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SGA approves 2012 budget, supreme court appointments


Miss Basketball pageant to raise funds for SHSU Women’s BB


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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Volume 122 / Issue 5


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--Budget breakdown--

2012 fiscal budget shows increase in operational costs, faculty salaries GEORGE MATTINGLY News Editor The 2012 Recommended Fiscal Budget for Sam Houston State University, which was released earlier this week, reflects several changes to university income and costs. Some major changes to the 2012 budget include a reorganization of how and where funds are allocated and major increases in housing and dining expenditures. First, the 2012 budget was reorganized to create “Mail Services” which includes the costs of the post office. It also includes

more, specific fund descriptions. The 2011 budget included costs under only one fund description titled “Post Office”. The projected costs of “Mail Services” are around the same amount of money that the “Post Office” was last year, which was $260,000. The only change is the fund description. The $12,000 is the only expenditure under a new fund description titled “Post Office” within Mail Services. Mail services has moved to under designated funds this year, which are for selfsustaining student activities related to instruction, community

education, public service, and scholarships. Last year, mail services were under auxiliary services, which are entities that exists primarily to furnish services to students, faculty and staff. Additionally, the estimated student dining expenditures increased from $7.7 million in 2011 to $8.3 million this year. The increase could be due to an increase in enrollment. Last year’s enrollment was 17,617 while this year’s is estimated to be 18,500 according to President Dana Gibson, although official enrollment numbers have not been released.

Some funds allocated to dining also increased this year. The overall budget of $8.3 million was split among several other departments. The money allocated toward Board Charges University Food Services increased from $5.7 million to 6.7 million. Other increases include a $3,000 raise in funds to University Dining Facility, and an increase in funds to Maintenance UPS from $165,000 to $216,000. Another major expenditure increase is in estimated university housing costs from $11.9 million to $13.9 million. A majority of the increase comes from the money allocated toward Residence Life.

Flanders breaks school record

The cost rose from $1.4 million to $2.4 million. Other cost increases include a $17,000 rise in funds to Housing Maintenance. Lastly, other important increases in this year’s recommended budget are a nearly a $1 million increase in state appropriations for faculty salaries. Other changes include a decrease in state appropriations for employee retirement from $3.4 million in 2011 to $2.3 million this year. Also, the estimated state funds going toward Student Services also fell from $1.7 million to about $577,000.

Junior running back becomes all-time leading rusher SAMANTHA VILLAREAL Multimedia Reporter

Jessica Gomez | The Houstonian

IN THE BOOKSw. Running back Timothy Flanders has done what no Bearkat has done: rushed for more than 2,688 yards. He shattered the previous school record on Saturday and now has 2.709 yards. Flanders is only a junior so he plans to set the bar high for future Bearkats.

Outside of being Sam Houston State University’s new career rushing record holder,junior running back Timothy Flanders lives a quiet life studying management and pursuing his NFL dreams. After transferring to SHSU from Kansas State University in 2010, Flanders has found his niche in the Bearkat family by leading their offensive attack. Before each game, Flanders prepares by reading his favorite Bible verse as well as listening to gospel music. “I always read one of my favorite verses, which is 2 Timothy 1:7 and that always gets me in the zone,” Flanders said. According to the running back, the hardest thing about transitioning from Kansas State to SHSU was leaving all his friends and coming to a small town in Texas. —

FLANDERS, page 2

Study finds binge drinking college students are happier than peers BRANDON K. SCOTT Staff Reporter Binge drinking college students are happier with their college social experience than their nonbinge drinking peers, a recent study published by the American Sociological Association says. Sam Houston State University’s Eddie Gisemba, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Initiative Coordinator, hadn’t gone over the research when contacted by The Houstonian, but when he was told of the findings, said he didn’t find it to be surprising or uncommon. “When you think about just the physiological effect of alcohol, the impact that it has with the dopamines in the brain which actually make you feel better and improves mood, and in addition alcohol is a social lubricant in its nature,” Gisemba said. “It makes people more sociable in general, like lauging and joking around. So from a physiological perspective, it seems like it makes sense in that regard.” The ASA study distinguishes high status groups (i.e., wealthy, male, white, heterosexual, and Greek affiliated under graduates) from low status (i.e., less wealthy; female; non-white; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and

