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New Titles October–December 2019 Sales Information

Royal Witches

From Joan of Navarre to Elizabeth Woodville Gemma Hollman The first full exploration of the accusations of malicious witchcraft that plagued the lives of four royal women, and the Woodville line, for centuries

•N  ewly explored angle on royal women of the dynasty of the roses, investigating the rumour of Woodville line witchcraft that has survived centuries • Includes such popular figures as Elizabeth Woodville and Joan of Navarre • Investigates interaction of witchcraft accusations and political gender manipulation during the pre-Tudor period, as a precursor to the later witch hysteria

October 2019 £16.99 9780750989404 PBK with flaps 234x156mm, 320 pages 10 b&w illustrations World Rights

GEMMA HOLLMAN has a Masters degree in Medieval History from the University of York. She runs the Just History Posts blog and Twitter account (1,400 followers), and has written for the British Numismatic Journal. She lives in Hertfordshire.

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• RIGHTS SOLD: North America

The Man in the Brown Suit MI5, Edward VIII and an Irish Assassin James Parris

Did MI5 and Special Branch allow an assassination plot against King Edward VIII to go ahead in July 1936? • The first book on an extraordinary subject • Renewed interest in this part of royal history following Netflix’s The Crown • Controversial charges against the security service and the Establishment • Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, who are of inexhaustible popular interest • Features previously unpublished material from the National Archives

November 2019 £20.00 9780750990646 HBK 234x156mm, 288 pages 16 b&w illustrations World Rights

JAMES PARRIS is the pen name of Harry Harmer, who is the author of numerous books, including Martin Luther King (THP, 1999), Tom Paine: The Life of a Revolutionary (Haus, 2006), Rosa Luxemburg (Haus, 2008) and Friedrich Ebert: Germany (Haus, 2009).

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Nazi Wives

The Women at the Top of Hitler’s Germany James Wyllie The story of the leading Nazi wives and their experiences of the rise and fall of Nazism, from its beginnings to its post-war twilight of denial and delusion. • The first time these women have been considered together as the focal point of the story • Draws together contemporary accounts and research from archives across Europe • French and Italian rights sold

November 2019 £20.00 9780750991223 HBK 234x156mm, 288 pages 15 illustrations UK & Commonwealth Rights

JAMES WYLLIE is an author, award-winning screenwriter and broadcaster. He is the author of Goering and Goering and The Codebreakers: The True Story of the Secret Intelligence Team That Changed the Course of the First World War (Ebury). He has worked on numerous films for the BBC and Film4 and has written for a number of TV drama series.

Lead Titles

The Times at the Cricket World Cup 2019 ed. by Richard Whitehead

The 2019 Cricket World Cup is commemorated in this unique collection of match reports and articles from the pages of The Times • Will feature a foreword by a current England player • The Times’ brand will elevate this above other opportunistic titles • The Times will promote the book in the paper • Features articles and reports by the likes of Mike Atherton, Steve James, Matt Dickinson, Elizabeth Ammon and Simon Hughes • Perfect book for the Christmas market

November 2019 £20.00 9780750993234 HBK 234x156mm, 224 pages 16 colour plates, 32 colour illustrations World Rights RICHARD WHITEHEAD worked for The Times for twenty-one years after joining the newspaper in 1995. He held senior roles in a number of departments, including obituaries and books, as well as spending ten years on the sports desk. His previous cricket book for The History Press was The Times on the Ashes (2015). He is now an assistant editor on Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack.

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Folk Tales for Bold Girls Fiona Collins

A collection of folk tales from around the world about brave and bold girls, to inspire and engage young readers. • Positive and inspiring folk tales of fearless girls • A contemporary slant on collections of traditional tales • Includes original retellings of littleknown folk tales • Author is a professional storyteller

October 2019 £9.99 9780750990493 PPC 198x129mm, 192 pages 30 b&w illustrations World Rights

FIONA COLLINS is a professional storyteller specialising in Welsh folklore and stories of strong women and girls. She is known for her attention to detail, love of language and ability to make a connection with her audience. She is also known for her work in encouraging and championing young storytellers. She lives in Corwen, North Wales.

