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Volume 123 / Issue 7

Adele accepts her award for Best Pop Vocal Performance a the 55th Annual Grammy Awards. Check out the best and worst moments of the show.


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Tim Flanders readies himself for another SHSU football season

Friends, family mourn female student killed in car accident news of the crash. Many friends don’t seem to know how to react. “I miss your beautiful face... A 22-year-old Sam Houston can’t find peace about you. even State University student died after though I know God makes no being ejected through the sun roof mistakes the loss of you has of her vehicle following a crash consumed me. I pray for your on Interstate 45 on family and loved Feb. 4 according the ones still. I love Corsicana Daily Sun. I catch myself two and three you pretty girl,” Brittany Lynn times a day still going to her Jillian Whistler Averitt was a senior page and just staring at her said. criminal justice pictures. O t h e r s major at SHSU and a constantly visit graduate of Corsicana -Kellie Sims Averitt’s page to High School. Averitt see her face again. was supposed to graduate in May. “I catch myself two and three The crash took place near the times a day still going to her page 214 mile marker of southbound and just staring at her pictures. I-45 around 2:30 p.m. Rest easy pretty lady,” Kellie DPS Trooper Curtis Putz said Sims said the vehicle left the highway and Kyle Murphey said that Averitt ran across the median, rolling at was such a positive person. least three times before coming to “I’ve always been a believer a rest on top of Averitt. that everything happens for a Averitt’s Facebook page has reason but now I’m not too sure. been flooded with comments since I didn’t have the opportunity to MOLLY WADDELL News Editor

hang out with you as much as a lot of people but the time several times I did there was never a frown on your face. Keep smiling and RIP,” Murphey said Averitt’s sister-in-law, Tammy Russell Averitt said that she is grateful for all of the support the family is receiving. “This week has been so tough just taking it hour by hour,” Averitt said. “Thank you all so very much for the continuous prayer for our family. Those of you who didn’t even know her but came just to support us Thank you!( It means so much)….” Russell Averitt said. “To those friends who have found faith again because of her, know that one day you will see her again and you’ve done her proud. Sweet beautiful Britt Britt Bubba Alex and I love you so dearly and we will see your beautiful face again someday!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

NATION & WORLD Bin Laden shooter speaks out The Navy SEAL who shot Osama Bin Laden has spoken. The former SEAL Team Six member broke his silence in a profile in the March edition of Esquire. The soldier is referred to only as “the Shooter” in the profile titled “The man who killed Osama Bin Laden…is screwed.” The U.S. military would not corroborate the truthfulness of the article. LAPD officer sent CNN’s Cooper package

Photo by the Corsicana Daily Sun

REMEMBERING BRITTANY. Brittany Averitt was described as happy go lucky girl. She died in a car wreck on Feb. 4 on interstate 45.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper reported that administration found a package sent to him by alleged Los Angeles shooter Christopher Dorner. In the past two weeks, Dorner has been the subject of a manhunt after allegedly shooting three people out of revenge against the Los Angeles Police Department. LAPD has offered a $1 million reward for information leading to Dorner’s arrest. ‘iWatch’ may be next Apple product

‘He can do that?’ Pope Benedict XVI first to resign in 600 years

A modern wristwatch may be the next Apple product, according to a report by the New York Times. No one knows exactly what the new watch would do other than tell the time, and Apple isn’t saying anything. The company wouldn’t comment on the speculation. The watch’s design is speculated to be ‘sleek (flexible) glass’ that would wrap around the users wrist. Same-sex partners receive military benefits Defense Secretary Leon Pannetta announced same-sex partners will now be able to receive some, but not all, of the military benefits provided to opposite-sex partners. Pannetta said the partners would sign a document called a “Declaration of Domestic Partnership” and will then be able to receive benefits. Benefits include military identification for dependents, including the same-sex partner. Obama to speak at State of the Union

AP Photo/David Silverman, Pool

RESIGNING: In this Tuesday, May 12, 2009 file photo, Pope Benedict XVI places a note in the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest site, in Jerusalem’s Old City. Benedict announced Monday Feb. 11, 2013 he would resign Feb. 28, the first pontiff to do so in nearly 600 years. Twitter exploded with tweets about the Pope quitting. Bill Maher said, “The Pope can quit? WTF? He’s Sarah Palin now? Guess the College of Cardinals will convene to elect the obvious replacement, Jerry Sandusky.” Many other tweeters didn’t know that the Pope could quit either.

President Barack Obama will deliver the annual State of the Union to a joint session of Congress at 8 p.m. on Feb. 12. After the speech, 100 citizens from all over the country will join the President in a roundtable discussion of the issues he spoke about earlier. The panel will be broadcast live on the White House website.