Questioning (LGBTQ); and nonGreek affiliated undergraduates). The study found higher status groups were “consistently happier” with their college social experience than their peers from lower status groups. Authors of the study categorized high status groups and low status groups based on previous literature regarding low graduation rates, peer discrimination and hostile campus environments, according to the ASA press release. The research relied on nearly 1,600 undergraduate students in selective predominantly white institutions in a northeastern residential liberal arts college in 2009 and presented to the ASA last month. Carolyn L. Hsu, co-author of the study and an associate professor of sociology at Colgate University, said that students who are considered more socially powerful, drink more. “Binge drinking is a symbolic proxy for high status in college,” Hsu said. “It’s what the most powerful, wealthy, and happy students on campus do. This may explain why it’s such a desirable activity.” Hsu said that to some extent, the findings seem to indicate that when lower status students binge

U.S. College Students

40 % 60 %

Information via U.S. Surgeon General

drink, they may be trying to tap into the benefits and the social satisfaction that those of high status groups enjoy. It was also determined that while binge drinking increased social satisfaction for students from a range of lower status groups, the positive effects of bing drinking on social satisfaction were particularly strong for low income, non-Greek affiliated, and female students. LGBTQ and minority students experienced increased social satisfaction in college from binge drinking, but not as much as the higher and other lower status groups. “Minority students and members of the LGBTQ community, more than other low status students often face discrimination and struggle with their sense of belonging on predominately white, heterosexual campuses,” Hsu said. “This

may be lessening the potential ameliorating impact of binge drinking on low status. “ The authors did not find evidence that unhappy students were binge drinking to self medicate, in fact, low status students were least likely to drink. Research found that binge drinking was seen as a logical means to adapt, survive and seek out the most favorable life while in college, even though despite the potential positive social effects, binge drinking students were not exempt from negative interpersonal and health outcomes associated with alcohol abuse. “It’s not that binge drinking is the solution to complex social problems,” Hsu said. “Rather, it is our hope that when universities and public health professionals design alcohol related programs for students, they take into account the full range and important social motivations underlying student binge drinking.” While Gisemba did not find the results of the study to be surprising, he did caution students of taking the study at face value. “People that have a life involving alcohol are known to be more social, and will therefore report a more satisfying college experience,” Gisemba said.

“However, there can be several risks. You have to wonder whether or not those social encounters are the most healthy, whether or not they are true friendships or artificial in some way, shape or form.” Gisemba continued by listing the risks such as driving under the influence, getting into unhealthy relationships and sexual assault. “Taking into account all the risks that are inherent in being a college drinker, realize there is also a balance,” he said. “You can drink alcohol and still have that satisfying college experience. However, if you overdo it as many binge drinkers do, there are serious risks that, even if you find that college experience to be satisfying, would ultimately be detrimental to you moving forward.” The university is hosting its seventh annual Drug and Alcohol Summit on Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the LSC. Comedian Matt Bellace will be the keynote speaker and there will be free food as well. The summit will feature discussions on drugs, alcohol and finances, dating and coping with emotional trauma. Follow us today! @TheHoustonian

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

National NPHC recruitment numbers rise SHSU’s fall SOPHIE NELSON Staff Reporter

Over the last few years, the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) has had an increase in new memberships; an increase that has not touched the SHSU campus. The NPHC has confirmed that there are now around 1.5 million members nationwide and claims their success is the “core values and beliefs that allow [them] to align with the organizations who want to uphold [their] convictions.” Recruitments at SHSU have been dwindling. Jerrell Sherman assistant dean of students for Greek Life, believes it is because of many reasons that can affect almost any potential member. According to Sherman, one of the biggest factors is that instead of having all nine member organizations that are a part of the NPCH, SHSU has only six. Sherman explained that even though two of the chapters are not prominent in the South, it still really hurts the chapter to have three member organizations missing. Another component in the low recruitment numbers is that NPHC has higher standards for their members than most other fraternities and sororities. NPHC’s website listed how their expectations differed from other organizations, emphasizing that the council wants much more for their members than the traditional Greek life experience. “While NPHC affiliate organizations recognize the social aspect of Greek college life,” an NPHC representative said.” The primary purpose and focus of member organizations remains

