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Calen Harris, Age 12, Terrell, TX Sire: Hot Tamolley Foal: Rocky Dam: Sassy Chick

Cord Shinn, Age 13, Selma, IN Sire: BL Boy Toy Foal: BL Little Boy Moon Dam: BL Lunar Moon

Harley Shinn, Age 11, Selma, IN Sire: BL Bubby Jack Foal: BL Little Bobby Dam: BL Beauty Queen

Mattie Hale, Age 8, Selma, IN Sire: BL Sombraro Baby Foal: Daisys Cupcake Baby Dam: BL Daisy Yellow

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Become part of the fastest growing and most successful Quarter Horse Racing Program in the Country, over $4 MILLION in purses estimated to be distributed in 2012.

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Puhl’sPhotography & Video ... an

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thought provoking

exploration of his own inner world, illustrated through the world around him ...


— Dr. Rachelle Steiner, MD


Christopher L. Johnson #________ Page #________has Page shared his heart

A Soul’s Journey

Christopher L. Johnson

beautif ul ,

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and talent in the beautiful photographs and inspiring musings contained in this pictorial journal. Looking - A Soul's Journey describes the path taken by the author - photographer in search of life's most precious moments. His quest has also led him to find God's blessings and the fulfillment of knowing the Creator of the Universe in a personal way. Enjoy browsing through this encouraging photography book, and allow its words and images to calm your soul and soothe your spirit.

Call for PricesCHRISTOPHER and L. JOHNSON Page #________ Page #________ Options

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Send your answers to us at The “Fast” Horse Resource 12601 S CR 200 W Muncie, IN 47302 OR email at

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(Henry County Fairgrounds, New Castle, Indiana)

Yearlings - 2 Year Olds Della Lockridge, Horses ofMae Race Age - BroodmaresAge Weanlings - Barrel Jonesboro, IN Prospects

Graphic Design By: Christa Conway @ The Horse Resource

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Pages 32, 40, 37, 42, 33, 35, 44, 34, 53, 14, 43,28th 33, @ 29,1PM 1, 14 OCTOBER at NEW CASTLE COVERED ARENA, Found by:

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Darrel Logan, Galatia, IL 2011 Speed Sale Graduates

Mekena Morgan, Age 7, Arlington, IN Greg Baim, Age 52, Economy, IN

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Name: _________________________________Age________

Jo Zoomin

A $3,600 lightly raced 2yr old purchase, has run a 1st and two 2nds, while earning over $17,000 since selling.

WH Jonnie Boy Red

A $6,600 Yearling purchase. 3 Starts, 2 wins and a third. Fastest qualifier to the Jaguar Rocket with earnings over $14,000.

This Cats A Leader

A $1,850 lightly raced 2yr old purchase is an earner of over $10,000 since selling.

WH Mercy Me

A $3,300 yearling purchase 1 start and 1 win. Earnings of nearly $9,000 since selling (Race earnings and information is per Equibase as of 6/24/12)

Watch QHRAI.NET and your mailbox for more info. Consignment Forms due by Sept. 9th, 2012!

Address:_______________________________________ City:_____________________State:____ZIP:_________ Email: ____________________________________________

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Questions? Contact

Tom Mosley at 765-307-1376 / Michelle Collins at 317-509-6372 / Dickey Benton 989-621-3673 The QHRAI Speed Sale is being held 15 minutes from Hoosier Park at the Henry County Fairgrounds on October 28th. It’s the day after the BIGGEST Stakes weekend at Hoosier Park. Make plans now to be at this FIRST CLASS SALE!! We are expecting a great selection of Indiana Bred and Sired horses and a house packed with buyers. If you’re serious about breeding, owning or racing Quarter Horses in Indiana, you Don’t Want to Miss this afternoon. MARK YOUR CALANDAR NOW for OCTOBER 28th.

Gracie Conway, Age 9, Muncie, IN Sire: First to Shake Six Foal: Sixy and I Know It Dam: Roll La Jolla La

Wyatt Shinn, Age 8, Lynn, IN Sire: BL Johnnys Foal: Johnnys Wicked Devil Dam: BL Wicked

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our Kentucky Derby Wo

Answers: 2012 Derby Winner: I’ll Have Another Kentucky Derby Record Holder: Secretariat Three races of Triple Crown: Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes Age of Kentucky Derby horses: 3 Yrs Location of Kentucky Derby: Churchhill Downs Audrey Winter, Age 12, Mooreland, IN knew the answers to the Questions as well as found all of the hidden words in our Word Search!

The Fast Horse Resource September 2012 issue  

September 2012 issue of The "Fast" Horse Resource

The Fast Horse Resource September 2012 issue  

September 2012 issue of The "Fast" Horse Resource