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Monday, September 30, 2013

The Student Voice of Howard University

Vol. 97 No.11 est. 1924

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Howard University alumnus, Rushern L. Baker III, urges students to show leadership and challenges alumni to ‘renew their commitment’ at the 146th opening convocation ceremony. INSIDE Convocation

This year’s event sees protest as Dr. Baker orates. p.2

Bells Not Ringing

Weekend’s Rock the Bells mega-concert cancelled due to poor ticket sales. p.4

President Freeman


CAMPUS...................... p.3

Runningback named president of SAAC. p.9 LIFE & STYLE................ p.5 SPORTS...................... p.9 OPINIONS................. p.11



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Photo by Bria Taylor, Contributing Writer Photo by Kamra Clemons Left, Students protest 146th Convocation on Friday. Right, Tamekia-terin Taylor, Miss Howard University, competes in Miss HBCU pageant over the weekend in Atlanta.

Dr. Rushern L. Baker III Speaks at the 146th Convocation Rachel Kersey Contributing Writer

Students, faculty, alumni, and community members filled the seats of Cramton Auditorium on Friday in anticipation of Howard University’s 146th Opening Convocation Ceremony. The ceremony is held each opening school year to welcome the incoming freshman class and honor the university’s recent and previous achievements. This year’s selected keynote speaker was Dr. Rushern L. Baker III, the County Executive of Prince George’s County and a Howard University Alumnus. After being elected to office in November of 2010, Dr. Baker, a “twotime grad of Howard,” has worked with other state and regional leaders to boost the economy, create jobs, improve public safety, and better the education system in Prince George’s County, the African-American majority county with the highest income in the United States. With programs like the Economic Development Incentive Fund (EDIF), the Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative (TNI), CountyClick 3-1-1,

and CountyStat, Dr. Baker is steadily making his area of jurisdiction a better place for all its residents.

As customary, the ceremony opened wtih Dr. Sidney A. Ribeau, the President of Howard University. He reminded those in attendance of the value of an HBCU education and silenced negative press with the real statistics. With a student body comprised of more than 10,343 students and a 3.4 percent increase in student enrollment, Howard University is here to stay, despite recent reports discussion the conditions of the university. After the ceremony greeting from Mr. Addison Barry Rand, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, the Howard University Choir serenaded the audience with “The Omnipotence” by Franz Peter Schubert. Dr. Baker was awarded an honorary degree before he launched his convocation address. Concise, clear, and apropos, Dr. Baker, who earned his undergraduate degree and a Juris Doctorate

degree from Howard, spoke of his love for the University and it’s capacity to modify him for his future career.

Dr. Baker ended his speech encouraging all with a challenge to “renew our commitment to Howard.”

“Like my family and the people I represent, this university has been a blessing in my life. The people I met, the instructors I learned from, and the experiences I gained prepared me to take on the world,” he said. Dr. Baker spoke candidly about his personal experiences with college. He shared how he met his wife on his first day at the university, and how his father encouraged him to apply. What eventually sold him was a beautiful girl on a brochure, but when he got to Howard, he saw that it had much more to offer than stunning ladies.

“The speaker, though not overwhelmingly inspiring in his delivery, was very personable and I really felt like I got to know him and his story,” said Taylor Ross, a sophomore Communication and Culture major.

He continued, comparing Howard to a quilt that protects and comforts him, and called all listeners to “rededicate” themselves to the continual improvement of the institution, describing Howard as, “a vanguard for change, leadership, progressive thinking and social justice.”

The very obvious demonstration held social activists with picket signs, who awaited the audience after the ceremony. The hundreds of student’s protesters never heard Dr. Baker’s final words on the stage: “We must stand united. We must stand strong.”

Ironically towards the end of his speech, students from all over the auditorium stood at exactly noon and exited Cramton in protest. “I can’t believe they really did it!” said Aliyah Deville, a sophomore Journalism major from Silver Spring, MD.

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Emmy Victor, Campus Editor



Students and Faculty Result To Protest During Opening Convocation Bria Taylor Contributing Writer Students, faculty, and Howard University supporters rallied outside of Cramton auditorium in a nonviolent protest against the Howard administration and Board of Trustees during Friday’s Opening Convocation ceremony. The protest that took place between 12-1p.m. during the 146th Opening Convocations ceremony served as the following step after the electronic petition in the “Uplift the Mecca” campaign. According to the petition and leaked email to the administration, the campaign was response to the lack of financial transparency and accountability of administrators, and continual drop of Howard University’s national ranking. The purpose of the protest was to increase awareness to the university’s governmental body of the recent transgressions within the university. Several students expressed their thoughts as to what issues lead to the protest. “There are a number of things that lead to this. The loss of money as far as funding the Howard University Hospital. Students are having to

