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The goal of our work is always the same:

To help children and families thrive and succeed We counsel families in crisis, helping them stay together and take care of their children. We provide special education and a place to heal for kids with challenges – and celebrate with them when they go home again. We work in schools, emergency rooms and clinics to assess the right level of care for children. We provide safe havens for children in foster care and create “forever families� through adoption. We offer a place to turn to for teens with no family support and set them on a path to college and work.

Thank You for supporting us every step of the way and believing in our work.

a letter from our leadership Dear Friends, Fiscal 2011 represented a milestone year in many ways for The Home and, as always, we have our loyal friends and supporters to thank for so much of our success. Bucking the trend of many nonprofit agencies that have suffered setbacks in these difficult economic times, The Home was able to move ahead with several innovative new programs and to expand upon those already in existence. By the end of the fiscal year in June, we had reached the half-way point in our Third Century Campaign fundraising. This met the target date we had set for ourselves and allowed us to approach many of the larger foundations who wait for that critical point in a capital campaign. You will see in the capital campaign update on page 6, which goes beyond FY11, that we now only have about 10% of our goal left to raise. With this in mind, one of the more significant decisions we made in FY11 was to put our Knight Children’s Center facility in Jamaica Plain on the market. Naturally, this was not an easy choice: it is our oldest facility and, for many, it is the embodiment of The Home, but the cost of renovation was prohibitive. We also could not ignore the fact that we will save $1 million annually by consolidating the Knight Children’s Center program onto the Longview Farm campus. However, we intend to remain a preeminent Boston institution for many years to come. With the trend in child and family services moving towards communitybased programs, we have seen sharp increases in this side of our business — almost all of which is based in Boston. We began work in earnest on our five-year Strategic Plan and by June 30, 2011 had achieved the major operational goals for the first year, including a five-year educational plan and funding strategy, development of a program innovation model, and implementation of an employee engagement survey. Again, none of our successes would have been possible without the support of our donors, our Board of Directors and our dedicated staff and volunteers. On behalf of everyone at The Home, especially the children, thank you for your continued belief in our work and our mission.

Joan Wallace-Benjamin, Ph.D. President and CEO

John Thomas Hailer Board Chair

Addressing the “Aging Out” Challenge Becoming 18 doesn’t miraculously make anyone selfsufficient or ready to meet the challenges of adulthood, especially those who have had difficult childhoods and lack appropriate family supports. The Home continued to play a leadership role in addressing the plight of young people who “age out” of state systems of care and face adulthood on their own. We launched the Young Adult Resource Network (YARN) in September 2010, giving these youth a place to turn to for help. The hub of the YARN program is the Community Advocacy Center in Dorchester (pictured) where Life Coaches assist youth in finding housing and gainful employment, and also work on other areas, including well-being, education and community involvement. In the first nine months of its existence, a total of 110 young people had come through the doors of YARN, making it one of the most successful launches of new programming in The Home’s history.

imagine having no place to call home, no family to turn to for support. For Bianca, this was her harsh reality. Her father was murdered while taking out the trash and her mother, an addict, sent her away to live with relatives. When Bianca was 12 years old, she was taken into full custody by the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and spent the next seven years moving from one foster home to the next — 12 in all. During her senior year in high school, after “aging out” of DCF care at 18 years old, she experienced a period of homelessness. Yet, she still showed up at school every day. Despite all of the obstacles she faced, Bianca managed to achieve what she once thought impossible. Not only did she graduate high school, but today she is a college student.


We also identified the property that will house Roxbury Village, another innovative program for youth aging out of state systems of care. The three-story dwelling in Roxbury will provide stable, safe and affordable housing for youth who are homeless, or at-risk of becoming homeless, while helping them to develop critical skills, life plans and connections to community resources. The Home’s first program to address the aging out challenge, Academic Support for College and Life (ASCL), celebrated the beginning of its second year in conjunction with Bridgewater State University. ASCL also launched its partnership with the Youth Advocacy Center by integrating the Getting Beyond the System self-advocacy seminar into its summer program.


of foster youth experience homelessness within two years of leaving the system.

She recently completed her freshman year as part of the Academic Support for College and Life (ASCL) program. Run by The Home in partnership with Bridgewater State University, this college-based program supports young people transitioning from state systems of care to higher education. Highlights of Bianca’s year at ASCL include an internship with MAGIC 106.7, a community service project in Belize and participation on the Massachusetts Task Force for Youth Aging Out of DCF Care. Bianca is the first ASCL student to become a resident advisor. In September, she began working part-time as the Activities Coordinator for ASCL while continuing her college studies at Bridgewater. Bianca has dreams — to open an independent living program for young women, to pursue a career in non-profit management and to one day purchase her own home. She is poised to achieve those dreams, but what she has accomplished already is remarkable.

Healing through Creativity

—Note written by Frankie, a client at YARN

participation in “ My the ASCL program has exposed me to more in one year than I could ever have imagined.


For children in The Home’s care, the opportunity to express themselves through art, writing and other forms of creative expression can have enormous therapeutic value. In FY11, we were able to expand these types of activities beyond our residential and special education programs to include some of our community-based programs. For our annual Voices & Visions gala, families served through our Safe at Home program decorated shoes to represent their stories and cultures, resulting in a powerful display of hundreds of shoes. Our Academic Support for College & Life program also participated for the first time, sharing journal excerpts and photos (pictured) from the students’ community service project in Belize. The Preschool Outreach Program (POP) celebrated the end of a successful four-year art therapy program sponsored by the Weil Foundation with an art gallery show. More than 30 of these eight-week therapy series for parents were facilitated by POP clinicians over the course of the grant cycle. Entitled Healing through Art: Reflections of Self, Family and Visions for the Future, the event showcased the poignant and transformative projects created by the parents who participated.


Making Education Special Recognizing that educational development is a key element in helping children reach their full potential, The Home decided to take a close look at its special education programming. Guided by the expertise of an educational consultant, we spent FY11 comprehensively assessing the strengths and needs of our three residential schools at Longview Farm, the Knight Children’s Center and the Southeast Campus (formerly the Baird Center). The consulting team spent many hours in our schools and were quick to praise the commitment and skill of our teaching staff. At the same time, they were able to recommend many improvements and adjustments — some of which have already been implemented — from teacher training to curriculum and vocational training. These changes will elevate the quality of our educational product, laying the foundation for The Home’s goal of providing the best special education schools in the Commonwealth.

is the key to success. “ Education Without it, we can’t survive in the world. -Mema, student at The Home’s ASCL program

Eating Well, Getting Healthy Part of The Home’s mission is to ensure the physical wellbeing of the children in our care. Almost 50% of the children currently living in The Home’s therapeutic residential and group home programs score as obese or overweight. Children in our care face additional challenges that put them at greater risk than the general population, for example weight gain as a side effect of psychiatric medications or emotional eating triggered by traumatic events. In FY11, The Home made a commitment to change this staggering statistic by formalizing its innovative wellness initiative. We created two new staff positions dedicated to this effort — a Food Services Manager and a Dietician. We also hired one single food vendor for all eight of our residential and group home programs, created a centralized menu and designated one staff person at each of the group homes as “the cook.” These changes were significant, allowing us to train and educate staff, ensure consistent food preparation across all the programs, and begin to measure and track results. Getting the children to eat better is just the beginning. The wellness initiative also includes an effort to increase physical activity, model responsible nutrition, and educate not just the children, but the families they go home to as well.

168,443 meals were served to children in our programs in FY11. The potential to change the eating habits of children in our care is huge. 4

Growing our work in the community

Changes to child welfare policies over the past several years have led to an increasing demand for communitybased services for children living in at-risk circumstances. The Home has responded to this trend by expanding its community-based programs and has seen a sharp increase in the utilization of these services. The Home’s work in the public schools through its Child & Family Counseling Center virtually doubled in FY11 with the acquisition of Vinfen’s school-based program. With a clinical presence in 40 schools, The Home is now the largest provider of behavioral health services for the Boston Public School system. Clinicians are able to provide individualized

Revenue from The Home’s community-based services increased by 37% in FY11.

Mikel was in a downward spiral. At 13 years old, he was having a very difficult time in school, socializing with a troubled group of kids, and acting out aggressively towards his peers. Mikel’s mother let him have free rein, focusing her attention on his two younger sisters. He had no good role model and no sense of consequence. Mikel desperately needed support that he wasn’t getting at school or at home. The family began working with the Park Street Community Service Agency (CSA), a program of The Home that coordinates multiple services for youth in the community with serious emotional issues. The CSA care coordinator created a team of service providers that would help Mikel get back on track and transition to a new school, including a therapeutic mentor to provide him with a positive male role model and an In Home Therapy (IHT) clinician to work with the family. Initially Mikel didn’t fit in very well at the new school, continuing to act like a “tough guy.” But Mikel’s team, including the school’s principal, his mentor, the IHT

care that takes into account the underlying factors that may be contributing to a child’s behavior, such as poverty, homelessness or illness. Our Safe at Home program, which provides in-home therapy to families in crisis, continued its rapid growth, requiring a move to a larger facility and the hiring of additional staff in all three component programs: Home-Based Therapeutic Services; Community Support; and Therapeutic Mentoring. In addition, one complete In-Home Therapy team was added. FY11 marked the second year of operation for The Home’s Community Service Agency (CSA) and we have also seen growth at each of our sites — Park Street and Hyde Park — both in terms of number of staff as well as children and families served. In order to meet the increased demand for services, The Home needed to become even more culturally and linguistically competent and is now able to provide services in eight languages. The Park Street CSA was recognized by the state for superior engagement of family and youth in care planning.

clinician and the care coordinator, developed a plan to help him perform better. His mentor helped him explore his music skills, getting him into a recording studio at the local YMCA. The IHT clinician worked closely with his mom, teaching more effective ways to manage his behavior. Mikel began to flourish as his grades went up and things got better at home. At the end of the school year, Mikel was presented with the inaugural Most Improved Pupil Award, an amazing transformation from the aggressive and angry boy who started the school year. Name and photo have been changed to protect the child’s identity.


The Third

Century Campaign

An Enduring Legacy. Promising Futures.

campaign leadership gifts $2,000,000+

Yawkey Foundation


State Street Corporation Jeptha H. Wade


John T. Hailer Natixis Global Asset Management Daniel J. Riccio and Diane M. Riccio


Almost There! By the end of the fiscal year, The Home had met its target of reaching 50% of its goal for the Third Century Campaign, which will fund the new school and residences at our Longview Farm facility in Walpole. This milestone is significant because many major foundations wait for this point in a campaign before committing their support. We are very pleased to report that since that time we have received a pledge of $2 million from the Yawkey Foundation and State Street Corporation has added an additional half million dollars to the $1 million already pledged in 2009. Construction on the new buildings began in July and is expected to be complete by the end of 2012 or early 2013. At that time, we will relocate our Knight Children’s Center program from its current site in Jamaica Plain, providing some of the youngest children in our care with a much improved environment in which to live and learn. To celebrate our progress on the campaign and to thank those who have supported us in this endeavor, we held a ceremonial Groundbreaking on October 31, 2011 at the Longview Farm Campus. The event was attended by more than 75 people including major contributors, elected officials, Board members, employees, alumni and volunteers.

