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Issue 102

September–October 2020


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Saturday 3 October 2020 at 10am Academic, Art, Music, Drama and Sport Scholarships available at Year 7 Academic and Performing Arts Scholarships available at Year 3 “Unpressured (for the most part) and friendly, but this is no soft option ... the girls both work hard and play hard, with results to match.� The Good Schools Guide

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Issue 102

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Our cover for this issue is by Amelie Prophet, aged 10. She has drawn an autumnal picture, inspired by outdoor activities after the Corona virus lockdown. The Horsley Directory is published every two months and distributed by Royal Mail to every household and business in the KT24 post code.

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in West Horsley

Advanced & beginner classes to suit all abilities.


9.40am, 11.00am, 1.00pm & 2.15pm


9.40am & 7.30pm

Wednesday 7.15pm Thursday



9.40am & 11.00am

Go on give it a try, to find out more contact Sue Buckland on 01483 285111.

pilates perfection The Horsleys Community Fund


Cover image: Amelie Prophet Š Copyright The Horsley Directory 2020.

www.pilatesperfection.co.uk Horsley directotynov2019.indd 1

01/11/2019 12:01

Pre-Prep & Nursery School East Horsley, Surrey KT24 6NS

VISIT US Individual School & Nursery tours are available

01483 282329 www.gleneskschool.co.uk ‘Outstanding in all areas’ SIS Inspection – March 2017


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Established in 2005, The Horsley Directory is distributed by Royal Mail throughout East and West Horsley and Effingham (KT24) to thousands of homes and businesses. It is a bimonthly publication, so each issue covers 2 months, meaning that it creates maximum impact when delivered. Printed on high-quality glossy paper to create the best impression, our issues are also available to view online at www.thehorsleydirectory.co.uk

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1. Children’s game involving a stone and lines marked on the ground (9) 2. Animals or plants which live on a host (9) 4. Ancient Mexican civilisation (5) 5. Oil extracted from the flax plant (7) 6. George Bernard ____, playwright (4) 7. Singer who had a hit with To Sir, with Love (4) 11. Sailing boat with two parallel hulls (9) 12. Capital of Sweden (9) 14. First note in the tonic sol-fa scale (3) 15. Hawk that hunts over meadows and marshes (7) 18. Name of the bear in the epic Reynard the Fox (5) 19. Presidential assistant (4) 20. Army’s temporary living quarters (4)

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Solution on page 39.

3. Powdered form of sodium chloride used at mealtimes (5,4) 8. Monarchy on the coasts of the Arabian Peninsula (4) 9. ‘Arm’ of an octopus (8) 10. Metal paper fastener (6) 13. The Hunter constellation (5) 14. Musical accompaniment added above a basic melody (7) 15. Brick carrier (3) 16. World’s swiftest mammal (7) 17. Former French unit of currency (5) 21. Capital of Saudi Arabia (6) 22. Italian sponge cake, coffee and brandy dessert (8) 23. ____ Marx, founder of modern communism (4) 24. Spicy pork and beef sausage (9)


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Sat 26 Sept

September 2018


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9.30 -11.30

KT11 1DR



OPEN FOR BUSINESS At Wellers Hedleys Solicitors we wish to thank our clients for continuing to work with us despite the difficult environment. We are very much open for business and available to talk through your legal requirements. For the time being, our offices will remain closed for all but essential administration work, however our solicitors are ready to take your call and arrange a consultation by phone and video conferencing. • Conveyancing

• Divorce

• Lease extensions

• Cohabitation and pre-nuptial agreements

• Business property services

• Wills, trusts and powers of attorney • Dispute resolution • Employment • Probate Branch Offices: • Butler House, Guildford Road, Great Bookham KT23 4HB • 6 Bishopsmead Parade, East Horsley KT24 6SR • 22a High Street, Great Bookham KT23 4AG Whatever legal support you require, please call us on:

www.wellerslawgroup.com/hedleys Wellers Hedleys is a trading name of Wellers Law Group LLP which is registered in England and Wales, registered number OC350170 and is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority No 525515.


04173v2.WH.Horseley.Look.Local.Ad.indd 2

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01483 284567 or email enquiries@hedleys-solicitors.co.uk

17/07/2020 14:33


Books of self-discovery “There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.” Nelson Mandela The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse Charlie Mackesy These illustrations of conversations between a boy, a mole, a fox and a horse have been shared across the world. As the author says, the characters “are all different, like us, and each has their own weaknesses. I can see myself in all four of them, perhaps you can too.” Personally, I challenge anyone to read it and not feel at least a tiny bit lighter, more hopeful and more connected to those around us.

A Street Cat Named Bob James Bowen James had very little to give when he found an injured stray cat. A recovering drug-addict, James was living in sheltered accommodation and busking to earn enough money to eat. But it turned out that taking in the ginger cat, which he named Bob, would change James’ life. This true story is a few years old now, and you could just choose to watch the film adaptation. But if you want to curl up with a feel-good story full of hope, resilience and friendship, it won’t disappoint.

Staying Alive: real poems for unreal times Neil Astley The five hundred poems in this anthology cover a wide range of subjects, from depression and death to joy, personal quests and self-discoveries. As the synopsis says, these are poems that are “fired by belief in the human and the spiritual at a time when much in the world feels unreal, inhuman and hollow.” You’ll rediscover poems you’ve likely heard many times before, such as Robert Frost’s ‘The Road Not Taken’, and also have your eyes opened to a whole new legion of poets.

Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow Jessica Townsend Morrigan Crow is cursed to die on her eleventh birthday. And it seems that for those around her, her death can’t come soon enough. But then Morrigan is whisked away by the mysterious Jupiter Crow. She has the chance of a new life as a member of the Wundrous Society, but only if she can pass a series of trials.

A fantastic book for children and adults alike, Nevermoor is a great reminder that we can be so much more than society expects us to be.

The Secrets of Sunshine Phaedra Patrick After losing his wife a few years ago, Mitchell has withdrawn into his own small world – focusing on work and raising his daughter. But then an incident on a bridge leads Mitchell on a journey of selfdiscovery. Warm and lighthearted, without ever straying into saccharine-sweet territory, The Secrets of Sunshine is a cosy hug of a book.

Stories for Kids Who Dare to be Different Ben Brooks While this book is aimed at children, there are plenty of adults who will enjoy dipping into it. If you do, you’ll discover mini-bios of ordinary people who tend not to make it into the history books. And you might also learn a little bit more about well-known figures, including Dr Seuss, Andy Warhol, Whoopi Goldberg and John Boyega.

