last us all a lifetime.” Councillor Jackie Burns said: “It has been an honour for us to host the International Children’s Games. We have thoroughly enjoyed welcoming the world to Lanarkshire and we already know we’ll be welcoming many of our visitors back again.



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12th - 25th August 2011

29th July - 11th August 2011


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12th - 25th August 2011

Your Horoscope Predictions By Anne Smith

Aries (21 March - 20 April)

You feel the drive and commitment come back into your life and it is an ŝĚĞĂůƟŵĞĨŽƌLJŽƵƚŽƚĂŬĞƵƉŶĞǁ projects or to give those on the back ďƵƌŶĞƌĂŶĞǁůĞĂƐĞŽĨůŝĨĞ͕ŝƚŝƐƚŚĞ ƌŝŐŚƚƟŵĞƚŽƉƵƐŚĂŚĞĂĚǁŝƚŚLJŽƵƌ ĐƌĞĂƟǀĞƚŚŽƵŐŚƚƐĂŶĚŝĚĞĂƐ͘͘

Taurus (21 April - 21 May)

zŽƵŶĞĞĚƚŽƚĂŬĞŽīƚŚŽƐĞŐůĂƐƐĞƐ LJŽƵĂƌĞǁĞĂƌŝŶŐĂŶĚƐĞĞƚŚĞǁŽƌůĚ ĂŶĚŝƚƐďĞĂƵƚLJĨŽƌǁŚĂƚŝƚŝƐ͕ŶŽƚ ĞǀĞƌLJƚŚŝŶŐŝƐďůĂĐŬĂŶĚǁŚŝƚĞĂŶĚ it is important that you remember ƚŚŝƐ͘WĞŽƉůĞĂƌĞŶŽƚĐŽŵƉƵƚĞƌƐĂŶĚ ŚĂǀĞĨĞĞůŝŶŐƐŽƚƌLJƚŽƐŽŌĞŶLJŽƵƌ approach and opinions over the ŶĞdžƚǁĞĞŬŽƌƐŽ͘

Gemini (22 May - 21 June)

You are a natural communicator ĂŶĚƉĞŽƉůĞŽŌĞŶĂƐŬLJŽƵĨŽƌ advice but it is also important to remember to listen to the advice you give others for yourself! Times ĂƌĞĐŚĂŶŐŝŶŐŶŽǁĂŶĚŝĨLJŽƵĂƌĞ ďƌĂǀĞĞŶŽƵŐŚƚŽŐŽǁŝƚŚLJŽƵƌ ŝŶƐƟŶĐƚƐŶĞǁŽƉƉŽƌƚƵŶŝƟĞƐĂƌĞ ƚŚĞƌĞĨŽƌƚŚĞƚĂŬŝŶŐ͘

Cancer (22 June - 23 July)

Schools are almost back and you breathe a great sigh of relief as you have been feeling the strain of all the ĐŚĂƩĞƌ͕LJŽƵĚŽƚƌLJƚŽĚŽƚŽŽŵƵĐŚ ĂƚƟŵĞƐĂŶĚĂƉƉĞĂƌƚŽďĞĂŵĂƌƚLJƌ to some! Why not arrange a day of ŝŶĚƵůŐĞŶĐĞũƵƐƚĨŽƌLJŽƵĂŶĚƐĞĞŚŽǁ ƚŚĂƚŵĂŬĞƐLJŽƵĨĞĞů͊͘

Leo (24 July - 23 Aug)


Virgo (24 Aug - 23 Sept)

WƌĂĐƟĐĂůŝƟĞƐ͕ǁŽƌŬ͕ŵŽŶĞLJĂƌĞĂůů ǀĞƌLJǁĞůů͕LJĞƐƚŚĞLJŵĂŬĞƚŚĞǁŽƌůĚ go round but they are not the most ŝŵƉŽƌƚĂŶƚŝƐƐƵĞƐƚŽďĞĚĞĂůƚǁŝƚŚ ĂƚƚŚŝƐƟŵĞ͘/ƐƐƵĞƐŽĨƚŚĞŚĞĂƌƚĂŶĚ family members have been feeling ŽƵƚŝŶƚŚĞĐŽůĚŽĨůĂƚĞ͕ƐŽŽƉĞŶƚŚĂƚ heart of your and spread the love1!

Libra (24 Sept - 23 Oct)

You have been a bossy boots of ůĂƚĞŚĂǀĞŶ͛ƚLJŽƵ͕ĚŽLJŽƵƐƟůůŚĂǀĞ friends! Time to take a step back ĂŶĚƌĞͲĞǀĂůƵĂƚĞLJŽƵƌǁĂLJƐ͕ZŽŵĞ ǁĂƐŶŽƚďƵŝůƚŝŶĂĚĂLJĂŶĚŝĨLJŽƵ ƚƌŝĞĚƚŽŚĞůƉŝŶƐƚĞĂĚŽĨĚĞůĞŐĂƟŶŐ ƚŚĞũŽďǁŽƵůĚŐĞƚĚŽŶĞƋƵŝĐŬĞƌ͕ƚƌLJ ƚŽŐŝǀĞďĂĐŬǁŚĂƚLJŽƵƌĞĐĞŝǀĞ͊͘

Scorpio (24 Oct - 22 Nov)


^ĂŐŝƩĂƌŝƵƐ (23 Nov - 21 Dec)


Capricorn (22 Dec - 20 Jan)


