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Stallion Service Auction Futurity

Tiny’s First Pepsi - 2012 SSA Futurity

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at Indiana Downs


L a r g es t P u rse E VE R in Ind i ana Q uar te r H o r s e Rac ing H i st o r y ! Official Publication or Voice of these organizations: Indiana

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FRENCHMANS GUY x DISARRAY si 89, Dash Ta Fame si 113 FULL BROTHER to Guys Famous Girl - the 2011 Nation’s Leading Futurity Horse. Champion at Lance Graves Pro Classic Slot Race & Champion Southeastern Arena Slot Race. LTE $125,000+




FRENCHMANS GUY x HOT BRANDI N WINE si 90, Hot Colours si 102 This mare comes from a family of Proven Barrel Champions and she is a Full Sister to Guys Champagne Girl. A beautfiul mare with the moves to be a high end competitor.

GUYS AMBERETTO 2011 Mare FRENCHMANS GUY x BLONDY PERKS, Dash For Perks si 93 A very kind mare with a “want to please” attitude - super smart and a great mover. This filly has an outstanding performance pedigree!


FRENCHMANS GUY x ADDICTED TO CASH si 81, Dash For Cash si 114 Dam is FULL SISTER to great Barrel Sire DASH FOR PERKS and has race offspring with $96,000+


FRENCHMANS GUY x AMBER HOLLAND si 88, Holland Ease si 109 FRENCHMANS GUY x HANDFULLA DASH, Power Train si 101 Very athletic – definitely a top futurity prospect!

FRENCHMANS GUY x CE BLACK OPAL, Dash For Perks si 93 Dam is an own daughter of the great Dash For Perks. Her first colt to go to the arena was a futurity finalist.

3/4 Sister to Multiple Barrel Champions & Rodeo Money Earners.


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FRENCHMANS GUY x MELT AWAY, Special Leader si 103 Very balanced Stallion Prospect with a proven barrel racing pedigree both top and bottom. His dam is a Paternal 1/2 Sister to Confederate Leader.

GUYS ON A MISSION 2012 Stallion

FRENCHMANS GUY x MELT AWAY, Special Leader si 103 Great disposition - beautiful head and neck and with a pedigree and conformation to make a great Stallion Prospect.





FRENCHMANS GUY x DN SHAKE EM UP, Royal Shake Em si 104 A big, strong gelding with the ability to go any direction in the performance arena.

Dam has Race Earnings of $177,802 & was a 2-Time New Track Record Setter at 330 Yards & 350 Yards. Her offspring have race earnings of $242,430.


FULL BROTHER to December 2009 Oklahoma City BFA Futurity Champion; 2009 Champion BFA Amateur Futurity; 2009 Amateur Champion BFA Future Fortunes.


2011 Gelding

2011 Mare

FRENCHMANS GUY x BUGS SPECIAL CASH si 94, A Special Leader si 103


Mature and he has great movement - has the potential to be a top futurity prospect.

Maternal Sister to Heza Hot General - Futurity Champion & WPRA Money Earner and Colours Of Shadows - Maturity Champion, 1D Champion, WPRA Money Earner

© 605-393-0900

Full brother to Bring It On Guys - 2013 3rd place at Ft. Smith Futurity and Arena Record Setter. Futurity Earnings to Date - $20,000+

FRENCHMANS GUY x AINT IT FUN si 107, Bully Bullion si 104



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hings seem to be getting back on track here at the farm after a crazy month in July. I wish I could say the same about our weather. We have only had one “hot,” summer-like week so far this year. (Of course, that was the week we baled hay.) Other than that, it has almost felt like autumn around here. The cooler temperatures definitely keep the horses feeling fresh and frisky! Even the older retired gelding was kicking the walls of his stall to get out to his pasture this morning. This issue has some great information to reference now and in the future. It’s almost time to start thinking about weaning those babies and Dr. Steve Fisch gives us some advice on how to handle the transition this month in “Ask the Vet.” We’ve also got the third leg of our Triple Crown coverage included in this issue for you. There are some beautiful pictures of Belmont Park and the competitors from the 145th running of the Belmont Stakes that you will surely appreciate. Thanks to Steve Heuertz for doing such a wonderful job! We hope you are all enjoying your summer with your equine and human friends (even if it feels like autumn) and we especially hope that you........

..........remember to count your blessings on horseback! God Bless and Ride Safe, Christa Conway

A Little “Barrel Talk” We have included a small section of “A Little Barrel Talk” for you this month. Remember to visit to read more Barrel Talk.

What do you do for herd bound horses?

annemarea Posted 2013-06-20 5:15 PM (#6763490) Location: Iowa, LA Please give me some advice. I have a 17 year old mare who is severely herd bound to a 5 year old mare (who could really care less). I have them in pastures that are separated by about 20-25’. They can see eachother. There is no set up on my property where I could keep them out of sight year round. I went on vacation for a week and my dear mom decided to rearrange my pasture pairings. She put the gelding by himself and put the two mares together. I had them separated by dietary needs and to keep the herd bound issues minimized. Now the 17 year old mare has been pacing her fence at a trot/lope for four days. She whinnies day and night. She has diarrhea and is covered in sweat a lot of the day. She’s way too worked up now for my daughter to ride. This is her usual activity when I ride the 5 year old mare out of her sight. I have both mares on Mare Magic right now. I don’t see a difference. They are fed oat/wheat/grass and Renew Gold. The 17 year old is a retired working cow horse and the 5 year old is being patterned/seasoned. The gelding is 2. What would you do? melaself Get her a mini to keep her company MO gal First, I have a mini-donkey as a companion for any horse left behind. Then, I have a gelding that is herd bound--pokes along going away from his friends and all but runs away coming back.

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I set aside a couple of hours to work him close to his buddies. Nothing fancy, just keep his feet moving when he is close to them. It takes some time at first and lots of patience, but he has been much better after a few sessions of that. He found out that when I rode him, it was more work to be close to his buddies than to be away from them. Other than that, don’t have much help. Good luck.

kwanatha I don’t mind so much if one of mine has a buddy as long as it does not interfere with tying or riding. I like to play a game called HAVE IT YOUR WAY - Take two people, one to hold the buddy in the middle of the pen. deep sand is great for this (wears them out quicker) The horse can have his way and have his friend anytime he wants as long as he is loping cirlces around the buddy! When he starts to huff and puff I stop him and tell the buddy handler to walk away slowly. If my horse shows any desire to have his buddy he GETS HIS WAY. Oh, but did I forget to mention he has to lope around him. Try again rinse and repeat LOL all I need to see is his head raising and I take that as “oh you wnat your buddy.” At first, horse may pitch fits but they figure it out pretty quick and drop their head and let them go This helps iron out other problems as well becasue after this they have a new attitude so other problems just go away. HorseMommyFiveO My hub will run away f I ask for another

horse - no matter the size. LOL! Maybe a goat. Under the guise of eating it eventually? Hmmmm

ACEINTHEHOLE RE: kwanatha I agree with this... make it very tiresome for her to be by the buddy... have someone hold the buddy horse and lope circles, lung circles or anything that is “work” every time they are together...and wear her butt out! Only let her relax when she is alone! BamaCanChaser Is the mare pastured by herself? Horses are herd animals by nature. I agree with finding her a pasture mate. I wouldn’t tolerate misbehavior while riding, but I have seen some very predictable horses have a complete personality change when they’ve been moved off by themselves. pookey I tried everything for my old gelding that I used to have and nothing worked until I got a donkey. She was free and I just fed the horse what I normally feed them and the donkey eats with them. So really she doesn’t cost any more. She’s now kept 3 more horses company. LRQHS RE: HorseMommyFiveO I have seen horses kill goats. I would be really cautious about doing this. Some horses are cool with it, but other’s want to kill them. One of my colt’s picked a large goat up by the back of his neck and threw him out of his pen, which is almost 6 feet high......that goat never went back in the pen......

graciemay Goat Goat has learned the hard way several of ours are not goat savvy, the others don’t pay any attention to him. Also, it’s really heard to keep a goat in a normal fence if he decides he wants to leave. Ridenrun4745 I got 2 pygmy goats for my colt when weaning him, I don’t think it helped at all and they were a PAIN. Ended up giving them away. But, my husband’s aunt said that the problem was that they were Pygmys, we should have gotten a larger breed. My colt just came back from the trainer. He keeps all of the training horses by themselves first, and though some of them talk (mine did) and carry on, he keeps on. He works them daily and ties them out for a bit each day, and after about a week they chill. He says that after a little bit they bond to him - he said it different, but it made sense at the time. That being said, my mare was anxious when we brought her home. Started her on Forco and it has made a WORLD of difference in her attitude, for what it’s worth! She’s way more laid back now, rarely paws, and is fine if I take the colt out. LRQHS LOL....My goat was the size of a small shetland lol...I don’t know how that horse picked him up an threw him, but I sure saw a goat, out of the corner of my eye, fly over the fence and I definitely saw him when he landed. He laid on the ground for a few seconds...guess he got the wind knocked out of him.....then got up and ran like the hounds of hell were after him lol....


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Calendar of Events

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2 - Oregon, IL - IPRA Rodeo “BIG HAT RODEO SERIES” 7pm Total $2,100 Ogle Co. Fairgrounds Limekiln Rd. - www. for more info

7pm Total $2,100 Bay Co. Fairgrounds 800 Livingston Flying Star Rodeo Productions for more info

2 - Negley, OH - Simmons Equestrain Center - Dreaming of Three Event - Extreme Retired Racehorse Makeover - For more info:

6- Sandusky OH [B] IPRA/ MSRA - 6th Annual Erie County World Championship Rodeo 7:30pm Total $4,000 - Erie Co. Fairgrounds 3110 Columbus Ave. Broken Horn Rodeo www. for more info

2-4 (April 2013 issue) Marion, IN @ Grant County 4H Fairgrounds – Contesting Show - Added Money! $500 Open Barrels – IBRA Approved (NBHA Approved on 3rd & 4th) – FMI 765-517-1608, 765-661-6068, 765-243-1450 or 765-661-3593

AUG 7- Chillicothe, OH [B] IPRA/MSRA - Ross County World Championship Rodeo 7:30pm Total $4,000 Ross Co. Fairgrounds 344 Fairground Rd. Broken Horn Rodeo www. for more info

3- Chesaning, MI [B] IPRA/ MSRA* - Saginaw County World Championship Rodeo 7pm Total $4,000 Saginaw Co. Fairgrounds 11350 W. Peet Rd.- Broken Horn Rodeo for more info 3 Kankakee, IL [C] IPRA/ CSRA Kankakee County Fair IPRA Rodeo 7pm Total $1,800. Latting Rodeo Productions www. for more info 3 (April 2013 issue) Danville, IL @ M & W Saddle Club (Perrysville Road) – M & W 2013 Jackpot Shows – All jackpot shows are NBHA & IBRA approved (Also NPBA approved.) See showbill in April issue of Fast Horse Resource. FMI 217-3049565 or 217,431-4713 or www. 4 (April 2013 issue) Danville, IL @ M & W Saddle Club (Perrysville Road) – M & W 2013 Fun Show @ 10am – See showbill in April issue of Fast Horse Resource. FMI 217-3049565 or 217,431-4713 or www. 5 Bay City, MI MSRA/IPRA Bay County Fair

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8 Milledgeville, IL [C] IPRA/ CSRA* - Milledgeville IPRA Champ. Rodeo 7pm Total $2,400 Latting Rodeo Productions for more info 9- Coldwater, MI MSRA/IPRA Branch County Fair Championship Rodeo - 7:30pm Total $4,008 Branch Co. Fair 262 S. Sprague St. Broken Horn Rodeo for more info 9-10 Cleveland, TN SRA/IPRA 32nd Annual Taylors Ruritan Club Rodeo - PERFS: Two: Aug 9-10 8pm Total $1,600 221 Old Kisner Rd. FMI: 865/388-9494 STK CONT: Outlaw Rodeo Co. 10 Somerville, TN DSRA/IPRA Somerville Rodeo 8pm Total $700 LOCATION: Community Livestock Arena Enterprise Dr. STK CONT: J-B Rodeo Company for more info 10 Millington, MI MSRA/IPRA Millington Rodeo PERFS: Two: Aug 10 1pm Aug 10 6pm Total $4,000STK CONT: Twisted P Rodeo Company www.iprarodeo. com for more info

10 - Shelbyville, IN @ Indiana Downs - Quarter Horse Day visit or www. for more info 10 - Fairbanks Equestrian Trails 2013 work days for cleaning/ clearing the horse trails. Weather permitting. Contact Yvette Rollins at hoosierhorsemen@ or call 812-797-4540 15-16-17 -NEW WINDSOR, IL [A] IPRA/CSRA New Windsor Fair & Rodeo PERFS: Three: Aug 15-16-17 7:30pm Total $7,675 LOCATION: New Windsor Fairgrounds Rodeo Park off of Hwy 17. FMI: www.nwrodeo. org STK CONT: Hampton Rodeo Company, LLC 16-17 IRONTON, MO [B] IPRA/ CSRA 22nd Annual Arcadia Valley Lions Club Rodeo PERFS: Two: Aug 16-17 8pm Total adm $6,400 Rafter M Rodeo Company www.iprarodeo. com for more info 16-17 NEOSHO, MO ACRA/ IPRA 1st Annual Rough Riders Scholarship Rodeo PERFS: Two: Aug 16-17 8pm Total $4,000 STK CONT: G Money Rodeo Co. for more info 16-17 BLUE RIDGE, GA [B] IPRA/SPRA Blue Ridge Kiwanis 18th Annual PERFS: Two: Aug 16-17 8pmTotal $4,600LOCATION: Blue Ridge Fairgrounds 124 Jones St. STK CONT: Hedrick Rodeo Co. for more info

16-17 SEYMOUR, IN [B] IPRA/MSRA 6th Annual Jackson County Rodeo – The Pinkest Show on Dirt PERFS: Two: Aug 16-17 7:30pm Total $3,500 LOCATION: 2746 E. CR 800 N. Seymour, IN 47274 STK CONT: Three Bar J Rodeo Co. www. for more info 16 - (April 2013 issue) Ft Wayne, IN @ Allen County Fairgrounds on Carroll Rd. Open Speed Show – Warm Up Barrels Start at 6pm 90% PAYBACK! - FMI 260349-3283 17 - Harmonie State Park 2013 work days for cleaning/ clearing horse trails. Weather permitting. Contact Diane Fruth at or call 812-499-5745 17 – (April 2013 issue) Ft Wayne, IN @ Allen County Fairgrounds on Carroll Rd. $1,800 Added Open Speed Show – Warm Up Barrels Start at 6pm - FMI 260349-3283 (Stay for Saturday Show) 17 MARION, IN [C] IPRA/ CSRA* Grant Co. 4-H Wranglers Rodeo 7:30pm Total $2,400 LOCATION: Grant Co. 4-H Wranglers Fairgrounds. STK CONT: Latting Rodeo Productions for more info 24 (April 2013 Issue) Anderson, IN Madison County Equestrian Club Contesting ONLY Show - start time 12:00 Noon - see showbill or visit www.

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NPBA News National Pole Bending Association News Contact: NPBA c/o Elaine Barrett 6998 S. Co. Rd. 300 E. Winslow, IN 47598 (812) 789-5424 email: Region 1


Maine, New York & New Jersey Contact: Carolyn Richens (270) 487-5833 Region 2 Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia & Maryland Contact: Kristine Nagy (330) 472 7410 Region 3 Indiana & Michigan Contact: Tammy & Stan Roberts (812) 354-4057 or Region 4 Illinois Contact: Rick Park (618) 889-5506 email: N/A Region 5 Kentucky Contact: Theresa Peoples Region 6 Tennessee & Missouri Contact: Josh Morton (731) 431-7496 Region 7 Arkansas Contact: Doug Smith (870) 346-5906 Region 8 Mississippi Contact: Wendy Thornburg Region 9 Georgia & Alabama Contact: Billy Hodges (229) 449-8788 Region 10 Florida Contact: Billy Hodges (229) 449-8788 Region 11 North Dakota & South Dakota Contact: Dawn Mutchelknaus (605) 461 1611 Region 12 Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado & Wyoming Contact: Donna Rankin (402) 419-0910 Region 13 Washington, Oregon, Montana & Idaho Contact: Jerry Barrett (812) 789-5424 Region 14 California, Nevada, Arizona & Utah Contact: Kate Ristow (805) 238-9948 Region 15 Texas, Oklahoma & New Mexico Contact: Jerry Barrett (812) 789-5424 Region 16 Massachsetts & Delaware Contact: Doug Leasor (413) 668-8961 Region 17 Louisiana Contact: Melissa Gros (318) 268-4647 District C1 Canada Contact: Joanne Fisher (416) 573-1876

24 (April 2013 issue) Kouts, IN @ Navajo Saddle Club – 2013 Open Horse Shows - $600 added money – 70% Payback – 9am start time, contesting will not start before 3pm. FMI 219-988-4984, 219-789-0255, 219-365-8717 or 219-980-8455 23-24-Chrisney, IN @ Spencer County 4H Fairgrounds. Sponsored by Fischer Feeds. Contesting Show. Added Money, NPBA, NBHA, IBRA. FMI 812608-1620, 812-630-3837, 812529-8642 24-25 – (April 2013 issue) Tipton, IN @ Tipton County 4h Fairgrounds – Sponsored by the Equine Council of Tipton County – Added Money!! NBHA IN02 & GBRA Approved – FMI 765-8635409 or 317-374-9119 24-25 (April 2013 issue) Warsaw, IN – Kosciusko County 4H Fairgrounds - $2,000 Added Open Contesting Shows – FMI 574551-4817 or 574-551-6113


7 (April 2013 issue) Kouts, IN @ Navajo Saddle Club – 2013 Open Horse Shows - $600 added money – 70% Payback – 9am start time, contesting will not start before 3pm. FMI 219-988-4984, 219789-0255, 219-365-8717 or 219980-8455 7-8 (April 2013 issue) Danville, IL @ M & W Saddle Club (Perrysville Road) – M & W 2013 Jackpot Shows – All jackpot shows are NBHA & IBRA approved (Also NPBA approved.) See showbill in April issue of Fast Horse Resource. FMI 217-3049565 or 217,431-4713 or www.


________________________________________ ** ANNOUNCEMENT ** The NPBA Board of Directors has named, Dirk Carnahan-Executive Director of the NPBA Championship Show.

To find out more about how to have your show NPBA approved, contact your Regional Director listed below or visit the NPBA website: Adult membership: $40/year Youth Membership: $25/year

(18 and younger as of Jan. 1) *****NPBA Membership Dues run from Jan 1 - Dec 31 of current year. Visit the website for a printable Membership Application

21 - Shelbyville, IN @ Indiana Downs - Quarter Horse Day visit or www. for more info 21-22 (April 2013 issue) Tipton, IN @ Tipton County 4h Fairgrounds – Sponsored by the Equine Council of Tipton County – Added Money!! NBHA IN02 & GBRA Approved – FMI 765-8635409 or 317-374-9119 21-22 (April 2013 issue) Angola, IN at Steuben County Fairgrounds - Steuben County 4H Bit & Bridle Spring & Fall Shows - $1725 added money plus 70% payback - start time 9:00am

14 (April 2013 Issue) Anderson, IN Madison County Equestrian Club Contesting ONLY Show - start time 12:00 Noon - see showbill or visit www.

27-29 (April 2013 issue) Marion, IN @ Grant County 4H Fairgrounds – Contesting Show - Added Money! $500 Open Barrels – IBRA Approved – FMI 765-517-1608, 765-661-6068, 765-243-1450 or 765-661-3593

20-23-Hoosier Outdoor Experience. Ft Harrison, Indianaplois, IN http://

28 - (April 2013 issue) Ft Wayne, IN @ Allen County Fairgrounds on Carroll Rd. Open Speed Show

– Warm Up Barrels Start at 5pm 90% PAYBACK! - FMI 260349-3283 28 (April 2013 Issue) Anderson, IN Madison County Equestrian Club Contesting ONLY Show - start time 12:00 Noon - see showbill or visit www.


11-13 - Edinburg, IN - Octoberfest - Visit www.indianahorsecouncil. com for more info 12 - Shelbyville, IN @ Indiana Downs - Quarter Horse Day visit or www. for more info 19 - Harmonie State Park 2013 work days for cleaning/ clearing horse trails. Weather permitting. Contact Diane Fruth at or call 812-499-5745

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Barrel Horse World.....Calendar of Events One of our new Features Brought to you by....