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is a beautiful retreat nestled in a quaint village in Surrey. We offer a specially tailored menu from makeup and massages to facials and clinical treatments. Our experienced and highly qualified staff offer beauty therapies with added elements of relaxation to leave you

glowing from head to toe .

Waxing, massage, manicure, pedicure, facials, laser hair removal, skin needling, collage induction therapy and so much more.

01483 285 971 Manor Farm, East Lane,!West Lane, West Horsley, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT24 6HQ info@beautybarnclinic.co.uk


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Mask making for charity Over the last few months you may have bought a hand-made mask - Horsley resident Valerie Thompson has been busy making masks from her home and raising money for a local charity. Here she tells her story: Early on, when the Covid pandemic had just been identified, one of my daughters gave me a couple of fabric masks she had made. I realised that we would need more, so I unearthed a box of pretty dress fabric remnants and cotton clothes I never wore, designed a template and made a few masks, improving the construction with each one. When masks became compulsory on public transport, I thought that many people in our community would be looking for masks. Deciding to donate any money I collected to The Horsleys Community Fund, which supports local people in need, I asked several local shops, Crossroad Stores, Bishopsmead Post Office and Wills and

The Horsleys Community Fund The Horsleys Community Fund has liaised with a number of community groups to provide critical emergency support to individuals in need and other groups during the pandemic. Fears that local government services will be restricted in the months to come means your support will be more important than ever. Please contact Clare Mathias on 01483 281755 or Claritaclare@gmail.com to find out more or to apply for a grant.

Smerdon to sell the masks for £5, receiving nothing other than publicity. Daisy Maison also sold them when they re-opened. I was running out of fabric so the manager of a Charity shop found shirts and fabric for me to cut up. Elastic was obtained online; no suitable shops were open. After I had sent a cheque for £500 to the charity, two ladies offered assistance and made 60 masks. Again, I had run out of fabric for the men, so adverts brought donations to my front door. Horsley men must have empty wardrobes. With a further cheque for £600 sent, I decided to stop production. The money for the few masks still in the shops will add another £100. Now I can return to work in my large garden and vegetable patch. Well done to Valerie and her team for this great effort!

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News from




There will now be a short intermission... As you may have already heard, The Nomads have decided to postpone all our shows and other social activities at the Theatre until it is safe to open. We are looking at rescheduling these shows and we will keep release news of our activities as soon as we can. Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you at future Theatre events



info@nomadtheatre.com | www.nomadtheatre.com

Building & Landscaping Specialist

For All Commercial And Domestic Wiring Needs, Indoors And Outdoors

Free estimates. All work fully insured & guaranteed.

Specialising In Electrical Wiring Testing FREE Estimates, Fully Insured With Fully Qualified Electricians Carrying Out The Work Visit Our Website For Information Or Contact Us

Website: www.i2relectricalrequirements.com Email: i2relectrical@sky.com Mobile:07976 354293 Tel:01483 458310

07766 894 442 01483 374 421

info@allwoodservices.co.uk www.allwoodservices.co.uk

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Horsley nature report

M Waite

I initially met the decision to furlough my post with Surrey Wildlife Trust with some degree of trepidation. Not once across a long career in wildlife conservation have I had a complete spring offwork and away from the office. But coincident with the empty skies and roads of lockdown it almost became an epiphany. I could experience nature anew, every hour of every day if I chose and in the calmest, most indulgent way.

M Waite

Local resident and nature expert Mike Waite (Living Landscapes, Policy and Research Manager with Surrey Wildlife Trust) shares a little of his walk with nature throughout the last few months.

From top left: Greater butterfly-orchid, Sheepleas Rutpela Maculata (Spotted Longhorn) Lollesworth Wood, West Horsley Place Misumena Vatia (Flower Crab-Spider)

M Waite

My daily exercise walks somehow served to decelerate the unfolding of spring, offering me the chance to properly take in the subtle, sequential changes as different wildflowers bloomed, butterflies and other insects emerged, and migrant breeding birds clocked in from their wintering quarters. All of which was well ahead of itself this year due to the hot, dry weather in late April-May. Furthermore, my unscheduled time off has allowed for significant horizon expansion in the form of local exploration, finding walkable routes to new wildlife sites in the locality, including the North Downs and elsewhere.

M Waite

Much has been made of people’s refreshed appreciation of birdsong, its variety and sheer volume, ironically amplified still further by the birds themselves in true recognition of their neighbouring rivals for the first time. Having committed early in the year to celebrating National Dawn Chorus Day 2020 with the events staff of West Horsley Place, I offered to make a recording with annotation guidance to the birdsong thus captured for their website.

You can still find Mike’s audio footage from National Dawn Chorus Day on the West Horsley Place website - www.westhorsleyplace.org - under the ‘news’ section. To advertise email sales@thehorsleydirectory.co.uk or call 01483 338 288



Baking for the A group of local people from Horsley and surrounding villages came together baking sweet treats for NHS workers – a gesture of thanks and support that could be offered to those fighting the fight against COVID-19 on behalf of our local community. A catering company based in Bookham Surrey, Lavender Catering run by Melanie Williams, became involved with supplying free hot meals for NHS workers at a number of hospitals during the COVID-19 lockdown. With increased difficulty shopping for food due to social distancing and lack of supplies available in the shops these meals were gratefully received by hospital staff. As a little extra thank you, Melanie wanted to include a homemade baked treat to accompany each meal. She put a request out to her local contacts to see if people were prepared to bake some sweet treats. Acknowledging the volume of baked goods that Melanie would require, I offered to reach out to the wider local community for a group of volunteers happy to bake on a regular basis and Baking for The NHS evolved! A group of over 50 people came forward grateful to feel they could play a part in doing something to help in the crisis that our country faced. Getting behind the initiative they baked wonderful sweet treats which I collected daily for delivery to Lavender Catering. For three months this incredible team of people baked

on a regular basis. Not only did it show thanks to the healthcare workers but also provided a feeling of purpose along with a way to express creativity and a love of baking while being confined to our homes. There were many challenging times particularly in the early weeks of lockdown when baking supplies were difficult to come by. Lavender catering sourced as many supplies as they could and the team pulled together to place bulk orders with online suppliers. These were then distributed throughout the group so that the ovens never went cold! This initiative grew larger than I could have imagined, with additional charity sale bakes and decorating of presentation boxes by local children to royal visits! It was a privilege to have been a part of such a wonderful group of people. As we all return to the new normal and the country starts to open up again, Baking for The NHS has now come to an end. To ensure that their efforts are not forgotten and as a way of thanks to them all, a recipe book is being produced which records the story of this initiative and many of the recipes baked. I hope it will become a memento of this time and serve as a reminder of how people came together to offer help, support and thanks in their own way. The recipe book will be available for sale in the village with all profits being donated to healthcare charities. The legacy of the baker’s efforts will hopefully continue to do good for a while longer. Vicky Davenport

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Good companion biscuits This recipe is from the new Horsley cookbook Baking for the NHS A cookbook of bakes for the NHS by the volunteer bakers of Surrey


This recipe makes a great biscuit to go perfectly with a cup of tea.

