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Autumn 2019 Highlights

A History of the World with the Women Put Back in Kerstin Lücker & Ute Daenschel

A feminist global history reinstating women to their rightful place

September 2019 £20.00 9780750989091 Paperback with flaps 234x156mm, 424 pages World English Language Rights

Kerstin Lücker and Ute Daenschel met while doing their PhDs in Berlin, where they worked together side by side every day, often swapping their essays with each other. This worked so well that they decided to write a book – and hence ‘A History of the World with the Women Put Back in’ was born.

‘History is written by the victors’… Whether a pithy statement on historical objectivity or a cynical cliche, our perception of history is doubtless formed by those who record it. Traditionally, it has been told by men, for men, about the achievements of men. Women were often deemed less important, their letters destroyed, their stories ignored.   Now, far from being simply another collection of short biographies, this book gives women’s stories their equal place alongside those of men, and so reshapes the wider narrative of global History. Lücker and Daenschel recognise it is more important than ever in the ‘Me-too’ era to explore and challenge the emerging history of sexism, to reexamine old sources and uncover new to ask, as they do, ‘have we always been patriarchal?’ And, if not, where and when did it all start?

Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp is a literary translator specialising in historic texts from German, Russian and Arabic; she is the translator of Ulrich Raulff’s Farewell to the Horse. Jessica West is a translator of non-fiction books from German and Russian; she co-translated of Peter Wohlleben’s The Weather Detective. With illustrations by Natsko Seki.


Discovering New York’s Beautiful Places Siobhan Ferguson A stunning photography, lifestyle and travel guide to the world’s most famous city.

September 2019 £25 9780750990707 Hardback 245x190mm, 256 pages 400 colour Illustrations World rights A former-banker from the West coast of Ireland, Siobhan Ferguson is now works as a photographer and social media consultant, based in Chiswick. She is the founder and curator of the hugely popular Instagram accounts, @prettycitylondon, @theprettycities, and @siobhaise, and author of the celebrated prettycitylondon.

New York City is known for many things: its urban, high-rise landscape, the bustling atmosphere and busy business and tourist spots. Pretty tree-lined avenues, cute shops and serene getaways do not immediately come to mind for this cosmopolitan city, but they are there. Acclaimed Instagrammer Siobhan Ferguson, author of prettycitylondon (THP, 2018), now turns her discerning eye to the Big Apple itself. Travel along with her as she uncovers the hidden gems - the sweet, secluded alleys, the fantastic markets, the artisan boutiques that New York has to offer, and reveals the beautiful, the quaint and the downright pretty scattered among the urban landscape of the world’s most famous city. Stunning photographs alongside fantastic tips to take your own pictures and create a prettycitynewyork experience for yourself make this the perfect book for visitors on foot and armchair travellers alike.

As Far as the Eye can See A History of Seeing S. Denham Wade

Why do we see the world the way we do? An unusual history of sight across 500 million years.

September 2019 £20 9780750987035 Hardback 234x156mm, 304 pages 32 colour Illustrations World rights, Russian rights sold Susan Denham Wade spent twenty years researching, writing and presenting on the future of television, digital media and communications technology in London and in Hollywood. She has an MA in Creative Writing (Non Fiction) from City University, as well as degrees in Economics and Law and a Harvard MBA.

From the mastery of fire a million years ago, humans repeatedly invented new ways to see their surroundings, each other and themselves. Artificial light, early art, mirrors, writing, printing, photography, film, smartphones… these tools didn’t just add to our visual repertoire, they shaped Western culture and made us who we are, propelling the human journey from walking apes to self-obsessed screen junkies.   As Far As the Eye Can See traces the history of seeing through eleven inventions, from the first evolutionary stirrings of sight to the present. With each revolution in seeing, sight slowly eclipsed our other senses. Having come this far, Denham asks, are we now at peak seeing? Can our eyes keep up with technology’s relentless march? Or, have we gone as far as the eye can see?

A Rum Tale

Spirit of the New World Joseph Piercy Set sail to discover the global history, culture and cocktail recipes of the Caribbean’s most famous and favourite drink.

July 2019 £12.99 9780750990806 Hardback 198x129mm, 192 pages 12 b&w Illustrations World rights Joseph Piercy studied English and Philosophy at the University of Wolverhampton and holds a Master’s degree in Creative Writing. He is the author of eleven books of non-fiction including Slippery Tipples: A Guide to Weird and Wonderful Spirits and Liqueurs (THP, 2018).