drop out when people on the third floor [in the Administration building] are getting six figure bonuses,” says graduating senior Film Production major Demnlus Johnson the III felt that, Transfer student and Administration of Justice major Janese Boone conversed with other transfer students about her frustrations while watching the protest. “It’s not what I expected honesty. I haven’t really gotten any help like I would have expected. Sometimes I have to stand up in the classrooms because they’re so small or go grab a chair from another classroom,”says said Boone. Even a few faculty members furloughed their positions in Convocation to voice their concerns during the protest. Professor of Anatomy Daryl Domning stated, “I don’t know if it were any particular event but just the cumulative impact of years of salary stagnation, and layoff of staff. Actually, our Chief Financial Officer, until recently, was an outside contractor and not a Howard employee.” As the protesters prolonged their grievances, the crowds of spectators increased. Students shared pictures

and videos of the protest with the hashtag #WalkOut through various social media sites. As protesters chanted “don’t tweet about it, be about out,” crowd spectators joined in the circle. Tension started to form as campus police begin requesting bystanders to clear the Cramton walkway in preparation of the academic procession. The protestors became increasingly more vocal as the university President Sindey Ribeau and the Board of Trustees stepped outside of Cramton Auditorium. President Ribeau nor any members of the BOT stopped to address the protestors. However, some faculty members did stop to express their approval. Some stopped to read the protestors signs and to take pictures. Others raised their arms to make the black power fist, and even go shake hands and embrace the activist. As the protest dwindled down, there was a clear consensus among the students: less talk and more action. Junior Finance major Mike Musonza stated, “[I] just want awareness, solutions, less talk, and action plans.”


Sadijah Wallace Contributing Writer Sponsored by Undergraduate Student Assembly, Howard University Student Association, Howard University Student Association Senate, College of Arts and Sciences Student Council, and School of Business Student Council, alum Marcus Ware of the Office of the Vice President took fifty-two students from Washington, D.C. to Atlanta, Georgia on Friday morning to support Tamekia-Terin Taylor, our Miss Howard University in the Miss National Black College Alumni Hall of Fame Pageant. Glistening in a silver dress at the pageant, Taylor was the first announced by host Jonathan Soleum as a Top Ten finalist. After the remaining finalist where announced, she graced the stage to perform an original monologue, which featured her inner self- helping her realize she was beautiful. Followed by a performance to Marvin Gaye’s “Gotta Give it Up” the various HBCU Kings graced the stage to showcase the diversity.

Mr. Howard, Torrell Mills, was front and center in a suit and bow tie throughout. After, Taylor came out in a coral mermaid style dress for the evening wear and question and answer period which accounted for 20% and 5% respectfully. Avis Adams, former Miss NBCA Hall of Fame, posed the question “Why is unemployment rate so high in African American communities?” Taylor responded eloquently stating that we must encourage students at a young age to attend HBCU’s and other four-year institutions in order to be a solution to the problem; we hold the power to create jobs and raise the moral of the surrounding communities. Taylor’s journey was prematurely cut short, as she did not make the top 5. Miss Virginia Union University went on to be crowned Miss NBCA Hall of Fame 2013-2014. Neither were available for comment following the pageant.




Keneisha Deas, Metro Editor

Mayor Gray Stops DC Government Shutdown Tasia Hawkins Staff Writer

With a federal government shut down impending, DC Mayor Vincent Gray has taken a stance. Despite the federal government’s decision, the government of the District of Columbia will remain running. City lawyers have approved the use of a special contingency fund of $144 million, meaning the D.C. government can continue to run even if a federal shutdown is put in place October 1st. This decision comes at a critical time as the District of Columbia continues to push its right to control its own laws and budgets and claim independence from federal oversight. Some believe this refusal to shut down city government comes as an act of defiance against Congress, which has ultimate authority over the district’s budget and laws. During a weekly radio address, Mayor Gray once again voiced his frustration of the district’s dependence on the federal government.

“No other jurisdiction in this great country is taxed by the federal government and expected to send its sons and daughters off to way without representation in Congress,” Gray said. “Sadly, residents of the District of Columbia find ourselves in this unfair position every day and our nation’s leaders continue to turn a deaf ear.”

This is an unprecedented effort on the part of the District government. Typically when federal government shuts down, DC government does as well. In past practice, only employees considered essential to daily life continued working through governmental shutdowns. These employees included teachers, police, fire and emergency medical personnel. This time however, Mayor Gray has stated that all governmental operations in the District of Columbia are essential, meaning all municipal employees will work through the government shut down. “I have determined that all operations of the government of the

Sometimes following family orders can be beneficial in the long run. At 14, Baba Raufu-Bey’s parents forced him to learn to use buffing machines and waxes. They made jewelry for a living and made sure Raufu-Bey got acquainted with the trade of his Caribbean family in San Diego, CA. Now, at 65 years old he has opened Children of the Sun, relocated to 2802 Georgia Avenue. Children of the Sun is a shop that not only sells Raufu-Bey’s custommade jewelry, but is also books, pamphlets, scents, clothing, bags, CDs, DVDs, even license plates that are all related to the African diaspora. The store is also a family business. If Raufu-Bey is not at the register, either Nia Barnes, his wife, or Jaison Barnes, his 27-year old stepson is running the register. “Not many bookstores have true, concrete books on African culture,” said Barnes. “It is a chance for us to tell our story instead of people telling it for us.


