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The Man from Coxs River - a new Australian Feature Documentary to World Premiere @ The Byron Bay International Film Festival, March 9. see story page 3

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Olympic champion, Charlotte Dujardin will be a special guest at this year’s EQUITANA Melbourne.

Dressage superstar heads to Melbourne One of the superstars of the dressage world will be a special guest of EQUITANA Melbourne this year. Charlotte Dujardin is the golden girl of equestrian sports at just 28 - unbeatable and taking the world one championship at a time, including two gold medals at the 2012 Olympic Games. Together with Carl Hester and Roly Luard’s Dutch bred gelding Valegro, they have danced their way into the record books, beating Dutch champion Edward Gal’s world record with an astounding 93.975%. Such scores virtually unheard of in dressage, as they verge on ultimate perfection as a partnership. For the first time, Ms Dujardin will come Downunder exclusively for EQUITANA Melbourne. Over four days, she will reunite with her former trainer, Judy Harvey , an accomplished international Grand Prix rider in her own right, selector for the UK Equestrian Team, and BBC commentator for the Olympic Games to present educational sessions and masterclasses both as a coach and a rider. She will also judge the inaugural show horse Equestrienne Turnout and Ms Harvey will be on the panel for the popular The Way Of The Horse Challenge, a

unique horse-starting challenge that showcases three of Australia’s leading trainers as they take an unhandled horse and make it a rideable equine companion over the EQUITANA event. “I am thrilled to be taking part in Equitana this year alongside Judy Harvey,” Charlotte said. “The event has risen to such recognition over the years and I’m privileged to join a long line of top dressage riders that have presented in the past and to be amongst our Australian supporters.” Charlotte Dujardin’s current coach Carl Hester, was also on the Gold medal winning British Team at London and was a star presenter at EQUITANA Sydney in 2012. EQUITANA Melbourne’s event director Rod Lockwood was thrilled to have had the opportunity to secure the pair. “It’s no mean feat trying to keep presenters fresh and current, and it becomes increasingly difficult to scout talent that we have not brought out before,” he said. EQUITANA Melbourne will take place from November 20-23 at the Melbourne Showgrounds, tickets are now on sale. For more information, visit

Kathryn Sullivan-Butt Internationally Trained & ASFA Qualified Saddle Fitter EA Level 1 Dressage Coach

Contact us: Tel: 0413 371 802

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Seriously important leather care products that protect your best saddle & tack

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Stud & Breeding feature

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Stud & Breeding feature

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Stud & Breeding feature

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Diet is crucial to growth of healthy foals Foals are born after a gestation period of approximately 11 months. Birth takes place quickly, consistent with the status of a horse as a prey animal, and more often at night than during the day. Foals are born with an ability to quickly escape from predators; normally a foal will stand up and nurse within the first hour after it is born, can trot and canter within hours, and most can gallop by the next day. A newborn foal's legs are almost as long (90%) as those of an adult horse. Healthy foals grow quickly and can put on up to three pounds or over a kilo a day. A sound diet improves growth and leads to a healthier adult animal, although genetics also plays a part. In the first weeks of life, the foal gets everything it needs from the mare's milk. Like a human infant, it receives nourishment and antibodies from the colostrum in milk that is produced within the first few hours or days following parturition. The mare needs additional water to help her produce milk for the foal and may benefit from supplementary nutrition. A foal will nurse for at least four months before being weaned when under human management and have been known to nurse for up to a year in the wild A foal may start to eat solids from 10 days of age, after eight to 10 weeks it will need more nutrition than the mare's milk can supply; supplementary feeding is required by then. It is important when adding solid food to the foal's diet to not feed the foal excessively

Kristen Bates-Taunton Ph: 07 5525 2337 Mob: 0417 425 881

Nutrition an diet are essential to the well-being of both foal and mare in the early stages following birth.

or feed an improperly balanced diet. This can trigger one of several possible growth disorders that can cause lifelong soundness problems. On the other hand, insufficient nutrition to mare or foal can cause stunted growth and other health problems for the foal as it gets older. It is typical for foals under human management to be weaned between four and six months of age, though under natural conditions, they may nurse for longer, occasionally until the following year when the mare foals again. A foal that has been weaned but is less than one year old is called a weanling. Mare's milk is not a significant source of nutrients for the foal after about four months, though it does no harm to a healthy

mare for a foal to nurse a month or two longer and may be of some psychological benefit to the foal. A mare that is both nursing and pregnant will have increased nutritional demands made upon her in the last months of pregnancy. Weanlings are not capable of reproduction. Puberty occurs in most horses during their yearling year. Therefore, some young horses are capable of reproduction prior to full physical maturity, though it is not common. Two-year-olds sometimes are deliberately bred, though doing so, particularly with fillies, may put undesirable stress on their stillgrowing bodies. As a general rule, breeding young horses prior to the age of three is considered undesirable.

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Stud & Breeding feature

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Breeders of quality Paints, Pintos and Quarter Ponies. At Stud Paint Stallion Double K Ultimate Grand Producer with quality foals over any breed of mare. 0450 370 404 Greenbank QLD 4124

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Stud & Breeding feature

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Dealing and caring for premature foals By DAVID LOVELL BVSc Redlands Veterinary Clinic Mares are starting to foal and fortunately the majority of owners wake up one morning and are presented with a normal healthy foal. The creator missed out a little when the horse was made and their reproductive system was left a little less than perfect. The mare can be difficult to get in foal in the first place but unfortunately, she is also quite prone to miscarriage and premature foals. By this time of the year there has already been a wave of actual abortions which is a common occurrence at about the seven month stage of pregnancy associated with an internal change in the hormonal control of pregnancy and at this stage, there is no hope of survival of the foetus. As the pregnancy progresses and the mare approaches term, another critical period in the gestation develops as the foal’s needs becomes much more demanding and not infrequently the mare is unable to sustain a


Mares can be difficult to get in foal but the majority of owners wake up to a healthy mare and foal.

normal healthy foetus and premature foaling can become a problem The first concept to understand is that the gestation period of a mare can be quite variable. The normal range is 320 – 360 days and so sometimes a foal can be born up to three weeks earlier than the generally accepted average period of 340 days and still be perfectly normal.

Springtime Park Opening Night

It is in this last six to eight weeks of pregnancy that premature foals are a possibility and often these foals are alive but premature and it is often possible to save many of these. Treatment and management of these early foals needs to be very intensive and aggressive and of necessity, can become extremely expensive. The foal is susceptible to many

complications and owners intending to attempt to salvage one of these foals need to have a long and frank discussion with their veterinarian before commencing. Nonetheless, it can be very rewarding to be involved in the treatment of such an individual. At this stage, I wanted to discuss more the situation of what an owner should consider if their mare begins to develop signs that may signal the possibility of an early foaling. Most commonly this includes the relatively early development of a large udder and possibly the presence of a vaginal discharge or streaming of milk from the udder. Such signs are extremely serious and the owner should immediately seek veterinary advice. The first, and in times gone by, most common cause was the presence of twins. With modern scanning and pregnancy testing methods, this is a lot less common but is still the first thing that should be considered. Â continued page 13


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Stud & Breeding feature

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? L A O F N I E R A M R U IS YO als? fo e sh n e h w re e th e b Do you want to

llbeing of your mare

nitor the health and we

be there and mo of products to help you FoalGuard off er a range and after birth. and foal before, during

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Test your mare’s colostrum to reduce the risk of FPT (Failure of Passive Transfer) which is the major cause of foal death under three months of age. Also, great for testing the quality of stored colostrum. Affordable, easy and accurate.

INFRARED NON-CONTACT THERMOMETER Just point and read. Ideal for fast non-invasive monitoring of temperature.

