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McKinzie Brocail wants local recyling plant to renew plastic recycling operations

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Women’s basketball team earn berth into largest, pre-season tournament, WNIT.

Tuesday, July 10 HI: LOW:


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Jessica Gomez | The Houstonian

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wreck the halls

Dormitories being demolished for student center expansion

Stephen Green | The Houstonian

Smith-Kirkley deconstruction underway

Stephen Green | The Houstonian, SHSU Archives

BRING IT DOWN (Above) Construction crews are demolishing Smith-Kirkley residence halls in sections starting on June 30. (Below) Smith and Kirkley Residence Halls were seperately built in 1951 and 1952 respectively and occupied until 2006.

Bricks, debris and remnants of dorm rooms now lay where four floors of SmithKirkley Hall once stood. The 50-year-old building, which has housed thousands of residents, will soon be history as the university took the first steps in a plan to expand student facilities. Construction crews began the demolition of the residence hall on July 3 as a part of the ongoing tear-down to make room for new additions to the Lowman Student Center, according to a university announcement released in May. “The student center fee increase will fund portions of a plan that includes demolishing Smith-Kirkley Residence Hall and expanding the Lowman Student Center,” the release stated. While the hall has not been occupied by residents for several years, the building has housed several other departments on campus in the past, including SHSU Dining Services, the Distance Education and Learning Technologies for Academics

(DELTA) Center and offices of the College over the weekend. Many of us only had of Humanities and Social Sciences. permission to travel home and we had no Construction of Smith-Kirkley Hall was vehicle to do otherwise.” completed in 1962. It was an all-women’s With the news of the demolition, both dorm that housed 266 upperclassmen along women remained positive about saying with a reception room and dining hall. The goodbye to their former home away from building is named after Harriet Francis home. Smith and Bertha Kirkley. “[Smith-Kirkley] is Smith was a geography teacher always going to have for SHSU from 1914 to 1941 It’s always going to have some sentimental value while Kirkley taught as an some sentimental value with with me,” Marion said. assistant in Latin, mathematics “But I am very proud me...but I am very proud and history from 1891 to 1941. and impressed with what For former residents of and impressed with what the the university is doing the building, the hall was not university is doing and how and how they are moving only a place to live, but also a they are moving forward... forward.” place of community, fun and Betto agreed, saying memories. she is a big supporter of the university’s “I met an amazing group of fun girls progress. [in Smith-Kirkley],” said former resident “I think SHSU has such a beautiful Cindy Marion (‘78, ‘79). “I remember campus and they’ve done a lot to keep it other girls from down the hall might use up,” Beto said. “I believe it is good for the the albums to send shaving cream under students.” the door of the rooms in Kirkley.” University officials say the demolition “Another time I remember being late to of Smith-Kirkley should be complete class because someone had tied all the door sometime in August. knobs together so everyone was stuck in their rooms!” she said. Marion said while the girls had their share of fun, there were some snags to living at Smith-Kirkley. As a resident in Room One, Marion recalled several sleepy nights being woken up by residents knocking on her window to be let into the building after curfew. Alumnus Donna Betto, who lived in Smith-Kirkley from 1967 to 1969, has memories of the hall from a time of political unrest. “I remember watching protests of the Vietnam War at Old Main from the windows at Kirkley,” Betto said. “It was very exciting to watch because the whole idea was so risqué at the time. Nothing like that really hadn’t happened before.” The students at the time also lived with even more strict rules than today, according Stephen Green | The Houstonian to Betto. DEMOLITION The deconstruction of the “The dorm mother had a box of cards on all the female residents,” she said. “The dormitories, including King Hall, is expected cards indicated instructions from our to be finished by the end of August or early parents regarding permission for travel September according to university officials.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Paper and plastic please

McKinzie Brocail wishes Try 2 Recycle facility renewed their plastic-item recyling operations PAWS UP to Angelic Ortiz for winning the Alpha Talent award at the Miss Texas Pagaent.


UP to the

Women’s Basketball team for being invited to the WNID tournament.

PAWS UP to three

members of the Houstonian staff being born last week. Who knows how they’ve survived this long...