This business touches home for a lot of people—there are not too many businesses like this. It is a needle in a haystack,” said Barnes. The powerful aroma of the incense myrrh fills the store, offering a welcoming and calming presence. The bright yellow and purple walls of the store are adorned with large tribal masks, portraits of powerful figures such as Muhammad Ali and Nelson Mandela, and a television displaying documentary footage from Egypt and Chiro. Raufu-Bey sits behind the counter with a black t-shirt with a red and green fist symbolizing strength and a cheetah print kufi on his head. He greets each customer with a smile and refers to them as “brother” or “sister”. As Cheryl Stark, a long time customer of the shop, enters the store looking for a certain book on masonry, Raufu-Bey gets up to make sure that she finds the right book. “This store is fantastic for anybody that is trying to enhance their learning or really get a grip of who they are as a person, especially if they are a person of color”, said

District of Columbia are ‘excepted’ activities essential to the protection of public safety, health, and property and therefore will continue to be performed during a lapse in appropriations,” Mayor Gray wrote in a letter to budget director Sylvia Mathews Burwell. City lawyers have approved the use of a special contingency fund of $144 million, meaning the D.C. government can continue to run for at least one pay period regardless if Congress decides to approve the city budget. It seems to all narrow down to a desire to for the District to make its own decisions separate from Congress. “Congress can’t even get its own fiscal house in order; they should be taking lessons from us rather an imposing needless suffering on us,” Mayor Gray said in a statement issued with the letter. “I will not allow the safety and well-being of District residents to be compromised by Congress’s dysfunction.”

Children of the Sun: A Family Business Rhea Warren Contributing Writer


Starks. Gene Phillips, a black middle aged man wearing a black empowerment t-shirt, walks around to examine the shop and stops to watch a nationalism versus internationalism debate playing on the television. “I come down here to get in touch with myself and inner spirituality based on the information available here, it’s a cultural hotbed,” said Phillips. He selects two DVDS on the human zoo and trans-humanism and takes them to the counter to purchase them for an overall price of 25 dollars. Items in the store range from DVDs and books that are 15 dollars to sterling silver jewelry pieces that are 375 dollars. Upon his purchase, Raufu-Bey engages Phillips in a deep conversation about the history of the store for a half hour. Besides store items, Children of the Sun feature lectures on women and men empowerment, metaphysics, liberation, and other topics in the store from 7-9 PM on Fridays and Saturdays.


DC VegFest Celebrates Vegan Cuisine Shannen Hill Staff Writer Hundreds of people filled Yards Park on Saturday to celebrate the array of vegan food options at DC’s VegFest from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Hosted by Compassion Over Killing, the event was full of vegan food vendors, cooking demonstrations, and free samples. The annual event has continued to provide a place for anyone with an interest in vegetarian or vegan food since 1997. There were speakers, pamphlets and over 100 exhibitors, along with activities for kids and an obstacle course, at this year’s VegFest. “We felt that the nation’s capital needed a festival showcasing how easy and delicious vegan eating could be,” said Christina Tacoranti, volunteer with DC VegFest. “… and we wanted to do that in an atmosphere that was fun, friendly and really inviting to the general public.” The crowd was a mix of different cultures and age groups. Howard students also came out to see what VegFest had to offer. “I’ve been a vegetarian for almost seven years and it’s refreshing to be in an environment where I can eat everything and the food is delicious”

said Karyn Kennedy, a junior Nutritional Sciences major. DC VegFest was not only for hardcore vegetarians. Many of the vendors provided information on healthy eating and ways that someone who isn’t vegetarian or vegan could transition. The event’s purpose was to educate people on substitutes for food that’s more “animal-friendly.” “All of the food is really good and the vendors have a lot of information for if you’re thinking of becoming vegetarian,” said Cameron Hayes, a junior Psychology major. The variety consisted of vegan Mexican food, vegan soul food, and even vegan deserts. No two vendors were alike. “I like that the vendors each have something different to try,” said Tiara Richardson, a junior psychology major. The event was full of information and food that didn’t contain anything from an animal. The vendors created food with substitutes for ingredients that most would consider essential, such as eggs and milk. It was full of games, face painting and other activities as well. For more information about DC VegFest, visit