Aquarius (21 Jan - 19 Feb)

dŚĂƚƋƵŝĐŬŵŝŶĚŽĨLJŽƵƌŝƐƌĂĐŝŶŐ ĂŚĞĂĚŽĨLJŽƵ͕ƐĞĞŝŶŐƐŝƚƵĂƟŽŶƐ before they arrive on your door step and you seem to be able to tackle ĞǀĞƌLJƚŚŝŶŐƚŚĂƚŝƐƚŚƌŽǁŶLJŽƵƌǁĂLJ͕ ƚƌLJƚŽƌĞŵĞŵďĞƌƐŽŵĞĚŽǁŶƟŵĞ ĂƐLJŽƵĂƌĞĞdžŚĂƵƐƟŶŐƵƐĂůůũƵƐƚďLJ ǁĂƚĐŚŝŶŐLJŽƵ͊͘

Pisces (20 Feb - 20 Mar)

dŝŵĞƚŽƐƚŽƉǁŚĂƚLJŽƵĂƌĞĚŽŝŶŐĂŶĚ ůŽŽŬĂƚǁŚĞƌĞLJŽƵĂƌĞ͊tĂƐƚŚŝƐƉĂƌƚ of the plan for you this year? You made so many plans to bring about ĐŚĂŶŐĞĂŶĚƚŚĞŵŽŶƚŚƐĂƌĞƟĐŬŝŶŐ ďLJ͕ƚƌLJƚŽĨŽĐƵƐŽŶLJŽƵƌŐŽĂůƐƚŽ ĂĐŚŝĞǀĞǁŚĂƚLJŽƵǁĂŶƚŝŶLJŽƵƌůŝĨĞ͕ don’t leave it to chance as you need ƚŽƚĂŬĞĐŽŶƚƌŽůŽĨLJŽƵƌĚĞƐƟŶLJ͊͘

Anne is a Spiritualist Medium, Tarot reader and a Reiki Master & available for private consultation, healings and church services

contact, ANNE on


Email or visit

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Anne’s Spirit Art Cards For Divination

Sizzling Suzie’s Q ’s Views! Summer Spreads

The HUB is pleased to have the infamous ‘Q, from Airdrie’ writing for the Entertainment Pages, to give you all some comic relief. As a regular contributor to the Glasgow Metro newspaper, and a regular in the comedy scene in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Q has given the HUB an exclusive column, which we are sure will have you wanting for more in the next edition of the HUB!

out”. ROBIN HOOD COMES TO So out we went to his back AIRDRIE garden as my 3-year old niece By the time you read this Ciara looked on excitedly from edition of Q’s Views, I will be inside the house. I pointed happily married to Claire. We placed an arrow in the bow, have had some lovely gifts so KŶůLJĂĨĞǁĚĂLJƐŽĨƚŚĞƐƵŵŵĞƌŚŽůŝĚĂLJƐůĞŌ͘/ĐĂŶŚĞĂƌƚŚĞ gently pulled the string, and far from friends and relations ĐŽůůĞĐƟǀĞƐŝŐŚĨƌŽŵƚŚŽƵƐĂŶĚƐŽĨƉĂƌĞŶƚƐ͘hŶŝĨŽƌŵƐĂŶĚ pointed at a tree. from all over the world- places ƐĐŚŽŽůďĂŐƐŚĂǀĞďĞĞŶƉƵƌĐŚĂƐĞĚĂŶĚƐŚŽĞƐŚĂǀĞďĞĞŶǁŽƌŶ I thought that to fire the such as Canada, Australia, ŝŶ;ĚŽŶ͛ƚǁĂŶƚƚŚĞŵĐŽŵŝŶŐŚŽŵĞǁŝƚŚďůŝƐƚĞƌƐͿ͘dŝŵĞƚŽ arrow a long distance, you Ireland, and of course Airdrie. ŐĞƚďĂĐŬƚŽĂŶŽƌŵĂůƌŽƵƟŶĞ͘ŝŶŶĞƌĂƚĚŝŶŶĞƌƟŵĞĂŶĚďĞĚ would have to pull the bow back But the most unusual gift ĂƚďĞĚƟŵĞ͘dŚĂƚƟŵĞǁŚĞŶLJŽƵŽŶĐĞĂŐĂŝŶŚĂǀĞƚŽƚŚŝŶŬŽĨ quite far. I was proven wrong came from my mate Des, which ůƵŶĐŚďŽdžĞƐĂŶĚǁŚĂƚƚŽƉƵƚŝŶƚŚĞŵ͘/ŚĂǀĞĐŽŵĞƵƉǁŝƚŚ as the arrow shot away faster came all the way from Namibia. ĂĨĞǁŝĚĞĂƐƚŚĂƚĞǀĞŶƚŚĞŵŽƐƚĨƵƐƐLJǁĞĂŶƐǁŝůůůŽǀĞ͕ŶŽƚƚŽ than Sebastian Vettel, missing Des got us, wait for it…a the tree and hurtling through Namibian Huntsman’s Kit. ŵĞŶƟŽŶƚŚĞŐƌŽǁŶƵƉƐƚŽŽ͘/ĨƚŚĞůƵŶĐŚďŽdžĐŽŵĞƐǁŝƚŚĂ the bushes! Yes, Des had sent This consisted of a small ƉůĂƐƟĐĚƌŝŶŬƐŚŽůĚĞƌĨƌĞĞnjĞƚŚĞĚƌŝŶŬƚŚĞŶŝŐŚƚďĞĨŽƌĞƚŽŬĞĞƉ us a deadly weapon. bow, 5 small arrows, and a set ĞǀĞƌLJƚŚŝŶŐĐŽŽůŝŶƚŚĞďŽdžƵŶƟůůƵŶĐŚƟŵĞ͘:ƵƐƚƌĞŵĞŵďĞƌ Thankfully nobody was hurt, of sticks which if you rub them ŶŽƚƚŽĮůůŝƚƚŽŽŵƵĐŚĂƐŝĐĞĞdžƉĂŶĚƐ͘^ŵĂůůĞƌdƵƉƉĞƌǁĂƌĞ and the neighbour whose fence together will start a fire. ďŽdžĞƐďŽǁůƐĂŶĚĐƵƉƐĂůůŽǁLJŽƵƚŽĂĚĚĐŽŽůƐƚƵīƚŽŽ͘dƌLJƚŽ the arrow was embedded in I thought it was an absolutely ƉĂĐŬLJŽƵƌďŽdžǁŝƚŚĐĂƌĞĂŌĞƌĂůůLJŽƵǁĂŶƚLJŽƵƌĐŚŝůĚƚŽůŝƐƚĞŶ laughed as I meekly asked beautiful gift, and decided to ĂŶĚůĞĂƌŶŶŽƚďĞŚŝŐŚŽŶĂƐƵŐĂƌƌƵƐŚ͘ƐŵĂůůƚƌĞĂƚĨŽƌƉůĂLJ“Excuse me, could I have my hang it on my wall right after I ƟŵĞŝƐĮŶĞƚŚŽƵŐŚƚŽŬĞĞƉƚŚĞŵŐŽŝŶŐƵŶƟůůƵŶĐŚ͘ arrow back please”. Ciara, showed it to my dad, who loves however, was not impressed as she wanted a turn with the bow ^ĂŶĚǁŝĐŚĞƐͬǁƌĂƉƐĂŶĚƌŽůůƐĮůůŝŶŐŝĚĞĂƐ and arrow too. When the Namibian hunter made the bow and arrow, I ŚĞĞƐĞĂŶĚƐĂŶĚǁŝĐŚ don’t think he ever thought it spread ( older kids may would end up in Airdrie.