Anonymous Donor Pasquale Franchi Mary Beth and Chris Gordon Marinella Family Foundation

$100,000+ Anonymous Donors (2) A. Keith Brodkin Memorial Foundation Drs. Beverly A. and Robert A. Brown Citizens Bank Foundation Brian and Barbara Davis Leslie and Michael Gaffin and Family


Dale and Beverly Bearden Richard K. Bendetson James and Deborah Burrows Clemmie and James Cash Cedar Street Foundation John and Christina Hennessey Patricia Jabar and Wayne Smith Robert and Barbara Metcalf


David and Melissa Druley Robert and Iris Fanger Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter Freiberg, III Mr. Jeffrey D. Furber Sandy and Dozier Gardner Deborah and Charles Gray Mr. Geoffrey F. Ide and Ms. Peggy Hernandez


Anonymous Donors (2) Bowdoin Construction Corp, Sybil A. Campbell Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Cares HRH Foundation The New England Patriots Charitable Foundation


Construction proceeds on the new Large Residence.

Elizabeth and Thomas Niedermeyer The Windle Family

Nancy and Gary Greenberg George and Ann Macomber Lisa K. Matthews and Andrew Byrne Mary Ann Milano-Picardi Alfred and Gilda Slifka Laurie and Eric Slifka Paul and Susan Sugarman White Family Fund Richard S. Noone Jr. and Leslie D. Damon G. Gorham Peters Trust Margot C. Pyle Stephanie L. Brown Anne H. and Raimund G. Vanderweil, Jr. John and Ann Webster

Lora and Bob Khederian Frederick and Susan Kramer Stephen and Tonya Pemberton Pioneer Investments Joan Sapir and Joel Ristuccia Sally and Tom Simons Bertha Slade Fund Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Sliwa, III David and Virginia Packer Lisa K. Rowan-Gillis and Gary M. Gillis Deborah L. Smith Matthew and Denise Troxell Joan Wallace-Benjamin, Ph.D. and Milton J. Benjamin, Jr. Robert B. Washburn, Jr.

This campaign update covers activity up until press time and is not limited to events in FY11, which ended on June 30, 2011.

fy 2011 financial statement The Home for Little Wanderers’ Schedule of Operations Years Ended June 30, 2011 and 2010

2011 Operating Revenue

(Reported in 000’s)

Revenues Program Revenue Fundraising (portion for operations) Endowment Draw

Total Revenues Expenses


Administrative and General Fundraising

Total Expenses Operating Surplus1 Non-Operating Items Bequests



$ 29,624

$ 28,076

















Total Non-Operating Items



Change in Unrestricted Net Assets



Change in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets2



1 For


9% Endowment draw

2011 Operating Expenses

79% 4,161

Change in Net Assets




Change in Permanently Restricted Net Assets3

Program revenue


Investment activity Other





$ 10,029


16% 5%

Administrative and General





internal management and budgeting purposes, The Home uses the Operating Surplus/(Deficit) line.


Included in the change in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets in FY2011 is $4,350,057 of additional Investment activity, $2,736,984 of additional Fundraising activity, ($882,219) of activity related to Net Asset released from restriction for program operations, ($2,207,657) of activity related to Net Asset released for appropriation of Endowment appreciation, and $109,145 change in restriction by donor. In FY2010, the change in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets included $3,950,182 of additional Investment activity, $1,960,573 of additional Fundraising activity, ($807,034) of activity related to Net Assets released from restriction for program operations, and ($2,983,354) of activity related to Net Asset released for appropriation of Endowment appreciation.


Included in the change in Permanently Restricted Net Assets in FY2011 is $1,919,084 of additional Investment activity and ($109,145) change in restriction by donor. In FY2010, the change in Permanently Restricted Net assets included $770,543 of additional Investment activity and $85,000 of additional Fundraising activity.

The information reported above has been obtained and summarized from the June 30, 2011 and 2010 audited financial statements of The Home for Little Wanderers. For complete audited financial statements, please contact the Development Department at 617-927-0663. 7

Thank you We gratefully recognize all our donors who gave in fiscal year 2011. Thank you for your generosity to the children and families in our care.

Leadership Circle of Hope The Leadership Circle of Hope is The Home’s recognition society for donors contributing $1,000 or more within a given fiscal year. The following list reflects all gifts and pledges received between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011. VISIONARY CABINET ($500,000 and Above)

Natixis Global Asset Management United Way of Massachusetts Bay & Merrimack Valley

VISIONARY COUNCIL ($200,000 to $499,999)

Anonymous (1) The Boston Herald Department of Early Education and Care Estate of Anne Gray Elizabeth and Thomas Niedermeyer Trust of Edna Betts Talbot

VISIONARY CIRCLE ($100,000 to $199,999)

Anonymous (1) Trust of Elisha V. Ashton The Highland Street Foundation Daniel J. Riccio and Diane M. Riccio Trust under the Will of Marion L. Taylor White Family Fund WilmerHale

CHAIRMAN’S CABINET ($50,000 to $99,999)

The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation Richard K. Bendetson The Bilezikian Family Foundation Stephanie L. Brown Foundation James and Deborah Burrows Cedar Street Foundation The Clifford Foundation Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Cares Brian and Barbara Davis Leslie and Michael Gaffin Liberty Mutual Insurance Company Libra Foundation, Inc. Lisa K. Matthews and Andrew Byrne Natixis Global Asset Management Employees Estate of Joseph Qualantona Estate of Dorothea A. Routhier


SEI Investments Developments, Inc. The Thrift Shop of Boston, Inc. The TJX Companies, Inc. John and Ann Webster Estate of Nancy W. Workman Yawkey Foundation

CHAIRMAN’S COUNCIL ($25,000 to $49,999)

Bain Capital Partners, LLC C.R. Bard Foundation, Inc. Elizabeth Barnes Dale and Beverly Bearden Clemmie and James Cash Choate, Hall & Stewart Citizens Bank Foundation David and Melissa Druley Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter Freiberg, III, Ph.D., J.D. Sandy and Dozier Gardner Greenberg Traurig, LLP John T. Hailer George Harrington Trust Jay O. Hirsh HRH Foundation Patricia Jabar and Wayne Smith Lora and Bob Khederian Estate of Olga Lennon George and Ann Macomber Marinella Family Foundation Estate of Robert H. and Dorothy E. McCaffrey Richard S. Noone, Jr. and Leslie D. Damon Stephen and Tonya Pemberton Margot C. Pyle Joan Sapir and Joel Ristuccia Bertha Slade Fund Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Sliwa, III Walgreens Edwin S. Webster Foundation

CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE ($10,000 to $24,999)

Anonymous (2) 6one7 Productions AEW Capital Management, L.P. Estate of Joseph L. Amodeo

Bank of America Deborah and Steven Barnes Bernie & Phyl’s Furniture BJ’s Charitable Foundation Stephen Blyth and Anita Gajdecki The Boston Globe Foundation Boston Magazine Boston Properties Bowdoin Construction Corp. Estate of Robert B. Brigham The Bromley Charitable Trust Tushara Canekeratne Casual Male Retail Group, Inc. The Chubb Corporation Commodore Builders CRA International, Inc. Louise Crane Foundation Estate of Gladys A. Cushman Dean Foundation for Little Children Design/Build Geotechnical Susan and Digger Donahue Michael Dunn Durant Family Foundation Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation Elizabeth Childs Murphy Trust Trust of George Emerson Pasquale Franchi General Electric Foundation Give With Liberty Employees Global Partners, L.P. Mary Beth and Chris Gordon The Gould Charitable Foundation Virginia and Mike Griffin Hicks Family Charitable Foundation John J. Hitchcock The Hyams Foundation KDSA Consulting, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Kletjian Marigold Charitable Trust McGladrey Roger and Margaret Merrill Mary Ann Milano-Picardi Christopher and Catherine Milton Oliver W. Mink Trust Nadastra Harry D. Neary Fund The New England Patriots Paula J. O’Keeffe

G. Gorham Peters Trust Larry and Leslie Petzing PricewaterhouseCoopers James Pinney Pioneer Investments Eileen and Bud Roche Family Fund Lisa K. Rowan-Gillis and Gary M. Gillis The Roxbury Trust Fund Committee Sacco Charitable Foundation SAP Saquish Foundation The Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts Seaport Companies Alfred and Gilda Slifka Laurie and Eric Slifka Brian Spector The Seth Sprague Educational and Charitable Foundation State Street Corporation Deborah Stein Sharpe and James M. Sharpe Stop & Shop Corporation Sugarman Paul and Susan Sugarman Sun Life Financial UGL Services United Way of Tri-State, Inc. Anne H. and Raimund G. Vanderweil, Jr. Vinson & Elkins, LLP Joan Wallace-Benjamin, Ph.D. and Milton J. Benjamin, Jr. Wal-Mart Foundation Wal-Mart Stores Janet and James Wheeler Estate of Henry T. Wiggin Barbara and Ed Wilson

PRESIDENT’S CABINET ($5,000 to $9,999)

Anonymous (7) Leonora and Daniel Abrams AEW Capital Management Employees Mr. Valentino J. Alba and Mr. Kevin J. Casey Krista and Steven Alperin Mrs. Melanie Arbuthnot Binnacle Family Foundation Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Bond Brothers The Boston Bruins Boston Business Journal Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation Boston Financial Data Services The Boston Foundation Bushrod H. Campbell and Adah F. Hall Charity Fund Kerrie Casey Charles River Laboratories The Clarks Companies, N.A. Colliers International Jane B. Cook Charitable Trusts Columbian Lodge A.F. & A.M. Combined Federal Campaigns Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Connolly, Jr.

Howard C. Connor Charitable Foundation Eileen and Jack Connors, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Crane Curry College CVS Caremark Deloitte, LLP Delta Dental of Massachusetts The Dr. Anne H. Addington Fund The Drew Company The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation, Inc. Eaton Vance Management Charitable Gift Fund Robert and Iris Fanger Maureen Farrington Flagship Foundation Nancy and Neal Foster Americo J. Francisco Fund, Estate & Realty Charitable Trusts Jeffrey D. Furber David and Wendy Giunta Granite Steps Foundation Deborah and Charles Gray Grimshaw-Gudewicz Charitable Foundation The Julia & Seymour Gross Foundation Inc. Stacey H. Gutwillig Robert and Pamela Herbst Hirsch Roberts Weinstein, LLP HiSoftware Inc. HUB International New England, LLC Hunt Alternatives Fund Susan Hunter and Douglas Watson Ronald Izen J. Calnan & Associates, Inc. Jones Lang LaSalle Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas P. Katsiroubas Stephen and Angie Knightly Lee Kennedy Company, Inc. Ronald Logue and Kathleen McGillycuddy Mr. Michael Mach Estate of Helen A. Marenna Michael J. Marino, Jr. Marsh USA Massachusetts Convention Center Authority McKinsey & Company Merchant Media The E.F. Merkert 1996 Charitable Foundation Richard and Jill Murphy National Home Furnishings Association New England Moves Office Resources Mr. and Mrs. James F. O’Leary O’Neill and Associates Drs. Anna J. Mitus and Jay D. Orlander Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Osterberg Thomas Anthony Pappas Charitable Foundation PARTNERS+simons Joseph Perini Memorial Foundation Jeanne and Todd Peters

Jamie Pierce and Rick Cresswell PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP Prime Motor Group Provident Healthcare Partners, LLC Red Sox Foundation The Reebok Foundation Bridie Rielly Charitable Trust L. W. Robbins Associates Rota Portrait Design Joseph and Terry Chen Rothchild Michael and Patricia Rotondi Happy and Will Rowe Salvucci Masonry Co., Inc. Gregory and Karen Salvucci Nicola and Whitney Savignano Sawyer Charitable Foundation Joanne Sewell Shoebuy.com Joseph & Agatha Sicari Charitable Trust Sally and Tom Simons The Slater Foundation Inc. Louise C. Slotnick Paula Smith Speedway Children’s Charities Shirley Spero Stewart Title StoneTurn Group Suffolk Construction Company TD Bank, N.A. Jean C. Tempel J. Owen and Eileen Todd Teri and Lloyd Trotter Tufts Health Plan VHB/Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. Vila B. Webber Charitable Trust Duncan and Gail Warden Robert B. Washburn, Jr. Elizabeth Weiler Wells Fargo Foothill Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Wells, III Clara B. Winthrop Charitable Trust

