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Volume Twenty - Issue One September 2015

Horse racing interests ask Texas Rangers to investigate Sen. Jane Nelson over Racing Commission budget dustup Nelson is accused of being a bully on a mission to put race tracks out of business; Nelson counters that the Racing Commission hasn’t submitted its budget request to LBB “so right now there isn’t anything to approve or disapprove.”

A protracted standoff that could lead to the closure of race tracks around the state has been ratcheted up as some in the horseracing industry this week asked the Texas Rangers to investigate Senate Finance Committee Chair Sen. Jane Nelson, R-Flower Mound, for her actions surrounding this issue. Nelson and other conservative lawmakers have had the Texas Racing Commission in their sights ever since the agency last year approved rules allowing for “historical racing” at race tracks. The rules were adopted over the objections of Republican lawmakers who said the agency was acting outside its constitutional authority.

For those who are unfamiliar with “historical racing,” the machines allow a gambler to bet on previously-run races. Critics say they are a form of slot machines, which would be illegal in Texas. Proponents, including some race tracks, have argued “historical racing” is not an expansion of gambling but instead is a natural extension of pari-mutuel betting – which is already legal in Texas. As part of the budget process, Sen. Nelson has created an extra hurdle for commission to be able to continue to be funded beyond the end of this month. She had originally zeroed out the commission’s funding at the beginning of the session.

Later, a budget rider by Nelson required the agency’s administrative funding to be requested for approval by the Legislative Budget Board, on which Nelson sits.

It has been previously reported that an agreement is expected, but in a letter dated Monday, Texas Thoroughbred HBPA President Jan Haynes said that the “Racing Commission is

Photo by Jeanne Harford, GeiniImages.com

being bullied and power misappropriated from Senator Nelson to the legislative budget board.” “Only the legislature can make laws,” Haynes said. “Not individuals or a state agency. Next time, is Senator Nelson going to threaten an agency if they do not let her son or daughter into college?” As a member of the LBB, one might expect that Nelson would lead the charge to deny the agency’s funding if it does not drop its rules allowing for the historical racing machines. But, Nelson said the commission has not yet submitted its budget request to the LBB. “When they do submit their request for funds, we will

give it full consideration as we do all budget requests,” Nelson said. “Right now there isn’t anything to approve or disapprove,” she said. By the end of the month, the LBB is expected to provide the Racing Commission with details on specifically what it needs to do to continue to receive funding. A spokesman for the commission has said that they do have plans to shut down if needed, but they don’t really expect that to happen. Copyright August 11, 2015, Harvey Kronberg, www. quorumreport.com. All rights are reserved. Reprinted with permission.

“Cay Pec” is a 10 year old 14.3 hand gorgeous, super friendly, APHA registered (#873,712) sorrel overo gelding. This is a nice horse that can be ridden on the trails, in the pasture, in the pens and around crowds by everyone from children, to beginners to the most experienced riders. He has never shown me any bad habits, and rides with an excellent one-hand loose rein, with a great stop and back-up, and will maintain the gait that you have him in until you ask him to change. He is easy to catch, load, shoe, saddle and mount. This horse came from a small family ranch, and has been used for a little of everything and ridden by all sizes and level of riders.He is very disciplined and respectful to his rider, giving him 100% of his attention. He does not spook or shy from livestock, wildlife, in crowds, in the pens, in the pasture, or on the trails.

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“Sandi” is an 7 year old,15 hand gorgeous, well trained, buckskin ranch mare. This mare comes from a large working ranch in deep South Texas near the town of Presidio. She has been used for all types of ranch work, and has always been ridden by a knowledgeable rider that never let her know what a bad habit is. She is definitely gentle enough for the beginner and novice riders (including children), and well broke and well trained enough to be really appreciated by the intermediate and experienced riders. She has a good one hand neck rein, stop, and back up, and rides on a loose rein in every gait and does not change gaits unless you ask her to. She does not spook or shy in the pasture, in crowds, in the pens, or on the trails, nor does she spook from livestock or wildlife. She has no bad habits and is easy to catch,load,shoe,saddle,and mount. This is a beautiful mare with a lot of talent.

Quality saddles, breast collars, bridles, reins, bits, saddle pads, halters, lead ropes, hay nets, feed buckets and tubs, muck rakes, muck buckets and shovels. Wide selection of grooming products and tools to keep your horse looking sharp! Don’t forget the One ‘N Only! The only feed completely balanced for energy, protein, vitamins & minerals.

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Cay Pec

“Casino” is a seven year-old, 14.3 hand gorgeous, well trained, well behaved, super broke, black and white paint gelding, that comes from a family run ranch in North Central Texas and has been used for a little of every kind of ranch work. He has no bad habits, and is easy to catch, load, shoe, saddle, and mount. He can definitely be enjoyed by the beginner and intermediate riders (including children), and really appreciated by the intermediate and experienced riders. He has a good one hand neck rein, stop, and back up, and rides with a loose rein and will stay in each gait until you ask him to change. He does not spook in crowds, in the pens, on the trails, in the pasture, nor from livestock or wildlife. He gives his rider 100% of his attention and is very respectful. This is a beautiful well behaved horse that would be a great asset to a family, stable, guest ranch, or working ranch.


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Page 3 Distribution is continually expanding and now includes most of the United States and parts of Canada. For more information on Triple Crown products and for dealers near

horse health a horse of course

skin irritations

Go to the barn, look at your horse, and you are going to see a lump, a bump, a scratch, or a sore. You are going to see these things on his face, neck, shoulder, girth, back. legs, or behind the pastern. Most lumps, bumps, and scrapes are minor. But of you see ringworm, rain rot, scratches or hives, then your horse has a problem and you have a duty – get busy and get rid of it. Ringworm (frequently called “girth itch”) is a fungus that feeds on dead skin and hair, but doesn’t invade living tissue, although you’ll see scaly or crusty patches of skin that look somewhat like a scrape. Ringworm will cluster in dime to quarter-sized spots, which will be quite irritating to your horse who in turn

By Don Blazer © 2015

may be trying to scratch the area making everything worse. You can, of course, follow conventional wisdom and bathe your horse with an iodine-based shampoo make specifically for equine fungus problems. Or you can use Lotrimin (anti-fungal cream for humans); which is my first choice. The way we used to do it was mix a thin paste of “rose dust” and water and apply it to the lesion. Most rose dust products contain “captan”, a fungicide used to dust plants, of course. It works quite well. Ringworm is highly contagious, so disinfect blankets, towels, grooming tools, saddle pads and everything else that might come in contact with another horse. You can get ringworm too, so be sure to wash with an iodine-based

soap before touching your nose. Also wash before handling another horse. Scratches is seen quite often when rain and winter weather arrive. Also known as greasy heel or mud fever, scratches can be very painful for your horse, even causing lameness. Scratches is an infection, with swelling, inflammation and open sores on the back of the pastern. While it can be caused by a number of things, the most common cause is chronically muddy, wet and unsanitary conditions – the kind of conditions you see in small pens. The most effective treatment I’ve seen is the use of SMZ/TMP (Sulfadiazine/Trimethoprim) tablets made into a paste and applied to the cleaned and dried infected area. You can get the tablets from your

veterinarian and apply the paste yourself. Be careful, sometimes scratches are so painful, your otherwise tolerant horse may become a kicker. Wash the scratches with an antiseptic soap or an antibacterial shampoo, leave the soap or shampoo on for five to 10 minutes, then rinse and dry. Clean and dry are the key elements to stop scratches. They can take up to two weeks to heal. They will return if the unsanitary environment is not addressed. Rain rot is caused by bacteria which attacks moist skin. Biting insects can spread it. Rain rot can get so bad that big hunks of hair will come out leaving ulcerated sores. While rain rot does not usually cause a lot of itching, it can cause the horse to be

depressed and lose his appetite. Rain rot is usually seen across the back and rump, where the horse gets the most rain. To make treatment more effective, it is a good idea to clip the air around the sores. Again, be careful, clipping can cause pain. Wash the contaminated area with an iodine based scrub or an antiseptic shampoo. You may have to treat the conditions several times a day for a week or more. Hives are an allergic reaction that can be caused by dusts, molds, biting insects, weeds or even a change in feed. You’ll feel terrible about what you think your horse is suffering, but he probably isn’t too uncomfortable. Give him a bath with cool water, and while you are washing him think about what you have changed in his environment. It

horse health

The Way of horseS

how sweet it is! Awww...the sweet smells of a horse barn - the horses, the hay, the manure, the feed! There is nothing like opening a bag of fresh horse feed and taking in the aroma. What is the source of that enticing smell? Many would answer, “molasses!” And that would be true. But it might be surprising to learn that not just molasses is used in the modern horse feed ration. Most feed companies use a blend of molasses and oil.

Molasses has been used for centuries in animal feed. It increases palatability (makes it taste good), helps control dust, prevents separation of the ingredients and adds some nutrients to the diet. But there are a few challenges. It freezes. When the temperature dips below freezing a familiar sound in the feed room is the chipping away at the big block of frozen sweet feed. The addition of oil to the

By Eleanor Blazer © 2015

feed mix helps keep the feed from freezing into a solid mass. It dries out. Low humidity can cause the sweet feed to dry out. The addition of oil will help keep the feed moist and pleasing to the horse. It b u i l d s u p o n manufacturing equipment. Feed mills add oil to keep the molasses from adhering to the mixer and augers. One of the myths about feeding “sweet feed” is that the molasses will increase

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could be new bedding (shavings or straw), a new fly repellent, new feed or new “treats”. In any case, if the hives don’t disappear within 24 hours, consult your vet. Hives can cause depression, severe itching, loss of appetite. Generally your vet will treat the condition with steroids or antihistamines. Ring worm, rain rot, scratches and hives may not be more than skin deep, but they are still o fun for your horse. And they can definitely put a damper on your riding schedule. Education powers up your earning potential, boosts confidence and benefits all horses. Visit www.horsecoursesonline.com to earn certification as a horse trainer, riding instructor or stable manager.


starch and sugar levels (nonstructural carbohydrates NSC’s). Horse owners feel the molasses will make their horse have more energy, be harder to handle, and be prone to metabolic disorders such as equine polysaccharide storage myopathy and pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (equine Cushing disease). The truth is, the amount of molasses in feed formulas is less than 10%, the average is approximately 5%. NSC levels available through other ingredients such as oats, corn and barley is of more concern. Eric Haydt, RAS, Senior Vice President of Triple Crown Feed says, “For instance, a pelleted feed with no molasses but contains corn, oats or barley could easily have an NSC value of 40% to 50%. A textured

feed like Triple Crown Senior contains molasses but the balance of the ingredients are very low in starch and sugar content, so the average NSC value is 12%.” One concern for owners of a horse with hyperkalemic periodic paralysis (HYPP) is the potassium level of feed, and molasses is a great source of potassium. Horses with HYPP cannot tolerate high levels of potassium - it will trigger an attack of muscle tremors or “tying-up”. Owners of positive HYPP horses must keep the overall potassium level in the diet below 1%, this includes forage, supplements and grain. Avoiding feeds with molasses can help keep that percentage low. Consult your veterinarian, equine nutrition consultant or feed specialist for assistance.