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Dealing with stillbirths and premature foaling care is required, and this is  from page 11 another story. The next most common cause is A little later in the year, the placental insufficiency. opposite problem is commonly This simply means that the encountered where the mare is mares/foal support system via considered to be going well over the uterus and placenta is just term. not functional enough to sustain In these cases, I advise the the extreme demands of the owner that as long as the mare is rapidly developing foal in the within three weeks of the last three months of pregnancy. expected date that they should This is much more common in not worry too much as this can horses that are older or have had be normal. several previous foals, but it The most important determinamay occur as a result of some tion in these cases is that the problem with any previous mare is actually pregnant and so pregnancy such as retained plaan examination is usually necescenta or post foaling infections. sary. Each year we see a number The uterus develops some fibroof mares with an enormous sis and scarring and so is not “grass belly” that actually are efficient enough to support a not pregnant and the frustrated subsequent pregnancy to term owners are waiting in vain. The third common cause is some A lot of owners put pressure on form of actual infection in the the veterinarian to induce the uterus. mare to foal when they are overThis can, in some cases, have Mares can be difficult to get in foal are are quite prone to stillbirths due. I usually counsel them to been present the whole pregnanor weak or premature foals wait and not interfere as unforcy from mating, but more fretunately artificially inducing the quently it is a result of vaginal mare to foal can lead to many foal in the first place and so the ment of the foal, the vet may contamination resulting from complications and so I prefer to drugs may only be prolonging scan the mare’s abdomen to look poor conformation and faecal allow nature to take it’s course. the inevitable. for a foetal heart beat. soiling as the weight of the pregIf the mare actually goes over There are no “blanket answers” Blood tests may be done to look nant uterus slowly pulls the 365 days, it is very likely that the and it is essential that each case for signs of inflammation and anus further forward and service dates are incorrect and is properly evaluated. Obviously infection and hormone assays increases the angle or slope of careful scrutiny of the records if the foal is born prematurely, can be very useful to establish the vagina. should be made. immediate and urgent intensive the viability of the pregnancy Pre-emptive treatment in mares and give some idea of prognosis whose perineal conformation for survival of the foal. may suggest a predisposition to If there is vaginal discharge, this this would be to perform a relamay be cultured to attempt to tively simple, but highly effecdetermine the bacteria causing tive operation known as the infection. “Caslick’s Procedure”. Treatment strategies can include In this, the lips of the vulva are the administration of antibiotics sutured closed to prevent vagiif infection is considered a possinal contamination. Obviously 433 Boundary Rd THORNLANDS this surgery needs to be reversed bility. It is a not uncommon FULL SERVICE EQUINE CLINIC practice in some mares considprior to foaling, but it can save “The Horse Hospital at Redlands” ered to have a predisposition to many pregnancies. infection, to administer antibiIf symptoms of a possible [preotics for days each month mature birth develop, the mare throughout the pregnancy. needs to be examined and assessed and an attempt made to The previously mentioned Caslick’s operation makes more reach some form of diagnosis as sense in an attempt to prevent to what the problem is and vaginitis in the first place. determine some idea of prognoWE DO IT ALL Usually altronogest, a synthetic sis. Obviously the first consider‡ CONSULTATIONS ‡ PODIATRY ‡ SURGERY ‡ PRE PURCHASE EXAMS progesterone hormone marketed ation is to determine the antici‡ INTENSIVE CARE ‡ DIAGNOSTICS as “Regumate”, or pated foaling date and just how Xrays ‡ DENTISTRY “Readyserve”, will be adminisearly the foal is. Ultrasounds ‡ REPRODUCTION tered, often at quite high dose The examination will also obviEndoscopy ‡ OPTHALMOLOGY Cardiology ‡ LAMENESS rates, and occasionally clenously include a normal clinical buterol, a smooth muscle relaxassessment of the mare and her Experience IS the Difference ant to obviate uterine contractemperature, pulse and respiraDr DAVID LOVELL tions may be used. tory rate. Equine Veterinarian for over 40 years These drugs can be quite effecA rectal examination will be pertive, but once again, all this formed to confirm she is still You have to know what is wrong with your horse! treatment can be very expensive actually pregnant, assess the At REDLANDS we guarantee you a DIAGNOSIS and so it is important to develop dilation of the cervix, and detersome diagnosis and prognosis to mine the foetal position and viaevolve an appropriate treatment bility. Ideally an ultrasound Email: and management plan to suit examination may also be perFull Service Equine Clinic It’s all about your horse Full Service Equine Clinic It’s all about your horse each situation. formed to assess the placenta “It’s all About Your Horse” Remember, there is probably and uterine fluids. something not normal with the If the rectal cannot detect move-



3207 7325

-m Ph 07 55909721 mob 0413 733 294 - Email: www


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Stud & Breeding feature

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Stud & Breeding feature

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The Horse Report Transporting horses can be a stressful event for both hosse and humam. Horses need to eat frequently for both their physical and mental health. As the horses stomach is small and empties within an hour, they need to constantly be foraging. Constant chewing causes sodium bicarbonate to be naturally released in the horse’s salivia, therefor reducing the risk of stomach ulcers by countering the HCL in the horse’s stomack. Using a slow feeder haynet for your horse while travelling and floating will keep him occupied and allow him access to hay during those long trips. Using a slow feeder systwm allows them to always have something available to chew on. This constant foraging reduces stress, allows the intestinal bacteria to remain balanced therefore reducing the incidence of colic or loose stools, or stomach ulcers. More than 3-4 hourse without anything in the stomach will drastically increase the incidence of stomach ulcers, Add that on to of the fact that competition horses are transported vast distances with very limited feed and ofter long periods of floating without a break and you have horses at very high risk of ulcers.

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Floating and Transport feature

ROSE’S DEALS ON WHEELS 607 Summerland Way Grafton contact Leanne 02 6643 1972 0427 431 973

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Learn DPI requirements prior to entering NSW Horses can carry cattle ticks and therefor require treatments and permits to enter NSW. There are cattle tick infested zones in Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland. NSW has no cattle tick infested zones so the movement of horses into NSW from all areas of WA, NT and Qld is controlled to ensure the areas remains cattle tick free. Movement into NSW from cattle tick infested zones is subject to very strict controls, usually including treatment at the border. Horses entering NSW from tick infested zones in Qld can be treated at the Kirra Spray Yards (Pacific Highway) or Mt Lindesay (Mt Lindsay Highway) provided 24 hours notice is given. Certain horses entering NSW from the tick infested zone of Queensland for racing events (thoroughbred and harness racing), and returning immediately, are classified as low risk and may not require treatment. However, these horses will require documentation to allow these movements. For information about inspection and treatment requirements for horses entering NSW from tick infested zones contact the Kirra treatment site on (07) 5536 4714, or the NSW Cattle Tick Program on (02) 6626 1201. Moving horses within NSW Horses moving within NSW by vehicle must be accompanied by a completed Transported Stock Statement (TSS). The vehicle transporting the horse can be stopped by an

Check requirements before moving horses into NSW

authorised officer under the Rural Lands Protection Act or by a Police Officer, and the TSS must be produced on request. The following horse movements are exempt from the requirement for a Transported Stock Statement: • horses being transported to or from any agricultural show, exhibition, gymkhana, pony club meeting or similar function, • racehorses or harness racing horses being transported from one place to another, • horses being transported to or from any place for use as working horses, • horses being transported to and from a place for veterinary treatment. Transported Stock Statements are available from your Local Land Services.

Servicing the Gold Coast, Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers and regularly to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

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Floating and Transport feature

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Australian Rodeo Queen 2013, Danielle Quinsee (centre front row) joins rodeo quest entrants at the Calgary Stampede during her tour of Canada and the US.

