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Mission Possible!







Row 1: Jazmin Goodwin, Editor-in-Chief. Brittany Read, Executive Operations Manager. Jerry Augustin, Account Executive-Sales. Almani Jackson, Business Manager. Row 2: Autumn Dalton, Creative Content Director. Oluwatobi Oladejo, Creative Content Coordinator. Brianna Sims, Social Media Manager. Tiffany Hunt, Social Media Assistant. Row 3: Nkechi Nnorom, Senior Copy Editor. Justin Cohen, Assistant Copy Editor. Clarice Metzger, Life+Style Editor. Lawrence Dow, Sports Editor. Row 4: Bria Horsley, News Editor. Kai Sinclair, Assistant News Editor. Oluchi Ike, Assistant Campus Editor.







1. Are you looking forward to James Comey’s convocation speech and appointment as academic chair? Why or why not?


Campus Speak


Compiled by: Kamilah Tom, Campus News Reporter

2. How do you want to see the topic of sexual assualt addressed on campus?


Kaleb Oates Junior English Detroit, Michigan Taurus

1. “In regards to James Comey, I think it’s going to be very interesting to see and hear his convocation speech for a number of reasons. For one, I think that he has an interesting position, especially considering some of the things that has happened race wise. I think this can be an opportunity to either mend race relations or bring separation. This is why I am awaiting what he is going to say.” 2. “I would like to see the topic of sexual assault addressed very directly and seriously because it is a very serious and direct issue. I feel like if it is not dealt with directly and specifically then we will see increase in the amount of incidents that happen. So again, we need a very specific plan of action, a very specific idea and overall university plan for what do we do and what are the steps that are in place if things like this happens on campus.”

Andrea Ardila Sophomore Political Science Miami, FL Aquarius

1. "Any opportunity to not place a person of color at the forefront of our institution can be looked at as a missed opportunity. However, due to the current political climate that led to the former FBI director’s dismissal, having James Comey deliver the convocation will place Howard University as a focal point on a world stage. The fact that James Comey has previously expressed interest in diversifying a mostly white Federal Bureau of Investigation, coupled with phony attempts at leadership by 45 during a time of high racial tensions, will give Howard University an opportunity to use our platform to amplify voices of inclusion and therefore resist the current head of state on an international scale." 2. "It is imperative that all students and faculty understand the responsibility that we have to intervene in situations related to sexual harassment and sexual assault. The blame does not lie solely on the person committing the assault, but also everyone who allowed a situation to escalate without intervention. It is our duty to keep our brothers and sisters safe, on and off campus. It is my hope that the university will continuously educate its population on all aspects of consent and assault and that all accusations be taken seriously."



Kheyana McKie Senior Advertising Bronx, NY Taurus


Melvin Cade Jr. Senior Advertising New Orleans, LA Taurus

1. “I am not necessarily looking forward to his speech. 1. “No, because we’ve had a troubled history with the I am interested to hear what he has to say and how he FBI. I see him being appointed to this position and even will address this audience, how he is going to address speaking at convocation as pretty much the university his afflictions politically and his actions as FBI director pandering. Our current university’s president has [been] in the past and talk to us as predominantly black pandering to this presidential administration since the students and community. Especially, with the FBI’s beginning of it in January of this year. It just seems like history of discriminating and actively going against pandering to me. There’s a lot of intelligent black people black people through the war on drugs, criminalization, who can speak on these topics that need to be discussed wire-tapping and all of those precedents. I’m interested in a better way. Better then he can, because as a to see what he has to say and if he is going to bring that politician he can’t and won’t fully speak on what’s going up and his role in that. I am not necessarily excited for on in the world, this country and the black situation, even him to be a member of the staff or administration at this the situation of all minorities. Pretty much everyone is school.” being discriminated against in this country.” 2. “I want to see actually action taken, not just we 2. “I think the university itself could take it more serious can protest against it and say that it’s bad or do when people come forward as well as be more serious whatever we’ve done in the past. I want to see actual at the beginning of the year in classes and in dorms. I repercussions taking place. I want to see people who remember my freshman year it was something that was are known predators expelled and I want to see them briefly touched on, not really fully addressed. It was like discredited by the university. I don’t want them to be a footnote to all the odds and ends they have to handle able to live their lives because the people who they have at the beginning of the year. It is something that should harmed can’t just live their lives. Why should they be be talked about in every class at the beginning of the able to just go on and be in whatever campus activities semester and the Title IX office needs to do their job they want to do and have whatever campus “clout” they a little bit more seriously because obviously they are not want to have, even though they are a criminal and they and they’re also not listening to students.” are someone who attacks other people? I want to see actual action taking place with real consequences. I want Compiled by: Jazmin Goodwin, Editor-in-Chief the culture to change about rape culture in general.”




