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Car Seat Safety and Winter Coats FREeE Tak ! one

Holiday Custody Agreements

Teens & Winter Driving


A NEW APPROACH TO NEARSIGHTEDN ESS IN KIDS. More and more children are developing myopia, or nearsightedness, due to a combination of genetics and spending more time in front of screens. At Visions, our new Myopia Management Program can help slow the progression of myopia for a better quality of life.

Love what you see.

be tte r v i s i o n fo r a be tte r li fe

Call today to see how Myopia Management can work for you.


6201 S. Minnesota Ave. (605) 274.6717

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visions@sdvisions.com sdvisions.com

9/30/20 3:34 PM

ItCounts #ExcellenceWhere


Call our admissions coordinator at 605-575-3358 to ask questions or set up a tour. www.ogknights.org



contents November 2020 cover story 17 Holiday Deals & Steals



9 Baby’s First Christmas Making memories at this milestone.





12 Fun Holiday Toys

22 Tips for Co-Parenting

25 Keeping Your Kids

That Build Skills

Fun and functional toys for developmental skills.

13 Kid Jokes

Local kiddos crack us up. Sponsored by Voyage Credit Union.


Holidays don’t have to be difficult.

24 When Children A new therapy may help your child.

teen Ideas for Teens

in every issue 10 Craft & Snack

Fun and festive ideas for your family.

4 | November 2020 | thehoodmagazine.com

Simple tips for the chilly months.

Can’t See Far

15 Holiday Shopping


Safe and Warm in Winter

Give more than a gift card this year.

home 26 Tire Safety Tips Teens Should Know for Winter Driving

Talking with your teens about winter safety.

28 Simplify Your Cooking Today

Why your family needs a new Samsung Flex Duo oven.


30 How Well Your House Breathes Can Affect Covid-19

Understanding ventilation can keep your family safe.


Happy Holidays!

I had so much fun doing our Holiday Photoshoot this year! Julie Prairie Photography is always great to work with and we were able to photograph the cutest family!!! I have loved following “The House of Twins” journey on social media. They have two sets of twins but when you watch them interact as a family you wouldn’t know they have four kids. The patience and grace the parents have with them is amazing!!! This year, more than ever, it is so important to buy and support our local businesses! We worked with local businesses for you to have some “Deals and Steals” this holiday season! Make sure to show them some love and let them know you found them in Hood Magazine! Don’t worry if you are a late holiday shopper we will have these deals on our website thehoodmagazine.com. As the weather changes here in South Dakota it is time to get the winter coats out. Make sure you read the article and watch our video on things you need to know for car seats and winter coat safety! Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for our 12 Days of Holiday Giving! You could win some great holiday presents this year!!!


Mom Terra shows Steff how much love two sets of twins can give!

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Staying Connected with Seniors:

No Visitor Policies have become commonplace at senior living facilities in 2020. While we all understand the risks that Covid-19 presents to our elderly friends and family members, social isolation can be very detrimental for a person’s mental health. Trail Ridge Retirement gives us some great suggestions for ways to stay connected when you can’t meet with friends and family in-person at thehoodmagazine.com.

Avoid the Mortgage Budgeting Blues:

Creating a budget for one of the biggest purchases of your life can seem like a daunting task. To get all of your mortgage budgeting questions answered, head over to Hood Online and check out the valuable tips and to get your top mortgage questions answered by Dawn Van Nieuwenhuyzen with Plains Commerce Bank Mortgage.

Handling Holiday Stress:

While the upcoming holiday’s bring most people a sense of joy and cheer, others experience increased stress and anxiety. Make this year different by learning about ways to manage your stress and enjoy holiday festivities with your family. Head over to Hood Online to read all the tips that Balanced Health suggests for a stress-free holiday.

Special Considerations for Families with Special Needs:

There are many considerations that families who have loved ones with special needs are faced with every day. From medical care to long-term care, planning for the future of a loved one with special needs takes some time and patience. The Woods Fuller Law Firm has some thoughts for your family to consider when the time comes to start planning for the future of a family member with special needs. Take some time to check it out at thehoodmagazine.com.

