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contents December / January 2021 cover story 17 Counseling and

Therapy Directory

baby 8 Covid and Pregnancy Preparing for pregnancy in a pandemic.

child 11 Kid Jokes

Local kiddos crack us up. Sponsored by Voyage Credit Union.

12 We’re in it Together

Pictures of local families to remind us of what’s important.

14 Understanding Your Child’s Behavior

Don’t miss the warning signs to get help.

26 Are You Sensory Smart? What you can do to empower your kids and their senses.




22 New Year and New

15 Let’s Move Jars!


Tips for when life doesn’t go as planned.

24 Helping Kids with Overload

Less judgement and more love for fellow parents.

teen 21 Psychosocial

Development and Your Teen


in every issue 10 Snack

Snowman SmoothiesCozy up with this fun treat..

4 | December / January 2021

How you can help your teen thrive.


A fun, easy way to stay active this winter.

home 28 A New You Starts in the Refrigerator

Learn about some new advancements in refrigeration.

30 Is Your Furnace Running?

Don’t be left in the cold this winter.


Happy Holidays & New Year! This year has been so tough on everyone! We have had to make harder choices this year than we have ever had to before! There were lots of times this year there was no perfect answer...Do I send my kids to school? Do we keep them home? Should we see extended family, or should we stay away? I wish we had answers, but I think it will be still be some time before we really know. The one thing I do know is we can all learn from each other and lean on one another. If someone is parenting different from you, don’t judge them. We don’t know the journey they are taking right now. It might be more difficult than we could even imagine! Instead, find ways you can learn from them or help them. I talked with the Hood team back in September that we needed to work on a list of counseling and therapy resources for families. As a busy parent, it might help us to have less stress at the end of the week. Maybe working from home with your spouse is more than you can handle or maybe having to isolate from your friends has been harder on your child than you thought. I want parents to know it is okay to reach out and ask for help. We know this year has been tough...we hear you and see you! Make sure to reach out to loved ones and let them know how much you care! Just know myself and the Hood Team are thinking of you no matter where you are at on your journey right now!


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Holidays and Hard Times :

Don’t be caught off guard during the holidays by rising stress and anxiety. By implementing a few simple changes in your life, you could avoid tough situations at the holidays. Find the tips from Yellow Brick Road on our website.

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Stress Free Holidays

While many of us look forward to the holidays with excitement and anticipation, some in your family may feel stress and anxiety throughout the holidays. The team at Behavior Care Specialists offer some tips to help make the holidays more enjoyable for everyone over on ‘Hood Online.



Stolen Identities:

In this month’s installment of what to do if you experience identity theft, Alexis Warner from Woods Fuller walks us through the steps you should take if you are the next victim. Read through all the steps on our website!

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by Courtney Collen, Sanford Health News

COVID & Pregnancy

Pandemic affects mental health of pregnant women, new moms Anxiety before birth and isolation postpartum can heighten pandemic stress. The coronavirus pandemic is adding to the mood issues that many pregnant women and new moms experience, according to a new study. “Safety and fear is increased with parenthood, and the pandemic has, and can, expand and intensify normal fears,” according to Karla Salem, CSW-PIP, a Sanford Health certified social worker specializing in women’s mental health. Researchers of a new study say 1 in 7 women experience anxiety or depression immediately before or after giving birth. The pandemic has made it even worse.


December / January 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com

“The social and physical isolation measures that are critically needed to reduce the spread of the virus are taking a toll on the physical and mental health of many of us,” said study co-author Margie Davenport, an associate professor of kinesiology, sport and recreation at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada.

baby Breaking down the numbers The study included 900 women — 520 who were pregnant and 380 who’d given birth in the past year. They were asked about their depression and anxiety before and during the pandemic and its accompanying isolation. Before the pandemic, 29% had moderate to high anxiety and 15% reported symptoms of depression. During the pandemic, those rates increased to 72% and 41%, respectively. The women were also asked about their exercise habits. Researchers wanted to know if lack of access to gyms during the pandemic and reduced physical activity were taking a toll, because exercise can help ease depression. Sixty-four percent of women said they were getting less physical activity now, while 15% were doing more and 21% had no change in activity. Women who were getting at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity each week had significantly lower symptoms of depression and anxiety, the study found. The findings were recently published in the journal Frontiers in Global Women’s Health. Impact on new moms “All women experience some type of postpartum emotional response continuum,” Salem said. “The degree is impacted by both biologic history and social directions or situations.”

