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erry Christmas to all of our readers and friends! What an exciting month December always is around here! We have our Annual Stallion Calendars going out in the mail (you may already have yours) and of course there is preparing for Christmas around the house.

We’ve had an eventful past few months. Some of you already know and have met our special guest. We have been enjoying the company of an Italian exchange student from Rome since the beginning of the school year. Her name is Pauline (pronounced Paulina) and she goes by “Pauli.” She recently turned seventeen. We are enjoying introducing her to western riding, quarter horse racing and barrel racing. In Italy she rode English and Jumping, but we hope to have her running barrels by the spring! I think she is enjoying herself. Our kids (Garrett, 14 and Gracie, 10) are loving having an older sister. Pauli’s mother, Tanja, came to visit us over the Thanksgiving holiday and we got to share our family traditions with them both. Of course, Italy does not celebrate Thanksgiving so this was all new to them. I believe they were both overwhelmed with all of the food! Tanja and Pauli helped us decorate the house for Christmas and Tanja can even can say that she rode an accomplished barrel horse while she was here. (We won’t tell that she only rode at a walk while Gracie led her around on Butler Did It.) We are now looking forward to the Christmas season and sharing our American Christmas with Pauli.

Tanja has flown back to the warmer weather of Italy and Pauli is here to experience an Indiana winter with horses. She is in for a surprise. Hopefully it isn’t too bad of a winter for her (and us too!) For those of you planning your winter weekends, don’t forget about the Indiana Stallion Service Auction at the beginning of January. It is always a great time and a chance to get some great prices on breedings to exceptional stallions. Take note of the Trainer’s Seminar taking place that same weekend. For those of you who have been on the fence about Indiana Quarter Horse Racing, this will answer a lot of your questions. Until next month.........remember the REASON for the SEASON and Remember to count your blessings on horseback! God Bless and Ride Safe, Christa Conway

A Little “Barrel Talk”

We have included a little Barrel Talk for you this month. Check it out....................... and remember to visit to read more Barrel Talk on-line!

LYSINE Slidin’ N Posted 2012-11-30 1:38 PM Location: Texas Those of you that feed Lysine....what kind do you feed, any specific brand or something from the local co-op? How much do you feed? Do you feed it year round or seasonal? Reason you add it in or have had it help with? thanks!

My young ones get it for the immune system support and for extra protein building (L-lysine is not present in high enough quantity in horse feed). My broodmares get it instead of the Rhino vaccines, and my prospects and competition horses get it for immune support and protection from Rhino while traveling. Also, herpes attacks can make a horse really sore in the loin area. I feed ADM brand, and start with a loading dose of 1/2 cup twice daily for 30 days, then 1/4 cup twice daily continuously.

JK91 Elite Veteran Posts: 792 Location: Where its cold &hot I feed it, no specific brand really. Just get it from the local feed mill. I feed about 2 tbsp every feeding all year. I feed it to help build a topline. Its done wonders for me...

quikchik Veteran Posts: 140 Those that buy from the feed mill, about how much do you pay? I have fed it in the past, but ordered it online. I have a horse here now that I think could use some.

sbarmfarm Expert Posts: 1317 Location: Holdenville, OK I buy it in a 50lb sack from Shawnee Feed Center. I feed it year round. Lysine is an amino acid that is one of the building blocks of protein. Benefits - growth, developement, tissue maintenance, milk production, and supports collagen production for bones etc.. A 1100lb horse requires - idle - 23 grams and intense training - 46 grams. (1 ounce = 28.3 grams) @ 4 months of age - 30 grams @ long yearling - 50+ grams. Hope this helps =) horsedoc33 Elite Veteran Posts: 1066 Location: Michigan I use L-lysine in my horses, and recommend it to my clients horses that have issues with respiratory herpes, and for their pregnant mares.

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roanrobey Color Coordinator Posts: 18790 Location: Oklahoma I used to feed one of my geldings it. I really dont remember how much I fed as it was years ago. I think it was somewhere around 2 oz. I can still remember the silly look I got from the feed mill when I asked to buy it in bulk. horsedoc33 Right now in my area a 55# bag of ADM L-lysine is running $125. I know there are some places that sell 10# for $40 or more (quite the rip off). RoadToVegas Regular Posts: 50 I feed the horsemans edge 12% protein pellets on the front of the bag it says with added Lysine should I be adding Lysine also or would that be too much? trickster j Too busy outside! Posts: 4227 Location: Wyoming I have been feeding about 1/2 cup a day for a little over a

month to my appendix horse because I suspected he may be a herpes candidate. I have to say his topline has improved dramatically! I never would have thought the lysine had helped with that until I read this. Now I am going to feed it to an old rope horse we have who could use alot of help in that area also! Thanks for this info! fifteenflat Quack Quack Woodle Woodle Posts: 7431 Location: Texas I feed horsemans edge and add lysine per my vets instructions. I buy the granules at the feed store. Started adding it to my grain about 3 years ago and haven’t had a snotty nose since. For those that do not know, lysine is An amino acid and a natural antiviral. I have several family members with fever blister problems and they will take it to kill one. sbarmfarm Expert Posts: 1317 Location: Holdenville, OK Mine is either 50 or 55lb bag and $97. It will last me at least 6 months or more.. the brand is Ajinomoto Heartland... horsedoc33 You can not feed too much lysine. The feeds do not have enough in them. It is an amino acid, so what is not used by herpes virus, immune system, protein building, etc is just safely urinated out.



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Calendar of Events

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December 2012 12/1

Henryville, IN Robyn Adair 502-663-1118 IBRA Open, Youth, & Masters approved.(State Rep - Brad Johnson 812-322-4473)


Shartlesburg, PA Mountain Springs Shirley 610-554-1114 IBRA Open, Youth and Masters approved. $100 added money.



Morristown, TN Rural Mount Arena Jonathan Rich 423-273-3174 IBRA Open, Youth and Masters approved.

approved. (State Rep - Brad Johnson 812-322-4473) Co-Approved with NBHA




- Portland, IN, Broken K Arena, Rich Bowman, 419-852-4399, Open, Youth, Masters Approved.

12/ 8 Versailles, KY Hodges Arena Gene Hodge 859-983-3234 IBRA Open, Youth, Masters Approved. Click here for show flier.


12/15 Bloomington IN Monroe County Saddle Club Elwren Road IBRA High Point Saddle Series 2012 Added money Brad Johnson 812322-4473

27th-30th - Cloverdale, IN at C Bar C Expo AQHA Winter Show 4 days 6 judges. - Contact Mark Harrell Horse Shows at markharrellqh@aol. com or call 618-397-1388

12/7-12/9 IBRA Super Show Cloverdale, IN C Bar C Arena Steve Jackson 765-720-3251 Open, Youth and Masters approved.


12/28-12/30 BB Productions Barrel Bash Carthage, MO Lucky J Arena $3500 Open



12/3-12/8 BFA World Chmnshps Oklahoma State Fairgrounds, Oklahoma City, OK, Contact Cindy Arnold, cindy@

Waynesburg, PA, Greene County Fairgrounds, Lora White 412-956-3211 IBRA Open, Youth, Masters Approved. Co Approved with

- Cassopolis, MI, Mckinley Harmony Acres, Brenda McKinley 574-238-6564, Open, Youth, Masters Approved.

Madison, IN Saddle Up Arena - Melinda Shimfessel / Tracy Schewene 812-701-0151 or 513-5201878 IBRA Open, Youth, & Masters

Taylorsville, KY Red Barn Arena Shane Cline 502-2394000 IBRA Open, Youth, Masters approved.


- Lewisburg, OH - Circle G New Years Barrel Show - “New Year Spectacular” $33,000 + Cash & Prizes paid out last year. PRE ENTER BY DEC. 18th! See Showbill in this issue for more details.

January 2013

1/1 -1/12 Martin, TN UTM AG Pavilion Katie Brooks 270-627-1031 IBRA Open, Youth, Masters Approved.

Graphic Design by: Christa @ The “Fast” Horse Resource

CONGRATULATIONS to Michelle Sly & Princess! APHA Amateur Cutting World Champions Michelle is our PA Distributor and uses a variety of Smooth Run formulas on all of her horses.

Shartlesburg, PA Mountain Springs Arena Shirley 610-554-1114 IBRA Open, Youth and Masters approved. $100 added money.


- Portland, IN, Broken K Arena, Rich Bowman, 419-852-4399, Open, Youth, Masters Approved.

- Cassopolis, MI, Mckinley Harmony Acres, Brenda McKinley 574-238-6564, Open, Youth, Masters Approved.


Taylorsville, KY Red Barn Arena Shane Cline 502-2394000 IBRA Open, Youth, Masters Approved.

1/24-1/26 East Coast Classic, TD E. Garrison Arena, Pendleton, SC, $10,000 added 2-D BFA Futurity (FF eligible with rollover) $10,000 + Guaranteed 4-D Open, 10,000 added Future Fortune money to open 4-D $2,500 added 4-D open, Open Slot Race, Futurity Side Pot, $500 added youth 4-D (18 and under), Pee Wee (10 and under), Contact : Louis Fincher - 423-470-1807, Daniel Nelson - 919-398-3781 1/26

Morristown, TN Rural Mount Arena Terri Collins 865-8983613 IBRA Open, Youth, Masters Approved.

February 2013 2/2

Shartlesburg, PA Mountain Springs Arena Shirley 610-554-1114 Open, Youth and Masters approved. $100 added money.

2/3 - Portland, IN, Broken K Arena,

Rich Bowman, 419-852-4399, Open, Youth, Masters Approved.


Versailles, KY Hodges Arena Gene Hodge 859-983-3234 IBRA Open, Youth, Masters Approved. Click here for show flier.

All Smooth Run Equine Formulas provide the following: • • • • • • •

Microencapsulated probiotics for gastric balance Digestive Enzymes for optimum nutrient absorption PURE Colostrum for healthy immune function Amino Acids serving as building blocks to Proteins Beta Glucan; another immune super charger Vitamins & Minerals Most formulas have joint support as well

We also have specialty formulas designed for; Joint support Calming Formula Respiratory Support Gastro Support Mare Formula

888-711-6218 FACEBOOK Page 8


Versailles, KY Hodges Arena Gene Hodge 859-983-3234 IBRA Open, Youth, Masters Approved.

MY DadDy Always Said... Care, and not fine stables, makes a good horse. - Danish Proverb

We’d love to hear what your Daddy Always said...Send’em in...


NPBA News National Pole Bending Association News Contact: NPBA c/o Elaine Barrett 6998 S. Co. Rd. 300 E. Winslow, IN 47598 (812) 789-5424 email:


Region 1 New York & New Jersey Contact: Carolyn Richens (270) 487-5833 Region 2 Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia & Maryland Contact: Kristine Nagy (330) 472 7410 Region 3 Indiana & Michigan Contact: Tammy & Stan Roberts (812) 359-4595 Region 4 Illinois Contact: Rick Park (618) 889-5506 Region 5 Kentucky Contact: Judy Brown (270) 422-3996 Region 6 Tennessee & Missouri Contact: Josh Morton (731) 431-7496 Region 7 Arkansas, Mississippi & Louisiana Contact: Doug Smith (870) 346-5906 Region 8 Georgia & Alabama Contact: Jerry Barrett (812) 789-5424 Region 9 Florida Contact: Jerry Barrett (812) 789-5424 Region 10 Minnesota, Wisconsin, North & South Dakota Contact: Jerry Barrett (812) 789-5424 Region 11 Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado & Wyoming Contact: Donna Rankin (402) 419-0910 Region 12 Washington, Oregon, Montana & Idaho Contact: Doug Brown (805) 238-9818 Region 13 California, Nevada, Arizona & Utah Contact: Kate Ristow (805) 238-9948 Region 14 Texas, Oklahoma & New Mexico Contact: Doug Brown (805) 238-9818 Region 15 Massachsetts & Delaware Contact: Doug Leasor (413) 668-8961



The NPBA Board of Directors has named, Dirk Carnahan-Executive Director of the NPBA Championship Show.

To find out more about how to have your show NPBA approved, contact your Regional Director listed below or visit the NPBA website: Adult membership: $40/year Youth Membership: $25/year

(18 and younger as of Jan. 1) *****NPBA Membership Dues run from Jan 1 - Dec 31 of current year. Visit the website for a printable Membership Application

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Barrel Horse World.....Calendar of Events One of our new Features Brought to you by....

Keeping Barrel Horse World on the Truck Seat! For Contact information, start times, classes, directions, etc on all of the following events listed in Barrel Horse World Calendar please visit ALABAMA

12/1 IBRA Barrel Race Autaugaville, AL 12/1 Summerdale Western Store Arena Monthly show Summerdale, AL 12/8 $1000 Added 4D Miracles Happen Barrel Race Montgomery, AL 12/15 NoVa Barrel Racing Productions Foley, AL 12/29 Gulf Coast Barrel Racing Bay Minrtte, AL


12/1 NBHA AR05 Barrel Race - Conway Arena Conway, AR 12/2 Rebel Riding Club Winter Series Magnolia, AR 12/4 Hero’s Arena Saddle Series Natural Dam, AR 12/8 NBHA AR05 Barrel Race - Conway Arena Conway, AR 12/11 Hero’s Arena Saddle Series Natural Dam, AR 12/13 Isuba Valley Fall Winter Dash for Cash Siloam Springs, AR 12/15 Tri-County Saturday Winter Series $200 Added Hensley, AR 12/16 Christmas Can Chase 2012 Waldron, AR 12/18 Hero’s Arena Saddle Series Natural Dam, AR 12/19 NBHA AR 07 2012 Awards Banquet Fayetteville, AR 12/19 NBHA WILDCARD FOR SALE Fayetteville, AR 12/27 Isuba Valley Fall Winter Dash for Cash siloam Springs, AR 12/29 Tri-County Saturday Winter Series Hensley, AR 12/30 $1000 Added Open Barrel Race NBHA AR 05 Clarksville, AR


12/2 Sebastopol Wranglers Charity Barrel Race Series Santa Rosa, CA


12/1 Canceled $200.00 Added Money! Burns Ranch Barrel Races Holly, CO 12/8 Burns Ranch Barrel Races Holly, CO 12/8 Rams Rodeo Barrel Race Ft Collins, CO 12/15 $200.00 Added$ and Champion Buckles to be awarded * TWP 5th Annual Icicle Classic* denver west, CO 12/15 Burns Ranch Barrel Races Holly, CO 12/22 Burns Ranch Barrel Races Holly, CO 12/29 Burns Ranch Barrel Races Holly, CO


12/1 Speedshows @ Destiny Bound Fort Pierce, FL 12/28-12/30 2nd Annual Rob & Teresa Stopanio Memorial Barrel Race Over $25,000 in Cash & Prizes Ocala, FL 12/29 *RAINBOW**500 added Jacksonville, FL


12/1 OPEN FAITH SADDLE CLUB SADDLE SERIES Milledgeville, GA 12/1 Georgia Sports Arena Buckle Series Finals Swainsboro, GA 12/1 Kindergarten Futurity Unadilla, GA Unadilla, GA 12/2 DIE HARD Barrel/Pole Series Cox Arena/Lightning P Arena Resaca, GA 12/7-12/8 NC Ranch Long County, GA 12/8 Ga 8 Varnadoe Arena Nicholls, GA 12/8 OPEN BARREL RACE! Jackson, GA

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12/8 Union County Saddle Club WINTER BARREL BLAST Blairsville, GA 12/9 DIE HARD Barrel/Pole Series Cox Arena/Lightning P Arena Silver Creek, GA 12/9 Super Star Ranch Added Money Barrel Race Series Screven, GA 12/15 Turnin’ For Tripp Tiger, GA 12/22 Jackpot Barnesville, GA


12/1 IBRA IN Barrel Race @ Yankeetown Arena Henryville, IN 12/7-12/9 IBRA BARREL RACE Cloverdale, IN 12/15 IBRA BARREL RACE Madison, IN 12/15 IBRA BARREL RACE Bloomington, IN


12/2 KS 02 NBHA Parsons, KS 12/2 KS01 & KS03 LAWRENCE SADDLE SERIES Lawrence, KS 12/9 KS01 & KS03 LAWRENCE SADDLE SERIES Lawrence, KS 12/9 KS 02 NBHA Parsons, KS


12/1 Branham Farms Winter Series -Last Year paid out $11,000 in the Open 4-D Barrel finals Scottsville, KY 12/1 IBRA BARREL RACE Lagrange, KY 12/15 IBRA BARREL RACE Lagrange, KY


12/7-12/9 2nd Annual $10,500 Added Christmas Classic Barrel Race DeRidder, LA 12/8 4D BarrelRace $1000.00 added Morgan City, LA 12/11 4D Barrels and Poles Cotton Valley, LA 12/15 CC’s Jackpots - Saturday Race Crowley, LA 12/15 RCBR Winter Buckle Series Alexandria, LA 12/16 Bienville Parish Fair Association Play day series Ringgold, LA


12/1 Cowboys for Christmas Kids Centerview, MO 12/1 $100 added to OPEN 07 buckle series/ jackpot mcnail indoor arena lebanon, MO 12/1-12/2 Better Horses Network/Purina Dealers Barrel Buckle Series Cleveland, MO 12/1-12/2 9th Annual Lucky J Winter Saddle Series Carthage, MO 12/1 Winter Series Barrels/$100.00 Added Rock’n RV Mountain View, MO 12/8 SRCA RODEO Rock’n RV Arena Mountain View, MO 12/8 NBHA O2 OPEN BBR BARREL RACE Humansville, MO 12/8 $$$$100 added to open BBR APPROVED 07 buckle series/jackpot mcnail indoor arena lebanon, MO 12/9 Crossfire Arena Fall Barrel Racing Series Doniphan, MO 12/16 Better Horses Network/Purina Dealers Barrel Buckle Series Cleveland, MO 12/28-12/30 BARREL BASH (TM) $3400 added! CARTHAGE, MO


12/1 4 E Horse Club Show Lucedale, MS 12/2 $1000+ added 4D Benefit Barrel Race for Kathy Jackson Purvis, MS 12/8 $500 added Kudzu Klassic Winter Series 2012-2013 Holly Springs, MS

12/8 Angela Gilliam Barrel/ Horsemanship Clinic Lena, MS 12/8 NBHA MS04 AND MS02 STARKVILLE, MS


12/2 IBRA BARREL RACE Yadkinville, NC 12/16 IBRA BARREL RACE Yadkinville, NC 12/29 Open barrel racing jackpot buckles series Lumberbridge, NC


12/1 BBR Doubleheader $500 Added to each race McCook, NE 12/8-12/9 Mid West Barrel Racing Associatin Columubus, NE


12/28-12/31 New Year Spectacular Lewisburg, OH


12/1 $1,000 Added K.K. Rule Benefit AND $500 Added Central 4D Weekend! Purcell, OK 12/1 Winter Calf Ropings Ochelata, OK 12/1 PROMISE ACRES WINTER HORSE SHOW/PLAYDAY Sapulpa, OK 12/1 $100 added OK02 NBHA Ochelata, OK 12/2 5 D Buckle Series $300 added Salina, OK 12/2 $1,000 Added K.K. Rule Benefit AND $500 Added Central 4D Weekend! Purcell, OK 12/2 Heart of Oklahoma Futurity-Youth4D Open Barrel Race Purcell, OK 12/3 ROCKIN’ C 2ND ANNUAL 4D MAGNETIC BLANKET SERIES Ochelata, OK 12/4 Team Roping Practice Cowboy Gatherin/Shoops Training Inola, OK 12/5 Lightning C Arena Wed Barrel Jackpot McAlester, OK 12/5 Exhibition Barrels Every Wednesday Purcell, OK 12/5 Rockin’ C Productions Winter Blanket 4D Barrel Series Pawhuska, Ok 12/5 ROCKING DJ ARENA 4-D ADDED MONEY SERIES BBR TAHLEQUAH, OK 12/6 Exhibition Barrel Night at the Ucross Arena Coleman, OK 12/6 Faith Productions Open 4-D weekly Jackpot poteau, OK 12/6 The King’s Pen Arena/Shoop’s Training Barrel Race Inola, OK 12/6 WildNotions Qualifiers #1 Ochelata, OK 12/7 Weekly Friday Nights At The CreekFridays From Sept 2012- April 2013 Sperry, North Of Tulsa 15 Mins, OK 12/8 Winter Calf Ropings Ochelata, OK 12/8 ATR Saddle Series Playday Caney, OK 12/8 Northeast Junior Rodeo Association sperry, OK 12/8 $100 added OK02 NBHA Sapulpa, OK 12/9 $500 Added Race for Christmas Cash! Coleman, OK 12/9 5 D Buckle Series Salina, OK 12/9 NBHA jackpot Stratford, OK 12/9 Northeast Junior Rodeo Association Sperry, OK 12/9 OCA- BBR $100++ prizes! KELLYVILLE,, OK 12/9-12/12 Rockin’ C 2nd Annual Christmas Cash $2,000 Added 4D Barrel Race Pawhuska, OK 12/10 ROCKIN’ C 2ND ANNUAL 4D MAGNETIC BLANKET SERIES Ochelata, OK

12/11 OK CORRAL INDOOR 4D BBR Barrel Race Every Tuesday Night. Harrah, OK 12/12 ROCKIN’ C PRODUCTIONS WINTER BLANKET 4D BARREL SERIES PAWHUSKA, OK 12/12 Exhibition Barrels Every Wednesday Purcell, OK 12/12 ROCKING DJ Arena 4-D Added Money Series BBR Tahlequah, OK 12/13 Exhibition Barrel Night at the Ucross Arena Coleman, OK 12/13 Faith Productions Open 4-D weekly Jackpot poteau, OK 12/13 WildNotions Qualifiers #2 Ochelata, OK 12/13 The King’s Pen Arena/Shoop’s Training Barrel Race Inola, OK 12/14 Weekly Friday Nights At The Creek- Fridays From Sept 2012- April 2013 Sperry, North Of Tulsa 15 Mins, OK 12/14 Tri-K Lazy E Winter Barrel Blast $6000 Added/Weekend Guthrie, OK 12/15-12/16 “”Loopin Lasers” presents Flying Cow Barrel Series..... ADDED MONEY AT FINALS..... Afton, OK 12/15 Tri-K Lazy E Winter Barrel Blast $6000 Added/Weekend Guthrie, OK 12/15 NBHA OK 02 Sapulpa, OK 12/16 River Bend Cowboy Church Barrel Race Indianola, OK 12/16 Tri-K Lazy E Winter Barrel Blast $6000 Added/Weekend Guthrie, OK 12/17 Rockin’ C 2Nd Annual 4D Magnetic Blanket Series Ochelata, OK 12/18 OK Corral Indoor Arena 4D Bbr Barrel Race Every Tuesday Night Winter Blanket Series Harrah, OK 12/19 Exhibition Barrels Every Wednesday Purcell, OK 12/19 Rockin’ C Productions Winter Blanket 4D Barrel Series Pawhuska, OK 12/19 ROCKING DJ ARENA 4-D ADDED MONEY SERIES BBR TAHLEQUAH, OK 12/20 Faith Productions Open 4-D weekly Jackpot poteau, OK 12/20 WildNotions Qualifiers #3 Ochelata, OK 12/20 Exhibition Barrel Night at the Ucross Arena Coleman, OK 12/20 The King’s Pen Arena/Shoop’s Training Barrel Race Inola, OK 12/21 Weekly Friday Nights At The CreekFridays From Sept 2012- April 2013 Sperry, North Of Tulsa 15 Mins, OK 12/26 Rockin’ C Productions Winter Blanket 4D Barrel Series Pawhuska, OK 12/27 Faith Productions Open 4-D weekly Jackpot poteau, OK 12/27 Exhibition Barrel Night at the Ucross Arena Coleman, OK 12/27 WildNotions Qualifiers #4 Ochelata, OK 12/28 Weekly Friday Nights At The CreekFridays From Sept 2012- April 2013Sperry, North Of Tulsa 15 Mins, OK 12/30 Winter Calf Ropings Ochelata, OK 12/30 Rockin’ C Productions New Years Weekend Kickoff 4D Saddle Barrel Race Pawhuska, OK 12/31 $500 added WildNotions New Years Eve Bash Ochelata, OK


12/5 Open Practice Sisters, OR


12/1 IBRA BARREL RACE Shartlesburg, PA


12/1-12/2 $4,000 Added Lucky Dog Productions Memphis, TN 12/8 15th Annual Barrel & Pole Series Decaturville, TN 12/8 IBRA BARREL RACE Morristown, TN 12/15 Barrel and Pole Series Iron City, TN 12/31 TN IBRA SUPERSHOW Memphis, TN


