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* Hendra vaccination now 12 monthly * Acupuncture and its benefits * Hoof Puncture Wounds * New personal accident insurance * How much hay should you feed * Building confidence in our horses * Photos from Qld All Welsh Show * Photos from Northern NSW Hack Championships

Cover Photo: Isabella Andersen with Prospect Blue Allegria at the Qld All Welsh Show - Photo by Danni Milligan

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IN THIS ISSUE * New show for Outback Spectacular * Pony Club Open Day * Equestrian TV channel on the way

IN THIS ISSUE * Corrective Shoeing * Kilkivan Great Horse Ride * King of the Range * What cues are you using * Miniature Horses * Anzacs

IN THIS ISSUE * Horse Country TV * Flower Remedies * Tips re HENDRA Vaccination * Crackin Cancer trail rides

The Man from Coxs River - a new Australian Feature Documentary to World Premiere @ The Byron Bay International Film Festival, March 9. see story page 3

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MONTHLY MONTHLY ONLINE EXTRA EDITION 23 MARCH 20 15 IN THIS ISSUE * Horse Country TV * Flower Remedies * Tips re HENDRA Vaccination * Crackin Cancer trail rides

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IN THIS ISSUE * PCANSW State Show Riding * Pony Club Open Day * Unique equestrian journey in France * Mounted Police

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IN THIS ISSUE * Dalby ASH Show and Sale * Miniature Extravaganza * Stud and Breeding Feature * Equitana * Crackin Cancer Fundraiser * Power of Pink * Unbridled Festival

Fairbanks Elle and Mattea Davidson photo by Oz Shotz

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DAVIDSON EQUESTRIAN Open Day and Youngstock Showcase Saturday 18th October * see page 5 for details

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Australian Outback Spectacular New Show HIGH COUNTRY MYTHS & LEGENDS. Now showing

Australian Outback Spectacular New Show HIGH COUNTRY MYTHS & LEGENDS.

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25 April 2015 will mark the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC landings at Gallipoli

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IN THIS ISSUE * Dalby ASH Show and Sale * Miniature Extravaganza * Stud and Breeding Feature * Equitana * Crackin Cancer Fundraiser * Power of Pink * Unbridled Festival

Fairbanks Elle and Mattea Davidson photo by Oz Shotz

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DAVIDSON EQUESTRIAN Open Day and Youngstock Showcase Saturday 18th October * see page 5 for details

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Australian Outback Spectacular New Show HIGH COUNTRY MYTHS & LEGENDS. Opens 2 December.

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IN THIS ISSUE * PCANSW State Show Riding * Pony Club Open Day * Unique equestrian journey in France * Mounted Police

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IN THIS ISSUE * Dalby ASH Show and Sale * Miniature Extravaganza * Stud and Breeding Feature * Equitana * Crackin Cancer Fundraiser * Power of Pink * Unbridled Festival

Fairbanks Elle and Mattea Davidson photo by Oz Shotz

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DAVIDSON EQUESTRIAN Open Day and Youngstock Showcase Saturday 18th October * see page 5 for details

www.thehorser epor www.thehorserepor

Australian Outback Spectacular New Show HIGH COUNTRY MYTHS & LEGENDS. Now showing

www.thehorser epor www.thehorserepor

Australian Outback Spectacular New Show HIGH COUNTRY MYTHS & LEGENDS.


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0RS 3 A YE

Make the most of… Winter!

You and your horse can enjoy all the benefits of a snow-proof, mud-proof, durable and easy-care Wintec saddle. Make the most of your time together this Winter!

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A new personal accident insurance being developed by the AHIC in conjunction with an insurance company will make it more affordable for owners while supporting equine clubs and organisations.

New insurance product benefits riders and clubs A new personal accident insurance – Equine Sports Insurance – is set to make insurance more affordable for every horse owner as well as offering unprecedented support for Australian horse clubs and associations. Australian Horse Industry Council (AHIC) Directors involved in the development of the new product, are now testing the new portal and website to make sure that it meets the expectations of the wider equine community. In creating this product, which is unique in the market, it is important to ensure that the correct level of support is available. The AHIC was approached by representatives from National Commercial Insurance Solutions PL (NCIS) in October 2015. NCIS formed a proposal to address the situation which has developed in Australia where membership to most equestrian associations or clubs includes a degree of insurance. With multiple memberships to various organisations, this has led to horse owners purchasing multiple policies which can become expensive. Up to now, if horse owners from the wider community wanted PAI, they needed to go through equestrian organisations – which is awesome if they love equestrian and participate in the sport but if they didn’t it was a bit of a nuisance as they had to join an organisation that didn’t have anything to do with their particular interest in horses. The new PAI policy – officially Equine Sports Insurance (ESI) (underwritten by Lloyds) – will be good for the horse community in a number of ways. Firstly, it is ‘portable’ – a good

number of organisations will be taking it up in the future. This means horse owners only have to purchase it once and it will (eventually) be recognised by the other clubs and associations they are members of. Secondly, ESI is cheaper. Horse Council membership + the ESI policy combined will only cost $149.50 per year making it a truly affordable level of personal protection. Thirdly, when horse owners sign up they are asked if they belong to any clubs or associations. If the horse owner lists a club / society / association that is an affiliate member of the Horse Council, the AHIC donate $10 back to that club or association. It is an ideal way to support clubs or organisations and offers a new avenue of fundraising for horse clubs, associations and societies. Ashley Smith from NCIS said that the policy would give horse owners cover for things not included in existing Private Health Care Insurance or Medicare. Full policy details, which will be released shortly, will include: •24/7 cover for all horse activities (excl. work); EG. riding, driving, competing, showing, handling, brushing, leading, washing, feeding, patting … covered. •income protection if you are off work longer than seven days •permanent disablement up to $125,000 •funeral expenses AHIC recommends that anyone who chooses to be around horses should familiarise themselves with the HorseSafe Code of Practice available on the AHIC website at

Kathryn Sullivan-Butt Internationally Trained & ASFA Qualified Saddle Fitter EA Level 1 Dressage Coach

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Hendra vaccine now 12 monthly Hendra vaccine In welcome news for the equine industry, the world’s first Hendra virus horse vaccine, Equivac® HeV, has now been approved for annual boosters following administration of the first three doses. Previously, horses were required to have six-monthly boosters to maintain immunity against the deadly virus. Now, horse owners can halve the number of boosters required after a single sixmonth booster is administered, making Hendra vaccination much more affordable. “When vaccinated horses were challenged with a potent strain of Hendra virus 12months after receiving a six-month booster, these horses were protected from infection,” Dr Deborah Middleton, lead researcher at the CSIRO’s Australian Animal Health Laboratory said. The work at CSIRO was supported by extensive field studies in which antibody levels were measured in horses vaccinated at intervals of 12 months. “We are confident in the safety and efficacy of 12-month immunity for Equivac HeV and pleased this work has resulted in a positive outcome for horse owners and the equine industry”, she said. General Manager for Zoetis in Australia and New Zealand Lance Williams, said the highly anticipated announcement would not have been possible without the ongoing support from the CSIRO and equine industry partners, as well as those

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approved for use in pregnant mares

The Hendra virus vaccine, Equivac® HeV, has now been approved for annual boosters. involved in the initial development of this important vaccine. “Zoetis is extremely proud to be part of the solution to reduce the risk of the deadly Hendra virus,” he said. The Hendra virus can be fatal to both horses and humans. Horse owners are reminded to speak with their vet to ensure their horses are vaccinated and compliant with required vaccine boosters.

The nation's agvet chemical regulator has found the Hendra vaccine Equivac HeV safe for use in pregnant mares. The company's veterinary operations manager Dr Richard L'Estrange said it followed two to three years of studies using the vaccine in pregnant mares. "These involved vaccinations given to mares from the different trimesters of pregnancy, so mares were grouped according to their pregnancy status, and some were vaccinated in the first trimester, some in the second and some in the third," he said. "Then all those mares had their foals, and then for some of those foals further data was collected on the transfer on colostral antibodies from the mare to the foal, and then of course the data has to be all analysed and collated and finally presented to the APVMA." Studies were conducted on more than 60 pregnant mares and foals across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Dr L'Estrange said there had been no major reactions to the vaccine in pregnant mares included in the studies. "In the studies there were a small number of horses that had small swellings at the injection site and a small number of horses that had mild increases in temperature, but nothing that impacted negatively on the pregnancies themselves, and nothing out of the ordinary beyond our experience in the wider horse community," he said. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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National Equestrian



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Introducing Troy Porter a qualified saddler with over 30 years experience, and the newest member of the Aitkens Saddlery Team. As a qualified saddler he is capable of repairing everything from english girth points to stock saddle counter lining. Get a free quote today

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Shop 6, 1 Bryants Road Loganholme (07) 3209 7506 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Will acupuncture work for my animals? TAMARA SHEAD holds qualifications in animal Reiki and Acupuncture therapy. She is the founder of Ridestrong Animal Therapy that operates as a mobile business on the Gold Coast and Northern NSW. In this article she answers all the questions you ever had about Animal Acupuncture Therapy.

What is acupuncture and how does it work? Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the most powerful and longstanding forms of natural medicine. It is a complete medical system that has diagnosed, treated, and prevented illness for over 23 centuries. The World Health Organization recognises a number of disorders that have been successfully treated by acupuncture. These include conditions of the digestive system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, neurological conditions, psychological disorders, urogenital system, gynaecological system, musculoskeletal system and athletic injuries. A practitioner will insert fine stainless steel needles into mapped out ‘acupuncture points’ on the animal’s body. This is generally painless and animals find it quite relaxing and therapeutic and will nod off into a very relaxed state. Each of these Acu-points has a specific action in the body, which helps to regulate or increase the energy (Qi) which flows through meridians or channels. The Chinese believe that a disruption to the flow of energy in the body leads to pain and

disease. Acupuncture can also be understood in Western terms. For example the concept of meridians or energy channels in acupuncture has recently been likened to the nerve courses, which we now recognise in Western neuro-anatomy. There are several studies and theories aiming to prove just how Acupuncture works in the body. These include it’s ability to release endorphins, block pain responses in the spinal cord using the peripheral nerves in a theory called the ‘Gate control Method’ and encourage blood flow to the area being treated which helps to flush toxins and bring about healing. When should I consider acupuncture? My answer to this is always! Acupuncture is not only for sick animals, it is a safe form of natural medicine with endless benefits. From skin irritations to pain relief and as a preventative and immune boosting therapy, In saying this, an acupuncture therapist is in no way a replacement veterinarian and cannot diagnose conditions. However, we certainly will work alongside your vet with their diagnosis to achieve optimal results for your animal’s specific condition. Many of my clients ensure that their performance horse receives monthly treatments to ensure that their animal is pain free, balanced and reducing their risk of illness and injury. Ridestrong Therapy offers pre and post show treatments and can work with your training schedule. What happens in a treatment session? Our pets, like us, are all individuals and they may respond to a simple treatment or they

Moxibustion and acupuncture work well to clear congestion and get blood moving.