Keeping Barrel Horse World on the Truck Seat! For Contact information, start times, classes, directions, etc on all of the following events listed in Barrel Horse World Calendar please visit


8/10 IBRA approved show Opelika, AL 8/10 North Alabama Youth Rodeo North, AL 8/11 2-S Arena Buckle Series Athens, AL 8/17 Tri-States Barrel Racing Awards Series , AL 8/17 $750 ADDED 4D Barrel Race Newville, AL 8/17 IBRA approved Autaugaville, AL 8/24 SLHA Summer Slam Seale, AL 8/24 GCBR 2013 Series Foley, AL


8/3 NWABRA race at Isuba Valley Siloam Springs, AR 8/4 ** 7 Day Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Goat Tying Camp ** Judsonia, AR 8/5 NBHA AR 07 BARREL RACE SILOAM SPRINGS, AR 8/10 IBRA approved show West Memphis, AR 8/10 Runnin on the Levee 2013 IBRA Series West Memphis, AR 8/11 James Murdock Benefit Barrel Race for Cancer Treatment and Expenses Searcy, AR 8/17 Rockin U Get Ready for State Show (Pleasure and Speed events) Arkadelphia, AR 8/24 SECRETARY BENEFIT JACKPOT Benton, AR 8/25 BackAchers Ranch - Summer Series Conway, AR 8/26 NBHA AR 07 BARREL RACE SILOAM SPRINGS, AR


8/10 The Branded Cowgirl Blingin’ Barrel Bash Yuma, AZ


8/1 PCBRA Thursday Night Races Acton, CA 8/4 NBHA CA State Fundraiser $1000 Added Acton, CA 8/8 PCBRA Thursday Night Races Acton, CA 8/15 PCBRA Thursday Night Races Acton, CA 8/17 NBHA CA17 - Breeze E Ranch Acton, CA 8/18 NBHA 10 4D Barrel Race Simi Valley, CA 8/22 PCBRA Thursday Night Races Acton, CA 8/29 PCBRA Thursday Night Races Acton, CA


8/4 Southern Colorado Little Britches Rodeo 4D Barrel Race Alamosa, CO 8/6 NO BRAKES TOUR QUALIFIERS Eaton, CO 8/7 Chambers Arena Wed night barrel series Fort Lupton, CO 8/8 Silver Buckle Jackpot Barrel & Pole Series Greeley, CO 8/10 Southern Colorado Little Britches Rodeo 4D Barrel Race Alamosa, CO 8/11 True West Productions 4D Barrel Race & Gymkahana Golden, CO 8/20 NO BRAKES TOUR QUALIFIERS

Page 8

Eaton, CO 8/25 Copper Cowboys Gymkhana Club Golden, CO 8/31 16th Annual Cowgirl Tuff Co. Rocky Mountain Super Race Colorado Springs, CO


8/2-8/4 Tour of Champions Stop 3 Ocala, FL 8/10 SCRC Club Ride live oak, FL 8/10 TCHA Speed Show Perry, FL 8/23-8/24 SCRC Jackpot Live Oak, FL 8/31 SCRC Club Ride live oak, FL


8/2 IBRA approved show Jakin, GA 8/3-8/4 Craig Brooks Clinic Tiger, GA 8/6 Heard County Arena Practice Nights Franklin, GA 8/9 Flat Get It Farm Buckle Series Villa Rica, GA 8/10 Meagan McCain Memorial Resaca, GA 8/10 NOOGA Barrel Racing Club Ringgold, GA 8/16/ IBRA approved show Jakin, GA 8/17 LP Arena Jackpot Series Calhoun, GA 8/18 Cox Arena Buckle/Added Money Finals Barrel & Pole Series IBRA SANCTIONED Silver Creek, GA 8/18 IBRA approved show Silver Creek, GA 8/20 Heard County Arena Practice Nights Franklin, GA 8/23 Friday Night Lights! Jackson, GA 8/23 Western Saddle Club Buckle/Added Money Series $250 Added to 4D Jackpot at each show Rome, GA 8/24 Dash for Cash/Federation State Show Warm Up Stephens, GA 8/30-8/31 IBRA approved show Unadilla, GA


8/9-8/10 Friday Night Fling Productions Bonus Race Qualifier Race Fort Dodge, IA 8/16 Rockin M Races Bonus Race Finals SERIESArgyle, IA


8/9-8/11 Iron Horse Classic Victor/ Driggs, ID


8/3 IBRA approved show Greenville, IL 8/10 IBRA approved show Marion, IL 8/10 NBHA/IBRA OPEN BARREL RACE Waterloo, IL 8/17 $2,000.00 Added All Speed Horse Show; at 1:00p.m. Alton, IL 8/17 IBRA approved show St. Anne, IL 8/17 IBRA approved show Oakdale, IL 8/18 IBRA approved show Vandalia, IL 8/24-8/25 IL IBRA SUPER SHOW /FLAG RACE 2 DAYS MT VERNON, IL 8/30 IBRA approved show Pana, IL 8/31 NBHA/IBRA/BBR OPEN BARREL RACE Waterloo, IL


8/2-8/4 IBRA approved show Marion, IN 8/3 IBRA approved show Scottsburg, IN 8/10 IBRA approved show North Terre

Haute, IN 8/10-8/11 IBRA approved show Alexandria, IN 8/16-8/18 IBRA approved show Cloverdale, IN 8/23-8/25 IBRA approved show Bluffton, IN 8/23-8/24 IBRA approved show Mishawaka, IN 8/23-8/25 IBRA approved show Winchester, IN 8/24-8/25 IBRA approved show Chrisney, IN 8/24 IBRA approved show Salem, IN 8/24 IBRA approved show Bloomington, IN 8/24-8/25 IBRA approved show Rensselaer, IN 8/30-9/1 IBRA approved show Cloverdale, IN 8/30-9/1 IBRA approved show Hartford City, IN


8/1 RFB 4-D OPEN BARREL RACE $100.00 Added Tonganoxie, KS 8/4 Frontier Western Celebration Barrel Races El Dorado, KS, KS 8/6 MSC Run For the Bonus Buckle Series McPherson, KS 8/7 Butler County Saddle Club - Barrels & Exhibition Spring, KS 8/8 RFB OPEN BARREL RACE $400.00 Added, $100 Added to 3-D Youth Mound City, KS 8/8 Barrel Award Series Open 4D/Youth 3D Topeka, KS 8/9 OPEN 3-D/4-D JACKPOT - KBRA Topeka, KS 8/13 4D Barrel Racing Series - Canton, KS 8/14 Butler County Saddle Club - Barrels & Exhibition Spring, KS 8/15 Barrel Award Series Open 4D/Youth 3D Topeka, KS 8/18 MSC 2013 Open Speed Show Series McPherson, KS 8/20 MSC Run For the Bonus Buckle Series McPherson, KS 8/21 Butler County Saddle Club - Barrels & Exhibition Spring, KS 8/24 KS05 NBHA Jackpots Bennington, KS 8/28 Butler County Saddle Club - Barrels & Exhibition Spring, KS


8/2-8/3 IBRA approved show Shepherdsville, KY 8/3 IBRA approved show Greenup, KY 8/4 Southern KY Team Penning Bowling Green, KY 8/10 IBRA approved show Leitchfield, KY 8/11 IBRA approved show Smiths Grove, KY 8/16 IBRA approved show Shepherdsville, KY 8/17 IBRA approved show Cynthiana, KY 8/17 IBRA approved show Leitchfield, KY 8/23-8/25 IBRA approved show Liberty, KY 8/31 IBRA approved show Leitchfield, KY


8/2 DRR $1,000 Added 4-D Open Farmerville, LA 8/2 Red River Riders Vivian, LA 8/3 River Cities Barrel Racers Lazy T

Arena, LA 8/3 DRR Saddle Series Barrels-PolesQuads-Fun Event LA 8/3 Minden Riding Club Ranch Sorting Minden, LA 8/9 CC’s Jackpots Crowley, LA 8/10 Baton Rouge Barrel Racing Assoc, LA 8/10 La. Playday Riding Club Leesville, LA 8/10 Great Southern Youth Rodeo Bogalusa, LA 8/16-8/17 Turn 3 For A Cure Fundraiser Bastrop, LA 8/16 Red River Riders Vivian, LA 8/17 River Cities Barrel Racers TBA, LA 8/23 CC’s Jackpots Crowley, LA 8/24 4d Barrel Race Natchitoches, LA 8/24 Great Southern Youth Rodeo Bogalusa, LA 8/25 Baton Rouge Barrel Racing Assoc, LA 8/31 16th Annual Run for the Diamonds 5-D $9,500 Ruston, LA


8/4 IBRA approved show Raynham, MA


8/9-8/11 IBRA approved show Gaylord, MI


8/1 freedom 5d saddleseries raindate AURORA, MO 8/2 HORSE SHOW Mountain View, MO 8/2-8/3 $200 Added Open 4 D ($600 added wkend) $100 youth 3D Cleveland, MO/ Bucyrus, KS, MO 8/3 GYMKHANA SPEED EVENTS JACKPOT YEAR - Mansfield Saddle Club mansfield, MO 8/3 OGYRC Fun Show & Timed Event Buckle Series Oak Grove, MO 8/3 MBRA Jackpot Pleasant Hill, MO 8/5 $200 Added Open 4 D ($600 added wkend) $100 youth 3D Cleveland, MO/ Bucyrus, KS, MO 8/6 Finley River Saddle Club Barrel Race Ozark, MO 8/6 KMOBRA Barrel Race Series Carthage, MO 8/8 5D BARREL SADDLE SERIES AURORA, MO 8/9-8/11 Team Josey Clinic Carthage, MO 8/9 Jackpot Barrels and Poles Mountain Grove, MO 8/10 $$$100 ADDED MO 07 SANCTIONED RACE BBR PENDING AT ERRSC ELDON, MO 8/10 $250 added Open 4-D 2-D Poles Cleveland, MO/ Bucyrus, KS, MO 8/10 MO-01 Point Show - BBR Approved Pleasant Hill, MO 8/10 $$$100 ADDED MO 07 SANCTIONED RACE BBR PENDING AT ERRSC ELDON, MO 8/10 NBHA Mo 02 CANCELLED Hartville, MO 8/10 Ava Saddle Club Fun Show Saddle Series Ava, MO 8/11 $250 added Open 4-D 2-D Poles Cleveland, MO/ Bucyrus, KS, MO

8/13 Finley River Saddle Club Barrel Race Ozark, MO 8/16 MO All District Summer Sizzle Show Columbia, MO 8/16 HORSE SHOW Mountain View, MO 8/17 Finley River Saddle Club Ozark, MO 8/17 OHBA Barrel Race $100 Added to Open Class Mountain Grove, MO 8/17 MBRA Jackpot Adrian, MO 8/17 MO All District Summer Sizzle Show Columbia, MO 8/18 Dekalb County Riders Open 4-D Barrel Race Maysville, MO 8/18 MO All District Summer Sizzle Show Columbia, MO 8/22 5D BARREL SADDLE SERIES AURORA, MO 8/23 Jackpot Barrels and Poles Mountain Grove, MO 8/24 Valley Mount Ranch Buckle Series * Barrel Racing & Team Roping Valley Park, MO 8/24 MO-01 Point Show - BRF & BBR Approved $250 ADDED Pleasant Hill, MO 8/25 CIRCLE P ARENA-RUN FOR THE BONUS QUALIFIER-$300 ADDED SEDALIA, MO 8/29 freedom 5d saddleseries raindate AURORA, MO 8/29 MJRC Scholarship Barrel Buckle Series Neosho, MO 8/31 nbha 07 having a $$$500 ADDED BONUS QUALIFIER AND BBR APPROVED RACE AT MCNAILS ARENA LEBANON LEBANON, MO


8/3 Beat 4 Riding Club Saturday Series Lena, MS 8/9 $300 Added 4-Oaks Barrel Racing BOB BERG BUCKLE Series Poplarville, MS


8/4 IBRA approved show Casar, NC 8/11 IBRA approved show Yadkinville, NC 8/18 IBRA approved show Casar, NC 8/25 IBRA approved show Yadkinville, NC 8/31 IBRA approved show Morganton, NC


8/11 NBHA ND 01 , ND 8/18 NBHA ND 01 , ND


8/7 Going Faster Productions 4D Series Gothenburg, NE 8/10 Waverly CO-OP Frink Arena Series Lincoln, NE 8/16-8/18 Cornhusker Futurity Broken Bow,, NE 8/21 Going Faster Productions 4D SeriesGothenburg, NE


8/11 IBRA approved show South Logan, NJ 8/24-8/25 Ed Wright Clinic Freehold, NJ 8/25 IBRA approved show South Logan, NJ


8/2 Extreme Retired Racehorse Makeover Barrel Race Negley, OH

8/3-8/4 IBRA approved show Negley, OH 8/3 IBRA approved show Cardington, OH 8/3 IBRA approved show Wilmington, OH 8/3 IBRA approved show Wapakoneta, OH 8/4 IBRA approved show Arcanum, OH 8/9-8/11 WB Ranch Barrel Show $2700.00 Swanton, OH 8/10 IBRA approved show Pleasant City, OH 8/10 IBRA approved show Eaton, OH 8/10 IBRA approved show Upper Sandusky, OH 8/10 IBRA approved show Rushsylvania, OH 8/16 IBRA approved show Bucyrus, OH 8/17 $800 added NBHA OH 07 Wauseon, OH 8/17 IBRA approved show East Liverpool, OH 8/17 IBRA approved show Bucyrus, OH 8/24 IBRA approved show Doylestown, OH 8/24 IBRA approved show Upper Sandusky, OH 8/31 IBRA approved show Rushsylvania, OH 8/31 IBRA approved show East Liverpool, OH


8/1 WildNotions ThursdayNights Summer HiPoint Saddle Series Collinsville, OK 8/1 Magnetic Sheet Series Muskogee, OK 8/1 Bonus Barrel Qualifier/Saddle Series Cowboy Gatherin/Shoop’s Training Arena Inola, Ok 8/1 Gold Rush $400 Added Beggs, OK 8/1 5D Open Jackpot Barrel Race/BBR APPROVED at the Gene Autry Roping Club Arena Gene Autry, OK 8/1 PURCELL - FLYING J ARENA EXHIBITIONS PURCELL, OK 8/1 ****Thursday Night 4D Jackpot**** Coleman, OK 8/2 Turn & Burn for Bit by Bit Oologah, OK 8/2 CRUC Friday Night Jackpot $100 Added Choctaw, OK 8/2 Say Ranch Speed Events Play Day Buckle Series #1 Salina, OK 8/2 GRUC Playdays 1st & 3rd Fridays of each month Grove, OK 8/3 $1200 added Chicks & Chaps Benefit Vinita, OK 8/3 2013 Jackpot Playday Series Muskogee, OK 8/4 Sand Springs Round Up Club Play Day Sand Springs, OK 8/4 Thunder Alley Poles & Barrels $800 Added Money BBR Choctaw, OK 8/4 FLYING J ARENA -EXHIBITIONS Purcell, OK 8/4 Sunday Races at LightningB. Produced by Greg Stromme and Kurt Pickering dba Equine Speed Productions Beggs, OK 8/5 Showcase Equine Open Arena Broken Arrow, OK 8/5 Will Rogers Dash for Cash Barrel Series Claremore RUC Arena Claremore, OK 8/5/ Pauls Valley Round Up Club 5D Barrel Racing Pauls Valley, OK 8/6 Locust Grove Round Up Club Playday Locust Grove, OK 8/6 Checotah RUC Bob Berg Buckles Series Checotah, OK 8/6 April Yeager Saddle Series Salina, OK 8/7 Claremore Expo Summer Races *BBR & Bonus Finals Approval Pending* Claremore, OK 8/7 Tri-K Tuttle Wednesday Series Tuttle, OK 8/8 Bonus Barrel Qualifier/Saddle Series Cowboy Gatherin/Shoop’s Training Arena Inola, Ok 8/8 Gold Rush $400 Added Beggs, OK 8/8 Magnetic Sheet Series Muskogee, OK 8/8 WildNotions ThursdayNights Summer HiPoint Saddle Series Collinsville, OK 8/8 FLYING J ARENA EXHIBITIONS Purcell, OK 8/8 ****Thursday Night 4D Jackpot**** Coleman, OK 8/8 PURCELL - FLYING J ARENA EXHIBITIONS PURCELL, OK 8/8 5D Open Jackpot Barrel Race at the Gene Autry Roping Club Arena Gene Autry, OK 8/9 Turn & Burn for Bit by Bit Oologah, OK 8/9 TRCC Barrel Racing Awards Series Muskogee, OK 8/9 Fairland 4D Barrel Race *Bonus Race Approved Fairlannd, OK 8/9 ATR PLAYDAYS SERIES Atoka, OK 8/9 Say Ranch Speed Events Play Day

Buckle Series #1 Salina, OK 8/10 $100 added OK 02 NBHA / Bonus Race Qualifier Series Coweta, OK 8/10*$250 added 4D open race!!!!** Coleman, OK 8/10 PLAYDAY SERIES COLLINSVILLE, OK 8/10 Tulsa Boys Home 4th Annual Mane Event Sand Springs, OK 8/11 Sunday Races at LightningB. Produced By Greg Stromme and Kurt Pickering dba Equine Speed Productions Beggs, OK 8/12 Pauls Valley Round Up Club 5D Barrel Racing Pauls Valley, OK 8/13 April Yeager Saddle Series Salina, OK 8/13 Checotah RUC Bob Berg Buckles Series Checotah, OK 8/14 Claremore Expo Summer Races *BBR & Bonus Finals Approval Pending* Claremore, OK 8/15 PURCELL - FLYING J ARENA EXHIBITIONS PURCELL, OK 8/15 WildNotions ThursdayNights Summer HiPoint Saddle Series Collinsville, OK 8/15**Thursday Night 4D Jackpot** Coleman, OK 8/15 Gold Rush $400 Added Beggs, OK 8/15 Bonus Barrel Qualifier/Saddle Series Cowboy Gatherin/Shoop’s Training Arena Inola, Ok 8/16 CRUC Friday Night Jackpot $100 Added Choctaw, OK 8/16 Turn & Burn for Bit by Bit Oologah, OK 8/16 GRUC Playdays 1st & 3rd Fridays of each month Grove, OK 8/17 Sooner Barrel Racing Association 2013 Inola, OK 8/18 Broken Arrow RUC Playday Broken Arrow, OK 8/18 Sunday Races at LightningB. Produced By Greg Stromme and Kurt Pickering dba Equine Speed Productions Beggs, OK 8/18 BARUC Playday Buckle Series Broken Arrow, OK 8/18 Sand Springs Round Up Club Play Day Sand Springs, OK 8/19 Pauls Valley Round Up Club 5D Barrel Racing Pauls Valley, OK 8/19 Will Rogers Dash for Cash Barrel Series Claremore RUC Arena Claremore, OK 8/20 April Yeager Saddle Series Salina, OK 8/20 Locust Grove Round Up Club Playday Locust Grove, OK 8/21 Claremore Expo Summer Races *BBR & Bonus Finals Approval Pending* Claremore, OK 8/22**Thursday Night 4D Jackpot** Coleman, OK 8/22 5D Open Jackpot Barrel Race at the Gene Autry Roping Club Arena Gene Autry, OK 8/22 Bonus Barrel Qualifier/Saddle Series Cowboy Gatherin/Shoop’s Training Arena Inol, OK 8/22 WildNotions ThursdayNights Summer HiPoint Saddle Series Collinsville, OK 8/22 PURCELL - FLYING J ARENA EXHIBITIONS PURCELL, OK 8/23 ATR PLAYDAYS SERIES Atoka, OK 8/23 CRUC Friday Night Jackpot $100 Added Choctaw, OK 8/23 Fairland 4D Barrel Race * Bonus Race Approved Fairlannd, OK 8/23 Turn & Burn for Bit by Bit Oologah, OK 8/24 Round-Up Cowboy Church Playdays Antlers, OK 8/24 A-OK BARREL RACING, Keota, OK 8/26 Will Rogers Dash for Cash Barrel Series Claremore RUC Arena Claremore, OK 8/26 Pauls Valley Round Up Club 5D Barrel Racing Pauls Valley, OK 8/27 D&D PRODUCTIONS TACK SERIES SKIATOOK, OK 8/29**Thursday Night 4D Jackpot** Coleman, OK 8/29 Bonus Barrel Qualifier/Saddle Series Cowboy Gatherin/Shoop’s Training Arena Inol, OK 8/29 WildNotions ThursdayNights Summer HiPoint Saddle Series Collinsville, OK 8/29 FLYING J ARENA EXHIBITIONS Purcell, OK 8/30 CRUC Friday Night Jackpot $100 Added Choctaw, OK 8/30 Turn & Burn for Bit by Bit Oologah, OK