12/1 Need a Indoor Pratice Arena in the North Texas Area?? Blue ridge, TX 12/1 5D NFR Kickoff Barrel Race Fairfield, TX 12/1 8th Annual Christmas Ca$h Amarillo, TX 12/1 5D NFR Kickoff Barrel Race Fairfield, TX 12/1 NBHA TX 20 Sanction Show Overton, TX 12/1 Cross Brand Cowboy Church Open 5D Added Money Barrel Race Tyler, TX 12/1-12/2 NBHA TX15 - Zaal Ranch Saturday and Sunday - Collinsville, TX

12/1 SCRA $1000.00 ADDED - BBR AND NBHA PENDING SNYDER, TX 12/1 NBHA TX 24 Sactioned Whitney, TX 12/1 Lee County Sheriff’s Posse - Open 5D Barrel Race - December 1st & 2nd Giddings, TX 12/2 $200 Added 5D at Circle J Cowboy Church Collinsville, TX 12/2 LONGHORN BARRELS AND POLES MARSHALL, TX 12/2 8th Annual Christmas Ca$h Amarillo, TX 12/4 SCRA Tuesday Night Snyder, TX 12/4 SCRA Tuesday Night Jackpot- $100 Minimun Added Snyder, TX 12/4 Wade Indoor Arena Terrell, TX 12/5 Wednesday 4D Jackpot Stephenville, TX 12/5 Diamond W Weekly Award Series Alvarado, TX 12/6 Collinsville TX Thursday Jackpots Collinsville, TX 12/7 MCHC Saddle Series 2012 Magnolia, TX 12/7 MCHC Saddle Series 2012 Magnolia, TX 12/8 BRFC Poles and $500 Added Open 4D Crockett, TX 12/8 YTC Youth RodeosGainesville, TX 12/8 Barrel Exhibitions Gainesville, TX 12/8 $1,000 Added PYF Barrel Race Jourdanton, TX 12/8 Added Money Benefit Barrel Race Jefferson, TX 12/8 Mini Bull, JR and SR Bull Riding Gainesville, TX 12/8 $500* Added 4D Barrel Race Ewell, TX 12/9 Cowgirls & Indians Barrel Race,Buckle & $500 Added Crockett, TX 12/11 SCRA Tuesday Night Snyder, TX 12/11 SCRA Tuesday Night Jackpot- $100 Minimun Added Snyder, TX 12/12 Wednesday 4D Jackpot Stephenville, TX 12/12 Diamond W Weekly Award Series Alvarado, TX 12/13 Collinsville TX Thursday Jackpots Collinsville, TX 12/14 Christmas Workshop Barrel Racing Clinic Denton, TX 12/15 $1,000 added 5D Barrel Race - Food & Toy Drive Denton, TX 12/15 Run for Hope Benefit 4-D for Tiffany Wolven Rusk, TX 12/15 Tune-up Series Valley Mills, TX 12/15 $3000 added - Ropin’ and Ridin’ for Don, 5D Benefit Barrel Race Terrell, TX 12/15 $500 Added Open 4D & Youth 4D(no added) Dekalb, TX 12/16 M&B Groesbeck barrel race Groesbeck, TX 12/16 RSRQ Barrel Race Trinity, TX 12/16 Barrel and Pole Jackpot Bullard, TX 12/18 Wade Indoor Arena Terrell, TX 12/18 SCRA Tuesday Night Snyder, TX 12/18 SCRA Tuesday Night Jackpot- $100 Minimun Added Snyder, TX 12/19 Wednesday 4D Jackpot Stephenville, TX 12/19 Diamond W Weekly Award Series Alvarado, TX 12/20 Collinsville TX Thursday Jackpots Collinsville, TX 12/21 Lone Star Barrel Racing Amarillo, TX 12/27 Collinsville TX Thursday Jackpots Collinsville, TX 12/29-12/30 Dash for the New Year’s Cash $2,500 added WPRA Approved Alvarado, TX 12/29 Diamond D.M. New Years Race Bullard, TX 12/29 Tune-up Series Valley Mills, TX



To list your upcoming event (along with a link to your event flyer) in Barrel Horse World’s Calendar please visit www.

News Thoroughbred Incentive Program Approved for 2013

adoptions contact the Putnamville Correctional Facility or call Barbara Holcomb at (765) 653-8441, ext. 342.

The Jockey Club’s Thoroughbred Incentive Program (T.I.P.), which encourages the retraining of Thoroughbreds into other disciplines upon completion of careers in racing or breeding, has been renewed for the 2013 show season.

Dedicated to protecting and promoting the interests of equines in Indiana, the IHCF awarded the $2,500 grant to support TRF’s vital work on 2nd careers, adoption and rehabilitation for racehorses. The non-profit IHCF created the Racing Legacy Fund with financial support from the Indiana Horsemen’s Benevolent & Protective Association and the Indiana Standardbred Association to protect the interests of Indiana racehorses in all stages of their careers.

“T.I.P. sponsors Thoroughbred classes and awards at horse shows, horse trials and other events to motivate riders to showcase their Thoroughbreds and to remind people of the versatility of the Thoroughbred as a sport horse,” said Kristin Leshney, legal associate with The Jockey Club. “The Jockey Club also sponsors a Thoroughbred of the Year Award for Thoroughbreds that excel outside of the show ring and a Young Rider of the Year Award.” During a pilot program in 2012, $100,000 was committed to T.I.P. for horse show sponsorships and non-competition awards, and 190 horse shows signed up for T.I.P. sponsorship. To date, more than 1,700 Thoroughbreds have competed for T.I.P. prize money, ribbons, and saddle pads. “We were delighted with the level of interest and participation in the T.I.P. program in 2012, and, with greater awareness of it now, 2013 should be even more successful,” Leshney said. The deadline for shows to apply for T.I.P. classes and awards for 2013 is December 15, 2012. Applications received prior to December 15 might be considered for awards prior to the deadline. Only shows being held from March 2013 through December 2013 will be considered for sponsorship. For more information, go to or visit T.I.P. on Facebook at and share stories and photos about your Thoroughbred.

IHCF Racing Legacy Fund Grant Will Help Indiana Racehorses and Inmates Learn Skills for Their Future Putnamville, Indiana - The Indiana Horse Council Foundation, Inc. (IHCF), has

awarded $2,500 as its first-ever Racing Legacy Fund grant to the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, Inc., Putnamville Correctional Facility (TRF).

TRF’s Putnamville Equine Management Program gives low-risk, non-violent offenders the opportunity to work with racehorses that are retired or no longer competitive to rehabilitate and retrain them for new careers. The horses are then offered for private adoption to be used for another discipline such as trail riding, equestrian sports, backyard pleasure or even therapeutic use. The program saves many horses from an uncertain future while simultaneously teaching the offenders compassion, responsibility and marketable skills they can use after their release to become contributing members of society. In addition to cleaning stalls, feeding and bonding with the horses, offenders receive classroom instruction on Farrier Science, nutrition, equine law and business. Barbara Holcomb, the equine instructor at the facility, believes the program changes lives – the horses’ and the inmates’. “It is so great to have the support of the IHFC and many of the horse people around the state! Every penny that is taken in by TRF goes to the care and well-being of these exracers, who more than likely would have ended up a less than favorable fate,” said Holcomb, thanking IHCF for the grant. TRF, a non-profit organization, receives no funding from the state for the equestrian program at the Putnamville Correctional Facility. It is the only equestrian program for prisoners in Indiana. To donate or inquire about

Page 11

Racing Legacy Fund grants are offered to eligible applicants for programs promoting the welfare and safety of racehorses, providing adoption or retirement opportunities for racehorses, retraining racehorses for second careers, assisting organizations dedicated to the use of retired horses in equine therapy for human rehabilitation, and encouraging participation or involvement in the ownership or breeding of racehorses. The IHCF is currently accepting applications for the next Racing Legacy Fund grant period. The next submission deadline is March 1, 2013. The Racing Legacy Fund grant guidelines and application can be found online at (under “Equine News”). For more information please contact Kristina Keener Yeager at The IHCF is an Indiana non-profit corporation organized in 1992 to encourage support of and funding for worthwhile charitable, scientific and educational projects benefiting equine and equine-related activities in Indiana by serving the needs of both donors and recipients.

Kentucky Horse Council Celebrates 40th Anniversary at Annual Meeting Lexington, KY, November 18, 2012 – The Kentucky Horse Council (KHC) celebrated its 40th Anniversary as an organization at their Annual Meeting held at Shaker Village in Mercer County.

Past Presidents of KHC who attended the meeting included Mr. Bill Hilliard, President from 1995-1996, Ms. Judy Robin, President in 2000 and Ms. Anita Magan Oh, President in 2003. The event was attended by over 65 members, which followed a morning trail ride on the Shaker Village property. The day was a sunny crisp fall day, providing the perfect environment for both the trail ride and the visit to Shaker Village for the 40th anniversary. Anna Zinkhon, KHC Board President, commented on the event, “The Kentucky Horse Council has been a steadfast supporter of our Kentucky horse industry for 40 years, and we could not have been as strong as we are now without the dedication of all past presidents and board members. We owe them a debt of gratitude for all of their contributions since 1972.” The day’s events, in addition to the trail ride, featured Dr. Mats Troeddson, Director of the Gluck Equine Research Center, discussing current equine research activities and the need for communications between researchers, veterinarians and horsemen; Ginny Grulke, Executive Director, reviewing the 2012 KHC activities and a horse industry update, and elections of new board members for 2013. All enjoyed a 40th Anniversary cake. KHC is now accepting memberships for 2013. For a summary of 2012 activities and membership forms, visit ABOUT THE KENTUCKY HORSE COUNCIL - The Kentucky Horse Council is a non-profit organization dedicated, through education and leadership, to the protection and development of the Kentucky equine community. The Kentucky Horse Council provides educational programs and information, outreach and communication to Kentucky horse owners and enthusiasts, equine professional networking opportunities through KENA, trail riding advocacy, health and welfare programs, and personal liability insurance and other membership benefits. The specialty Kentucky Horse Council license plate, featuring a foal lying in the grass, provides the primary source of revenue for KHC programs.

News FQHRA News Release On November 10, FQHRA elected Ron Smith, an AQHA director from Georgia and the GQHRA president to the board of directors along with Floridian Gerald Keesling, long time QH race owner and breeder. It was reinforced that this year’s Hialeah meet will have drug testing equal to the most stringent in the country and Hialeah’s House Medication rules will go by ARCI Model Rules of Racing. Clenbuterol will be tested to 1-2 Pcg/ml of blood. Any trainers banned from racing by AQHA will also not be allowed to train at Hialeah. Hialeah will reciprocate with other states that have rulings against owners and trainers. Racing Free also gave a presentation. Trophies for the champions of each division from last year’s Hialeah meet were given out. 2011/2012 Hialeah QH Meet Accredited Florida Champion Awards Champion of the Meet: Ima Gator Fan Champion Accredited Florida Bred Owner & Breeder: J.L. Gladwell III Champion Accredited Florida Stallion: First Down Straw (Strawfly Special x First Prize Dash, by Dash For Cash), Owned by Linda McCleery & Chantell Bourgeois of Ontario, Canada Foals of 2009 (2 year olds in 2011) Champion Gelding - Country Boy Deluxe, winner of the Hialeah El Nino Invitational, Owner/Breeder: Lucas Racing, Inc, New Market, MD Champion Filly - Ima Gator Fan, winner of the South Florida QH Derby, Owner/Breeder: J.L. Gladwell III, Reddick, FL Champion Colt - Feature My News, 3rd in South Florida QH Derby, Owner: Alicia L. Hill Smith, Rebecca, GA, Breeder: W. W. McKibbin, Ocala, Fl Overall Champion of Foals of 2009: Ima Gator Fan Foals of 2008 (3 year olds in 2011) Champion Gelding - Mr Speed Wrench, 3rd in the FQHRA Stallion Stakes Derby, Owner: Z. V. Oropallo, Breeder: Flying Fisch Farm, Inc Champion Filly - Love The Lady, Owner: Willie Spears, Breeder: Jimmy T. Bowen Champion Colt - Mr First Down Straw, Owner/Breeder: Sarah Ann Owens Overall Champion of Foals of 2008: Mr Speed Wrench

Florida Racetrack to Open Two Days Early For Training HIALEAH, FL—NOVEMBER 29, 2012—Hialeah Park has announced that to

better accommodate the horsemen that the track will open for training on December 3rd instead of December 5th. This is along with the barn area opening being moved up to yesterday (November 28). Opening Day for the South Florida racetrack is December 15 and includes the trials to the $100,000-added Hialeah Lassie Futurity and the $100,000-added Hialeah Park Derby. trials to the $100,000-added Hialeah Laddie Futurity and the $50,000 added FQHRA Stallion Stakes Futurity will be featured on the December 16 race card. Average purses per day will be $120,000 with eight Quarter Horse races per day for 30 days of racing. FQHRA thanks everyone for their support of this important Quarter Horse race meet. In 2013/2014, the Hialeah meet moves to 40 days of Quarter Horse racing with purses averaging $140,000 per day for $5.6 million.

Good Things DO Happen By: Tammie Hiatt of

With a late start to her 2012 rodeo season, Terri Robertson didn’t know if she had enough time to secure a seat in the IPRA’s top 15. “I didn’t start going until June and just didn’t know if it was possible, but things just started falling into place,” said Terri. Robertson is currently sitting 13th in the world standings and is looking forward to planning her first trip to the International Finals Rodeo in January. “I’m extremely excited,” said Terri. “My whole family is planning to make the trip with me.” Things have been a little uphill for the Birch Run, MI cowgirl; she contracted West Nile in September of 2011 and was diagnosed as hav-

On December 1 Hialeah Park will open for it’s annual meet for American Quarter Horses. First race day is Saturday December 15. With $120,000 available daily in purses, the Miami-area track will race Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from

Photo by: Puhl’s Photography

December 15 through February 17. There will be a minimum of eight races per day. The stakes schedule for the meet includes three futurities and three derbies plus 13 stakes with $20,000-added purses. The Hialeah Lassie Futurity and Hialeah Laddie Futurity are each $100,000 added and the Florida Quarter Horse Racing Assn. Stallion Stakes Futurity is $50,000 added. The Sunshine State Derby is $30,000 added, the South Florida Derby is $100,000 added and the Hialeah Invitational Championship is $75,000 guaranteed. The $20,000 added stakes include an AQHA Maiden Stakes and a Bonus Challenge Stakes. For more information, contact Hialeah Park at 305-885-8000 or www.


You can reach the Florida Quarter Horse Racing Assn. at 850-345-4777 or

Page 12


IDENTITY heft si103 Fishers Dash X Mystic Identity (Easy Jet X Hempens Song)

Graded Stakes Winner IDENTITY THEFT is in North Central Indiana, Stealing the hearts of discriminating mares and their owners. *15 starts: 7 wins, 3 2nds, 2 3rds 3rd (G1) PCQHRA Breeders Futurity, 1st (G2) Manor Downs Derby, (G2) Speedhorse Gold and Silver Cup Derby, Savannah Jr. Stakes, Finalist: (G1) Ed Burke Million Futurity. (G1) West Texas Futurity, (G3) Oklahoma Derby Chlg, Earnings $225,469. *Sire of: 25 ROM, 14 Winners, out of only 3 limited foal crops (40 starters) including: Stakes winner Hatch A Plan si 104, Stollen Identity si102, MS Pilot ID si 110, Victorias Identity si98.

Stud Fee: $1,500

$1,000 if booked before January 1, 2013 Foals elgible to be Indiana Sired and Stallion Service Auction Disko Stallion Depot in Disko, IN (AI only, shipped semen available) Contact: Jon Michael McGuire (574)376-0763 OR Candi Newell (574)893-7246

Located in Disko, Indiana

Jon Michael (574) 376-0736 Candi (574) 893-7246


Disko Stallion Depot LLC. Other Stallions Available

will ship semen for. ing the long-term strain. “It’s caused me a lot of health issues but I was determined not to let Doreme it hold me back. It made me even more motivated Fasolasi Win Identity Theft to get back to my horses and rodeo.” Si 103

Si 96

See Adjacent full page Ad

Grade 1R Stakes placed winner of over $100,000.00

Eligible “ Indiana Sired”

Apollo (TB) X Fames Easy ( Si 92) by Dash Ta Fame ( Si 113 )

“Our ranch is located near a lake and appropriately named Lakeside Eye Can Do It Ranch soMr.I’ve often joked that we have a mosquito farm. I’m a lot more conscious of the mosquitoes after getting sick,” said Terri.

2012 Fee Private Treaty Owner Candace Newell

Eligible: “Indiana Sired”, SSA

Si 96

Grade 3 finalist, winner to 4

2012 Fee $1,000.00 Owner Eric Surface

Sire of Winning Race and Barrel Horses

awesome crowd that was there. It was a big pattern and I won my first really big check. Then in August I was at Chillicothe, OH and it was the first rodeo I had won and it was a 13 second pattern. It was a real turning point in my mind about my horse; she could win in the big pens and in the small pens. I always thought it was someone else that had a horse that could do that. I felt like maybe good things can happen to a mother of three girls from Michigan,” she said.

Mr. Eye Opener X Gris Best (TB)

When Terri and her 7 year-old mare, Sheza, hit the road in June things started looking up. The duo picked up over $7,000 between the end of June and the first of October. “I love this horse,” remarked Terri. “I wish I had 10 more standing out here just like her. She’s a granddaughter of Firewater Flit and out of a Bully Bullion stud named Draws A Crowd. Her mother was a proven barrel mare. I’ve had her two years and this was her first year to go to the pro rodeos. “ Eligible “ Indiana Sired “, SSA 2012 Fee Private Treaty

Owners Jon & Carrie McGuire


“I bought her from Lori Fackler in Ohio. Lori and I have been friends for a long time and she had Sheza, whose registered name is Shezafirendraw, ready to start seasoning. She had taken her to about four shows when I got her.” “She’s really got a great personality and likes a lot of attention. She’s been easy to season at the rodeos; nothing there seems to bother her, the crowds, fireworks, nothing like that. I like to trail ride her a lot and that’s a different story. She’s scared of things that don’t move, like tree stumps!” “I kind of had an “ah ha moment” about Sheza recently. In July, I entered Holstein, ON; I remember that rodeo so vividly because of the

Page 13

“Since that moment my confidence level has really shot up. I now know I can enter anywhere and be confident we are capable of winning no matter what size the pen is. She’s really got a heart of gold, she tries so hard the entire run,” said Terri. “I’ve never had a horse like her.” “I’m hoping that my family will rodeo with me next year in the IPRA. They have been going to a circuit in Canada. My husband, Travis, team ropes and my daughters, Casey 17, Carson 14, and Colby 12, all run barrels. Travis is my rock; I have to give him lots of credit. I couldn’t do it without his support and help.” “I am a stay at home mom who tries to keep up with our three girls and 11 head of horses. We do some training but mostly on our own horses. Travis will ride some outside horses now and then but we always have enough of our own to keep us busy,” Terri comments. “I am hoping we have another mild winter like we did last year so it is easy to keep Sheza in shape. We only had snow two times last year. But if we don’t, we have a friend that lives about a half hour away that has an indoor arena and if I have to, I’ll haul her over there everyday,” said Terri. “I’m just so excited about the IFR!”




in Indian

NOW BOOKING for 2013

Congratulations to Talleys First Shake!

VC Ranch Is Now Offering For Sale - INDIANA BRED - INDIANA SIRED Weanlings Sired by: First to Shake Six Chicks Dash Easy and others

Out of Proven Mares - daughters of: Streakin La Jolla Strawflyin Buds Bet the Cash Runaway Winner and others

First To Shake Six SI 98-(First Down Dash–Shake Em Six, Streakin Six)

Money earner of $16,805 at 2, fnl. Rainbow F.–G1. From very limited number of foals, the sire of 17 starters, 11 ROM, with earnings of $159,481 including Talleys First Shake (shown above) si 97 (4 wins, $75,709, 2nd Zia D.–RG2), Shake Race si 96 (2 wins, $27,639), First To Oro B si 99 (Winner, $16,619), Shaking Sixes si 95 (Winner, $13,149), Shakeshakeshake si 101 (Winner, $5,877), Rollin First B si 92 ($5,206), etc.

His sire - FIRST DOWN DASH SI 105 $857,256 AQHA Racing Champion Three-year-old Colt, AQHA Racing Champion Three-year-old, World Champion Racing American QH, AQHA All-TimeLeading Sire of Money Earners His dam - SHAKE EM SIX SI 97, by Streakin Six, 4 wins at 2 and 3 - 6,158,

Broodmare of the Year, Register of Merit. Last raced in 1985. Dam of 0 TB foals and dam of 18 QH foals, 15 to race, 10 winners, 13 ROM-Producer of:

Page 14

+SHAKE THE BANK-QH SI 105 (f. by Bully Bullion-QH). 14 wins $372,585 (USA), + SF ROYAL BANK-QH SI 100 (c. by Royal Quick Dash-QH). 5 wins $359,937 (USA) + SF SIMPLE SHAKE-QH SI 95 (f. by Simple Assault-QH). 5 wins $33,486 (USA) + ROYAL SHAKE EM-QH SI 104 (c. by Royal Quick Dash-QH). Stakes winner,At 2 $257,009

Standing at:

V C Ranch

Racing & Performance Horses Our Victory is in Christ......



Sixes Liaison


INTRODUCING to INDIANA - Grade 1 Stakes WINNER ! Winner of Sam Houston Futurity and $169,524 in earnings!

Owned By Brian & Laura Gunder of Circle G Ranch - Lewisburg, OH





V C Ranch Introductory 2013 Stud Fee: $750 Racing & Performance Horses Our Victory is in Christ......

765-748-6806 765-744-7363 Page 15

Farm fees and collection fees additional




Cooled Shipped Semen, Live Foal Guarnatee, Special Consideration Given to Approved mares, Multiple mare discounts, QHRAI Stallion Service Auction, Indiana Bred Programs, IQHRA Stallion Service Auction, Kansas Jackpot, FQHRA .... More to come...


QHRAI 2012 Board of Directors Chris Duke, President Vickie Duke, Secretary Margaret Thompson, Gaming Revenue Trustee Mike Gross, Treasurer

Roger Lewis, Vice President Michelle Collins, Executive Director Tom Mosley, Director of Industry Relations Teresa Gross, SSA Secretary

Directors Tina Cleary Dr. Robin Surface, DVM

Dianne Bennett Gary Smith

Dickey Benton Kevin Cleary

QHRAI December Newsletter The calendar says December, but the thermometer hasn’t gotten the message yet. I’m not going to be the spoiler to tell it, so I will keep enjoying the 60 degree weather as long as it wants to hang around!! We have had a great year of races, and a promise for even greater things next year. The sale of Indiana Down’s to Centaur will most certainly create some new opportunities for racing next year. Your QHRAI Executive Officers are attending meetings and will be sharing information to our horsemen as soon as it is available. Race programs will be presented at the December Horse Racing Commission meeting for review and possibly approval. When this is officially approved, we will pass the information along. The QHRAI Speed Sale was a great success!! 97 horses went through the ring; 54 sold for an average price of nearly $2,500. New changes were announced including a $5,000 bonus to the consignor of the horse that earns the most money in 2013 and a 2 year old race offered exclusively to horses that go through the QHRAI Speed Sale Ring, so there is plenty of incentive to participate in the sale. It takes a lot of people to put on a sale like this and I want to thank everyone who was an important part of making it a success. QHRAI sponsored a Turkey Give a way in Anderson on November 19th. We helped 100 households and nearly 400 people in those homes. It was really a neat opportunity to participate in this event and I am thankful that the QHRAI has such a good group of people willing to dedicate time and imagination to organizing an event like this. It was touching and left a great feeling in our hearts that we could give this little gift to people who both needed and appreciated it in the city of Anderson, that has been such a welcoming host for “The Fastest Horses in the World” at the fall race meet at Hoosier Park. The Stallion Service Auction has been set for January 5, 2013 and will coincide with the QHRAI annual meeting and awards banquet. We are planning two-days of exciting events this year, and are offering a trainer’s education seminar and new owner’s profitability conference on Friday prior to the stallion service auction and awards banquet on Saturday. Take a look at the schedule in this magazine. If you are planning to get your trainer’s license in 2013, the IHRC requires that you must have attended one Trainers Seminar and if you are thinking about owning a race horse or are already an owner, come join us to learn about the great opportunities there are to race in Indiana. Dr. Steve Fisch from AVS Equine

Page 16

Jon McGuire Ron Haynes

Butch Yike

in Tallahassee, Florida is going to be the guest speaker at our SSA banquet and at the conclusion of the awards presentation at this year’s banquet, we are having a “Post Parade Party”. We want horsemen to hang around after the awards program and visit and reminisce about the past year and boast about your prospects for 2013. QHRAI is providing the band, door prizes and pizza for this event after the main event!! We hope you plan to join us this year. Special QHRAI room rates are available through the Crowne Plaza Hotel. This year there is a minimal $20 charge for the buffet with the purchase of a membership. You can purchase both at the door, but please RSVP to me by Monday, December 31st. Please note that the time of the luncheon is at 11:00, SSA Auction starts at noon and the evening events in the ballroom begin at 4:00pm. This is an hour earlier than years past. Merry Christmas!! I hope you have a safe and happy holiday season!! Michelle Collins Q.H.R.A.I. Executive Director Quarter Horse Racing Association of Indiana, Inc.