Steeped in a long, diverse, rum is a spirit that has meaning in cultures across the globe. Joseph Piercy delves into rum’s rich heritage, from the invasion of the Caribbean to the real pirates of the Caribbean who gave us some of our best known brands of rum today, such as Henry ‘Captain’ Morgan. He explores the legend of Nelson’s blood (whose body was said to be stored in a rum barrel for transport) and the rumrunning of Prohibition-era United States, which stoked the Bacardi family’s rise to fame and fortune. As it experiences a long-overdue resurgence in popularity, alongside a heritage as rich as its flavour, Piercy shares his experience of this versatile spirit, listing rums not to miss and delicious rum-based cocktails you can try at home. This is a fun book that no drinks connoisseur should be without.


How the Shy Fruit Shaped our World Robin Laurance A romp through history that reveals how the coconut has shaped and continues to shape our world

July 2019 ÂŁ15.99 9780750990615 Hardback 216x 138mm, 224 pages 20 b&w and 32 colour Illustrations World rights, Indian reprint rights sold Robin Laurance is an acclaimed writer and photographer. He has contributed articles to The Guardian, The Sunday Times, The New York Times, Washington Post, among others. His previous books include Just What I Always Wanted! (Quercus), The Millennium Generation and Portrait of Islam (both Thames & Hudson).

Such disparate characters as an English earl, an American president, Imelda Marcos, a celebrated German nudist, Captain Bligh of the Bounty, and a billion Hindus feature in this fascinating global history. The coconut has long been the unseen player in the endeavours of industrialists and bomb makers, physicians and silversmiths, smugglers and snake charmers. The fruit saved the life of the man who went on to become the 35th President of the United States, and later, produced the same miracles for millions using the coconut charcoal-packed gas masks produced in readiness for World War II. At a time when coconut products crowd the shelves of supermarkets, health food shops and beauty salons, Robin Laurance looks beyond the oils and health drinks to uncover the unexpected, often surprising, and vital roles played by the coconut palm and its nut in times past and present.


How the Nazis Tricked the Last Jews of Europe Christopher Hale ‘I am prepared to sell you one million Jews: Goods for blood … Blood for goods.’

September 2019 £25 9780750988179 Hardback 234x156mm, 448 pages 20 b&w Illustrations World rights Christopher Hale is a non-fiction writer and documentary producer based in Berlin. He is the author of the best-selling Himmler’s Crusade, which won the prestigious Italian Premio Gambrinus ‘Giuseppe Mazzotti’ prize, and has made numerous documentaries for the BBC, Channel 4 and other broadcasters.

These were the chilling words uttered by one of the most notorious Nazi bureaucrats, SS Colonel Adolf Eichmann, to a young Jew named Joel Brand in 1944. Brand embarked on a desperate mission to persuade the Allies to barter with Eichmann – and failed. For decades after, many shamed the Allies’ failure to act as a callous abandonment of a million Hungarian Jews to their horrid fate. In Deception, Christopher Hale uses ground-breaking new research to present a new account of the ‘Brand Mission’, revealed in the national archives of Germany, Hungary, Britain and the USA. Hale uncovers that Eichmann’s offer formed one part of a monstrous deception designed to outwit the leaders of the last surviving Jewish community in Europe. A deception more complex and – from the German point of view – more successful than any operation mounted by the secret services of the Allied governments…

Nazi Wives

The Women at the Top of Hitler’s Germany James Wyllie Women at the top of Nazi Germany revealed

November 2019 £20 9780750991223 Hardback 234x156mm, 288 pages 15 b&w Illustrations English language rights, UK & Commonwealth James Wyllie is an author, broadcaster and award-winning screenwriter. He is the author of Goering and Goering (THP) and The Codebreakers: the True Story of the Secret Intelligence Team That Changed the Course of the First World War (Ebury).

Goering, Goebbels, Himmler, Heydrich, Hess, Bormann – names synonymous with power and influence in the Third Reich. Perhaps less familiar are Carin, Emmy, Magda, Margarete, Lina, Ilse and Gerda...   These are the women behind these infamous men – complex individuals with distinctive personalities who, as they fell under Hitler’s spell, were drawn deeper and deeper into a perverse version of reality.   In ‘Nazi Wives’ James Wyllie skilfully interweaves their stories, exploring their roles in detail for the first time against a backdrop of the rise, fall and aftermath of Nazism, notable for the resolute lack of contrition from the wives who survived.