8/30 OPEA Open 4D Barrel Race $500 Added BBR Approval Pending Claremore, OK 8/31 SBRA Broken Arrow RUC, OK 8/31 PLAYDAY SERIES COLLINSVILLE, OK


8/7 Open Barrel Practice Nights* Jackpot to follow if desired Sisters, OR 8/14 Open Barrel Practice Nights* Jackpot to follow if desired Sisters, OR 8/21 Open Barrel Practice Nights* Jackpot to follow if desired Sisters, OR 8/28 Open Barrel Practice Nights* Jackpot to follow if desired (0 hits) Sisters, OR


8/3 IBRA approved show Punxsutawney, PA 8/9-8/11 IBRA approved show Ford City, PA 8/10-8/11 Keystone Barrel Classic Hamburg, PA 8/17 IBRA approved show Spring Grove, PA 8/24 IBRA approved show Thomasville, PA 8/24 IBRA approved show Waynesburg, PA 8/24-8/25 IBRA approved show West Sunbury, PA 8/31 IBRA approved show Franklin, PA


8/11 Bonus Race/Blazin Barrels/NBHA Vermillion, SD 8/25 Bonus Race/Blazin Barrels/NBHA Vermillion, SD 8/31 Barrels Gone Wild Huron, SD


8/2 IBRA approved show McEwen, TN 8/3 NBHA TN 05 $500.00 Added Money Mason, TN 8/10 IBRA approved show Morristown, TN 8/10/ IBRA approved show McEwen, TN 8/10 IBRA barrel race RURAL MOUNT ARENA Morristown, TN 8/16-8/17 IBRA approved show Murfreesboro, TN 8/24 IBRA approved show Morristown, TN 8/24 IBRA barrel race RURAL MOUNT ARENA Morristown, TN


8/1 Zaal Ranch Thursday Nite Jackpots Collinsville, TX 8/2 Coleman County Junior Rodeo Coleman, TX 8/2 5D Summer Fling Buckle Series Gainesville, TX 8/2 Open Rodeo & Pasture Party Terrell, TX 8/2 Open 3D Summer Buckle Series Overton, TX 8/3 EXHIBITIONS - GAINESVILLE RIDING CLUB Gainesville, TX 8/3 DCCC YOUTH RODEO SERIES Ponder, TX 8/3 $11,250 ADDED! 2013 CTBRA 3rd Annual Hamilton, TX 8/3 $11,250 ADDED! 2013 CTBRA 3rd Annual Hamilton, TX 8/3 Coleman County Junior Rodeo Coleman, TX 8/3 LONGHORN BARRELS AND POLES MARSHALL, TX 8/3 Open Playdays - Gainesville Riding Club Gainesville, TX 8/7 Wednesday 4D jackpot Stephenville, TX 8/8 Zaal Ranch Thursday Nite Jackpots Collinsville, TX 8/9 Ogden 8 & Under/Open 4D Andrews, TX 8/9 5D Summer Fling Buckle Series Gainesville, TX 8/10 Buckle Series Hallsville, TX 8/10 Whitesboro Riding Club 2013 Playday Series Whitesboro, TX 8/10 SCSP PLAYDAY SERIES Center, TX 8/10 Ogden 8 & Under/Open 4D Andrews, TX 8/10 Barrel Racers For Christ Crcokett, TX 8/10 RIDE LIKE A GIRL PEE WEE, YOUTH 3D, OPEN4D Race Hallettsville, TX 8/10 NOTRA Caldwell, TX 8/10 Blue Ridge Riding Club Play Days Blue Ridge, TX 8/10 COUNTYLINE COWBOY CHURCH AND ARENA 4D BACK TO SCHOOL BARREL RACE SUNSET, TX 8/10 BIT barrel racing - Added Money $$$ Canton, TX 8/11 Ogden 8 & Under/Open 4D Andrews, TX 8/11 Exhibition Barrels and Poles-2nd Sun March- October Decatur, TX

8/13 Cross Trails Cowboy Church FREE Exhibitions Fairlie, TX 8/14 Wednesday 4D jackpot Stephenville, TX 8/14 YOUNG COUNTY BARREL RACING GRAHAM, TX 8/15 Zaal Ranch Thursday Nite Jackpots Collinsville, TX 8/16 5D Summer Fling Buckle Series Gainesville, TX 8/16 Open 3D Summer Buckle Series Overton, TX 8/17 Barrel bonanza $1000 added Abilene, TX 8/17 RSLRA barrel and pole jackpot Hwy 36 between Risingstar and Comanche, TX 8/17 Lone Star Cowboy Church Award Series Nevada, TX 8/17 HAT CREEK COWBOY FELLOWSHIP PLAYDAY SERIES WINNSBORO, TX 8/17 Sabine County Playday Series 2013 Hemphill, TX 8/18 Indian’s 4-H Fundraiser Playday Hitchcock, TX 8/18 Barrel bonanza $1000 added Abilene, TX 8/18 Saddle Up For Alzheimer’s $1,000 Added 4D Barrel Race plus Double J Saddle to 1D Open Winner Edna, TX 8/21 Wednesday 4D jackpot Stephenville, TX 8/21 RSLSRA barrel and pole jackpot Risingstar, TX 8/22 Zaal Ranch Thursday Nite Jackpots Collinsville, TX 8/23 Jackpot Buckle Series! Bullard, TX 8/23-8/25 DASH FOR CASH Ft Worth, TX 8/23 CC5D Stephenville, TX 8/23 KCFA Jackpot 4D Barrel Race Series Boerne, TX 8/24 Whitesboro Riding Club 2013 Playday Series Whitesboro, TX 8/24 NBHA TX 25 Crockett, TX 8/24 BIT barrel racing - Added Money $$$ Terrell, TX 8/27 Cross Trails Cowboy Church FREE Exhibitions Fairlie, TX 8/28 Wednesday 4D jackpot Stephenville, TX 8/28 YOUNG COUNTY BARREL RACING GRAHAM, TX 8/29 Zaal Ranch Thursday Nite Jackpots Collinsville, TX 8/31 Kilgore Saddle Club Saddle & Buckle Playday Series Overton, TX


8/17 Utah Barrel Racing Assoc, UT 8/28 Utah Barrel Racing Assoc, UT


8/3-8/4 IBRA approved show Raphine, VA 8/10 IBRA approved show Marion, VA 8/10 IBRA approved show Appomattox, VA 8/17 IBRA approved show Pennington Gap, VA 8/24 IBRA approved show Raphine, VA 8/31 IBRA approved show Pennington Gap, VA 8/31 IBRA approved show Moneta, VA 8/31 IBRA approved show New River Trail State Park, VA


8/3-8/4 IBRA approved show Lakewood, WI 8/10 IBRA approved show Oconto Falls, WI 8/10-8/11 NBHA Barrel Race @ ROC Ranch Oconto Falls, WI


8/3 IBRA approved show Berkeley Springs, WV 8/3-8/4 IBRA approved show Reedsville, WV 8/10 IBRA approved show Berkeley Springs, WV 8/17 IBRA approved show Blacksville, WV 8/31 IBRA approved show Berkeley Springs, WV 8/31 IBRA Super Show! Canvas, WV


8/10 Connie Combs Barrel Racing Clinic Thermopolis, WY 8/17-8/18 Barrel Blast & Riata Ranch Buckle Series Torrington, WY

More.....Barrel Horse World Calendar of Events

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R anch V


Offering these Yearlings

Racing & Performance Horses Our Victory is in Christ...... Lead the Field x daughter of La Jollas Gold



First Down Dash X Shake Em Six By Streakin Six

First to Shake Six x Nonstop Jet/Jets Payday mare

Chicks Dash Easy x daughter of Bet the Cash

Grade 1 Stakes Qualifier

First To Shake Six SI 98-

Money earner of $16,805 at 2, fnl. Rainbow F.– G1. From very limited number of foals, the sire of 18 starters, 11 ROM, with earnings of $192,789, including Talleys First Shake si 97 (3 wins, $97,069, 2nd Zia D.–RG2), Shakeitdontbreakit si 94 (Winner, $27,590), Shake Race si 96 (2 wins, $27,639), Shaking Sixes si 95 (Winner, $20,729), First To Oro B si 99 (Winner, $16,888), Shakeshakeshake si 101 (Winner, $5,877), Rollin First B si 92 ($5,206), etc.. First Indiana foals will be two year olds in 2014.

Vick & Christa Conway 765-748-6806 765-744-7363 Page 10

Sire of Graded Stakes Qualifiers Average Earnings per starter:


STUD FEE: $1,000 - Farm Fees & Collection additional Cooled Shipped Semen, LFG, Special Consideration Given to Approved mares, Multiple mare discounts, Eligibilities: QHRAI Stallion Service Auction, Indiana Sire, Indiana Bred Programs, IQHRA Stallion Service Auction, FQHRA ...More to come...

First to Shake Six x daughter of Streakin La Jolla

Royal Quick Charm x daughter of Runaway Winner

VC Ranch 12601 S CR 200 W Muncie, IN 47302

News Kentucky Round-Up to Feature Clinician Craig Cameron Lexington, KY, July 18, 2013 – Kentucky Round-Up is an annual event sponsored by the Kentucky Horse Council (KHC) that celebrates the magic of horses with live demonstrations, hands-on activities, and educational exhibits. Today KHC announces the addition of nationally known Craig Cameron as a featured clinician at Kentucky Round-Up 2014. The event will be held February 15-16, 2014 at the Alltech Arena in the Kentucky Horse Park. Craig Cameron adds a level of excitement to the new two-day event, by raising the bar on the quality of horsemen education and entertainment. “We are so excited to have Craig Cameron come to Kentucky to share his unique skills and approach to horsemanship,” said Anna Zinkhon, President of the Kentucky Horse Council. “We have committed to building the Kentucky Round-Up into a top-notch event and the presence of Craig Cameron moves us a large step closer to that goal.” Cameron will be offering multiple clinics both on Saturday and Sunday, including some for the whole audience as well as some for individual paid participants. In addition to Cameron’s clinics, other new features will be added to the two-day Kentucky Round-Up, which started in February 2013 as a one-day event. The Round-Up will continue to focus on youth involvement by offering a new Youth Congress. The Round-Up Youth Congress is open to youth nominated by horse associations, which are members of the Kentucky Horse Council. Each association may send two youth members. The Congress will emphasize leadership and character training, and also feature a lunch talk by Craig Cameron. Additional information about Kentucky Round-Up will be released as details are confirmed. News about Kentucky Round-Up 2014 can be found at ABOUT THE KENTUCKY HORSE COUNCIL - The Kentucky Horse Council is a non-profit organization dedicated, through education and leadership, to the protection and development of the Kentucky equine community. The Kentucky Horse Council provides educational programs and information, outreach and communication to Kentucky horse owners and enthusiasts, equine professional networking opportunities through KENA, trail riding advocacy, health and welfare programs, and personal liability insurance and other membership benefits. The specialty Kentucky Horse Council license plate, featuring a foal lying in the grass, provides the primary source of revenue for KHC programs.

PEINE, GREELY TAKE NEW REINS IN INDIANA RACING - Hoosier Park and Indiana Downs to Continue Seasons with Experienced Directors ANDERSON and SHELBYVILLE, Ind., July 23, 2013 – Indianapolisbased Centaur Gaming announced Tuesday the appointments of both Scott Peine and Kevin Greely each to the position of director of racing and racing secretary for Hoosier Park Racing & Casino and Indiana Downs respectively. Peine will report to Rick Moore, Hoosier Park Racing & Casino’s vice president and general manager of racing, while Kevin Greely will continue to report to Jon Schuster, Indiana Grand Racing & Casino’s vice president and general manager of racing.

Leaving his current role as the racing secretary for Indiana Downs, Peine will assume Hoosier Park Racing & Casino’s combined director of racing and racing secretary role immediately. Peine began his career at Indiana Downs in 2006 as the Standardbred racing secretary and served in that capacity through the 2012 season. In 2012, Peine was appointed to the Indiana Downs Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse racing secretary position. Prior to Indiana Downs, Peine served as a racing official for Hawthorne Racecourse, Balmoral Park, Maywood Park, The Little Brown Jug, Prairie Meadows, Meadowlands Racetrack, and Scioto Downs. Currently the director of racing for Indiana Downs, Greely will assume the Indiana Downs racing secretary responsibilities immediately. Prior to joining the all Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse racetrack, Greely served as racing secretary for Hoosier Park Racing & Casino from 2010 through the 2012 season. Greely also served as the racing secretary for 11 years for the Emirates Racing Association/Dubai Racing Club in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in addition to serving in various official positions with Churchill Downs, Fair Grounds, Keeneland, Turfway Park, and Ellis Park. About Hoosier Park Racing & Casino: Hoosier Park Racing & Casino was recently ranked as the Indianapolis Area’s Most Popular Attraction for the third year in a row by the Indianapolis Business Journal and holds multiple awards from industry publications for customer service, entertainment, gaming and dining. Hoosier Park Racing & Casino, a fully integrated gaming and racing facility, features 2,000 of the latest slots and electronic table games and a 7/8 mile oval horse track offering live harness racing each year. Simulcast wagering is offered year-round at Hoosier Park Racing & Casino, the Winner’s Circle Pub, Grille & OTB in Indianapolis and two off-track betting facilities located in Fort Wayne and Merrillville, Ind. For more information, please visit About Indiana Grand Racing & Casino: Indiana Grand Casino and Downs holds multiple awards from industry publications for customer service, entertainment, gaming and dining. Located in Shelbyville, Ind., the racetrack and casino features 2,000 of the latest slots and electronic table games, and boasts a 1-mile horse track offering Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse racing each year. Simulcast wagering is also offered year-round at the Indiana Grand Racing & Casino and an off-track betting property located in Clarksville, Ind. For more information, please visit

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C Bar C Expo Center Cloverdale, IN - Under New Ownership (formally Crossroads Arena)

Now Booking Events! Upcoming Events

Contact Us Today to Reserve Your Dates!


July 30th - August 3rd International Buckskin Horse Association World Championship Show and Warm-Up Show - Contact and info at 9th-11th Hoosier Appaloosa Association , Appaloosa Show Contact Carol Taufmann 765-663-2218 16th-18th: Indiana IBRA State Championship Show Contact: Linda Stapleton, State Director 317-919-1657 22nd-25th - AQHA Show - Details Coming Soon! 30th-Sept 1st - 6th Annual Labor Day Weekend Speed Classic hosted by GBRA of IN. $2800+ added. GBRA, NBHA and IBRA Sanctioned Contact Carrie Kramer 317-696-1618 fmi/Cindy Harlan 765-426-1457 to reserve stalls


20th-22nd - M.V.P. Barrel Race Contact or Andy Ankrum 740-819-3221 27th-29th - Midwest Match Race Contact Carol Clark 217-840-5447

Arena Direct: 765-795-4768 Email:

Vendor/Spectator Area Show/Event Offerings


Expo Center

Cloverdale, Indiana - Just off of I-70

Office Area

1,200 Square Feet of Air Conditioned Office Space

The American Horse Council - Congressmen Andy Barr and Paul Tonko are the new co-chairs of the Congressional Horse Caucus. Congressmen Andy Barr (R-KY) and Paul Tonko (D-NY) have been named co-chairs of the Congressional Horse Caucus in the 113th Congress. Barr and Tonko replace former co-chairs Congressmen Dennis Cardoza (D-CA) and Brett Guthrie (R-KY). “We are happy to have Congressmen Barr and Tonka as the new cochairs. They both represent districts that are important to the horse industry and we are lucky to have their leadership in the 113th Congress,” said Jay Hickey, president of the American Horse Council. The Congressional Horse Caucus is a bipartisan group of members of the House of Representatives formed to educate Congress and their staffs about the importance of the horse industry in the economic, agricultural, sporting, gaming and recreational life of the nation. “I am honored to represent the ‘Horse Capital of the World,’ and excited that I have been named co-chairman of the Congressional Horse Caucus,” said Barr.

175 Electric Hook-Ups Two (2) Dirt arenas Total Arena Area: 120’ x 540’ 500 Stalls (Packed Lime Floors) 12 Drive-In Doors Electric infrared Heating System High Efficiency Lighting Sprinkler System Wash racks w/heated water Barrel & Pole Laser setters

Now Offering “Horse Hotel” Accommodations

Congressmen Andy Barr and Paul Tonko have been named co-chairs of the Congressional Horse Caucus

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Concrete Floors Bleachers Large heated bathroms w/showers Wi-Fi Access

Steve Jackson: 765-720-3251 Cindy Harlan: 765-426-1457

“Kentucky’s signature horse industry provides Kentuckians with nearly 100,000 direct and indirect jobs, and has a $4 billion economic impact on our state annually. As co-chairman, I have already been hard at work recruiting new members to the caucus and planning meetings to educate Congress on issues impacting the horse industry. I am glad that Congressman Paul Tonko from New York will be my co-chair and appreciate his bipartisan leadership as we plan these events,” Barr said. “The equine industry represents a large number of quality jobs, economic growth and a way of life not only in my Upstate New York district, but across the nation in rural and urban areas alike. I look forward to serving as co-chair of the Congressional Horse Caucus and working with my colleagues in the House in a bipartisan manner to promote this sector of our country’s culture, tradition, and economy,” Tonko said. The AHC encourages all members of the horse community to contact their representatives and urge them to join the Congressional Horse Caucus. For more information on the American Horse Council, visit www.

Honoring the Military Horse

A National Art Competition that Artistically Celebrates the Time-Honored Relationship Between the Horse and the American Military Scottsdale, AZ, July, 2013 - In recognition of the long and illustrious relationship between the horse and the six branches of the American military – the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and Na-

News tional Guard – The Trail of Painted Ponies, in partnership with Horses4Heroes and TAPS (the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors), is proudly announcing an exciting new national art competition that is designed to creatively showcase the special relationship – past and present, on the battlefield and in ceremonial and therapeutic programs - between the horse and the American military. No other animal has played so great a role in the history of warfare as the horse. From horse-drawn chariots to armored knights to mounted warriors to light cavalry, humans have relied on the horse for battlefield successes. Nations have risen and fallen by the horse. Until they became outmoded by machine guns, tanks, airplanes and other modern weapons, horses were our war machines. While their role in military campaigns has changed, they continue to serve the troops. The U.S. Special Forces relied on horses to keep supply lines open for report outposts in the mountains of Afghanistan in Desert Storm. The Caisson Platoon of the 3rd US Infantry, dubbed “The Old Guard,” represents the Army in ceremonies at Arlington Cemetery and in presidential inaugural parades. On the grounds of the Air Force Academy, therapeutic riding programs have become important to help returning military members with physical and emotional wounds. It is time for the military horse to receive its due. Artists and creative spirits everywhere, active duty military personnel, veterans, and their families, everyone with a vision of how to imaginatively pay tribute to what has been called the world’s “oldest weapons system” - a soldier and his horse – is invited to participate. Using one or more of the five Trail of Painted Ponies horse forms as a canvas, designs can be realistic representations or artistic interpretations, and can represent the history or embody the spirit of one of the military services, or all combined. The winners in each category, to be determined by a national online vote, will receive cash prizes, merchandise, national attention and their designs could be crafted into a collectible figurine.

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The competition will officially begin on July 1, 2013 and end October 1, 2013. There are no entry fees. For 10 years, The Trail of Painted Ponies has celebrated the horse as a source of artistic inspiration, while creating the most beloved horse collectible in America today: Painted Pony collectible figurines. It has sponsored numerous art competitions, the most recent in partnership with the American Paint Horse Association and the Appaloosa Horse Club. Horses4Heroes is a non-profit organization based in Las Vegas with 250 centers in 44 states that offers health and wellness equestrian programs for active duty military personnel, veterans and their families. ( The Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) is the national organization providing compassionate care for the families of America’s fallen military heroes. ( For more information about the “Honoring the Military Horse” competition, and details for participation, call or email: Rod Barker - Tel. 480-459-5700, Ext. 1# Email: - Website:

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Progeny Earnings of $800,000+



23 2013 A rodeo built, proven stakes winning race horse.




