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Sunscreen and Water Safety: What You Need to Know this Summer

List of Parks and Campgrounds

54 Fun

Things to Do This Summer

13th Annual! June 19th

9:00am -1:00pm


AT THE FARM at Royalwood Dairy Hosted by the Ode Family 48170 266th St., Brandon, SD

Visitors get to:

• Tour the dairy farm • See baby calves • Free Pancakes by th 266 St Chris Brandon, CakesSD

• Enjoy kids activities • Sing & Dance with Phil Baker •  ‘Hood Magazine Make & Take crafts

• Fuel Up To Play 60 kids activit Shuttle Distancing am – Do Re Let’s PlayBus with Social • Tours of the dairy en’s Entertainers Perform

South Dakota Farm Families

am – Free lunch to start being served

• Baby



contents May/June 2021 cover story 17 54 Fun Things to Do this Summer

Check out this list of fun things to do with the family this summer.

baby 8 Beat the Heat

Keep your baby safe, cool, and happy all summer long.

11 child 10 Local Families:




14 How to Save for

24 How to Raise Safe,


Top tips on how to save for college including when to start, how to choose a savings goal, and the different types of college savings plans available.

Confident, and Joyful Swimmers Three things you can do to give your child the gift of being a strong swimmer.

26 Teaching Children

Fun Outings

How to Manage Emotional Reactions

These area families share their warm weather adventures from the past year.

Keep your cool by learning skills you and your child can utilize to manage emotional outbursts and reduce their occurrence.

12 Taking Care of Your Child’s Vision

Helpful signs that your child may be experiencing vision issues.

home 28 Don’t Forget to Include

HVAC in Spring Cleaning

in every issue 11 Spring Snacks

Rice Crispy Flip Flops A quick and easy summer treat your kids will love!


May/June 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com


Spring cleaning should include HVAC and air filter replacement.

30 Get Adventuring

See this list of local parks and campgrounds.


Warm Weather Ahead! The weather is warming up and things are looking busy this summer! We know some of you are ready to get back out and some of you are still staying home. The ‘hood team came up with a list of more than 50 fun things to do this summer to keep your family busy! We will have the list available on our website at www.thehoodmagazine.com all summer so you can keep going back to it! Have you thought about camping this summer? Our friends at Schulte Subaru have a list of fun places to set up camping at this summer! Make sure to check it out on page 30. Don’t forget Mother’s Day is coming up on May 9th and Father’s Day is on June 20th. If you are looking for homemade craft ideas, make sure to check out our website for something fun to make for them! Welcome to Summer!


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Mother’s Day DIY Candle Holder

The Museum of Visual Materials shares how to create and decorate a candle holder that will make a great gift! Mom is sure to appreciate artwork from her favorite little artist.

Allergy Season

There’s nothing like a warm spring day to remind you to take your antihistamines. These tips from Balanced Life Chiropractic can help you treat the root of your seasonal allergies.

Rainbow After the Storm

Yellow Brick Road reminds us that we are not always aware of a storm brewing until a trigger causes negative emotions to rage, but knowing there is the hope of a rainbow at the end of the storm will help you pursue a better life.

Activities List

Check out “Hood Magazine’s list of organized activities to get your kids involved this spring and summer. It’s not just softball and soccer anymore! www.thehoodmagazine.com

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Home Inspection Benefits

Community Sponsors

A home inspection protects all parties. Learn more in this article from HouseMaster.


Tips for Working Moms

Plains Commerce Bank Senior Mortgage Banker Dawn Van Nieuwenhuyzen has five tips for balancing life as a businesswoman and mother!