Rock the Bells Cancellation a Disappointment for Howard Students The long awaited Rock The Bells is a no-go due to low ticket sales at the New York and D.C. tour stops. Fans will be given full refunds according to the organizers of the festival. No other words have been offered from organizers except their deep condolences. -Karrie Leonard



Maya Cade, L&S Editor


Flatbush ZOMBiES, How to Take the Best Videos BetterOffDEAD Pose for the Camera:

And Photos For Instagram Diandra Bolton Contributing Writer Ever since Instagram upped the ante by adding the ability to upload videos, there’s been extra pressure not just to create popping photos but popping videos as well. Most people don’t even bother to post videos because of the embarrassment that comes with no likes. It can be pretty difficult to get double digit likes on your photos especially if your follower count is well below one hundred. However, it’s not as hard as most think to get to start living the Instagram life of your dreams. There are hundreds of apps designed to add special effects in addition to IOS7 coming with built in photo filters. There’s no reason you can’t be the next Instagram star. We all love our Instagram apps but with so many out there, it can be difficult to know which are the best ones. iPhones have a wide selection of apps to choose from. Some fan favorites are Afterlight. It provides you with vintage-style frames for your photos in addition to unique special effects. If you really want to stand out, trying using Fisheye. This app allows you to take photos that appear to be taken with a fisheye lens. Android users may be feel like their app selection is lacking compared to iPhone users but there are some good apps out there for those of us who still cling to our Evos and Galaxies. Cymera is a great special effect app that does everything

via, Jess Kel

from cropping photos to adding various styles of lights, including the ever-popular confetti lights. Photo Grid is another good one for non-iPhones, it creates the white border, reflects images and doesn’t force you to crop your photos for Instagram. Some of the best ways to improve profile photos are the easiest ways. Simply changing the camera angle can be really dramatic. Trying changing the perspective of the photos by getting down low or climbing up onto something. Another tip for your photos is to take photos at dawn or the hour before the sunset. The golden lighting works extremely well with the Instagram filters and nothing can recreate natural light. These very same tips can also work for instavids.

If you are feeling really ambitious, try using these tips specifically for making your instavids gather tons of likes. Try creating a stop motion video. It will take some teamwork since one friend needs to move the object while the other keeps the phone still in order to capture the best video possible. In addition always chose the best shot from your video for the cover frame. It’s the first thing your followers see and it’s what leads them to stop, watch, and like your video. Above all, don’t be scared to be silly. The best photos and videos come from people who don’t take themselves too seriously. Instagram should be a fun way to share photos and keep up with your friends, not a way to measure your self-esteem.

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Corliss Bailey Contributing Writer

“BetterOffDEAD” is Flatbush Zombies’, from Flatbush, Brooklyn (hence the name), second full-length mixtape. They are apart of the current resurging of classic East-Coast rap music. The trio consists of two MCs, Meechy Darko and Zombie Juice, and one producer/MC, Erick Arc Elliott. They released a mixtape last year called D.R.U.G.S, which was great, but still left them with latent buzz. Flatbush Zombies have also collaborated with a slew of New York based rapper’s including A$AP Mob, Bath Salt, The Underachievers, Joey BADA$$, and Kilo Kish. The group prides themselves on dark, psychedelic, eerie, and even horror core sound. They utilize this from the very bone of their production—even their name, Flatbush Zombies. The mixtape has the premise of mostly disturbing conceptualism and a soft horror core feel. For a mixtape, the number of songs on it is particularly lengthy at 19. The subject matter varies on the album—it ranges from braggadocios, murder, women awareness, and drugs. Their delivery seems to be sub-par compared to a lyricist such as Kendrick Lamar, but they are able to create levels of emotion and bring out the best aspects of each other. Production-wise, Erick Arc Elliott is genius throughout the mixtape. The intro of “BetterOffDEAD” is filled with a heavy opera and heavily drummed ballad filled with vicious delivery by Meech and Juice. Erick Arc Elliott’s beats help several songs with less than stellar lyrics. Fortunately, the production doesn’t outshine Meech and Juice’s deliveries and helps amplify their intensity. The intro to BetterOffDEAD, “Amerikkkan Pie,” starts off relatively slow with the opera vocals after a rapid piano riff. Meech then begins rapping into a satirical, yet strong message about America’s culture and lowly economic neighborhoods. Although the general message is understood in the content and title, the group is still able to display their powerful lyrical delivery. After the great introduction, the mixtape delves more into drugs, lust, and old memories. Tracks like “G Tearz” and “Thugnificense,” pay heavy odes to drugs and also has the group nearly reminiscing on the usage of marijuana. The album takes a more darker and surreal turn with the song “Bliss,” which discusses defying the social norms set by society. The track is unusual due to all three members