We Are Not Cocaine Smugglers 5 Men, 104 Years in Prison, and the Quest for Justice Mike Dunn

The shocking true story of five fishermen shut away for a crime they didn’t commit.

March 2020 £10.99 9780750992473 Paperback 192x129, 288 pages 20 colour Illustrations World rights Mike Dunn has spent a career in national journalism, working for the UK’s biggest and most-revered daily and Sunday newspapers. He is now a full-time writer. Author of two books, his The Belt Boy was shortlisted for the UK’s top two sports book awards.

It was the biggest haul of cocaine ever discovered in the UK – £53m worth stashed underneath snarled underneath fishing nets on the Isle of Wight. Within three hours, the police pounced, and in June 2011 five fishermen were found guilty of conspiracy to import Class A drugs. They were handed prison sentences that totalled 104 years. Yet, in a case that has been frequently challenged in the national press, the incarcerated men and their families continue to battle for their release. Now, Dunn’s fascinating re-examination of new and old evidence may prove their innocence. This is a tale of police incompetence and withheld evidence, a story of disappearing surveillance reports and the expert radar analysis, which after effectively sealing the men’s fate, was shown to be incorrect. And now, as told by the skipper of the crew, it is the account of the night five men found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Great Train Robbery Confidential The Cop and the Robber Follow New Lines of Enquiry Graham Satchwell

“Really does shed new light on the Great Train Robbery … a compeling read” Former Police Superintendent Lord MacKenzie of Framwellgate

October 2019 £9.99 9780750992329 Paperback 198x129mm, 208 pages 12 b&w Illustrations World rights Graham Satchwell served in every rank of CID within the British Transport Police from 1978 to 1999, spending many years as detective superintendent, Britain’s most senior railway detective. His latest memoir, An Inspector Recalls was described by The Guardian as ‘the best of the genre’.

In 1981, Detective Inspector Graham Satchwell was the officer in charge of the case against Train Robber Tom Wisbey, and 20 others. The case involved, like the Great Train Robbery, massive thefts from mail trains. Thirty years later, Satchell crossed paths again with the same train robber he had helped convict, and an unlikely collaboration to reveal the truth about the Great Train Robbery began. This new study reassesses the known facts about one of most infamous crimes in modern history with the uniquely qualified insight of an experienced railway detective. Following his interview in the Channel 4 documentary of the same topic, released in August 2019, Satchwell presents new theories alongside compelling evidence. The book represents an important, and perhaps final, opportunity to reverse the lies and half-truths that are increasingly becoming accepted as known facts in the story of the Great Train Robbery of 1963.


London’s Hospital for the Mad Paul Chambers A new paperback edition of this critically-acclaimed Victorian history Bethlem Hospital is the oldest mental institution in the world, but to many it is famous only as ‘Bedlam’, a chaotic madhouse that brutalised its patients. This book explores the 800-year history of Bethlem and reveals fascinating details of its ambivalent relationship with London and Londoners, the life and times of the hospital’s more famous patients, and the rise of a powerful reform movement which forced the government to take the issue of Bedlam seriously. Paul Chambers brings the whole story of Bethlem Hospital to a new audience, charting its well-intended beginnings to its final disgrace and reform.

November 2019 £10.99 9780750991483 Paperback 198x129mm, 320 pages World rights

Paul Chambers writing credits include books on subjects as diverse as elephants, dinosaurs, the natural history of the giant tortoise, medieval genealogy and an 18thcentury scandal. He has also worked as a television researcher and producer on BBC and independent television, including the Walking with Dinosaurs series and all its sequels.

Royal witches

From Joan of Navarre to Elizabeth Woodville Gemma Hollman Why call a woman powerful, when you can call her a witch.

October 2019 £16.99 9780750989404 Paperback with flaps 234x156mm, 320 pages World rights, US rights sold

Gemma Hollman has a Masters degree in Medieval History from the University of York. She runs Just History Posts blog and Twitter account, and has written for the British Numismatic Journal.

