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Monday, August 19, 2013

Vol. 97 No.31

The Student Voice of Howard University

est. 1924

The Freshmen Issue

Welcome Home, Class of 2017

Photo by Dominique Diggs, Managing Editor INSIDE Learning the Metro

Letter From HUSA


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A guide to one of the most essential aspects of getting around the DMV.

Anthony Miller’s note to the incoming class of 2017.



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A new class is here, keep your eyes peeled for thirst LIFE & STYLE................ p. 7 from the girls and the guys. SPORTS............ p. 11 p.15 OPINIONS................. p. 15

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The Hilltop Newspaper

Glynn Hill

Editor-in-Chief Dominique Diggs Chief Managing Editor Indigo Silva Multimedia Editor

The Hilltop Management looks back at life...

When I was a Freshman

To the Class of 2017, your time has finally arrived. For some it is a bittersweet departure from home, while for others, it is a moment that felt like it was eighteen years in the making. Every facet of this issue was designed with you in mind, to help introduce and guide you through your first year at one of the most intriguing school’s in the world: Howard University. Over the next week, the your fellow Bison will welcome you with open arms, but your time here is just beginning. A wise man once said, “Freshmen year is the last time in your life that you’ll be busy by choice, not obligation,” so enjoy it!

Glynn Hill, Editor-in-Chief, Drew Hall 3rd

Keneisha Deas Metro Editor Maya Cade Life & Style Editor Khari Arnold Sports Editor Emmy Victor Campus Editor Cameron Clarkson Opinions Editor

Hailing from a preppy high school located in the middle of North Philadelphia, I had been exposed to some of the most intelligent Caucasians and some of the most ratchet African Americans that I’ve ever met in my life. Coming to Howard provided a new start for me in the sense that I could learn and grow around people more like me. From day one at Drew (#tresquad), it became apparent that my University would offer that and so much more. From Homecoming, an earthquake, and winter snowball fights, to witnessing my first probate, Project HU (...or at least the waiting line), and seeing a grown man cry over a playoff game, my freshmen year is undeniably one of the greatest, most eventful years of my life. While I love this school to no end, by the second week without AC--about the same period of time that we had visitation--I realized that it’s the people, not the place that makes Howard so incredible. A new year is upon us, so it’s OK to be a little ratchet, but be smart, be involved, be open-minded, and most importantly, be yourself !

DeAnna Miller Copy Chief Alexis Grant Copy Editor Terranie Sims Copy Editor Lindsey Ferguson Copy Editor Tasia Hawkins Staff Writer Jourdan Henry Staff Writer Siniyah Smith Staff Writer Erin Van Dunk Staff Writer Rachel Cumberbatch Photo Editor Robert Gross Public Relations Director Katie Downs Cartoonist

Armanie Brooks Business Manager

Dominique Diggs, Managing Editor, Crandall 3rd

When I came to Howard, I immediately felt this rush of excitement that was building up inside of me for months. I was parked on 4th street waiting to unpack my entire life into the third floor of Crandall Hall. The first week felt surreal-- an immeasurable amount of new numbers in my phone, endless parties to go to, and those seven days seemed like the model of what my life was going to be like for the next year. However, reality set in and I soon had to pick and choose events in order to sustain my GPA and I was in a constant battle with the Administration building and Bisonweb when it came to the terror that is Registration day. But overall, my freshman year memories will always remain clear and vivid: learning how to live with and appreciate people from different walks of life, the numerous times when I failed at pulling all-nighters, and friendships that have lasted way beyond the days that were spent hanging out on the Yard in the springtime.

Indigo Silva, Multimedia Editor, Annex 5th

“WE LOVE YOU INDIGO!” This phrase was repeated to me all of my years in school. Coming to Howard was a major cultural shift not just because this was my first time in a predominantly black school AND community, but because I was walking into somewhere brand new, where I hoped they would love Indigo. Howard showed me the ropes my freshmen year, from standing in line for the club for hours in the cold; fighting for my life to get on that last shuttle back from Love; hearing DJ ChubbESwagg drop “Burn Rubber” by Too Short and the bay area thug lurching out of me; and almost wanting knock out my roommate and then realizing she is the greatest. Coming to college forces you to grow up, but coming to Howard forces you to be an adult and party hard because you’ve been pushed past your limit all week. To the class of 2017, just know that this is the start of something bittersweet and totally worth the ride.

The Hilltop encourages its readers to share their opinions with the newspaper through letters to the editor or perspectives. All letters should include a complete address and telephone number and should be sent electronically to All inquiries for advertisements should be sent directly to The Hilltop Business office at:





Emmy Victor, Campus Editor


Howard University Freshmen to Participate in Community Day of Service by Rachel Mann Communications Specialist

In response to the call to service preceding the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, hundreds of volunteers from the incoming freshman class will spend Friday, August 23rd, participating in the inaugural Howard University Day of Service. Freshmen will assist with community service projects in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area that focus on education, homelessness,

HIV/AIDS, poverty, voter registration, non-violence, and environmental services. Howard’s Day of Service initiative is a new addition to the freshman orientation experience. During this day, Howard students, faculty, staff and administrators will work alongside incoming freshmen as volunteers. The event is sponsored by the Office of the Dean of the Chapel and the Division of Student Affairs. “The Howard University Day of Service is an opportu-

nity for new students to connect with the long legacy of Howard University as a center for socially conscious, civic minded leaders to form their character through service,” said Bernard L. Richardson, Dean of the Chapel. “As these incoming students engage in service learning throughout the Washington, DC community, they will tap into their own unique sense of vocation and into the strength that continues to define Howard University.” The Day of Service is mod-

Dress Down For What?: Top 5 Events to Show Out For Congratulations HU 17! You’ve finally made it to the Mecca and the place that will bring you the best experiences of your life for the next four years. If you haven’t been told yet, you need to know one thing about Howard: We are a fashion-forward school. We dress up for class, we dress up for meetings, we dress up for social events…we dress up! “Well, when do I know when to dress up?” My answer is, always. However, below are five events that occur throughout the year that you should keep your eye--and your wallet--on. While these aren’t the only big events, these are certainly a few you’ll want to show out for: Jame’ Jackson Contributing Writer