The research shows depression and anxiety during pregnancy and postpartum can have detrimental effects on the mental and physical health of mom and baby that can persist for years. Those effects can include premature delivery, reduced mother-infant bonding and developmental delays in infants. “Many coping strategies that typically help to manage emotions are physically limited due to pregnancy and postpartum and socially limited by the pandemic,” Salem said. Davenport said it is important to highlight the impact of isolation on the mental health of pregnant women and new moms because increased awareness makes diagnosis and treatment of anxiety and depression more likely. What you can do Salem says there are a few things to help cope with the added stress and anxiety during a pandemic: • Identify and use your resources • Ask for scheduled help • Share parenting with your partner •R  eclaim a little bit of yourself by doing something “normal” without distractions • Use adaptations to meet your needs If you’re looking for additional guidance, reach out to a Behavioral Health specialists. l



for your preschooler

Our preschool room is one of the first steps in helping your child be prepared for kindergarten. We follow the South Dakota Early Learning Guidelines and we strive to offer the children creative and fun ways of learning. Stop in and check out our programs and teachers anytime! No appointment necessary.

OW ME TO APPLE TRE FOLL E! 4 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Apple Tree East 3309 E. 26th Street 605-339-9571

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craft & snack

Snowman Smoothies Add a little winter flare to a special treat by using white cups and whipping cream.

Try these fun flavors!

Cookies and cream 2 cups of chocolate milk 6 chocolate sandwich cookies 1 cup of ice Blend ingredients, pour into your snowman cup, and top with whipping cream. Don’t forget to add some sprinkles or chocolate pieces on top! ‘HOOD EXTRA

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kids jokes & giggles

Want to be published in ‘Hood? Watch our Facebook page for the next callout for jokes! Submitted by Aleah S.

1. Did you hear the joke about the roof? Answer: Never mind it’s over your head.

1. What do you call a cow in an earthquake? Answer: A milkshake.

Submitted by Braxton R.

Blend the milk, strawberries, yogurt and ice until smooth. Pour into your snowman cup and enjoy!

Submitted by Khloe H.

3. Why is the frog in the bed? Answer: THe couldn’t find the pond

1 pint of strawberry milk 1 cup of strawberries 2 cups of vanilla yogurt 1 cup of ice Whipping cream for the top!

Answer: Donut you worry about it!

Strawberries and cream

2. What did the donut say to the other donut?

Special kids section brought to you by:

Life’s Good Here voyagefcu.org • 605-338-2533 December / January 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com |



families local

In this together

When we created Hood Magazine ten years ago, we set out to create a community for supporting each other through the journey of parenthood, motherhood, grandparenthood, and all the other “hoods” that we experience. Our little dream has grown to be so much more than we could have ever expected! We love when our readers share their families and advice as we go through the different stages of our journey’s. Just know whatever ‘Hood you are in, we are here for you!

child by Erica Wassenaar, LMHC, RPT, Creative Living Center P.C. and Holly Liston, LPC-MH, Yellow Brick Road Counseling and Therapy

Understanding Your

Child’s Behavior There are times when it’s clearly not a good idea to wait to get your child help for mental health issues. For instance: Eating disorders: The longer a child lives with an eating disorder, the harder it is to recover. Getting treatment as quickly as possible can save her life. Family history: If mental illness runs in your family, be aware of the increased possibility that your child will begin to develop a disorder. In this case it’s important to act promptly. Cutting: If you discover your child has been hurting herself, even if she says it was a one-time thing, it’s important to get help. It’s dangerous behavior that may be her way of dealing with a serious mental health issue. How long you decide to monitor feelings and behaviors that concern you, or “symptoms,” depends on the age of your child and what you think is wrong. If your child’s behavior is causing her chronic trouble in school or is seriously disrupting your family life, it’s important to get help. Disruptive, explosive or dangerous behavior can be generated by anxiety, trauma and frustration from an undiagnosed learning problem, among other things. Once you understand what’s behind your child’s behavior, there are often therapies that can be effective in teaching kids to rein in their behavior. If a child is out of control with parents or teachers, she needs help. It can impact the health and well-being of your whole family. For behavior problems, you’ll want to consult a mental health professional who can help diagnose and treat behavior disorders. You can consult a behavioral psychologist who specializes in children

