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Spring 2020 Highlights

Who Am I?

The story of a London art studio for asylum seekers and refugees Tania Kaczynski A poignant look at the lives, experiences and identity of the asylum seekers and refugees that have come to Britain’s shores ‘We need stories like this in these days of greed and fear, as we have to dive into the lives of others to be able to understand who what when where why ...’ King Adz

June 2020 £20 9780750993012 Hardback 235x193mm, 160 pages 100 colour illustrations World rights Tania Kaczynski is an accredited, practising art psychotherapist who founded the New Art Studio with colleague Jon Martyn in 2014. As the daughter of a refugee herself, she was drawn to the complexities of the current refugee experience.

The New Art Studio, founded in 2014 by two art psychotherapists, is a unique space in London set up as a lifeline for refugees and asylum seekers to experience art therapy in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. With individual real-life stories and experiences recounted alongside the person’s art, Who Am I? is a poignant look at the state of these dispossessed, and at how creating art can provide a last bastion of hope for those who have lost everything.   As ideas and opinions on immigration are currently in the nation’s psyche, Kaczynski’s narrative and curated selection of the artists’ works seek to dispel media myths about asylum seekers, explaining the real stories behind the headlines - stories of bravery, courage, loss and redemption.


Discovering Dublin’s Beautiful Places Siobhan Ferguson A stunning travel companion for Ireland’s capital by acclaimed Irish Instagrammer Siobhan Ferguson

September 2020 £25 9780750990714 Hardback 245x190mm, 224 pages 300 colour illustrations, World rights Siobhan Ferguson is the curator and founder of the hugely popular Instagram accounts, @prettycitylondon, @theprettycities and @siobhaise. A photographer and social media consultant, she is the author of prettycitylondon (2018) and prettycitynewyork (2019).

This beautiful collection of images will take you past Dublin’s famous landmarks - the bridge, the Liffey, the pubs - and into the pretty hidden gems waiting around every corner. From secluded mews to artisan outlets, vintage markets and tree-lined streets, prettycitydublin champions the quiet, gentle moments that allow you to escape in a bustling capital city like Dublin.   Curated by Siobhan Ferguson, founder and editor of Instagram’s @theprettycities and the author of the acclaimed prettycitylondon, this stunning guide also includes tips on how to photograph and plan your own prettycitydublin experience, whether on foot or from afar.

Forbidden Wife

The Life and Trials of Lady Augusta Murray Julia Abel Smith The first and definitive tale of the woman who married the 1st Duke of Sussex and became a social pariah

February 2020 £20 9780750993333 Hardback 234x156mm, 320 pages 16 b&w illustrations World rights Julia Abel Smith is a graduate of Cambridge University with a degree in History of Art, which she has used in a long career with The Landmark Trust and more recently with Art UK. She has written for Country Life and House & Garden magazines and is the author of Augusta’s entry in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

On the night of 4 April 1793, two lovers were preparing to compel a cleric to perform a secret ceremony. The wedding of the sixth son of King George III to the daughter of the Earl of Dunmore would not only be concealed – it would also be illegal.   Lady Augusta Murray had known Prince Augustus Frederick for only three months but they had already fallen deeply in love and were desperate to be married. However, the Royal Marriages Act forbade such a union without the King’s permission and going ahead with the ceremony would change Augusta’s life forever. From a beautiful socialite she became a social pariah; her children were declared illegitimate and her family was scorned.  In Forbidden Wife Julia Abel Smith uses material from the Royal Archives and the Dunmore family papers to create a dramatic biography, set in the reigns of Kings George III and IV against the background of the American and French Revolutions.


Five Women Who Set the Fifties on Fire Shar Daws Blonde, feminist bombshells: Five strong, controversial women who broke the rules from within Hollywood

March 2020 £16.99 9780750992183 Paperback 234x156mm, 288 pages 30 b&w illustrations World rights Shar Daws has a master’s degree in English and Creative Writing. Alongside writing, she has set up and runs Retro Daisy Vintage, an online clothing boutique. In 2007 and 2012 she helped organise events at the Marilyn Monroe Memorial in LA, which attracted fans from around the globe.

Jean Harlow, the original ‘Blonde Bombshell’, died tragically at the age of 26, but the flame she lit reignited in the 1950s with the most notorious blondes of all time: Ruth Ellis, Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield and Diana Dors.   In this new group biography author Shar Daws examines the lives, achievements and tragedies of each these women in the context of the time they lived: from Marilyn’s stardom and Diana’s unwavering integrity to Ruth’s tragic status as the last woman hanged in Britain.   By looking at their history, the gender stereotyping they utilised and satirised, and how they faced changing times in the context of feminism, Daws reveals the full story of women who contributed to shaping the history of sexuality and women’s rights.   Using robust research, Bombshells is the first book to finally put to rest unsubstantiated rumours whilst illuminating common themes that bind these five unique women of strength, integrity and courage together.


