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Issue 108

September–October 2021




Digital 2D and 3D xray scanner now at Mortiboys Dental spa



Dr Mary Talbot joined us in December

Read our Google and Facebook reviews and pop in for a tour and experience our magic for yourself!

We are open and welcoming new patients!

Preventative family dental care Fresh breath and hygienist therapy suite Nervous patient management programme Invisible cosmetic dentistry Teeth whitening, including “zoom” studio


Orthodontic smile and bite transformation with invisalign

Mortiboys Dental Spa, Phoenix House, Forest Road, East Horsley, Surrey KT24 5HE

Dental implant and oral surgery clinic

t: 01483 281428 e:

3D intra-oral scanning service no need for gaggy impressions 0% Finance On-site parking and walking distance from BR train station Warm and friendly welcome from our caring team

SCHOOL OPEN DAY Saturday 2 October 2021 at 10.00am

“Unpressured (for the most part) and friendly, but this is no soft option ... the girls both work hard and play hard, with results to match.” The Good Schools Guide

Celebrating 100 Years in 2020-21 | 01372 457077 |

Issue 108

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F&S Heating and Plumbing Services A family run business – call Frank or Suzanne

01483 225385 or 07711 191585 Central heating repairs and power flushing Boiler servicing, repairs and replacement Cookers, hobs and gas fires

The copy deadline for the November– December issue is 24 September.

Landlord certifications

This will be distributed on 1 November.


The Horsleys Community Fund


Cover photo: Zach Inglis, Unsplash © Copyright The Horsley Directory 2021.

23 Stringhams Copse, Send Marsh, Ripley, Surrey, GU23 6JE

Pre-Prep & Nursery School East Horsley, Surrey KT24 6NS

VISIT US Individual School & Nursery tours are available

01483 282329 ‘Outstanding in all areas’ SIS Inspection – March 2017


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Established in 2005, The Horsley Directory is distributed by Royal Mail throughout East and West Horsley and Effingham (KT24) to thousands of homes and businesses. It is a bimonthly publication, so each issue covers 2 months, meaning that it creates maximum impact when delivered. Printed on high-quality glossy paper to create the best impression, our issues are also available to view online at

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Sat 25 Sept


Fri 4 March


“Excellent” Independent Schools Inspectorate

Visit our beautiful 25-acre day and flexi-boarding school, where boys and girls aged 3-13 thrive on personalised learning. Contact Jackie Williams on 01932 862 264 at or visit ®


Feltonfleet Prep School

Means-tested bursaries available COBHAM SURREY KT11 1DR



Dry Cleaners 01483 283685 Family run business trading in East Horsley for over 60 years. Our services include: Clothing Shirt Laundering Duvets Curtains & Household Repairs Wedding dress specialists

Delivery and Collection 4

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1st Horsley scouts are a proud part of our local community. We offer adventure, excitement, fun and challenges whilst instilling values and developing skills for life in our young members. We have a strong and dedicated team of leaders, volunteers and supporters who make it possible for us to deliver what is a fantastic opportunity for young people locally but we always need more. Despite the pandemic cubs and scouts have continued with online meetings and activities including cooking brownies and pancakes, knot tying, making bird feeders and craft activities and model building, We have also played a variety of games including scavenger hunts involving the whole family. We have just returned to face to face scouting and resumed full activities including the opportunity to camp, although we have now broken for summer but are looking forward to returning to a full programme after the summer holidays. We currently have approximately sixty young members aged 6 upwards and hold a waiting list. Our limiting factor is the number of leaders and helpers we have.

With more leaders we could potentially offer extra nights and open our doors to more young people. Most, but not all of our leaders are, or were, parents of children that joined scouts, most had no idea they would make good leaders, most had full time jobs and weren’t sure they could fit it all in, but somehow they did, and are and we are very thankful to them. We are in particular looking for a group scout leader to manage and support the Scout Group and its Leaders to ensure it runs effectively and that Scouting within the Group develops in accordance with the rules and policies of The Scout Association. We are looking for someone with drive who is able to ensure that the group thrives and grows and delivers a challenging, exciting and balanced programme to our young members. This is an exciting opportunity for someone with the ability to manage adults effectively who is keen to ensure that young people develop and thrive within the community. You do not need to have been involved in Scouting to undertake this role. If you think you could help in delivering scouting please email: dcguildfordeastscouts@

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What’s On September–October 2021 Promote your club or society! Place a listing on this page for FREE. Tell the community about your activity, club or society by sending a few lines about who you are, where you meet and when, to for inclusion in the November–December 2021 issue. Please start the subject line of your email ‘What’s On...’. The Arts Society Horsley This Society offers monthly talks on a wide spectrum of subjects relating to the arts in general. Following the summer break during August and September the monthly talks will resume on Wednesday 13 October 2021 when Tony Rawlins will speak on ‘Art in Advertising’ in East Horsley Village Hall, Kingston Avenue KT24 6QT at 10.30am (coffee available 9.45-10.15am). Visitors (£6) and new members welcome. For more information and the full programme phone 01483 285770 or visit St Martin’s Film Clubs from September. Family Cinema First Friday in the month 5pm, a film with pizza. 01483 282038 Spiritual Cinema, third Sunday in the month, a film with supper. 01483 283713 Badminton and squash resumes in West Horsley! After a break since February 2020, our friendly,


mixed ability club using the facilities at Cranmore School resumes in September on our new day of Friday. We meet weekly during term time from 7.30– 9pm and would welcome new members. We have reasonable fees and guest rates. For more details email: Litterpick: 25 September 10.00am–2.00pm. Meet at PC Notice boards, Forest Road Mini Mart, Station Parade, Bishopsmead. Pickers, hi-viz jackets and bags provided, bring gloves. The Horsleys Farmers Market has a new website and a new administrator for their social media page HorsleyFarmersMarket. The website provides background information, news on each month’s market and the stall holders along with the next market’s charity.

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Challenges faced and struggles overcome Conjure Women Afia Atakora Set a few years after the abolition of slavery, Conjure Women tells the story of Rue. As a ‘conjure woman’, Rue has learnt how to treat minor ailments and birth babies. But when a baby is born with black eyes and other children succumb to a mysterious illness, Rue’s community starts to turn against her. Rue has many secrets, one of which could change her community forever. A beautifully written book for fans of Toni Morrison and Yaa Gyasi.