rapping; as a result, the song has a bit more impact than expected. The word “f**k” is used 133 times throughout the nearly anthemesque song. Flatbush Zombies demand for the listener to defy the codes of society and do what their heart desires while echoing the common cliché, “Ignorance is bliss.” Erick Arc Elliott is able to artfully create a shallow luring sound accompanied by a sampled riff from Pink Floyd’s “Echoes.” Towards the middle of the album are more intense, lyrical tracks. One track that really sticks out is “Club Soda,” featuring Action Bronson on one of his leastenthused verses ever. I wasn’t really looking forward to hearing Action Bronson after hearing the full trio execute a back-and-forth clobbering of this stellar production. The group talks about everything but club soda; however, the title does reflect the subject matter of braggadocios, which are gingerly exaggerated with their dark subject matter. The execution of this track and the next, “LiverFromHell,” really elevates expectations for the better latter half of this mixtape. The second half of “BetterOffDEAD” takes a more subtle turn and goes deeper into their soft horrorcore normality and killer delivery skills. “LiveFromHell” is able to display all this and more. The song thrusts the listener into a heavy metal influenced and 808 filled beat. In a sense, it reminiscences a trap music beat, but the production has enough guitar riffs to skewer that identification. The subject matter of this song is really Meech and Juice showing their torturing prowess. The guitar is similar to those heard on several Big K.R.I.T. songs. Next, “Palm Trees” enters the ears of listeners to give a calming feel after such fast-paced trap beats. It deals with smoking weed, the weed smoker’s culture, and a come to fame. You can hear a soothing loop of singing in the background with some heavy 808 drums riding the instrumental. The next song, “222,” is surprisingly a solo act of rapping and production from Erick Arc Elliott. It has a similar premise as the song right before it. Elliott’s delivery is similar to the nonchalant attitude SchoolBoy Q uses on “Grooveline Pt. 1.” To top this song off, Bridget Perez sings a soft, neo soul bridge to increase the already subtle feel. For a counter, Meech has a solo act on the mixtape with the song “GOD Blessed the DEAD,” which is an excellent club banger. The second half of the mixtape

FLATBUSH. continued on p.7



41.37222° -72.0956° We’re here giving juniors and seniors full tuition, a monthly salary, and benefits for up to 2 years. Where are you? The Coast Guard’s College Student Pre-Commissioning Initiative (CSPI) is right where you are. This scholarship is available to sophomores and juniors at Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Hispanic-Serving Institutions. You’ll get skills and training in leadership, management, marine science, and much more. Additional benefits include: • Up to 2 years’ paid tuition, books and fees

• Guaranteed job after graduation • Starting salary of approx. $60,000**

• Approx. $3,600 monthly salary* Upon successful completion and graduation, students will be commissioned as Coast Guard officers, with a commitment to 3 years of active-duty service. Visit for more information.

*As a Coast Guard active-duty member while serving as a full-time student. **Upon graduation and successful completion of Officer Candidate School.





Maya Cade, L&S Editor


Weekend Round Up Top Left, Ean Williams (left), executive director of D.C. Fashion Week, and Colby Muhammad (right), Miss Teen District of Columbia, at D.C. Fashion Week last Thursday. Photo by Courtney Stith

FLATBUSH. continued from p.5 takes it peak with the final song “The Results Are In.” Most of the song allows Meech and Juice to discuss the issues within the mixtape. Meech takes some spiteful shot to an unfortunate woman, claiming he is not the biological father to her child. For an ending, it felt a bit abrupt and absurd, but Flatbush Zombie. I didn’t expect an epic ending or a standout song to really outdo any of the stellar tracks. Consistency was the best word to describe this song as compared to the rest of the album. “BetterOffDEAD” was a great mixtape and production was filled with strong notes by mostly Erick Arc Elliott. Elliott was able to portray the “Flatbush Zombie” image while still managing a creative touch. Erick Arc Elliott spit some great verses that complemented the trio and shattered their only real weakness. The features were enough to keep the song relatively decent. The only recognizable problem with “BetterOffDEAD” was that some of the subjects could have been better executed. “BetterOffDEAD” deserves a solid eight out of ten. Flatbush Zombies was able to deeply entrench their image into stellar beats. The power of the zombie rises with the current infatuation in other media. Flatbush Zombies gives you some horrorcore but doesn’t mind dabbling into other subjects. What did you think? Did Flatbush Zombies superbly elevate their status? What should I review next? Let me know by mentioning me on Twitter, @CorlissBailey.