Poverty, Power and Politics Professor Maggie Andrews and Dr Janis Lomas The unlikely history of women’s empowerment through widowhood

July 2020 £20 9780750990103 Hardback 234x156mm, 240 pages 21 b&w illustrations World rights Maggie Andrews is Professor of Cultural History at the University of Worcester, whose wide range of research and publications focus on femininity and domesticity. Janis Lomas holds a PhD from the University of Staffordshire. She is a founding member of the Women’s History Network.

Historically seen as figures of pity and foreboding - poverty-stricken receivers of charity, tragic figures dressed in black and even sometimes sexually voracious predators or witches - widows have been subject to powerful stereotypes that have endured for centuries. But for many women, widowhood unfolded into a vastly more complex story. From being property of men and housekeepers - the owners of nothing - they found themselves suddenly enfranchised, empowered and free to conduct themselves however they wished.   From determined suffrage campaigners and politicians to entrepreneurs and newly self-made women, the effect of widows’ might can be seen throughout history. Here, eminent historians Maggie Andrews and Janis Lomas pull together the stories of fascinating women and their exploits after being widowed, and show how their greatest loss became, in many ways, their biggest gain.

The Grit in the Pearl

The Scandalous Life of Margaret, Duchess of Argyll Lyndsy Spence Updated paperback edition of bestselling biography including new interviews with the Duchess’s family and friends

May 2020 £9.99 9780750993258 Paperback 198x129mm, 288pages 20 b&w illustrations World rights, Film rights under option Lyndsy Spence is an author, historian and screenwriter. She is the founder of The Mitford Society and is the editor if its annual. Her previous books include The Mistress of Mayfair (2018), Mrs Guinness (2017) and She Who Dares (2019).

Margaret, Duchess of Argyll (19121993) was an international celebrity in her youth, adored and observed by millions. But in 1963, the year of the Profumo Affair, the 11th Duke of Argyll shocked the country when he alleged that his adulterous wife had slept with over eighty men behind his back. He produced as his evidence, a set of sexually explicit Polaroid photographs and explosive love letters. The duke won a divorce, but this had a dramatic effect on Margaret’s life. On the verge of financial destitution, she fell from grace and was abandoned by most of her friends prior to her death in a nursing home in Pimlico in 1993.   Lyndsy Spence tells a tragic story of the life and downfall of this fascinatingly complex woman, and shows how she fell victim to a cruel husband, harsh social mores and an unforgiving class. The Grit in the Pearl is a meticulously researched and powerful biography that acts as a potent lens on various themes in the last century: fame, privacy, the media, sex, power and the relationships between classes.

Kitted Out

Style in the Second World War Caroline Young The first book to fully explore youth style, identity and rebellion in the Second World War

June 2020 £18.99 9780750992176 Paperback 234x156mm, 288 pages 40 b&w illustrations UK & Commonwealth rights Caroline Young is the author of Style Tribes, Classic Hollywood Style and Tartan and Tweed, all published by Frances Lincoln, and Roman Holiday (2018). She has worked as a fashion writer and assistant digital editor at Herald Scotland.

Kitted Out tells the story behind what people wore during the Second World War – the uniform, the style and the self-expression. During those extraordinary times, new identities, factions and hierarchies were created as young people put on uniforms, went to war and took the opportunities they could to express themselves or send out secret codes of rebellion and resistance.   From the British Tommies and the American GIs to the female munitions workers and members of the French Resistance, this book takes a fresh new look at the Second World War through a fashionable eye, and how swing music and popular culture played their part in shaping the lives of young people. Painting a picture of the war through costume, Kitted Out explores how style flourished and military-issue items were adapted, from the men and women showing their pride in uniform to those in the home front who adapted to changing roles and rationing. Such was their influence that these uniforms would continue to make an impact on fashion after the war, with leather bomber jackets, brothel creepers and the RAF insignia all later being adopted by youth groups.

Charlotte and Ellen The Brontës’ Best Friend Nick Holland

The full tale of the touching relationship between Charlotte Brontë and Ellen Nussey that kept the Brontës’ legacy alive

August 2020 £12.99 9780750992312 Hardback 198x129mm, 288 pages 12 b&w illustrations World rights Nick Holland is the author of In Search of Anne Brontë (2016) and Emily Brontë: A Life in 20 Poems (2018) for The History Press. He also runs the website www.annebronte.org and is involved with the Brontë Society and Parsonage.