“Witcherature” has won a modern revival: witchery, a source of unapologetic female power, has found its reflection in the fierce redefinition of femininity and the continuing subversity of #MeToo in global politics. The manic hysteria around witchcraft in the seventeenth-century is well-known. Less established are the Medieval royal four: a group of royal woman all related in family and courtly ties scandalously accused of witchcraft in order to influence or even kill the king within the space of 70 years. Some of these women may have turned to the dark arts, but the purpose of the accusations was purely political; their gender made them vulnerable to become pawns for the political games of men. In Royal Witches, Gemma Hollman explores the lives and the cases of these so-called witches, including the hardy rumour of the Woodville line witchcraft that survived centuries. In a time when the line between science and magic was blurred, these trials offer a tantalising insight of how malicious magic would be used to cause such mass hysteria in centuries to come.

Man in the Brown Suit MI5, Edward VIII and an Irish Assassin James Parris

Did MI5 and Special Branch allow an assassination plot aginst King Edward VIII to go ahead in July 1936?

November 2019 £20 9780750990646 Hardback 234x156mm, 288 pages 16 b&w Illustrations World rights James Parris is the pen name of Harry Harmer, a praised biographer with a specialism in late 19th and early 20th European history. His most recent project is that of Friedrich Ebert, the first President of the Weimar Republic (Haus, 2009).

On 16 July 1936 a man in a brown suit stepped from the crowd on London’s Constitution Hill and pointed a loaded revolver at King Edward VIII. The monarch was moments from death. But MI5’s chief, Sir Vernon Kell and the Metropolitan Police Special Branch, tasked with royal protection, already knew all about this threat to the king’s life. The perpetrator was an MI5 informant. Yet, they did nothing. Was the failure to act simply blundering on the part of the security services, or was something far more sinister involved? By the end of the year Edward had been forced to abdicate and live in exile, ostensibly because of his determination to marry the twice divorced American Wallis Simpson. Using evidence from MI5 and previously unpublished material at the National Archives, this book reaches explosive conclusions about the British Establishment’s determination to remove Edward from the throne.

Anatomy of a Spy

A History of Espionage and Betrayal Michael Smith Why spy? The human side of treachery In this compelling investigation, Michael Smith explores the critical moment in a spy’s life: that splitsecond decision to embrace a double life; to cheat and hide and hurt; to risk disgrace – even death – without any guarantee of being rewarded or even recognised. Each chapter centres on a different spy, following the path they took that lead, finally, to the point of no return. Were they propelled by personal convictions? Blackmailed and left without a choice? Too desperate for money to think about the consequences? Through in-depth insider knowledge, Michael Smith also uncovers new and unknown cases, including ISIS, President Trump’s links with Russia and Edward Snowden’s role as a November 2019 £10.99 whistleblower, to offer compelling 9780750992572 psychological portraits of these men Paperback and women, homing unerringly on 198x129mm, 320 pages the fault-lines and shady corners of 20 b&w Illustrations English language rights, UK & Commonwealth their characters, their weaknesses and their strengths, the lies they tell Michael Smith served in the British Army’s other people, and the lies they always Intelligence Corps and was an awardend up telling themselves.

winning journalist for the BBC, the Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Times. He is now a full-time author and intelligence historian, author of the number-one bestselling: The Secrets of Station X and Foley: The Spy Who Saved 10,000 Jews.


A Social History Carolyne Haynes Read on as Haynes huffs, and puffs, and blows your ignorance down...

November 2019 ÂŁ18.99 9780750991933 Paperback with flaps 234x156mm, 288 pages 80 b&w and 30 colour Illustrations World rights Carolyne Haynes is an architect by training, working in the industry for over 15 years and gaining her PHD in the subject. She is now an expert in Brickwork, working as a project manager at The Brickworks Museum in Southampton.

It would be hard to live in much of Britain from around the 1660s onwards and not know about bricks, though they were originally imported by the Romans. Their strength and traditional aesthetic make us – and mortgage providers - feel secure; exposed brickwork is a retro feature on even some of the most modern buildings. However, whilst we love the idea of bricks, most of us take little notice of them: questions of how they were made, why they are the colour they are or how their popularity has developed are rarely pondered. In this fascinating study, Carolyne Haynes focuses on the human experience and societal impact of bricklaying, exploring how this versatile building material has helped to build the way we live, and adapted to our evolving society. This is the surprising social history of bricks in Britain.

Weather for Hillwalkers

Malcolm Thomas With a new foreword by Julia Bradbury and The Outdoor Guide The definitive guide to understanding and interpreting mountain weather systems

November 2019 £10.99 9780750992442 Hardback 198x129mm, 128 pages 80 b&w and 15 colour Illustrations World rights During his career a professional weather forecaster, Malcom Thomas’ book Weather for Hillwakers and Climbers became a classic work for those with an interest in this subject.