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Students discuss proposed state tuition freeze JAY R. JORDAN Senior Reporter A bill filed in the Texas House of Representatives could change how Texas colleges charge tuition to their students. If passed, the bill will require four-year or five-year degree programs at universities to lock tuition at the price students pay their first semester. TX Rep. Carol Alvarado (D-Houston) introduced HB 726 to the House on Jan. 25. The bill’s text states that a university

“may not charge tuition to an undergraduate student… at a rate that exceeds the rate the institution charged to the student during the first semester…” Sam Houston State University students expressed their appreciation for a frozen tuition rate. “I would really like a fixed tuition,” Courtney Rogers said, freshman criminal justice major. “If it all comes down to the same amount [in the end], then yeah, I would like that.” The bill is similar to HB 29

introduced by TX Rep. Dan Branch (R-Dallas) on Nov. 12, but differs on the mandatory fixed tuition program. Branch’s HB 29 proposes that a university must offer a fixed tuition plan but the plan is not required for students. In his bill, students’ tuition rates can still rise if they choose a normal tuition plan HB 29 also does not mention anything about five-year students. Zach Campbell, sophomore mass communication major, said that the bill is a good idea as long as it actually keeps tuition costs

down. “I do like the idea of freezing tuition rates if it means college could become more affordable for students,” Campbell said. “If it got to a point where people couldn’t enroll because the tuition rates are too high then I wouldn’t like the idea.” According to an article published by The Daily Texan, University of Texas at Austin students did not like the mandatory fixed tuition plan, but preferred Branch’s HB 29 and having the option for a tuition freeze.

“Some families will want [a mandatory tuition freeze],” said UT President William Powers Jr. “They would rather pay a little bit more than they have to so they can budget better. Other families won’t want that. They’d rather pay a little less now and then take the risk that it might go up a little bit later.” Both bills are still in the filing phase and are to be referred to the Higher Education Committee. Follow us today! @TheHoustonian

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Moms start petition after being forced to pay student loans of murdered sons

Many students have private student loans, but what happens when you die and the loan isn’t paid off? According to William Winters, a senior campaigner for Change. org, the petition involves what happens to student debt after death. “If the student, or primary borrower, on a private loan dies before the loan can be paid off, the loan automatically defaults to the guarantor,” Winters said. “The petition on is specifically focused on the First Marblehead Corporation, and uses the cases of Angie Smith and Ella Edwards as examples of what happens when a student dies.” Both Edwards and Smith had children who took out private student loans and then died before they could pay them in full. Unlike federal student loans private loans are not dismissed and the remaining payments automatically default to the guarantor, in this case, Smith and Edwards. One of the more upsetting factors for both Smith and Edwards was that they had no idea the

payments would default to them, due to lack of communication by their banks when they signed the papers. The women found it even more disturbing when each bank failed to tell them how the private loan process worked and were not aware that their loans changed hands several times until they received the first call from First Marblehead demanding payment. “Dealing with the news of my son’s murder was horrifying enough without being harassed

If I had to do this again and take out a private loan, I wouldn’t let my son go to school. We started out doing business with a bank we trusted and they passed along our loan like it was a joke. Private loans should be eliminated altogether because they are nothing but a trap - Edwards

SOPHIE NELSON Senior Reporter

by a company I’d never heard of multiple times a day,” Smith said. “We asked every question we could think of when taking out the loan, but we didn’t think to ask what happens in case of death, and First Marblehead didn’t tell.” Marian Wang, a reporter with ProPublica, who has been following the story since it began,


Recent study claims Google ads racists CHRISTIAN VAZQUEZ Staff Reporter Google’s pay-per-click ads are showing a slightly skewed pool of racially charged ads, according to a new study by Harvard University professor Latanya Sweeney. Sweeney’s study, “Discrimination in Online Ad Delivery,” was published Jan. 28. The article claims that Google is more likely to return a background-check ad if a user searches for a traditionally black name; while those with a traditionally white name produces White Pages listings. Sweeney’s findings demonstrate that a higher percentage of black names resulting in ads with the word “arrest” at 57 percent, compared to the 51 percent of ads for white names. According to Sweeney’s study,

for an ad to show up, “a ‘sponsor’ provides Google with search criteria, copies of possible ads to deliver once a match occurs and a financial bid if a reader clicks the delivered ad.” Google gets thousands of ads that the companies send with key words that correspond with them. This way the company can specify when their ad will pop up. The highest bidding companies get their ads placed the study stated Sweeney conducted her study from Sept. 24 through Oct. 23, 2012. During that time, she did research at different times of the day, week and month with different IP and computer addresses in different parts of the U.S. while using different browsers. “This paper is a start and more research is needed; however, online advertising is dynamic and easy to change,” Sweeney’s said.