The Brontë sisters have rightfully gone down in history as literary greats, but details of the girls’ personal histories are obscured in the mists of time.   It is thanks to one woman, Ellen Nussey, that we know what we do of the Brontës’ personal lives. First becoming a great friend of Charlotte, it wasn’t long before she worked her way into the hearts and confidences of the two shyer and more reclusive sisters, Emily and Anne. Despite hiccups along the way, it was Ellen who was bridesmaid to Charlotte despite disapproving of the match, and she who picked up the pieces after Anne’s untimely death. It was also Ellen who defied Charlotte’s husband and kept the thousands of letters she received from his late wife.   After the deaths of the Brontës, Ellen became their champion and storyteller, making sure they would never fade into obscurity. Here Nick Holland does the same for Ellen Nussey, telling the full story of her and Charlotte’s close sisterhood for the first time.

Woodsmoke and Sage

The Five Senses 1485-1603: How the Tudors Experienced the World Amy Licence A celebration of the way the Tudors’ five senses influenced how they interacted with their world

September 2020 £20 9780750991988 Hardback 234x156mm, 304 pages 20 colour illustrations World rights Amy Licence is a bestselling historian of women’s lives in the medieval and early modern period, from Queens to commoners. She is the author of Red Roses (2016) and The Lost Kings (2017).

Much has been written about the lives of the Tudors, but it is sometimes difficult to see their world through their eyes. Using the five senses, Amy Licence presents a new perspective on the material culture of the past, exploring the Tudors’ relationship with the fabric of their existence, from the clothes on their back, the roofs over their heads and the food on their tables, to the wider questions of how they interpreted and presented themselves and their beliefs about life, death and beyond.   This book helps recapture the past: what were the Tudors’ favourite perfumes? How did the weather affect their lives? What sounds from the past have been lost? Take a journey back 500 years to experience the Tudor world as closely as possible through sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.

The Little Book of Pintfulness Howard Linskey

We’ve all tried mindfulness ... now learn to restore your equilibrium through the ancient art of Pintfulness

June 2020 £10.99 9780750994668 Hardback 198x129mm, 160 pages World English (excl North America)

Howard Linskey is a bestselling author of crime and historical fiction published in seven countries. The Little Book of Pintfulness is his first work of non-fiction.

Deal with the stresses and strains of an overcomplicated, anxietyridden life by rediscovering the ancient art of Pintfulness. More recent, fashionable but unproven ideas, such as mindfulness, have pushed Pintfulness into an underappreciated niche. These days, the millennial generation rejects going for a pint in favour of less alcoholic pursuits. They are the most anxious, depressed and burnt-out generation that ever lived. This is no coincidence.   The Little Book of Pintfulness will prove that rediscovering the ancient art of pint-taking can help this (and every other) generation to chill the hell out and regain a sense of equilibrium, while imparting a great deal of beer-related knowledge along the way. In Pintfulness lies happiness.   Full to the brim with useful tips on drinking etiquette and fascinating facts, this celebration of the world’s third-most favourite drink will turn you into a well-rounded beer expert but not a beer bore. Many truths can be found at the bottom of a pint glass. Please read responsibly.

The Hats that Made Britain A History of the Nation Through its Headwear David Long

An engaging history of Britain’s hats, from Nelson’s bicorn to Churchill’s homburg

August 2020 £20 9780750993814 Hardback 234x156mm, 224 pages 120 colour illustrations World rights Well-received by reviewers and readers alike, David Long’s engaging, imaginative and well-informed books reflect an unquenchable thirst for those events and personalities that illuminate the past. His work has appeared in The Sunday Times, the Evening Standard and countless magazines.

The world’s most famous hats have their origins in Britain. In fact, many of them were designed by James Lock & Co., the world’s oldest hatters, whose history can be traced back to 1676. Their shop at 6 St. James’s Street, London, their headquarters since 1765, has played host to an extraordinary clientele over the years, including Lord Nelson; Charlie Chaplin; Douglas Fairbanks Junior; Jackie Onassis; and, more recently, Jackie Chan and David Beckham. Iconic hats such as the bowler, Nelson’s bicorn, Oscar Wilde’s fedora, Queen Elizabeth’s coronation crown and Winston Churchill’s homburg were created here, and British Tommies in the First World War were even fitted for their Mark 1 tin helmets at Lock & Co. before travelling to the Western Front.   The Hats that Made Britain celebrates these as well as hats that have graced the screen, such as Oddjob’s steelrimmed Sandringham in Goldfinger (designed at Lock & Co.) and, more recently, the flat cap worn by the infamous Shelby clan in Peaky Blinders. This is the first book to tell the history of Britain through its headwear.