Merry Christmas from


QHRAI News AQHA Central Region Point Standings as of November 27, 2012 THREE-YEAR-OLDS Gelding 1 Successful Dash 2 Jack Jessee 3 Chilled Patrona 4 Valor And Glory 5 Chilled Six Pack 6 Six Chilled Coronas 7 Painted Lies 8 Dezenzo 9 Highway To Payoff 10 Ivory Celebration

119 85 82 81 79 78 74 73 72 71

Filly 1 Will You Perry Me 2 Huckleberry Mojito 3 Western Fun 4 Checkin Her Out 5 Princess Royal Blew 5 U B Crawlin 7 Cruzin The Wagon 7 Swiper 9 Call Her Hero 10 Feature Dreamgirl

98 89 83 65 61 61 60 60 59 56


Gelding 1 Fillemup Phil 2 Bright Eyed Vision 3 Air Born Leader 4 Iris Cartelsbadnews 5 Wheres Your Wagon 6 Gypsy Effort 7 Big Brown Dash 8 Sweet Easy Cash 8 Zoom N Crash 10 Trs Dashin Rona

113 110 106 101 79 75 74 72 72 71

Mare 1 Lovemelikethat 1 Shawne Bay 3 Trs A Classy Dash 4 Believers Gathering 5 Rk Lady Prospect 6 Delta Dance 6 Got Courage 8 Class Of Oh Eight 9 Cedar Creek 10 Streakin Rare

81 81 73 70 66 63 63 55 50 48

Colt 1 Hez Tricky Too 1 Streak N Hot 3 Jhony Red 4 Dashin Shiner 5 Mo Zoomo 6 Casino Black 7 Cmon Man 8 Vvr Streakin Cartel 9 Kool Wagon 10 Rapid Ivory 10 Ultimate Wave

Stallion 1 Ethics Aside 2 T Gold J 3 Cs Arc Light 3 Giorgino 5 Legendary Express 5 Speed Smith 7 Tough To Get Six 8 Paintyourownwagon 9 Blood Red Cadillac 10 My Corona Is Rare

62 62 54 46 43 37 34 26 21 20 20

78 60 54 54 52 52 50 45 44 34

CONNECTIONS Breeder 1 Circle S Ranch Inc 2 Bobby D Cox 3 Vernon Hammes 4 Randy L Thompson 5 Bill Price 6 Bob Moore Farms Llc 7 Mark Michel 8 Michael A Pohl 9 Sheri Lynn Andrew 10 Williams Racing Stables Inc

Page 17

611 401 334 292 267 221 207 203 200 184

Owner 1 Tom Maher 2 Randy L Thompson 3 Vernon Hammes 4 Manny Silva 5 Brian L Gunder 6 Francisco Ramos 7 Randy M Smith 8 Brenda Reiswig 9 Williams Racing Stables Inc 10 Walter R ‘Dick’ Harrison

648 452 253 233 221 210 205 189 184 174

Trainer 1 Robert ‘Bob’ Johnson 2 Edward Ross Hardy 3 Tom Mosley Jr 4 Kasey Willis 5 Brent Clay 6 Ron Raper 7 Anthony F Cunningham 8 Charley R Hunt 9 Rolondo Almanza 10 Amber Blair

990 908 747 729 723 704 699 576 557 505

Jockey 1 Oscar Delgado 2 Stormy Smith 3 William Troy Crissup 4 Agustin Silva 5 Clyde Smith 6 Juan L Vazquez 7 Mark Luark 8 Gerardo Alonso Garrido 9 Berkley Packer 10 Harold Collins

1202 1191 1033 948 896 841 790 780 762 707


Story by

Jamie Linscott Photos

Tinys First Pepsi, Habits Secret and Feature My News Big Winners at Hoosier Park Hoosier Park hosted three major stakes Quarter Horses on October 27th’s race card. The $119,500 Miss Roxie Little for state bred two-year-olds, the $107,800 Governors Stakes for 2-year-olds and the $85,00 QHRAI Derby were all contested at the Indiana raceway. In the QHRAI Derby Feature My News broke the Hoosier Park 400 yard track record.

Miss Roxie Little Futurity Miss Roxie Little Futurity

Ronald Brown and Robert Ray’s Tinys First Pepsi defeated Flys No Mystery by a neck to win his second futurity this season in the Miss Roxie Little. Under jockey Rodney Prescott the sorrel gelding completed his 350 yard task in :17.808 seconds, a 93 speed index. The $65,725 winner’s purse boosted the Tinys First Corona gelding earnings mark to $115,498. Ronald Brown conditions the colt out of Chics Pepsi, by Lucks Chic Gay. Diana J. Keiser is the breeder. lys No Mystery earned $23,900 for owner/breeder Mark Michel. John McCreary trains the Fly Jess Fly gelding out of Mystery Stride, by Cash Stride. Victor Olivo had the riding assignment. Roy Moore’s Chilled To The Bone, by Chilled Corona finished a nose back in the show position under jockey Jose Beltran. Moore also trains the sorrel bred by Circle S Ranch, Inc. He is out of the Rare Form mare Sheza Rare One and earned $11,950 for his effort.

Tinys First Pepsi (#4) defeating Flys No Mystery (#5) and Chilled Too The Bone (#1A) in the Little Miss Roxie Futurity at Hoosier Park

Hoosier Rabbit, Kool Quick Cash, Free Kittens, Hopen To Smokem, Dennis The Menace, Ball Ball Corona and Six Figure Dynasty completed the field.

Always available on-line at Page 18


Governors Stake

Governors Stake

Habits Secret finally got his futurity win Saturday night in the $107,800 Governors Stakes. Under an impressive ride by jockey Yordanis Amaro, the sorrel No Secrets Here colt defeated Stormy Cartel by one length. Princess Lil Bit finished a nose back in third. He covered the 350 yard course in :17.749 seconds, a 95 speed index. Habits Secret gets his first stakes win in the Governors Stakes at Hoosier Park. Jamie Linscott Photo In June, Habits Secret was disqualified for interference after winning the Heartland Futurity at Indiana Downs. Tonight the Ricardo Martinez colt dueled early before drawing off to take the winners purse worth $59,290. Also trained by Martinez, Habits Secret has compiled a 3-1-0 record in six starts and earned $91,649. Vessels Stallion Farm, LLC bred Habits Secret in California from the Apollo (TB) mare Habitual Dreamer. Also a California-bred, Stormy Cartel races for Alejandro Luna. The Carters Cartel colt shipped East from Los Alamitos to qualify for the futurity on October 13. The $21,560 place check boosted his earnings mark to $27,067. Also trained by Martinez, the brown gelding out of Dinastia Toll Brz, by Tolltac was bred by John Andreini. Gene Cox bred-owns-and-trains Princess Lil Bit, a filly by first crop sire Coronas Leaving You from the Toast to Dash mare Princess Toast. He picked up $10,780 for Saturday’s effort. Harold Collins was riding.

Habits Secret gets his first stakes win in the Governors Stakes at Hoosier Park.


Completing the order of finish were Catch This Cartel, Getting Famous, Bonos Heart, Calamity Jamie, Novas Gold and Natovas Courage.


Feature My News picked a great time to throw a race. In the $85,000 QHRAI Derby on Saturday night the Feature Mr Jess colt broke his maiden and set a new track record for 400 yards. He defeated Tf First Pick by 1 Âź lengths with Mucho Fuego finishing third. Feature My News winning the QHRAI Derby at Hoosier Park on Saturday. Jamie Linscott Photo Under jockey Shanley Jackson, the 3-year-old completed 400 yards in :19.587 seconds, a 110 speed index. The previous track record of :19.856 was established on October 22, 2011 by Lovemelikethat. Matt Frazier saddled Feature My News who earned $46,760 for owner Alicia Smith. Five races back the W.W. McKibbin Florida bred finished third in the South Florida Derby at Hialeah Park. He is 1-2-3 in 13 starts and has earned $80,824. Tf First Pick earned $17,000 for his effort. Ron Raper trains the Dash To First Place gelding out of Pick Your Passion, by Special Project, for Donald Jacobs. Steve Tate bred him in Louisiana. Mucho Fuego is a Walk Thru Fire gelding leased by Oscar Andrade and trained by Ricardo Martinez. Yordanis Amaro rode the bay out of the Corona Cartel mare Corona Mas Fina. He was bred by Eleana Andrade and earned $8,500. Feature My News winning the QHRAI Derby at Hoosier Park.

Page 19

Dancing With Ducks, Jhony Red, Pescado Fuerte, Valor And Glory, Successful Dash, Hez Tricky Too and Rapid Ivory completed the field. Mo Zoomo was scratched.


Photos by Shelley Š



he weather on October 28th was pretty chilly (some would say cold) but that didn't stop sale goers from bundling up and attending the second Annual QHRAI Speed Sale at the Henry County Fairgrounds in New Castle, Indiana. The sale featured 97 horses of racing age, yearlings, weanlings, broodmares and barrel prospects. 54 Horses sold for an average of nearly $2,500. The high seller of the day was Hitter Hard, by Hard Hitting out of the Special Leader mare Somethin Fast. This nice, bay yearling filly was consigned by Mark Michel and purchased by Nicholas Johnson. Nicholas is new to the racing industry in Indiana, however, racing is not new in his family. His grandfather, George Farris has been involved in the QHRAI organization and Quarter Horse racing in Indiana for many years. QHRAI welcomes Nicholas and we look forward to getting more and more new Hoosier owners involved in the 5 Million Dollar Quarter Horse Racing Program we have right here in Indiana. QHRAI is planning to offer another speed sale in Indiana in 2013. If you were sitting in the stands this year, wanting to buy a racing prospect, but you were not sure about how to get involved in racing, plan to attend the New Owners Profitability Conference on January 4th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Indianapolis. This conference is offered by QHRAI and is the night before our Annual Stallion Service Auction and Awards Banquet (see add in this magazine).


photo of Hitter Hard - Highest Selling horse of the 2012 QHRAI Speed Sale, by Hard Hitting out of Somethin Fast (by Special Leader) consigned by Mark Michel and purchased by Nicholas Johnson

photo of Night Beat Secrects - Repurchased amount of $18,000. Mary Jo Renihan opted to repurchase her homebred yearling by No Secrets Here out of Ms Hot Cash (by Hot Colours)

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Left: Sale attenders browsed around the fairgrounds taking a look at their purchase prospects before they entered sale ring.

Before the 2012 QHRAI Speed Sale was kicked off, Greg Morrison was recognized and presented a plaque from the Quarter Horse Racing Association of Indiana as the “High Consignor� from the 2011 QHRAI Speed Sale.

Tom Mosley, Director of Industry Relations for the QHRAI provided valuable information to Consignors at a meeting on the morning of the sale.

Complete Speed Sale results are available on QHRAI.NET Page 21


Graphic Design by: Christa Conway * The Horse Resource

In Conjunction with the Stallion Service Auction and annual Awards Banquet on January 5th, 2013, QHRAI is announcing an exciting two-day format including a

Trainers Education Seminar and New Owners Profitability Conference Friday, January 4th, 2013 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel

(This is the day before the Stallion Service Auction and Annual Awards Banquet. )

Schedule of Events on Friday:

2:00 - 5:00 pm - Trainers Seminar

This seminar meets the IHRC continuing education requirement. If you are planning to get your trainers license in 2013, you must complete a trainers course which is approved by the IHRC. You will be informed about the upcoming race program for 2013, medication rules, IHRC Rule Changes, and Special Guest Speaker Roger Beam, DVM will be talking about lameness issues: identification, treatment and preventative measures.

5:00 - 6:00 pm - Dinner

Provided by QHRAI to participants in both Seminars

6:00 - 8:00 pm - New Owners Profitability Conference

(current owners and trainers welcome to attend too!!) This conference is being held to introduce new owners and update current owners about the opportunities that are available in Indiana to run for your share of the 5 million dollar race program. A great time to hear industry leaders talk about how to implement your plan to take advantage of the great program we have here!!

• If you didn’t double your investment in the horse racing industry this year

• If you have been involved in the barrel racing industry at any type of a professional level and have ever considered getting into racing • If your race horse program wasn’t a better investment over the last 2 years than any mutual fund in the country • If you have had your owners or trainers license less than 5 years...


Plan to attend BOTH seminars! Please RSVP to Michelle Collins at 317-509-6372 by Monday December 31st, 2012 Si tienes pregunatas por favor de llamar Ramiro Torres 317-395-4782

Watch for details! Page 22

STANDING IN INDIANA Stake Winner Graded Stakes Placed By Corona Cartel



Corona Cartel SI-97 Marthas Six Moons Si-99 Sailin Martha Si-106 Sailin Shoes Si-99

• Stud Fee $800 • Cooled Semen available • Considerations: Stakes Winning Producing and Multiple Mares • Eligiblities: SSA Futurity & Derby, Iowa Gold, TQHA, FQHA



Half brother to Stakes Producing “Desirio”


Holland Ease Si-109 Sixarun Si-106 Lady Tenaya Si-105 Alethia Si-90

(Full sisiter to Florentine

Comes from Great FEMALE LINE • Stud Fee $800 • Cooled Semen available • Considerations: Stakes Winning Producing and Multiple Mares • Eligiblities: SSA Futurity & Derby, Iowa Gold, TQHA, FQHA

Owned By El Alteno Inc.

Agent: Tito De La Mora Page 23


Standing SMC Racing Stables

Cedar Lake, IN


IBRA NEWS Story by Shane Cline Photos by Puhl’s Photography (To order photos visit


2012 National Champions Crowned

Louisville, Kentucky Open 1D Chris Coffey & Streaking Romance


hris Coffey has done it again! Chris jockeyed Streaking Romance to their second consecutive IBRA National Champions title! This is the second time that he has accomplished this feat after back to back wins aboard A Bit of Gold Dust in 2008 and 2009. Owner Buddy Alexander must be satisfied with his horse and jockey after the combo pulled in $6,070 the week of the finals. Elaina Mckinney pulled the Trigger to run a 15.266 and captured the 2D Championship along with $2,555. Josh Bennell polished things up with Red Mans Luster to become the 3D Champion bringing in $1704 for his efforts. Catch Me If You Can said Carly Dolan, but no one in the 4D could, giving her second career thoroughbred a National Title. When asked if she had any comments to share Carly made a great statement that we should all keep in mind in this ever changing business “One thing I have learned, money never buys the win, it’s the willingness to learn and to work hard. Also to have a big strong hearted horse that’ll do anything for you.” Calab Ferrell and Wonder If Shes Sweet answered their own question by taking the 1D Youth National Championship title. The pair just slipped past reserve champions William Ball and May B Noble by only 2 thousandths of a second in the short go. Calab has been

502-239-4000 office 502-239-4100 fax

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IBRA P.O. Box 91205 Louisville, KY 40291


Open Champs

riding Wonder if Shes Sweet for seven years now, at 17 years old this is nearly half his barrel racing career. “She is a handful, but we deal with it because we love her.” says Ferrell. When Sarah-Ashley Beane turned the page of her riding career to Barrel Racing, she could not have imagined the story would lead to her becoming a National Champion with not even a year under her belt. Running a 15.725, Ms. Beane and Magnolia Edition took the 2D Champion spot.

Open 2D Elaina McKinney & Trigger

“Kari Holshouser invited me to go to Nationals with them and I couldn't have been more excited about it. I started running Ed (Kari's horse) in February. I was scared to death but told Ed that I was going to let him do all the work and that's exactly what I did! He runs the same pattern every time and puts his whole heart into every run he makes!” So less than a year after entering the barrel racing game and running on a borrowed horse, Sarah-Ashley Beane took home a National Title, Pro-Rider Saddle and a big fat check.

Open 3D Josh Bennell & Red Mans Luster

The third division youth Championship was taken by Kylie Berschneider and Caress In Time who ran a nearly perfect time with a 16.209. The fourth division Champion is another rider new to barrel racing, Lexi Atkinson. She and her horse Booboo have experience great success this year coming into the Finals as a Top Dog and leaving as a 2012 National Champion! “I have only been barrel racing for a year and a half.” say Lexi. “I've ridden horses all of my life but never competed and when I was given the opportunity to ride my uncle Danny's horse, Booboo, I couldn't pass it up. Even though he's not the fastest horse out there he's won me many awards and I know I couldn't have done this without him.” Two Hundred and Thirty Eight experienced barrel racers showed up for the 2012 National Finals. Only one, however, could prove to be the Master of them all. The fact that this pair has now accomplished this feat twice proves that Jeff Keeney and Streakin USA are indeed Masters within the sport. When asked what makes his horse special he replied, “Streak is a little different but very trainable. He is so consistent but gets a little faster each time.”

Open 4D Carly Dolan & Catch Me If You Can 502-239-4000 office 502-239-4100 fax

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Jennifer Butcher climbed all over the 2D Championship aboard Chunky Monkey. Her win was very special because she was on a special horse. “He is 11 and I raised him. I still have his mother (Simply Smashed) who is 21 and has had 4 nice babies. He was a late bloomer. I sent him off to a couple futurity riders when he was about 65% finished but no one wanted to mess with him. After being finished out by Denny

IBRA P.O. Box 91205 Louisville, KY 40291


Open Reserve Champions 1D Cheyanna Patrick

2D John Hadfield

Youth Champs

Youth 1D Kalab Ferrell & Wonder If Shes Sweet

3D Mandy Willis

4D Jennifer Warner

Youth 2D Sarah Beane & Magnolia Edition

Youth 3D Kylie Berschneider & Caress In Time

Dawson, he went on to become Owner/Rider Champion as a four year old. He has a big heart!� In his first showing at the IBRA National Finals, show producer Steve Wright took home the 3D Champion title aboard Red Sugar Nugget. Steve pushed last years 3D winner, Tammy Smith, into the reserve Champion position with his 16.120. IBRA’s WV Director Lora Youth 4D White and her six year old Jesse captured the 4D Championship. Lora says this young Lexi Atkinson horse is special to her because she bred and raised her from a mare that she has owned for & Boo Boo over eight years. Lora started and finished Jesse herself. Due to the large number of entries this year the BBQ and Fun Night had to be combined on Friday night. Everyone lined up to get some Fried Chicken and BBQ. Cornhole, Tug of War, Balloon Toss, Foot Races and Dog Races all took their place in the usual fashion with lots of laughs and fun. The Needhams welcomed everyone to Sunday morning Church service with a bit of blissful worship before turning the stage over to Dwayne Waldrop to give his sermon. The Church service was a blessing with several members in attendance accepting Christ as their lord and savior. 502-239-4000 office 502-239-4100 fax

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IBRA P.O. Box 91205 Louisville, KY 40291


Masters Champs

Masters 1D Jeff Keeney & Streakin USA

Mastes 2D Jennifer Butcher & Chunky Monkey

Master 3D Steve Wright & Red Sugar Nuggett

Wayside Christian Mission of Louisville KY was the ministry that the IBRA selected to support with this years National Finals. Below are just some of the programs that Wayside offers the needy within Louisville: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Masters 4D

Wayside Men’s Emergency Shelter (331 beds) Lora White Men’s Day Shelter (Can accommodate up to 75 at any time, Monday – Sunday) & Jesse Men’s Permanent Supportive Housing (for disabled homeless men, 30 private apts) Family Emergency Shelter (50 bed spaces) Women’s Permanent Supportive Housing (6 apts) Single Women’s Emergency Shelter (106 beds) Single Women’s Transitional Shelter (10 beds) Single Women’s Halfway Houses (11 spaces) Women’s Day Shelter (Can accommodate up to 40 at any time, Monday – Sunday) Safe Haven for mentally ill homeless women (10 beds) Dining Hall (Three hot meals daily/every day of the year; also early breakfast and late supper for workers) Chapel (Seats 91; Chapel services nightly in shelters, and Sunday morning and evening in Chapel) Carl Nussbaum, Jr., Child Development Center (Serves homeless preschoolers staying in any Louisville-area homeless shelter at no charge to parents nor shelter) Two thrift stores (9125 Galene Drive and 4930 Poplar Level Road) Recovery Program (Provides 6 mo-1yr residential recovery program for homeless men and women at no charge) Educational Classes (GED Classes on-site; Computer classes on-site; Literacy) Discipleship Program/Job Training (Kitchen, auto mechanics, print shop, retail)

Over a thousand dollars in cash has been raised for the Mission through donations and the silent auction along with several overflowing barrels of food and clothing. A big thanks to all of the generous IBRA members who supported this cause! The first year in Louisville certainly had its ups and downs for the IBRA. The number of entries was the second largest ever. Owner/President Shane Cline promises to correct any problems within his control before next year. “It is my goal for this show to be the ‘cant miss barrel race’ of the year for IBRA members. We will continue to make every effort possible to control the cost of the show and keep it affordable for barrel racing families. We also want to make it attractive to those searching for paychecks with the large amount of added money we offer. The awards will continue to improve as well as the atmosphere and production. I want to personally thank everyone who came this year and promise you that we will continue to offer you a barrel racing organization that is focused on providing a Christian family based environment.” – Shane Cline 502-239-4000 office 502-239-4100 fax

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IBRA P.O. Box 91205 Louisville, KY 40291


Sponsors/Directors Race 1D Clint Grace & Oughta Do Good

2D Haley Mosby & Cowboy

3D Karen Harrer & IW King James

4D Donna Bracken & Holy Dash Wonder

502-239-4000 office 502-239-4100 fax

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Sponsors/Directors Race 1D 1, Clint , Grace, Oughta Do Good, KY, 15.242, $425.00, 2, Heather , Gawne, Della Coal Train, OPEN, 15.482, $335.00, 3, Cindy, Harlan, Van Buren, IN, 15.504, $270.00, 4, Beth , Tobin , Launch The Cash , PA, 15.535, $220.00, 5, Sara, Pence, Stormy Mikado Moon, MI, 15.565, $150.00, 6, Mike, Hulsinger, Jones Is On Fire, PA, 15.697, $120.00, 7, Abby, Hurt, Cash, OH, 15.723, $106.00, 2D 1, Haley, Mosby, Cowboy , IL, 15.768, $320.00, 2, Mike , Hulsinger, Bailey, PA, 15.797, $250.00, 3, Blake, Lueke, Boo's Jet, IL, 15.821, $205.00, 4, Angela, Lauer, Pistol Packin Sixes, MI, 15.878, $155.00, 5, Tanya, Konopinski, Me Bingo, PA , 15.893, $120.00, 6, Jacquelynn, Davis, Lady Ginger Root (Ginger), VA, 15.915, $90.00, 7, Gay, Yorlets, Prime Time Ferrari , PA, 15.953, $79.00, 3D 1, Karen, Harrer, IW King James (Dub), PA, 16.244, $210.00, 2, Roger, Bracken, Postively Cash, PA, 16.252, $170.00, 3, Roger, Dalton, Givemealittledash, VA, 16.261, $140.00, 4, John Micheal, Poss, CBH Powerstroke, TN, 16.262, $105.00, 5, Lindsay , Keefer, Streak of Ace, PA, 16.265, $75.00, 6, Christina, Neff, Missy, IL, 16.272, $60.00, 7, Anna, Newell, Image, OH, 16.294, $53.00, 4D 1, Donna, Bracken, Holy Dash Wonder, PA, 17.266, $105.00, 2, Staci, Orr, Jessies Jitterin JJ, MI, 17.268, $80.00, 3, Tootie, Kriebel, Encores Trix, PA, 17.286, $70.00, 4, Sara, Proctor, Bo, TN , 17.313, $50.00, 5, Danielle, Barth, Whiskey Girl, IN, 17.339, $40.00, 6, Carter, Robins, Taz, VA, 17.399, $35.00, 7, Stephanie, Cox, Shooter, VA, 17.434, $26.00 $10,000 Guaranteed 4D 1D 1, Jimmy, Cagle, Dash De Hefe, 14.897, $880.00 2, Jeff, Keeney, Streakin USA, 15.071, $640.00, 3, Bubby, Skimehorn, Make My Moonshine, 15.094, $480.00, 4, Cheyenna , Patrick, Hays Victory Eye, 15.142, $440.00, 5, Christina, Dusendang, Bug Ya For Moolah, 15.164, $360.00, 6, Kalah, Welch, JM Alive And Perquix, 15.175, $320.00, 7, Troy, Crumrine, Mr Bobo, 15.19, $280.00, 8, Shannon , Roberts, SF Yeah Ima Racer, 15.211, $240.00, 9, Jimmy, Cagle, Zanes Zeke, 15.222, $200.00, 10, Ed , Henle, SF Who Shot Soc, 15.238, $160.00, 2D 1, Mendy, Williams, Sweet Definition, 15.411, $660.00, 2, Lorna, Revord, Sugars Silky Fox, 15.429, $480.00, 3, John , Hadfield, Papa John's Perk N Honor, 15.451, $360.00, 4, John, Perkins, Pay Day Meyers, 15.502, $330.00, 5, Kelly , Pitts-Stewart, Im Hannah Montana, 15.52, $270.00, 6, Emily , Church, Dreamer, 15.539, $240.00, 7, Stephanie, Bobb, Dinky, 15.543, $210.00, 8, Sue, Bologna, Cookins Rapid Sixes, 15.55, $180.00, 9, Kacee, Kugler, Sorryboutyourluck, 15.55, $150.00, 10, Melissa, Gonterman, Ms Ann, 15.56, $120.00, 3D 1, Will, Bingham, Heza Shawnee Bayou, 15.9, $440.00, 2, Roger, Bracken, Postively Cash, 15.913, $320.00, 3, Shelley, Smith, Ventures Triple Chic, 15.916, $240.00, 4, Kelly , Carr, Perks Of Fame, 15.917, $220.00, 5, Brandi, Clark, Justa Yiddle Fling ( Streaker), 15.931, $180.00, 6, Carol, Hochstetler, Dream, 15.943, $160.00, 7, Lisa, Steibs, Sunny, 15.953, $140.00, 8, Melissa, Gonterman, Angel, 15.975, $120.00, 9, Lexus, Gonterman, Ms Susie, 15.999, $100.00, 10, Skyler, Brownfield, Nikki Fifteen, 16.006, $80.00, 4D 1, Nancy, Frazier, Tootie, 16.914, $220.00, 2, Stevie Lynn, Bradford, Tumblewood Doll, 16.916, $160.00, 3, Danny, Braun, Distance

