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d r Wo President from your

We were recently driving down the road and saw a church billboard stating “Every Seat has a Story and Your Story is Welcomed Here!” Liked it! And then this past weekend, our family came together and celebrated our dad’s 80th birthday. What do you give an 80 year old? We gave him stories. We laughed; we cried; we were surprised; and we were amazed. We told stories about him, and he reminded us of things that we had forgotten. It reminded us how thankful we were to have our family. It was community!! It reminded us of the church billboard –so your story is important, and we want to welcome it at SDCC. As another semester moves forward, each of you are adding a chapter to your SDCC story. Tyler Bailey added to his story when his inaugural hit was an inside-the-park homerun on our new campus baseball field. Emilie McDonald added a paragraph amazing us with her musical talents during her junior recital. Katelyn Neverkovec and Jacki Lowry created dialog for their story as they led the Senate members through the planning stages for the Super Bowl party, the Homecoming weekend, and the upcoming MVAs. The Lady Hawks basketball team added some drama and suspense to their plot by surpassing former benchmarks and being nationally ranked. The musical cast of Oklahoma! has prepared their story line with the many rehearsals; and Hannah Shattuck’s and Sean Hogan’s chapters will describe their adventures on the Thailand trip. We could go on forever sharing the collection of memories that each of you have created for the bigger SDCC story, but remember you are a part of a community that welcomes your story. It is our encouragement that you will get involved with your SDCC community and allow God to use your unique gifts and talents so that your story can be an amazing chapter in the SDCC story. We wish you well as you are finishing out another semester. For our seniors, stay connected. Make sure you stop by when you are in the campus area to let us know how the story continues. For our underclassmen, enjoy the summer. Make sure you keep informed with information that will be delivered throughout the summer months. We love you all and want you to know that we are delighted that you are a part of our story. In our seats at the SDCC Story, Dr. and Mrs. Ague


ThailaNd third world life HOW FAR WERE YOU FROM A CITY?

Well, it depends on your definition of a city. We were about 8 hours from Chiang Mai and 3 hours from any sort of town.


The people were amazing - they are the strongest, most resourceful people I could imagine. One day, I watched one of the men make a new handle for a hoe. He walked off the trail, cut a branch that was about the right size, and proceeded to finish it and attach it to the hoe less than fifteen minutes later. Watching what they can do was amazing.


I think that the most saddening thing for me was knowing how little response there has been to the gospel in Dae Buh Sae Lo Co. Knowing that the people who you have begun to love do not know Christ is heartbreaking.

WOULD YOU RECOMMEND THAT OTHERS GO TO THAILAND? Absolutely. It was an experience that God has used and is still using in so many ways.

WHAT IMPACTED YOU THE MOST? I don’t think that, for me, there was one thing that really stands out as impacting me.


There are several things that stand out. First, I think that missions has become much more of a priority in my life. I care more about it and actively seek out opportunities to participate in sharing the gospel, whether directly or through supporting others. Second, I have a much greater desire to be content with where the Lord has me and what I have. The Karen don’t have much, but what they have is enough. And strangely, I didn’t miss anything that I have here. But coming home, the temptation towards discontent is strong. But by God’s grace, I’m learning that what I have is more than enough.



Missions is the heart of Christ. He died that we might be saved and bring glory to His name, and share that same thing with others. When we participate in missions, we are participating in that which Christ came to die for. What an absolute privilege!


Pray! Ask those who’ve gone about their hut families or others that they met, and then pray for the people that they tell you about. Pray for ITDP and their long-term work there. Pray for the gospel to bear fruit. Second, support - teams are always in need of funding, and even $5 or $10 can make a difference. I know they sound cliche, but they aren’t. It is a privilege to participate in missions in that way.




The beauty of the surrounding fauna, the quietness, the people.


The most saddening thing was not being able to communicate with the people fully. Sign language only goes so far when you are trying to spread the Gospel.