General & Gift

Folk Tales of Rock and Stone Jenny Moon

Folk tales inspired by geology, archaeology and history • A broad range of stories from many different sources • Published in association with the Society for Storytelling • The History Press is the UK’s premier resource for contemporary folk tales • Folklore, stories, geology and archaeology

October 2019 £12.99 9780750990929 PPC 198x129mm, 192 pages 30 b&w illustrations World Rights JENNY MOON is a professional storyteller and author. Her most recent book was Using Story in Higher Education and Professional Development and she runs workshops on storytelling in educational contexts. She is an ambassador for the Jurassic Coast Trust, which means she is considerably involved in events concerning rock, stone, fossils and earth history.

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Making Movie Magic

A Lifetime Creating Special Effects Playing Gay in the for James Bond, Harry Potter, Golden Age of British TV Superman & More Stephen Bourne. Forewords by Mark Gatiss and Russell T. Davies John Richardson

Oscar-winning special effects master John Richardson lifts the lid on his amazing career, through unpublished images and behindthe-scenes stories

A long overdue exploration of gay male representation on British TV from the ‘golden age’ of television to the introduction of the first mainstream gay soap character

• Features a foreword by Superman director Richard Donner

• Brought out for the start of LGBTQ History month in the UK (February), with Pride to follow in the summer (June)

• Sales potential at the Harry Potter studio tour at Leavesden Studios, for which the author is a consultant • Features over 200 unpublished behind-the-scenes photographs from Richardson’s illustrious career

• Expert author on the subject of film, queer studies and diversity, who is well backed by the LGBTQ media

• Will greatly appeal to Bond, Potter and cinema fans everywhere

• Fighting Proud sold out of 1500 hardbacks within a year and the paperback is currently listed as the ‘hot new release’ in the gay and lesbian history category on Amazon

October 2019 £25.00 9780750991230 HBK 245x190mm, 256 pages 100 b&w, 100c World Rights

November 2019 £12.99 9780750990134 PBK 234x156mm, 224 pages 20 b&w illustrations World Rights

General & Gift

A Pig Called Alice The Story of One Man and His Hog Paul Heiney

Broadcaster Paul Heiney reveals the remarkable story of his relationship with his pig Alice, and how we can all learn from her • Author is a well-known television personality with an interest in the outdoors • A lifestyle book like no other •O  ffers an insight into life with farm animals and our relationship with them

Britain’s Paranormal Forests Encounters in the Woods Peter A. McCue

Mysterious paranormal encounters across Britain’s forests and woodland • Follow up to author’s well-received book, Paranormal Encounters on Britain’s Roads • Includes apparitions, UFOs and alien-type entities, owlmen, big cats, bigfoot-type creatures, flashing lights and electrical activity • A well-referenced, critical and thorough review by a respected paranormal writer and investigator

• Will appeal to farm shops, agricultural museums, National Trust, county shows, rare breeds centres

• Illustrated and fully indexed

November 2019 £12.99 9780750990639 HBK 198x129mm, 192 pages World Rights

October 2019 £12.99 9780750991339 PPC 198x129mm, 256 pages 16 b&w illustrations World Rights

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Woman with the Iceberg Eyes Oriana F. Wilson Katherine MacInnes

A unique widow’s-eye perspective on the doomed Terra Nova Expedition and its fall-out and a strong woman’s history revealed for the first time • The stage adaptation by Katherine MacInnes of Oriana Wilson’s story was well received and reviewed • Oriana Wilson’s husband, Edward, is a national hero alongside Scott and particularly well known in Cheltenham

Martyrs of Henry VIII

Repression, Defiance, Sacrifice John Matusiak

A biography of Tudor England’s martyrs, whose executions triggered a wave of bloody repression • No similar book has been written, nor any new popular biography of the central protagonists in almost half a century • Three unique individuals whose stories continue to resonate across the centuries • A cogent and lively account of a perennially interesting topic

• Uses the private archives of Oriana Wilson and other individuals around the world to lay bear the story of the men of the Terra Nova Expedition

October 2019 £20.00 9780750991537 HBK 234x156mm, 320 pages 32 b&w illustrations World Rights

General & Gift

November 2019 £20.00 9780750987950 HBK 234x156mm, 352 pages 8 colour plates, 20 colour illustrations World Rights

The Anatomy of a Spy A History of Espionage and Betrayal Michael Smith


A Social History Carolyne Haynes

Nov 2019 £10.99 9780750992572 PBK 198x129mm, 320 pages 20 b&w illustrations UK & Commonwealth Rights