may require a combination of treatment modalities to bring about healing either way the costs are the same. Ridestrong offers a range of holistic treatments. In a single treatment your animal can receive the benefits of Gua Sha (Chinese Scraping), Acupressure massage, Electro stimulation, Reiki, Moxabustion and cupping. A combination of therapy in one session certainly increases the healing effect for your pet and doesn’t interfere with drug therapy. Acupuncture is different to drug therapy - it certainly does not have the side effects drugs have. However, it can take a few treatments to see results as we are dealing with the cause rather than masking symptoms. Speak with your therapist about results, ask questions and stay open-minded. If it means changing up the treatment plan or collaborating with your vet this can always be done. For further information contact or Ph 0434 814 076



Tamara Shead Cert.dip. Canine and Equine Therapeutic Acupuncture * Acupuncture therapy * Acupressure * Moxibuston * Reiki * Gua Sha * Herbal Medicine

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Dealing with a nail in the hoof By DAVID LOVELL BVSC

Xray showing the nail embed in the hoof

are particularly serious and constitute a very real emergency. Fortunately, our knowledge and techniques that we have at our disposal these days mean that we can expect to have a very optimistic outlook for treating these cases, but make no mistake, delays and not being aggressive enough in approach,


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‡ PODIATRY ‡ PRE PURCHASE EXAMS ‡ DIAGNOSTICS Xrays Ultrasounds Endoscopy Cardiology

will almost always end in disaster. The reason the penetration of the frog is so serious is the anatomy and nature of the structures in, and immediately under the frog. The frog itself is very soft and rubbery and once the penetrating object is removed, the material contracts immediately and there is no possibility of drainage. The most important structure, immediately under the frog, is the deep flexor tendon and it’s sheath. This is one of the most dynamic and vital structures of the horse, and it is under enormous tension and pressure due to the loads placed on it as the horse moves. The tendon runs down the back of the limb from above the knee or hock, and changes direction

Full Service Equine Clinic It’s all about your horse

Penetrating wounds of the sole of the horse’s foot, unfortunately are relatively common, and in very many cases, can result in devastating consequences for the horse. The most common culprit is an old roofing nail that has been discarded on the ground and inadvertently, the horse has walked over the object, flipped the nail into position, and the weight of the horse has driven the nail into the foot. Obviously the majority of the solar surface of the hoof is very hard, virtually impenetrable, solid hoof wall. The exception is the frog which is soft and rubbery, and the sulcus, or grooves, of the frog form a natural template to guide the nail, (or whatever sharp object it may be), into the depths of the groove and enhance the nails ability to force it’s way in. Any penetrating wound of the bottom of the foot is very serious and requires urgent attention, but objects that have gone into the most common site, the frog,

under the heel to run forward and attach to the bottom of the pedal bone just in front of the tip of the frog. The tendon is broad and flattens out as it runs forward and so has a very large presence under the palmer surface of the foot.This positioning almost guarantees damage to the tendon with any penetrating injury. Most texts and discussions refer to damage and infection in the navicular bursa as being the reason for concern, but for the bursa to have become involved, the nail has had to penetrate right through the tendon before it reaches the navicular. Yes, this is very serious when it occurs, but it is far more common for the injury to initially be the tendon only. As the condition and infection progresses, the bursa naturally will also become involved. Perusal of the texts and internet will almost invariably suggest that owners should leave the nail where it is so the vet can see exactly where it has penetrated and how far in has gone. I personally have a lot of difficulty in comprehending why references should constantly refer to such a ridiculous suggestion. Understanding the anatomy as I have described above, tells us that any penetrating object will almost certainly have damaged the tendon. The deeper the object goes, the more likely the navicular structures and even the coffin joint, will also become affected. ‰ continued page 11

Experience IS the Difference Dr DAVID LOVELL Equine Veterinarian for over 40 years You have to know what is wrong with your horse!

At REDLANDS we guarantee you a DIAGNOSIS

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“It’s all About Your Horse”

Leg anatomy showing the deep flexor tendon and it’s sheath.

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ur horse

ur horse

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Treating penetrating hoof wounds ‰ from page 10 Why risk such a disaster. Every time the horse bears any weight in the affected leg, or moves, the nail is being encouraged to penetrate further, do further damage, and prolongs the extreme pain the horse is suffering. If at all possible, PULL IT OUT as soon as you can. However, be very certain that you keep the nail so that we can assess how far it has likely gone in. Any basic clinical examination of the foot will soon discover the site of the penetration. What is essential is that treatment is not delayed. Waiting a day or so to see what happens is foolhardy. There are three critical elements to treatment that if implemented, nowadays offer us a very real chance of a successful outcome * Aggressive and comprehensive surgical debridement, curettage, and drainage of the full depth of the penetration * Application of a therapeutic shoe that completely unloads the tendon

* Regional perfusion of the distal limb with antibiotics. It is critical the full extent of the wound is surgically explored. This usually involves applying a tourniquet to the limb to control bleeding so that we can see the tissues, cutting a large window out of the hoof and frog material in the area around the penetration, and vigorously curetting

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A successful outcome is likely when the right treatment is applied

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and flushing the deeper structures to remove contaminated and damaged tissues. The cavity is then packed with some anti infective material, bandaged, and a specially designed shoe applied that completely unloads the tendon. Systemically administered antibiotics are certainly used but the reality is that they are not

that effective because the blood supply to the damaged area is really not that good. Far more success is obtained by applying a tourniquet to the fetlock and injecting a very high dose of antibiotic into the vein below the tourniquet. This then forces to antibiotic into every nook and cranny of the foot gives the drug a much better chance of contacting and killing the bugs. We would probably repeat this daily, or every second day, depending on the circumstances, for two or three treatments. This approach has allowed us some very considerable success in treating what once was regarded as a career ending injury to the horse. Recovery can still be prolonged, particularly if the nail has gone in a long way and there has been significant tendon damage but proper drainage, removal of pressure, and control of infection gives us a great start. But also always remember, to ensure the horse is properly protected against tetanus as this type of injury is a real risk.

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TuffRockK9 focuses on a new holistic Joint Support powder called K9JF which has a plant based vitamin/mineral/anti-oxidant/micronised Omega synergy supporting natural freedom of movement at affordable prices. “TuffRock is different because we specialise in supporting the natural health of K9

Gastro-Intestinal Systems and making ancient volcanic minerals bio-available so animals

- Steve Hurley

can generate their own collagen�.

TuffRock Founder & Managing Director


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The Horse Report Proudly y Australian,, and always will be!

The Science of Natural Health Hi Form Australia PL is an independent, wholly Australian owned family business that has been producing world first equine supplements and offering unrivalled advice to clients since 1990. Since the beginning, Hi Form has produced the most exceptional, highly effective and natural products available today, always moving with the time and using continual advancements in science and natural medicine. No compromises, no shortcuts, and using world class ingredients comprising organic herb extracts, amino acids, vitamins, mineral tissue salts and trace elements.

Solutions from Nature, Backed by Science Hi Form has a collection of supplements to assist your horse from superior, premium daily formulas to specific programs for common equine conditions. The list of issues we can assist with is immense but includes: arthritis, laminitis, founder, ulcers, digestive issues, stringhalt, top line, weight management, nervousness, respiratory conditions, travel sickness, anxiety, hoof health, high performance management, recovery and fitness, nutritional support and immune strength. Alongside the premium range of supplements, is our reputation for consistent, unwavering customer support and service, with two qualified nutritionists and highly, experience, dedicated staff, there is always someone in the office to help.

Free advice, solutions that work, get in touch. Hi Form Australia PL 375 North Road, Langwarrin, Vic, 3910 Ph: 1300 HI FORM (1300 44 3676) W: - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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How much hay is the right amount to feed? Written by Equine Nutritional Therapist and Medical Herbalist ANTOINETTE FOSTER and SUZE GAZIA, Equine Nutritionist

Roughage is undoubtedly the most important basis of the equine diet grazing continually moving around stopping to rest when required, to drink and sleep. Roughage is undoubtedly the most important basis of the equine diet and horses really should consume approximately 1.5 to 3% of their body weight on a daily basis. It is recommended that at least half of horse's diet should be roughage in the form of hay or pasture. The equine gastrointestinal system is easily upset and if sudden changes are made in the diet it can definitely increase the risk of colic and other digestive issues. Many parts of Australia have experienced very low rainfall and subsequently, very poor pasture growth. As the weather gets cooler, we are getting a lot of questions from horse owners with little or no pasture, on how best to replace the grass component of their horse's diet. The choice of possible hay types, given the current season, may be more down to availability but where available, a good quality pasture/meadow/grass hay is normally a

good starting point. No matter what sort of hay you can get (and provided your horse or pony doesn't have any additional issues affecting hay type/consumption), the guidelines around amounts generally follow the same rules. Here is a quick guide to the main questions. How much hay should I feed? Horses need to eat a minimum of 1-1.5% (on a dry matter basis) of their body weight in roughage per day just to keep their gut happy and healthy. Majority of hays contain around 85-90% dry matter. Horses will typically consume between 2-2.5% of their body weight overall each day as a combination of pasture, hay and hard feed. Ideally, most horses and ponies should receive 70% roughage (or more) as part of their daily diet. The easy reference table above outlines the minimum roughage and average total feed intakes for most sizes of horses and ponies.  Continued page 15

The question '”what is the right amount of hay for my horse and how should I feed it?” is often asked. Horses are strict herbivores, grazing on good quality pasture or being supplied good quality hays will ensure a healthy digestive system. Once we move away from the idea of feeding roughage, within a short time we begin to experience problems with our horse's digestive system. This can lead to serious problems such as ulcers, diarrhoea, choke and worst of all colic. We suggest feeding a feed that is not wet or soaked because this does not encourage the normal process at the point of the mouth and the mouth is the first contact your horse makes with his feed. If you are using supplements, you will be required to dampen the feed but this means damp bordering on dry, not wet or soaked. When one first looks at the horse’s digestive tract you could be excused for thinking that it was a mistake. I always say that whoever created the horse's digestive system must have been on drugs. But seriously take the equine stomach, it is very small considering the size of the horse and only has a small capacity very similar to that of a Safeway or Coles shopping bag, not very big. The small intestine is approximately 22 meters in length if you were to stretch it out and only has a diameter of 10 cm and a capacity of approximately 45 L. We know quite a bit about the anatomy and physiology of the GI tract and it does seem a little bit out of whack. But in the wild as Nature had intended, the horse will survive extremely well because he or she is not expected to ingest large amounts of feed at one time but rather is out

