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The Home Club has been developed following years of research into how technology can be used to meet the social needs of High Net Worth (HNW) and Social Elite in our society. These individuals, and their families, are denied the open use of platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn through justifiable concerns of privacy and security. For these privileged members of our society their trusted social networks can be extremely limited with high barriers in place preventing interaction with those outside their immediate family, friends and advisors. However, these same individuals (particularly those under 40) crave interaction with others and look on with envy at the general populace building large networks through the use of modern social networks.

The Home Club has been developed to address this issue through the delivery of an online platform, vetted supplier’s, exclusive events, and invited members all delivered in a safe and secure environment.

The addressable market is estimated at over one million individuals with a combined spend in the trillions of pounds sterling. Cap Gemini reported the global HNW market will exceed £100 trillion by 2025.

In March 2017, a market trial was executed to understand demand for The Home Club services. The trial consisted of a launch of The Home Club where prospective users where requested to register their interest by suppling an email address through an online form. The trail commenced at 10.30am on Friday 17th March with the goal of attracting registrations over a fourteen day period. After attracting applications excelling the predicted number within the trial period, the trial was terminated as a success. “Although I understood the demand for The Home Club service the trial exceeded my expectations and proves beyond doubt the need for this service” Lord Michael Buckmaster-Brown (Chairman The Home Club) International Road, 142 Cromwell Road, London SW7 4EF Call us: +44 203 369 1101


The Home Club’s Members are people that are making a difference in the highest echelons of society and are being duly recognized as such. The Home Club’s community is unparalleled and made of the finest and most honorable within our society, with trust and integrity at their very core. In our monthly feature, we are asking questions of people that are being considered for the ‘Circle’ Membership with The Home Club. The Circle is a very small and extremely exclusive closed group of supreme beings that already have, Money, Power & Success, but now want to glow above all others, without compromise. Circle is only for The Social Elite and comes from a personal invitation by the President of The Home Club after open questions on trust, honour, integrity and the highest performance of the below. Circle is the most revered honor within high society and only for the very few.

After being accepted as a Member of The Home Club, and if wishing to be considered for Circle Membership, the criteria and for those that already have status, there is only one definitive place to be recognised and revered as the Social Elite. Those that are accepted, will receive more than they could ever imagine in promotion and global respect and recognition and their photo is placed in the Circle within The Home Club’ magazine for all to glorify. We are interviewing Mr. Frederico Nassetti who is being considered as the ‘Social Elite’ Circle*. *Must be a Mentor to The Home Club’ Apprentices, Must promote charity and charitable purposes, Must attend 8 of The Home Club’ events, Must have purchased from at least 50 of our suppliers and Affiliates, Must have met with the President of The Home Club, Must be honorable and upstanding, Must be trusted within their community, Must attend a school, college and/or University and give a talk about their rise to their current position for Addversity. See