Animal Folk Tales of Britain and Ireland Sharon Jacksties

A collection of folk tales about our native wildlife from a professional storyteller Stories and animals have long travelled the same routes. Through our heritage of charming, quirky and profound tales, you will find yourself reacquainted with Britain’s wondrous fauna.   Find out how the hedgehog ended up with spines and what makes him scuttle so fast, discover how pigs saved a prince from leprosy and why the wealthy lord was so intent on capturing the black fox.   Sharon Jacksties’ wonderful book combines traditional stories, little-known zoological facts and true anecdotes to create a treasure trove of stories for animal lovers of every kind.

February 2020 £12.99 9780750991353 Hardback 198x129mm, 192 pages 30 b&w illustrations World rights Sharon Jacksties has been a professional storyteller for thirty years. She runs storytelling projects and regularly teaches storytelling at Halsway Manor, England’s only residential centre for the traditional arts. She has won the national Crick Crack Grand Lying competition twice.

Woodland Folk Tales of Britain and Ireland Lisa Schneidau

A collection of traditional folk tales, including history, folklore and nature observations about the woodlands and forests of Britain and Ireland

August 2020 £12.99 9780750990110 Paperback 198x129mm, 192 pages 30 b&w illustrations World rights Lisa Schneidau has an MSc in Ecology and has worked for the last twenty years for Wildlife Trusts across the UK. She also been storytelling professionally for about twelve years. She now divides her time between storytelling projects and managing wildlife projects for Devon Wildlife Trust.

Once upon a time, most of Britain and Ireland was covered in woodland. Many of the trees have been cleared now, but our connection with the wildwood remains. It is a place of danger, adventure and transformation, where anything could happen.   Here is a collection of traditional folk tales of oak, ash and thorn, hunting forests and rebellion, timber and triumph in battle, wild ghosts and woodwoses. Lisa Schneidau retells some of the old stories and relates them to the trees and forests in the landscape of our islands today.   These stories are essential reading for all those who feel a pull towards the wild in our landscape.

Raising an Eyebrow My Life with Sir Roger Moore Gareth Owen

‘Insightful, fun, poignant and, just like their working relationship, so unique’ – Britt Ekland

January 2020 £20 9780750993272 Hardback 234x156mm, 224 pages 42 colour illustrations World rights Gareth Owen has been a film producer, a development executive, a journalist and an author. He has co-written numerous books, including four with Sir Roger Moore, with whom he started working in 2002 as his executive assistant.

Having taken on the role of Roger Moore’s executive assistant in 2002, Gareth Owen became the righthand man to an icon, as well as his co-author, onstage co-star and confidant. Gareth was faithfully at Roger’s side for fifteen years until his passing in 2017. In this affectionate and amusing book, the author recounts his times with Roger Moore and gives a unique and rare insight into life with one of the world’s most beloved actors. Roger always said, ‘Gareth knows me better than I know myself.’   For all his celebrity, Roger Moore was quite reserved. In interviews he rarely spoke about himself, much preferring to tell fun tales about others. But his trusted sidekick was with him throughout his worldwide travels, his UK stage shows, his writing process and his book tours, as he received his Knighthood, and as he rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous. There were genuinely hilarious, heartfelt and extraordinary moments to be captured and Gareth Owen was there to share them all.

Quantum of Silliness

The Peculiar World of Bond, James Bond Robbie Sims To coincide with the release of No Time to Die in April 2020, this humour book looks back at the franchise’s quirks and lovingly pokes absurdist fun

March 2020 £8.99 9780750994040 Hardback 174x111mm, 160 pages 20 b&w illustrations World rights Robbie Sims has worked as a cameraman, a reporter, an editor, an usher, a director, a researcher and a voice-over artist, though not necessarily in that order. A Bond fan since his first rainy Bank Holiday viewing of Live and Let Die at the age of five, he channels his geekery into the Bond-themed comedy Twitter account @TheTchaikovsky.

Who gives the hammiest performance in a Bond film? What is the series’ most cringeworthy moment? Which Bond performed the least convincing love scene? What quips would Sir Roger Moore come out with if he starred in Skyfall; and what would the plot of Octopussy look like if expressed purely through the medium of emoji?   These are the sort of questions you never knew you needed answering … until now. So pour yourself a vodka martini (dry), climb into a sleek, 70s submersible Lotus (wet) and take an absurdist deep dive into the greatest movie franchise of them all. The weird and wonderful world of 007 is about to get a whole lot weirder in this shocking, positively shocking humour book.