prefer pickle) Ham and humous >ĞƩƵĐĞĐƵĐƵŵďĞƌĂŶĚ ƚŚŝŶůLJƐůŝĐĞĚƚŽŵĂƚŽǁŝƚŚ ĐƌƵŶĐŚLJƉĞĂŶƵƚďƵƩĞƌ this kind of thing. Cooked cold pizza slices - “That doesn’t really Cooked work, sausages does it?” sliced enquired my ǁŝƚŚŬĞƚĐŚƵƉ dad. Which was fair enough; dƵŶĂĂŶĚƐǁĞĞƚĐŽƌŶŵĂLJŽ being from Baillieston, he was familiar with weapons. - “Not sure,” I replied “There’s only one way to find

DUNCAN BANNATYNE Of all the members of Dragon’s Den to threaten, Russian gangsters picked the wrong one when they threatened Duncan Bannatyne. The fact he is from Clydebank should have served as a warning, but what do they know? In case you haven’t heard, Russian gangsters sent


Bannatyne a message on Twitter stating that unless he gave them a large sum of money, they would harm his daughter. Bannatyne offered the same

sum of money to anyone who had these men arrested, and offered a “bonus” if they broke their arms. People have criticised Bannatyne, with one person asking “Doesn’t he realise this could antagonise nutters into violent actions”. Of course he does; that’s why he did it. I don’t condone violence, but when gangsters threaten a man’s daughter, then they deserve all that’s coming to them. I hope he gets a knighthood. Incidentally, if you are in business and owe one of Bannatyne’s businesses any unpaid invoices, now might be a good time to pay up.

DAVID GOODWILLIE There have been many factors holding up this man’s transfer to Blackburn Rovers, but if it were taking place in the 1990s, I suspect that Fantasy Football League on BBC2 would be a huge factor. Yes, if the show was still on today, Baddiel and Skinner would have a field day with a man whose surname is Goodwillie. The best footballer’s name I ever heard was that of a striker in the US Soccer League. His surname was Cool, so every time he got the ball the commentators shouted “Cool” excitedly. Well, I thought it was funny. AND FINALLY Comedian Johnny Marbles has been sentenced to 6 weeks in prison for trying to hit Rupert Murdoch with a foam pie and shouting “Take that you naughty billionaire”. Whilst his antics were pretty dumb, it alarms me that he’ll do more time in prison than your average ned. Or anyone involved in this News of the World phone hacking scandal.



Healthy pots/tubs We are on the prowl to find Lanarkshire’s dodgy parkers but we need your help!

Handful of grapeswe cannot do this campaign on our own – so please send in your Unfortunately, dodgysegmented parking pictures to Does one of your colleagues A peeled orange suffer from dodgyparkingitis? If so, take a picture of the evidence and send it to ^ŽŵĞƐƚƌĂǁďĞƌƌŝĞƐ us! Don’t worry, all identities will be protected and vehicle registrations blanked out. ^ŵĂůůƉŽƚŽĨĐƌĞĂŵĞĚƌŝĐĞ͕ This is all in the name of good fun, and in no way are we personally attacking any custard or yoghurt (remember individual or group. to pack a spoon)

Have you got any dodgy pictures that you would like to add to our ‘Dodgy picture hall of shame’? Then send them in and the next dodgy picture might be yours in a future issue of the hub for everyone to see!



A few ideas for goodies

Across 1. Danger (5) 4. Percussion instrument (7) 8. Deliberated (7) A packet of dried fruit and 9. Molten rock (5) raisins 10. Marine mollusks (7) A crunchy cereal bar 12. Similar (5) ǁŚŽůĞŵĞĂůĐŽŽŬŝĞ 13. Martial art (4,2) 15. Rigorous (6) 18. Assumed name (5) dƌLJŶŽƚƚŽŵŝƐƐƚŚĞůŝƩůĞĚĂƌůŝŶŐƐƚŽŽŵƵĐŚĂŶĚŚĞƌĞ͛ƐƚŽŐĞƫŶŐ 19. Accumulated (7) back to normal 21. Similar to a giraffe (5) 22. Dizziness (7) 24. Perpetual (7) Susie x 25. Book of maps (5)

Down 1. Security device (7) 2. Bone (3) 3. Supple (5) 4. Plain (6) 5. Fortification (7) 6. Enlarges (9) 7. Astound (5) 11. Consortium (9) 14. Mode (7) 16. Irksome (7) 17. Wonder (6) 18. Repent (5) 20. Artery (5) 23. Unwell (3)

12th - 25th August 2011

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You never said "I'm leaving" You never said goodbye You were gone before we knew it and only God Knew why. In Life we loved you dearly. In death we love you still. In our hearts you hold a place, that no one could ever fill.