Haydt also mentions the shelf life of horse feeds, “We would like to see textured feeds used within 60 days in the summer, and within 90 days in the winter. So much depends on storage conditions, temperature and humidity.” I t ’s b e e n s a i d , “Feeding horses is both a science and an art.” Providing your horse with a feed that he likes, and is designed for his age, health, activity level and forage quality is a testimony to that statement. A little molasses may help in that search. * Earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Equine Studies, an Associate of Arts Degree in Equine Business Management, or certification a s a P rof e s s i on a l Hor s e Trainer, Riding Instructor or Stable Manager. Go to www. horsecoursesonline.com and get started today!


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training Training without force

Part 2 of 2

The goals of classical training

Dedicated to Equine Wellness since 1995

By Mary Rose, FBHS © 2015

Our ultimate goal is ‘collection’ which will give us increased engagement, lightness and self-carriage but there are many steps to master on our way. Last month we considered the first step of achieving rhythm and the state of mind we call ‘forward’ and the second step of suppleness, both lateral and longitudinal, which will give the horse elasticity. The ability to maintain a consistent rhythm and bend around corners and large circles means our horse is beginning to find his balance under the weight of the rider and this leads us to ‘connection’. Connection, our third step, is much harder to define than rhythm, which you can easily hear, and suppleness, which is always an ongoing work in progress but can usually be recognized if you are fairly observant. Connection has to be felt and ‘feel’ is harder to develop. Connection is sometimes spoken of as ‘contact’ or ‘on the bit’ or a two way conversation with the horse flexing his jaw in response to the rider’s suggestion. But it is more than that because it can only happen when the horse engages his hindquarters and develops ‘swing’ through his back. The rider feels the energy created

by the hindquarters flowing forward through the horse’s back and being received into the hands which must maintain a forward feel with relaxed arms, but fingers of the outside hand closed. Sometimes I will suggest that riders imagine the reins are slender bamboo twigs and they are actually pushing them forward. Another great image from Sally Swift’s book is that the rider’s arms are garden hoses and the reins are water, flowing forward out of the hose. Developing ‘feel’ and from that ‘connection’ depends first and foremost on the rider having a truly independent seat. This takes plenty of work without stirrups, good lunge lessons and fitness and body control but any rider can achieve a good, independent seat with dedication. As you seek to develop connection with your horse let yourself feel the elasticity and swing of his back as his energy flows freely forward into your receiving hand. All these steps towards our goal of collection are related and connection will certainly depend on having sufficient impulsion but remember the importance of having a truly straight horse and work on straightness next before concentrating on

developing more impulsion. Most horses are a little crooked – as are most people – and straightness means having the hindquarters directly behind the head and an even feel on both reins. We develop straightness by working away from the wall and by use of the lateral movements, particularly the shoulder-in. Finally we work to develop increased impulsion, that thrust and suspension in the gaits which can only happen when the horse has learned to shift his weight more to his hindquarters and so lighten the forehand. Transitions, particularly within the gait will be the key, along with strength building exercises like shoulder-in and half pass. This will bring us to our final goal of collection. Collection is not an absolute. You can have a little collection, as needed for example in 2nd level dressage tests, or a very high degree of collection as shown in movements such as piaffe and passage. That is why classical training is appropriate for every horse, no matter in what discipline he eventually is intended to work. You can contact Mary at 512-589-3796 or visit her at www.maryrosedressage. com.

Clinic / Show

south texas horse Show & Clinic with Dr. Doug Householder South Texas Horse Show Series kicks off its fall show with judge and clinician Dr. Doug Householder,  he is well known in our area from his years judging 4H County Shows, and District shows and has an impressive resume of equine achievements. We are excited to announce Dr. Householder will give a  Trail Clinic on the Friday evening before the show, details on registering will be available on our website after September 1, 2015.   Learn tasks and maneuvers required of a trail horse, scoring trail horses, demos and much more, audits will be available.  Clinic Friday September 18 - Open  All Breed Show September 19, 2015. All shows are held at San Patricio County Fairgrounds, Sinton, TX. As a present AQHA and former APHA, PHBA, APHC, NRHA and NRCHA

judge, Dr. Householder judged/ judges 15-20 shows per year in the U.S. and internationally. He has judged the APHC and APHA Youth World Champi-

onship Shows. He has judged in every state in the U.S. and 9 foreign countries. Doug is an AQHA show steward Dr. Hous eholder co-developed the nationally recognized H.B.P.A. Groom

Elite Program for the national race horse industry in 2001. He organized and hosted the first ever statewide horse radio program, The Texas Horseman in 2002. He wrote a column, “Talking Horses” for the Land and Livestock Post for 5 years. Doug is a founding and charter member of SHOT and ASHA, respectively. He won the Year End Junior Horse Championship for the Stock Horse of Texas Assn. in 2009. A popular and highly respected researcher, course developer, speaker, teacher, clinician, judge and resource person, Dr. Householder is widely acclaimed for his understanding of the horse industry as well as his effective and motivating communication and teaching skills. For more information visit www.SouthTexasHorseShowSeries.com or call 361-362-3594.

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horse health

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COCO PLUM BAR 1995 Brown Mare. High Docs Sug-Doc Bar-Tripolay Bar-Three Bars blood. Shown Cutting & Barrels.

RED PLUMBERRY - 1994 Red Roan Stallion 14.3 Hands, Little Hanker X Ms Speedy Bar Bob, 23% King, 25% King Hankins, 25% Speedy Glow, 18.75% Three Bars (TB) (TB), 12.5% Bar Bob.

LADYLOVE PLUM Flashy 2007 Sorrel Mare. Cow & Speed Potential. King-King Hankins-Three Bars bred.

5022 East FM 20 Lockhart, TX 78644

Phone 512-398-4958 CEECEE PLUM TIVIO 2010 Red Roan Mare. People friendly, curious, intelligent, stout, well conformed

HANKERS INKY PLUM - 1997 Black Stallion 14.3 Hands, Hankers Little Willy x Plum Stormy Tivio, 30.86% King, 25% King Hankins, 14.06% Poco Tivio, 12.5% Three Bars (TB) (TB), 15.8% Zantanon, 10.8% Little Joe, 10% Traveler

7 West Nile Virus & 7 Eastern Equine Encephalitis confirmed in texas Since July 3, 2015, the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory (TVMDL) has reported multiple positive cases of West Nile virus (WNV) and Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) in horses located across the state of Texas. Heavy rains this spring created a breeding ground for mosquitoes, the transmission vector for both WNV and EEE. From the southeastern Gulf Coast to the Panhandle, horses are more susceptible to these two potentially fatal neurological diseases in all parts of the state. WNV is a viral disease that normally cycles between wild birds and mosquitoes. As the virus infection rate increases in birds it is more likely to be spread to mosquitos that in turn bite horses and humans. The virus abruptly attacks the central nervous system. No horse, regardless of age, is immune to WNV infection. In the U.S., clinical signs for WNV develop in only 10-39 percent of infected horses. The death rate among U.S. horses ranges from 30 to 40 percent for West Nile disease. Of horses that recover from the disease, up to 40 percent may exhibit neurological signs for six months or more after the initial diagnosis. Symptoms for other neurologic diseases can present similarly; diagnostic testing is the only method to definitively determine infection. Clinical signs usually include depression, ataxia, lameness, partial paralysis, muscle twitching or recumbency. Horses may also exhibit an altered mental state, a reduced appetite, grinding of teeth, blindness or a fever. As of August 11, 2015, TVMDL can confirm 7 horses have tested positive for WNV. They are

located in the following counties: Houston, Atascosa, Jefferson, Roberts, Sterling, Parker and Randall. The common thread in all positive cases is that the affected horses were not previously vaccinated against the disease. The WNV cases are spread from south Texas to the Dallas area and into the Panhandle. “We often think of these mosquito-borne diseases to be restricted to coastal areas where annual rainfall levels are so much higher,” said R. Gayman Helman, DVM, PhD, MA, resident director of TVMDL, Amarillo. “But in reality, they can and do occur far beyond the coastal areas. This is especially true this year with elevated rainfall levels we have received across Texas. There are highly effective vaccines for both WNV and EEE. These, in addition to effective and consistent mosquito control, provide the best protection for horses.” EEE is a viral disease that also normally cycles between wild birds and mosquitoes. As the virus infection rate increases in birds it is more likely to be transmitted by an infected mosquito that bites horses and humans. The virus abruptly attacks the central nervous system. As with WNV, EEE cannot be transmitted from horse to horse, or from a horse to a human. Horses and humans are considered “deadend” hosts, meaning if infected they cannot transmit the virus back to feeding mosquitoes. Of the neurologic diseases that affect horses, EEE has the highest mortality rate. Practitioners reported that most of the infected horses displayed classic signs of EEE: flaccid (droopy) lips, dullness, muscle fasciculation, ataxia and head pressing.