SI 106

(Streakin Six - Moon Fling, by Fast Fling)

(Royal Quick Dash - Easanon, by Martha Six Moons)



2011 Bay Roan Mare - A Streak Of Fling x Paddys Lena Whiskey by Paddys Irish Whiskey



2011 Bay Mare - CS Flashlight x Shesa Dandy Command by Brown King Command



Flashlights Streaker

2011 Gray Mare - CS Flashlight x Streakin French Grey by A Streak Of Fling


2011 Chestnut Mare - CS Flashlight x PC Joesy Dox by Boon Dox John

Streakin Otoe Girl


2011 Bay Roan Mare - A Streak Of Fling x Frenchmans Otoe Girl by Frenchmans Guy




Valentine, Nebraska (605) 429-3204

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SI 90

(CS Flashlight si 106 x BHR Missy Special si 93 by Shake It Special)

BHR Light My Fire

South Dakota Bred Champion Running 2 year old Black Stallion, si 90, Earnings of $10,205, four starts (two firsts, one second, and one third). CS Flashlight si 106 x BHR Missy Special si 93 by Shake It Special










Firesteel, South Dakota (605) 850-9878

23 2013 email:


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Wisconsin IBRA State Finals

Showtime Arena hosted the Wisconsin IBRA Finals on July 27th and 28t, 2013. The weekend was filled with record cool weather, great barrel racing and a ton of down home arena camaraderie. The weekend kicked off with the pre show on Saturday, July 27th. There were 270 runs on Saturday with $1,100 added! In addition to the added money, all Juniors that were at the bottom of their division were given a prize. The day ended with a pizza party and fresh picked – grilled sweet corn, thank you to Randy Kurth for cooking! Sunday, July 28th was the Finals, with 157 runs, and $1,800.00 added! Over 60 Door prizes were awarded, and the year end awards were displayed all day for everyone to admire. The yearend prizes were awarded at the end of the day. Throughout the year the Wisconsin Barrel Racers worked hard to increase the added money, and contribute to the awards at the Finals, by holding several fundraisers. The first fundraiser was a member donated food stand. All members contributed to the food stand during the barrel Open 4D Finals Sunday, July 28th 2013, Rank, Final Score, Name, Stock, Earnings 1D 1, 16.477, Williams, Tonya, MS Treasure Penny, $389.00 ; 2, 16.508, Lenzner, Jamie, A Gift Of Honor, $305.00 ; 3, 16.592, Hartwig, Tina, Doc, $250.00 ; 4, 16.628, Pethke, Chelsie, Sketcher, $194.00 ; 5, 16.674, Phillip, Ann, Dual Pep Playboy, $139.00 ; 6, 16.679, Bogdonas, Michelle, Joaks Bold Bug, $111.00 2D 1, 16.986, Hunt, Brianna, Passin Bye The Moonfire, $333.00 ; 2, 17.005, Phillip, Ann, Weaver, $262.00 ; 3, 17.006, Lohman, Justine, Indian Interception, $214.00 ; 4, 17.016, Harnois, Mitzer, SC Shell Spend Money, $167.00 ; 5, 17.074, Williams, Tonya, Kiss’n Girl, $119.00 ; 6, 17.088,

Ferguson, Patti, Dunits Windchester, $95.0 3D 1, 17.495, Johanning, Heather, Jasper, $222.00 ; 2, 17.522, Ford, Pam, Sierras Dynasty, $174.00 ; 3, 17.547, Halvorsen, Penny, Sharps Easy Jet, $143.00 ; 4, 17.571, Bethke, Kelly, Vencedors Jet, $111.00 ; 5, 17.58, Ring, Sherrie, Streakin French Kiss, $79.00 ; 6, 17.592, Albrecht, Sue, Colonels Pal Olena, $63.00 4D 1, 18.487, Rink, Traci, Tinys Big Slick, $167.00 ; 2, 18.582, Hartwig, Tina, JC Effort, $131.00 ; 3, 18.604, Archbold, Jennifer, Chainy Oaks Flitstar, $107.00 ; 4, 18.625, Jansen, Mary Ann, Fast Rubys, $83.00 ; 5, 18.662, Menghini, Miranda, Snickers, $59.00 ; 6, 18.679, Bound, Penny, An Ultimate Cowboy, $48.00

race for two weekends. All proceeds went toward the added money and the year end prizes. “Cash-for-cans” was another fundraiser – members donated funds from aluminum and brass recycling proceeds. Another fund raiser was run throughout the finals weekend, “Fantasy Barrel Racing”. Drags were “sold” and spectators as well as participants could be part of the fun! Michelle Bogdonas won the 2014 membership for her volunteering at the food stand she also was the Cans For Cash winner of a beautiful Halter for her efforts. EJ Powell won the 2014 Membership for Sponsors drawing. 2 Noah’s Ark Waterpark Tickets were won by Alexis Rabassa in the youth sponsored by SC Productions and the 4 Ariat Jeans winners were Rob Blohowiak, Julie Porter, Kim Riege and Linda Reiche. Thank you to Coyotes Western Shop and Kris for the Jeans!!! 1st to enter award went to Don Erwin. Thank you to all who attended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sunday, July 28th Masters, , Rank, Final Score, Name, Stock, Earnings 1D 1, 16.285, Hartwig, Tina, Doc, $194.00 ; 2, 16.381, Phillip, Ann, Dual Pep Playboy, $146.00 ; 3, 16.705, Erkamaa, Julie, Packin Ta Fame, $97.00 ; 4, 16.791, Blohowiak, Rob, Incredibly Rare, $49.00 2D 1, 17.309, Albrecht, Sue, MP Red Hot Dinero, $117.00 ; 2, 17.449, Ford, Pam, Sierras Dynasty, $87.00 ; 3, 17.457, Lehrer, Penny, Flittin To Dash, $58.00 ; 4, 17.526, Phillip, Ann, Weaver, $29.00 3D 1, 18.326, Ford, Kim, Izzy A Bud, $78.00 ; 2, 18.373, Jansen, Mary Ann, Chick Doctor, $58.00 ; 3, 18.421, Hedden, Steve, Indy, $39.00 ; 4, 18.5, Wortner, Patti, Noche, $19.00

Sunday July 28th, 2013 Junior 3D Finals, Rank, Final Score, Name, Stock, Earnings 1D 1, 16.467, Hunt, Brianna, Passin Bye The Moonfire, $123.00 ; 2, 17.209, Lohman, Sarah, Tyree N Watch Jo, $74.00 ; 3, 17.341, Beech, Lindsey, Bewitching Two Step , $49.00 ; 4, 17.398, Beech, Lindsey, Al Be A Drifter, $0.00 ; 2D 1, 17.678, Shull, Lauren, BJ, $74.00 ; 2, 17.816, Hunt, Brianna, Jet For Zap, $44.00 ; 3, 17.877, Lohman, Sarah, Junos Smokin Jenny, $30.00 3D 1, 18.811, McGlin, Jackie, Stealin Gold, $49.00 ; 2, 19.813, Rabassa, Alexis, Scrappie, $30.00 ; 3, 21.136, Koeppler, Jonathan, Ginger, $20.00

IBRA Directors,

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502-239-4000 office 502-239-4100 fax

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IBRA P.O. Box 91205 Louisville, KY 40291

IBRA NEWS International Barrel Racing Association

2013 2014


Membership runs from season to season * IBRA season August 1s t- July 31st

Points will not start until all information on application is received in office Please Circle one:


Associate or non-contestant $30.00 Membership $50 $55


New Member

$115 Family Membership $105 (3 or more in immediate family, Youth 18 & Under)

Name ______________________________________________ Date __________________________________ Address ____________________________________________________________________________________ City ______________________________________________ State _______________ Zip_______________ Phone (______) _______________________ Other family members (include SS#'s) ____________________________________________________________ 

Youth 18 or under Birth date_____/______/______ *

Family Membership names and birth dates: ____________________________________ ____________________________________ _____________________________________ ____________________________________ What state would you like to designate for IBRA 4-D points______________________________ (If you do not designate your state it will be assumed you are joining the state of the above address for points.)

E-mail address (for updates)__________________________________________________________

Accumulating Points – Horse and Rider Combination

When entering at shows, you may use the horse’s registered name or a nickname, but the same name must be used throughout the season. If you use different names at different shows for the same horse, there is a good chance the horse’s points will be split up. If this happens, points WILL NOT be combined at a later date. It’s your responsibility to use the same name for your horse at every show. You may receive points on more than one horse.

Membership includes random drug testing fee Send Membership To: International Barrel Racing Association * P.O. Box 91205 * Louisville, KY 40291 (502) 239-4000

Office Use Only: DB____ ML____ ENV____ EM____ 502-239-4000 office 502-239-4100 fax

IBRA P.O. Box 91205 Louisville, KY 40291

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IBRA $300,000


October 7-12, 2013

Mon Tue


10-7 10-8



10:00am 12:00-8:00pm 6:00pm 7:00-9:00am 10:00am 8:00am

Thur 10-10 Fri 10-11

8:00am 8:00am




Move-in Day (Do not come early) Open Riding in Arena Directors Meeting Open Riding in Arena Sponsors/Directors Race 4-D $10,000 Guaranteed 4-D * 2013 season wildcards 1st Go Open 4-D FUN NIGHT 2nd Go Open 4-D Youth 4-D - Masters 4-D Barbeque, Corn Hole Tournament Church & Gospel Group Finals Short Go Youth, Masters, Open

Early Bird Entries Due September 2nd, 2013 * CASH ONLY DAY OF SHOW TOP DOGS, WILD CARDS & STATE QUALIFIERS: MUST PREENTER by Sept. 2nd, 2013 to be eligible for Short Go Finals. If you

are a State Qualifier or Top Dog and do not pre-enter, you will be running for go round money only and will not be eligible for short go.

Rider ______________________________________ IBRA # ________ Address ___________________________________________________ City _____________ State ____Zip ______ Phone # (______) ________

Design By: Christa @ The Horse Resource

Horse’s Name _______________________________________________ Entry Fees:** Visa and Mastercard accepted by telephone payment ** Open $30,000 added (both go’s) $175______ Youth $5,000 added $ 50 ______ Masters $5,000 added $ 50 ______ Open $10,000 Guaranteed must designate rollover at time of entry $ 65 ______ Sponsors / Directors Race $1,000 added (see rules for rollover option) $ 25 ______ Stalls includes (2 bags of shavings) $125______ Tie Outs per horse for week (No Overnight Tie Outs) $ 65______ Electric (Limited call for availability) $115______ Processing Fee (1 time per person, limit of three per family) $ 30 ______ Late Fee Postmarked after Sept 2nd(Per Horse not to exceed 2 per person, 3 per family) $ 35 ______ $55 single/$115 Family Membership **See Rules $ 55 ______ TOTAL………………………………….......……… …TOTAL_______


I, the undersigned, (give my permission for) __________________________to enter this event, and will not hold the municipality, IBRA, C Bar C Expo Center, show organizers, and/or any persons connected with this event responsible in case of accident, injury or death which may occur to me, my horse, my child, and/or my property if an incident may occur. I understand the risk of this sport and take full responsibility for myself and my child if an incident may occur. By signing below, it is understood that I have read and understand my full responsibility. By signing I acknowledge that the horse that is being entered is subject to a drug test and that I have the authority to authorize this. ________________________________________________________________ Contestant or guardian signature

Contact Us: 502-239-4000 office 502-239-4100 fax Page 18 Accepted By Phone Payments

_________________ Date







IBRA Finals Short Go will be for IBRA Qualifiers only.

OPEN, YOUTH, MASTERS – All members with 100 pts or more will be considered a State Qualifier. The Top 5 (Top Dogs) in each division of a state’s year end standings & Wild Cards automatically qualifiy for the Short Go Finals no matter how they place in the gorounds. All State Qualifiers MUST BE PRE-ENTERED by Sept. 2nd to be ELIGIBLE for the short go finals. If you miss the deadline, you will be running for go round money only. $30,000 OPEN - $10,000 added each go-round and Short Go Finals. $5,000 YOUTH - $2,500 added in long go and Short Go Finals. $5,000 MASTERS - $2,500 added in long go and Short Go Finals. Finals Short Go Qualifications (Open, Youth, Masters):

All State Qualifiers who are pre-entered by Sept. 2nd may qualify for the Finals Short Go by being either a Top Dog, a Wild Card holder or by qualifying in a go-round. The Top 10 state qualifiers in each division per go round who are not already qualified as a Top Dog or with a Wild Card will advance to the Short Go Finals.

Qualification for the Sponsor and Directors race - Must be a State Director or Representative or have

$30,000 Added Open 4-D

$10,000 Guaranteed Open 4-D

$5,000 Added Youth 4-D

$5,000 Added Masters 4-D


Added Sponsors/Director 4-D

sponsored $100 or more in your state or to IBRA. If you qualify but do not ride, a family member or employee can ride for you. Anyone who enters this class who is not qualified will be disqualified and forfeit any money or prizes they win and be fined $100. Rollover: Pay entries for both the Sponsors/Directors race and $10,000 Guarantee Open 4D and run once. Your time in the Sponsors race will rollover to the Open 4D. Rollovers must be designated at time of entry. Refunds and Rider Change: 70% refund minus processing fee will be given with doctors or vet release. No refunds after September 15th, 2013. Rider change must be done before draw is posted Oct. 1st. Dress Code: IBRA Dress Code Enforced. Holding Pen: Only the current drag of five horses will be allowed in the holding pen. You must have checked in and be present in holding pen prior to the start of your drag or you will be scratched. ***Contestants with unruly horses, please keep this in mind prior to your entry. IBRA has the right to disqualify any uncontrolled horse and/or a rider that may present a danger to other contestants, abusing their horse with a whip, hand, or spurs or that have not began their run within one minute of the time the rider has been called. Membership: Must be a current member or have been a member of the 2013 season to compete. * Added Money: Open, Youth and Masters will be adjusted on a percentage based on number of entries. Youth and Masters will be equal to a $1,000 per 100 entries. Ex: 150 entries $1,500, 200 entries $2,000 maximum of $2,500. Open will be doubled with a maximum of $10,000 added each go. Added Money in Long Go will be matched for Finals Short Go. Drug Policy: All entries are subject to testing and meeting the requirements of AQHA Therapeutic Medication Guidelines. Host Hotel: Days INN Cloverdale - 765 795 6400 - Mention IBRA for discount!


Anyone missing the Sept. 2nd deadline will be charged a Late Fee of $35 per horse not to exceed $70 per person or $105 per immediate family. IBRA reserves the right to cancel this show due to lack of entries. Decision would be made immediately after Early Bird Entry due date to properly notify contestants. 100% refund would be given if show is canceled.

Visit Us:

Mail Entries To: IBRA P.O. Box 91205 Louisville, KY 40291 Payments Accepted By Phone

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7” Digital Frame *Puhl’s Photography is always trying to do and add more. *Now offering many variations of picture frames - including digital frames with your pictures! *Still offering video for this year. Order your runs on video to take home to watch later. No more need to scramble with a video camera or find someone else to tape you when Puhl’s Photography & Video are at an event.

Brent Puhl

7” Maple Digital Frame

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8”x10” Picture Frame

8”x10” Picture Frame - Holds 4 Belt Buckles ook your

Call to b ent! Show or Ev ing Also book s. Farm Visit

8”x10” Picture Frame - Holds 2 Belt Buckles

419-343-8044 Page 19


Story & Photos by: Steve Heuertz


he “Rule of Three” tells us the greatest of things come in the smallest of numbers required to create a set and establish a pattern. From children’s stories to movie trilogies and catchphrases to religion, the rule is adopted in many forms that recognize the perfection of three. Horse racing is no exception. The Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes comprise Thoroughbred Racing’s Triple Crown. Contested within five weeks each spring, the Triple Crown begins with the Derby on the first Saturday in May, moves to the Preakness two weeks later and concludes with the Belmont three weeks after that. This year, different winners emerged in the Derby and Preakness. While this meant for the 35th consecutive year no horse would capture all three races and win the Triple Crown, the Belmont offered the next best thing as Derby winner, Orb, and Preakness winner, Oxbow, both entered the final leg and bid for a second classic win. Left to right from top: The eleven horses that captured racing’s elusive crown are celebrated in the Belmont infield; A statue of Secretariat honors the legendary horse at the site of his greatest accomplishment; Exercise rider, Jen Patterson, gives Orb a pat after another solid morning workout; Peter Pan Stakes (Gr. 2) winner, Freedom Child, walks off the track the morning before the Belmont. The Peter Pan is the local prep for the Belmont Stakes; Trainer, D. Wayne Lukas, leads his Preakness winner, Oxbow, around the wet track on the eve of the race; Just as he did in the Derby, Orb skips through the mud in preparation for his bid at a second jewel of the Triple Crown; Orb’s co-owner, Stuart Janney III, and trainer, Shug McGaughey, discuss strategy for their Derby winner in the Belmont

Opening in 1905, Belmont Park sits just outside New York City in Elmont, New York. The track is the largest in America with a massive main oval nicknamed “Big Sandy” due to its 1 1/2 mile circumference and sandy composition. Although the Belmont meet is filled with tremendous racing and multiple graded stakes, the Belmont Stakes is the track’s premier event. Like the Derby and Preakness, the Belmont Stakes is a Grade 1 Thoroughbred horse race restricted to three-year-olds. Initiated in 1867, the race is the oldest of the Triple Crown series and was previously run at two other tracks before making it’s permanent home at Belmont Park in 1905. Today, the Belmont has a purse of $1,000,000 and it’s 1 1/2 mile distance on dirt is a full 1/4 mile longer than the Kentucky Derby and 5/16 miles longer than the Preakness, typically making it the

Page 20

Story & Photos by: Steve Heuertz


Beautiful Belmont

Left to right from top: The legendary Phipps Stable is home to Orb; The beautiful backside of the Belmont Park grandstand; “Big Sandy” was more muddy than sandy on a rainy Friday before the big day; A horse statue near the Belmont paddock; A field of horses round the final turn and enter the stretch during a race on the Belmont undercard; Handicapping the Belmont Stakes; Who do you like today? ; Trainer, Kenny McPeek, talks with ESPN radio about Frac Daddy’s chance in the Belmont

longest distance any of its entrants will ever run. Given it’s great distance and in conjunction with the finality of the intensely packed five-week Triple Crown, the Belmont is referred to as “The Test of the Champion” as it pushes its contestants to dig deep into their Thoroughbred heritage and find that magical staying power required to pass this final exam. “The Test of the Champion” moniker concurrently eludes to the reality that the Belmont is both judge and jury to the Triple Crown verdict. While eleven horses have worn racing’s crown, none have done so since Affirmed last accomplished the feat in 1978. Since then, twelve horses have taken both the Derby and Preakness and entered Belmont Park with hope of joining the grandest of clubs. From Spectacular Bid to Sunday Silence and Silver Charm to Smarty Jones, all twelve took the “Test” only to find defeat awaiting 1 1/2 miles away. However, while Birdstone may have only surged pass Smarty Jones a few strides before the finish in 2004, more recent history suggests the “Test” is increasingly difficult as Big Brown’s bid

Page 21


Story & Photos by: Steve Heuertz

Belmont Park

Left to right from top: A view across the giant Belmont oval where Secretariat was “moving like a tremendous machine” in 1973; Checking out the Belmont scene; A bird’s-eye-view of the Belmont Stakes; Welcome to Belmont Park! ; Studying the current odds for a race at Belmont; Jockey Ron Turcotte talks with a reporter about the 40th anniversary of his legendary run aboard Secretariat in 1973; Musical entertainment for the Belmont patrons; There is more than just racing fun at Belmont!

