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GAP continued from Front come of families and SAT scores. “I think a lot of times – college is not an option. In distressed communities, the education is distressed, schools don’t get the best teachers— children have malnutrition. It disenfranchises the student and just falls into the whole system of inequality.” Even when comparing the graduation rates of students, there is still a large gap. According to the Journal of Blacks in Education, the college graduation rate of Black

FUNGUS continued from Front wet/dry vacuum is used to dry up the water, the carpet is shampooed, and a bacteria solvent is used to kill any growth. The room is then treated with a dehumidifier to suck any moisture out of the air. In the case of a leak, the spot is contained or sealed. “Additionally, cleaning solutions are used on any surfaces which do a good job of killing active mold,


Monday, September 20, 2010

students stands at 43%, a 20% gap between White students. Much like Kimble, Professor Tricia Elam of the department of English believes that no matter what age, Black students are just as able to perform as white students. “The disparity of [the gap] has nothing to do with the level of intelligence between White and Black students or their ability. It has to do with their opportunities.” Elam also points out the problems with D.C. schools. “Even though they say that schools have improved with Michelle Rhee, there

are still many schools that have overcrowded classrooms. Thirty or more students in a classroom is too many,” she said. Michelle Rhee is currently the chancellor of the D.C.’s Public School system--appointed by Mayor Adrian Fenty in 2007. From a sciences perspective, Mirna Martinez, junior biology major, says that the quality of learning between white and black institutions is not on equal footing, but she does not believe white students graduate with a greater career advantage than blacks do. “In terms of the sciences, such

algae and fungi that many times are not visible to the naked eye,” said Lee. Preventative measures were put in place this past summer through the Summer Impact Program, when major structural and mechanical improvements are made in coordination with Physical Facilities Management. Students can do their part by not placing improper items like paper towels, tampons, and prophy-

lactics, which can cause a toilet to overflow. Also, residents of all dormitories should report a problem in their rooms as soon as possible. “We are implementing more preventative maintenance measures an maintenance checks within the residence halls to aid in preventing some of the facilities’ minor problems from becoming larger problems over time,” said Lee.

as biology, white schools definitely do have the advantage of more resources but—we do have to work harder at certain things due to the lack of resources and funding. This just makes us more strong willed and determined.” Even though the concluded cause for the gap has not been identified, it is for certain that the debate will continue to provide discourse among the community.

If you have a problem in your dorm go to: and fill out the “ResQuick Fix Online Maintenence Form”

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Marquis H. Barnett Ombudsman Christina Downs Copy Chief Dilane Mitchell Asst. Copy Chief Briana Evans Copy Editor Michele Steele Copy Editor...

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