Yellow Brick Road



‘Hood Community Directories at Your Fingertips

Did you know that we have numerous directories on our site, including Summer Camps, Preschool, Childcare and Birthday Party listings are available to you by just scanning this QR Code and going directly to our website? Resources for your busy life at your fingertips...courtesy of ‘Hood Magazine! Kids Activities • Adult Classes Art Gallery • Weddings/Events

500 N Main • Sioux Falls 605.271.9500 Find Us Online! sfmvm.com

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by Sanford Health

Beat the Heat: Keep your baby safe

Once temperatures warm, you want to get the family outside as much possible before the seasons change again. But before you head outdoors, remember your baby needs a little extra TLC to stay safe in the summer. Sunscreen for babies Sunscreen is recommended for everyone, right? While children and adults should always protect themselves with sunscreen, it is not recommended for babies under 6 months old. Keeping your infant in the shade is the better choice and, particularly, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. when ultraviolet rays are the most intense. Because infants have a higher surface-area to bodyweight ratio than older children and because baby skin is less mature, their exposure to chemicals in sunscreens may be much greater. That can increase the risk of side effects from sunscreen.

Preventing sunburn Plan ahead by covering up your infant. To prevent sunburn, dress your baby in lightweight long pants, long-sleeved shirts and hats. Choose clothes with tight weaves. If you hold the fabric against your hand, it shouldn’t be so sheer you can see through it. Use brimmed hats, which shade the neck, rather than cute baseball caps or headpieces that provide no cover for the neck and ears.


May/June 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com

Of course, it isn’t always possible to keep your baby totally covered and in natural shade. Instead you can create your own shade by using an umbrella, canopy, blanket or even your body to protect your baby. If you are in a situation where there is no possible shade, apply a small amount of sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15 to small areas that are likely to be exposed. Avoid combination sunscreens that contain insect repellents like DEET. Try testing your baby’s sensitivity to sunscreen by rubbing a small amount on the inner wrist first and waiting a few minutes. Remember that your baby is more susceptible to the dangers that can accompany summertime’s scorching sun and high temperatures. But there is also plenty of time for fun. With just a little planning and preparation, you can keep your baby safe, cool, hydrated and happy all summer long. If you have any concerns or questions, please talk to your child’s primary care provider. l Read more online at: www.thehoodmagazine.com

Sell your gently used baby equipment for cash on the spot

baby ‘hood



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azine Search Babyhood- From ‘Hood Mag ! join to est on Facebook and requ

3804 S. Western Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57105


Common signs of infant hearing loss: • Loud noise does not surprise them • Does not respond to where noise is coming from • Delay in speech or vocal play CDC

Want to learn more?

Get involved today at ehdi136.com or find us on Facebook @South DakotaEHDICollaborative May/June 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com |



Fun Outings

Local families share their warm weather adventures from the past year Did you have an epic summer trip last year? Or perhaps you snuck away for a tropical vacation over the winter. Here are a few local families that shared their adventures with us on Facebook.

snack Want to be featured in an upcoming story? Be sure to follow us on social to see what we’re working on for future articles.

Rice Crispy FLIP FLOPS

A quick and easy summer treat your kids will love!

If there is one thing us Midwesterners love, it’s sandal season! Flip flop season might be short around here, but all the more reason to celebrate it! These special summer edition Rice Krispy treats are sure to bring a taste of summer to your table. WHAT TO DO: Melt 3 Tbsp of butter and 4 cups of mini marshmallows. Pour your melted mixture over 6 cups of Rice Krispy cereal in a large bowl and mix together, lay flat on a sheet pan. Allow mixture to cool a bit and set up. To make the flip flop shape you can cut an oval shape out by hand, or use an oval shape cookie cutter. (Tip! If you use a cookie cutter be sure to spray with a non-stick spray first!) Gently squeeze the middle of your oval to create a shoe shape. Using a Fruit Roll Up or Fruit Leather, cut strips to create the straps of your flip flop. Lastly, add a M&M or Skittle candy to the middle.

May/June 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com |


child by Dr. Angela Gulbranson, Visions Eye Care + Therapy Center

Taking Care of

Your Child’s Vision

Children typically don’t complain when they have trouble seeing because they assume everyone sees the same way they do. The way that children “tell us” they have trouble seeing is by their behavior. Some signs are more obvious than others. The child who can’t see something that other children can easily see or who has trouble seeing the board in school is obvious. However, the child who is clumsy, has attention problems, or who struggles with reading and academic performance is less obvious. It is important to know that there are 17 visual skills required for reading and academic success. Being able to see the letters on the eye chart (20/20) is just one of those visual skills. Most vision screenings are not designed to test all these visual skills. If your child is missing even one of these visual skills, reading and learning could become difficult.