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Winter Coat Care:

Investing in quality winter gear can be tough on the family budget, so make sure you know how to take care of that investment! Scheels expert staff tells us the best way to launder and store your winter gear to keep them fresh and clean for many seasons!

Do You Know How to Spot Depression?:

Most people have a pre-conceived notion of what a person with depression looks like. Depression, along with many other mental health issues, can present itself in a wide variety of forms and Holly Liston with Yellow Brick Road educates us about some symptoms of depression over at Hood Online!

Festive Fall Decorations:

Our friends at the Museum of Visual Materials show us a way to get out in nature and use the beauty around us to create a beautiful decoration for your home. Check out Hood Online for the easy-to-follow directions for making your own Fall Pinecone Door Hanger.



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baby by ‘Hood Magazine

Baby’s First Christmas It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Or so they say. The holiday season can definitely be wonderful, but there is no doubt about it, it can also be chaotic. Here are some things you can do to make celebrating your little one’s first holiday season more memorable and less stressful. 1. T  ake those photos. In this day and age with cameras on our phones and devices, it’s easy to get snap-happy...but for something as special as your baby’s first Christmas, that’s ok! The holidays are busy and before you know it, they are over and you are just left with a wilting tree and some fading memories. Snap those photos! Start an album right away to save them to, so they don’t get lost. It may be an extra step in the beginning, but you’ll appreciate it one day! 2. M  ake a keepsake. Whether it’s a handprint ornament or a footprint paper wreath, make something that you can look at year after year when you dig out those Christmas totes. 3. B  uy something special. It could be a sweet outfit, or even a simple baby’s first Christmas bib. Those photos are so special!

4. C  elebrate! It’s easy to say, “Oh they won’t remember this anyway!” That’s true... but you will! Just because your baby is a baby doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use this time to make some new traditions. After all, a baby’s first holiday season only happens once. Do what feels right to you! 5. S  tart a book collection. Sweet Christmas stories make the perfect gift. Gifting one each year starting on their first Christmas will make them have an envious collection in no time. The most important thing about celebrating with your baby is to be conscious about taking time to be in the moment. These are such special times and even with keepsakes and photos, you’ll never get those “firsts” back...don’t forget to treasure them. l




The ONLY childcare you will ever need! Programs for infants through12 years old. Stop in and check out our programs and teachers anytime! No appointment necessary.

OW ME TO APPLE TRE FOLL E! 4 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Apple Tree East 3309 E. 26th Street 605-339-9571

Apple Tree North 700 N. Sycamore 605-332-5581

Apple Tree Valhalla 4101 Valhalla Blvd. 605-361-7746

Apple Tree West 6400 W. 43rd Street 605-361-9875

November 2020 | thehoodmagazine.com |


craft & snack


Holiday Snacks

The holidays come with plenty of sweets...but by offering some healthy options for snacks this season your child will be grabbing for a fun, festive and HEALTHY treat! Using some meat, cheese sticks and a toothpick, your children can make these protein packed & pretty trees. Add a fruit candy cane with some strawberries and bananas to your plate and you have a healthy Christmas scene to snack on!

10 |

November 2020 | thehoodmagazine.com

e e r T s a m t s i r h C

e g n o Sp ng i t n i Pa

as e Chrishtm iv t s e f le o d A fun anraft that the we! Tree C ily can mak fam grab a d to do is t and you e e n u o All y e pain and som sponge t! are all se e into a ur spong into o y t u c Simply nd dip it shape a s can triangle t. Your little one ain er, green p nto pap e trees o rative plates! th p m sta eco r even d dd canvas o rints to a ave rp e g n fi h r Use you ur tree and you o the y y r lights to fe-long memo li ears y a r d fo create enjoy n a c y il m whole fa ! e m o to c

child by LifeScape

Fun Holiday Toys that build skills! It’s been an unusual year, but the toy and game options for this year’s holiday season are as infinite as ever! We asked our pediatric clinicians at LifeScape for gift ideas that kids will love, but also promote positive growth and development. Here are their picks:

Occupational Therapists Pick -

Brio World Train Tracks: We love any tracks. They give children a chance to practice being persistent with difficult tasks. They also give parents an opportunity to praise their children for staying calm when they have a difficult time making the track the way they want. There are so many ways these can be built to sustain a child’s’ attention and provide lots of fun. Assembling the tracks also builds visual motor skills and designing their own track builds creativity!