For years, hillwalkers and climbers have struggled to understand the complexities of the weather systems. Written by a professional weather forecaster, this book provides both the beginner and more experienced with an understanding of the basic principles of the cause of each of the elements, and the effects of mountains and high ground upon them. Including a full glossary of terms, Thomas details the basic terminology of depressions, weather fronts and airmasses. He also explains at how to make shortterm weather forecasts based on observation and interpret weather maps. The new edition of this classic work includes a new foreword by Julia Bradbury and The Outdoor Guide, and is recommended by the Mountain Leader Training Board.

Making Movie Magic

A Lifetime Creating Special Effects for James Bond, Harry Potter, Superman & More John Richardson With unpublished images and behind-the-scenes stories, Oscarwinning special effects master John Richardson lifts the lid on his amazing career

October 2019 ÂŁ25 9780750991230 Hardback 245x190mm, 288 pages 100 b&w and 100 colour Illustrations World rights John Richardson has enjoyed a 50-year career in the film business as an acclaimed special effects technician and supervisor. He has been Oscar-nominated five times and won for Aliens in 1986.

In creating the magic that flows through his films, be it by means of creating huge explosions, beheading a man, producing futuristic gadgets, making a man fly or breathing life into creatures that both amaze and haunt us, Richardson holds a unique place in cinema history. The son of pioneering F/X technician Cliff Richardson, he learned his trade at the feet of a master of the craft, and by building on his father’s early work and pushing boundaries further, Richardson not only delivered the end result but also ensured that none of his stars were ever injured. With over five decades of adventures under his belt, and a vast photographic collection of unseen pictures, Richardson takes us onto the set of his fascinating career in movie magic.

When Harry met Cubby The Story of the James Bond Producers Robert Sellers

The long-overdue biography of the legendary producers of the James Bond series, Harry Saltzman and Albert R. ‘Cubby’ Broccoli.

September 2019 £20 9780750990424 Hardback 234x156mm, 288 pages 20 b&w Illustrations World rights Robert Sellers is a commended author and journalist, writing for the Empire film magazine, the Daily Mail and The Guardian. He is perhaps best known for his entertaining showbusiness biographies and works on popular culture, including the bestselling Hellraisers (Preface, 2009) and The Battle for Bond (Tomahawk, 2008).

Broccoli and Saltzman remain the most successful producing partnership in movie history. Together, they were responsible for the phenomenally successful James Bond series; even separately, their creations became classics. Loved and hated in equal measure, respected and feared by their contemporaries, few movie people have loomed as large over the industry as the pair. But their violently contrasting personalities meant that their relationship was fraught almost from the very beginning, driving away their coveted star, Sean Connery, and ultimately each other. Tragically they would meet very different ends: while one was feted as Hollywood royalty, his death making newspaper headlines across the world, the other died a virtual recluse. Coinciding with the release of the 25th James Bond film in 2020, their story is finally given the respect it deserves.

High Tea on the Cunard Queens A Light-hearted Look at Life at Sea Paul Curtis

Inhale, ex-sail… and cruise into the diverting insights of a 1960s Cunard entertainments officer

August 2019 £16.99 9780750990554 Paperback 235x156mm, 184 pages 60 b&w and 15 colour Illustrations World Rights Paul Curtis went to sea at 18 and worked as a ship photographer aboard ten different passenger ships, before being appointed cabin class entertainment officer aboard the Queen Mary. He is the winner of three awards from the Australian Institute of Professional Photography: Hon Life Member, Hon Fellowship and the McCarthy Award.

His amusing insight into Cunard’s legendary liners begins more than fifty years ago. Now, over a Cunard high tea in the Queens Room, Paul Curtis recounts the stories of these iconic ships, revealing how life aboard the Cunard liners has changed since Queen Mary’s golden years. Then, over a drink in the Red Lion, he shares the tales of the antics of both passengers and crews. The facts are delivered in vivid detail – some of them things you should know and an occasional peep at things you shouldn’t. Paul has worked, travelled upon or photographed every Cunard Queen ever built. Brimming with celebrity anecdotes, from Elizabeth Taylor to Yehudi Menuhin, Curtis has an offbeat sense of humour and a keen appetite for the ridiculous. Life at sea can do that to you.