Parents need to know the various behavioral signs that signal a vision problem; for example, does your child: • avoid reading or homework? • prefer to be read to? • turn his or her head at an angle when reading?

•h  ave more trouble comprehending what is read the longer he or she reads? •h  ave trouble seeing 3D effects in movies or video games? If your child seems to be able to see OK and doesn’t complain—you still need to schedule an routine eye exam with an eye doctor. According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), children should have their eyes checked at 6 months, 3 years, and just before entering elementary school. While in school, they should have yearly eye exams. However, if you notice that one eye turns in or out or that your child does not seem to respond to visual activity, schedule an exam immediately. For more information about visual development and how vision problems can interfere with learning, visit the website for the College of Optometrists in Vision Development at www.covd.org. l

Love what you see.

sp eci al exams j ust fo r k i ds

Eyesight is key for proper development. Our optometrists are specially trained in working with kids. Visits to our kid-friendly exam rooms are something they look forward to. Schedule an appointment today.



6201 S. Minnesota Ave. (605) 274.6717

VSNS253-May Hood 1/2 Page H_R4.indd 1

visions@sdvisions.com sdvisions.com

4/6/21 5:14 PM

May/June 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com |



by Voyage FCU

How to Save for College Top tips on how to save for college including when to start, how to choose a savings goal, and the different types of college savings plans available. Saving for college is one of the best ways you can help set your child up for success. Here are our top three tips on how to save for college.

Start Early The sooner you start saving, the more time your money has to grow and the more money you’ll have available for your child’s education. You’ll have more options for different types of savings plans if you start early as well. Still, don’t worry if you didn’t start saving early as there are options to help pay for college.

Decide Your Savings Goal Your savings goal will be based on a few factors. Are you planning to save for 100% of college expenses or only 50%? Are you saving for public or private college? Will you stop contributing once they start or will you contribute throughout their attendance? Based on your answers, your target monthly savings may be between $100 and $500. Once you figure out your savings goal and desired monthly contributions amount, you can see what plan is best for you.

14 |

May/June 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com

Find the Best Savings Plan for You There are many different options available to help you start saving for college funds such as 529 plans, savings bonds, Roth IRAs, and a home equity loan. Each plan will get you to your savings goal, but one might fit your life a little bit better. A 529 plan is designed for future education costs. The main benefit is when it comes time to withdraw money for college, the money won’t be taxed. Savings bonds are another good option for saving for college as they’re a low-risk investment. However, the interest you’ll earn on your savings is generally low. Roth IRAs provide a flexible option because if your child decides not to attend college, you still can use the funds for retirement. You pay taxes on your contributions to your account and will withdraw money tax-free. Finally, a home equity loan is another option for covering college expenses. Although it is a loan you’ll have to pay back, this is an option for parents who don’t have much time left to save and need a way to pay for college. l

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Adventure Awaits at your Great Plains Zoo

Don’t miss out

on a day of fun! greatzoo.org

Connect with us!

805 S. Kiwanis Ave. • Sioux Falls, SD • 605-367-7003

$1.00 Skate for Admission All Summer Long! Sale End Summer Skate Cards $6.00 per Card Summer Skate Card

Skating Schedule Starts June 1st (Cards are good for each of these sessions)


12-2PM, 2-4PM Closed for Private Parties Closed for Private Parties 12-2PM, 2-4PM | 6-8PM 12-2PM, 2-4PM 12-2PM, 2-4PM | 6-8PM 12-2PM, 2-4PM | 6-8PM

Order Online at www.skatecitysd.com Sale Pricing Ends May 31st

16 |

May/June 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com

summer fun

54 Fun

Things to Do this Summer 4 5

1 Great Plains Zoo and Delbridge Museum of Natural History www.greatzoo.org Adventure awaits at your Great Plains Zoo! Visit hundreds of animals from around the globe from Red Pandas to Humboldt Penguins to Black Rhinos, embark on a guided tour, meet an animal up-close, and take a ride on our train or carrousel all summer long!