Beautiful Country Qian Julie Wang The author moved to America when she was seven. While her parents were professors back in China, they found themselves relegated to working in sweatshops in the US. As undocumented migrants, the family had few rights and lived in fear of being sent back to China. Such fear that when Qian’s mother grew sick, the family could not seek help. A stunning memoir, Beautiful Country will take your breath away.

Widowland CJ Carey

Sea Prayer Khalid Hosseini

In a reimagined timeline where the Nazis won World War II, women in Britain are subject to strict controls. As an elite ‘Geli woman’ with a high-up boyfriend, Rose enjoys some privileges and has seemingly settled into the role prescribed for her. She’s tasked with rewriting classic books to align them to this new world order. However, when Rose is sent to infiltrate Widowland – the slums where childless, husbandless women over fifty are banished to – in order to report back on a rebellious faction, she has to decide whose side she’s really on. A slow-burner, but ultimately gripping.

A father and son wait for a boat that they hope will take them to a new life. The father talks of the beauty of Syria before the bombs hit – the bustling markets, olive groves and tight-knit families. He talks of his hopes for the future and his belief that the country they’re travelling to will see all the goodness and potential in his son. Written in response to the death of Alan Kurdi and other refugee children, Sea Prayer is a deeply moving, beautifully illustrated book. It’s very short but welldeserving of a place on your bookshelf.

My Time Will Come Ian Manuel Ian Manuel was sentenced to life in prison at just fourteen years old for his role in a botched robbery. He was placed in solitary confinement. This is Ian’s story of where it all went wrong, how he survived twenty-six years in the American prison system (most of which he spent in solitary), where he was beaten, chained and belittled, and how he came to befriend the woman he shot.

The Cancer Ladies’ Running Club Josie Lloyd The Cancer Ladies’ Running Club is a surprisingly lighthearted, uplifting read based on the author’s own experiences with cancer. The main character is Keira, whose world comes crashing down after a cancer diagnosis. Struggling to come to terms with her illness, Keira finds solace, companionship and laughter in a running group of other cancer patients and survivors.

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01483 378334 07470 088047


ROOFING 01483 07470


New & Old Roofs All Roofs Repaired ROOFING & building Tiling & Slating Replacements • Gutter Cleaning & Replacements 01483 378334 Flat Roofs • UPVC Fascia Boards • Soffits • Cladding 088047 Down Pipes • Guttering • Gutter Clearance 07470 • Chimney Restoration Apex Boards • Barge Boards • Re-pointing • Brickwork Repairs Moss Removal and Roof Cleaning

For any enquiries please contact William Crittenden:410 Lower Road, Effingham, KT24 5JP or Newmarsh Farm, Horsley Road, Cobham, KT11 3JX

T: 01483 378334 M: 07470 088047 E: To view testimonials visit our website:

Opening Hours Opening - subjectHours: to government Wednesday guidelines: - Saturday Tuesday 9.30- –Saturday 17.30 9.30 – 17.30 Monday Monday&&Saturday Tuesday ––Click Click&&Collect Collect••Weekday Weekdaytime timeslots slotsavailable available


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Knowledge General Knowledge Crossword General Knowledge Crossword















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24 25




Solution on page 35.

Down Across Across Down Across 1 Closed political meeting (6) 1 Universe seen an ordered whole (6) 1 Closed political meeting1(6)Universe seen as an as 1 Closed political meeting (6) ordered whole (6) 7 Sweet almond paste used 2 Vehicles from outer space (inits) (4) 7 Sweet Christmas cakes 7 Sweet almond paste almond used on paste used 2 on Vehicles from outer space(8) (inits) (4) on Christmas cakes (8) Extract (metals) by heating (5) Christmas (8) marine bivalve with 3 3 (metals) by heating (5) 8 cakes Black aExtract brownishblack elongated 8 8Black marine Black marinebivalve bivalvewith with aa brownishLight, plastic as a 4 4Light, plastic disc disc used used as a plaything oval shell black elongated oval shell(6) (6) shell (6) brownishblack elongated oval plaything (TM) (7) (TM) (7) 10 Case for a knife (6)Unit 10 10 Case for a knife or a sword (6) or a sword Case for a knife or a sword (6) 5 5Unit of length equal to 1760 yards yards (4) of length equal to 1760 (4) 11 11 Long oaroar mounted stern 11mounted Longatoar of a boat (5) Long atthe themounted stern of a at the6 stern Large case of strong fabric for sleeping 6 Large case of strong fabric of aboat boat (5)(5) on (8) 13 Drink given to people who are ill sleeping (4,3) on (8) for Drink given to peoplewho whoare are ill ill (4,3) (4,3) 13 13 Drink given to people 9 Croatian city on the Adriatic Sea (5) 16 Tall stand with a sloping top9to hold a book (7) Sea (5) Croatian city or on notes the Adriatic stand with slopingtop topto to hold a 12 Heavy, woven fabric used in rugs and 16 16 TallTall stand with a asloping 17 Ngaio ___, writer of whodunnit stories (5) 12 Heavy, woven fabric used book or notes (7) 17 (7) Ngaio ___, writer bedspreads (8) 14 Apartments (5)in rugs hold a book or notes and bedspreads (8) of whodunnit stories (5) 20writer Hindu (6)Short preview of a film or TV programme (7) 17 Ngaio ___, of Festival of Lights 15 20 Hindu Festival of Lights (6) 14 Apartments (5) (6) Title(5) given to a nun (6) 18 Capital of Zimbabwe whodunnit22 stories 22 Title given to a nun (6) Short of (4,4) a such film or (7) Analysis ofpreview a substance as TV goldprogramme or 20 Hindu Festival of Lights 24 Plant with(6)soothing juice1915 used to treat burns 24 Plant with soothing juice used to treat silver, to determine its make-up (5) 18 Capital of Zimbabwe (6) 22 Title given to 25 aAnun 25 on fourorormore more horses in different races (6) burns (4,4) Abet bet(6) on four 21 Chief port of Yemen (4) 19 Analysis of a substance such as gold horses different juice races (6) 24 Plant withinsoothing 23 Friaror associated Robin Hood (4) silver, to with determine its make-up (5) used to treat burns (4,4) Down 21 Chief port of Yemen (4) 25 A bet on four or more horses Universe seen as an ordered whole (6) in different1races (6) 23 Friar associated with Robin Hood (4)


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LEGAL SERVICES FOR YOU At Wellers Hedleys Solicitors we have been serving local families and businesses for over 40 years. We are committed to giving you an excellent legal service at a fair price and taking the time to meet and discuss your requirements in the detail they deserve. We hope to be able to welcome you back to our East Horsley office soon, in the meantime please feel free to call us to talk to our legal team.

