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Sloan resigns as dean of COFAMC George Mattingly | The Houstonian, Roberta Sloan

STEPHEN GREEN Editor-in-Chief Roberta Sloan, Ph.D., dean of the College of Fine Arts and

Mass Communication, is stepping down due to health concerns effective immediately, according to Vice President and Provost of Academic Affairs Jaimie Hebert, Ph.D. In an email to other university officials, Sloan announced that she will serve as the Senior Special Assistant to the Provost. “All the best to all of you,” Sloan said in the email. Hebert confirmed that she would take over in the assistant position until August 2012. Mary Robbins, education professor, will take over for Sloan as the interim dean until a national search can be conducted. Robbins has previously served as the chair

of the department of language, literacy and special populations. Several students reacted to her departure on the Houstonian’s Facebook page. “Not Roberta Sloan! We just got her! :(“ Seth Cunningham said. During Sloan’s time as dean, she oversaw several projects, including the creation of new programs in the mass communication department, which included an MFA in Film, as well as changes to structure of the art, theatre, and music departments. Sloan’s husband, Stephen, a world-renown expert in international terrorism, is a visiting professor in the criminal justice department. It is unknown

if he will be leaving with his wife at the end of her time at the university. She took over as the first dean of the College of Fine Arts and Mass Communication in Aug. 2011, when the college was created. The college combined the fine arts department, formerly of the College of Arts and Sciences; and the mass communication department, formerly of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Robbins and Hebert could not be reached by press time for comment on her resignation. The medical issues that Sloan resigned over are currently not known.

Her secretary said she was not available for comment on the issue.

Education professor Robbins to lead as interim dean

All the best to all of you.

- Roberta Sloan, Ph.D.

Room, board increases up for Regents vote MOLLY WADDELL Associate News Editor

Jessica Gomez | The Houstonian

WET KATS = UNHAPPY KATS. Students were caught in a monsoon yesterday as Bearkat Blvd. was innundated with rain waters. The university campus also showed signs of rain as rivers of water flowed down the Lowman Student Center sidewalk and waterfalls formed on the multiple campus outdoor staircases.

Football to play A&M, Baylor ZACH BIRDSONG Sports Editor

The Sam Houston State University football team will be taking on two universities from the Division-I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) as confirmed by the athletic department on Wednesday. The Bearkats are set to take on Baylor University and Texas A&M in the fall 2012 season. The first of the two games will take place on Sept. 15 when the

Bearkats travel to Waco and take on the Big 12 conference Baylor Bears. This will be the third time in nine seasons that the Bearkats will travel to Waco. Last time the Bearkats did battle with the Bears was in the 2010 season opener. The Bearkas would go on to defeat the Kats, 34-3. The Bears are coming off a 10-3 season that saw them win the Alamo Bowl against Washington in a high-scoring affair, 67-56. The Bears will be without quarterback

and 2011 Heisman winner, Robert Griffin III, who will be entering the 2012 NFL Draft in April. On Nov. 17 the Kats will travel to College Station and play the Texas A&M Aggies. A&M is coming off a disappointing 7-6 season that ended with them defeating Northwestern State in the Meineke Car Care Bowl, 3322. Under new head coach Kevin Sumlin, the Aggies begin a new —

Sam Houston State University Students may be paying more for dorm rooms and meal plans if the Texas State University System Board or Regents approves a university plan at its quarterly meeting Thursday in San Marcos. The University plans to increase room rates from three to five percent based on the residence hall. Meal plan rates may increase up to 7.25 percent although other meal plan rates might decrease by 4.44 percent, according to Julia May, Associate Director of Communications & Public Information Officer.