• 125g butter


Grease two baking sheets and preheat the oven to 180°C (160°C for a fan oven)


Mix together the flour, sugar, oats and bicarbonate of soda in a large bowl.


Put the butter and golden syrup into a small pan on low heat. When melted, pour over the dry mixture and stir to combine.


Make into walnut sized portions and squeeze each into a ball, squashing each flat a little before placing on a baking sheet. Make sure to space apart.


Bake for 15–18 minutes until golden. Leave to cool on tray for a few minutes before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely.

Optional: you can dip or drizzle the biscuits with some melted chocolate. But this isn’t necessary. They are quite delicious without!

• 125g self-raising flour • 125g light brown soft sugar • 125g porridge oats • ½ teaspoon bicarbonate of soda • 1 tablespoon golden syrup

You can get your copy of this new collection of recipes from local people in village shops with all proceeds going to healthcare charities.


A cookbook of bakes for the NHS by the volunteer bakers of Surrey

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Fully insured painting, decorating and plastering service James Coome M: 07515 933 843 E: james@jamesdecorating.com Call for a quote!

Recommended and Reliable


Starting at 1 and finishing at 34, track your way from one hexagon to another (touching) hexagon, placing consecutive numbers into the empty shapes as you go. Some numbers are already given.



Solution on page 39.

Are you worried about how you or a member of your family is coping at home? If so, we are here to help. We are committed to providing person-centred, reliable care to ensure that our clients’ needs are being met with respect, dignity and compassion.

I cannot praise these care providers enough. Cheerful, friendly, compassionate, always willing to go the extra mile to help, and very reliable and knowledgeable CLIENT A

Looking for Home Care? Please call 01483 536266 www.everycare.co.uk/centralsurrey


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Exceptional Care in our 3 Ofsted Outstanding Nurseries Excellent Exce llent facilities Live webcam* Forest school Knowledgeable, passionate and highly experienced staff Spacious outdoor play areas Car parking Home cooked food by our own chefs using locally sourced ingredients Red Balloon’s unique learning programme All our nurseries are OPEN FROM 7:30AM - 6:30PM, 51 WEEKS PER YEAR Red Balloon Cobham 01932 866505 cobham@red-balloon.co.uk

Red Balloon Weybridge 01932 842800 weybridge@red-balloon.co.uk

Red Balloon Ockham 01932 866244 ockham@red-balloon.co.uk

www.red-balloon.co.uk * Cobham & Weybridge only

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De Vere Horsley Towers Whether you’re looking for a venue to host a wedding, family celebration, gala dinner, christening or wake – Horsley Towers has it all! At De Vere Horsley Estate, romance is our speciality. Set in beautiful Surrey grounds, our Victorian Mansion House provides the perfect backdrop for your special day. With Exclusive Use of the fabulous Towers available you can choose from our atmospheric Great Hall and lavish Sopwith Suite for your Ceremony, Wedding Breakfast and Evening Reception. It also provides a beautiful setting for any special occasion. Rich in local history and character it gives plenty of opportunities for the perfect photo! • Magnificent 19th century classic mansion house • 3 flexible function rooms • Private Towers Bar with character and charm of the old library • 28 recently refurbished mansion house bedrooms • A further 152 modern bedrooms across the estate • Leisure facilities to include fitness suite and swimming pool • Over 200 complimentary car parking spaces • 70 acres of spectacular Surrey parkland

To book call 01483 286599 Horsley Estate, Ockham Road South East Horsley, KT24 6DT Email horsleyweddings@devere.com www.devere.com/de-vere/horsley-estate


5 reasons to shop local One unexpected and welcome outcome from the COVID-19 lockdown earlier in the year, is the way in which many small businesses have been able to adapt so that they can keep trading. Across the country cafes became grocers, restaurants developed a collection and takeaway services almost overnight, shops developed online e-commerce stores, and salon owners became YouTube stars as they shared their skills and expertise with a ever widening and appreciative audience. Even during times of crisis, the demand to shop can open up new opportunities in many industries. At The Horsley Directory we’ve always believed that shopping local plays a vital role, and no matter what our world will look like in the future we should all carry on supporting local enterprise. So here are 5 reasons why shopping local matters, now more than ever. 1. It builds local communities & strengthens local economies When you support a local business, you are supporting your friends, family, and neighbours. The availability of local shops is especially important for the elderly, vulnerable, young people and those without access to private transport. Plus the more money that local councils make in rent and rates, the more they can spend on supporting local infrastructure and public services. 2. Local small businesses add character to towns and villages A small business or boutique shop adds character to the city or town when you walk or drive by. In a world that has become increasingly dominated by chain stores, a local business’s branding is unique and often quirky, adding something different to your High Street, offering an alternative experience, and bringing a much needed breath of fresh air into areas populated by generic stores and companies.

3. Shopping local creates job opportunities and encourages entrepreneurship A local business that becomes a success will grow, and as they grow they’ll recruit more staff from the local population. Plus their success will encourage other local businesses to open up to take advantage of the footfall, encouraging other people to take the plunge and become entrepreneurs too! 4. You get a more personalised service Local business owners are friendly and engaging, they get to know their customers at a personal level and can provide better advice about their products and services. Local traders value your business more since their survival depends on their good reputation and repeat business. They can often adapt their products to suit your personal requirements, or source something bespoke for you, which big chains won’t do. 5. It’s better for the environment Shopping local means less mileage and petrol costs for you, which helps reduce CO2 emissions. Plus local shops often stock locally sourced goods which not only supports the local economy but also reduces transport times and costs of the goods, which impacts positively on their carbon footprint. We know its tempting to default to the big chains or to buy online, but shopping locally is usually just as cost-effective and convenient, plus you are supporting the Horsley community, rather than putting money in nameless and faceless shareholders’ pockets.