Bestselling author Michael Smith investigates what makes the perfect spy and how the intelligence services induce ordinary men and women to spy for them

Nov 2019 £18.99 9780750991933 PBK with flaps 234x156mm, 288 pages 8 colour plates 80 b&w, 30 colour illustrations World Rights

Revealing the fascinating social history of bricks in Britain


London’s Hospital For the Mad Paul Chambers Nov 2019 £10.99 9780750991483 PBK 198x129mm, 320 pages World Rights

A new paperback edition of Paul Chambers’ critically-acclaimed Victorian history

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J.R.R. Tolkien

Inspiring Lives Robert S. Blackham Oct 2019 £9.99 9780750992275 PBK New Edition 198x129mm, 224 pages World Rights

Agatha Christie Inspiring Lives Cathy Cook

Nov 2019 £9.99 9780750992282 PBK New Edition 198x129mm, 224 pages World Rights

The complete guide to the inspiration that is J.R.R. Tolkien

The complete guide to the inspiration that is Agatha Christie

Tasting the Past

Tasting the Past

Recipes from George III to Victoria Jacqui Wood Oct 2019 £9.99 9780750992237 PBK New Edition 198x129mm, 224 pages 30 illustrations World Rights

This is a beautiful study of the rich history of our food, its fads and its fashions, combined with a practical cookbook from the reigns of George III and Queen Victoria

General New Editions & Gift

Recipes from the Middle Ages to the Civil War Jacqui Wood Nov 2019 £9.99 9780750992244 PBK New Edition 198x129mm, 224 pages 30 illustrations World Rights

This is a beautiful study of the rich history of our food, its fads and its fashions, combined with a practical cookbook from the early Middle Ages up to the Civil War

The Pottery Gardener

Flowers and Hens at the Emma Bridgewater Factory Arthur Parkinson Oct 2019 £14.99 9780750992411 PBK New Edition 245x190mm, 224 pages 250 colour illustrations World Rights

A stunning gardening book full of inspiration, tips and advice, new in paperback

Blood and Thunder

The Boys of Eton College and the First World War Alexandra Churchill Oct 2019 £12.99 9780750992428 PBK New Edition 234x156mm, 416 pages 64 b&w illustrations World Rights

The story of the Great War told by the most privileged young soldiers who fought it

Henry III

The Great King England Never Knew It Had Darren Baker Oct 2019 £14.99 9780750992435 PBK New Edition 234x156mm, 448 pages 20 b&w illustrations World Rights

Henry III was a determined and dynamic ruler with vision, not the weak and inept king of conventional portrayal.

Dracula’s Wars

Vlad the Impaler and his Rivals James Waterson Oct 2019 £10.99 9780750992404 PBK New Edition 198x129mm, 272 pages 30 b&w illustrations World Rights

A history of the real battles of Vlad the Impaler, detailing his bloodthirsty tactics and campaigns

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Stars and Wars

The Film Memoirs and Photographs of Alan Tomkins Alan Tomkins

The Times Great Women’s Lives

A Celebration in Obituaries Sue Corbett: Lucy Worsley Oct 2019 £18.99 9780750992558 PBK New Edition 234x156mm, 480 pages 30 b&w illustrations World Rights

Oct 2019 £20.00 9780750992565 PBK New Edition 226x248mm, 168 pages 200 illustrations World Rights A paperback edition of Oscarnominated Alan Tomkins’ film memoirs and photographs

Before Marilyn

The Blue Book Modelling Years Astrid Franse and Michelle Morgan Oct 2019 £20.00 9780750992541 PBK New Edition 263x194mm, 240 pages 300 illustrations World Rights

The paperback edition of one of the most important books on Marilyn Monroe ever written

General New Editions & Gift

A timely paperback edition of the obituaries of 125 women who each made a difference

Radio Caroline

The True Story of the Boat that Rocked Ray Clark Oct 2019 £10.99 9780750992534 PBK New Edition 198x129mm, 288 pages 8 colour plates World Rights

A new paperback edition of the bestselling biography of Radio Caroline

House Histories

The Secrets Behinds Your Front Door Melanie Backe-Hansen Nov 2019 £20.00 9780750992305 PBK with flaps New Edition 245x190mm, 288 pages 150 colour illustrations World Rights