As of August 11, 2015, TVMDL can confirm 7 horses have tested positive for EEE. They are located in the following counties: Orange, Newton (2 cases), Liberty (2 cases) and Jasper (2 cases). Similar to the cases of WNV, the horses were not known to have vaccination history for EEE. Symptoms for equine neurologic diseases can present similarly. Diagnosing a neurologic case with only clinical symptoms is difficult; TVMDL recommends diagnostic testing as a confirmatory method to definitively determine infection. In order to have a complete diagnostic picture, TVMDL also recommends veterinarians request additional tests including: Equine Herpesvirus-1, Western Equine Encephalitis and Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis. As a zoonotic disease of interest, when a WNV case is confirmed positive TVMDL notifies the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC). Human infection with WNV is known to occur in the U.S. However, horse to human transmission is not a concern. EEE is a reportable zoonotic disease; the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and the TAHC were made aware of the positive test results. Human infection with EEE is relatively infrequent in the United States. TVMDL, TAHC and the DSHS have information related to West Nile virus and mosquito control available for free download. For more information on TVMDL’s equine neurologic testing, visit tvmdl.tamu.edu, or contact the agency headquarters at 1-888-646-5623.


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College Degree, professional Certification or just one course! Knowledge empowers you to create happier, healthier, better trained horses, to pursue your career dreams, to enjoy the life style you desire. Completely online, you study with a faculty of experts with proven records of success, including 5 trainers of world champions. Payment plans available.


             Each year, Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society, organizes their greatest and biggest event of the year, the Bluebonnet Horse Expo.  This year’s event will be held on October 17, 2015 from 9AM to 7PM at Travis County Expo Center at 7311 Decker Lane in the great animal-friendly city of Austin, Texas.               Bluebonnet Equine Society invites the Austin community to come join them to learn about their mission and goal and meet some of the horses.  Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society is a non- profit organization that helps rescue horses, ponies, and donkeys from negligent and abusive owners.

This event is also a family event where both kids and adults can learn more about horses from internationally known horse trainers and clinicians. They can also meet horses who are being helped by the event, and those who would like to add a horse to the family can adopt at the event – all adoption fees are half price!               Not only is the event educational, but all funds raised at the event, from the small admission fee to money raised by selling horse equipment (at live auction and in a sale area), art work, and horse/farm/ranch-themed items go to help Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society alleviate the suffering

of horses in the Austin area and throughout the great state of Texas.              There are still sponsorship and vendor opportunities available, and the organization needs donations of horse equipment and farm/ranch/western themed art-work, jewelry, and home décor for the live auction, art show, silent auction, and sale area.  All donations are tax deductible.               Come join Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society at the Bluebonnet Horse Expo on October 17 and help make Texas a better place for all horses! For more information, visit us http://www.bluebonnethorseexpo.com/ or (888) 542 5163

horse health

equine Anthrax in Uvalde County

AUSTIN – The first Anthrax case in Texas for 2015 has been confirmed in equine in Uvalde County. The premises is located approximately 25 miles northwest of Uvalde. The Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) has quarantined the premises. TAHC rules require proper disposal of affected carcasses and vaccination of livestock on the premises prior to release of the quarantine. Anthrax is a bacterial disease caused by Bacillus anthracis, which is a naturally occurring organism with worldwide distribution, including certain parts of Texas. (It is not uncommon for anthrax to be diagnosed in the southwestern part of the state.) A vaccine is available for use in susceptible livestock in high risk

areas. Acute fever followed by rapid death with bleeding from body openings are common signs of anthrax in livestock. Carcasses may also appear bloated and decompose quickly. Livestock displaying symptoms consistent with anthrax should be reported to a private veterinary practitioner or a TAHC official. If affected livestock or carcasses must be handled, producers are encouraged to follow basic sanitation precautions such as wearing protective gloves, long sleeve shirts and washing thoroughly afterward to prevent accidental spread of the bacteria to people. “The TAHC will continue to closely monitor the situation for possible new cases

across the state. Producers are encouraged to consult their veterinary practitioner or local TAHC office if they have questions about the disease in livestock and their medical professional if they have concerns about anthrax exposure,” said Dr. T.R. Lansford, TAHC Assistant Executive Director for Animal Health Programs. For more information regarding Anthrax, contact your local TAHC region or call 1-800550-8242 or visit www.tahc.texas. gov. To learn more about Anthrax, visit the TAHC’s brochure at http://www.tahc.state. tx.us/news/brochures/TAHCBrochure_Anthrax.pdf


Gonzales lab to offer limited necropsy services The Sam and Sally Glass Poultry Diagnostic Laboratory in Gonzales, Texas, now accepts limited submissions for mammalian necropsy examinations. The service allows Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory (TVMDL) clients and local practitioners to benefit from expanded necropsy services in their area. While the poultry industry is vital to the Gonzales area, it is not the only livestock or animal industry TVMDL services can sup-

Page 6

port. Gonzales Resident Director depend on pathologist availability Martin D. Ficken, DVM, PhD, is as there will not be facilities to hold a board certified anatomic veteri- a sample overnight. nary pathologist, and will perform • Additional services necropsy exams on animals up include bacteriology and basic to 50 pounds. The staff will also parasitology. perform some bacteriology and If the requested tests are parasitology testing. not conducted in Gonzales, the lab • Small mammals up to will coordinate sending samples to 50 pounds. This includes calf and the full service laboratory in Colequine fetuses, companion animals lege Station. For more information, and other species. contact the Sam and Sally Glass • Necropsy submissions Poultry Diagnostic Laboratory at will be accepted between 8 a.m. 830.672.2834, or visit tvmdl.tamu. and 5 p.m. After hours drop off will edu. Visit www.HorseGazette.com and like us on Facebook.

old fashioned horse fair

roses to ribbons old fashioned horse fair comes to san antonio On Saturday, October 10th horsemen are in for a real treat. Retama Park will be hosting an old fashioned horse fair. The event begins at 11 in the morning and goes until one in the afternoon. It will be in the saddling paddock area of Retama Park. Admission is free. Shopping for a new horse has never been easier or more fun. Three times a year The Paddock Foundation sponsors these Roses to Ribbons Old Fashioned Horse Fairs at the major tracks in Texas. Now it is San Antonio’s turn.

The horse fair showcases thoroughbreds that are finished with their racing career and ready to start a new career as a riding or show horse. Horses are brought up to the paddock area at the track so prospective buyers can see lots of horses in one place at one time.

Is Your Horse Getting the Nutrients He Needs? Go to microsteed.com/hi-pro to find out. Customize your horse’s diet today! Visit www.Hi-Pro.Equinews.com to subscribe to the Weekly Feed, an award winning newsletter powered by KER. The Weekly Feed contains the latest in equine nutrition and health news, as well as updates and special offers from Hi-Pro Horse Feeds.

Along with horses there is a horse fair in the paddock area will be a trade fair featuring tack,

equine art, information on racehorse re-homing groups, grooming products and more. Everything a horse lover might want will be at the trade fair. Hal Wiggins, president of the Texas Thoroughbred Association has been instrumental in developing the horse fair.

“Helping thoroughbreds onto their next career is the mission of The Paddock Foundation” said Wiggins. “Making it easy for thoroughbred trainers to meet with interested buyers has been the goal of the horse fair and that has been a success. We have held previous horse fairs in Houston and Dallas and they were very successful.” Tracy Sheffield, the Roses to Ribbons coordinator for The Paddock Foundation, echoes Wiggins enthusiasm. “At the Dallas fair in July, eighteen horses were brought to the paddock to be shown to prospective buyers and at least three fourths of them sold. They were sold for a variety of future careers including hunters, riding horses, and three day eventing.” If anyone would like more information on the event, or if vendors would like information on booth space they should contact Tracy Sheffield at (512) 395-5314.


the liberty experience clinics offer something truly different

“When we give horses freedom and choice through Liberty, horses let us know very clearly what they need from us,” says Leslie Nichols, founder of Equine Liberty Sports, and clinician. “And as it turns out, what horses need from us is very different from what we’ve all been taught.” And it’s for this reason that the Liberty Experience clinics, hosted by Brave Horse Center will present many principles and exercises that are different and original. Brave horse center is hosting 2 Liberty Experience clinics, September 19th and 20th, and September 26th ad 27th.

connection between horse and handler, will be introduced. These exercises emulate the relationship between socially-bonded herd mates. These are the herd mates that choose to be with each other. Horse and handler teams will spend time at Liberty exploring bonding activities that Leslie Nichols will suggest, upon evaluating the connection between each horse and handler, as it exists in that moment, on that day. Horse and handler teams will also learn early Liberty communication in unique exercises that bridge familiar, on-line communication with early social Liberty communi-

“The first clinic (September 26-27th) sold out in less than 2 days,” says Anne Van Dyke of Brave Horse Center. “Leslie Nichols and I decided to add a 2nd clinic the weekend before (September 19th and 20th) and it filled up rapidly as well. Liberty, and its promise of something special, is clearly exciting a lot of people.” The Liberty Experience clinics will present many interesting ideas and exercises for horse and handler teams, but auditors will have much to take in as well. Leslie Nichols has given us a preview of the clinic program. Be with Me exercises, which are intended to create a

cation. This Liberty communication is based upon social behavior between herd mates and is also intended to stimulate the magnetic pull, the energy attraction between horse and handler, using natural herd mate behaviors. The Liberty communication exercises also teach early Liberty communication that will be needed to direct the horse and suggest ideas to the horse. In particular, the clinic audience will be interested in the on-line exercises because they are very different from groundwork exercises that are typical of many horsemanship programs. Leslie Nichols will also present how ground

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Proud Sponsor of Melanie Wilhelm 2011 NRHA Derby Open Level 4 Finalist 2012 NRHA Professional Horsewoman of the Year

Photo by Waltenberry, Inc.

obstacles and patterns can help accelerate understanding between horse and handler. On the 2nd day of the clinic, horse and handler teams will be invited to take the lines off to merge the “Be with Me” connection-building exercises, with the early social Liberty communication exercises, to create their Liberty experiences. “Liberty is not something that you train your horse to do,” says Leslie Nichols, “it is a new way of experiencing and growing with your horse.” Which is why throughout the 2-day clinics, Leslie Nichols will also be presenting some of the bigger Liberty horsemanship principles with brief and very interesting exercises. Being present, letting go of the need to control your horse, and developing your horse’s trust through building their confidence, are just some of the ideas that will be presented. As a bonus, Leslie Nichols has added a section on equine agility to the Liberty Experience clinics. The principles of equine agility will be based upon herd social cognitive learning. Handlers will encourage a natural exploration process of obstacles, and how to interact with them, that is similar to how horses in a herd investigate, explore and master their environment. Says Leslie Nichols: “There is no pressure and no stress in this natural process, only communication and investigation.” For more information on Equine Liberty Sports, visit www.equinelibertysports. com and www.facebook.com/ EquineLibSports. For more information on the Liberty Experience clinics, contact Anne Van Dyke from Brave Horse Center at 210-912-7048.