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How and when should I feed the hay?  From page 14 How much hay to a bale? Small square bales: Small squares are very popular as they are easy to handle and store and don't have much wastage, and are very easy to control and monitor how much your horse is eating. There is quite a large range in weights to small squares, most commonly between 17-26kg. The bales are divided into biscuits/slabs/flakes which vary per bale, normally between 10-14 dependant on size and density. The biscuit/slab/flake weights can also vary from around 0.9kg to 3.2kg. Round bales/Large square bales: These can be more economical but can be harder to handle and move around, and can require more specialised equipment. If supplying as free access/ad lib, there can be more wastage (hay also seems to make a lovely bed or toilet for some horses). Quick conversions: 4 foot round (1.2m) bales are normally the equivalent of 10-12 small squares 5 foot round (1.5m) bales are normally the equivalent of 15-18 small squares 8x4x3 foot large square bales are normally the equivalent of 20-24 small squares What is the easiest way to weigh my hay? There are a couple of simple ways to make sure you know how much you are feeding. 1. Weigh bale, divide by biscuit/slab/flake number ie - bale weight = 22kg, and there are 11 biscuits/bale - 22/11 = 2kg per biscuit 2. Weigh haynet/bag - according to eBay, there are cheap sets of hanging scales (around $3 delivered) How and when should I feed the hay? Horses are designed to constantly eat (most spend 17 hours per day eating), so having hay available all the time is the best option to mimic this if your horse has no pasture. Horses’ stomachs are continuously secreting stomach acid, and excess acid can accumulate if the horse has an empty stomach for more than about three hours. This accumulation of stomach acid can result in various issues such as ulcers, diarrhoea, behavioural problems or even colic. To

Slow feeder' nets are a good way to fed hay help alleviate these issues, or just to increase their fibre content, horses will often continue chewing to produce saliva (on fences, trees and in some cases their own manure), which acts as a natural antacid. In an ad lib scenario, horses normally consume around 0.5kg hay per hour and will usually spend a larger proportion of their daylight hours eating than at night. Most horses are able to self- regulate their intake but you may find if the horse is not used to the ad lib access, they may eat very quickly in the beginning. Normally they will calm and eat only what they need to maintain a healthy weight. The best way to 'feed out' ad lib is to monitor your horse's consumption, so they just have a small amount of hay left over when you go to top up. Hay can be fed on the ground, in feeders, or in nets/bags/pillows etc. Providing a mat for your hay to be fed on is a good idea if you live in a sandy area, or there is not much ground cover and your horse is at risk of picking up sand/dirt etc if fed directly off the ground. The increase in use of 'slow feeder' nets and bags over the last few years has been enormous. The small to medium hole nets (1 to 1.75 inch openings) have been shown to reduce consumption time by 33% compared to hay fed in large hole (6 inch openings) or off the ground and can stop hay from falling out and blowing away. These have been very valuable tools for

horses whose weight needs to be monitored, or horses who have a tendency to get too heavy. Please ensure if you are using a slow feeder your horse is still consuming an adequate amount

of hay per day (even if it is taking them a long time to eat it). Please contact Hi Form on (03) 9775 6422 if you have any questions regarding your horse's diet.




Available in small, medium, large and round bale sizes! 0418 282 097 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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As it becomes colder, your horse made need some extra support

Winter Blend The herbs selected for this blend are designed to warm the body from the inside by feeding the cells to stimulate an increase in blood flow, oxygen uptake and encourage appropriate immune responses. All natural and an excellent blend for the winter. order online 24/7 or phone our friendly staff 07 55964387 Ruth 02 62381135 Carol


$45. Design Sandy Morphett

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Different herbs for the different seasons By CATHERINE BIRD Courtesy of

Winter Herbs There are several issues that we, as horse owners, face each winter including the possibility of respiratory tract infections and our older horses getting a bit creaky and arthritic aches and pains. With any discharge, you need to have your vet check that your horse is not suffering from a serious problem. Once you have your veterinary diagnosis your choice of herbs will be more effective. Because herbs have a different action to pharmaceutical drugs in that they do not suppress the symptoms, they help the body remove the problem, you sometimes find your horse will appear to get worse for a couple of days before he improves. Herbs such as Mullein and Elecampane offer antiviral, antibacterial, expectorant and antispasmodic qualities that can help shorten the duration of your horse’s ailment. Elecampane on an energetic level promotes as sense of confidence and an awareness of beauty, something our horses may feel lacking when confined to a stall with this sort of physical issue. Herbs such as Plantain, Slippery Elm and Marshmallow can assist in soothing sore and inflamed membranes of the respiratory tract and you may consider adding these as a tea. Garlic and Echinacea can be used short term for mild respiratory infections or to help build up your horse’s immune system if it is known a virus is in your area, however neither of these herbs are favoured for long term use. Peppermint is a wonderful herb to add to feeds during the colder months as it helps the digestive tract adjust to seasonal changes, especially for the horse that is prone to colic during the colder months. It is a herb that does not have to be given every day, and often a handful into the feed two or three times a week is all you will need.

Add fresh ginger to a spare water bucket may help your old horse with arthritic joints.

Throughout equine history, horses were free to roam large areas of land and would choose which plants were safe to eat, and which would treat their aches and ailments.

If you have to administer homoeopathic remedies, do not give your horse his peppermint tea on this day. If a condition in your horse is chronic you may need to look at using fluid extracts to help the body come back to balance before starting your horse on dried herbs. The herbal extracts will get you’re your horse over the “hump” and then using dried herbs will support him from that point on. The Biochemic Tissue Salts, Mag Phos is my first choice for coughing horses. They are easy to administer as you give three tabs in each dose and as soon as they come in contact with your horse’s saliva, they begin to dissolve. If you have chosen the wrong remedy, they will not have an adverse affect. Handy Hint: During the colder months when our older horses get a bit creaky with arthritic joints, simply add two or three slices of fresh ginger (pictured)to a spare water bucket, change this every other day, and the hint of ginger in this water will help to warm his old joints. The hint of warmth the ginger provides in this amount also help the body maintain a warmth to protect it from the bugs that take advantage of a cold body. For our horses that are a bit stiff with their movements when the weather turns chilly there are a few approaches you can take to help them. Traditionally herbs rich in minerals and vitamins that provide nutrients that are needed for joint repair along with diuretic actions to help remove excess metabolic wastes are chosen, such as nettle, dandelion, shepherds purse, celery seed and parsley.

However you may want to look at a general tonic to improve the blood flow in the tissues surrounding the arthritic joints so the muscles are more flexible. Such herbs might include yarrow, hawthorn, rosemary and gingko. Finding the combination of herbs that best suits your horse can take some thought. You may want to address any pain your horse is suffering with the herbs, meadowsweet or devil’s claw in the short term while using some of the above herbs to feed the body from within. When using herbs to address chronic conditions consider if the horse needs a liver supporting herb like dandelion or burdock, or a lymphatic herb such as clivers to help with inflamed areas. The physiomedical herbalists of the 1800s believed all disease came from “cold” so herbs that warm the body can also be considered.

There are a large range of herbs available that may help with your horse’s ailments. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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CALENDAR BARREL RACING JUNE 5 Moonbi Magic 0418 904 788 4-5 Capricorn Coast 0407 838 014 18 Speed2Succeed 'LA Challenge' Gunalda 18-19 Cloverleaf Cruisers 0427165359 19 Geurie 25 Cooranbong 26 - NQ ABHA Townsville 0407 091 508

JULY 3 Moonbi Magic 0418 904 788 2-3 - NBRL@ Carrieton 0427 319 848 16-17 Cloverleaf Cruisers 0428 657 095 23 Hunter Barrel Assoc 0428 505 579 24 Capricorn Coast Circuit 0407838014 24 ABHA @ Townsville 0407 091 508 24 - CWBHC@ Geurie 02 6886-5137 28-31 Speed2Succeed Makin it Mega @ Kybong 0407 961 262

BREEDS JUNE 25-26 Qld Arabian Challenge AUGUST 21 Qld Riding Pony SHow @ QSEC SEPTEMBER 11 Arabian Spring Show




JUNE 3 - 5 Woodenbong 0427 351 401 4 - 5 Flinders Classic 0428 411 401 4 - 5 Gayndah Silver Whip 0428 872 947 4 - 5 Georgetown 0427 579 840 10 - 12 Bowen River draft 0439 006 809 10 - 12 Normanton 0417 882 562 11 - 12 Calliope 0408 146 186 11 - 12 Clermont P C draft 0427 963 366 11 - 12 Tabulam draft 02 66 661 351 16 - 19 Clermont Gold Cup 0409 171 404 17 - 19 Blackall 0427 574 033 17 - 19 Mallanganee 25 - 26 Dalby & District Campdraft 25 - 26 Gregory Downs 07 4748 3979 25 - 26 Mt Coolon 07 49 835 204

JULY 1- 3 Saxby Round-up 1-3 Twin Hills Gidgee 2-3 Bonalbo Bonanza 02 6665 3324 2-3 Boomi draft 2-3 Tablelands ASH 07 4094 4096 7-10 Grass Hut 07 4770 3051 8-10 Moranbah Titles 0428 835 577 8-10 Moura Bronze Boots 8-10 Mt Isa 07 47 431 597 9-10 Wiangaree 02 6636 4155 13-17 Cloncurry 0409 891 177 16-17 Wandoan Charity Draft 20-24 Paradise Lagoons Campdraft 29-31 Harts Range 30-31 Croydon Campdraft 07 4745 6168



EFA Ph 07 3891 6611 JUNE 5 PRARG 5 Maryborough Active Riders

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19 Bulahdelah 02 4997 7555 19 Somersby 0403 581 114 19 Dungog Dressage 0427 388 348 25-26 Taree 02 6557 7074 26 Tweed Valley Equestrian Group

26 Shoalhaven Dressage 0417 225 734 26 Tamworth Dressage 0428 671 338 JULY 1-3 Australian Youth Dressage Championships @ SIEC 2-3 Grafton 0438 454 255 3 Albion Park 0411 092 207 3 Hunter Valley 02 4930 7671 3 Caboolture 3 Park Ridge 0417 185 826 9-10 NADEC @ Mudgeeraba 2 Star** 9-10 Townsville Dressage Club 10 Bundaberg 14-17 BRIS CDI - W & Qld Young Horse & PE Championships 16-17 Far North Equestrian Group 17 Sydney Dressage Club 0405 606 265 24 Bowral Dressage 0429 168 919 23-14 Atherton Tablelands 23-24 Pony Festival @ Toowoomba 24 Samford Championship 31 Cooloola Dressage champs 24 Fig Tree Pocket 30-31 Summerland Champs 30-31 Gladstone

DRIVING JUNE 4 Cooloola Social Drive 0427 838 007 5 Gold Coast Treasure Hunt, Cones and Novelties 07 5533 8239 11-12 Charlie Phillips Memorial Drive 25 Junior Camp - Goombungee 26 Pentathlon - Goombungee JULY 31 Riverina Stockfeeds Winter Series Event

ENDURANCE JUNE 4-5 Woodleigh Station 07 4096 2777 4-5 Charleville 07 4654 3613 10-13 Vic Championship 0418 563 294 11-12 NSW State Championships 11-12 Nanango 0438 467 970 18-19 Euri Gold 07 4786 1310 25-26 Currowan Endurance Ride 25-26 Lake Manchester JULY 14 Sterling Crossing Challenge @ Imbil 15 EA Endurance Championship @ Imbil