If approved the proposed rates will begin Fall 2012. May said the reason SHSU wants room prices to go up is because a review of housing costs revealed that there had been an increase in the cost of operation, as well as expected increases in renovations and repairs. “I thought they had already increased, but if they increase even more it will make a big difference on student’s budgets,” sophomore Abigail Resch said. “I find it more convenient to live on campus, but if they raise room and board I might rethink that idea.” The current dorm rates are; King Hall at $1,644, Belvin-Buchanan —

REGENTS, page 3


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Correspondence Course Fee Request to Transfer Bond Funds Authorization for Amendment Number Eight to Food Service Contract Resolution Honoring SHSU Football Team

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Page 2 Thursday, February 16, 2012

The truth is out there, and it hurts


Jasmine Brown discusses the attempts to remove slavery from history books

ebruary is Black History Month, a month where the proud history of African Americans and their contributions to American history itself are supposed to be acknowledged, honored, revered, and celebrated. It is ironic, to say the least, that during such a time the remembrance of the very thing that is supposed to be celebrated is being threatened on a national level. A group called the Tennessee Tea Party is demanding that

Congress remove slavery from textbooks in an attempt to save face for our founding fathers. Lead spokesman of the group, attorney Hal Rounds, said that the group wanted to address “an awful lot of made-up criticism about, for instance, the founders intruding on the Indians or having slaves or being hypocrites in one way or another.” Made-up. As though these are not historical facts. “It’s just the wrong thing to do in general, its true history” said Phi Beta Sigma member Raymond

Berry, “just like the holocaust, everybody knows about Hitler and what the Jews went through, why can’t they know about what we went through?” “If you’re going to teach something, it ought to be the absolute truth,” said SHSU NAACP president Cortnie Crayton, “not something that is going to make you feel good, necessarily.” The truth is the truth and it shouldn’t be sugar-coated to pacify the ideal images of what one group feels our leaders should have been like.

“I’m sure the NAACP has already taken notice of this,” said NAACP member Ashton Winfree, of what action should be taken in response to the demand , “but outside of that, society just needs to step up and fight this and realize that if this passes, it will affect us all negatively.” This is not the first time something like this has been attempted. In our own great state of Texas, the Board of Education has made a series of historical revisions to their curriculum that overtly

give white men credit for being the driving force of the civil rights movement, while ignoring minorities who fought and died for the cause. These changes are slated to take effect sometime in the next decade. Black history is a part of history, period. This is not only black history being challenged, but the truth of history entirely. Maybe the nation thinks we just can’t handle the truth anymore. -Jasmine is a mass comm major.

Today in history: 1923 – Howard Carter unseals the burial chamber of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. 1959 – Fidel Castro becomes Premier of Cuba after dictator Fulgencio Batista was overthrown on January 1.

Stephen Green - "The internet is always Greener" -About national and state politics, social issues, and the media

1968 – In Haleyville, Alabama, the first 9-11 emergency telephone system goes into service.

Molly Waddell - "Gleek-Out" -Personal review of each week's Glee episodes and thoughts on its future.

1985 – founded.

All comics courtesy

2005 – The National Hockey League cancels the entire 2004-2005 regular season and playoffs, becoming the first major sports league in North America to do so over a labor dispute.

Zach Birdsong- "College Sports Soundoff" - Updates on the latest in national college sports. Matt Frazier - "Crtl+Alt+Escapist"   - Video game reviews.

2006 – The last Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) is decommissioned by the United States Army.

Cody Lewis - "Cody Lewis Sports" - Personal reviews of the behavior and actions about Major League sporting events.

Megan Laurie- "IMAGE(s)" -Discussion of personal and other artists' artwork. Jessica Gomez- "The beat will steal you"   -Photography blog Allison McMath- "Let's button up"   - Blog about crafts that made using mainly buttons, but occasionally other things. George Mattingly- “RealityCheck” - A blog about Reality Shows For more information and links to these blogs go to and click the “Blogs” tab.