The Buried Spitfires of Burma A ‘Fake’ History Andy Brockman and Tracy Spaight

An enthralling historical detective story of how one man’s dream became an obsession A ‘cracking read’ – Sir Tony Robinson

May 2020 £20 9780750993852 Hardback 234x156mm, 336 pages 22 colour illustrations World rights Andy Brockman specialises in the archaeology of modern conflict and is a historical advisor for Channel 5, Channel 4, the BBC and Time Team. Tracy Spaight is Director of Special Projects at Wargaming.net. He has developed interactive exhibits and augmented reality applications for museums.

This is the story of Lincolnshire farmer David Cundall’s quixotic quest to unearth dozens of Spitfire fighters he believes were buried at the end of the Second Wold War. Armed with a high-tech survey showing mysterious shapes under the sunbaked surface of Yangon Airport, David’s expedition is equipped with state-of-theart JCB excavators, supported by a crack team of archaeologists, and bankrolled by Wargaming.net. Nothing can stop him – as David tells the world’s media, ‘it’s impossible to make up this story.’   This real-life treasure hunt, an enthralling mix of Indiana Jones and Sherlock Holmes, took a team of researchers deep into Myanmar on a quest to find legendary Spitfires. But instead, the team unearthed a tale of fake history, highlighting the conflict between those who want to believe and those who demand evidence. The authors have produced an accompanying documentary Buried in Burma, which has been nominated for three awards, including Best Feature Length Documentary

Secret Spitfires

Britain’s Hidden Civilian Army Howman and Cetintas with Gavin Clarke No one knew they built thousands of Spitfires, hidden in garages, bus depots, sheds and barns … until now

June 2020 £20 9780750991995 Hardback 245x190mm, 192 pages 45 col illustrations and 96 b&w illustrations World rights

With the Battle of Britain going badly, the Luftwaffe attempted to halt production of the RAF’s Spitfire by destroying its factories. But Churchill’s government had a plan - create a network of facilities in domestic and residential buildings in cities, towns and villages across the south, which would be difficult to locate and harder to destroy. An army of women, children and men operated this network in secrecy to produce around half of the 22,000 Spitfires that fought.   Talking to survivors and eyewitnesses, Secret Spitfires tells their story: their lives, work and experiences. Based on the successful film Secret Spitfires by Karl Howman and Ethem Cetintas, this book tours the locations, peeks inside the factories and examines the planning behind this achievement.

Karl Howman is an actor well known for his roles in Brushstrokes and Eastenders. Ethem Cetintas is a graduate of the London Film School, who has worked on documentaries, commercials and dramas. Their features partnership, Howman & Cetintas, produces films and documentaries. Gavin Clarke is a journalist and content strategist.

The Indian Contingent

The Forgotten Muslim Soldiers of Dunkirk Ghee Bowman Revealing the previously littleknown account of the 615 men who comprised Force K6 of the British Indian Army

May 2020 £20 9780750993791 Hardback 234x156mm, 288 pages 12 b&w illustrations World rights Ghee Bowman holds a PhD from the University of Exeter. His interest in the littleknown Indian presence at Dunkirk turned him on to a forensic journey of research that has spanned five countries and hundreds of lives. The Indian Contingent is his first book and the culmination of five years’ research.

On 28 May 1940, Major Akbar Khan of the Royal Indian Army Service Corps marched at the head of 299 soldiers along the beach at Dunkirk – the only Indians in the BEF in France and the only ones at Dunkirk. With Stuka sirens wailing, shells falling in the water and Tommies lining up patiently to embark, these men of the Indian Army, carrying their disabled imam, found their way to the East Mole and embarked for England in the dead of night. On reaching Dover, the men borrowed brass trays and started playing Punjabi folk music, upon which even ‘many British spectators joined in the dance’.   Who were these men? What journey had taken them to France? What became of them - and of comrades captured by the Germans? With the engaging style of a true storyteller, Ghee Bowman reveals in full, for the first time, the story of these soldiers, from their arrival in France on 26 December 1939 to their return to an India on the verge of partition. It is one of the war’s hidden stories that casts fresh light on Britain and its empire.

Under Fire

Black Britain in Wartime 1939–45 Stephen Bourne

The trials and triumphs of Britain’s black community during the Second World War

August 2020 £12.99 9780750994354 Paperback 198x129mm, 256 pages 20 b&w illustrations World rights Stephen Bourne is the author of Black Poppies (2014). He is a graduate of the London College of Printing and received a MPhil from De Montfort University. In 2008 he worked as a historical consultant on the Imperial War Museum’s ‘From War to Windrush’ exhibition. He was awarded an Honorary Fellowship by London South Bank University in 2017.