Executed at Dawn

British Firing Squads on the Western Front 1914–1918 David Johnson Nov 2019 £10.99 9780750992671 PBK New Edition 198x129mm, 208 pages 20 b&w illustrations World Rights

How to reveal the secrets hiding behind your own front door

The controversial story of the men forced to shoot their fellow Tommies

Slaughter on the Eastern Front

Verneuil 1424: The Second Agincourt

Hitler and Stalin’s War 1941-1945 Anthony Tucker-Jones Nov 2019 £10.99 9780750992695 PBK New Edition 234x156mm, 336 pages 30 b&w illustrations World Rights

In his major reassessment of the war on the Eastern Front, Anthony Tucker-Jones casts new light on the brutal fighting on the Eastern Front

The Battle of the Three Kingdoms Richard Wadge Nov 2019 £10.99 9780750992688 PBK New Edition 234x156mm, 272 pages 25 b&w illustrations World Rights

Remarkably, the first book about this decisive battle in the Hundred Years War

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Cannibals and Carnage

Misery, Mutiny and Menace

True-life stories of seafarers facing danger and death in the 19th and early 20th centuries

True-life stories of seafarers facing danger and death in the 19th and early 20th centuries

• Thrilling contemporary narratives of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances

• Thrilling contemporary narratives of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances

• The dramatic true stories of seafarers of the 19th and early 20th centuries in the face of frightful and frightening perils

• The dramatic real accounts of seafarers of the 19th and early 20th centuries in the face of frightful and frightening perils, mutinies and hardship

Thrilling Tales of the Sea (Vol.1) Graham Faiella

• The human dramas of their personal conflicts, tensions and often dreadful deaths

Thrilling Tales of the Sea (Vol.2) Graham Faiella

• Illustrated with contemporary engravings and maps

• Illustrated with old prints, engravings and maps

October 2019 £12.99 9780750990844 PPC 198x129mm, 256 pages 20 b&w illustrations World Rights

General & Gift Transport

October 2019 £12.99 9780750990851 PPC 198x129mm, 256 pages 20 b&w illustrations World Rights

Fuelling the Motoring Age RMS Mauretania (1907) 100 Years of British Petrol Statons Nick Evans

Queen of the Ocean David Hutchings

A nostalgic celebration of 100 years of the British petrol station

The fascinating story of the 1907 RMS Mauretania, the most famous liner of its day

• 100 years of a vital aspect of British motoring history; the first petrol station • Expert maritime author was introduced in November 1919 • Expands on previous publications, filling gaps and revealing new • With a foreword by Giles Chapman information, including details of post-war voyages • From collecting a two-gallon can at the local ironmonger’s to filling up on • With new attention paid to stories of the forecourt to the possibility of not that forgotten, oft-ignored element: using petrol at all the crew • Features wartime, expansion, • Featuring full original trials results, motorway services, the self-service hull experimental data and interviews revolution and much more, including with crew families, as well as many filling stations around the UK information from ship’s log books

November 2019 £12.99 9780750991490 PBK 168x190mm, 160 pages 130 illustrations World Rights

November 2019 £40.00 9780750985840 HBK 224x245mm, 312 pages 16 colour plates, 106 b&w, 37 colour illustrations World Rights To order please call +44(0)1256 302692 or email

Confessions of a Steam- Great Train Robbery Age Ferroequinologist Confidential Journeys on BR’s London Midland Region Keith Widdowson

Oct 2019 £16.99 9780750991971 PBK 234x156mm, 272 pages 250 b&w illustrations World Rights

Chasing steam across its final years on BR’s London Midland region

The Cop and the Robber Follow New Lines of Enquiry Graham Satchwell Oct 2019 £9.99 9780750992329 PBK 198x129mm, 192 pages 12 b&w illustrations World Rights

A unique collaboration between a retired Great Train Robber and Britain’s former most senior railway detective

The Early Pioneers of Steam The Inspiration Behind George Stephenson Stuart Hylton

Nov 2019 £16.99 9780750991285 PBK 234x156mm, 224 pages 60 b&w illustrations World Rights

An important new study with a vast scope: the people and events that made the achievements of Stephenson and Brunel possible

General & Gift Transport

Weather for Hillwalkers Malcolm Thomas

Nov 2019 £10.99 9780750992442 PPC New Edition 198x129mm, 128 pages 80 b&w, 15c World Rights

The definitive guide to understanding and interpreting mountain weather systems

Sharrow Vale & The Antiques Quarter


Darren O’Brien

Rupert Russell

Candid street photography that catches the essence of life and culture in Stroud • Part of a bold and energetic new series • A portrait of thriving alternative Stroud • People. Places. Parks. Nightlife. Streetlife.