Rodeo queen quests entrants converge on the Gold Coast The Australian Rodeo Queen Quest entrants will converge on the Gold Coast in early September for a week of activities before facing the judges. The entrants will take in some of the Coast’s better know attractions before the serious part of the competition and the grand announcement on September 13. The gala night will be held at the Outriggers Hotel and Resort in Surfers Paradise on Saturday, September 13. Entrants have travelled from Victoria, the Northern Territory, NSW and Queensland vying for the most prestigious title of ‘Rodeo Queen of Australia’. The lucky winner will then go to the Calgary Stampede in Canada, the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo in Wyoming as well as seeing the sights of LA and Dallas/Fort Worth in Texas. The Australian Rodeo Queen Quest representatives have been visiting as VIP guests to both the Calgary Stampede and Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo for the past 23 years promoting Australia and Australian rodeo. The Rodeo Queen of Australia participates in street parades with more than 30,000 spectators along with participating in charity lunches, dinners and talk radio shows while visiting Canada and the US. The crowning night of the quest is one not to miss and the ticket covers entry to the finals, starting at 6.30pm, a extensive banquet meal including starters and dessert and entertainment, all for just $69 per person. This is an adults only affair and tickets must be purchased online at and

Current Australia Rodeo Queen, Danielle Quinsee.

key in Australian Rodeo Queen. For further information, contact 02 6737 3777 or email The Australian Rodeo Queen Quest, formerly known as the National Rodeo Queen Quest of Australia was founded in 1992 and adopted by the National Rodeo Council of Australia (NRCA) after recognising there was a need to promote and encourage young women into the heritage sport of rodeo. The quest provides rural young women with a fantastic opportunity to not only promote the sport but also serve as a confidence booster . In many instances, being in the quest has opened doors for many entrants. Find out how to enter or for more information, email or visit the website at .au or on Facebook at - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Perfect for horses & ponies! No fuss, no waste! GutzBusta® SLOW FEED HAYNETS % Simulate grazing % Reduce boredom % Reduce stable vices % Reduce choke % Reduce hay wastage % Are great for laminitic/IR horses

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• Bandaging is not necessary • Minimizes scarring and promotes healing in the treatment of cuts and wounds. • Helps protect from gross contaminaƟon and invasive dirt from entering the wound. • 2 year expiry AVAILABLE FROM PRODUCE STORES, SADDLERIES & VETERINARIANS or CONTACT: (03) 6356 0170


TRADEENQUIRIES ENQUIRIES TRADE ANIMAL SUPPLIES AUSTRALIAN INDEPENDENT RURAL RETAILERS (02) 8868 8600 Ph (03) 5821 0922 AIRR - (03) 5821 0922 SEPTEMBER 6 Woodford Double Jackpot 6-7 Kogan, Redrock Park 13 Canungra Double Jackpot 13 Double Jackpot 14 Rusty Acres Ranch, Grandchester 20--21 Caboolture 27 Kogan, Redrock Park Double Jackpot 28 Rosewood OCTOBER 4-5 Caboolture 4-5 MAKIN IT MEGA Gympie 07 5486 7214 11-12 Chiltern Barrels & Buckles 18 Miriam Vale 0438 187 180 18 Gippsland Barrel Racing 18-19 Moonbi Magic 02 6769-5711 19 Bacchus Marsh jackpot 03 53432321

BREEDS SEPTEMBER 28 Alstonville Allbreeds 0266290269 OCTOBER 4 AQHA Awards Night Sydney 18-19 Top of the Range Arabian Show

CAMPDRAFTING/CUTTING /TEAM PENNING Ph 07 4984 1395 SEPTEMBER 5-7 Alpha Golden Oxbow 07 49 853 508 5-7 Boggabri 0401 262 366 5-7 Richmond 0427 418 569 6-7 Eumamurrin 07 46 233 788 6-7 Inverell & District 02 67 211 132 6-7 Kilkivan 07 54 841 252 6-7 Timber Creek ASH 08 89 750 795 12-14 St George 07 46 257 328 13-14 Central Highlands 07 49 832 674 13-14 Goombungee 0417 459 953 13-14 North Star Bushmans' Carnival 13-14 Nullamanna 02 67 251 635 13-14 Tansey 07 41 687 108 13-14 Theodore Spindles & Spurs 07 49 932 224 19-21 Comet River 07 49 820 617 19-21 Nindigully 0428 556 290 19-21 Retreat Creek 0429 177 452 20-21 Kragra 07 46 651 115 20-21 Roma 07 46 265 440 20-21 Wiangaree 02 66 364 155 20-21 Willow Tree 0427 461 163 26-28 Twin Hills Rodeo 07 49 835 190 27 Bauhinia 07 49 350 198 27-28 Canungra Show 0418 104 590 27-28 Esk 07 54 246 461 27 Mount Perry 07 41 563 247 27-28 Pittsworth 0477 870 980 27-28 Wandoan 07 46 278 131 27-28 Yetman 0429 485 745 28-29 Mary Valley 07 54 843 697 OCTOBER 3-5 Barkly Gold Rush 08 89 644 503 3-5 Cambooya 0407 591 788 3-5 Eneabba 0429 887 588 4-5 Boonah 07 54 635 228 4-5 Cooyar 07 46 926 111 4-5 Dingo Challenge 07 49 359 136 4-5 Glenmorgan 07 46 656 814 4-6 Goondiwindi 0427 007 612 4 Powranna 03 62 489 231 4-5 Wandoan 07 46 278 131

10-12 Condamine Bell 0427 277 151 10-12 Inverell 02 67 232 155 11-12 Bancroft 07 41 665 135 11-12 Noccundra 07 46 554 315 11-12 Roma 0407 652 528 12 Allora Downs Polo Draft 0448 612 799 16-19 Chinchilla Grandfather Clock 0477 930 371 18 Hamilton 03 62 489 231 20-26 Warwick Gold Cup 07 46 619 060

CLINICS. SEPTEMBER 21-23 Jessica Greelish Dressage Clinic Gold Coast Ph Lara 0466 598194

DRESSAGE. EFA Ph 07 3891 6611 SEPTEMBER 5-7 Dressage NSW State Championships 6-7 Atherton Tablelands 6-7 Summerland Dressage 6-7 Townsville Dressage 7 Samford 7 Park Ridge 7 Nambour 13-14 Far North Equestrian 13-14 Nerang 14 Tweed Valley 14 Rockhampton 14 Noosa Eumundi District Dressage 14 Currumbin 14 Gladstone 20 QLD Festival of Dressage 21 Cooloola Dressage 24-26 NSW YR & Pony Champs 26-28 North coast Active-riders Champs 28 RASDEG Pink Charity Competition 28 Samford OCTOBER 4-5 AHAA NSW Open Dressage 5 Caboolture Dressage 5 Caboolture Dressage 10-12 QLD Dressage Championships 12 Currumbin 19 Summerland Dressage 19 Samford Equestrian Group 19 Bundaberg 19 Northcoast Active-riders 23-26 Australian National Dressage Championships 26 Cedar Grove


SEPTEMBER 28 Riverina Stockfeeds Winter Series Carriage Driving Comp

ENDURANCE Q.E.R.A. 0754841111 SEPTEMBER 5-7 QLD State Champs Clifton 5-7 VIC State Champs @ Moyston 0418 563 294 13 Bridgtown Golden Horseshoe 14 Woodstock 13-14 Shiralee 0429 676 959 13-14 Euri Gold

POLO/ POLOCROSSE Ph 07 3289 2148


SEPTEMBER 13-14 The Glennie School Competition OCTOBER 1-5 Australian Interschool Championships 25 Stuartholme Dressage and Show Horse


CONTACT PAULA 07 5590 9721 O

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OF EVENTS Competition


APRA 07 4661 8183 - NRA 07 5495 8668 SEPTEMBER 6 Tomago Rodeo 02 4991 1585 10 Cowra Show Bullride 13 Cobar Rodeo 02 6836 4536 13 Ingham Sugar City Rodeo 0427 775 373 13 Quirindi Show Rodeo 0427 779 963 14/ Cobar Jackpot Rodeo 02 6836 4536 19-20 Stroud Rodeo 0400 324 755 20 Bartlett Park Rodeo 07 4723 9402 20 - Tamworth Pro Rodeo 21-22 Branxton Rodeo 0418 662 017 24 Gloucester Rodeo L0418 662 017 OCTOBER 05 - Marrabel Rodeo 11 - Narrabri Rodeo 23-26 - Warwick Rodeo

REINING QRHA Secretary (07) 5429 8797 SEPTEMBER 6-7 SQRHA & QRHA Show - Gatton 6-7 GVRHA - Club Show 20 Collie Western Riding Club 24-27 Australian Champions - AELEC NOVEMBER 14-16 GVRHA - Ride and Slide to Equitana 20-23 EQUITANA Australian Open Champs

SHOWJUMPING /EVENTING E.F.A. 07 3891 6611 SEPTEMBER 6-7 Kooralbyn ODE 7 Warwick jump club 14 Sunshine Coast Showjumping 20-21 Warwick Horse Trials CIC ODE 27-28 Burpengary Hunter Trial OCTOBER 4-5 QLD eventing Champs Fig Tree Pocket 4-6 Saddleworld Australian Youth Showjumping Festival