1. The All White Party As the name entails, it’s all white. You think all white is easy? Try finding an all-white outfit without looking basic next to the other 10 people in all white beside you. To be able to stand out in a crowd in the same color is a gift. Beautiful in its setting, it’s a great time to get fancy while having a great time with other Howard students. Since it’s right around the corner, you should already have started looking for an outfit--like yesterday. If you haven’t, start now. It’s worth it. 2. Homecoming Howard Homecoming is like no other, highlighted by Yardfest! Those of us--most of us--shamelessy begin planning our outfit for Yardfest at least a few weeks in advance because, well, you have to be fabulous during homecoming right? So what should you wear? Honestly, that’s up to the person, but be cognizant of the culture you are now a part of. If you’re committed to those high heels or a crisp white shirt, just understand the risk you are putting yourself in. 3. Fashion Shows Even though you’re attending to see other people strut around in cute clothes, nothing at Howard is competitive-free. If you choose to go to the Fashion Shows, especially our Homecoming Fashion Show, make sure you are dressed to impress! Anything goes, although you’ll certainly want to get your classy style on. Avant garde, high street… we love it all. A fashion show at Howard means any and all who come are part of the show, so please, as André 3000 once said, play your part. 4. Bison Ball While many freshmen don’t go to Bison Ball, everyone has the opportunity and chance to. Trust and believe if you go, you will be dressed to the tee. Known as one of the biggest and most important nights for HU students to dress up, Bison Ball will have people saving money months in advance for tuxedos and gowns. Of course you don’t HAVE to come dressed like that, but this is certainly where you try to get your grown and sexy on. While a ticket to get in may sway some away, be reassured the money you pay to attend is only a small investment in the beauty of the night and the beauty of your fellow Bison (and the beauty of you when you look like you belong on the BET Red Carpet!) 5. School functions Every party, function, important game and event at Howard will have an after party. Whether its at the club, the Howard Theatre, or somewhere on campus, you’ll rarely see a person in sweats. Make sure to be on the lookout for after party events during Homecoming time, as that’s when you’ll really want to have your go-to club/party outfit. We dress for the club as if it were a fashion show. Don’t know what to wear? We’ve seen it all. Every trend, every failed or successful attempt of what looked good in the dorm but didn’t work in public, and vice versa. Howard is known for pushing and creating the barriers of what fashion is and what it isn’t; be free to express yourself at the school that expresses everyone. So there you have it ! Your Top 5 events you’ll want to show out for. Of course, don’t forget you have every day to look fabulous. Besides, who knows when you’ll be caught in style? Until then, stay beautiful and fly at the one and only Mecca.


eled after Howard University’s nationally recognized Alternative Spring Break program. Every year, hundreds of Howard students forgo the comforts of home or vacationing on beaches to help those in need during their weeklong break from classes. Next year will mark the 20th anniversary of the Alternative Spring Break program. Volunteers will be dispatched to more than eighteen project sites around the city. Projects include packaging and dis-

tributing food at the Friendship House, preparing DC Public Schools for the first day of classes, reading books to children at the Children’s Health Center, conducting forestry clean-up at Rock Creek Park, organizing donations at the Transitional Housing Coalition, registering DC residents to vote in preparation for local elections, and much more. For more information, contact Mr. Glen Vinson, at Applications are due by Aug. 16.

Rent And Save Big Indigo Silva Multimedia Editor

As you’re prepping for classes to begin in a week you’re probably busy getting moved in, partying, meeting new friends, and spending long nights on the Yard. But in a week paradise will come to an end and professors will hit you with this line, “the name of the book for this course is…” When you hear this magical line all you should see is dollar signs. The HU bookstore appears to have all the books you need but the prices can stretch very far past your budget. There are a few sites that can get you the same book in the book store for significantly cheaper. Some sites are designed for you to rent the book for a price and return it in a selected amount of time. Personally I prefer to rent my books but, young grasshoppers make your own choice. Here are a few websites to check out to lighten your load when it comes to purchasing textbooks. Chegg allows you to rent or buy your textbooks and look up information on the course. You can search the book by ISBN number, author, or title. This site also offers online study help providing answers to your questions from professors, grad students, and trusted community members. When you’re finished with your textbooks that you’ve purchased from any site, you can sell them back for cash from Like the rest, collegebookrenter allows you to rent or buy your textbook. Their site boasts that they have the largest book rental inventory available which could make it the better place to find what you’re looking for. When you rent three or more textbooks you may qualify for a discount code which does exactly what you need, make your bill lower. Collegebookrenter provides you with the return box to mail your books back in when you’re finished with them; I find this feature extremely helpful. This site is different because they allow you to make markings in your book such as highlighting or taking notes in the margins when renting. Book renter also provides free standard shipping as well as free returns on your textbooks. Like the rest you can buy or rent your books. Amazon is the world’s largest and most popular online book site. Amazon offers multiple categories and discounted shipping for college students, in most cases free shipping. Amazon also allows you to sell your books back. Amazon is also unique because you can purchase e-books for your kindle or ipad.



