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Once upon a time in west coast. There was a world of beautiful mermaids. They had a beautiful hair and blue eyes like the sky. One of them, was a very special mermide. The mermaid mother gave instructions to the mermaid daughter, because they would have the coronation of 20 years. Important event of the Aqualia Kingdom. However, her daughter disagreed with her mother mermaid, since Merlia wanted to go to the competition of the fastest and strongest fin in the sea. Just the next day will be the coronation ceremony and the great competition at sea. Merlia was confused because the two biggest commitment were the same day!

Mermaid Calisa, is Merlia’s mother. who was upset with her daughter because she preferred to go to competition than going to the ceremony. Mermaid left very discouraged from the Royal Palace to practice and be ready for competition. one of the competitors. Selena, always wanted to beat Merlia, to be the center of attention. therefore, she will do the impossible so that Mermaid Merlia does not win the competition.

Chapter II The mother mermaid was waiting for her daughter Merlia for a long time but, she didn’t arrive to the Royal palace. Meanwhile Merlia was in danger, because the other bad mermaid hit her very hard with her fin and Merlia fell to the bottom of the sea. Merlia's friends helped her quickly. They took her out of the sea. While Merlia came back to herself‌Some kind of feeling, made her mother come to the surface of the sea. Moments later, her mother unexpectedly showed up, very worried because she had sensed that something bad had happened to her daughter Merlia.

When The Mermaid Merlia woke up and saw her mother, she immediately said: "Mother. Forgive me for not realizing how important the reign was for you. Now I have received a lesson for not hearing you." The mermaid mother answered: "Sweetheart. Don't worry. We're still in time for the coronation !!". Merlia feels much better. So. Quickly, Merlia and her mother go to the palace, and Merlia turned herself into queen.

after the celebration. Merlia knew that the competition had been suspended for the incident. and had been postponed for the next day. WOW! what a great news! Now Merlia was happy, because she had the opportunity to compete again. On the day of the competition the bad mermaid had already changed her bad attitude and apologized to Merlia. And they set out to be friends.

-Mermaid Calisa also said to her daughter: “Merlin, I apologize that I didn't know how important this competition was for you either�. Then mom and daughter mermaids hugged and forgiven each other with love. Later. While they competed Merlia’s Mother, was sitting on a rock to watch the competition.

Finally, Merlia and her new friend were the winners of the first and second place in the competition. And together they could enjoy their victory. And they lived happily ever after.

The End.

MORAL  The communication, it is the most relevant in any relationship, to be able to understand us.  Be humble and you will get wisdom.  Who knows to love, know to forgive.  People of noble feelings soon repent of their faults.  TRUE LOVE makes a difference.

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