Page 22

for the crown prematurely ended when he was eased in the stretch in 2008, while I’ll Have Another never even entered the Belmont starting gate as he was scratched the day before his shot in 2012. The current extended gap since the last Triple Crown winner is similar to another lengthy stretch that began after Citation completed the sweep in 1948. 25 years would pass until 1973 when Secretariat ignited the racing world and was crowned as successor to Citation. While two horses followed Secretariat (Seattle Slew in 1977 and Affirmed in 1978), his Triple Crown

Story & Photos by: Steve Heuertz

The Easy Goer


The RTN True North

Left to right from top: Power Broker and Rosie Napravnik power to an easy win in the Easy Goer; Fast Bullet flies to victory in The RTN True North (Gr. 2) with Joel Rosario up; The NYRA and Belmont Stakes flags fly high above to commemorate the day; Joel Rosario is interviewed after his victory aboard Fast Bullet; Ponies wait to lead another field to the starting gate; I’m betting on...that one! ; Stephanie’s Kitten (2) and John Velazquez out duel Better Lucky (7) and Joel Rosario to win The Longines Just A Game (Gr. 1)

The Longines Just A Game remains arguably the most memorable of all. After setting still unbeaten records in both the Derby and Preakness, Secretariat turned in possibly the most dominating performance in racing history when he won the Belmont Stakes by an astonishing 31 lengths in a world record time of 2:24, a mark that continues to stand today. While there would be no Secretariat in the 145th running of the Belmont Stakes, Orb and Oxbow were worthy headliners aiming for another piece of racing history. Although only they envisioned a second jewel, twelve others entered the Belmont and dreamed of a single slice of the Triple Crown pie. In total, ten starters from the Kentucky Derby would contest the Belmont. Orb, Oxbow and Will Take Charge were the only horses to also run in the Preakness, meaning they were facing seven fresher competitors who skipped the second leg, plus four new entrants making their first Triple Crown race start. Still, respect was paid

Page 23


Story & Photos by: Steve Heuertz to the Derby and Preakness winners as Orb was installed as the 3-1 morning line favorite and Oxbow the 5-1 third choice, with only Derby third place finisher, Revolutionary, in between at 9-2. Much further down the morning line, a 15-1 shot was preparing to run with blinkers off.

The Woody Stephens

The field broke well and began their single circuit around the giant Belmont Park oval with Frac Daddy (1) and Freedom Child (2) making for the lead while Oxbow (7) sat third and just to their outside. As they ran into and around the sweeping clubhouse turn, the leading trio maintained their positions through a fast opening 1/4 mile in 23.11 seconds while Palace Malice (12) comfortably sat in fourth and just off the pace. Three lengths behind, Incognito (6) led a pack of eight horses including Revolutionary (9) and the lone filly in the race, Unlimited Budget (13), and her “filly� rider, Rosie Napravnik.

Left to right from top: Forty Tales charges late to win the Woody Stephens (Gr. 2) with Joel Rosario aboard; Point of Entry and John Velazquez enter the track prior to the start of the Woodford Reserve Manhattan (Gr. 1); The large Belmont crowd eagerly watches Point of Entry lead the post parade for the Woodford Reserve Manhattan (Gr. 1); Point of Entry romps to victory with John Velazquez in the Woodford Reserve Manhattan (Gr. 1) (inset)

Woodford Reserve Manhattan

Page 24


Story & Photos by: Steve Heuertz

Left to right from top: Security was heightened at Belmont Park to ensure the safety of all in attendance; Belmont’s finest survey the scene; Awaiting the start of the Belmont Stakes; The August Belmont Trophy awaits it’s new owner; Call to the post for the Belmont Stakes; Loading into the starting gate...the calm before the storm; And they’re off in the Belmont Stakes! Further back of that pack Orb (5) was running second to last and Derby second place finisher, Golden Soul (14), was last of all. Frac Daddy began to slow and Oxbow made for the lead as the pace remained strong with the first 1/2 mile in 46.66 seconds. Freedom Child continued to duel with Oxbow through 3/4 miles in 1:10.95 and Palace Malice moved into third continuing slightly behind the pace. Revolutionary ran in fourth well behind the leading trio while Orb began to pass horses along the outside. Freedom Child tired and Oxbow continued the field through 1 mile in 1:36.47. Palace Malice challenged the game Preakness winner. Orb rolled into fourth with only Revolutionary between he and the leaders. However, Palace Malice continued to battle Oxbow before eventually taking the lead at the top of the stretch. Orb passed Revolutionary into third behind Oxbow, but neither the Derby or Preakness winner could catch Palace Malice. Palace Malice passed “The Test of the Champion” in a final time of 2:30.70 with Oxbow in second and Orb in third.

They’re Off!!

From the first crop of two-time Horse of the Year, Curlin, Palace Malice conquered the race his father finished a head short when he was second in 2007 to the

Page 25


Story & Photos by: Steve Heuertz Left to right from top: Fighting for the early lead in the 1 1/2 mile classic; Putting the Derby and Preakness winner’s away, Palace Malice and Mike Smith pass “The Test of the Champion” and win the 145th running of the Belmont Stakes! (and inset) ; Mike Smith celebrates his second win in the Belmont Stakes; Derby winner Orb and Joel Rosario return after a valiant 3rd place finish; After being passed by Palace Malice, Preakness winner Oxbow and Gary Stevens were game enough to hold on for 2nd place

Palace Malice!

remarkable filly, Rags to Riches. Five weeks before the Belmont, Palace Malice was one of the defining stories of the Kentucky Derby. As the surprising Derby pacesetter, Palace Malice’s grueling fractions were some of the fastest in Derby history and the fastest ever for a Derby run on a sloppy track. Prior to the race, his connections equipped him with blinkers in an attempt to focus his attention throughout the Derby. However, Palace Malice became too focused and jockey Mike Smith was unable to restrain and slow the torrid move. Undoubtedly, the fast fractions assisted the late runners

Page 26


Story & Photos by: Steve Heuertz

Belmont Champion

Left to right from top: Looking to the skies, Mike Smith is thankful for his ride aboard Palace Malice; Mike Smith and Todd Pletcher congratulate one another on their mutual victory; Palace Malice enters the Belmont winner’s circle

and the top three finishers came from well off the pace. Considering the fractions he set, it would be expected for any horse to fade in the 1 1/4 mile Derby, and Palace Malice did just that. Despite this, he was surprisingly able to hold on for a respectable 12th place finish. Feeling it was an indication of potential used too quickly, Palace Malice and his team regrouped, skipped the Preakness and aimed for the Belmont...with blinkers off. That move, along with the relatively slower pace of the Belmont and the five week break since the Derby, made the race increasingly seem like an ideal fit for the talented colt. At least that is what owner W. Cothran “Cot” Campbell was hoping. As the pioneer of race horse group ownerships, the 85-year-old Campbell and his Dogwood Stable served as yet another throwback in the 2013

Triple Crown. In 1969, Campbell started Dogwood with the goal of creating partnerships that increased the opportunity and availability for individuals to experience the thrill of owning Thoroughbred racehorses. Since its inception, Dogwood has run 76 stakes winners, 15 of which won Grade 1 races, including the 1990 Preakness Stakes with Summer Squall and the 1996 Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies with Storm Song. Palace Malice’s victory in the Belmont provided the second Triple Crown race win for Campbell and Dogwood while proving that after 44 years, the partnership approach continues to payoff and those that invest in nurturing the sport, will forever be rewarded. Trainer Todd Pletcher received his own reward with his third victory in a Triple Crown race to accompany his 2007 Belmont with the aforementioned filly Rags to Riches and 2010 Kentucky Derby with Super Saver. As one of racing’s top trainers, Pletcher often finds an abundance of talent occupying his barn. He has saddled many Triple Crown starters throughout his illustrious career including an astonishing five horses in the Derby just five weeks earlier. However, despite more than a quarter of the field, the best finish the group could find was Revolutionary’s third

Page 27


Story & Photos by: Steve Heuertz

Time to Celebrate

place. After the Derby, Pletcher decided to skip the Preakness altogether and refocus on the Belmont. Again, he entered a talented group of five in the Belmont, each with their own hopes and remarkable potential. This time, Palace Malice asserted himself as the unquestioned best of the quintet. Pletcher wasn’t surprised. He had always regarded Palace Malice as one of the top horses in his barn and quietly, he knew, it was only a matter of time before the son of Curlin began to follow in his father’s footsteps. Jockey Mike Smith shared Pletcher’s confidence and belief in Palace Malice. Despite his trouble controlling the Derby pacesetter, Smith retained the mount for the Belmont and was able to settle Palace Malice with a patient ride around the giant track. After a 2012 in which Smith finished a heartbreaking second in all three Triple Crown races (Derby and Preakness with Bodemeister and Belmont with Paynter), Smith found his way back to the winner’s circle as he had previously done in the 1993 Preakness with Prairie Bayou, 2005 Derby with Giacomo and 2010 Belmont with Drosselmeyer. The win further validated Smith’s already Hall of Fame career and vindicated the disappointment he experienced in the Triple Crown just one year earlier. Steve Heuertz Bio

Left to right from top: Palace Malice is draped in a garland of white carnations after his Belmont Stakes triumph; Palace Malice departs as a Belmont Stakes winner; Todd Pletcher hoists the August Belmont Trophy and celebrates with Mike Smith and Cot Campbell; Cot Campbell embraces the moment

Although Affirmed will continue his wait to pass the crown to racing’s next monarch, the “Rule of Three” still applied to the 2013 Triple Crown with Palace Malice completing the trilogy as the third different winner of one of racing’s coveted jewels. While many may have enjoyed the prospect of Orb or Oxbow asserting themselves to the clear top of the 3-yearold division, Palace Malice crashed the party and wrote his own chapter in a compelling Triple Crown that saw three separate victories serving as a reward and thank you to some of the true pioneers and stalwarts of racing. In the meantime, the summer becomes even more compelling as Orb, Oxbow and Palace Malice set their sights on races such as the Haskell and Travers to continue the magic they have already displayed, while making a push toward end of the year honors. Until then, it remains anyone’s race. Steve Heuertz; Steve’s horse and loyal friend, Cowboy, a 18-year-old, Red Dun Quarter Horse

It started with a horse named Cowboy. Disregarded and discounted, this nine-year-old Red Dun Quarter Horse left his life as a ranch horse in South Dakota and ventured a new path into the life of Steve Heuertz in 2004. Shortly thereafter, a bond was formed that fully catapulted Steve into the world of the horse where he became fascinated with the wonderful capabilities of this majestic animal. Of particular interest were the speed, endurance and competitive spirit demonstrated by the equine heroes within the sport of Thoroughbred Racing. Although initially satisfied with observing from afar, Steve became increasingly captivated by the sport and turned toward capturing the splendor of racing via his other passion, photography. The result was a recipe where he could combine his great love for horses, racing and photography into one harmonious blend that was greater than the sum of its parts. Since then, racing has taken Steve across the country to such wonderful places as Saratoga Race Course, Churchill Downs, Santa Anita Park, Pimlico Race Course, Belmont Park, Keeneland and Hooiser Park. During these travels, Steve has been fortunate to witness and photograph equally wonderful races such as the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes (racing’s famed Triple Crown) as well as the Travers Stakes, Santa Anita Derby, Indiana Derby, Stephen Foster Handicap and Breeders’ Cup, among others. However, residing in the Chicago suburb of St. Charles, IL, Steve regularly frequents Arlington Park and Hawthorne Race Course where he has enjoyed capturing magnificent races like the Arlington Million and Hawthorne Gold Cup. Today, Steve’s passion for horses, racing and photography is like a fire that continues to be stoked. While either behind the lens capturing the thrill of a Grade 1 race or in the saddle loping around a field with Cowboy, Steve has learned to operate under the simple truth that the more he is able to involve the horse in his life, the happier his days become.

Page 28

39th Annual Indiana Barrel Racing Futurity September 6, 7 & 8, 2013 Hoosier Horse Park, Edinburgh, Indiana

SUPER SHOW for OH, IN, KY, MI, PA, WV No late Fees & No Large Processing fee

$6,000 Added

2D Futurity $$$ Bonus $$$

To Highest Placing Certified Indiana Bred in Open 4D (Sat) and Futurity


**Horse must have had at least one “out” in a race to be eligible.

GENERAL RULES: Futurity BFA & IBRA Approved 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Open to any horse which is a foal of 2009 or later, that has not competed in any barrel race, other than “for time only” prior to December 1, 2012. Purse of $6,000 plus 80% entry fees starting fee of $20. Due 9/6/2013. 2D Futurity with 1 second split in go rounds. Owners may enter more than one horse. Owner does not have to ride. Rider may ride more than one horse. Western attire must be worn by Rider. Substitution: Allowed only by owner of nominated horse. Owner can substitute another horse registered in his name. No substitution allowed after September 1, 2013. Open to any registered horse which is a foal of 2009 or later. PHOTOSTAT OF PAPERS MUST ACCOMPANY ENTRY. There will be 2-go rounds in futurity. Total of 2 goes will determine the champion. Monies will be paid to the winners of each go as well as the average. Bonus Money from the Quarter Horse Racing Association in both the Futurity and Saturday 4D Open Barrel Race. Payout to be determined. 7A. Horses have to have had at least one race out to be eligible for this program. $500 added Derby with $50 Entry Fee, 80% payback, No Office Fees, 2-D Derby (BFA Approved), One Second Split with Progressive Pay. Will be run with 4D Sweepstakes. Exhibitor can enter both the 4D and Derby but run once and time will count for both. If exhibitor wants to just pay Derby entry fee their time will count for Derby payback only.

FEES: $300 if paid by June 15, 2013 ($60 stall fee for futurity entry included) (Also included in this payment is the $5 Association fee for BFA. DOES NOT INCLUDE Starting fee. OR

$110.00 to nominate - Due June 15, 2013 $120.00 to sustain - Due July 15, 2013 $120.00 to complete - Due August 15, 2013

LATE FEES: $50 Late fee to enter Futurity on Friday, Septemeber 6, 2013 by 9pm. Total Entry Fees paid that evening $350.00 plus $20 starting fee. Office charge of 20% of total entry fee per horse. Balance to go to $6,000 added. Average will pay as go rounds. Photographer for Show will be: Puhl’s Photography Special Awards to Futurity and 4D Sweepstakes Terry Van Volkenburgh Award to Fastest Time in Futurity STALLS AVAILABLE AT $60 FOR WEEKEND (12:000 NOON FRIDAY-SUNDAY)


The Indiana Barrel Racing Futurity and/or Hoosier Horse Park will not be held responsible for any claims, damages or injuries to persons, horses or vehicles or any other articles which you may use on premises. All classes will be run according to BFA and IBRF Rules. Judges deciosion will be final. Proper attire is required. Boots, long sleeve shirts & hats in Futurity (NO ball-caps) Arena will be closed 2 hours prior to show to prepare for classes. IBRA Super Show (for OH, IN, KY, MI, PA, WV) BFA Approved - GBRA of Indiana Approved $10,000 Bonus Money to $2,500 Open Sweepstakes For Future Fortunes Enrolled Horses. Must have a copy of horse’s papers when entering to verify eligibility. For entry form, schedule or additional information call:

Vickie Duke: (317)535-7191 or Vickie Benefiel: (317)752-4813

Show Schedule: * Denote GBRA of Indiana GBRA - Approved Classes: Must be a member to show - Can join at show

-------Friday, September 6, 2013------Exhibition Barrels - $5.oo Entry Fee (No Payback) Run from 12:00 to 6:00pm Friday (some breaks to work arena) Friday Night Horse Show Starts at 7:00pm SHARP Office Charge of $3.oo per Horse per Day (None on Exhibition)

Open 4D Barrels.......$1,000 ADDED........1/2 second - 1 second - 2 seconds $28 Entry Fee which includes $1 timer fee, $2 IBRA fee and $3 office charge....80% Payback

This show is approved by the IBRA and the BFA. IBRA Members will get points to qualify for the Championship Show. There will be a $2.00 Association Fee charged for both 4D Sweepstakes in addition to the $3.00 office charge by the Indiana Barrel Racing Futurity.. There is also a $5.00 Association Fee for BFA in the Futurity. See under fees for Futurity.

-------Saturday, September 7, 2013-------

**Show starts promptly at 8:30am. Futurity not before 9:30 or 1/2 hour after after class 1**

*1. GBRA Poles - 3D Format 1A. **1st Go of Futurity - $6,000 Added Late entries accepted until 9:00 p.m. Friday, September 6, 2013.

2D Futurity with 1 second split in go rounds. EBFA & BFA APPROVED. Bonus Money from QHRAI in Futurity for Horses that are Certified Indiana Breds. Payout to be determined. Must have at least one race out. 2. 3D Youth Barrel Sweepstakes - $500 Added $20 Entry plus office fee $25 total EF- 80% payback Over 50 entries this class will be a 4D. Can roll over time to Open. 3. 3D Masters Barrel Race - $250 Added $25.00 Entry Fee includes office fees • 80% Pay Back. $250.00 Added. Over 50 entries this class will be a 4D. Can roll over time to Open. 4.**4D Barrel Sweepstakes - $2,500 Added $50.00 Entry Free includes $5 office charge and $2 IBRF Fee • $2,500 added with 80% of Entry Fee Added, $10,000 Bonus Money for Future Fortunes Enrolled Horses. Must have a copy of the Horse’s papers when entering to be eligible. $500 Added Derby to be run with 4-D Sweepstakes. Bonus Money from QHRAI. Split to be determined. This is for Certified Indiana Bred verified on papers. .More information as far as payback at time of show. See rule #7 & #8. 5. *GBRA........................Pee Wee Barrels 6. *GBRA of Indiana Barrel Race -Add Money - Run by Their Rules - 3D Format 7. Exhibition Barrels - $5 Entry Fee - No Payback ($10 fine for over 1 minute)

-------Sunday, September 9, 2012-------

**Show Starts Promptly at 10:00am** ----------------------------------------Awards Presentation for Futurity--------------------------------------------2. Exhibition Barrels - $5 Entry Fee (fine over 1 minute) - No Payback No GBRAI Classes to be run until after awards presentation.

1. 2nd Go Futurity

3. *GBRA Pee Wee Barrels 3A. *GBRA Barrels - 3D Format 4. *GBRA Pole Bending - 3D Format




1._____________________________________________________ 2._____________________________________________________ 3._____________________________________________________ Name___________________________________________________ Address__________________________________________________ City/State/ZIP____________________________ Send Entries To: Phone#_______________________________ Vickie Duke Social Security #__________________________ 3567 E. 700 N. Whiteland, IN 46184 MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: INDIANA BARREL RACING FUTURITY, INC. (317)535-7191 # OF EXTRA STALLS REQUESTED___@$60 PER STALL=$_____ Fax: (317)535-7279 FUTURITY ENTRY GETS A STALL (INCLUDED IN ENTRY FEE) Friday $1,000 Added 4D Saturday $2,500 Added 4D If 100 Entries, will pay places as follows: 8 in 1D, 6 in 2D, 5 in 3D, 4 in 4D More places depending on amount of entries. AWARDS TO 4D Sweepstakes winners on Saturday

Page 29

Page 30

Page 31

Congratulations Jim Noel QHRAI would like to congratulate Jim Noel for being recognized as an Honorary Member of the Indiana Livestock Hall of Fame for his contribution to the Quarter Horse Industry in Indiana. Jim was selected by a committee of representatives of all species, and is only the 4th recipient of this award representing the Quarter Horse Community.  The award presentation will be on August 5th at the State Fair during the Quarter Horse Yearling Presentation by John Cloe.  Previous recipients from the Quarter Horse Community are Bud Alderman, Dwayne McDavitt and John Cloe.   Congratulations Jim on this prestigious award!

T h a n k Yo u J a n i e S c h u s t e r On July 6th, QHRAI presented Janie Schuster with a plaque as a small token of our appreciation for all of the things she does for us. Janie has gone far above and beyond her professional role at Indiana Downs to promote, market and most of all support the Quarter Horse Racing Association in Indiana.  She has been a true friend to the QHRAI and our entire racing community.  She has spread goodwill throughout the track and in the local community in a way that makes us all proud!  

Congratulations Randy and Marg Thompson On July 17th, Randy and Marg Thompson, accompanied with their family, were recognized for their significant accomplishments in the Spring Quarter Horse Race Meet at Indiana Downs.  Randy and Marg have a successful breeding operation in Brazil, Indiana.  They have been racing Quarter horses for around 20 years.  So far this year they have earned more money and won more Quarter Horse races than any one has ever earned or won in an entire year, and the season is only half over.   They have had 31 starts to date. 9 of those were wins, (30%),  4 of which were stakes.   Their horses, including 2012 Horse of the Year, Air Born Leader and 2012 three year old Champion, Successful Dash, have lit the board at 52%.   Their earnings to date are $325,000.  They have won 4 of the Indiana Bred stake races to date, with 3 different horses.   Randy is ranked on the AQHA leaders charts as the 7th leading owner in the entire country for money earned in racing so far this year and he and his horses are at the top of the AQHA regional High Point charts and the national divisional leaders charts.      Randy's horses have dominated the Indiana Bred Program. Randy and Marg Thompson are a class act in the Indiana Quarter Horse racing program and are a prime example of how Indiana sired, bred and owned horses can be competitive and put Indiana on the national charts.  They have made the initial investment and continue to reinvest into the Indiana Economy with their  breeding and racing programs The Quarter Horse Racing Association of Indiana is very proud to include Randy and Marg Thompson in our Quarter Horse Racing Family here at Indiana Downs.  Congratulations on your successes!