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Ages 3 to Professional

Academy for Aspiring Performing Artists BALLET | TAP | MODERN | STREET DANCE JAZZ | MUSICAL PRODUCTION | DRAMA ISTD and RAD exams undertaken

Horsley, Ripley, Ockham and Send www.harmonydanceanddrama.com

t: 01372 454 262

Bathroom & kitchen renovations W.C. and basin upgrades Tap or sink replacements Domestic appliance installations Adding or moving radiators Shower installations ....Or just fixing that drip!

Call Allen Smith

AS PLUMBING For all your plumbing needs

Phone/Fax: 01372 459739 Mobile: 07729 050569 Email: asplumbing_h2o@yahoo.com


Tel: 01483 283137 Mobile: 07930 733883

Email: jasonableroofing@hotmail.co.uk Website: www.ableroofingsurrey.co.uk Proud members of

Where reputation matters

Compton, Lower Farm Road, Effingham, Leatherhead KT24 5JL


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14/01/2017 17:26


First foray back into ‘in-person’ fundraising events for Cherry Trees Surrey Hills based High Clandon Estate Vineyard known for its award winning sparkling wine played host to the National Garden Scheme (NGS) and Cherry Trees, opening up their grounds for both good causes, on Sunday 26th July. It was a notable moment being one of the first NGS ‘events’ in the county for people to go to, but also for Cherry Trees which has remained open every day to date during the coronavirus. Over 150 pieces of art, sculpture and paintings curated in the grounds, wildflower meadows and glass barn feature works drawing on a range of subjects, that are contemporary, playful and abstract, all produced in studios by artists from across the county using a range of materials and skilled techniques. Following the government’s relaxation of social distancing rules, the unlocking process that followed from the 4th of July onwards meant the possibility for Cherry Trees of its first (cautious) fundraising event, only made possible however due to great planning to ensure all government guidelines were met. Visitors were able to enjoy special cream teas and cakes served by Cherry Trees staff and volunteers, with proceeds from the teas, raffle, and donations collected across the fortnight benefitting the charity. Observing the changes in the private sector

(pubs, cafes, bars), helped inform some of the planning process. Jane Hunnable Head of Fundraising at Cherry Trees said; “We at Cherry Trees wanted to make sure we got this right. Every aspect of the our tea tent had been considered from a safety point of view. We did a lot in advance to read all up to date government policies, liaise with the NGS and adapt how we ran an event, putting in place a robust risk-assessment. We know how vital our charity’s work is and are proud to show people we are still here, open and running.” Owner of High Clandon Estate and Patron of Cherry Trees Sibylla Tindale organizes the event annually. Changes to the format of this year’s event ensured people were kept COVID safe but could enjoy being somewhere else, other than their own homes. “What a delight it was for us to see happy faces streaming through the doors of our atmospheric Glass Barn and out into our gardens, enjoying our delicious cuvée, the Cherry Trees cream teas and all the art on display. Importantly, it was such a show of support for Cherry Trees and a tribute to the work they do.”

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Dear Friends, When I last wrote for Horsley Directory we were looking forward to Holy Week and Easter with a range of services, concerts, and activities at St Martin’s. Sadly, the lockdown meant that we had to close the church and we have not had gatherings since but we have not been dormant by any measure. I would like to use this opportunity to explain what St Martin’s has been up to during the lockdown and to give you a sense of what might lie ahead in the future. As soon as lockdown was announced we were able to move our services to Zoom and YouTube. These have been well received and we plan to keep an online presence as we move forward. Using a platform called MailChimp we have been sending out weekly emails, including links to our services and additional hymns, both to members of our church and others in the parish who would like to hear from us. You can sign up to our mailing list on the homepage of our website. Search for St Martin’s Church, East Horsley in YouTube and you can see previous services and subscribe to our YouTube channel. St Martin’s outreach has run a collection centre for our local Food Bank. Each week we have been able to send a considerable amount of food and goods for onward distribution. As furlough schemes come to an end, we can expect a rise in unemployment and it is very important that we continue to remember others when shopping. Some of us have been helping those who have been hospitalised, making up 200 emergency bags for people who have been admitted to hospital. These bags contain essentials including toothbrushes, tooth paste, soap, flannels and other supplies. We are grateful to the Horsley Community Fund who made a substantial donation to help us achieve this. Pictured is Hannah Pittarides with her proud father, Renos – Hannah made up 200 hospital emergency bags on behalf of church group, Beehive.

Supporting the Cobham Area Foodbank

Parish office 01483 654263

We have been meeting on Zoom (pictured Ali and children at Smarties)


20 Please remember to mention The Horsley Directory when responding to adverts

www.easthorsleychurch.org.uk Our community hall has been used to provide enjoyable fish and chips at the Effingham Junction end of the village.

Working with our friends from St Mary’s West Horsley and All Saints Ockham, St Martin’s volunteers have helped people with shopping and collecting prescriptions. I am pleased that this need diminished as neighbours stepped in to help locally. Our Ali Bullman attention soon turned to St Martin’s Families and telephoning members of Children’s Worker our community (particularly ali@easthorsleychurch.org.uk those who live on their 07813 710055 own) and we hope to continue that practice for those for whom a call is welcome. Our Community Hall in Effingham has also seen regular visits from the Frying Squad and people have come from far and wide for a once-a-week fish and chip supper, for once enjoying the sociability of socially distanced queuing. Spectacularly, Ali Bullman has been appointed as our first Children and Families Worker. Ali works part-time, running a performing arts school in her spare time! After leading Marty’s Friends in the Canterbury Rooms for babies and toddlers for many years, she is now running Smarties (our children’s church) on Zoom. We are hoping to be able to start meeting together again in September. If you have children and would like to know more please contact Ali. Details are under her photograph. It is likely that it will be sometime before it will be safe to have mass gatherings. For that reason we have decided not to participate in Heritage Weekend (though I hope we might be able to have an online version). At the time of writing we are restricted in how we offer what many see as the staple of the church in baptisms, weddings and funerals but I am glad to report that we still held our first wedding since Covid-19 towards the end of July, with 2 witnesses to the marriage vows and registration. Thankfully, funerals are no longer restricted to the Crematorium. Despite some remaining restrictions, we are wanting to plan ahead. I am hoping that by the time you read this we will have started having church services again. We are hoping to have a Christmas Tree Festival in December and a range of Christmas services and activities. Like all of us, we wait for the latest guidance and I would encourage you to join our mailing list, visit our website and follow us on social media for the latest news.