PRESIDENT’S COUNCIL ($2,500 to $4,999)

Anonymous (7) AAI Atlantic Associates, Inc. Michael Acton and Miriam Smith Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Alimonti Michael Allison The Revocable Trust of Helen M. Anderson Dennis and Catherine Arinella Bank of America United Way Campaign Mrs. Carey Barrett-Allan Mr. and Mrs. Paul Berlinguet Mr. Edward L. Bigelow, Jr. A.U. Bird Trust Stephen and Maria Blewitt Mr. Joshua D. Bogen Craig and Terrie Borden Bob and Karen Boudreau Bunker Hill Community College Byrne Financial Freedom, LLC Joseph and Jeannine Byrne John and Peggy Carberry

Laura and Andrew Carnase Estate of Alexander Carroll The Cash Catalyst Childrens Hospital Boston Opthalmology Foundation The Chiofaro Company Matthew and Diana Coldren Consolidated Service Corporation Converse Open Gym Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Crowley D.O.C. General Contractors Incorporated Stephen Darr and Linda Fermery Mr. Robert A. Davidson John and Margaret Dawson Mr. Cosmo DeStefano DLA Piper US, LLP Mr. and Mrs. James Dufort Dunkin’ Brands Dunkin’ Donuts - Helder Garcia James and Kathleen Elcock Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Emerman Mark and Jill Engerman Estate of Lena Q. King Tracey and Joe Flaherty Fuller Foundation G.F. Sprague & Company, Inc. Goodwin Procter, LLP Michael and Karen Gorton Greater Cambridge Youth Foundation Ian and Dianne Gutterman Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Hargraves, Jr. John and Carol Harrington HC Studio, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund E. Herzstein Hewlett Family Charitable Gift Fund Evelyn F. Hitchcock Trust of Adelaide B. Howland Mr. Robert M. Hussey Impact Marketing and Promotions ISD - Knowledge Management J.C. Cannistraro, LLC. JAG Business Development Amy and Rob Job John Hancock Matching Gifts Program Christopher Johnson and Kenneth Repp William and Sinesia Karol Kids Clothes Club Christian and Alexandra Klee Christina Larson and John Kelly Henry and Mary Lee Loomis Sayles & Company, L.P. Phil and Ellie Loughlin Mr. Sean Lynch Raymond and Susan Lynds Macalone Foundation Teri and Ian Macduff MacFarlane Energy Magic 106.7 Bridget Maillet Mr. Gregory P. Mailloux Mr. Brendan D. McDonough Thomas J. McNichol Robert and Barbara Metcalf James and Anna Milbery Barbara Moore and Jack VanWoerkom

Mr. and Mrs. Terrence J. Mullen Nahikian Family Foundation New England Sports Network Christina W. O’Donnell and Thomas F. O’Donnell David and Virginia Packer James and Kimberly Pallotta Penfield Family Charitable Gift Fund Karen Peschel Richard and Sally Phelps Pillsbury Charitable Trust Beatriz Pina Smith Michael E. Porter Public Welfare Foundation Michael P. Quercio Carrie Rainen Richard and Joanne Ramsey Ratner Companies Sarah W. Rollins Roundel 47, LLC John H. Sawyer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Hans P. Schaefer Mark and Audrey Schuster SCS Financial, LLC Henry and Joyce Shepherd Robert and Jean Sheridan Warren C. Shoop Trust of Laura Sibbel Fiske Slade Gorton & Company, Inc. Adam and Gail Slifka James and Susan Smith Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Soviero Carolyn and Andrew Spangler Margaret Speulinhauer St. Athanasius The Great Greek Orthodox Church State Street Matching Gift Program Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Stone John and Cathleen Sullivan Tax Executives Institute, Inc. Trachsel Family Foundation W.T. Phelan & Co. Insurance Agency, Inc. Alexander B. Wayman WCVB-TV The Welch Corp. Wells Fargo Bank Anthony and Susan Wilson The Karen Wing Family Charitable Foundation The Women’s Alliance First Church in Chestnut Hill Sharon and Wesley Wratchford

PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE ($1,000 to $2,499)

Anonymous (25) 360 Public Relations, LLC 48hourprint.com Dr. Ralph Aarons and Dr. Elizabeth Aarons Acton Congregational Church Adage Capital Management, L.P. AFCO Credit Corp. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Aldrich Marcia T. Allen and Kevin J. Doherty


Leadership Circle of Hope (continued)

Allison Family Fund Allstate Giving Campaign Alma Nove Trudy Almquist Kara L. Amara AMB Property Corporation David and Holly Ambler The Ambulance Guy Anderson & Kreiger, LLP David and Melinda Anderson Dr. Charles Anderson and Dr. Oneeka Williams Christopher and Amy Anderson Mr. and Mrs. David A. Antonelli The APAS Foundation Arruda & Beaudoin, LLP David Ashcroft Sibylle Baier Bank of America Jeffrey and Ruth Barker Michelle L. Barnes Leslie and Brian Barresi James and Eloise Barter Mr. and Mrs. Dana Bartholomew Jared J. Baysinger Beacon Hill Circle for Charity, Inc. Beals and Thomas, Inc. Kerri Bean Mrs. Janice Belmonte Robert and Ruth Benker Dennis R. Berounsky Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bertolon Bethesda Lodge No. 30 I. O. O. F. Michael Biagioni Mr. Richard Bijjani Jeffrey and Nancy Bilezikian Lawrence R. Bisbee, Jr. Black Rock Realty Marin Blitzer Bartholomew and David Bartholomew Chix with Stix of Boch Ice Center Edward and Barbara Boches Denise Bordonaro and David Johst Boston Celtics Boston Teachers Union The Johanna K. and Jeffrey T. Black Foundation Trust William H. Brack and Jessica Anne Ladd Rachael Bradley Maurice G. Bradshaw and Karen M. Fanning Daniel B. Brewster, Jr. Ellen Brezniak Brigham and Women’s Hospital Oncology Nancy Brooks Robert and Sarah Bua Susan O. Bush William C. Butcher Cabot Money Management, Inc.


Cambridge Bicycle/KHS Bicycles David and Patricia Cameron Patrick Campbell Laurie Campos Mary and Chris Canavan Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Cannon Mr. Matt Carzone Central Bank Estate of Ethel L. Chandler Mrs. Joanna Chanis and Dr. Vasilios Mourmoutis Michelle Choate Mr. Dean A. Christensen Christina and Tim Cohen Christopher Chadbourne and Associates Claudine M. Ciccia Mirza and Nora Cifric Circles City of Boston Employees’ Charitable Campaign Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Clapp Claudia G. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Gerard H. Cohen Tim and Christina Cohen Victor and Janet Coletti Columbia Management Colvins, Inc. Comcast Corporation Commonwealth Cooperative Bank Commonwealth of Massachusetts Employees Charitable Campaign Computer Associates International Mrs. Margaret A. Congleton Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Conigliaro Christian Connors Adam Cook Mr. and Mrs. Russell V. Corsini, Jr. Lynda M. Coye David and Janet Coyle Daniel R. Coyne Mary A. Crabtree Fund Jody Crowell Mr. and Mrs. John J. Cullinane Ellen Culliton Sean Curtin Bruce Daniel and Susan Dacey Danversport Yacht Club, Inc. William and Kathleen Davidson Estate of Charles Davis Laura Davis and Tyler Jacks Michael K. Davis Mary Dawley Michael C. Dearinger John DelPrete Todd DeMartinis Denham Capital Management LP Claudia Dent and Pam Hurley Richard Deutsch Robert J. Devaney, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Devereux Mr. and Mrs. Leonard John DiCarlo Diesel Direct Molly Diggins and Mark Duggan Mr. and Mrs. Michael DiMattia Ted and Coleen Dinneen Lynn Dionne

Peter Dlugosch and Kelly A. Flynn William and Julie Doe Mr. James M. Donovan and Mrs. Melissa Donovan Mark Doyle Brent T. Dragisich John and Kathleen Drew Mr. Joseph P. Duffey William and Carol Duggan Alan and Crystal Dumas Jack, Teddy, Jaclyn and Greg Dunn Dineen M. Dusablon Jean C. Egan Janet D. Eisendrath EMD Serono, Inc. Ronald F. Enemark EnviroBusiness, Inc. Nelson and Ellie Everts Mrs. Laurie Ewald Frank and Eileen Faggiano Donna and John Farrelly Charles and Anne Farrington W. Ward Fearnside David H. Feinberg Maurice and Carol Feinberg Family Foundation, Inc. Peter C. Finsterwald Michael T. Fitzgerald Forest City Commercial Group Forty Niners Investment Group Eric J. Foster Mrs. Henry L. Foster Foundation for Metrowest Robert J. Fox Glenn Frank Mr. and Mrs. David A. Freeman Barry and Evan Freid Jay French Frontier Capital Management Co., LLC Frontier Science & Technology Research Foundation, Inc. Chris Fullerton Mary I. Fulton Patricia L. Furness Robert and Catherine Gallagher Kim Galle Garden Neighborhood Charities Garfield Group Tony Gemma General Re Corporation Ron Geraneo Ace Gershfield Donald Gilligan and Regina Maniscalco Kevin Gillis Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Gillis Keith Glover and Lenore Hill Michael E. Gobes Ricardo and Karen Godoy Mrs. Barbara Goldberg Carolyn Golden Hebsgaard Kenneth and Ann Gorson Mark Gorstein and Susana Lannik Nathaniel and Jodi Gorton Barry and Jackie Gosin Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Grant

Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo Dr. William and Mrs. Linda Green John Greene Lisa Greenhut Jason and Roberta Gregerman Patricia A. Griffin Robert Gritter Mr. Steven and Dr. Barbara W. Grossman Ian and Dianne Gutterman Beverly and Adam Haas Stuart Haber Anne K. Halvorsen Estate of Eugene B. Hamilton Robert and Theresa Hamm Richard Merrill Haney, Ph.D. and Merle Marie McConnell, M.L.S. Paul Hanson Kathleen A. Harrington Scholarship Fund The Hartford Jason Hartley Harvard University Employees Antoine Hatoun and Andrea Levitt Mr. and Mrs. William H. Hays, III Mr. Jeffrey Heighton Teresa Heinz and John Kerry John and Christina Hennessey Wendy Henry Estate of Wilhelmina Herbert Josephine Hewitt High Pointe Foundation Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos, Inc. Hiram Youth Development Center Stephen and Ann Hogan Hollingsworth & Vose Company Timothy M. Hourihan Mrs. Sherry Howell Hatch HP Employee Charitable Giving Program Mr. and Mrs. Brian S. Hull Hungry Mother Michael A. Hunt Christopher T. Hunter Walter and Suzanne Huskins IBM Employee Services Center Mr. Geoffrey F. Ide and Ms. Peggy Hernandez Industrial Defender Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts Interior Resources Inc. Invesco Ipswitch, Inc. Edie Janas JDJ Resources David Jennings and Jennifer Krebs JetBlue Michael L. Jewell Dennis D. Jilek Jilmarr Foundation Inc. Holly and Bruce Johnstone Cynthia Jones Patrick T. Jones

Daniel and Elizabeth Junius Russell L. Kane Mr. Sean Kane Kaplan Financial Services Inc. Susan Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. John R. Karlberg David and Anna Kasabian Maria Katsileros Katsiroubas Brothers Wholesale Fruit & Produce Kelly Construction Rachel Kelly Donna Kendall Christine E. Kenny The Kenwood Foundation Amina Khan King Spruce Company Paul King and Patricia Walker King Bonnie E. Kirchner, CFP, MST Carmella A. Kletjian Knoll International James T. Knowles KSP Financial Consultants Stephen and Mary Ann La Pierre David F. Lafferty John and Caroline Langan Harry M. Lasker and Abigail C. Housen The Lassor and Fanny Agoos Charity Fund James Lawlor Drs. John and Marissa Lazor Mary Leahey Henry Lee Caren and Guy Leedom Tracy L. Lehnen Charles M. Levine Gardner Lewis Mrs. Dorothy L’Homme and Ms. Melissa M. L’Homme LifeLine Ambulance Service Trust of Alfred V. Lincoln George and Ilse Lohrer Richard and Denise Lopriore Ian and Isabelle Loring Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Loughlin Mr. and Mrs. F. Cameron Ludwig Mr. Craig Luhrmann Lynch & Associates Daniel G. Lynch Scott and Cathy MacFarlane Mr. and Mrs. Loran B. Macumber Scott J. Magin Thomas and Joanne Magliozzi Timothy P. Maher Robert and Donna Maresca Douglas and Sarah Marshall Philip Martell Massachusetts Financial Services Company Douglas and Amanda Massey Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mattson Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McCall McCarter & English Marla J. McDougall John and Michaela McSheffrey Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mead, Jr.