The Boyz, 16.929, $120.00, 4, Debbie, Henley, Watta Gem, 16.93, $110.00, 5, Elena, Mirabito, Sickem On A Chicken, 16.93, $90.00, 6, Rhonda, Flatter, Della Ray Rocks (Nikki), 16.94, $80.00, 7, Jessie, Gonterman, Bully, 16.946, $70.00, 8, Jenny, Creech, Out For Justice, 16.949, $60.00, 9, John Michael, Poss, JW, 16.951, $50.00, 10, Deena, Fries, SHF Roan Kiss, 16.952, $40.00 Youth 4D Long Go 1D 1, William, Ball, May B Noble, KY, WC, 15.075, $452.00, 2, Megan, Sparks, Bit o Fame, OH, NQ, 15.176, $339.00, 3, Cheyana, Patrick, Hays Victory Eye, IN, WC, 15.207, $282.00, 4, Elaina, McKinney, Trigger, IL, TD, 15.242, $226.00, 5, John , Hadfield, Papa John's Perk N Honor, OPEN, SQ, 15.310, $188.00, 6, Kacee, Kugler, Sorryboutyourluck, OPEN, SQ, 15.311, $150.00, 7, Carly, Chupp, Jazz, IN, SQ, 15.329, $132.00, 8, Sidney, West, Otoes Moon Bug (Bugzi), NM, NQ, 15.367, $113.00, 2D 1, Nicole, Love, RU Pamama, NC, NQ, 15.595, $339.00, 2, Natalie, Bologna, Timber Time Tommie, PA, SQ, 15.615, $254.00, 3, Cheyana, Patrick, Cool Cool Fame, IN, SQ, 15.642, $212.00, 4, Keeley, Buhrmester, Ronnie, IL, SQ, 15.645, $169.00, 5, Kalab, Ferrell, Wonder If Shes Sweet, TN, SQ, 15.647, $141.00, 6, Miranda, Goff, Fly, KY, TD, 15.648, $113.00, 7, Kelsey, Lackey, Jammy, OH, SQ, 15.657, $98.00, 8, Josh, Bennell, Red Mans Luster (Cindy), TN, TD, 15.660, $84.00, 3D 1, Sydni, Cunningham, Six a Shine, MS, TD, 16.086, $226.00, 2, Cheyanna, Patrick, Global Bug, IN, WC, 16.104, $169.00, 3, Alexa, Jones, First Jetten Jewel, IN, SQ, 16.111, $141.00, 4, Lane, Edwards, PC Sun Siete, IN, SQ, 16.112, $113.00, 5, Jessie, Gonterman, Chick, KY, TD, 16.127, $94.00, 6, Sydney, Poor, Holly, KY, TD, 16.143, $75.00, 7, Katlyn, Gibson, Ethel, KY, SQ, 16.157, $66.00, 8, Sydni, Nicks, Mac, IN, SQ, 16.164, $56.00, 4D 1, Elizabeth, Seely, Belle, OPEN, SQ, 17.095, $113.00, 2, Skylar , Cruse, Gizmo, MI, TD, 17.105, $84.00 ,3, Zachery, Stooksbury, Hustler Last Dance, TN, SQ, 17.118, $70.00, 4, Amber, Chupp, Oreo, IN, TD, 17.158, $56.00, 5, Shauna, Poh, GL Jazz Dancer, MA, TD, 17.217, $47.00, 6, Alyssa, Shultz, Mad Money, IN, TD, 17.237, $37.00, 7, Austin, Crawford, Sissy, IL, TD, 17.251, $32.00, 8, Mitchell, Langenkamp, Zippy, IN, SQ, 17.255, $28.00 Youth 4D Short Go Finals 1D 1, Kalab, Ferrell, Wonder If Shes Sweet, TN, SQ, 15.204, $528.00, 2, William, Ball, May B Noble, KY, WC, 15.206, $414.00, 3, Cheyana, Patrick, Hays Victory Eye, IN, WC, 15.255, $339.00, 4, Elaina, McKinney, Trigger, IL, TD, 15.262, $264.00, 5, Trevor, Pruitt, Walts Rockin Roll, KY, WC, 15.279, $188.00, 6, Cheyana, Patrick, Cool Cool Fame, IN, SQ, 15.35, $150.00, 2D 1, Sarah Ashley, Beane, Magnolias Edition, SC, TD, 15.725, $396.00, 2, Emma, Gutzweiler, Blue Golds Shadow, OPEN, TD, 15.767, $311.00, 3, Miranda, Goff, Homefry, KY, TD, 15.819, $254.00, 4, Katie, Bates, Miley, TN, TD, 15.844, $197.00, 5, Kacee, Kugler, Sorryboutyourluck, OPEN, SQ, 15.87, $141.00, 6, Cheyanna, Patrick, Global Bug, IN, WC, 15.871, $113.00, 3D 1, Kylie, Berschneider, Caress In Time, OH, SQ, 16.209, $264.00, 2, Miranda, Goff, Fly, KY, TD, 16.247, $207.00, 3, Casey , Hadfield, Trader, OPEN, WC, 16.268, $169.00, 4, Sydni, Cunningham, Sonny , MS, TD, 16.279, $132.00, 5, Bailee, Green , Putty , IN, TD, 16.304, $94.00, 6, Channing, McWilliams, Carman Jo Butlertime, KY, WC, 16.368, $75.00, 4D 1, Lexi, Atkinson, Boo Boo, KY, TD, 17.224, $131.00, 2, Seth, Duty, CR Disco Cowboy, IL, WC, 17.258, $103.00, 3, Carter, Daugherty, Diamond, IN, SQ, 17.33, $84.00, 4,

The Break Down Entry Numbers:

Open: 570 Youth: 207 Masters: 238 Guaranteed: 390 Sponsor/Directors: 156

Class Paybacks:

Open: $97,550 Youth: $9,400 Masters: $12,829 Guaranteed: $10,000 Sponsors/Directors: $4,064 Total Cash Payout: $133,843

Awards: Top 5 (Open, Youth and Masters): 1st: Pro Rider Saddle & Carroll Leather Trophy Jacket 2nd: Frontier Trophy Buckle, Bar H Saddle Pad & Carroll Leather Trophy Jacket 3rd: Bar H Trophy Breast Collar with Headstall & Carroll Leather Trophy Jacket 4th: Bar H Trophy Horse Blanket and Carroll Leather Trophy Jacket 5th: Bar H Trophy Bronc Halter with Hay Bag and Carroll Leather Trophy Jacket 6th-10th: Carroll Leather Trophy Leather Jacket

Alyssa, Shultz, Mad Money, IN, TD, 17.359, $65.00, 5, Kylee, Kurtz, Frankie, PA, TD, 17.385, $47.00, 6, Mitchell, Langenkamp, Comfy, IN, TD, 17.483, $37.00 Masters 4D Long Go 1D 1, Jeff, Keeney, Streakin USA, OPEN, WC, 15.059, $616.00, 2, Chuck , Wathen, JA Hot Dash, KY, TD, 15.08, $462.00, 3, Brad, Wagner, Brand Me Lucky, OPEN, SQ, 15.205, $385.00, 4, Sue, Bologna, Cookins Rapid Sixes, PA, SQ, 15.299, $308.00, 5, Mike, Hulsinger, The Hulk, PA, WC, 15.321, $256.00, 6, Rick , McKinney, Driften Shirley, IL, SQ, 15.323, $205.00, 7, Shana, Grow, Smokin Pay Day, PA, TD, 15.39, $179.00, 8, Rachel, Ball, May b Noble, KY, SQ, 15.401, $154.00, 2D 1, Bob, McKinney, Cool Memories, IL, SQ, 15.561, $462.00, 2, Jeff, Finn, Jazzy French Girl, IN, TD, 15.586, $347.00, 3, Mike, Hulsinger, Jones Is On Fire, PA, TD,

IBRA P.O. Box 91205 Louisville, KY 40291

IBRA NEWS 1D Jimmy Cagle & Dash De Hefe

2D Mendy Williams & Sweet Definition

3D Will Bingham & Heza Shawnee Bayou

4D Nancy Frazier & Tootie

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Cool Memories, IL , SQ, 15.353, $1,090.00, 4, Josh, Bennell, Jo Mac Miss Shawdow, TN, SQ, 15.355, $999.00, 5, Jimmy, Cagle, Dash De Hefe, OPEN, SQ, 15.364, $817.00, 6, Janis, Wagner, Reneoni, KY, SQ, 15.372, $726.00, 7, William, Ball, May B Noble, KY, WC, 15.373, $635.00, 8, Chris, Coffey, VF A Smokin Duck, OPEN, WC, 15.387, $545.00, 9, Kacee, Kugler, Sorryboutyourluck, OPEN, SQ, 15.392, $454.00, 10, Kelly , Pitts-Stewart, Im Hannah Montana, GA, WC, 15.423, $363.00, 3D 1, Angela, Lauer, Pistol Packin Sixes, MI, TD, 15.829, $1,332.00, 2, Ashley , Parnell, Gin Smokes Miracle, NC, TD, 15.841, $969.00, 3, Karen , Harrer, IW King James , PA, TD, 15.852, $726.00, 4, Terri , Harvey, Pass The Flit, IN, WC, 15.854, $665.00, 5, Lexus, Gonterman, Bully, KY, TD, 15.855, $545.00 ,6, Jhonda, Cox, Tankful Of Hateful, OPEN, SQ, 15.86, $484.00 ,7, Bubby, Skimehorn, Bo Bingo Dude, TN, SQ, 15.869, $423.00, 8, Steve, Wright, Red Sugar Nuggett, PA, WC, 15.87, $363.00 ,9, Susan, Callihan, Peanut, PA, SQ, 15.876, $302.00, 10, Jeff, Parks, Drifters Drum Runner, IL , SQ, 15.879, $242.00, 4D 1, Kate, McCann, Nia, PA, SQ, 16.835, $665.00, 2, Joe, Dirolf, Colonel, KY, TD, 16.843, $484.00, 3, Jewel, Gessler, Double Dip Dink, TN, TD, 16.846, $363.00, 4, Anita , Hackman, Haileys Smooth Move, PA, TD, 16.847, $333.00, 5, Nathan , Batey , Stretch, KY, SQ, 16.849, $272.00, 6, Katlin, Coghe, JTL Special Edition, WV, TD, 16.85, $242.00, 7, George, Pacheco, Doc, MA, NQ, 16.866, $196.00, 7, Casey , White, Jesse, WV, TD, 16.866, $196.00, 9, Emma, Gutzweiler, Mr Gray Leo, OPEN, SQ, 16.873, $151.00, 10, Carly, Dolan, Catch Me If U Can, IN, SQ, 16.875, $121.00 Open 4D Short Go Finals 1D 1, Chris, Coffey, Streaking Romance, OPEN, 14.761, $3,408.00, 2, Cheyanna, Patrick, Hays Victory Eye, IN, 14.973, $2,519.00, 3, William, Ball, May B Noble, KY, 15.085, $2,074.00, 4, Trevor, Pruitt, Walts Rockin Roll, KY, 15.087, $1,629.00, 5, Nicole, Love, Fifth of Jack, NC, 15.089, $1,333.00, 6, Jesse, Wagner, Brand Me Lucky, OPEN, 15.099, $1,185.00, 7, Heather , Palmer, Little Bit of Cowboy, OH, 15.135, $1,037.00, 8, Kristi, Skimehorn, Stripped Bugs (Streaker), TN, 15.152, $543.00, 8, Kelli , Bruce, Dinky Got Smashed, KY, 15.152, $543.00, 8, Jimmy , Bryant, Pyro, IN, 15.152, $543.00, 2D 1, Elaina, McKinney, Trigger, IL , 15.266, $2,555.00, 2, John , Hadfield, Papa John's Perk N Honor, OPEN, 15.275, $1,889.00, 3, Shana, Grow, Smokin Pay Day, PA, 15.285, $1,555.00, 4, Kacee, Kugler, Sorryboutyourluck, OPEN, 15.29, $1,222.00, 5, Kaleb, Ferrell, Wonder If Shes Sweet, TN, 15.299, $1,000.00, 6, Janis, Wagner, Bullioni, KY, 15.321, $889.00, 7, Stephanie, Bobb, Dinky, KY, 15.344, $777.00, 8, Tommy, Goostree, Penny, IL , 15.345, $665.00, 9, John, Perkins, Pay Day Meyers, KY, 15.358, $555.00, 3D 1, Josh, Bennell, Red Mans Luster (Cindy), TN, 15.767, $1,704.00, 2, Mandy, Willis, HF Imacoolfrostymug, TN, 15.803, $1,259.00, 3, Dave , Shockey , Billy, PA, 15.807, $1,037.00, 4, Steve, Wright, Red Sugar Nuggett, PA, 15.816, $814.00, 5, Danny, Braun, Distance The Boyz, OPEN, 15.819, $665.00, 6, Steve, Wright, Easily Sharp **Sub**, PA, 15.834, $592.00, 7, Bubby, Skimehorn, Bo Bingo Dude, TN, 15.85, $518.00, 8, Christina, Neff, Missy, IL , 15.851, $444.00, 9, Lisa, Monroe, Im A Poco Dealer, KY, 15.864, $370.00, 4D 1, Carly, Dolan, Catch Me If U Can, IN, 16.769, $851.00, 2, Jennifer , Warner, I Scoot Ona Jet, KY, 16.773, $629.00, 3, Anita , Hackman, Haileys Smooth Move, PA, 16.786, $518.00, 4, Tootie, Kriebel, Encores Trix, PA, 16.787, $407.00, 5, Beth , Vessels (Medley), Smarty, KY, 16.793, $333.00, 6, Michelle, Thatcher, Zevi Cash Miss, MI, 16.794, $296.00, 7, Brenda, Herman, Fourteen Karat Frost , PA, 16.796, $259.00, 8, Katlin, Coghe, JTL Special Edition, WV, 16.798, $222.00, 9, Rhonda, Flatter, Della Ray Rocks (Nikki), IN, 16.808, $185.00

$10,000 Guaranteed 15.601, $289.00, 4, Vicki, Siesky, Quixote Centerfold, OPEN, TD, 15.624, $231.00, 5, Jeff, Parks, Drifters Drum Runner, IL, SQ, 15.65, $192.00 ,6, Laura , Swango , Cowgirl , OPEN, SQ, 15.668, $154.00, 7, Melissa, Gonterman, Ms Ann, KY, SQ, 15.702, $135.00, 8, Colleen, Goodman, Spot, VA, TD, 15.723, $115.00, 3D 1, Mark, Mosby, Blackie, IL, TD, 16.064, $308.00, 2, Carter, Robins, Skipa, VA, SQ, 16.068, $231.00, 3, Kelly, Clark, Sam, KY, SQ, 16.085, $192.00, 4, Bob, Williams, Gent Dee Jet (DJ), IL, SQ, 16.087, $154.00, 5, Lisa, Main, Breeze (PC Gilded Breeze), WV, TD, 16.092, $128.00, 6, Shelley, Smith, Ventures Triple Chic, IL, SQ, 16.1, $102.00, 7, Missy, Bourdon, Billy, IN, NQ, 16.127, $90.00, 8, Jerri, Hoholik, Strawflyin Cash, MI, TD, 16.134, $77.00, 4D 1, Rhonda, Flatter, DR Total Conclusion (Miss Reba), IN, TD, 17.071, $154.00, 2, DeDe, Koger, GD Dashing Bayou , OPEN, SQ, 17.098, $115.00, 3, Shirley , Blauser, Bound To Be The Best, PA, SQ, 17.099, $96.00, 4, Brad , Johnson, Slick Like A Fox, IN, TD, 17.111, $77.00, 5, Lora , White, Jesse, WV, TD, 17.12, $64.00, 6, Debbie, Henley, Watta Gem, MI, TD, 17.121, $51.00, 7, Owen , Blue, HotDog, IN, NQ, 17.133, $45.00, 8, Greg, Shreeve, Jake, IN, TD, 17.137, $38.00 Masters 4D Short Go Finals 1D 1, Jeff, Keeney, Streakin USA, OPEN, WC, 15.096, $719.00, 2, Cheryl, Lennemann, Drei, MI, WC, 15.188, $565.00, 3, Lorna, Revord, Sugars Silky Fox, MI, TD, 15.195, $462.00, 4, John, Perkins, Pay Day Meyers, KY, TD, 15.202, $359.00, 5, Bob, McKinney, Cool Memories, IL, SQ, 15.241, $256.00, 6, Janis, Wagner, Reneoni, KY, SQ, 15.266, $205.00, 2D 1, Jennifer , Butcher, Chunky Monkey, KY, WC, 15.657, $540.00, 2, Garth, Eckenrode, Digger, PA, TD, 15.668, $424.00, 3, Rick , McKinney, Driften Shirley, IL, SQ, 15.677, $347.00, 4, Melissa, Gonterman, Bully, KY, SQ, 15.681, $270.00, 5, Lisa, Steibs, Sunny, WI, WC, 15.692, $192.00, 6, Sue, Bologna, Timber Time Tommie, PA, SQ, 15.706, $154.00, 3D 1, Steve, Wright, Red Sugar Nuggett, PA, TD, 16.12, $360.00, 2, Tammy, Smith, Stormy, KY,

TD, 16.123, $282.00, 3, Tina, Main, Im Thinking About It ( Sammy), WV, TD, 16.147, $231.00, 4, Georgiana, Mason, Bo Knows Fame, OPEN, TD, 16.157, $180.00, 5, Carol, Hochstetler, Dream, IN, SQ, 16.231, $128.00, 6, Carter, Robins, Skipa, VA, SQ, 16.234, $102.00, 4D 1, Lora , White, Jesse, WV, TD, 17.099, $180.00, 2, Greg, Shreeve, Jake, IN, TD, 17.102, $141.00, 3, Shirley , Blauser, Bound To Be The Best, PA, SQ, 17.129, $115.00, 4, Lorna, Revord, Zips Abrigal Cody, MI, TD, 17.19, $90.00, 5, Howard , Anderson, VL Tough Irish Flash , OPEN, TD, 17.193, $64.00, 6, Joe, Dirolf, Colonel, KY, TD, 17.207, $51.00 Open 4D First Go 1D 1, Christina, Dusendang, Bug Ya For Moolah, TX, NQ, 14.836, $2,665.00, 2, Chuck , Wathen, JA Hot Dash, KY, TD, 14.963, $1,938.00, 3, Karissa, Gipple, VF Yo Down, WI, TD, 15.07, $1,453.00, 4, Chuck , Tolbert, Perks Golden Gal, IL , SQ, 15.181, $1,332.00, 5, Lorna, Revord, Sugars Silky Fox, MI, TD, 15.198, $1,090.00, 6, Jimmy, Cagle, Dash De Hefe, OPEN, SQ, 15.209, $969.00, 7, Kacee, Kugler, Sorryboutyourluck, OPEN, SQ, 15.22, $847.00, 8, Ellen , Ellis, Dashing Travaler, KY, TD, 15.25, $726.00, 9, Shannon, Roberts, SF Yeah Ima Racer, TN, NQ, 15.253, $605.00, 10, Kalah, Welch, JM Alive And Perquix, IN, SQ, 15.257, $484.00, 2D 1, Mendy, Williams, Sweet Definition, TN, TD, 15.35, $1,998.00, 2, William, Ball, May B Noble, KY, WC, 15.361, $1,453.00, 3, Mike, Hulsinger, Jones Is On Fire, PA, TD, 15.388, $1,090.00, 4, Skylar , Brownfield, Fitzwater, VA, WC, 15.39, $999.00, 5, Kurt, Stone, Darlin, TN, SQ, 15.397, $817.00, 6, Megan, Sparks, Red Rings The Bell, OH, SQ, 15.409, $726.00, 7, Bubby, Skimehorn, Make My Moonshine, , NQ, 15.421, $635.00, 8, Bubby, Skimehorn, Bo Bingo Dude, TN, SQ, 15.432, $545.00, 9, Madison, Crow, Dunnitt Two, TN, SQ, 15.437, $454.00, 10, Cheyanna, Patrick, Cool Cool Fame, IN, SQ, 15.453, $363.00, 3D 1, Gay, Yorlets, Prime Time Ferrari , PA, TD, 15.839, $1,332.00, 2, Bryan, Isham, Special, KY, SQ, 15.846, $969.00, 3, Ashley , Parnell, Gin Smokes Miracle, NC, TD, 15.856, $726.00, 4, Dave , Shockey , Billy, PA, TD, 15.859, $665.00, 5, Anita , Wise, Sharps Tri N Ta Fly, IN, SQ, 15.861, $545.00, 6, Morgan , Guido, Buck, PA, TD, 15.862, $484.00, 7, Kaleb, Ferrell, Wonder If Shes Sweet, TN, SQ, 15.863, $393.00, 8, Janis, Wagner, Bullioni, KY, SQ, 15.863, $393.00, 9, Joy , Patten, Too Late Im Shot, OH, SQ, 15.864, $302.00, 10, Debbie, Henley, Slew Eezy, MI, WC, 15.865, $242.00, 4D 1, Michele , Cipcic, Sure Heatin Up, OH, SQ, 16.838, $504.00, 2, Kate, McCann, Nia, PA, SQ, 16.838, $504.00, 3, Jennifer , Warner, I Scoot Ona Jet, KY, SQ, 16.838, $504.00, 4, Lisa, Bledsoe, Special Dashing Jet, TN, NQ , 16.839, $333.00, 5, Donald, Hutchcraft, Miss Azur, IL , WC, 16.841, $272.00, 6, Adam , Douglas, Bozo, TN E, TD, 16.863, $242.00, 7, Chris, Bourdon, Billy , IN, NQ, 16.872, $211.00 ,8, Joe, Dirolf, Colonel, KY, TD, 16.881, $181.00, 9, Karen , Reeves, Terrys Dash, NY, TD, 16.888, $151.00 ,10, Patrice, Ferguson, Mr Zipn Tuff Willy, WI, TD, 16.893, $121.00 Open 4D Second Go 1D 1, Chris, Coffey, Streaking Romance, OPEN, TD, 14.825, $2,662.00, 2, Heather , Palmer, Little Bit of Cowboy, OH, SQ, 14.977, $1,938.00, 3, Brad, Shirey, King, OH, SQ, 15.009, $1,453.00, 4, Karissa, Gipple, VF Yo Down, WI, TD, 15.026, $1,332.00, 5, Rick , McKinney, Driften Shirley, IL , SQ, 15.058, $1,090.00, 6, Kalah, Welch, JM Alive And Perquix, IN, SQ, 15.062, $969.00, 7, Meagan, Sparks, Bit O Fame, OH, NQ, 15.092, $847.00, 8, Jamie, Cagle, Dashin Live Rockette, OPEN, WC, 15.103, $726.00, 9, Sue, Bologna, Cookins Rapid Sixes, PA, SQ, 15.136, $544.50, 9, Melissa, Gonterman, Ms Ann, KY, SQ, 15.136, $544.50, 2D 1, Jimmy, Cagle, Zanes Zeke, OPEN, SQ, 15.327, $1,998.00, 2, Tommy, Goostree, Penny, IL , TD, 15.334, $1,453.00, 3, Bob , McKinney,

IBRA P.O. Box 91205 Louisville, KY 40291


mbers Welcome

ries – NO Late Fees

S $5 FRIDAY START AT *1PM* ONLY day of show



Photos by Puhl’s Photography (To order photos visit

hursday due to the holiday. Please show respect to the IBRA and


m 00


Entry Fee

Thanksgiving Weekend

$ 35 $ 20

$ 65 $ 25 $ 25 $ 20

$ 35 $ 25 $ 25

The IBRA has another great turnout for their 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Weekend Preferred Show! Over 900 entries ran the pattern in Circle G arena and the competition was tough. See the results below:

Saturday Open













of show * IBRA Dress Code * y fee for both classes and only run once. rollover at time of entry.