POLO/ POLOCROSSE Ph 07 3289 2148 JUNE 4-5 Townsville 11-12 Emerald 11-12 Toowoomba 18-19 Longreach 18-19 Tara 50th Anniversary 25-26 Bauhinia 50th Anniversary 25-26 Quilpie JULY


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PONYCLUB&INTERSCHOOL JUNE 4-5 Stuartholme School 26-29 Interschool Queensland State Championships @ Toowoomba JULY 23 IQ Eventing State Championships

RODEO APRA 07 4661 8183 - NRA 07 5495 8668 JUNE 4 Bikes & Bulls Gladstone 5 Hamilton Hotel Silver Spur Series Final 11-12 Bowen River 11 Teebar 18 Lowood JULY 2 Coutts Crossing Jnr Rodeo 2 Marble Bar 9 Georgetown Rodeo 9 Emerald Rodeo 16 Mareeba Rodeo 23 Charters Towers Rodeo 23-24 Longreach 30 Taroom

REINING QRHA Secretary (07) 5429 8797 JUNE 4 Cool Climate Show at SIEC 18 NSWRHA Show SIEC 25 QRHA Show and Clinic @Caboolture

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SHOWHORSE JUNE 3-5 Caboolture Show 3-4 Winton Show 3-4 Toogoolawah Show 4 Landsborough Show 5 SHCQ Rising Star 5 Laidley Open T-Shirt Hack Day 10-11 Lowood Show 10-12 Cloncurry Show 10-12 Sunshine Coast Show 11 The Teebar Show 11 Yeppoon Show 15 Rockhampton Show 12 EA QLD Newcommer HOTY 13 TLEC Allbreeds Show 07 5590 9721 17-18 Woodford Show 17-18 Mt Gravatt Show 17 Kalbar Show 21-23 Mackay Show 24-26 Rosewood Show 24-26 Proserpine Show

24-26 Redcliffe Show 25-26 Mudgeeraba Show 25 Mt Larcom Show 26-27 Mackay Hack Champs

JULY 1-3 Laidley 1-4 Townsville 2-3 Dayboro 7-8 Herbert River 8-10 Malanda 9-10 Samford 11-12 Atherton 14-15 Innisfail 14-16 Gatton 16-17 Mareeba 20-22 Cairns 30-31 Texas 23-24 Mt Gravatt 24-25 Mossman 29-31 Tully 27-28 Cooktown 29-31 Pine Rivers 31 -2 Charters Towers 30-31 Gold Coast Show Horse Events AUGUST 5-15 EKKA ROYAL QLD 6-7 Sarina 21 Qld Riding Pony SHow @ QSEC

28 Oxenford Gala

TRAIL RIDING & CTR Cooloola Trail riders Ph 07 5482 8436 CTHC-Caboolture ph 07 5498 6068 Toowoomba's Cumburrie 0429 340 722 Athra - 0409 704 554 Alligator Creek 0427 619 725 Beaudesert Shire 07 5546 9225 Beechmont & District 07 5533 1113 Bouldercombe 0418 715 837 Breakaway 0417 195 989 Brisbane Valley 0428 750 145 Cobb & Co. Country Trail Riders, 07 4623 3344 to 0428 100 144. Curtis & District 0438 111 091 Dayboro Trail Riders to 0475383553 Four Rivers Trail Riders 0413 746 033 Gold Coast & Albert District 0409 704 554. Ipswich & District 07 3395 0758 Logan River Redlands 0413 239 668 Mudgeeraba & Hinterland 0498 682 018 Rathdowney Trail Riding 07 5544 1177 Saturday Horse Activities 07 4934 2345 SCATER Ph: 07 5478 8676 or 0417 612 061 Seven Mile Lagoon 07 5424 6464 Tableland Trail Riders 07 4091 2070 Toowoomba Trail Riders 0438 933 032 Wide Bay Trail Riders 07 4126 3456

WESTERN JUNE 1-4 Qld QH Assoc Champs 0400 377 739 11 Darling Downs W P Club @ Dalby 17 Laidley Walloon 30-31 Maryborough & District Western Perf JULY 9-10 Darling Downs WP Club @ Dalby 10 Southside WP Club@ Bellara Park 17 Laidley Walloon QH 30 Northern Territory QH State Show 30-31 Maryborough & District Western Perf 29-31 Central Qld QH club AA show


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Australian Horsemanship Trainers feature

P.O. Box 99, Esk Qld. 4312 Phone: 0427 732 394

Instructor Ken Faulkner

Ken Faulkner – Clinic Calendar Date



Contact Details

7th to 20th May 2016 28th May to 10th June 2016 18th & 19th June 2016 24th to 27th June 2016 2nd & 3rd July 2016 8th – 11th July 2016 13th to 18th July 2016 22nd to 24th July 2016 26th July to 1st August 2016 3rd & 4th August 2016 19th to 23rd August 2016 27th & 28th August 2016 2nd to 5th September 2016 16th to 19th September 2016 24th & 25th September 2016 7th to 10th October 2016 14th to 17th October 2016 22nd & 28th October 2016 5th to 11th November 2016 25th to 27th November 2016 2nd to 5th December 2016 17th & 18th December 2016

14 Day Supercamp – Esk QLD No. 1 (Booked Out) 14 Day Supercamp – Esk QLD No. 2 2 Day Cowboy Dressage Clinic – Allora QLD 4 Day Savvy Weekend – Coffs Harbour NSW 2 Day Cowboy Dressage Clinic – Esk QLD 4 Day Horsemanship Course – Buckingham UK 6 Day Horsemanship Course – Devon UK 3 Day Young Horse Course – Wales UK 7 Day Horsemanship Course – Wales UK 2 Day Cowboy Dressage Course – Wales UK 5 Day Horsemanship & Cow Course – Howlong NSW 2 Day Cowboy Dressage Clinic – Tamworth NSW 4 Day Savvy Weekend – Allora QLD 4 Day Savvy Weekend – Alice Springs NT Total Equine Festival Toowoomba Demonstrations 4 Day Savvy Weekend – Bendigo VIC 4 Day Savvy Weekend – Narre Warren VIC 7 Day Horsemanship Clinic – Christchurch NZ 7 Day Supercamp – Esk QLD 3 Day Savvy Weekend – Geelong VIC 4 Day Savvy Weekend – Coffs Harbour NSW 2 Day Cowboy Dressage Clinic – Esk QLD

Kathy Stewart Kathy Stewart Belinda Gregson Tanja Kraus Belinda Gregson Val Guse Heather Seems Louise Parker Louise Parker Louise Parker Richard & Lucy Barrack Belinda Gregson Belinda Gregson Andrea Hill

0427 732 394 0427 732 394 0488 958 669 0412 592 033 0488 958 669 +44 1280821422 +44 7703132932 +44 7702400074 +44 7702400074 +44 7702400074 0427 778 555 0488 958 669 0488 958 669 0413 230 966

Agnes McCormack Dave Russell Dianne Newton Kathy Stewart Narelle Unmack Tanja Kraus Belinda Gregson

0402 809 639 0477 656 028 +64 3312 6211 0427 732 394 0418 540 770 0412 592 033 0488 958 669

Training DVDs Horse Mastery DVD Set (4 DVDs) incl. Rein Positions, Four Rein Lengths Volume 1 & 2, and Strengthening Exercises , Liberty, Foal Handling, The Way of the Horse 2012

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Trainers feature

The Horse Report

Building confidence in your horses Confidence in our horses comes in many ways, and sometimes in our haste to 'get something done' we can violate the trust our horse has in us, by forcing him to accept something, instead of taking the time to show him that something is ok. Let’s take a spray bottle for example. Most horses when faced with a spray bottle for the first time, they react in a less than desirable way. We have all had a horse dancing on the end of the lead, while we try to spray fly spray, or antiseptic spray on a wound. When we think about the spray, its no surprise that the horse reacts to it. Firstly we are putting something near them

that they haven't seen, then this new thing makes a strange noise, that sounds almost like a snake, and then it sprays liquid onto them, and finally, the liquid has a strange smell. So instead of a typical item that might bother them that is simply a visual concern ( like a rake or a wheel barrow), you have an item that stimulates four of his senses - sight, smell, touch and sound. So how would we do it to gain the trust ? Firstly, when I first show the horse the new item, I want to make sure that I know what I want and what I want is him to be confident and brave. So when he first shows curiosity about the item, I'm going to reward his bravery by moving it away from him.

I’m also going to allow him to reach out to touch it - I’m not going to thrust it towards him. Once he is comfortable with the item in its neutral state, I'm going to let him hear the sound, see the liquid and smell the liquid by squirting it away from him. I will do this as often as I need to until he is comfortable with it. Finally I will spray it on him, once. And allow him to settle, then I may repeat 1 more time and then I will restart the entire process the next day. Many people would consider this to be a drawn out process. However I consider investing the time at the start, time well-invested in developing the relationship.

Allow her to reach to it

Spray away from her at first

Spray once and wait for horse to settle




12 & 13 19 & 20

Balance and Transitions Clinic Balance and Transitions Clinic

Glenreagh, NSW Gold Coast, QLD

Cowboy Dressage Clinic Liberty Clinic Cowboy Dressage Clinic Advancing Horsemanship Clinic Liberty Clinic

Glenreagh, NSW Gold Coast, QLD Sydney, NSW Glenreagh, NSW Glenreagh, Gold Coast,NSW QLD

Horsemanship for Perfomance 3 day Collection and Engagement

Wauchope, NSW Glenreagh, NSW


Horsemanship for Performance 4 day

Gold Coast, QLD


Horse Starting

Glenreagh, NSW

Cowboy Dressage Collection and Engagement 10 Day Intensive

Sydney, NSW Gold Coast, QLD Glenreagh, NSW

Horsemanship for Performance Cowboy Dressage World Finals Collection & Engagement

Watsonville, CA, USA Rancho Murieta, CA, USA NSW

Advancing Horsemanship Clinic Foundation Horsemanship Clinic Strength & Suppling Cowboy Dressage Show

Glenreagh, NSW Glenreagh, NSW Wauchope, NSW




2&3 9 & 10 16 & 17 23-25 30 & 1 May


7-9 21 & 22


6&7 13 & 14 19-28


3&4 8-11 24 & 25


1-3 8&9 15 & 16 22 & 23


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Artwork by Horse Deals

Free E Book - sign up at

For bookings or if you would like to host a clinic, contact us on 0412 592 033 or email

“As well as being an outstanding horsewoman, Tanja is an excellent communicator and teacher. So the take-home value of her clinics is huge. Her ability to read each rider and each horse enables her to tailor her advice and instruction in the most productive and effective way. Tanja’s guidance and support has transformed the way I ride and handle my horses and I cannot recommend her clinics highly enough.” Paula Todd, Bangalow, NSW. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Extended Plate

Amazing for any breathing problems and the only bit in the world to stop displacement of the soft palate.

MEGAN JONES Olympic Champion Works great. You must try it.