Playing Gay in the Golden Age of British TV Stephen Bourne

A long overdue exploration of gay representation on British Television

November 2019 ÂŁ12.99 9780750990134 Paperback 234x156mm, 224 pages 20 b&w Illustrations World Rights Stephen Bourne is a film and social historian specialising in black British heritage and gay culture, and author of 18 books, including praised Brief Encounters: Lesbians and Gays in British Cinema 1930-71 and Fighting Proud. He holds an MPhil from De Montfort University.

Stephen Bourne tracks the history of gay representation in British TV from its golden age through to the dawn of a new era with Channel 4. From being taboo, through to the founding of the liberation movement and onwards to acceptance and worldwide pride, Bourne catalogues the efforts of the BBC and independent broadcasters - the innovation, experimentation and risks they took to encourage progression, to challenge (but sometimes reinforce) homophobia and to promote acceptance of gay relationships. Also delving into events behind scenes involving both acceptance and prejudice against those in the industry, no stone is left unturned in this full story of playing gay on the small screen.

Folk Tales

Storytelling for Dads Tim Porteus Rely on Dad jokes no more… a father’s guide to enchanting his children with storytelling Stories should be part of everyone’s childhood, Tim Porteus has long contended. And now, with fascinating father-specific stories and gorgeous illustrations to bring them to life, he ensures that storytelling will become a regular for the lucky children of all Dads with this beautiful book. Using some new research on brain development, Porteus explains why stories are so vital for children and parents alike and, exploring the various challenges Dads can face with storytelling, offers tips and practical guidance on how to be a ‘Storydad’. Full of inspiration, this is a mustread for fathers everywhere.

May 2020 £9.99 9780750989114 Hardback 198x129mm, 192 pages 20 b&w Illustrations World Rights Tim Porteus is a professional storyteller and author of the celebrated East Lothian Folk Tales for Children. He has advocated the importance of storytelling with fellow dads for many years, developing a Storydads programme and writing a weekly column called Tim’s Tales.

Folk Tales for Bold Girls Fiona Collins

International tales to inspire positivity and fearlessness in young readers

October 2019 ÂŁ9.99 9780750990493 Hardback 198x129mm, 176 pages 30 b&w Illustrations World Rights Fiona Collins has been a professional storyteller since 1989, specialising in Welsh folklore and stories of strong women and girls. She is known for her attention to detail, love of language, and ability to make a connection with her audience. When not writing, Fiona enjoys watching old movies and embarrassing her children.

Are old stories all about princes and princesses, knights and heroes, giants and monsters, boy saves girl? Not always, nor should they be, Fiona Collins responds. Her brilliant collection of short stories offers a contemporary and feminist slant on many traditional stories, along with original retellings of little known folk-tales finally brought to light. Children between 7 and 12 yearsold will enjoy reading the stories of Vasilisa, who wasn’t afraid of the deep dark forest; Mollie Whuppie, who knew how to trick a giant; Tegwedd, who used her magic powers to help others; and many other admirable young women. With magical illustrations of these young heroines by talented artist Ed Fisher, this is a book to treasure.



Five Women Who Set the Fifties on Fire Shar Daws Sexy, spirited and stereotyped, the true lives of the Blonde Bombshells revealed

March 2020 £16.99 9780750992183 Paperback with Flaps 234x156mm, 288 pages 30 b&w Illustrations World Rights Shar Williams holds a Masters Degree in English and Creative Writing, and has contributed research to multiple published books and magazines about stars of the 1950s. She also helps run Immortal Marilyn, a fanbase with 16,000 members.

Jean Harlow, Ruth Ellis, Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield and Diana Dors… their glamourous appearances are renowned, but there is a reason that their common categorization means both ‘a very attractive woman’ and ‘an artillery shell’: defying expectations, each left a legacy that changed not only individual lives but international society as a whole. Featuring robust and rumour-busting research, Blowtorch Blondes examines these women in the context of the time they lived, examining their achievements and tragedies: from Marilyn’s stardom and Diana’s unwavering integrity, to Ruth’s tragic status as the last woman hanged in Britain. These are women of undeniably deep and complex substance, with lives that encompassed love, sex, ambition, fame and depression – fires snuffed out too early, but transformed into legends that continue to burn bright.