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Assimilation by force Matt Frazier thinks OrgLink has the wrong idea in making all organizations have identical websites


ack in 2010, SHSU Student Activities started using a new system called OrgLink. OrgLink is an online program actually called “Collegiate Link”, but SHSU has chosen to call it “OrgLink”. It is the system Student Activities has used to completely replace paper forms for student organizations, as well as university-hosted websites. The software has many problems, and similarly to Banner, I question why the university decided to purchase and require student organizations to use it. When the software was introduced, Student Activities claimed that all organization websites hosted on university servers would disappear. To this date none of the sites have disappeared, however, many organizations cannot manage their own website. If they wanted to have their own website, they have to have it hosted elsewhere. For organizations with larger affiliations, this is no problem, however it really leaves many organizations that have little funding in a tight spot. OrgLink instead gives you a generic

Allison McMath

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Web & Multimedia Editor


website, in which each one for each organization looks similar, save for colors and pictures. It basically looks like a Facebook knock-off, and no one can have a website that stands out. Student Activities also missed an opportunity for a much cheaper alternative: hosting website design seminars. Being able to design a basic website is still an important skill that many people should have. It will get you far in the job world in many industries. The obvious benefit is that every organization would be able to have their own website

Misti Jones

Robin Johnson

Stephen Green

Matt Frazier

Web & Multimedia Editor

Karmen King


2005 – The Kyoto Protocol comes into force, following its ratification by Russia.

Karmen King - "WouldRatherTweet" -Blog about Twitter and other social media issues

Misti Jones - "Celebritize Me Cap'n" - Opinion on recent celebrity events.


that stood out, at a URL that is easy to recognize. The other problem with OrgLink is how difficult it is to navigate. Instead of being able to display a short URL in public for your organization, people must first go to OrgLink and search for your organization. Before, organization URLs had a pattern of “ (organization acronym)” This was simple and easy to display in public. OrgLink’s URLs are much longer, and not memorable at all, making it difficult for an organization to be promoted via the internet. The worst part about this is that OrgLink is mainly being pushed toward incoming freshmen and organization officers. This alienates many upperclassmen from finding out information about organizations. On top of that, OrgLink organizations do not show up through the search on the university’s main website. Organizations’ online presence could have been handled much better, without spending such a large sum of money on a product that is difficult to get the large majority of people to actually use.

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News Disney recruiters come to SHSU Page 3

Thursday, February 16, 2012

MISTI JONES Senior Reporter

proper job placement. Students also have the option to earn college credit during Disney recruiters will be coming their experience in the College to inform students about College Program. At the Disneyland Internship opportunities on today Resort, students are required to at 5 p.m. in Smith-Hudson, Room enroll in the education program. 134, and tomorrow at 11 a.m. in The Walt Disney World Resort the LSC, Room 304. students may participate in The Disney College Program is a flexible education opportunities at four to six month paid-internship, the Disney University or continue requiring all candidates to online classes for their university have available on their own time. schedules for fullThere are The benefits are amazing time employment. several types of Chosen participants and we get free access to all Disney Education are given work the parks Courses such as - Colby Havemann collegiate, seminar duties such as costume and role and self-paced responsibilities for offerings. Classes the theme park, while working will be available based on each indoors and outdoors for 35-40 participant’s program location and hours a week. length of stay. Candidates must endure a threeFreshman biology major Colby part interview process, competing Havemann applied last semester for either the Disneyland Resort and is currently employed by in Anaheim, California or Walt the Disney College Internship in Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Florida. “There are over 7,000 college The first session requires students that work here from all answering online questions and over the world,” Havemann said. filling out an application. The “It’s such an amazing opportunity, next is a confirmation email from and one that I am really glad I a recruiter to attend an online took advantage of.” interview. Finally, a 15-minute According to the Disney College phone interview is held in order Program website, participants to select applicants most suitable have the opportunity to meet for the Disney environment. and live with people from all over Candidates have the opportunity the world, within the housing to rate Disney’s job listings for complexes; however, no one