Dorm Diaries: Tubman Quadrangle

G.W. Carver Hall

Bethune Annex

To my Annex ladies: The first day I moved into Carver I had big bins full of It is practically 100 degrees on Baldwin third floor. My best friend If you haven’t learned our motto yet, here it is: “22 – 25! We promise and anticipation; plenty of snacks, schools supplies, and I continue to unpack our entire life into this room made for two. are….so fly!” Remember this always, and if you’re ever at an Despite the heat and natural anxiety we faced traveling thousands of towels and basic necessities for survival. I moved in right on campus party or social, gather around with your fellow Anmiles away from our homes in Atlanta, Georgia, we were so eager for next door to the kitchen, I think my room was 207. The nex sisters and shout it loud & proud! main reason I moved into Carver was because you didn’t what memories would be made in this very room. Of course, my best have to get a meal plan and my parents were trying to cut friend turned roommate and I rush to make up a catchy phrase for as many costs as they could- I was surprised they didn’t We have a huge image to maintain and sometimes, to correct. our “hot” spot. We shouted, “Room 3-0-5, where it’s LIVE.” Yeah, If you’re staying in the Annex this year, I’m certain you’ve outsource my education. we were that eager. heard this and you’ll continue to hear it as you make friends Like most dorms we had roaches the size of small pets from different residence halls: “I heard Annex girls are boring,” We made a few friends on other halls too, meeting some of my that would wave “What’s up?” every once and awhile as we “Yeah, Annex girls are stuck-up,” “They think because they closest friends on Frazier 2nd and Crandall 3rd. I found my hair have a little air conditioning and their own cafeteria, they’re stylist, brow lady, and snack girl all in one place! You do not always walked through the blue and white halls. Sometimes you’d popping.” have to wake up early after the showers were just cleaned remember your first introduction with your lifelong friends, but they to get fi rst dibbs on that hot water and if any part of your were made on these same hallways. It may have been a friendly hello body touched the shower wall most likely you’d start over Yes, that Annex vs. Quad beef is very real once Resfest comes or you both auditioning for the Quad step team. Either way, Quad around but to be honest, some of your very best friends may be again. girls are friendly, outgoing and just as anxious as you to make new from the Quad as well as from the Annex. Your dorm experifriends. With an open mind and an outgoing spirit, I ran into some Our rec room was a wreck; dusty pool tables, a weight ence is what you make it. If you decide to be unfriendly and of the most interesting girls. Not every person is alike, but that is the room that needed nourishment, and a fake basketball court stay to yourself in your suite the entire year, your experience in beauty of it all. the Annex will live up to the stigma that we are boring. in the back. You even had to get accustomed to using a I public rest room, which made you miss home every time you The fans continue to blow until the wintertime cold invades our n order to get away from that, go out and meet your fellow had to Lysol a clean seat for a bowel movement. rooms. Here comes visitation and everyone is excited. There might freshmen! Don’t try to isolate yourself just because of your even be a line forming in front of each respective dorm for check-in living situation, this dorm experience is all about making new Carver was lowkey popping back then, even if every the first day we are “rewarded” visitation to our unisex dormitories. friends so go ahead and introduce yourself to the quiet girl class feels like their hall is popping when they come in. I Visitation is a serious matter. You are excited to have your male best next door or a shy floor mate. Go to the parties on campus friend or “friend” visit your room and hang out outside of the age-old remember back in 2011 when the homeboy David Castain together, and mingle with the residents from the other halls. dropped the ‘MTV Cribs: Carver Dorm Edition’. Probably “booty wall”. one of the funniest nine minutes I had ever watched per- Honestly, it’s all love on Howard’s campus – you’ll realize that as the semester goes on. taining to anything Howard. I remember cooking big pots I remember having a surprise get together in my room for one of my guy friend’s birthdays. We made sure all of our friends from each of shrimp fried rice around 10 or 11 o’clock at night when Here’s the advice that I have for you, my fellow purple ladies: hall were invited, and we managed to check in all of his friends too. most people are studying and starving, then selling it for $4 Please be responsible when it comes to visitation. It’s honestly a bowl and $5 with a can of soda. Now, every time I see that picture of us all smiling having a good time a privilege, not a necessity and you will get it taken away if you in “Room 3-0-5, where it’s always LIVE”, I will remember that predon’t handle it accordingly. If you’re trying to have a kickback Everybody had a hustle back then, none better than cious memory we all shared. the food hustle though. I remember when the upperclass- on your floor, plan it wisely with the girls next door to make sure that it doesn’t get too out of hand. men would look at the guest-log to see the “female” visitors Even rooming with my best friend from home was a growing experience. We shared many laughs, fights, and tears. All of those guys would bring in. Which is probably why most Howard women would never frequent a dorm and would hit you Do not leave your clothes in the washer or dryer for an extendexperiences helped our relationship grow stronger. After waking up with the line “I don’t do dorms”, as if we had money to do ed amount of time. I know it may seem disrespectful, but there to the same person every morning, we were also forced to meet new will be a time that someone will take your clothes out of the anything anywhere else. people and grow as individuals. machine for you and put them somewhere where you may not want them to be. Designate a laundry day for yourself where Sometime all you hear about is Drew, Quad, and Looking back on my time in the Q-U-A-D, Awwww Yeah, I can’t you have ample time to get all your clothes washed, dried and Meridian, but at least we never got visitation taken away believe I was almost an Annex girl. Yikes. Dorm beef may seem back into your room. corny, but you gain such an amazing relationship with the people you on Elm Street. When you’re a freshmen, visitation is what it’s all about. What you choose to do with it is your choice, live with. These girls became more than someone I lived with, they If a party is over early and you don’t want to go back in your became my sisters. Whether I needed a pack of noodles or a shoulder whether you choose to study or “study” is up to you. If you room, hang out in the Annex courtyard. Some of my favorite ever lose it, dear Carver Brethren, hopefully one of your to cry on, the Quad pride ran deep within us. I would not have done freshman year memories were in that courtyard late at night it any other way. My freshman experience was enhanced after surviv- upperclassmen will bestow you with the passage to the Unhanging out with friends. derground Railroad. ing that Quad heat. Good luck and enjoy ladies! -Chelsea Samuel


But the most memorable thing I heard as an underclass- Last but not least, create a support system – If it consists of men from an old head at Howard was to “Cherish this! It’s family, friends, your suitemate or even your RA, you’ll be all going to fly by.” I can attest to that, years do indeed fly by. the more grateful to have people there to talk when you need them. I only hope that you enjoy every moment of it- because pinning ceremonies aren’t too distant from cap and gown Have a lovely freshman year ladies! fittings. That day, though arduous in effort to get to, will be here before you know it. With Love, Giordanna Easley -TheSUNK




Keneisha Deas, Metro Editor

Navigating the District: Tasia Hawkins Staff Writer


Follow the Color Code, Your Metro Guide

Taking the Metro is one of the most convenient ways to explore the District. With five lines and 86 stations, it’ll take you anywhere you need to be, in the DMV. The system consists of the Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Orange lines.