WOULD YOU RECOMMEND THAT OTHERS GO TO THAILAND? I would absolutely recommend that others consider and pray about going on any missions trip, particularly the Thailand trip.


What impacted me most was how little they had, yet how poor they didn’t know they were. In other words, they did not have much, but that didn’t bother them because they did not know otherwise. To them, they have enough; maybe even more than enough.


My life in America has changed the most as far as my view on global Christianity. Over in Thailand the people have such a basic understanding of the Gospel in which they know they are saved by Jesus that it makes one stop and think about how overly-complicated American theologians can make Christianity. Christ saves and protects, to them that is all, and to me that is beautiful.


Missions work brings me closer to the heart of Christ by widening my perspective and love for God. This trip in particular opened my eyes to the beauty of God as seen in people who He made in His image. The culture of the Karen people is so humble and caring that it made me realize even more how loving God is if mere people can love to the extent that they do.


Prayer is the best way to be involved in any type of missions work, whether one goes across seas, goes downtown, or stays at home. Please pray. Financial support is a need, but who can do all things? It is a privilege to participate in missions in that way.

Memories from Katie Duffy, Charlie Borchard, and Sean Hogan 4

WHAT WAS THE MOST FASCINATING THING ABOUT THE VILLIAGE? I thought it was fascinating how one villager from every hut came out and helped us work on the different projects we had. They would drop the work that they did daily to come and be a part of something that would help their village rather than watching us do all the work. WHAT WAS THE MOST SADDENING THING? Leaving the village with the thought that I may never see these people again. I also was sad that a majority of Thailand wasn’t even aware that the Karen people exsisted. I have a strong passion for the children, and I miss them dearly. WOULD YOU RECOMMEND THAT OTHERS GO TO THAILAND? Yes, not only to experience a new culture but also to see God work through you in that new culture, outside of your own cultural bubble! When you stop doing stuff that you do in your daily life and go out into the world to do God’s work, it is amazing what He will show you. You just need a willing heart, and He will get you there if it is in His Will. WHAT IMPACTED YOU THE MOST? After this trip, I was able to understand the importance of long term missions. Our work would have had little affect if ITDP wasn’t already there doing work with the villagers. It is easy to go on a trip with the intention of doing something long lasting, but the truth is there needs to be consistency and longevity in presence. I was impacted by the relationship ITDP had with the villagers of the hill tribes, and I was reminded that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ no matter what our living conditions are. HOW HAS YOUR LIFE IN AMERICA CHANGED AS A RESULT OF YOUR TIME OVERSEAS? I have a picture on my dorm room door of some of the kids from Thailand. Everytime I walk into my room I see it and am reminded of my purpose: to love God and love others. Everybody in the villages would help each other with any job and it was like everyone was one big family. I try to have that mindset here in the U.S. We all are battling through life but if we work with God and each other as one family we can do anything. I find myself daydreaming about the village and the work God did through us and through the Karen people. HOW DO YOU THINK THAT MISSIONS BRINGS YOU CLOSER TO THE HEART OF CHRIST? Well first we need to realize that we go on missions for God’s glory and it is only through Him that we have the means to go out. If you come to God with a willing heart to serve He will take you places you may never have thought you would be. Missions brings me closer to Christ because I am getting away from the noise and temptations of everyday life and giving myself as a living sacrifice to Christ. Christ witnessed and helped people during His ministry, so in order to get closer to Him it only makes since to do what Christ did. We are His hands, feet, eyes, and heart. HOW CAN WE BE INVOLVED IF WE CANNOT GO TO THAILAND? There are a number of things that you can do to make an impact in Thailand. You can financially support a friend who is going on the trip, support a child from the village financially, buy the coffee that the villagers harvest, but the most important thing you can do is pray, pray, PRAY! Once we take the burden off of our shoulders and realize that it is God’s work and not ours (we are just His instruments) we are able to pray that His will be done. God doesn’t need us but what a blessing it is when He chooses to use us. Also, remember that we can’t mess up God’s plans...we can just be a part of them. Don’t be afraid to have a willing heart.