under 18 is permitted to live in the Disney apartments. Students must pay rent, but it is deducted from their pay checks. Those without cars are provided transportation to and from work as well as bussing to grocery stores, malls and clubs. Disney provides a variety of rewards ranging from discounts on dining and merchandise to life-management services, and even free theme park admissions. “The benefits are amazing and we get free access to all parks,” Havemann said. “They also provide trips to Universal Studios, the beaches and many other places at discounted prices.” Freshman dance major Alexis Preston was recently accepted into the program and plans to attend either this fall or next spring. “I’m most excited about getting the chance to see the doors the internship could possibly open for me,” Preston said. “Disney is such a huge company, who wouldn’t want that on their résumé? For anyone wanting to get into the program, be honest, be yourself and be excited.” Applications are currently available for students of all majors and all universities until further notice. For more information contact SHSU Career Services: (936) 294-1713.

MIsti Jones | The Houstonian

THE DISNEY DREAM. The Disney College Program is giving college students from all over a chance for a paid internship at a Disney park.

President stresses membership

SGA here to serve campus

JASON CRAIG Contributing Reporter Attendance and dedication were subjects of interest at the Student Government Association meeting Tuesday. President Tyler Eberhart began by explaining the seriousness of getting updates in on-time so that

all the goals for this semester can be accomplished. Eberhart said that each of the senators is giving 100 percent. “The membership in SGA is crucial for all students because those who are members are responsible for decisions that affect all students at Sam Houston,” Eberhart said. “Essentially we have 35 students who represent 17,000. Each senator, depending on college, is responsible for representing several hundred students.” Eberhart wanted to make sure the senate knew that SGA was here to serve the Sam Houston campus. Bearkat All Paws In was discussed coming up Mar. 3 as the senate was very excited about the upcoming

event. Every senator was encouraged to get many organizations involved and also volunteer to be site managers so that everything can go as planned. SGA was successful last year and wants to raise the standard this year. The senate approved Madeline Clarke from the College of Business Administration into the senate. SGA also discussed the importance of membership to the organization. SGA wanted to make sure that they are opening up the organization to everyone who is considering joining. Seven Acts were passed. The Dr. Stacy Ulbig Appreciation Act, The Rules and Regulations Act, The Public Relations Dept.

Act, The Clarification of Officer Duties Act, The Membership of Senate Act, The Seats of Senate Act, The Correction of Spelling and Grammatical Errors Act. “Next Wednesday, Feb. 22, we will be having a town hall for all colleges. It will be in the Mayfrige auditorium of the business building,” Eberhart said. “Topics discussed will include technology and parking as well as any other issues brought up by students. We encourage everyone to come and hope to have plenty of student participation.” Their meetings are every Tuesday at 6:30 in the Lowman Student Center 320, students are strongly encouraged to attend.

Talented Tenth hosts dance The Talented Tenth hosted the Second Annual Sadie Hawkins dance on Valentine’s Day. The dance took place in the Kat Klub from 7 p.m.-10 p.m. and was DJ’ed by Tenth member Ashton Winfree. There was no cost for entry, so the event was a nice way to help college students to have a fun, romantic evening on a tight budget. “The Kat Klub is a pretty nice place,” said freshman Kevin Jackson, “I like the decorations and everyone is dressed very classy.” Though the event got off to a slow start, it quickly picked up. Around 8 p.m., the Sadie Hawkins dance was the place to be on campus. With pink balloons decorating the floor and numerous couples’ tables with vases of


either pink or red carnations on top, the Tenth created a very festive scene. From slow jams of the 90s, to the music our parents probably fell in love to, to some common party music of today, good music kept the party lively.