In Under Fire Stephen Bourne tells the whole story of Britain’s black community during the Second World War. On the home front, civilians came under fire from the Blitz in cities such as Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool, London and Manchester. Meanwhile, black servicemen and women, many of them volunteers from places as far away as Trinidad, Jamaica, Guyana and Nigeria, risked their lives fighting for the Mother Country in the air, at sea and on land.   Drawing on first-hand testimonies, Bourne sheds light on a wealth of experiences, from evacuees to entertainers, government officials, prisoners of war and community leaders. Despite facing the discriminatory ‘colour bar’, many black civilians were determined to contribute to the war effort where they could, volunteering as civilian defence workers - air-raid wardens, fire-fighters, stretcher-bearers and first-aiders. Among those remembered are men and women whose stories have only recently come to light, making Under Fire the definitive account of the bravery and sacrifices of black Britons in wartime.

The Unfathomable Ascent How Hitler Came to Power Peter Ross Range

The chilling story of Adolf Hitler’s eight-year march to the pinnacle of German politics

May 2020 £20 9780750995184 Hardback 234x156mm, 336 pages 16 colour illustrations UK & Commonwealth rights Peter Ross Range is a world-travelled journalist who has covered war, politics and international affairs. A specialist in Germany, he has written extensively for Time, The New York Times, National Geographic and The Sunday Times Magazine. He is a former Fellow of the Institute of Politics at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

On the night of 30 January 1933, Adolf Hitler leaned out of a spotlit window of the Reich Chancellery in Berlin, bursting with joy. Even to Hitler himself, the moment seemed unbelievable. After an improbable, serpentine political journey that came close to faltering on many occasions, his march to power had finally succeeded.   Until now, no single work has focused on the precise eight-year run of his climb to rule from 1925 to 1933. Peter Ross Range brings this period back to startling life, giving readers a necessary story of brushes with power and quests for revenge, non-stop electioneering and underhand campaign tactics. For Hitler, moments of gloating triumph were followed, shockingly, by abject humiliation. Masterfully woven into one unforgettable and urgent narrative, The Unfathomable Ascent will make us remember what we should never forget.

Ring of Spies

How MI5 and the FBI Brought Down the Nazis in America Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones The first book to reveal how MI5 helped to expose a Nazi spy ring operating in 1930s America

June 2020 £20 9780750994705 Hardback 234x156mm, 288 pages 20 b&w illustrations World English (excl North America) Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones is the acclaimed author of We Know All About You: The Story of Surveillance in Britain and America (OUP, 2017) and In Spies We Trust (OUP, 2013). He has a special interest in intelligence and detective history and has written histories of the FBI and of British-American intelligence cooperation.

Speedy cars and faster women, British secret agents and Nazi spies, stolen American blueprints hidden in violin cases and specially adapted umbrellas – this is the story of the Nazi spy ring that operated in America in the 1930s. Receiving orders via a hairdressing salon in an unfashionable quarter of Dundee, the ring’s eccentric cast included Scotland’s Jessie Jordan and Germany’s Jenni Hofmann, both beauticians who spied; the Long Island musician Willy Lonkowski, who was otherwise known as Agent Sex; Ignatz Griebl, a GermanAmerican anti-Semite; Kate Moog, one of President Roosevelt’s former nurses who conspired to become the madame of a honey-trap brothel in Washington; and Bremen-based masterspy Eric Pfeiffer, who organised the theft of American military secrets. But on the eve of the Second World War, following a tip-off from MI5, who had been tracking Jessie Jordan in Scotland, the FBI were finally able to bring the group to justice. In Ring of Spies, Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones reveals how this case helped to awaken America to the Nazi menace, and how it skewed American opinion to favour Britain and France, thus spelling the end of US neutrality.

Spy Runner

Ronnie Reed and Agent Zigzag, Operation Mincemeat and the Cambridge Spies Nicholas Reed The life of legendary MI5 officer Major Ronnie Reed revealed in his only interview, recorded by his son

June 2020 £10.99 9780750992640 Paperback 198x129mm, 256 pages 16 b&w illustrations World rights Nicholas Reed is the author of five books on French Impressionists in England. He is the son of legendary MI5 officer Ronnie Reed.

Major Ronnie Reed was case officer for the infamous Agent Zigzag and the face of Operation Mincemeat. But how did this young BBC radio operator, with no money and qualifications to speak of, reach such an important position in his twenties? Why did Agent Zigzag (Eddie Chapman) give Ronnie his Iron Cross, awarded to Zigzag by Hitler himself? And how, within ten years of the Second World War, did Ronnie find himself heading the anti-Russian department of MI5, dealing with notorious spies such as Philby, Burgess and Maclean?   In an interview filmed in 1994, shortly before Ronnie’s death, he revealed his remarkable story to his son, Nicholas. Here, Nicolas Reed reproduces that interview and fills in the background of .