The Try 2 Recycle facility on 15th Street no longer takes plastic recyclables, which means students will have to go farther (to the Huntsville Recycling Drop-Off Center) to recycle their plastic waste. Try 2 Recycle has been a part of my Sunday routine: I’ve taken all of my recyclables there for almost two years. I love its convenience and that on weekends or after hours you can still drop by and place your items in their corresponding bins. If you brought a substantial amount of material, especially metal, they will pay you for the recyclables. The new “no plastic” implementation is now a part of a growing list of items they don’t take including: Styrofoam, grocery bags and glass. Don’t get me wrong; I understand that Try 2 Recycle is a business, not a community dropoff center. I also understand that as a business they are in it to make money, not for the sole purpose of doing something for the good of the planet, but when 12.4 percent (31 million tons) of total municipal solid waste was plastic in 2010 according to the Environment Protection Agency, this is a large

waste I hope that they at least reuse or repurpose the material. According to sources, Try 2 Recycle no longer accepts plastic waste because of the lack of storage space for it and the lack of money plastic brings in. The alternative recycle facility option is the Huntsville Recycling Drop-Off Center, which is inconveniently closed on Sundays and closes at 5 p.m. everyday. While they do accept most plastics, some grocery bags and glass, like Try 2 Recycle they reject Styrofoam. Students are encouraged every Wednesday to recycle at the circle turnaround outside the CHSS and Lee Drain buildings between 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. I suppose I will continue to take my nonplastic recyclables to Try 2 Recycle as per my Sunday routine, but will take my plastics to the community recycle center during a separate trip. The Huntsville Recycling Center and is located at 590 I-45 North and can be contacted through the Solid Waste Services Office at 936294-5743.

MCKINIE BROCAIL Senior Reporter portion of recyclable material that may end up unrecycled. Students who live on and near the campus had a good thing going with the incredible proximity to the Try 2 Recycle facility. I’m nervous that the many students will stop recycling plastic altogether because the alternative recycling center is off I-45 North and 10 minutes away from campus. If students aren’t going to make the trip to recycle their plastic

Drink up and grow up

George Mattingly criticizes the WTA no-grunting rule PAWS DOWN to the

beeflywasp dragons that are haunting the doorways of the Dan Rather Building and torturing the students.


DOWN the constant rain. Except we probably needed it, however, it’s still annoying.

This past weekend, I reached an important milestone in my life: I turned 21. Of course, my birthday came with excitement of finally becoming being able to drink legally and I definitely celebrated that right. However, I realized that turning 21 is not only a big step in my youth, but the last step to becoming a true adult. Sure, we are considered adults when we turn 18, but turning 21 holds a lot more in store. During my 21st year of life, I will be graduating from college, preparing to follow my career path and leaving the comfort of college life behind to face adulthood on my own as will most college students. Gone will be the days of extended holiday breaks, deciding my own schedule and waking up for class at noon. It is a time of making important life decision like where you’re

GEORGE MATTINGLY News/Viewpoints Editor going to live, how you are going to support yourself and what your plans are for the future. The responsibility of it all can seem intimidating to most people, but that is the price we pay for the freedoms we have.

I realized that while it will be a tricky transition period for me, I am ready for the next chapter in life because although it can be scary, it’s exciting at the same time. It’s exciting to know that I have had the opportunity to become the person I am today and that there’s even more to see, do and learn. It’s exciting to make my parents and family proud by reaching this point in my life. After all, they have dedicated their time, money and energy into making sure I reach adulthood and I am happy to make them proud. It’s a very fulfilling to know that I am ready for the next step in life because of everything I have learned and how much I’ve grown through my life experiences so far. So when you turn 21 and are sucking down your first legal drink, don’t forget that it is also time to grow up, get ready and enjoy the next stage in your life.

PAWS DOWN to all the construction going on campus. The fences and dirt everywhere are making our beautiful campus not so beautiful.

The individual opinions on the Viewpoints page are not necessarily affiliated with the view of The Houstonian or SHSU. The Houstonian is temporarily published weekly on Tuesdays during the summer. It is a news publication of Sam Houston State University, a member of the Texas State University system and is produced by students. It is self-supporting and welcomes all advertisers. Those interested in placing ads or classifieds should call 936-294-1495. The Houstonian is a member of the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association and Associated Collegiate Press.

July 10 1776- The statue of King George III is pulled down in New York City. 1777- British General Richard Prescott was captured in Rhode Island during the American Revolutionary War. 1778- In support of the American Revolution, Louis XVI declares war on England. 1850- Millard Fillmore officially sworn in as president. 1925- The “Monkey Trial” begins in Tennessee. John Thomas Scopes was tried for teaching evolution in violation of state law. 1940- The Battle of Britain begins in World War II. 1962- The modern seatbelt patent design was issued. 1990Mikhail Gorbachev re-elected as head of Communist Party. 1992- The Exxon Valdez’s captian had his conviction overturned. 1999- U.S. women win the World Cup Visit our website!