To ride you’ll need a SmarTrip card, which you can purchase at CVS or at the Shaw-Howard metro station for $10 ($5 for the card with $5 value on it). The system operates 5 am through midnight, on weekdays (including Sunday) and 7 am to 3 am on the weekends (including Friday). On the train, fares range from $1.70 to $5.75 based on distance and time of day, while all buses have a $1.60 fare. The free iTransDC app for iPhone will also provide you with arrival times, directions, and service alerts. via, eriks weekly photos

Green U Street: U Street is a nearby neighborhood with plenty of restaurants, stores, and clubs. Here you can find the famous Ben’s Chili Bowl, a number of vintage clothing stores, and Busboys and Poets. You can take the green and yellow lines to the U street station or it’s about a 15 minute walk.

via, urban bohemian


Federal Triangle: This station leads you to the White House, Freedom Plaza, as well as several other federal buildings and museums. It is also accessible by the Orange line. It is 21 minutes from Shaw-Howard.

Columbia Heights: The Columbia Heights neighborhood has plenty of restaurants and stores, and is just steps away from the DCUSA shopping complex, which has DSW, Target, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Staples, and Marshalls. It is also the closest metro station to Meridian Hill Hall, an off-campus dorm. It takes 7 minutes to get to Columbia Heights on the Metro, and you can take either the Yellow or Green line.

Red Silver Spring: Downtown Silver Spring can be a great escape from Washington. There are plenty of places to eat, including Red Lobster and Fuddruckers. It also has the nearest Chickfil-A, plenty of stores to shop, and the Regal Majestic movie theater. It is approximately 25 minutes from Shaw-Howard.

via, benoit6

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Orange Foggy Bottom-GWU: This station brings you right to the campus of George Washington University. It is also the closest train station to the Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. memorials. The stop also puts you close to Georgetown University, where you’ll pass through a variety of unique and well-known stores and restaurants on the way there. The trip takes about 26 minutes and you can also take the Blue line. Smithsonian: The Smithsonian stop drops you at the east end of the National Mall, walking distance from seven of the Smithsonian museums, which are all free. Museums include the National Air and Space museum and National Museum of African Art. It’s a 19 minute trip from ShawHoward and you can also take the Blue line.

Gallery Place/Chinatown: At this stop is the Regal Movie theater, a number of restaurants and stores, and the Verizon Center. It is also right at the entrance of Chinatown. You can also take the Green Line and it is 6 minutes from Shaw-Howard. Pentagon City: This stop in Arlington, Virginia brings you to the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City, the closest mall to the D.C. area. It has 170 stores and is 19 minutes from Shaw-Howard.


DuPont Circle: Sometimes referred to as D.C’s trendiest neighborhood; Dupont Circle is home to plenty of bars, clubs, art galleries, and cafes and is only 20 minutes from ShawHoward! Union Station:The Union Station stop brings you to the main train and bus terminal for the Washington area, where you can get MARC, Amtrak, Greyhound, and Megabus service. The station also has restaurants and shops, and is walking distance from Capitol Hill. 17 minutes from Shaw-Howard.



Web Series, “Life As a Bison,” Becomes Hit Amongst Incoming Students by Emmy Victor Campus Editor The web series, “Life As A Bison.”, stars junior Artonique Nelson, a Speech and Applied Communications major, and junior Alyssa McCall, Broadcast Journalism major, whom both wanted a way to clarify many entry-level Howard University student questions, such as dorm life, class buildings, eating spots, and student organizations. “We [McCall and Nelson] sat down and composed a list of possible topics. We wanted the series to be as unscripted and candid as possible,” says Nelson. The web series started in early June and has launched three episodes thus far. In this short time the girls have collected nearly 64,000 video views. The videos are located on Youtube, but can most easily be found posted as a link by Nelson or McCall on the “Howard University Accepted and Committed C/O 2017” Facebook page. While there are many media outlets on campus that have ran different web series over the years, such as HU Reaction or Spotlight Network, the two juniors thought it would be best to launch this idea on their own. “Our videos are a separate entity – at first we contacted the A Building, but then they tried to restrict where we could film,” says Nelson. What’s unique about this series is that the hosts virtually take you around each part of campus and get new student’s “hip” (caught up, aware, or in the know) to the Howard University culture by defining everything from cuffing season (boo season,) drew “rats” (girls who are known to be frequently checked into Drew Hall) and the intensity of Resfest competitions (yearly competition amongst all dorms sponsored by the Residence Life office.) The girls also provide a lot of “do’s and don’ts” of a new student and even offer advice on how to succeed as an individual on campus. “Working with Artonique has been a pleasure. Our passion has been pushing students, and we both have the same goals and mindsets on working with the freshmen, says McCall. “We want the incoming students to know that they always have someone to mentor them and look up to, and ask any questions.” The “Life As A Bison” hosts are already working on a fourth video and do not plan to stop anytime soon. “So many new students have been coming up to me and thanking us for the video, saying that it really had an impact on them. ” McCall says. “We plan on making videos continuously throughout this year and potentially even for the class of 2018.” This is not the first year that a video of this kind has been introduced to the upcoming freshmen class. Last year, “The Campus Life” launched for the class of 2016, which actually featured Nelson. And the ever-so popular “Howard 101,” hosted by personalities Jae Murphy and Chase B, came right on time for the class of 2014’s arrival.





Maya Cade, L&S Editor


Howard Voted, Hottest Album of the Summer Siniyah Smith Staff Writer

via, MyFirstMic

Going Out Guide! by Maya Cade L&S Editor

Places to Shop: Value Village 2277 University Blvd E Hyattsville, MD 20783 This is the go to place to satisfy your thrift store fix. A bit of a distance, but well worth the trip. Here is the very definition of bang for your buck. Georgia Avenue Thrift Store 6101 Georgia Ave NW Washington, DC 20011 A short bus ride from campus, and great finds (such as designer/name brand items). Can be a wee pricy, so it is best to go in with a purpose. The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City 1101 S Haynes St Arlington, VA 22022 The most convenient and accessible mall to campus. Great stores in every nook and cranny. Pentagon City is your one stop shop for that last minute party outfit or a place to splurge. Shopping Districts: Chinatown An area that has everything from Urban to Forever21 (with a decent sized men’s section) A cool place to hang out, eat, catch a movie, and shop.