14 |

December / January 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com

and adolescents, a child psychiatrist or a social worker with expertise in treating young people. If a child seems unusually anxious or sad or irritable for a long period of time and it’s interfering with her ability to do things that are appropriate for kids her age, it’s a good idea to seek help. A child who is seriously anxious or depressed is not just suffering. She’s missing out on important parts of childhood. You want to get her help as soon as possible, before she falls behind her peers in social and academic development. It’s also a good idea because the longer your child lives with something like anxiety, the likelier it is to shape her behavior in harmful ways. A young child who couldn’t sleep apart from her parents might become a school-age child who can’t have sleepovers with friends or go to camp. A child who is excessively fearful could become an adolescent whose identity and social life are structured around avoiding things that make her anxious. It is important to document when you see changes in your child’s behavior. Notice times of day and patterns of behaviors. Also understand development phases of childhood and be aware of what is normal behavior for that age. Even children as young as 2 or 3 could benefit from therapy when there are behavior or family (divorce, moving, new baby) concerns. If you decide to wait to get help, keep an eye on the problem and be ready to act if it doesn’t improve. Monitoring your child’s behavior can help you collect valuable information. What you don’t want to do is ignore a problem. l

health & wellness

Let’s Move! jars

Winter boredom setting in? Too much tv and tablet time happening in your home? Try this fun twist to exercise to get the whole family up and moving! Grab a jar and some popsicle sticks. Write different activities on each stick and have your children draw one out whenever you feel it’s time for some physical activity. Here are some ideas to write down:

-ups push Do 10

jacks Do 10 jumping ng and dance so e rit vo fa Pick a ys Sa Play Simon green light Play red light, 5 times rs Run the stai s ee rp bu Do 10 Do 10 push-ups walk go on a family Bundle up and es tim 3 e house Skip around th of stretching es ut in m 3 Do le course Build an obstac e 30 times sid to e sid p m Ju off e nc Have a da t lava Play floor is ho

...and add some of your kids favorite activities too!

Use #hoodathome to tag us on Facebook and Instagram to show us how you are moving!

EXPERT ABA CARE VIRTUALLY EVERYWHERE Behavior Care Specialists and its affiliate, ABAeCare, can support your child and your family with proven ABA therapy in our centers, schools, in-person or online in your homes, wherever you live and whatever your circumstances.

Autism? We can Help!

We specialize in helping children improve the following conditions: • Difficulty changing from one activity to another • Behavior concerns • Struggles with communication of wants and needs • Lack of verbal communication skills • Challenges making friends or holding a conversation • Delays in age appropriate self-care skills Contact us TODAY to help your child reach his full potential !

16 |

December / January 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com


Contactus@behaviorcarespecialists.com www.behaviorcarespecialists.com

Serving Multiple States: SD, TX, IA, MN, WY, FL


Counseling & Therapy DIRECTORY

“Mental health is not a destination, but a process. It’s about how you drive, not where you’re going.” - Author unknown

As we look to start a new year, a higher value is being placed on our mental wellbeing. Our community has numerous counseling and therapy resources that are available to jumpstart your year and shine a new focus on all facets of your health in the days ahead!

Behavior Care Specialists www.behaviorcarespecialists.com indicates they offer telemedicine

Our Mission: to enrich the lives of individuals with Autism. Everyone deserves access to premiere care, wherever you live and whatever your circumstances! We provide ABA therapies, special education and diagnostic evaluation on-site, in-home and schools, virtually everywhere you need us!


Navigating the Journey to Healing

The Compass Center www.thecompasscenter.org The Compass Center provides counseling and advocacy to primary and secondary victims of relationship, family, and sexual violence. We work with children, adolescents and adults at any point in their healing journey. Our services are provided free of charge.