Page 7

Cali Bear - Fee Waived

Opie - $600

10-year-old, 16hh grade Thoroughbred. Loads, leads & stands for grooming & fly spray. Sweet horse that is easy to handle. Available for adoption as companion horse only.

6 yr. old, 14 hh, grade gelding. Leads, stands for farrier & started under saddle. Walk, Trot, and Canter in the arena and on the trail. He’s got potential as a ranchhorse, trail horse, or even show horse. He spent 2 weeks in July 2015 with the trainer who worked with him more under saddle. He is still green, but he has a solid start and potential to do almost anything!

Wallis, TX.

Cumby, TX.

Spice - $300

Wildfire - $600

3 yr. old grade mare. She can be caught and will lead. She is very curious and seeks human interaction.

12 yr. old grade Quarter Horse. She was recently in professional training. She is broke to ride and has potential to be a great on the trail or a pleasure horse.

Poolville, TX.

Leander, TX.






Introducing Purina IMPACT horse feed. ®


There are plenty of claims out there. But Purina IMPACT is based on 85 years of research and formulated by Purina Ph.D. Equine Nutritionists to contain the essentials your horse needs. So you can get a truly premium feed at a not-so-premium price. And every bag comes with your independent dealer’s expertise. ®


Learn more at purinamills.com/horse-feed/impact. © 2014 Purina Animal Nutrition LLC. All rights reserved.

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700 Acres Professional Arena Covered Round Pen Spectacular horse trails with gorgeous views. Guesthouses and RV sites available. Day ride our trails with your horse or train on our NEW obstacle course or board here and call Sister Creek Ranch home!

Located 9 miles south of Luckenbach, between Fredericksburg and Boerne, Texas.


Web: www.SisterCreekRanch.com E-mail: info@SisterCreekRanch.com

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6/30/15 10:38 AM

New Business

New show & boarding facility for austin

By Ingrid Edisen

We have everything for your livestock, pet and ranch needs.

Two Great Locations! 28630 IH-10 West Boerne, TX 78006


4888 U.S. Hwy 281 North Spring Branch, TX 78070


Monday-Friday: 8am-7pm • Saturday: 8am-6pm • Sunday: 9am-4pm

Livestock Feed • Wild Bird Feed Organic Gardening Animal Care • Tack & Grooming Stall Mats Farm & Ranch Supplies Pet Food & Toys Gift Items for Pets & Humans!

Visit us at www.Struttys.com

Saturday, October 17, 2015 9:00 am - 7:00 pm Travis County Expo Center Austin, Texas

Rescue Horse Training Challenge Clinics and Demonstrations New and Used Tack Sale Meet the Bluebonnet Horses Silent and Live Auctions Vendor Booths Art Sale

www.BluebonnetHorseExpo.com Fun & Educational $8 Admission (12 & Under Free)

Proceeds benefit Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society

Page 10

Clinics & Demos • Colt Starting • Horsemanship • Trick Training • Equine Dentistry • Desensitization Schedule & details on website

The dream started as an off-hand comment, almost a crazy idea. Richard Martin jested to his wife Anke Winklerprins that they buy a horse facility.  After all they had three horses.  So the couple took possession of a lovely parcel of property this past spring, just 25 miles east of Austin.  To top things off there was significant horse infrastructure already in place.   They called it The Austin Equestrian Center and it is located in Cedar Creek-seven miles southeast of the

work--something I had never really recognized or focused on before. This really made sense to me and my husband.  I really connected with this approach to working with horses.  After that I acquired a retired jumper named Charlie and we were hooked.  After that we purchased another horse for my husband and then another gelding as well.” “At AEC we have three full-time staff members--a barn manager, trainer and facilities manager.  The barn manager and trainer each have over

Formula One Race Track. With his experience as a serial entrepreneur, Richard and Anke jumped enthusiastically into their new venture. It is reassuring that Central Texas now has a new option to board, train, mount shows and host clinics. Anke explained that their new operation has about 60 acres of open grassy space with sandy loam soil.  She said, “Our primary barn includes 20 beautiful premier stalls with rubber floor mats and individual tack lockers.  Our second barn has eight basic stalls, a large tack room, an air-conditioned office and a freshly painted lounge for boarders.  The same barn also has three tack up bays, two rubber-matted wash racks with hot/cold water, laundry facilities and two bathrooms--one complete with shower. “Between the two barns are two large round pens.  One of them has high walls which is ideal for breaking and training.  Also we have an all-season covered arena with new sand footing and night lighting and a new 100’ x 200’ outdoor arena.  On the property is a one kilometer training track around a lovely pond with several natural fences for jumping.  Everything is fully fenced and security gated as well.” Anke’s own background with horses sparked the dream.  She began riding at six when her parents got her her first pony.  “In my teens I competed in the hunter/jumper world in Michigan.  Then I discovered dressage and found it connected me with the horse in a totally different way that really spoke to me.  After about a twenty-year hiatus, with my husband’s encouragement, I discovered natural horsemanship which included ground

25 years of equine experience in their fields,” she explained. When she and Richard first viewed the property they were impressed with the horse-related development already on site. “We immediately felt it was perfect for horse shows and clinics and gatherings of all sorts of people interested in equine activities.  There are two-plus acres of parking and 40-plus acres of green space to accommodate trailers and horses respectively.  Across the street there is even a gas station and convenience store for those incidentals,” she noted.  The pair also added area lighting for nighttime use and will be adding more lighting to the outdoor.   Life for a boarded horse will be full of all the bells and whistles.  As Anke put it, “a boarder’s horse will be in a beautiful mahogany wood stall with a window to the outside.  Each stall has a rubber mat and a floor drain.  Horses are turned

out daily in one acre-plus sized paddocks and are fed twice daily with quality grain and hay.” Boarders may also train with whoever they prefer to ride with.  “We really wanted a place that was open to all--be

it veterinarians, farriers and trainers,” she said. The full-time eventing trainer on site, Glen Dyne, specializes in breaking and training horses and working with problem horses, Anke said. “He has a unique ability to bring out the best in both horse and rider.  As a former European steeplechase rider, Glen also has extensive experience in show jumping and eventing.” Dianne Adair, the barn manager, was featured in the November, 2011 edition of this publication.  She operated several horses business on the East coast and has forty years of experience.  A former licensed track rider and trainer, she also ran horse care businesses for top tier competitive horses in Florida and North Carolina before remarrying and returning to Texas five years ago.   An ke c ont i nu e d, “Our barn also allows hauling in for the day to use the facility--be it for open riding, a lesson with Glen or any trainer of one’s choice.  We ask that all obey the barn rules, sign releases and have a negative current Coggins for each horse.  We felt strongly that we wanted to create a barn environment that was fun, open and professional, yet minimally restrictive.  That said, we understand riding is a dangerous sport and ask for all to follow our safety guidelines.” The barn had a well-attended grand opening in early July.  Anke and Richard plan to increase the show infrastructure soon and the barn is available immediately to hosting dressage, jumping and natural horsemanship clinics along with informal day shows. The parking is so plentiful that rigs will not get stuck in any mud nor have to park very tightly. “It’s a gem of a place and we look forward to sharing it with all who come,” she said. For more information, visit their website at austineq.com or check out Facebook’s https://www.facebook. com/Austineqcenter. Above Photo: Dres-

sage Judge and Clinician, Bobbie Paulk instructing Austin Equestrian Center owner Richard Martin on his paint horse, Scout.

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Classifieds - Hitching Post Coastal Hay. Square Bales. Horse Quality Only. Heavily Fertilized and Irrigated. Weed Free. $7.50. Delivery Available within 100-mile radius of Devine, Texas. V & V Hay Company 210-414-7669 (8/15)

26 years, Linebred AQHA Hall of Fame cow-horse breeding. Quality & Color. 4 Yearlings. 23 Weanlings. Pregnant Broodmares. $400 & up.

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A few Great Gentle Colorful Registered APHA Paint horse mares. Also a few Miniature horse mares. Call 210-867-0632

Paints/Pintos, Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses

for sale and at stud. Miniature at stud. Foundation, champion, and well-known bloodlines. 210-688-3513.




TomLockwoodHorseSales. com

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All Colors, All Ages. Foals, Yearlings, Mares and Stallions. All Exceptionally Bred... AQHA Hall of Fame Cowhorse Breeding. (254) 385-6487

2011 Sorrel Tobiano Stallion. Sire: Hy Skippa Charmer Dame: Slews Magic Cash

1997 Black Stallion 14.3 Hands, Hankers Little Willy x Plum Stormy Tivio, 30.86% King, 25% King Hankins, 14.06% Poco Tivio, 12.5% Three Bars (TB) (TB), 15.8% Zantanon, 10.8% Little Joe, 10% Traveler

Call 210-688-3513


Call 210-688-3513






2010 Solid Paint Stallion.

2011 Sorrel Tobiano Stallion Sire: Hy Skippa Charmer. Dam: Ima Cash Diamond. Call 210-688-3513

“Looks Like A Bailey”




“Ferraris Boldruler”

2009 Bay Thoroughbred Stallion. Accredited Texas Bred. Sire: Copy Cat Leader. Dam: Romping Ruler.

$5 for the first 15 words, $.20 per word thereafter. E-mail to: editor@horsegazette.com or call 210-641-9928

“Z Smart Baba” 2006 Grey Mare by Z Smart Prospect out of Crepe’s E Baba.