Speech-Language Pathologists Pick -

Shopping cart and food: Parent and child are able to engage in pretend play together. Your house can be set up as a grocery store, with one of you being the shopper and the other the worker. Depending on the age, parents can work on category skills with various foods. You can model placing certain food groups together with fruits in one area, vegetables in another area, etc. Parents can work on what does not belong by placing bananas, grapes, apples and bread together and model to child, “Bread does not belong because it’s not a fruit.” Parents can work on their child following single or multiple step directions,


as well as quantitative concepts: “Give me one banana” or “Give me all the crackers and put them in my cart, please.”

Physical Therapists Pick -

Mini 3-in-1 Deluxe Plus Scooter: This scooter is so fun and it is perfect for children as young as a oneyear-old! It comes with an adjustable T-bar, detachable push-bar, and foot pegs to keep the child sitting comfortably. The scooter offers three riding stages: (Stage 1: Sit and push; Stage 2: Sit and scoot; Stage 3: Stand and Scoot). Riding a scooter is an excellent way to work on strength, balance, and coordination. It also teaches steering and stopping skills. With the adjustable settings on this scooter, it can be used for several years and is a great tool to get kids and parents outside together as a family! l

Don’s miss this video about top toys to get this holiday season.

It’s About to Get Festive

kids jokes & giggles

Want to be published in ‘Hood? Watch our Facebook page for the next callout for jokes! Submitted by Gus B.

1. What says “ooooo”? Answer: A cow with no lips! Bundtinis® and Bundtini Toppers sold only by the dozen.

Sioux Falls 2101 W 41st St, Suite 30, Sioux Falls, SD 57105 (605) 388-2452

Click on Gus’s and Micah’s pics to watch a video of them telling their jokes!

Submitted by Micah H.

2. What do you call a fish with two knees? Answer: A two-knee fish!


Submitted by Grayson R.

3. Why did the tree go in the house? Answer: To get a drink of water!

Providing client centered legal representation in the areas of family law and business services.

AmAndA EngEl, Attorney

Special kids section brought to you by:

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OON in



Looking for a job with

flexible hours & great pay? r Watch pfop our A g launchin soon!

Becoming a Boomerang Driver is a great opportunity to set your own hours, get paid weekly, and support others in your community. What are you waiting for? Sign up to become a Driver by visiting our website. The first 50 Drivers approved will receive a FREE booster seat to use!

To learn more please visit:



2021 Season

pass sale WET-N-WILD SEASON PASS ..............................................................$74.95 Reg Price: $149.95 ($75 Off) Pays for itself by the third visit! Unlimited visits seven days a week.

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One person per day.

DAY TICKET ......................................................................................................$17.95 Reg price: $24.95 ($7 Off) Valid for anyone 2 years of age or older.

SALE ENDS DECEMBER 31, 2020 Guaranteed lowest prices of the season. So don't wait! Purchase your passes and tickets now!

Purchase online at WildWaterWest.com or call 605-361-9313 Sale prices do not include sales tax and expire 12/31/20.

14 |

November 2020 | thehoodmagazine.com

teen by Scheels

Holiday Ideas for the Tweens and Teens As your children get older, buying gifts for them becomes more and more difficult. You can never go wrong with a gift card to a teen or tween’s favorite store, but what about finding a gift to have wrapped for them under the tree? From Carhart beanies to Hydroflasks to Spa Kits, we’ve hand-picked a few items that your tween & teens have been eyeing. Whether you are doing your holiday shopping in store or online this year, you can find all of these simple and unique ideas from local stores in our area.