Bottom Left, Violinist at D.C.’s Art All Night Nuit Blanche on Saturday evening. Photo by Rachel Cumberbatch Right, Model at D.C. Fashion Week last Thursday. Photo by Richard Turrentine

Beauty Queen on A Budget Kianna Baptiste Contributing Writer Saving money in college can be hard, especially for women who love cosmetics. The young ladies who can’t help but to purchase every item from Rihanna’s new M.A.C collection, the girls who have every lipstick shade known to man, and of course the young women who can’t go anywhere without their touch up kit in their purse to always have that “beat face.” If you are one of these women, here are a few tips and tricks that can keep you looking flawless, but keep your bank account full. Most importantly, become a Sephora “Beauty Insider” member. Sephora’s Beauty Insiders get points with every purchase made. $1 equals one point, and all those points gets you free samples. Also,

you get a free gift on your birthday; no purchase necessary! What a lot of Sephora shoppers do not know is that you can get three free samples from every department, or “world” in Sephora. If you have your eye on a product, try it before you buy it. Even if you do buy it and you do not like it, you can return it. It is the company’s policy to accept returns or exchanges on lightly used products, but it is at the store’s discretion to make the decision. A place where you can finish off all of your products and trade it in for new ones, is at M.A.C Cosmetics. Yes, the infamous brand has a program called “Back to M.A.C.” Any six empty M.A.C. containers can be traded in for a new lipstick at a M.A.C counter (excluding the Viva Glam collection because 100 percent of the profit

goes to AIDS funding) or they can be traded in for a lipstick, lip glass, or eye shadow at a M.A.C store. Another great place to shop at is E.L.F (eyes, lips, face) Cosmetics. All of the cosmetics are priced from $1 - $6, including brushes; you can get a complete makeup kit for under $20. E.L.F is available online, at Target stores, select pharmacies, and if you ever happen to be in New York, there is an actual store there. Always remember that you don’t have to shell out big bucks to get that glamorous look. There are so many alternatives, or in as they are called in the makeup world, “dupes” to some of the top selling beauty products. Some of the most popular dupes are: Flirt Cosmetics “Heartthrob” blush ($6) instead of NARS “Orgasm” blush ($29), E.L.F’s


matte lip color in “Rich Red” ($3) instead of M.A.C’s “Ruby Woo” lipstick ($15), Revlon’s “Berry Haute” lipstick ($6) instead of M.A.C’s “Up The Amp” lipstick ($15), Maybelline’s “Pink Please” lipstick ($6) instead of M.A.C’s “Crème Cup” lipstick ($15), Essence Cosmetics “I Love Stage” eye shadow base ($4) instead of Urban Decays “Primer Potion” eye shadow base ($20), and NYX’s “Matte Finish” makeup setting spray ($8) instead of Urban Decay’s “Chill” makeup setting spray ($29). Also take note that using drugstore mascara’s are the best way to go. Mascara has to be replaced every three months at the most; so spending over $10 on one mascara would be a waste. Some of the most popular picks are Maybelline’s “Falsies”, their world famous “Great Lash”, and their newly

raved about mascara “Big Eyes.” The most common and easiest dupes to find are for lipsticks but with every high-end beauty product, there is a cheaper product available that completes the job just as good. The best way to find out what dupes are available for a product is to go on Youtube and search for it. So many Youtube gurus’ are always looking out for their subscribers and showing what they think the best dupes are for higher end products. You get to see them compare the products, sample them, the quality, and hear their personal thoughts. Using Google is also a great way to search for a variety of dupes for high-end products as well. It is easily possible to be a beauty queen in college; just keep your beauty on a budget, while still looking flawless and gorgeous.








Khari Arnold, Sports Editor

Turnovers, Special Team Mistakes Howard Soccer Drops NonConference Doubleheader Doom Bison in Loss To NC A&T via

via North Carolina A&T parlayed some big plays on special teams and points off turnovers into a 27-19 win over Howard in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference opener for both teams at Aggie Stadium before 16,011. The Aggies (3-0, 1-0 in the MEAC) set the tone early when it blocked a John Fleck punt on the Bison’s first possession that set up a four-yard TD pass from Kindle Lewis to Devin Moore with less than three minutes off the clock. Howard (1-3, 0-1 in the MEAC) countered with a short drive that was capped off by s 24-yard TD pass from Greg McGhee to David Wilson with 8:45 left on the clock. It was Wilson’s first TD of the season. But the Aggies came right back as Kindle capped off a short drive with an 8-yard run that made it 13-7 following a missed PAT attempt by Camacho Garcia. NC A&T would go on to score twice during a three minute span, capitalizing on two Bison miscues, a fumble and an interception. Dominique Drake scored on a one-yard plunge and Desmond Lawrence added another on a 38-yard reverse to make it 27-10 with 3:36 left on the clock before intermission. “You can’t beat anyone like that with the number of turnovers and bad field position, personal fouls and holding calls that put us in bad situations,” lamented Howard head coach Ray Petty. “We were moving the football but we had two blocked kicks and it is hard to win like that.” The Bison were able to get something going on their next possession but the drive stalled and they were forced to settle for 26-yard field goal by Fleck. Howard trailed 27-10 at the half. The Bison came out in the third quarter and began to assert