Saturday Youth

Saturday Masters

Friday Open

$ 50 Thanksgiving Weekend!! $ 10 $ 25 $ 45 $ 50 Single - $105 Family

* PO Box 91205 Louisville, KY 40291 s at *


Thanksgiving IBRA Lewisburg, OH Friday Open 4D 1D 1, Kim Kegler, U Bug Me Frenchman, 15.425, $651.00, 2, Gabrielle Oder, Dude Winder, 15.708, $483.00, 3, Mike H, Jones is , 15.797, $386.00, 4, Sherry Niggel, Sweet Miracle Wings, 15.818, $290.00, 5, Renee Wyant, Baileys First Kiss, 15.883, $241.00, 6, Kristi Skimehorn (RO GIRLS, Otoes Moon Bug (Bugs), 15.905, $193.00, 7, Danette Potter, CD, 15.907, $169.00, 2D 1, Josh Pack, Winn Take Smart, 15.942, $434.00, 2, Lori Harper, Lookin Ruff, 15.962, $326.00, 3, Kelley Jones, Cash in Reyjay, 15.972, $272.00, 4, Kristi

502-239-4000 office 502-239-4100 fax

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Skimehorn, Streakin Bugs (Streaker), 16.003, $217.00, 5, Macie Davidson, Three Bar Myers, 16.006, $181.00, 6, Leslie Richards, Eyesa Pearl Chic, 16.019, $145.00, 7, Bailey Wyant, SHF Kiss This, 16.043, $127.00, 8, Danette Potter, Mare, 16.051, $109.00, 3D 1, Autumn Thompson (RO Girls), Frosty, 16.437, $289.00, 2, Alison Czayka, Smart N Decked Out, 16.438, $217.00, 3, Lisa Main, PC Gildred Breeze, 16.441, $181.00, 4, Chase Marshal, Ben Jammin, 16.445, $145.00, 5, Ashley Stout, Hulk, 16.448, $121.00, 6, Raymond Swick, Just A Shot of Tequilla, 16.449, $96.00, 7, Ashley Floer, Playn Go Tee, 16.472, $84.00, 8, Rachel Senft, Ratchetts Little Man, 16.478, $72.00, 4D 1, Debra Walter, Farmers Tan, 17.434, $145.00,

2, Paige Essert, Maximums Lucky Buck, 17.454, $109.00, 3, Rylee Kelly, Zan Baron Della, 17.475, $90.00, 4, Alana Pickrell, Rock a Little Hoedown, 17.484, $72.00, 5, Lynn Brenner, Kipty’s Exclusive Cash, 17.502, $60.00, 6, Brad Walbert, Storm, 17.506, $48.00, 7, Heath Ratcliff, Smokin sixes, 17.558, $42.00, 8, Kelly Lutz, RKR Lil Miss Perks, 17.595, $36.00 Friday Cowgirls 3D Barrels 1D 1, Cindy Harlan , Van Buren, 15.862, $121.00, 2, Kristi Skimehorn, Otoes Moon Bug, 15.905, $85.00, 3, Sami Bair, Im Lucky to be Alive, 16.192, $66.00, 4, Kylie Wells, Dashin For Diners, 16.249, $60.00, 2D 1, Oshann Lewellen, Wendy, 17.144, $54.00, 2, Paige Shonk, Kate, 17.441, $48.00, 3, Lynn Brenner, Kipty’s Exclusive Cash, 17.502, $42.00, 4, Jimmie Sue Bible, Roxanne, 17.556, $36.00, 3D 1, Julie Werntz, Honey, 17.985, $33.00, 2, Laryn Hamilton, Rambo, 18.796, $30.00, 3, Wanda Weaver, Windy, 18.845, $27.00 Saturday Open 4D Guaranteed 1D 1, Natalie Davidson, Ninnekas Jet, 15.670, $960.00, 2, Matt Boice, Rock n Roll Frenchgirl, 15.674, $720.00, 3, Karla Arthur, Beea Stick of Money, 15.678, $600.00, 4, Valerie Watson, Seis


So Sweet, 15.735, $480.00, 5, Terri Harvey, Pass the Flit, 15.764, $400.00, 6, Macie Davidson, Three Bar Myers, 15.791, $320.00, 7, Rachel Ball, May B Noble, 15.822, $280.00, 8, Kim Kegler, U Bug Me Frenchman, 15.851, $240.00, 2D 1, William Ball, Naked An Famous, 16.174, $720.00, 2, Jessica Calmes, Wrangler Fannie, 16.211, $540.00, 3, Savannah Poor, Skips Fire Johnny, 16.239, $450.00, 4, Liz Michael, Famous Magnolia, 16.240, $360.00, 5, Marcie Davidson, Gyspy Rose, 16.242, $30.00, 6, Ashley Harlan, Rarely Late, 16.258, $240.00, 7, Mike Hulsinger, Bailey , 16.275, $210.00, 8, Kelley Jones, Cash in Rey Jay, 16.280, $180.00, 3D 1, Robin Duncan, Billy Jean, 16.675, $480.00, 2, Melissa Loranger, Lotta Dash Mint, 16.711, $360.00, 3, Tess Humberston, Hf Go Four Perks, 16.729, $30.00, 4, Chase Marshal, Ben Jammin, 16.730, $240.00, 5, Macie Davidson, Driftin Clay, 16.736, $20.00, 6, Sherry Niggel, Nonstop Resumection, 16.740, $160.00, 7, Kimberly Gowin, On A Whiskey High, 16.747, $140.00, 8, Jessi Dury, Frechys on Fire, 16.748, $120.00, 4D 1, Evan Bourdon, Jessie, 17.674, $240.00, 2, Stephanie Telega, Sister Super Jet, 17.685, $180.00, 3, Frank VanDen Eyude, Joker, 17.729, $150.00, 4, Pam Weaver, Clyde, 17.817, $120.00, 5, Alla Carter, Moose, 17.852, $100.00, 6, Marla Humberston, HF Easy Money, 17.879, $80.00, 7, Patti McCullough, Murphy, 17.897,

IBRA P.O. Box 91205 Louisville, KY 40291


Sunday Open

Sunday Youth

Sunday Masters





2D 2D





$70.00, 8, Mark Hayes, Strings, 17.930, $60.00 Saturday Youth 3D 1D 1, Sherry Niggel, Sweet Miracle Wings, 15.778, $260.00, 2, Macie Davidson, Three Bar Myers, 15.819, $195.00, 3, Shane Stratton, Red, 15.852, $130.00, 4, Bailey Wyant, SHF Kiss This, 15.943, $65.00, 2D 1, Sydney Poor, Holly, 16.794, $156.00, 2, Morgan Clasgens, Sarah, 16.819, $117.00, 3, Lauren Kelly, Bree, 16.829, $78.00, 4, Rylee Kelly, Zan Baron Della, 16.900, $39.00, 3D 1, Logan Moody, Flicka, 17.874, $104.00, 2, Jewel Niekamp, Ginger, 17.990, $78.00, 3, Jackie Bolan,

In closing the IBRA would like to acknowledge Circle G’s new arena manager Kegan Cordes who had the facility in pristine condition. The Needham’s performed some beautiful Christmas music that put everyone in the right mood to start off a Sunday. “Thanks to everyone who came out this year and made this show a success! We wish you all safe travels, both on horseback and behind the wheel. We hope to see you back at Circle G in March for our Futurity if not sooner at Murfreesboro in January. God Bless!” - Shane Cline

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Sheza Diva, 18.015, $52.00, 4, Kelsy Young, Sinica, 18.560, $25.00 Saturday Masters 3D 1D 1, Matt Boice, Rock n Roll Frenchgirl, 15.674, $199.00, 2, Terri Harvey, Pass The Flit, 15.764, $149.00, 3, Rachel Ball, May B Noble, 15.822, $100.00, 4, Mike Hulsinger, Jones in on Fire, 15.906, $50.00, 2D 1, Kelly Lutz, Zan’s with Ease, 16.743, $120.00, 2, Larrie Ballard, Onyx, 16.793, $90.00, 3, Kelly Lutz, RKR Lil Miss Perks, 16.794, $60.00, 4, Mike Hulsinger, Red, 16.897,

$30.00, 3D 1, Danny Byrd, LB, 17.695, $80.00, 2, Patti McCullough, Murphy, 17.700, $60.00, 3, Tim Caudill, Im Losen Ya, 17.835, $40.00, 4, Collette Ward, Spyder, 18.192, $20.00 Saturday Cowgirls 3D Barrels 1D 1, Cindy Harlen, Van Buren, 15.932, $111.00, 2, Caitlin Lamb, Sunday Surprize, 16.066, $83.00, 3, Liz Michael, Famous Magnolia, 16.152, $69.00, 4, Jaime Roorda, Red Hot N Sparkin, 16.368, $62.00, 5, Lauren Kelly, Bree, 16.459, $55.00, 2D 1, Jess Dury, Frenchie’s on Fire, 17.063, $48.00, 2, Paige Essert, Maximums Lucky Buck, 17.092, $45.00, 3, Kelly Joyce, Starbucks, 17.493, $42.00, 4, Stephanie Fesler, Cowboy, 17.709, $38.00, 5, Lori Albers, Packin Time, 17.799, $35.00, 3D 1, Paige Shonk, Kate, 18.026, $31.00, 2, Wanda Weaver, Winder, 18.566, $28.00, 3, Gracie Albers, Licorice, 19.118, $24.00, 4, Caitlin Lamb, Rockingalena, 19.329, $21.00 Sunday Open 4D 1D 1, Valerie Watson, Seis So Sweet, 15.404, $538.00, 2, Jesse Wagner, Brand Me Lucky, 15.448, $399.00, 3, Ellie Davidson, Cliff, 15.546, $319.00, 4, Todd Holder, Fame In a Tinncan, 15.584, $239.00, 5, Justin Hoover, Mikey, 15.624, $199.00, 6, Charlie Edwards, Combat Crest, 15.662, $160.00, 7, Kelly Stewart, Im Hannah Montana, 15.686, $140.00, 2D 1, Kelley Jones, Cash In Rey Jay, 15.905, $404.00, 2, Aaron Moon, Mr Mito Eye, 15.929, $299.00, 3, Skylar Brownfield, Nikki Fifteen, 15.943, $239.00, 4, Brad Roorda, Red Hot N Sparkin, 16.050, $179.00, 5, Kahlianne Jones, Rollin with the Stars, 16.052, $150.00, 6, Sami Bair, Lucky Moonrise, 16.068, $120.00, 7, Tim Butler, VF Big Star Bound, 16.084, $105.00, 3D 1, Tina Main, Im Thinkin Bout It, 16.419, $269.00, 2, Melissa Loranger, Lotta Dash Mint, 16.426, $199.00, 3, Amy Campbell, Starlet Dixie Chic, 16.427, $160.00, 4, Alison Czayka, Smart N Decked Out, 16.434, $120.00, 5, Kayla Young, Riki, 16.438, $100.00, 6, Shane Stratton, Mikey, 16.445, $80.00, 7, Cindy Mason, Fred, 16.446, $70.00 ,4D 1, Lynn Brenner, Kipty’s Exclusive Cash, 17.591, $135.00, 2, Michael Grow, Whiskey Running Man, 17.670, $100.00, 3, Collette Ward, Spyder, 17.678, $80.00, 4, Dylan Moody, Flicka, 17.735, $60.00, 5, Amy Clark, Miss Packin Sixes, 17.804, $50.00, 6, Alicia Richardson, Missy, 17.947, $40.00, 7, Alla Carter, Moose, 18.226, $35.00 Sunday Youth 3D 1D 1, Ellie Davidson, Cliff, 15.683, $186.00, 2, Trevor Pruitt, Walts Rockin Roll, 15.861, $140.00, 3, Shane Stratton, Red, 16.072, $93.00, 4, Macie Davidson, Gyspy Rose, 16.152, $47.00, 2D 1, Riana Gilliland, Ima Sweet Ston, 16.771, $112.00, 2, Tess Humberston, HF Go Four Perks, 16.917, $84.00, 3, Rylee Kelly, Zan Baron Della, 16.922, $56.00, 4, Hayden Townsend, NHF Bonanza King, 17.012, $28.00, 3D 1, Logan Moody, Flicka, 17.690, $74.00, 2, Jessica Albaugh, Luna, 17.908, $56.00, 3, Corynne Westfall, Dynamite , 18.638, $37.00, 4, Taylor Wirrig, Teddy, 30.443, $19.00 Sunday Masters 3D 1D 1, Todd Holder, Fame In a Tinncan, 15.584, 2, Mike Hulsinger, Jones on Fire, 15.841, 3, Terri Harvey, Pass The Flit, 15.843, 2D 1, Larrie Ballard, Onyx, 16.713, 2, Kelly Lutz, Zan’s with Ease, 16.783, 3, Rochelle Carter, Beautifull Hawk, 16.892, 3D 1, Collette Ward, Spyder, 17.678, 2, Roger Ferguson, Cashs Black Coal, 17.995

IBRA Directors, To have your State News included in the next issue of The “Fast” Horse Resource, email your news and pictures to by the 10th of the preceding month. Thanks! THR Staff

IBRA P.O. Box 91205 Louisville, KY 40291




Murfreesboro,TN Location:

TN Miller Coliseum 304 B West Thompson Lane



$7,500 Added 2-D Futurity & Preferred Show **$5,000 Added - $7,500 Added with 50 entries


!!! No Late Fee for Open Youth & Masters Entries !!!

SCHEDULE THURSDAY, Jan 17th Noon 5-7:00 pm

Early Arrivals Open Arena

• • • • • • •


Non-Members Welcome!

Late entries accepted day of show CASH ONLY day of show 70% refund minus processing fee until January 10th No refunds after Jan 10th IBRA dress code Futurity Added Money: **If less than 50 entries, Futurity will be $5,000 Added. Roll Over Entry Fees: Pay entry fee for both classes and only run once. Time in Futurity can roll to Open. Open can roll to Youth or Masters. Must designate roll over at time of entry Exhibitions will be paid for at the show office. One ticket will be issued for each exhibition purchased. One ticket must be provided to gate person for each exhibition run. Exhibitions will stop at time noted and no refunds will be given. If you need multiple rides please come up early to spread them out.


FRIDAY, Jan 18th 9 am-6 pm 1:00 pm 2-3:00 pm 6:30 pm

Exhibition Barrels Futurity Entries Close Futurity Check-In $2,000 Open 4-D

SATURDAY, Jan 19th

8:30 am-11am Exhibitions 11:30 am 1st Go Futurity $10,000 Guaranteed 4-D $500 Youth 3-D $500 Masters 3-D

Design By: Christa @ The Horse Resource

SUNDAY, Jan 20th 9:00 am

Church Service & Gospel Group 2nd Go Futurity $1,000 Added Open 4-D

Host Hotel Clarion Inn & Suites 1-877-405-7904

Contact Us: 502-239-4000 office 502-239-4100 fax Page 32

Futurity Early Bird Entry Deadline Dec. 28th, 2012 ~ 1 entry per horse ~ CASH ONLY DAY OF SHOW!!!

Riders Name______________________________________ Horse’s Name_________________________ Address_____________________________________________ Phone (______)____________________ City____________________________________________ State____________ Zip__________________ Would you like to roll your time over? (Circle all that apply) Saturday Sunday Both / Master Youth Futurity


Entry Fee


$7,500 Added Futurity (4 & Under) Full second split...................................................................... $255 ________ Futurity Entry after Dec. 28th............................................................................................................. $325 ________ $10,000 Guaranteed 4-D........................................................................................................................ $65 ________ $2,000 Added Open Friday 4-D ($1,000 is bonus money)................................................................ $35 ________ $1,000 Added Open Sunday 4-D ......................................................................................................... $35 ________ $500 Added Youth (18 & Under as of 8/1)............................................................................................ $25 ________ $500 Added Masters (40 & Over)......................................................................................................... $25 ________ Stalls (includes 1 bag of shavings).............................................................................................................. $75 ________ Processing Fee (per person)....................................................................................................................... $25 ________ RV’s (Full Camper Hookups) $75/weekend............................................................................................. $75 ________ Membership - Not required to enter........................................................................................ $50 Single ________ 2013 Membership required to be eligible for all Bonus Money........................................... $105 Family ________ No Refunds after January 10th, 2013......................................................................................................Total ________ Mail Entries to: IBRA • PO Box 91205 • Louisville, KY 40291 (502) 239-4000 • Visit us at •

Visit Us:

Mail Entries To: IBRA P.O. Box 91205 Louisville, KY 40291

No Leavin Luck

SI 97

NO STUD FEE UNTIL FOAL IS BORN AND ABLE TO NURSE Lucks Chic Gay SI 99 Lucks Runnin Bug SI 95 Bugs Foxy Lady A Look Of Luck SI 101 Tiny Watch SI 100 Watch Etta Pana Bar Etta

Fee: $750 No breeding contracts necessary No excessive vet/AI charges Live Cover only

No Leavin Luck SI 97

Dash For Cash SI 114 Raise Cash SI 90 Shes Anative SI 91 Whos Leavin Who SI 103 Tinys Gay SI 106 Three Gays SI 87 Ebony Three SI 93

Mare Care: $5.00/day Dry $10.00/day Wet

Rick Poirier - Somerville, OH - 513-368-6539 - Page 33


Barks N Bits w/ Bella

Barks N Bits with our favorite Jack Russel Terrier...

“Trees” in the House Well, it’s that time of year again. The time of year my owners go “coo-coo” on me and start bringing all kinds of odd things into the house. It may have something to do with the weather getting colder. You see, they don’t spend as much time outside when it’s cold out I figure that’s why they bring the “trees” inside. I use quotation marks because these are not real trees. I mean, they look real....they kind of feel real.....but they sure don’t smell real. These “trees” get all kinds of special treatment. They get pretty sparkling lights and other shiny things hanging from their so-called branches. I’m sure the real trees outside are glad they don’t get all of this nonsense wrapped around and dangling from them. (Although I have seen some at other people’s houses who do!) I’ve heard my people talking about putting popcorn on strings and wrapping that around the “trees.” But I couldn’t be that lucky....

Photos by: Still Memories by Anna and Christa Conway

seems that I’m part of the reason they voted against that idea. I overheard the lady of the house telling a story of a dog from her past and popcorn strung on the tree. I don’t think the tree fared very well at the end of the story. And I don’t think the dog was on the nice list for Christmas that year either. Ahhh....Yes! Christmas! That’s what the people around here keep calling the “trees”.... they are “Christmas trees.” All of the other things that are sitting around have something to do with Christmas as well. It’s all coming together now! You’d think I would have figured this out before, but I guess it just seemed so odd that I never made the connection. The “trees,” the little statues of the chubby guy in the red suit, the snowmen that are EVERYWHERE and the baby Jesus (yes, I know who Jesus is) are all part of this Christmas celebration that my people go on and on about through December.

out. I actually LOVE Christmas. I get my own stocking and presents. They turn up every year under the “tree.” Now it makes sense. Now I get it. The “trees” are part of the Christmas theme in the house! And all of this time I thought they were just trying to bring the outside inside! I still think my people go a little overboard. I mean, really...two trees and hundreds of snowmen....a miniature village, a nativity scene (or two), chubby “Santas” (I figured out the name) and reindeer, lights and shiny bulbs everywhere. I guess I should be glad. It keeps life interesting here at the ranch. Hoping for popcorn strings..... Merry Christmas!


Wow....what a revelation! I know I am rambling, but I can’t believe I just figured this


Circle G Arena CONTACT US to Schedule Your Event!


Indoor Facility

• • • • • • • • • •

Heated Indoor Main Arena: 210’ x 120’ Attached Indoor Make Up Arena: 150’ x 100’ Outdoor Arena: 200’ x 125’ Enclosed Entry Booth & Announcer’s Stand PA & Sound System Laser Technology Two Bathroom locations w/Showers RV Hook-Ups Concessions 300 Stalls

Owned By: Brian & Laura Gunder Office: (937)884-9811 Fax: (937)884-5431 10816 Verona Rd Page 34

Upcoming Events • • • • • •

Dec 7-8 Gymkhana USA Barrel Show Dec 22 Open Riding Noon4PM (tentative) Dec 28-31 New Years Spectacular Barrel Show Jan 4-6 Circle G Buckle Series Barrel Show Jan 11-12 Gymkhana USA Barrel Show Jan 26 Open Riding Noon4PM (tentative)

Arena Manager: Kegan Cordes Cell: 937-248-7525 Lewisburg, OH 45338

Puhl’sPhotography & Video • 10” Digital Frame

Call for Prices and Options

Graphic Design By: Christa Conway @ The Horse Resource

7” Digital Frame *Puhl’s Photography is always trying to do and add more. *Now offering many variations of picture frames - including digital frames with your pictures! *Still offering video for this year. Order your runs on video to take home to watch later. No more need to scramble with a video camera or find someone else to tape you when Puhl’s Photography & Video are at an event.

Brent Puhl Page 35

7” Maple Digital Frame

8”x10” Picture Frame w/Hook

8”x10” Picture Frame

8”x10” Picture Frame - Holds 4 Belt Buckles book your

Call to ent! Show or Ev ing Also book s. Farm Visit

8”x10” Picture Frame - Holds 2 Belt Buckles



s e s r o H WhereCountry MeetsCity

With Raquel Rzeszotarski

s l e e &H

Go Red & Turquoise for the Holidays!

The count down to the holidays is on & it can be a little overwhelming. Instead of a traditional red & green holiday theme, Horses & Heels wants to wish you a red & turquoise Christmas! If you visit horsesandheels. com you will find that the blog has been transformed to turquoise & red. I thought it would be appropriate to showcase some turquoise & red cowboy boots, in a variety of styles. Enter red & turquoise Luccheses, brown & turquoise Lane Boots & turquoise Corral boots. These are all from PFI Western Store.

1 Lucchese





If you like a lot of turquoise a pair of Lane Boots or Yippee Kiyay boots will help you get your fix. I also really admire the Anderson Bean boots front & center. The styling & details on them are amazing.




Anderson Bean

Page 36


Yippee Kiyay

FASHION SECTION If red is on your list you have a lot of options. Floral prints, solids, two tones, leopard print, pretty inlays & zig zag patterns are everywhere.



Anderson Bean






Old Gringo



Dan Post

My favorite red boots right now would have to be these Lucchese boots; I can’t even chose a favorite. You have a beautiful wingtip with leather tooling on one boot & you a solid red with metallic details on the other boots. These boots are guaranteed to spread holiday cheer this year.