Sire: Copy Cat Leader Dam: Daintydoll Diamond

2009 Bay Thoroughbred Stallion. Accredited Texas Bred. Sire: Copy Cat Leader. Dam: Miss Crafty Ruler.

Call 210-688-3513

Call 210-688-3513

Call 210-688-3513





“Chatty Plum Tivio” 2010 AQHA Mare – Red Roan. Color, foundation bloodlines, lots of cow & speed potential, excellent conformation & bone, friendly disposition & intelligence. 512-398-4958 www.plumcreek-quarter-horses.com

“Hyhope Skipabailey” 1996 Sorrel Tobiano Mare. Registered APHA and PtHA. Green broke. Hy Skiippa Bailey out of Ima O K Q Ton Hy

1994 Red Roan Stallion 14.3 Hands, Little Hanker X Ms Speedy Bar Bob, 23% King, 25% King Hankins, 25% Speedy Glow, 18.75% Three Bars (TB) (TB), 12.5% Bar Bob.

“Crafty Cat Leader”

“Hy Texas Twister”

Boarding for All Breeds and Disciplines Lessons in All Disciplines and Driving “Serving the Texas horse industry for over 50 years”

830-755-4903 Boerne, Texas

www.BeasomStable.com • Email: info@BeasomStable.com

“Some Classic Bandit” 1995 Sorrel AQHA Mare. Flint Bar Bandit out of Some Classic Cameo. Call 210-688-3513

Call 210-688-3513



The horse gazette stable directory *Lighted


ADAMS LAND & LIVESTOCK, San Antonio, TX. 210-414-6024. Secluded 700-acres adjacent to Government Canyon State Park, Picnic Area, State-of-the-Art Facilities (PM) / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / BEASOM STABLE, Boerne, TX. 830-755-4903. “Trainers Welcome!” Boarding/Training/Lessons. Arenas: indoor, dressage, outdoor w/roping chutes, hot/cold wash rack, 22-acres of trails. (pm) / / / 5 1 1 / / / / / / / BEL CANTO FARMS, Wimberely, TX. 512-797-1178. Hunters - Humpers - Dressage. Stress-free, family-friendly environment. www.BelCantoFarms.com / / 3 / / / / / / / / / / BRAVE HORSE CENTER, near downtown San Antonio. 210-912-7048. Family friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Extensive obstacle course w/50 variations. Boarder discount on clinics. Overnight hook-ups, electric and water. Trailer parking. Trainers welcome. 60x60 covered arena, 100x150 open arena, round pen. (2/15) / / / / / / / / / / / / / CHEYENNE STABLES, Leander, TX. 512-260-2929. 24-hr On-Site Care, Owner Lives on Premises Family Friendly. Local Horse Transportation Available. (4/15) / / / / / / / / / / CIBOLO LIVERY STABLES / TEJAS RODEO CO., 401 Obst Rd., Bulverde, TX. 830-980-2226. 24-hr. On-Site Care. Family Atmosphere. On-site steakhouse. www.tejasrodeo.com / / / / / / / / / / / / / COUNTRY LANE STABLES, Cibolo, TX, 210-382-2406. 24 hr On-Site Care. Enclosed All-Weather Arena Stalls/Aisles w/Mats, Rubber/Sand Arena Footing, Family Facility, Feeding 2X Daily. (pm) / / / 2 /* / / / / / / / / DORINGCOURT STABLES & TRAINING FACILITY, Bulverde, TX. 210-392-9627. 24hr On-Site Care. / / / 2 / / / / / / / / / Ind. Tack Rms, Trails, Picnic area, Instructors on site. All Disciplines. Visit us at Doringcourtstables.com DOUBLE DIAMOND EQUESTRIAN CENTER, Boerne, TX. 830-816-1724. Safe family atmosphere. Multiple Trainers. Indoor, Ourdoor, Dressage & Jimp Arenas, 4 Hot Walkers. 24hr On-Site Care (pm) / / / 3 3* 4* / / / / / / / / / / GARDEN RIDGE STABLE, 18711 IH-35, Schertz, TX. 24-hour On-site Care. Family Friendly. (PP-2/15) / / / / / / / / / / / / / PEGG BOARDING & TRAINING STABLE, NE San Antonio, TX. 210-494-9738. 24-hr On-Site Care, Friendly, Family Atmosphere, Peaceful Setting inside Loop 1604 / / / / / / / / / / / / RETAMA EQUESTRIAN CENTER, Selma, just off IH-35 & 1604 NE San Antonio, 210-313-0720. / / 4* 1* 2 / / / / / / / / 24-hr On-Site Care, Covered & Outdoor Areans, Turnouts, 7 Barns. Trainers Welcome, Partial Care (pp) RUSSELL EQUESTRIAN CENTER, San Antonio, Texas. 210-698-3210. 24/7 On-Site Care, Family Atmosphere, Auto Fly Control, Dressage Arena, Jump Arena, Covered Arena, Hot/Cold Wash Rack (pm) / / /* 1 / / / / / / / / / SISTERCREEK RANCH, Sisterdale, TX. 830-324-6525. Beautiful facility not just for boarding, but for an exceptional equine experience. Outdoor arena, covered round pen, miles of trails, cool creeks (pm) / / / / / / / / / / T & S Stables, LLC, Schertz, TX. 210-659-0221. Full Care Boarding Facility near Randolph AFB. / / / 3* 1* / / / / / / Training/Lessons in all disciplines. Owner: J.C. Herrera. Contact Shady Oaks Ranch 210-659-0221. (12/15) TWIN PINE STABLES, New Braunfels, TX. 830-481-7643. Boarding and Training Facility. (pm) www.RandySchurigPerformanceHorses.com (pp) / / / / / / / / / / / / WHITE’S EQUESTRIAN CENTER, South Central San Antonio, 210-628-1777 or 210-394-9808 (Cell) Automatic Fly Control, Friendly Family Atmosphere (T) / / / / / / / / / / / / / / WILD SUNDAY FARM, North San Antonio, Texas. 830-980-4201. Scenic setting, family atmosphere, 24-hr On-Site Care, In Field with 1/2-mile track, compartment hot walker, Specialize in Hunter/Jumper. (pm) / / / 4* 2 / / / / / / / / / WRENWOOD STABLES, San Antonio, TX 210-372-0855. Located near the Rose Palace in Leon Springs. Personalized & prof. on site care, trails & dressage arena. Premier full care boarding facility (pp) / / /

$8 monthly with credit card on file or Prepay @ $7 per month

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Credit Card ___ Visa ___ MC ___ Disc ___ AmEx Number _______________________________________________________ Expiration Date: _________ Security Code: ______________ Visit www.HorseGazette.com and like us on Facebook.

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My check is enclosed $______ for ___ months. Mail to: The Horse Gazette - 9214 Victory Pass - San Antonio, TX 78240 Page 11

calendar of events September 2 Open Riding - Covered Arena, Guadalupe County Fairgrounds Covered Arena, Seguin, TX. Open Wednesdays for open riding Noon-8pm. FMI call 830-379-6477. September 3 Barrel and Team Roping Practice, Tejas Rodeo Arena, Bulverde, TX. 5:30-9:30 pm. FMI call Cassie at 210-737-4255, email: cassie@tejasrodeo.com or visit www.tejasrodeo.com. September 4-5 Mike Pedersen’s Premier Equine Auction, 2015 Main Event Fall Consignment Sale (formerly Havard Sales Management), Henderson Expo Center, Lufkin, TX. Sept. 4th Demonstration of Cutters, Reiners, Team Ropers and Barrel Horses followed by Jackpot Team Roping with $1000 added money. Friday sale will start at 5pm and will

feature the Jackpot Team Roping horses followed by the Special Color Gelding Session and the Ranch Gelding Session will follow that session. Sept. 5th - Premiere Reiner Session - this includes reining money earners, reiners in training as well as reining bred horses such as stallions, mares and yearling. Premiere Cutter Session - includes cutting money earners, cutters in training as well as cutting bred horses such as stallions, mares and yearling. Premiere Mixed Session - includes barrel, pleasure, ranching and other horses. FMI call 337-4941333 or email: mike@mplcaa. com or visit www.PremierEquineAuctions.com. September 4-6 Celebrate Bandera, Bandera, TX. Powwow & Dancing, Cow Patty bingo, Professional Bull Rider’s Challenge, Parade, Main Street Shootouts,

RED RIVER HORSE SALE Savoy, Texas...located 18 miles East of Sherman, Texas on Highway 56, 7 miles West of Bonham, Texas.

2nd & 4th Saturdays of the Month Tack 1:00 pm - Horses sell immediately following tack.