Wishing you every blessing Keep safe, Renos easthorsleychurch

Tel: 01483 283713 Email: rector@easthorsleychurch.org.uk or tweet: @renosp


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HEATHROW&GATWICK Saloon ~ From £40 Estate ~ From £50

MPV ~ From £55 The prices quoted for drop-offs only. All airport pickups are charged at an additional price of £10.00. This covers car-park charges, up to 1 hour waiting time after the flight has landed, as well as the meet and greet service. An additional charge of £5.00 is applicable between the hours of 11pm and 7am on all airport journeys. This is due to the night-rate tariff which is applicable between those hours.

OTHER POPULAR LOCAL RUNS Horsley Railway Station ~ From £6.00 Woking ~ From £18.00 Guildford ~ From £20.00 Cobham ~ From £12.00 Ripley ~ From £10.00 Esher ~ From £20.00

The prices quoted are for a saloon vehicle, and are not applicable for larger vehicles, or additional pickups/drop-offs. The prices quoted cover the hours between 7am and 11pm. Additional charges apply outside of these hours due to night-rate tariff.

MAGNUM CARS & CARRIAGES LTD Based at Horsley Railway Station

info@magnumcarshorsley.co.uk 01483 281111 www.magnumcarshorsley.co.uk

Got something dirty? – No time to clean it? - Take your cleaning to:

A New Dimension

Ovens ens ‘n’ Stuff S For t he c lea ning of domest ic ov ens , ho bs, ext ract ors , micro w av es and f ree sta nding co ok ers. W e s peci al ise i n AGA /Ra ybu rn and g e cle cleaning leaning le g Rang

Tel: 078 078 16 347

W hy not t ry o u r o ther s erv ices? W e al so cl ean frid ges, freezers, dis hw ashers , show ers, and bat hs S o w hy d ela y? We lov e doing t he j obs you hat e! Ca ll u s t od ay fo r y ou r f riendl y loc al serv ice Fi nd us on Facebo ok Or di di n. oven snstuf snstuff ufff ff @ @gmai g mai l. ll.com com Emai l us at: new dimensio Based in Godalming, Surrey Est. 2009

Tel: 07876 647225 E: sjtrees27@btinternet.com www.johnsontreeservices.co.uk 

All aspects of tree work Hedge cutting Site clearance Stump grinding All types of fencing Planting Logs & Woodchip NPTC qualified

Established since 1999 Fully insured

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Life at Limegrove during the Coronavirus pandemic A manager from a care home in East Horsley has thanked the local community for the support they have given her and her team during the Coronavirus pandemic. Nikki Drake-Smith, from Anchor’s Limegrove in St Martin’s Close, said the words of encouragement and gifts from people and organisations had boosted morale at the care home. Limegrove Manager Nikki Drake-Smith

Nikki said: “We’ve been overwhelmed by the wonderful support members of the local community have given us, whether it’s children writing to our residents, the council donating money for our plants or the kindness of individuals who have come in with their gifts.

People living near the home have popped in to donate cakes while schoolchildren from Raleigh School had sent the residents letters, paintings and postcards as part of Anchor’s BeKindtoOneAnother campaign.

It has been a really challenging time but this support has boosted all of our spirits and made us realise how much the local community and in particular the families of Limegrove’s residents appreciate our hard work to care for the most vulnerable people in our community.

Hearing that some care homes across the country had problems with the getting personal protective equipment (PPE), someone from the area donated some visors which thankfully were not needed at Limegrove as Anchor had managed to supply all of its 114 homes with sufficient PPE during the pandemic.

And, we were all very humbled by the weekly Clap for Carers. It meant so much to us so I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone.”

The council also donated £100 to Limegrove which Nikki and her team spent on plants so that residents could plant them in the home’s garden as a meaningful activity for them.

One of the issues faced by Nikki and her team was not allowing families to visit their loved ones during the lockdown in line with Government policy. But the staff embraced Skype in addition to using the phones so that families could see their loved one while talking to them. Families provided lots of feedback about how reassured they were seeing their older relatives while talking to them. Nikki said she was really proud of her team who have worked tirelessly to provide good quality care and entertaining activities to keep the care home residents healthy and happy.

Limegrove resident Rita Harnett planting in the garden

Limegrove resident Des Carroll with finished hanging basket for the garden

She said: “We are like one big family here and it’s thanks to the great teamwork we have that we were able to continue as before despite the challenges.”

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MARK EDWARDS www.wix-hill-livery-stables.co.uk


We s t H orsl e y • Friendly Professional Family Run Competition and Livery Yard.

City and Guilds qualified

Friendly local plumber

Fully insured

• Large floodlit rubber/sand arena with full set of show jumps, large rubber lunging arena, horsewalker, well fenced paddocks set in 70 acres and great off road hacking in the Surrey Hills.

› From dripping taps to full bathroom/shower installations/cloakroom upgrades

• Instructor on site, experienced friendly staff to school/jump/lunge/hack.

No job too small

• High standard of care for all horses with excellent secure facilities minutes from A3/M25 J10.

Emergency call out

Honest reliable fast service based in East Horsley

• Turnout together or individually to suit horse/ owner’s needs. Brick stables with good ventilation, rubber matting, deep shavings bed and automatic water drinkers. • Full/Part/Competition/Schooling Livery.

Claire Edwards 01483 223100/07825 818045 info@wix-hill-livery-stables.co.uk

Contact Mark on 07825 818055 or 01483 285325 mark@thesurreyplumber.com



The Wheel of Care runs four clubs which are open to all, including those in neighbouring villages. No booking required – just turn up!  Film Club: 2nd Monday of every month. 2.00pm in the Wesley Room, The Methodist Church. £2.50 including tea and cakes after the film  Scrabble Club: Every Tuesday 2.00-3.45pm in the Wesley Room, The Methodist Church. £1.50 including tea and cakes during play  Seated Dance: Every Wednesday 10.45-11.30am (term-time) at West Horsley Village Hall. £2.50 with tea/coffee/biscuits from 10.15am  Movement to Music: Every Thursday 2.15-3.00pm (term-time) at The Wheelhouse. £2.50 including tea and biscuits after the class

Registered charity number: 1087632

To find out more: 01483 281703 (Mon-Fri 10am-noon) www.westhorsleywheelofcare.co.uk info@westhorsleywheelofcare.co.uk

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Solution on page 39.


Change one letter at a time (but not the position of any letter) to make a new word and move from the word at the top of the ladder to the word at the bottom, using the exact number of rungs provided.