"Meet the girl behind Horses & Heels"

I’m Raquel; I live out there where the city meets the country. One day I’m wearing stilettos, the next day it’s spurs. I have an obsession with cowboy boots, Christian Louboutin, cosmetics and cooking. I have been riding since I was two-years old, have competed in just about every discipline & now I focus on barrel racing. I love speed & athletic horses, not to mention lots of sparkly things. Horses & Heels is a trendy & practical blog. Keep up with the latest fashion, equestrian trends & learn how to become the perfect kitchen host. While some people deem country life to be dull & boring; Horses & Heels is shattering the myth with a unique intertwining of city & country life. Learn how to keep your horses & yourself dressed to impress. Follow Raquel on Twitter at: Twitter @CityMeetCountry, email her at or read on-line at

Do you have specific outfit/design requests or questions? Please send me your closet dilemmas to Page 37

Page 38


“Black Friday”, “Weekend Before Thanksgiving Sale”, “Preview of Black Friday Sale” It seems like the “holiday commercial seasons” are ever expanding. If you are like me, it’s easy to become annoyed by the commercialism and to develop some “bah humbug” attitude about the time of Halloween. The relentless advertisements and commercials starting mid-November have made me consider swearing off the holidays. I know they are only doing their job, but can we do without Jingle Bells in the stores until after we’ve had the opportunity to celebrate Veteran’s Day and enjoy a Thanksgiving family meal? However, I refuse to let the “enemy” (marketing geniuses, who convince us that we “need” rather than “want”) change my attitude toward traditions upon which our country and faith were built. I’m resolved to not allow the marketing people to affect my attitude during the holidays. God has given me so much that there is no way I could ever justifiably complain about what I don’t have. The old truck I drive; the small one-room cabin where I live; and the simple lifestyle I live are still more than most people could ever dream of having. I was blessed to be able to spend Thanksgiving with my son, Taylor, who is currently in the United States Marine Corp. He and I had five memorable days just being together in California. We should all be grateful to those who have served our country in the past or have love

ones currently serving in the military. Regardless of your feelings about the recent election, we live in an incredible country that needs our continued prayers. And for Christmas, I’m also not going to worry about what gifts I buy; how much they cost; or whether those who would receive them will like what I selected. This year, I’m going to give things from my heart --- my words, my actions and my time. Those are the gifts that can’t be duplicated. There is no need or desire to return them. And, you can never give or get too much of them. My gifts will be letters of how I feel about someone; a visit to the person who has no visitors; or I’ll volunteer to help out others, who have less than I. And when the rush hits me before holidays and I start to feel “guilty” about my presents; I’m going to try and remind myself that “it really is the thought that counts.” It is the true meaning of Christmas that really counts. It’s the love that I show to others that will show true holiday spirit. And, it’s not saving money that matters as much as it matters how spending my time will make a difference. Merry Christmas and Live Exceptionally, Chris

Looking - A Soul's Journey.indd 1

Christopher Page 39 L. Johnson, JD was born and raised in Kokomo, Indiana. He

Christopher L. Johnson

Christopher L. Johnson, JD was born and raised in Kokomo, Indiana. He graduated from a Baptist liberal arts college with degrees in PreLaw, Business and Theology; and from the University of San Diego School of Law. After practicing law for more than 10 years in Indiana, he resigned and became the legal advisor to the Superintendent of the state’s largest prison. He served as Professor and Program Chair of Criminal Justice and Business at the post-secondary level; and currently teaches Criminal Justice at Kokomo High School. In addition, he is a partner in and Operations Manager of a thoroughbred breeding and racing farm. He speaks to his students and to others about the importance of “taking snapshots of the moments” in life as a way of reflecting on our own lives. He can be reached at, and his writings and thoughts can be found at

Looking — A Soul’s Journey

Christopher L. Johnson, JD was born and raised in Kokomo, Indiana. He graduated from a Baptist liberal arts college with degrees in Pre-Law, Business and Theology; and from the University of San Diego School of Law. After practicing law for more than 10 years in Indiana, he resigned and became the legal advisor to the Superintendent of the state’s largest prison. He served as Professor and Program Chair of Criminal Justice and Business at the postinspir and ing , currently teaches Criminal Justice at Kokomo “ ... an secondary level; High School. In addition, he is a partner in and Operations Manif ul , ager of abeaut thoroughbred breeding and racing farm. He speaks to his ht about prov oking students and and to thoug others the importance of “taking snapshots of the moments” in life as a way of reflecting on our own lives. exploration of his own inner world, through the world around him ... ” $25.00 He can beillustrated reached at, and his writings and — Dr. Rachelle Steiner, MD thoughts can be found at


A Soul’s Journey


Christopher L. John has shared his hear and talent in the beautiful photogra and inspiring musi contained in this pictorial journal. Looking - A Soul's Journey describes the path taken by t author - photograp in search of life's m precious moments. quest has also led h to find God's blessi and the fulfillment knowing the Creato of the Universe in a personal way. Enjo browsing through this encouraging photography book, and allow its words and images to calm your soul and sooth your spirit.

Strategies for Deworming Your Horses Stock Photo - © Djk |

Article By Dr. Steve Fisch, DVM

This month Dr. Fisch answers a question from one of our readers. Elizabeth Southard asked: Can you give us guidance on an appropriate worming regimen? Should we wait to worm until fecal egg counts are in a certain range? What about feed-through wormers? I’ve been using Strongid C-2x for years now; should I stop? If so, should I stop immediately or phase down? Thanks for any guidance.

Intestinal parasites are a common problem in horses, but they are not to be taken lightly. Horses can be infected with dangerous numbers and still appear healthy. The effects can range from unthriftiness and dull haircoat to colic and death. Common intestinal parasites include Anoplocephala perfoliata (tapeworm), small and large strongyles, pinworms, and roundworms. Currently there are only four categories of dewormers available to help treat and prevent these parasites: macrocyclic lactones (avermectins), pyrimidines (pyrantel), benzimidazoles, and praziquantel. Using these dewormers there are a couple of different regimens currently in use. “Fast rotational” deworming alternates between avermectin and benzimidazole dewormers in order to obtain the best coverage. All horses on the property are dewormed every two to three months. This schedule may be easier for owners to remember, and may be beneficial to certain horses. In addition, it comes without the added cost of yearly or twice yearly fecal exams. However, it has lead to concerns about intestinal parasites developing resistance to our commonly used dewormers. Page 40

The second deworming schedule is referred to as “strategic” or “target” deworming. Due to genetics some horses (50% of a herd or population) are immune to heavy parasite loads. However, some have poor immunity to parasites and subsequently shed large numbers of parasite eggs in their manure. In fact, 20-30% of the horses in a herd or population are responsible for 80% of the parasite eggs in that environment. Knowing this, we can use fecal egg counts (FEC) to determine which horses in a population are more susceptible to infection and shedding and treating them. When starting a strategic deworming regimen it may be useful to run FEC on each horse every 4 to 6 weeks for at least one year in order to establish trends for each individual. While an average egg reappearance period (ERP) is known for each deworming product, it may by different for individual horses, therefore performing serial fecal tests will help identify those horses with different ERP. Regardless, every horse on your property should have a fecal test run at least once a year, even those that are already on a deworming schedule or daily dewormers as they may have parasites that could have developed resistance. Annual fecal tests are usually run after the grazing season, in early to mid fall (October in our area), and samples should be collected at least 12 weeks after the last deworming to be most accurate. One, fresh (less than three hours old) fecal ball should be collected from each horse. Place the fecal ball in a sealed bag and label it with the horse’s name. The sample can be stored in a refrigerator (not a freezer) or a cooler until it can be delivered to your veterinarian for exam. Samples should not be stored for longer than 24 hours before submitting.

Horses with 200-500 EPG are classified as “medium shedders.” Eight to 12 weeks after the initial dose of dewormer a repeat FEC is performed on “medium shedders” to determine if any additional deworming is needed. “Heavy shedders” are those horses with greater than 500 EPG. “Heavy shedders” will receive additional dewormings with a benzimidazole product in December and April. These horses will need repeat FEC every six to eight weeks after each deworming to ensure the selected deworming products are appropriately treating the parasites.

before they can invade gut tissues and establish infection. These types of dewormers are good for horses in environments where new horses are constantly being introduced, such as a boarding facility. Horses maintained on feed-through dewormers should still have annual fecal test performed as parasitic resistance is common with these types of dewormers. Regardless of what program you choose, it will be important to work closely with your veterinarian to determine if the program is working well for you. Furthermore, the schedules discussed here are merely basic outlines and may need to be altered based on your location (climate is very important in the parasite life cycle) and your horse’s age.

Stock Photo - © Jacquelin Benoit|

FEC results will tell you and your veterinarian the parasite eggs per gram (EPG) of fecal material. All horses, regardless of their FEC results, will be dewormed with an avermectin product containing praziquantel twice a year, in the fall after the initial fecal and in the spring. This is done to treat for large strongyles, bots and tapeworms, which are difficult to see on fecal exams. Horses classified as “low shedders” (less than 200 EPG) will only need to be dewormed twice a year.

Another test that may be helpful in determining effectiveness of dewormers is the fecal egg count reduction test (FECR). FECR can be used to determine if parasites have become resistant to the dewormers by comparing FEC obtained before deworming to FEC obtained 1014 days after deworming. If the egg count in the second sample has decreased by at least 90% the dewormer is considered effective. Feed-through dewormers are used to kill ingested strongyle larvae We would like to help you get your horse health questions answered by a knowledgeable equine veterinarian. Submit your questions to us via email, we will present them to a qualified veteranarian that specialize in equine health and then publish the question along with the vet’s response in a future issue of The Horse Resource. Ask away..... Send questions to us at: Subject line: “Ask the Vet”

Ask The Vet Page 41

Photo provided by VS

Photos provided by VS

Left to right: Anoplocephala perfoliata egg; Parascaris equorum egg; Strongyle eggs

Stephen D. Fisch, DVM AVS Equine Hospital located at 9085 Magnolia Hill Drive Tallahassee, FL 32309. Visit their website at or call 850-386-3619


News Provided By: Barb Ruwe & Bryan McDonald

Cowboy Mounted Shooting Raw Horsepower - Hard Ridin’ - Straight Shootin’ Photo provided by Mr Quigley Photography WWW.MR QUIGLEY PHOTOGRAPHY. com;

1st Ohio Cowboy Mounted Shooters MERRY CHRISTMAS! and HAPPY NEW YEAR! from the 1st Ohio Cowboy Mounted Shooters! Lots of “good stuff” being planned for members of the 1st Ohio Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association! Get your membership in now so you don’t miss one second of the Fun! It is already the 2013 shooting season and many of our members were in Columbus for the All American Quarter Horse Congress “Good Ride” shoot on Sunday, October 27th to start the season with a BANG! The coldest and rainiest day of the event didn’t keep the 171 entries from participating and drawing in the spectators to watch Cowboy Mounted Shooting for the very first time at the Congress! We Congratulate Rock Clark of Columbia, TN the CMSA Overall Champion of this event. Winners of the AQHA/CMSA qualifier featuring 43 contestants mounted on American Quarter Horses, David Lohrey of Franklinton, NC the Open division, Keith Gentry of Petersburg, TN the Amateur division, and the Select Amateur division won by Terry Martin of Shipshewana, IN. The Youth Champ was Carsen Rae Helms of Monroe, NC. For complete results visit the CMSA Results Page at Our first meeting of the new season took place on October 25th. The new officers were totally prepared and it sounds as if the 1st Ohio club members are in for a BANG UP year of FUN! The year end banquet/social will be held on January, 26th, 2013 at the Kings Island Inn & Resort in Mason, Ohio. Mark you calendar, this is one event you don’t want to miss! Details will soon be available on the web site If you have any ideas for awards or banquet “fun” contact one of the committee members, Diane Sage, Andrea Imler or Becky Ashcraft. The Midwest Region Roundup Shoot dates are set for June 14, 15 & 16, 2013, at the Circle G Arena in Lewisburg, Ohio. 1st Ohio CMSA will again host this 5 state regional championship, shooters from all over the USA are invited. Last year I believe we had 11 states represented, all shooting for one of the 12 prestiges division award buckles. The weekend proved to be a fast and fun shootout. Our Memorial Day weekend shoot is scheduled for May 24, 25 & 26 at the Gymkhana Arena in Miamitown, Ohio. And our “PINK” shoot for Breast Cancer Awarnes is scheduled for October 12 & 13th. “Pink”

Page 42

is always fun with all the shooters in Tough Enough to go Pink outfits! 1st Ohio is hosting shoots in Warren County at the fairgrounds, July 5-7, August 16-18 and September 13-15. The fairgrounds is easy to get too and will provide stalls and electric hookups for camping over the weekend. . Please keep checking or for details about all the shoots and information on Shooter and New Shooter clinics sponsored by 1st Ohio. CMSA has the current point leaders posted, as of November 8, 2012; • • • • • • • •

CMSA National points leader Cowboy-Rock Clark, TN with 492 points CMSA National points leader Cowgirl-Joyce Nelson, OH (1st Ohio) with 465 points Midwest Region Cowboy-Terry Martin, IN with 486 points. (IN Mounted Regulators) Midwest Region Cowgirl-Joyce Nelson, OH with 465 points Ohio Cowboy-Jake Daley, with 480 points (Northern Ohio Outlaws) Ohio Cowgirl-Joyce Nelson with 465 points CMSA National Rifle points leader-Terry Martin, IN CMSA National Shotgun points leader-Lanea Weaver, IN (IN Mounted Regulators)

The KY Cowtown shooters are hosting a shoot on November 10th along with a clinic on setting up your horse for barrel turns and smooth handling through a course. The instructor for the clinic is AQHA professional horsewoman Tracy Johnnting. The clinic will be free to those entered in the shoot. Results and information on the next Kentucky shoots at Feathers will be flying! Thanksgiving weekend we will be shooting at the C bar C arena in Cloverdale, IN. Shoot being hosted by the Illiana Rangers. Happy November Birthdays...Beth Brown, Holly Corbett and Sandy Snyder!

CMSA News December birthday’s blow out all your candles! Doug Sheldon, deliverer of special messages to 1st Ohio shooters on Sunday at Cowboy Church! Recorder of the scores...Judy Pinson! Greg Couch, past officer and director of 1st Ohio. New shooters Elaine Dunn and Tony Virgin. Long time member and one of the 1st Ohio club founders, Tom Miller, and Kentucky shooter Jim Pinson who celebrates on New Years Eve! Watch for upcoming shoots and clinics and give mounted shooting a try, “its the most fun you will ever have on horseback”! www.1stohio. com will give you all the information about our club or give me a call! Spectators are always welcome! Indiana Rough Riders Check out the Indiana Rough Riders’ on line at Keep those cylinders spinnin’ and God Bless! Bryan McDonald, IRR President

Got news...shoot it to me! Buckskin Barbee 513.479.5984

The Fast Horse Resource 2013 Annual Stallion Calendar

Order yours on-line at

C Bar C Expo Center Cloverdale, IN - Under New Ownership (formally Crossroads Arena)

Now Booking Events! Contact Us Today to Reserve Your Dates!

Upcoming Events

Vendor/Spectator Area Show/Event Offerings


4th - Open Riding from 12 - 9pm - Chili, hot dogs and drinks at concessions 7th-9th - I.B.R.A. Barrel Race Contact Steve Jackson 765-720-3251 IBRA Questions Brad Johnson 812-322-4473 11th - Open Riding from 12 - 9pm - Chili, hot dogs and drinks at concessions 18th - Open Riding from 12 - 9pm - Chili, hot dogs and drinks at concessions 27th-30th - AQHA Winter Show 4 days 6 judges. - Contact Mark Harrell Horse Shows at or call 618-397-1388


8th - Open Riding from 12 - 9pm - Chili, hot dogs and drinks at concessions 11th-13th Indiana Mid West Archery & White Tail Deer Expo - Contact Hanlon Promotions 765-720-0028 15th - Open Riding from 12 - 9pm - Chili, hot dogs and drinks at concessions

Arena Direct: 765-795-4768 Email: Page 43


Expo Center

Cloverdale, Indiana - Just off of I-70

Concrete Floors Bleachers Large heated bathroms w/showers Wi-Fi Access

Office Area

1,200 Square Feet of Air Conditioned Office Space

175 Electric Hook-Ups Two (2) Dirt arenas Total Arena Area: 120’ x 540’ 500 Stalls (Packed Lime Floors) 12 Drive-In Doors Electric infrared Heating System High Efficiency Lighting Sprinkler System Wash racks w/heated water Barrel & Pole Laser setters

Now Offering “Horse Hotel” Accommodations

Steve Jackson: 765-720-3251 Cindy Harlan: 765-426-1457


Fall is Officially Here Merry Christmas Everyone! Well, when your reading this I should be in Oaklahoma City, Oklahoma at the BFA (Barrel Futurities of America) World Championships, taking my four year old and two of my three year olds. The All American Quarter Horse Congress has come and gone. Congrats to Chris Coffey on winning the Barrel Racing Sweepstakes and all the other champions. I ended up third in the Junior Barrels. I went to St. Louis last weekend and went up in the arch, it was an experience is all I will say. I’ts going to get quite busy around our house for awhile. We are moving to the farm, our house is almost built so we should be moving really soon. (In the cold, even more fun!)

Photo by: Judy Pollert

It’s short and sweet this month. Enjoy your holidays and be safe. Remember the reason for the season is Jesus. Message me if you want to make a extra $15,000.00 by February 28, 2013. It’s easy and your horses will love you. This month I interviewed a new friend I met and would like to introduce you to:


Name: Austin Kuiper Age:


Grade: Freshman What are the subjects you like in school? AG and Social Studies Parents: Kuiper

Jeff and Sharon

Do you have any siblings? If so, names and ages) None Horses? (name, ages,color) Watcher Haul It (AKA Dusty) 10 year old sorrel mare, Taz 24 year old sorel mare and Ray Ray Renee (AKA Bandit) 11 year old gelding Do you have any animals other than horses? 2 dogs - Josey and Abby

Page 44

Photo by: Kenneth Springer

School: North Newton High School

TEEN CORRAL w/Clint Van Favorites

Truck- Dodge Trailer- 4 Star Food- Prime Rib Color- Burnt Orange Saddle- Bill Cook Movie- Cop Out Music- Country Bling Or No Bling- Sport Bling Do your parents or siblings ride? My dad rides but my mom doesn’t. Hobbies: Horses, Baseball, Hunting and fishing


What have your accomplishments been on horses? 2010 NBHA and IBRA (Illinois) Youth 1D Champion, 2011 NBHA & IBRA (Illinois) Youth 1D Champion, 2011 NBHA 2D Champion, 2008-20110 Youth World Qualifier, 2011 Youth World Finalist

Who is your mentor or taught you to ride? My dad and Tudie Kuiper What do you want to do after high school? I want to take over my grandpa ‘s farm Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Either farming or out west on a ranch

Photo by: Kenneth Springer

What is your favorite show and why? youth world, because I get to see all of my friends from out of state Any advice to fellow barrel racers? You just have to be dedicated to it. The main thing is just have fun! HAPPY HOLIDAYS, HOPE SANTA BRINGS YOU EVERYTHING YOU ASK FOR! Hang on,

Clint Clint is a graduate of East Central High School. His parents are Terrie VanVolkenburgh and respectively Joe Trentman. He has grown up in the horse world, both parents have rode almost all their life...Clint's grandfather as some of you may remember was the late Terry VanVolkenburgh, who would run up and down the fences when his daughters would run barrels. Clint began barrel racing at the age of 4 with a pony, then went on to particpate in Jr. Rodeo and his favorite event was the sheep riding, had to believe he is now a barrel racer. He has won the Ohio Youth NBHA and Indiana Youth and Open NBHA , he has also won the congress youth barrel four times, and was runner up in the Congress Sweepstakes, placed at Josey Jr. world numerous times, and won the NBHA Youth World 1d in 2006. He loves to barrel race and is now trying his hand at the futurities. In Clint's spare time he mows grass for a part time job and is also very active in his church where he and his cousins are bible school helpers. Clint also volunteers one day a week at a school in Cincinatti where he spends time tutoring other kids in reading.

Page 45

The Breeders’ Cup

Story & Photos by: Steve Heuertz

Always...History in the Making


midst the hazy backdrop of the San Gabriel Mountains and under the cover of a pure blue sky, Santa Anita Park awoke adorned in purple and awaiting the world. On November 2nd and 3rd, 2012, the venerable race track served as host to the Breeders’ Cup World Championships.

Above: The San Gabriel Mountains provide the breathtaking backdrop of the Santa Anita setting. Below right: Welcome to the Breeders’ Cup World Championships! Below left: A Breeders’ Cup garland awaiting the moment to crown a new champion. The winner of each of the 15 Breeders’ Cup races is draped in one of these garlands made of yellow and purple chrysanthemums.

Inaugurated on November 10, 1984 at Hollywood Park in Los Angeles, California, the Breeders’ Cup was designed as a year-end event aimed at awarding a champion horse in various divisions of Thoroughbred Racing. This first Breeders’ Cup lasted one day and comprised of seven races (Juvenile Fillies, Juvenile, Sprint, Mile, Turf, Distaff and Classic) with a combined total purse of $10 million. That day, 64,254 fans witnessed a thrilling three way finish in the $3 million Breeders’ Cup Classic with 31-1 shot, Wild Again holding off favorite, Slew o’Gold and Preakness winner, Gate Dancer. The Breeders’ Cup was born.

In the days since its inception, the Breeders’ Cup has expanded to a two day event that hosts 15 races with a total purse of $25.5 million, making it the richest event in all of sports. The centerpiece of this is the Breeders’ Cup Classic, which itself carries the largest purse of any race in America at $5 million. However, aside from large purses, what makes the Breeders’ Cup truly exceptional and unique is its inclusion of the multiple divisions of racing. Whereas many individual races target a specific age group, gender, racing surface and distance, the Breeders’ Cup has designed a formula to hold multiple races consisting of differing variables that focus on the specialties

Page 46

The Breeders’ Cup

Story & Photos by: Steve Heuertz

Santa Anita 2012

Clockwise from top left: The Breeders’ Cup celebrates its return to Santa Anita Park, “The Great Race Place; Palm trees, mountains, seagulls, sunshine…yes, this is what happens when the Breeders’ Cup returns returns to California; From the overall setting to the art and architecture, there is nothing lacking beauty at Santa Anita; Although the venue for the Breeders’ Cup changes, one thing that remains constant and appears at every track is the Breeders’ Cup statue and trophy. The statue is reproduction of the Torrie horse, sculpted by Giovanni da Bologna in the late 1580’s.

of these wonderful equine athletes. Further, the Breeders’ Cup aims at involving the world in this process and highly regarded runners from European and other countries regularly compete in the World Championships. In the end, a champion is awarded in each “division” on the grandest of stages that celebrates the best the sport of thoroughbred racing has to offer. Another unique charm of the Breeders’ Cup is that it is rotated to various tracks throughout the United States. While the 2012 version returned to Santa Anita Park in the Los Angeles suburb of Arcadia, previous locations have included tracks such as Churchill Downs, Belmont Park, Monmouth Park, Arlington Park and Gulfstream Park among others. However, once, in 1996, the Breeders’ Cup was held outside of the United States when at Woodbine in Toronto, Ontario. Recently the rotation has focused on holding the event at the same location for consecutive years,

Page 47

when, for consecutive years such as when it was held at Santa Anita in 2008 and 2009, followed by the 2010 and 2011 editions at Churchill Downs. To continue this trend, the 2013 Breeders’ Cup will once again be held at Santa Anita Park. Despite its relative youth in the sport of thoroughbred racing, the Breeders’ Cup has generated many memorable moments. After Wild Again’s dramatic finish in the 1984 Classic, the Breeders’ Cup experienced a similar heart-pounding finish in the 1987 Classic when two Kentucky Derby winners clashed and Ferdinand edged Alysheba by a nose. One year later, in the Distaff, Personal Ensign secured perfection when she absolutely refused to lose and ran down Kentucky Derby winner, Winning Colors, in the mud to retire undefeated in 14 career races. Continuing the trend, in 1989 Sunday Silence and Easy Goer renewed their storied rivalry when Sunday Silence held off a furious charge by Easy Goer to win the Classic. In 1991, Arazi demonstrated an unimaginable burst of speed as he passed 12 horses in a mere one furlong (1/8 of a mile) in the Juvenile. In 1995, Cigar won the Classic and continued on his path toward en eventual 16 consecutive wins. Tiznow became the first and only horse to win consecutive Classic’s when he held off Sakhee in 2001 and Tom Durkin exploded in saying “Tiznow wins it for America!” In 2007 Curlin romped in the mud at Monmouth to win the Classic and in 2010 Goldikova became the first and only horse to win three consecutive Breeders’ Cup races when she took the Mile for the third time.

The Breeders’ Cup


Story & Photos by: Steve Heuertz

Above left: On September 29, 2012, this statue of Zenyatta was unveiled at Santa Anita depicting the Queen doing her regular “dance” that endeared her to legions of fans. Above right: Forever the “Queen” of thoroughbred racing, fans still celebrate Zenyatta two years after her retirement. Santa Anita was the site of Zenyatta’s greatest accomplishment when she became the first female to win the Breeders’ Cup Classic in 2009.


