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hifi, lofi, wifi is an exploration of sound reactive images, technology, and interaction.

The only reason I’m designing today is because my musician friends needed posters. Nothing fancy. Nothing too complicated. Just something pretty and informative that would get noticed. For many years in my professional work, I veered away from music - based projects. I took this opportunity to return to music, and see how my design work fits in the world of sound beyond pretty posters.

“My training as an engineer has enabled me to design the stuff, but the reason I do it is not to make music, but for the opportunity to work with musicians.” Bob Moog, INVENTOR OF THE MOOG SYNTHESIZER

Sound exploration began with research into digital and analog synthesizers. The wide range of technology used for synthesizers inspired the name of the project. Familiar controllers — like a piano keyboard and a drum machine —   were selected and paired with a handful of minimal sounds, to drive the audio/ visual responses.

Image exploration was initially based on sound wave principles, finding basic forms to describe rhythm and movement. I limited my color palette and used only simple, geometric shapes in two dimensions. I then expanded my color range through overprinting and blending, drawing close yet basic analogies between sound and image mixing. Next, images were rotated and translated into three ‑ dimensional space. Lastly, I connected the shapes to sound/music, enabling their mobilization through interaction with the controls.


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Hifi, Lofi, Wifi Process Zine  

Hifi, Lofi, Wifi, Process Zine.

Hifi, Lofi, Wifi Process Zine  

Hifi, Lofi, Wifi, Process Zine.