The Twins

The SOE’s Brothers of Vengeance Peter Jacobs The full, harrowing story of SOE brothers driven by courage, steeped in vengeance

April 2020 £20 9780750989831 Hardback 234x156mm, 256 pages 30 b&w illustrations World rights Peter Jacobs served in the RAF for over thirty-six years, retiring from the service as a wing commander. He has written several books, including The RAF in 100 Objects (THP, 2017), Codenamed Dorset (Frontline Books, 2014) and Setting France Ablaze (Pen & Sword, 2015).

After having set up one of the first underground organisations in France, being captured and escaping over the Pyrenees into Spain, brothers Henry and Alfred Newton were delivered the devastating news that the mercy ship carrying their entire families parents, wives, children - had been torpedoed and sunk by a Nazi U-boat with the loss of all aboard.   From that moment on, the Newton brothers were consumed with a passion for revenge. Recruited by SOE, and known to everyone simply as ‘The Twins’, they returned to France with SOE and waged their own personal war against the Nazis. For eighteen months they lived on the edge, before they were betrayed and the net finally closed. They were caught by the Gestapo and brutally tortured at the hands of Klaus Barbie, the Butcher of Lyons, before being taken to the notorious Fresnes Prison and eventually to the dreaded Buchenwald camp. Somehow, they survived the horrors until liberated at the end of the war. For the first time in over sixty years, Peter Jacobs reveals the dramatic, harrowing tale of two brothers driven by courage steeped in vengeance.

The Peer and the Gangster A Very British Cover-up Daniel Smith

The first full-length account of the relationship between Conservative peer Lord Boothby and London mobster Ronnie Kray, and the astonishing cover-up it prompted

August 2020 £20 9780750993296 Hardback 234x156mm, 224 pages 20 b&w illustrations World English (excl North America) Daniel Smith is the originator and writer of ten books in the biographical How to Think Like… series for Michael O’Mara, which have been translated into twenty languages and sold around 500,000 copies. His works of narrative non-fiction include The Spade as Mighty as the Sword (Aurum Press, 2011) and The Ardlamont Mystery (Michael O’Mara Books, 2018).

In July 1964, the Sunday Mirror ran a front-page story headlined PEER AND A GANGSTER: YARD ENQUIRY. While withholding the names of the principal subjects, the newspaper reported that the Metropolitan Police had ordered an investigation into an alleged homosexual relationship between ‘a household name’ from the House of Lords and a leading London underworld figure. Bob Boothby was the Conservative lord in question, and Ronnie Kray the gangster. The story threatened a scandal more explosive than that of the previous year’s Profumo affair, which had brought an end to Macmillan’s premiership.   So began one of the most extraordinary cover-ups in British history - a rapid rear-guard action involving eminent figures from the political firmament (including the then Prime Minister and Home Secretary), the Security Service, the Metropolitan Police, the legal profession and the media. Within a couple of weeks the story had been killed off. Now, for the first time, the full saga of the cover-up - and its far-reaching consequences - can be revealed.

We Are Not Cocaine Smugglers 5 Men, 104 Years in Prison, and the Quest for Justice Jamie Green and Mike Dunn

The shocking true story of five fishermen sentenced to 104 years for a crime they didn’t commit

May 2020 £10.99 9780750992473 Paperback 198x129mm, 320 pages 20 colour illustrations World rights Mike Dunn is the author of two books: Grey Wolf (SJH, 2016) and The Belt Boy (Austin Macauley, 2016), which was shortlisted for the UK’s top two sports book awards. He is the former sports editor of the News of the World, the Sun, the Independent and the Standard.

It was the biggest haul of cocaine ever discovered in the UK – £53m worth stashed inside eleven rucksacks that had snarled underneath fishing nets on the Isle of Wight. Within three hours the police pounced, and in June 2011 five fishermen were found guilty of conspiracy to import Class A drugs. A jury believed they’d taken their boat into the Channel, then waited for someone to throw the bags into the ocean from a passing cargo ship. The men were handed prison sentences that totalled 104 years.   However, when reexamined, the evidence (some of it new) proves they didn’t do it. Their boat was struggling to survive a Force Eight storm; crucial facts known only to the police were withheld; surveillance reports mysteriously disappeared; key intelligence was inexplicably spoilt; radio communications conveniently broke down; and expert radar analysis, which effectively sealed the men’s fate, was incorrect. Still imprisoned, the five men and their families continue to battle for their release.   We are Not Cocaine Smugglers is their story, as told by the skipper of the crew, of the night they found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Telling the Bees and Other Customs The Folklore of Rural Crafts Mark Norman

The hidden history and superstitions behind the crafts which are seeing a 21st-century resurgence The skills of weaving, spinning and knitting were vital to clothe and keep warm members of every class, race, religion or social group from the poorest to the richest. And so, we find wool, yarn and thread and the working of those materials rooted very deeply in the folklore of countries around the globe.   This book discusses the folklore of weaving, spinning and associated crafts, through folk and fairy tales, customs and more. Did Eve really spin in the Garden of Eden? What does Mother Goose have to do with crafting? And who really knitted the first telephone box cosy?

