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News Innovative Barrel Racer Filled A Need With POP-Up Barrels


From the time I can remember, my dad would dream up innovative, crazy shortcuts in my house for items people use daily. Friends would always say, your dad should patent that...I want one. I always encouraged him to patent one of his ideas but he said that he was happy to just make life easier for his family. I inherited my father’s inventive mind and in 2004 I invented and patented POP-Up Barrels® and began the company called

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White’s Strategy is to keep it Simple.

By: Tammie Hiatt / - Photo Credit: Peggy Gander/Guaranteed Cowgirl - Ca-

rie White of Richfield, WI has a refreshing approach to her life and her rodeo career….keep it simple. Carie and husband Wade, an IPRA World Champion Tie-Down Roper, own two horses, her barrel horse and his roping horse. No practice horses, no back-up horses, no string of young horses in the training stages.

They are built to last and have proven to be the gold standard for POP-Up Barrels®. I still get emails from people who have had their barrels for 8 years and say that they are still in great shape. POP-Up Barrels® are red and white. Don’t be confused by other barrels that look somewhat the same. They are exactly the same size as 55 gallon drums used for barrel racing. They are made with stronger wire and thicker fabric with reinforced stitching. Basically, it boils down to the fact that if you didn’t get the barrels from, you didn’t get authentic Pop-Up Barrels®.

In this day and time of high-tech rodeo, this is a rare thing for two people and two horses to make their presence known in any association, nonetheless in the IPRA. For the last three years Wade, a veteran IFR contender, and Carie have both qualified for the International Finals Rodeo. They both say that traveling together is their favorite part of rodeo. Pop-Up Barrels® come with a customer satisfaction guarantee. I will go above and beyond for my customers, that’s just the way I am. You can also buy replacement single barrels and bags, and when you call, you will speak directly to me--a real live person and not a call center.

Carie, currently sitting in the number two seat in the IPRA world standings, is no stranger to this scenario. She came into her first IFR in the number two seat and had high hopes of claiming her own gold buckle, but left Oklahoma City very discouraged. “I just couldn’t stop the clock at my first IFR. I was so disappointed,” recalled White. “I can laugh and joke about it now. It’s too bad the IFR isn’t a 3D,” she laughs.

Inventing the Pop-up Barrels has taught me about life, business and people. I am very proud of my Pop-Up Barrels® and the integrity associated with my company. To me, pride equals happiness and that attitude is what drives my business. In a way, I relate it to barrel racing because I’d rather have a good run and come home without a check than win money for a run I wasn’t proud of.

“At my second IFR, I thought maybe it would go better, but it didn’t and last year, I was in the number two seat again and I just expected it to not go well,” Carie explains. “I’m racking my brain this year. I just don’t know what it is, but three years in a row and we can’t stop the clock. It’s just crazy.”

FQHRA Stallion Stakes Futurity Trials Date Set for December 15, 2012 The 350 yard $50,000 added FQHRA Stallion Stakes Futurity trials will be held December 15, 2012 at Hialeah Race Park. It is open to all foals of 2010 who are the progeny of sires whose seasons were sold in the FQHRA Stallion Service Auction for the 2009 breeding season. In 2011 this race was worth over $95,000. All 2 year olds by As Good As Nick Gets, Contend, Cowboys Rodeo, First Down Straw, First Place

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The couple has access to a huge run of rodeos in July and August in the Northeast and they take full advantage of the many one-performance fair rodeos. “We have a pretty good stretch of rodeos close to us,” said Carie. “We don’t go a lot in the winter, we really concentrate on the summer rodeos and then work the rest of the year.”

“Kate has been running great this year, she’s really stepped up. She’s always good in the small pens but this year she’s been running good in the bigger pens as well. I can’t complain. She’s been really sound. I have a great vet that knows how to keep her consistent. A couple of years ago she got really sore and fell apart on me. Now he knows what she needs.” Ninnekah Kate is a 13 year-old, 14.3-hand mare that has been partnered with White for the past four years. 5-time IPRA World Champion Barrel Racer Betty Roper of Oktaha, OK raised Kate. “Kate is out of Ninnekah Bugs and Betty’s good mare, Rocks Lotta Bert. Betty started her and took her to the futurities. She’s been running barrels about 9 years now and still loves her job,” said White.

The Fast Horse Resource September 2012 issue  

September 2012 issue of The "Fast" Horse Resource

The Fast Horse Resource September 2012 issue  

September 2012 issue of The "Fast" Horse Resource