The Kat Klub is a pretty nice place. I like the decorations and everyone is dressed very classy. - Kevin Jackson

JASMINE BROWN Contributing Reporter

People danced and socialized, while dressed in their semi-formal bests. “I think the Tenth should throw more things like this,” said freshman Jyvante Williams, “It’s a pretty cool event, nobody had to pay out of pocket

page 1

Buchanan and Elliot at $1,748, Jackson-Shaver at $1,824, Estill at $1,848, Lone Star Hall at $2,000, White at $2,376, and Sam Houston Village and Raven Village at $2,412. According to May the proposed meal plan rates are based off of student demand and are designed to satisfy students’ lifestyle needs. “The University’s growth in the past and future requires a

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(936) 295-2898-Store Phone Noon-4 p.m. Mon.Fri. (936) 295-5467-After Hours Service All Makes Serviced Quality Products & Service

and I like how everyone has gotten together on Valentines’ day to enjoy themselves.” In regards to preparation for the event, junior and Talented Tenth member Trenton Maxie said, “We went into our account to set this up and got deals on décor in nice colors.” Maxie advised that people come out to their upcoming educational event with ASA and the Lady Dubois pageant to see more of the Tenth. “Oh and we need more interns.” Maxie said. According to their website the Talented Tenth is an organization meant to uplift young men and to teach them how to be great leaders and strive for excellence. For more information about Talented Tenth contact them at

food service program that will meet the growing demands of the campus community,” May said. George Jiminez a junior said that they will need to increase the food portions at Old Main for the increase to be worth it. The Board of Regents will meet today at 12:30 p.m. and Fri. 17 at 9:00 a.m. for their quarterly meeting. The meeting takes place in San Marcos, Texas in the LBJ Student Center at Texas State University.

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EVERYDAY *(By appointment only) - 936-294-0795

6th haircut free

Barber/ Stylist

UPD Update February 15, 2012 While conducting a traffic stop for a moving violation in the 1500 block of Sam Houston Avenue at 12:54 a.m., officer determined that the driver was wanted on an outstanding warrant of arrest. The driver was arrested and tranported to the Walker County Jail. While conducting a welfare check of a male stumbling in the 1300 block of 13th Street, officer determined that he (a male university student) was highly intoxicated. The male was arrested and charged with the Class C Misdemeanor Offense of Public Intoxication.

February 13, 2012 While conducting a traffic stop in the 4000 block of Sam Houston Avenue at 1:38 a.m., officer determined that the driver was in possession of contraband. The driver (a male university student) was arrested and charged with the Class B Misdemeanor Offense of Possession of Marijuana.

February 12, 2012 At 2:24 a.m., officer was assisting the Huntsville Police Department with a loud noise coomplaint at the Aberdeen Apartment Complex (located at 1401 Nottingham Street). While on scene, officer was approached by an individual who stated that a male had wondered into his apartment. Upon making contact, the officer identified a male university student who was highly intoxicated. The male was arrested and charged with the Class C Misdemeanor Offense of Public Intoxication of a Minor. While conducting a traffic stop for a moving violation in the 1400 block of Avenue I at 9:10 p.m., officer noted that the female driver was in violation of a protective order. The female resident of Huntsville was arrested and charged with a Class A Misdemeanor Offense of Violation of a Protective Order.

Arts & Entertainment

Page 4 Thursday February 16, 2012

International dancers step into PAC GEORGE MATTINGLY Arts & Entertainment Editor Students will gain exposure into the professional dance world as Dominic Walsh Dance Theater (DWDT), an internationally recognized dance company, will perform a selection of works later this week. The concert, held in the Performing Arts Center Dance Theater, will feature a revival of a piece by noted choreographer Jiri Kylián and original works by Dominic Walsh. Founded in 2002 in Houston, DWDT focuses on taking contemporary ballet to the next