Registered & Grade Horses Sold. New & Used Tack, Saddles, Trailers and Small Farm Equipment • Covered Pens • Cafe • Large Arena

Melvin Pinson, Owner 903-961-3035 LIC. TX 5816 903-961-2327

Live Music, Arts & Crafts. FMI call 830-796-4447 or visit www.celebratebandera. com. September 5 South Texas Pinto and AllBreed Show, Guadalupe County Fairgrounds, Sequin, TX. Pinto and All Breed Show Series. This is the 3rd of 4 shows. Offering two year end high-point saddles for All-Breed. High Points and Super Horse Award at each show. Circuit Awards. (Spring Circuit: March 21 and April 18-19. Fall Circuit: Sept 5 and Oct. 24) Check out website for additional information. FMI contact Cindy Gidden at 210-287-4365, email: stpshowsec@yahoo. com or visit www.southtexaspinto.com. Tejas Pro Rodeo, Live Music and Dance, Tejas Rodeo Arena, Bulverde, TX. 7:30 - 9pm Rodeo. Live Music & Dance 9pm - 1am. FMI for Rodeo Contestant and Mutton Bustin’ call Wednesday 7-9 pm, 830-980-2226. Call 830980-2205 for Tejas Steakhouse Reservations or more information on rodeo. FMI visit www.tejasrodeo.com. Bertram Team Penning Summer Buckle #2, Burnet County Rodeo Arena, Burnet, TX. Series: #1-8/1, #2-9/5 and #3-10/3. FMI visit www. BertramTeamPenning.com or email bertramteampenningclub@yahoo.com or look them up on Facebook. Scissortail Hill Equestrian Schooling Shows, Austin, TX. Fall shows Sept. 5 and Nov 7. Jumper Classes & Divisions: Crossrail Jumpers I & II, 2’ Jumpers I & II, 2’3” Jumpers I & II, 2’6” Jumpers I & II, and 2’9” Jumpers I & II. Schooling Horse Trials:

12”, 18”, GAG, GL, BN. Dressage Tests. Obstacle Trail (Mounted & In Hand). Horse Trials $75, Jumper Classes $12. Dressage Tests (no HT) $15. Schooling Only $20. Medic Fee $10. FMI call 512243-2323 or email: sicissortailhillequestrian@gmail.com New Endurance Riders Clinic, CBar Ranch, Mineral Wells, TX. Learn about endurance riding. Come early (Sept. 4) or leave late (Sept. 6). Bring your horse, or just yourself. Clinic is FREE, but if you ride, it’s $10/day, $15 for a hook up. Cabin on site if you wish to reserve a spot. Go to www.texasenduranceriders.org to sign up and get directions. FMI call Caryne Edwards TERA VP 830-6605552, email: cedwards23@ satx.rr.com, Selena Copeland TERA Ride Manager Director spirittxarabians@aol.com or Vickie Roden, TERA President at vickier_is@yahoo. com. September 5-6 SAXET Trade Show, San Antonio Events Center, 8111 Meadow Leaf, San Antonio, TX. One-stop shop for guns, ammo, knives, hunting, camping, outdoors, Western collectibles, and much more. FMI call 361-289-2256 Tuley Team Roping, San Antonio Rose Palace, San Antonio, TX. FMI call 972-6178969, visit: www.tuleyproductions.com September 6 Dressage Schooling Show, Liberty Hill Farm, Boerne, TX. FMI call Tim at 210-4451931 or Kitch at 210-4451935, email: libertyhillfarm@ yahoo.com or visit. www. LibertyHillFarm.net September 7 D-Bar-S Roping Practice, Dripping Springs Ranch Park, Dripping Springs, TX. 7-9 PM every Monday. FMI contact Bryan Schwiening at 512423-1877. September 9 Open Riding - Covered Arena, Guadalupe County Fairgrounds Covered Arena, Seguin, TX. Open Wednesdays for open riding Noon-8pm. FMI call 830-379-6477.

Hagansport, TX - Northeast Texas - Near Mt. Vernon

Saturday, Oct. 3, 2015 10am • Equipment Sale

Gates, panels, tools, trailers, tractors, and all types of implements

Sunday, Oct. 4, 2015

9am - Cowboy Church Service on Sale Grounds • 10am - Catalog Horses Non-catalog horses to follow.

Attention Buyers: This fall we will be expecting over 200 of AQHA and APHA horses from local ranches and others. There are always some production and dispersals with good pedigrees and lots of color included in this sale. Be sure to come for some “sure enough” good ranch geldings, broodmares, yearlings and weanlings! Reminder: Don’t forget our special session for horses with color or producers of color. There will be 20 horses in this color session. If you are looking for something with color, don’t miss this sale!

To consign horses in the catalog sale, please give us a call.

Sulphur River Saddlery • 903-632-5458 Monday - Friday, 8am - 3pm

Conducted by: Norwood Auction Co., #7994

CATALOG DEADLINE IS SEPT. 7th OR FIRST 150 HEAD Email: srsaddlery@yahoo.com Page 12

September 10 Barrel and Team Roping Practice, Tejas Rodeo Arena, Bulverde, TX. 5:30-9:30 pm. FMI call Cassie at 210-737-4255, email: cassie@tejasrodeo.com or visit www.tejasrodeo.com. September 10-12 Extreme Mustang Makeover,

Will Rogers Equestrian Center, Ft. Worth, TX. Thursday-Free Admission until 6pm. Adult & Youth Handling & Conditioning, Adult Pattern Class and Youth Trail Class. 7pm (ticket required) Unbranded Texas Premiere. Friday-Free Admission until 7pm. Adult Trail Class, Mustang Gathering, Youth Freestyle Class, Adult & Youth Class Awards Presentation & Top 10 Finalists Announcement. 7pm (ticket required) Clint Black Concert @ Fort Worth Convention Center. Sunday-Free admission until 6pm. Top 10 Compulsory Maneuvers, Mustang Gathering followed by Mustang Gathering Awards, Horse Psychology with B.F. Yeates, Meet the Mustangs & Q&Q with Trainers, Adoption 6pm preshow. 7pm (ticket required) Top 10 Freestyle Finals Performance and Adoption of Top 10 Finalists. FMI visit extrememustangmakeover.com. Heelers Only Team Roping Clinic, NRS Arena, Decatur, TX. $600 - Limited to 15. FMI visit nrsevents.com September 11-12 SHOT Show & Clinic, Wilbarger Event Center, Vernon, TX. Collegiate, AQHA Ranch Pleasure and AQHA Versatility Ranch Horse. FMI call 855-846-7468, e-mail: info@ shothorsetexas.org. September 11-13 RSNC Sanctioned Sorting, Diamond F Arena, Seguin, TX. July 11-12, Aug 2223, Sept 11-13, Oct 10-11 and Nov 21-22. All new memberships will receive a Free RSNC Membership for 2015-2016 season. FMI call 512-567-1283. September 12 AAYHA 2015 Saturday Show Series, Guadalupe County Fairgrounds Covered Arena, Seguin, TX. Age Divisions for all. 8 & Under WT, 18 & Under WT, 19 (WT, 13 & Under Lope, 14-18 Lope, 1939 Lope, and 40+. Additional divisions, Lead Line, In Hand, Ranch. Daily High Point and Reserve High Point Awards, as well as Year End Awards. Show Office is open Fridays from 6pm - 8:30 pm for pre-entry. We offer stall and RV reservations at barnmanager@aayha.org. For show questions email showsecretary2@aayha.org or call Troy Poe at 830-391-6120 or visit www.aayha.org. Tejas Pro Rodeo, Live Music and Dance, Tejas Rodeo Arena, Bulverde, TX. 7:30 - 9pm Rodeo. Live Music &

2015 Trophy Saddle Series... Mark Your Calendar! Sept. 19 & Oct. 24, 2015

San Patricio County Fairgrounds, Stinton, TX 7 Divisions • High Point & Reserve Awards Ranch Horse Division 2 Youth Divisions • Adult and 50 & Over Divisions • Walk/Trot Division

Trail clinic Friday evening with our judge Dr. Doug Householder

For more information, call 361-362-3594

Easy Enter Online: www.southtexashorseshowseries.com

Dance 9pm - 1am. FMI for Rodeo Contestant and Mutton Bustin’ call Wednesday 7-9 pm, 830-980-2226. Call 830980-2205 for Tejas Steakhouse Reservations or more information on rodeo. FMI visit www.tejasrodeo.com. Texas Lost Pines Riding Club Playday #4, 186B Highway 95 S., Elgin, TX. (Behind VFW) 6pm Books Open. Leadline Arena Race, Big T (Rotating Event), Poles, Straights, and Clovers. Entry Fees - Members - $30 for 5 events or $7 per event, Non-Members - $35 for 5 events or $8 per event, Exhibitions $5 and Jackpot Barrel Race (Incentive) - $20. Age Groups: Leadline - 8 & Under Assisted, 8 & Under Unassisted, 9-12 Boys & Girls, 13-17 Jr Women, 1317 Jr Men, Novice (Based on Rider, not horse), 18-49 Women, 50 & Over Women, 18 & Over Men. Ribbons thru 6th Place - Day End Awards thru 6th Place, Year End Awards: Buckles thru 6th place, Awards for all qualified riders. Saddles - 1 entry for each eligible playday ridden, a minimum of 2 saddles will be given. To be eligible for Year End Awards: Must be a TLPRC Member, in good standing, must compete in 5 of 7 playdays and must ride 4 out of 5 events at each playday. Visit Texas Lost Pines Riding Club on Facebook or visit www.tlprc.org Piney Woods Horse Show, Marshall City Arena, Marshall, TX. Registration 7:30 am - Show begins at 9am. T-shorts OK in June, July & August. Concessions Available All Day. Halter, Lungeline, Showmanship-, Walk/Trot, Green Riders, Hunter Western, Equitation, Trail, Horsemanship, Reining, Barrels, Poles. PAC, OEIP and OCAP Approved Show. FMI call a 903-399-1097 or visit www.pineywoodshorseshow.com. 40 Plus Team Roping, Moss Arena, Detroit, TX. FMI call Chan Peters at 903-268-1527 Star Struck Ranch ACTHA Obstacle Course, New Caney, TX. FMI contact Angela Pecora at 281-682-1183 or email: luvhorses83@yahoo.com. Helotes Youth Rodeo, Helotes Festival Grounds, Helotes, TX. Buckle Series Dates: Aug. 15, Sept, 12, Sept 26, (RAIN DATE Sept. 27). Leadline Events: Goat Ribbon Puling, Cloverleaf & Straightaway Barrels. Novice (7& under) and PeeWee (8-10 yrs) Events: Break-away Roping, Roping Sled (for calf & team roping), Goat Ribbon Pulling, Cloverleaf, Straightaway, Pole Bending. Junior (11-14 yrs) and Senior (15-19 yrs) Events: Break-away, Tie Down, Ribbon Roping, Team Roping, Goat Tying, Cloverleaf, Straightaway, Pole Building. $5 each Leadline Events. $10 each Speed Events/$15 each. Roping Events/$30 per team, Team Roping. $10 Office Fee. Must wear boots, pants & collared shirt (tucked in). No baseball caps. FMI call 210440-2572. Chisholm Trail Stampede All Breed Open Horse Show Series, Diamond W Arena, Alvarado, TX. Series dates: 9/12, 10/10 and 10/24. Hosted by the Johnson County 4H Horse Committee. 18 High Points Daily. Series end awards and a full slate of Halter, English, Western, Speed and Ranch classes. Six age groups including new 55 & Over”. Stalls, RV Hook Ups, Concession and Paved Parking. FMI visit www. johnsoncountyhorse.com.