John Davies Garden Maintenance

Lawnmowing Patio, Decking & Garden Furniture Jetwashing Patio Repointing Weeding Clearing Gutters Leaf Clearance Garden Clearance WEATHERSURE ROOFING & building

FROM EDGING TO HEDGING 01483 378334 07470 088047

All Jobs Considered Friendly & Efficient Flexible & Attentive

01483 859 857 or 07867 522 320 References available




01483 378334 07470 088047


ROOFING 01483 07470


New & Old Roofs All Roofs Repaired ROOFING & building Tiling & Slating Replacements • Gutter Cleaning & Replacements 01483 378334 Flat Roofs • UPVC Fascia Boards • Soffits • Cladding 088047 Down Pipes • Guttering • Gutter Clearance 07470 • Chimney Restoration Apex Boards • Barge Boards • Re-pointing • Brickwork Repairs Moss Removal and Roof Cleaning

For any enquiries please contact William Crittenden:410 Lower Road, Effingham, KT24 5JP or Newmarsh Farm, Horsley Road, Cobham, KT11 3JX

T: 01483 378334 M: 07470 088047 E: info@weathersureroofing.co.uk To view testimonials visit our website: www.weathersureroofing.co.uk To advertise email sales@thehorsleydirectory.co.uk or call 01483 338 288



K1 Installations

Join our online groups and

get connected The Horsley Directory Horsley Hub Effingham Hub @TheHorsleyD

• Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Studies • Modern & Traditional • Made to Measure Units & Bespoke Fitting • CAD Design & Visuals • Free Design Service – no obligation • Updates, Minor Alterations & Solutions


Tel Alastair: 07831 254834


“Comme ci, Comme ça”

French Tuition Friendly and supportive tuition tailored to your needs. One to one or small group lesson at home, at your office or at any convenient place in your area.


Lessons to children of all levels including GCSE and A-level students, adult learners and business people.

Newly Refurbished Grooming Parlour. Est 2003

Extra help to improve your listening/ speaking skills, as well as grammar and spelling.

Brush & Bath — Clipping — De-Shedding Hand Stripping — Wash & Go Bathing — Nail Cutting

Formal and colloquial French. Tips for holidays or exam revision.

Yasmine Benli

Experienced French Native Tutor Mobile: 07884 383 327 Email: yasmine.benli@talktalk.net

Dog grooming for all breeds:

Friendly, personal service, no holding or drying cages. Call today to make an appointment.

t: 01372 459 670 w: www.bonniedogs.co.uk 19 Dorking Road, Bookham, Surrey, KT23 4PU Opening Hours: Tuesday–Friday 9am–5pm Saturday 9am–2pm

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News from The Rotary Club of Bookham & Horsley

Lockdown Rotary New Recruit Eddie Crouch MBE

Making a Difference in the Community Since writing 3 months ago, we have learnt to adapt to coping through lockdown very well. Our Virtual Zoom Meetings continue each week and are as well attended as any in the region, with 1518 faces and wine glasses typically appearing each Wednesday evening. During our typical 75-minute call, we have been entertained by talks, music and film quizzes, and guest speakers. Two standout guest talks have been a review of the work of the Community Coronavirus Care team (and how we can help them), and highlights of a trek to the North Pole made by intrepid Bookham resident Gordon Stein (Gordon will be back with his full version with props at a live meeting next Spring). We are now actively considering the options for our meetings, activities and fund-raising events over the next year, led by incoming Club President Keith Slark from the start of July. Getting the balance right to ensure we fit withing Government guidelines AND mindful of what the local community both want and feel comfortable with is not easy. We fully intend and hope to run such staple annual Rotary events as the November Bookham Brunch and Christmas Round-TheHouses sleigh runs, albeit with modifications as necessary. Some fund-raising events this autumn, such as bridge evenings, may have to be curtailed as too high-risk. Other new outdoor events are being considered. The Club is in good health in terms of membership, with recent joiners last year now moving into more prominent team leading roles for fundraising, charity spending and media relations. We were also fortunate to welcome Steve Gapper to the Club this Spring. Steve is an experienced Rotarian and has been a member of clubs in Edinburgh and (most recently) Alresford near Winchester. Welcome Steve – you will make a great contribution! Talking of contributions, the Club was delighted to present a Lifetime Honorary Membership to Eddie Crouch MBE. Eddie joined this Club in

Bookham & Horsley

Certificate Recording the Lifetime Honorary Club Membership

conferred on Eddie Crouch MBE PHF 1967, was Club Past Club President and Past District Governor in recognition of his long service to the Club President several and the wider Rotary organisation times and also a past District Governor. This fantastic contribution to serving the local community has also been recognised with a letter from the global Rotary HQ near Chicago. The letter from Mark Maloney, International President, includes this paragraph: Nick Garrett - Club President 2019/20

30th June 2020

Each year since you were inducted into your club, you have chosen to devote your time, energy, and skills to our organization. You are and continue to be a member because of your passion for service, and your dedication has helped make Rotary a greater force of good in the world. Eddie, it has been our privilege to be part of Bookham & Horsley Rotary Club alongside you. If you like what you read about Rotary and would also like to make a difference, please take a look at our website and/or call us, or simply join our mailing list for occasional updates. Once normal service is resumed, you are very welcome to come along to a trial meeting. For all details visit www.bookhamandhorsley. rotaryweb.org or contact our secretary Mark Secker on 01372 458733 or mark.secker@outlook.com Andrew Smith

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Your local accountancy practice based in West Horsley. Providing outstanding client services that are friendly, affordable and jargon free. Evening & home visits available.

Bookkeeping & VAT Payroll & auto-enrolment CIS Statutory accounts Corporation tax

Self assessment Capital Gains Tax Tax planning Wills & probate

Bo &Co

Our ethos is to help patients feel as comfortable and at home as possible, establishing a relaxed and friendly atmosphere which delivers an outstanding dental experience. Dr Claire Morrice BA (Hons) BDS

Dr Siobhan Berry BDS

General Family Dentistry In our brand new state of the art private dental practice

Hygienist Treatments Creating a fresher, brighter and healthy smile (self-referral accepted)

Tooth Whitening The safe way to a brighter smile

Wrinkle and Line Reducing Clinic Helping you smile more and frown less

Monthly Maintenance Plan Providing you with a choice to budget for your dental health

Cobham Dental Team


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01932 866 966


Keeping your cat healthy Just as with humans, vaccinations and follow-up boosters are vital to the health of your cat. These treatments will incur vet’s fees, but it’s nothing like the cost of trying to nurse your cat back to health if they pick up a nasty bug, let alone the worry of your pet being ill. Feline Chlamydia

Just as with the human version, there are many different strains of flu so it will never be completely wiped out. However, a cat flu vaccine provides a degree of protection against this virus, which can spread rapidly between cats.