Agency, Empowerment and Influence after Loss Professor Maggie Andrews and Janis Lomas The unlikely history of women’s empowerment through widowhood

May 2020 £20 9780750990103 Hardback 234x156mm, 240 pages 12 b&w Illustrations World rights Janis Lomas holds a PhD from the University of Staffordshire and later worked as a lecturer in women’s history at the University of Birmingham. Maggie Andrews is Professor of Cultural History at the University of Worcester.

Historically seen as figures of pity and foreboding – poverty-stricken receivers of charity, tragic figures dressed in black and even sometimes sexually voracious predators or witches - widows have been subject to powerful and millenniumenduring stereotypes. But, for many women, widowhood unfolded into a vastly more complex story. From property of men and housekeepers - the owners of nothing - they found themselves suddenly enfranchised, empowered and free to conduct themselves however they wished. From determined suffrage campaigners and politicians, to entrepreneurs and newly self-made women, the effect of widows’ might can be seen throughout history. Now, eminent historians Andrews and Janis Lomas pull together the stories of fascinating women and their exploits after being widowed; and show how their greatest loss became, in many ways, their biggest gain.


Tudors and Europe John Matusiak

An excitingly topical re-appraisal of Tudor England’s inconstant relationship with Europe

October 2020 ÂŁ20 9780750991872 Hardback 234x156mm 320 pages 20 colour Illustrations World rights John Matusiak studied at the universities of London and Sussex before embarking upon a teaching career that eventually spanned more than thirty years. He is the acclaimed author of Henry VIII, Wolsey and Europe in Flames.

If one was to engage in a debate of whether migration, war, religion, commerce or domestic security was most critical to linking England to developments across the sea, they could either be standing in the House of Parliament or at a reimagining of a Tudor privy council. Celebrated historian John Matusiak makes use of a wealth of fascinating material only previously available in monographs and specialist papers to deliberate the changing forces that shaped the opinion of Tudors, from ordinary men and women to royals, towards a continent at the crossroads; and, in turn, the responses of sixteenth-century Europeans to their counterparts across the Channel. At a time when the very survival of England hung critically in the balance, are there, asks The Tudors and Europe, lessons for the present?


Under the Covers

A Very Intimate History of Sex J.V. Polsom-Jenkins and Jessica Cale The good, the bad and the surprising about sex in British history, from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century

September 2020 £16.99 9780750990097 Paperback with flaps 234x156mm, 256 pages 20 b&w Illustrations World Rights Jessica Cale is an award-winning historical romance author and journalist. She is editor and primary writer of the popular history blog Dirty, Sexy History. J.V. Polsom-Jenkins has a PhD in History and is the co-editor and contributor of Dirty, Sexy History.

From tales of the Medieval chastity belt to Victorian prudishness, there is an accepted assumption that people of the past were more sexually conservative than those today; and, in turn, that their reservation made them morally superior. However, while times change, people don’t: outside of the high-profile shows of chasteness, the common person has had the same desires through history – and, Cale and Polsom-Jenkins contend, such misconceptions are largely an invention of historians, politicians and religious leaders, each with the ability to censor all experience that contests their agenda. At a time when sexual and personal freedom are at their height in the western world, this nostalgia for ‘more innocent’ times sows seeds of bigotry and prejudice, especially against women, sex workers and the LGBTQ community. Using brand-new archival research, Cale and PolsomJenkins sunder the myth of chastity that pervades western history and finally set the record straight.


Secret Agent Man

Ronnie Reed, the Man Behind Agent Zigzag and Operation Mincemeat Nicholas Reed The life of the legendary MI5 officer is finally revealed in his only interview and biography, recorded and written by his son

January 2020 ÂŁ10.99 9780750992640 Paperback 198x129mm, 256 pages 20 b&w Illustrations World rights Nicholas Reed took his first degree at Oxford in Greats, and since has gained an MA at Manchester and MPhil at St. Andrews for his research in Roman Britain and Scotland. He has been an accredited lecturer since 1992 and is the author of five books on French Impressionists in England. He is the son of legendary MI5 officer Ronnie Reed.