Maureen and James Mellowes Merrimac Charitable Trust Mass General Hospital Planning and Construction MIB Group, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Miner Michael and Gloria Moran Paul A. Moreno Morgan Stanley Jennette Morgan Dawn Mortimer Karen Morway Mr. Boston Leather Mr. Sid, Inc. Kurt Mueffelmann Mullen Advertising, Inc. Katy Mulvaney John and Catherine Murphy Lauren Murphy Sarah Murphy Muzi Ford City David and Linda Nadeau Carolann and K. George Najarian Jennifer A. Nassour and Charles J. Brucato David Nectow Neiman Marcus Nelson Mead Fund New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. New England Office Connection, Inc. Marianne and Ken Novack Gary Oberstein John O’Connell Patrick J. O’Leary Audrey E. Olsen Charles Olsson Maureen F. O’Neill Thomas M. and Nancy H. O’Neill Foundation Michael and Jane Orseno Maryann Ouellette Linda and Edward Owens Oxford Fund, Inc. General and Mrs. Peter Pace Sandra L. Palmer William J. Pananos Pandora The Pappas Family Charitable Fund Peter D. Parker and Susan Clare Carol S. Parks Hope and Michael Pascucci Pathology Associates of Sturdy Memorial Hospital, Inc. Charles H. Pearson Foundation Fund Trust of Louise Pease Allison and Stephen Pellegrino Peoples Federal Savings Bank Foundation Charlotte A. Perretta Mr. and Mrs. E. Lee Perry Carol Peters and Marc Perelman John and Mary Peters John Manning and Jodi Petrucelli Pitney Bowes, Inc. The Piwinski Family Plimpton-Shattuck Fund

Laura and Robert Plumb Tiziana Polizio Kate Poverman and Raphael Bueno Press Family Foundation Harriet P. Primmer Bernard and Catherine Quinlan Irving and Charlotte Rabb The Ray of Hope Foundation Matthew T. Raynor David and Jessica Reilly Robert Reiser & Co., Inc. Roger and Hannelore Reiser REIT Management & Research, LLC Republic Plumbing Supply Company, Inc. Lisa and Paul Richards Kennedy P. Richardson The Ritz Carlton Boston Common Mr. and Mrs. Scott Roberts Joyce L. Robsham Barbara and Pat Roche Rockland Trust Company Heather Roney and Michael Yalon The Rosenkranz Foundation Rotary Club of Plymouth Mrs. Lesley Rotchford Walter Row Karen and Richard Ruben Cliff Rucker Scott and Megan Ruddick Mr. Mark Russell Mr. and Mrs. Michael Russo Salem State University Terry and Larry Salvucci Mr. Daniel Santaniello Ernst and Mary Schaefer Mr. and Mrs. R. David Schelzi Caroline and Fred Schernecker William and Leslie Schroeder Sensitech, Inc. Michael and Jennifer Sexton Shamrock Running Club Timothy D. Shay Ross and Kathleen Sherbrooke Robert A. Sherman and Kim Sawyer Joan Silverman Simple Tuition, Inc. Scott Sipple Sixty-Nine Gainsborough Realty Jane and Gordon Slaney Mr. and Mrs. John J. Slavik Sloane and Walsh, LLP Barry Smith and Susan Ogrodnik-Smith Lilyane and Peter Soltz Springfield College Squire Lounge James and Joan Stanley Nadine and Alexander Steffan Norman Stein and Mindy Lubber The Stephen Mead Charitable Fund Scott Stephens Gilbert and Sally Steward Family Fund Nicole and Ted Stimpson Stowe Mountain Lodge Robert E. Struck, Jr. Structure Consulting Group

Brian M. Sullivan Sun Life Financial Distributors, Inc. Nancy Swanson C. David Swindell and Gail F. Goodman Kevin and Joan Symmons Sandra J. Tamer Heather Tartar Taylor and Luongo Charitable Gift Fund Teamsters Local 25 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Thomas Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation Tim and Bonnie Thomas Tiff Advisory Services Susan M. Tobin Tocci, Goss & Lee PC Mr. Xavier G. Touret Mr. and Mrs. Stokley P. Towles Travelers Insurance Patricia E. Trebino Gene and Susan Tremblay Heidi Trilsch Trinity Partners U.S. Bank Barry Unger The United Church in Walpole United Parish of Auburndale Jerome Urvoy Mr. and Mrs. Warren G. Valdmanis Luis and Jennifer Vidal Patricia and Stephen Villani Rosemary T. Vincelette Gabriel Vincenzo Pamela and Peter Voss The Waldwin Group, Inc. Representative Martin J. Walsh Peter and Jessica Walter Alvin and Judy Warren Watertown Savings Bank Lisa Watkins Andrew Watson Ms. Rochelle Weichman and Ms. Joann Share Wells Family Foundation Wequassett Resort and Golf Club Beth K. Werths Mrs. Constance V.R. White Peter and Kendra Wilde Merrill B. Wilder Penny Windle and John Kline Trust Under Will of Stella K Wise Kent Wittler Michael and Andrea Yanoff Za-Beth’s Magic Carpet Zoom.7 Inc.


Circle of Hope The Home proudly recognizes members of the Circle of Hope recognition society who have contributed $250 to $999 within a given fiscal year. The following list reflects all gifts and pledges received between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011. MENTOR

($500 to $999) Anonymous (7) A.W. Perry, Inc. Brian J. Abbanat Jody Adams and Kenneth Rivard Nancy W. Adams Aetna Giving Campaign Lesley Ahern Anjali and Andrew Ahn Mr. Joseph Albanese Mr. Mark Allan Altman-Stiller Foundation Ames & Gough, Inc. Amtrak Anchor Capital Advisors, Inc. Gaille Anderson Dorothy and Gary Anderson Natalie C. Anderson Robert P. Andrews Selene Angier Aquitaine Dedham at Legacy Place Trey Armstrong Judith A. Aronstein Fund Artú Trattoria & Rosticceria Hillary Ashton Matthew Asiaf Athena Capital Advisors Dennis and Susan Ausiello Auto Line Pavement Marketing Steven and Angela Bader BAE Employee Community Service Fund, Inc. Robert Bailey Melissa Baker Brian R. Bakker Anthony Barbagallo and Kristen Forks Kevin X. Barbary Cornelia Barnard Barrett & Barrett, P.C. Dennis Barry Kenneth and Auli Batts Bay State Disposal, Inc. Scott Bedell Kurt P. Belken Alex Bennett The Bennett-Hemenway School Joan Bentinck-Smith Clyde and Rene Bergstresser Black Rock Country Club Elizabeth P. Black Peter J. Black Employees’ Community Fund of the Boeing Company Philip and Carol Bois Susan P. Booth Bose Corporation Boston Marriott Newton Boston Nursery Design Dimas Botelho Gayle A. Bourdeau


Richard and Deborah Boutilier Doris E. Bouwensch Stephen P. Bradway Stephen Brady Shawn and Kathleen Bragdon David and Barbara Brierley Brigham and Women’s Hospital Cardiovascular Division Brighton Marine Health Center, Inc. Bristol-Myers Squibb Katherine K. Brobeck and Family Jean Brodnax The Brotherhood Fund, Inc. Scott R. Brown Elizabeth Brunner Buildium, LLC Jim Bumpus William and Deborah Burke Doug and Connie Burton David and Ethel Butler Thomas J. Butters David and Moira Byer The Cambridge Homes Paul D. Cammarata, D.M.D. Elizabeth Campbell Patrick D. Campbell Cans for Charity, Inc. Patti and Albert Cappelloni Melinda Carlino Keith Carlson Jim Carmody Christine Carney Joseph Carroll Emma J. Catalano Century Bank Nicole Chang Maria Chase Ginebra Chris Checksfield Brian F. Chiango Bernard C. Chioccariello Anjali and Yash Chitre Linda Chu Sherry Ciaramella Beth Cifelli-Merner City Year Clark, Hunt & Embry Mr. and Mrs. John J. Cleary Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Clerico Michele V. Cloonan Stephen and Eileen Cloonan Joel and Stephanie Cohen Coldwell Banker in Westwood James G. Coletti Michael and Linda Collins Charles and Camilla Collova Janice L. Colombi Deborah Colony Combined Federal Campaigns of Rhode Island and SE MA Marlies Comjean Commonwealth of Mass/Information Technology Division

The Community Builders Edward Comstock Mr. Steven Conahan Concert Pharmaceuticals Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Connolly Maureen A. Conroy Mr. Michael Conville Roger Cook Howard M. Cooper Mr. John Copley P. Cornelison Kerstin Cotran Robert Coughlin James F. Cove, IV Keith Crawford James E. Creutz Gary and Jeanne Cronin Patricia Crosby William H. Cruickshank, Jr. Mr. Berkeley W. Cue Sida Cui Lauren Culliton Edward and Susan Culver William F. Cummings Marion O. Cunningham Curtis Construction Company, Inc. D. J. Walsh Associates Daniel O. Dahlstrom Edward H. and Dawn L. D’Alelio Fund Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. D’Angelo Gary Darman Amy Davis Mr. and Mrs. Howard W. Davis DB&S Lumber & Home Improvement Centers Mr. and Mrs. Dominic DeAngelo Mr. and Mrs. Richard Decembrele Defran Systems, Inc. David and Deborah Deitz Mr. and Mrs. Christopher E. Delaney Sean Delaney Brian and Valerie Denomy James A. Depietro Anna T. Dern Thomas and Mary DeSimone Eric D’Espaubes Matthew DeSutter Gerard Dever Mr. and Mrs. Bernard M. Devine, Jr. Craig Devivo James and Maureen DiSilva Penelope A. Dobkin Doll Study Club of Boston Brian Donegan Mr. and Mrs. William H. Donovan Phillip Dorman Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Dorsey Crystal Douglass Paul and Barbara Dowling Kyle Draeger Robert Duffy Elizabeth Duggan