Rosenwald - A New Documentary Film by Avia Kempner

Date: 09/07/17 Time: 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Location: Cathy Hughes School of Communications The West Screening Room- 5th floor

6th Annual Bank of America Black Executive Leadership Summit Date: 09/08/17 Time: 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. Location: Washington Hilton

Student Executive Leadership Makeup Retreat: All recognized student organizations who missed the Leadership Retreat are required to attend the makeup session on September 8, 2017. Date: 09/08/17 Time: 2:00 - 7:00 p.m. Location: Blackburn Gallery Lounge

Bison Abroad Information Sessions ice

School of Communications Pageant Date: 09/12/17 Time: 7:00 p.m. Location: Blackburn Ballroom


School of Business Pageant Date: 09/13/17 Time: 7:00 p.m. Location: Blackburn Ballroom

TedX Howard University

Date: 09/14/17 Time: 6:00 - 8:30 p.m. Location: Cramton Auditorium

College of Arts & Sciences Pageant Date: 09/14/17 Time: 7:00 p.m. Location: Blackburn Ballroom

Mr. & Ms. Freshman Pageant Date: 09/15/17 Time: 7:00 p.m. Location: Blackburn Ballroom

2017 National HBCU Week Conference Date: 09/17/17 Time: 4:00 - 12:00 a.m. Location: Crystal Gateway Marriott

#BISONLEAD : Annual Student Leadership Conference Date: 09/24/17 Time: 9:30 - 3:00 p.m. Location: Inclusive Innovation Incubator (IN3DC)




Alum Of The Month: Editor’s Pick

By: Jazmin Goodwin, Editor-in-Chief


Q&A: What is your best memory at Howard University? Meeting Obama. It was a really good day, being able to meet the President and the First Lady and shake their hands. Having my family being able to see that, my friends, people from home and people at Howard was the culmination of my Howard experience.

Victoria Walker B.A., Broadcast Journalism ‘15

How does it feel to be returning to your alma mater as an adjunct professor? It’s actually a really great feeling. Howard did so much for me and gave so much to me professionally and personally. I’m able to give a small portion of that back to the university and have a small part in shaping the younger students and shaping their journalism careers. What does Howard University mean to you? Howard is like home to me. Even more so than my actual home in Virginia. I feel like Howard is where I really came into myself and became the person that I’m attempting to be. What is the most important thing that Howard taught you? “No, is not an answer.” Especially when it comes to this business, you need to push. You have to push your professors to input your grades on time, you have push the A-building to get financial aid. In my job now, i’m pushing sources and i’m pushing to get content and to get videos. I consider myself to have a lot of grit and gumption. I hustle hard. Howard instills that in you. What do you hope to instill in students that your are teaching? This business can feel like a thankless business but the purpose that we’re called to is bigger than just us. A lot of us get so wrapped up in wanting to be seen and that’s not the purpose of us as reporters. Our jobs are shedding light into darkness and holding people to account. I don’t want them to forget the purpose and mission of what we do. @vikkie

From Howard University student to adjunct professor, Victoria Walker is making her mark in a new way. The 757 native is currently a video editor at the Washington Post and a favorite travel blogger to many with her travel blog “Vikkie Ventures.” Now, the class of 2015 alum has returned to her alma mater to put her journalistic talents to use by teaching students the ins and out of reporting and writing. Photo by: Jazmin Goodwin





Is the Amazon-Whole Foods Merger a Huge Success? By: Nadira Jamerson, Campus News Reporter


been a an increased shift towards online shopping, as millennials crave convenience over quality. The Amazon-Whole Foods merger could provide easier access to online groceries.

Photo credit: ChadPerez49, courtesy of Wikimedia.