said the troubles continued. “Private loans change hands, because people are making an investment,” Wang said. “To forgive the loans, those investors lose a lot of money, something the majority of them refuse to consider. The parents then end up in debt because they are told there is no way out of paying the loans.” Wang then went on to say that bankruptcy was an option in getting the loans discharged, but is seldom used since people are being told there is no possible way of getting their loans discharged. Wang also recommended checking the original paperwork if a person finds them self in that situation, because there can often be mistakes somewhere along the paper trail of where the loans change hands. Edwards urged students to stick with federal loans until changes could be made within the private sector. “If I had to do this again and take out a private loan, I wouldn’t let my son go to school,” Edwards said. “We started out doing business with a bank we trusted and they passed along our loan like it was a joke. Private loans should be eliminated altogether because they are nothing but a trap.”

Provided by

FORGIVE. Angela Smith, mother of Donte Newsome, was left with her sons debt from a private school loan after he was murdered.


February 6, 2012 Officer responded to Academic Building IV (1921 Avenue J) at 9:59 a.m,. to assist with a medical call. February 5, 2012 Officer was dispatched to the University Bookstore (located in the LSC 1802 Avenue I) in reference to a customer who caused a disturbance. Upon arrival, the officer was informed that the suspect had left. The complainant provided identifying information and a report was completed. A copy of the report will be sent to the Dean of Students’ Office for review since it involved a student. Officer was dispatched to the University Police Department at 3:23 p.m. where the complainant stated that they lost their cell phone at the Art Complex (2021 Sam Houston Avenue) While conducting a traffic stop in the 1500 block of 11th Street at 10:27 p.m., the office determined that the driver (a female resident of Trinity, Texas) was in possession of contraband. The driver was arrested and charged with the Class A Misdemeanor offense of Possession of a Controlled Substance.

Have the summer of your life

at a prestigious coed sleepaway camp in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, 2 1/2 hours from NYC. We’re seeking counselors who can teach any Team & Individual Sports, Tennis, Gymnastics, Horseback Riding, Mt. Biking, Skate Park, Theatre, Tech Theatre, Circus, Magic, Arts & Crafts, Pioneering, Climbing Tower, Water Sports, Music, Dance or Science. Great salaries and perks. Plenty of free time. Internships available for many majors. On-campus interviews on Feb 20. Apply online at Call 800-869-6083 between 9 and 5 eastern time on weekdays for more information.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Proposed bill to lift ban on marijuana would return prohibition, selling power to states Colin Harris argues for states’ rights in new legislation Congressman Jared Polis (DCO) introduced legislation last week that would radically change how marijuana is regulated by the federal government. If the Ending Marijuana Prohibition Act passes, pot will no longer be covered under the Controlled Substances Act and prosecuted as a dangerous drug by the Justice Department’s Drug Enforcement Agency. Instead, weed will be under the purview of the renamed Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana and Firearms. In essence, the legislation would serve as a de facto legalization of cannabis at the federal level, while the burden of prohibition and prosecution would shift to individual states. Polis’s proposed law welcomes development for anyone who believes the federal ban on marijuana is a haggard relic from when the desired role of the United States government is to maintain a rigid morality on a dynamic public through edicts and prohibitions. Regardless of one’s personal opinions on marijuana use and consumption, there is little case to be made to continue the nationwide ban when states and municipalities throughout the country are already

If Polis’s proposition steadily creeping away were to pass, marijuana from the obsolete would be regulated and prohibition. policed on a state-byAs it stands now, state basis, much like a disconnect exists alcohol, with expensive between the laws of federal prosecutions states like Colorado reserved for crimes like and Washington, interstate trafficking and which have legalized fraud. Liberal states, recreational weed such as Colorado and consumption, where Washington, would be the federal government free to craft libertine prohibits the possession COLIN HARRIS marijuana laws appropriate and sale of marijuana. Staff Reporter for their populace, while The CSA also classifies marijuana alongside heroin, acid conservative states could maintain and ecstasy as a Schedule I drug, the their moral sensibilities via the most stringently policed category status quo of prohibition. Esteemed Supreme Court Justice under the act. Constitutional federal law always Louis Brandeis described the federal trumps state laws, so even though the system as one whereby “a single people of Colorado and Washington courageous State may, if its citizens voted last year to amend their state choose, serve as a laboratory; and constitutions to end the modern try novel social and economic prohibition, possessing or selling the experiments without risk to the rest drug is still a federal crime in these of the country.” Brandeis’s prescient understanding belies federal jurisdictions. It’s not double jeopardy, just marijuana laws already on the books. In instances of moral ambiguity, the Supremacy Clause of our Constitution functioning as it was the ideal function of the federal under Brandeis’ written and until federal marijuana government laws are overhauled, statewide assumption is to cede jurisdiction legalization movements are of little to the state legislatures. Failed policies are insulated from the rest consequence.