Joint and arms do not hinge downward thereby preventing pain to the roof, tongue and bars.


The bit arms have limited travel to prevent outer ring pressure and pain to the cheek and lips.


Rated by riders and trainers as like having power steering! Riders say it’s the best bit in the world - the bit of the future!

DAVID ID HAYES H Champion Ch Trainer Major br M breakthrough. reakthrough I recommend it.

Prevents the tongue over the bit and soft palate displacement.

P ictu re s 1 & 2 sh ow a Sn af fl e bi t ro of ru bb in g an d bi t pi n ch in g.

Normal Plate


) Stops the bit pinching the tongue )Stops the tongue getting over the bit )Stops roof rubbing and lip pinching )Stops the tongue hanging out of the mouth )Stops the horse headshaking, pulling & bolting )Stops the horse hanging, rearing & bucking

P ictu re 3 : T h e am az in g



ven ts it ! prev )Stops displacement of the soft palate )Stops mouth opening and respiratory noise )Better oxygen supply, therefore better speed )Amazing soft and responsive bit contact )Improves performance & stops leaning on one rein )Riders comment it’s ‘like having power steering’

ORDER NOW! Contact your saddlery or phone 0413 898 128 Page 22 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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TROY PALMER Champion Drafter I highly recommend them


The Horse Report

Evans Park offers International Facilities N!"  " #"# %!# ' '   ) $!   !  " " !! $# %"     "! $   *

 $!   #   !  "  43  & 43)  !!  #    " %" "  !% #!*  " "    #  '# !!*

 21 & 51  !  ) # %" "!     " !'!" %! "  " "  %"  %" '!  ! ' "   %" $!    ! "  (

  !! #" ' # ! %"    #! $ " "   $!   " $  # " 2.*   "" "  !" #) " %" #!) "!)   !) !   % ! - $!   !  # " " "  !(

 " " !"   " $!   "!  !"! !"!) ' !)  !! #   )  ! ! #" ' # ! ) # '      " !% '#  ! !   " ' !! " "  ! "#' "# *

 "    "!     %  "  ! " "  '#  !! %" 21 3 & 3 &!   %" !$!  "" %" #"" %"  ! *

$!  +!    !  !   !!$ $%   ' # %"  #' #" "  "  "! "  "  " !" !   "!*

!     21  & 21   !! ' ! %" !#  !"   "  !"!) " %" #""    !"   " "!*  $# ! ! $     " ! "!) !  !" !!!*

23 !"'  /423

56 Godalla Road Freemans Reach, NSW


21!" , 3&3&! 21&21 !!' !, !" /"  !"! 21&51# $  !  ! 43&43 !!#   # ! %"%" #!) "!) !/ % ! # '  21 "!%'#  !

Please Contact Evans Park for more information: Ph. 0419 449 889 or 0407 940 093 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Horsemanship - the relationship with your horse By ANTHONY DESERAUX I have been very lucky to spend time with some very phenomenal horsemen and they all taught me many lessons, which I am grateful. But one man was my life changer and was the icing on the cake for me to continue to seek more knowledge from the horse itself. That man was Master Horseman, Ray Hunt. The Relationship. To me, the most important part of being a horseman is the relationship. That is the relationship that I have between the horse and myself whether that is my own horse or a horse I just met. There are a number of different techniques to use in strengthening that bond between horse and human. I have been lucky enough to create that bond with every horse I have ever worked with. I look for it and strive to create that relationship so that I can go forward with that horse. In teaching clinics I see a lack of relationship that is built on equal respect. I see that it is either too much love and affection or too much force and aggression. It has to be a balance. Be as firm as necessary but as light as possible. It does take time and energy to learn to create a lasting relationship but as you do you will notice horses just want to be around you and your horsemanship will grow to new heights. The last time I was with Ray Hunt, he talked about the spirit of the horse and that how one day we might catch a glimpse of this, if we were lucky enough. Well, to me if you don’t start with the relationship, you will never see what Ray was talking about. A good example of a great relationship that I have had with a horse, is a little mare called Shyanne. I was given her as a five-year-old who had been broke in terribly and had no trust in humans. She was a super sensitive mare. She needed me on many occasions to give her full support with my leadership so she could do something new. Two occasions that stand out is when she had her first foal. She was lying down on the other side of a sand yard and I was watching on the other side, she got up walked over laid down beside me and gave birth. The second being when she had crossed the flooded river with some of her herd but when they came back she wasn’t confident to cross back over as the river had risen. I waded over to her ,jumped on bareback and bridleless . Once on her back, she walked straight in and swam back across to the other side where I rode her straight up into her stable. Young Horse Development. It goes without saying that it all starts with the relationship. Young horses are just like young people curious, playful and occasionally testing the boundaries. They are sponges taking in what ever is around them good or bad. At Reata Ranch we like to run our weanlings with a couple of wise old geldings to keep them in line and encourage them to like people. If those geldings are seeking us out all the time when we are around, then the babies soon start to do the same. Likewise if you have a sensitive reactive horse running with them, they will soon follow suit. I Page 24

Anthony at the 2014 A Legacy of Legends colt start.

have been lucky enough to work with large working plants of horses all my life and seen this work time and time again. A young horse also needs their education to be stepped in a very similar way to a child’s education. As Ray use to say, you wouldn’t expect a kindergarten child to skip primary school and go straight to secondary school. Unfortunately, I see this all the time and then they blame the horse. So take the time - your horse will thank you for it. Colt Starting A great start is everything you need to make sure your horse has the best start possible. It will set him up for all the education he has coming his way. I say starting as apposed to breaking and I am sure you’ve heard it before but I am starting a relationship, I am not looking to break this beautiful creature’s spirit. If you pay attention to the horses you see around, you will soon see the horses that love their life and their leaders and the ones that don’t. If you have ever watched Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman , Buster Mclaury, Jayton Lord or Joe Wolter’s horses, you will see their ears forward looking where they are going, what they’re doing and enjoying their rides. Even their colts on their first rides you will see glimpses of this. Horsemen of this caliber have a feel for the colts that takes years of development and trying.

- Photo Credit Mel Spittal

This feel has been developed from years in the saddle riding all day working cattle. When you send your colt off to be started, be very particular at where you send them. Remember a good start for your young horse is every thing and if you are sending your horse off to somebody else to start, that person should think as much of the start as you do. I highly advise that if you get a horse started by someone then have them ride the horse for you for a good period of time and then you ride the horse in front of them. This allows you to see if you feel your horse is started well. You can ask questions and get

advice. Remember you get what you pay for. A good colt starter is worth paying that bit extra because you won’t be sending the horse back for more work or sending it to another trainer for a restart. I also believe that to be a good colt starter you really need to have experience riding a lot of different horses and be able to feel a horse. Feel, timing and balance were what my mentor Ray Hunt always wanted a rider to get. The better you are with these on a horse the better your horses will be. Anthony Deseraux will be travelling to Buck Brannaman’s in Sheridan, Wyoming USA for an invitational colt start. He will be hosting a few select colt starts here in Australia during his annual clinic schedule. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report Anthony Desreaux of

Reata Ranch Horsemanship oers


Clinic schedule - 2016 May 16th through to 27th Geurie Horsemanship & cow working clinic 10 days Booked out with waiting list. June 1st - 15th Travel to Texas USA to teach 2 day Horsemanship Clinic Participating in an invitational Colt Start at Buck Brannamans Home Ranch, Sheridan Wyoming. June 20th - 29th Colt starting class (limited numbers) not open to public - Tamworth NSW July 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th AMT Equestrian Services Arena - Gidgegannup (45 mins Perth) Western Australia

August 26th, 27th, 28th & 29th Geurie Horsemanship September 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Marrabel SA September 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th Jeir NSW (Near Canberra) September 19th to 30th 10 day Horsemanship & cow working - Banyandah 5LHY/V^SVUN>LLRLUKVɈPUIL[^LLU October 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th Quorrobolong Horsemanship October 14th, 15th, 16th & 17th Mandalong NSW Horsemanship

July 15th, 16th, 17th & 18th Mandalong NSW

November 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th Nowra Horsemanship

July 22nd, 23rd, 24th & 25th AELEC Arena Tamworth NSW - Horsemanship

November 11th, 12th, 13th & 14th Legacy Equestrian Centre, Tomerong NSW Horsemanship

July 29th, 30th, 31st/August 1st Barcaldine Qld Horsemanship August 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th Charleville - Horsemanship & possible cattle work

November 25th, 26th, 27th & 28th AELEC Arena Tamworth NSW

August 12th, 13th, 14th & 15th Beaudesert Qld

December 3rd to 12th Tasmania Stonehenge Horse Riding & Accommodation Facility- Colt start & last 4 days included horsemanship

August 19th, 20th, 21st & 22nd Gympie Horsemanship

December 16th, 17th, 18th & 19th Reata Ranch Home Clinic Horsemanship

Contact Deb Desreaux 0407 731 187 | Email - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Breeders of quality Paints, Pintos and Quarter Ponies. At Stud Paint Stallion Double K Ultimate Grand Producer with quality foals over any breed of mare. 0450 370 404 Greenbank QLD 4124

Quality broodmares & youngstockk available for purch hase Lauren & Daniel Sharpe, Qld Ph 07 4934 0918 or 0419 380 966 RIBBLETON WARMBLOODS

Farleigh Stud Armidale - breeding Champions Trellech Enigma (IMP UK) Bay 14.2hh Riding Pony Stallion By Cusop Fingerprint (UK) (SOS Cusop Disciplin) out of Trellech Spirit of Spring (UK) (SOD Trellech Royal Ensign). 0412 594 895

Producing the Finest Quality Warmbloods Ribbleton Warmbloods Stud not only offer a range of the finest young stock for sale but also give buyers the chance to breed their own foal from a Ribbleton Mare and Stallion. 0410 440 259 Dural NSW contact@

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What’s Happening MT GRAVATT SHOW The 2016 Mt Gravatt Show will be held on July 23 and 24. The show was awarded "Community Event of the Year 2016" by the Brisbane Lord Mayor in the Australia Day Awards. This year it is shaping up to offer competitors and spectators a great weekend with rides from $2, competitions, show bags, live music Sunday afternoon from 1pm to 5pm, monster fireworks on both nights, two full days of ring events and loads of fun activities across each day for everyone to enjoy. The line up of activities includes animal nursery, reptile display, pig races, sheep and cattle, goats, donkeys, puppet show, fashion parade, baby show, utes and big rigs. The spectacular Saturday night entertainment in the main arena will include a Friesian performance, FMX freestyle bikes, an action packed rodeo and of course a monster fireworks display. Don't forget to visit the pavilions to see all the exhibits displayed from local talented exhibitors. Gates open at 9am each day. For more information, please contact Loretta on 07 3349 1801, 0418 755491 or email

THE QLD STATE RIDING PONY SHOW The QLD State Riding Pony Show will be held at QSEC, Caboolture on Sunday 21 August. There will be a three ring program with In Hand and Ridden classes for RPSBS Show Ponies, Show Hunter Ponies, Show Hack and Show Hunter Hacks, Double Registered Ponies, Breeder and Owner Group classes, Children's Ridden Ponies, young member Handler and Rider classes. A Feature event of the show is the Newcomer Riding Pony Final for Riding Ponies registered as Newcomers for the period 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016. Last year's prize pool was $1,144 the winner receiving $514.80, the Runner-Up $400.40 and third place $228.80. For further information contact Kym Johnson Ph 0417 647 747 Email: or Catherine James Ph 0417 196 926 Email:

THE MT GRAVATT SHOW . 23rd and 24th July 2016

"The Best Little Show in the City" Awarded "Community Event of the Year 2016" by the Lord Mayor's Australia Day Awards

* Rides from $2 * Win! Competitions * Show Bags * Two full days of ring events * Live Music Sunday afternoon from 1pm to 5pm * Loads of fun activities across the day for everyone to enjoy * Great line up of activities including animal nursery, reptile display, pig races, sheep & cattle, goats, donkeys, puppet show, fashion parade, baby show, utes and big rigs. * Don't forget to visit our pavilions to see all the exhibits displayed from our local talented exhibitors. * Don't miss our spectacular Saturday night entertainment in the main arena including a Friesian performance, FMX Freestyle bikes, action packed rodeo & Monster Fireworks on both nights.