community awareness and action through educational, economic, and cultural service activities.” Sherman also stressed that the SHSU chapter believes in quality and explained that they want wellrounded students, not just the minimum requirements met. “We are very selective and only allow a certain number of people to join per year.” Sherman said. “If you can’t sell yourself as the best candidate to make our organization better, then we will find someone who can.” Even though new recruitments have slowed down, Sherman is confident that it should not affect the chapter too greatly. “With the economy the way it has been the last few years, joining NPHC is a financial requirement that some people just cannot afford.” Sherman said. “I am hoping that things will pick

provided by

back up when people are more able to commit financially and commit their time.” Jasean Slusher, president of the NPHC, is also certain that the NHPC chapter will continue to do just as well as it has in the past. He also called attention to how selective NPHC is with their members and said that recruitment is not really as important as some of the other aspects the chapters look for. “Everyone wants to be cool and join the Greek community,” Slusher said. “If that’s the case, NPHC is not for them. We want someone who is actually going to work.” If interested in joining or finding out more information, the NHPC wil be holding an informational session called NHPC Greek Assembly in the LSC Ballroom at 5 p.m. on Sept. 7.

SGA approves new budget, supreme court appointments

provided by shsu SGA

LEIGHA LEWIS Staff Reporter SGA approved the 2012-2013 budget, appointed two new Supreme Court members and the Freshman Council Director at their meeting Tuesday evening. The new budget was approved by an almost unanimous vote, with only the Vice President and Internal Affairs Chair Kolby Flowers opposing. With the new budget, organizational expenses have been reduced to 63% by cutting executive student assistant wages and the Internal Affairs budget, while leaving officer wages where they are. However, studentoriented spending decreased a percentage point, while senate

discretionary spending jumped from 11% to 18%. Treasurer Jimmy Williams explained these changes in both the Internal Affairs and general meeting, citing the fact that officer wages have stayed the same over the past three years, while the overall budget has gained $10,000, and that student government associations at other colleges and small businesses have about the same margin. He also stated that the discretionary budget would go mostly towards new programs, supplementing the existing programs, and funding the PR for these programs. Any use of discretionary funds has to be approved by the Senate. The budget comes after the release of Flowers’ internal

budget review, which outlined last year’s budget and his solution to focus more funds on serving the student body, such as cutting officer wages or paid positions. According to his review, almost 70% of SGA’s revenue went towards the organization itself, while only 20% was applied to student-oriented expenditures. Flowers filed a motion to table the budget approval until next week for further discussion, which was voted down. After the budget approval, the Senate approved two new appointees to the Supreme Court. The new justices are doctoral student Molly Smith and junior Ozoemena “Tracy” Nnamadim. Both said they would love to be more involved with SGA, but time constraints and prior commitments don’t allow them. Victoria Towery, the current Chief of Staff, was appointed as the Freshman Council Director and it was approved by the Senate. Towery had been appointed by President Shane Rankin last week, but it was not approved by the Senate. Shane appointed her again this week. SGA meets every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in LSC 326, with the exception of next week, when they’ll be meeting at University Park.


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Born in Midwest Oklahoma, Flanders was raised by a family of athletes. His father played football and his mother played softball and basketball at Northern Oklahoma. Flanders’s mother recently received her ring for winning the National Championship game in 1979. Being the middle child, Timothy is one of three boys that play collegiate football in the Flanders house hold. His older and younger brothers, John and James, play football for the University of Tulsa. Senior Tulsa defensive back John Flanders supports his younger brother and has high hopes for him. “I’m real proud of him, he’s doing great,” John said. “He just needs to keep on doing what he’s doing [and] always have the team’s back and to stay true to himself ‘cause he’s going far.” Outside of the gridiron, Flanders juggles school, football and work and remains stress free. “My biggest focus is to stay true to myself because I know that everything else will work itself out,” Flanders said. “I’m going to keep working hard, being a good student and understand that everything happens for a reason.” With his few moments of free time, he thoroughly enjoys quiet time in his apartment watching Law & Order with his puppy Roxi. “I love watching Law & Order, that’s my show,” Flanders said. “I got my baby Rox the night before second semester,” Flanders said. “[She’s] half lab half pit. I love her.” Although the running back hasn’t officially declared a major, he wants to work in the private sector. “My dream career outside of NFL is to have a job in digital forensics.” The running back’s main goal for the season is to return to and win the National Championship final as well as achieving the Walter Payton Award; given to the most outstanding offensive player in Division I football. His current screen saver on his phone is a photo of North Dakota State’s ring from the National Championship game last February. “It’s my motivation. That ring is beautiful,” Flanders said. “I can’t wait to have mine.”

