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Welcome to The Home Club, an exclusive community of executives, entrepreneurs and the social elite, with trust, privacy and security at its heart.

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Through an online platform, you’ll have ‘first-look’ of luxury goods and services from around the world in real-time, access to elite networking opportunities, and invites to some of the finest private social events.

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After three years of research and technical development, we’re revolutionising the world’s community of the social elite. We can now understand and predict the current and future requirements of our members and luxury brands (affiliates), enabling us to offer a unique, personal service. 4

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ou’ll be able to search for the luxury items you desire, nd then get connected with the affiliates who can cilitate your requirements.

ternatively, our concierge team can manage this for ou, giving you more time to enjoy the things you love.

here are different levels of membership, each one ffering unique ‘live’ benefits, and access to new embers and affiliates.

Our ’AP’ uses a unique development of artificial intelligence, blockchain and algorithms to support and enhance the lives of our members, with the added support of our affiliates across the globe. This is a unique opportunity to be the first to receive these exciting benefits and exclusive experiences. Nothing else compares to The Home Club’s global reach, advance insights and ’first-sight’ access to the global luxury industry.

e are now inviting new members to attend our new nd exclusive events in 2019 to the launch of The ome Club’s Automation Platform (AP) for the luxury ncierge and lifestyle market. 5

Spring - location TBC An exclusive charity spring ball in celebration of The Home Club’s change from Limited Company to Community Interest Company (CIC). May 2019 - Europe Members will be invited to attend an elite event to receive firsthand insights into the future of The Home Club’s ‘AP’ platform. This will include lunch, dinner with the president and an exciting after-party. Autumn/winter 2019 - United Kingdom A charity banquet to launch the ‘AP’ platform. During the morning, 200 brands (‘atelier’) will showcase their latest luxury goods and services to 1,000 members . An exciting fashion show will be hosted by one amazing designer who will only be revealed eight hours before the show opens. Finally, a fabulous banquet ‘white tie’ dinner for 300 guests, followed by an after-party. Other events We will also hold a few surprise events throughout the year.

2019 EVENTS 20



MEMBERS’ BENEFITS There are different levels of membership, each one offering unique ‘live’ benefits. The higher the stage of membership, the more advanced these benefits become. All members have elite access to: Exclusive and private ‘AP’ Affiliates’ events (a maximum of 25 members/event) Monthly events (a maximum of 100 members/event) Atelier (a maximum of 1,000 members/event) The following members have elite access to all the above, plus: Honorary member (a two-year membership) Private fashion shows (a maximum of 20 members/event) The following members have elite access to all the above, plus: Board member (a five-year membership) Annual charity banquet dinner (a maximum of 50 members and guests/event) The following members have elite access to all the above, plus: Circle member (a lifetime membership) Private dining with the president and investment opportunities (a maximum of eight members/event)




During our research and development, we have had the benefit of understanding and enhancing the luxury markets of the affiliates shown below. We are now inviting further elite brands to join The Home Club to enable our members to have access to additional luxury benefits. Affiliates will be able to place their latest products and services into the ‘AP’ platform, which will immediately become available to our members for an exclusive ‘first -look’ opportunity. This could be off-market luxury properties, events, designer yachts, travel destinations, fine wines, restaurants, designer fashion and even financial investment opportunities. Affiliates can also add their forthcoming events on to the ‘AP’ platform. Those members most likely to be available and interested, will be notified and invited, automatically being added to the guest list. We refer to four main headings, each of which has three sub-headings: Home Fixtures, fittings and equipment (FF&E) Property Property professionals Wellbeing Health and relationships Mental health Social and networking Luxury Fashion and tailoring Travel Jewellery and watches Business Legal Finance Recruitment


An associate is a trusted individual of The Home Club’s introduction network. They are a ‘gate-keeper’ who have authority to invite new members and affiliates. Our associates have an extensive list of key contacts who wish to be introduced to The Home Club. We recognise the importance of these connections, so offer additional benefits for successful introductions.


The Home Club©


Fashion Show


The Home Club’s 1933 members (1933) are aged between 19-33 years-old. We’re excited to be opening invitations again in May 2019 during the launch of the Club becoming a Community Interest Company (CIC). Benefits The Home Club’s 1933 level ‘AP’ Mentoring from Members The Home Club’s affiliates’ ‘first look’ at their goods and services Access to private functions Access to atelier shows Access to private fashion shows Access to the annual charity banquet dinner Joining criteria In order to reach the required status, the 1933 member must first complete three of the following: Mentor one ambassador for a week Visit one school and give a 20-minute business talk on experiences and career Visit one college and give a 25-minute business talk as above Visit one university and give a 30-minute talk as above There will be no joining fee to The Home Club if all the above criteria are completed.






The Home Club’s ambassadors are aged between 16-19 years-old. We’re excited to be opening invitations in September 2019 to schools, colleges, universities and community projects. Access will be given to The Home Club’s ambassador level ‘AP’, affiliates’ ‘first-look at luxury goods and services, and the opportunity to meet others within The Club’s community. Through personal invitation only, additional access will be given to private functions, atelier shows, fashion events and the Club’s annual charity banquet dinner. Meeting potential employees and receiving employment opportunities is an added benefit of being an Ambassador of The Home Club.




The Home Club’s affiliates provide additional elite benefits to members, inviting them to private viewings of new luxury goods and services.

One such event was hosted by Jo Malone and Lulu Guinness, who both closed their adjacent stores just for The Home Club at The Royal Exchange in the City of London. Exquisite canapes were provided by Fielding’s Game and Country which were complemented by fine wines and spirts from The Royal Warrant of Chiltern Valley Distillery.



