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So You're Ready... SUCCESS Our program will give you the confidence & strength to reach your goals.


H-Town Gym is more than a gym — it’s a place you can feel like you’re a part of something bigger. We’re like family. “It’s great to have such awesome support behind you when you completely change a huge part of your lifestyle like eating… I’m stronger & leaner than I have been in a LONG while.” – Mandy Gegen, member “I just wanted to let you know that you run an EXCELLENT box. I remember emailing you in December to see why the other CrossFit near me was cheaper and you really get what you pay for. I am excited to go every day… and learn how to do a backflip so I can over-celebrate little things. ‘Hey I found a 20 in my pocket… (backflip).’ ” – Brant Swidler, member

2 transform your body and your outlook on exercise, but don’t know what to look for in a CrossFit gym. CrossFit gyms are popping up around town faster than Starbucks, but The H-Town Gym, Fueled by CrossFit is the only gym in Houston that thinks of you as a member of our family and not just another number. In fact, the family-friendly, team-like support network at H-Town Gym is what allows us to build strong bodies and strong bonds. We have experienced coaches and are committed to keeping classes small so you get the best instruction possible. At H-Town Gym, we want you to feel like you’re part of a team. We limit our classes to 14 people to keep things safe when we’re flipping tires and slamming weights. It also allows our coaches to keep an eye on each person to make sure you’re performing every exercise correctly.




1.5% body fat ´´Dropped Shed 3” all around ´´Lost 6 pounds ´´Increased her strength ´´and endurance

We’ll CHALLENGE you to become stronger, faster and more powerful without an increase in body weight. Our program will give you the confidence and strength to reach your goals. H-Town Gym builds better bodies by focusing on exercises that boost the amount of muscle-building, bone-strengthening hormones your body naturally releases. By increasing power, consistently training and developing successful diet strategies, we strengthen the hearts and minds of our members.

Routine is the ENEMY. FAST AND FURIOUS You get a phenomenal workout in less than half the time you’d typically spend at the gym.

“Thank you and everyone else for the encouragement and pushing me. It’s awesome to see not only results in myself, but those who I work out with every day. I guess that’s the ‘CrossFit community’ I keep hearing about and now (am) part of.” – Christopher Brewster, member “I’ve really enjoyed H-Town since joining and I didn’t expect to find a community and group of new friends along with a workout that kicks my behind every single time.” – Melanie Dean, member

CrossFit is designed for EVERYONE, but it’s rooted in training for military, law enforcement and firefighting. It’s based on physiology and uses the most basic human movements to build lean muscle. Lifting, carrying, climbing, running and jumping – this is how we sculpt bodies at CrossFit H-Town. And we go HARD AND FAST. CrossFit rejects the idea of a workout routine. CrossFit challenges the body by forcing it to constantly adapt to new stimuli. We build workouts using a variety of movements – including Olympic lifts, gymnastics, rowing and running.




3% body fat ´´Dropped Shed 8” all around ´´Lost 6 pounds ´´Got a lot stronger ´´

This is not a specialized fitness program, but a deliberate attempt to optimize physical competence in each of the ten generally recognized physical skills:

´´Cardiovascular &

respiratory endurance ´´Stamina ´´Strength ´´Flexibility ´´Power

´´Speed ´´Coordination ´´Agility ´´Balance ´´Accuracy

Traditional weightlifting might build massive traps and bowling-ball biceps, but if you can’t throw a ball or touch your toes, what good does it do? CrossFit builds functional muscle by incorporating compound movements, performed at relatively high intensity. Because of the high intensity, workouts are completed in as little as a few minutes and the longest workouts seldom lasting longer than 30 minutes. You get a phenomenal workout in less than half the time you’d typically spend at the gym. 3







You don’t have to start counting Zone blocks or buying paleo kits to become a CrossFitter; but you will get the best results if you couple a balanced diet with your new workouts. Ask your coaches if you have any diet questions or concerns. Your abs are made in the kitchen as much as they are in the gym. H-Town Gym carries a line of healthy meals called Torched Grill, so check it out when you’re here. These nutritious and delicious paleo meals are prepared by a chef and prepackaged for your convenience.


Physical CrossFit will make you leaner and more agile. You’ll be able to lift heavy, but you’ll also able to perform the most basic physical movements. Our workouts will push your cardiovascular system to the max, turn your muscles to Jell-O and make your lungs scream.