July 11 1533- Henry VIII is excommunicated from the Catholic Church by Pope Clement VII. 1804Alexander Hamilton, first Secretary of the Treasury and face of the $10 bil, was mortally wounded in a duel by Aaron Burr. 1862Abraham Lincoln appoints General Henry Halleck as general in chief of the Federal army.

Letter to the student body Dear Sam Houston Students, Staff, Faculty and Alumni: The Houstonian would not survive were it not for the continued involvement and dedication of the SHSU student body. We welcome all column submissions and letters to the editor. If at any time you feel the need to express an opinion, please do not hesitate to email your thoughts or drop by our office in the Dan Rather communications building. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you as always for your continued suport of the Houstonian. George Mattingly Viewpoints Editor

Summer Editorial Staff

1942- In the longest bombing raid of World War II, 1,750 British Lancaster bombers attack the Polish port of Danzig. 1972- American forces break the 95-day siege at An Loc in Vietnam. 1975- Archaeologist unearth an army of 8,000 life-sizd clay figures created more than 2,000 years ago for the Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SHSU students compete at Miss Texas 2012 pageant GEORGE MATTINGLY News/Viewpoints Editor Three women from Sam Houston State University competed in the 2012 Miss Texas pageant in Allen, Texas last week. In the end it was Danae Couch of Dallas who took home the title of Miss Texas, Miss Sam Houston Angelic Ortiz, who represented SHSU, came home with a prize of her own, winning the Alpha Talent Award for her dance during Friday’s portion of the pageant. Sam Houston students Risa Mitchell, who represented Huntsville, and Whitney Wiley, who represented Katy, also competed with about 40 other women from across the state in the pageant. Throughout the three-day pageant, the girls participated in several events during the three day pageant experience including group rehearsals, attending a press conference and preparing for the different portions of the competition including swimsuit, evening gown, talent and questions from a judging panel and on-stage. After winning her prize, Ortiz took to Facebook to express her excitement and gratitude. “Won the Friday night 1st year Talent Award!” she posted. “God is Great!! Enjoying being sequestered- it’s AMAZING!! These women are all changing me for my best.” Adjunct professor of communication studies and former pageant winner Terri Jaggers, who helped mentor the girls for the pageant, also took to Facebook to congratulate the women. “So proud of my SHSU girls competing at Miss Texas!! Go Angelic Ximena Marie Ortiz, Whitney Wylie, and Risa Mitchell!!” she said. “All of you are beautiful, smart, talented, and deserving ... only one can win and Texas always has the best of the best (as you three are).” The pageant has been produced by the Miss Texas Organization since 1936 and aims to “provide personal and professional opportunities for young Texas women and promoting their voice in culture, politics and community” according to the organization’s website. As this year’s winner of Miss Sam Houston pageant, Ortiz was the first to compete in the Miss Texas Pageant since the 1980s. For a full list of winners, visit


ANGELIC ORTIZ competed in the Miss Texas pagaent after being crowned Miss Sam Houston last year. Ortiz won the Alpha Talent award after performing a jazz/ slasa piece. Risa Mitchell, SHSU student also competed as Miss Huntsville. Whitney Wylie also competed as Miss Katy. Neither Wylie or Mitchell won an award at the event.

Congress makes changes to Federal student loans MCKINZIE BROCAIL Senior Reporter Various changes to federal student loan programs went into effect on July 1. The changes will affect undergraduate students and graduate students who have and take out student loans. The change for undergraduate students is that the interest rate on subsidized Stafford loans taken out as of July 1, 2012, will remain at 3.4 percent for one more year. The interest rate for students with these loans would have returned to the previous rate of 6.8 percent on July 1 had the decision not been quickly made on June 29 by Congress. Stafford and Perkins loans (also known as student loans) are education loans that are given based on demonstrated financial need. Subsidized student loans entail that the government pays the interest while the student is in school. The downside to the decision is that it includes a temporary provision that lasts until July 1, 2014, in which students with subsidized Stafford loans taken this year and next will no longer receive an interest-free grace period after they graduation. “As a recent graduate, I work 12 hours a day, six days a week, and live with my folks so that I can try to pay off my debts from college loans,” Sam Houston State University alumnus Jawsh Orin said.