Mary Ma

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal; Love leaves a memory no one can steal.

The family would like to thank relatives and friends for their thoughts and prayers at this sad time

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PRINCESS ROYAL TRUST LANARKSHIRE CARERS CENTRE Tel: 01698 428090 The centre provides Support, Training, Information, Access to Services, , Pampering, Contact with other Carers, and most importantly a listening ear with someone who understands. Carer Support Groups and Outreaches: Locally based Carer Support Workers are available to offer Support and Information. For many, their local Carer Support Group provides a valuable relief from isolation and the opportunity to get involved in social activities where it’s difficult to go on your own. Independent Pampering and Chiropody Services: The pampering service is available to all carers and their cared for within our Hamilton premises enabling carers to take time out from their caring role to relax with aromatherapy, reflexology, facials, pedicures, Indian head massage and paraffin wax treatments. Other treatments available include waxing and tinting. Charges are £11 per hour or £6 per half hour. To book an appointment please telephone 01698 428090. We also have a new Chiropody Service available to Carers and the cared for in our Airdrie Office

at Airdrie Locality, 92 Hallcraig Street, Airdrie ML6 6AW. Charges will apply from £6.00 to £11.00 depending on treatment required. To book an appointment please telephone 01236 755550. For further information on training and to book your place, please call 01698 428090 The above courses are free to Carers. A Carer is someone who without payment provides help and support to a friend, neighbour or relative who could not manage without their help because of frailty, illness, disability, mental health issues and substance misuse. CARERS INfORMATION LINE: Freephone 0800 028 0287 If you look after someone there may be help available. • Feeling isolated? • Need practical help? • Want to know more about your rights? Free and confidential information every weekday, 9.00am to 4.30pm LARKfIELD SPIRITUALIST CHURCH Larkfield halls, Stonefield Rd, Blantyre G72 9PQ, Thursday evenings 8pm, come along see demonstration of clairvoyance from 8-pm- 9pm, healing service from 9.15- 10pm. 01698823117 (hall number)

Requiem M Celebrating the

You left us peaceful memories, your love is still our guide, and though we can not see you, you are always at our side. Our family chain is broken and nothing seems the same. But as God calls us one by one, the Chain will link again.

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T 17.30pm

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You Have Wo To Megans Surprize A DATE MARCH. 13

23rd January 1935 - 8th

Service at St Thomas' RC Churc Monday 15th Marc 10.30am Mass


12th - 25th August 2011

Business and Money Working Hours I

want to change our nine to five working hours by making employees start at 8am and work until 5.30pm. To compensate I propose to introduce an extra two days of holiday a year in addition to paying for the extra hours. Naturally I will put new recruits on these hours but how should I handle the switch for my existing workers? Rhonda Brymer, consultant at Peninsula, responds: You cannot unilaterally change the hours of your employees. You need to consult them and get agreement for this change. Discuss what you want to change, why you want to do it and see what options you can come up with. Set out clearly the reasons why you want this change. You are looking to add an extra one and a half hours to the working day so you must be able to explain why this is important. What are your reasons for needing to be open an hour earlier and closing half an hour later?

Does the entire workforce need to be present at those times? Consider if your needs can be met by having a shift pattern, with some people starting and finishing earlier, others starting and finishing later and the rest staying the same. You may find that this meets your needs just as effectively without increasing the wage bill. It may also suit some members of the workforce and give you greater flexibility over the lunch period. Some of your employees may be prepared to work the various shifts on a rotation basis. It is important to remember that some people may not be able to accommodate a change in hours because of childcare or dependent relatives. You have to think carefully before introducing a change that could place some of your employees at a disadvantage. When letting your employees know that you are considering making a change like this, it is always good to offer some kind of incentive to make

the change seem more favourable, which you are doing with the extra holiday entitlement. Ultimately, if you have a

pressing business need to make this change for all employees and you cannot get their agreement, you may have to enforce the change.

If you have a variation clause in your contract, you can use it. If not, your only other option will be to dismiss and offer re-engagement

on the new terms. However, this is risky and you could end up with tribunal claims for unfair dismissal and discrimination.


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Sportage Scoops Award T

here is definitely something about the KIA Sportage that makes you stop and stare for a while; I am not entirely sure what though, but it does. It may be the sleek lines of that stunning body, or is the impressive stance that it has on the road? Anyway, whatever it is, KIA are onto a winner with the Sportage as it has recently won the category of ‘best crossover’ and the 2011 Fleet awards. Lets have a closer look: Performance: Diesel engines are popular in cars like these for obvious reasons, and as you would expect, the Sportage has two to choose from, albeit not the fastest compared to similar cars. The 114bhp 1.7 can be quite flat at low revs, and although the 134bhp 2.0 is much quicker, it’s still not as flexible as some of the offerings from rival manufacturers. The 1.6-litre petrol is interesting, though – it’s not exactly fast, but it feels perkier than the smaller diesel and is cheap to buy and the for those wishing more power, there is the range topping, 161bhp 2.0 petrol. Handling: The Sportage can be had with either two- or four-wheel drive and all versions have a reasonable amount of grip and it handles well

enough, although it’s not as much fun as VW’s Tiguan or Ford’s Kuga. The steering is frustratingly vague though and at low speed, the ride is reasonable, except travelling over poor surfaces at higher speeds. Costs: The Sportage is cheap to buy considering the huge amount of standard equipment you get. Running costs shouldn’t be too high, either, because all the engines are competitive on fuel economy and CO2 emissions. Resale values are pretty strong, thanks partly to the seven-year warranty which seems to appeal to buyers in the used car market. Quality & Reliability: You could argue that the Sportage isn’t as classy as rivals inside, but it’s not far off. The cabin is attractive and uses some appealing materials, while the controls have a precise, sturdy feel and the build quality is good.