3 6

 . Spa Day Bath Bombs, Denim & Daisy Scrunchies, Lapcos Face Mask, Free People Eau De Parfum 1 2. Simply Southern T-shirts, Simply Southern hands-free door opener, Classic Vans. 3. Patagonia Hats 4. Carhartt Beanies 5. Hydro Flasks 6. Adidas Bucket Hat, Sweatshirt and Ultra boost Tennis Shoes November 2020 | thehoodmagazine.com |


Enjoy your

Great Plains Zoo all year round with

a membership,

the perfect holiday gift!

15% OFF

membership purchases 11/16-12/15 at the admissions window Offer not valid online or with other offers

805 S. Kiwanis Ave. • Sioux Falls, SD 605-367-7003 • greatzoo.org

16 |

November 2020 | thehoodmagazine.com

deals & steals


Deals & Steals

If 2020 has given us the freedom to do one thing really well, it’s learning how to think outside of the box! We have some amazingly fun and unique holiday gift ideas for the kids of all ages in your life! Give the kids more than toys this holiday season...give them the gift of experiences and memories that will last a lifetime!

Sioux Falls Food Co+op www.siouxfalls.coop Give the gift of co-op ownership! Spread the joy of healthy, delicious food that’s good for everyone! Receive a $20 co-op gift card when you purchase ownership for others. It’s easy! Ask us how at the register. Offer good through 12/31/20.

Breadsmith www.breadsmithSD.com One Day Only! Mark your calendars for Tuesday, December 8th...our traditional German Stollen will be available for 12% off! This holiday bread with currants, golden raisins, almonds and candied fruits fills each bite with bright citrus flavors. Each loaf is baked from scratch right here in Sioux Falls!

deals & steals

Once Upon a Child www.onceuponachildsiouxfalls.com The more you shop, the more you save in November! For every $50 in gift cards that you purchase during the month of November, you will receive a $10 coupon to use in December.

All American Gymnastics Academy www.allamericangymnastics.com

Buy one punch card to Little All Stars Open Gym and get one FREE! For only $80, you will receive a total of 20 punches for your child (walking to age 6) to come burn off some energy! Hurry in...Limited Quantities Available!

Code Ninjas www.codeninjas.com/sd-sioux-falls Gift an Experience! Kids ages 5 – 14 have a blast building awesome video games and developing coding skills on their path from white to black belt. Drop in at your convenience during our weeknight & Saturday student hours. Gift cards available!

18 |

November 2020 | thehoodmagazine.com

Visions Eye Care www.sdvisions.com

25% OFF BLUE-LIGHT FILTERING GLASSES FOR KIDS! GlamBaby nonprescription glasses keep your little one’s eyes safe on screens! Optical quality frame in adorable styles and colors, lenses and blue filter to help your kids get a better night’s sleep as well as combat eye strain. Affordable protection, now only $30! This offer ends 12/31/20


Karl’s TV & Appliance www.karlsonline.com/stores/10/SiouxFalls-Karls $25 off any grilling accessory with the purchase of any grill $399 or more. Swing in to check out our selection and get more details.

Sky Zone Sioux Falls www.skyzone.com/siouxfalls Attention: FREE MONEY! Are you looking for an awesome and great stocking stuffer? Get in on the action while supplies last! For every $30 you spend on gift cards you get a $10 bonus card. This offer ends 12/31/20

deals & steals

Great Plains Zoo and Delbridge Museum of Natural History Zoo Membership www.greatzoo.org From November 16th to December 15th, receive 15% off your zoo membership purchase. Plans start at just $55 and are a great stocking stuffer! *Not valid online or with other offers*

Great Bear www.greatbearpark.com Give the gift of winter fun! From November 27th to November 30th, you can save 10% on gift card purchases when you go to our website.

BrickHouse Creations www.brickhousecreations.etsy.com SafeSplash Sioux Falls www.safesplash.com/locations/siouxfalls-south-sd Is Grandma asking for a great gift idea for the kiddos? Tell her to give the gift of a lifetime of water safety, adventure, and joy. Pass along this phone number (605) 2023880 and we’ll take care of the rest.

Washington Pavilion- Pavilion Bucks www.washingtonpavilion.org Give the gift of a Washington Pavilion experience! Redeem Pavilion Bucks for Kirby Science Discovery Center and Visual Arts Center admission, Pavilion memberships and performances and more. Pavilion Bucks start at $10!