SHOWHORSE SEPTEMBER 5-6 Beaudesert Show 5-6 Forbes show 02 68521311 6 Widgee T Shirt Hack Day 5-7 QLD Country Hack Champs 12-13 Noosa Show 12-13 Beenleigh Show 13-14 Hay Show 02 69931630 13-14 Quirindi Show 0438-586-380 20-21 Comet Show 20 Tamborine Mountain Show 20 Kenilworth Show 20-21 Nimbin show 02 66897431 21 Lockyer Tshirt Hack Show @ Gatton 27 Eumundi Show 28 Alstonville Allbreeds 0266290269 OCTOBER 4-5 SHCQ HOTY 6 TLEC Hack Show 07 5590 9721 11-12 Show Horse QLD HOTY 11 Casino SHow 11 Show Horse NSW - State Cup 16-18 Lismore Show 18-19 Top of the Range Arabian Show 25-26 Alstonville


EQUESTRIAN LAND DEVELOPMENTS NOCVEMBER 1-2 Murwillumbah 8-9 Mullumbimby 8-10 NSW Country Hack Champs @ Dubbo 15-16 Bangalow 22-23 Dorrigo

EST. 2000

TRAIL RIDING & CTR Cooloola Trail riders Ph 07 5482 8436 CTHC-Caboolture ph 07 5498 6068 Toowoomba's Cumburrie 0746 966259 Athra - 0409 704 554 Alligator Creek 0427 619 725 Beaudesert Shire 07 5546 9225 Beechmont & District 07 5533 1113 Bouldercombe 0418 715 837 Breakaway 0417 195 989 Brisbane Valley 0428 750 145 Cobb & Co. Country Trail Riders, 07 4623 3344 to 0428 100 144. Curtis & District 0438 111 091 Dayboro Trail Riders 0418 833 110 Four Rivers Trail Riders 0413 746 033 Gold Coast & Albert District 0409 704 554. Ipswich & District 07 3395 0758 Logan River Redlands 0413 239 668 Mudgeeraba & Hinterland 0498 682 018 Rathdowney Trail Riding 07 5544 1177 Saturday Horse Activities 07 4934 2345 SCATER Ph: 07 5478 8676 or 0417 612 061 Seven Mile Lagoon 07 5462 7339 Tableland Trail Riders 07 4091 2070 Toowoomba Trail Riders 0438 933 032 Wide Bay Trail Riders 07 4126 3456

A company established to specialise LQWKHGHVLJQDQGFRQVWUXFWLRQRIÀUVW class equestrian facilities.

• ELD Arena Construction • ELD Spread-a-bar • ELD Dust Suppressant • ELD Mirror Frame Kits

“We take great pride in our design of facilities” TODD CUNNINGHAM: 0407 149 637

WESTERN SEPTEMBER 7 Central Coast QH Assoc 0412 812 697 7 Upper Hunter Team Penning 14 Central Coast Regional Appaloosa Club 0427 487 944 14 New England QH Assoc 0419 722 233 13-14 Drylanders PH Club 0402 998 629 13-14 Silver Spurs WP & QH Club 0414 345 568 19-20 Burpengary Western 0414 880 547 21Burpengary 0414 880 547 21Laidley Walloon QH 0409 477 830 21Gunalda & District Western Performance Club 0408 533 241 21Mackay 0414 329 496 21 Sydney QH Assoc 02 9606 6791 21-24Laidley Walloon QH & Perf. Assoc 0421 593 541 27 American Paint Horse Club Dubbo 0412 136 096 28 Southside Western 0417 787 975 29 East Coast Appaloosa Paint & Western Performance 0427 802 596 OCTOBER 4-5-6 Upper Hunter Team Penning 0427 289 131 12 Southside WP 0417 787 975 12 Central Coast Regional Appaloosa Club 0427 487 944 to

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37 De-Havilland Crescent, Ballina NSW 2478 Phone: (02) 6686 2361 Email:


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Licensed Senior 4 Star Instructor Senior Horse Development Specialist EVENTS CALENDAR 2014


8th-12th, "Come Ride with David" "Coolibah" Condamine, Qld 15th-19th "Come Ride with David" " Coolibah" Condamine, Qld 26th-28th, Level 1 & Level 2 Course Come By Chance, NSW


4th-7th, Level 2 & Level 3 Course Rockhampton Qld

NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 9th-12th , Focus on Cowmanship, "Iron Tree" Rutherglen, VIC 29th-1st, Beach Camp, Noosa North Shore, Qld

Ph: 0409 469 145 Email:

www.da vidg r ace Page 22 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Trainers feature

Working with a horse ‘online’ By KEN FAULKNER Study Centre for Australian Natural Horsemanship As everything we do with our horse on the ground is going to be transferred to when we ride, having a horse understand the feel of the halter and lead and knowing how to follow that feel softly is essential. How many times do we hear the saying “my horse has a hard mouth”? I t’s a fair bet that same horse will be hard and resistant when we work with him on the ground. In fact it’s probably not the horse’s mouth that’s hard, but his attitude. So if we work online and achieve softness through the halter and lead on the ground we will have gone a long way towards softening our horse in all other areas. When teaching a horse to lead, the quickness of our release is the most important ingredient. We can stand in front of our horse slightly off to one side and take up the feel of the lead rope. If the horse resists we need to hold the feel but not pull as this will only cause more resistance. Hold the feel until the horse gives (which may only be an inch or so), and then release immediately. Timing is critical here as not releasing quickly enough means the horse won’t get the immediate reward for doing the right thing. Ask for a little more each time until your horse understands to move forward to get release on the lead. Standing slightly off to one side rather than directly in front of your horse will make this task a little easier for your horse to learn. Once your horse learns to follow the feel of the lead you can ask him to move around you in circles, between you and objects or over jumps. The possibilities are endless, only limited by your imagination. You can use the lead and the principles of feel and timing to work with other parts of your horse. For example with an unhandled horse, you might choose to pick up your horses feet by making a loop at the end of the lead and placing it around your horses fetlock. Then you can lift the horses leg using the lead. You can check the softness of your horse and your level of communication by standing in front of your horse off to the side a little about four feet down the lead, and ask your horse to move just one front leg laterally. Try this until you can ask for a whole circle with the hind-legs relatively still and the front legs stepping around and crossing over laterally. When we ride we’ll want our horse to be able to move away from the pressure of our legs and hands, so in this exercise we’ll teach our horse to yield from pressure in various part of his body to prepare for when we we’re on his back. To yield your horses forequarters, stand beside your horse with your bellybutton facing towards the horse’s eye. Rub your horse before you start. Stand straight and tall with energy in your body and with one hand holding the side of the noseband and the other resting on the horses neck apply gentle pressure on the nose until your horse takes a step to the side. Immediately reward the horse’s try by stopping and standing relaxed and giving the horse a rub. If the horse does not respond from gentle pressure you may need to increase the pressure in four stages until he takes a step. (These four stages are called phases and mimic the behavior of horses when interacting with each other). Reward immediately and start again, asking for a little more try from the horse each time until you can complete a full circle with the hind legs remaining relatively still and the front legs walking around in a circle. If you need to go to a high phase (phase 4), be sure to stop and start again giving your horse a chance to respond on the first phase of gentle pressure. During this exercise, look for the horses leg which is closest to you to step across in front of the other leg, and the leg that’s further from you to step laterally and not forward. This will ensure the horse remains in a submissive frame of mind and does not become defensive. The same principle is used to yield the hindquarters. Stand beside your horse with your bellybutton facing the horse’s hip. Using the lead rope, ask you horse to turn his nose slightly towards you. Using gentle pressure place your other hand near your horses flank and apply pressure until your horse step laterally. The hind leg closest to you should step in front the other one. In this exercise the front legs should move only minimally and the hindquarters should step around in a circle.

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dedicated to making learning to ride a horse a fun and quality experience

Linda Van Rensburg EA Riding Coach Equine Massage Quality horses and ponies supplied

0417 185 826 Gleneagle, Queensland, Australia

Training with Respect and Simplicity

LESSONS - TRAINING - CAMPAIGNING Clara Mehel P: 0402 744 219

Guanaba Equestrian Centre Riding g Lessons and Ag gistment Jane Cassel 0421 632 660 Private or shared Paddocks - 8 stables Full or part care - Tack Room - Feed Storage Full Size Sand Dressage Arena - Concrete Wash Bay Lesson Available by Appointment, Your Horse or Ours Catering for beginners to Advanced Riders

Collaroy Road, Guanaba Qld 4210

SHOW PREP/TRAINING/BREAKING Great facilities with boxes, dayyards, safe paddocks, hotwash, tie ups, and indoor arena. VERY REASONABLE FEES. Costs include 24/7 full care, 2 hard feed + hay. Full rugging. Stabling, and worked 5 days a week. Ph 0439 991 523 references available from clients


Relocated to New Facility Half way between Moonbi and Kootingal - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Australian Horsemanship Trainers feature

P.O. Box 99, Esk Qld. 4312 Phone: 0427 732 394

Instructor Ken Faulkner

Ken Faulkner – Clinic Calendar . 

