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TheHomeMag is mailed to the top half of the best single family, predominately owner occupied homes in a given marketplace. The mailing list for our magazines are updated 6 times annually, every two months, to ensure accuracy and that only the best possible homes are receiving this publication. Our level of penetration into the top homes in your market is second to none.

We promote home improvement and home enhancement products and services only. No drycleaners, pizza coupons, oil changes, or car deals. Home improvement ideas and products only. Additionally, our magazine is 100% advertising and is completely free of editorials and advertorials. It’s the visual that creates the emotion – and that’s what makes the decision.


Cost-Effective At mere pennies per top-qualified home, your advertising investment is exactly that – an investment in your business future with the leading recurring return on your investment. You cannot find a more cost beneficial means to promote your business and to drive traffic.

When you advertise in TheHomeMag, our readers immediately accept your business as a reputable and honest local merchant in their area. Credibility in the marketplace is vital to the growth of any business, and yours will gain instant validation by being a part of TheHomeMag.


Shelf Life Rather should we say coffee table life? TheHomeMag has a proven retention life of over 30 days per issue, with nearly half of our nationwide magazines seeing 2 months or more. That’s particularly important as your advertising dollars will double and even triple in strength in the hands of the homeowners. Repetitive plus Retention equals Results!

TheHomeMag lands in the best mailboxes every month, 12 times annually, on the same consistent weekend. These mailboxes are your entry in the homes of those homeowners that are capable of making the decision to buy the products or services you’re promoting. Your readers will come to expect the magazine as their only source to improve their home.


Proven Our ads get results, and we prove it. Our exclusive call-tracking system allows you to monitor the results of your advertising investment. Listen to calls, set appointments, map customers, and get reports. It is more than an ad – it’s an advertising and marketing campaign that offers measurable results.

In addition to our leading paper magazine, your company is featured in our digital magazine every month as well. As our magazines are landing in mailboxes throughout your area, the digital version of TheHomeMag is simultaneously hitting inboxes. Your internet presence just became a reality, not virtuality.


Quantity To put it plain and simple – we directly mail more home improvement magazines to more single family homes in any marketplace than any other publication out there. It’s not just more. It’s carefully planned advertising saturation and that’s how a business gets stronger leads.

Designing call generating and call-to-action ads is our specialty – and one of the more important reasons you will remain in TheHomeMag. Staying true to our 80% visual standard allows you to paint an emotional picture of your product or service in the minds of your potential customer.



Our results speak for themselves. Our advertisers speak for us.

American Curbing & Landscapes, Inc. “TheHomeMag has truly helped our business in many ways, from the very hardworking employees that process last minute changes, to the artwork and graphics that are beautifully done for the ad. Our business has doubled and we will be customers for many years to come!” – Bethany Nichols, President, American Curbing & Landscapes, Inc. Rug Decor “I have used TheHomeMag as an advertising vehicle the last few months. It has created the activity and traffic that we have needed. Their customer service is unparalleled. If you are considering an advertising piece that will generate traffic into your location, I highly endorse and recommend TheHomeMag.” – Dana K. Dreckman, General Manager, Rug Decor – Jacksonville Turners’ Custom Showers “Thanks to TheHomeMag, I now have business to rely on other than builders. With the slow down in new home construction, TheHomeMag has really kept business coming in. Private individuals used to be 5% of our business and is now close to 40%. They also make it easy to design your ad with very little effort.” – John Turner, Owner, Turners’ Specialty (Custom Showers & Dream Closets) Glenn Peeples Crown Molding “TheHomeMag Saved My Crown Molding Business! I never thought that a slow down could occur, but it did and by advertising in TheHomeMag I more than doubled my sales...many thanks!” – Glenn Peeples, Owner, Glenn Peeples Crown Molding S&J Nursery and Landscaping “TheHomeMag has been a great source of business for our small nursery and landscaping company. We track where our customers come from and where our advertising dollars are best put to use. We have found TheHomeMag to be one of our top advertising investments and marketing successes. The staff are prompt, courteous and knowledgeable. The graphics are outstanding and we highly recommend them as an information source to the homeowner.” - Charles McGehee, President, S&J Nursery and Landscaping


In Business To Grow Business


Premier Garage “90% of our business is generated from TheHomeMag leads…we advertised in the very first Orlando issue and haven’t missed an issue since.” – Mary Ann Sherman, Owner, PremierGarage - Orlando Bath Fitter “We use TheHomeMag because every issue makes the phone ring... it’s hard to find effective advertising but the ROI with TheHomeMag is exactly what we’re looking for.” – Aaron Miller, Owner, Bath Fitter of Colorado Granite Transformation “Leads! Leads! Leads! I have received over 200 calls a month advertising with TheHomeMag.” – Josh K, owner, North Atlanta Handyman Connection “TheHomeMag is our #1 lead source…we regularly receive over 100 calls per month. Our largest jobs usually come from leads generated by TheHomeMag.” – John Brooks, Advertising Manager, Handyman Connection – Miami Furniture Medic “80% of our calls come from TheHomeMag and the customers are ready to buy when they call! TheHomeMag actually saves us marketing dollars because we no longer need many other forms of advertising... we know people love your magazine because it is usually on our clients’ kitchen counters when we arrive!” –Tami Puzzi, Furniture Medic by DB Prolific Cabinetry & More “We just wanted to let you know how happy we have been with the response we’ve gotten from the ad we placed in your magazine The quality of the publication and the great distribution produced several leads. We look forward to continuing our relationship and utilizing your service in the months to come.” – Nancy Rielli, Office Manager, Prolific Cabinetry & More


In Business To Grow Business


Fact #1: 76% of our Readers are between the ages of 30 and 55. TheHomeMag Readership is 77 percent female. Fact #2: 64% of our Readers own homes valued over $250,000. Fact #3: 74% of our Readers are white-collar workers, with 34% being Professionals or Business owners, 21% employed in Sales or Marketing and 19% either in Education, Banking or Health Care. Fact #4: 56% of our Readers earn more than $75,000 per year with 83% of the individuals earning more than $50,000 per year. Nearly one-third of our readers polled have an annual household income exceeding $150,000. Fact #5: 62% of our Readers keep their copy of TheHomeMag until the next Issue arrives, while half of them keep the magazines for no less than two months. Less than 3% deem the magazine as unsolicited mail and discard it immediately. Fact #6: 89% of our Readers will likely use TheHomeMag to find a company for their remodeling projects. Fact #7: Of Readers who are planning home improvement projects, a quarter of them plan on a kitchen or bath remodeling project in the next year. Fact #8: Of Readers who are planning home improvement projects, 35% plan to spend more than $10,000 in the next year on these remodeling projects. Fact #9: All of the respondents to our poll will purchase a home improvement product or service in the next year. Fact #10: If you do not promote your business in TheHomeMag, we cannot generate home improvement leads for your business.

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