Breakfast at the Farm Head to Ode Family Farm in Brandon on June 19th for a morning of activities. Tour the dairy farm to see baby calves, enjoy kid’s activities and crafts, and much more.

Go Hiking There are great hiking spots in our area. Pack a picnic and make a day of it. Check out our list from Schulte Subaru on page 30 for a great list of state parks to visit.


Build-Your-Own-Burger Night Grilling is great in the summer but forget about plain burgers. Grab some unique toppings and make your own gourmet burger – or even a brats or hotdogs. Park Parade There are over 80 parks in Sioux Falls. Create a bucket list of ones your family wants to visit over the summer.

6 Skate City www.skatecitysd.com  Skate for as little as $1 per session all summer. Summer Skate Cards are regularly $12.00, but if you purchase yours early in May you save 50% on your cards! That’s just $6.00 per card! Cards are valid for use from July 1st to August 31st.  Purchase yours online or in-rink!

May/June 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com |


summer fun Falls Park Adventure Start your Saturday morning with a visit to the Falls Park Farmer’s Market, venture across the street to the Stockyards Ag Experience, and end it with lunch or ice cream from Falls Overlook Café while enjoying the Falls.


Read Under a Tree Grab a good book and settle in under a tree for some outdoor learning. Visit the Siouxland Libraries to check out a book or REACH Literacy where kids can choose five free books each visit.


Reel in a Big One Hit up one of the local fishing holes and try your hand at reeling in fish. The Outdoor Campus is a great resource to learn more about this and other ways to connect with nature. Or check out Family Park’s ponds, where you can also bring your dog to enjoy the nearby dog park.


11 Butterfly House & Aquarium www.butterflyhouseaquarium.org With an annual membership to the Butterfly House & Aquarium, you get access to endless exploring (plus more perks) for one low price. Pick from our flexible family pass options to find the package that’s right for your crew.

Sidewalk Paint Looking to take your sidewalk chalk to a new level? Head over to the ‘Hood Magazine and search sidewalk chalk for an easy recipe including corn starch, baking soda, water, and washable paint. The kids will have a blast painting the sidewalk or driveway.

12 10 Museum of Visual Materials www.sfmvm.com Get creative with us in our craft classroom! Variety of unique art and craft classes planned all while located at our historical building in downtown Sioux Falls. Creative, educational, and fun classes can be found on our website. New affordable classes added monthly. Registration required in advance online.

18 |

May/June 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com


Ice Cream Bar After an afternoon of outdoor play, set up an ice cream bar with a variety of toppings – syrups, sprinkles, candy – and cool down with your own cool creation. LaunchPAD Children’s Museum, Sioux City Lots of fun is waiting to be had at the LaunchPAD Children’s Museum. Your children will enter a world full of fun and learning which will help them grow.


summer fun

FamilyFest Looking to get out and support local family businesses in the Sioux Empire? Take part in the Familyfest Fun Cruise on July 24 from 10am-2pm. Check out www.familyfestsf.com to join in on the fun!


Take Me Out to the Ballgame Visit the Bridcage to enjoy a Canaries game or head out to one of the local ball fields for your own game. Grab a few neighbors and friends to field a team!


Movie Under the Stars Moonlight Movies is a FREE outdoor movie series at Fawick Park. Bring your favorite blanket or chair and enjoy a movie as a family. Popcorn, candy and soda are available for purchase on site.

20 16 Wild Water West www.wildwaterwest.com As the largest waterpark in the state, Wild Water West is the best summer entertainment in South Dakota! We’ve been in the business of providing safe, family fun for over 30 years. Thousands visit every year, traveling from near and far. With water and land attractions for the young and the young at heart, everyone can get their fill of thrills.