Nicolas Dunn Stephen and Mary Dunn Evelyn S. Edmonds Scott and Kathleen Edwards Dawn M. Egan Eugene M. Egan Mr. Adam Elics Michael Elkin Amy A. Elmore Embassy Suites Boston Logan Airport Emerge Spa & Salon Chris Engebretson Robert S. England John L. Ennis Enterprise Fleet Services Environments at Work Louis Esposito Exxcel Gymnastics FactSet Research Systems Inc. Karen Falcone Maureen Fallon Edward and Helene Faneuil Mr. Joseph Fantasia William Faradie and Suzanne Rich John Fashjian Fiera Foods Company Jeff Filmore Mr. and Mrs. Neal J. Finklestein Fisher Family Fund Nancy Fitzgerald William M. Fitzgerald Daniel Fitzpatrick Flagg Foundation, Inc. John H. Flagg, Jr. Linda A. Flaherty Michael Foraste James Forcier Forty 1 North Fowler Printing and Graphics Bill Franklin Mary Fronk and H. Smallridge Susan B. Furtado Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Gallant Jeffrey and Jennifer Gandel Gary Darman Company The Gem Group, Inc. Christina Gibbis Anne F. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gilbane Paula J. Gilligan Glory Daze Peter and Catherine Goldring Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Goober Gregory Goodale Roy Goode The Gordon Family Susan E. Gordan Charitable Gift Fund Philip and Barbara Graceffa Grandin Family Foundation Melanie and Richard Green Veronica Greenbaum Nancy and Gary Greenberg

Lee Greenblatt Mr. Devin Griffin Griffith Properties, LLC Linda and Alberto Grignolo Lorraine E. Grindall Mr. and Mrs. David A. Grossman Guido Guidotti Diane Gulinello Mrs. Marge Gulla H.M.L. Associates Tina Haack Hachette Book Group Mr. and Mrs. H. Hamilton Hackney, III George F. Hailer Thomas P. Halchuk Thomas P. Haley Robert and Pauline Hamilton Todd Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Hammersmith James and Vanessa Hammond Mr. David Hampson Jessica L. Hanchette John M. Hannigan Mr. Jonathan L. Hargrove David and Joan Harper Mr. John Harrington Mr. Rob Hasselbaum Mike and Laurie Havanec Heaney & Small, LLP Michael and Mary Winn Hearle Heavey - Quinn Academy of Irish Dance Denis and Elizabeth Helm Mrs. Rushna T. Heneghan Mr. Joseph P. Hernon Nancy L. Herring James and Marilyn Heskett Arthur and Ruthann Higgins Rosemary H. Higginson Highfields Capital Management LP Eileen Hinchey Jane E. Hoffman Mr. Thomas J Hogan Stephanie and Robert Hood Douglas and Elizabeth Horan Steven and Heather Horan Michael Horowitz

Michael and Susan Houle Tony and Erin Howard Cassie Hurd Ryan Hutchins I Love Rewards Tom Iannotti Jeannette Iles Indian Pond Country Club, Inc. Jennifer Infantino James P. Ingram Iron Workers Union Local 7 Jennifer Itzkoff Edmund Izbickas J. F. Plumbing, LLC J. Winsper and Co, Inc. Joanne Jaxtimer and Michael Barry Jillian’s Boston Mr. and Mrs. Bruce K. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Johnson Mary Johnson Nancy and William Johnston David M. Jones Tracy Jones Eileen Kane Eric Karnowski Jennifer Katzl Kathleen A. Kechejian Mr. and Mrs. George Keches Cynthia B. Keliher Brian Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kelley David Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kenah William Kennedy Kenneth Berman Photography Jeffrey E. Keselman Mr. and Mrs. David Kettner Sabin M. Khemlani Mrs. Pelonomi Khumoetsile-Taylor Susan Kincaid and Ralph Luongo Elizabeth M. King Scott and Jennifer Kirwin William Klepper Donna Kletjian Alex Knight George and Carolyn Koehler Byron Koh and Fran Wall

Paul and Nancy Krueger Nobuko Kuhn Miriam Laliberte Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Lambert Raymond and Marie Lambert Lancaster Communications Group Landmark Impressions Courtney Langdon Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Lanuto Andrew Larson and Steven Gray Douglas and Linda Lauffenburger Timothy A. Laurin Judith P. Lawrie June M. Lebert Bob and Sue Ledwith Shannon M. Lee Tim Lefor Patricia Leighfield Russell Lesman Laura L. Lester Richard and Jan Levenson Ralph Levoy Charlotte Lewis Heather Lewis The Life Initiative Andrew Limeri Denis and Rebecca Lin Cyrus B. Linscott Mark H. Lippolt Mrs. Danielle Lombardi Antonio J. Lorusso, Jr. Caroline Loughlin Jon Louis Sharon Lowe Elisabeth A. Luick Jon Lupfer and Susan Berseth Lyman Family Fund M. A. Chambers, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Arthur N. Mabbett MacDonald Development Stacy and Michael Mach Stephen MacNichol Joseph and Tracey Mahoney Karen Marinella Dr. Mallika Marshall Mrs. Heather Martin Ingrid S. Martin

Mason Contractors Association of Mass Massachusetts Capital Resource Company Massachusetts General Hospital Stephen J. Mastrocola Stephen Matheson Donna May Nicholas and Kristen Maynard Marcia Maytham Mr. and Mrs. Gerard P. McCarthy Amanda McCormick Christine McCormick Peter McDaniel Carol McDonough Kier McDonough Jeffrey McHarg and Elaine Dors Jim McKeon Mr. and Mrs. Dylan McKnight Stephen J. McMahon Ryan Mcneill Marj A. McQueston Michael J. Meehan Merck Partnership for Giving Albert Mercuri Merrill Lynch Randy S. Meyers and Jeffrey Rand Mill Street Investment Management Alejandro Miranda Pierre Monfils Steve Mongeau and Janice Ruell Judith Monteith Andrea Moore William C. Moore, Jr. James Moran Jill and Paul Morelli Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Morgenstern Elizabeth J. Moroney Lisa A. Motta Timothy and Sara Mulcahy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mullin Lawerence Mumbauer George and Beth Murnaghan Robert J. Murray Nandini Murthy Paul F. Nagle Memorial Fund Charles B. Nanick Patricia Nassau

“BIG WISHES” GIFT DRIVE BRINGS JOY AND HOPE The Home was once again gratified by the community’s support of the “Big Wishes” gift drive in December 2010. From individuals and companies to our sponsors and media partners, everyone helped make holiday wishes come true for the children and families in our care. Throughout the month, events were held to raise awareness and collect toys for the gift drive, including WCVB-TV’s “Stuff-a-Truck” which challenged the members of the community to help fill a truck with gifts in just one day.

2,906 “wish list” items were donated to specific children and thousands more received gifts 13

Circle of Hope (continued)

Robert Needham Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Nemia Lance A. and Deborah C. Neumann Mary D. Neumann New England Revolution New Hampton School Lori Newman Marie R. Newman Michael J. Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nichols John Nickodemus Robert and Kimberly Noonan Employees Charity Organization of Northrop Grumman NSTAR Foundation NSTAR Cindy Null Suzanne O’Brien Ohl Fund, Inc. Old South Union Church Stan Oldfield Joseph and Alma O’Loughlin Eric A. Olsen and Diane L. Davies John and Carol O’Neil Oppenheimer & Co. William R. O’Reilly Roberta L. Orlandino Mr. and Mrs. Bobby G. Orr Mrs. Lynne Osborn Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. O’Shea, Jr. Wyn O’Shea Mary O’Sullivan Margot O’Toole Deborah Palmer Mr. and Mrs. John A. Passerini Mr. and Mrs. Zak Patten Eliot B. Payson Kathleen Peto Petroleum Coke Management Company Nancy E. Petronio John Petrowsky and Thomas Vise Law Offices of Stephanie A. Petty, LLC Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Beth L. Phillips

Physical Sciences, Inc. Marsha Pliakas Jason Pollack Ann and Frank Pomposelli Wilfred and Joan Pouliot Robert and Elizabeth Pozen Province Lake Golf Bill Pryor Philip Pulitzer and Caitlyn Welle Joseph Rader Radius Management Services II, Inc. Kara Lee Rainey Ramp Sports, LLC Charles and Patricia Rand Peter E. Rawson Dan Rea Readville Knights of Columbus Claudio Rebbi Jeanette Reedy John Reilly Associates Sandra Reilly Mr. Paul W. Reinsmith Remington Middle School Suzanne and Jack Reno Richard and Christina Wood Fund Cheryl Richards Janne and Matthew Rigatti Riley Brothers Alan and Elizabeth Rindler Michael W. Riordan Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Robertson Christy Rodriguez John Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Roman Paul and Margaret Rosenberg Mr. and Mrs. David Rosman Mrs. Marcia Roy The Martha and Max Rubinstein Family Foundation Ryan Ruel Stephen and Janet Ruggiero Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Russell Michael D. Ryan Wendy L. Sabin Barbara J. Saint Andre Michael L. Sakala Salisbury & Neelon Attorneys at Law William Salisbury Erin and Nathan Sanders

Gerald and Lucille Sands Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Sanginario Sappi Fine Paper Annmarie Sasdi Cate Scanlon Catherine G. Schneider John Schneiter Alison Schondorf Frederick and Kathleen Schultz Megan Secatore Robert G. Segel and Janice L. Sherman Brigitte I. Senkler Henry D. Shaw Walter Shephard George and Beatrice Sherman Family Trust Lucy I. Sherman Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sherman Norton L. Sherman Suzanne R. Shields Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Singer Paul and Lisa Slack Harold T. N. Smith Memorial Foundation Mr. Joseph M. Smith Gayle Snider Ellen R. Sokoll Norman and Joanna Solari David Solomon Michael E. Solomon Anna and Jack Sommers Spaulding Management Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Sperry James Spitzer Mrs. Anne G. St. Goar Mr. and Mrs. Peter Stanley Mr. and Mrs. James C. Stanzler Star of Bethlehem Lodge, AF &AM Dr. Judith and Hanno Steen Gary and Deborah Stein Emilie Steinnagel Edward J. Stephens Frank Stevens Jennifer Stewart Mary Strachan Ellen Sugarman Jeanne M. Sullivan Jeffrey M. Sullivan Joseph and Marcia Sullivan

A SPECIAL EVENING AT VOICES & VISIONS A record number of over 1,000 people attended Voices & Visions, our signature fundraising event on May 25, 2011. Thanks to the support of our many generous sponsors, nearly $1 million was raised. The theme of this year’s event, “Cultures of the World,” was brought to life by some incredible children’s artwork, from Mayan poems to a Vietnamese tapestry. The highlight of the program was the presentation to our honorees, Rick Loughlin, President of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage New England, and Board member Stephen Pemberton, who shared his moving story of growing up as a foster child. 14

Laura J. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Sullivan Sarah Sullivan Timothy Sweeny Suzanne Swift Debora Symonds and Family T.C. Murphy, Inc. Bernard A. Taradash The Mardock and Tarczali Families Denis Taylor Thomas and Diane Teuten Carol A. Thomas David and Nancy Thyng Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Tomasi Top Of The Hub TopSource, LLC Tra Tutti Mr. and Mrs. Nigel Travis Kristen Tribeault Thomas Trimarco Ken Tutunjian United Way of New York City United Way of Rhode Island Richard D. Urell Diane M. Ventre Verizon Foundation Laura A. Verville Richard and Eileen Vincent Vision Land Group, LLC Ernest and Beatrice Von Mertens Charitable Lead Trust Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc. Mrs. Paddy V. Wade Walpole Service Delivery Project Patricia Walsh Robert Walsh Susan Walsh Amy Ward Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Washienko Mark Watson & Associates, P.C. Raymond B. Watstein Scott Wayne Joseph Wayshak Gerry Weber Webster Bank Elizabeth Weir Wellesley College Wellesley Middle School