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hackers raid the Internet


Taylor Likens investigates the recent crash of


Choose potluck A typical dorm move in day for freshmen at Sam Houston can go two ways – an awkward firstmeeting divvying up precious room space with a stranger or an easy move in with a best friend from high school with predivvied room planned a year ago. Women have some anxiety and even some fears about moving in with a stranger. I suppose we have “The Roommate” to thank for that one. But people always seem to forget that sometimes moving in with your friend from high school can be as problematic as moving in with a stranger. Now I don’t mean your roomie will kill your cat, and it’s also highly unlikely the stranger will either. But even when rooming with friends, there’s the possibility for issues to spark regarding bathroom crowding, cleaning (or lack there of) and even the sleeping with or without TV problem. Leaving home to live with a friend is like having a never-ending slumber party but with drama sure to rear its ugly head. Honestly, I knew before choosing SHSU that I’d be rooming with a stranger, and that’s how I wanted it. After years of living in the same place surrounded by the same people, I wanted to expand and dive head first into college life, starting with a “potluck” roommate. The stress for me was from my sleeping arrangement. I sleep with the TV on and hate complete darkness or silence. While I was willing to compromise on a nightlight and the radio, I had to have both. “The Roommate” really did induce some fears before I moved in. Fortunately, my roommate had similar fears. She decided to email me using the magic SHSU master email list (that I wasn’t aware of), and soon after we began texting about everything to make sure neither one of us were crazy. Moving to a new town, state, or in some cases country is scary, but it’s also exciting because of the new experiences you will have and people you will meet. Moving in with a friend is sheltering and may prevent making new friends. It’s also hard to go out without each other because one feels bad for leaving the other. While the bathroom, cleaning, and sleeping problems will arise, compromise is easier because both just want to get along instead of win a battle with a friend. Sam Houston allows students to pick their own room and fill out questionnaire profiles to get a basic idea of potential roommates before choosing a room. There are also great articles online that can help roommates get to know each other. Learning to live with a stranger is a part of leaving home and is what makes it easy to become your own person.

Editorial Staff Robin Johnson

Rationalize it how we will, having an excuse is not necessarily the same thing as having a reason. And oddly enough, from attempted genocide to increasingly unnecessary Mountain Dew flavors, the greatest crimes of humanity tend to be the things people do for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Although hardly genocide, intentionally knocking down entire websites is somewhere up that alley of pointlessness and it seems to be happening quite a bit as of late. Most recently, GoDaddy. com, which many of us may know as the web-hosting site with the most desperate advertisements imaginable, went down this week with no warning whatsoever, taking millions of websites with it. With the fan suddenly hit by a substance net users were struggling to identify, an explanation came forth when someone by the name Anonymous Own3r took responsibility for the outage. Own3r claimed to be a (lazily named) member of the Anonymous organization, acting on his own behalf. GoDaddy. com soon swept down to stomp out the rumors, stating that the problem was much less interestingly caused by “a series of internal network events that corrupted router data tables.” Neither educated enough to understand this statement, nor captivated enough to attempt to, I must assume that this statement verifies there was indeed a fierce battle involved, reminiscent of Tron. Those of us with jobs, hobbies and responsibilities may not spend enough time on the Internet to be familiar with Anonymous. Exact origins being cloudy, Anonymous washed up sometime in the past few years, snowballing from a faceless cloud of Internet users with a clubhouse mentality into something else

ALEXIS ANDREI Contributor A notional documentary, “Mermaid: The Body Found”, was recently aired on Animal Planet. A very well put together spin on the hypotheses of aquatic evolution, this documentary makes you wonder if you’re swimming alone. Presented to the public with vibrant colors, a vast array of inconspicuous sounds, and imagery of the fantasy we’ve all believed in since our first viewing of The Little Mermaid, this documentary is captivating. As some put it, the docufiction film written by Charlie Foley, opens up with factual evidence about the ventures of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) team in 1997 to one of