Online College is known as the land of procrastination, and everyone has their favorite sites to go to when that paper for Moulton or Haynes is due three hours. Here are a few favorites and a few you might not have heard of! Not that we’re encouraging your procrastination! Ok, so not a procrastinator but so very cool! It plays rain sounds in the background! Great if you really like noise in the background, but your roomate absolutely hates country and you happened to lose your headphones. Or maybe you just really like rain. Can be a hit or miss. You have a conversation with a “Robot “ aka the website. Sometimes it’s senseless but once in a while you get a Robot conversationalist you just can’t stop laughing at! So, girls out there, if you’ve not discovered this site- you are missing out! It’s a virtual pinboard where you can create boards with dozens of links to things you like! Currently, its popular for wedding planning (Go Christian Courtship College or as it was called- Christian Marritage College ! ;), crafts, recipes, fashion, and more! And Boys- don’t be turned away , it’s growing trends are photography, art, technology, and other things that you enjoy! This website is so COOL! You click on words to define them, and for every word you define right, you donate rice to help end world hunger! Grammar has never been so legit. ...or is it grammAr? So, you’ve all heard of this one yeah? But what is so amazingly fascinating about this other than trying to find new things to tell Emmanuel in a language that’s most likely not his? Try talking with your friends but only using the translator talk button! Nothing like telling your roomate to get out of bed in a female robot voice! Hurry! This website will be closing soon! In April, this amazing photo editor will no longer be available. Not only can you edit like a pro, but you can add captions, funny stickers and neat frames to your photos. You can even make your photos look like you’re all hip and instragramming it up! Who needs a smart phone to be cool?! ;)


“I’m not procrastin ating, I’m just hoping that Jesus comes back before this paper is due!” Elizabeth Converse, former SDCC studen t

Beloved F




Devotional from Beloved Writer: Juliette Holder






How many of us would want to have a faith like that? If we’re honest though, how often does that describe our daily lives? Fear comes from everywhere. Big and small, these worries take over our minds and cripple our faith. Our fear does not surprise God, which is why so much of the Bible tells us to not be afraid. But we are afraid. We’re afraid of getting hurt, being wrong, letting go, failing, or facing what we don’t know. The good news is, we don’t need to have all the answers. We don’t even need to get over our fears before God can use us. 2 Corinthians 12:9 says, “But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” Fears will come, but with the joy of the Lord as our strength we can follow God by His power. God is sufficient for us, and He wants to use us. Truly life -changing faith comes when we do the things that scare us and lean on the God who is greater than anything that could cause us to fear.


Discern WHAT’S IT LIKE BALANCING A FAMILY AND SCHOOL AND BAND? Gordon: Balancing a family, school, and a band is challenging. Time management is definitely a key to doing all three well. It took me about a month last semester to get into the swing of things, and it has gone smoothly ever since. I wouldn’t be able to do it without the support of my wife and my awesome fellow band members!



Paul: Being in the chapel bands for the last four years has been quite a growing experience. I’ve grown a lot as a musician (and even changed which instrument I typically play in a worship setting). Despite being in the chapel bands for 4 years, it hasn’t gotten old. While much of the nervousness has gone away, I still frequently find myself humbled by the fact that God would choose to use me to lead hundreds of His people in worship through music. That experience is something that I’ve really been touched by during my time at SDCC, simply due to the larger number of people that I play for at SDCC. The advice I would give future generations of band members is this: I can’t stress enough how important it is to realize that your musical background is different from everyone else’s in your band. Everyone else in the band might not play “Mighty to Save” the same way you do, so you’ll have to adapt. Also realize that everyone is going to have to adapt their playing style to best suit the band. Just because you know a cool lick or fill for a song doesn’t mean you should do it, because it might conflict with what the rest of the band is doing. If you’re going to do it, mention it to your band-mates and make sure you can have other people work to play things that won’t conflict with your part. Also, realize that you’re not the only good musician in the band. You might have been head and shoulders above the other musicians at your church back home, but your fellow band members are often at your same level musically and likely more talented than what you’re used to. 9