Wellington Management Company, LLP Tom Wells Wentworth Institute of Technology Mr. Michael Whouley and Representative Sally Kerans Robert and Maureen Wight Michelle Wilcon J. Thomas Wilcox, Jr. David and Lisa Wilk Glenn M. Wolfset Christina D. Wood Wistar Wood XV Beacon Ronald and Barbara Yates William S. Yerazunis Jane O. Youngren Paula Zavrl


($250 to $499) Anonymous (19) A. Street Scrap Metals Corp Abcam, Inc. Pamela A. Abenaim Abendroth, Berns & Warner, LLC Daniel Abraham Sonia S. Abrams Acadian Assset Management, LLC Joan Adams Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Adler Affordable Interior Systems Maryann Agresti Beth Aho and Family Michael J. Albrecht Paul Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Reynold R. Alexander Amy Almeida Richard A. Amato Peter Ambrosini Amica Companies Foundation Stanford Amstutz Joanne Andrews Elias K. Andrinopoulos Deborah J. Andwood John M. Angier Arbor Associates James and Jane Archambeault Peter Arden The Arnold Family Blanche Arnold Jorge Arroyo Jonathan P. Ash Gregory Atkinson John F. Austin, III B.W. Kennedy & Co. Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Bachner Jean Bachovchin Joseph Badaracco Brenda J. Bailey Maureen Bailey Sharon Bak Robert P. Ball Banana Republic Dr. and Mrs. David Barlow Robert Barnes Catherine B. Barns Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Barone

Brian Barriero Paul J. Bartlett Joseph and Jeanne Bartolo Sharon Batchelder Robert Bayers Mr. and Mrs. Francis R. Bean Mary Beauchamp Robert Bedard Beech Tree Inn Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Belezos Christopher Belmonte Jennifer K. Bemis Nancy Benchoff John A. Benning Paula Bentinck-Smith Azita Berenjian The Bergman Family John Bergman Kurt J. Bergstrom Berklee College of Music David Berman Bern Unlimited Kimberly Bernabeo Jason Betley John and Lisa Biggio William E. Bilodeau BioMed Realty Trust, Inc. Mark Bissell Peter Blau Steve Bocamazo Tom Bond Jean Bonney Mr. and Mrs. Gordon S. Borek Jerry F. Boren Kathi Borkholder Eileen and Charles Borzilleri Boston Carmens Union Local 589 Boston Firefighters Local 718 Boston Housing Authority Boston Lyric Opera Boston Mutual Insurance Co. Boston Private Bank & Trust Co. Boston VA Research Institute Charley Boudreau Dee Bouffard Mary M. Bounapane Bournewood Health Systems Mrs. Melissa Boynton Kathleen Bradley Sandra J. Bradley John Branning Nanette C. Braucher Lyn Braz Sandra Breck Therese Breen Mr. and Mrs. Colin Brench Brewster Wallcovering David and Gloria Brewster Margot H. Brickelmaier Brigham Dermatology Associates Brimmer and May School Richard Brinker Dr. Paul and Jennifer Brock James M. Broderick and Karen A. Johnson Jeffrey R. Brodeur Brookline High School Brookline Rotary

Myles Brown and Judy Garber Gerda M. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Brown Julie Brown Myles Brown and Judy Garber Dr. Rosalind S. Brown Francis P. Broyer Mr. and Mrs. Adam J. Bubonovich Lindsay Bucci Mariann Bucina John and Barbara Buckley Kathleen Buckley Elizabeth Buckner Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Bullen Judith Burke Maribeth Burke Michael Burke Mrs. Sarina Burke Thomas Burke Mr. and Mrs. Eric G. Butler The Charles Button Family Mr. and Mrs. James J. Cahill Gary and Lynne Callahan Sybil A. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Canavan Cape Cod Rehab Vincent and Karen Capozzi Steve and Michelle Carbonneau Cardinal Medeiros Transitional Program Karen Carey George A. Carini Jaime Carlin Michelle Carlow Camille Carlstrom Matthew Carpenter Arthur Carr Michael and Margaret Carrington Shannon Carroll Mary Ann Carter James P. Carvalho Eleanor C. Cary Maureen Caulfield The Cavan Group Sandra Censabella and Thomas Vittorioso Stanley and Dolores Chaban Champion Cleaning Sandra Chan The Charles Hotel Norman Charles George and Mary Chin Maureen Christani David and Jeanine Christian Julian Chu Susan Ciampa James Circo Theresa Clair Nicole Claret Cindy L. Clatterbuck Jeffrey C. Clough Robert and Maureen Clough Ilene M. Coburn Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Cody Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Cogliani Jerome D. Cohen Jeremy A. Cohn James M. Coleman, M.D. John E. Coleman

George B. Coles Collaborative Consulting Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Collins Greta M. Coltart Douglas J. Colton D. Brian and Harriet H. Colville Andre G. Compagna Complete Installation Congress Wealth Management Sara A. Connerty Patricia A. Connolly Dr. and Mrs. Peter S. Connolly William and Patricia Connolly Rosemary A. Connorsbotto Janet W. Cooke Charles Corcoran John Correia Barry and Wendy Cotton Michael Couture William J. Cowhig Kelly and Michael Cox Michael and Mary Coyne CPCU Society Sheila M. Cram Tim Creamer Creative Preschool Creature Cakes John and Caroline Crocker Theodore and Elizabeth Cross Jon and Carol Crowe Crowne Plaza Boston Newton Hotel Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Culgin Robert N. Cunjak Christopher G. Cunniff Joan P. Cunningham Curis, Inc. Gerald and Jeanne Curtis Mr. and Mrs. Michael Curtis Robert and Caroline Curtis Patrick Cutter Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. D’acci Barbara A. Daly Dandelions Flower Shop Erik D. Danesh Anita D’Angelo Anita and Flora D’Angio Bruce Dansby Doreen Dantono John D’Aprile Katharine Daragan David Davies Jonathan and Margot Davis John and Kirsten Dawson Pierre De Villiers JT T. Dean Frank G. DeAngelo Daniel J. DeBassio, Jr. Anthony Decicco Law Offices of Janet K. DeCosta, P.C. Deerfield Elementary School Eunice Delaney Mr. and Mrs. William F. Delaney Selena DellaRocco Iphigenia Demetriades Mr. and Mrs. Marco Depril Lia DerMarderosian Susan A. DeRoche Rene DeStefano


Circle of Hope (continued)

Colin Devonshire and Ethel Bullitt John M. Dewsnap Dhar Law, LLP Diamond Business Credit Mr. and Mrs. Robert Diangelo Milagros Diaz Donald and Paula Dickinson Mark C. Dickson Mr. and Mrs. Vincent A. DiIorio Paul W. DiMaura Mr. and Mrs. Bill D’Innocenzo John and Karen Ditmars Sylvie A. Djian DKNY Philip Dole, Sr. Paul Donaghey Janet Donelan Julie B. Doran and Friends Janice Dorian Andy Doucette Richard and Maureen Dowd William E. Doyle Douglas Drachman and Erica L. Mayer Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc. John Driscoll Korinna Driscoll Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dudgeon June B. Duggan Joan Dunfey Raymond Dunner Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Dunsmore Fredericka Durant Ted and Beth Durant Tom and Noelle Durling Isaac C. Dyer Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge, LLP Thomas and Margaret Egan Alan Einhorn and Suzanne Salamon Jeffrey Ellowitz Carl and Pauline Emilson Ernst & Young Employees Jeanine V. Esperne The Essex Culinary Resort and Spa Diane L. Esslinger April Evans David Everhart Peter and Maryann Evers Expeditors Boston Mr. Nathan J. Fair Phyllis C. Fairchild Fairmont Battery Wharf Kerry P. Falco Douglas V. Faller Anne C. Fallon Mr. and Mrs. Mark M. Falzone Louis Fantozzi Barbara Fargnoli John and Sharon Farinacci William A. Farrell Michael Farrow Mary Beth Faucher Mrs. Susan Feld Mrs. Lorraine Felt Albert L. Fenn


Mr. and Mrs. John P. Fennelly Peter W. Fickeisen Ronald P. Figelski Alfred J. Filiaggi Financial Executives International Philip Fine and Beverly Holley Mary E. Finn-Hogan Judith A. Fitzgerald Mrs. Kelly L. Fitzgerald Richard Fitzgerald Robert Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Fitzpatrick Michael J. Fitzpatrick Patrick Fitzsimons Five Star Quality Care, Inc Jason Fivek Mrs. Beverly Flaxington Albion Fletcher, Jr. David Florence Eli Florence FM Global Foundation Glendon A. Foley Stephan G. Fopiano, Sr. Michael Forrester Robert R. Forsberg Frederick Fortmiller Paul E. Foskett S. Foster Foundation Inc. Foundation To Be Named Later Normand Fournier Frances Ray Jules Salon Bret J. Francis Mr. and Mrs. David J. Fraser Freeman Decorating Services Inc. Diane E. Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Freeman Terri Freeman Meredith B. Friend Thomas and Cherry Frost Kim Frye Robert C. Furbush Robin Furumoto Brian Gaff Gregory and Loretta Gailius Constance Galanis Mr. and Mrs. James L. Gallagher Kim Gallaugher Maryann Gallivan William B. Gannett Paul S. Garber John P. Garrett Dr. Kevin Gasiorowski Jean M. Gaudet Christopher and Lynn Gaughan Norma E. Gavazzi Scott Gayman Gazebo Inn Ogunquit GE Healthcare Michael W. Geis General Dynamics Colleen Geraghty Alaina J. Giampapa Eleanor Giannelli Gibbons Electric Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gilbert Shirley A. Gillies Mr. and Mrs. John Gillis

Michael T. Gilmore Thomas Ginivisian William Glatfelter Julie M. Gleason Matthew and Karen Glynn Paula W. Gold Ken Gomulka Denise Goodman Molly L. Gorman Mr. and Mrs. John Gould Goulston & Storrs PC Mrs. Charlotte Heaton Gowen David Graham Thomas A. Grandmaison Martin Graney William Grant Paul and Priscilla Gray Carmine A. Greco Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Greene Richard Greene Frederick and Cathy Grein Christopher Griffin Grimes Oil Co. Calvin M. Grimes, Jr. Marina Gross Virginia Guarino Joyce Gubata Clifton Gustafson Emily C. Gustafson Paul and Carol Gustafson Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Gustus Elizabeth Habich Paul Hagerty Richard C. Hale Betty A. Haley Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Hamberg Yasmin Hamed Renee Hamel Wayne Hamilton Harvey and Jeanne Hansen Mr. and Mrs. John Harbison Jennifer and Brian Harkins Tom Harnan Marc Harpin Hart Supply Co., Inc. Michael Hart Dana R. Hartwell Alexandra B. Harvey Charles Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Hawes, Jr. Whitney Hawker Gerald and Anne Healy Lisa Healy and John Lacey Robert Scott Henderson Dr. and Mrs. W. Hardy Hendren J. Herz Donna M. Hess Walter Heyde Ingeborg Hilberg Robert M. Himmel Kalon Ho Ross N. Hoffman and Dorothy D. Crawford Joseph F. Hogan, Jr. Nicholas and Debe Holland Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Holland Mrs. Lucile J. Holliday Home Plate Advantage