Encompass Mental Health www.SiouxFallsCounseling.com Encompass Mental Health is a counseling practice that provides play therapy for children and teens with behavior challenges. We also offer counseling for women looking for balance and happiness in life.

Pathways Counseling www.pathwayscounselingsd.com Discover your journey toward growth, hope, and healing. We are committed to providing the best care for your mental health through therapeutic support and psychoeducation. Therapy services offered for children, adolescents, and adults. Most insurances accepted; self-pay options available.

LifeScape Psychological Services www.LifeScapeSD.org/Psychology Primarily using a cognitive behavioral approach, our Licensed Clinical Psychologists provide outpatient therapy for children, teens, adults, couples, and families. Specialties include: psychological evaluations, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, autism, ADHD, depression & mood disorders, trauma, anxiety, grief, and behavioral feeding.

Rising Hope Counseling, LLC www.risinghope605.com Rising Hope provides counseling and coaching services for individuals, couples, children, and families. We employ a range of theories & techniques that are chosen specifically for you and your unique needs. Our expertise covers many different theoretical foundations including EMDR.

Moore Counseling Services www.moorecounselinggroup.com It is a genuine privilege to help others navigate their way through the trials, circumstances and struggles of life. I help people discover or reaffirm their identity and purpose in order to maintain a healthy quality of life. I know together we will find what they need to face what’s next with confidence and clarity.

18 |

December / January 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com

ten through 12th Grade

stay well all the way to graduation day ms are recommended annually for children mprehensive, head to toe evaluation status. In addition, our wellness exams rements for an athletic physical.

Sanford Psychiatry & Psychology Clinic www.sanfordhealth.org/locations/ sanford-psychiatry-and-psychologyclinic Our integrated team can help with a variety of mental health problems for all ages. Our clinic consists of adult psychiatrists, child and adolescent psychiatrists, psychologists, physician assistants, social workers and licensed professional counselors.


Visions Eye Care + Therapy Center www.sdvisions.com Utilizing vision therapy and occupational therapy, Visions Eye Care + Therapy Center removes visual and sensory barriers to students’ learning. If your student is struggling this academic year, we may be able to help! See our website for more information.

Sioux Falls Psychological Services www.offermehope.com We offer a wide range of therapy and assessment services for individuals of all ages, couples, and families. Whether insured or uninsured, our team of welltrained and experienced mental health professionals will meet you where you are and offer hope.

Yellow Brick Road Counseling www.facebook.com/ YellowBrickRoadCounselingandTherapy We serve people of all ages with a focus on teens and young adults. Our treatment options include addressing depression/ anxiety, ADHD, behavioral concerns and other mental health issues. We seek to provide a place to address trauma in a safe, positive way. Life can be better!

Southeastern Behavioral HealthCare www.southeasternbh.org We provide support to children, adults and families through services that include psychiatric services, medication management, psychological or psychiatric evaluations, 24-hour crisis assistance, mental health assessments, substance use disorder assessments and individual, family or group therapy.

‘HOOD EXTRA Don’t miss additional resources available on our website for counseling and therapy locations.

December / January 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com |


YOU TALK. WE LISTEN. Southeastern is here to help. Call today. (605) 336-0510 southeasternbh.org 2000 South Summit Avenue | Sioux Falls, SD 57103

WELLNESS. With options for the whole family, you can still stay healthy and get active at the Sanford Wellness Center. Our team is focused on keeping you safe with: • Screening signage upon entry • Modified hours • Sanitized equipment • Social distancing

014005-00735 10/20

With safety measures in place across our locations, you can focus on fitness.

20 |

Learn more at TrySanfordWellness.com

December / January 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com


by Southeastern Directions for Life

Psychosocial Development and Your Teen

Erik Erikson was a psychologist who was best known for his theory of psychosocial development and believed that personality developed in a series of stages. Erikson’s theory maintains that a person passes through eight developmental stages throughout their lifespan that build upon each other. At each stage, the individual faces a crisis. By resolving the crisis, the person develops strengths or traits that help them become confident and healthy individuals. If they fail to deal effectively with these conflicts, they may not develop the essential skills needed for a strong sense of self.

ties are shaped by different factors, such as family, cultural and societal expectations, experiences at school, media and friends. As adolescents make choices that shape their identity, they select the environment and the people that they want to be around and adjust their beliefs and behaviors based on feedback and their experiences.