Typically, students would have a six-month period upon graduating where they do not have to pay the accrued interest. However, now the interest from those six months is added to the total of the loan once the period ends but does not have to be paid during the grace period, similar to an unsubsidized loan. Unsubsidized loans require that students pay all the interest, although they can have the payments deferred until after graduation. “This could only help you by saving money,” SHSU alumnus Jessika Villarreal said. “[But] I am totally against the fact that they took away the six months of no interest.” As a student who graduated at the end of 2010, Villarreal has the previous interest rate of 6.8 percent tacked onto her student loans. She said being without a job for about a year after graduating made it tough for her to stretch her money to pay $300 every month for her $24,000 loan. The congressional decision also states that graduate students are no longer eligible for government-subsidized Stafford loans. Graduate students can still take out unsubsidized Stafford loans, for which interest accrues at a rate of 6.8 percent during school. With approximately 10,000 SHSU students receiving financial aid (68 percent), the loan rates

remaining at 3.4 percent is good news. According to the most recent data (2008-2009) from the Office of Institutional Research, SHSU students who have taken out Stafford loans totaled about $26 million in need-base loans and approximately $33.7 million in non-need based loans. SHSU is ranked second, after Princeton University, for having the least student debt incurred by graduates according to a recent U.S. News & World Report ranking of colleges with the most and least student debt. For the class of 2010, 46 percent of SHSU graduates had an average amount of $7,602 in debt. The overall average student debt in the U.S. is roughly $24,500. The House voted 373 to 52 to pass the bill. The Senate voted 74 to 19 to follow suit, and President Barack Obama signed the legislation into law on Friday, July 6.


$24,500 $7,602

Rep. Berkley investigated by ethics committee Rep. Shelley Berkley (D-Nev.) will be put under investigation by the House Ethics Committee to see whether or not she used her office to benefit her physician husband’s financial interests. The investigation was sparked by September 2011 New York Times story that discussed Berkley’s legislative efforts that benefitted her husband. Rep. Mike Conway (R-Texas) and Representative Donna Edwards (D-Md.) will chair the investigation.

Obama extends Bush-era tax cuts President Obama called for a one- year extension of the George Bush- era tax cuts on Monday, but only for the middle class. Obama said that lower tax rates should end for Americans making more than $250,000 a year. The president plans to campaign with the tax cut proposal later this week. Follow us today! @TheHoustonian



SHSU track member named SLC female athlete of year MOLLY WADDELL A&E/Sports Editor Morgan Davis, member of the 2011-12 track and field team, is the Sam Houston State University’s female representative of the Southland Conference Scholar- Athletes of the Year. “My reaction to finding out I was SLC student athlete of the year was complete shock,” Davis said. “I had no idea there was even such a title. I was extremely happy and glad that all those hours of practice and study time paid off.” Davis earned a biology major with a chemistry minor at SHSU, and has placed in several track meets. Davis won All- Southland Conference in the indoor pentathlon by coming in second, placed fourth in SLC heptathlon meets in 2011 and 2010, and placed fifth in the 2011 outdoor meet in 100m hurdles. She graduated with an overall grade point average of 3.63,was on the Dean’s list all four years in college and on the Presidents Honor Role her sophomore year. In March, Davis was recognized as SLC Indoor Track Women’s Student-Athlete of the Year. Davis is also a member of the Student Athletic Advisory Council which makes decisions and votes on rules that student athletes have to follow. Doing school, clubs, and athletics was hard for Davis but it was possible. “Balancing school, track, and a social life was a challenge and the best way I was able to do everything was through time management,” Davis said. “I always knew when I needed


Penn State recieves record donations despite scandal Penn State received more than $208 million in donations in the fiscal year that just ended. Not only is this the second highest total in university history but is despite the Jerry Sandusky trial. University vice president Rod Kirsch says the school is grateful for the contributions during such a difficult time. Sandusky is awaiting sentencing after being convicted of 45 criminal counts last month.