Filomena Homem Kathryn L. Horan The Horblit Family Maureen Horgan John Horvath Hotel Marlowe Houghton Mifflin Company Tim Howe June S. Hubbard David K. Hudson Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Huggard David Hughes John Hughes Agnes D. Huot Hurdle Hill Foundation Robert N. Husson Robert Hyland Icon Entertainment, LLC ING Direct Ingram, Rettig, and Beaty, Inc. The Inn and Spa at Mill Falls Invest in Others Charitable Foundation Inc. Daniel P. Irwin and Sheila M. Howard Marie Isenburg Craig Jablonski Kimmie Jackson Walter H. Jacobs, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jamiol Janis Research Company Paula Jaqlyn Jasper White’s Summer Shack Jennifer M. Jaynes Donald T. Jenkins Mrs. Audrey J. Jerrick Peter and Nancy Jeton Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Jiava John Glenn Middle School Mr. and Mrs. Eric W. Johnson Georgia M. Johnson Dr. Peggy Johnson Diane R. Johnstone-DeRosa Jason Johnston-Mason Thomas M. Jones Maryann Jonsson Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Jordan, Jr. Charlotte Joslin and Leslie Cheek Kevin and Michele Joyce JPMorgan Chase Foundation Matching Gift Program Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Jutras Doug and Jeannette Kahn Kathy B. Kalimon Ruth Baruch Kaminsky Daniel and Pamela Kaplan Johanna Kaplan Loretta Keane Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Keefe Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Keefe Robert D. Keefe Colleen M. Keenan Mr. and Mrs. Morris W. Kellogg Allie Kelly Siobhan Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Kenney Richard Kerivan Laura M. Ketchum Robert A. Keyworth

LONGVIEW DIRECTORS CLUB CELEBRATES 60TH REUNION Since the 1950’s, a group of volunteer businessmen have held monthly gatherings with the boys at Longview Farm, acting as mentors, advisors and role models. Whether playing sports, going bowling or just doing guy things, the Directors Club has provided these youth with opportunities to have fun and simply be kids. In May 2011, decades of “directors” gathered for a special reunion to celebrate the collective impact they’ve had on the lives of the boys at Longview.

have always considered every night that we spent with the “ Iboys at the Farm a very worthwhile endeavor. ”

—Skip Wells, Directors Club alum and former board member

Jill Khederian Anne Kimball Elizabeth J. Kincannon Anne Kingston Gary R. Kirchner-Theriault Mr. and Mrs. Will E. Kirkpatrick, III Daniel and Sharon Kleitman Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Knowles Maureen Kobayashi E.M. Koerner Christopher and Sheryl Kokkinos Kevin Kontos Bryan Koop Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Krampf Janice E. Kranz Thomas and Linda Kraus Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kress Matthew Kuhar James Kuhn Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kunz Joseph Kvedar Ambrose Kwong Victor F. Lahteine Andrea Lamparelli S. Lisa Lamparelli Shawn Lancaster Kristin Landgraf Heidi E. Lane Langer & McLaughlin, LLP Jane Lannon Mr. and Mrs. John Larrabee Amy K. Larson Peter Laursen David P. Lawrence Ned and Daphne Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lee Kevin Lemire Mr. and Mrs. William Lemnios Beth Leney Ellen Virginia Leon Allan S. Leonard Richard R. Leone, Jr. Miss Katie Lev Joshua Levin Allison Lincecum Lincoln Property Company

Lois L. Lindauer Julianne Lindsay Jeffery K. Lines Pamela M. Lingel Lionbridge Joe Lisiecki Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Litle Amy Litman Barbara H. Lloyd The Locator Services Group, Ltd. Neil R. Lodi Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Looney Anthony D. Loureiro John D. Low, Sr. Douglas and Linsey Low Ralph W. Lowry Kenneth W. Lund Russell and Barbara Lurvey Mrs. Mary Lyle-Mahoney Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Lynch William M. Lynch Maureen Maas Mr. and Mrs. George Macallister Dorothy M. MacColl Elizabeth and John Mace Katherine MacGregor Vykki MacKenzie John R. MacLaren Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. MacNevin Paula and John Macomber Janet MacQuarrie Joan Magnusson Karen and Thomas Mailey Nicholas Mainieri Thomas F. Malone Robert Maloney Laura Maltby Mandarin Oriental Boston Jaime and Harry Manion Steven Marando Linda K. Marino Nancy Marks Boston Marriott Cambridge Boston Marriott Copley Place John B. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Martin

France Martins Rosemary Martirosian Massachusetts Cruisers Auto Club George E. Massaro Richard and Yasuko Mattione Brian May Ross Mayer Maynard Place Realty Trust Apartments Vincent Mazzarella Dan McAdam Donald McCabe Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. McCarthy Robert B. McCauley Marybeth McConaghy Kevin McCune C. Christine McDermott Maureen McGettigan Connie McGrane David G. McGrath Tracy McHale Kathy M. Mckee Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. McKenzie Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. McKinney Margie McLean Andrew McLellan Paula Mcmanus Alice J. McNally Anne McNamara Gerard McNulty Loretta McTiernan Mrs. Alison J. Mcvie-Wylie Michael J. Mead Carol T. Mei Dr. and Mrs. Peng Mei Carol W. Melaugh, Esq. Beatrice Merriam Katherine P. Messenger Katie Metter Sophia Meyersiek Arlene F. Michael Middlecott Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Middleton Luke Miller Cyndee Milley Pamela Milligan Millis High School

Lee R. Minardi Rosemary Minnehan William Mitchelson Mr. and Mrs. Chandler J. Moisen Gregory Moniz Matthew C. Monohan and Jennifer M. Lapointe Michael E. Monteiro Geraldine Mooney Henry F. Mooney Leslie and Charlotte Moore Susan Moore Gordon W. Moran Mary C. Moran Hannah B. Morehouse Michelle Moretto William and Margaret Morin Carolyn Morris Michael R. Morrison Thomas E. Morrison Morse Barnes-Brown & Pendelton PC Christopher A. Morse Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Mosher Dr. Peter R. Mueller Robin Muir-Zarro Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mulcahy Mr. and Mrs. James Mumford Miss Alana H. Murphy Mrs. Elaine C. Murphy Phyllis M. Murphy William H. Murphy Andrew and Barbara Murray Betty A. Murray Kevin Murray Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nannene National Instruments Michael Neidl Edward Quinlan and Leslie Nelken Cathy Nelson Elaine K. Nelson Judith A. Nelson Robert and Erna Nelson Daniel Nephew Dr. Nancy Nersessian New England Promotional Products Association, Inc.


Circle of Hope (continued)

Marilyn Newman Thomas D. Newton Caroline Niemira Richard Nilo Nimble Partners Hilary Noel Daniel and Linda Noreck Frederick and Elaine O’Brien Robert O’Brien Ira and Judith Ockene Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. O’Connell Ann E. O’Connor John and Jane O’Connor Joseph O’Connor Brian and Sally O’Donnell Dierdre O’Donnell-Griswold Marsha P. Oest Janet N. Ogilvy Frank and Alma O’Glishen LuAnn Ohanian Patrick O’Hanlon and Lynn Bry Steve and Susan O’Hara Gayle Ollerhead Mary P. O’Malley Mrs. Sarah Orlandella Rachel Ory Diane Palombi Vishnu S. Pandey Panera, LLC Deborah M. Paquette Parkway Message Center, Inc. Dr. Shirley F. Partoll Marcus Pascual Ronald M. Pastore Arthur D. Patten Paulist Center & Chapel Mark and Kerry Payson Dunja Pechstein Jonathan Peck Joanne C. Peckarsky Dr. Suzanne Pender Morris Suzanne L. Pendergast Nic Pepe and Sandy Stephens Danielle Peppard Pepper Hamilton, LLP Lars Perkins and Susan McConnell Roland K. Perkins Judith G. Perley

Rabbi Bart Perlman Noreen Pero Virginia L. Pescosolido Phi Alpha Delta - MacLean Chapter James and Bonnie Philip William and Margaret Phillips Richard D. Phippen and Family John Piccione Laureen Pickering Caesar Pietrangelo Lauri Pietruszka Ervin Pietz Timothy Pinch The Plain Dealer Kevin Pojasek John and Joyce Poles Portobello Road Deborah Portyrata Cynthia M. Poulos, M.D. Julianne Powers Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Price Frederick and Ruthann Prifty PRW Associates, Incorporated Jason Pryde Paul Ptashnick Thomas Pucillo Tony Pucillo Pureview, LLC Mrs. Ruth Putman Putnam Investments Matching Gifts Program Albert Pye, Jr. Pyramid Advisors Richard Quaglia Radlo Foods, LLC Melissa Radzikowski Alicia Rampulla, Ph.D. James R. Ramsay Mary Ranese Robert J. Rappa Alan L. Rathgeber Victoria Rawlinson Raytheon Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James Raza James Raza Readville Council No. 2980 Lawrence Redding Mr. and Mrs. James Redmond Ludmila Reed Mrs. Sharon Reed-Eramian Mr. and Mrs. James J. Regan The Resort at Singer Island

Jonathan Reuter Jack Ribeiro Sarah Ricciardelli Breanne Ricketts Ellen Ridge James C. Rigney Dennis L. Ringland Brian Roach and Wendy Reisman Shirley S. Roberts Alice B. Robinson Stuart B. Robinson Alphonsus J. Roche William J. Rogers, III Joe and Jan Roller Michael Rosbash Mr. and Mrs. Glenn D. Rosen Samuel and Karen Rosenthal Roslindale Village Main Street Carolyn Thayer Ross James Ross Jeremy R. Ross Jonilee Rossi Roberta Rubin Jane Rudnick Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Rudnick Patricia O. Rudovsky Patricia Ruley Ed Russell Barbara Russo Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Rust Anne and Joseph Ryan Mrs. Eileen Ryan John P. Ryan Peter and Colleen Ryan Mr. and Mrs. David B. Salerno Eyad Salloum Mustafa Salman Salon Luxo Mr. and Mrs. Marty Salvi Suzanne Salvucci Norbert Salz Samet & Company PC Pamela A. Sanborn Sanchez Commitee Mr. and Mrs. William T. Sandalls, Jr. Mark Sanders and Kathleen Donohue Albert J. Santoro Saracen Properties, LLC Sauer & Sauer Jonathan Sauer Mrs. Linda Saunders Julianne Savarese

Anthony and Jamie Scavone Dr. and Mrs. David Scheff Albert and Edna-Mae Schneider Mark Schug Elizabeth Scrivani Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Seitz Steven Selfors Dr. Eva M. Selhub Mr. and Mrs. Frank Selldorff John R. Serafini, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Shafir Mrs. Dorothy Shapiro Eli and Beatrice Shapiro Daniel Shea Mrs. Jo Shea Susan and Thomas Sheehan Sandy Sherman Steven Simard Susan Simonelli Lisa Simonetti SimpleTuition Ellen Simpson Pearl Singhakowinta Donna M. Sirutis Elyse Skyton Janelle Smart Fisher Albert E. Smith Cheryl A. Smith Deborah L. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Smith Edward J. Smith, Jr. James Smith Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Smith Mr. and Mrs. Tom Smith Michelle Smith Nancy Smith and David Kendall Shelby K. Smith Mark Snyder Somerville Homeless Coalition Sonic Arts Janet Sortor Southcoast Endodontics, PC Mr. and Mrs. Bradford A. Spencer Cheryl A. Spillane Christine Spont and Paula Dube Mr. and Mrs. John Spurr, Jr. Pratima Srinivasan Michael Stabile Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. Staten Staybridge Suites Charles and Elaine Steeger Elizabeth Stefanik

THRIFT SHOP OF BOSTON MARKS 85TH ANNIVERSARY Boston’s oldest thrift shop celebrated 85 years of giving back to the community in June 2011. The Thrift Shop of Boston has provided generous financial support to The Home, raising a record $50,000 this past fiscal year. The dedicated staff, volunteers and supporters help this wonderful shop in Roslindale Square continue to thrive.