• Residential property • Business property services • Lease extensions

• Wills, trusts and • Cohabitation powers of attorney and pre-nuptial agreements • Probate • Dispute resolution • Divorce • Employment

Branch Offices: • Butler House, Guildford Road, Great Bookham KT23 4HB • 6 Bishopsmead Parade, East Horsley KT24 6SR • 22a High Street, Great Bookham KT23 4AG The team at Wellers Hedleys are available by telephone and video conferencing, to talk through your requirements. Whatever legal support you require, please call us on:

01483 284567

AdWH109 07.21

The legal practice with the personal touch

or email Wellers Hedleys is a trading name of Wellers Law Group LLP which is registered in England and Wales, registered number OC350170 and is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority No 525515.

04271v3.WH.Horsley Directory_154wx216h.Ad.indd 1

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29/07/2021 01:41


Slow-roasted paprika chicken with

lemon and artichokes

This is such an easy recipe. Everything is simply placed in a roasting dish and slowcooked in the oven, creating an amazing spicy lemony flavour. Serve leftovers for lunch the following day cold with salad.

Serves 6 Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 2 hours 30 minutes

Ingredients • 150g wholemeal self-raising flour or gluten-free self-raising flour


Pre-heat the oven to 160°C/150°C fan/gas mark 3.

• 1 tbsp smoked paprika


Mix together the paprika, sumac and olive oil. Put the chicken pieces into a roasting tin and add the garlic cloves, thyme and lemon quarters. Pour over the paprika oil and rub all over the chicken pieces.


Drizzle over the stock and season with black pepper. Cover the dish with foil and cook in the oven for 2 hours.


Remove the foil from the roasting tin, add the artichoke hearts and turn the oven up to 200°C/180°C fan/gas mark 6. Cook for another 30 minutes or until the chicken is golden.

• 1 tsp sumac • 3 tbsp olive oil • 1 organic chicken, jointed • 1 bulb of garlic (separated into unpeeled cloves) • Sprig of thyme • 2 unwaxed lemons, cut into quarters • 150 ml chicken stock • Black pepper • 1 x 400g can artichoke hearts

To advertise email or call 01483 338 288


We s t H orsl e y • Friendly Professional Family Run Competition and Livery Yard. • Large floodlit rubber/sand arena with full set of show jumps, large rubber lunging arena, horsewalker, well fenced paddocks set in 70 acres and great off road hacking in the Surrey Hills. • Instructor on site, experienced friendly staff to school/jump/lunge/hack. • High standard of care for all horses with excellent secure facilities minutes from A3/M25 J10.

The Horsleys Community Fund As the UK unlocks from from the Pandemic and community activities begin to fully resume, The Horsleys Community Fund is available to provide grants to local groups providing services to the residents of the Horsleys.

• Turnout together or individually to suit horse/ owner’s needs. Brick stables with good ventilation, rubber matting, deep shavings bed and automatic water drinkers. • Full/Part/Competition/Schooling Livery.

Claire Edwards 01483 223100/07825 818045

Please do contact Clare Mathias on 01483 281755 or for further information.


KITCHEN/BATHROOMS FULL PROPERTY REFURBISHMENT COMPLETE INSTALLATION SERVICE We offer full project management so you can leave everything to us and not have to deal with multiple trades. We have been in the trade for more than 20 years.

We are fully insured and offer free estimates

Call us on: 07941 010643 12 Please remember to mention The Horsley Directory when responding to adverts

Live Life Right

Spot Spot the the difference! difference!

There Thereare are1010differences differencesbetween betweenthe thetwo twoimages imagesbelow. below.How many manycan youspot? spot? Spot The Difference! CanHow you seecan 10you changes?

Solution on page 35.

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News from


Saturday classes with professional tutors If you would like to join this fun and instructive theatre group for young people, please contact:

/NOMADTHEATRE      @NOMADTHEATRE          /NOMAD.THEATRE Box office 01483 284747

For All Commercial And Domestic Wiring Needs, Indoors And Outdoors Specialising In Electrical Wiring Testing FREE Estimates, Fully Insured With Fully Qualified Electricians Carrying Out The Work Visit Our Website For Information Or Contact Us Website: Email: Mobile: 07976 354293

JTC Interiors: painting, decorating and plastering Call for a quote!

James Coome M: 07515 933 843 E:

Reliable, local and fully insured

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Gluten-free vegan tropical

Oat Bars

A perfect naturally sweetened flapjack-style bar. This makes a healthy alternative to shopbought snack bars and is perfect for children too. The combination of slow-releasing oats, seeds and protein powder with the fresh and dried mango keeps the body energised throughout the day. The bars will keep in the fridge for up to a week or can be frozen for up to three months. 16 bars Preparation time: 15 minutes Soaking time: 15 minutes Cooking time: 30 minutes

Ingredients • 150g wholemeal self-raising flour or gluten-free self-raising flour


Preheat the oven to 180°C/160°C fan /gas mark 4.

• 250g dried mango slices, without sugar, chopped


Place the dried mango pieces in a bowl and cover with boiling water. Leave for 15 minutes to soften, then drain.


Zest then juice the limes.


Place half of the dried mango in a food processor with the fresh mango, lime juice, lime zest and oil, and process to form a thick puree.


Place the oats, flour, protein powder, baking powder, seeds and coconut in a large bowl. Stir in the remaining dried mango. Pour in the puree and mix thoroughly.


Spoon the mixture into a greased and lined baking tin that is approximately 25cm by 30cm. Bake in an oven for 30 minutes until golden brown. Leave to cool in the tin then cut into slices.