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Money ready for Spain bank bailout

Photo courtesy Morgan Davis

LEAPING THE HURDLES. Morgan Davis jumps the hurdles, her favorite event, during the 2011-12 track and field season.

to set aside time to study after practice, but I still made sure I left me some time to do the fun stuff.” Davis knows she would balance all three again if she could. “Regular students do not understand how tough it is to be an athlete as well as a student, but it is a challenge that I would accept over and over again.” Davis started running track in seventh grade in Waller, Texas. She participated in many events, some that she is still in today. Davis was in athletics and it was required that she be in track. “I didn’t really decide to join the sport, it was required if you were in athletics, and then as it turned out I was pretty good at

it,” Davis said. Davis’s favorite event is the hurdles. “It’s funny that hurdles is my favorite because in junior high and my first 2 years in high school I wasn’t allowed to do them because I was so clumsy,” Davis said. “Luckily I grew out of the clumsy stage.” Davis is currently pursuing a master’s degree in health in hopes of getting into dental school. Davis believes she will always run. “It’s in my blood,” Davis said. “Being a track athlete has been something that has defined me for so long and because of that I know I will always be a runner in some way.”

Euro area finance ministers said that $36.88 billion can be ready by the end of the month for the bailout of Spain’s banks early Tuesday morning. The exact amount of the bailout will likely be unknown until September after individual examinations of different Spanish banks have been completed.

Holder vows to challenge Texas voter I.D. laws Attorney General Eric Holder will contest the Texas Voter ID law this week. The law was signed in May 2011 by Gov. Rick Perry (R) and it requires a photo id to vote. Since texas is a state with a history of voter discrimination it must get preclearance from the Department of Justice. A three- judge panel will hear the case.



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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Women’s basketball invited to WNIT

November 9 and each team is guaranteed to at least participate in three games. For the first time in “It will be a great program history, the Sam experience,” post Angela Houston State University Beadle said. “I hope it women’s basketball will show other schools team has been invited to what our team is capable participate in the preseason of.” National Invitation The 2012-13 season Tournament (WNIT). looks bright for the The invitation comes Bearkats as they’ll return after a 2011-12 season that all five starters from last ended with the Bearkats season, including Allcompiling an overall record Southland Conference of 18-12 (12-4 in SLC) and Team members making the first postseason Sequeena Thomas and tournament in school Britni Martin. history. Last season, Thomas “We are extremely and Martin combined honored to be asked to be for 958 points and 519 a part of the tournament,” rebounds, with Thomas head coach Brenda Welchranking second in the Nichols said. “I am so nation for rebounding. excited about where our Also returning next program has come from season, will be senior and where it is headed.” guard Chanice Smith, According to the WNIT juniors Johnson, Zoe website, 16 collegiate teams Tucker and Nyha Carter, are selected from across alongside sophomores the country to participate, Sally Clavelle, Beadle based on several different and Jazmin Wiley. factors. The website states The Kats team will also that teams are chosen in feature the return of redpart due to a program’s shirt senior Clarke Davis expected success for and the introduction the upcoming season, of last year’s redtheir relevant past and shirt transfer Victoria conference standings. Gonzalez, and incoming The Bearkats learned transfer Summer Fife Friday that they would and true freshman be participating in the Jasmin Anderson. tournament and many “Our program is on Jessica Gomez| The Houstonian of the players were OFF TO THE WNIT. Britni Matin, guard, goes for a shot the rise,” Nichols said. overjoyed. in a game against U.T. Pan- American, in the 2011-12 “Playing in pre and “I was very excited,” basketball season. postseason tournaments junior Jasmine Johnson will give our ladies the said. “It’s another step confidence to continue in the right direction for the program we’ve been growing in the right direction.” building.” The rest of the 16-team field will be announced Opening day of the tournament is scheduled for today with the bracket being revealed July 17. KARMEN C. KING Contributing Reporter

Molly Waddell | The Houstonian

SUMMER REP Stephanie Dew listens to her boyfriends idea to fake a painting. The Sam Houston State University Summer Repertory Program is a class offered at SHSU during the summer that puts on four plays in a matter of eight days.