Amazon may be on its way to becoming the largest produce retailer. Earlier this summer, Amazon announced its plan to merge with Whole Foods. Last Monday, the deal officially closed, and Amazon became the brand new owner of Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. This merger marks the biggest retail deal of 2017. Shoppers have speculated the positive impact that Amazon’s ownership will have for them and their communities. In the past, it has been nearly impossible for lower-income families to afford the healthier options that Whole Foods provides— Whole Foods has been frequently referred to as “Wholepaycheck Foods” by consumers who are dissatisfied with the chain’s high prices. Since its purchase of Whole Foods, Amazon has already slashed prices by up to 43 percent. Many shoppers are excited because they now will be able to afford healthier food options that were once unavailable to them. On the other hand, some investors worry that the deal could upset other grocers, meal-kit companies and food delivery services. Amazon has a reputation for consistently finding ways to maximize its profits and other produce companies. In addition, there has

However, online groceries can decrease the profits of other stores who have not tapped into delivery service or those stores that cannot deliver as cheaply. For example, Blue Apron, a grocery delivery service, saw a 44 percent stock decrease due to investors fears about the effects of the Amazon-Whole Foods deal. Many analysts and shoppers alike have begun to wonder how large of a player Amazon will now be in the produce market. However, those who have started to compare Amazon to other larger produce companies, such as Walmart, are inflating the true impact this merger has had. Even with Whole Foods, Amazon controls far less than two percent of the produce market which continues to be controlled by companies like Kroger, Albertsons and Walmart. A Bloomberg price survey showed that Walmart prices, specifically, continue to be around 50 percent less expensive than Whole Foods prices, keeping Walmart’s customer-base much larger than Amazon’s customer- base. There is no definitive answer about the effects the Amazon-Whole Foods merger will have. If Amazon can affordably make wide-ranging delivery a reality without decreasing the quality of Whole Foods’ products, many say that Amazon will prove to become a dominant force in the produce market. On the other hand, the combined sales of Amazon and Whole Foods is predicted to be below $20 million. This is less than one-tenth of Walmart’s sales. It will be some time before Amazon can truly be called the “New Walmart.”


United States


By: Kai Sinclair, Asst. News Editor



Hurricane Irma, a category 5 storm, threatens to slam the southern coast of Florida on Sunday according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The sunshine state was placed in a state of emergency by Gov. Rick Scott (R) in preparation for what could be a record breaking storm. With sustained winds of 185 mph, Irma made landfall in the northeast Caribbean early Wednesday morning. Although it’s expected downgrade to a category 4 storm by the time it hits the U.S. mainland, some city and local officials in Florida have already cancelled school and urged citizens to prepare. As of Tuesday, many Miami supermarkets had already sold out of non-perishable food and water. Nearly 800,000 people could be affected by President Donald Trump’s Tuesday decision to bring an end to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Attorney General Jeff Sessions made the initial announcement, explaining that no new applicants would be considered, and current Dreamers with permits set to expire before March 5, 2018 would have one month to apply for a two-year renewal. Although Trump said he would not, “just cut DACA off,” and hoped this would encourage Congress to come to an agreement on it, a string of protests took place across the nation. The announcement was made on the deadline Republican officials from 10 states set for the administration to end the Obama-era program.


Following growths in the last fiscal quarter, South Africa and Nigeria, two of Africa’s richest countries, are no longer in recession. South Africa’s economic resurgence can be attributed to a 33 percent increase in agricultural output. Both economies are still in vulnerable states, however. South Africa struggles with a 28 percent unemployment rate, while Nigeria’s crucial oil sector continues to underperform.


The British royal family is expecting a new addition after Duchess Kate of Cambridge and Prince Henry announced they would sound welcome their third child. The news came five days after the 20th anniversary of Henry’s mother, Princess Diana. The new baby isn’t expected to join its brother, Prince George, 4, and sister, Princess Charlotte, 2, until spring 2018. While the baby definitely won’t be the next heir to the throne, it will be born into an era of new succession laws that place more importance on birth order rather than gender.

South America

A key member of the Italian mafia was arrested in Uruguay on Friday after 20 years on the run. Before fleeing the country in the 1990s, Rocco Morabito was sentenced to 30 years in an Italian prison for shipping drugs into Italy and organizing their distribution. He entered Uruguay in 2001 with phony Brazilian identification papers and had been living comfortably since. His whereabouts were discovered a few months ago after Morabito tried to use his real name and fingerprints to enroll his daughter in school. Authorities seized 13 cell phone, 12 debit and credit cards, large quantities of US and Uruguayan currency, and an automatic pistol from him upon his arrest.