Considering the gravity of each of those moments, there remains one horse that embodied the Breeders’ Cup from 2008-2010…her name is Zenyatta. Affectionately known as racing’s “Queen,” Zenyatta burst onto the Breeders’ Cup scene when she won Ladies Classic in 2008 and ran her perfect record to nine consecutive wins. One year later and still undefeated she returned to the Breeders’ Cup and decided to face the boy’s for the first time in her career when she entered into the Classic. At the top of the stretch, announcer Trevor Denman said, “Zenyatta has a lot, a lot of ground to make up. Zenyatta, if she wins this, she’ll be a super horse.” Moments later Zenyatta unleashed her patented late kick and Denman Clockwise from above: Santa Anita was yelled, “This…is…UN…BE…LIEVABLE!!!” as the home to Seabiscuit and the site of many Queen surged past her male counterparts and became the of his greatest accomplishments throughfirst female horse to win the Breeders’ Cup Classic. With out his legendary career; Even Seabiscuit wants to wear a Breeders’ Cup garthe historic win, Zenyatta had now run her race record to land! This statue honors the champion a perfect 14 for 14. Finally, one year later and in the final within the Santa Anita paddock. A duplistart of her career, Zenyatta sat with 19 consecutive vic- cate of this statue resides at the National tories and still perfect. She returned to the Breeders’ Cup Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame in Saratoga Springs, NY; Admiring a paintone last time and once again entered the Classic against ing of the great Seabiscuit. the boys. Proclaimed by some as “Zenyatta’s Breeders’ Cup,” legions of fans filled Churchill Downs and hoped While horses to be in the presence of history. After breaking “dead last,” as she regu- such as Zelarly would, Zenyatta found herself further back than normal. She once nyatta, Wild again put in a furious run that erupted in deafening cheers, however, on Again, Sunthis day Zenyatta sadly came up a head short when she finished second to day Silence winner, Blame. Although losing her quest for perfection, many reflected and Personal upon the moment and felt that, in defeat, she might have run the best Ensign might race of her career. Still, others held onto the fact that she was closing long be reon Blame and had she been just slightly closer to the pace or had the tired, the finish line been just 50 or 100 yards farther away, she likely would have 2012 renewal won. Nonetheless, for a period of three years, Zenyatta’s presence was of the Breeders’ Cup had no shortage of stars and thrills. Of the 15 races mightily felt at the Breeders’ Cup as she forever left an impression on the and subsequent championships that were awarded, each of them have World Championships and the sport of thoroughbred racing. their own unique and defining moments. Of particular note on Breed-

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The Breeders’ Cup

Story & Photos by: Steve Heuertz

Excitement Fills the Air - It’s the Breeders’ Cup!

Clockwise from above: The paddock is full prior to the start of the Grey Goose Breeders’ Cup Juvenile; Saddle up for a day at the Breeders’ Cup; Look Out! Another great example of why schooling in the paddock is so important prior to a race; Signaling the start of the 2012 Breeders’ Cup!

ers’ Cup Friday was the moment of Calidoscopio winning the Marathon. This Argentinian-bred, 9-year-old, became the oldest horse to ever win a Breeders’ Cup race. The connections of Calidoscopio were jubulent in their victory as they cheered and chanted within the winner’s circle while waving the flag of Argentina. Similarly, in the Juvenile Fillies, Beholder valiantly held off the charge of undefeated Executiveprivilege and becomes one of the top contenders for the Kentucky Oaks next year. However, the most defining moment of that first day was the victory by Royal

Page 49

Delta in the Ladies Classic. As racing’s grandest stage, it is difficult enough to win one Breeders’ Cup race. However, when a horse is a good enough to win two Breeders’ Cup races, it starts to place them in an even greater historical context.

The Breeders’ Cup

Story & Photos by: Steve Heuertz In winning the Ladies Classic, Royal Delta did exactly that as she won the same race in the 2011 Breeders’ Cup at Churchill Downs. While likely earning her the honor of female horse of the year for the second straight year, Royal Delta’s race took on even greater historical significance as her jockey, Mike Smith, in victory earned his record breaking 16th lifetime Breeders’ Cup win. With more Breeders’ Cup races scheduled for Saturday as opposed to Friday, the second day of racing brought even more highlights. In Left: Beholder, out for a stroll the morning after her the Filly & Mare Sprint, Groupie Doll demvictory in the Grey Goose Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies. Above: Beholder’s garland and saddlecloth on onstrated tremendous speed while dominating display outside her barn. her rivals and asserting herself as the fastest of the fast female horses. Mizdirection was remarkable when making her first start in more than 5 months while beating the boys to win the always exciting Turf Sprint. As was the case with Royal Delta, Mike Smith rode Mizdirec-

Making Memories & History Left: Legendary trainer, Bill Mott, heads to the winner’s circle after watching his horse, Royal Delta, romp in the Breeders’ Cup Ladies Classic for the second consecutive year. Below: Mike Smith celebrates aboard Royal Delta after his recordbreaking 16th lifetime Breeders’ Cup race win as a jockey. Right: Royal Delta struts back to the barn after another Breeders’ Cup victory.

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Story & Photos by: Steve Heuertz

The Breeders’ Cup

Left: The crowd gathers at Santa Anita. The two day Breeders’ Cup posted a total attendance of 89,742 with a handle of $144,272,332! Above: 15 championship races will bring out the best in fashion and, of course…hats!

Above: Groupie Doll schools in the Santa Anita paddock the day before her dominating victory in the Breeders’ Cup Filly & Mare Sprint.

2011 Kentucky Derby (Gr. 1) winner, Animal Kingdom, walks in the post parade prior to the start of the Breeders’ Cup Mile. Despite finishing second to Wise Dan, Animal Kingdom was one of the stars of the Breeders’ Cup show.

during the 1 ½ mile race. In the Sprint, Trinniberg was able to sit just slightly off a fast pace before taking the lead in the stretch and holding off The Lumber Guy. Being a three-year-old, Trinniberg was able to show that wonderful quality of being able to step up and beat older horses in a big a race. The Mile held Above left: Grey Goose Breeders’ Cup Juvenile contender, Capo Bastone, walks toward the Santa Anita paddock to school the day before the big race. Above right: After winning the Grey Goose Breeders’ Cup Juvenile, Shanghai Bobby asserts himself to the front of the 2-year-old class and earns the title as early one of the most fascinating and deep favorite to wear a garland of roses on the first Saturday in May. fields with multiple tion and added one more win to his growing Breeders’ Cup record. In the graded stakes winJuvenile, Shanghai Bobby demonstrated incredible determination when ner (on dirt, turf and synthetic), Wise Dan, facing off with 2011 Kenit looked like he was tiring at the top of the stretch and about to surrender tucky Derby winner, Animal Kingdom (making his first start since Febthe lead to He’s Had Enough. However, Shaghai Bobby fought back and ruary 2012), and the European, Excelebration (only recent losses to the was able to hold on to the victory and remain undefeated, while making remarkable and undefeated, Frankel). The race lived up to its billing himself the early favorite for the Kentucky Derby. Little Mike also dem- with Wise Dan winning in a track record time of 1:31.78 while Animal onstrated guts and determination when he won the Turf. Typically re- Kingdom, after a troubled trip closed like a rocket to finish second. The garded as a horse that would prefer slightly shorter distances, Little Mike win likely catapulted Wise Dan to become Horse of the Year as it was his was able to hold the lead from and upset two of the best turf horses in the fifth win of the year with three of those coming in Grade 1 races. In his world in Point Of Entry and defending champ St Nicholas Abbey (IRE) lone defeat this year, Wise Dan finished second.

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The Breeders’ Cup

Story & Photos by: Steve Heuertz

Fort Larned

Finally, with 14 races in the books, the world turned its collective attention to the Breeders’ Cup Classic. Heading into the race it appeared on paper that Game On Dude was the horse to beat as he was runner up in the Classic the previous year at Churchill Downs and now was taking a second crack at the prize after a dominant racing season and with the race being run this time on his home track of Santa Anita. Other standouts in the race included Ron the Greek and Flat Out and two other horses that would make this Classic live up to its name. Although Game On Dude made a run in the final turn, he quickly faded as pacesetter Fort Larned and Mucho Macho Man hit the top of the stretch while separating from the rest of the field. Flat Out launched a bid and would eventually finish third, but Fort Larned and Mucho Macho Man hooked one another in one of the greatest stretch duels in Breeders’ Cup history. While it looked for a moment that Mucho Macho Man was going to corral the worthy pacesetter, Fort

Clockwise from above: Jockey, Brian Hernandez Jr. thanks his partner and new champion for a wonderful ride; Draped in racing glory; The winner’s circle is full after Fort Larned’s Classic victory; As Fort Larned heads back to his barn, the sun sets on another wonderful renewal of the Breeders’ Cup.

Larned dug deep and realized that he possessed the heart of a champion. Despite his best effort, Mucho Macho Man could never get passed Fort Larned. They crossed the wire together, separated by ½ length and 6 ½ lengths ahead of Flat Out. As Fort Larned paraded back to the winner’s circle and donned the garland of America’s richest race, the racing world paused for a moment to recognize the tremendous accomplishment that had just been witnessed. The Breeders’ Cup is racing’s World Championships and the events that had just been witnessed were not isolated instances comprised of races lasting roughly two minutes in length. No, instead it was the sum of a year’s worth of work, commitment and dedication that was peaked at the right moment and on display for the world. That night, Fort Larned walked back to his stall at Santa Anita just as Zenyatta had done three years before. While he likely had his regular ration of hay, oats and water, that night, Fort Larned had realized the potential of a Thoroughbred. He was a Breeders’ Cup Classic Champion... and the world knew it. In one year’s time the Breeders’ Cup will return to Santa Anita for its 30th edition. Although it is too early to know what might happen that day, as the Breeders’ Cup would say, “The Best is Yet to Come…”

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Story & Photos by: Steve Heuertz

The Breeders’ Cup

2012 Breeders’ Cup Champions

Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Sprint - $500,000 - 6 Furlongs on Dirt Hightail (inside) - Jockey: Rajiv Maragh Trainer: D. Wayne Lukas - Owner: Bluegrass Hall LLC

Breeders’ Cup Marathon (Gr. 2) - $500,000 - 1 3/4 Miles on Dirt Calidoscopio (ARG) - Jockey: Aaron Gryder Trainer: Guillermo Frankel - Owner: Stud Dona Pancha

Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies Turf (Gr. 1) - $1,000,000 - 1 Mile on Turf Flotilla (FR) - Jockey: Christophe Lemaire Trainer: Mikel Delzangles - Owner: Sheikh Mohammed Al Thani

Grey Goose Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies (Gr. 1) - $2,000,000 - 1 1/16 Miles on Dirt Beholder - Jockey: Garrett Gomez Trainer: Richard Mandella - Owner: Spendthrift Farm LLC

Breeders’ Cup Filly & Mare Turf (Gr. 1) - $2,000,000 - 1 1/4 Miles on Turf Zagora (FR) - Jockey: Javier Castellano Trainer: Chad Brown - Owner: Martin Schwartz

Breeders’ Cup Ladies’ Classic (Gr. 1) - $2,000,000 - 1 1/8 Miles on Dirt Royal Delta - Jockey: Mike Smith Trainer: William Mott - Owner: Besilu Stables

Page 53

The Breeders’ Cup

Story & Photos by: Steve Heuertz

Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Turf (Gr. 1) - $1,000,000 - 1 Mile on Turf George Vancouver - Jockey: Ryan Moore Trainer: Aidan O’Brien Owner: Mrs. John Magnier, Michael Tabor & Derrick Smith

Breeders’ Cup Filly & Mare Sprint (Gr. 1) - $1,000,000 - 7 Furlongs on Dirt Groupie Doll - Jockey: Rajiv Maragh Trainer: William Bradley Owner: Fred Bradley, William Bradley, Carl Hurst & Brent Burns

Breeders’ Cup Dirt Mile (Gr. 1) - $1,000,000 - 1 Mile on Dirt Tapizar - Jockey: Corey Nakatani Trainer: Steven Asmussen Owner: Winchell Thoroughbreds LLC

Breeders’ Cup Turf Sprint (Gr. 1) - $1,000,000 - 6.5 Furlongs on Turf Mizdirection (outside) - Jockey: Mike Smith Trainer: Mike Puype - Owner: Jungle Racing LLC, W. Strauss, J. Grohs, B. Beljak & KMN Racing LLC et al.

Grey Goose Breeders’ Cup Juvenile (Gr. 1) - $2,000,000 - 1 1/16 Miles on Dirt Shanghai Bobby (inside) - Jockey: Rosie Napravnik Trainer: Todd Pletcher - Owner: Starlight Racing, Mrs. John Magnier, Michael Tabor & Derrick Smith

Breeders’ Cup Turf (Gr. 1) - $3,000,000 - 1 1/2 Miles on Turf Little Mike - Jockey: Ramon Dominguez Trainer: Dale Romans Owner: Priscilla Vaccarezza

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The Breeders’ Cup

Story & Photos by: Steve Heuertz

A Breeders’ Cup trophy awaiting its champion.

Xpressbet Breeders’ Cup Sprint (Gr. 1) - $1,500,000 - 6 Furlongs on Dirt Trinniberg - Jockey: Willie Martinez Trainer: Shivananda Parbhoo Owner: Sherry Parbhoo

Steve Heuertz Bio

Breeders’ Cup Mile (Gr. 1) - $2,000,000 - 1 Mile on Turf Wise Dan - Jockey: John R. Velazquez Trainer: Charles Lopresti Owner: Morton Fink

Breeders’ Cup Classic (Gr. 1) - $5,000,000 - 1 1/4 Miles on Dirt Fort Larned (inside) - Jockey: Brian Hernandez, Jr. Trainer: Ian Wilkes Owner: Janis Whitham Page 55

It started with a horse named Cowboy. Disregarded and discounted, this nine-year-old Red Dun Quarter Horse left his life as a ranch horse in South Dakota and ventured a new path into the life of Steve Heuertz in 2004. Shortly thereafter, a bond was formed that fully catapulted Steve into the world of the horse where he became fascinated with the wonderful capabilities of this majestic animal. Of particular interest were the speed, endurance and competitive spirit demonstrated by the equine heroes within the sport of Thoroughbred Racing. Although initially satisfied with observing from afar, Steve became increasingly captivated by the sport and turned toward capturing the splendor of racing via his other passion, photography. The result was a recipe where he could combine his great love for horses, racing and photography into one harmonious blend that was greater than the sum of its parts. Since then, racing has taken Steve across the country to such wonderful places as Saratoga Race Course, Churchill Downs, Santa Anita Park, Pimlico, Belmont Park, Keeneland and Hooiser Park. During these travels, Steve has been fortunate to witness and photograph equally wonderful races such as the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes (racing’s famed Triple Crown) as well as the Travers, Santa Anita Derby, Indiana Derby and the Breeders’ Cup. However, residing in the Chicago suburb of St. Charles, IL, Steve regularly frequents Arlington Park and Hawthorne Race Course where he has enjoyed capturing magnificent races like the Arlington Million and Hawthorne Gold Cup. Today, Steve’s passion for horses, racing and photography is like a fire that continues to be stoked. While either behind the lens capturing the thrill of a Grade 1 race or in the saddle loping around a field with Cowboy, Steve has learned to operate under the simple truth that the Steve Heuertz; more he is able to involve Steve’s horse and loyal friend, Cowboy, the horse in his life, the a 17-year-old, Red happier his days become. Dun Quarter Horse


Why Shepards?

w/ Christa Conway

I was actually doing a little research on a different subject to start with this month and while doing so I ran across an interesting tidbit of information. Some of you may have thought this through yourselves or heard of it before, but I had never really thought about the “Why.”

(Please note that references were taken from the following:; Why Bethleham/by Bodie & Brock Thoene; Mt. Olive Press;Targum Pseudo-Jonathan)

Why was Jesus born in Bethleham and why was his birth announced to shepards? In all honesty...I had always thought that God allowed the angels to announce Jesus’ birth to the shepards because they were “normal” people. I guess I thought it seemed no “deeper” a reason than that to me...kind of like Jesus choosing fishermen to be his disciples. But there is so much more! Like there always is when you really look deeper into scripture. Of course I don’t have the room here to get into eleborate detail, but I’ll just mention a few things that sent me reeling. Did you know that Bethlehem means “House of Bread?” It was prophesied that Messiah, “the Bread sent down from heaven to feed the souls of mankind,” would be a descendent of King David. He would also be born in the same city where David, the shepherd-king of Israel, was born - Bethlehem! Micah 5:2 You, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are small among the clans of Judah, out of you will come for me one who will be ruler over Israel, whose origins are from of old, from ancient times.

Migdal Eder, known as the Tower of the Flock, was where lambs destined for the Temple were born and raised. Every firstborn male lamb from the area around Bethlehem was considered holy, set aside for sacrifice in Jerusalem. Generations of shepherds tended the sacred flocks. After pouring their lives into caring for their flocks, the shepherds would separate the lambs, choosing only the perfect firstborn males to drive to Jerusalem. There the lambs would be purchased by those who wished to atone for their sins. On the same mountain where Abraham had offered his son to the Lord, the lambs would shed their blood and lose their lives as that atonement. It was an endless cycle. When Christ came into the world, he said: “Sacrifice and offering you did not desire, but a

Page 56

body you prepared for me, with burnt offerings and sin offerings you were not pleased. Then I said, `Here I am-it is written about me in the scroll- I have come to do your will, 0 God.”’ -Hebrews 10:5-7 John the Baptist called Jesus not only the “Son of God” (John 1:34) but also the “Lamb of God” (John 1:36).

The Firstborn Lamb of God would sacrifice his life to atone for the sins of all - a one-time perfect sacrifice, offered by the Father God Himself.

makes since that the “Lamb of God” would be born in Bethleham and that God would have the shepards. be the first to greet him. Even this was in God’s eternal plan. “I will place shepherds over them who will tend them, and they will no longer be afraid or terrified, nor will any be missing,” declares the Lord. “The days are coming... when I will raise up to David a righteous Branch, a King who will reign wisely and do what is just and right in the land.” -Jeremiah 23:4-5

Where else would “the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:29) have to be born if not Bethlehem, among the sacred Temple flocks? And the angels announced this to the shepards.

The greatest King of all would arrive in Little Bethlehem, the City of David, the city of shepherds. The place where sacrificial lambs were born and raised. He was placed in a manger. What did that sign mean to the shepherds? What does it mean to you today?

Why the shepards? Was God providing them with the first glimpse of the Lamb of God, the final sacrifice? All of the Passover lambs they had provided over years and only

Until next month.... Have a Blessed & Merry CHRISTmas! Happy Trails & God Bless! Christa

On the Trail

By Brother Brad Curtis of Mountain Top Cowboy Church

HEAVENLY HERDERS Cookie had fed the boys Time to bed on down Fire was a cracklin` Bed rolls on the ground

You will find him Layin` in a manger When he grows up He’ll be a life changer

As they headed back to camp They told everyone in sight About the sky riders And the Saviour born that night

The sky was lit up Stars shinnin` bright Even to ol` hard cowboys It was an amazing` sight

It was then it happened Sky riders came on down Singin` Glory to God It was a heavenly sound

It was then the cowboys Well they began to sing Glory to God For we have seen The King

As the boys bedded down One star seemed to be alive They’d never seen one like it On any cattle drive

The boys looked at each other Then ran for the string Saddled up fast The sky riders continued to sing

Luke 2:20 And the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things that they had heard and seen, as it was told unto them.

Then they herd the sound A rider was comin` in That star was still shinin` Never gettin` dim

Ridin` into town Like a stampeded herd Throwin` caution to the wind Horses being whipped and spurred When they got to town Horses needed care Rode down to the stable And found the Saviour there

By: Bro. Brad Curtis Vilonia, AR 12/9/10

The rider said boys You’re the first to hear A Saviour was born So grab all your cowboy gear Down there in town That’s where you need to go Take you a fast horse No time for ridin` slow

Just a youngin` Layin` in the hay One of the boy s said This has been a purty good day

Former rodeo cowboy Brad Curtis of Vilonia, AR pastor of Mountain Top Cowboy Church in Heber Springs, AR and author of On The Trail “Christian cowboy poems and proverbs” as well as a new book “He Holds the Reins” available at Contact cowboypoet@ for book orders or for speaking engagements - Bro. Brad Curtis, Vilonia, AR Copyright 2011/2012

Have a Blessed


Salvation is a gift and a choice...... Jesus died on the cross as the final sacrifice. When He was resurrected on the 3rd day, he defeated Satan for us. All we have to do is believe that He beat death and acknowledge it with our words. If we believe that and accept Him as our personal savior…we are promised eternal life with Him in Heaven. You can’t earn your way into Heaven; you have to believe your way there. So many people think they “aren’t good enough” to get to Heaven… But… Salvation is a GIFT from God and you don’t earn a gift. Gifts are something someone gives to you and for the gift to be yours, you have to accept it. All we have to do is accept that wonderful gift. I know I have… won’t you? But the gift is not like the trespass. For if the many died by the trespass of the one man, how much more did God’s grace and the gift that came by the grace of the one man, Jesus Christ, overflow to the many. Romans 5:15

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved. Romans 10: 9-10

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Asking $4,500.- Age 19 - Mare Classy is a really nice registered AQHA barrel horse that has done very well for me the last 3 years. She is so much fun to run. She knows her job and will get it done for you. She set an arena record and has won and placed at a lot of pro rodeos and barrel races. She qualified me for 2 finals. She is more like a 15 year old because she was turned out for a year before I bought her so she is in great shape....she is automatic and would make a great Jr rodeo, High school or professional rodeo horse. SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY!! Videos available on line at: Call 317-498-6272 October-November 2012



Holy Famous Pie

2011 Handsome Sorrel Gelding. Pie is an athletic, well put together yearling. He hauls, trims & ties good. He is an inquisitive young man with a bright future ahead of him. Pie has been nominated to Future Fortunes & Pro Elite Sire Incentive. He is ready to be trained your way! Half brother to World Champion Hart Ta Fame. Sire: Holy Bart (Dash Ta Fame/On A High) Sire to several nice futurity horses Dam: Kenzie Kate (Exclusive Enough TB/Pie In The Sky) AA on the track For more information: (605) 321-2101 December-January

Bluegrass Truck & Trailer Sales, Scottsville, KY (270)622-4000 Cell Phone: 270-622-1794

2009 AQHA Filly – SI-89 ROM Metallic Lion/Lucks Dashin Dixie Great barrel prospect, 100% sound. Great mind, a pleasure 2009 AQHA Filly - SI-89 ROM to train, great barn and ground manners. Very correct. Metallic Lion/Lucks Dashin Dixie Trained 2yrs by Retteles. $3800.00-OBO. Great barrel prospect, 100% sound. Great mind, a Call 6168377771 pleasure to train, great barn and ground manners. More at:

Very correct. Trained 2yrs by Retteles. $3800.00-OBO. Call 6168377771 More at: December-January

Mark Me Firey Macho

2010 Mature Palomino Gelding. He stands 15hh. He has 60 days professional training. Macho has a very nice start & is ready to go on with. He is paid in full to Future Fortunes and Pro Elite Sire Incentive. Macho is a great all-around prospect. Rope, Ride or Race, Macho could be your next champion! Sire: PC Frenchmans Mark (sire to several very nice rodeo & arena performers) Dam: Ima Firewater Fever (Fire Water Flit/Freedom Flyer) For more information (605) 321-2101 December-January

Page 60

FOR SALE Two Indiana Bred Yearlings

Sorrel Colt - 1/2 brother to Stakes Winner WH Johnnie Boy Red SI95 with winnings over $86,000 Bay Colt by Rare Cigar out of Dash for Beauty

Call 270-498-4152 or 765-620-0378


Platinum Coach/Outlaw Conversions and Shadow A variety of new and used trailers to meet your wants and needs. 2+1’s, Stock Trailers, Bumper pulls, Reverse Loads, Bunk bed trailers, weekenders 877-432-2772

Murphy Trailer Sales Crawfordsville, IN

Toll Free 1-800-939-7288


Indiana Sired & Bred Sired by Pepsi Fame, Jumpn Chic, First Down Mr Jess. Eligible for QHRAI SSA Futurity, same bloodlines of 2012 QHRAI SSA Winner, Tinys First Pepsi. 765-886-6082 November 2012 - December 2012

Murphy Trailer Sales Crawfordsville, IN

Toll Free 1-800-939-7288

Indiana Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association - ITOBA NEWS Steve Heuertz photo