Molly Waddell

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entirely. Abridged, it is an organization of hackers with dual reputations of being both Robin Hood vigilantes and vandals with destructive prowess and maturity levels in about as stable proportion as chainsaw-wielding toddlers. However, the second $170 million in damages finds its way into the mix, digital rowdiness starts showing signs of maturing into full-fledged cyber terrorism. As you might remember, it was Sony’s Playstation Network that got caught with that check. Last year PSN, the online service through which PS3 owners worldwide can virtually shoot each other in the face, was bombarded with an attack that left the system nonfunctional for over three weeks, on top of compromising the personal information of 77 million people. On Sony’s part, this sort of mistake is most politely categorized as dropping the ball. Anonymous would later claim that the raid was in retaliation against Sony’s harsh treatment of

PAWS UP to the Baylor vs SHSU football game being broadcast Fox college sports

PAWS UP to Glee coming back today,


PAWS DOWN to the Bearkat Sports Network announcer calling a lady chubby on air.

PAWS DOWN to the cold front going away.

Keep calm and swim on mermaids


Faculty Adviser

TAYLOR LIKENS Staff Reporter

consumers who jailbreak their devices (modify them to work as Sony did not intend). While it would indeed be frustrating to have Pillsbury attempt to fine you for using their biscuits for any purpose other than literal biscuit eating, the excuse that the attack was for the common good may ring insincere when one considers that all of Anonymous’ targets seem to only affect their particular sect of subculture, immersed in electronic media. Robin Hood loses a fair amount of merit when he grows a neck beard an only focuses on robbing the maniacal industrialists behind green tights. Don’t worry if you’re still wrapping your head around the information from earlier; $170 million is just as big of a deal as it sounds. To put it in perspective, that’s enough to feed 1,000 average American families for well over a decade. With a relatively small group of people capable of such damages without even standing upright, you’d imagine their efforts would be better suited for some less self-centric tasks. We all know that the secret behind the JFK assassination must be on a hard drive in the CIA building somewhere, and yet I can’t help but to doubt that sort of mission isn’t on the Anonymous agenda, or at least until the CIA finds reason to crack down on torrent websites. But maybe, if we’re honest with ourselves, we can hardly blame them for the attacks. An occasional anarchistic uprising is great for the ego and finding new and creative ways to relentlessly harass people is a pleasure topped only by warm cake and the hunting of man. After all, it’s hard to imagine labeling the Anonymous crowd as terrorists when there are much more traditionally menacing folks out there, ones who aren’t publically imitated by 16-year-olds with Guy Fawkes masks. Yet, at least.

Sports Reporter Graphic Designer

the largest whale beaching’s in history and the sound recording, also known as the “bloop” that could possibly change current history. Their discovery was unusual, a recording of diverse, abnormal sounds that were not the usual chitchat between whales. For me, the sound was a discordant collection of what seemed to be thousands of women screaming. Two scientists, members of the NOAA team at the time and currently doctors, are keen believers in the existence and evolution of our humanoid, gilled brethren. Deeply believing that the military is ‘covering up’ the mermaids, much like the aliens at Roswell, they relentlessly follow and meticulously evaluate the integrity of the military and their ‘top-secret’ demeanor when it comes to operations. “The feeling was like something out of Orwell,” Paul, one of the two scientists with NOAA, said. “This was Big Brother. They were rewriting history. Basically writing this creature out of existence.” This docu-fiction is inspiring conspiracists to delve into a new faction of government cover up theories. Only furthering questions of why the government does not want us to co-exist with our extraordinary friends. Looking at comments

Staff Reporters Brandon K. Scott Sophie Nelson Karmen King Cheyenne Simpson Jasmine Brown Morgan Mears Allyson Wiley Taylor Likens Samantha Villareal Leigha Lewis Joselynn Taylor Cody Cobb Cristina Baumann Caitlin Adamcik

underneath the full-length video on YouTube, thedub4 laid it out clearly for us. “Mermaids don’t want to be found. They are scared of us, but the question is WHY? The documentary shows mermaids and their history of existence decades ago. So what happened to make them so afraid of us? Could it be GENOCIDE? What is the government hiding? So much for our so called ‘justice system’.” In fact, this documentary does end with the same theory. Paul claims that we (humans) have never been able to co-exist with our similar species, so that it is just best to quit the search and let them carry on. I don’t think that the ranges of the situation are so black and white, I believe in the grey area. The theory of the aquatic evolution of our ancestors was cast in such a scientific, plausible way utilizing a multifarious collection of real-life, genuine examples that for a brief second, I believed that we could evolve ourselves into aquatic beings. No need to worry about December 2012 now, it is a definite, we will survive! I’m sitting on the fence with this one; the believability of their existence is based on your own interpretations of objective evidence. However, to me, I say, keep calm and swim on, mermaids.