“Federico, we have already discussed The Home Club’s ‘Addversity’ Entrepreneur Apprenticeship Initiative and how one’s upbringing, education, training and networks are so important in life. Addversity is an apprenticeship whereby the Apprentice shadows the ‘Mentor’ for one week within their area of expertise. Then a further 11 weeks under different Mentors and subjects. The 12 week apprenticeship is to be completed within three years. Learning their Mentors skills, accesses their Mentors Networks and has a greater and more detailed knowledge of business and networking in 12 very diverse areas of business. The Areas of expertise and Mentors are the sub-headings of The Home Club and the Mentors are the Suppliers, Affiliates and Members.” President The Home Club Q. Where were you born? F: Italy, Bologna, which is right between Venice and Florence. It is one of those places where people don’t really know where it is, but yeah, is very beautiful. Q. What was your family unit like F: There is 3 of us; my brother who lives in London, my sister who is back in Italy and my parents. It was quite the usual set-up. I have a mother that doesn't cook and she stopped doing my bed when I was 12. So I left home when I was 16 and start wondering the world. Q. What is your earliest memory as a boy? F: My memory as a boy.. that is tough.. I come from a small village in the countryside. So it's probably me playing in the woods with the kids at the stupid age. Yeah it's something that people wouldn’t do now. Q. What is your fondest memory as a boy? F: I've got a little bit of a….Coming from a village.. I don't know if you ever had that feeling.. the need to get out.. So I remember, we have this house and I used to live in the loft. So there was this roof hatch and I would just go out to have a smoke or whatever and look at the sky.. it’s a village so you can see all the stars and you see this planes passing by… and I was like hell, where are all these people going, I want to go there and you know it’s that feeling when you're not invited to the party. And I think when I moved to London, for the first time I felt Yeah, now I am invited and I can play.. I moved here 12 years ago, and now I am 37 years of age. I started to settle-in things within myself when I was 26 so it took a long time. Q. What was your first desired career path… fireman, doctor or something else? F: Don't think anyone ever asked me this question but I remember as a kid my parents would take me to Florence for lunch or spend an afternoon on Sunday. And they also said, imagine when you're going to be here studying. I just realized later on that they had this plan of making me to study architecture. Back then, so they kind of nurtured me into this. So when the time came to choose what to do, there was no question that I was going to study architecture and it was not really my choice. I think they kind of prepared me for it very smartly. Q. I think that you’ve answered the next question, and you tell me if there is anymore. When did you decide that you wanted to be an Architect? F: As I already answered, I did not love architecture when I went to school. As 18 year old boy I knew nothing and I fell in love with it midway when I started understanding it, but not in the beginning.

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What support did you receive from, family and your school to achieve your dreams of being an Architect? ull support. I was extremely privileged, they lavished money on me. Yeah, just been lucky. And emotional support as well? es always. There had been some difficult moments, my father always had this line: “When things get tough, these are the bestmoments. You don't know it yet. You look back in six months and realize that that's where you got the kick and it always worked that way”. How did you train to be an Architect? Well the usual way, I studied in Florence for three years. Then I moved to University of Ferrara which is another very good school. So I went ough the normal process, finish my study and then moved straight to London. What was your fondest memory of your training and what were your influences and influencers? haven't been that lucky in terms of mentors, but there was this one guy that changed my life (He is no longer with us unfurtunatelly) He used un an office in London called Future Systems, Jan Kaplicky, I don’t know if you ever heard of him. You know Lords, the cricket ground.. the te Media box, that is his first project in London. He was from Prague and he came for a lecture at my school and he blew my mind. He said: u guys are here and have no idea what’s happening out there. It's amazing. World is amazing!” I mean the guy was travelling the world, ding amazing things and he was looking at us, poor Italian students wearing instant translator headphone (can you imagine?)… hen I said to myself: “OK, I am going to London then..” So this is a guy that you think influenced you to dream big and inspired you in your life? Well I always dreamed big, he gave me the key to open the door for me to be that way. Are you a ‘big dreamer’ generally? es, I am… big! Where are the limits to that dreaming? here are no limits, it's all out there. It's like fishing; you just put your hands in the water, it all comes up.. Yeah, Sky is the limit. What is your biggest dream and will you achieve it? hh.. Never, never.. I'm constantly unsatisfied. I need to be excited all the time. So I need to be excited everyday. And if I don't find something re exciting day after, I get depressed. I don't do drugs, excitement is my drug. What matters most to you today? othing really, I am conscious and old enough to understand that life is a tragedy. It’s awful… There is death, there is sickness. And only thing t we got is beauty and art and that's want I want to be dealing with. I know that at some point, something awful is going to happen and up to t point I just want to enjoy it. What’s your plan for the year ahead? Well, that is a lot. I mean if you want I can take you through it..

What are the keynotes, what are the big things that standing out in your mind? Well, I can tell you what happened the day before yesterday at breakfast in Nassau in Bahamas with a structural engineer I’ve worked with le working on the house design of a very famous artist based in London. He told me that he is going to open an office in Miami and asked me want to join him, so now the plan is to open an office in Miami.