Page 32


Quarter Horse Racing Quarter Horse Racing Enthusiasts, We have had a great spring meet at Indiana Downs and are off to a great start to the second part of the year of racing. There are going to be a few changes in the racing schedule that you need to take note of. On Sept. 2, 2013 Indiana Downs will transition from a 6:00 p.m. Þrst post to 1:55 p.m. EST. Racing will follow the existing Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday schedule with the exception of an earlier Þrst post. The new schedule will remain in effect until closing day Oct. 19. The schedule change will be implemented in an effort to gather market data and discover Indiana Downs’ optimal position in the national horse racing market. Have you been noticing the new barn construction at Indiana Downs? The Þrst of four is well under way and we will be seeing quick progress on the rest! Indianapolis-based Centaur Gaming announced Tuesday, July 23rd the appointments of both Scott Peine and Kevin Greely each to the position of director of racing and racing secretary for Hoosier Park Racing & Casino and Indiana Downs respectively. Peine will report to Rick Moore, Hoosier Park Racing & Casino’s vice president and general manager of racing, while Kevin Greely will continue to report to Jon Schuster, Indiana Grand Racing & Casino’s vice president and general manager of racing. Scott has been a great asset to the race office at Indiana Downs and we wish him luck as he transitions to Hoosier Park and we are looking forward to working with Kevin at Indiana Downs! The fall Quarter Horse Day of Celebration at Indiana Downs is October 12th. Hold that date. You won’t want to miss all the fun of the day, and the dinner that QHRAI is hosting after the races. We have some very special guests attending this year, so please keep watching for more updated info! Watch the website for dates and times of board meetings in August, September and October. Because we have live racing on some Tuesday nights, there will be some changes to the regular Þrst Tuesday of the month dates. Please keep Shanly Jackson in your thoughts and prayers. Shanly was involved in a serious racing accident and is recovering from surgery on his hip and collar bone. Best of luck too everyone as we kick off the Fall Meet at Indiana Downs! Stay safe and see you at the track!

Michelle Collins QHRAI Executive Director

2013 S tallion Servic Recor e Auct d Purs ion Fu You sa e turity in India w it o na - $ n the Stallio cover 180,00 n Serv and it 0 ice Au ’s t are ct

rue. T ion Fu on Aug turity he 20 ust 10 eligible 13 and D th. N erby t early to run s r i i x a i n t ls y 2 ye year o the fu ar olds lds can turity t a r r u r ials an 24th t e n in t d thirt he De he 10 r y f b a y 3 s t trials. runnin est 2 g for year o On Aug $180,0 ust ld q purse u a 0 li 0 f iers w , the EVER i la i ll r n India be gest Q runnin na! T uarter g for he thr H nearly o rse ee yea $80,0 r olds 00 on w ill be the sa me da y!

Page 33

Page 34

AQHA Central Region Point Standings as of July 23, 2013

THREE-YEAR-OLDS Gelding 1 Casey Corona 1 Ja Gols Fancy Man 3 This Lion Roars 4 Flys No Mystery 4 Its Just Max 6 Hez Snow Quick 7 Mr Zoomin Away 7 Rqc Challenger 7 Wh Johnnie Boy Red 10 Chilled Too The Bone 10 Eyeofahero

45 43 43 40 38 38 37 35 35 35

Colt 1 Carverson 2 Habits Secret 3 Eyesa Mighty Wave 4 Tricky Outlaw 5 Bp Jess Takesall 6 Bd Billy Mac 7 Streakinforcoco 8 Cartel Corona Dancer 8 The Kentucky Corona 10 Flight Patterns

26 23 16 13 11 7 6 4 4 2

Stallion 1 Speed Smith 2 Streakin Zoomer 3 Streak N Hot 4 Eye M A Pistol 5 Jhony Red 5 My Corona Is Rare 7 Tough To Get Six 8 Luminaro 9 Brim Of Royality 9 Time To Get Diamonds

40 32 24 22 20 20 19 10 6 6


Gelding 1 Air Born Leader 2 Dancing With Ducks 3 Successful Dash 3 Sweet Easy Cash 5 Gettman 6 Nemos King 7 Dash Of Cajun Magic 7 I Is It 9 Call Me Scoot Dancer 10 Bright Eyed Vision

Breeder 1 Circle S Ranch Inc 2 Randy L Thompson 3 Bill Price 4 John Bubel 5 Diana L Moster 6 Bobby D Cox 7 Michael A Pohl 8 David L Wisdom 9 Joe B Allen 10 Greg Morrison

Filly 1 Girls Dont Seis 2 Genuine Firefly 2 Sum Fun For Magic 4 Its Tizzy Time 5 Alteza 5 Teller Sweet Nothins 7 Country Chick Yawl 8 Dynastys Diva 8 Free Kittens 8 Just Reminicing

44 44 41 40 40 38 36 36 36 34 34

69 63 50 50 45 44 43 43 39 38

Mare 1 Romped 2 Bye Bye Corona 3 Fierce Runaway 4 U B Crawlin 5 Shez So Rare 6 Pt Special Feature 7 Jess A Rare Cigar 8 Ts Dasher 9 Streak N To The Moon 10 Dreamers Cartel 10 Safari Sunset

52 44 37 36 35 34 33 28 26 25 25


314 173 168 160 153 146 135 106 99 98


1 Tom Maher 2 Randy L Thompson 3 Francisco Ramos 4 Donald D Dolphus Jr 5 Brian L Gunder 6 Michelle J Collins 7 Brenda Reiswig 8 David L Wisdom 9 Randy M Smith 10 Billy Buchholz

293 264 165 155 154 146 140 119 113 95

Trainer 1 Robert ‘Bob’ Johnson 2 Tom Mosley Jr 3 Ron Raper 4 Matt Frazier 5 Stacy S Charette-Hill 6 Edward Ross Hardy 7 Randy M Smith 8 Jessie Villegas 9 John Mccreary 10 Kasey Willis

608 598 517 378 291 272 219 205 203 200

Jockey 1 Shanley Jackson 2 Harold Collins 3 Juan D Guerrero 4 Rodney Prescott 5 Juan F Delgado 6 Stormy Smith 7 Gerardo Alonso Garrido 8 Julie Veltman 9 Mark Luark 10 Victor Olivo

497 482 354 332 331 277 272 261 260 256

INDIANA DOWNS From 04/23/2013 To 06/29/2013 For Breed: Quarterhorse Current Meet Leading Jockeys Jockey Sts 1st 2nd 3rd Win% $% Purses Shanley Jackson 97 20 16 10 21 47 $303,945 Harold Collins 98 17 14 13 17 45 $459,428 Juan D. Guerrero 82 13 11 9 16 40 $248,879 Julie Veltman 58 11 4 8 19 40 $159,383 Rodney A. Prescott 73 10 10 6 14 36 $180,793 Cesar Esqueda 53 7 8 6 13 40 $101,410 Victor Olivo 43 6 6 6 14 42 $106,544 Cesar Carrillo 38 5 7 10 13 58 $115,752 Christian Esqueda 47 5 2 4 11 23 $60,534 Aron Hunt 44 5 0 0 11 11 $56,509

Current Meet Leading Trainers Trainer Sts 1st 2nd 3rd Win% $% Purses Ron Raper 116 19 20 12 16 44 $399,946 Thomas J. Mosley, Jr . 95 16 17 12 17 47 $495,171 Matt Frazier 55 13 7 4 24 44 $144,253 Randy M. Smith 48 8 6 6 17 42 $94,836 Dicky Wayne Benton 46 7 3 6 15 35 $85,552 Salvador Rojas 28 6 2 6 21 50 $72,554 Danny D. Lang 32 6 0 5 19 34 $65,905 Raul A. Gonzalez 35 5 4 6 14 43 $71,694 Randy Haffner 50 4 4 5 8 26 $88,239 Rolando Almanza 13 4 3 0 31 54 $82,419

Current Meet Leading Horses Horse Sts 1st 2nd 3rd Win% $% Purses Air Born Leader 5 3 1 1 60 100 $123,625 Wh Streakin Pie 3 3 0 0 100 100 $99,385 She Be a Diva 6 2 1 0 33 50 $21,658 Joltin Jess 3 2 1 0 67 100 $19,500 Alteza 3 2 1 0 67 100 $16,750 Cootinks Flying Ace 3 2 1 0 67 100 $11,900 Beach Meter 6 2 0 1 33 50 $13,794 Sum Fun for Magic 5 2 0 1 40 60 $84,595 Bugs Gotcha 5 2 0 1 40 60 $20,125 Cc Last Warrior 3 2 0 1 67 100 $14,150

Page 35


s e s r o H WhereCountry MeetsCity

With Raquel Rzeszotarski

s l e e &H

Best Ever Pads

Best Ever Pads

have always been known for being practical & stylish at the same time; you can personalize them with just about any option to suite your own tastes. My taste happens to be bright & sparkly. I’m thrilled to introduce the first ever glittery Best Ever Pad. Best Ever has given me a wonderful opportunity to make & show you this pad. I’ve always admired the customization options for these pads that make them stylish & of course they are well made & practical. Best Ever Pads are from California & I have been seeing an increased number of them showing up at barrel races lately.

Would you rock a glittery Best Ever Saddle Pad?

If your answer is yes, let us know! The customization options are endless. From initials, to classic designs & your own ideas, there is truly something for everyone.

Stand Out!!

I hand painted this pad with red, purple & turquoise glitter. It is completely sealed so glitter won’t end up on you or your horse. While it looks sparkly, these photos cannot do it justice or show you how the sun catches the glitter. If you are looking to stand out in a crowd, this is the pad for you. Page 36


Would you rock a glittery Best Ever Saddle Pad? I chose to do three different glitter techniques on each section to show how versatile the glitter can be. If you would like a glittery Best Ever Pad, the options for customization are endless! Where its initials, a classic design, or something wild & free hand like I did, it can be done. I did some abstract feathers on the corner plate. Although the zig zag design on top of the pad might be my favorite piece.

For ordering & more information please contact Best Ever Pads – or call 805.528.8009. These glittery option is not on their website right now but if it gets a positive response, these pads could become a permanent part of the Best Ever saddle pad line. I’m Raquel; I live out there where the city meets the country. One day I’m wearing stilettos, the next day it’s spurs. I have an obsession with cowboy boots, Christian Louboutin, cosmetics and cooking. I have been riding since I was two-years old, have competed in just about every discipline & now I focus on barrel racing. I love speed & athletic horses, not to mention lots of sparkly things.

"Meet the girl behind Horses & Heels"

Horses & Heels is a trendy & practical blog. Keep up with the latest fashion, equestrian trends & learn how to become the perfect kitchen host. While some people deem country life to be dull & boring; Horses & Heels is shattering the myth with a unique intertwining of city & country life. Learn how to keep your horses & yourself dressed to impress. Do you have specific outfit/design requests or questions? Please send me your closet dilemmas to Follow Raquel on Twitter at: Twitter @CityMeetCountry, email her at or read on-line at

Page 37

A Day Off? T

he other day, I took a day off and escaped. I just chose to not take the time to post on my website,, which I have done daily for the last six months. But as a true Baptist kid (second only to Catholic kids in the “Guilt Department”) I began to feel guilty about not posting. I spend a couple of hours daily writing about LivExceptionally. The time is well spent because I’m passionate about taking lives to a new level, but yesterday, I guess I was low on passion, in fact – “the tank was empty!” I’ve been aware of a low fuel level recently, but I hadn’t been able to diagnose the problem until yesterday. Here is my point - I extol people to live up to their full potential and strive to become everything they were intended to be. I don’t preach at anyone, but share my struggles with life and my own attempts to LivExceptionally. I share because, well, because I think I should. We tend to accept our own deficiencies and ourselves, for that matter, more readily when we don’t think we are the only one, who has ever been in the same situation. So, the question I asked all day was “Do I get a day off?” Low and behold, I came up with an answer. Yes! I get a day off from posting, but I don’t get a day off from living and striving to live in a way consistent with my divine purpose – ever! I don’t get a break from

living as I was intended. No matter the energy level, I can’t surrender “doing right” to apathy, weakness or choice. I’ve struggled lately with a number of things. I have struggled with the “do’s” and “do not’s” of living. That’s called “failure”. I’ve also struggle with the inconsistencies of my words, beliefs and actions. That’s called “borderline hypocrisy”. The conflict gnaws at me and draws my passion from me like a sponge. If I want to motivate, I must lead. When we are conflicted, we know something is not right. It is a fine line between destructive guilt and productive conviction. One cripples; one motivates. Conviction says failure is a conclusion describing our efforts. Guilt says it is who we are. Conviction focuses on the next step. Guilt has our heads turned around looking at the last. Conviction keeps our sight on the destination. Guilt lays on us our pasts, as if it was a heavy, invisible burden on our shoulders. My day off from posting is over. I’m back. I’m working toward restoring my reservoir of energy fueled by passion for what I believe by removing conflict from within. My passion may wane, but my belief in and responsibility to LivExceptionally can never have a day off. Even if you didn’t miss me, thank you for the day off, my friends. LivExceptionally, Chris

Looking - A Soul's Journey.indd 1

Page 38 L. Johnson, JD was born Christopher and raised in Kokomo, Indiana. He

Christopher L. Johnson

Christopher L. Johnson, JD was born and raised in Kokomo, Indiana. He graduated from a Baptist liberal arts college with degrees in PreLaw, Business and Theology; and from the University of San Diego School of Law. After practicing law for more than 10 years in Indiana, he resigned and became the legal advisor to the Superintendent of the state’s largest prison. He served as Professor and Program Chair of Criminal Justice and Business at the post-secondary level; and currently teaches Criminal Justice at Kokomo High School. In addition, he is a partner in and Operations Manager of a thoroughbred breeding and racing farm. He speaks to his students and to others about the importance of “taking snapshots of the moments” in life as a way of reflecting on our own lives. He can be reached at, and his writings and thoughts can be found at

Looking — A Soul’s Journey

Christopher L. Johnson, JD was born and raised in Kokomo, Indiana. He graduated from a Baptist liberal arts college with degrees in Pre-Law, Business and Theology; and from the University of San Diego School of Law. After practicing law for more than 10 years in Indiana, he resigned and became the legal advisor to the Superintendent of the state’s largest prison. He served as Professor and Program Chair of Criminal Justice and Business at the ing , “ ... an inspirlevel; post-secondary and currently teaches Criminal Justice at Kokomo High School. In addition, he is a partner in and Operabeautif ul , tions Manager of a thoroughbred breeding and racing farm. He thought and prov oking speaks to hisandstudents to others about the importance of “taking snapshots of the moments” in life as a way of reflecting on our exploration of his own inner world, through the world around him ... ” $25.00 own lives.illustrated He can be reached at, and his — Dr. Rachelle Steiner, MD writings and thoughts can be found at


A Soul’s Journey


Christopher L. John has shared his hear and talent in the beautiful photogra and inspiring musi contained in this pictorial journal. Looking - A Soul's Journey describes the path taken by t author - photograp in search of life's m precious moments. quest has also led h to find God's blessi and the fulfillment knowing the Creato of the Universe in a personal way. Enjo browsing through this encouraging photography book, and allow its words and images to calm your soul and sooth your spirit.

Page 39

Ask the Vet with Dr. Steve Fisch, DVM

Photos provided by 3 Fisch Photography

Common Methods and Effects of Weaning

METHODS OF WEANING The best weaning method is the one that fits you your facility and results in a stress-free, relaxed, and uninjured mare and foal. One popular method is pasture weaning and this method is commonly used on farms where mares and foals are pastured in groups. At weaning time, one or two of the mares with the oldest foals are removed from the group, leaving their foals with the group. The mares should be removed quickly at a time when the foals are occupied somewhere else. The mares should be taken to an area completely out of sight and hearing distance of the other mares and foals. Additional mares may be removed from the group when their foals reach the desired age. This process occurs until all mares have been removed. Some farms will introduce a nice calm gelding that remains with the weaned foals to provide some education. This method seems to have little stress on the foals as most will quickly adjust to the herd of familiar horses. However, all foals should be observed in the hours following weaning to ensure they don’t become too distressed when they realize they can’t find their mothers. If pasture or interval weaning isn’t possible, which is often the case if there is only one foal to be weaned, other common methods are used. One method involves immediate separation from the dam, while the other is gradual separation. Immediate separation involves bringing the mare and foal into a stall and removing the mare. Some people will place the newly weaned foal with a companion animal or

Page 40

another just-weaned foal. Although a companion may seem to be a less stressful option than leaving the foal alone, foals that are weaned and given companions have been shown to have increased stress response than those weaned and left alone. If you do plan to use a companion

Ask the Vet with Dr. Steve Fisch, DVM

Gradual weaning is a common method. Allowing foals to see, hear, smell, and touch their dams through a fence, but not nurse, for seven days prior to complete separation is known to be less stressful in the days following weaning than abrupt weaning. Studies have shown a reduced stress response and higher feed intake in the first week after weaning in gradually weaned foals. Foals weaned by this method also exhibit less emotional stress, vocalization, and activity than abruptly weaned foals. When comparing gradual weaning with abrupt weaning, there is little difference in feed intake from about two weeks after weaning, but the major benefit of gradual weaning is the reduced stress and reduced risk of injury. EFFECTS OF WEANING Researchers describe an animal as in a state of stress if it must make abnormal or extreme change in its physiology or behavior to cope with the adverse effects of its environment or management. Under that definition, weaning surely qualifies as a stressor to young horses. It has been documented that foals which suffer undue stress when being weaned can lose their appetites and lose weight and when they recover later on, they often undergo a sudden growth spurt. The result of this dip and surge in the growth curve of a young horse sometimes is a cause of developmental orthopedic disease (DOD), the condition in which bones and joints begin to develop abnormally, causing contracted tendons, physitis, or even bone cysts in the joints of the limbs. In contrast, foals which undergo the minimum amount of stress during weaning continue to grow at a more even rate. A level rate of growth makes them far less predisposed to DOD. One study reported that stalled yearlings had a reduction in radiographic bone density that was not observed in age-matched controls maintained on pasture. Reduced bone density is one effect that is minimized in foals that are weaned on pasture as described previously. Another study evaluated effect of age on weaning. Foals were weaned at either 4.5 months of age or 6.0 months of age. To compensate for

Ask The Vet

We would like to help you get your horse health questions answered by a knowledgeable equine veterinarian. Submit your questions to us via email, we will present them to a qualified veteranarian that specialize in equine health and then publish the question along with the vet’s response in a future issue of The Horse Resource. Ask away..... Send questions to us at: Subject line: “Ask the Vet”

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animal, it is important that the foal doesn’t become overly attached. This can make separation from that companion nearly as stressful as weaning from its mother.

possible seasonal effects, foals were matched so a 6-month old foal and a 4.5-month old foal were weaned on the same day and then kept in the same pasture. Although it was suspected that younger foals would be affected by weaning more than the older foals, weaning at an older age did not reduce the depression in average daily weight gain observed in the first week after weaning. Furthermore, at 8 months of age, there was no difference in either height at the withers or body weight between the two weaning groups. SUMMARY Every foal must be weaned from its dam at some point. However, how the weaning process is undertaken may have significant effects on the growing foal. The goal is to have the foal healthy, well socialized and growing at level rate when it is weaned. Then each management team must evaluate their facility and situation to make the foal’s cross over from a life with mama to a life with his friends as seamless as possible. The result will be a happier, healthier and sounder adult athlete.

Stephen D. Fisch, DVM AVS Equine Hospital located at 9085 Magnolia Hill Drive Tallahassee, FL 32309. Visit their website at or call 850-386-3619 Page 41


Rain!!! Rain!!!

Rain!!! Rain!!! Hey, everybody. I hope you’re all enjoying this rain, rain, rain!!!!! At the Indiana NBHA State Show there were just a few sprinkles here and there. My family donated a belt buckle to the fastest youth time in memory of Chalee Gilliland. Special thanks and congratulations to Trevor Pruitt and Walter who were presented with the award buckle and then gave it to the Gillilands. The national anthem was sang each day by a different youth. Great job, Casey Ann Sparks (my Cuz)..Kenzie Gentry..Luke Montgomery... and Tayler Wieling. This month I interviewed a friend I know who has really had some hardship this last year and through it all has really improved barrel racing!!! She is doing awesome !!!! Welcome Riana!!!!