 ?E.".)@?-. 1&4@>?B   @A,.)@E." 1&4@>?B A>." 1&4.)?-.1!1-.@>?B  A,.)G."1!1-.@>?B ?C.".)?F."1!1-.@>?B  @@(.)@C."1!1-.  @G.".)A?-.1!1-.@>?B  C.".)F."*.',@>?B ?@.".)?D."*.',@>?B @F."*..)@(.),@>?B ?>.".)?A.".),@>?B  ?E.".)@>.".),@>?B  @C.".)A?-..),@>?B  F.".)?B.")2',@>?B @>.".)@A,)2',@>?B C.".)F."',@>?B  C.".)E." (1,4@>?C  G.".)?D." (1,4@>?C  @A, (.)C."@>?C  D.".)G.",1,4@>?C  @E.".)A>.","@>?C  @(.)D."*,#&@>?C   @B.".)@D."*,#&@>?C G.".)@@(4@>?C  @E.".)A>.")2',@>?C



C4 ),-'(-"#*)1,-82)(  C4 ),-'(-"#*)1,-8),(3&&  A4)1(! ),-)1,-8&-

 E4 ),-'(-"#*)1,-8&- 


B4224%(8-%    B4224%(8&&1!,   A4224%(8&)(!   B4224%(8&&),   C4 ),-'(-#*;)3)1,-8 )3&)(! C4 ),-'(-"#*)1,-8 #(  B4224%(8(#!)   B4224%(8,,,,(   E4 ),-'(-"#*)1,-8",#-."1," E41*,'*8-%    +1#.(8&)1,(    B4224%(8) - ,)1,


 .",'-  .",#( )-%#( )1#-,%,   )1#-,%, 





 ."4.3,.  ,4,)  ,&&('%  &#(,!-)(   14,,%   ,()4  !(-),'% 21--&&  #((3.)(   ."4.3,. 





 ."4.3,. ($ ,1-




A4 ),-'(-"#*)1,-8(.1,43&( F4 ),-'(-"#*)1,-7",#-."1,"3&( )1(! ),-.,/(! (.%8-%    B4224%(8-%     B4224%(8,,,,(    C41*,'*8&)(     A4224%(8&)(!    ?B41*,'*8-%     B4224%(8,,,,(   


")(,1'')(   4(.    ."4.3,.     ."4.3,.    21--&&    !(-),'%6,&&('% ,&&('%     ."4.3,.    21--&&   


Training DVDs Horse Mastery DVD Set (4 DVDs) incl. Rein Positions, Four Rein Lengths Volume 1 & 2, and Strengthening Exercises , Liberty, Foal Handling, The Way of the Horse 2012

Order online

proudly sponsored by ATHRA Australian Trail Horse Riders Assoc , Peter Brophy Saddlery, Barrack Saddlery, JSS Quarter Horses, Shahwan Park Arabians Page 24 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Dalby’s ready for Australian Stock Horse sale The Dalby Stock Horse Sale full events calendar is still being finalised but guarantees to be a great weekend and a highly successful outcome for valued vendors and buyers. The 40th Anniversary Dalby Stock Horse Sale will be held at the Dalby Showgrounds Complex, Nicholson Street in Dalby from Friday December 5 through to Sunday, December 7. Trade vendors will be on site and food and fully licensed bar facilities are on site operating throughout the weekend and there are no camping fees on site at the showgrounds throughout the duration of the sale weekend. Action for the weekend kicks off on Friday, bright and early with full details to come shortly. The sale weekend commences early Saturday morning with society inspections of sale horses then the commencement of the parade and cattle working demonstrations. Don't forget the fantastic night program of entertainment - this is more than just a sale -so bring the family for a great night out and experience first hand the atmosphere of Australia's Premier Australian Stock Horse sale. The 40th annual Dalby sale will kick off with a quality line up of registered Australian Stock Horses. For further information contact the selling agents, GDL, Dalby, on 07 4669 6955, or by Watch some of Australia’s best stock horses in action at the 40th annual Dalby Australia Stock emailing Horse sale. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Extended Plate

Amazing for any breathing problems and the only bit in the world to stop displacement of the soft palate.


Normal Plate

Rated by riders and trainers as like having power steering! Riders say it’s the best bit in the world - the bit of the future!

JULIEN WELSH Champion Breaker

DAVID HAYES Champion Trainer

MEGAN JONES Olympic Champion

Revolutionary bit - I bought 25.

Major breakthrough. I recommend it.

Works great. You must try it.

“I have been totally amazed at the difference the WTP bits have made to my horses. They are soft, responsive, breathing better, with improved performance. I highly recommend them.” Hall of Famer JACKIE JATZLAU

Joint and arms do not hinge downward thereby preventing pain to the roof, tongue and bars.

PPORZSUR¿OHJHDUFDVLQJSUHYHQWVURRI UXEELQJ7KHÀDWSODWHSUHYHQWVELWSLQFKLQJ and reduces bit pressure by 85%. Prevents the tongue over the bit and soft palate displacement.

The bit arms have limited travel to prevent outer ring pressure and pain to the cheek and lips.

) Stops the bit pinching the tongue

)Stops the horse headshaking, pulling & bolting

)Better oxygen supply, therefore better speed

)Stops the tongue getting over the bit

)Stops the horse hanging, rearing & bucking

)Amazing soft and responsive bit contact

)Stops roof rubbing and lip pinching

)Stops displacement of the soft palate

)Improves performance & stops leaning on one rein

)Stops the tongue hanging out of the mouth

)Stops mouth opening and respiratory noise

)Riders comment it’s ‘like having power steering’

ORDER NOW! Contact your saddlery or phone 0413 898 128 Page 26 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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We’re blending the Old with the New Visit the National College of Traditional Medicine to discover how to treat your beloved horse using Equine Myofunctional Therapy. Great News!!! At the National College of Traditional Medicine we have responded to your feedback and put together an exciting course that blends the old style of education with the new. We have kept a portion of the old style face to face component to learn the practical aspects of training and mixed it in with the new online education offering supportive webinars to assist you with your learning. The schedule is available on request.

Visit our website at Next course commences September 2014. Contact the NCTM team now to secure your place in this exciting course on 03 9312 5573 or Australia's leading education provider in human and animal therapies - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Are you including Maxisoy+ in your feed?

+ Maxisoy Low GI-Super Fibre Pellets

CHAFF SUBSTITUTE Use as a highly nutritious and superior digestible fibre to feed alongside your existing hard feed (can replace or compliment chaff, horse silage, beet-pulp, and other fibre sources).








ECONOMICAL HOME MIX Feed alongside chaff and a complete vitamin and mineral supplement as the staple base of a low sugar, low starch, home mix diet. Up to 75% of your horses required daily fibre intake has been shown to be safely substituted with Maxisoy+ Low GI Super Fibre Pellets.

Value plus. One scoop Maxisoy+ expands to five scoops wet feed!

Quality Protein High levels of naturally occurring amino i acids for optimal growth, development and recovery from exercise.

Superior Digestion Su Sup

Easy to Prepare Ea

Hig in pectin, cellulose and hemi cellulose High H e fo optimal provision of calories & energy for y required for training and competition. req

Qu Quick Q soak time means feeds can c an be mixed and fed within minutes. min

Starch Safe St Sta

Equine Eq q Friendly

C Cereal Ce grain free to ensure optimum bacteria b a levels are maintained in the hind gut g u to reduce the health risks of laminitis, colic c o and acidosis associated with high starch diets. st

Du Dust free feeding ideal for horses with allergies or ho respiratory issues. re Soft, S o easy to eat mash for dentally challenged equines. de Page 28 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report

What’s Happening NOOSA COUNTRY SHOW The annual Noosa Show will be held at Pamona Showgrounds on September 12 and 13. Ring events will include Harness, Breed classes, District and Open Hacks, and Rider Classes, Novelties, Pony Club Classes and Show Jumping and this year will introduce a new section, Show Riding Mount - for horses that are not of Hack type-they may be of any breed. Ponies Galloways and Hacks will be judged on performance and rideability. This year organisers offer a special ‘Competitor rate’, two day gate pass and entertainment will include fireworks on Friday night, rodeo on Saturday night and two days of great music including feature performance by Angry Anderson at 6:30pm Friday night.For further information contact the office on 07 5485 2331 or horse steward - Christine on 0437 637 233.