What would you like to ieve before your end of s and what will your acy be? don't care much about the acy. I think, death should ar the table. I am a strong ever in that. Like when a Hadid died. I thought y should have just closed p and not carry on... I ngly believe we are here a certain amount of time, have got to achieve what can achieve and then just ve it. I want to do it while I here and what happens rwards, I don’t really care..

Q. So perhaps the legacy is then what you leave behind from your inspirations to people..? F: Yeah. Well I mean, I say that but I mean, I'm not shy about that, I am quite bold. I only care about fame and to be recognized. I like people to know that I am around.. you know I enjoy seeing people that compliment me on what I'm doing. So, that's why I enjoy it maybe. Cheers me up. Seeing that people are happy with what I'm doing. Q. What are you going to inspire others to realise their dreams, create big oceans and leave a lasting legacy? F: The same way. I think all my friends.. You can the guys in the office.. I am always saying the same thing. Every single thing you're doing in your life should be a masterpiece. You know life should be a piece of art and everything you do should be special… and yeah, that’s how I do it. Q. Who is your favorite furniture designer/company? And Why? F: The best designer worldwide at the moment is one of my best friends. He is the guy who designed this chair, which is at the moment the most sold chair on the planet. So I was in the Conran Shop in Fulham two weeks ago with a client and the guys in the shop told me the 'Beetle' chair has now surpassed the Y chair in terms of units sell. Their name is GAMFRATESI. Q. Where would you like to live in the world if only able to have one home? F: London Q. Who is the finest Interior Designer that you have worked with? And Why? F: The best interior designer is Claudio Silvestrin. He’s the guy that designed the bench you are sitting on. And is the owner of this amazing table prototype from 60s. He used to be my boss 12 years ago. He is still someone that I rely on for advice. Q. Which Architect would you want to aspire to be? And Why? F: So I want to be able to come up to Bjarke Ingels who is the owner of BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) since 2005. He is 43 years old I think and has an office in Copenhagen and NY. In four years time, I would like to look at him and say: “Yes, I like your work too..”

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Q. What and who keeps you healthy? Why? F: My life is quite intense and when you work hard you also like to play hard. I play tennis and golf but just for enjoyment. I don't go to the gym. Q. Are you, married, single, other? F: Single/other

Q. How do you retain a mental focus in your life and what or who relaxes you? F: I have found that I am ‘Nuts’, I am not relaxed from that point of view. Q. How do you deal with stress? F: The thing is that I'm not stress.. a lot of people make fun of me because they say that I don't do anything. But I sleep four hours a night. I wake up at 4 o’clock every day and I start texting, emailing people. But physical work.. you know I'm always around but I'm not really doing much, so I'm not stressed. Q. Do you feel that it is important to speak to someone with you problems or concerns? F: Yes, definitely.

FEDERICONASS is a London and Venice based arch

The young studio comes with 15 years’ exp from residential developments in centra residential properties in the

Federico is a Stage 2 Design Tutor at the BA ( at Central Saint Martins, U


Interview of Mr. Frederico Nassetti by Pre

Q. What is your favorite night in at home? F: Dinner with someone, I get bored very easily. I don’t watch TV, I hate movies and fall asleep in the middle of them. Q. What is your favorite night out? Where? Why? F: House Party, definitely… I hate clubs. Q. Who is your favorite fashion designer? And why? F: At this very moment Dolce & Gabbana, because they are very true to themselves and I strongly believe that honesty is a boomerang that will always hit you back...

're doing in your life should know life should be a piece you do should be special… at’s how I do it.”

ederico Nassetti—Architect

SETTI Architecture hitectural studio established in 2014.

perience of complex and challenging projects, al London, to the design of high-end private e USA, Italy and the Caribbean.