of the nation, legislators face more direct accountability from a smaller voter pool and the public has the ability to “vote with their feet” by moving from one state to another to flee unpalatable laws. Without significant reform, any desire by state lawmakers to reasonably craft cannabis policy for their varied constituencies is immediately squelched by a one-size-fits-all edict created over 40 years ago. Reefer madness ended nearly a half-century ago, the Controlled Substances Act still reigns today without mercy. Not only are current statutes outdated, but with more states liberalizing their own marijuana laws, they’re unfriendly to state sovereignty and undermine our federal system. The Ending Marijuana Prohibition Act is by no means a panacea for our nation’s drug policy problem, and even if it’s passed, marijuana will remain illegal for most of the nation. However, the bill is certainly a step in the right direction, as it puts the responsibility on each state to craft marijuana policy best-suited for its citizens. To borrow Brandeis’s words, it’s past time to permit courageous states to experiment with marijuana.

Students weigh in on five best, five worst jobs on campus MORGAN MEARS Staff Reporter Students have weighed in and their voices have been heard. With so many students looking for on campus jobs, some are unsure where to begin applying. After speaking with many students about their jobs on campus, it is clear to see that most on campus jobs are enjoyable; however there are five jobs that just simply outrank the others, while another five fall short of the list.

Best five places to work

Taking fifth place in the top five best jobs on campus is the math center located in the Farrington building. From helping students in developmental math, to algebra and trig, math tutors at the Math Center offer help to students who struggle with grades. Junior math major, Josh Gerren, explained that the best thing about his job is when they are able to take the extra help that they get from the math center and actually apply that to their math classes and see results. When asked if there was anything he disliked or if there was anything he wished he could change about his job, Gerren simply stated that he wished they had more space to work with. Coming in close and taking fourth place is the DELTA Center, also known as SHSU Online. The only downside to working for the DELTA Center being a lot of the work is behind the scenes, the DELTA Center seems to have some of the happiest employees. The DELTA comes in fourth because of its large work load but it’s friendly, respectful environment that it offers its workers. Junior music therapy major, Grant Howarth stated that if he were able to rank


his job on a list of five best and worst jobs on campus, he would rank it as number one simply because the people that he works with are respectful and caring and he enjoys the general work environment. In third place is the university hotel with its flexible scheduling, chances to meet new people and establish contacts for after college, and chances for students to work on homework during downtime when the hotel is not busy. Senior criminal justice major, Jessica Leflore, explained that one of few bad things about her job was that sometimes “guests can be difficult,” but that other than the one or two hard to handle guests that her job was “one of the better ones” on campus. Falling just short of claiming first place, the library comes in at a close second. From checking out books and shelving books, to completing tasks given to them by the librarians, the student assistants at the library are singing high praises about their job. Junior education major, Ashley Henderson explained that she is able to make her own schedule and that the hours are very flexible when it comes to trying to plan around classes. When asked if there was anything that she disliked or wished she could change about her job as a librarian assistant, Henderson stated that she “didn’t have any dislikes” and that in the two and a half years that she has worked there she hasn’t found a single thing that she would change about her job. Coming in first place in the list of the five best jobs on campus is the Bearkat OneCard office. Student workers in the office help assist students with getting and learning how to use their OneCard and making sure that students are able to access their accounts. While

many people can’t wait to get home after work, sophomore horticulture and crop science major, Katie Bartel, states that she can’t wait to get to work, and that one of her dislikes about her job is that she is unable “to work longer because sometimes she would much rather stay in the office and work than leave and have free time.” With its friendly staff and open doors, the Bearkat OneCard office seems to be a very open, accepting place, ensuring that their employees are prepared for what is ahead of them both in the office and at school. Unfortunately some jobs fall just short of being the five best jobs on campus.