For more information, please contact Loretta on 07 3349 1801 - 0418 755491 Email

2016 Queensland RIDING PONY State Show

RPSBS QLD CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS RPSBS Qld are currently planning a new event for QLD. The RPSBS Champion of Champions Show to be held on Monday 3 October following the SHCQ HOTY Show at QSEC Caboolture In the morning the show will run two rings with classes for RPSBS In Hand, Ridden Senior Pony and Newcomer Pony classes. Then in the afternoon will see the feature events, the Champion of Champions classes for ponies that have qualified to be eligible for this event from winning 1st or 2nd at selected events throughout the year. While still in the planning stages this event promises to offer some wonderful prizes and awards. For further information please visit

21st August 2016 QSEC Caboolture

ULL RIDING PONY FU SHOW PROGRAM Includes Riding Pony Show/Hunter Hacks,Youth Ring/Show Hacks and Classes for Double Registered

Entries close last mail Friday 15th July 2016

Lang Park Equestrian Services Riding lessons for Showing Pony Club Nervous mothers. Arena hire for clinics

234 Myocum Rd Ewingsdale Matt Lee - 0474 961 927

For further information contact

** NEW EVENT ** Champion of Champions Riding Pony Show Monday 3 October QSEC Caboolture For further information go to

Kym Johnson Ph 0417 647 747 or Catherine James Ph 0417 196 926 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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What’s Happening OXENFORD GALA HACK DAY The Oxenford Pony Club will host a Gala Hack day on August 28 and the program has Gold Coast equine enthusiasts excited. "Our Gala Hack day has been organised to ensure that successful competitors will qualify to compete at a Royal Show and for this reason alone we expect that the competition will be high," Oxenford Pony Club chief instructor, Lyn Lynch said. "Many pony hack and galloway riders will be keen to compete for a win in an open at our event because if they are successful this will add to the number of open wins they need to compete at any Royal Show. "I know that riders work very hard throughout the year to prepare their horses and ponies for hack shows and I can guarantee that this event won't disappoint. "I am very proud that we have been able to attract well respected and qualified judges. In doing so we have lifted the level of this event to a day that will make competitors and their supporters proud. "However the program offers a class for almost everyone - from the dedicated Hack rider to the beginner child rider, and if you love to see beautifully turned out horses and ponies spectators are most welcome." There will be prize money to third place, trophies and pizemoney for Supreme and a memorial trophy for the Best Presented The Gala Hack Day is on August 28 at the Oxenford Pony Club. Gates open at 6am and ring events start at 8am sharp. For inquiries, contact 07 5596 6061 or 0414 676 578.

OXENFORD GALA DAY Hosted by & Held at OXENFORD PONY CLUB Charlies Crossing Road, Upper Coomera

SUNDAY 28th AUGUST, 2016 Gates Open: 6:00am Rings Start: 8:00am TROPHY & PRIZE MONEY FOR SUPREME IN OPEN HACK, SHOW HUNTER AND RIDER CLASS TROPHY FOR MEMORIAL BEST PRESENTED Prize Money 1st $10, 2nd $5 & 3rd $2 Garlands, Championship Sashes,Rugs, Ribbons and More

ROYAL SHOW QUALIFYING EVENT FIVE RINGS WITH THREE RING CIRCUS NOMINATIONS ON THE DAY (All classes $4.00 each) BEGINNER (Includes Lead Line) SHOW HUNTER GALLOWAY PONY HACK Plenty of On-Site Parking Gold Coin Admission at Gate Great Canteen On-Site Open on the Day

WOODFORD SHOW The Woodford Show will be held on Friday, June 17 and Saturday, June 18. FRIDAY - LOCALS DAY: Main Ring - Including led and ridden Ponies, Galloways, Hacks and Rider classes - Prizes include embroided rugs, vouchers, goods and prizemoney and proudly sponsored by Caboolture Sports Club. Local and Open jumping with over $500 in cash and prizes. Novelties commence approx 1pm. Special ring for six years and under - led or unled. Open Dressage with $500 in prizemoney and goods. Rodeo Arena - Non-affiliated Cutting Show and Open Working Horse Challenge - buckles, prizemoney and goods exceeding $1500. Nominations close on Wednesday, June 8 and limits apply to some classes SATURDAY: Main Ring - Jumping Events with over $1500 cash & prizes Led classes for QH, Coloured Breeds, MHAA classes with special prizes, Shetlands, heavy horses, harness classes, CCSH, Standardbreds and much more Rodeo Arena - Open Western Performance including Billie Maundrell Memorial Youth Encouragement Award Number 2 oval - (Free of side show distractions) Ponies, ANSA, Thoroughbreds, ASH, Galloways, Hacks and Hunters. Supreme Hack and Supreme Led Pony each receive $50 cash and a browband to the value of $120 donated by Browbands by Emily. Lots of other cash and prizes to be won. Entertainment - Stud beef and dairy cattle, poultry, animal nursery, chain saw racing, children’s entertainment area, dog show and whip cracking display and to round out the day time entertainment - Roof Top Express. See this first class arena spectacular in the main arena at 4pm. After dark will bring the fireworks display followed by an action packed rodeo and after party. This is a 20th year special celebration for the rodeo so make sure you are there to be part of this action packed invitational event. For further information, go to or email Don’t forget to check out the Woodford Show Facebook Page for all the up to date information.

WOODFORD SHOW Friday 17th & Saturday 18th June 2016


For more information contact 0423 452 641 or Email Page 28

Check out the OXENFORD PONY CLUB website for all information and please contact (LYN) 0414 676 578 or 07 55 966 061

61st Annual Dayboro Show Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd of July 2016 Ring program, Trade displays & Pavilion sections all weekend Saturday - Hack and Rider Classes, Breed Classes, Showjumping and Team Penning Sunday - Breed classes, Miniature Horse AA Show Paint Bred Classes and Supreme Western Exhibit New sections for Morgan Horses and Clydesdale Sport Horses Showjumping and Full Harness Program Rooftop Express 5pm Saturday Fireworks Saturday night Woodchopping & Poultry Saturday and Sunday Plus lots of fun filled entertainment for the whole family.

For more enquiries phone 0407 751 179 Full program lists and schedules available at - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report

T erranora L akes E questrian Club


After the success of the last show held on Easter Monday, the Terranora Lakes Equestrian Club will run another Allbreeds Show on Monday, June 13 at Bilambil Sports Grounds, Bilambil Rd, Bilambil. The program will be similar to the last with Led Classes for Riding Pony, Saddle Pony, Welsh, Warmblood, Arabian /Derivative, Thoroughbred, ANSA, ASH, Quarterhorse, Colourama, Palomino and Baroque and perhaps a few more Novice, Open and Show hunter Pony Galloway and Hack Classes, Rider Classes, Beginner Ring and Western Ring, Dressage Prep to Novice as well as Cowboy Dressage. There are 28 champions, Supreme Led Mare, Supreme Led Gelding, Supreme Hack, Supreme Hunter, Supreme Rider on offer Enquiries Ph Paula 07 5590 9721 Email:

Monday June 13 - 9:00am at Bilambil Sports Grounds, Bilambil Rd, Bilambil

Led Classes for Riding Pony, Saddle Pony, Welsh, Warmblood, Arabian /Derivative, Thoroughbred, ANSA, ASH, Quarterhorse, Colourama, Palomino and Baroque Novice, Open and Show hunter Pony Galloway and Hack Classes, Rider Classes, Beginner Ring and Western Ring, Dressage Prep to Novice as well as Cowboy dressage 28 champions, Supreme led Mare, supreme led gelding. Supreme Hack, Supreme Hunter, Supreme Rider

CANUNGRA SHOW The 2016 Canungra Show will be better than ever for equestrian competitors with an expanded horse program and the relocation of sideshow alley to a different area of the showground. Canungra AH&I Society Equestrian Chief Steward, Chris Ward, said the Society is very excited about the plans for the show this year. “It will be a better show for our horse competitors with more classes, particularly for the paint and coloured horses, and we will have PHPA 'Hi Point' Pinto classes for the first time,” Chris said. The show has been regarded as a ‘hot show’ because of the location of Sideshow Alley for many years, but this has been relocated to the other side of the showground to increase the safety of riders and horses. “"It is a big year for us and we are also expanding the show to the sports ground next door so we have room for more attractions and more classes,” he said. “The relocation of Sideshow Alley is something we have been working towards for several years but this year, thanks to a grant from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund, we have been able to do it. “We are looking forward to seeing lots of new faces at the show this year.” The program also caters for children new to showing with a 'Topsy Ring' for beginners in the rodeo arena. For enquiries about the program, please call Chief Steward, Chris Ward on 0413 724 638 or visit

Enquiries Ph Paula 07 5590 9721 Email:



DAYBORO SHOW The 61st Annual Dayboro Show with be held on July 2 and 3 at the Memorial Showgrounds, 3512 Mt Mee Road, Dayboro. The show offers a full ring program as well as trade displays and pavilion sections and sideshow alley all weekend. Ring events will include Show jumping, Hack and Rider Classes, Breed Classes, a AA Miniature Horse Show, a full harness program, Team Penning, Paint Bred Classes and Supreme Western Exhibit and this year new sections for Morgan Horse and Clydesdale Sport Horses. Other activities on offer are poultry and woodchopping, Saturday night’s feature event will be Rooftop Express from 5pm followed by fireworks and lots of other fun entertainment for the whole family. For more enquiries phone 0407 751 179 or visit the wesbite at

Promote your show or event in The Horse Report for as little as $50 and receive a bonus editorial advert design and online advertising all included in the price


Saturday 20 August at Canungra Showgrounds, Coburg Road, Canungra

Bring the family along for a great day out!