Riana Gilliland

Name: Riana Margaret Gilliland Age: 14 Grade: 9th School: Edgewood High School City and state: Bloomington, Indiana Parents: Robert & Susan Gilliland Siblings: Chalee, my sister in Heaven

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TEEN CORRAL w/Clint Van Favorites

Color - Purple Food - Steak Truck - Freightliner Trailer - Platnum Coach Bit - L&W Bits TV show - History Channel Book - The Bible and The Running Dream Music - Mostly Country and some Pop

Do parents ride? Yes, my mom just started barrel racing again. Your mentor? I want to ride like my sister, Chalee. Your horses and tell about them: Ima- AQHA, bay, 8 years old; BellaAQHA, sorrel, 7 years old; Cassie- AQHA, bay, 13 years old; Bo, APHA, black and white, 16 years old; Josie- APHA, black, 15 years old. She was my sisters and is now retired; Dan- Palomino paint, 35 years old. Your accomplishments: Won NBHA 2013 Youth 2D, Won NBHA 2012 Youth 4D, 2010 IJRA Reserve All Aroung Cowgirl (Goat Tying Champ), Made it back to Finals every year I competed in the NBHA State Show. I have qualified the last 4 years for the NBHA Youth World. Your goals? Win NBHA Youth World, win NBHA State Show, and be the person God wants me to be. Your favorite show and why? Youth World, beacuse it is fun to travel there and see all the cool sites, also it is always so much down there - like shopping, going out to eat, and many other things. I also like Youth World beacuse of the huge collisum we get to run in.

Who taught you to ride? Bob McKnight Your goals after high school? Go to collage and be an Equine Chiropractor Favorite subject in school? Science Any advice to fellow barrel racers? Always keep your head up and always treet your horse with respect even if you didnt have a good run. Also to never give up and to ALWAYS have fun!

Clint is a graduate of East Central High School. His parents are Terrie VanVolkenburgh and respectively Joe Trentman. He has grown up in the horse world, both parents have rode almost all their life...Clint's grandfather as some of you may remember was the late Terry VanVolkenburgh, who would run up and down the fences when his daughters would run barrels. Clint began barrel racing at the age of 4 with a pony, then went on to particpate in Jr. Rodeo and his favorite event was the sheep riding, hard to believe he is now a barrel racer. He has won the Ohio Youth NBHA and Indiana Youth and Open NBHA , he has also won the Congress youth barrel four times, and was runner up in the Congress Sweepstakes. He placed at Josey Jr. world numerous times, and won the NBHA Youth World 1D in 2006. He loves to barrel race and is now trying his hand at the futurities. In Clint's spare time he mows grass for a part time job and is also very active in his church where he and his cousins are bible school helpers. Clint also volunteers one day a week at a school in Cincinatti where he spends time tutoring other kids in reading.

Hope we don't have to get Noah's Ark out.... Enjoy !!!


Went and visited my 93 year old grandpa on way to state show !!! He used to come watch me every year!!!

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News Provided By: Barb Ruwe & Bryan McDonald

Cowboy Mounted Shooting Raw Horsepower - Hard Ridin’ - Straight Shootin’ Photo provided by Mr Quigley Photography WWW.MR QUIGLEY PHOTOGRAPHY. com;

1st Ohio Cowboy Mounted Shooters Hey...Hey...Hey! The Midwest Region was a HUGE SUCCESS! The 1st Ohio members and volunteers worked together to produce a fantastic, fun shoot at Circle G Arena in Lewisburg, Ohio. Results will show you what you missed if you didn’t get to attend! Fabulous awards were presented to all of our winners! Fagaly &Son Feed in Miamitown, Ohio along with Tribute Feeds sponsored our 6 Senior Division Montana Silver Smith Buckles. Open Division Buckles were sponsored by 1st Ohio CMSA, Circle G Arena, Dan & Connie App and the Northern Ohio Outlaws CMSA. In all, Awards and CASH prizes totaling over $5000 were paid out to the Champions of the Midwest Region! We THANK each of you for coming and look forward to seeing you again next year! The Demo that 1st Ohio members produced at the Hamilton County 4-H Fair in Ross, Ohio only left the crowd wanting more!!! We even had 2 Celebrity shooters, Tonya Horvath the 4-H Livestock Director of Hamilton County, Ohio shot for the very first time and had a Bang-Up time. Tonya even shot all her balloons...

Come and join us at the next shoot in Miamitown, Ohio at the Gymkhana Arena on Friday-August 23 for a DWPQ and a 4 stage DWPQ on Saturday-August 24th and we will be shooting on August 25th too! Check out the details on Location,location,location...we will be shooting at the Warren County Fairgrounds in Lebanon, Ohio in September! Happy “August 31st” Birthday’s to Marsha Butler and Arthur Ashcraft! we celebrate at the Gymkhana Shoot the weekend before!

Rusty Wayne of Wayne Pole Buildings (provider of the jumps for the 4-H’rs Horse show) rode Bobby Ruwe’s horse Rugged Slider and shot his balloons. Rusty decided shooting was toooo much fun and professed he WILL be back, after some practice!

If you are interested in Mounted Shooting, don’t delay, call today and get the information you need to ‘come on down’. We would like to meet you and help you get started! 513.479.5984

Thanks to all the Shooters and the Volunteers for putting together a fun night at the Fair! The crowd of spectators watching had so much fun, they all wanted the shooters back again the next night!

Got News>>Shoot it to me! Buckskin Barbee

Shotgun Results: 1. Philip Webb, 2. Connie Ricketts. Rifle Results: 1. Chris Heald, 2. Terry Martin. AQHA Results: 1. Joyce Nelson & Im Smokey Eyed 2. Terry Martin & Isabelle Busy Twist Midwest Region Overall & Cowboy Champion Tony Ruper Reserve Overall & Cowboy Terry Martin. Cowgirl Champion Dawn Smitley, Reserve Cowgirl Joyce Nelson Division Winners: Limited Cowboy Fred Conniff Limited Cowgirl Andrea Imler. Express Cowboy Brian Jones Express Cowgirl Stacy Westfall Master Cowboy Tony Ruper Master Cowgirl Dawn Smitley Sr. Limited Cowboy John North Sr. Limited Cowgirl Pam Cornett Sr. Express Cowboy Bud Warrington Sr. Express Cowgirl Marcy Luttrell Sr. Master Cowboy Terry Martin Sr. Master Cowgirl Joyce Nelson Wrangler Limited winner: Emma Morey

Class Winners: Cowgirls Level 1- Candice Conniff Level 2- Andrea Imler Level 3- Dawn Wright Level 4- Stacy Westfall Level 5- Laura Wilson Level 6- Dawn Smitley Cowboys Level 1- Fred Conniff Level 2- Dennis Clevenger Level 3- Dale Sowards Level 4- Brian Jones Level 5- Mark Wright Level 6- Tony Ruper Page 44

Senior Cowgirls Holly Corbett Pam Cornett Marcy Luttrell Connie Ricketts Joyce Nelson Senior Cowboys John North Bud Warrington Greg Couch Terry Martin

CMSA News 1st Ohio CMSA Picture Reel Pictures by Joe Kemper

1st Ohio CMSA CALENDAR OF EVENTS: 8/23/2013



8/31/2013 9/14/2013 9/15/2013

Summer Fun in Miamitown 3 stage DWPQ, Time TBA Miamitown, OH Joyce Mingus Nelson 513-255-1011 Rob Hubert Memorial Shoot 1st Shot 10:00 am Miamitown, OH Joyce Mingus Nelson 513-255-1011 Hot Fun in Miamitown 1st Shot 10:00 am Miamitown, OH Joyce Mingus Nelson 513-255-1011 CMSA Scully Western Championship & NAB Meeting (Las Veges, NV) Run for the Money Warren Cnty Fairgrounds-Lebanon, OH Wire to Wire Warren Cnty Fairgrounds-Lebanon, OH Visit for more information

Indiana Rough Riders

Howdy! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Hope to see you at a shoot soon! Keep those cylinders a spinnin’ and God Bless! Bryan McDonald, Indiana Rough Riders President Page 45


Barks N Bits w/ Bella

Barks N Bits

Miss Maybelline)

with our favorite Jack Russel Terrier...


I Got My Vacation After All I think the lady of the house felt a little guilty leaving us here last month. Remember, I told you she was gone and we were all happy to see her when she got home? Well, we all needed a vacation after that! Time for the lake! A well deserved vacation for yours truly, I must say. I included a few pictures of

me and my friend, Maybelline, enjoying some sunshine. I think Miss Maybelline liked the lake. She didn’t whine at all on the boat (like she tends to do most of the time everywhere else.....she’s a little needy.) She even went swimming in her cute little life vest like mine. She can doggie paddle pretty well for a beginner.

Photos by: Christa Conway & Sam Tolbert I did get a chuckle out of her enjoying the boat ride. She does have some ears, you know! Boy, were they blowing in the wind! I have to admit it was pretty cute, but I’m glad I don’t have that problem. We had a great time chasing butterflies and even a few cats. I felt kind of bad about the incident with Freckles last year, so I didn’t take Miss Maybelline on any crazy chases over any cliffs. She wandered off enough on her own to keep the people busy. Needless to say, the family enjoyed getting away together and we left Freckles and Duke at home this time to watch over the farm. I did have a chance to do a little research this past month. I found out that there really are doctors that do plastic surgery on pets.... google it.....unbelievable, that’s all I’ll say about that.


I also found out who “Rosie the Riveter” was - as well as Winston Churchill. (You should already know...but if you don’t, you may want to google them too.) Lastly, I checked into the reality TV. I think I’ll just write a book. What do you think?



Until next month, I’m loving google!!!


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Winner of the GRADE 1 SAM HOUSTON FUTURITY w/earnings of $169,524.


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IJRA Rodeo News Story provided by: Rachel Thomas

Photos provided by IJRA

Meet Team Indiana! This month features some of the Cinch Jr. High Division contestants that competed with Team Indiana this year as well as made the trip out to the Jr. High Nationals Finals in Gallup, NM at the end of June. Team Indiana ended up Reserve Champions in the Tug of War competition as well as having many personal bests, trips back to the short go, an elected National Vice President, and one members became the Rookie Cowboy for the Cinch Jr. High Division in 2013. Meet just a few members of Team Indiana and hear what they had to say about the Gallup, MN trip and their year as Team Indiana members. We currently have a new website Visit our website for our 2013-2014 schedule, contact information, and for updates on IJRA.

Abbi White

I’ve been in the Indiana Junior High Division for 2 years, this year I made it in light rifle. It was a long trip down to New Mexico, this year my sister and I both qualified so that added to the excitement! I want to thank my parents for letting me be a part of the Junior High Division and IJRA, it was an amazing experience to be a part of something so great. Congratulations to everyone on the Indiana team who worked hard to get to finals, and everyone who made it to the short go, also congratulations to Grace Hasler on being nominated our national student Vice President. I have enjoyed the opportunity to make it to nationals and have set goals to get there for next season in Iowa.

Olivia White

Well what can I say about my experience in Gallop, New Mexico???? Well my experience in Gallop, New Mexico was amazing!!! This was my first

Page 48

year in Cinch and I made it in light rifle shooting and ribbon roping. It was a great experience to go out there and be a part of the Indiana team. I want to Congratulate Anna Dietrich along with tucker O’Neil for making it to the short go and Grace Hasler for being our National Secretary and now our National Vice President. I would like to thank the whole Cinch team, Rena Johnson for being really supportive to me, Sydney Hurley for inspiring me to get better and work hard and Kyle Mackey for being my Ribbon Roping partner, I had a great experience with him and ribbon roping. Along with my great family they have been so supportive, especially my Mom, Dad, and sister Abbi White, along with my best friend Elise Bittinger. They were with me and had my back. I had a great time down there. I had a lot of Hawaiian shaved ice and concession stand food with Roy’s Lemonade but it was so good!!!! I really hope I make again next year.

IJRA News Addie Keller

This year’s Gallup, NM trip was one I will never forget. Since it was my 8th grade year, I tried to make it the best trip yet. Nationals is always a great way to meet new people, and see new things. I made sure to do a lot of that this year! Even though it is a very enjoyable trip, we all need to realize what a great opportunity it really is. I’m proud to say that I competed in the Jr. High National Finals. It was an experience that I will remember forever.

Kyle Mackey

I had a great time this year at the Cinch National Finals Rodeo in Gallup NM. I qualified in Chute Dogging, Team Roping, Calf Roping and Ribbon Roping. I did not do as well as I would have liked to but I did better than the past two years. Our Indiana team did really well this year. I would like to thank my family and sponsors for helping me get out there.

Brandon Tolbert

I competed at the Cinch Junior High National Finals competing in bull riding and boys break away roping. I’ve been in Cinch for 2 years but this was my first trip to the National Finals. It was a whole different experience than the rodeos back home because their were so many more competitors. What I enjoyed the most about Nationals was all the great stock that the contractors brought for us to be able to compete and meeting new people from all over the United States as well as Canada and Australia. I would like to thank God for helping provide the opportunity, strength and talent to be able to compete at this level. I would also like to thank my parents, friends and family that supported me when many people thought I was crazy to want to rodeo.

Jenna Byers

This was my first and final year of CINCH and I’m looking forward to moving on to High

School Rodeo in the fall. I competed in barrel racing, pole bending and goat tying. My greatest achievement throughout my rodeo career thus far is my horse, Socket. Socket had zero rodeo experience when I started working with him less than a year ago….. and while he still isn’t turning in winning times quite yet, he is turning in consistent runs each and every time. My next goal is to take him to the next level speed wise and see where we go from there. I would like to thank all of those who have given me pointers and assistance throughout the year. I would also like to thank my Dad for spending so much time hauling to and from the rodeos and supporting me. Plus, my Mom for always being there showing me support and giving me positive encouragement.

Evan DuBois

With Cinch JHNFR 2013, I completed my third year as a Cinch team member. My events were lite rifle shooting and boys breakaway roping. My goals for this season were to qualify to compete in national finals. This year in rodeo, I learned that I had the skills and desire I needed to make it to nationals. I had my best breakaway run ever in my first go at finals, needless to say I was really nervous and excited at the same time. I finished 71st out of 147 in breakaway. Because of the strong winds and the sand getting into my gun, I didn’t shoot as well as I would’ve liked, but I still had fun. I would have to say the most memorable parts were sitting around a camp fire after every performance. The most fun I have had this season was the truck ride to finals. I would like to thank my father Darren DuBois for always getting me called in on time for all of my rodeos and for paying all of my entry fees. I would also like to thank Cory Griffiths for letting me rope on his wonderful horse all year long, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them both. I would also like to thank Mike Mackey for hauling me to nationals and back home. Also, I would like to thank the Oswalt family for the time they took to coach me. I would not be able to do as well as I do without any of you. Finally, I want to thank my generous donors, Food & Fuel Quick Mart of Hartford City, Mr. Dan and Dr. Helen Borgenheimer, and Keplinger Funeral Home.

Anna Dietrich

This was my last year traveling to Gallup, New Mexico. As I move up to high school I can take all the memories that were made in my 3 years at the NJHFR with me. I met so many amazing people and I’m thankful to have such a great opportunity. I had so much fun in the rodeo arena and out. When the week came to and end it was disappointing to know I wouldn’t be back to Gallup, but hopefully I get the chance to go to Wyoming as well. I pulled out with 3 buckles and many unforgettable memories.

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Rodeo News from the

Indiana High School Rodeo Association

The 2013 National High School Finals Rodeo (NHSFR) has come to an end. Indiana was well represented; it’s not easy competing in the world’s largest rodeo. The event is not only about competition in the arena but meeting new friends and learning from each other. Competing against 1,400 contestants from 41 states, 5 Canadian provinces, and Australia, the top 4 contestants in each event from their state or provinces were fighting for a national title. Indiana had some close finishes at the NHSFR. The Indiana High School Rodeo Queen, Camrie Goodson placed 18th out 40 in the national queen contest. Her speech titled: ‘Rodeo Mom’ received 7th place and she also had the 7th highest test score covering the NHSFR rule book. The Queen candidates not only compete in four areas: horsemanship, rule book test, speech/modeling and impromptu question, they sell 50/50 raffle tickets at each rodeo event (there are 12 total rodeos in one week), sign autographed pictures, assist with the special needs Rodeo event and participate in four Grand entries. The Queens are actively involved in promoting the sport of rodeo the entire week. In the Breakaway Roping event, Bre Belden did a great job and was closest to making the short go placing 25th and the rest of the team placing 39, 64, and 122. Indiana had two contestants in the Cutting event: Adam Egger placing 63rd in the Boy’s cutting, and Jessie Hoagland placing 35th in the Girl’s cutting. In the Barrel Racing event Indiana contestants placed 102,109, 141, and 143. In the Goat Tying event, we about had another short go qualifier, Katie George placed 29 and the rest of the team placing 107 and 149. In the

Page 50

Pole Bending event, Indiana contestants placed 67, 108, 119, and 166. In the Steer Wrestling event the Barricklow Brothers, Cord and Strand, placed 85th and 106. In the Tie-down Roping event, Indiana contestants placed 68th, 75th, 108, and 117. There was tough luck in the Team Roping with only two Indiana teams making qualifying runs placing 58th and 68th. There were no qualified rides in the rough-stock end of the arena; team Indiana still gave 100% in the Bull Riding, Saddle Bronc, and Bareback. Indiana was well represented in the National Rifle Association (NRA) shooting sports with all four of the trap and light rifle shooters holding their own. Jacob Burke placed the highest for Indiana in the trap completion and Michael Shreeve placed in the top twenty in the light rifle. During the entire week of the NHSFR there are many other fun activities going on besides the rodeo. There was a volleyball tournament, knowledge bowl, golf tournament, clinics, and a contestant dance every night. It is an honor to qualify and compete at the National High School Finals Rodeo. Give all these cowboys and cowgirls a big hand; they traveled many miles to compete in the world’s largest rodeo representing the Hoosier State. The Indiana High School Rodeo Association is saddling up to start a new season. Our first rodeo is August 24 & 25 in Greenville, Indiana in Hancock County! Come join us! If you are interested in joining the IHSRA visit our website at for more information. Feel free to join the IHSRA on Facebook! Miss Indiana High School Rodeo Queen 2013-2014 Camrie Goodson

Visit us online:

1812 E. 53rd St. Anderson, IN (765) 642-3911 • (888) 353-0550

This season, shop Cowpokes and for all your rodeo needs. From bling to boots, jeans to tack, we’ve got it all!

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w/ Christa Conway

I attended a funeral/memorial recently. During the service, one of the men speaking compared the deceased to a dandelion. At first I was amazed. I was thinking to myself...”of all the flowers to be compared to, he chose a dandelion?” I had a preconcieved notion as to what dandelions are and might represent. At first, I thought this was a really poor choice of flower to use for comparison. Boy was I wrong. You see, he went on to talk about the dandelion in ways that can mirror us as humans. I’ll first share what he mentioned and then I’ll elaborate. The speaker mentioned how dandelions are actually very beautiful, bright and colorful flowers. Something he also mentioned (that I didn’t realize) about dandelions is that once they open to bloom, they stay open until they turn to seed (die.) When they go to seed they become a “puff ball” and the seed is then carried by the wind to distribute and plant new flowers in many new and different places. The speaker at the memorial compared the person who had passed to the dandelion in these ways. This person had always been very open and available for friends and though now deceased, there were seeds planted through friendships in many places that will carry on a memory. “OK, I get it.” I thought to myself. But then my mind got to wandering and I thought.....”but, there is so much more there to elaborate!” We are all like dandelions. One thing that comes to my mind is that dandelions are everywhere. (At least in my!) We take for granted the beauty because there are so many. Most often we look at them as a nuisance or a weed. Very seldom do we take the time to study an individual dandelion. Of course, as kids, we probably appreciated them. I know I made necklaces and gave them to my mom as a present. I have also been on the receiveing end of that transaction with my own kids. I’ve watched them pick dandelions and make a bouquet for Grandma. Funny how things change as we get older. With dandelions as well as with people, we begin to take for granted the beauty of God’s creations. Unless we take the time to stop..... and really appreciate how beautiful they can

Page 52

be, we may miss something extraordinary.

everyday. We shouldn’t “look past” them.

Have you ever been driving down a road and caught a glimpse of a yellow ocean of dandelions covering a field in the early summer? I really didn’t expect something so common to catch my eye, but I specifically remember thinking to myself, “I can’t believe those are dandelions!”

I am guilty of this, I know it. It took a common yellow flower to remind me that I am like that flower....and so are the people I come in contact with each day. Common, yet not so common.