Candid street photography depicting the essence of life and culture in Sharrow Vale & Sheffield’s Antiques Quarter • Part of a bold and energetic new series • A portrait of culturally significant areas of Sheffield at a unique time in their evolution

• Artistically shot photography

• People. Places. Parks. Nightlife. Streetlife.

• Covetable format

• Artistically shot photography

• Compiled by a local photographer

• Covetable format

November 2019 £18.00 9780750989909 HBK 235x193mm, 128 pages 80 colour illustrations World Rights

December £18.00 9780750989329 HBK 235x193mm, 128 pages 80 colour illustrations World Rights


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Escaping Suburbia

A 1960s Merseyside Childhood David J. Eveleigh

A portrait of growing up in 1960s Merseyside • A unique angle on childhood memories from the 1960s, focussing on the uneasy relationship between the old and new worlds • Authoritative observations on architecture, social and local history based on forty years’ professional work in museums and heritage conservation

In the Shadow of the Great War

Surrey, 1914–1922 Kirsty Bennett, Imogen Middleton, Michael Page and Juliet Warren

The culmination of a four year project to tell the story of Surrey in the First World War • Scrapbook-style volume with snippets from the frontline and the home front • Includes personal memoirs, letters home, newspaper cuttings, evocative photographs, postcards and other First World War ephemera • Published for Armistice Day

• Numerous old photographs from the author’s own personal collection and family papers

Oct 2019 £16.99 9780750992398 PBK 234x156mm, 192 pages 16 colour plates 40 b&w, 40 colour illustrations World Rights

General Local & Irish & Gift

Oct 2019 £14.99 9780750993067 PBK 234x156mm, 208 pages 70 b&w illustrations World Rights

Fading London

The City’s Vanishing Ghost Signs Helen Cox Nov 2019 £20.00 9780750992596 HBK New Edition 235x193mm, 128 pages 150 colours World Rights

A pictorial and historical guide to London’s old brick adverts

Whatever Happened to the Real Black Country?

Black Country Chronicles 1939–1999 Tom Larkin Dec 2019 £12.99 9780750992602 PBK 234x156mm, 128 pages 30 b&w illustrations World Rights

The unique history of the Black Country during the twentieth century

The Templemore Miracles

Waterford City

Jimmy Walsh, Ceasefires and Moving Statues John Reynolds

A History Cian Manning

Oct 2019 £18.99 / € 18.99 9781845889098 PBK 234x156mm, 208 pages 50 b&w illustrations World Rights

Illustrated history of the city of Waterford, from the Vikings to the present day

Nov 2019 £12.99 / € 12.99 9780750990592 PBK 198x129mm, 160 pages 15 b&w illustrations World Rights

The story of the 16-year-old boy who caused a ceasefire in the Irish Civil War

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True Crime ‘Like another persistently popular genre of history – namely that of war – crime is about cruelty, injustice and tragedy. But there is also courage: the courage of witnesses, the courage of survivors, and the courage and endeavour of those whose job it is to detect such crimes.’ – Simon Farquhar, author of A Dangerous Place Here you will find true stories from the shady side of Britain’s past. From infamous murderers and notorious gangsters to the policemen, detectives, prosecutors, journalists and hangmen responsible for sending the guilty to their ultimate fate, here are true stories from Britain’s criminal past.

Aug 2018 £9.99 9780750987622

Aug 2019 £12.99 9780750990745

Apr 2019 £10.99 9780750989855

Jul 2019 £10.99 9780750992077

Oct 2016 £9.99 9780750965897

Jul 2019 £10.99 9780750992053

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Feb 2016 £20.00 9780750964258

March 2018 £20.00 9780750983716

Just Released

September 2019 £20.00 9780750987035

July 2019 £15.99 9780750990615

August 2019 £20.00 9780750990561

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September 2019 £25.00 9780750990707

September 2019 £25.00 9780750988179

July 2019 £16.99 9780750990554

September 2019 £12.00 9780750992039

September 2019 £12.99 9780750990486

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New Titles October - December 2019  

New Titles October - December 2019