• 3 limes • 200g frozen or fresh mango chunks • 150ml (1⁄4 pint) light olive oil • 175g gluten-free rolled oats • 175g self-raising gluten-free flour • 30g / 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, optional • 1⁄2 tsp baking powder • 30g mixed seeds (e.g. sunflower, sesame, pumpkin) • 100g desiccated coconut

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NEWS FROM THE ROTARY CLUB OF BOOKHAM & HORSLEY Making a Difference in the Community

A new Rotary year

(L to R): Martin Cannon, Lois Driscoll, Andrew Smith, Jenny Ridge and Keith Slark.

and it’s off to a great start! 1st July marks the start of the new Rotary year and what a great year it promises to be! Our President for 2020/21, Keith Slark, handed over the Presidency to Andrew Smith who, in turn, thanked Keith for all his efforts in not only running the club remotely for the whole year with charm and efficiency, but in also ending his year with more members than he started, a great feat in a very difficult time. At the same time, Martin Cannon was appointed President-Elect and will succeed Andrew at the beginning of July next year. At the handover meeting Keith inducted a new Honorary Member, Jenny Ridge, and thanked her for all her help and support over the years, Jenny has been invited to come along to our meetings as often as she likes. As his first act as President, Andrew was delighted to induct Lois Driscoll as a member of the Club. Lois has previously been an active

member of Inner Wheel and we are very pleased to have her as a member of Bookham Rotary. Andrew also announced that plans for the Cycle the Surrey Hills event on Sunday 19th September are well advanced and more details can be found on our Facebook page, on our website or at If you like what you read about Rotary, why not take a look at our website and/or call us, or simply join our mailing list for occasional updates. Once normal service is resumed, you are very welcome to come along to a trial meeting, we’d love to see you! For all details visit www.bookhamandhorsley. or contact our secretary Mark Secker on 01372 458733 or mark.secker@ Steve Gapper

To advertise email or call 01483 338 288




From the Rector The Global COVID 19 Pandemic has made an enormous impact on all our lives. As I write some 129,000 people have died in the UK alone. This is more than double the civilian deaths in the Second World War. Sadly, we have lost members of our own community to the virus, including members of St Martin’s Church. The history of the church is that our buildings are places of remembrance and hope. The Parochial Church Council at St Martin’s, East Horsley have agreed that there should be a lasting memorial in the church to remember this time. Mindful, that the pandemic is not over yet, but equally mindful that it takes time, money and creativity, the PCC has decided that the windows in the North Transept (our side chapel) might be replaced with stain glass windows which will stand as a lasting memorial. Although the windows will not necessarily speak of COVID their presence will serve to remind us of the loss of life in our community, the sacrifices made by so many people in our country, the outpouring of friendship and care which speaks of hope for the future. The hope, we as Christians find in Jesus Christ. The church council’s chosen designer is Derek Hunt www. His work can be found in churches and cathedrals throughout the country. We hope that this project will capture the imagination of all the residents of East Horsley (and The existing windows in the North Transept possibly beyond). This will provide an opportunity to engage with local schools, businesses and other organisations as well as a number of grant-making bodies. We hope to have the design phase completed in the autumn. This is not a short-term project as it takes time not only to do the design work but also to consult and get agreement from the Diocese and Church of England (this is called a

Parish office 01483 654263

18 Please remember to mention The Horsley Directory when responding to adverts

Faculty, which is like applying for planning permission) and then raise the funds. I very much hope that local residents will support this initiative and I look forward to sharing designs in due course.

With every blessing Renos PS: Since the COVID pandemic began last March we have had to suspend Horsley Care. We are now recruiting drivers so that we can re-start as soon as we have enough drivers. Please see the adjacent poster for more details. Tel 01483 283713 Email or tweet @renosp

Picture for illustrative purposes only



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ENHANCE YOUR LANDSCAPE Providing landscape design, construction and precision engineering to homes throughout Surrey, Tim Skerritt Landscape & Groundworks can help turn your garden vision into a beautiful, bespoke reality. However big or small the project, we offer a professional and competitively priced service with a 100% commitment to client satisfaction.

For further information please call 07871 051 661 or 01372 458616 Alternatively drop us an email at

20 Please remember to mention The Horsley Directory when responding to adverts

Contact Us

01306 877592

Surrey Hills Solicitors offer a wealth of legal experience and local knowledge which helps achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

Surrey Hills Solicitors LLP 296 High Street Dorking Surrey RH4 1QT

For Individuals: Property & Conveyancing Family & Mediation Employment Dispute Resolution Wills, LPAs & Probate For Organisations: Property & Conveyancing Employment Company/Commercial Dispute Resolution Local Government

EXPERT LANGUAGES’ TUTOR .... face-to-face or online.



French, Spanish or Latin - need help or inspiration?


Exam students, from Common Entrance to A level, improve their grades through my personalised lessons. Adult learners benefit from my customised teaching programmes.

Professional bathroom design and installation service LANGUAGES TUITION

Proven success and glowing references.

Gas boiler and central heating installation and servicing Landlord’s gas safety inspections

Contact: Mrs Victoria Franklin MA Hons Oxford/PGCE Tel: 07973 512077 Email:

01483 222200 The Old Barn, Dunsborough Park, Ripley Surrey GU23 6AL

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Focus On Pilates


from local teacher Sue Buckland (Pilates Perfection) My journey into Pilates began in 2001 when my youngest had just started ‘playgroup’ and I found I had half a day each week to do something for me. I joined a gym, signing up for a year – and then remembered I hated exercise classes! But there was this new class called ‘Pilates’. I loved it. For a whole hour I had to concentrate only on what my body was doing, if my mind wandered I would lose my flow… It’s now twenty years since that first class and my love for Pilates is still as strong.

Over the years I have been lucky to learn from some of the best classical teachers in the UK and the States and still get excited by the Pilates Method first developed by Joseph Pilates during the First World War, which he started teaching in his New York studio in 1926. It can be taught with nothing more than a mat, in its original format as the ‘Full Matt’, or with variations that make Pilates suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. Most rewarding for me is that I have used pilates principles to develop a new exercise routine specifically for clients with Parkinson’s running a weekly class for ‘Parkinson’s Guildford and Surrey Branch’. As Joseph Pilates said, “Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit”. If you would like to know more about Sue’s classes do get in touch:

Pilates Perfection

Pilates Perfection

22 Please remember to mention The Horsley Directory when responding to adverts

Studio back open with plenty of fresh air

Bathroom & kitchen renovations W.C. and basin upgrades Tap or sink replacements Domestic appliance installations Adding or moving radiators Shower installations ....Or just fixing that drip!

Joseph Pilates To find out class times & availability or contact Sue Buckland 01483 285111

PP_HorsDi_Ad_march.indd 1

Call Allen Smith

AS PLUMBING For all your plumbing needs

Phone/Fax: 01372 459739 Mobile: 07729 050569 Email:

28/05/2021 16:11

Quick quiz: Film titles Listed below are the titles of ten films released in the given years, where the first names of any characters from these films have been replaced by their surnames, and where only the initial letters of all other words are given.