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PAWS DOWN to people

losing their keys in the office and having to pay $180 to replace them

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Stereotypes: do they hold true?


Many students can walk through campus and immediately begin to identify the different cliques here at Sam Houston State University by simply looking at what they are wearing. This leads many people to assume that in order to fit in to a certain group of people you have to wear what they wear, but here at SHSU this may not be the case. On your way to class you might pass through the mall area to find the fraternity pledges representing their letters and sporting a polo

with pastel pants and boat shoes. Then you could be run over by the skater. You might even run into a group of girls that look like they just stepped out of a New York fashion magazine, but it might surprise you to learn that just because they are dressed to fit a certain stereotype doesn’t always mean they fit the description. Some common stereotypes here at SHSU are ones like the “Frat Daddy”, which describes someone who wears polo’s with shorts above the knees, boat shoes and a backwards hat. “Yea we are in a fraternity but not everyone in a fraternity wears

polo’s, Sperry’s, and croakies but it is just a better appearance on campus and helps me stand and be who I am,” fraternity member John Pham said. “It also helps me look professional and give a good representation of my fraternity”. Skaters, is another commonly used title and by Urban Dictionary definition, “Some skaters wear tight jeans and a pair of Emericas, but a lot of them just dress ‘normally’.” Reagan Terrell a senior here at SHSU, would, by some standards, fall under the skater category but to him it is more about purpose and comfort then anything,

“I wear these shoes because they help me skate and I wear tiedye because I like it,” Terrell said. When it comes to accessorizing and big jewelry, the “country girl” stereotype has that covered, though that should be no surprise since we are in the state of Texas. Big hair, big jewelry and boots are the words that could describe a “country girl”, and for Lexus Baggett that’s exactly how she feels. “I like the big jewelry, the blingy stuff, I like my jewelry noticeable, and I feel like it really makes the outfit.” Baggett said. There are many stereotypes or

John Pham

cliques here at SHSU, but don’t let those deceive you because what they wear doesn’t always define their personality. What may be a “frat daddy” look to someone may be a professional statement to another and just because someone looks like a skater doesn’t mean they are, it could be for the simple reason that it helps them in what they love to do. Everyone has a different style and dresses for there own purpose. It’s not because they have to wear it to fit into a certain group or because that’s what everyone else is wearing, they wear it because it’s what they like.


Sunglasses with neck band

The big hat and sunglasses are a personal touch of Terrell’s.

Typical polo shirt

Tie-die t-shirt keeping it real.

Shorts above the knee; which are usually khaki

Terrell breaks the stereotype by not wearing the typical Every skater

skinny jeans.

needs his skateboard. Classic boat shoes otherwise known as Sperry’s

These arent

“Frat Daddy”

Shop local Eat local Spend local Enjoy local

It takes YOU to start the trend.

Vans, Converse or Emericas, but Terrell says

Reagan Terrell

Fincher Fantasies

“We can make anything out of fabric”



Unique Gifts


Open Daily 10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 1102A 11th St. Huntsville, TX 77340


they help with his skating.

September 15th & 16th

Huntsville Antique Show at Walker County Fair Grounds & Highway 30 West!

November 17th

Dowtown Huntsville fun Dog Show!