ALSTONVILLE ALLBREEDS The Northern NSW Show Horse Association will host the Alstonville Allbreeds Spring Horse Spectacular at Alstonville Showgrounds on Sunday, September 28 starting at 8am. There is a great program on offer including led and ridden classes for Allbreeds Hack classes for Ponies, Galloways and Hacks run in a two ring format and this year will include a Beginner’s Ring. Some of the major awards include Supreme Champion Led Stallion, Mare and Gelding of the Show, Supreme overall led ,Supreme Champion Rider of the Show ,Supreme Champion Hack of the Show, Supreme Champion Hunter Hack of Show For show Enquiries: contact Show Secretary Libby Went 02 6628 0262 or Cherie Jennings 0412 433 432 or email

Information for weight loss in horses (Supplied by Maxisoy) Feeding for weight loss can be challenging, especially when feeding a horse with very low metabolism (or good doers!) As a general rule the success to weight loss is feeding less calories (or energy) then the horse is utilising. What is being utilised by the horse is very variable dependent on exercise, metabolism, medical conditions and the time of year (hot verse cold weather) and finding the optimum feed quantity for your horse will take some experimentation. Low sugar fibre feeds are the safest and most effective feeds for weight loss, this includes low sugar pasture, hay, chaff and super fibres. What is super fibre? Feeds such as Maxisoy+ (soybean hull) are known as super fibre feeds, they are high in digestible fibre content, and are low GI (low in starch and sugar) allowing for safe and effective weight loss when combined with other low sugar fibre sources. So how should you feed for weight loss? As a generalised guide horses require between 1.5-2.5% of their body weight daily in feed to maintain condition. Work out what your horses ideal weight should be and feed the required feed for that weight. You can then manipulate the quantity and type of feeds you are feeding until you find what works for your horse. Super fibres such as Maxisoy+ can be fed alongside premixed feeds as a highly digestible substitute for chaff or mixed with chaffs, oils and supplements to create your own optimum diet. Example daily feed regime for a horse that should be 500kg and is yarded with no pasture access. A small amount of daily exercise on the lunge is recommended.

Morning Feed 700g Maxisoy (dry weight / feed wet) 300g Lucerne chaff Complete mineral supplement 2.3 kg late cut/stalky hay

Night Feed 700g Maxisoy (dry weight / feed wet) 300g Lucerne chaff Complete mineral supplement 2.3 kg late cut/stalky hay To reduce the sugars in your hay it is suggested that hay is soaked prior to feeding. The reduction in sugars will assist further with weight loss. For more information, visit

Pomona Showgrounds 12th & 13th Sept 2014

** NEW CLASSES ** Friday 12th: Harness, Breeds, District Hacking, Rider Classes, Novelties,Pony Club Classes & Show Jumping ** Introducing Show Riding Mount classes ** For horses that are not of Hack type-they may be of any breed. Ponies, Galloways and Hacks and will be judged on performance and rideability.

Saturday 13th: Hunter Ring- including Working Hunter, Hacking, Rider Classes, Miniatures & Show Jumping.

$50 for all SUPREMES Special ‘Competitor rate’ two day gate pass. Fireworks-Friday night Rodeo- Sat night. Two days of great music including feature performance by Angry Anderson 6:30pm Friday night. Beef and Dairy cattle- Dog show on Friday.

Contact the Office on 075485 2331 or Horse Steward - Christine 0437 637 233 The Northern NSW Show Horse Association. Proudly presents

The 2014 Alstonville Allbreeds Spring Horse Spectacular Alstonville Showgrounds - 8am

Sunday 28th September 2014 Led and RiddenClasses for Allbreeds & Beginners Ring 2 Ring format for Ponies, Galloways & Hacks Supreme Champion Led Stallion of the Show Supreme Champion Led Mare of the Show Supreme Champion Led Gelding of the Show Supreme overall led (Marjorie Clark Memorial) Supreme Champion Rider of the Show (Greg Potts Memorial) Supreme Champion Hack of the Show (Ward Rippon Memorial) Supreme Champion Hunter Hack of Show For show Enquiries: Show Secretary Libby Went 02 6628 0262 or Cherie Jennings 0412433432 Chief Ring Steward George Parker 02 6683 1903 or 0412 662 545 Email. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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What’s Happening 2014 BV MASTERS EQUESTRIAN GAMES The Brisbane Valley Pony & Hack Club is delighted to invite all riders over 30 to come to the 2014 Masters Equestrian Games to be held at Toogoolawah Showgrounds on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th September, 2014. Riders over 30 years of age will participate in gymkhana and dressage events, a recreational trail ride, jackpot barrel race, ironman/women events and have a whole lot of fun while doing so. 2014 will be our LAST Masters Games and we hope to have the showgrounds full of our previous competitors and new friends competing in the various events. Camping is available and encouraged so riders can enjoy the whole weekend and experience the hospitality of Toogoolawah. Spectators are welcome - the Saturday afternoon Barrel race and Ironman/women events are great entertainment value. Our canteen will be open all weekend and the food will be good (the Saturday night meal is so good you need to book to get it!!) The Program, Registration Form, Horse Health Declaration and Disclaimer Statement are available from our website or by calling the Club's Secretary on 5423 1321 or her email

TERRANORA LAKES HACK SHOW The Terranora Lakees equestrian club will be holding a Hack show on Monday October 6 with Led Classes, Hack class, Rider classes, Champion Novice, Open and Hunter, Small Pony, Large Pony, Galloway and Hack, Supreme Led, Supreme Hack, Supreme Rider with loads of prizes, sashes Garlands and trophies to be won. For further information Ph 0755909721 or email

BONEO CLASSIC 2015 One of Australia’s leading banks, National Australia Bank, has been confirmed to join the 2015 Boneo Classic as headline sponsor. In an exciting move for equestrian sport, NAB’s support will be beneficial to the annual event, boosting financial, volunteer and branding provision for all involved. Melissa Cannon, Business Banking Executive at NAB Mornington, says “NAB are excited to support the 2015 Boneo Classic, a wonderful family friendly event catering for all ages. This year, the event encapsulates many of the jewels of the Peninsula in the trade village, showcasing the FEI Pacific League World Cup Dressage final and Show jumping qualifier, along with supporting Para Equestrian, HRCAV and PCAV. The 2015 Boneo Classic is for every horse enthusiast and will be a great spectator event to show case the equestrian sport to a wider audience.” Lifting the event to a new level, the Boneo Classic supported by NAB, will light up the Mornington Peninsula next Australia Day weekend with the inclusion of World Cup show jumping, bound to bring together an even bigger group of elite riders from around the country. Managing Director of Boneo Park, Fiona Selby is “very pleased we have formed a relationship with NAB that provides the backing we need to grow and push the event to the next level for the riders, horses and spectators.” The event committee are forging away to create one of most innovative equestrian events in Australia.


Terranora Lakes Equestrian Club

Spring Hack Show Monday 6th October 2014 Led Classes, Hack class, Rider classes, Champion Novice, Open and Hunter, Small Pony, Large Pony, Galloway and Hack, Supreme Led, Supreme Hack, Supreme Rider Loads of Prizes, Sashes Garlands and trophies to be won

Ph 07 5590 9721 or Email:



SEPTEMBER 13 & 14 - Dressage on the Trail - Coffs Harbour 20 & 21 - Liberty Clinic - Gold Coast 22 - 24 - 3 day Kids Clinic 27 & 28 - Advancing Liberty - Glenreagh

“Bookings Essential” Young Horses started under saddle free monthly newsletter - sign up at our website!


Toogoolawah Showgrounds

New E Book - Lessons from Horses Now available on

27th and 28th September, 2014.