level by setting itself apart from traditional skills and training of classical ballet. The company has toured the U.S. and Europe and was recently named “Best Dance Company” by the Houston Press. In a section of a dance titled 27’52”, a work by noted choreographer Jiri Kylián, will include partner work and is accompanied by poems that blend eastern and western cultures. An original work by Walshk, “Nessuno,” is made up of three chapters that each represent the discovery of different states of belonging. Another titled “The Trilogy:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,” features set design by a Houston artist Libbie Masterson and is made up of duets including one with prominent Japanese ballerina Hana Sakai. “He [Walsh] is breaking a lot of the rules of traditional ballet,” Dionne Noble, assistant dance professor, said. “It’s still ballet but the styles, approaches to movement and the movement vocabulary are fresh and new.” In addition to performing, Walsh has been teaching master classes and some of his repertoire to dance students all week, which presents an opportunity

for students to gain exposure to professional dancers, something that can be challenging for a small university, according to Noble. “They [students] need to study and be exposed to as many performers we can bring here,” she said. “It will make them more versatile in the world of dance.” Walsh first came to the university two years ago after Noble and other faculty members invited him to come teach master classes to students. Last year, in addition to teaching, he performed for the first time and will continue this year. For non-dance majors, the

concert offers the opportunity to see some of the top performers, something refreshing for students in a university setting, Noble said. “They [the performers] are probably some of the top athletes in the dance world,” she said. “I would hope that people would want to be exposed to that. I encourage your readers to come.” Performances begin at 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday night. Tickets are $15 for everyone and can be purchased through the PAC box office. For more ticket information, contact the dance department at 936-294-1875.

Original production to revive famed composer GEORGE MATTINGLY Arts & Entertainment Editor The music of a prominent 20th century theatre composer comes to life in the first production of the semester, a musical review titled “Can’t Help Lovin’” which opened on Wednesday night in the Showcase Theatre. Written by SHSU faculty member Laura Avery, D.M.A., the show was inspired by the music of “the father of the American musical”, Jerome Kern. He wrote music for Broadway and musical films and is most known for his music in “Show Boat”. He made several important contributions to the world of musical theater such as using melodies to further action or develop characterization to a greater extent than other musicals, creating a model for later

musicals. “Can’t Help Lovin’,” tells the day in the life of a theater company in New York City during the late 1930s with characters modeled after classic Hollywood movie stars such as Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Gene Kelly and Lucille Ball. “The show is charming and reminiscent of the period in the 20s and 30s when musical theater was born,” Avery, director of the show, said. “It’s taking them [the audience] back to the early broadway era.” The show is unique to the theater department because it is an original work and focuses on the music of a specific composer, something that has not been done at SHSU in a long time, according to Avery. She said the show presented different challenges for the actors, who had to work under a

short rehearsal period and do lots of individual research on the time period. The costumes in the show include pieces that are representative of the style of the time. They include colorful elements such as feathered headdresses, top hats, canes and umbrellas that help “transport the audience get into the ‘show within a show’ moments,” Avery said. “His [Kern’s] music has the charm of singable tones and memorable lyrics,” she said. “This show is bringing them the music they know and love.” “Can’t Help Lovin’,” will run through Feb. 18, opening at 8 p.m. each night with a Saturday matinee at 2 p.m. Tickets are $12 for general admission. For more information, contact the University Theatre Box Office at 936-294-1339.

Jessica Gomez | The Houstonian

CLASSIC CHARACTERS: “Can’t Help Lovin’” stars Caleb White, Stephanie Dew, Brittany Halen, Shanae’a Moore, Audrey Wilson, Mark Jackson, Tyler Berry Lewis and Brandon Whitley. Their characters are modeled after stars of the 30s and 40s like Fred Astaire and Lucille Ball.

Fashion Week unveils new trends in color, femininity AMANDA MORGAN Contributing Reporter The Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week 2012 kicked off last Thursday and fashion gurus around the world have been ogling this season’s new fashion trends like surprising bright and bold colors, color blocking and mixing thicker different fabrics such as velvet and lace. This year’s fall line-up started on Feb. 9 and began with designs from Nicholas K, Tadashi Shoji and Cynthia Rowley. Fashion Week showcases ready-to-wear clothing lines for the upcoming fall and winter season from the newest designers, as well as some of the industry’s favorites. One of the first designing houses featured that stood out was Tadashi Shoji. His vintage-inspired dresses and gowns burst with traditional fall colors and some unusually vibrant hues that make his designs a very posh spectacle.