Worst five places to work

Falling just short of the top five is the writing center. The Writing Center offers help to students who struggle with writing essays or papers, and they also help students when they are working on rough drafts. The reason the writing center is listed so low on the list is because of the amount of work that they have to do, with the writing center always booked up, and the center being open on Sunday afternoons it’s hard to see when students get a break from their job. Almost tying with the Writing Center, but coming in fourth is the Health Center. Student assistants at the health center are in charge of getting records in order, checking computer based documents to make sure they match paper copies, making appointments and helping check in students when they arrive at the health center. Student workers at the health center wish that they had more free time and that their days at the health center would run more smoothly. With so many students coming into the health center, student workers are always busy.

PAWS UP to Mike Eps coming to campus for spring Sammy Palooza.

Taking third place is the Rockwall at the HKC. While free climbs at the rock wall are a great thing about working on the Rockwall staff, not having much flexibility with scheduling and not being able to do anything while they are on downtime has student workers bummed. Junior English major, Amanda Beller explained that there isn’t much flexibility when it comes to missing a shift, and that if “she misses one she gets suspended for two weeks.” Two weeks suspension for missing a shift seems a little harsh. Coming in second to last is working for Aramark in such places as Paw Print, South Paw and Old Main. From rude customers to long hours, students working for Aramark seem to have it tougher than an office job. These students are constantly on their feet trying to sell dining plans. Taking first on the bottom five is being a student department assistant. With time for class and time to do homework, the job seems great, but with busy work nonstop you hardly have downtime to even think. Not only are student department assistants busy in their office, they have to hustle across campus many times a day to deliver packages and messages to other departments. From boring busy work to long walks in the cold, being a student department assistant seems to be a job full of one long task after another. The jobs on campus were ranked according to popularity among its workers, they were not ranked off of how much money a student makes or how I personally feel about them. The students have spoken and these are their results. Editor’s note: Polling not scientific, results reflect anecdotal evidence. Not all employers interviewed.


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SFA is full of dumbass, overconfident, dirty, whiny bitches who graduate to work at McDonald's and have no business on this page. Sincerely, Administration. 352 likes There was this girl in on of my classes a long time ago. I thought she was beautiful. I bet you were all thinking I was about to say I was to scared to talk to her right? Thats a negative. I'm marrying her in 2 months. Grow some balls people, it may be the best decision in your life. 299 likes


Like if you are a female that wouldn't mind settling down with a good looking, southern gentleman, who knows how to treat a lady. 191 likes


Awkwardly laughing to yourself in class because you're on the SHSU Confessions page. 152 likes


I only get on this to see who is confessing their love for me. No one yet. Shit... 133 likes


What I do.... Wake up. Put a good dip in. Crack a cold one. And go to class. 130 likes


I feel so awkward when the campus tours come by to check us out like we’re in a zoo or something. Are we just supposed to start dancing around and put on a show for them or what? 122 likes


Since looking at this page....I look at everyone at campus differently wondering who the stalkers and other posters are... 113 likes


I think one of those campus squirrels just pointed a gun at me... 109 likes


Sometimes, when I’m bored, I lather myself with vaseline and lay naked in the middle of my kitchen and pretend I’m a slug. 107 likes


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Tuesday , February 12, 2013

Dance mesmerizes audiences Unique props, visuals explore dreams, history on stage

Mike Epps to headline SHSU comedy act

ANGELA BEEL Contributing Reporter

GEORGE MATTINGLY Arts & Entertainment Editor

Audience members were taken on a ride through history and inside of the unconscious mind in “It Begins with a Dream” on Friday night in the Performing Arts Center Dance Theater. The dance recital was held in the Performing Arts Center Dance Theater for two nights only. The performance was a part of graduate students Kiera R. Amison and Laura Harrell Master Thesis Concert. For both nights of the show, the dancers performed to a full house of 150 attendees. The night began with Amison’s “An American Dream” which told the story of African Americans and their fight for freedom. The act was composed of seven different works that were different but flowed together to tell the story in a unique way. “They’re based upon situations from history, and African American history post slavery,” Amison said. Amison began by telling the story of abolition and from there progressed through history until reaching the 1960s when the movement of equality for everyone began to spread. A particularly moving piece for the audience was one where an African American male deals with the daily issues of life during that time and the trials he faced by just walking outside in “Give Us This Day”. Amison told the story well by incorporating a wide variety of dancers into the routines. “My cast is also very mixed because I wanted to present the idea that as much as African Americans fought for their own

Comedian Mike Epps will headline this year’s comedy showcase at Sam Houston State University on March 7. Held in the Johnson Coliseum, Epps will perform a l o n g w i t h his own opening act, who has not b e e n revealed. Epps h a s George Mattingly| The Houstonian