Give the gift of handmade this Holiday Season! Specializing in quality, lead and nickel free, women’s and children’s accessories. Affordable items ranging from the beloved leather earrings to hand stamped necklaces for all ages. Handcrafted and designed in Sioux Falls, South Dakota since 2011. We have gifts starting at $8 and don’t forget to enter coupon code hoodfriend5 for $5 savings!

605 Ninja - Obstacle Training Academy www.605ninja.com Don’t miss out on these holiday savings, choose from: • 2 Open Gyms for $20 • 1 Unlimited Open Gym Pass (Good for 3 Months) for $75 • 2 Classes for $25 (Limit 1 Per Child). These offers expire 12/31/20

November 2020 | thehoodmagazine.com |


gift guide

Hood’s Top Three Toys from Kidtopia!

Nothing Bundt Cakes www.nothingbundtcakes.com These amazingly moist and delicious cakes are baked fresh daily, on-site! Cakes are available in four sizes and 10 flavors, which can be packaged to make the perfect gift for any occasion. With over 40 different decorations and unique boutique style gifts throughout the bakery, you are sure to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list! Prices start at just $5!

Wild Water West Waterpark www.wildwaterwest.com 2021 Season Pass Sale! It’s time to start thinking about some fun-in-the-sun waterpark season passes for the 2021 summer season. Discount passes on sale for only $74.95 until December 31st! Don’t miss out on South Dakota’s largest waterpark and only wave pool.

Virtuality Gaming Den www.virtualitygamingden.com Give the whole family an experience they’ll never forget. Virtuality Gaming Den has something fun for everyone! This holiday season our gift cards are 50% off. Offer valid Black Friday through Christmas Eve. *Gift cards cannot be redeemed the same day as purchased

20 |

November 2020 | thehoodmagazine.com

Kidtopia facebook.com/KidtopiaToys/

Studio Creator -Video Maker Kit Create your own videos like a pro for TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and more! Perfect for hands free selfies or videos like tutorials, music videos, and reviews. Make videos with the best lighting using the included 8” LED ring light with 3 different color modes and 10 dimmable brightness settings. Create custom backgrounds using the included green screen paired with your favorite editing app! This is great for ages 8+ and is only $39.99. Starry Night AirFort No Pillows, No Sheets, No Mess! Kids love forts! The Starry Night AirFort makes it even better, sets up and cleans up in minutes. Fun for the whole family! It is like a night under the stars but in the house! Get your night under the stars for only $59.99. Inny Bin The six chunky shape blocks are each designed with fascinating textures that are sure to thrill the fingers. But the best part? As kids push the shapes through the elastic bands of the cube, curiosity is sparked and young minds can’t help but explore, experiment, and discover. This is great for little ones who are 10 months and older. Lots of fun for only $24.99.

We are stocking up on toys for the holidays

Light, golden, and ideal for sharing.







33rd & Duluth SOUTH

26th & Marion

3804 S. Western Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57105



57th & Cliff

26th & Sycamore


Dear SantaPlease bring me ANYTHI N G from Kidtopia Toy Store!

ge | 605-275-4825

The Bridges at 57

th & Weste

lla • Dawley Farm Vi rn | 605-334-4825


November 2020 | thehoodmagazine.com |


parent by Amanda Engel, The Duncan Law Firm, LLP

Ideas for Helping Parents

Co-Parent Effectively

Parents sharing custody of their children can find co-parenting one of the most difficult challenges they face as parents. But, parents can successfully co-parent by working together and putting the interest of the children first. Here are some ideas that can help make co-parenting go smoothly. 1. T  he children come first. When co-parenting, keep the focus on your children and their needs. The goal of co-parenting should be to meet their needs and reach agreements that are in the best interest of the children. Don’t focus on what you want or being the winner of the argument. Instead, focus on how you can reach an agreement or solution that best benefits the children.

conflicts between the parents as to when each parent is supposed to have his or her parenting time with the children. Predictability and consistency will also help the children feel more at ease with the rotating schedule. 4. U  se an online and shareable calendar. Working with the other parent to create a shareable calendar will help each parent keep up to date and informed. If each parent has access to the calendar, each parent can be kept up to date on activities, appointments, parenting time, and holiday schedules. Sharing information between parents helps avoid conflict and issues.