From Dreamers to Deportation

By: Leah Young, Politics Reporter



Imagine living in constant fear of being taken away from your homeland and sent to a country that you’ve never even stepped foot in. That is the current fate of 800,000 young adults who were brought to this country illegally as children. Many of them are now stuck in limbo, awaiting a decision from Congress on what will determine their next steps. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was officially nullified by the Trump administration on Tuesday. The program, implemented in June 2012 under the Obama administration, was created to grant renewable work permits to illegal immigrants who entered the country as minors, providing deferred action from deportation. DACA also helped these young immigrants obtain driver’s licenses and pay for college. This program recently came under fire due to President Trump’s campaign promise. In his promise, Trump ensured his support base that he would deport any and all illegal immigrants. That promise would include all those who qualify for DACA.

Protestors gather in front of The White House to protest President Trump’s decision on ending DACA.

contemplating what this means. What is known for sure is that all of the former Dreamers will return to their pre-2012 status. It will be up to Congress to figure out a solution that will keep everyone’s interests at the forefront. Isaac Montiel, a DACA recipient, works for the New York City Department of Education. He is fearful of losing his job once his permit expires.

These statements made by the president directly contradict comments that he made during a recent “I was brought into this country illegally by my press briefing where he stated that Dreamers “didn’t parents at the age of 13,” said Montiel. have much to worry about.” Although he is fortunate for the time he has to Despite leaving the Dreamers hopeful, the official figure things out, he is still unsure about his future. decision was announced by Attorney General Jeff This sentiment is not uncommon considering nearly Sessions during a press conference. Sessions said 1 million people are in jeopardy of being deported that the DACA program would be phased out while or forced into hiding because of their immigration Congress uses the next six months to come up with a status. These immigrants will be out of work with no legislative solution. Sessions also said that Obama’s prospects unless Congress can come up with a fast original executive order was “unconstitutional” and and feasible solution. With their lives in the United directly contradicted what Congress wanted. States hanging in the balance, the Dreamers have no option but to hope that there is still room for them in Now that the offcial decision from the Trump the country that they call home. administration has been announced, hundreds of thousands of immigrants affected by DACA are




By: Devariae “Yae” McDaniels “Clout-Chasers”

@YaeTBG “Free.99”






“urban chic”

James June

Junior Electronic Studio Arts Major Indianapolis, IN

MarkAnthony Burns Junior Supply Chain Management Detroit, MI

By: Tanasia Smith, Fashion+Style Reporter @TanasiaSmith


Paris Copeland Senior Sports Medicine East Atlanta, GA


Avery Johnson

Junior Marketing Atlanta, GA by way of The Bronx




By: Dodger

In my last column, I talked about jumping. Jumping being a metaphor for the personal risk you have to take in order to be successful. After determining that jumping is subjective, I’ve realized there’s another step essential to shaping yourself for success: you have to stop. I mean stop in the most literal sense. Stop everything you’re doing. Shut off. Log off. Go ghost. Be fake. Do whatever you have to do. Just stop. For the majority of my life, I thought I knew what I wanted. I mean I knew I wanted to be successful, that’s good enough right? This gave me a life full of creating. My ambition to be successful is what led me to naming myself Dodger. From the outside looking in, I probably looked like I was on my way to a life of glory. And I might have been. But I wasn’t happy. A man who doesn’t know himself can never be happy; he can only be content.



Do you know who you really are? Do you know what you believe in and why you believe in it? Are your values yours or your parents? Or taken from a collection of hip-hop songs? Do you make all your actions consciously? Are you fighting for something or standing for anything? What are your goals? What’s your purpose? When I asked myself these questions, I went through a semi-identity crisis. I didn’t have the answers but I was determined to figure them out. I’ve taken the whole year off just to get my mind right. And it seems to me that when I did make my jump and move to California, I thought my search was over. To me, the act of jumping was going to be the start of a new life. Everything would start working in my favor because I took the big risk. But after jumping, I kept stumbling. What I expected wasn’t what I received. Then I realized taking the big risk meant that I had to change too. And I remembered something else I noticed about all successful people — they all learned how to stop.

Stopping can happen in a variety of ways, but the best way for me is meditation. And I was one of those people who thought forcing myself to sit still for five minutes was silly. I figured it was too simple of an action to matter but then I realized people weren’t talking about it for no reason. With every book I read about success, there is some mention of meditation. From blogging to event planning to hosting a radio show Taking the time to sit and be still can significantly to owning a company, I’ve been all over the improve your mental capacity. place. Before, I would tell you that I was trying to figure it out and I was going to be a force in Stopping allows you to listen. We all have a voice inside everything. In hindsight, I was lashing out. Being a of us that only we can hear. When we stop, we creative gets us loss in the sauce. A jack of all trades can hear that voice a little more clearly. And as we build is a master of none. the habit, that voice gets clearer and clearer. You get to know yourself. You get to filter through your After graduation, I really had to ask myself what I thoughts without bias or distractions. You get to wanted to do. Answering, “What’s the plan after connect the dots. college?” with an unsure answer was embarrassing — to say the least. I reached the point where I had to Meditation isn’t for everybody but we can all take more look myself in the soul and ask myself who I am and time to ourselves. We rarely give ourselves time what do I believe. Then, I had to ask myself, with no distractions. We never just sit still and sit in “Why?” And that’s the question that will make you stop. silence. Next time you get five minutes, try it for yourself.