I guess I had somewhat of a preconcieved notion at that point as well....that dandelions are weeds and they couldn’t be “beautiful.” I think sometimes we have the same feeling towards our own brothers and sisters. Some we disregard, some we ignore, others we just take for granted. But shouldn’t we take the time with each person we come in contact with to appreciate them? To acknowledge them? Especially those who are a part of our lives

I have a choice. I can choose to appreciate those around me, even if they seem a “nuisance.” I can choose to take time to open myself up to those who need me. I can choose to be beautiful, bright and colorful (so to speak.) When I am gone and all that is left are “seeds” that I have planted, I hope there are plenty and that they are seeds that can be appreciated. Happy Trails & God Bless!


On the Trail

By Brother Brad Curtis of Mountain Top Cowboy Church

TRUE GRIT Rook stepped off the train We spotted him right away He’d joined up with the brand Wanted to cowboy for his pay

Rook got him a seat We all said that- a-boy Before you know it Rook You’ll be as good as ol’ Roy

Rook asked who’s H.S Paul said he’s your main teacher He sure knows his stuff But kind’of a ghostly creature

Boots, belt and buckle All were a perfect fit When he walked out Roy said hope you have some grit

Yep you could tell that Rook Had never seen a cow But he’d joined up So we’d learn him how

Now Roy was a top hand He said Rook your doin` fine In a week or so I’ll teach you Some tricks with a twine

H.S. hand Rook some saddlebags Said here is all need Now Rook go get change About time to go feed

Rook said thanks y’all Glad to be on the brand Now I’ve got my gear Ready to make a stand

The boys all said howdy Then shook his hand Paul said knew you were a dandy So welcome to the brand

As we rode across the spread We showed Rook the place He looked at its glory With big ol` smile on his face

Rook ran to the bunkhouse Went in and shut the door Opened those saddlebags Dumped it all on the floor

Ephesians 6:13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

We’d brought him a horse Rook said think I’ll walk Paul shook his head Said Rook we need to talk

When we got to the main house The owner was waitin` there Along with his only son At his right hand in a chair

Now Rook’s eyes lit up As he looked at the tack That ol` boy change into a cowhand Right there in that shack

I’ll teach you how to ride So take the reins in your hand Put one foot in stirrup Let’s ride out to the brand

It was then all the hands Let out one big cheer The owner said welcome H.S. has your gear

He had a new hat Then there was the vest A pair of wooly chaps Yep it all was the best

Bro Brad Curtis 4/12/2011

Former rodeo cowboy Brad Curtis of Vilonia, AR pastor of Mountain Top Cowboy Church in Heber Springs, AR and author of On The Trail “Christian cowboy poems and proverbs” as well as a new book “He Holds the Reins” available at Contact for book orders or for speaking engagements - Bro. Brad Curtis, Vilonia, AR Copyright 2011-2013

One Last (& most important) thought… Salvation is a gift and a choice......

Read past issues of our Christian Cowboy Collection and the Christian Barrel Racer’s Newsletter at the website below!

Jesus died on the cross as the final sacrifice. When He was resurrected on the 3rd day, he defeated Satan for us. All we have to do is believe that He beat death and acknowledge it with our words. If we believe that and accept Him as our personal savior…we are promised eternal life with Him in Heaven. You can’t earn your way into Heaven; you have to believe your way there. So many people think they “aren’t good enough” to get to Heaven… But… Salvation is a GIFT from God and you don’t earn a gift. Gifts are something someone gives to you and for the gift to be yours, you have to accept it. All we have to do is accept that wonderful gift. I know I have…won’t you? But the gift is not like the trespass. For if the many died by the trespass of the one man, how much more did God’s grace and the gift that came by the grace of the one man, Jesus Christ, overflow to the many. Romans 5:15

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved. Romans 10: 9-10


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$25 nth Mo



TELEPHONE: (812) 754-0341


FAX: (812) 754-1611


Annie Ryan DiMeglio

Owner ~ Business Manager


2943 N. SLAB RD.

$2 5 Ye 0 ar

AUSTIN, IN 47102

Equine Health Products Phone: 888-711-6218 760-751-8988 FRONT (coated bleed) 10115 Covey Lane Escondido, CA 92026

Work & Western


1812 E. 53rd St. / Anderson, IN 46013 765-642-3911 / FAX: 765-642-3962 LOCATED INSIDE COWPOKES TOLL FREE: 1-888-353-0550 765-622-0818 EMAIL: Fax: 765-608-5176

Page 54

e c i Pr ced! Horse Farm u 00 Within 5 miles of Hoosier Park d e R $299,0

Covered shavings bin, room for more stalls, outdoor arena, etc Reduced to $299,000

Call for more information or to set up an appointment: (765) 760-3792 Page 55

CLASSIFIED ADS List your ad here and it goes on web site too!!

CLASSIFIED AD RATES All Rates are for 2 months

40 Word Ad-includes 1 color photo....$35 each additional word........................$.20

Call for details!




TRAILERS Bluegrass Truck & Trailer Sales Scottsville, KY

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(270)622-4000 Cell Phone: 270-622-1794

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Platinum Coach/Outlaw Conversions and Shadow A variety of new and used trailers to meet your wants and needs. 2+1’s, Stock Trailers, Bumper pulls, Reverse Loads, Bunk bed trailers, weekenders 877-432-2772

For Sale:

Indiana Bred & Sired Filly

15 yr. old, Black Reg. AQHA Mare. Does all contesting classes and Cowboy Mounted Shooting. Has been used to gather cattle, Great trail horse. Bathes, clips, loads and stands for the farrier with no problem. Call Bryan McDonald (765) 561-3148 Connersville In.

Royal Quick Charm x daughter of Runaway Winner Super sweet filly, halter broke, has been clipped and trimmed. He has been handled daily. Born 1/3/2012. Picture at 4 months. Come take a look. We have several Indiana Bred/Sired Yearlings for sale. 765-748-6806 or

Murphy Trailer Sales Crawfordsville, IN

Toll Free 1-800-939-7288


An affordable way to have your stallion seen by thousands every month!

Sixes Liaison SI102

AQHA Gray Stallion Winner of Grade 1 Sam Houston Futurity! $169,524 Sixes Royal X Streakin Liaison by Streakin LaJolla Considerations to Proven/Multiple Mares Eligibilities: QHRAI SSA, IQHRA, FQHRA, GLQHA, Adding more, watch for updates! Indiana Sire Stud Fee: $750 Contact: VC Ranch (765) 748-6806

Your Stallion

One handsome Bay Stallion Whos Your Daddy X One Hot Mama X Big Daddy Sired by Winners, Sire of Winners Want A Winner? Breed to this guy Stud Fee: Special Deals (###) ###-###

$25 per month OR SAVE $50 on 1 Year for only $250! 765-744-7363 or

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Indiana Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association - ITOBA NEWS Steve Heuertz photo




Owners & Breeders


INDIANA FALL MIXED SALE October 20th, 2013 Indiana State Fairgrounds - Indianapolis, Indiana

Photo by: Steve Heuertz

Entry Fee: $350 per horse Entry Deadline: August 20th, 2013 Jockey Club Papers - Deadline - Sept 23 Coggins - Deadline - Sept 23 EVA - Deadlline - Sept 23 Health Certificate - Required

For complete list of sale’s rules and requirements as well as a printable entry form,

visit Indiana Downs to Test New Racing Schedule - Shelbyville Track Seeks to Broaden Market Horizons SHELBYVILLE, Ind.; July 22, 2013 – On Sept. 2, 2013 Indiana Downs will transition from a 6:00 p.m. first post to 1:55 p.m. EST. Racing will follow the existing Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday schedule with the exception of an earlier first post. The new schedule will remain in effect until closing day Oct. 19. The schedule change will be implemented in an effort to gather market data and discover Indiana Downs’ optimal position in the national horse racing market. Race date requests for the 2014 meet are due by Nov. 1 of this year and will establish Indiana Downs’ 2014 meet. Indiana Downs’ officials seek to utilize this short window of time to gather empirical data and Phone: 800-450-9895

compare scheduling options. With the advent of an all Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse meet, a continuous 2013 schedule, and the increased interest in Indiana horse racing, Indiana Downs management seeks to establish its evolving racing product in the most advantageous market possible; for fans, horsemen, and athletes alike. During the seven weeks of afternoon post times Indiana Downs’ performance will be evaluated on many different levels such as: competitiveness of Indiana Downs product, guest feedback, and cohesiveness. The ultimate goal is to cultivate a fair comparison between alternate schedules and market shares in order to deliver the best racing product possible in the coming years. Indiana Downs secured this opportunity as the least invasive time period for gathering information. While many factors have not yet been addressed, it is in Indiana Downs’ interest to promptly secure an optimum performance plan for many years to come. Fax: 317-755-1320 Page 57

ITOBA NEWS - Indiana Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association “We are committed to offering our fans, both locally and nationally, the best and most competitive racing experience possible,” said Jon Schuster Indiana Downs’ vice president and general manager of racing. “In order to accomplish this now and in the future we need to explore various options concerning the times of day and days of the week we race. Currently all live racing in Indiana is conducted at night. The end of meet post time change is a relatively short and proactive approach to gathering important information. Ultimately, our goal is to place ourselves in the best possible position for our fans and the racing industry.”

New Graded Stakes Profiles Introduced on Equibase Company LLC has introduced Graded Stakes Profiles in the Stats Central section on These free profiles are available for every graded stakes in North America and include details of the race’s history back to 1976. Each profile lists the winning connections of each running of the race as well as the specific conditions of that year’s edition including the name of the race, host track, grade, purse and distance. Links to charts and replays are available from 1991 and 2007, respectively. Interesting facts such as the fastest winning time and the biggest margin of victory in the modern history (from 1976 to present) of the race are also included. “Fans now have easy access to the detailed history of the best races in North America in one central location within Stats Central,” said Rhonda Norby, Marketing and Communications Manager for Equibase Company. “It is a treasure trove of information because every winning horse, trainer, jockey and owner listed within those pages are active links to that individual’s profile page.” Graded Stakes listed throughout are now links to that race’s specific profile. The Graded Stakes Profiles are also searchable on the site and provide upcoming race information, including stakes nominations and handicap weights if available, once entries have been drawn for the race. The profiles are the latest addition to the Stats Central section of, which includes expanded horse, jockey, trainer, owner and track profiles. Equibase Company is a partnership between subsidiaries of The Jockey Club and the Thoroughbred Racing Associations of North America and serves as the Thoroughbred industry’s official database. Through its website, mobile platform and mobile applications, Equibase offers a comprehensive menu of wagering products, statistical information and video race replays in support of the North American Thoroughbred racing industry. Additional information is available at

Churchill Downs Presents More than $100,000 in Charitable Donations to Horses & Hope, Dare to Care by John Asher | Churchill Downs Communications Release Representatives of the breast cancer outreach organization Horses & Hope and Louisville’s Dare to Care food bank accepted charitable donations totaling more than $100,000 from Churchill Downs Racetrack Phone: 800-450-9895 Page 58

(“CDRT”) on Sunday, June 30 as the historic track wrapped-up its 38day Spring Meet. The funds presented to organizations were generated during Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks Week activities. The donation checks to Horses & Hope and Dare to Care were presented in the track’s winner’s circle following Sunday’s fourth race. A check for $30,000 was presented to Horses & Hope, an initiative led by Kentucky First Lady Jane Beshear and a women’s health care partner with Churchill Downs in the celebration of Kentucky Oaks Day for the past five years. The Churchill Downs contribution, which was accepted by Connie Sorrell of the Kentucky Cancer Program and a member of the First Lady’s “Pink Team,” represents $1 from each on-track sale on Kentucky Oaks Day of the “Oaks Lily,” the signature drink of the Oaks. With the 2013 donation, Churchill Downs has donated $150,000 to Horses & Hope during its five-year Kentucky Oaks partnership. Dare to Care was the recipient of a the majority of an overall donation of $72,460 from the fourth annual “Taste of Derby Presented by Stella Artois” celebration in the North Wing Lobby of Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center on Thursday, May 2. The celebration of racing cuisine, celebrity and style attracted more than 1,500 patrons. CEO Brian Riendeau accepted a check for $41,260 from Dana Johnson, Churchill Downs Incorporated’s (“CDI”) Senior Director of Corporate Responsibility. That is Dare to Care’s share of the overall “Taste of Derby” donation. The remaining $31,200 in charitable funds generated by the event was divided among its nearly 20 participating chefs, and those funds will be donated to hunger relief programs in their respective cities. Churchill Downs, the world’s most legendary racetrack, has conducted Thoroughbred racing and presented America’s greatest race, the Kentucky Derby, continuously since 1875. Located in Louisville, the flagship racetrack of Churchill Downs Incorporated (NASDAQ: CHDN) also operates Trackside at Churchill Downs, which offers year-round simulcast wagering at the historic track. Churchill Downs will conduct the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby on May 3, 2014 and its 2013 Spring Meet is scheduled continues through Sunday, June 30. The track has hosted the Breeders’ Cup World Championships a record eight times. Information about Churchill Downs can be found on the Internet at

Thoroughbred Charities of America Awards Over $500,000 in Grants LEXINGTON, Ky. – Thoroughbred Charities of America (TCA) announced today grants totaling $502,058 have been awarded to 72 Thoroughbred industry-related non-profits that work to uphold TCA’s mission. TCA distributes grants to several categories of Thoroughbred industry related nonprofits including rescue, rehabilitation and adoption organizations as well as education and backstretch programs, therapeutic riding programs and research organizations. Grant applications for the 2014 grant cycle will be available on in early January. Fax: 317-755-1320

Indiana Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association - ITOBA NEWS “Thanks to the continued support of our generous donors TCA is once again able to provide financial assistance to many worthy charities”, said TCA President Dan Rosenberg. “TCA believes strongly in being a good steward of the donations entrusted to us and as such we take very seriously our disbursement of grants.” More than 200 Thoroughbred-related charities have received a grant from TCA since its inception in 1990. TCA grants funds to organizations that successfully meet the criteria set forth in its annual grant application. TCA formally affiliated with the Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association (TOBA) in 2008 and is now the charitable arm of the organization. TCA’s affiliation with TOBA has allowed TCA to further expand its national reach and provides the continuity needed to carry on its mission into the future. TCA’s mission is to provide a better life for Thoroughbreds, both during and after their racing careers by supporting rescue, retirement and research and by helping the people who work with them.

From 2000-2011, more than 95% of TCA’s expenditures were allocated to program services including direct grants. TCA’s primary fundraiser is its annual Stallion Season Auction held each winter in Lexington, Ky. Donations to TCA are always accepted and can be made in the form of cash donations or as donations in lieu of flowers, birthday gifts or other occasions. To make a donation please visit


Thoroughbred Leaders at INDIANA DOWNS From 04/23/2013 To 07/23/2013

Current Meet Leading Jockeys Jockey Sts 1st 2nd 3rd Win% $% Purses Malcolm Franklin 376 87 43 58 23 50 $1,611,820 Fernando De La Cruz 312 47 51 41 15 45 $997,317 Rodney A. Prescott 276 36 43 43 13 44 $782,137 Albin Jimenez 260 30 38 29 12 37 $626,798 Dylan Davis 201 30 25 24 15 39 $683,023 Chris Landeros 179 25 22 28 14 42 $673,021 Marlon St. Julien 233 24 23 23 10 30 $680,821 Marcelino Pedroza 112 21 15 16 19 46 $485,264 Orlando Mojica 133 18 16 14 14 36 $471,146 Perry Wayne Ouzts 157 16 18 15 10 31 $299,386 Phone: 800-450-9895

Current Meet Leading Trainers Trainer Sts 1st 2nd 3rd Win% $% Purses Thomas M. Amoss 93 37 14 12 40 68 $711,693 R. Gary Patrick 184 26 27 29 14 45 $528,992 Michael E. Lauer 84 16 5 8 19 35 $548,423 Ronald G. Brown 87 15 10 11 17 41 $178,101 Marvin A. Johnson 78 15 9 7 19 40 $295,887 Barbara I. McBride 82 13 14 8 16 43 $291,433 Larry W. Holt 47 11 3 4 23 38 $197,958 Cindy Huber 43 10 9 8 23 63 $237,662 Kim Hammond 55 10 7 4 18 38 $174,318 Kellyn Gorder 28 10 5 3 36 64 $244,922

Current Meet Horse Sts 1st 2nd Platinum Blue 4 Ms. Smitty 5 Hersilia 5 Father John 5 Forever Sure 4 Moments Notiz 4 Gloomy Gus 4 Pucker Up Phyllis 5 Dynamic Balance 6 Rivertown Belle 3

Leading Horses 3rd Win% $% Purses 4 0 0 100 100 $64,500 3 0 2 60 100 $108,694 3 0 1 60 80 $55,092 3 0 0 60 60 $20,600 3 0 0 75 75 $54,752 3 0 0 75 75 $40,751 2 2 0 50 100 $28,400 2 1 2 40 100 $16,200 2 1 1 33 67 $15,260 2 1 0 67 100 $112,200 Fax: 317-755-1320 Page 59

Page 60

Subscription Form 1 Year Subscription Rates US Residents Outside US


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The Horse Resource 12601 S. CR 200 W. Muncie, IN 47302 .......or go on-line to order your subscription

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Trailer Sales

3000 Industrial Boulevard Crawfordsville, IN 47933


866-553-6866 | 574-357-0030 | 574-457-0031 (fax) | w w

Design by: Christa Conway @ The Horse Resource

Hoosier Horse Trailers | 72298 SR 13 North | Syracuse, IN 46567

Bruce Murphy, Rob King & Brice Murphy Toll Free: 800.939.7288 Phone: 765.361.8803

866-553-6866 | 574-357-0030 | 574-457-0031 (fax) | w w

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Hoosier Horse Trailers | 72298 SR 13 North | Syracuse, IN 46567

Mystery of the Month

Our Mystery Cowgirl this month is shown riding three different horses over the a perios of time. Her parents are still involved in the barrel racing scene these days and so is she. She can be seen riding or coaching her son. (And he really resembles his mom!) If you know the identity of our Mystery Cowgirl, be the first to send us an email or give us a call with the correct answer to win your choice of a one year subscription to The Horse Resource, a “Horsey Hat” or a “Horsey-T.”

Call 765-744-7363

or email with your answer! Good luck!

Mystery Solved.....

We had a hard time coming up with a name for the cute new addition. We thought about “Smitty” (Ft. Smith reference) but that didn’t stick. “Peaches,” since she came to us from Georgia. Nope. Since we had a winner last month and no one took a shot at the details to our photo, we decided to fill you in on the significance and details. The photo was taken of “Bella” on the day we picked her up. Bella is actually a Georgia peach, but we didn’t pick her up in Georgia. We were at the Old Fort Days Futurity in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The picture was taken on the bleachers and Bella is posing in Vick’s hat.

So, it came down to a name game. We began rambling off the names of horses that were doing well that year (I believe it was 2004.) One name stood out to us. The horse was ridden by Cody Bauserman and the name was “Bellafous.” That name seemed unique enough. (And of course, Bella - for short - means beautiful!) And so the story of how “Bella” got her name. She is actually named after a horse.......of course.

We Need Your Pictures From the Past..... We have almost ran out of photos!.....Please send us your older photos of horsemen and women (and kids) that are still active in the horse business today. Or if you have pictures of a well known horse or event....that will mix things up a bit. We’re up for some new mysterys if you are!! Keep sending us those photos!! Send via email to or mail to 12601 S CR 200 W Muncie, IN 47302

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The “Fast” Horse Resource 12601 S CR 200 W. Muncie, IN 47302



Equine Sports Medicine Clinic

“Thank you to all our customers and supporters!” We are proud to announce that we have moved to a new and improved location to better serve our customers and equine patients!

Our new location features: • • • • • • •

Clinic located just 1 ½ miles from I-69 from exit 34, with easier access for big trailers 4 wash bays/crosstie areas plus separate stocks 5 – 10 x 12 rubber matted stalls Rubber flooring throughout clinic including indoor hinging area Waiting area with plenty of seating for customers Small animal clinic in front of building [not open yet] Concrete circular access and parking lot

Keep your horse at his competitive best! Call Dr. King today for an appointment! Clinic: 765-378-0382 Cell: 765-760-3792

King Vet Service

9100 South CR 800 West Daleville, IN 47334

Now located on the corner of 800 West and State Road 67 in Daleville, IN

Directions from I-69: Take exit 34, go east for 1 ½ miles to 800 West turn south [rt.] on 800 West and King Vet Clinic is Tan/brick building immediately on the left Page 64

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The "Fast" Horse Resource August 2013

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The "Fast" Horse Resource August 2013