Geoffrey and April Stein Jay and Julie Stephens Sterling Golf Management, Inc. Phyllis Stewart Tara Stilwell Kermit Stofer Jessica Stokes Timothy and Nancy Stout Richard R. Stoyle Philip and Rachel Strauss Carol Streit Strike a Chord Anthony M. Strittholt StrollerFit / Baby Boot Camp Structure Tone Massachusetts Theresa and Maurice Sullivan Mrs. Barbara E. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. James A. Sullivan Joseph Sullivan Ryan Sullivan Janet V. Swanson Mary Swanson Tata and Howard, Inc. Ben and Kate Taylor Charitable Foundation Debbi Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Scott Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Stewart D. Taylor Technivend, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Tedeschi Jebb G. Tether Rick Theder Christine B. Thomas Irwin E. Thompson

Linda Thompson Marc Thompson Shellburne Thurber Jeffrey Tilton and Michelle Thomas Ward Barton Tomlinson Jeff Tompkins Carol M. Toomey Jessica Toth Susan M. Trubiano Ming and Polly Tsai Vassilios A. Tsiaras Mr. and Mrs. Jerome M. Tuck Sheila Tucker Jeremy Tuten Daniel F. Twomey Jenny Tyrrell Tyson Charitable Gift Fund United Way of Bergen County United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania UPS Foundation Leo Van Glabbeek Carlos Vargas Atul Varma Richard Vartanian Maureen and Michael Vasily Kirk Vaughan Rosamond B. Vaule Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Verbesey Michael Vesprini John P. Vetere Andres Vilms Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Vincent

John Vitiello Paul G. Vivino Amy Voloshko Janice Vomacka Donald F. Vose Lindsay Vose Anna and Andreas Cullen-Voyatzakis W Boston Henry Waas Carol Wadsworth F. Channing Wagg, III Sarah Walker Richard V. Wallace Lisa F. Wallack David P. Walsh Stephen Walsh Leslie A. Walstrom Leigh Walton Carol Ward Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ware Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Warren Wash World Complete Car Care Washienko Communications Matthew Waterbury William Waters Andrea Watson Mrs. Rosita L. Watson Jacqueline Waxlax Irvin W. Weaver William Weber Susan Weiler Robert Weintraub James Wells Westin Copley Hotel

Lindsay Wetmore Barbara Wetzstein Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Whaley Jennifer A. Whigham White Chiropractic Health Center LeRoy White William H. Whitledge Lona T. Whitley Daniel and Kelly Wilburn Wilkins Investment Counsel, Inc. Cynthia Wilkins Dr. and Mrs. Harold A. Wilkinson Anjanette Willems Willis of MA, Inc. Roger Wilson Shannon Wilz Jeff Wolber Thomas Wood Caitlin Woodward John Wright Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Wythe Teresa Yamana Ronald A. Yankee Gul Yanmaz-Karsligil Valerie A. Yarashus James and Kathy Yoshizawa Susan Young Denise Zalitas Jane and James Zavistoski Raymond and Nancy Zemlin Mary Louise Zoukis

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this listing. Please direct any questions or concerns to Janet Suarez, Director of Development Operations, at 617-927-0663 or jsuarez@thehome.org.

legacy circle The Legacy Circle honors those friends who have included The Home in their estate plans or have established a planned gift. This perpetual link between the donor and The Home is a testament to the donor’s passion to better the lives of vulnerable children and families. Myron L. Belfer, M.D. Dr. Helen M. Bouscaren John Edward Bradbury* Nancy and Gregory Bruett Jarka and Grayce Burian Mr. Wallace C. Butterfield Alexander Carroll* Ethel L. Chandler* Mrs. Edward M. Cook Eileen D. Crittle Mr. Jeffrey Croll Mr. William H. Cruickshank, Jr. Leo Darr Charles Davis* Mr. Edward Dinaro, CFP Mrs. Elbert Drazy

Lena Q. King* Gertrude C. Feldman Mr. Maurice Fitzgerald Robert Fuller Anne Gray* Richard Merrill Haney, Ph.D. and Merle Marie McConnell, M.L.S. Wilhelmina Herbert * Thomas and Caroline Hovey June S. Hubbard Mrs. Joanna R. Inches Ms. Dianne Ingalls Cynthia Jones Christine E. Kenny Mrs. Dorothy L’Homme Ms. Melissa M. L’Homme

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Landay Olga Lennon* Mrs. Marion A. MacLeod Helen A. Marenna* Robert H. and Dorothy E. McCaffrey* Ms. Ida M. McCarthy Robert B. McCauley Phyllis A. McCullough* Ms. Patricia A. Monk Dr. Nancy Nersessian Joan Paul Mr. Mark Hollyer and Mrs. Robin Pendleton-Hollyer Mr. and Mrs. Russell Peterson Joseph Qualantona* Dorothea A. Routhier*

Mr. Norman D. Socher Mr. and Mrs. Norman D. Sproul Charles and Elaine Steeger Ms. Irene R. Sweeney Mr. Anthony Taiani Marion L. Taylor * Mr. and Mrs. Alex Taylor Jean F. Tierney Mr. and Mrs. John Vibberts Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Wells, III Henry T. Wiggin* Mr. Walter C. Wilson, Jr. Nancy W. Workman* * deceased


Matching gifts Many employers sponsor matching gift programs that essentially double the value of any charitable contributions made by their employees. In the last three years, the following generous companies have matched gifts to The Home: 4Charity Foundation, Inc. Adage Capital Management, L.P. Adams Street Partners, LLC Aetna Giving Campaign AIG Matching Grants Program AllianceData Allstate Giving Campaign American Express Gift Matching Program American Tower Corporation Amgen Foundation Matching Gift Program Amica Companies Foundation Anchor Capital Advisors, Inc. Applied Biosystems Applied Materials Employee Giving Program Arbella Insurance Group Charitable Foundation Autodesk Matching Gifts Program - USA Babson Capital Management LLC Bank of America The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation BD Group Boston Financial Data Services Boston Trust & Investment Management Company Bristol-Myers Squibb Brookfield Financial Properties L.P. C.R. Bard Foundation, Inc. Cabot Corporation The Charles Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving The Chubb Corporation Citizens Bank Foundation Computer Associates International

Concentric Energy Advisors Covidien Credit Suisse First Boston Corporation Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation Digital Equipment Corporation Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation Eaton Vance Management Charitable Gift Fund Educational Testing Service Employee Donations Eos Foundation Equifax The Finlay Foundation FM Global Foundation Friedman Billings & Ramsey Capital Markets Charitable Foundation Frontier Capital Management Co., LLC GAP Foundation Gift Match Program General Electric Foundation The Gillette Company Matching Gift Program Give With Liberty Global Impact Goodrich Foundation Google - Matching Gifts Program Gorton’s Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo The Grossman Companies, Inc. Harbor Capital Advisors, Inc. Highfields Capital Management LP The Home Depot Honematic Machine Corporation Houghton Mifflin Company HP Employee Charitable Giving Program IBM IDC Financial Services Illinois Tool Works Foundation

ING Direct Instrumentation Laboratory Invest in Others Charitable Foundation Inc. Investment Technology Group Ipswitch, Inc. John Hancock Matching Gifts Program Johnson & Johnson Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery JPMorgan Chase Foundation Matching Gift Program Juniper Networks’ Company KeyBank Foundation Loomis Sayles & Company, L.P. Loring, Wolcott & Coolidge Office LYTRON Total Thermal Solutions Macy’s Corporate Services Massachusetts Financial Services Company Massachusetts Port Authority McDonald’s Corporation McGraw-Hill Companies Merck Partnership for Giving Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc. MIB Group, Inc. Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Microwave Development Laboratories, Inc. Millennium Pharmaceuticals Matching Gift Program The Millipore Foundation Monsanto Company Morgan Stanley Motorola Foundation Mullen Advertising, Inc. National Instruments Natixis Global Asset Management Nokia Matching Gifts

NSTAR Foundation Old Mutual Charitable Foundation Omgeo, LLC Oracle Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Pitney Bowes, Inc. The Plymouth Rock Foundation Putnam Investments Matching Gifts Program Raytheon Charitable Foundation The Reebok Foundation Reed Elsevier Inc. Saint-Gobain Corporation Foundation SAP Matching Gift Program SEI Investments Developments, Inc. St. Petersburg Times Fund, Inc. State Street Matching Gift Program Sun Life Financial Tap Connected to the Community Giving Campaign The Elsevier Foundation Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Tiff Advisory Services Tyco Matching Gifts Program U.S. Bank UBS Financial Services Unica Corporation Unum Verizon Foundation VHB/Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. The Wachovia Foundation Waters Corporation Wellington Management Company, LLP WellPoint Foundation Woodland Partners, LLC

THE HOME LAUNCHES YOUNG PROFESSIONALS GROUP The Young Professionals Group was created in FY11 to develop a new pipeline of support for The Home. Members act as spokespeople for the organization, host fundraisers, and encourage like-minded professionals to get involved. The group held its first two events, a holiday celebration at Dillon’s and a summer social at blu Restaurant. Both fundraisers featured a raffle, silent auction, and plenty of time to network with fellow young professionals from the Boston area.



board of directors

Executive Management Team

Officers John T. Hailer, Chair Pamela Herbst, Vice Chair Lisa K. Matthews, Secretary Dale Bearden, Treasurer

Joan Wallace-Benjamin, Ph.D. President and Chief Executive Officer

Members Roy F. Bates, Jr.

Heidi Ferreira Vice President for Performance Outcomes and Risk Management

Richard K. Bendetson Beverly A. Brown James C. Burrows Tushara Canekeratne Anjali U. Chitre Brian A. Davis Mary Beth Gordon

Peter Evers, LICSW Vice President for Program Operations John F. Hennessey Geoffrey F. Ide Patricia Jabar Lora Khederian Tim Miner Stephen J. Pemberton Daniel J. Riccio Laurie Slifka

Kenneth E. Hamberg, MBA, CPA Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Lisa Rowan-Gillis, MSW Vice President for Development and Public Relations Leonora R. Wise, MA, MLA Vice President for Human Resources

board of ambassadors Marin Blitzer Bartholemew, Co-chair Matthew J. Sliwa, Co-chair Trudy Almquist Deborah Burrows Joseph Byrne Collette D. Chilton Glen Davis Molly Diggins Karen A. Ditmars Susan A. Donahue Melissa A. Druley Paul P. Epstein David L. Giunta Jarrad Glennon Patricia A. Griffin Stacey H. Gutwillig John F. Harrington Mimi Hewlett Stephen M. Kogon Christina A. Larson Caren I. Leedom Mark H. Lippolt Caroline Loughlin

Kelly S. Mann Roger Merrill Christopher H. Milton Christina W. O’Donnell Laureen Pickering Suzanne Pilkerton Sherri Raftery Kara Lee Rainey B. Susan Ray Suzanne M. Reno Eliza Hapgood S. Rowe Joan A. Sapir Deborah L. Smith Peter D. Soltz Patricia E. Trebino Kristin K. Valdmanis Liam J. Walsh Joseph Wayshak Harry E. Wells Janet G. Wheeler

“ If your actions inspire

others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. ” —John Quincy Adams

271 Huntington Avenue Boston, MA 02115 617.267.3700 | 888.HOME.321 www.thehome.org

Profile for The Home for Little Wanderers

Annual Report FY2011  

The Home for Little Wanderers' Annual Report for FY2011.

Annual Report FY2011  

The Home for Little Wanderers' Annual Report for FY2011.

Profile for thehome

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