1. T. S. A. Jensen (1998)

6. W. N. T. T. A. Khatchadourian (2011)

2. M. C. Gambini (1992)

7. W. Burns M. Albright (1989)

3. M. Rockatansky (1979)

8. Preston A. Logan’s E. A. (1989)

4. Heslop’s W. (1994)

9. T. Burbank. S. (1998)

5. Campbell’s W. (1992)

10. W. A. Lomax’s (1989)

To advertise email or call 01483 338 288

Solution on page 35.

Can you give the correct titles to these films?




Each word to be three letters or more (but no plurals), and all must contain the central letter. There’s at least one word which uses all of the letters.



HiI ’ m LeeKel l y ,anuphol st er er wi t hover25year sexper i ence.

TREE SURGEONS 01372 456705



Solution on page 35.

Target: Excellent: 8 or more words Good: 6 words Fair: 4 words



Free Estimates + Fully Insured Zoey Ad_92x64.pdf 1 02/02/2015

PROFESSIONAL PAINTING & DECORATING Qualified and fully insured

Mywor kshopi snewl yest abl i shedi nCobham. Sopl easegeti nt ouchwi t hal lyouruphol st er yneeds!

Local recommendations Free, no obligation quotations Reliable, skilled, friendly t

01483 222830

m 07721 455554 e 24 Please remember to mention The Horsley Directory when responding to adverts


Local report from


Cobham Area Foodbank

by Christina van Roest, Trustee & General Manager, Cobham Area Foodbank

Specifically in this time of COVID 19 we have supported people who have been furloughed on reduced pay/hours, people who have been made redundant (no golden hand shake) and self-employed people who are having trouble gaining work again. Sadly, due to the above situations many social issues have grown too: domestic abuse, breakdown in relationships, desperate financial situations leading to severe debts, bills cannot be paid, mental health issues in adults and children. At Cobham Area Foodbank we reach out with compassion to support people in desperate need of help and food, feeling humiliated, loss of dignity and sense of worth. It can happen to your neighbour, your friend or to yourself. Operating the foodbank throughout the pandemic has been challenging. Due to the restrictions we have had less opportunity to offer the additional support we could give before COVID in our pop-up café - like a social chat, signposting to agencies where professionals might be able to help with further issues the clients have to deal with. Volunteering numbers have been limited, and we have been wearing protective gear, keeping

our distance from each other and the clients, not easy when you rather feel like giving the clients in emotional situations a hug, or a friendly handshake. However, with handing out the food we still strive to show compassion, listen to stories while preparing the bags and offering words of encouragement. As a foodbank we can only help by giving out food - for all of our supplies we rely on the generosity of donations from the local community. We are grateful for the continued support from the Horsley community either with filling the food bins at the collection point at St Martin’s church or sending money for the fund to buy food when we run out of certain essential items, and to pay the bills of rent, insurance and running the green foodbank van. We are not yet feeding the ‘Five Thousand’, but we are getting pretty close. We feed between 60 to 100 adults and children every week. In this financial year (from April 2020 to the end of March 2021) we have fed 2,238 adults and children. There is a donation box in the porch of St Martin’s church - you can leave food here anytime. (Please make sure that it is in date, thank you!)

The Foodbank volunteers

To advertise email or call 01483 338 288

Jo Pittarides Photography

Do you ever wonder who uses the foodbank in our area? People in desperate need.


Got something dirty? – No time to clean it? - Take your cleaning to:

A New Dimension

Ovens ens ‘n’ Stuff S


Tel: 01483 283137 Mobile: 07930 733883

Tel: 078 078 16 347

W hy not t ry o u r o ther s erv ices? W e al so cl ean frid ges, freezers, dis hw ashers , show ers, and bat hs

Email: Website: Proud members of

Where reputation matters

For t he c lea ning of domest ic ov ens , ho bs, ext ract ors , micro w av es and f ree sta nding co ok ers. W e s peci al ise i n AGA /Ra ybu rn and g e cle cleaning leaning le g Rang

Compton, Lower Farm Road, Effingham, Leatherhead KT24 5JL


S o w hy d ela y? We lov e doing t he j obs you hat e! Ca ll u s t od ay fo r y ou r f riendl y loc al serv ice Fi nd us on Facebo ok Or di di n. oven snstuf snstuff ufff ff @ @gmai g mai l. com Emai l us at: new dimensio Based in Godalming, Surrey Est. 2009


Able Roofing Jan 2017.indd 1

14/01/2017 17:26



Solution on page 35.


Moving from top to bottom, change one letter at a time (but not the position of any letter) to make a new word for each rung. 26 Please remember to mention The Horsley Directory when responding to adverts

Cryptic CrypticCrossword Crossword Cryptic Crossword












10 11


13 Cryptic Crossword 14 1







21 13



14 15



17 20




























27 28




Solution on page 35.