wheelnuts and a visible VIN help to deter thieves. Space & Practicality The Sportage is practical enough to be a fine family car. There’s lots of headroom all-round and although some rivals have a mite more legroom in the back, there’s enough for tall adults. The almostflat floor is a boon, too, while the boot is large and well shaped. It’s rather disappointing that the rear seats don’t fold totally flat, however. Equipment: In an attempt to gain market share, even the entry-level Sportages are specced up to the nines, so there’s no need to climb too far up the range. The 1-models come with alloys, air-con, four powered windows, a rain sensor, Bluetooth and cruise control. Upgrade to a 2-trimmed model and you will add

Unleaded ASDA – Blantyre – 132.7

Safety & Security: The Sportage comes with a full array of safety kit, which include front, side and curtain airbags, as well as active front head restraints, along with Isofix child-seat mountings for the outer rear seats. Stability control and a hill-start system come as standard also. Deadlocks, an alarm, locking

ASDA – Coatbridge – 132.7

parking sensors, a sunroof and part-leather seats, while going for the top of the range, 3 trim brings full leather, climate control and xenon headlamps. All of which are reasonably priced.

ESSO – Earnock Hamilton – 136.9 Highest – 144.9

Highest – 138.9

LPG Morrisons – Hamilton – 67.9 Morrisons – Glasgow Fort – 67.9

Diesel ASDA – Blantyre – 136.7 ASDA – Coatbridge – 136.7

*Prices correct at time of print Source:

TESCO – Uddingston – 133.9

Fuel Price Round Up

Lucky Lisa set for Silverstone L

isa Jackson from Fife has won first prize in the national Golden Garages Competition 2011 – a nationwide initiative to find the best and most reliable car

service and repair centres in the UK. Lucky Lisa, who voted for her local garage, W Livingstone Ltd in Uddinston, Glasgow, is now looking forward to swapping her daily

Car For Sale

MINI COOPER S, 2002, 52 Plate

72,000 miles, Chili Pack with half leather, xenon lights, panoramic sunroof, 17” alloys. 3 Door Hatchback, Red, Petrol, Manual, ABS, Front electric windows, Electric door mirrors, Remote central locking, PAS. New discs and pads, and new MOT. Great fun car.

£4,495 ONO

Contact 01698 861501 or 07736289899

drive for something a little more special, winning a Porsche Driving Experience at Silverstone. Lisa, picked up her prize this week from Robin Livingstone, Managing Director of W Livingstone Ltd, and couldn’t hide her excitement, “I am absolutely thrilled to have won this amazing prize and can’t wait to get behind the wheel of a Porsche. My family have been using Livingstones for years and they thoroughly deserved to get my vote. They are so reliable and friendly and even though I have now moved to Fife, I would not go anywhere else”. The Golden Garages competition is based on feedback given directly by motorists, voting to reward first class customer service and W Livingstone Ltd was named Scotland’s Golden Garage earlier in the year, with judges highly complementary about its operation. Summing up the ethos of the competition that highlights customer trust, Robin Livingstone said, “The Jacksons have been customers of ours

for almost 15-years. The family have purchased a number of cars from us and we’re proud that they always come back to use our service centre. It is such great news that Lisa has won the Golden Garages prize this year and we’re looking forward to hearing how she gets on around the Silverstone circuit”. Golden Garages is an annual initiative organised by Motor Codes, the self-regulatory body that oversees the activity of over 6,000 service and repair centres. Motor Codes is developing a network of safe haven service

and repair centres, based on a modern-day word of mouth recommendation of the best places to go for repairs, as Motor Codes Managing Director, Chris Mason, explains, “Levels of garage expertise, quality and service have never been better, but finding those businesses that offer high standards, excellent customer service and a stress-free experience can be difficult. Golden Garages changes that by highlighting the best of the best.” This year, over 7,000 motorists voted to find the UK’s most trusted garages,

helping to dispel the myth that booking in for a service can be a risky affair. By identifying best practice businesses in every region of the UK, a benchmark is set for every garage in the area, driving up standards and spreading peace of mind to motorists. Motorists can search a database of Motor Codes garages and leave feedback on their garage at www. Garages will register for the 2012 contest at the end of the year so keep an eye out for your local service centre on the website.


12th - 25th August 2011



Uddy Bowler Wins Singles Championship


ddingston bowler, Steven McLaren has recently won the Lanarkshire Gents Singles Championship.

He played seven rounds to reach the Final which was played in July at Hamilton Bowling Club.

We sent our roving photographer Tommy Cochrane to Murrayfield to get some snaps of the boys in action ahead of the RugbyWorld Cup. Here are just a few of the best action shots:

This was a tremendous achievement for Steven and a great honour for Uddingston Bowling Club.