George Mattingly | The Houstonian

HOUSE OF CARDS: One piece titled “My Nest” used large boards and projections to depict life-sized playing cards to bring the feelings of seclusion to life on stage in the Master’s Thesis Concert “It Begins With a Dream”.

freedom and their own rights they couldn’t do anything by themselves,” Amison said. “Because if you’re a group that has no power then you’re gonna have to go to someone who has power.” Amison said that even though the works portray African

Americans and their struggle for equal rights that everyone, despite race, should be able to connect. “You try to find ways to interweave emotion and human experience through all the work so that everyone can relate,” Amison said. “This is American history and it should be important

to you because it’s the human experience, so hopefully that came across. That’s kind of what the goal was.” In the final piece, “We Shall Overcome,” all 35 dancers were led onto the stage as the soloist was finishing. They then recited —

DANCE, page 6

Beckett’s existential masterpiece gets post apocalyptic revival GEORGE MATTINGLY Arts and Entertainment Editor The Sam Houston State University Theater Department will take audiences to explore humanity in a post-apocalyptic world as they present their first show of the semester, “Waiting for Godot” in the Showcase Theatre on Wednesday. Written by noted playwright Samuel Beckett, the play follows the two men Vladimir and Estragon, who find ways to entertain themselves while they wait endlessly for a mysterious man named Godot to arrive. As they wait, they contemplate about their purpose in life and interact with other characters. The cast includes theatre majors Allen Hughes as Vladimir, Nick Cuellar as Estragon, Matt Stepan as Pozzo, and John Forgy as

Lucky. According to theatre manager Katie Stefaniak the themes presented in ‘Godot’ are relatable for anyone who watches. “It’s about the characters’ search for meaning of life and I think it’s relatable because it’s a constant unanswered question that everyone struggles with at some point in their life,” she said. The show will be presented in a postapocalyptic world, a concept of student director Hannah Huerta. Although the play was not written in this setting, the story has been interpreted in many different ways because the characters are not of any specific origin and the setting is unknown. Stefaniak said the Showcase Theatre lends to the story of the play. “There’s a more intimate set and the theatre

allows the audience to feel like they’re part of the story,” she said. “The concept is also seen in the set. Everything is really distressed and beat up and that bleeds into the actors’ costumes.” Stefaniak also said the show presented challenges for the actors who had to work with non-linear dialogue, where the script follows no particular order. Despite the challenges, Stefaniak is confident in the students’ work. “A student directed the show and a lot of students did the designing as well,” she said. “It’s great to see them work so hard on something and be able to show a final product.” “Waiting for Godot” will show from Feb. 14 through 17 at 8 p.m. each night with a Saturday matinee at 2 p.m. Tickets are $10. For ticket information, call the University Theater Center

performed, “The Mike Epps on the Edge Tour” across the country and earned high ratings for his HBO special “Inappropriate Behavior” in 2012. He has also starred in multiple films including “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins,” “Hancock,” and “All About the Benjamins”. According to Steven Begnaud, student activities program coordinator, Epps was chosen over other big comedians Nick Swardson, Seth Meyers and Frank Caliendo by an overwhelming majority of the student body. Begnaud said the student response to Epps’ upcoming performance has been positive for the most part. “The announcement went viral today,” he said. “It turned out bigger [Epps] puts on a good show so we’re excited to bring him here.” In addition to Sammypalooza, Begnaud said the comedy act is another way the university gives back to the students. “This is our way of giving our students a break from school and academia and we’re very happy to do that,” he said. The show will be held on March 7 at 8 p.m. in the Johnson Coliseum. Tickets are free and will be available for the beginning Feb. 22. For tickets,

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Music’s best, worst all share Grammys stage CARIAN PARKER Contributing Reporter The biggest musical stars in the world came together on Sunday to celebrate the 55th annual Grammy Awards. The award show was held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. During the show some artist lacked in originality, while other artists joined together with their own styles of music to create an unforgettable performance.

The host of the evening was rapper, LL Cool J, who started the show by telling the world, “Welcome to the greatest music show on earth.” LL Cool J took a moment to say why it means so much to him to host the Grammys. “We all come from different places, but had a dream to make great music.” The show opened with a ridiculous performance by Taylor Swift, which featured her single, “We are never ever getting back together.” The performance centered on a circus theme with Swift played the ring leader. Her bizarre performance included clowns and other circus features that were over the top. It was painful to watch as Swift oddly strutted all over the stage. Adele stole the first win of the night as she received the award for Best Pop Solo Performance for her live performance of “Set Fire to the Rain.” Out of all of the nominees, Adele was the best choice for the win. Beyoncé and Ellen DeGeneres i n t r o d u c e d the highlight