Across Down Across Down 1 A petal found in the mouth? (6) 1 Lips I tug to reach a boxer (8) 1 A1.petal found in the mouth? 1 Lips I tug reach 1. Lips I tug to reach atoboxer (8)a boxer (8) A petal found in the mouth?(6) (6) 4 Sweet stuff from Missouri girls (8) 2 Song concerning an idler (8) 4 Sweet stuff from Missouri Song 2. Song concerning an idlercover (8)an 4. Sweet stuff Missouri girls(8) (8) 9from Hot spring whichgirls sounds like an old man (6) 3 Top2ace becomesconcerning a protective (6) idler (8) 10 Tonic Lee serves up for theold voteman (8) 5 City in Czechoslovakia (4) 9 Hot spring which sounds like an (6) 3. Top 3found Top ace becomes a protective ace becomes a protective cover (6) cover 9. Hot spring which sounds like an old man (6) 12 A bird, let out, moved slowly back 6 Progenitors from any crest (8) 10 Tonic LeeLee serves 5 City found in Czechoslovakia (4) 5. City found in Czechoslovakia (4) 10. Tonic serves upfor forthe thevote vote (8) (8) andup forth (8) 7 Oldies turned dirty! (6) 13 Odd space-time feature (6) 8 Musical composition from an oast (6) 6. Progenitors from any crest (8) 12. A bird, let out, moved slowly back and forth (8) 12 A bird, let out,15moved slowly back 6 Progenitors from any crest (8) Stupefy with backward idiots! (4) 11 Sees red rags shaken (7) 7. 14 Oldies (6) dirty! (6) 13. Odd feature (6)the washing (7) and forthspace-time (8) 16 Duly ran round for 7 turned Oldies turned Ignorant of a newdirty! aura (7) 20 Word nun put out, being(4) belittled (3,4) 17 Complete support for a sportsman (4,4) 8. Musical composition from an oast (6)an oast (6 15. Stupefy with backward idiots! 13 Odd space-time feature (6) 8 Musical composition from 21 Tree to long for? (4) 18 Stockings that anglers prefer! (8) 11. Sees red rags shaken (7) 16. Duly ran round for the washing (7) Ulster transmutation 15 Stupefy with 25 backward idiots!effect (4) (6) 19 Unnecessary lessened 11 Seesandred rags shaken (7) The beard moved,belittled respired! (8) somehow of (8) a new aura (7) 14. Ignorant 20. Word nun26put out, being (3,4) 16 Duly ran round for the washing (7) 14 Ignorant of a(6)new aura (7) 28 Copied mitt idea, perhaps (8) 22 Unusual traits for a painter 17. 23 Complete support for a sportsman (4,4) 21. Tree to long for? (4)always covered by theology (6) Worship Aim for praise somehow (6) 20 Word nun put29out, being belittled (3,4) 17 Complete support for a sportsman ( 30 Tag I knew effect would provide Picture taker arrived before artist (6) (8) 18.24 Stockings that anglers prefer! 25. Ulster transmutation (6) fine-tuning (8) 21 Tree to long for? (4) 18 Stockings Dad takes advantage of breaks (6) Miserly sort of name (4)that anglers prefer! (8) 19.27 Unnecessary and lessened somehow (8) 26. The beard31moved, respired! (8) 25 Ulster transmutation effect (6) 19 Unnecessary and(6) lessened 22. Unusual traits for a painter 28. Copied mitt idea, perhaps (8) 26 The beard moved, respired! (8) somehow (8) 23. Aim for praise somehow (6) 29. Worship always covered by theology (6) 28 Copied idea, perhaps 22 Unusual traits for aartist painter 24. Picture taker arrived before (6) (6) 30. Tag mitt I knew would provide(8) fine-tuning (8) 29 Worship always covered by theology (6) 23 Aim for praise somehow (6) 27. Miserly sort of name (4) 31. Dad takes advantage of breaks (6) Solution 30 Tag I knew would provide fine-tuning (8) 24 Picture taker arrived before artist (6) Across: 1 Palate, 4 Molasses, 9 Geyser, 10 Election, 12 Librated, 13 Aspect, 15 Stun, 16 Laundry, 20 Run down, 21 Pine, 25 Result, 26 Breathed, 31 Pauses. 31 Dad takes advantage of breaks (6)28 Imitated, 29 Revere, 30 Tweaking, 27 Miserly sort of name (4) Down: 1 Pugilist, 2 Layabout, 3 Toecap, 5 Oslo, 6 Ancestry, 7 Soiled, 8 Sonata, 11 Regards, 14 Unaware, 17 Full back, 18 Fishnets, 19 Needless, 22 Artist, 23 Aspire, 24 Camera, 27 Mean.

To advertise email or call 01483 338 288




K1 Installations

FRIENDLY, PERSONAL, HIGH QUALITY LIVE-IN AND HOME CARE Are you worried about how you or a member of your family is coping at home? If so, we are here to help. We are committed to providing person-centred, reliable care to ensure that our clients’ needs are being met with respect, dignity and compassion.

• Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Studies • Modern & Traditional • Made to Measure Units & Bespoke Fitting • CAD Design & Visuals • Free Design Service – no obligation • Updates, Minor Alterations & Solutions




2 1 9 8 3 EASY



2 8 1 3

5 2

7 5 2 1


Chartered Certified Accountant FCCA Competitive Fees Based in Horsley


• Limited Company Accounts and Tax Returns

7 3

• Sole Trader Accounts

6 5 1





Solution on page 35.




Complete the puzzle so that each row, column and 9x9 region contains the numbers one through to nine only once.

3 1

Looking for Home Care? Please call 01483 536266

Tel Alastair: 07831 254834


I cannot praise these care providers enough. Cheerful, friendly, compassionate, always willing to go the extra mile to help, and very reliable and knowledgeable CLIENT A

• Personal Tax Returns 01483 280782 07502 953552

28 Please remember to mention The Horsley Directory when responding to adverts



Insurance You could be really lucky and never have any cause to need more than routine veterinary visits for your pet. But should something happen, at best you’ll have a hefty bill and at worst be in a position where the condition or injury is so serious that you can’t afford to pay and risk losing your pet. Pet insurance can cover the cost of treatments and ongoing care for injury or any diagnosed conditions. Depending on your policy, these are some of the options. Missing pets: cover for when you pet goes astray – either by their own volition or because they’ve been stolen – will help contribute to a reward for information or return. Third-party liability: if your energetic pooch trips someone up or damages their property, this element will cover legal costs and the claimant’s expenses.



Kennel and cattery fees: if you fall ill yourself to the extent that you are hospitalised and don’t have anyone to take care of your pet, you could qualify for care by a cattery or kennel.


Dental covers: usually only accidents will be covered but some providers may include dental illness. Death by accident or illness: if your pet dies you could get back your original purchase cost. Most policies do have an age limit. Euthanasia, cremation and burial: if the worst comes to the worst, having these costs refunded could be a relief at a sad time.

City and Guilds qualified

Friendly local plumber

Fully insured

› From dripping taps to full bathroom/shower installations/cloakroom upgrades ›

No job too small

Emergency call out

Honest reliable fast service based in East Horsley

Contact Mark on 07825 818055 or 01483 285325

To advertise email or call 01483 338 288


Our ethos is to help patients feel as comfortable and at home as possible, establishing a relaxed and friendly atmosphere which delivers an outstanding dental experience. General Family Dentistry In our brand new state of the art private dental practice

Dr Rachel Woodriffe BChD

Dr Claire Morrice BA (Hons) BDS

Hygienist Treatments Creating a fresher, brighter and healthy smile (self-referral accepted)

Tooth Whitening The safe way to a brighter smile

Wrinkle and Line Reducing Clinic Helping you smile more and frown less

Monthly Maintenance Plan Providing you with a choice to budget for your dental health

Following all Government guidelines to maintain a healthy safe environment.

Cobham Dental Team

01932 866 966

Tel: 07876 647225 E:

All aspects of tree work

If you’re thinking about the road ahead, we can help. Whatever’s on your mind, just ask.

