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CONVOCATION continued from Front

Artis G. Hampshire-Cowan, senior vice president & secretary of the board of trustees, is responsible for planning Convocation, and believes there are a wealth of reasons all students should make the ceremony a priority. “Just as we celebrate the end of the school year with CommenceSTUDIES continued from Front

maica as a foreign services officer,” said Cham. Some students believe the department’s history is enough to keep it independent. “I’m disappointed and insulted. There are a lot of people in our department that are actively trying to make an impact on African and let students know that Africa is nothing


Thursday, September 23, 2010

ment, the Opening Convocation is a Howard tradition that commemorates the formal opening of the academic year,” she explained. “In the spring, we also celebrate the university’s founding with the Charter Day Convocation.” Apart from being an opportunity to celebrate, the ceremony also has practical functions for students. “You get a run-down of the focus for the academic year, which

helps place things that happen at the university into context. Students can hear from the Board of Trustees – the corporate entity responsible for the university – as well as from the president, who is responsible for running the university,” said Hampshire-Cowan. “The ceremony isn’t long. We start at 11:00 a.m. and we’re done promptly at 12:30 p.m. The speakers speeches are not to last for more than 20 minutes.”

Hampshire-Cowan also believes the ceremony offers an opportunity to foster a sense of school pride, and university family. “It’s like when you get together for a family function,” said Hampshire-Cowan. “There’s something very affirming about the entire family coming together. The president, the board, students, alumni, faculty are all gathered in one space.”

to fear,” said Nana Brantuo, junior African studies major. “I came to Howard specifically for this and to be told my major is being cut because of a lack of students and not to worry because I’ll graduate with the degree isn’t fair. Give these students a chance and students to come because we are truly trying to make a difference.” Senior international business major, Tiffany Luse believes it’s im-

portant for students to have the option of majoring in African studies at an HBCU. “It’s hard to believe that the university would consider cutting back this of all things. As a business major, it is necessary to understand different cultural experiences around the world, Africa included,” said Luse. “As a top HBCU, its important for us to know about our people in order to help later on.”

The department has been flexible with the office of the president in terms of listening to recommendations, but is against the consolidation. “I believe the program should stay as a B.A.,” said Cham. No decision has been made as of yet and the department and administration will continue negotiating its fate over the school year.

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CONVOCATION continued from Front Marquis H. Barnett Ombudsman Thursday, September 23, 2010 Ronesha Dennis Web Editor Christina Downs Copy Ch...

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