ITOBA 2014 Stallion Stakes Nominations (1st Payment) must pay 2nd Payment by Dec 31, 2012 (extended deadline only because 1st year of nominations)11/19/12 Alytyne Ama De Casa Amanda’s Desire Angelic Accord At Her Best Auburn Forever Azidiscount B n’ W Delivery Best to You Bubble Berry California Thunder Carly on Tour Case Adia Celtic Belle Chief Seattle Choose Faith Chorus Girl Christina’s Gold Claire’s Jade Collector’s Club Coziness Crystal Cowgirl Cunningly Dancingontheedge Dazzling Dutchess Devil Wears Red Double Hat Trick Dumas Elkhorn Elle Emerald Rain Fast Rapids First Mystery Full Exertion Gioello Highland Skirt Hollywood Beauty Hot and Sinful Itty Bitty Bean Jay’s Shawkilt Jin Mill Just Dash for Cash Justadanda Kind Lena Lavas Say Lextown Social Lost Her Tune Luck Be a Lady Matter of Style Mersaides Monhega Island Moon Lite Star Neighbors Paiges Pebble Party Palor Peachy Perfect

Unbridled America Article of Faith Nobiz Like Show Biz Arromanches Indy King El Nino Massive Drama Article of Faith City Weekend Century City Spanish Steps Max’s Pal City Weekend Arromanches Sierra High Arromanches Cat Dreams Pass Rush Forest Danger Pass Rush Grand Chance Arromanches On Board Again City Weekend Unbridled America Arromanches Indy King Chief Seattle Magna Graduate Cat Dreams Desert Warrior Champali Europe Max’s Pal Cowboy Cal Quick Action Pass Rush Buckle Down Ben Arromanches City Weekend City Weekend Grand Chance Sold to Wallstreet City Weekend Indy King Spanish Steps City Weekend Grand Chance City Weekend Killenaule Grand Chance Arromanches Ocean Indy Chief Seattle Buckle Down Ben Arromanches Phone: 800-450-9895 Page 61

Chris & Lisa Teagle Jim Elliott Alexander J Lee Gail D. Riggs Randy Burkett Swifty Farms Gerald Holt Jim Elliott Mast Thoroghbreds David Brueggemann Dennis Behrmann Marvin Johnson Mast Thoroghbreds Gail D. Riggs Michael Bilbrey Gail D. Riggs Carmalley Valley Farm Swifty Farms Manny Cadima Pardiek Racing David Bogue Craig Zeneberg & Steve Vogal Crystal Chapple Pat & Dennis Doran Laura L Hedrick Paul Blake/J.Thorman Shane Spiess Shane Spiess Rachelle Wexler Carmalley Valley Farm Swifty Farms Shane Spiess Phillip Clark Jack R. McGinley Elm Tree Farm, LLC Crystal Chapple Steve Phillips Rita Hughes Ronald Grothaus Mast Thoroghbreds Pine Tree Thoroughbreds Jack Kilpatrck Phillip Clark Mast Thoroghbreds Shane Spiess Tracey Wisner Mast Thoroghbreds Jared Bogue Mast Thoroghbreds Crystal Chapple David Bogue RuLon Rudda & Rachelle Wexler Penny & Michael Lauer Tracey Wisner Rita Hughes Gail D. Riggs

Point Total Pumpkin Bluff Quick Kitten Quilted Rose Wine Sea Surge Secret Aura She’s a Sassi Bird Silent Snowflakes Silverhigh Sister Fiona Starsovertheriver Surina Star Tasty Lace Touch of Ivy Unbridlednsexey Unkissable Valid Symmetry Vegan Fever Victory Afleet Wee Bit Stylish Windy Mindy Yodeladytoo



Owners & Breeders


Orient City Weekend Philadream Cat Dreams Max’s Pal Colonial Colony El Nino Buckle Down Ben Colonial Colony Elite Squadron Cat Dreams Spanish Steps Mr Mabee Spanish Steps Arromanches Goods B Ocean Indy Some Actor Arromanches Nobiz Like Show Biz Cat Dreams Pass Rush City Weekend

Donald Hazelrigg Ben & Elaine Grimme Duane Walters Kristie Kaufeld Paul Martin/Jerry Carden Mast Thoroghbreds Swifty Farms Rita Hughes Mast Thoroghbreds Bruce Murphy Dennis Behrmann Crystal Chapple Dana Abell-Huffman Jarod Gold Gail D. Riggs ruce Murphy Barbara Connor Jeremy P.Cobb Marcella DaFler John M. Reifman Chris & Lisa Teagle Swifty Farms Mast Thoroughbreds

2014 2nd Payments Received 11/19/12 Ama De Casa At Her Best Auburn Forever Azidiscount B n’ W Delivery Best to You Carly on Tour Chief Seattle Chorus Girl Christina’s Gold Collector’s Club Cunningly Dancingontheedge Devil Wears Red Elle Emerald Rain Full Exertion Highland Skirt Hollywood Beauty Itty Bitty Bean Jay’s Shawkilt Kind Lena Lost Her Tune Luck Be a Lady Matter of Style Mersaides Moon Lite Star Pumpkin Bluff Secret Aura Silent Snowflakes Starsovertheriver Surina Star Tasty Lace Unkissable Valid Symmetry Windy Mindy Neighbors

Article of Faith Indy King El Nino Massive Drama Article of Faith City Weekend Max’s Pal Sierra High Cat Dreams Pass Rush Pass Rush On Board Again City Weekend Arromanches Cat Dreams Desert Warrior Max’s Pal Quick Action Pass Rush Arromanches City Weekend City Weekend City Weekend Grand Chance City Weekend Killenaule Arromanches City Weekend El Nino Colonial Colony Spanish Steps Mr Mabee Spanish Steps Ocean Indy Some Actor Pass Rush Ocean Indy

Jim Elliott Randy Burkett Swifty Farms Gerald Holt Jim Elliott Mast Thoroghbreds Marvin Johnson Michael Bilbrey Carmalley Valley Farm Swifty Farms Pardiek Racing Crystal Chapple Pat & Denny Doran Paul Blake & Dr James Tomas Carmalley Valley Farm Swifty Farms Jack R. McGinley Crystal Chapple Steve Phillips Ronald Grothaus Mast Thoroghbreds Mast Thoroghbreds Mast Thoroghbreds Ruben Duran Mast Thoroghbreds Crystal Chapple RuLon Rudda & Rachelle Wexl Ben & Elaine Grimme Swifty Farms Mast Thoroghbreds Crystal Chapple Dana Abell-Huffman Jarod Gold Barbara Connor Jeremy P.Cobb Swifty Farms Penny & Michael Lauer Fax: 317-755-1320

ITOBA NEWS - Indiana Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association 2015 Stallion Stakes Nominations Received as of 11/19/12 Payment 1 At thePost Auburn Forever Bargain Betty Broken Embrace Campus Queen Chorus Girl Dakini Exclusive Hopper Feisty K.C.A.C Good Bidness Grey Gulch Groomeroma Hope For a Change Hot Chili Pepper Jay’s Shawklit Mersaides Miss Camalette Osceola Our Valid Essence Rhapsody At Sea Singing Dixie Sister Rose Skyline Star Starsovertheriver Stosky and Hutch Swift Empress Tapper Time Tenntucky Tipperone Unbridled N Sexy Union Belle Unusual Spring Wendy My Girl Yodeladytoo

Unbridled Express Eaton’s Gift Orient Cat Dreams Orient Storm Account Cat Dreams Einstein Grand Chance Orient Eaton’s Gift Einstein Spanish Steps Pass Rush City Weekend Spanish Steps Unbridled Express Article of Faith Drinkwiththedevil Eaton’s Gift Pass Rush Charging Indian City Weekend Chief Seattle Orient Pass Rush Ocean Indy Orient Ocean Indy Run Away and Hide Unbridled Express City Weekend City Weekend City Weekend

Berny Flint Swifty Farms Wayne French Carmalley Valley Donald Horrell Carmalley Valley Carmalley Valley Skip Cheesman Ruben Duran Wayne French Copper Cap Farm Skip Cheesman Pat & Denny Doran Swifty Farms Mast TB Crystal Chapple Berny Flint Frank Branham Richard Batz Swifty Farms Swifty Farms Michael Ball Mast TB Crystal Chapple Donald Horrell Swifty Farms Barbara Connor Barbara Connor Barbara Connor Bruce Murphy Berny Flint Mast TB Sarah A. Wells Mast TB

De La Cruz, Amoss Win Thoroughbred Titles

Hoosier Park leading trainer, Gary Patrick by one victory. With 25 trips to the winner’s circle, Amoss saddled the winners of over $506,000 in purse earnings throughout the meet to take home his second leading trainer title at Hoosier Park. A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, Amoss has nine previous leading trainer titles to his credit with titles at Churchill Downs, Ellis Park, Kentucky Downs and the Fairgrounds. Amoss, 50, has started more than 10,700 horses and has won over 2,400 of those starts. For 12 years in a row, he has won more than 100 races, and in 2011 Amoss sent out a career-best 163 winners, bankrolling over $4.3 million in purse earnings. The multiple Graded Stakes winning trainer has recently worked as a racing analyst for TVG and ESPN. Amoss was followed in the standings by Gary Patrick with 24 wins and Walter Abner, who ended the season with 23 wins. Gary Patrick didn’t go home empty-handed as he took home the leading owner trophy with 22 victories. A native of Ohio, the trophy notched Patrick’s third leading owner title in the 18-year history of Hoosier Park. Patrick also earned leading owner honors during the 1998, and 2011 seasons. Henry Mast’s Mast Thoroughbred, LLC finished second with 11 wins. Oaks, the $100,000-added Michael G Schaefer Memorial Mile, and the $100,000-added Mari Hulman George stakes. Racing begins Indiana Derby day at 12:30 p.m. EST.

Quality Control Requirements Added for North American Non-Listed Black-Type Races Press release at Monday, November 19, 2012 Contact: Carl Hamilton (859) 224-2800

Hoosier Park Press Release - Hoosier Park Racing & Casino’s concluded

The following news release is on behalf of the North American International Catalogue Standards Committee.

De La Cruz earned more than $1.3 million in purse earnings during the 64-day meet.

The North American International Catalogue Standards Committee (NAICSC) today announced that effective January 1, 2014, additional quality control requirements will be implemented for races in North America eligible for non-Listed black-type in SITA catalogues (those compliant with guidelines required by the Society of International Thoroughbred Auctioneers).

the 2012 Thoroughbred meet on Saturday, October 27th awarding Fernando De La Cruz with his first leading jockey title. The Peruvian jockey won 68 races to finish nine victories in front of Hoosier Park’s two-time defending leading jockey winner, Leandro Goncalves.

In the midst of his best season to date, De La Cruz has already posted over $3.1 million in purse earnings and ridden 155 winners in 2012. He has also posted four consecutive seasons with purse earnings toppling the $2 million mark. In 2011 alone, De La Cruz bankrolled over $3.5 million in purse earnings with 170 trips to the winner’s circle, many of which were accumulated between Hoosier Park and Indiana Downs. De La Cruz has relocated to Churchill Downs before heading to Tampa Bay Downs for the winter. De La Cruz palns to return to the Indiana circuit in the spring when racing resumes. “I’m very thankful to all the trainers that gave me the chance to ride some great horses,” De La Cruz noted. “Indiana has been very good to me and my family and I can’t wait to get back.” In the trainer ranks, Tom Amoss won an allowance optional claiming event with Senor Rain on the closing day card to edge out three-time

Page 62

Non-Listed black-type races include open stakes races with a purse between $50,000 and $74,999 and all stakes races with a purse of $50,000 or more that have a restriction allowed by NAICSC (i.e., state bred, stallions’ progeny, sales graduates or non-winners of a sweepstakes). The new requirements include the addition of a minimum Race Quality Score (RQS) for individual age/sex divisions. Statistics used in the evaluation of Graded and Listed races, including ratings provided by the North American Rating Committee, are not available for non-Listed black-type races. The RQS provides an alternative quality control measurement for these races. The RQS is a composite number compiled by using speed figures for the first four finishers in each race over three years. Four speed figures are used to compile the RQS and are provided by Bloodstock Research Information Systems (BRIS), Daily Racing Form (Beyer), Equibase and Thoro-Graph.

Indiana Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association - ITOBA NEWS The attached document provides an overview of North American blacktype requirements that will become effective January 1, 2014. In January of 2013 a website ( will be made available that will include a listing of non-Listed black-type races with their RQS and the minimum RQS requirements for each age/sex division. Current North American black-type rules will stay in effect for 2013, and the minimum purse requirement for SITA black-type races will remain at $50,000. Also, as announced last year, the American Graded Stakes Committee and the Canadian Graded Stakes Committee will evaluate eligible races for Listed status at their upcoming grading sessions using the same technique and information, including fact-based statistical analysis, that is used during their annual evaluation of Graded Stakes races. Races not deemed to be of Listed quality using this process will lose their Listed status beginning in 2013 and be treated as other non-Listed black-type races. NORTH AMERICAN BLACK-TYPE REQUIREMENTS EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2014 In 2014, for a stakes race in the United States and Canada to receive black type in SITA catalogues, it must: • • • • • •

have a minimum purse value of $50,000 distributed on the day of the race have a Black-Type Race Quality Score equal to or above the established minimum Race Quality Score for its age/sex division close at least 72 hours in advance of its running, have a fee paid by the owner of the entrant, and have a total purse value distributed on the day of the race equal to or greater than the established minimum have all entries be eligible for the purse monies used to determine the minimum purse value for black type or Listed status not have restrictions other than state-bred, non-winners of a sweepstakes, sales graduates or stallions’ progeny not contain a preference clause(s) based on criteria unrelated to the quality of the horse if such preference clause(s) could possibly exclude any horse(s) of superior quality from competing

A Black-Type Race Quality Score is the average of the Annual Race Quality Score for each of a race’s last three renewals. The Annual Race Quality Score is the combination of the speed figures assigned to a race by Bloodstock Research Information Systems (BRIS), Daily Racing Form (Beyer), Equibase and Thoro-Graph. The speed figure assigned to a race is the average of the speed figure assigned to the top four finishers in the race. If a race has a Black-Type Race Quality Score and an Annual Race Quality Score for the most current renewal below the established minimum Race Quality Score for its age/sex division, then it will lose its black-type status. A race that is not conducted for two consecutive years will lose its black-type status. For turf races the three most current turf renewals will be used to calculate the Black-Type Race Quality Score. A race that has lost black-type status must be conducted two times subsequent to losing its blacktype status before being evaluated for reinstatement of black-type status. The race must have a Black-Type Race Quality Score and an Annual Race Quality Score for the most current renewal equal to or above the established minimum Race Quality Score for its age/ sex division in order for black-type status to be reinstated. Starting in 2014 and thereafter, new races created and existing races with material changes to their conditions will be submitted to a committee of the International Catalogue Standards Committee (ICSC) for review prior to the inaugural running to determine if the inaugural running will receive black-type status. To be eligible for review by a committee a new race must have a minimum purse of $75,000 available to all entries and appear in the track’s published stakes book. New races eligible for review and existing races with material changes to the conditions must be submitted to the committee no less than 30 days prior to the start of a track’s race meet in which the new race is to be run. A race granted black-type status for its inaugural running will need to run under essentially the same conditions for each of its first two renewals, including having a purse of no less than $75,000 available to all entries, and achieve an Annual Race Quality Score for each of its first two renewals equal to or above the minimum Race Quality Score for its age/sex division. The inaugural running must achieve an Annual Race Quality Score equal to or above the minimum Race Quality Score for its age/sex division for the second running to maintain black-type status.

Page 63

New races created in 2014 and thereafter with a purse of less than $75,000 available to all entries must run twice under essentially the same conditions before being evaluated for black-type status. To receive black-type status for its third running a new race will need to achieve an Annual Race Quality Score for each of its first two renewals equal to or above the minimum Race Quality Score for its age/sex division. Notice of race name changes must be submitted to a committee of the ICSC no less than 30 days prior to the start of a track’s race meet in which the race is to be run.

Hoosier Park Leaders as of 10/27/12 According to Rank Name

Sts 1st 2nd 3rd Total $ Win% Top3 Top3%

LEADING TRAINER 1 Walter R. Abner 2 R. Gary Patrick 3 Thomas M. Amoss 4 Michael E. Lauer 5 Richard B. Kohnhorst 6 Robert M. Gorham 7 Tim Glyshaw 8 Antonio Duran 9 Ian R. Wilkes 10 David E. Paulus


1 Fernando De La Cruz 2 Marlon St. Julien 3 Leandro R. Goncalves 4 Orlando Mojica 5 Rodney A. Prescott 6 Terry J. Thompson 7 Carol Cedeno 8 Malcolm Franklin 9 Brian Joseph Hernandez, Jr. 10 Daniel Coa


1 Neck ‘n Neck 2 Aint She a Saint 3 Twice Mike 4 Dread the Pirate 5 Grace Hall 6 Higher Logic 7 Dreamin Big 8 Yeardley 9 Bourbon Courage 10 Ladystarturengine

$532,671 18% 46 35% $526,151 13% 97 51% $516,430 40% 41 66% $514,391 11% 52 45% $497,115 23% 41 63% $432,790 13% 36 35% $418,064 24% 29 58% $391,958 27% 30 48% $391,070 44% 8 89% $354,320 22% 28 38%

382 68 47 56 $1,374,272 18% 171 45% 403 53 54 61 $1,338,765 13% 168 42% 285 57 45 25 $1,289,793 20% 127 45% 327 47 54 50 $1,142,223 14% 151 46% 306 31 30 38 $777,801 10% 99 32% 139 24 22 20 $670,384 17% 66 47% 269 33 34 33 $669,108 12% 100 37% 117 20 19 16 $637,007 17% 55 47% 17 5 3 0 $533,404 29% 8 47% 166 20 16 19 $521,231 12% 55 33%

1 R. Gary Patrick 2 Penny S. Lauer 3 Mast Thoroughbreds LLC 4 A. Stevens Miles, Jr. 5 M. Y. Stables, Inc. 6 Sherri L. Greenhill 7 Rancho Monarca, LLC 8 G. Ray Trisler 9 Genaro Garcia 10 Acclaimed Racing Stable


130 23 9 14 189 24 42 31 62 25 9 7 115 13 21 18 65 15 11 15 104 13 13 10 50 12 11 6 62 17 7 6 9 4 4 0 73 16 3 9

161 22 35 27 69 9 15 11 65 11 7 4 2 1 1 0 73 8 9 12 7 3 1 1 34 11 5 5 34 8 6 7 32 8 4 5 4 3 0 0

1100 4201 4300 4301 1100 3300 3201 5112 1010 5202

$478,315 14% 84 52% $377,961 13% 35 51% $333,719 17% 22 34% $291,670 50% 2 100% $249,417 11% 29 40% $234,986 43% 5 71% $214,245 32% 21 62% $197,713 24% 21 62% $190,960 25% 17 53% $188,165 75% 3 75%

$289,670 100% 1 100% 109 $202,094 50% 3 75% 108 $188,165 75% 3 75% 100 $124,019 75% 4 100% 73 $123,360 100% 1 100% 112 $121,682 100% 3 100% 82 $101,123 67% 3 100% 95 $98,248 20% 4 80% 97 $96,557 0% 1 100% 107 $92,993 40% 4 80% 68

Li’L mas Funbefore Christmas ChhChrriistst mas Trees and Elves

Enjoy some fun wit

Christmas Word Scramble TIMESTOLE _____________________ DYCNN EACA __________________ NREOMATN ____________________ DRINEEER ______________________ NTAAC LUSESA _________________ DULHRPO ______________________ SRPEETN _______________________

Merry Christmas!!!! Q. Where did the reindeer go to find her lost tail? A. The “Re-tail store! Q. What kind of bread do the elves use for their toast? A. Shortbread, of course! Q. What do you get when you eat Christmas decorations? A. Tinsillitis! Q. Where does a snowman keep his money? A. In a snow bank!


r th

e Tr


Q. What do call Santa when he stops moving? A. Santa Pause! Q. What’s red and white, red and white, red and white? A. Santa Clause rolling down a hill!

IHGLSE ________________________ NGKTSCOI _____________________ RSITMSHCSA ___________________ TRIUFR KECA ___________________ PPRNGIWA REPPA _______________ IBORBN______________________ NWSMNAO___________________ Send your Li’l Cowpokes Pages to us at The “Fast” Horse Resource 12601 S CR 200 W Muncie, IN 47302 OR email at Page 64

Name: _________________________________Age________ Address:_______________________________________ City:_____________________State:____ZIP:_________ Email: ____________________________________________

Subscription Form 1 Year Subscription Rates US Residents Outside US


Renewal OR New Subscription

QTY________ each @ $25.00 QTY________ each @ $40.00

=____________ =____________

Name:_________________________________________________________ Address:________________________________________________________ City_____________________________St___________ZIP______________ Phone:_________________________________________________________ Email:_________________________________________________________

Total enclosed: $________ Send this card with payment to:

The Horse Resource 12601 S. CR 200 W. Muncie, IN 47302 .......or go on-line to order your subscription

Office Use Only: Ref#________Through_______

Please tell us your interests: (Please check all that apply)

Breed Info breed?____________ Show Results Horse Health

Page 65

Barrel Racing Horse Racing Rodeo Western CMSA Other: Please specify___________________________________________________



King Vet Service – Brad King, DVM Equine Sports Medicine Clinic

“Thank you to all our customers and supporters!” We are proud to announce that we have moved to a new and improved location to better serve our customers and equine patients!

Our new location features: • Clinic located just 1 ½ miles from I-69 from exit 34, with easier access for big trailers • 4 wash bays/crosstie areas plus separate stocks • 5 – 10 x 12 rubber matted stalls • Rubber flooring throughout clinic including indoor hinging area • Waiting area with plenty of seating for customers • Small animal clinic in front of building [not open yet] • Concrete circular access and parking lot

Keep your horse at his competitive best! Call Dr. King today for an appointment! Clinic: 765-378-0382 Cell: 765-760-3792

King Vet Service

9100 South CR 800 West Daleville, IN 47334

Now located on the corner of 800 West and State Road 67 in Daleville, IN

Directions from I-69: Take exit 34, go east for 1 ½ miles to 800 West turn south [rt.] on 800 West and King Vet Clinic is Tan/brick building immediately on the left

Page 66

Mystery of the Month O

nce again one of our awesome readers came through with some pictures for us to use in our Mystery of the Month. We’re cutting it close, but so far we’ll get to keep you guessing at these mystery cowboys and cowgirls. (We’ll thank our reader officially next month....don’t want to give anything away!) This month’s Mystery bunch of two cowboys and a cowgirl are shown trying on hats and having what looks to be a great time in a western store somewhere. If you can identify this bunch and maybe the year then send us an email or give us a call to win your choice of a one year subscription to The Horse Resource, a “Horsey Hat” or a “Horsey-T.” Call 765-744-7363 or email thehorseresource@ with your answer!


We Have A Winner!

ast month’s Mystery Cowboy of the Month was a man by the name of Ronnie Hyde. Ronnie is shown riding Smooth Shadow Dancer (aka “Dreamy”) setting an arena record at the 1997 National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, NV. The tie-down roping was exceptionally exciting that year. In round 9 the NFR arena record was broken three times! Some people would say it was one of the most exciting round sin NFR history. Thanks to Anne Hyde for submitting this awesome picture!

NFR Photographer)

(Photo credit to 1997 PRCA/

Anne and Ronnie are still very involved in rodeo. Anne is an active barrel racer and Ronnie is still roping. Check out their website at Congratulations to our winner, Amy Youngblood of Southern Indiana Equine. She knew the identity of our mystery cowboy and for solving our mystery she chose a FREE subscription for her prize. Tamara Whitten, Jennifer Hitch, Cobie Ward, and Arlyne Layton also knew the identity of our cowboy. If you have some old photos that you’d like to have included in our Mystery of the Month, please email them to us at with any information you can provide. We’d love to include them!

We Need Your Pictures From the Past..... We have ran out of photos!.....Please send us your older photos of horsemen and women (and kids) that are still active in the horse business today. Or if you have pictures of a well known horse or event....that will mix things up a bit. We’re up for some new mysterys if you are!! Keep sending us those photos!! Send via email to or mail to 12601 S CR 200 W Muncie, IN 47302 Page 67

The “Fast” Horse Resource 12601 S CR 200 W Muncie, IN 47302



Page 68

The Fast Horse Resource December 2012  

December 2012 Issue of The Fast Horse Resource - Breeders' Cup coverage, IBRA Nationals Story & Results, QHRAI Speed Sale

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