Equestrian | Showjumping | Beef Cattle | Australian Miniature Goats | Dunny Races Bubble Football | Sideshow Alley | Roving Entertainment | Tractor Pull

0403 278 556 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:


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Supreme Ridden Part Welsh Exhibit and Society Gold Medal- Bailee Richdale’s Iona Park Virtuoso.

Supreme Champion Ridden Welsh Exhibit and Society Gold Medal winner- Sarah Hoolihan’s Crestwood Royale Design.

Best Part Welsh Foal Futurity - Leanne Mayfield’s Mayfield Lodge Love The Look.

Open Childrens Ridden Lisa Fay & Rodney Finn’s Aranui Odysseus

Champion Ridden Welsh Hunter PJ & PJ O’Shea’s Kintyre Sammy

Supreme Youngstock Best Welsh Youngstock Exhibit of the Show – Gatehouse Family’s Barn Hill Basil.

Champion Driven Welsh Harness Exhibit Tracey Bavinton’s Ripple Brook Astro Boy.

Open Childrens Ridden - Bowmun Park’s Euston Toy Tales Page 30

Best Junior Club Member Handler Maya Hoolihan

Senior Part Welsh - Bellview park christen Exhibited by Kayjae Moore

Ridden Welsh Pony - Karanga Myriah Exhibited by Kayjae Moore

Champion Child’s Ridden Welsh Leanne Rogers’ Haddon Park Sundance. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report


Runner Up in Leading Rein Hunter Pony "Richdale Patriot" Chelsea Webb and Marrk Lilly

"Taittinger" with Jess Stalling Champion Open Large Saddle Hack

Kristen Bates Taunton and Holly Taunton with "Mondiso Park its All About Her winners of the Open Leading Rein Show pony

"DP Polo" Owned by Jordan Skying in the Open Large Saddle Hack

"Dicavalli Royal Gustav" Owned by T & L Blanch in the Open Large Show Hunter Hack

Jemma Heran with Her Hack "Black Tie" smartest on parade in the Open Large Saddle Hack

Isabella Andersen with her pony "Barnhill Piccalo" in Child Handler 12 years and under

" Sandarah Dark Secret" Owned by Sarah Scotson with rider Taylor Berry in the Open Large Show Pony Hack

Chelsea Taunton with her Pony "Mondiso Park its All About Her" Runner up Small Pony

"Karanga Myriah" Owned by Vanessa Ellaby Ridden by Kayjae Moore

Billie Johnstone and Tremane Royal Opera Champion rider 15-17 yrs - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Tor Van Den Berge and Remi Lauries Star

Presentation left to right Hannah Barker, Madison Dawdy, Shannan Goodwin, Melissa Van Den Berge ,Kaz Roe, and Karen Howard

Tor Van Den Berge and Remi Frangelica

Melissa Van Den Berge and Donna Bonita

Maddie Smith and Bryntwel Twilight

Because you care... ! e r e we’ll be th Beric & Sue Lees

Toowoomba & Ipswich




PETS R.I.P Page 32 email: A proud Queensland owned & operated family business.



1300 233 007 or 1800 PETS RIP Hannah Barker and QEB Symphony

* * * Photos by Donna Barker * * * - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Equine Affair Planned for the Gold Coast “Our event schedule is filled to the Looking for something to do brim with educational seminars and this September school holidemonstrations. No matter what discidays? Why not visit the pline you're into, you will find someEmmett4Horses Equine Affair thing to pique your interest. proudly brought to you by the “We are providing a unique learning Gary Wells Practitioner Group. platform with access to high profile Hosted at Southport Pony Club riders and experts in their field, where Grounds (Gold Coast) information can be easily accessed in a Wednesday and Thursday, non-judgmental environment. September 28 and 29, this event “This is a great learning place for kids offers the horse enthusiast two and adults alike, whether they have full days of clinics, demonstrajust started out with horses or have tions, shopping and fun. been riding for years. The Emmett4Horses Equine If you need time out from the presenAffair shines a spotlight on tations and shopping overload, why horse care and performance, not stop by and say hello to our baby featuring professional presentaanimal nursery? Get up close to our tions and demonstrations relatcute farmyard friends and enjoy their ing to feet, teeth, diet, muscles, crazy antics.” overall horsemanship and vetGary Wells said event will focus on the fundamentals of Please visit www.garywellspractitionerinarian care. for in-depth informaWhy not bring your horse or equine care and performance tion relating to the Emmett4Horses pony and participate in one of Equine Affair as it is announced. the many riding and horsemanship clinics on offer. Perhaps the Ian Francis and Ken May horsemanship clinic where two of Australia's most highly decorated horsemen will be passing on their skills and knowledge to assist riders and their equine partners in reaching their full potential. Fence sitting Southport Pony Club spots are also available for those who want to watch and learn from September 2016 the sidelines. Gary Wells, Director of GWPG, and Master EMMETT Therapist, said that the event is like no other as it focuses on the fundamentals of equine care and performance. “We take a detailed look into why each of these items needs to be For further information on the event contact addressed in horse ownership and why they are important in keepGarry Wells 0402 869 551 or email ing your horse healthy, happy and sound,” he said.

EMMETT4Horses "Equine Affair". Book your trade stand or demonstration spot now

TRADES & SERVICES LINE LISTINGS Horse Report Line Listings Ph. 0755909721($44 for 6 months or $77 for 12 months) ‡ Animal Itch & Skin Remedies - . . Ph 0447 654 518 ‰ The Horse Report .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ph 07 5590 9721 ‰ Neds Bed . . Horse & Dog O’Tel . . . .Clybucca . . . . . Ph 02 65650085


‡ The Saddlefitter - Kathryn Sullivan - Butt . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ph 0413 371 802 ‰ Country Park . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ph 07 5596 4387 ‰ Aitkins Saddlery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ph 07 3209 7506


($44 for 6 months or $77 for 12 months) or receive a free listing with display adverts booked for 12 months ‰ Animal Itch & Skin Remedies - ‰ Country Scene Saddlery - ‰ Country Park Animal ‰ DeMeulenkamp (QLD) Itch ‰ EFA Queensland... ‰ Embroidered saddlecloths - ‰ Eq Land Developments ‰ Equine on the web ... ‰ Equilibrium Mineral Mix... ‰ Equestrian On line ... ‰ Feed XL... ‰ Fordsdale Farm Stay ……. ‰ Gallagher Electric fencing ... ‰ Gold Coast Horse.... ‰ Greystone Manure Vacuums ... ‰ Hasdun Horse Supplies … ‰ Have Horse … Will Travel ‰ Healing for Horses ‰ Horse Transport … ‰ Horse Transport … ‰ Horse Floats … ‰ Horseland.....

‰ Ken Faulkner... ‰ Kentucky Equine ‰ Kulavale Equestrian... ‰ Lisa McCann Herbs ....... ‰ Mitavite ... ‰ Magic Breed Foaling ‰ Nathan Trailers at Nerang... ‰ National Equestrian Wholesalers .... ‰ Natural Hoof care ..... ‰ Natural equipment ‰ Neds Bed Horse & Dog O’Tel..... ‰ New England Girls School . ‰ Norco..... ‰ Omega Feeds ‰ Pharmachem ... ‰ Redlands Vet Clinic ... ‰ Replay Classifieds... ‰ Stance Equine Feeds.......... ‰ StockGuard Electric ‰ Southwood Saddlery... ‰ The Horse Report ... - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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NATURAL ITCH REMEDY P h K a t e l i n 0431 277 467




Qld itch, bacterial and fungal problems.

GREAT GIFTS Montana Jewellery & Statues Aussie books from Blue Dog - Brigalow - Akubra Outback - Pocket Knives - Ariat Ph/Fax 07 46 3 789 33

Shampoo & ointment. Flat rate postage australia wide

100 Taylor Street, Toowoomba. 4350



Qualified Carpenter - Northern Rivers - Gold Coast areas

* Stables * Sheds * Renovations * Maintenance




Ph 07 5520 6662 Fax 07 5522 6092 Mob 0400 712 759

Bring your horse on a ride for only $20, or become a member. phone 0498 682 018 or find us on Facebook.

Justin Wain Unit 1/9 Kortum Dr West Burleigh 4219 Email:

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$250 for 12 months

Ph 07 55909721

Tamara Shead

Cert.dip. Canine and Equine Therapeutic Acupuncture * Acupuncture therapy * Acupressure * Moxibuston * Reiki * Gua Sha * Herbal Medicine

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Horse Clipping Heather Crack

IDENTIFY YOUR TARGET! ARE YOU WORMING EFFECTIVELY? The Only way to KNOW for SURE is by doing a Fecal Eggcount Samples taken ONSITE - We come to you! Affordable & Necessary $15 per horse STOP Wondering and ACT NOW!

Phone Sharleyne 0487 931 521 HORSE TRANSPORT * A I R BAG S U S P E N S I O N * ANGLE LOAD * Q UA L I T Y OV E R N I G H T S TA B L I N G




HORSE CLIPPING Julie 0402 714 802

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Full Body Clipping Trimming Mane & Tail Pulling Plaiting Show Preparation Presentation Advice Agistment SADDLEFITTER

Town & Country Supplies

One Step Ahead Farm & Animal Supplies FREE Local Feed Deliveries Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Hay/Chaff, Grain & Produce, Petfood, Fertilizer, Saddlery, General Fencing & Electric Fencing, Irrigation (Davey Master Dealer), Rover & Cub Cadet Mowers, Stihl Outdoor Power Equipment, Honda Outdoor Power Equipment, Generators, Push Mowers

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Personal, friendly service. Competitive prices. Servicing local & intrastate. Servicing the Gold Coast, Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers and regularly to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

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Contact:- Greg 0448 233 009 0438 652 530 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

BUSINESS CARD LISTINGS Lang Park Equestrian ervices Riding lessons for Showing Pony Club Nervous mothers. Arena hire for clinics


ANDS VET CLINIC Equine Veterinarian for over 40 years

You have to know what is wrong with your horse!

At REDLANDS we guarantee you a DIAGNOSIS

3207 7325

234 Myocum Rd Ewingsdale Matt Lee - 0474 961 927


“It’s all About Your Horse�

TANJA KRAUS Horsemanship Ph 0412 592 033

Visit the website for updates on clinics

Anthony Desreaux of

Reata Horsemanship Full Ranch Service Equine Clinic It’s all about your horse oers

Tel: 0413 371 802

AVAILABLE FOR HIRE Sunshine Coast RDA Centre

2 Monak Road North Q 4562. Full Service Equine Clinic It’sArm all about your horse


• Horsemanship & cow working clinics/camps August 26th, 27th, 28th & 29th Geurie Horsemanship • Foal & young horse handling September 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Marrabel& SA re-education June 1st•- 15th Horses started under saddle Travel to Texas USA to teach 2 day 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th Horsemanship Clinic • Re-educating horses withSeptember Jeirbehavioural NSW (Near Canberra) problems May 16th through to 27th Geurie Horsemanship & cow working clinic 10 days Booked out with waiting list.

