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Alpha Sigma Phi 2008-2009 Annual Report


A Look Inside Volunteer Support Expansion Results Trending Success Income and Expense Awards Grand Council

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Ideals Advanced


ear Brother, We can all

take pride in the performance of our Fraternity during the 2008-2009 academic year. In the midst of some of the toughest economic challenges witnessed in generations, recruitment numbers held strong and Alpha Sigma Phi made steady progress towards its strategic vision. The Fraternity’s professional staff established once again why the leadership and development programming delivered by Alpha Sigma Phi are recognized as some of the best offered throughout higher education. Their tireless commitment to Grand Chapter, The Ralph F. Burns Leadership Institute and Presidents Academy impacted the lives of more than 700 men. Our undergraduate Brothers showed their strength through recruitment. Their efforts resulted in 862 men pledging the Fraternity with 90% of those men (771) initiating by year’s end. These numbers are quite impressive when you consider that the number of pledges was above the 5 year average and the number of initiates was the second highest total during that same period. Moreover the men in our chapters made a significant down payment on the future by sending a record number, 372, to the Burns Leadership Institute.

A joint letter from our GSP and CEO Volunteers also answered the call of Alpha Sigma Phi in a big way during the last 12 months. 20 men came forward to serve as Grand Chapter Advisors (GCA) for our chapters. Numerous other brothers gave of their time and talent to support leadership programs or work in conjunction with a GCA to directly provide assistance to our chapters with recruitment, officer mentoring, alumni, parent and campus relations. Much thanks for this success goes to the Alpha Sigma Phi Educational Foundation and all of you who generously donate to it. The Fraternity’s opportunity To Better the Man is greatly enhanced by this financial support and it would be impossible to pursue the vision of being the “co-curricular organization of choice” without it. It is humbling to realize that in spite of economic strain many are facing at this time, strong support from alumni like you actually allowed the Educational Foundation to increase it support of the Fraternity in 08-09. As we head into the new school year Alpha Sigma Phi is being led by new President and CEO Gordon (Gordy) F Heminger, Bowling Green ’96. In spite of the success of the past year Gordy will have a very full plate and much to achieve. Continued emphasis on enlisting volunteers to provide direct assistance to our chapters and their undergraduate members will be the top focus. The goal for recruitment is 1,000 pledges this year. A renewed energy towards expansion efforts is expected to produce three charterings in the months ahead and to fill the pipeline with colonies and interest groups. Meanwhile Gordy will help guide the staff to continue the excellence in programming and prepare for Grand Chapter in August of 2010 in New Orleans. We hope to see you there!

Rich Ritter, Grand Senior President Tom Hinkley, Chief Executive Officer 2

Year at a Glanc

Our Fraternity is strong.

The past 12 months revealed a renewed vigor in our pursuit of the lifelong experience that is Alpha Sigma Phi. Alumni and undergraduate brothers have risen to the challenge of thriving in -- not just surviving during -- the nation’s current economic downturn.

It’s a testament to the spirit within each of us; a spirit that embraces the notion that great difficulty affords great opportunity.

Volunteer Support We continue to be encouraged by the growing support our alumni volunteers. In 2009, we reduced the number of open GCA positions from 10 to 3, and we continue to focus on developing each GCA’s Chapter Council of advisors. Our volunteers serving on the Grand Council donated a total of more than 3,000 hours of their time to the cause of contributing to the Fraternity’s business. Each Councilor averaged nearly $1,500.00 in non-reimbursable out-of-pocket expenses in dedication to their call to service.

VolunteerDevelopment 2004-05 Grand Chapter Advisors 40 Chapter Councils n/a Associations 12 House Corporations 21 Fraternity Homes 21 Parent Clubs 0 Regional Chartered Assoc. 4 Total Alumni Volunteers n/a

2005-06 55 n/a 12 21 21 0 4 374


2006-07 63 23 15 22 22 0 4 418

2007-08 58 23 34 22 34 2 2 490

2008-09 61 21 34 29 33 2 2 524

Year at a Glanc

Program Success In January, The Ralph F. Burns Leadership Institute experienced its most successful year to date – with 372 brothers attending. Equally as impressive are the attendance numbers from the Presidents’ Academy of Leadership, held in February. More than 100 undergraduates and volunteers participated, all sharing the common goal of better enthusing the ideals of our Fraternity within their local chapters. While – in addition to the some 200 brothers in attendance – nearly 60 delegates and chapters/colonies were represented at the 2008 Grand Chapter held in Louisville, Kentucky.

Expansion Results Our expansion efforts have achieved results, as evidenced by the following points:

• We revived the Wake Forest chapter, netting 39 initiated men. • We achieved status as a finalist for expansion at Missouri State University • We beat out five different NIC groups to become chosen by Capital University to expand there in Fall 2009.

We also have lined up Fall 2009 expansions at Alabama, Wayne State, and Oakland. And for Spring 2010 we’ve lined up Chico State, Sonoma State, San Francisco State, UC Davis, Yale, and Harvard.