2. C  ommunicate. Co-parenting requires open and productive communication between parents. Try to talk to each other and use multiple communication channels including talking on the phone, interacting face to face, communicating by email, and texting. It is important to communicate with the other parent directly and not through the children. If you are unsure about something, don’t assume; get clarification from the other parent. Be mindful of the words and tones used when conversing with your co-parent.

5. D  isagree in private. Disagreements between co-parents are inevitable. When disagreements occur, don’t put the children in the middle. Avoid arguing and handling conflict in front of the children. If the children see their parents as loving and supportive of them and each other, they will feel more secure.

3. K  eep a regular and consistent schedule. Co-parenting often requires a lot of back and forth between two different homes. Having a predictable and consistent plan will help avoid

Remember, when co-parenting, it is all about the children and their best interests. If you utilize these ideas, it can help create a more amicable and successful experience with co-parenting. l

YOU TALK. WE LISTEN. Southeastern is here to help. Call today. (605) 336-0510 southeasternbh.org 2000 South Summit Avenue | Sioux Falls, SD 57103

November 2020 | thehoodmagazine.com |



by Dr. Jennifer Hupke, Visions Eye Care

When Children Can’t See Far: A New Treatment for Pediatric Myopia

DEFINING MYOPIA: often referred to as nearsightedness – is a common eye health condition in which the eyeball elongates, causing light rays to focus incorrectly in the eye, thus making distance vision blurry. THE INCREASING PREVALENCE AND SEVERITY OF PEDIATRIC MYOPIA: More than 40 percent of Americans are myopic and that number is increasing at an alarming rate, especially among school-aged children. Two-thirds of eye care professionals (ECPs) say the presence of myopia among children in their practice had increased over the past 5-10 years, and 81% of ECPs recognize it as one of the biggest problems impacting children’s eyesight today.

CAUSES OF MYOPIA: The upward incidence of myopia can be attributed to different factors, and is occasionally the result of a combination of these factors: •G  enetics- Family history plays a role in a child’s risk of myopia. • E nvironment- Exposure to sunlight, vitamin D intake, dopamine levels and the amount of time someone spends outdoors have an impact on an individual’s likelihood of becoming myopic.

24 |

November 2020 | thehoodmagazine.com

LONG-TERM OCULAR HEALTH IMPACTS: Leaving myopia untreated may contribute to more severe eye health complications later in life, including: • • • •

Cataracts Glaucoma Retinal detachment Macular Degeneration

MANAGING MYOPIA: Managing myopia starts with regular comprehensive eye exams so eye care practitioners can determine progression and treatment. A new treatment program is now available to slow the progression of myopia in children. The cornerstone of this comprehensive approach to myopia management in pediatric patients is the first and only contact lens approved by the FDA to slow myopia progression in children, aged 8-12 at the initiation of treatment. The Coopervision MiSight 1 day lens is available as part of a comprehensive myopia management approach offered by participating eye care practitioners. If you would like any further information on managing myopia in children, schedule a myopia (nearsightedness) evaluation with an eye care professional. l

health & wellness by Sanford Parenting Services

Keeping your kids safe and

Warm in Winter Remember these cold-weather safety tips for inside, outside and in the car

The wind is howling, the snow is falling, and it’s time to bundle up with mittens, hats and winter coats. But if you have a little one at home, they have their own winter safety guidelines for being outdoors or while riding in a car. Properly dressed for winter To keep children warm, it’s best to dress them in layers. This allows parents to remove or add layers depending on the temperature, so you can avoid the child overheating or getting too cold. “People tend to overdress babies. They have a really good circulatory system. So if you are hot, then they are likely hot,” says Jody Jordet, a community life educator at Sanford Health. “Children are comfortable in what a parent would be wearing. For babies and toddlers, one more layer can be added as needed.

unable to wear a coat in the car; it just means he or she needs to wear the right one. “I always tell people to have a proper car seat safe layer for traveling and a different coat for playing outside, so a car coat and a play coat,” says Jordet. Light fleece is thin enough to fit properly but thick enough to keep your child warm. If you feel your child still will be cold, put him or her in the seat with the harness fastened. Then, take the child’s heavy winter coat or a blanket to cover your child for car rides. l

When headed outside for some outdoor fun, dress your child in layers with a waterproof outside layer. This will keep your child dry and warm.

