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“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy.’ They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.” ~John Lennon

As John Lennon so aptly pointed out, somewere along the way we become so engrossed in our ‘daily to do list’ and ‘the pursuit of happiness,’ that we forget that happness should not be something we have to chase. Happiness should rather be the ‘state’ we are presently in. All we have to do is decide to be happy and enjoy the moment! We need to change our focus to see the good and beauty in everything we do and everyone around us. Last week I attended another great Longevity Conference. As you know, I am on a quest to learn everything I can about taking care of my health. I made the decision a few years back to take control of what I consume, so that I may completely and optimally nourish every cell in my body. You see, once we are at optimal health, we then have the energy and quality of life we all seek. When I first arrived in the U.S. 10 years ago; I was fit. I had a ton of energy and a razor sharp mind. Now, fast forward 5 years and I was in serious trouble. I was working long hours, pushing myself hard at work, living on Red Bull and Coffee, and I wasn’t exercising. My sleep was irregular and not restful and I felt like I had brain fog. Man, I even forgot things. Me! Who is well-known for having a memory like an elephant! So began my journey. I started asking questions, seeking answers, and so a new adventure began for me. I was shocked to find out that the food we generally regard as ‘healthy,’ is not the nutrient rich food we once knew it to be. Did you know, for example, to get the same nutritional value of a peach in 1950, one would have to eat 53 peaches today? Shocking right?! In addition, much of what we eat today is processed in some way. I remember first hearing “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”- Hippocrates. That really made sense to me. It empowered me to know I could control all of my health. I realized that I did not have to rely on doctors or medication. I could take 100% responsibility for my life and my health. The theme of the conference was the Mind/Body connection…the perfect partnership! One cannot have optimal health without understanding the connection between the two. Now, I could go on and tell you everything I learned, but my publisher only allows me to write about 600 words each month. So let’s get to my point! After I made changes to the way I treated my body, I got my energy back without stimulants or caffeine and I was sleeping well. After further research, I now drink the best water I can, which literally reduces my free radicals, so no more brain fog. So to be brief, I am going to give you a few quick tips that you can start applying today. My team has implemented a number of these changes and has noticed big results: 1. Start the day with 20 minutes of meditation - Start being grateful for everything you have. 2. Exercise - 4x cardio & 2x weights per week. Want a healthy brain? Build more muscle! 3. Start eating more organic and super foods - Avoid processed and fast foods. 4. Spend more time in nature - Walk barefoot on the grass to get grounded. 5. “Worry” about the important things in life - Turns out, people who learn to manage their stress live longer. 6. Ditch your TV 7. Do Yoga - Yoga has numerous benefits for the body and the mind. 8. Eat less cooked food - Eat more raw and organic food. Start Juicing! It’s so much fun. 9. Eat a healthy breakfast - You need protein in the morning. Organic eggs and avocado is my breakfast of choice. 10. Play as if you were a kid - When you ‘play,’ your brain frequency is relaxed and happy. One last thing, trust you intuition. We all have an inner voice and need to learn to listen to it. The more you listen, the more you will trust your inner voice, and the louder it gets. I have been listening to mine for years. The most liberating thing I can do that helps me connect to my inner bliss is to say, “I surrender to the unlimited power of the universe.” I realized that one cannot “do it all” and cannot “be right” all the time. Things don’t always go according to our divine plan. When one finally understands that you are not in control of everything that happens in your life and can learn to “let go,” everything start to fall in place. It works for me. Enjoy the Journey. Summer is going to Rock! Ralph


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San Diego June issue 2012  
San Diego June issue 2012  

We are a high quality home improvement resource guide that is distributed free of charge by the postal service. mailed 13x a year, to the to...