(Hons) Architecture: Spaces and Objects degree University of the Arts London.

esident, The Home Club— Mr. Darren Bolger

Q. How would you describe your fashion style? F: I have no idea, I have been wearing the same clothes for the last 15 years, so it’s hard to say. I have my own style. Q. Would you say that you are well travelled? And Why? F: Well, I've been around.. you know.. always for work. I don't go on holidays really. I've been lucky enough to go to places that were interesting. Q. What is your favorite place to visit? And why? F: I think it's definitely Bahamas as one of my client is saying it gives you the virus you can check in but you can’t check out… I don't know there is something about that place, you got to go back.. Same feeling with Venice. Q. Do you wear jewelry, rings, chain etc? F: I only wear this (points at the watch), which was a present. I only have my watch and I think I'll always have one. Q. Is it a certain make of watch or a standard watch? F: It was a present from my father and it belonged to his brother, who is no longer with us. So it has sentimental value. Q. What would you do if having legal issues? F: I know a very good bunch of lawyers already here in London. Q. How do you utilize your finances? F: I put everything back into my business. I have not paid myself for a year and half. I don’t take money from the company just throw everything back in. P. Whilst you are now reminded on all my previous questions, of the importance of, your education, training and networking, which has made you the person that you are today and someone that is highly respected by your peers and those reading this article…

Q. What job would you like to do if you had to change your current career for health reasons? F: I would go back to Italy and grow potatoes. Q. Would you relocate away from your dream home to realize your dream job? F: Yes, for a short period of time. Q. Would you Mentor an Apprentice in Adversity to give career prospects to others? F: Yes. Thank you—

Trust - Integrity - Honor - Respect - Equality - Security - Confidence A key function of The Home Club will be to vet each potential Supplier, Affiliate & Member to ensure suitability to join the platform. This will be done manually leading up to the ability to do automatically via the platform and upon detailed criteria. It is crucial to The Home Club’s Members, Affiliates & Suppliers that there are very strict rules that ensure that everyone in the Club has an equal place and can relax and enjoy all of the many benefits and protection that this club has to offer.

(Pictured left) The Home Club President Mr. Darren Bolger receives ‘Badge of Honor’ from Mayor of London Borough of Wandsworth—Cllr Nicola Nardelli for services to Construction, Apprenticeships and Charity November 2015 Miss. Stephani Hendrichs— Apprentice Entrepreneur - 2017 I am a 25 year old German National studying business in London. I was introduced to Darren via the Guild of Entrepreneurs as I want to become a leading female entrepreneur but just didn't know how or where to begin or how to be an Entrepreneur. Darren, via his company The Home Club and his gave me this opportunity and agreed to mentor me as part of his company’s new ‘Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship initiative.’ Darren’s mentoring program helped me to realize crucial details that will guide me to develop myself in order to have a successful career. He showed me how to think critically at every step. As a student, you do not realize how important these stages are in a process of building a business as an Entrepreneur. Darren’s great experience and creativity gave me a better vision about how to study clients to satisfy their expectations and necessities, then how to give back showing added value in business. Darren also motivated me to ‘dream big’, be innovative, create blue oceans and transform communities. A business is not just about making money anymore, but to be able to reshape the future… I actually loved it!” (Miss Stephi Hendrichs) February - 2017

All Members children will be automatically approved to have the opportunity of The Home Club’ Presidents’ ‘Entrepreneur Apprenticeship Initiative’ namely, Addversity. Each apprentice will shadow industry leaders for one week on each subject, one subject for each of our twelve sub headings and for 12 weeks. The 12 weeks can be taken at any time, but must be completed within three years of the date that the signed Apprenticeship Papers (Indentures). The subjects being The Home Club’ sub headings. (Pictured left) The Home Club President — Mr. Darren Bolger ‘Freeman of the Guild of Entrepreneurs’ in the City of London giving presentation about Addversity at Roedene School in 2017.

The home club magazine july 2017  
The home club magazine july 2017  

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