THE HOME CLUB’S FUTURE The Home Club is excited to announce it will become a Community Interest Company (CIC), and will officially launch at its spring ball event in 2019. A CIC is a special type of limited company which exists to benefit the community, rather than private shareholders. They operate in all parts of the economy and tackle a wide range of social and environmental issues. As a regulated company, The Home Club will make a promise to give 65% of its profits back to community partners through donations, hosting charity events and other meaningful engagements. These include, but not limited to, the Lord Mayor’s City Giving Day, which The Home Club has supported for the last three years, international Chambers of Commerce, charities, schools, university and college projects, apprenticeships, equality, diversity and environmental schemes. The Home Club has a commitment to annually report on where its donations have been allocated to in the wider community.

Any partner wishing to be considered for us to hold an event for them will be required to register. Details of the applications will be sent to interested parties to vote on, and successful partners will be invited to the annual charity ‘atelier’, along with members, affiliates and distinguished guests. Any unallocated funds will be shared by donation to causes that have been approved by our partners for funding distribution. This means, if any of those aforementioned are not allocated as partners, the amount reserved will be shared across the whole spectrum of other associated individuals or causes.


The Regulator’s Community Interest Companies (CIC) Annual Report 2017 to 2018 was laid in Parliament on Thursday 19 July 2018. The report is always a team effort, where they detail the work of the CIC Regulator from April 2017 to March 2018. This year, they were supported by Gareth Price, Graphic Designer at Companies House. 19


Supporting communities and charities, both nationally and in has always been important to Darren Bolger, the president Club.

Darren said, “I feel very fortunate to be in a position where I h and resources to help others. Giving back to causes I believe in amazing positive effects. With The Home Club becoming a Interest Company in May 2019, we will be able to support charities and projects which is very exciting and important to m



nternationally, of The Home

have the time n creates such a Community more worthy me personally.”

Pictured above, are just a couple of projects supported by Darren. Left, is a BMX Jam created for local children in Central London, and right, is Darren walking alongside 26 Greater London Mayors, for the ’Whittington Walk’ commencing at the Monument of Dick Whittington in Highgate North London and concluding at Mansion House in the City of London.


The Home Club president, Darren Bolger, giving a talk at Roedean School in West Sussex, England, about his life and Th


The Home Club will continue to develop and expand national and international r universities, charities, community projects and/or International Chambers of Commerce communities, whether through mentoring, engagement, education and/or funding op Hendrichs, an international student who was mentored whilst studying in the City of Lond with us her experience with The Home Club.

he Home Club.

relationships with schools, colleges, e. We are continuing to give back to pportunities. Pictured right, is Stephi don. In her own words, Stephi shares

“I am a 25-year-old German National studying business in

London. I was introduced to Darren as I wanted to become a leading female entrepreneur, but just didn't know how or where to begin. “Darren, via his company, The Home Club, gave me this opportunity and agreed to mentor me as part of his company’s new program. He helped me to realise crucial details that will guide me to develop myself in order to have a successful career. Darren showed me how to think critically at every step. “As a student, you do not realise how important these stages are in a process of building a business as an entrepreneur. People mention networking all the time, but because it seems a daily routine, you simply stop paying attention. Darren’s great experience and creativity gave me a better vision about how to study clients to satisfy their expectations and necessities, then how to give back, showing added value in business. Darren also motivated me to ‘dream big’, be innovative, create blue oceans and transform communities. “A business is not just about making money anymore, but to be able to reshape the future. Nowadays, I have stronger and more compelling understanding of business and importantly, how to be a successful entrepreneur. When I complete my studies and begin my business project, it will be much more solid than before. “Having the theory and a close look at the practice, gives me a great advantage. Now it is my turn to put into practice what I have learned. Darren’s Apprentice Entrepreneurs program does not leave me here, but will also give further guidance and support throughout my entrepreneurial Journey. I actually loved it!”

Stephi Hendrichs February 2017


FEE MEMBERS Circle members Board members Honorary members Members


£ POA £ POA £ POA £ 5,000 incl. VAT


Members’ discounts are only available after a period of one full year being completed and are applied thereafter: Mentor one 1933 member Mentor two 1933 members Visit a school, college or university and talk to students on your life and career Employ one of our 1933 members for a minimum period of one full year


5% discount 20% discount 25% discount 100% discount

1933 members, ambassadors and associates are not charged for membership. See above for details.


ES AFFILIATES On becoming an affiliate, you are then able to invite your clients or contacts to join The Home Club. Affiliates*


£5,000 incl. VAT

Affiliate’s discounts *The affiliate’s fee will be deferred for three calendar months (not payable in advance) if they introduce one new member to The Home Club. The new member must be approved and paid in full for their membership level. If after three months none of the affiliate’s contacts has become a Member of The Home Club, then the full fee of £5,000 is immediately payable, subject to the following discounts being applied: Mentor one 1933 member for a week Mentor one 1933 member for two weeks Visit a school, college or university and give a talk to students on brand, life and career journey Invite one approved affiliate* Employ one 1933 member for a minimum period of one full year


5% discount 20% discount 25% discount 100% discount 100% discount

Please note : Visits to education institutions cannot be those attended by the affiliate. The Mentor cannot be associated with the affiliate’s family, and the actions to be awarded discounts and/or no charge for membership, must be completed prior to access to next level of membership, along with payment of fees. Mentoring lasts for two days consecutively (see terms). Fees are paid on an annual basis and no more than a 50% discount will be afforded to an affiliate, other than via employment and introduction as referred above.

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The Home Club 2019  

Welcome to The Home Club, an exclusive community of executives, entrepreneurs and the social elite, with trust, privacy and security at its...

The Home Club 2019  

Welcome to The Home Club, an exclusive community of executives, entrepreneurs and the social elite, with trust, privacy and security at its...