Mission Possible: Howard Defeats UNLV in Historic Victory By: Lawrence Dow, Sports Editor

The Howard University football team breaks down every practice by declaring one statement: mission possible. This motto was instilled in the team by new head coach Mike London. The motto’s origin was sparked by London wanting his team to know that “all things are possible.” Coach London wants to change the culture around Howard football into something special. After Saturday’s performance against UNLV, it is clear that freshman quarterback Caylin Newton embodies this motto. When Newton was reminded that Howard was not a football school, he made one statement: “it will be.” London and Caylin shared a confidence going into the Bison’s matchup against the Rebels. When Coach London was asked what gave him confidence in a freshman quarterback, London stated how Newton “ earned it the old fashioned way.” In a fierce, 4-way battle, Newton won the starting quarterback position in spring 2017. Howard is not typically known as being a football school. Over the last couple of seasons, Howard has struggled to find wins on the field and support from the stands. London understands the relationship between fans and the university, declaring “when we win, everyone wins.” He hopes that fans embrace this Bison team and support them throughout the season and especially at home games. Newton and London are both eager to change the culture around the Howard football organization both inside and outside the locker room. The change in culture will be rooted in notable victories. Howard’s 43-40 victory was the largest point spread upset in college football history. Furthermore, the three-point win marked the first time the Bison have beaten a Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) team. The stakes were raised even higher during the Bison’s trip to Vegas. According to the Las Vegas Resort & Casino, a $100 bet on Howard to win outright versus UNLV yielded a $55,000 dollar return. Newton’s statement on Howard being deemed a football school was manifested through his electrifying collegiate debut. Newton rushed for 190 yards and two touchdowns while throwing for 140 yards and adding one touchdown through the air.


In addition to Newton’s star-studded performance, Newton had plenty of help on offense. The Bison compiled 449 total offensive yards. Anthony Philyaw, the preseason MEAC Offensive Player of the Year, added 133 all-purpose yards with two touchdowns. The offensive line’s performance was critical to the Bison’s offensive success. The offensive line paved the way for 309 rushing yards and four rushing touchdowns. Also, the offensive allowed zero sacks. The defense bent but it did not break, coming up with some of the most crucial plays of the game. Senior linebacker Devin Rollins ignited the Bison’s defense with a 75-yard fumble recovery for a touchdown, helping Howard build a 21-9 lead with almost six minutes remaining in the second quarter. UNLV responded by scoring 24 unanswered points, punctuated by a 1-yard rushing touchdown by freshman running back Charles Williams. Down 33-21 in the third quarter, the likelihood of a Howard comeback seemed more unlikely. However, a comeback was still possible. Howard responded with a 14-play, 75-yard drive. Philyaw ended the drive with a 3-yard touchdown run. On Howard’s next drive, the Bison scored again off of another Philyaw touchdown, this time with an 11-yard score, retaking a 36-33 lead. UNLV responded with a touchdown with 10:12 left in the game, bringing the score to 36-40, UNLV’s advantage. Howard again answered with one final touchdown, after crafting a 7-play, 68-yard drive. Newton’s 4-yard touchdown score solidified the Bison’s comeback. After all time elapsed, Howard stormed the field in celebration of the largest upset in college football history. London articulated how this was a special moment for him as a coach, describing the many calls that he received and seeing the jubilation in his players. The team’s motto this season has been mission possible, a motto that reveals their confidence in what they can achieve. Some outsiders and even Howard students and alumni might’ve laughed at that idea, but no one’s laughing at Howard now.









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The Hilltop, September 07, 2017, Volume 102, Issue 02  

Second Issue of Howard University's Student Newspaper, The Hilltop 2017-2018

The Hilltop, September 07, 2017, Volume 102, Issue 02  

Second Issue of Howard University's Student Newspaper, The Hilltop 2017-2018