Ph 07 5423 1321 or her email Page 30

For Enquiries and bookings 0412 592 033 - - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Wagin prepares to host the Quilty Australia’s premier endurance ride, the Tom Quilty Gold Cup will be heading west and will be held in the Western Australia town of Wagin in October this year. The Quilty will be held from October 3 to 5. Wagin, a town of 1,900 people offers a wide range of facilities and activities. Wagin was settled in the early 1880s and is mainly a rural centre approximately 227 kilometres south east of Perth, a 2 ½ hour drive. The Quilty ride base will be located at the Wagin Sports ground which is right next to the town centre and has superb facilities for the competitors who travel from all around Australia and Internationally to attend. The Wagin Sports ground offers first-class event facilities adjacent to the centre of town. It comprises a trotting complex and ample undercover areas to accommodate all aspects of running the event. It is the facility for the Wagin Woolorama, Western Australia’s largest autumn agricultural show. The venue will be open for camping from September 29 until October 6 with full facilities available from October 1.

Endurance riders from around Australia and around the world will converge on the Western Australia town of Wagin to take part in the 49th annual Tom Quilty Gold Cup. Provision will be provided to have stock-feed supplied at the base. The 49th Tom Quilty Gold Cup will be run on a 160km course through the properties of local landowners giving the competitors a good combination of farm tracks, eucalyptus bushland and paddock firebreaks while keeping them safe with minimal interference from the general public and most

importantly traffic. Springtime in Wagin is spectacular and the flora will be putting on a show with its beautiful carpets of canola and wild flowers. Last year, the Quilty was held in Qeensland at Kilkivan and was won by defending champion Brooke Sample on his mount Excalibur. In one of the tightest finishes in

the event’s history, Brooke and Excalibur crossed the finish line in a time of nine hours and 14 minutes, just one-and-a-half lengths ahead of Akhmed Pshunov on Tarrangower Crecendo. Named after Tom Quilty, a passionate horseman, the ride came about in 1966 when he donated 1000 pounds for the creation of the Tom Quilty Gold Cup. The event was designed to test the skill of horse and rider it was awarded to the winner of a 100 mile (160 km) who could not only complete the gruelling course but whose horse also finished in sound health. Quilty and his good mate RM Williams (the famous boot and saddle maker) created the Tom Quilty Gold Cup a national championship endurance horse event, which is now the biggest professional endurance ride in the Southern Hemisphere. Each year it is held in a different state with the last time it was held in WA being in 2007. For more information on the 2014 Tom Quilty Gold Cup Endurance Ride contact Jane Radny (Secretary) on or by visiting Wagin

HM-garlands Fit for her majesty Email: 0402 986 859 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Dayboro hosts 40th Big October Ride The Dayboro Trailriders will be running their 16th annual horse trail riding event the ‘Big October Ride’ on Saturday, October 4. Both rides leave the showgrounds at 8.30am sharp. Morning tea and lunch provided. This year will see an all new one by three hour ride and a new seven hours ride. There will be a twilight ride Friday at 4.30pm.The ride will be approximately 1-1 ½ hours. This will be an optional ride for those who wish to settle their horses in. Come along Friday afternoon and camp for the weekend as the camping fee is included and Monday is a public holiday. Precious Pet photographer Paul Sparrow will be taking photos over the weekend. Riders will be able to purchase the photos directly from Paul. Horse will be having a mobile stand Friday and Saturday afternoon. They have a range of equine lingerie for men and women, also equine products. Sunday will be a fun day and will kick off with a vet talk at 8am, discussing many interesting subjects on horse health. At 9am, there will be a horsemanship demonstration featuring Damian Todd and this will be followed by the Hoof Ball, put on by Dayboro Pony Club. Ride fees are $50 for visitors or $35 for TRA members. Fees cover camping fees, insurance, morning tea and lunch as well as Saturday night's entertainment. Both rides are non-competitive and leisurely

The dayboro Trailriders are again holding their annual ride which leaves the Dayboro Showground on Saturday, October 4.

paced. Participants need to bring their own horse and riding gear. There is no age limit on either riders or horses; however both will need to be fit enough and competent to take part. Riders 16 years and under will require a responsible adult or guardian. Riders 18 years and under must wear an approved riding helmet. Strictly no stallions, rigs or dogs. It is recommended that all horses be shod or wear boots and wear a halter and lead rope. Catering is available across the entire weekend. Pre nominations are preferred. Vegetarian and gluten free can be arranged if booked early. This event has become avidly looked forward to, each year, by riders locally and further a field.

Changes this year will be the Friday and Saturday evening format. With permission from the rural fireys, both evenings will be casual and relaxed around the campfire. A licensed bar will be operating both nights. Friday night is $6 steak burger night with desserts at $3 a serve. Saturday evening dinner from 6pm, entertainment or juke box kicks off at 6pm until 10pm. Previously the ride has attracted riders from Brisbane suburbs, Ipswich; Toowoomba; Yarraman; Pomona; Kin Kin; Gympie; Maryborough; Gold Coast and New South Wales. If you haven't been before come along and see and enjoy best ride in Queensland. For further info contact 0418 833 110, 07


TO 5 T






egin Rides b to the & return wgrounds, o Sh Dayborount Mee Rd, Mo . Dayboro s facilitie g in p er, Cam le. Pow ll b ila a v a wers, fu hot sho g, some caterin yards. horse


Enquiries: 07 3425 3248 or visit ABN: 62 556 298 632

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$50 VISITOR S $35 TRA covers yo MEMBERS u r ca fees, insu mping rance morning tea & lu , nch. Licensed b a r Friday & Saturday dinner a night with round th e camp fire .

FR * Twilight IDAY ride 4.30 pm SUNDAY FUNDA * Vet talk Y * Horsem Demons anship by Damiatration n Todd * Pony C Hoof Ballub l & more

Registrations s taken Friday night & Saturday morning till 7:45am, before rides commence. STRICTLY NO STALLIONS, RIGS OR DOGS. FEES APPLY - BASED ON INSURANCE OBLIGATIONS. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:


The Horse Report - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Laminitis Management Spring can be a challenging time for ponies prone to laminitis Establishing a feeding and management plan that reduces the risk of Laminitis makes good sense for you and your horse or pony. Spring grass, with its high fructan (sugar) levels, can upset the delicate balance of gut microbes and before you know it your pony is on its way to foundering. KEY POINTS FOR LAMINITIS MANAGEMENT UÊ ,iÃÌÀˆVÌÊ>VViÃÃÊ̜ʫ>ÃÌÕÀiÊ>˜`ʈvÊ«œÃÈLiÊ}À>âiʈ˜Ê̅iʓœÀ˜ˆ˜}Ê܅i˜ÊÊÊ Ê «>ÃÌÕÀiÊÃÕ}>ÀÃÊ>ÀiÊ>ÌʏœÜiÀʏiÛiÃ°


UÊ *ÀœÛˆ`iÊ>`ˆLʅ>ÞÉwLÀiÊ܅i˜Ê˜œÊ>VViÃÃÊ̜ʫ>ÃÌÕÀi UÊ ÝiÀVˆÃiʈÃʈ“«œÀÌ>˜ÌÊ̜ÊVœ˜ÌÀœÊÜiˆ}…Ì

To read more about Ê how Munga Ê and Speedi-Beet can help you manage Laminitis scan this code

UÊ ii`ʏœÜÊÃÌ>ÀV…Êvii`ÃÊ܈̅Ê>`iµÕ>ÌiÊۈÌ>“ˆ˜ÃÊ>˜`ʓˆ˜iÀ>Ã UÊ 1ÃiÊ>Ê}œœ`ÊÜÕÀViʜvÊÃÕ«iÀÊwLÀiÃÊ̜ÊÃÕ««œÀÌÊ}ÕÌʅi>Ì…° MITAVITE’S SIMPLE 2 STEP FEEDING PLAN £°Ê ÊVœ˜Vi˜ÌÀ>ÌiÊ܈̅ʘœÊ>``i`Ê}À>ˆ˜ÃÊ̅>ÌʈÃÊvi`ʈ˜ÊÓ>Ê>“œÕ˜ÌÃÊ̜ʓ>ŽiÊÃÕÀiÊÊ Ê ÞœÕÀʅœÀÃiʜÀÊ«œ˜ÞʈÃʘœÌÊ`iwVˆi˜Ìʈ˜ÊۈÌ>“ˆ˜Ã]ʓˆ˜iÀ>ÃÊ>˜`Ê«ÀœÌiˆ˜°


Ó°Ê ÊÃÕ«iÀÊwLÀiÊ̅>ÌÊ«ÀœÛˆ`iÃʓÕV…‡˜ii`i`]ʅˆ}…ÞÊ`ˆ}iÃ̈LiÊÀœÕ}…>}iʈ˜ÊÊ Ì…iÊ}i˜ÌiÃÌÊÜ>ÞÊ«œÃÈLi°Ê Ê



Mitavite Munga is a very low starch muesli style feed that contains no added grains. (Remember grain starch is converted to sugars during digestion) It is packed with vitamins and minerals and has a horse perfect amino acid profile. Fed at very low rates, Munga keeps your horse or pony looking great. Speedi-Beet with super fibres Palatable and highly nutritious, Speedi-Beet is low in sugar, contains absolutely no starch and is a rich source of super fibres, making it a perfect partner with Munga in your laminitis management plan.