Uddingston Bowling Club Gents Shaw Cup Round Ten B MacGowan,B MacGinniness,S Thompson(skip); Won by 10 shots up. The Shaw Cup has now reached the Semi Final stages, Players who made it through are: W Durnian,J Galt, McLaren; H McConnell,S Ralston,D French; M Lauchlan,D Warnock,J Ford; and J Barclay,J Baillie,J Gray


Uddy Fail To Perform In Aberdeen T

unnock Uddingston made the long journey to Aberdeen for an SNCL Premier League match. Captain Ricky Bawa won the toss and chose to bowl. The early bowling was tight and, when the 4th wicket fell in the 20th over, the home side’s total was a modest 54. Unfortunately, this discipline was not maintained and, by the time the 6th wicket fell in the 35th over the score had risen to 139. The Aberdeen overseas amateur, Dal, held the rest of the innings together until he was stumped off a wide

delivery for a total of 68. The innings closed after 50 overs on 211 for 9, giving Uddingston a reasonable total to chase. However, given the 3 dropped catches and extras of 31, the target should have been much lower. The object of the 2nd innings was to see off the Dons opening bowlers, Scotland prospect Tyler Buchan and the 6’8’’ Chris West, with minimal loss of wickets and forge on from there. This was not to be and after 14 overs, 4 wickets had fallen for 45 runs. The poor shot selection continued and the


match was lost by 56 runs in the 44th over. Only Scott MacKenzie had any real success with the bat, scoring an admirable 38. This was a most disappointing result after the teams recent good run. SECOND XI The second XI had a very good 90 run win over Renfrew with the MacLeod brothers Allan and Niall scoring 113 and 85 respectively.

SNCL Premiership 2011 Team Carlton Arbroath United Forfarshire Aberdeenshire Watsonians Barclays Wealth Grange Heriot’s Greaves Clydesdale Dunfermline Knights Tunnock’s Uddingston Stoneywood-Dyce Stirling County Drumpellier Greenock

Played 9 9 7 11 10 10 9 9 12 10 9 10 8 8

Won 8 8 6 7 6 6 5 4 5 4 3 3 2 2

Tied 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Lost 1 1 1 4 4 4 4 5 7 6 6 7 6 6

BPL 2 0 2 6 4 2 4 6 4 4 2 4 4 2

PP 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0

Pts 82 80 62 76 64 62 54 46 53 44 32 34 24 22

% AGE 91.11 88.89 88.57 69.09 64.00 62.00 60.00 51.11 44.17 44.00 35.56 34.00 30.00 27.50

NRR 16.80 21.91 8.04 15.51 3.13 -1.21 6.04 7.85 -6.81 -5.82 -14.14 -12.96 -8.37 -23.19



iewpark Boxing Club are holding their 6th Presentation & Fund Raising Night at Burnhead Bowling Club on Saturday the 20th of August. The club has once again had a very successful year and have seen some of their boxers selected to box for the Scottish national team, who went on to win European tournaments. All are welcome with the doors opening at 7pm entrance fee is via donation at the door. There will be a buffet and disco after the presentation.



he league starts for the new season in late September and matches will take place on a Tuesday night. Teams are made up of 6 people and each costs £60 for the season. Any clubs or individuals are welcome to join the Hamilton District Snooker League - contact Stevie on 07731303790.



12th - 25th August 2011


Bellshill reports by George Mills Thorniewood reports by Stuart Clelland


<<< LADIES FOOTBALL Bellshill Athletic 1 Shettleston Juniors 3 Celtic 2 Hamilton 1


amilton travelled through to Celtic’s Lennoxtown training ground for what would turn out to be a heart breaking defeat. Hamilton started slowly and Celtic had them on the back foot for much of the opening period. Although Celtic had most of the possession resolute defending by the whole Hamilton team had kept them at bay. It wasn’t until the 35th minute that Elaine Fleming in the Hamilton goal was called into real action when she made a fine save after a corner wasn’t cleared and fell to the feet of one of the Celtic


strikers who connected well only to see her shot tipped away. The half ended with the scores still level at 0 - 0 and Hamilton quite happy with that outcome. The second half was a bit more even in terms of possession although chances at either end were still fairly scarce. The game came alive in the 70th minute when a lovely ball inside the fullback by Helen Templeton found Sarah Crilly racing into the box, just as she was about to shoot she was upended by a Celtic defender

the 44th minute but his “goal” was disallowed by the Referee for his challenge on ‘Hill Keeper Dougie Calder. Hendry sent Connelly clear as the second half got underway but the impressive Town Keeper Keenan got down low to deny the Striker. Visitor’s Striker Thomson passed up a decent chance when he shot wide from close range following a Struther’s error in the 50th minute. However, 4 minutes later he cut in from the left to equalise with a powerful drive from 12 yards. Five minutes later Thomson put the Visitors ahead after a double blunder by Bellshill stopper Higgins who failed to control a long clearance and then was woefully short, allowing the striker to pounce on to round the advancing Calder and roll the ball into the net. Shettleston pushed Bellshill back and Thomson and Morrow went close after 76 minutes Shettleston’s McArthur was ordered off for a foul on ‘Hill Striker McStay in the 88th minute. In the last action of the game McStay shot past a cross from White to end a miserable night for The ‘Hill.


Thorniewood United 3 Bellshill Athletic 0

Birkenshaw United are looking for players born between 1993 and 1995 for the forthcoming season. Training takes place in Birkenshaw on a Tuesday and Thursday night between 18:30 and half 20:30. Contact either Mary on 07935916807 or Ross Fullarton on 07788974170 for further information. As our team have just recently been put in the League I would ask if anyone would like to sponsor us then contact me on the above numbers.

horniewood beat local rivals Bellshill for the first time in over a decade in a one sided affair at Robertson Park. ‘Wood’ took the lead in 12 minutes when a cross from the right by Barry McGowan was turned into his own net by Athletic keeper Calder in his attempt to tip it over the bar. Two further attempts by Stephen Mullen and one by Chris Queen continued Thorniewood’s impressive opening but neither could find the net. A neat one two by Maguire and Mullen in 26 minutes ended with Calder blocking the formers well struck effort before Bellshill at last produced a chance in the 32nd minute when a sweetly struck Ryan Connolly shot was superbly saved by Stephen Mather in the United goal.