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rematch in Waco: Bearkats expecting different outcome CONNOR HYDE Sports Reporter The Sam Houston State University Bearkats are set to line-up for a rematch against the Baylor Bears on Saturday in Waco. In 2010 the Bearkats lost to the Bears 3-34 in SHSU’s season opener in Waco but have since moved on and are ready to come out with a win. “We got older and more experienced players,” Head Coach Willie Fritz said. “We know what we’re doing now offensively.” Last Saturday’s season opener against the University of Incarnate word, the Bearkats experienced difficulties in the first quarter avoiding penalties and protecting the football. “There were a lot [of mistakes] that were first game

mechanics. You can do all of the organizational practicing that you want to until you get there and there are officials and a crowd,” Fritz said. “I’m glad we’ve got that game under our system and I’m glad we’re playing this week.” According to Fritz, the team has been working to address the first game problems in practice by working every aspect of their offense; from developing their passing game to running options. “We’re going to try and do everything,” Fritz said. “We’re going to run some option element and have some vertical passing and things we think we can do to get speed in a lot of space.” Currently the Bearkats have four players on their roster that grew up in Waco and it’s surrounding towns. According to senior defensive back Dax Swanson, playing back home will

Connor Hyde| The Houstonian

WEEK TWO. The Bearkats square off against Baylor Saturday at 6 p.m. in Waco. The game will be televised on Fox College Sports.

bring emotional ties playing in front of family, friends and old football coaches. “It’s going to be nice going back home. I got a lot of family and friends coming down to support me so it’ll be nice,” the defensive back said. “All of my old high school coaches will be coming. They’ve been calling me and texting me telling me good luck.” Junior quarterback Brian Bell sees going back home to Waco as a chance to bring Bearkat pride to Bear Country. “It’ll be a nice little treat to get all of our family and friends to support by wearing Bearkat colors instead of green and gold,” Bell said. In the end, the Bell and Swanson see Saturday’s game as another week and another chance to come out victorious against another opponent. “Of course it’s going to be nice to go back there and play close to home but we’re just going to look at it as another day and go in there a compete and come out with a victory,” Bell said. “I want to come back to Sam Houston with a win,” Swanson said. Saturday’s game against Baylor will be broadcasted on national television on Fox College Sports. Kick off is at 6 p.m. Tickets are available at www. along with a full Bearkat roster and schedule.

photos provided by SHSU basketball

SPORTS MEETS BEAUTY. (Above) The SHSU women’s basketball team awaits results of the 2010 pageant. (right) Sequeena Thomas sings during he talent portion. (bottom right) Chanice Smith shows off her sports wear. (below) Clarke Davis struts her stuff during the evening wear section. Thomas and Smith won the competition.

Women’s basketball to host fundraisers KARMEN KING Sports Reporter Everyone knows the routine for pageants: talent show, evening wear… sports wear. Wait, what? That’s exactly what the Miss Basketball Pageant will showcase. The Lady Kats will take the stage Saturday September 22 at 6:00 p.m. at Sam Houston elementary school. Admission is free but monetary donations will be taken at the door. “Everyone should come out and see us,” senior Sequeena Thomas said, “if only to see us in dresses for once.” The event is making a return after a two year hiatus at the request of the players and is a fundraiser to off-set the cost of travel. “Last time we did this pageant, it was a lot of fun,” Thomas said. “I especially enjoyed the talent portion because we got to show off our talents other than basketball.” Thomas and senior Chanice Smith won the last time the pageant was held. “The talents were funny last time,” Smith said. “I pranced around in a tutu while Q [Thomas] sang.” This isn’t the only fundraiser the Kats will be hosting this month. On September 15 there will be a “Paint the Town Orange” event at 6:00 p.m. at Faith Lutheran Church. Head Coach Brenda Welch- Nichols, illustrator of the popular children’s book series featuring Beauregard Le’ Moose, will be teaching participants a special painting technique. “We are excited to do something different to raise money for the program,” Welch-Nichols said. “It’s going to be educational, exciting and unique.” The team will be in attendance for photos and childcare. Tickets are $25 each and only a total of 100 will be sold. Event goers will leave with a finished painted product suitable for hanging. Tickets are available by emailing kat_krew@yahoo. com, calling 936.294.1742, or can be purchased at Community Service Credit Union, at 250 FM 2821 or 2432 Sam Houston Ave. Coming off a record-breaking season that included the first ever hosting of post season play, the Kats have put together a tough, travel-heavy, schedule. Newark, DE starts off the team’s travels as they participate in the preseason Women’s National Invitational Tournament. This is the first time the Kats have been invited to a preseason tournament. The season includes trips to Lincoln, NE, Mobile, AL, and Long Beach, CA; not to mention the wide travels as part of their usual Southland Conference schedule. “I hope people come and support a great program and great new fundraisers,” Nichols said.

September 13, 2012  
September 13, 2012  

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