Cats between the ages of five weeks and nine months are said to be at particular risk of Feline Chlamydia, a disease characterised by conjunctivitis and sneezing. Whilst the vaccine does not protect against the infection it does help to reduce its effects.

Infectious Enteritis A widespread virus, Feline Infectious Enteritis can be fatal. It is a severe infection of the gut caused by the feline parvovirus, and can be passed by infected animals and equipment, including bedding and food dishes.


Cat Flu

An initial course of vaccines may be given to kittens as young as seven weeks old, with regular annual boosters needed throughout their life in order to maintain immunity.

Feline Leukaemia Feline Leukaemia is transmitted via saliva and can be deadly. There’s less of a risk for indoor pets, but the vaccine offers some protection for outdoor cats.

EXPERT LANGUAGES’ TUTOR .... face-to-face or online. French, Spanish or Latin - need help or inspiration? Exam students, from Common Entrance to A level, improve their grades through my personalised lessons. Adult learners benefit from my customised teaching programmes.


Proven success and glowing references. Contact: Mrs Victoria Franklin MA Hons Oxford/PGCE Tel: 07973 512077 Email: tuition@studylang.uk www.studylang.uk

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PROFESSIONAL PAINTING & DECORATING Qualified and fully insured

Local recommendations Free, no obligation quotations Reliable, skilled, friendly t

PLANNING & DESIGN SERVICE LLP Architectural drawings for Extensions, Alterations & New Build Free No Obligation Quotations

Tel: 01483 417555 Mob: 07818 014357

01483 222830

m 07721 455554 e zoeyhackney@btinternet.com

www.architecturesurrey.co.uk www.architecturesurrey.co.uk simonplanning.design@btinternet.com

F & S Heating and Plumbing Services 01483 225385 or 07711 191585 Small family run business – call Frank or Suzanne Central heating repairs, Power flushing Boiler servicing, repairs and replacement Cookers, hobs and gas fires Swimming pool boilers Landlord certifications Bathroom installation/refurbishment

Email: info@fshps.co.uk www.fshps.co.uk

23 Stringhams Copse, Send Marsh, Ripley, Surrey, GU23 6JE 30 Please remember to mention The Horsley Directory when responding to adverts



Specialists in Audi,Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda Vehicles. Ä?ÄžĆšÇ ÄžÄžĹś>ÄžÄ‚ĆšĹšÄžĆŒĹšÄžÄ‚ÄšĂŜĚ 'ĆľĹ?ĹŻÄšÄ¨Ĺ˝ĆŒÄš

IMI Certified for Electric and Hybrid propelled Vehicles.


:KDWHYHU\RXUQHHGV\RXFDQFRXQWRQXV Tel: 01483 285792 Email: info@ct-cars.co.uk www.ctcars.co.uk

Where to find us Open View Farm, Epsom Road, West Horsley, Surrey. KT24 6AP

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BUILDINGS AND LETTINGS MAINTENANCE SERVICE Caesar.allan03@googlemail.com 07836 332195 or 01483 503997

Professional bathroom design and installation service

General property improvements, alterations and repairs

Gas boiler and central heating installation and servicing

Painting and decorating Carpentry and joinery

Landlord’s gas safety inspections

01483 222200 www.khheating.co.uk

Odd jobs

The Old Barn, Dunsborough Park, Ripley Surrey GU23 6AL

Contact Us

01306 877592 enquiries@surreyhillssolicitors.co.uk www.surreyhillssolicitors.co.uk

Surrey Hills Solicitors offer a wealth of legal experience and local knowledge which helps achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

Surrey Hills Solicitors LLP 296 High Street Dorking Surrey RH4 1QT

For Individuals: Property & Conveyancing Family & Mediation Employment Dispute Resolution Wills, LPAs & Probate For Organisations: Property & Conveyancing Employment Company/Commercial Dispute Resolution Local Government

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Spot Spot The Difference! Spot the the difference! difference!

www.nickgowman.com www.nickgowman.com

Can you 10 changes? There There are are10see 10differences differences between betweenthe thetwo twoimages imagesbelow. below.How Howmany manycan canyou youspot? spot?

Answers on page 39.






All bread, cakes and pastries are homemade by our Craft Bakers




10F% F! O




Our sausage rolls are made with locally sourced butcher’s meat



We make our own sandwiches fresh everyday



Fresh hot breakfast goods available daily




The Bakery Shop is one of the few surviving Craft Bakeries in Surrey, delivering handmade, freshly baked goods to our eleven shops every day.




To advertise email sales@thehorsleydirectory.co.uk or call 01483 338 288


W RDWHEEL Each word to be three letters or more (but no plurals), and all must contain the central letter. There’s at least one word which uses all of the letters. Target: Excellent: 24 or more words Good: 19 words Fair: 16 words





Solution on page 39.




MARK SYMONDS Chartered Certified Accountant FCCA Competitive Fees Based in Horsley

TREE SURGEONS 01372 456705



Free Estimates + Fully Insured

• Limited Company Accounts and Tax Returns • Sole Trader Accounts • Personal Tax Returns 01483 280782 07502 953552 masymonds@sky.com

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It seems like a year ago, although it’s only been just five months since Roshini and Ramesh from The Horsley Post Office and Convenience Store set up a WhatsApp group for local volunteers to help with shopping and collecting prescriptions.

The posters and leaflets were posted as far as Effingham and Clandon. Word soon got round, and the first orders were taken over the phone by our special team of telephonists. It was a learning curve, volunteers listening to our most vulnerable and isolated community, for some of them it was the only voice they heard in a week. Those residents soon relied heavily on our wonderful telephonists. That first point of contact gave an insight into how much they were struggling and worrying how to survive. Special thanks to you all who took that extra bit of time to chat and give reassurance that a prescription or food parcel would not be forgotten.


Our team diligently coordinated a daily order for our local shops, in the early days scouring empty shelves, trying to purchase the items on their lists. Many thanks to all the shops on Station Parade - Horsley Village Stores, Conisbee’s, Horsley News, The Bakery, Horsley Wines, Lloyds, Budgens, you were always so helpful making sure our lists were as complete as possible. And what we could not purchase Roshini somehow managed to magic from thin air!


I like many others enrolled and within no time we were up and running! I am sure none of us quite expected to be as busy as we were.