C hapel B ands



Riegel: The thing that I look forward to the most is the MO’s (mission opportunity). We (Resolve) get to lead worship at churches, events, etc. Also, sometimes we are provided gooood fooood! ;)

Are you interested in being a part of Chapel Bands in the future? Contact Andrew Thompson at 10

Why I Chose

my Major

Don’t Worry, We Won’t Bite Most folks gawk in horror when I first inform them that I’m majoring in English. They often cry, “Oh, I hate writing.” If they recover from the shock, they then usually back pedal frantically. “That is, it’s just not for me, but I can see how some people have to study it.” Maybe I’m upside down, but I really love it. I love reading novels and poems instead of textbooks, and I like the input and help available from our professors and the delicious brownies and the classes where we spend an hour and fifteen minutes just telling funny stories. But I can see how those are all bizarre activities to enjoy. So, I’ve concluded that I must be one of the unusual freaks out on the fringe just pretending to understand Shakespeare. But, it’s really not so bad. -Alex Harmening

Jambo SDCC. I was born and raised in Kenya (East Africa). I am a senior majoring in Kinesiology with a concentration in Sports Medicine. My main motivation to major in Sports Medicine is love for people no matter what they go through in life. My mom fell on the stairs when she was pregnant and sprained her knee just to protect me. Though the doctors helped her recover, I grew up feeling sad and sorry to hear that she put her life above everything else just so I could be born. This completely made me decide to major in Sports Medicine so as to learn, be able to evaluate, and choose the best therapeutic modality for various injuries when faced with a similar scenario in the future. Also we have so many disabled kids at the orphanage back in Kenya and some of them either die or get completely incapacitated not necessarily because of the severity of their injuries, but because of a lack of knowledge and proper judgment when it comes to choosing appropriate modality for different acute or chronic injuries. And so this is an area where I strongly believe that my degree in Sports Medicine can help impact them for God’s glory. -Emmanuel Onywera

I chose Psychology because I have a desire to encourage couples & families to strive in their own lives. I have a vision to encourage men and women to mend their hearts with the power of the Holy Spirit and become a strong testimony to help others struggling in the same area. Psychology best equips my passions to learn how to approach, listen, encourage, and find solutions for the array of situations we all struggle with. Lastly, the wide variety of avenues that can be taken as a psychology student paves the way for many opportunities to impact the world for Christ. -Jovanna Ugarte


He said...

One of the best elements of our school here at SDCC is our staff and faculty! Sometimes, though, they say the randomest things! Makes for some great moments when you are trying to stay awake in that class right after lunch!

“Your molecules are vibrating at unpleasant frequencies or, as Captain Jack Sparrow would say, ‘You smell funny.’ also: “I feel like an old midwife trying to help you have thought babies.” Fred Blackburn ”If you do your reading, and study the study guide, you will do well in my classes.” also: “We are all, in a weird way, morally schizophrenic.” Steve Whitten “This is the holy of holies of chemistry...well, unfortunately there is a veil keeping me outside... “ Prof. Hoesch

Before I was a Believer my plan was to use aviation as a way to make money and get girls. But when I gave my life to Christ, I gave up my career plans for a life of service to God instead. The same night that I gave up aviation to serve the Lord, I heard of missionary aviation for the first time. It sounded like an awesome career, but I did not consider it as an option because I thought that I would only be using it as an excuse to do what I wanted, rather than serving God. But in less than a week, by providence, I ended up at a small-group listening to the testimony of a family doing missionary aviation, and later that same night, I stumbled upon San Diego Christian College’s Aviation Department. Because I no longer believed in chance, I thought that maybe God was actually leading me in the direction of missionary aviation. So through a lot of prayer and watching circumstances fall into place that could have only been divinely orchestrated, I arrived at SDCC a little more than a month later as an Aviation Major with a Missions emphasis. Since then, the Lord has been incredibly faithful, and continues to reaffirm His plan for me as He carries me through the various trials and difficulties of serving Him. - Sean Conlan