6% body fat ´´Dropped Shed 12” all around ´´Lost 14 pounds ´´Increased his performance by ´´more than 100 reps

But, the program here at H-Town Gym is designed for people of ALL fitness levels. Every exercise is scalable – meaning it can be modified so you can complete your repetitions with proper form. We scale load and intensity; we don’t change programs. Whether you’re an elite athlete or seasoned couch potato, CrossFit will help you take your workout to the next level.


One of the best things about our gym is the feeling of community and friendship that develops among our members. You sweat, struggle and celebrate with your H-Town Gym friends; and someone screaming encouragement as you grimace through that last pullup motivates you and builds a team-like bond. Throw in organized happy hours, social events and a co-ed softball tournament and you can understand why CrossFit becomes a lot like a family.

Who We Are


CROSSFIT H-Town Gym owner and lead instructor Theo Tsekouras wasn’t always the beast he is today. Before he found CrossFit, Tsekouras weighed 240 pounds, had triglycerides in the 300s and high blood pressure. Hoping to lose weight and gain strength to help in his job as a Houston firefighter, He started CrossFit. Tsekouras dropped 50 pounds and dramatically improved his overall health. He was also blown away by how much it improved his proficiency as a firefighter. But don’t think that eight years experience makes CrossFit easy. Tsekouras can still be found doubled over on the H-Town Gym floor, the victim of a particularly awesome WOD.

Most of our coaches are policemen, firefighters, retired military and medical and healthcare professionals. Every one of our instructors is an experienced CrossFitter who can not only coach you, but also motivate you to exceed what you thought was possible. We can do this because we have all experienced the challenge you are putting yourself through now.

´´Theo Tsekouras

37-year-old Houston firefighter, H-Town Gym owner and lead instructor “I push you to the edge and make you face your fears and challenge yourself, all with a smile on and a high five waiting.”

´´Seth Lawrence

35-year-old doctor of physical therapy “My coaching philosophy is to educate and motivate athletes to go above and beyond anything they ever expected they could do.”

´´Nick Sorrel

32-year-old ear, nose and throat physician “Work hard to achieve strength, endurance and flexibility and train your body to be comfortable in virtually any position to achieve mastery of manipulation of internal and external forces.”

´´Acie Nobles

36-year-old personal trainer/coach “I use my experience, education and motivation to help athletes achieve excellence.”

´´Arthur Langham

45-year-old data processing manager and IRONMAN “Quality over quantity.”






Your FIRST DAY GETTING STARTED Because CrossFitters are so fanatical about our sport, we have a reputation for being somewhat like a cult. We’re passionate about what we do and love spending time together, but Kool-aid is just empty calories. “Team” or “Family” is more like it. Another misconception is that you have to be an elite, hardcore athlete before you begin CrossFit. This myth couldn’t be farther from the truth. While dedication to CrossFit and proper diet can make you an elite, hard-core athlete, we have members of all fitness levels and body compositions with goals ranging from “Competing in the CrossFit Games,” to “Being able to do one unscaled pushup.” There is never any reason to feel intimidated at H-Town Gym.



When you’re ready to chalk up for your first workout, make sure to drink plenty of water. The quickest way to underperform – and possibly injure yourself – is to come to CrossFit dehydrated. If you’re thirsty, it’s too late – you’re already in the early stages of dehydration. A good rule of thumb is to drink until your urine is clear. Then keep sippin’.

´´Dress For Success

You don’t need $120 workout pants to come to CrossFit. But you’re not going to achieve maximum potential if you aren’t dressed correctly. Wear clothes you can move in. Avoid cotton and look for technical fibers like Coolmax, Dri-FIT, etc. Clothing that wicks moisture keeps you cooler and more comfortable.Also, make sure to wear shoes you can run in.


Calories are units of measurement for energy. So EAT! CrossFit is physically taxing enough without selling yourself short by skipping a pre-workout meal.




3% body fat ´´Dropped Shed 9” all around ´´Lost 4 pounds ´´Increased her fitness by 50 ´´reps on the WOD

Don’t neglect your post-workout nutrition, either. A recovery shake can make a big difference in reducing soreness.

Are you READY?



H-Town Gym offers a variety of membership packages, starting at two classes per week. We proudly offer discounts for students, teachers, military, law enforcement officers and fire fighters. To get started, email us at or visit our website and fill out the “Contact Me� form and Theo will be in touch to introduce you to the gym. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our H-Town Gym family.

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The H-town Style  
The H-town Style