Downtown Stroll There are so many things to do downtown! Check out the Sculpture Walk. Grab a bite to eat. Go shopping. Visit the River Greenway and Arc of Dreams. It’s a great place to get out and explore.


Smell the Roses Visit one of the many gardens in the Sioux Falls area. Bring a pad of paper and colors to draw what you see. Mary Joe Wegner Arboretum, McKennan Park, or the Japanese Gardens at Terrace Park are great places to check out to see nature in full bloom.


Get Your Groove On Lounge back and enjoy some music this summer at various places around town. McKennan Park has a free concert series all summer long on Mondays. The Levitt at the Falls will be bringing in artists of all genres during the week and weekends for the public to enjoy.


22 Galaxy Gaming www.thegalaxygaming.com Galaxy Gaming offers an out of this world Laser Tag arena, Virtual Reality and Gaming experience. Your ultimate entertainment destination.

May/June 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com |


summer fun

Verne Drive-In Theater, Luverne Go back in time for old fashioned summer fun from the comfort of your car or tailgate. This drive-in theater shows popular movies all summer long.

27 23 Washington Pavilion www.washingtonpavilion.org Start your summer adventures at the Washington Pavilion! There is always something to do for the whole family – play with dinosaurs, reach new heights in our exhibits, become inspired by amazing artwork, watch a fun movie and so much more. Kids love to explore the Washington Pavilion – call 605-367-6000 to buy your tickets today!

Ready, Set, Get Wet Pioneer Spray Park is a fun way to cool off with the little ones! This dinosaur designed spray park also features an open picnic shelter, children’s play area, basketball court, soccer field, and tennis courts.


Rainy day Activities We all love to enjoy the outdoors in the summer, but some days that isn’t possible. Thankfully, there are many indoor activity places to visit to keep your kids busy, like 605 Ninja, Bowling, Frontier Climbing, Scheels, Sky Zone, West Mall 7, or Wings Gymnastics…just to name a few.



Feed Your Backyard Friends Find a DIY bird seed recipe to create fun feeders for the birds that visit your backyard. Build a birdhouse following our “Make Your Own Birdhouse” tutorial on the Hood Magazine website.

20 |

May/June 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com


Glow in the Dark Grab a few glow sticks and play hide-andseek after dusk.

29 Sioux Falls Skatepark Association www.lets-skate.com Your The Sioux Falls Skatepark Association will be hosting free skateboarding classes at Drake Springs Skatepark every other Saturday for the duration of the spring and summer. Find us on social to sign up (IG: @skate.sfsd or FB: www.facebook.com/ lets.skate.sioux.falls) and learn more about our mission and the future of skateparks in Sioux Falls on our website.

Car Wash Kids love to play with water, so let them have fun while cleaning your car. Little hands are great at cleaning tires, too.


summer fun

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Create a list of fun landmarks around your neighborhood for your kids to find while you’re on walks. It’ll keep them entertained and help burn off some energy!


Go For a Swim The public pools will be open this summer! Some feature fast slides for the big kids, and some sandy areas, shallow wading pools, and zero depth entrances for the little ones. There’s a pool for all age groups.


Children’s Museum of South Dakota, Brookings Take a quick trip up north for outdoor play on the prairie. Mama T. Rex and her son Max await you, along with other play opportunities in their outdoor space.

36 32 SafeSplash www.safesplash.com/locations/ sioux-falls-south-sd Want to swim but the weather is not cooperating? Take your swimming inside with a private family open swim session for up to 10 swimmers for 1 hour. Call Dan @ 612.670.5498 for details.

Pay It Forward Grab a roll of quarters, tape, and some paper and head downtown. Help your kids decorate little cards of encouragement with quarters attached and then tape them to the meters.

Cool Down with a Sweet Treat Ice cream is a great way to end a long day of fun. For a special treat, hit up Stensland’s Ice Cream, Parlour, B&G Milky Way, or Dakota Snow/ Sub Zero Desserts.