Hamilton with only two minutes left on the clock a speculative swerving shot from fully 30 yards deceived Fleming and Celtic had the lead and victory they needed. This was a hard defeat to take for the Hamilton players as they had put a lot of effort into the game and almost secured a point in one of the most difficult away fixtures of the season. A lot of positives can be taken from this game and the coaching staff at the club can highlight these in the coming week in the build up to next game.

Under 17’s

eeding a win, Bellshill were clearly fired up for this cup tie. Shettleston defender Weir headed a Hendry free kick clear in the second minute and keeper Keenan saved from G.Anderson as Bellshill pushed forward in search of an early lead. McDowall sent trialist White clear but he over-ran the ball and the chance was gone. The Town almost went ahead when a deflected Gibb shot was saved at the second attempt by home keeper Calder. Bellshill took the lead in the 14th minute when Connelly picked out Graeme Anderson who sidestepped Town Defender McArthur and fired the ball past Keeper Keenan from 15 yards. White almost doubled the lead two minutes later after beating Weir and McArthur but Town Keeper Keenan pulled off a fine save to keep out his shot. Shettleston Striker Thomson missed a great chance to grab an equaliser after 23 minutes when he headed a Brown cross over from six yards. ‘Hill Defender Struthers headed a Gibb attempt off the line following a corner from the right as the visitors pushed forward. Gibb had the ball in the net in


and the referee immediately pointed to the spot. Captain Lynsey Hogg made her usual cool job of the award and Hamilton found themselves in the lead with only 20 minutes remaining. Celtic upped the pace to try and get an equaliser and Hamilton were pushed deeper and deeper into defence. With only ten minutes left Celtic drew level, a shot from inside the box was well saved by Fleming but unluckily fell to the feet of an onrushing Celtic striker who slotted the ball home. Worse was to come for

Hamilton 3 - 5 Dumfries


strong experienced Dumfries side travelled through to take all three points as Hamilton gifted more than hospitality on the day. Dumfries struck first as Hamilton struggled to deal with their long ball game with the experienced Neill missing from the defence. Thomson showed just what a good addition she will has prove to be finishing well from close range to bring the scores level. However

Dumfries hit back with two well taken set pieces to take a 3-1 lead at the interval. With one eye on this month’s last 16 Scottish Cup tie Accies made changes in personnel and shape, Accies responded well to these changes in the second half and McInnes glanced home from a super corner by Thomson to reduce the deficit to one and give them hope of taking something from the game. However Hamilton were

being cut open all too easily and conceded more goals before an excellent McAvoy free kick was turned in by McInnes’s quick reactions after the effort rebounded off the cross bar. Manager Erwin comments were “I must praise Dumfries for their appetite, passion, fitness and drive were all excellent and many of our players let themselves down in these aspects. We sorely missed Neil and McBrearty who both made second half appearances

for the Premier side however it’s up to other players to take their opportunities and for us to step up our game but we failed to do so. We keep pushing the players with the hopes they will respond and take their football and fitness to a higher level in terms of commitment but some players are still choosing only to commit to one and a half hours per week coaching and fitness when they have 7 hours available to them Monday, Tuesday and Thursday”.

range following a Thomson free kick. Both sides missed chances to go ahead but careless finishing ensured that the first half finished all square. St Rochs started the second half in full flight and scored three times in eleven minutes. McManus netted from a Gault cross in the 49th minute and Mackie grabbed a double in the 52nd and 56th minutes. The big Striker then shot past from 3 yards after being sent

clear by Harvey. Anderson pulled one back for beleaguered ‘Hill with a 60th minute free kick before St Roch Substitute power notched goal number six for the Rampant home side. Fellow Substitute Burnside added goal number seven with a powerful close range header with 15 minute remaining. St Roch passed up several decent chances to add to their total and rub more salt into the Bellshill Wounds.

St Rochs 7 Bellshill Athletic 3


ellshill went ahead after 2 minutes through Anderson who fired a 25 yard free kick past Roch Keeper Fusari. St Rochs had an opportunity to grab an equaliser two minutes later but Mackie headed a McManus corner past the post 4 yards. The Roch Striker managed to get on the scoresheet in the 9th minute when a McAndlish header sent him clear to cooly round ‘Hill Keeper Donnelly

Just before the interval and against the run of play Bellshill could and should have levelled when the Thorniewood defence for once were guilty of backing off leading to a guilt edged opportunity being sliced wide from infront of goal. ht 1-0 The second period started much more evenly with neither side setting the heather on fire until the 61st minute when Bellshill came close with an effort being deflected for a corner. This gave Thorniewood a spur and four minutes later a break on the right ended with Mullen squaring to Stuart Livingstone to lash home past

and tap home the equaliser. The home side went ahead in the 13th minute when Donnelly failed to hold a McManus free kick and Mackie fired the rebound home. Bellshill pushed forward in search of an early reply to the setback and a Selkirk close range attempt went narrowly past, and Roch Keeper Fusari did well to push a Thomson free kick over the top before Selkirk netted from close

his former club from 6 yards. Now in total control of the match, ‘Wood’ added a third in 78 minutes when Queen and Mullen linked on the left with the cutback being rammed home once again by the alert Livingstone. Several more opportunities were created and missed by Thorniewood before the referee blew the final whistle amidst loud cheers from the Robertson Park faithful.