Premium Nutrition – It’s a matter of trust

Find Us

To learn more about Laminitis management visit our informative new website or give Mitavite a call on 1800 025 487.

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National Equestrian WHOLESALERS

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The Horse Report

Great Everyday Prices. 2.80


Horze Flex Bandage 920244




Bridle & Reins A economic leather bridle with padded An browband and noseband. Comes complete b with web reins. w Available in black/blue, black/pink, A black/white & brown/white. b Sizes: pony, cob, & full. S



Rubber Bell Boots 18235





Lunge Lead


Available in 5 colours 560023

Thomas Cook k Clubber Boots 204726 Leather elastic sided riding boot Available in both ladies DQGFKLOGUHQ路VVL]HV was $59.95


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2014 Brisbane Royal National Agricultural Show

Champion Led ANSA Gelding Tremayne Royal Opera exhibited by Charlee Anthony

MagicFF exhibited by William Gear Best 2 yo purebred Arabian exhibit

winner of the Stockhorse and Lady Rider PA & JF Wardell’s Silverthorn Guns and Roses

Mel Waller and Langtree Dignify

Supreme Led Arabian Derivative EBL Quiver exhibted by Lisa Jones

'Marquise' exhibited by Paul Austin champion ridden Thoroughbred gelding

Event Photography brought to you by Delsharla Petpawtraits & Flash it Photography

Delsharla Pet Pawtraits Where memories are created.

Flash It Photography Equine Event Photographers

Mobile 0412 310 717

Telephone: 0410 021 915


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The Horse Report

2014 Brisbane Royal National Agricultural Show

Allira Park Sinatra & Mikaela Spencer workinh out to place 2nd in the open heavyweight galloway

Banbury Park Rhythm exhibited by EM Christensen

Emma Adams and EBL Juliette champion SHow Hunter Hack

Petrina Gear and Just Magnetic working out to place in the Arabian Derivative under saddle

Tremayne Royal Opera & Charlee Anthony winner of the Champion Arabian Derivative under saddle

Sam Handford & Kelton Farm Swag Jumper Champion Working Australian Stock Horse - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Australians miss out on medals but qualify for Rio Olympic Games The Australian Eventing team may have missed out on a podium finish at the 2014 World Equestrian Games (WEG) but it still managed to secure an all important spot in the 2016 Rio Olympics. The Aussies slipped from the bronze medal position to finish fifth in the team's score. But with three riders finishing in the top 20, Australia's eventers have achieved one of their goals by qualifying for the Rio Games. "The team achieved one of its major goals and that was to qualify for Rio - so now all attention turns to Rio and preparing our horses for making the next Olympics," team member Sam Griffiths said. It was again Olympian Stuart Tinney who showed that experience counts, finishing on top for the Aussies with only two rails down in the showjumping, finishing in 12th position overall. It was a mixed final day for the Aussies after a sensational cross country round. Shane Rose and Taurus were first out and were unlucky to have six rails down. Griffiths followed Rose to have only one rail down and add four points. Stuart Tinney and Paul Tapner rounded out the Aussie rides, both with only two rails down. While it edged them out of medal contention, Chef d'Equipe Prue Barrett said the Aussies showed true determination and proved we have the riders to mix it with the best. "Now we know we've qualified and can purely focus on getting our horses ready for the next Olympics," Prue said. Germany finished atop the dias followed by Great Britain and the Netherlands. The eventers weren’t the only ones who will be heading to Rio

Horse Report Line Listings Ph. 0755909721 ($44 for 6 months or $77 for 12 months)

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in 2016 with Australia’s ParaEquestrians concluded their World Equestrian Games campaign declaring their intention to come back bigger and better in Rio. It was the first World Equestrian Games for all four members of the Australian team and their efforts over the five days of competition helped to book the Aussies a place at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. The team of Joann Formosa (Grade Ib), Chelsea Higgins (Grade 3), Lizzie Sobecki (Grade 3) and Nicole Blanks (Grade 4) collectively finished in 13th. Leading into the Games it was the goal of Australia’s ParaEquestrian program to return home with a medal and despite not achieving a podium finish there are a number of positives to come out of the campaign. National Performance Director for Para-Equestrian Julia Battams, said the program would be assessed once the team had returned home. “There will be an opportunity for reflection on the team’s performance when the Games are over but now is the time to celebrate the efforts of our riders and their achievements,” she said Follow the WEG online at

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Master Farrier

Iain Batten 0418 180 602 Hot and Cold Shoeing

Horse report


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Hot dipped Galvanised Panels 6 Oval Rails (60 x 30MM) 1.8 High 2.1wide Vertical Poles 40x40mm Capped top and bottom Pins included $88 each. Round yard gates also available. $264 each.

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Rug Repairs

Stockist for The Rug Rack, Riverden Browbands, Carrington Saddlery, Tuffrock, Proud Aid, Blue Ribbon Feeds, and much more! find us on E: Bec Allen Ph: 0410485039

Rips Repaired - Rugs Washed - Pick up available Mobile 0408 663 689 Email:

by Lynette Servicing the Tweed & Gold Coast area WEBSITE


Horse Clipping Heather Crack

For all the info you need if you own a horse on the Gold Coast all on one easy to use website

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Cnr Spencer & Hildon Court, Nerang 4211 Tel: 07 5578 1822 Mobile Saddlefitter and test ride service. Custom Rugs, Saddlery & Repairs ADVERTISING


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Beach holidays with your own horse

Tassiriki Ranch Horse Riding & Holiday Cabins 249 Moylans Lane, Empire Vale NSW 2478 02 6683 4602

Just 75 mins south of the Gold Coast

Master Farrier Iain Batten Award Night - Saturday 4th October 2014 Mecure, Sydney International Airport 20 Levey St Wolli Creek 2205 $65 Adults - $35 Children under 12 includes dinner & entertainment

35 years experience All aspects Hot and Cold Shoeing Prompt and reliable

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PULL-ON RUGBY KNIT HOODS Xsmall up to Xlarge, Navy, Purple, Hot pink, Red, Black, and blue, double bound front and back. Lots of trim colours available $30 each or $32 with horse trim. Polar Fleece $38

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Kev’s Quality Hay & Chaff Weekly Deliveries from Gatton - Pottsville

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Keep cattle ticks out of NSW Horses and other grazing livestock/animals leaving tick-infested coastal Queensland MUST UNDERGO inspection and treatment at the Qld tick line or NSW border east of Killarney Contact: * NSW DPI at Kirra Ph 07 55364714 fax 07 55361290 * Queensland DPI call centre 07 3404 6999 * Qld DPI at Aratula 07 5463 8368 or 0427 133 388 or * Heildon 132 523 Cattle Cattle ticks ticks ar e a notifia notifia b le disease in NSW


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Specalist in quality products for show riders and show horses

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The only POUR-ON y repellent for horses available SAME PROVEN FORMULA LASTS 7 TIMES LONGER THAN SPRAYS

Quick & Easy to apply Cheaper per application than spray & wipes 250mL treats 1875 kilos of body weight (approx 6 horses) 1 Litre treats 7500 kilos of body weight (approx 24 horses)


250mL and 1 Litre packs

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Horse report september 2014  
Horse report september 2014