The fifth stage of Erikson’s theory is “identity vs. role confusion.” This stage happens during the adolescent years, when most teenagers are beginning to explore and experiment with different “selves” or roles. Erikson saw this as a period of confusion and experimentation regarding identity and one’s life path. He described adolescence as “psychological moratorium” where teens put on hold commitment to an identity while exploring options.

Parents and caregivers can support their adolescent during this stage by providing guidance, encouragement, and reinforcement. It’s important to be open as they try out different presentations of themselves, while also being consistent with rules and boundaries to help keep them safe, especially if the choices being made involve risky behaviors.

By changing how they look, think, and act, they are considering what their roles in society will be. Teenagers are faced with questions such as “Who am I?” and “How do I fit into this world?” Young people’s identi-

A parent’s support and encouragement, along with your child’s own experiences and exploration will help them emerge from this stage with a strong sense of self and a feeling of independence and control. l December / January 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com |


parent by Amanda Engel, The Duncan Law Firm, LLP

New Year and


2021 is finally here! A new year brings new beginnings. The new year is an important time for people to assess their lives. Many people decide it is the right time to start something new or make a change. When embarking on your new beginning or making major changes in your life, it is important to make sure it starts off right. 1. N  ewly Engaged? Christmas and a New Year often result in a lot of new beginnings, including the start of a new life together through a marriage. If you got engaged over the holidays, 2021 will be a very exciting chapter in your life! If you are newly engaged, you may wish to consider the idea of entering into a pre-nuptial agreement with your partner. Many new couples are opposed to and do not like to think about signing a pre-nuptial agreement because it is not romantic and can be controversial. However, it is something that should be considered by all couples when planning their wedding or civil partnerships. A pre-nuptial agreement can protect both parties in the long run. 2. B  uying a home or moving in with your partner or significant other? A new year can bring changes to your living arrangements, too. Maybe you decided it was the right time for you and your partner or significant other to move in together or even buy a house together. It is fun and exciting to move, decorate and create a home together, but if you are not married to your significant other when you purchase the new home together or move in together, there are practical legal issues that should be addressed before you embark on

this new adventure. Married couples and civil partners have more legal rights in this situation. If you are about to start or have started on this new adventure you should think about talking to an attorney to ensure both you and your partner or significant other are protected. 3. R  ecently separated? Sometimes the new year causes people to make hard decisions, like the decision to separate and file for divorce. If you have recently separated and are planning on filing for a divorce, a family law attorney can walk you step-by-step through the divorce process so that you are fully aware of and understand the divorce process. Divorce is a complicated. It does not just involve the ending of the marriage; often there are many other issues that must be resolved. An attorney can also educate you on alimony, child support, child custody, and division of property and assets. If you have or are about to start one of these new beginnings this year, take the time to reach out to an attorney to make sure your new beginning starts off right. l


Providing client centered legal representation in the areas of family law and business services.

AmAndA EngEl, Attorney



33rd & Duluth

26th & Marion


515 W Landscape Place, Ste 101 Sioux Falls, SD | 605.361.9840


57th & Cliff

26th & Sycamore



Run, crawl, climb and explore the multi-level Prehistoric Adventure Climber combining fitness, education and fun. Coming late November to the Kirby Science Discovery Center.

605-367-6000 | washingtonpavilion.org Sponsored by:

Wash ingt Pavilio on n mem bersh as low ips as $4.7 9/mo Throu . gh De

c. 31

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by Jessyca Conaway, MS, OTR/L, LifeScape

Helping Kids with Overload...