Petershill 2 Thorniewood United 1

horniewood lost narrowly to premier league side Petershill in a highly competitive sectional league cup affair in Springburn. The home side were first to threaten in 3 minutes when a McArdle cross forced ‘Wood’ keeper Stephen Mather into a fine save from a McGladrigan header. Enjoying plenty of possession, Petershill again came close in the 18th minute when Turnbull rattled the crossbar with a fiercely struck shot from the edge of the area. Turnbull then opened the scoring in the 36th minute his header going in via bar and post amidst strong ‘Wood’ protests that the full ball hadn’t crossed the line. Thorniewood rallied and equalised in 40 minutes in their first real attack; Stephen Mullen guiding home from 6 yards after Stuart Livingstone had head-flicked on a Chris Queen throw. ht 1-1 Thorniewood began the second half in more positive fashion and home keeper McNeil had to be at his best in 53 minutes to claw a Darren Miller free kick out the

top corner. Moments later the referee awarded ‘Peasy’ a very soft looking penalty but justice was done when Mather done superbly to block Turnbull’s piledriven effort. ‘Wood’s’ joy was short lived however when in the next attack they again went behind with Neil Newman heading into his own net following a cross from the right. Taking the game to their hosts, Thorniewood came close in the 78th minute but Mullen couldn’t connect properly from six yards after being found with a superb Jamie Brophy cross from the right touchline. Shortly after the referee continued his night of woe by booking a Thorniewood player and red carding a Petershill player in an innocuous looking free kick incident. Finishing the match with a flurry ‘Wood’ went close with a Mullen shot in the 92nd minute before Chris Faulds forced McNeil into a full length save at the foot of the post with the last kick of the ball in the 95th.

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Shettleston 2 Thorniewood United 4

<<< RUNNING jogscotland Stonehouse ‘Week 4’


Match Report by Chief Sports Reporter; Stuart Clelland


horniewood took the honours in this highly entertaining league cup match in what was a great advert for the junior game as both sides opted for all out attack. ‘Town’ nearly went ahead in the sixth minute via the own goal route when United defender Mark Daly forced his own keeper Stephen Mather into a superb save to keep the scores level. Thorniewood themselves came close with a Chris Faulds effort in 9 minutes and then again in the 13th when the same player forced home keeper Keenan into a fine save tipping over a well struck 30 yarder. Thorniewood by now were playing some great football, again threatened when Stephen’s Mullen and Maguire combined to come close in the 22nd minute with Keenan rescuing Shettleston once more

blocking Maguires drive. The ‘Town’ number one who was the busiest person inside Greenfield again produced the goods tipping over a net bound Maguire 25 yard shot as Thorniewood pressed for the opener. Against the run of play the home side came close in the 36th minute but Daly in the ‘Wood’ defence done well heading clear from beneath his own crossbar. ht 0-0 Shettleston’s half time team talk seemed to have the desired effect with the Glasgow side making a much better contest of it for the opening 10 minutes. Indeed taking the lead in the 55th minute when Brown rose to dispatch home a header from 6 yards following a corner on the right. Thorniewood’s response however was immediate and

inside a minute they were level when a Darren Miller free kick found Mullen who superbly spun the defender before firing into the far corner. Thorniewood then took the lead in the 63rd minute when Mullen flicked on a Faulds ball from the halfway line to Des Bradshaw who sold the defender a classy dummy before netting an excellent goal. Number three followed in 67 minutes when a great Faulds ball put Mullen through to toe poke past Keenan. Thorniewood’s McPhie was shown a red card in the 70th minute after becoming involved with ‘Town’ veteran Andy Thompson before the home sides McIntosh received a double red after a shocking challenge before having words with the referee in 75 minutes. Shettleston reduced the

lead in the 82nd minute when a header from the half way line was missed twice by ‘Wood’ defenders allowing Thompson to slot home from 6 yards. Thorniewood again piled forward and came close when a Faulds ball played in Mullen but the strikers powerful effort was blocked. Home hero Keenan then produced another fantastic stop to deny Stuart Livingstone as ‘Wood’ pressed for a fourth. Deep into injury time a point blank header from a Shettleston corner was some how saved by Mather in a stunning save. Thorniewood then broke up field and Mullens desire and hunger was rewarded as he ran 70 yards before rounding Keenan to score a superb hat-trick. A fantastic match for the most part played in the right manner and a great advert.

he evening started with a breezy couple of laps of the running track to get the group of 6 warmed up. Led by (soon to be) jogleader Anthony Butler, the group completed 2 laps of the track with some gentle warm-up techniques before heading out the park and along Manse Road. Group leader Anthony put the advance runners into overdrive by introducing some interval sprints into the run. Advance runners were given landmarks along the route to sprint towards and then sprint back to meet back with the rest of the group. Immediately newest member, James Gavin set off leaving the others behind with his impressive speed work. As the runners regrouped it was clear that mixing up the pace was certainly dragging the experienced runners out of their comfort zones. Crossing over and heading down Strathaven road members had a chance to catch their breath and have a quick chat before the next sprint. Intermediate runners kept a steady pace while advance runners made there way back to the group. This was a theme throughout the run as everyone headed along Townhead Street, King Street and New Street. The group stuck together and made it to Canderside Toll. Heading back down into the town the pace of the group increased with intermediate and advance runners running at 8 minute mile pace.

As the group ran back along Lockhart Street, the front runners were given the growling task of a long sprint back the way and then made to catch back up with the rest of the group. Marathon runner Liz Watson certainly worked hard and put in a excellent effort in catching up after putting in the extra distance. As all the runners regrouped before coming into the park everyone made one last push and had a sprint finish up the hill back to the running track. Runners David Arthur, Sarah-Jane Ramsay, Caroline McInally, James Gavin and Anthony Butler completed a total distance of 6 miles in 56 minutes. The group finished up with some gentle stretching. Various cards and posters were given out to members to distribute to promote the group. It was agreed that this ‘out and back’ style run was beneficial in keeping the group together. Next meeting is Tuesday 16th August at 6.45pm (intermediate and advance). BEGINNERS GROUP WILL COMMENCE ON WEDNESDAY 24RD AUGUST AT 6PM! Please note anyone attending the intermediate and advance group that week, it will also run on the Wednesday night at 6.45pm. The group will then return to its regular night Tuesday night from the 30th August. If you know of anyone who maybe interested in coming along to the first beginners group then contact









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