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The Houstonian Independent Student Newspaper of Sam Houston State University

A GREAT TRADITION “The Houstonian” is the campus newspaper of Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. We publish 4,000 copies every Tuesday and Thursday. The university has more than 16, 500 students and 1,100 faculty and staff.


BUSINESS INFORMATION The newspaper functions under the Mass Communication department within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. “The Houstonian” is a student-run newspaper. Decisions on the acceptability of editorial material are made by the student editor. Decisions on the acceptabilty of advertising material are made by the student business manager.

FULL PAGE 6 x 21 Campus: $819.00 Local: $945.00

HALF PAGE 6 x 10.5 Campus: $409.50 Local: $472.50


PRODUCTION “The Houstonian” can design and produce any ad for a 10 percent production fee on the first ad that runs. Content for the ad must be provided by the client two days before the publication deadline. After the ad is proofed by the client, the newspaper is not responsible for any errors in the ad.

DEADLINES All advertising material is due two business days before publication. Ads are due at 2 p.m. on Tuesday for Thursday publications and 2 p.m. on Friday for Tuesday publications. Ads can be emailed or brought into the Houstonaian office on a flash drive.

CLASSIFIEDS Classifieds are determined by characters. Rates are priced at $3 per line, 20 characters per line. Classifieds may only be purchased by individuals that are not members of a commercial business. The rules and deadlines of all advertisements still apply.

QUARTER PAGE 3 x 10.5 Campus: $204.75 Local: $236.25

We accept TIFs, PDFs, and Camera Ready Files

THREE BY FIVE 3x5 Campus: $97.50 Local: $112.50

TWO BY TWO 2x2 Campus: $26.00 Local: $30.00


1 Column 1.639 2 Column 3.444 3 Column 5.25 4 Column 7.055 5 Column 8.861 6 Column 10.866 (Full Page is 21” tall)

Per column inch $6.50

Student and non-profit clients include: NPO’s, fraternities, sororities and candidates running for student government offices. *All late payments will be charged a $15 late fee per month.


Per column inch $7.50


Per column inch $10.50

Local clients include: Local businesses and national clients with local phone numbers or addresses included in their ads. These clients cannot place their ads through an agency. National clients include: all out-of-state businesses or businesses with long distance phone numbers and advertising agencies.

The Houstonian Rate Card  

The Houstonian Rate Card

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