While Cheering on Other Parents! We have all been there. You’re at the store or some other very public venue when your child takes the opportunity to throw a colossal fit. There will always be someone there to make us feel as though we are failing at raising our children or that there is something inherently wrong with their behavior, but let’s be honest, kids are kids. Sometimes, we have a perfect stroll through the store where our children accept “no,” and sometimes we must carry them out under one arm as they scream and kick. When children behave in this manner, we must remember they are trying to communicate with us. Often the environment itself is overstimulating and any additional stress (including the dreaded “no” when they ask for yet another toy) might push them over the limit. It might be nearly impossible to communicate with them effectively at this point, and therefore our focus may turn to surviving this trip and preparing for the next. As parents, we must find ways to meet our children’s unique needs to put them in the optimal state for entering a stressful environment. Some children might need warnings about an upcoming trip and others

24 |

December / January 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com

might need to sit in the cart wearing sunglasses and noise cancelling headphones. These families may get disapproving looks as they go, but they are doing what they must to survive. Anyone judging those actions clearly does not understand the needs of that child or their parent’s desire to help them feel as comfortable as possible. When the inevitable happens, despite our best efforts to prepare our children for a stressful situation, we can only hope there will be other parents there who understand our needs. Let’s hope they will give us the space we need to hold and talk quietly to our children, offer help if they can, or to hold the door open as we rush out into the fresh air. Let us use this new year to do the best we can for all of our children, but also to accept that we might fail. We can only hope that when that happens, we will catch another parent cheering us on. l







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We buy all seasons, all the time! 3804 S. Western Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57105


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Mark your calendars! nuary 5, 2021 Registration begins Tuesday, Ja

0 to 6:30pm Central Church Attendees - 5:0 Current CPK Families, Alumni & to 7:30pm Classes ilies - 6:30 RegistrationNew for Fam 2017-2018 Fall/Winter will begin on Monday, Grand Central. in 2017. le at noon3, ilabJanuary The number machine will be ava 03 if you have questions. Please call us at (605) 336-23 In operation since 1970.

3100 West Ralph Rogers Road | Sioux Falls, SD 57108 |


December / January 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com |


child by Kristin Wittmayer, MS OTR/L Visions Therapy Center

Are you Sensory Smart?

Let’s face it...2020 was a crazy year with upended routines challenging all families. When schedules are chaotic and routines disrupted, kids with sensory processing challenges have an especially difficult time navigating. We collect information from the world around us using our senses of hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch. What can you do to empower your kids and their senses? Multi-sensory learning and activities should be utilized for all children!

Turn off the screens and MOVE! Stuck indoors? Have family gym time with jumping jacks, pushups, burpees, planks, or even running the stairs. Able to be outside? Have your child push snow with a shovel, pull a loaded sled, or use the sled to go down a hill! All are great ways to burn a little extra energy and refocus the child especially after being seated at school all day. Build a retreat space for your children. If afterschool time is a hard time at your house, give your kids an electronics-free retreat space. Retreat areas allow kids to remove themselves from the situation, regroup, and return. It can be a calm quiet space- a tent outfitted with soft things or it can be an active area with space to run, jump, shoot hoops, play catch or kick balls.

Have alternative seating options. Move ‘n Sit cushion, T-Stool, Wobble chair/band, or exercise balls encourage many muscle groups to participate using up extra energy, but also helping the child feel more secure when asked to sit and concentrate. Weight and pressure! Give your kids a big old squeeze! You can also use lap snakes, compression clothing, or weighted blankets to help ground their muscle input. Sensory integration helps a child better understand sensory information coming in and develop appropriate responses as output. If your child struggles, we can evaluate your child’s skills and compare them for what is age appropriate. A program can then be designed to help your child progress by challenging them at the right level, building selfesteem and confidence. l


Y Faithfu ears of lly Se Famili rving es! • • • • • • •

Sliding Fee Scale CCA Welcome! (childcare assistance) Secured Facilities Large Indoor Play Area Kindergarten Readiness Curriculum Hours: 6:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. Ages: 2 1/2 - 10 years

Circa 70’s

The Pres ent

Call LuAnn @ (605) 332-5940 To Schedule A Tour! First United Methodist Church 401 S Spring Avenue, Downtown


Asbury United Methodist Church 2425 S. Western Avenue, Sanford / VA Area



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A New YOU Starts in the Refrigerator Easily organize like a pro!