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(Photo by Todd Williamson/Invision/AP)

BRINGING SEXY BACK: Justin Timberlake performs at his Post Grammy Concert at the Palladium, Sunday, Feb. 10, 2013, in Los Angeles.

performance of the night which featured Justin Timberlake performing his new single, “Suits & Tie.” With the help of a jazz band, the stage transformed into the 1920s with Timberlake acting as the band leader. The performance was such a joy to watch, it took everyone back in time. With Jay-Z joining the performance, the mood switched from jazz to soul. Together, Timberlake and Jay-Z serenaded the audience with the song, “Pusher Love Girl.” The performance represented Timberlake’s highly-anticipated musical comeback, which earned him a much deserved standing ovation from the audience. American Idol graduates Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson

stole the audience’s hearts with their unique performances. Underwood surprised everyone during her performance of, “Two Black Cadillacs.” Her ball gown mesmerized the audience by turning into a series of glowing designs. Even though the designs were beautiful, at times it became a distraction. However, Underwood’s powerful voice made up for all of the distractions throughout the performance. The show closed with a tribute to Adam Yauch performed by LL Cool J, Travis Barker, Chuck D, Tom Morello, and DJ Z-Trip. style of music. Unfortunately, the performance backfired. Sadly, it was a weak way to end the Grammys.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Flanders anticipates competitive Spring CONNOR HYDE Sports Reporter

Listed in’s small school NFL prospects to watch, running back Timothy Flanders is narrowing his focus into finishing his last season as a Bearkat with a championship ring. Finishing his junior season rushing for 1,642 yards and 17 touchdowns, Flanders returned to the weight room preparing to fully integrate into offensive coordinator Doug Ruse’s program. Ruse’s scheme called for an interchangeable running back role as a strong pass blocker and elusive rusher that Flanders filled by putting on an extra 15 pounds during the offseason. “Most of the stuff I did was upper body and lower body,” Ruse said. “I worked on just trying to gain some more muscle mass so I can be healthy throughout the whole season.” Flanders commanded a bigger role this season aside quarterback Brian Bell, adjusting to faster game speed and diverse assignments Ruse called. “I think it’s because the pace we ran our offense we did a lot more passing that opened up a lot more running holes,” Flanders said. Flanders, who averaged 113.5 yards a game, received his second consecutive FCS player of the year award as well as a finalist in the 2013 Walter Peyton Awards. With spring training starting in March, Flanders is expecting to prove himself as a NFL draft contender. “I’m ready for it. I just got to prove myself one more year especially being the FCS prospect compared to BCS schools,”

Megan Laurie | The Houstonian

SETTING THE BAR: Flanders ran for 1,642 yards

and 17 touchdowns this season to become the Southland Conference Player of the Year for the second straight year. Flanders will continue his role as a leader into this Spring and next football season.

Flanders said. Flanders has not yet decided his participation in SHSU’s Pro Day in March. Besides preparing to return to Huntsville with a national title, Flanders looks to secure the Walter Peyton Award as a top running back. But as the season progressed, player health became a priority among the coaches where Flanders rotated with Keshawn Hill, hampering him from posting

extra numbers. “That’s a big time goal for me. That’s probably number two besides winning the championship…I just got to keep doing what I’m doing, we got ahead of some teams the coaches wanted to keep players healthy during the season and that’s pretty much what it came down to.” With the 2013 signing class hauling new bodies on the offensive line and a new running back added to Sam Houston State’s extensive running scheme, Flanders expects competitive spring training and a chance to lead a new era of Bearkat running backs. “I think it’s going to be another heated battle between [Flanders, Keshawn Hill, and Ryan Wilson.]” Flanders said.

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“If you keep bringing in good backs in the sense we’re having they’re going to keep getting them.” As for the national championship, Flanders hopes to cross North Dakota State once more to close out his career with a win. “We got to play hard, we have to get better. We’ve develop a new rival against North Dakota State, it’s twice, hopefully we see them again a third time,” Flanders said. “We have to find a way to win the championship. We have to find a way to win that last game.”