Georgetown One of the most beautiful areas in the district, Georgetown has everything from upscale shopping and eating to a scenic waterfront. Target Running low on snacks? Need cases of water? Groceries? This is your go to place. Don’t forget your reusable shopping bags, plastic bags are 5 cents! Places to Eat: Negril 2301-G Georgia Ave., NW Washington, DC 20001 Though it is few steps from campus, it has an authentic taste of Jamaica. Perfect change of pace from the usual Cafe and McDonalds routine. Bens Chili Bowl 1213 U St NW Washington, DC 20009

Eatonville 2121 14th St NW Washington, DC 20009 A buzzworthy place with nice decor, atmosphere, and food. Southernstyle menu with a twist. Another perfect brunch spot, or even date spot. Things to do free: Frederick Douglass’ Home 1411 W St SE Washington, DC 20020 Allow history to come alive while taking a tour of this abolitionist’s home. (Tours are free with small booking fee).

With the school year rapidly approaching it is important that each student have a summer music favorite. The discussions and debates on the top album of the summer can be expected to be a trending topic on campus. Summer 2013 proved itself to be the summer of musical greatness. There was something for everyone to bob their heads to. In any occupation there will be competition, but in the music industry it is quite evident. With each artist being compared and contrasted by listeners and critics alike, growth and the need to be the greatest are both constant variables. Every artist has his or her own story to tell, what sets you apart

is the way you choose to tell it. Having a good beat and catchy hook seems to be enough to get record sales and radio play, but not enough to be the greatest. Lyrics, presentation, and creativity help listeners gain a sense of knowledge of the artist and their ultimate potential. This summer the music world experienced Christmas early. There were five album releases for listeners to enjoy. The albums consisted of: Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail, Kanye’s Yeezus, J. Cole’s Born Sinner, Mac Miller’s Watching Movies with the Sound Off, and Wale’s The Gifted. The question is who will be crowned “The Hottest Album of The Summer?”

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Find inspiration by visiting Martin Luther King’s statue and wall broadcasting many famous Martin Luther King Jr. quotes. Visit the Smithsonians

This is the perfect after party meal or pick me up meal. Chili cheese fries are awaiting you at this eatery located a short walk from campus. Bill Cosby and President Obama both give Ben’s thumbs up! The proof is in the chili. (Vegetarian options also available). Busboys and Poets 2021 14th St NW Washington, DC 20009 Remember that episode of Spongebob when the fish was searching for “food, water, atmosphere”? If he resided in the district, this would be the place. Here you can find good food, people, an incredible bookstore, and weekly poetry slams all rolled in one. Did we mention it’s also a short walk from campus?

The Smithsonian is a national museum complex dedicated to keeping history alive by providing a multitude of museums with ranging subjects. There are over ten in the D.C. area and admission to all Smithsonians are free. Though the Smithsonians are scattered throughout the city, a cluster of them are located at the Smithsonian metro stop.

Catch the Full Album Reviews at THE HILLTOP



Office of the President August 16, 2013 Dear Howard University Community: Welcome to the beginning of the 2013-2014 academic year at the Capstone, with a particular welcome to our new and continuing students! This year promises to be one of hard work and academic achievement, as well as participation in the wide range of important and exciting activities on campus and in the region. Since its founding 146 years ago, Howard University has played a unique role in the building of our nation and the global community. It is a strong, essential and indispensable institution of higher education that has taken “The Long Walk” through history in the search for truth and justice. This year’s entering class will graduate in 2017 and mark the 150th anniversary of the founding of Howard University in 1867. The Office of the Provost, our Enrollment Management team, schools and colleges and faculty did an impressive job in recruiting what will be one of the University’s most impressive classes in the face of the continuing competition for high achieving students and the nation’s still struggling economy. At both ends of the educational continuum, Howard remains a national leader. The academic credentials of our freshman class will be among the highest in the history of the University. At the other end of the continuum, Howard continues to graduate more on-campus African-Americans with PhDs. than any other university, and more Black students in the STEM area who continue on to earn PhD’s than any other institution. No other university is as successful at either end of the educational continuum in addressing the higher education needs of our nation. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the historic March on Washington including Howard’s own contributions to the intellectual foundations and activism which led to, contributed in and followed those historic events. Continuing this legacy of leadership and service, Howard is actively involved with local and national organizations in sponsoring symposia, conferences and activities commemorating the March while focusing attention on today’s critical public policy issues. Notably, this academic year our faculty will lead us in a “Dialogue on Race.” The dialogue responds to President Obama’s call and will focus campus attention and bring national visibility to the full range of issues affecting the Black community including education, health disparities, equal opportunity, voting rights, internationalism, human rights, media stereotyping, artistic marginalization and environmental sustainability. Howard and other Historically Black College and University (HBCU) faculty, students and alumni led the struggle that culminated in the March on Washington. Now, they must play a central role in the current dialogue about race and once again help shape the direction of our nation and global community. The University has many exciting things going on and as you travel around campus you can observe numerous aspects of institutional progress. The Interdisciplinary Research Building and two new living/learning student residence halls are under construction and expected to open in Fall 2014. Please be careful when traveling near construction areas. Other buildings are being renovated. Howard’s academic, faculty and administrative renewal activities continue unabated. While ninety percent of Howard students receive financial aid, our 25 million dollar Bridging the Gap campaign is successfully addressing some of that need through the support of members of the Board of Trustees, alumni and friends of the University. Daily, Howard hosts important speakers, symposia and other academic events here on campus. The number of student clubs and activities seems limitless. I encourage students, faculty and staff to participate in the campus’ rich and rewarding array of academic, professional, leadership development and social activities. Campus safety is a top priority. The Public Safety department has increased its staffing and improved its technology; there are new programs ranging from safety awareness and education to Operation Safe Ride which provides transportation after midnight. I look forward to you joining me in the events surrounding the official opening of the academic year, including the September 5-8 third annual AT&T Nation’s Classic and Academic Symposium (featuring the “More Than a Game” academic symposium, the Johnson-Mays student debate, Howard University vs. Morehouse College football game, and the Andrew Rankin Chapel Worship Service); and the University’s September 27th Opening Convocation. Howard is community, embracing far beyond its current students, alumni, faculty and staff. Howard is also a journey. We travel the Howard journey together in honest dialogue with ourselves. Our progress will be measured by our ability to listen to and respect each other, honor our values and our history, renew our bonds and work towards our shared goals. As we have seen recently, informal sources of information and the public media often provide incomplete, slanted or even erroneous material. I am committed to open communication and shared information that advances our University. Together, we must define and shape the future of our University based upon a commitment to its unique historic mission, a shared vision, collaboration, transparency and accurate information about Howard University. Throughout the academic year, I will provide status reports and meet with members of the University community to review and discuss the plans, performance and progress. I look forward to working with you to make the 2013-2014 academic year a successful one. Sincerely, Sidney A. Ribeau, Ph.D. President