Active Expansion Sites Sites We’re Currently Prospecting Interest Groups California State University, Chico Capital University (OH) Oakland University (MI) San Francisco State University Sonoma State University University of Alabama University of California – Davis Wayne State University (MI) Yale University

Missouri State Elon Georgia Tech Sacramento State Oregon University of North Florida Auburn Barry University Spring Hill College University of Kentucky Western Michigan Eastern Michigan Michigan State England College

Colonies Baldwin-Wallace College Plattsburgh, SUNY University of New Hampshire


The Brothers of Alpha Sigma Phi are making an even greater impact on society through our involvement with our new national philanthropy the LIVESTRONG Foundation. To date, around the country, our members have participated in [NEED NUMBER] of events that raised more than [NEED DOLLAR AMOUNT HERE].

Year at a Glanc

Commitment to Charity

Trending Success As we chart our progress over the last five years, we see encouraging signs of growth. We see a significant spike in colonizations; our spring recruitment numbers are once again up and – perhaps most importantly – the Average Cumulative GPA is up for the fifth year in a row.

BytheNumbers 2004-05 Chapters and Colonies 68 Recolonization/Colonizations 5 Chartering Ceremonies 1 Undergraduate Initiates 1,400 Fall Recruitment 454 Spring Recruitment 456 Total Undergraduate Membership 2,310 Average Chapter Size 34 Campus Visits 86 Risk Management Violations 9 Foundation Chapter Endowments 12 Average Cumulative GPA 2.73


2005-06 66 1 1 1,819 392 373 2,584 39 67 4 12 2.80

2006-07 67 1 2 1,953 400 361 2,714 40 54 4 13 2.85

2007-08 63 2 2 1,575 489 387 2,451 40 40 4 14 2.87

2008-09 61 6 0 1,565 462 410 2,425 39 42 9 14 2.89

The Number

Income and Expense (by percentage)

Year Ended June 30, 2009


1.13% 2.17%

25.26% Chapter Services Foundation Grant




Leadership Programming Other Expansion

BudgetedRevenue Chapter Services Foundation Grant Insurance

$530,145 $340,196 $312,453

Leadership Programming Other Expansion

TOTAL $1,236,784


.53% .49%

$13,150 $13,958 $26,882


Chapter Services Foundation Grant Insurance



Leadership Programming Other Expansion

ActualRevenue Chapter Services Foundation Grant Insurance

$533,662 $339,052 $313,168

Leadership Programming Other Expansion


$11,900 $6,396 $5,905

TOTAL $1,210,083

The Number

Income and Expense (by percentage)

Year Ended June 30, 2009


3.24% 2.98%

Fraternity Operations Risk Management


Leadership Programming



Governance Chapter Services


Chapter Development


Alumni Development Expansion

BudgetedExpense Fraternity Operations Risk Management Leadership Programming Governance

$262,776 $236,094 $190,650 $150,043

Chapter Services Chapter Development Alumni Development Expansion

$145,120 $135,625 $38,714 $35,682

TOTAL $1,194,704


2.98% 4.72%

Fraternity Operations Risk Management Leadership Programming

11.92% 17.99%

12.7% 17.22%

Governance Chapter Services Chapter Development


Alumni Development Expansion

ActualExpense Fraternity Operations Risk Management Leadership Programming Governance

$220,830 $240,699 $211,387 $155,891

Chapter Services Chapter Development Alumni Development Expansion

$146,330 $157,583 $36,587 $57,907

TOTAL $1,227,214


Awards and Recognition

Centennial Recognition Zeta Chapter, The Ohio State University – 100th Anniversary Eta Chapter, University of Illinois – 100th Anniversary Theta Chapter, University of Michigan – 100th Anniversary Iota Chapter, Cornell University – 100th Anniversary

Grand Senior President’s Trophy Bowling Green State University – Large Campus University of Akron – Small Campus

Evin C. Varner, Jr. Distinguished Service Award Robert Strecker, Washington ’78

Distinguished Merit Award Ratan Tata, Cornell ’56

Delta Beta Xi Award Ron Fischer, Indiana ’69 Chuck Given, Illinois ’63 Richard Grousset, Cornell ’95 Gordy Heminger, Bowling Green ’96 Craig Polk, Stevens Tech. ’99 Russell T. Rawlings, Barton ’76

Frank F. Hargear Memorial Award Alexander M. Kefaloukos, Elmhurst ’04

Oak Wreath Award of Distinction Cindy Soller, Mother of Craig and Brian Soller, Toledo ’06

Dr. Otto L. Sonder Chapter Service Award Greg Ghirardi, Ohio State ’98 and Akron ’07

Louis Manigault Ritual Award Zeta Chapter, The Ohio State University

Alpha Gamma Upsilon Award Mu Chapter, University of Washington Nu Chapter, UC – Berkeley


Gary A. Anderson Memorial Award Delta Tau Chapter, Murray State University

Cardinal and Stone Award of Excellence Beta Rho Chapter, University of Toledo

Phi Pi Phi Award Beta Rho Chapter, University of Toledo


Edward W. Lenane Grand Councilor

Jeffrey R. Hoffman b Grand Junior President


Justin LaRoche Grand Councilor

Richard G. Buss c Grand Treasurer


Dane C.T. Leasure Grand Councilor

Joseph R. Zimmerman d Grand Secretary


Brian K. Thomas Grand Councilor

John W. Tilden e Grand Marshall


Hon. Robert W. Kutz Grand Historian


Bryan K. Proctor General Counsel

Jonathan K. Burns f Grand Councilor

The Grand Council

Richard T. Ritter a Grand Senior President

Bernard D. Schulz g Grand Councilor a


c f

1 j


d g h k


e i m

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