Shoji’s line is one of many this season that has thrown in bright colors, making this year’s fashion week radiantly unique. Typically, fall fashions have a plethora of neutrals and darker, saturated colors with a lot of texture. Last December, the Pantone Color Institute (PCI) named “Tangerine Tango” the “it” color of the 2012 season. This is why designers, such as Shoji, have incorporated this color scheme into their new fall lines. Other newly popular hues include French Roast, Honey Gold, Pink Flambé, Ultramarine Green and Rose Smoke, all of which appeared General Idea’s fall lineup leaving colors like Bright Chartreuse, Rhapsody, Titanium and Olympian Blue in Chadwick Bell’s collection. So far, the PCI seems to be right on target with their color prediction, because these atypical fall colors are popping up everywhere in many designer’s collections. Another popular trend being seen on the runway is color blocking. Designers, such as BCBGMAXAZRIA and Parkchoonmoo, are not just using solid colors angularly separated by muted colored lines. So far, there has been color blocking on lace, silks, velvet, fur and other unique fall fabrics fabrics. Overall, the underlying theme this season seems to be blissfully feminine. The super-feminine trend goes along gracefully by pairing spring fabrics like lace with thicker ones seen in the fall like velvet and huge floral prints. Fashion week continues until today, and still to come are some of the industry’s biggest names. Expect exquisite new styles from Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein who are showing their new fall lines. For the complete schedule of the fashion show, list of designers and footage of their latest collections visit www.mbfashionweek. com.


Page 5 Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kats maul UCA, 76-59 CODY LEWIS Sports Reporter

Jessica Gomez | The Houstonian

STREAKING. Sophomore guard Aaron Harwell (5) sets up the offense against the Central Arkansas Bears on Wednesday. Harwell finished with 6 points and the Bearkats won their second straight after defeating the Bears, 76-59.

New Bearkat baseball coach ready to for upcoming season CODY LEWIS Sports Reporter David Pierce, who was formerly at Rice University, where he was the pitching coach under one of the best college baseball programs in the country, was named Sam Houston’s new head baseball coach last summer. Pierce, has lived in the Houston area his whole life and he has coached at both the high school and college level. He has always dreamed of becoming a head coach in college baseball and he has been tracking the SHSU baseball program for years and he believes the Bearkats can compete on a national stage. Pierce is taking over a rebuilt Sam Houston team that has only 16 of 31 lettermen returning from last year and the Bearkats have been picked to finish fifth in the Southland Conference. Sam Houston has 11 transfer players and 11 freshmen on the roster this season. Some returning starters are third baseman Kevin Miller, outfielder Greg Olson and catcher John Hale. Also returning for the Bearkats are pitchers Caleb Smith, who is listed on the 2012 preseason All-Southland Conference team, Cody Dickson and Michael Burchett. He believes he can take what his predecessor, Mark Johnson, did and improve on it. After finishing the 2011 season with a


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era and will be playing in their first season as a member of the Southeastern Conference (SEC). This will be the Kats first time since 1997 to take on Texas A&M, where the Aggies won, 59-6. This will also bea the first time that an SHSU football team takes on a member of the SEC. “Obviously this is going to be the toughest schedule in Sam Houston State history,” head coach Willie Fritz said. “You always want to play against the best and we’ll be taking on teams from the Big 12 and SEC. It will be great exposure for our program and for the university.” SHSU students are also excited about the two games. “Holy moly! Tamu vs SHSU? My two fav teams playing against each other? Can it be?” wrote Katie McConnell on the Houstonian’s Facebook page. The athletic department also announced that two additional games will also be played in Houston. On Sept. 29 the Kats will take on Texas Southern in the first college football game at the new BBVA Compass Stadium.