On behalf of the Howard University Student Association’s 53rd Administration we welcome you to Howard University! I commend you for making what will undoubtedly prove to be one of the best decisions of your lives: choosing to attend this great university! The next four years will not only be rewarding as you learn, grow and become an integral part of this thriving and dynamic university community, but also provide unlimited opportunities to positively impact the world around you. As we prepare to move forward together in service to others, always remember HUSA is here for YOU! We truly care that your time spent at Howard University is not only academically rewarding, but also full of pleasant memories to last a lifetime. At the outset, let us explore some of the tremendous opportunities that lie before us as a university community. What is the state of our university? Presently, we are faced with two key areas for development on our campus. First, is the issue of promoting a safe and caring community where all students can learn, prosper and grow. Secondly, promoting a fiscally sound institution that is able to adequately address and meet the financial needs of the student body. The Howard University Student Association believes it is our role to act as a liaison between the student body and the administration. In doing so, not only do we serve as the conduit for voicing student concerns and issues to the university’s hierarchy, but we also strive to provide practical and action-oriented solutions. Every year, hundreds of students come onto and traverse our campus. Some are returning students driven to move on to the next phases of their college education. And, still many others are eager first year students embarking on new and exciting journeys in their young lives. In either event, we are keenly aware all student, regardless of classification, majors and personal backgrounds, share one common goal. That is, to obtain a quality education in a safe, healthy, enriching and nurturing environment. In order to facilitate such an environment, we strive to provide the safest and most secure learning atmosphere possible. The financial burdens of our student body continue to grow exponentially. We have seen increases in tuition, fees,the cost of books and basic living expenses. Reportedly, a four-year education at Howard University now averages in excess of $150,000. Many of our students, dependent on federal student assistance to finance their educations, have fallen victim to new and tighter governmental controls and increased regulations governing assistance programs previously available. For example, Pell grants have been reduced under new guidelines. Consequently, students previously eligible for federal financial aid under this particular program carrying a course load of up to eighteen semester hours, are today only eligible for twelve semester hours. That is a one-third cut in this program alone. In light of this gloomy financial uncertainty, one of the primary goals of our student government is to hold our university, and its administrators, accountable for identifying and making accessible new and innovative means of assisting deserving students in meeting the rising costs of our higher education. We challenge this university to find suitable means of bringing down costs while not compromising the quality of the education that we receive here. One idea is to offer more alternative means of instruction such as online classes, more non-traditional hour classes, and the like. Further, we challenge our alumni who have already benefited from the great education offered by our university, to reach back and increase their levels of giving in order to benefit current students in need of financial assistance. In short, we strive to level and to stabilize the costs of obtaining a higher education, and to facilitate and foster greater opportunities for giving back in order to assist current students. If we can accomplished these noble goals, we will can insure ourselves that more deserving students will be able to attend our beloved university. Specifically regarding our campaign to provide a safer university community, we are pushing toward sustainability. On September 11, 2013, at 7:00 PM we are hosting a large Town Hall that will include a DC council ward 1 member, a local Advisory neighborhood commission coordinator, and police chief James. We will then collect emails during first town hall and send updates on security measures being taken. We would also like to introduce the HU Hotspot – a program whereby local businesses will display highly visible window stickers identifying their establishments as “Safe Places” for our students to retreat to if they feel unsafe or threatened, day or night. Another goal is to strategically place cameras on and about the campus, particularly in areas considered to be high risk for criminal activity. In conjunction with this effort, we will attempt to better alert students of danger zones. In addition to these efforts, we will seek to establish a student escort service where students offering to serve as campus escorts will be compensated through work study funding. Our security initiatives will be aimed to protect both on and off campus students. In summary, as the HU university community, we have many difficult challenges ahead. We view these challenges as opportunities to provide leadership as well as opportunities to give back to this institution that we all love so much. We, the student body of Howard University, truly have a legacy and a tradition of excellence and service toadvance. We call on each of you, students and staff, to join in and assist us as we make our campus safer, and insure that every young person deserving of attending this great university is able to do so. We encourage anyone interested in volunteering for any of the initiatives or willing to share their suggestions for further improvement to reach out to us at or come visit us in our office at the Blackburn Center. Anthony Miller, HUSA Presidemt