Winter car seat safety Car seats are designed to fit snugly around a child’s body to protect him or her in case of an accident. In winter, this can become more challenging, as there needs to be a balance of keeping your child safe with also keeping your child warm. Jordet says, “Any time a child is in a five-point harness, thinner layers — nothing bulkier than a polar fleece or properly fitted hooded sweater — should be worn. Properly fitted clothing is key.” If a child is wearing a bulky winter coat, the car seat straps will not fit properly, leaving your child vulnerable and at risk of injury in the event of a crash. This does not mean your child is


Check out this video to make sure you are following car seat safety tips this winter.

November 2020 | thehoodmagazine.com |


home by Discount Tire

Tips Teens Should Know for

Winter Driving As the weather turns colder, now is the perfect time to discuss how to keep safe during challenging winter road conditions with your teens. This will help ensure that they are welltrained and prepared for the day that they have to drive in the snow. Involving your teenager in the vehicle winterization process gives them confidence to face winter driving on their own. Install winter tires Did you know that if you can see your breath, you should consider installing winter tires on your vehicle? This is especially true if you live in an area like ours that sees harsh winter conditions, such as high snowfall and black ice. Winter tires provide a level of traction that allseason and summer tires can’t in winter conditions. While all-wheel drive can help, it only provides forward momentum in snow and doesn’t aid in stopping or steering the vehicle.

Check air pressure Be sure that your tires are properly inflated. Tire air pressure plays a critical role in traction and performance, especially in winter. You can find the recommended pressure on your vehicle’s tire placard (usually located on the driver’s door) or in your owner’s manual. Don’t overlook your spare tire Be sure to check your spare tire if your car is equipped with one. Having a fully functioning

spare is always important, but never more so than during hazardous winter months. When you inspect your spare, you should check its tread depth, air pressure, and age.

Keep your distance Vehicles do not react as quickly in the snow, so be sure to drive slowly and keep a larger following distance between you and other vehicles. This allows for more response time and helps you make more controlled stops and starts. Stay home The best way to stay safe in extreme road conditions is to stay off the roads. Even with the best preparation, you cannot account for all possibilities. If it’s not necessary for you to go out, it’s best to avoid driving until road conditions improve. Winter driving is inevitable but winter safety is a choice. Discussing these safety tips with your teens will help ensure they are prepared for winter road conditions when the time comes. l

Nicely done, beef. You’re love in a lunch box.

Start the school year off strong with kid-friendly beef lunches from BeefItsWhatsForDinner.com Funded by Beef Farmers and Ranchers

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9/28/2020 2:50:10 PM

HAVING SAFE TIRES IS NO ACCIDENT. Wherever you drive, you want your family to be safe. So do we. Let us check your tires before your next trip, to keep them on the straight and narrow.




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Simplify Your Cooking Today! Removable divider that converts one oven into two to cook multiple dishes at once with a door that can adjust for use of the top or full oven.

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Flex Duo™ with Dual Door is here to make your meal prep even faster!