May 2020 ÂŁ12 9780750992152 Hardback 198x129mm, 192 pages 20 b&w illustrations World rights Mark Norman is a folklore author and researcher as well as the creator and host of The Folklore Podcast. Listened to around the world, the podcast looks at all aspects of traditional folklore and has enjoyed over half a million downloads since it started three years ago, with lively audience engagement.


The Story of Britain’s Favourite Dish Shrabani Basu A fully revised and updated history of Britain’s love affair with curry

August 2020 £12.99 9780750994200 Hardback 216x138mm, 224 pages 20 b&w illustrations World (excl India) Shrabani Basu is The Sunday Times bestselling author of Victoria & Abdul (2010). She has also written Spy Princess (2008), the acclaimed biography of Noor Inayat Khan; and For King and Another Country (Bloomsbury, 2015).

Britain has become a nation of curryholics - there are more than 8000 curry restaurants in Britain, visited by two million people each week. Each year, £2 billion is spent in Indian restaurants, while Marks and Spencer’s sells 18 tonnes of chicken tikka masala weekly. But how did Britain come to take curry so much to its heart? Where did the word ‘curry’ originate? When did the first curry restaurants come to Britain? And when were the first recipes produced for those who wanted to concoct the flavoursome dishes in their home?   The first recipe for curry powder recorded by the English was from Mrs Turnbull, who wrote down her recipes in manuscript in the mideighteenth century at her home in Hyde Park following her return from India. Today, curry is one of the most widely available meals in Britain, available in pubs nationwide, in supermarkets and in a plethora of restaurants to suit all purses and palates. Here, bestselling author Shrabani Basu traces the story of curry in Britain.

Tour de France Champions

The Tube Mapper Project

An A-Z Giles Belbin

Capturing Moments on the London Underground Luke Agbaimoni

The Tour de France has long been cycling’s most famous and important race: the roads and mountains of France have played host to an annual celebration of sporting endeavour. In this new book, cycling writer Giles Belbin has gathered together the gripping stories of the champions who triumphed and became a part of the Tour’s rich history. Discover the rider who won the Tour despite finishing fifth, the national idol who was shot dead by his lover with the gun his wife had used to commit suicide, and the Italian winner who helped Jewish families by smuggling papers during war-time training rides.

The Underground is the backbone of the city of London, a part of our identity. It’s a network of shared experiences and visual memories. The Tube Mapper Project deliberately captures moments of subconscious recognition and overlooked interests, showcasing images that can be seen near or at every Underground, Overground and DLR station in London. Luke Agbaimoni memorable photographs include themes of symmetry, reflections, tunnels and escalators, waiting and lines of light; and reveals the London every commuter knows in a unique, vibrant and arresting style.

May 2020 £16.99 9780750992008 Paperback 234x156mm, 272 pages 20 b&w illustrations World rights

August 2020 £20 9780750994378 Hardback 245x190mm, 224 pages 120 colour illustrations World rights

Blitz Motorcycles

A Vision of Custom Motorcycles Hugo Jézégabel and Fred Jourden Inspiring custom bike designs from influential French duo

September 2020 £30 9780750993715 Hardback 280x280mm, 192 pages 130 colour illustrations World rights Before Blitz Motorcycles, Hugo Jézégabel was a landscape designer and a vintage scooter enthusiast, while Fred Jourden took mechanics maintenance night classes to service his own daily ride, as head of European Marketing for an online-based company. Along the way realised a shared philosophy, quitting their day jobs for Blitz Motorcycles.

Back in 2010, a new custom motorcycles scene was born in Europe. Hugo Jézégabel and Fred Jourden both decided to quit their salaried lives, Hugo as a landscape designer and Fred as head of marketing for an online company by day and a mechanic by night, to create the Paris-based garage ‘Blitz Motorcycles’. They dreamed of building beautiful and unique custom motorcycles only upon commission; this book charts their journey and incarnates their global philosophy. Featuring the most iconic pictures of their adventure, it reveals both the motorcycles they’ve built and the road trips they’ve undertaken, amid the backdrop of the most incredible scenery Europe has to offer.


9780750967143 Serbian, Korean and Bengali rights sold; musical rights optioned

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