Yard Games Visit Game Chest, Kidtopia or Child’s Play Toy stores and pick up a fun game to play outdoors. Frisbee, Ladder Ball, and Lawn Dart are all fun activities. Or get even more creative and create your own Yard Yahtzee or Farkle set with a few blocks of wood and some dots of paint. Find the tutorial on Hood Magazine website by searching yard yatzee.


38 Bounce Around Inflatables www.sdfun.us Most inflatables are pay 1 day, get up to 3 days FREE (Fri - Mon)! We have over 200 inflatables with our standard bouncers starting at $99! Cool down with one of our waterslides or have fun with an obstacle course! Call Today: 605-310-9529.

May/June May/June2021 2021| | thehoodmagazine.com thehoodmagazine.com ||


summer fun

Dig in the Sand…Inside The beach isn’t the only place you’ll find sand these days. Head down to Harrisburg and check out The Sandlot. You can drop in during an open dig or you can book your private dig time as well!


Camp at Home If you’re not able to enjoy a get-a-way at a campground this summer, you can still make use of your tent by setting it up in the backyard! The bonus is you’ll have the comfort of your own bathroom nearby and no need for shower shoes.

40 41

Science Experiment Science can get messy! Find a fun experiment your kids want to do and let them explore away outside.

Host an Outdoor Show Let your kids imagine they are hosting their own show on Discovery™. Grab your phone and allow them to explain the different things in your yard or neighborhood and talk about what it is, how it helps the environment, or how they interact with it.


Set Up an Obstacle Course Use all sorts of things around your house to allow kids to climb, crawl, or jump around in the yard. Chairs, hula hoops, pool noodles, laundry baskets…the possibilities are endless. Get creative!


Create Your Own Popsicles Blend up fruits, add some water, pour into a cup with a stick, and freeze. Try mixing different fruits together to find your family’s favorite concoction.

44 22 ||

May/June | thehoodmagazine.com April 2021 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com

45 All American Gymnastics Academy www.allamericangymnastics.com Endless fun is awaiting you! Come experience gymnastics, ninja, cheer, parkour, trampoline, inflatables, bumper cars, foam pits and much more. Don’t forget about the events too…private birthday parties, nerf battles, and summer programs.

Try out Parent & Me Classes Our friends at Sanford fit have some of our favorite new options for 3-5 year-olds! These classes are both entertaining and enriching (give us all the parenting tips, right?). Get moving together, try animal breathing, learn new social and emotional skills, and bond at the same time! There are so many options, from tot yoga to educational make-and-take crafts, you can really find something that interests you. Find these events on our calendar.



Visit www.thehoodmagazine.com to find the last 8 fun summer adventures to do on a day trip!

ADMISSION INCLUDES: Slides, Wave Pool, Lazy River, Swim-up Bar, Activity Pools, Caribbean Falls, Go-Karts, Mini Golf, Bumper Boats, Sand Volleyball, Batting Cages

605-361-9313 // SIOUX FALLS, SD




Summer Camps





are mmer the c BE am ps ST !

Our camps are hands-on learning experiences that create memorable moments in a safe, fun environment, resulting in wonderful opportunities for students of all ages. They fill up fast so be sure to sign up early!


605.367.6000 washingtonpavilion.org/summercamps May/June 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com |


by SafeSplash Sioux Falls

How to Raise

Safe, Confident,and Joyful Swimmers

As a parent, you play a vital role in helping your child learn how to swim and ensuring your family enjoys a lifetime of fun memories around the water. Summertime. On social media, it looks like parents relaxing in the shade with a good book while the kids splash for hours in the pool. In reality, lazy summer afternoons like this can be stressful. Especially if your child doesn’t know how to swim, is afraid of the water, or isn’t following the rules for safe water practices. Not to worry, though. You can be your child’s number one encourager and teacher when it comes to learning how to swim and respecting water safety. HERE’S HOW. 1.Sign your child up for swimming lessons. This might seem obvious, but with all the tasks busy families have to accomplish each week, swimming lessons can get put on the backburner. The gift of being a confident, strong swimmer is one of the most important things you can give your child. In swim lessons, they’ll discover fun and learn the skills and strokes they need to stay safe in the water. Think of teaching your child how to swim the same way you’d approach teaching them how to cross the street without you. It’s not an optional life skill. It’s vital for their growth and safety in the world.