Dr. Henry Morris

Leadership Scholarship Program by Brent Oglesby The DHML program is an amazing opportunity that was put together to help guide and encourage leaders. Being a leader doesn’t always mean you’re the upfront person taking charge of everything, but it simply means to go before or with to show the way. This program was created to help facilitate leaders into opportunities where they can lead others in all different areas. The areas in which students in the program are serving take place both on and off campus. The main thing is that “leading” is happening. The first two years of the program are more about finding your strengths as a leader and how you can best use them. Then, in the third and fourth year, it is all about putting those qualities into practice. After having been in the program now for three years, I can truly say I’ve learned so much about leadership and what it means to lead others. Having a biblical outlook on this has also helped exponentially. The passage that I always turn to as a reminder of leadership is Philippians 2 because I believe at the foundation of being a leader is having humility. So, reading about Christ’s humility is a strong encouragement to me for leading others.


Men’s Basketball

Women’s Basketball


Senate = Serve

by Jake Wilhelm “By this we know love, that he laid down his life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives for the brothers. -1 John 3:16 There is something incredible about what happens when one dwells on the love of Christ. When one thinks about the love that Christ has for us, so much that he laid down His life for us, it changes the heart. It is impossible to truly know and believe in the love of Christ and not follow His example. As He has laid down His life for us, the believer is compelled to lay down their life. The calling of Christ calls us to imitate Him. The vocation of the Christian is to deny himself and serve others at the expense of himself, to treat others as more important than himself (Phil 2:3). As one loves their savior more and more, the desire to lay down their life in service grows exponentially.

Ways to serve in Senate Activities- Plan activities for the Student Body including Lip Sync, MVA, Winter Banquet Athletics- Plan activities and help support the athletes on campus. Ministry Council- Serve the students by way of student ministry and Bible studies including Beloved, SALT, and Forge. Classes- Plan class-focused events including Jr/Sr Retreat, Halloween Party, and Super Bowl Party Intramurals- Lead and organize intramurals on campus including Volleyball, Frisbee, and Basketball

Christ is calling you to serve, to lay down Communications- Help communicate your life for others. Both for those who are events on campus to the students, prograduating and those who are returning, duce the student publications such as you have the opportunity to serve and be“The H” and “Toilet Paper.” come a blessing to others. Specifically to those returning to SDCC, I encourage you Services- Maintain the upkeep of the to engage yourself in this place and find lounges, also facilitate the student led clubs on campus. places to serve and give of yourself to your fellow students. Senate is just one of those ways where you can lay aside your desires and comforts for the sake of your neighbors. However you choose to do it, lay down your life for the brothers as Christ has for you and serve the students here at SDCC.

For information on getting involved in Senate contact Katelyn Neverkovec at kneverkovec@ Lay down your life for the brothers as Christ has for you and serve the students here at SDCC.


The Perch

community at its best.

If you have been around me enough, you would have heard me say, “I know that I have the best

job on this campus!” Don’t get me wrong, there are challenges in what I do; however, the blessings I receive working at the Perch outweigh everything else. My passion is to serve the Lord with all my heart, soul and mind. I am confident He placed me here for many reasons. My favorite is serving the beautiful young men and women that I am surrounded by each day. I cherish the conversations I overhear in the Perch. Sometimes, I laugh so hard I cry, and sometimes, I cry for those who are hurting. Students come from near and far, and I am so blessed by the opportunity to extend God’s love to them. Then there are those who go out of their way to pass through just to say “hi” or to give me a hug. It doesn’t get much better than that! I certainly can’t go without thanking God for the staff and faculty. I am very blessed to have new friends and to be a part of a team that works together to help build the Kingdom of God. Little do you know how much God is using you all, for I am a better person for knowing you! Rikki Donahue