Participating in an invitational Colt Start at Buck Brannamans Home Ranch, Sheridan Wyoming.

June 20th - 29th Colt starting class (limited numbers) not open to

September 19th to 30th 10 day Horsemanship & cow working - Banyandah 5LHY/V^SVUN>LLRLUKVɈPUIL[^LLU O t b

For Bookings and Hire Fees Ph 07 5472 7280 Email: -

7th 8th 9th & 10th Australian Horsemanship

Ken Faulkner P.O. Box 99, Esk Qld. 4312

Phone: 0427 732 394

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(when booked for 12 months) one off advert $100 per issue Ph Paula 07 5590 9721 - 0413 733 294 *** Now reaching over 50,000 readers *** - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:


Kev’s Quality Hay & Chaff

Rose’s Deals on Wheels Protect your best friend. Have your float checked annually by fully qualified tradesmen. Horse Float restorations and Repairs Annual float servicing = Rust & Structural repairs New floors & tailgates = New rubber = Paint Float spares = Rego inspections Brakes, wheel bearings, Electrical, suspensions New tyres = New Lite Haul horse floats

Weekly Deliveries from Gatton - Pottsville

Ph Andrew 0422 824 923

607 Summerland Way, Grafton NSW Ph: (02) 6643 1972 Mob: 0427 431 973 MVRL10015 Colin Jeffery Rose

Free Delivery - conditions apply

MJZ Equine Services * Specializing in horse breaking * Re-educating bad mannered horses * Safe stables arena and round yard * 15 years experience in the equine industry * On site farrier * Equine vet surgery 15km down the road * Competitive rates - Quality service

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0419 503 363


Office 1300 4 My Horse or (02) 4684 3383 Fax: (02) 4684 3320 E: W:


LISA McCANN HERBS WINTER WARMER 1.25kg $35.00 - WELLBEING BLEND 2.5kg $50.00 - Ph: 07 5447 7644


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Servicing the Gold Coast, Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers and regularly to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne


Qualified Animal Naturopath Your one-stop shop for all things natural for animals Tel:07 5449 1453 - Email:

Phone: 1300 MYHORSE


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• Feed it • Plant it & • Fence it • Grow it Call 02 - 6627 8000 for a store near you or visit -


Norco Stores Because there’s a farmer in all of us

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Norco - is an Australian owned dairy co-operative since 1895 8am-5pm Mon-Fri 8am-12noon Sat

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Hay/Chaff, Grain & Produce, Petfood, Fertilizer, Saddlery, General Fencing & Electric Fencing, Irrigation (Davey Master Dealer), Rover & Cub Cadet Mowers, Stihl Outdoor Power Equipment, Honda Outdoor Power Equipment, Generators, Push Mowers

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Keep cattle ticks out of NSW Horses and other grazing livestock/animals leaving tick-infested coastal Queensland MUST UNDERGO inspection and treatment at the Qld tick line or NSW border east of Killarney


Contact: * NSW DPI at Kirra Ph 07 55364714 fax 07 55361290 * Queensland DPI call centre 07 3404 6999 * Qld DPI at Aratula 07 5463 8368 or 0427 133 388 or * Heildon 132 523 Cattle Cattle ticks ticks ar e a notifia notifia b le disease in NSW - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Contact: Suzie Bloxsidge-Kennedy Email - Ph: 0400 558 218

Quality Mare Price: $ 10,000. Neg 16.1 hh Reg. Thoroughbred Bay Mare Sire: Blackfriars Dam: Artic Pola

QUALIFIED GRAND NATIONALS 2017 Price: $ 25,000. 16.3 hh Reg. Warmblood | SHC | EA Grey Mare Sire: Groucho Marx Dam: HP Mississippi

Lola is a very special girl who is for sale through no fault of her own. She has attended 4 ridden shows in WA taking it all in her stride - 2 of them being qualifiers She won intermediate EWA hack 2015 and has attended and placed in all classes at an ag show. She is currently in work and in show condition and is participating in both newcomers in Perth coming up. She is not a spooky horse and is often ridden on trail rides she requires minimal work down at a show but does require a capable confident rider to further her career. She will also be a top quality brood mare once finished her saddle career. She was awarded Res Champ TB mare at Perth Royal 2015. She also won 2 supremes at Riverside Breed Show last year Lola will only be sold to an experienced loving show home as she is a very special girl.

Gidget is the sweetest natured mare who will give you everything she has to try and please you. In her first season of showing she has taken everything in her stride and has had great success. - Represented SA at EA Nationals in the Large Show Hunter Hack - Qualified for Grand Nationals 2017 in the Large Show Hunter Hack - Qualified for Adelaide Royal 2016 - Top 10 Large Hunter Hack Vic Classic - Top 10 Child’s Show Hunter Hack Vic Classic Competing at novice level dressage & qualified for 2016 SA State Dressage Gidget is an absolute pleasure to do everything with. Never requires a lot of working down even at EA Nationals. She is a true gentle giant and is one of the kid’s favourites in the stables. Loves trail rides and beach rides. This is a truly sad sale, only for sale as I had the opportunity to buy a Prix St George dressage horse but this now means I have to cut down numbers.

Contact: Chris Lambert Ph: 0407 628 184 Location: Perth, WA

Contact: Melissa Karutz Ph: 0402 660 884 Location: SA

Beckworth Magic Impression Price: $ 18,500. Height: 14.3 hh Registered/Breeds: Arabian Riding Pony Black/Brown Gelding Sire: Beckworth Rising Magic Dam: Beckworth Rising Gem Due to his rider having finished school and heading overseas, sadly we must offer Magic for sale. Over the past four years of owning Magic, Magic and Ginger have become a formidable team whilst having lots of fun along the way. Magic is easy to prepare, loving and friendly and always comes home with a blue. His presence in the show ring is second to none and he is always in the line-up with the top guns. His achievements through limited outings are as follows; Royal Melbourne Show 2014 - 5th Open Large Galloway, - 6th Childs Galloway, - 3rd Rider Class Royal Melbourne Show 2015 - 4th Novice Large Galloway, - 6th Open Barastoc 2015 - 4th intermediate Galloway, - Top 10 Intermediate Rider Magic will only be sold to a knowledgeable show home as his potential is enormous, first to see will buy. Contact: Belinda Barro 0409 219 330



Price: $ 16,000. Neg 16.2 hh Reg. EA | SHC Brown Gelding DOB: 09/11/2002 Sire: Irgun Dam: Rattenburg Outstanding Hunter Hack - Eden needs no introduction to the show world, he's one in a million horse who will only be sold to an approved home. Eden is a consistent performer, well educated and a pleasure to ride. He is easy to prepare, excellent to clip, shoe, float. Eden has carried my daughter from the age of 13 years winning HOTY, Competed at Grand Nationals for the past 5 years, Hack Championships, Runner Up at Grand Nationals (Rider 17-21), and Represented QLD at EA Nationals 2013 & 2014 Hunter & Rider. Competed at Sydney Royal, Brisbane Royal & Toowoomba Royal, there are too many wins to list. He is easy to prepare. Outstanding rider class horse. Eden does not require hours of work, he's easy to take anywhere. Loves going to the beach for rides. Genuine reason for sale as daughter has given up riding due to work commitments. Contact: Julie Ph: 0402 714 802 Email: Page 38 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report

Contact: Suzie Bloxsidge-Kennedy Email - Ph: 0400 558 218

Judaroo Peppercorn Price: $ 8,000. 12.0 hh Reg. WPCS, APSB, SHC, EA Bay/Brown Mare Sire: Kingswood Snowman Dam: Judaroo Paprika 100% 1 in a million Peppercorn is very much loved by our family. Super fun all round Childs pony. Peppercorn is well suited to any age rider she has had beginners up ride her. She is well educated, she attends flat and jumping lessons, clinics and pony club. She has been successful at Show Jumping and Show Horse, working hunter and welsh events. She loves the beach. Easy to show prep and clip. great at shows, A no fuss easy going pony. We are in no hurry to sell, loving home a must. Can be viewed at EA and SHC Newcomers. Contact: Catherine Anderson Ph: 0434 143 668 Email: Location: Perth, WA

Elegant FEI Dressage Mare Price: $ 75,000. 16 hh Reg. Australian Warmblood Chestnut Mare Sire: Jaybee Leuwin Dam: Classical Jazz Currently a member of the Queensland State Young riders Squad and previous member of the National of the youth development Squad. Lucinderella is a beautiful 16hh, 13yr chestnut mare by Jaybee Leuwin out of a TB mare. She is training Grand Prix and currently successfully competing PSG, Inter1 and CDI-Y. She is a dream to own and handle in every way and would be very successful in the show ring.

SP Love Story Price: $ 7,500. to the best of homes only. 13.1 ½ hh Reg. RPSBS, ASP, ARP, SHC Brown Mare Sire: Rotherwood Footlight Dam: SP Cherrylane Mia is a genuine child’s pony who displays a calm, sweet nature in everything she does. She qualified for Grand Nationals in her first season as a 4yo and has gained numerous championships in both led and ridden. She always brings home a swag of broad sashes in open and breed events. Her most recent achievements include: Murwillumbah Show Nov 2015 – Reserve Champion derivative led, Reserve Champion RPSB led, Champion ridden Saddle pony, SHC Qld Country Grand National Qualifier, Maryborough July 2015 – 3rd Childs Large Hunter Pony, 3rd Open GN Qualifying Large Hunter Pony SHC Nth NSW Grand National Qualifier, Lismore May 2015 – 1st Childs RPSB Large Hunter Pony, Top 5 GN Qualifying Large Hunter Pony. Mia is very easy to maintain, easy to clip, shoe and float. She is the sweetest pony who has been handled by my 3yo daughter since she could walk. Suited to a child wanting a competitive mount to do all from showing, Pony Club, Interschool’s and Pony Dressage. Contact: Kristy Hill Ph: 02 6684 7495 Mob: 0423 877 917 Locatin Northern NSW

Beautiful Small Show Pony Price: $ 6,000. 12.0 hh Reg. Arabian RP, Sect A RP, Part Welsh & APSB Riding Pony Chestnut Filly YOB: 2014 Sire: Ascot Classic Silk (AI) (UK) Dam: Ascot True Love Beautiful Leading Rein & Open Show Pony Filly - Rising 3yo to make 11.2 & under 12 Hands. Her sire, Ascot Classic Silk (AI) needs little introduction as being a top sire of Grand National & Royal Show winning stock under saddle.

Has been rider and handled by teenage girls her whole life and can be ridden by anybody. She is a once in a life time horse only for sale as rider is going to Europe.

Her dam True Love a Royal Show Supreme in hand and SHC Newcomer Small Pony Champion under saddle Multi Supreme Champion at her 1st outing in hand. Mouthed, and light lunging started, ready to break and brilliant with children. To show home genuine enquiry please.

Contact: Lauren Price Ph: 0439 757 485 Email:

Contact: Ascot Stud Ph: 0427 445 503 Email: - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Horse report june 2016  
Horse report june 2016