with fun before moving to skill development. Stay informed on what they’re learning in their lessons so you can further the advice from their instructor and discuss with them why these skills are so important. 3. Have regular and ongoing conversations about learning to swim and water safety. Whenever you’re around a body of water, lay the ground rules and consequences for what’s expected. The goal is not only to teach your child how to swim to have fun but also to keep themselves and others safe in the water. If there’s no going in without an adult or a buddy, no jumping in headfirst, or no running, talk to them about these boundaries and why they’re in place. Make water safety and swim skills a natural part of your family life by always keeping this conversation going. When you do, anxiety and fear will subside and doors will open to a lifetime of joyful new experiences for your child and your entire family.

2. Be an advocate for your child’s swimming development. It’s a big deal for your child, and for you. More than just signing your little one up for lessons and walking away, you have an even greater responsibility toward your child once they start getting in the water. You, the parent, set the tone for how learning to swim will feel for your child. Participate if you’re in the water with them. Be encouraging if you’re on the sidelines. Understand that a good instructor will focus on overcoming fear SPONSORED FEATURE

SafeSplash Swim School has two locations in Sioux Falls and is open for year-round enrollment! To learn more, or to sign your child up for lessons, visit www.safesplash.com.

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featured e

Looking for new Parent & Me Classes to try with your Child?


Our friends at Sanford fit have some of our favorite new options for 3-5 year-olds! These classes will be entertaining for you and your child, but they will also be enriching (give us all the parenting advice and tips, right?). Get moving together, try animal breathing, learn new social and emotional skills, and bond at the same time! There are so many options, from tot yoga to educational make-andtake crafts, you can really find something that interests you. Check out these featured events on our calendar and get registered now!


by Shane Nichols, M.S., BCBA, Board Certified Behavior Analyst at Behavior Care Specialists

Teaching Children How to

Manage Emotional Reactions

When children have frequent emotional outbursts, this can be stressful for parents as well as the child having the outbursts. By keeping your cool and following these tips, you and your child can both learn skills to help manage these situations and reduce their occurrence.




Field trips and special speakers are also used to enhance the educational experience. Our teachers help each child become an individual who is aware of their abilities and who can focus on their own strengths. Stop in and check out our programs and teachers anytime! No appointment necessary.

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Is your child struggling with emotional outbursts? If so, you’re not alone. Some children have a more difficult time than others learning how to express or communicate their emotions in appropriate ways. They may engage in behavioral outbursts that can be difficult or, at times, even unsafe for parents to manage. Use the following tips to teach your child how to appropriately manage their emotional reactions:

your behavior serves as a model for your child. If you get frustrated and start yelling, this teaches your child that it’s okay to yell when they get frustrated.

1. First and foremost, remember that emotional self-management can be taught and learned just like any other skill.

• Ignore the behavior, not the person. Often when a child is upset, they might try to make you upset as well or get a reaction to their negative behavior. Try not to give them this reaction. Instead, focus on helping them problem-solve and come up with appropriate ways to de-escalate.

2. B  e proactive; don’t wait for an outburst to occur. Identify events that often trigger emotional reactions from your child to pre-teach and practice how to appropriately handle those situations. Learning how to manage emotional reactions is a lot like learning to play basketball. You wouldn’t put a child in the middle of a live game with dozens of spectators and expect them to play well; it takes a lot of practice beforehand to be able to put those skills to use “in the moment.”

•P  rompt and praise. This is a good opportunity to prompt the use of those skills you’ve practiced ahead of time. Provide praise for every small step your child takes toward appropriately managing their emotions.

4. Debrief with your child after the outburst occurs. Debriefing should not be seen as punitive but rather as a learning opportunity. Try not to dwell on the negative choices your child made; instead, focus on what better choices they could make in the future and what positive outcomes those choices will lead to.