Twitter sounds oямА on HU17






Khari Arnold, Sports Editor

Must-See HU Athletic Events by Jourdan Henry Contributing Writer

AT&T Nation’s Football Classic: Howard vs. Morehouse When: September 7, 3:30 PM The third annual Nation’s Football Classic held in historic RFK Stadium is sure to be accentuated by a weekend of exciting events for both Howard and ‘Spelhouse’ students. Tailgating will begin hours before the game on Saturday with the Pepsi Fan Festival, which will feature a performance by Raheem DeVaughn. The halftime show is also a must-see with this year’s debut performance of the Howard University Showtime Marching Band led by new Drum Major, Chris Cloud. Cloud describes the Nation’s Football Classic as, “history in the making.” He also stressed that fans “can most definitely expect energy and entertainment” from the halftime show. The game will showcase two of the nation’s most prestigious HBCU’s battling it out on the gridiron. This is a football rivalry that dates back to 1923, when the Bison defeated the Maroon Tigers 10-0. In 2011, the rivalry was reinvigorated as the two teams met in the first Classic game after a 15-year break period, in which Howard won 30-27 due to a scintillating second-half comeback. Howard was also able to edge out a 30-29 victory in 2012 after a 13-yard touchdown pass with 22 seconds remaining. This year Howard is coveting a 3-peat in the Nation’s Football Classic as Morehouse plans to gain their first victory against Howard since 1994. Homecoming Football Game: Howard vs. Morgan State When: October 26, 1:00 PM Inserted in between Yardfest and the Homecoming Parade is the annual homecoming football game, with the Bison battling the Bears of Morgan State this year. This is always the most attended and anticipated sporting event at Howard, and this year will be the 89th year of the Howard Homecoming celebration. Last year the game brought out more than 10,000 fans to Greene Stadium to witness the Bison win 21-20 in one of the greatest homecoming games in school history. This time around the Bison will look to defeat the Bears for the second straight year. The Bison, who had the top ranked rushing offense in 2012, should look to expose Morgan State’s weak rushing defense which allowed an average of 160.8 yards per game just a season ago. It will also be interesting to see how interim head coach Rayford Petty will keep the team focused and prepared while in the midst of the late-October extravaganza, known as Homecoming weekend.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That: “The Freshman Fifteen” by Maxine Dior Chapman Contributing Writer

College can bring many temptations and changes. For some, these new experiences can trigger stress, anxiety, homesickness, and other emotions. Unfortunately, if you aren’t careful, those new feelings can lead to overeating. Hence, “The Freshman 15.” It’s a term used to describe the 15 pounds that students may gain during their freshman year of undergraduate studies, and it is real. So, the best way to beat “The Freshman 15” is to prevent it altogether. This means knowing your limits and not pushing them. CUT BACK THE SNACKING You’re up late because you procrastinated on an assignment you were assigned two weeks ago and your stomach is growling. What do you do? Most would walk downstairs to the vending machine and grab a chocolate bar, chips, or a soda. Not a smart choice. Late night snacking is an easy way to pile on calories. Try to limit what you eat at three o’clock in the morning while studying for midterms. DEVELOP HEALTHY HABITS Most freshman students have a meal plan, which means you will be spending a lot of time in the infamous Café, Howard’s primary dining hall. The Café is replete with a few options. While it’s unrealistic to eat exclusively from the salad bar for every meal and never venture over to the pasta line for a bowl of Fettuccini Alfredo or the grill to get a cheeseburger and fries; try to make it a habit to incorporate some kind of vegetable into your meals. Instead of getting Dr. Pepper at lunch, drink some water. It’s the small things that can make the biggest difference. MAKE TIME TO EXERCISE Want to know a secret? Howard University has a gym! Find out the hours and use it. You pay enough for tuition; you might as well take advantage of all the amenities. Finding a fitness buddy is key because working out alone isn’t as fun. And if you do it with a friend, it won’t seem as tough. There are many people who find it arduous to take time out of their schedule to go to the gym and exercise. However, almost every major at Howard requires you to take some sort of physical education, so enroll in a course your freshman year to prevent those gruesome 15 pounds. Intramural sports are also offered at Howard. Try-outs for the official intramural basketball team will be towards September, and in the spring there are leagues where friends can sign-up and participate for free. “The Freshman 15” does not have to be a student’s reality. Vow to make smart deci-

Howard vs. Hampton Football Game When: November 23, 1:00 PM Although the Bison have to travel down to Hampton, Virginia to take on the Pirates, this is sure to be a game that will be worth the bus trip and price of admission. The battle of “The Real HU” features the MEAC preseason No. 6 ranked Howard against No. 9 ranked Hampton, but is definitely about more than just rankings. Emotions run high between fan bases whenever Howard and Hampton square off in any competition. The winner of this game will have bragging rights for an entire year until the two teams meet again. In last year’s matchup, the Bison won 20-10 at Greene Stadium, signaling a changing of the guards after having snapped a 14-game losing streak to the Pirates in 2011. This game will be the last of the regular season for both teams and is sure to be an exciting finale as Howard looks to prove itself as the real HU, in search for a third consecutive win in this well-known battle. Howard vs. Hampton Women’s Basketball When: TBA Despite the losing-streak against the Lady Pirates of Hampton, games tend to fall close and new head coach Tennille Adams and the Lady Bison will look to chift the tide this year and get over the mound. Adams coaching will surely be put to the test with the challenge of slowing down the number one scoring offense in the MEAC last season. This will be a tough task without arguably the best player in Lady Bison history in Saadia Doyle. Doyle, who graduated this past May describes the rivalry with Hampton as “preserving pride.” Hampton also loses its leading scorer, Keiara Avant, to graduation. Although there will be many new faces, the rivalry between the two teams with the same abbreviation still remains. Doyle said that if the Lady Bison are able to win this year it would allow the players “to get over that psychological hump.” Doyle also added, “it would mean that everyone has bought into Coach Adams system wholeheartedly, and more importantly that the players all realize and utilize their talents and now function as a cohesive unit.” It’s highly recommended to attend this contest to support the Lady Bison in their attempt to slow down a Hampton team that is in pursuit of their fifth straight MEAC Championship. North vs. South Game When: Early April Burr Gymnasium will host the 4th annual North vs. South basketball game this spring, in which players from the southern states compete against players from northern states for regional bragging rights. Roughly 100 students tryout each February in the hopes of making one of the 10-player rosters as well as competing in front of a large crowd at The Burr. Although this is the only game on this list that is not an NCAA sporting event, this glorified pickup game is far from a joke. Howard Senior and co-founder of the event, Brandon Banks, likens the atmosphere in Burr Gymnasium to “competing in a high school state championship game.” Last year’s contest was very exciting as it ended with the South winning in overtime by a score of 64-60. The South currently leads the all-time series 2-1 and are searching for a third consecutive victory. This event is bigger than just bragging rights, because it also fundraises and donates money to charity. Last year, proceeds were donated to the Boys Club of Southeast D.C.. The North vs. South game embodies everything that fans love about sports, it features players competing for the love of the game and for the pride of their region. This year’s game promises to be one of the best sports events of the spring.