Visit www.HorseGazette.com and like us on Facebook.

40 Plus Team Roping, Nolen County Coliseum, Sweetwater, TX. FMI call Randy Edwards at 325-657-3777.

Dripping Springs, TX. 7-9 PM every Monday. FMI contact Bryan Schwiening at 512-4231877.

September 12-13 Star Struck Ranch 2-Day Competitive Trail Challenge, New Caney, TX. FMI contact Angela Pecora at 281-6821183 or email: luvhorses83@ yahoo.com.

September 15 Texas Lost Pines Riding Club Membership Meeting, VFW, 118 Old Sayers Road, Elgin, TX. Membership meetings held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. FMI visit www. tlprc.org.

Kalley Krickeberg Clinic, Tarply, TX. Limited to 8 riders. Mornings-ground work. Afternoons-Riding. FMI call Jody Campbell at 830-4600907. Alamo Dressage Association Fall USEF/USDF Dressage Show I & II, San Antonio Rose Palace, TX. FMI visit www.AlamoDressage.com Yellow Rose Festival I & II, Irving, TX. FMI visit www. dallasdressage.org. GSEC Platinum Classic I & Great American Insurance Group / USDF Breeders Championship Qualifier I, Great Southwest Equestrian Center, Katy, TX. FMI visit www.gswec.com September 13 AAYHA 2015 Sunday Play Day Series, Guadalupe County Fairgrounds Covered Arena, Seguin, TX. Age Divisions: Lead Line, 8 & Under, 9-13, 14-18, 19-39, and 40+. High Point and Reserve High Point Awards for every show. Full year end awards Champions to 5th place. Full slate of speed classes. For stall and RV reservations at barnmanager@aayha.org. For show questions email showsecretary2@aayha.org or call Troy Poe at 830-391-6120 or visit www.aayha.org. September 14 D-Bar-S Roping Practice, Dripping Springs Ranch Park,

September 16 Open Riding - Covered Arena, Guadalupe County Fairgrounds Covered Arena, Seguin, TX. Open Wednesdays for open riding Noon-8pm. FMI call 830-379-6477. September 17 Barrel and Team Roping Practice, Tejas Rodeo Arena, Bulverde, TX. 5:30-9:30 pm. FMI call Cassie at 210-737-4255, email: cassie@tejasrodeo.com or visit www.tejasrodeo.com. September 18 Trail clinic with Dr. Doug Householder in conjunction with the South Texas Horse Show, San Patricio County Fairgrounds, Stinton, TX. FMI call 361-362-3594 or visit www.southtexashorseshowseries.com. September 18-19 Texas Rose Dressage Fall Classic I & II, Texas Rose Horse Park, Tyler, TX. FMI call D’Anne Liljestrand (903) 882-8696. Visit www. texasrosehorsepark.com September 18-20 My Horse, My Journey, Horse Training & Coaching Clinic with World Champion Trainer, Cathy Hanson, Bulverde Road, Bulverde, TX. Private Sessions on Friday. Two group sessions per day, 6 riders per session on Saturday and Sunday. Auditing on Saturday & Sunday $10 per day. Bring a sack lunch - water will be

provided. FMI call Eleanor Blazer at 602-689-6171 or email: elblazer@gvtc.com or visit horsecoursesonline.com/ clinics/hanson_0915.htm September 19 South Texas Trophy Saddle Series Show #3, San Patricio County Fairgrounds Covered Arena, Sinton, TX. Open All Breed Show. End of year awards and daily awards. 7 Divisions: Walk/Trot Youth & Adult, 13 & Under, 14-18, 19-49, 50+ and Ranch. Halter Championships and first place awards, ribbons thru 8th place. New format, great facility, 200 stalls, 30 RV spots. Thirty miles from the coast. Great mini-vacation opportunity! Series Dates: 3/21, 4/18, 9/19 and 10/24. FMI call Virginia at 361-362-3594, email info@ southtexashorseshowseries. com or visit: southtexashorseshowseries.com. Country Folks Saddle Club Playday Series, San Gabriel Park Showbarn, Georgetown, TX. Series Dates: 4/18, 5/16, 6/20, 7/18, 8/15, 9/19 and 10/3 (Costume Playday). Events: Pylons, Q.H. Poles, Mad Mouse, Double Barrel Flags, Straight Barrels, Cloverleaf Barrels. Ribbons to 10 places. High Point, Reserve and 3rd Place Awards each age group. Shows are open to anyone, members compete for end of series buckles and other awards. Entry $5 per event. Exhibition Fee $3. Age Groups: Leadline, 8 & Under, 9-12, 13-18, 19-45, 46 & Over. Valid Coggins required. Concessions stand on grounds. Rain or Shine we ride! FMI contact Sharon Blayney at 512-789-0952, email: cfsc. us@gmail.com or visit www. cfsc.us. Tejas Pro Rodeo, Live Music and Dance, Tejas Rodeo Arena, Bulverde, TX. 7:30 - 9pm Rodeo. Live Music & Dance

Fall Spooktacular Open Show Sponsored by: Alamo Arabian Horse Association

Date: Saturday, October 10, 2015 Start Time: 9:00 AM Location: Dripping Spring Ranch Park Judge:TBD Arabian & Non-Arabian Halter, Hunter, Western, Saddle Seat, & Novelty Classes Available More information and schedule will be posted soon to our website: www.alamoarabians.org


Upcoming Sales: Sept. 5, Oct. 3 & Nov. 7 Round Mountain, Texas, located on US Hwy 281 N - South of Marble Falls, Texas

Accepting horses at 8am (Current Neg. Coggins Required) Tack Sale starts at 11am • Large Selection of new saddles & tack • Used saddles & tack welcome for auction

Offering On-Site Coggins Testing by Dr. Rocky Terry Open Consignment Horse Sale starts at 1pm. Contact Cass and Courtney Ringelstein (210) 885-0902 or (210) 316-6146 Like us on Facebook!

Terms & Conditions

IT’S COMING! Charlotte’s 32nd Annual Tent Sale

SEPTEMBER 11th, 12th, & 13th, 2015 STOREWIDE SAVINGS!

Up to 70% OFF Original Prices Register to Win a

Pessoa Saddle (up to $2800 value)

11623-A Katy Frwy., Houston, TX 77079 (281) 596-8225

(800) 231-6530

www.charlottes-saddlery.com E-mail: csadd@charlottes-saddlery.com Visit www.HorseGazette.com and like us on Facebook.

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9pm - 1am. FMI for Rodeo Contestant and Mutton Bustin’ call Wednesday 7-9 pm, 830-980-2226. Call 830980-2205 for Tejas Steakhouse Reservations or more information on rodeo. FMI visit www.tejasrodeo.com.

fully executing common trail obstacles found both in the arena and competitive trail ride settings. Spend the day with competitive trail judges and learn what they are really looking for and tricks and tips to help you and your horse succeed on the trail circuit or just have a better time on the trail. $75 per person. FMI contact Kaylon at 361648-1055, email: kaylon@ knptraining.com or visit www. knptraining.com.

Hemphill Playday Series, 3155 Hwy 184, Hemphill, TX. Series dates: 4/18, 5/16, 6/20, 7/18, 8/15 and 9/19. FMI contact 936-275-7430. Success with Trail Obstacles Clinic, Independence Park Arena, Gonzales, TX. Take your horsemanship to the next level and learn the art and the approach to success-

40 Plus Team Roping, Texas Tech Equestrian Center, Lubbock, TX. FMI call Jack Wilhite at 806-787-1086.

American Competitive Trail Horse Association Ride, County Line Equestrian, Hutto, TX. FMI call 512-2529831 or visit www.countylineequestrian.com. September 19-20 Buck Branch ACTHA 2-Day Obstacle Course, Wilmer, TX. FMI contact Cathy Garton at 214-577-9890 or email: cathygarton@sbcglobal.net. Lone Star Hunters & Jumpers, San Antonio Rose Palace, San Antonio, TX. FMI call 210378-8365, email: lonestarhorseshows@yahoo.com or visit lonestarhorseshows.net

Stress Away reduces mental rigidity and restores equilibrium. Rub on hands and rub inside the tips of the ears. Allow to inhale. Valor to instill confidence, calmness, courage, alignment. 2 drops on each of the bulbs, poll, top line and long the spine. Allow to inhale.

Contact Jerry McLennan 979-451-0997

Lavender to calm, soothe, relax, and balance - both physically and emotionally. Inhale and rub around jowls and down neck.

Member #1261185

Facebook - “Oil Gushes at the All Well”

American Quarter Horse, Dry Rey, is a survivor of West Nile because of Young Living Essential Oils. Read the testimonial at: http://www. oil-testimonials.com/essential-oils/7824/horse-with-westnile-spared-from-death

September 21 D-Bar-S Roping Practice, Dripping Springs Ranch Park, Dripping Springs, TX. 7-9 PM every Monday. FMI contact Bryan Schwiening at 512-423-1877. September 23 Open Riding - Covered Arena, Guadalupe County Fairgrounds Covered Arena, Seguin, TX. Open Wednesdays for open riding Noon8pm. FMI call 830-379-6477. September 24 Barrel and Team Roping Practice, Tejas Rodeo Arena, Bulverde, TX. 5:30-9:30 pm. FMI call Cassie at 210737-4255, email: cassie@ tejasrodeo.com or visit www. tejasrodeo.com. September 24-27 American Eventing Championships & USEA Event - Rob Burk - Trade Fair (703) 7799895 - Robert Kellerhouse, Director: email: rkellerhouse@galwaydowns.com FMI call (903-882-8696. September 25-26 SHOT Show & Clinic, Collegiate Show. Brazos County Expo Center, Bryan, TX. FMI 855-846-7468 or email: info@shothorsetexas.org or visit www.shothorsetexas.org. September 25-27 Hill Country Cutting Horse Association Cutting, Dripping Springs Ranch Park, Dripping Springs, TX. FMI contact Gary Mitcham at 903-5201218. September 26 Tejas Pro Rodeo, Live Music and Dance, Tejas Rodeo Are-

Miscellaneous Breeds Gentle Riding Horses


All Colors and Sizes Geldings, Mares & Ponies

Arabo Arabians

Good Selection of New and Used Tack at REASONABLE prices! Call Anytime! 830-743-7288


Breeding to Elegant Stallions

Call BEFORE you haul! Email upcoming events to editor@horsegazette.com or fax flyers to 210-6999928.