After a combined four road games for the Howard men’s and women’s soccer teams, the Bison and Lady Bison returned to Greene Stadium Friday to host a pair of non-conference opponents. HOWARD MEN 1, SAINT FRANCIS (PA) 2 The Bison men dropped a 2-1 decision to the Red Flash on Friday afternoon, moving their overall record to 0-8 on the season. SFPA improves to 6-1-1 on the year. Junior goalkeeper Eric Hamilton stopped four shots on the day, but the team was outshot overall, 19-11. Junior Rahman Alarape scored his second goal of the season in the final minute of regulation - the first player this season to notch multiple goals. Photo courtesy of Howard Sports Information

themselves defensively, limiting the Aggies to several three and outs while also forcing two fumbles. Howard scored two minutes into the third period when McGhee found Stewart Hartman for a 17yard TD that narrowed the margin to 27-16 Although the Bison were able to stymie NC A&T through most of the second half, they were only able to muster a 40-yard Fleck field goal the rest of the way. Howard did not aid its cause as at least seven passes were dropped. “The number of dropped passes that we had was rough,” said Petty. “Greg put the ball right there and they dropped them. It was frustrating.” Howard limited the Aggies to 75 yards of total offense and only three first downs in the second half.

“The defense stepped up in the second half, but we couldn’t put the ball in the end zone,” explained Petty. “ We had a field goal blocked with four minutes left in the game and a chance to win. We just have to put it all together.” McGhee had another good statistical game, accounting for 236 of the Bison’s 324 yards of total offense. But the dropped passes and missed opportunities proved to be too much to overcome. “They did exactly what we thought they would do,” said McGhee, who attempted 45 passes. “ It was self-inflicted wounds. We had three offensive turnovers, a blocked field goal and a blocked extra point. We just have to correct that and put it all together.” Howard will.

Howard University’s Freeman Selected President of SAAC via

Aquanius Freeman has been selected to serve as President of the MEAC Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) for the 2013-14 academic year. A junior running back from New Orleans, LA, Freeman is a supply chain management major in the School of Business. SAAC is a committee made up of student-athletes assembled to provide insight on their experience. The SAAC also offers input on the rules, regulations and policies that affect student-

athletes’ lives on NCAA member institution campuses. Freeman will be serve along with fellow student athlete officers, Vice President Bianca Anderson (Savannah State) and Secretary Petra Parros (Hampton University). “This is an awesome accomplishment for me,” says Freeman, one of the team captains. “It is my goal to serve and represent Howard University with great pride and dignity and to ensure that the MEAC student athletes are well represented.”


Howard will have another shot for the season’s first win on Sunday, September 29 when the Bison welcome Saint Joseph’s University to Greene Stadium.

HOWARD WOMEN 1, GEORGE WASHINGTON 3 In the nightcap, the Lady Bison fought against the crosstown Colonials but eventually fell, 3-1. Howard’s record moves to 2-5-1 while GW improves to 3-2-3. After allowing a goal in the 31st minute, Howard would even the game at 1-1 in the 38th with a penalty kick goal from junior Treschelle Gibson-Serrette. Gibson pushed her way to the top of the box and looked to put a shot on goal when she was fouled by a GW defender. On the penalty kick, Gibson-Serrette blasted a shot past GW goalkeeper Nicole Ulrick into the lower right corner of the goal. Like her male counterpart, GibsonSerrette’s goal makes her the first player to have multiple goals during the campaign Both teams would go scoreless until the 66th minute, when a falled clearance led to the eventual game-winner goal for the Colonials. GW would add an insurance goal nearly 20 minutes later as a stalled Howard corner kick turned into a leak out fast break and a 15-yard, right side score.

2013 Howard Football Schedule Aug. 31 @ Eastern Michigan Lost, 24-34

Oct. 19 @ Florida A&M 2:00 p.m.

Sept. 7 vs Morehouse (RFK) Won, 27-16

Oct. 26 vs Morgan St.* 1:00 p.m.

Sept. 14 @ Old Dominion Lost, 19-76

Nov. 2 @Delaware St. 2:00 p.m.

Sept. 26 @ N.C. A&T 7:30 p.m.

Nov. 9 vs Savannah St. 1:00 p.m.

Oct. 5 vs N.C. Central 1:00 p.m.

Nov. 16 @ Texas Southern 3:00 p.m.

Oct. 12 vs Bethune-Cookman 1:00 p.m.

Nov. 23 vs Hampton 1:00 p.m.