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To the ladies of HU 17: UpperclassMen Pitfalls

I think the thing that hit me the most when I came to college was that I am a woman now. I am considered “legal” by the law and “grown” in the eyes of men. Being a freshman woman, you’re at an advantage and a disadvantage. You are indeed “fresh meat”. You’re in a new place trying to learn the tricks of the trade and there are some very attractive men ready to help you. There are a few things to remember being freshmen women; first, know yourself personally before getting involved with anyone whether a relationship is platonic or not. Don’t set your relationship standards too high because these are college men. Whether he’s a sophomore, junior, or senior, you will not find many who are ready to settle for just one right now. On our campus being a man looking for women is like picking what to wear in the morning, the variety is immense. Meeting upperclassMEN can also be a major advantage though, mainly because they are ready to meet you. You’re the new girl, they want to see what you have to offer. Use them to learn the campus and the do’s and don’ts at the Mecca. There are a lot of aspects of this school that cannot be picked up by watching, an elder must share the secrets lest you try to learn the hard way. College in general is a brand new arena that no one has been exposed to until they step into it. UpperclassMEN know this and often times may take your innocence for easy prey. Always pay attention when speaking to them. You learn more about a person based off of what comes out of their mouth. Be an avid observer and it will strengthen your insight. Physical relationships are expected routinely. Be ready for that and never feel like you have to do anything for any reason even if you’re told the opposite. A wise Howard woman once told me, “Be cautious of attachment too quickly to upperclassmen. They are Howard-educated, in more ways than one way.” Don’t get stuck on one man if he’s not good for YOU, there will be more, you’re in college. For whoever you meet freshmen week, be prepared for a new person when classes start, even prepare for them not to be a student! Don’t take anything that pops off that week, other than your beverages, to the head. It’s freshmen year you’re going to make mistakes, you’re going to meet a fake. Take this year to learn about men in general. Keep your eyes open my HU 17 ladies, I have faith in you, you are Howard women! *Don’t be afraid to tell that thirsty guy to go away, some guys just don’t get the hint unless you make it a little more clear.


Indigo Silva Multimedia Editor

Cameron Clarkson Opinions Editor He was a small professor with a bald head and glasses that constantly threatened to fall off his face. “There are two things within the human psyche: fear and fascination.” The class was Black Political Theory. His name was Dr. Wright. If his statement is true, everything we do or say or think is a result of fear and/or fascination. At this intersection of space and time, we can see the overwhelming tendency to allow fear to drive our policy as a local and global society. They are stopping and frisking brown people in New York and they are putting brown people in the ground they stand on in Florida. The common denominator: an ideology that does not recognize Black people as humans. There is a boogey man running wild through the streets of Washington. His hair is styled into dreadlocks. His frame, which he covers in a traditional all-white tall-tee, stands between 5 ft and 7 ft tall. His skin is covered in tattoos of scary things and his ears are pierced with diamonds. If you see this monster. Be afraid. Be very afraid. This message is received by thousands of new Howard University students who are from outside of the district. “Don’t walk down along the reservoir by yourself at night.” “Move in packs.” They might as well sell PalPacks with a canister of mace. The debate regarding campus safety has been bounced back and forth. Some say we need more officers. Some say we need a fence. The NRA says we need to arm school teachers; what about Black students trying to get back to their dorms at night?


via, Travlr

Over the summer we received news that bore holes in our souls. One of our brothers, Omar Sykes, was shot and sent home to eternity. A young queen was raped in the School of Business. We know the stories. We receive the emails labeled “Crime Alert”. In an article published by the Washington Post, Campus Police Chief Leroy K. James said that the recent financial turmoil of the university did not touch his department. In fact, the university is in the midst of another security overhaul. Twenty-four hour security in the dorms. Key card access. Undercover officers. More officers. More cameras. More passwords for more computers.While these measures are important, they are not going to keep people safe. People keep people safe. This is a violent world. From birth to death we are covered in blood as a species. Adding more guns attached to the hips blue of uniforms has never been a safety measure. It is a control measure. We live in a police state. Stand on the corner and watch the squad cars go by. MPD. FBI. CIA. NSA. The Capitol and the president each have their own police force. Not to mention the army, navy, marines and air force, and nuclear weapons pointed at the entire planet. That’s a lot of bullets in a lot of guns, yet Howard students are still getting shot and robbed and assaulted. We have to look at campus safety and security from a holistic stand point. Chief James and his force might not have been effected by budget cuts, but students have. The same recession that is forcing Howard students to drop out of school is the same one that has devastated the community our school

is a part of. We live in an economic war zone. People walk $3,000 dogs down sidewalks decorated with shattered Old English bottles. People eat exotic fish and fresh fruit right next to where people starve. This city ain’t but so big. It is a microcosm of the widening gap between rich and poor in this country. As the process of gentrification runs its course, that gap will become more and more visible in Washington. We cannot be so naive as to ignore the relationship between crime and economics. We cannot simply flood our campus with more officers and expect that to keep students safe. We have to do better. Howard University used to be the capitol of Chocolate City. Hair locked into crowns. Body oil. A perpetual drum beat that sounded a lot like freedom. On some days you can still hear it. That is the heart of the city. It is time to stop stepping on it. We have to stop criminalizing Black people--especially as Black people. “Local” is not a term that refers to someones proximity to campus. It is a pejorative term that refers to a persons’ presumed culture and class. It is a dehumanizing and marginalizing term that comes from a racist and classist way of viewing the world. If you are new to this campus, I welcome you from the warmest and the deepest parts of my heart. I challenge you to come, everyday, with an open mind. If you are returning to this campus I challenge you to come with an open mind, to grow and help grow, and to keep each other safe in our community.




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Ice Cream Social Hosted by the Campus Pals Cramton Auditorium 4:00 PM

Free Flow Open Mic Presented by Noble Black Society The Yard 6:00 PM

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Wet Zone: Water Fight Presented by Noble Black Society The Valley 3:30 PM

Freshmen Organization Fair Hosted by SOC Student Council School of Communications 2:00 PM

Carnival Hosted by the Campus Pals Cramton Auditorium 4:00 PM

Lunch with HUSA Blackburn Terrace 5:00 PM

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