Hunter/Jumper • Eventing Dressage Lessons & Training Horses Bought & Sold

24850 Scenic Loop Rd. • San Antonio, Texas

Phone: 210-698-3210

www.KarenBrownOnHorses.com • Karen@KarenBrownOnHorses.com

Beautiful Barn and Pastures The best feed and hay! Happy days for your best friend!

Multiple Disciplines SJ Performance Horses Lessons Boarding & Training

3190 Hunter Road New Braunfels, TX 78132 (830) 481-7643 www.randyschurigperformancehorses.com

Dedicated to breeding Straight Egyptian and Egyptian-related Arabian horses for 42years.


“Offering Select Friesians from the finest Champion &  Preferent/Elite Bloodlines in the World” 

WYNING EDGE FRIESIANS, LLC  (830) 431­0919  www.wyningedgefriesians.com  Page 14

September 30 Open Riding - Covered Arena, Guadalupe County Fairgrounds Covered Arena, Seguin, TX. Open Wednesdays for open riding Noon8pm. FMI call 830-379-6477.

Lessons for Novice to the Most Experienced Equestrian



September 28 D-Bar-S Roping Practice, Dripping Springs Ranch Park, Dripping Springs, TX. 7-9 PM every Monday. FMI contact Bryan Schwiening at 512-423-1877.

Covered Arena, 3 Outdoor Sand Arenas, Wooded Trails, Cross Country Jumps, 57 Beautiful Acres.

Call and come for a visit! Cell: 830-446-9240 Email: egyptianarabs@gvtc.com


September 26-27 Morning Star Ranch Ministries 2-Day Competitive Trail Challenge, Milano, TX. FMI contact John Isaacs at 512455-2552 or email: serveteachranch@aol.com

Ph. 210-340-2917 or Barn: 830-980-4201 www.WildSundayFarm.com

• Boarding & Training • Horsemanship Clinics • Customized Horse Vacations

Egyptian Arabians For Sale!


North Texas Equestrian Community Show, Wade Indoor Arena, Terrell, TX. Registration starts at 8am, show starts at 9am. PAC Approved. $10 per class. $5 Office fee. $25 stall (Optional) $10 grounds fee for non-stalled horses. FMI visit www.ntecshows. com or call 803-760-2059.

Hunters & Jumpers Sales * Boarding * Showing * Training Beginning to Advanced Lessons Charles McDaniel - Owner 490 Specht - San Antonio, TX 78163

All Around (830) 796-4764

Red River Horse Club Open & AQHA Show, Hopkins County Pavilion, Sulphur Springs, TX. Shows: Aug. 15, Sept. 26 and Oct. 17 Futurity Show. Show starts at 9am. RRHC points can be converted to APHA, ApHC or PHBA. FMI call 903-517-0264 or visit www.RedRiverHorseClubRRHC.org.


training / lessons

Breeding “Live in your Tent” Arabians


Bluebonnet Barrel Racing Association, Dugosh Arena, Von Ormy, TX. Books open at 2pm. Exhibitions 2:306:30pm. Race starts at 7pm. PeeWees run after exhibitions. Novice, Open, Youth and Seniors run combined beginning at 1pm. Poles follow barrel race. Pole exhibitions precede the pole race. FMI call Donna at 830-570-9596 or visit www. bluebonnetbarrelracingassoc. com. Helotes Youth Rodeo, Helotes Festival Grounds, Helotes, TX. Buckle Series Dates: Aug. 15, Sept, 12, Sept 26, (RAIN DATE Sept. 27). Leadline Events: Goat Ribbon Puling, Cloverleaf & Straightaway Barrels. Novice (7& Under) and PeeWee (8-10 yrs) Events: Break-away Roping, Roping Sled (for calf & team roping), Goat Ribbon Pulling, Cloverleaf, Straightaway, Pole Bending. Junior (11-14 yrs) and Senior (15-19 yrs) Events: Break-away, Tie Down, Ribbon Roping, Team Roping, Goat Tying, Cloverleaf, Straightaway, Pole Building. $5 each Leadline Events. $10 each Speed Events/$15 each. Roping Events/$30 per team, Team Roping. $10 Office Fee. Must wear boots, pants & collared shirt (tucked in). No baseball caps. FMI call 210440-2572.

business directory



na, Bulverde, TX. 7:30 - 9pm Rodeo. Live Music & Dance 9pm - 1am. FMI for Rodeo Contestant and Mutton Bustin’ call Wednesday 7-9 pm, 830980-2226. Call 830-980-2205 for Tejas Steakhouse Reservations or more information on rodeo. FMI visit www. tejasrodeo.com.


Classical Horsemanship

Shannon Jo Bray Owner/Instructor Retama Equestrian Center, Barn 3, Selma, Texas (210) 364-3430 razzlejoe@yahoo.com • www.sjbhorses.com


Reinhard A. Dorsch, Bereiter F.N.

Trainer of Riders & Horses up to FEI Grand Prix Specializing in competitive dressage & dressage-based horsemanship. FEI level trainer, competitor & coach. German licensed with 35+ years experience in multiple disciplines, with various breeds

Clinics • Lessons • Training Cell: (210) 859-4959 San Antonio, Texas

E-mail: reiter78247@yahoo.com


Lessons • Training • Clinics GhostDogRanch.com

Phone: 512-507-3498

Visit www.HorseGazette.com and like us on Facebook.

Business / services

Emergency Cleaning


Animal Removal Bergheim Hauling “For the trail’s end.”

Large Dead Animal Removal - Buried...NOT Rendered Understanding & Compassionate - 7 Days a Week On-site burial available.

Call Candy Nagle at 210-264-6293 or 830-336-3530 Serving San Antonio and Surrounding Counties.

“For those who leave hoof prints in our hearts.”


MADDEN MATERIAL & TRUCKING, LLC. Specializing in Arena Sand, Screened Topsoil, and Construction Sand in the San Antonio, Boerne, Bulverde and surrounding areas. 22592 Hwy. 16 S. Von Ormy, Texas 78073 Phone: (210) 624-3050 Fax: (210) 624-2362

Melissa Madden Cell: (210) 889-2329 Alan Madden Cell: (210) 889-2328


Horseshoeing School All In A One 8-Hour Session

Crime & Trauma Scene Decontamination Crime/Suicide/Homicide Scene Cleanup Regulated Waste Disposal • Hoarding Gross Filth Properties • Industrial Accidents



Our OSHA-compliant technicians are on call 24/7.

Learn to: • Train Horse for Shoeing • Weld Horse Shoe Borium • Float Horse Teeth

Serving Austin, San Antonio and surrounding areas.

The Huizar Method World’s Best...Hands Down!

512-382-7243 or 210-857-4458



Equine Dentistry

Texas Equine Dentistry David Warren, D.V.M. TexasEquineDentist.com

Cell/Text: 361.645.5109 davidwarrendvm@gmail.com Mobile equine dentistry since 1996

Equine Health & Performance

Insurance (Equine & Ranch)

Debbie Arber-Martin debbie@assetequine.com



Retama Equestrian Center

The ultimate facility for the discriminating rider.

We offer Premium Customized Care with Sound Nutritional Approach. All Breeds - All Disciplines. A perfect blend of all your favorite disciplines, featuring Dressage, Western and Hunter Jumpers. For boarding information, please call Renee @ 210-313-0720

Visit us online at www.RetamaEquestrianCenter.net Located off I-35 North & Loop 1604 at 17530 Old Evans Rd., Selma, TX

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy • Acupuncture • Chiropractic and Advanced Allergy Therapeutics for your horse’s health, comfort and performance. Mobile practice serving central Texas



Only $15 or $25 per month!

Call 210-641-9928 for your Business Directory Ad.

Equine Hospital


17555 Old Evans Road - Selma, TX 78154

Best Farm and Ranch Insurance Rates in Texas!

t. 940-686-0869 f. 940-686-5203 c. 817-994-4168 toll free 888.686.5662

Are your assets covered?

At Asset Equine we specialize in equine and farm related coverages and can develop a program that will cover all your precious assets.



HORSE LESSONS Feel Better About Yourself. Put the Poetry Back in Your Soul! Call: (830) 980-8453 Email: thomasm@gvtc.com

(Next door to Retama Park)

Visit our website: www.retamaequinehospital.com

Pony Parties/Entertainment


Leslie White

580 FM 2537 San Antonio, TX 78221



Covered Arenas

Make any event extra special!

Animals for Any Occasion

Saddles & Tack Since 1968

Serving South Central Texas Member of The American Farrier Association and Certified Journeyman Farrier

Please tell our advertisers you saw their ad in The Horse Gazette! Visit www.HorseGazette.com and like us on Facebook.

830-822-4416 Blanco, Texas 5% discount... just mention this ad! (Good through 7/31/15)

New & Used Saddles & Tack Leather Repair - Custom Harnesses Robert Barton - Owner

1/2 Mile So. of 1604 on Hwy 16 S. - 19821 State Highway 16 S. Phone (210) 624-2136 Von Ormy, Texas Fax (210) 624-2399

Shavings Pick up & SAVE! Bagging in Harwood, Texas. Pick up Monday - Friday

AGRI-WOOD PRODUCTS, LTD Shavings - Rice Hulls - Bagged or Bulk Austin / San Antonio / Waco / Harwood Office 210-269-0325, Fax 830-587-9343

Email: johnmoreno@gvec.net

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For all of your photography needs call Jeanne Harford at 210-324-6404 or email: genieimages@yahoo.com, or visit www.genieimages.com.

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