record of 35-24, Bearkat Baseball head coach Mark Johnson retired with a career 1,008 wins and only 540 losses. Johnson was only at Sam Houston for five seasons but he turned the Bearkats into consistent winners like they were in the late 90s. “This is a growing program,” Pierce said. “I think we’ve got a chance to do some really good things here.” Pierce also has playing experience. He played at St. Pius X High School, Wharton County Junior College and eventually the University of Houston when the went to the NCAA tournament in 1985. SHSU Director of Athletics Bobby Williams athletic director Bobby Williams chose Pierce over three other coaches when he received positive feedback from both the Sam Houston and baseball communities. “David Pierce has an excellent track record not only on the college level, but also in high school,” Williams said. “He is very familiar with this area in terms of recruiting, especially Houston, and that was a big factor for us.” Pierce has expressed gratitude towards Sam Houston and he is glad his career path has led him here. “I want to thank Dr. Gibson and Bobby Williams because they have put trust in me to lead this program.” Opening day for the Bearkats will be this Friday at Don Sanders Stadium starting at 6:30 p.m. against San Diego. “The stadium is similar to FC Dallas Stadium in Frisco where we just played for the FCS National Championship,” Director of Athletics Bobby Williams said in a statement to “This will give our players and opportunity to return to a somewhat familiar setting as we prepare to follow up on our successful 2011 season.” On Oct. 6, the Bearkats will play Stephen F. Austin in the annual “Battle of the Piney Woods” rivalry game. The schedule is still awaiting finalization and is expected to be released in the coming weeks. For more information, visit gobearkats. com.

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The Sam Houston State men’s basketball team won its second straight game last night with a huge 76-59 win over the Central Arkansas Bears (7-17, 2-10 SLC) at home on Wednesday. This is Sam Houston’s (11-15, 5-7 SLC) third win out of four games and this is the momentum head coach Jason Hooten and his players are looking for in order to get into the Southland Conference tournament in Katy, Texas. “We have five games left to go and we’re really getting close,” Jason Hooten said. “We’re inching closer. I want you to throw our record out the window. Our record doesn’t distinguish what type of team we are…I’m not worried about our record.” The Bearkats are currently seeded seventh in the Southland standings and they need to stay there because it is only the top eight teams in the conference that get into the annual tournament. If they win their remaining four conference games, they will get into the tournament. “The focus of this team has been so good,” Hooten said. “Our main goal is to get to Katy. Our confidence is good and I just want to keep getting better.” The Bears were able to bring the game within two points midway through the second half but a 7-0 surge by the Bearkats gave them a 50-41 lead with a little over five minutes left and put the Bears away for the night. Good ball movement and

defense by the Bearkats allowed them to blow past the Bears. Sam Houston led by as much as 20 points late in the second half. Even though they had a rough night from the free throw line, the Bearkats had two players with double doubles and four total who scored in the double digits. Marcus James scored 18 points and 11 rebounds. Steve Werner wasn’t far behind him scoring 17 points and getting 10 boards. Konner Tucker scored 14 and Demarcus Gatlin scored 12. The Bearkats were able to hold the Bears to a low shooting percentage of 32 from the floor. The Kats were also able to pull down 49 rebounds as a team. “This team, defensively, is better than last year’s team,” Hooten said. Sam Houston did not only play defense well, however. The Bearkats shot 52 percent from the floor and scored 38 of their 76 points in the paint. Hooten’s offense played with certain intensity and speed that they don’t usually play with and it caused 18 turnovers, but they still came away with the win. Sam Houston will participate in the Sears Bracket Buster this Saturday as they face Toledo in a non-conference game in Johnson Coliseum. “That’s just another game on our schedule,” Marcus James said. “We’re going to take care of business against them on Saturday.” Tip off for this game will be at 2 p.m. For more information on the Bearkat basketball team, visit

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February 16, 2012  

The February 16 issue of the Houstonian.

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