Hedge cutting Site clearance Stump grinding All types of fencing Planting Logs & Woodchip NPTC qualified




Established since 1999 Fully insured

Associate Partner Practice of St. James’s Place Wealth Management 01483 202206 | 07824 664254 The Partner Practice is an Appointed Representative of and represents only St. James's Place Wealth Management plc (which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority) for the purpose of advising solely on the group's wealth management products and services, more details of which are set out on the group's website The 'St. James's Place Partnership' and the titles 'Partner' and 'Partner Practice' are marketing terms used to describe St. James's Place representatives.

SJP12100 V1 (05/20)

SJP12100c V1 Just Ask Road ahead - A5 Partner.indd 1

30 Please remember to mention The Horsley Directory when responding to adverts

12/05/2020 14:31



Specialists in Audi,Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda Vehicles. ďĞƚǁĞĞŶ>ĞĂƚŚĞƌŚĞĂĚĂŶĚ 'ƵŝůĚĨŽƌĚ

IMI Certified for Electric and Hybrid propelled Vehicles.



Where to find us Open View Farm, Epsom Road, West Horsley, Surrey. KT24 6AP

To advertise email or call 01483 338 288


Ages 3 to Professional

Academy for Aspiring Performing Artists BALLET | TAP | MODERN | STREET DANCE JAZZ | MUSICAL PRODUCTION | DRAMA ISTD and RAD exams undertaken

Horsley, Ripley, Ockham and Send

t: 01372 454 262



The Wheel of Care runs four clubs which are open to all.

Seated Exercise has now re-opened. Booking is required.  Film Club: Every 2nd Monday of the month. 2.00pm in the Wesley Room, The Methodist Church. Due to re-open in September  Scrabble Club: Every Tuesday 2.00-3.45pm in the Wesley Room, The Methodist Church. Due to re-open in September  Seated Exercise: Every Wednesday 10.30-11.15am (term-time) at West Horsley Village Hall. £2.50 Now open. Call to book.  Movement to Music: Every Thursday 2.15-3.00pm (term-time) at The Wheelhouse. Re-opening date TBC

Registered charity number: 1087632

To find out more or book a space: 01483 281703 (Mon-Fri 10am-noon)

32 Please remember to mention The Horsley Directory when responding to adverts

COMMUNITY CLUBS AND SOCIETIES The Horsleys & Effingham Cancer Research UK

01483 283683

East Horsley Bowling Club

01483 283693

East Horsley Bridge Club

01483 571300

East Horsley Parish Council

01483 281148

East Horsley Village Hall –Bookings 01483 285019 East Horsley W.I.

01483 283577

Effingham Community Sports Centre

01372 453684

Effingham Housing Association

01372 450951

Effingham Cricket Club

07722 838566

Effingham Table Tennis Club

01372 452197

Effingham Parish Council

01372 454911

Guides & Brownies

01483 281341

Goodhart-Rendel Community Club 07702 922217 Horsley Badminton Club

01483 282384

Horsley Community Bus

01483 283314

Horsley Countryside Preservation Society

01483 282410

Horsley Evangelical Church

01483 283453

Horsley Floral Decoration Group

01483 831422

Horsley Football Club

01483 282516

Home-Start Guildford

01483 511181

The Bookham & Horsley Rotary Club

01372 458733

The Horsleys Community Fund

01483 281755

The Probus Club of The Horsleys

01483 280267

The Whips Drama Group

01483 283372

West Horsley Evening W.I.

01483 285496

West Horsley Good Companions Club

01483 283484

West Horsley Parish Council

01483 901905

West Horsley Village Hall – Bookings

01483 285454

West Horsley Wheel of Care

01483 281703

West Horsley Women’s Institute

01483 282803

West Surrey Natural History Society

01372 457623

Please notify us at if there are any changes to the above information

Horsley & Clandon Society of Arts 01483 224063 Horsley Garden Society

01483 282408

Horsley Methodist Church

01483 283482

Horsley Scouts, Cubs & Beavers

01483 283287

Horsley & Send Cricket Club

01483 283182

Horsley U3A

01483 280267

King George V Hall Effingham

01372 451925

Meeting Point

01483 283090

Nomad Theatre (Office)

01483 284717

The Arts Society Horsley

01483 285770

The Arts Society Horsley Lovelace 01483 282244

To advertise email or call 01483 338 288


John Davies Garden Maintenance

Lawnmowing Patio, Decking & Garden Furniture Jetwashing Patio Repointing Weeding Clearing Gutters Leaf Clearance Garden Clearance

FROM EDGING TO HEDGING All Jobs Considered Friendly & Efficient Flexible & Attentive

01483 859 857 or 07867 522 320 References available


Newly Refurbished Grooming Parlour. Est 2003

PLANNING & DESIGN SERVICE LLP Architectural drawings for Extensions, Alterations & New Build Free No Obligation Quotations

Tel: 01483 417555 Mob: 07818 014357

Dog grooming for all breeds: Brush & Bath — Clipping — De-Shedding Hand Stripping — Wash & Go Bathing — Nail Cutting Friendly, personal service, no holding or drying cages. Call today to make an appointment.

t: 01372 459 670 w: 19 Dorking Road, Bookham, Surrey, KT23 4PU Opening Hours: Monday–Friday 9am–5pm Saturday 9am–2pm

34 Please remember to mention The Horsley Directory when responding to adverts

General Knowledge Crossword on page 9 Across: 1. Caucus, 7. Marzipan, 8. Mussel, 10. Sheath, 11. Scull, 13. Beef tea, 16. Lectern, 17. Marsh, 20. Diwali, 22. Sister, 24. Aloe vera, 25. Yankee. Down: 1. Cosmos, 2. UFOs, 3. Smelt, 4. Frisbee, 5. Mile, 6. Mattress, 9. Split, 12. Chenille, 14. Flats, 15. Trailer, 18. Harare, 19. Assay, 21. Aden, 23. Tuck.

Spot The Difference! on page 13 The differences are: 1. Different mouth on first ant (on snail shell) 2. Worm facing opposite direction 3. Ladybird shoes different colour 4. Bee wings missing 5. Flower in background missing 6. Snail shell different colour 7. Caterpillar antenna missing 8. Grasshopper eyes shut 9. Second Ant missing 10. Spots different colour on Caterpillar

Quick quiz: Film titles

Cryptic Crossword on page 27 Across: 1. Palate, 4. Molasses, 9. Geyser, 10. Election, 12. Librated, 13. Aspect, 15. Stun, 16. Laundry, 20. Run down, 21. Pine, 25. Result, 26. Breathed, 28. Imitated, 29. Revere, 30. Tweaking, 31. Pauses. Down: 1. Pugilist, 2. Layabout, 3. Toecap, 5. Oslo, 6. Ancestry, 7. Soiled, 8. Sonata, 11. Regards, 14. Unaware, 17. Full back, 18. Fishnets, 19. Needless, 22. Artist, 23. Aspire, 24. Camera, 27. Mean.