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McDonald’s Boycott

Photo by Rachel Cumberbatch, Photo Editor

Hilton Hosannah Contributing Writer Because of its effect on the community and its poor working conditions, students are considering boycotting a McDonald’s. I didn’t really know what to think at the time because I am not a frequent customer at McDonald’s, and it’s always seemed like a reliable latenight food place that I could go to if I really needed it. Then I reflected. About two months ago, I was an employee of a McDonald’s restaurant in downtown Albany. There were about twenty or thirty all-purpose crewmembers employed. They, like me, were paid minimum wage* to take orders, mop floors, wipe tables, and clean bathrooms. The location was a fairly popular fast food spot, placed ironically-or perhaps for convenience-adjacent to a hospital. While the McDonalds was filled with the usual crowd of teenagers hanging out and little kids throwing chicken nuggets and overdosing on soft drinks, a lot of the customers came in from a work break or for a quick coffee. Some were healthcare professionals, family members, or friends of people in the hospital. We had a jungle gym in the back of the restaurant appropriately titled “Playland,” that had to be swept around frequently. It was often loaded with kids and surrounded by stressed parents. The eclectic mix was interesting, and the amount of food consumed on a daily basis at this one store was mind-boggling. The July 4th rush was one of the busiest things I’d ever seen in my life. Over $1,000 worth of sales accumulated in just a couple of hours. I was taking every order as fast as I could, and the people just kept coming in from the nighttime festivities**. I kept my head down and

worked. I wore the standardized blue-collared shirt and company approved hat, with slick resistant payless shoes that I’d picked up, and no label black khaki pants. There is always a kind of spiritual kinship I feel when I see someone wearing the same uniform I used to wear while plugging away several hours of work for people who may or may not care about the effort required to prepare their meal or clean the table they’re eating at. When you have experienced that, you recognize it immediately. There were a lot of so-called “alumni” from my restaurant who advised me not to let the work get to me-I’d be doing bigger and better things in the future. I don’t think they ever realized how amazing it was to hear that from someone, especially from someone who went through the same things I did. My best friend Matt used to recount to me stories of the summertime graveyard shift at the McDonald’s about half a mile from where we lived. Hearing about my struggles behind the register, he would only give a laugh and a nod. “Yep, that’s how it is.” I didn’t have a nametag; I was a nameless cashier. One customer asked me for my name to fill the silence after an order. I forgot it for a second: I was looking for the proof that would usually be found on my chest in such an instance, but It wasn’t there. She commented on the possibility that McDonald’s doesn’t need its employees to have names, which is why there were no nametags. I thought it was a pretty good theory. Two months removed from those days, I’m back on Howard’s campus as a student who is comfortably*** unemployed. I have the luxury of telling people what I want when I’m at a restaurant without also having to take orders. But it’s always a different thing


Cameron Clarkson , Opinions Editor when I go to a McDonalds, because I’m forced to reminisce on the times when I was the one behind the counter, plugging away, wishing really hard that the clock will move just a few seconds faster. Personally, I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with the McDonald’s right next to Howard. While it’s a big, spacious restaurant with the food most of us know and love***, an overworked staff usually maintains it. On most days, you can see an extremely large mass of people standing in front of a row of registers. At most two, but usually just one, visibly tired employee could be seen taking orders. That spiritual kinship I feel towards those workers usually kicks in around this time, especially when I see the amount of people impatiently waiting for service. For all my complaining about working at a location adjacent to a hospital, the location on Georgia Avenue is next to both a university and a hospital. It is on one of D.C.’s busiest streets. The cleanliness of the restaurant falters understandably from time-to-time, with so many orders to fill and not enough employees to take care of the problems that present themselves. Additionally, the time it takes to fill every order is often not quick enough to get the line to shorten, so the workload piles on until it becomes too much. As I thought about, it made me realize that a potential boycott holds the purest intentions, in the name of the betterment of the university. It reminded me


of the girl who asked for my name. People, for whatever reason, care. Instead of just taking what’s sent their way, they have the audacity to stand up and point out a deficiency. Perhaps the McDonald’s won’t be shut down, but it’s because of voices that speak up and say something that changes be implemented, allowing for a cleaner, friendlier environment. I see a boycott as a welcome development in our school’s growth. When people demand change, when the will and the desire for something new reaches its peak, there is always an inevitable correction. As much as I miss Chik-Fil-A in the Punchout, enough people were able to outvote me. I admire that kind of organized activism in the face of an undesirable situation. WOW is now in its third year, and it’s still going strong because it has the support of students who care.

It’s nice to know that consumers actually care enough about workers-and, perhaps, their own health-to boycott. As weird as it is conceptualize the same customers who gave me trouble on a consistent basis being advocates for change, it’s comforting at the very same time. So, whenever I see a guy in McDonald’s uniform, I remind them that they’ll be doing bigger and better things in the future. And I mean it. *Minimum wage in NYS is seven dollars and twenty-five cents. Every six months, McDonald’s employees have the opportunity to get a fiftycent raise if their work is considered exceptional. **July 4th in Albany is a giant mishmash of people wandering the streets in search of a location to watch the fireworks. Most of them end up at McDonald’s immediately after, and by most I mean all of them.




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