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Basketball suffers blow to lineup, splits conference games CONNOR HYDE Sports Reporter The Bearkats’ struggle to find their rhythm has continued into the latter run of the conference season,dropping an essential 58-59 loss in overtime against McNeese State, but easily handling Lamar University with an overwhelming 78-40 blowout. Sam Houston State (13-5, 6-5 SLC) has teetered between fifth and sixth place in Southland rankings while attempting to recover from a set-back three game losing streak from late January. Led by guards Paul Baxter and Demarcus Gatlin, SHSU faced trouble carrying first half momentum into the second half, finishing 0-3 in overtime this season. Against McNeese State (9-12, 3-8 SLC), the Bearkats shot for 44 percent in the first half from the court but lapsed to 26 percent in the second half, sinking only seven of 27 shots after halftime. Eventually, time management and efficient shots from the Cowboys upset SHSU’s 10-point lead in the second half, capping off a win in overtime capitalizing on freethrows (93 percent). According to head Coach Jason Hooten, his squad remains consistent attacking the basket but has failed to remain aggressive late in the game. “There’s no difference from [Lamar] and [McNeese] when we did penetrate and we kicked it, that’s what it’s all about,” Hooten said. “That’s what our team’s all about; when we shoot the ball we’re pretty good and when we don’t we’re going to have close games and some of them you win and some of them you don’t.” The men’s squad took a blow to their starting lineup Thursday night, losing team leader Demarcus Gatlin off a failed alley-oop attempt; leaving Baxter to head the reigns and carry SHSU into the Southland Conference tournament. Gatlin announced after the game that “my knee cap is broke in half, minor setback for a major comeback,”

Thursday night on his Twitter feed. Gatlin averaged 23 points per game shooting 41 percent inside the line and nabbing 91 rebounds before his season ending injury. After Thursday’s loss, Hooten and company returned to the court to roll over Lamar in a 38-point blowout Saturday; an outing the Bearkats haven’t been a part of since opening the season against Hardin-Simmons. Three Bearkats, including Terrance Motley clenching his third doubledouble of the season, knocked down double digits in Saturday’s matchup against the Cardinals. Motley’s performance ended a month long slump since his last 10 point game. “I’ve been in a slump so I was trying to do whatever I can to help my team, I’ve been in a slump since the last time we played Lamar,” Motley said. Baxter had a quiet game shooting only for three points but was compensated by Will Bond’s threepoint range with four clutch shots outside the arc that ignited a 17-point run to commence the second half. “Anytime we got a guy hot we try and give him the ball,” guard Darius Gatson said. “[Bond] was open, he’s a great shooter.” With seven games remaining in conference, the Bearkats will look to narrow their focus on finishing out games and continue to put pressure on opponent defenses inside the paint. “I think a lot of those games it was maturity,” Gatson commented on the three overtime losses. “We would be up ten and let off the gas and we’d have a team down, step on them when we have them down. We kind of took advantage of that opportunity and try to build on that 10 point lead [against Lamar.]” The Bearkats will travel to Oklahoma and Arkansas to square off against conference rivals Oral Roberts and Central Arkansas, Thursday and Saturday.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Texas man exonerated with new DNA evidence

AP Photo/Nomaan Merchant

ROUGH ROAD GAME. Randolph Arledge, right, embraces his son, Chris Rodgers, center, as Innocence Project of Texas policy director Cory Session looks on after a court hearing in Corsicana, Texas, on Monday, Feb. 11, 2013. Arledge was freed Monday after three decades in prison after new DNA evidence showed he was wrongfully convicted of a 1981 murder.


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the last two words: for all. It was a strikingly powerful moment in the theatre and was accompanied by applause and a standing ovation. The second act, “Fragments of a Mind”, told a completely different story and dealt with a different type of dream. The first piece, “The Pilot,” began with a solo dancer, Alexis Anderson, tossing and turning on stage, stuck in what could be assumed as a nightmare. She worried out loud about what she doesn’t have and what she needs, in the only dialogue of the second act. As the dance progressed she proceeded to jump off stage only to be caught by male dancers in the front row who were previously

unnoticed by the audience. The first piece was well received and was followed by a long round of applause. The piece “Picture Perfect” seemed to portray an abusive relationship. The two dancers struggled with each other on stage bringing out emotions of anger and sadness until they posed for a picture, where they then seemed to look happy. The piece also brought surprised reactions from the audience when camera flashes beamed into their faces in pitch darkness. The ending of the second half in a piece titled “You are the Weight in Which I Carry”, consisted of two dancers, Alicia Carlin and Travis Prokop, who were intertwined by a piece of cloth seemingly struggling to be free.

It ended with Carlin, who used that same cloth to climb high above the theatre stage where words were displayed onto the outstretched cloth leaving the audience with a message. The audience was again moved by the second act of the performance gave a standing ovation. Amison and Harrell’s works mesmerized the audience members described the performances as beautiful. “It was very creative,” dance major Sarah Hammonds said. “It was a great use of props and movement. It was stunning.” Another audience member who was visiting campus agreed. “It was breathtaking and unreal,” Giamina Casale said.

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February 12, 2013  

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