Suduko on page 28 #1

8 6 1 2 7 9 4 3 5

7 3 5 1 4 8 2 9 6

2 4 9 6 5 3 8 7 1

4 5 2 8 9 1 3 6 7

3 1 8 4 6 7 9 5 2

6 9 7 5 3 2 1 8 4

5 7 3 9 2 4 6 1 8

9 8 4 7 1 6 5 2 3

1 2 6 3 8 5 7 4 9


on page 23

1. There’s Something About Mary 2. My Cousin Vinny 3. Mad Max 4. Muriel’s Wedding 5. Wayne’s World 6. We Need To Talk About Kevin 7. When Harry Met Sally 8. Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure 9. The Truman Show 10. Weekend At Bernie’s


SOLUTIONS to Puzzles & Quizzes


WORDLADD R on page 26 Here is one possible solution:


Patient: Doctor, doctor, they’re saying you’ve become a vam pire. Doctor: Necks please. What do you get s What is when you cros da in a ghost’s a vampire an nose? snowman? Boo-gers. Frostbite.

How do vampires get around at Halloween? On blood vessels.

Why do ghouls and demons hang out together? Because demons are a ghoul’s best friend!

How to skeletons go on holiday? On a scareplane or a skelecopter.

To advertise email or call 01483 338 288


8 3 7 9 1 4 5 6 2

4 9 2 8 6 5 7 1 3

INDEX of Advertisers & Articles

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Architects Planning & Design Service Bakeries The Bakery Shop



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Cleaning Services Ovens’n’Stuff 26 Coaching/Tuition Harmony Dance One 2 One Tuition Computer Services Surrey PC Tech

32 21

Dog Walking Horsley Hounds Domestic Appliances C F Hall & Co. Ltd.



21 10

Livery Stables Wix Hill Stables


Model Shops Roxley Models


Painting and Decorating James Coome Zoey Hackney

14 24

Plant Nurseries Floralscapes 6 Plumbing & Heating A S Plumbing F&S Plumbing and Heating K H Heating & Plumbing Mark Edwards Plumbing

23 2 21 29


Financial Planning Thomas Rigg

Property Refurbishment Property Refurbishment Guildford 12


Roofing Able Roofing Weathersure Roofing & Building

26 8

Schools/Education Felton Fleet Preparatory School Glenesk School Manor House School

4 3 1

Fundraising The Horsleys Community Fund Garage Services CT Cars Ltd.



Garden Services John Davies Garden Maintenance 34 Tim Skerritt Landscaping 20

Theatre Nomad Theatre


Health, Well-being and Fitness Movewell Fitness Pilates Perfection

13 23

Tree Surgeons Johnson Tree Services P & B Tree Surgeons

30 24

Kitchen/Bathroom Suppliers K1 Installations


Upholstery Surrey Hills Upholstery



Dry Cleaners Bandbox 4

Legal Services Surrey Hills Solicitors Wellers Hedleys

Electrical Services I2R Electrical


Dentists Cobham Dental 30 Mortiboys Dental Spa Inside FC Orchard Cottage Dental Surgery 34 Dog Grooming Bonnie Dogs

Editorial Features Baking 15 Book Recommendations 7 Cash for Clutter Inside BC Cobham Food Bank 25 Community Clubs And Societies 33 Cryptic Crossword 27 Cycle Surrey Hills 16 Focus On Pilates Perfection 22 General Knowledge Crossword 9 Horsley 1st Scouts 5 Pets 29 Quiz: Film Titles 23 Recipe 11 Suduko 28 Spot The Difference! 13 Rotary Club Of Bookham & Horsley 17 Wordladder 26 Wordwheel 24 What’s On 6

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Cash for clutter ££

eBay once dominated the online selling market, but nowadays you’re spoilt for choice on where to sell your unwanted clothes, furniture and homeware. Whether you’re moving house, redecorating or just trying to live more minimally, we’ve gathered together some of the best websites and ways to rehome your clutter.

Shpock sells itself as an online car boot sale: cheap, local and full of surprises. It’s your place to get rid of those smaller items that won’t get much attention on bigger sites like Gumtree or eBay. It’s completely free to list, unless you want to promote an item. Shpock doesn’t get involved in the payment process either. Once a price has been negotiated, it’s up to the buyer and seller to arrange delivery and payment.

From sofas and desks to cars, pets and even rooms to rent, Gumtree has it all. Gumtree is used to look for items locally, so putting your postcode in the listing is paramount. If you want your ad to get some extra attention, you can put some money behind it, but other than that it’s free.

Marketplace Facebook Marketplace is hot on eBay’s heels as the best place to swap your clutter for cash. The best part is there are no fees, so the profit is all yours. Like Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace is used to sell locally. It’s a platform many of us are already familiar with too, which means you can keep up to date with friends and family, and clear some space in your house, all from one website.

Similar to Depop, but with a slightly older target audience, Vinted is a huge online marketplace for selling clothes, with millions of users. Upmarket high street brands tend to do better. Bagged a popular Zara handbag that sold out within days? You can probably sell it for twice the price on Vinted. There are no fees for uploading or selling your items on Vinted, but there is a small fee to the buyer.

A must-download if you’re into vintage fashion, Depop is a great place to sell homemade or vintage clothes, shoes and accessories – the quirkier, the better. Listing your items is free, but once an item sells, Depop will charge a 10% fee on the sale price. Then there’s also a small PayPal transaction fee to be aware of. However, Depop can fetch you a high price and with over 18 million users, it’s one of the most popular online marketplaces right now.

Top tips for selling Spend time taking good pictures: photograph your items in a well-lit area of your house or garden, and from multiple angles. The more descriptive, the better: add as much information as you can, including dimensions, condition and reason for selling. Be honest: reviews are key to building your online selling profile, so avoid the temptation to skim over any defects in your listing. Think seasonally: Certain items, will fetch a higher price in the summer/winter.

Profile for The Horsley Directory

The Horsley Directory issue 108  

September–October 2021

The Horsley Directory issue 108  

September–October 2021


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