Summer II reperatory class to host four theatre performances MOLLY WADDELL A&E/Sports Editor The Sam Houston State University Summer Repertory Program is a class offered at SHSU during the summer that puts on four plays in a matter of eight days. The purpose of the program is to emphasize “acting and directing while taking a barebones approach on sets, lights and costumes,” according to the summer one programs. Most of the students are involved in at least two shows. Penny Hasekoester M.F.A., Chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance, believes that the program helps students develop skills not only on stage but backstage as well. “You learn how to work in a group and how to work fast and process fast and how to develop your skills,” Hasekoester said. The rehearsal process is much shorter, about three weeks. According to Hasekoester this forces a real economy of directing style, and a real economy of working from everybody. Students in the program share what they got from the program. Stephanie Dew, junior musical theatre major, was in two summer repertory plays, The Credeaux Canvas and Murder by Mistake. Dew’s emphasis is in acting so she loved being able to focus solely on acting this summer. “It was a great experience to work on both plays, because one was comedic and the other was dramatic, giving me two different areas to focus on,” Dew said. “Summer repertory also provided me with the chance to work closely with other students in the department that I didn’t know beforehand.” Camry Selden, senior theatre major, was in one summer repertory play, Murder by Mistake. Selden liked the program because the plays were a bit riskier than what is put on during the normal school year. “It was great to get the experience of putting up a show in a short period of time,” Selden said. “Most of the shows that are performed are things that don’t get to be in the main season throughout the year.” Summer repertory two will start July 25 with Cockeyed at 8 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center. Tickets are $5. NATION & WORLD

Solo receives warning after testing positive for banned drugs A member of the U.S. soccer team escaped with a warning from the USADA after testing positive for a banned substance. Hope Solo was taking premenstrual medicine that contained, canrenone, a diuretic and banned substance. Solo was unaware that her medicine contained the substance and as soon she found out she immediately cooperated with the USADA to prove that it was a mistake.

NASCAR driver on suspension for failed drug test After failing a drug test NASCAR driver A.J. Allmendinger has requested that is sample “B” be tested. He is currently under temporary suspension but if the second test comes up negative he will be immediately reinstated. On the other hand if Allmendinger fails again he will be suspended indefinitely. It could take up to five days to get results from sample “B.” While the tests are pending, Sam Hornish Jr. will replace Allmendinger this weekend at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Follow us today! @HoustonianSports

Holmes, Cruise divorce official Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s divorce was finalized Monday. In a statement to USA Today they said that they want to do what is best as parents to their daughter Suri. By settling so quickly they avoided a potentially nasty legal battle.

“Grey’s” star Ramirez ties knot

Molly Waddell | The Houstonian

IDEA OF THE CENTURY. Kyle, played by Zane Thrift, tells his wife Sarah, played by Stephanie Dew, about his new dog seat belt idea in hopes of her investing in it. She won’t go for it due to his previous failed ideas.

Murder nobody wrote

Theatre portrays non-traditional crime story of prank gone wrong


Sam Houston State University’s summer repertory program finished off summer one with their biggest production yet, Murder By Mistake by John Kaasik, on June 27 and 28 in the Performing Arts Center. The story took the audience through several pranks that lead to life altering problems and gut wrenching laughter. All of the acting was overly exaggerated and the set, although still simple, had the most pieces out of the summer repertory’s four plays. The window allowed for interactions all over the stage and was also the main point of all the pranks. The character that stole the show was Kyle, played by Zane Thrift. Kyle went through every emotion possible in a matter of

two hours. He also used every inch of the stage to his advantage. Thrift went above and beyond portraying the main character. In the scene where he accidentally killed his friend, Mike played by Camry Selden, Thrift kept the audience laughing as he struggled to hide Mike’s body. The body hiding scene stood out the most because a dummy was not used for Mike’s body so Selden had to be dragged around the stager by Thrift and was even flipped over himself at one point. During this whole scene neither Thrift nor Selden broke character even though some of the ways Kyle hid Mike were ridiculous. Thrift was so committed to Kyle’s character that he sweated through three t-shirts by the end of the play. Brian Burke, junior public relations major, came to support his friend Thrift.

“I loved it,” Burke said, “I thought it was really good.” Murder By Mistake had it all, the nosy neighbor, over bearing wife, cheating husband, nervous friend, pranks, and comedy. The play kept the audience laughing the whole time. The next play, Cockeyed, will start off summer repertory two on July 25 at 8 p.m. in the PAC. Tickets are 5$ and can be purchased by calling the PAC box office at (936) 294-2339.

Sarah Ramirez, “Greys Anatomy” star tied the knot on July 4. Ramirez, who plays Dr. Callie Torres, married business analyst Ryan Debolt in an “intimate ceremony in New York,” the actress’s representative told Huffington Post. Debolt proposed to Ramirez last June in Paris.

“Bachelorette” narrows to final two ‘Bachelorette’ Emily Maynard narrows it down to two men. Maynard is finishing off her season in Curacao a Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela. Next week The Men Tell All episode will air and the finale will air Sunday July 22 from 8 to 10 p.m.

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July 10, 2012  

The July 10 issue of the Houstonian.

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