Delivery volunteers stepped up to the plate, sometimes driving late into the evening delivering supplies. Trying to find addresses, particularly house names on a long Horsley street was not always straightforward! One of our clever recipients came up with the idea of hanging a bright orange shopping bag at the end of his drive to indicate it was he who required the shopping. Others waved eagerly at us from their window, smiling and mouthing the words THANK YOU. Many a time I had a tear in my eye. This time of self-isolation must have been very hard for some of our neighbours. It was great to be part of this group support effort. The Horsley Community spirit is something I have never experienced before – and it was amazing to see what we can do together in times of need. I would like to hope we will never need to do this again to the same extent… but if we have to, we know we CAN. Lorraine Elliott Member of The Horsley COVID-19 Home Delivery Support Group

To advertise email sales@thehorsleydirectory.co.uk or call 01483 338 288




ENHANCE YOUR LANDSCAPE Providing landscape design, construction and precision engineering to homes throughout Surrey, Tim Skerritt Landscape & Groundworks can help turn your garden vision into a beautiful, bespoke reality. However big or small the project, we offer a professional and competitively priced service with a 100% commitment to client satisfaction.

For further information please call 07871 051 661 or 01372 458616 Alternatively drop us an email at info@timskerrittgroundworks.co.uk


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To advertise email sales@thehorsleydirectory.co.uk or call 01483 338 288


COMMUNITY CLUBS AND SOCIETIES The Horsleys & Effingham Cancer Research UK

01483 283683

East Horsley Bowling Club

01483 283693

East Horsley Bridge Club

01483 571300

East Horsley Parish Council

01483 281148

East Horsley Village Hall –Bookings 01483 285019

The Bookham & Horsley Rotary Club

01372 458733

The Horsleys Community Fund

01483 281755

The Probus Club of The Horsleys

01483 280267

The Whips Drama Group

01483 283372

West Horsley Evening W.I.

01483 285496

West Horsley Good Companions Club

01483 283484

West Horsley Parish Council

01483 901905 01483 285454

East Horsley W.I.

01483 284442

Effingham Community Sports Centre

01372 453684

Effingham Housing Association

01372 450951

Effingham Cricket Club

07722 838566

West Horsley Village Hall – Bookings

Effingham Table Tennis Club

01372 452197

West Horsley Wheel of Care

01483 281703

Effingham Parish Council

01372 454911

West Horsley Women’s Institute

01483 282803

Guides & Brownies

01483 281341

West Surrey Natural History Society

01372 457623

Goodhart-Rendel Community Club 07702 922217 Horsley Badminton Club

01483 282384

Horsley Choral Society

01483 283683

Horsley Community Bus

01483 283314

Horsley Countryside Preservation Society

01483 282410

Horsley Craft Group

01483 284437

Horsley Evangelical Church

01483 283453

Horsley Floral Decoration Group

01483 831422

Horsley Football Club

01483 282516

Home-Start Guildford

01483 511181

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Horsley & Clandon Society of Arts 01483 224063 Horsley Garden Society

01483 282408

Horsley Methodist Church

01483 283482

Horsley Scouts, Cubs & Beavers

01483 283287

Horsley & Send Cricket Club

01483 283182

Horsley U3A

01483 280267

Horsley Youth Club

01483 285950

King George V Hall Effingham

01372 451925

Meeting Point

01483 283090

Nomad Theatre (Office)

01483 284717

The Arts Society Horsley

01483 285770

The Arts Society Horsley Lovelace 01483 282244 Opening Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 9.30 – 17.30 Monday & Tuesday – Click & Collect • Weekday time slots available

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SOLUTIONS to Puzzles & Quizzes

WORDLADD R page 4 Across: 3. Table salt, 8. Oman, 9. Tentacle, 10. Staple, 13. Orion, 14. Descant, 15. Hod, 16. Cheetah, 17. Franc, 21. Riyadh, 22. Tiramisu, 23. Karl, 24. Pepperoni. Down: 1. Hopscotch, 2. Parasites, 4. Aztec, 5. Linseed, 6. Shaw, 7. Lulu, 11. Catamaran, 12. Stockholm, 14. Doh, 15. Harrier, 18. Bruin 19. Aide, 20. Camp.


page 25 Here is one possible solution (others may exist):


Spot The Difference! page 33 The differences are: 1. Third egg in nest – missing in second image 2. Squirrel behind tree – missing in second image 3. Colour of man’s shirt changes 4. Man’s wrist strap missing in second image 5. Boy’s cap is missing in first image 6. Boy’s facial expression changes 7. Buckle on boy’s satchel – missing in second image 8. Blade of grass next to man’s leg – missing in second image 9. Bush behind man’s head - missing in second image 10. Two bricks to the right of the house window –missing in second image


RDWHEEL page 34


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Builders Allwood Services 10 AMC Buildings & Lettings Services 32 Care Services Everycare 14 West Horsley Wheel of Care 24 Churches East Horsley Parish Church


Dog Grooming Bonnie Dogs


Kitchen/Bathroom Suppliers K1 Installations


Domestic Appliances C F Hall & Co. Ltd.


Legal Services Surrey Hills Solicitors Wellers Hedleys

32 6

Livery Stables Wix Hill Stables


Model Shops Roxley Models


Painting and Decorating James Coome Zoe Hackney

14 30

Plumbing & Heating A S Plumbing F&S Heating & Plumbing K H Heating & Plumbing Mark Edwards Plumbing

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Roofing Able Roofing Weathersure Roofing & Building

18 25

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5 3 1 15

Taxi Services Magnum Cars


Garden Services John Davies Garden Maintenance 25 Tim Skerritt Landscapes 36

Theatre & Entertainment Nomad Theatre


Health & Well-being Pilates Perfection

Tree Surgeons Johnson Tree Services P & B Tree Surgeons

22 34

Venues De Vere Horsley Towers


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Coaching/Tuition Comme Ci, Comme Ca One 2 One Tuition

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When the Parish Council recently asked the


Horsley Community what the village needed, the


your wish has been implemented!

resounding answer was a Farmers Market. Now

Located right in the heart of the village, the Horsleys Farmers Market takes place on the third

Held on the third Saturday of each month

Saturday of each month from 9.00am to 1.00pm. Over twenty stalls offer a wide range of locally grown produce as well as other items such as speciality foods and crafts.

www.horsleyfarmersmarket.org.uk #horsleyfarmersmarket

Market Days 2020 For more information on the market, stallholders and special events taking place during the year, visit our website at www.horsleyfarmersmarket.org.uk, email us at hello@horsleyfarmersmarket.org.uk or find us on social. August 03 Monday 04 Tuesday 05 Wednesday 06 Thursday 07 Friday 01 08 Saturday 02 09 Sunday

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www.horsleyfarmersmarket.org.uk #horsleyfarmersmarket

Profile for The Horsley Directory

The Horsley Directory Issue 102  

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The Horsley Directory Issue 102  

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