The Perch Manager aka “Campus Mom”


The Fall

by Alexander Johnson

The world was new, and God set his two favorite creations, man and woman, in a garden paradise. Adam and Eve, the first humans, lived in bliss, ate from the abundant fruit, lay with each other beneath the trees and walked with God, pure in his eyes. The two would commit every carnal desire they wished, but with minds pure and innocent, unaccountable for their actions. Watching the two in silence, from the wilderness outside, was the fallen one. The father of the first sin: pride. He gnashed his teeth in anger as he watched man and his wife enjoy the blessings that should have been his. As he watched, the fallen noticed the serpent. Long slender body, four powerful limbs ending in fiercely fashioned claws. Scaled wings spread from its back, glistening in the sunlight. Surely this magnificent beast would understand. With such an amazing form, able to run and fly, yet God favored man? Yes, the serpent felt pride as well, and through this shared sin, the fallen began to move in the serpent. The serpent saw that Adam and Eve were basking in the evening's fading light, a stones throw from the forbidden tree of knowledge. When Adam was distracted, the serpent slipped between the two and led the naive woman towards the tree. The snake's words brought Eve's attention to the tree God had forbidden her to eat from or face death. Until then, Eve had obediently avoided the lush leaves and succulent fruit, but now that she looked on it, and saw how delicious it looked, she could not help but take and eat of it. Biting into the fruit, she closed her eyes. When she opened them again, she knew right from wrong. She knew she was naked, she knew of the sins in her action and heart. With this new knowledge, her innocence died, and she became accountable for her soul. When Adam saw that his wife was different, he felt lonely. Eve knew things he did not, felt things he could not. He was alone in his purity, and so from his wife he took of the fruit, and his eyes were opened as well. Both man and woman fell from their place walking with God. God found them hidden among the trees, and knew what had transpired. He asked them what had happened, giving them a chance to act on the trust and purity they had once held, but, in fear and guilt, man answered by blaming woman, and woman by blaming serpent. With this, God punished the three. He took away paradise, and to man he gave toil and the need of a family to toil for. To woman he gave pain in birth and a love deeper than man's, worth the pain. The serpent, he took away its pride, stripping it of its wings and limbs, cursed to crawl and eat of the dust.


Woman in a Man’s World The first generation of women pilots, and many of those who followed close behind them, suffered many more difficulties to get off the ground than those of us who are just beginning our journey in aviation today. From what I have seen and experienced, a woman pilot in this age has many more opportunities than men do. We have groups, such as the 99’s and Women in Aviation, full of women who are there to encourage and support us (through scholarships) in fulfilling our dream to fly. Obviously the men still outnumber us by far, but there continues to be a growing number of women interested in aviation. Beyond the opportunities presented to girl aviation majors from women organizations throughout the United States, I feel like I get even more support from the aviation family here at the school. In addition to the grand total of seven female aviation majors, I am surrounded by men of God who, I feel, are my big brothers. Sure, they pick on me and I have to beat them up once in a while, but I have an amazing group of guys that I can always rely on, who protect and look out for me and faithfully give me rides to the airport. Of course I feel a little bit of competition and the pressure to prove myself to be just as good while I endure the “women can’t fly” jokes, but that just drives me to be the best pilot I can be. Being an Aviation major is not easy, but the pilots who were in my shoes in previous years always give tremendous effort to make themselves available to us “penguins” (flightless birds) in giving us advice and encouragement through our first overwhelming year in aviation. Beyond that, being a woman pilot isn’t too different; I seem to find myself having more trouble as a pilot because of my height than my gender!

by Kayla Harder 18


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