3. W  hen your child does have an emotional outburst, your reaction has a big impact on future occurrences of their behavior. Here are some things to remember in the moment: • Remain calm and neutral. Remember that

By putting these ideas into practice, you don’t have to constantly be on guard for an outburst and can relax knowing that you’ve put measures in place to nurture self-management. l

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Spring Cleaning Spring has sprung and to avoid anything getting sprung in your home’s HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) system, we would like to offer some maintenance suggestions to include in your spring cleaning.

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Until recently it’s likely most homeowners overlooked their HVAC system. Efficient filtration is now a popular concern that will hopefully encourage homeowners to embrace the regular upkeep and maintenance of their home’s heating and cooling systems. Conveniently, good filtration impacts efficient heating and cooling, so you can accomplish one while satisfying the other. Air filters tend to experience more significant wear and tear during the winter as the air inside a house is getting recycled versus brought in from the outside. Therefore, the air filter will trap more particles, debris and dust over the colder months and come spring, requires replacement. Typically, an air filter should be replaced regularly and the frequency depends on the size or thickness of the filter. Filters that are 1” should be changed every month, 2” thick should get changed every 3 months, 4” every 6 months, and 5” once a year. There are plenty of options when it comes to HVAC filters and your unit does require a specific size, but it may allow for variations in cost and design. It is always best to check for the manufacturer’s suggested filter specifications and you should be able to seek assistance from a knowledgeable service agent wherever you buy your filters. Clean air filters are an important ally in maintaining the health of your family and your HVAC system. A dirty, clogged filter doesn’t trap harmful pollutants and irritants and it makes your HVAC system less efficient resulting in higher utility bills and potential repair costs. During your spring-cleaning ritual, be sure to inspect vents and ductwork. These may only require a quick pass with the vacuum, but if you notice significant buildup of dust or residue along the sides of the duct work, you may want to schedule a professional duct cleaning. l

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Pack up the family this summer and head out to camp at one of these great local parks Blue Mounds State Park, Luverne, MN

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park

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Palisades State Park This breathtaking cliff-filled park with Splitrock Creek rushing through is one of our favorites! We love the unique hiking/overlooks! Use caution at this natural wonder, or maybe save it for the older kids. Great camping opportunities with a full day of climbing and exploring await.

Check out their online calendar featuring great interactive fun themes with endless activities on the weekends! Featuring camping with a swimming pool, mini golf, volleyball, GAGA ball, basketball, playgrounds, and more!

LazyH Campground, Akron, IA Nestled between the Big Sioux River and the northern entrance of the scenic Loess Hills Byway in northwest Iowa, the Lazy H Campground is where family and fun are a way of life. Tents, cabins, and spacious RV sites are available. Activities center around Little Pearle Lake, a 50-acre fisherman’s haven stocked with freshwater fish, miles of hiking/biking trails, water activities and more.



Not into the camping thing? How about a day trip? Good Earth State Park

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Kayak/Canoe the Big Sio ux

Check out the different local rentals and river access points (Jay Heath Canoe/Kayak Trail) to drop your kayaks/ canoe in the water and sub merge in nature, experiencing the city in a whole new way—heading downstream with the ones you love!

Big Sioux Recreational


Something for the whole family to enjoy, from Disc Golfing , hiking, grilling, campfires, and cam ping. This 430-acre park has so much to offer, and only a short driv e from Sioux Falls!

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Sanford Health would like to invite your child to participate in a screening research study. Through Sanford PLEDGE, we hope to learn better ways to identify and predict which children may be at risk of developing type 1 diabetes and celiac disease.

Your child may qualify to join the study if: 1

Younger than 6 years old

2 Receiving routine care at Sanford Health

and has an active My Sanford Chart account

3 Not diagnosed with T1D

To learn more about the study and to enroll your child, visit sanfordhealth.org/pledge or call (877) 878-4828. 778-219-313 3/21

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