See this and more of Samsung’s technology innovations at Karl’s!

2921 W. 41st Street

(605)336-3244 • www.karlsonline.com 28 |

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Simplify organization with a FlexZone™ drawer, featuring an adjustable Smart Divider to flexibly fit your family’s favorite foods.

by Tom Johnson, Karl’s TV Audio & Appliance

We know that your refrigerator plays a very important role in your family’s diet. Logic tells us the larger the family you have the more food you will need. And where does food go? We put items in the refrigerator wherever it seems to fit at the time. Often times having to juggle the ketchup bottle to put the pop bottle in its place, then you realize where does the ketchup go? It is like a big game of Jenga. One of Samsung’s newest technologies, “Twin Cooling System” controls the refrigerator and freezer independently with two separate evaporators and precise electronic control. This helps to maintain desired temperature in the Refrigerator and freezer, while not allowing the odors of food to mix between compartments. Food placement has a significant impact on how long the food will stay fresh and edible. Here are five tips on keeping your investment in food longer and safer for the new year: 1. S  tore items that have lengthy expiration dates and do not spoil easily in the door bin containers. 2. R  eady to eat foods purchased at your favorite grocery should be stored on the top shelf and kept away from raw foods. 3. I n the new Samsung models, you will find Flex-Zone™ technology which allows you to adjust from refrigerator to freezer with 4 temperature settings. The Smart Divider lets you stay organized by sliding it in and out to accommodate different size items. This adds value especially during the holidays when you need that extra refrigerator space. 4. M  eat and raw foods, like fish or chicken, need to be kept in the temperature-controlled bins for longer and safe storage. In case you have a leak, the fluids are kept within the bin not allowing it to contaminate other foods. 5. K  eep your produce where it belongs. Samsung’s Triple & Metal Cooling is a powerful cooling system includes a stainless-steel interior. Because the twin cooling system is independently controlled, the temperature of the fresh food and freezer compartment maintains a high-energy efficiency with faster cooling and higher humidity levels, so the natural moisture in foods is preserved for longer. Start out your new year with a New Samsung and save all year long! l

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by Foley’s Heating & AC, Inc.

Is Your Furnace Running?

Catch Clues It Might Not Be Much Longer Furnaces were fired up earlier than usual this year as Fall went the way most of us wish we could... off to next year. Now that we are officially in the midst of winter (first day officially Dec. 21) you do not want to suddenly discover your furnace is going on the fritz. Not only is a lack of heat uncomfortable and possibly dangerous, a failing furnace can become more expensive to operate or even become a source of carbon monoxide poisoning in your home. According to the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, the following are the eight critical assessments to consider when determining if your furnace is failing.

consequently may need to run longer to generate sufficient heat. Bills go up and over time that increased cash outlay could cover the cost of a new furnace.

1. I f your furnace has a pilot light, you might be a redneck...not necessarily, but your furnace is definitely older than the recommended shelf life of a furnace which is 16 to 20 years. Start shopping now. If you wait until the furnace actually dies you will not have the choices you have when actually shopping around. Another thing to consider is availability. The pandemic has presented supply challenges, as well as personnel challenges for a multitude of suppliers and contractors.

4. S  igns of carbon monoxide: If the burner flame is yellow versus blue or flickers there may be carbon monoxide emitting from the furnace. Other signs of carbon monoxide build up include excess moisture on windows, walls and other surfaces; streaking soot around furnace; lack of upward draft in chimney; moisture leaking from base of chimney, vent or flue pipe.

2. Repairs in the last 2 years: Furnaces that are failing typically require more repair in the last couple of years of functioning. Also, as a furnace ages, replacement parts become harder to come by. 3. B  ills going up: It stands to reason that an aging furnace would show signs of inefficiency and

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5. F  eeling unwell or ill: Older furnaces run the risk of developing cracks in the interior heat exchanger allowing carbon monoxide to leak into the house. Signs of carbon monoxide poisoning include flu-like symptoms such as frequent headaches and nausea, a burning feeling in the nose or eyes, and disorientation. If these symptoms occur, open windows and contact a service professional immediately. l


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