Major Ronnie Reed was case officer for the infamous double-Agent Zigzag and the face behind Operation Mincemeat, a remarkably creative British deception operation designed to cover the Allied invasion of Sicily. But how did this young BBC radio operator, with no money and few qualifications, reach such an important position in his 20s? Why did Agent Zigzag give Ronnie his Iron Cross, awarded to Zigzag by Hitler himself? And how, within ten years following the Second World War, did Ronnie find himself heading the anti-Russian department of MI5, dealing with notorious spies such as Philby, Burgess and Maclean? After a life shrouded with secrecy, he was finally persuaded to reveal his remarkable story to his son, Nicolas, in an interview filmed in 1994, shortly before Ronnie’s death. Here, featuring a collection of recently released reports and photos from the National Archives, as well as intimate family snaps, Nicolas Reed reproduces that special interview and finally fills in the blanks in the life of The Man Who Never Was.


The Twins

The SOE’s Brothers of Vengeance Peter Jacobs This is the remarkable story of Alfred and Henry Newton, the Twins. It is a story of revenge and courage in the face of extreme adversity

April 2020 £18.99 9780750989831 Paperback with flaps 234x156mm, 256 pages 30 b&w illustrations World rights Peter Jacobs served in the RAF for thirtyseven years as an air defence navigator. A keen military historian, he has written several books on the RAF and WWII military history, including The RAF in 100 Objects (THP, 2017).

Recruited by SOE and known to everyone simply as The Twins, Alfred and Henry Newton channelled their ceaseless passion for revenge into a personal war against the Nazis. Eventually betrayed to the Gestapo, they were brutally tortured at the hands of Klaus Barbie, the Butcher of Lyons before being taken to the notorious Fresnes Prison. With their aid of little but their own guile, they survived the horrors until liberated at the end of the war.   Based on brand new research, and making important use of the brothers’ personal records and memoirs, Jacobs builds a definitive and often shocking picture of the brothers’ exploits and state of mind throughout their harrowing journey in France. To coincide with a number of 75th anniversaries for Second World War dates occurring through 2019 and 2020, yet for the first time in over 60 years, their vengeance and courage are given the recognition they deserve.


Polar Cruising

Of Penguins and Polar Bears Christopher Wright Essential reading for anyone planning a trip on a cruise ship into polar waters

March 2020 ÂŁ20 9780750990578 Paperback with flaps 234x156mm, 208 pages 90 b&w and 30 colour Illustrations World rights Christopher Wright is a marine specialist, author and the retired president of The Mariport Group Ltd. He has been involved in Arctic Shipping studies since 1973.

People have been cruising into polar waters since the late nineteenth century, yet this activity has not been documented, other than in a couple of academic texts. Of Penguins and Polar Bears draws on the experience and resources of experts in the field to describe where people went, the ships they cruised on, the places they visited and the itineraries they followed. The Antarctic region alone saw some 45,000 marine visitors in 34 cruise ships over the 2016/2017 season. Encompassing the Arctic Passages, the Canadian Artic, Greenland, Iceland, Svalbard and the Antarctic regions, the book goes also reveals what the modern-day visitor to the polar regions can expect to experience, from the vessels to the wildlife and beyond. Helpfully illustrated with photographs, maps and tables, it additionally represents an indispensable guide for researchers, armchair travellers and enthusiasts.



Unravelling the Great Celtic Confusion Bruce Durie The book is aimed squarely at the Scots, Irish, Welsh diasporas in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere – as well as back in the UK, of course

November 2020 £16.99 9780750989268 Paperback 234x156, 240 pages 40 b&w illustrations World rights Bruce Durie is one of Scotland’s top genealogists, with an international reputation. He is best known for BBC radio series ‘Digging Up Your Roots’ and ‘A House with A Past’, and has authored 30 books, including the bestselling ‘Scottish Genealogy’.

A fiercely held identity by many inhabitants of the British Isles, and many who descend from ancient Bretons, Scots and the Irish, being Celtic has been something to be proud of and aggressively traded upon for centuries. Now, expert genealogist Bruce Durie has uncovered and analysed archaeological, DNA and linguistic evidence to come to the conclusion that this was simply an invention of the Victorian ‘Celtic Nations’ movement - the identity for these peoples is just plain wrong. Delving into the earliest history of the Irish, British and Scots, Durie reveals that in fact the Gaels were extant 1,500 years earlier than the European Celts. He argues the validity of the Celtic industry - music, jewellery, heritage - and further pushes back at the idea that something that isn’t wrapped in tartan is not genuinely Scottish.   Instead he reasons out the true identity of these discrete peoples and seeks to debunk the commercially driven myth of the Celt. With illuminating, brand-new research, this is a book that no good Celt-ish person should be without.


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