by Tom Johnson, Karl’s TV Audio & Appliance

Beautifully designed and intelligently built, that is the new Samsung Flex Duo Front control slide in range in either gas or electric with Smart Dial and Air Fry. The Samsung Flex Duo is one of the industry’s state of the art ranges that delivers two distinct cooking ovens and a third warming drawer, which helps accomplish the entire family’s needs for any meal...and even keeps it warm if soccer or basketball runs late. Cook easier with the intuitive intelligence of Smart Dial and eat healthier with the built-in Air Fry mode. Intelligence is provided by Wi-Fi connectivity and managed by voice enabled technology making cooking easier than ever...all you have to do is talk to it. As 2020 will be defined as the year that changed the way that our families live, let the Samsung Flex Duo make that change simpler and easier. With the newest of technology, Smart Dial, it learns your cooking behaviors automatically and creates shortcuts to your cooking preferences. Having a cooking assistant help you make the meals that fuel your family means that the time you save in the kitchen can be invested more deeply with your family. Flex Duo allows you to prepare your favorite “fried foods” right in your oven, not the stove top. Using very little to no oil, Air Fry mode allows you to cook healthier meals for your family...and the Air Fry Tray comes included with the range. The unbelievably fast and powerful burners quickly boil water or can sear a filet but has the flexibility to be turned down to achieve the truest simmer setting for those delicate sauces and chocolates. The 23K BTU Dual Valve Brass Burner is the industry’s most powerful burner in today’s marketplace. The size of this beautiful range means that you can cook multiple meals at once or you can accommodate the largest of roasting pans and casserole dishes. The Flex Duo is the range you need for this holiday season and will allow you room to cook for the entire extended family. Give yourself a gift today that continues to give every day, all year long...the new Samsung Flex Duo. l

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by Foley’s Heating & AC, Inc.

How Well Your House Breathes Can

Impact Covid 19

So let’s talk about the elephant in the room...the pandemic and your house’s ventilation and filtration challenges. As colder weather looms we will all be spending more time cooped up in our homes and hopefully that will be a game changer as we continue to navigate the chaos that is the current pandemic environment. Speaking of environments, did you know that your home environment’s air can be up to 5 times more polluted than the outside air? It makes sense, your house is a closed space that relies on filtration and circulation to minimize airborne allergens, dust, particulates, and guess what? Viruses. If your current HVAC system is inefficient or outdated there is a good chance that the air you breathe indoors is not as fresh as the air you breathe outside. Stagnant air inside your home needs to be recycled courtesy of a fresh air ventilation system. Consider the findings and recommendations of ASHRAE, The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and AirConditioning Engineers. The most effective way to prevent proliferation of airborne viruses is by installing a whole home healthy air system containing 3 elements: 1. F  resh Air Ventilation: Brings in fresh outdoor air to dilute and remove contaminants present in indoor air 2. A  ir Filtration and Cleaners: Captures up to 96% of airborne virus-sized particles that pass through the filtering system 3. Humidity Control: Helps maintain proper humidity levels of 30-60% which can help reduce the amount of infectious viruses and bacteria in the air

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Another solution to home air filtration is the reduction of airborne and surface contaminants and pollutants through bi-polar ionization. Some aspects of a ionization system include: • Mercury and ozone free • Long-life replaceable LED cell module with 2.5x longer life than current mercury vapor UV lamp technologies • Eliminates VOCs (volatile organic compounds) 2x faster than previous models • Reduction of smoke, odors, VOCs, allergens, dust and particulates • Reduces airborne and surface microbials, bacteria, viruses and mold The LED system is in-duct and is activated by your HVAC system’s blower. Once engaged the ionizing unit works to emit hydrogen charged air to attack airborne contaminants and assist your filtration system to more efficiently trap and remove particulates. Adapting these solutions to your home’s HVAC system is a relatively straightforward undertaking and can have a long range impact on your family’s health and well being, especially now. Upgrades can be applied to existing HVAC systems and integrated into new construction. Be sure to inquire of your local HVAC professional as to how you can take steps towards a safer, healthier home. And with the holiday season approaching this might be a gift that truly keeps on giving. l

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YOU DON’T NEED AN ILLNESS TO NEED A DOCTOR. Regular wellness visits with a primary care provider at Sanford Health can lead to better overall health. Better health care starts with a provider who’s a familiar face. Someone who actually knows you and understands your concerns and your goals. We’re here before you need us. We’re here when you need us. We’re here after you need us.


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November 2020- Holiday Deals and Steals  

The Hood Magazine November 2020- Holiday Deals and Steals, Sioux Empire's Family Resource

November 2020- Holiday Deals and Steals  

The Hood Magazine November 2020- Holiday Deals and Steals, Sioux Empire's Family Resource